Last Time



Chapter 1


Paul woke up this morning with a enormous head ache...there was no way he wanted to go to work and have to deal with all those little idiots...mainly Paulie, his son, who had a brain and talent for the business, but was a big time slacker unless involved with a project.  Mikey was a different story...he wasn’t lazy, he just didn’t know anything other then office work.


Paul walked down stairs and greeted his small girlfriend Lucy with a kiss on the lips like he had every morning since they’d been together and since he’d been divorced from Paula his wife whom he had 4 children with 3 boys, Paul Jr. or Paulie, Danny, and Mikey and then 1 girl Kristen. 


They had divorced 17 years ago...I guess you could call it creative differences.


Paul smiled inward, creative differences yea right...they just plain hated each other...and of course his bad temper was enough to make water boil by itself.  Paul had gone to several anger management meetings and what not, but in the end he wasn’t going to change being who he was no matter what.


Paul was the founder of Orange County Choppers or also known as OCC.  He built motorcycles and the business from the ground up.  He’d gotten a contract deal through the discovery channel to start a program called American Choppers.  They would tape 3 hours of the guys from OCC and film them building theme bikes for every one and had recently become the biggest thing on TV to watch.


Paul walked in and already the antics had started...Mikey and Paulie were trying their hardest to snap each other with a towel and cause the other some kind of pain...For weeks now Paulie had been threatening to knock him out and shave his head...Mikey was in dire need of a hair cut, but figured since he got under the old mans skin so much he’d leave a little while longer until Pop started threatening too.


Paul pulled his sunglasses up and as the door to the garage slammed closed...all noise had been silenced.  Everyone looked towards the door...Paulie knew immediately...the old man was not in the mood for anyone fuckin’ around.  Mikey on the other hand was sometimes as dumb as he looked on TV and kept fuckin’ around...


As Paul walked by after pulling his shades down again...Mikey made the mistake of Missing Paulie with the towel and a loud SNAP rang through the garage...the next thing heard was a string of cuss words coming from Paul’s mouth as he stalked after Mikey...He finally cornered him and pulled back his arm and let it rip...Mikey was going to be out for a few minutes...hell with as hard as Paul had hit him...he was going to be out for a few months...maybe even a few years.


Paul eyed everyone around the shop watching and said, “Tell sleeping beauty when he wakes up to take his ass back to the fuckin’ office...I don’t wanna see him or hear from him for the remainder of the day.”  They watched as Paul stormed his way into the back office probably for pain killer and coffee.


While Paul was in the office Paulie walked and said, “You okay Pop?”  Paul’s gruff voice said, “ hurt like hell...I’ll live...Mikey might not though.”


Their conversation was interrupted as a tall leggy brunette walked in the door.  Paulie said, “Something I can help you with ma’am.”  She pulled her sunglasses off and placed them on her head she smiled and said, “Yes, I would like to check out your theme bikes...if at all possible and have one made.”  She leaned against the desk.


Paul looked this little fluff of a girl and let his shades slide down to the end of his nose as he looked her eye to eye and he said, “We ain’t got no time to be fuckin’ around with a little girl such as yourself...”  Pushing his shades back on to his face, he popped two aspirins and downed a half a cup of coffee and finished with, “Go find some Barbie dolls to play fashion designer for.”


The girl said, “I can’t understand how you’ve stayed in business this long...with an attitude like’s a wonder you got any customers at all.”  They watched as she pushed her sunglasses on and walked out the door.


Paulie could’ve killed his old man...he looked at his pop and said, “Do you have any fuckin clue who that was pop?”  Paul looked at his sun and said, “Nope...Don’t care either.”  Paulie said, “Her father happens to be one of the biggest motorcycle buyers and collectors in the world...he also just happens to be 6’10 and 300 lbs of tattooed nastiness.  If she comes back...I hope she doesn’t bring her father with her...because I’m pointing him in your direction...”


Paul shrugged and said, “How bad could it be....Who’s her old man?”  Paulie turned and was walking from the office and said, “The know from the WWF...the pro-wrestler.”  Out of curiosity...Paulie looked back and the look on his old man’s face was priceless...he was in mid-drink of his coffee and had already poured half the cup down the front of his shirt.


As the office door slammed, cuss words were being flung around the office about hot coffee and stupid mistakes.  Paulie chuckled and went to work with Vinnie on the newest theme bike...and honestly praying to God if Undertaker daughters did come back...she didn’t bring her father with her.


Chapter 2


- -1 Week Later- -


Paul and Paulie were standing off to the side with Paulie’s cousin and Vinnie, Paul’s childhood best friend.  The foursome stood there looking at the master piece theme bike they’d just had been a grueling week on everyone involved.  Mike Campo, one of the new artistic guys had smashed his thumb and was out for 2 weeks, and Cody had the flu for the last 3 weeks...


Since it was a semi-nice day they had opened the big garage door to let the building air out the winter smell in the air, and let the sunshine in...As the 4-some stood there admiring their handy work, they heard a rumbling in the distance.  Paulie let his sunglasses slowly slide down his nose as he saw a Haley and 3 Kawasaki Ninja’s headed their way.  And the only thing he wanted to do was run for his life.  He looked at the big man on the Harley, leading the pack of crotch rockets...and he knew exactly who it was.


As Sr. turned around to see what the fuck was making that entire racket while pulling into the parking lot of the OCC garage, he saw maybe the biggest man on two legs, pull into the driveway on a white made for him custom Harley...Then just behind him a 3 Kawasaki Ninjas, one black, one lime green, and one purple passion.


As the riders dismounted all wearing jeans, black steel toed boots and a different colored sweat shirt...the 3 ninja riders pulled their helmets off and Paul nearly fell over all 3 were women.  The girl on the black bike was the brunette he kicked out a week ago...oh shit...which meant the big guy on the bike was her father.  He watched as the mammoth wall of muscles stood off the bike and rolled his shoulders a deep southern accented voice said, “What did ya think Aly?”


The brunette said, “I dunno pop...It still sounds like the timing is off.”  A blonde and red head walked over two the father daughter talk and the red head said, “No way...the timing is perfect...It was purring Mr. Callaway.”  The big guy chuckled and gave each girl a kiss on the head and then straightened his shoulders and turned to find the shorter big man looking at him like he’d seen a ghost.


Mark almost couldn’t stop himself from laughing the look on the shorter mans face was priceless...Alyssa had told him what the man had said to her...and the shorter man knew it was time to have the know the ‘don’t ever talk to my daughter like that again’ talk.  Mark walked over and said, “I’m assuming you know what I’m here for?”  He watched the shorter man square his shoulders and nod.  Mark smiled inwardly and said, “Good, then you have an office somewhere, that we can have a private talk in right?”  The shorter man nodded and then cranked his head to the side as if saying ‘follow me’.


I watched as Dad walked away with the guy...that’s when we saw the latest theme bike the OCC guys had been working was the Miller Electric ‘American flag” Bike.  We walked into the garage and just looked at it....we were in total was gorgeous...beautiful...there were not words to express the beauty of the bike.


“Ms. Callaway.” said a familiar deep voice that brought me out of my thoughts of the bike in front of us...I looked up and said, “Mr. James?  What on earth are you doing on OCC turf...I thought they always exploited your two families as sworn enemies?” 


Jesse James remembered the tall Brunette, cause she was always coming in to look at new bikes for her father...she was right from the first day Orange County Choppers and His company West Coast Choppers had been pushed on TV as enemies.  He smiled sheepishly and said, “Well, truth of the matter is Paul Sr. is my Uncle...My mom is his little sister, and Paulie, Danny, Mikey, and Kristen are my cousins.  I was showing a bike up here and decided to drop by.”


We shook hands and I said, “It’s nice to see you again...Dad’s in the office.”  Jesse laughed and said, “Yea, no doubt eating Uncles ass alive for the way he was rude to you last week...Paulie told me what happened...I’m sorry about that....he doesn’t get that there are women in the world who know a little bit about bikes as well...Well you know more then a little...but he doesn’t get it.”


Paulie walked over and he said, “I am sorry about that Ms. Callaway.”  I laughed and said, “Please, call me Alyssa or Aly...And these are my very good friends, Piper Williams and Kate Jacobs.” 


Paulie looked at the blonde and was blown away by her beautiful ass lengthened hair and her huge aqua blue eyes...Vinnie stepped up and Paulie introduced him....Vinnie automatically took a shinning to the red head with the forest green eyes...


As I was talking to Jesse...I couldn’t help but wonder what my dad was saying to Paul Sr.


Chapter 3


Mark followed the shorter man into a back office.  The door closed and Mark stood on one side of a desk with his hands on his hips and the other man on the other side of the desk with his arms crossed over his rather large chest.


The southern accented voice said, “Mark Callaway...Undertaker, Professional Wrestler.” 


As Marks hand jutted out. 


“Paul Tueutul Sr...Orange County Choppers, Founder.” 


The two big men shook hands.


Mark said, “One question.”  Paul said, “Ask.”  Mark placed his fists knuckles down on the flimsy wooden desk and leaned over and in his best Undertaker voice to date, said, “What did you think you were doing when you spoke to my daughter that way?  She came in here to ask about a theme bike for me, because I have a charity auction coming up...and what did you say to her?”


Sr having finally realized he’d met his match in intimidation...fumbled through his mind to remember the exact words he’d said to the daughter of the very large gentleman staring him down in his own office at the moment and said, “We ain’t got no time to be fuckin’ around with a little girl such as yourself...Go find some Barbie dolls to play fashion designer for.”


Mark mocked him and said, “We ain’t got no time to be fuckin’ around with a little girl such as yourself...Go find some Barbie dolls to play fashion designer for.”  Then start grumbling under his breath something about staying calm cause he didn’t need to add murder to his list of accomplishments through life.


Mark straightened up to his full 6’10” height and said, “If my daughter wasn’t such a sweet angel, and didn’t brush off the fact that you’ve got just as bad a temper as me and had come home crying that day, I would be personally putting you through all four walls of this office.  My daughter is the most important person in my life...she’s the only thing I’ve got left that resembles her mother...”


Mark frowned a little, the thought of missing his wife, Alyssa’s mother who’d died when Alyssa was 5 in a car accident...he’d raised her on the road and as best as he could...He’d do anything to protect her.  ANYTHING.

Mark continued, “Alyssa is no spoiled brat, she’s earned everything she has...she wanted to go to college....she didn’t let me pay a cent...she wanted to go to law school, and again she wouldn’t allow me to pay anything...she’s one of the biggest lawyers in 3 call around New York, California and Texas...they would all recommend her...and it’s because she’s smarter then you or I or any one of those boys standing out in that garage.”


Mark ran his hand down his go-tee and said, “I’ve done most of my motorcycle business with Harleys and Titans either through Harley Davidson or West Coast Choppers...I’ve never denied the fact that Jesse James has this bike building shit in his blood...but one night me and Aly watched a bike your company built and I told her to take care of it...Now...If you want I can go to Jesse or Harley....but I wanted you and your crew...It’s your choice...”


Mark pulled his wallet out and threw a white business card on the desk and said, “That’s my daughters number...she also just happens to be my lawyer...You decide what you want to do...But word of warning...If I ever hear that you’ve talked to my daughter like that again...then it will be the end of you receiving my business...I will slaughter your name from east to west coast...Not to mention that fact that I’ll come back and have a physical talk with you about it...if you catch my drift.”


Paul Sr. nodded and Mark said, “Pleasure meeting ya.” And sauntered out the office door.


It hadn’t been but about 30-45 minutes, and Jesse and I were talking about the Undertaker themed bike my dad wanted for the charity auction...My head popped up when Dad walked out of the office with a satisfied grin on his face.  He walked up and I said, “You didn’t kill him did ya?”  He said, “Nope...but we have an understanding now.” 


I nodded and said, “Dad you remember Jesse.”  They shook hands and Jesse said, “Nice to see you again sir.”  Dad nodded, He rubbed my back and said, “Well, Ready to go ladies?”  All of us nodded...and I shook Jesse’s hand again and we got on the bikes and left.


Jesse looked down in his hand and there was a business card in his hand...and it had Alyssa’s number on it...he’d have to remember to call her later that night.


Chapter 4


Jesse, Paulie and Vinnie watched as the girl road away...The next thing they heard was the sound of a large metal wrench skipping and clanking across the concrete garage floor.




Jesse could feel his temper rise to just above boiling point.  Jesse had to admit he had inherited his temper honestly...He looked around and said, “Guys I’m heading back to the hotel...I’ll see y’all either later tonight or tomorrow.”  They all said their grumpy good-byes as Paul started in on them again.


Jesse made it back to the hotel and after taking a shower lounged around in his jeans, with a white wife beater and bare feet.  He found Alyssa Callaway’s number sitting next to his cell phone and debated for about 3 seconds on whether to call her or not.  He flipped his cell phone open and dialed the number.


It rang twice before a female voice said, ““Hello?”

A voice said, “Is this Alyssa?” I said, “Yes...and this is?” The voice said, “Hey...Its Jesse...I wanted to thank you for not letting my uncle get to you.”  I said, “Its okay...My dad has a worse temper then Sr. does.  Believe me no one has ever seen my dad truly pissed off...Maybe a little mad...and acting pissed on camera...but never pissed in real life...And believe me no one would ever want’s not pretty.”


Jesse said, “So what are you doing tonight?” I said, “Right now, relaxing in a warm bath with bubbles...trying to forget my father’s bad attitude after we left the garage today...


The thought of Aly being naked in a tub full of water and bubble was almost too enticing...he had to stop himself from asking to join her in the tub...hoping his thoughts hadn’t effected his body yet...he looked down at the crotch of his pants and no such luck. AW SHIT!   Jesse could feel his erection twitch against his thigh. 


Jesse had gotten quiet and I said, “What?  Already thinking about me naked in a bubble bath?”  Jesse chuckled and said, “No...Okay maybe...damn would you know?”  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud and said, “Cause you’re like every other red blooded man...once you know the woman you’re on the phone with is automatically think about her naked...I was waiting for you to offer to join me.”


Jesse laughed again and said, “The thought did cross my mind...but I was going to ask you on a date first...You know...I don’t wanna scare ya by moving too fast.”  Aly giggled and said, “What did you have in mind?”  Jesse said, “Well...what are you doing after your bath?” 


I said, “Nothing...”  He said, “Good get some clothes on you and meet me in to lobby...”  I said, “Yes master.”  He said, “Pretty please.”  I laughed again and said, “See you in a few.”  I jumped out and dried off throwing my clothes on...10 minutes later Jesse and I walked out of the hotel hand in hand and went to see a late mid-night movie...


When we got back to the hotel, he walked me to my room and as if on cue, Jesse leaned down and captured my lips with his...his lips were so soft against mine...his go-tee rubbing against my bottom lip and I couldn’t help but giggle...Jesse pulled back and looked down and said, “You ok?”  I laughed again and said, “You’re go-tee tickles.”  He said, “Want me to shave it off?”  I said, “Want me to rip your lips off...the sexiest thing any man could have is beautiful eyes and facial’ve got both...”


Jesse said, “So does that make me the sexiest man you’ve ever known?”  Being a clown he stepped back and in true superman fashion put his hands on his hips and looked off into the distance.  I leaned against the wall as I was thrown into a fit of giggles...Jesse said, “The best thing about a woman is her laugh...and I could listen to you laugh for hours.”  Jesse pulled me against him again and took my lips again...This time he tilted my head up and deepened the kiss. 


The door across the hallway swung open...I must’ve had a big time brain fart, because I forgot it was my fathers room...A deep clearing of the throat and Jesse and I pulled apart fast.  I smiled cheesy and said, “Dad...You remember Jesse.”   Jesse straightened up and said, “Evening Sir.”  My dad said, “Yes...but apparently you remember him better then I do...Alyssa, if you’re going to kiss least have the decency to not get public with it.”  I said, “Yes sir...Sorry dad.”


I walked over and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek...he kissed the top of my head and said, “I’ll just assume, when you go back into your room that Jesse will be going to back to his.”  Jesse said, “Yes sir.”  I was mortified, my father even said it...but dad never was one to beat around the bush.


Dad closed his door and I said, “I’m so sorry about that...I completely forgot he was in the room across from mine.”  Jesse pulled his hat down and said, “I have to be honest...your father scares me.”  I laughed and said, “Yea, well he could scare the shit out of a buffalo on a buffalo nickel...he’s really a big teddy bear...until he’s pissed off...that’s when I learn to hide.”


Jesse kissed me one last time and we went our separate ways.  I felt asleep that night with some wonderful thoughts of Jesse.


Chapter 5

**Violent content**


A few days later, I was still in New York sticking around to make sure all the loose ends were fixed with the bike.  Well that and plus Jesse and I had been spending more time together...Dad wasn’t sure what to think about it...some big named tattooed man was in his baby girls life now...and it wasn’t him. 


He knew it would happen some day.  He’d just hope and pray that if he called Aly’s hotel room or home number one morning that “the boy” as he liked to call him, wouldn’t answer in some kind of ‘I’ve been sexin’ your daughter up all night and now were trying to sleep to regain our strength for another round later’ voice.


I was supposed to meet Jesse at the OCC shop, but when I pulled up in my mustang, Jesse’s rental car wasn’t there...infact the only vehicle there was Paul’s SUV...I figured Jesse wouldn’t be too long, I know him and Paulie had a few parts to go out and grab to help put the bike together.  I walked in and placed my sun glasses on top of my head. 


Paul walked out of his office into the garage part when he heard the door close.  There she was the source of his daily headaches...he thought for sure it was Paulie, Mikey and Vinnie...but for the next few weeks they had been reprieved...and Mr. Callaway and his bitch of a snooty daughter would be taking their places...easily.


There she stood there in his shop acting as if she could own the place by just the snap of her fingers.  Paul didn’t care if she was a fuckin’ lawyer or not...He had it in his right mind to give her a good talkin’ to and a nice ass spankin’...she didn’t seem like the type of girl who’d gotten her ass busted a few thousand times growing up.


He watched as she made her way across the floor and went into the bathroom...Paul couldn’t resist the temptation to put the fear of god into her.  Paul waited outside the bathroom door, and when it opened...he grabbed the little bitch by the hair and dragged her back into the bathroom and kicked the door closed with his foot.


I yelped out in pain, when I felt someone grab a hand full of my waist length hair and practically drag me back into the bathroom...I was thrown against a wall...and was back handed.  The force of the back hand sent me flying into the corner. 


Paul Sr. went towards the girl and jerked her to her feet and said, “If I ever have to deal with your father again, because you went home running your mouth about my attitude and the way I spoke to you...I swear you’ll wish you were never born...This is my fuckin’ business...I built it from the ground up...I won’t allow some fuckin’ cheap whore to come in my place of business with her father and try to scare me because I said something to his daughter that she didn’t like...if you understand me just nod your head.”


I rapidly nodded my head yes.  With two hands full of hair he slammed my head back...not enough to knock me out but just to make it hurt.  And said, “I’m glad we understand each tell the others about it...and it’ll be your clean yourself up and get out of my fuckin’ garage...women ain’t nuttin’ but trouble.”


I saw my nose bleeding in the mirror, and watched as Paul Sr. walked out the door and pulled it closed...I whipped as much blood from my nose and called Jesse’s cell phone and when he didn’t pick up I left him a message that said, I’d see him later, that I got called to Albany New York for business. 


As I was driving out of town, I couldn’t help but let the tears fall from my eyes...In all my life, I’d never been afraid for my life, as I was for the 5 minutes in the bathroom with Paul Sr.  I knew I couldn’t tell my dad...But who could I tell...What could I do?


What am I to do with my life?


Chapter 6


The few days I took off, I’d decided I would just keep what had happened with Paul Sr. Between me and him...I figured if I just stayed away and kept my dad on the road, nothing could go wrong...right?  Wrong.


As I was driving back to New York to see Jesse again, I was checking my voice mail and found out that he was at the shop and had asked me to stop and see him before I went on to the hotel...Oy!


I pulled into the drive way of the OCC garage, and the big garage door was open again...I came to a stop and saw as Jesse looked up from welding something and held his index finger up and I nodded to him.  I got out and sat on the trunk of my car. 


A few minutes later, Jesse walked around to the back of my car and leaned against the trunk and he said, “So...Have a nice trip?”  I smiled and said, “ was nice.”  Jesse said, “Can I officially just say I missed you.”  He ran his index knuckle across my jean covered knee...and I smiled down at him and said, “I missed you too.”


Jesse stood between my legs and pulled me off the trunk as I wrapped my legs around his waist and he held me like that...I ran my thumbs under his eyes and said, “You look tired.”  He said, “I didn’t get much sleep...Maybe I’ll leave early and we’ll go take a nap together.”  I said, “Yea...I could use a nap.  I think that sounds like a great idea.”


Jesse placed Alyssa on her feet and leaned down and captured her lips with his...He had definitely missed her kisses and soft lips while she was gone...The best part of her kisses was she would fully lean into his body...Almost as if she couldn’t get enough of his touch...cause he knew he couldn’t get enough of her touches.


Sr. walked out of his office and saw his nephew sucking face with that little bitch...he’d warned her not to come back to his place of business...He watched as Jesse walked over and started cleaned up his stuff and came and told Paul Sr. and Paulie he was cutting out early to take Alyssa to lunch and relax for the remainder of the day.  The little whore had a way with men...He would have to give her credit for that.


He watched as Alyssa walked by him looking at the ground...he knew she didn’t want to look at him...apparently his last warning wasn’t he’d have to make it a little more clear this time...He turned his ball cap on backwards and stalked after the brunette...she went in the main office and got a drink of soon as she threw the cup away he locked the door and grabbed her upper arm roughly and smiled as he heard her whimper in pain...trying to be quiet so the guys couldn’t hear her.


I was pushed chest first into the wall, with my right arm up behind my back and Paul Sr. pushed his huge body against mine and smashing me more into the wall...He pushed his pelvis into my jean covered rear and I could feel his erection growing against my made me stomach turn.


Paul got close to her ear and said, “Apparently my first warning wasn’t enough for you...I’m telling you right now...keep your ass out of my garage...I saw you out there with your legs wrapped around my nephew like he was fuckin’ gold...”


His free hand slid to the front of my body as he grabbed my jean covered crotch and said, “I bet you can’t wait to have my nephews cock in you, just fucking you’re brains out...You want to wrap those long legs around him and scream his name out...”  I cringed...he was repulsive and disgusting...I wanted to cry...He rubbed his erection against my ass and said, “How about my cock...why have a boy when you can have a man....No....well I guess that’s you’re loss sweat heart...”


Paul pushed away from the little vixen and gave her a sharp slap on the ass and said, “Don’t keep my nephew waiting...but don’t let me see you in this garage again...I’m serious this time.”


I walked out as fast as I could...I threw my keys to Jesse and let him drive us back to the hotel...It was hard to believe, Paulie and Jesse could even come from the same genes as that man...True to Jesse’s word, we wrapped each other in our arms and slipped into a nice nap.


Chapter 7

**Sexual Content....yea right...SMUT**


I woke up a few hours later, and Jesse was staring at me...Jesse laid next to me and started kissing my lips softly…all I could do was surrender to him…I wanted it as much as he did…and at that point there was no turning back…what ever the consequences were…we were willing to except them…no matter what. 


Jesse kissed down over my material covered breasts…and lift my shirt a little and was kissing around my stomach and navel…while his hands were softly caressing me in places I couldn’t imagine that could be caressed…like my waist, hips…outer thighs…Just the feel of his big hands on me…was comforting…


Jesse unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and opened them and kissed down on my lower abdomen…he slid his tongue over and kissed my left hip and the slide his tongue over and kissed and caressed my right hip…


He rolled me over onto my stomach…and was kissing the small of my back…he pulled my shirt up and off and was running kisses up and down my vertebrae…he came up to my shoulder and was kissed my shoulders, shoulder blades and the back of my neck…


He had his arm around across the top of my chest from shoulder to shoulder…I was kissing along his forearm…and just could feel the heat radiating off his arm…and his hand that had slowly ran down my back and sides where my ribs were…his hands had lightly brushed against my breasts…


Jesse turned me back over onto my back, and I reached down and tugged his t-shirt off…Jesse started kissing my lips again, while caressing my breasts and stomach…I was running my hands down his chest and gently pushed him over onto his back and slowly kissed down his throat to his chest…I gave his nipples a little tease when I slowly licked around them and then blew hot air onto them…they perked up and Jesse groaned from the back of his throat…I placed feather light kisses down his sternum…and traced his 6-pak with my tongue and lips…


I unbuttoned and unzipped Jesse’s jeans and when I pulled them open I could just see the head of Jesses erection peaked out…I slowly ran my tongue over head…and got a deep - DEEP moan from Jesse…Jesse’s erection was strained against the material of his jeans…and he pulled his jeans off and the laid me flat on my back and slowly pulled my shorts down my long legs and threw them in the collecting pile of clothes on the floor…


Jesse slowly crawled up my body and softly spread my legs with his big hands…Jesse looked into my eyes as if asking permission to go further…I just nodded my approval…and Jesse slowly started sliding his erection all the way into my core…I couldn’t help but let out a ferrous moan…We both realized this is exactly where we needed to be at that second…Once Jesse was fully sheathed in me, he kept still letting every part of my body adjust to him…


Jesse started slowly moving in and out of me…and I was holding on…I was kissing Jesse’s neck and ear and finally started begging him to go faster…it was his undoing…he started slamming into me as hard and as fast as he could…he pulled my knees up and gripped the back of my thighs and pushed them apart further to stroke deeper into me…I was almost on the brink of insanity… “Mmmm…God Jesse…you feel so good…Oh god….”  “God Damn…Alyssa honey you’re so tight…so feel so good wrapped around me…Mmmm…God I wanna feel you cum so bad baby…huh…you wanna cum for me baby girl?” 


All I could do was moan and nod…cause he started thrusting as hard and as deep into me as he could…my whole body was about to explode…I clamped my eyes shut tight…and Jesse leaned down and said, “Open you’re eyes baby I want you to look me in the eyes when you cum…” 


I opened my eyes…we kept our eyes locked on each other…and finally I started falling over the edge…My orgasm raked through my body…and as soon as Jesse felt my walls clamping down, milking him as I cam…Jesse growled out his release…Jesse thrusted one last time, and cam loud…I felt him slam so deep inside of me…I thought there was no way he’d find his way out without a mining helmet…feeling him explode so deep into me…only made me cum again…Jesse rode me hard through both of my orgasms…


Jesse collapsed on the bed next to me…and we just laid there staring at each other in silence until we both fell asleep…I was half asleep when I felt Jesse reach over and pull me into his arms…I as too far into Heaven to really care that I had just made love to my boyfriend for the first time…I fell asleep.

Jesse laid there holding Alyssa, he could smell the strawberry shampoo she used for her hair…the smell was intoxicating…he could feel himself getting hard again just from the scent of her…he couldn’t hardly believe he’d just made love to her…He didn’t know if he should feel good about it or not…was their relationship just getting better…is he what she really wanted…

Jesse fell asleep…

We woke each other numerous times during the night to make love again…it was just kind of one of those making love nights…we’d sleep like an hour in between every time…We made love probably close to 7 times…


Chapter 8

**Violent Sexual Content**


- -3 Weeks Later- -


I had on a slinky black dress with garters and thigh highs and heels...I had a small jacket over my shoulders...and was waiting for Jesse to get to the hotel...My cell phone rang and I picked it up and it was Jesse...I said, “Yes?”


Jesse said, “Hey baby, Listen, I just found out my mom is flying in on the late flight and I’m going to run to the airport and pick her up...I’m already ready, if you could please meet me at the garage...I shouldn’t take too long...I’ll be there as soon as I can I promise.”  I sighed heavily and said, “Okay...I’ll be there.” 


I was very hesitant about going, but I figured if I timed it right, I would be there after Jesse got back.  I waited for a few and then grabbed my purse and took off to the garage...when I got there no one was there....and Jesse left the light on and the door unlocked for me.  I walked in and stood nervously by the door...A few minutes later, and Jesse still wasn’t there...he left a message on my voice mail, saying the flight was going to be 10 minutes late, so to just sit down and get comfy.


I walked over and sat on the couch that the guys used for their breaks...I leaned against the arm rest for 5 seconds, and ended up falling asleep.


Paul walked in...It would be just like him to get half way home and forget his fuckin’ house keys...and of course Mikey’s annoying loud ass sitting in his SUV with him was enough to give any man a headache the size of fuckin’ Brazil.  Paul walked over and thought he saw a pair of high heels sitting next to the couch...he looked over and saw legs resting on the couch.  As he got closer he saw that little fuckin’ bitch Alyssa all dressed up with no where to go...She was about to get the rudest awakening.


I was brought out of a dead deep sleep, when a violent pain ran through my my eyes opened and tried to body was being drug across the concrete floor of the garage by my hair...I was trying to stop my self with my feet but since I had nylons on my feet were sliding with the rest of my body...I ended up in Sr’s office...I was thrown against a wall and yelped out in pain when my rib cage hit the arm of the chair and I felt and heard one of my ribs crack and break.


Paul said, “You just couldn’t keep your whore ass out of my garage...I warned you not once but twice...twice is more warning then most people get from me...I think I was being totally fair don’t you...Apparently the first two warnings weren’t you’re going to have to deal with the consequences.”


Paul grabbed my arms roughly and yanked me to my feet...he ripped my jacket off and then threw me onto his desk stomach skirt was shoved up my legs and over my hips as my panties were violently ripped from my body...he shoved his fingers into my core harshly and was trying to make me wet, but it wasn’t working...nothing about the situation that was about to happen was turning me on...I was shaking from head to toe, wishing I was anywhere but here at the moment...Hell I even wished to be in jail...prison...some place...hell any place.


I looked back as Paul freed his erection...he was huge...there was no way that thing was going in me without hurting or at the very least causing damage.  He smiled devilishly at me and spit on the head of his penis....he slid his hand up and down his penis and then gripped my hips roughly enough to bruise them and thrusted into me with no warning...


I screamed out in pain as loud as I could...hoping someone would hear me and come help...but no one was coming...The pain was unbearable...I couldn’t stand it...I could feel myself bleeding on the inside...My body wanted me to pass out...but I couldn’t...I wanted to be awake to run from this man, when he walked away from me...After a few more minutes of screaming bloody murder, Paul put his hand over my mouth...muffled screaming, cries and whimpers of pain came from me...but no one could hear me.


Finally after 30 minutes of nothing but torture, Paul thrusted into me one final time and I felt him leave his seed in me...I was disgusted, ashamed, I felt dirty...I wanted to throw up...on him mostly.


He grabbed my hair and slammed my head into the wall again facing me and as he pushed two fingers into me again as hard as he could...he smiled slyly and said, “Don’t forget tonight...If you come back into my garage again...I won’t hesitate to show you how unwelcome you are again...only next’s going to be 10 times worse.  I guarantee it.”  He looked at the fear and tears streaming down my face...and then licked my cheek, slapped my bare pussy, and laughed as I cried out in pain as he walked away and just left me there.


I slid down the wall crying...As I collected myself I walked out to the car...I left...Driving around, trying to stay calm...running my hands through my long hair...trying not to let myself go insane...I picked up my cell phone and the last thing I remember is hearing Jesse’s voice on my voice mail saying, “Aly baby...Where are you I’m really worried about you...I’ve called every one and no one knows where you are....please baby if you get my messages...please call me I’m really scared...”


And then...came back to the garage...I pushed the window open to Sr.’s office and carefully crawled in and stepped down from his chair...My blood, mixed with the smell of rape in the air still filled the made me nauseas...I wanted to throw up...but I sat in the corner of Sr.’s office...


And just waited.


Chapter 9


- -9 A.M. The Next Morning- -


I had been awake for 24 hours...I was weak...and hadn’t noticed the pool of my own blood that I was sitting in.  I looked at the 9 mm that my father had bought me years ago when I moved out of his house and to San Francisco...he said it was for protection...


I guess now was as good a time as any for needing protection.  Thoughts kept running through my mind how the bullet would just graze through Sr.’s head and come out the back and I’d watch as his brain or what was left of it splattered on the wall behind him...I wondered if I’d laugh...If I’d just watch him and make sure he was dead so he couldn’t come after me or any one else ever again.



I'm not the first you sucked down
I drank your pleasure slow
Then stumbled out from your bed
But still I've come for you tonight
Choke my faith and stab my pride
And tell myself that

This is the last time
This is the last time
This is the last time now
I'll bleed for you
I'll bleed for you


I heard the big garage door open and heard as Sr.’s boisterous laugh echoed off the walls...So he was in a good mood...after last night and the way his mind works he should be in an ecstatic mood...I could feel the pain radiating through my lower abdomen, my hips were already purple and black from his fingers digging into me...


The closer the voices got the more I would shake...I looked down at the long strings of my brunette hair and they were shaking so bad I didn’t think they would ever stop...I heard the door knob turn and I stood up and stood there in the middle of Sr.’s office...I wanted to be eye to eye with the monster who’d brutally raped me last night. 


Paul had one last laugh with the guys, something he hadn’t done in a while...then turned to go into his office...and there was Alyssa...standing in the same outfit torn and tattered from the night before.  Paul put his hands on his hips and said, “What are you doing here girlie?  Didn’t get enough last night?  Jesse can’t do it for you, so you’re ready for another round with me?” 



Preservation or predation
As I'm reeling I don't know
Crumbled and spilled out of your head
I want to fall
And you see it all
And you'll just laugh when I say

This is the last time
This is the last time
This is the last time now
I'll bleed for you
I'll bleed for you


Paul stood there and watched as the girl glared at him with her green eyes, he could of sworn he almost saw fire and rage in them...but she couldn’t have been...she was such an easy push over the night before.  Paul watched as she tilted her head to the side and was suddenly face to face with what looked to be a 9 mm...She backed him out of the office as he held is hands up...he could already hear the guys he said, “Umm...Guys...A little help please.”  The radio must’ve been getting on her nerves because she pointed the gun and fired.


Paulie, Mikey, Jesse and Alyssa’s father all ducked at the same time a bunch of ‘mother fuckers and son of a bitches’ were said as the gun shot rang through the garage.  They all ran over...Jesse had called Mark last night saying she went missing...they’d gathered at the garage hoping she’d show up...The guys stood there with their mouths hanging open...even Mark couldn’t believe the shape his baby girl was in...She had blood running down her legs, she had bruises on her arms, her hair was a mess, and she was holding the right side of her rib cage...


In the sweetest dripping with sin voice she said, “Oh yes...How could I possibly ever want Jesse again, when I could have you throw me around the attack me like...SOME KIND OF FUCKIN’ ANIMAL!  Have you rape me smack me around a little...I think you’ve done quite well on my sanity the last 4 weeks to last me a lifetime.”  The looks on the guys faces...I said, “Oh wait...did Paul forget to tell you he raped me last night...I’m sorry...Maybe you’d like to tell them now...ya know...BEFORE I BLOW YOUR FUCKIN’ HEAD OFF.”



Every thing
I feel I know you know
Every thing
Every thing that heals I know you know
Every thing
That steals I know you know
Every thing
That kills you know!


I looked around the room, and my eyes came back to Sr.  I said, “This is the last time now...I’ll bleed for you.”


Mark watched as his daughters hand shook with the gun in it...if she didn’t kill Paul...he would...Just by her actions he knew she was telling the truth even though the rotund man was back tracking and saying he never saw her last night.  Just the rage that was in his daughters eyes was all the truth he needed.  


Jesse walked over and stood next to Alyssa...her whole body was physically shaking...he touched her arm softly...She looked over at him with those emerald green eyes that were so much like her fathers...but filled with pain and sadness...She collapsed into Jesse’s waiting arms and Mark went to grab the gun and it went off...


Luckily it only grazed Sr.’s hair and hit the wall...Mark grabbed Sr. and drug him to the office...and good on his word, he beat the ever loving shit out of the rotund man...Every one could her Mark cussing with a furious anger, and Sr. begging with shaking fear.


Alyssa passed out in Jesse’s arms and he picked her up and carried her to his car and took her to the Emergency room immediately.  He looked down and was covered in her blood.  His eyes started to water, but he knew he had to keep it together for Alyssa’s sake.



And tell myself that
This is the last time
This is the last time
This is the last time now

This is the last time
This is the last time
This is the last time now

Now – Now – Now - Now


Chapter 10



I watch you while you're sleeping
Messy hair, chest bare,
Moonlight on your skin
I wanna breathe you in

In the silence, words come easy
I can tell you now
Just how simple it's been 2 let you in
Don't move...this mood is a painting
We'll never find the same thing

Do not make a sound
Melt into me now
2 become 1


- -5 Years Later- -


Mark, Steve and Dave all sat outside of Mark home waiting for the girls to get there...They knew they’d be there soon.  Mark saw the 3 extended ca trucks coming down the road and pulled into the drive way...Steve and Dave kept their seats on the porch, but Mark walked down the steps and stood in the middle of the front yard.


The trucks pulled to a stop and he watched as Alyssa, Kate and Piper got out of the truck...Then a tiny voice said, “Papa.”  Mark’s emerald green eyes shined with love as he looked down at the 4 year old redheaded little girl who looked like her mama and grandma. 


Mark squatted down and said, “And just what can I help you with young lady?”  She put her hands on her hits and glared at him and in a southern accented voice said, “I’m a waitin’ for ya to hug me.”


Mark couldn’t resist the laugh...He laughed and about that time Jessica launched herself into Mark’s arms and made him roll back into the grass on his back...Jessica situated herself in a sitting position on Mark’s stomach and said, “I missed ya papa.”    He said, “I missed ya too baby girl.”  She giggled and said, “Did mommy tell you she’s got a baby stuck in her tummy...she said, “I’m gonna be a big sister.”



Love is so close 2 hurting
With a shake we could wake
From our own dreaming
But we must make a vow
'Cause I have waited a lifetime
Now is the right time

Do not make a sound
Melt into me now
2 become 1
Let's make time stand still
Let this moment last until
2 become 1



Mark rolled up and stood up with Jessica in his arm and looked over at Alyssa, leaning against Jesse.  Mark smirked and walked over and said, “See this is what I get for letting you two date.”


I said, “I think someone told on us honey.”  Jesse kissed my forehead and said, “C’mon Papa...tell me you don’t want another one.” 


Mark laughed and said, “Alyssa baby, you look a little green...How far along are you?”  Aly pulled her hair behind her ears and said, “3 months....hopefully this week will be the end of the morning sickness...”


Mark looked over and saw Steve with Piper, Paulie and their twins Tammy and Tommy and over at Steve with Kate, Vinnie and their son Jackson...then looked at the angel in his arms who’d fallen a sleep against his chest the same way Alyssa would when she was younger...and said, “Nope...I want tons more in this house before I grow old and die...So get busy damn it.”


I watched as my father walked into the house with Jessica, and I looked at Jesse and said, “That was so not my father just now...Aliens have landed in his back yard and taken over his body...check the barn later for the space craft, I don’t want the radiation getting to the horses.” 


Jesse laughed as he took me in his arms and said, “Yea, but I agree with him...” 


I said, “Remind me again why I married you?” 


He said, “For the same reason, Vinnie married Kate, and Piper married Paulie...and Why I married you...Because I love you.”  I smiled and said, “I love you too.”


We kissed and headed into the house to get on with our lives....the way it was going to be for good.



Like a bird owns its wings
Like a song belongs 2 melody 2 me
I fold your arms around me
Let your flesh, your breath,
Your love, surround me
Oh, you feel like home

Do not make a sound
Melt into me now
2 become 1
Let's make time stand still
Let this moment last until
2 become......1


Become 1


The End....well almost...


Incase you was wondering...while Sr. was getting his ass beat...he had a heart attack and died...obviously no love loss there...Paulie, Vinnie and Jesse took over OCC, and it became WCOCC...West Coast Orange County Choppers.




The End