Jump In



Chapter 1


Deep green eyes watched the lights flash around the arena…smoke pouring out of the fog machines and the music blasting its way through the speakers.  She watched as the fans went crazy cheering, whistling, and clapping…Anything to make noise.  She watched his fans in admiration…They honestly loved to watch him work.  She could honestly say with a body like that…she loved watching him work as well.


She’d been standing there chewing the corner of her bottom lip for a good 10 minutes when his partner in crime walked up and said, “Well if it isn’t the lovely Suzie.”  She turned towards the man himself HBK and said, “Hello Mr. Hickenbottom.”  Shawn never was one for formalities his ring name Shawn Michael’s was his first and middle names switched and every one knew it but most still called him Shawn and not Mike.  Except for the beautiful lady in front of him who insisted on calling him Mister all the time…After several warnings and a few threats to call him Shawn or Mike…she still called him Mr. Hickenbottom.


Shawn said, “Okay lassie…I could’ve sworn we went over this before…But you already know better then to call me Mister anything…C’mon I don’t call you Suzanne cause you hate it…you requested we call you Suzie.”  Suzie couldn’t help but blush and said, “Sorry…It just feels weird calling Mr. Levesque’s friend anything other then Mister cause it sounds disrespectful… I’m no professional wrestler.  I haven’t achieved respect and admiration all around the world…I’m the hired help for God sake…”  Shawn said, “I thought Paul told you to call him by his name as well?”  Suzie blushed again and said, “Yes sir.  I’m sorry I was taught to respect the ones I work with…”  Shawn said, “You are too sweet little girl…too sweet.  If you’ll excuse me I gotta go save my partners ass before he doesn’t have one to sit on anymore.”


Suzie giggled more to herself then out loud and watched as Shawn ran out to the wrestling ring and slid into the ring and started helping Paul out.  Suzie was 25 and built like a mouse…Well maybe mouse was too mild.  Her temperament was like a mouse.  She coward to every one and never stuck up for herself.  Most of the Divas made fun of her because she was so meek and because she was nothing but a personal assistant to one of the wrestlers.


Paul Michael Levesque…He was 6’4” 264 lbs of muscled up nasty.  Because of his mental stability and shiftiness in the ring his nick name was the Cerebral Assassin or better also know as The Game…Because he was that damn good…or in Suzie’s way of thinking ‘Because he was that damn good…looking.’  His dirty blonde hair was about 2 inches past his broad huge thick muscled up shoulders and he had a dark go-tee and mustache.  His nose was overly big for his face but it seemed to fit his personality to a T.


Suzie was pulled from her thoughts as Paul’s entrance and exit music was played which meant he’d won his match…no surprise there…somehow she knew he deserved to win.  A few seconds later and the black curtains were shoved aside and Paul and Shawn came walking into the back.  Suzie was directly by Paul’s side, but a couple of steps behind him as he placed a towel over his shoulder and handed him a bottle of water.  Once the water bottle had been emptied into his mouth and stomach he tossed the bottle behind him and as if on cue Suzie caught it and tossed it in the next trash can she passed.  Paul wiped the sweat from his chest, back, face, neck, arms and legs and tossed the towel at him…If she was easily turned on by a sweat drenched towel she’d of taken time to be in HEAVEN…but she didn’t and was disgusted by the stench as she tossed the towel into a laundry basket in the middle of the hallway.


As Paul and Shawn entered the locker room with Suzie following quickly behind them, she took her place on a side chair and proceeded to pick up her laptop and get Paul and Shawn’s next flights and hotel rooms booked, while Paul took a shower.  Shawn said, “You know something kid…If you don’t ever say anything he will never know your around.” 


Suzie looked up from her laptop and said, “I’m sorry?”  Shawn chuckled and said, “And for heaven sake stop saying your sorry…You ain’t got anything to be sorry for…And what I meant was…He’s gonna keep treating you like a rag doll if you keep your mouth shut…Next time he tosses an empty water bottle at you…toss it back and bounce it off that fat head of his…He walked by the same trash can you did…He could’ve just as easily thrown it away.”  Suzie couldn’t help but laugh…Shawn had a point but there was no way on God’s green earth she was going to tell a man who made more then her in one month then she did all year to throw away his ‘own’ water bottles.


Suzie looked at Shawn skeptically and shook her head no.  She nearly had a heart attack when Paul walked out of the shower in nothing but a towel.  Her eyes nearly popped right out of their sockets as she pretended to type away on her laptop while she examined his body inconspicuously from head to toe only IMAGINING what the covered parts looked like.  She could feel her pulse racing and her breath caught in her throat and just as he was about to take his towel off to get dressed, she closed her laptop and stood up abruptly and said, “If you don’t need me anymore Mr. Levesque…I’ll retreat back to the hotel.”  


Paul had nearly forgot she was there…She was so quiet…cute…but damn quiet…if she didn’t start making some noise from now on he was going to have to start checking for her breath to make sure she was still alive.  Paul said, “Go ahead Suzie…I’ll see you tomorrow morning at the airport.”  Suzie nodded and said, “Yes sir.”  And left before her knees gave out on her. 


Once she was back in the safely of her own hotel room she mentally and physically smacked herself in the forehead…she was about to see Paul ‘the Adonis’ Levesque completely naked and she stopped him 3 seconds from the promise land!  What the hell was wrong with her?!?!  After a nice chilly shower she packed herself away in her giant queen bed and slowly drifted to sleep with thoughts of Paul dancing in her brain for the remainder of the night.


Chapter 2


Paul laid on his king size bed with only one person on his mind.  One would think sine he was SERIOUSLY dating his bosses daughter Stephanie McMahon, that it would be her right?  WRONG!


The only person Paul had on his mind was the quiet, meek and shy Suzanne Miller.  She’d been his personal assistant for 4 months and she was getting more beautiful every day.  Her long honey blonde hair went all the way down to her ass…which Paul had to admit he did NOT mind staring at…at all.  She was 5’9” with the longest legs he’d ever seen...and was around 125 to 130 lbs…she kept herself in great physical shape…she gave him a run for his money on the mornings he jogged with her.


No matter what Paul did he couldn’t get Suzie off his mind…He laid there staring at the ceiling for a good 3 hours…Shawn had said something to him early and it was sticking in his brain.


Paul remembered back when they were sitting in the dressing room and after Suzie had left Shawn said, “You’re never going to realize what a good thing you got until it’s not there to kick around anymore.”  Paul said, “What are you talking about?  Me & Steph are doing great?”  Shawn said, “I’m not talking about Stephanie ya moron…I’m talking about Suzie…You treat her like a walking trash can…I realize she’s your assistant and you’re the great Triple H…From Evolution.”


Paul said, “I’m not the great anything…I’m just Paul Levesque of Nashua New Hampshire.  There’s never been anything special about me…”  Shawn said, “Ya sure?  Cause you’re head looks bigger and I don’t mean from taking some head shots tonight…but of course…You may have taken a couple to the nose cause that looks really swollen.” 


Paul touched his nose, realizing Shawn was making a crack about it and pointed at Shawn and said, “You asshole…What the hell?”  Shawn just started laughing and before he left the room he said, “Eventually you’ll catch on to what me and Suzie already know.”


Paul was pulled from the memory fresh in his mind as he went back to thinking of Suzie.  She was beautiful…She was even more beautiful then Stephanie…which was hard for him to admit…He’d been with Steph for a couple of years now and didn’t think he could’ve dated any more of a beautiful person then Stephanie…Her on screen character was a vindictive little bitch who was daddy’s little girl…but behind the scene’s she was as loveable as any other lady.


Paul knew he had to make some decisions and make them fast…In a few months it would be Valentines and he had been planning on asking Stephanie to marry him…but for some reason or another suddenly he didn’t feel like marrying her much at all…He barely spoke on the phone with her while she’d been practically running Smackdown for the last 8 months…She barely came to see him and he barely ventured to see her…It was almost as if the two of them had decided that a long distance relationship wasn’t worth trying to keep anymore.


Paul sat up and got out of bed…He started walking around the room…More like a stalking pace…Like he had some place to be but no time to get there.  Running his hands through his hair a few thousand times and a few million walking laps around the entire hotel room he was finally tired enough to get back in bed and hopefully fall asleep.  He couldn’t imagine what the hell had him so restless…Maybe it was Suzie…Maybe it was the whole engagement with Stephanie…Maybe it was Stephanie…Maybe it was just the bad sausage he’d eaten earlier…


Paul couldn’t help but laugh uncontrollably about the sausage fiasco…It had upset his stomach so bad he’d farted earlier and it almost made him pass out.  He was really hoping no one was walking behind him early when he got to the arena…They would’ve dropped at the first sniff considering there was a thick green fog lingering in the air.  He’d prayed all through his match he didn’t fart for fear of choking out his opponent in the ring and they’d have to accuse him of cheating. 


After his match while he was showering he’d farted so bad he held his head under the water as long as he could, cause he’d of rather drowned himself then have to smell that rotten festering stench that came from his own body.  He sat up and took a Pebto Bizmol shot…Actually he took a few and was hoping his stomach would calm down by morning.


Chapter 3


The following morning, Paul and Shawn were standing in the American Airlines terminal waiting for Suzie.  A few minutes later she walked around the corner with a beverage carrying container in her hand and her back pack slung over her shoulder talking with someone on her cell phone.  She walked up and pointed to the coffee cup with a ML on it for Mr. Levesque as Paul took it…and Shawn too the one that had a MH on it for Mr. Hickenbottom on it.  She set the carrier down and took the last cup that had her name written on the side and tossed the carrier in the garbage can and continued her conversation.


Paul watched as she spoke with the person on the phone….and watched as her face went through the different emotions.  Paul and Shawn sat and bullshitted as they waited for their plane and over heard half of Suzie’s conversation because they really didn’t have a life…At least that was Shawn’s conclusion.  Suzie said, “Yes Auntie…I should be home in a couple of weeks…I promise…Yes my boss is a complete gentleman…Yes ma’am.  I will…I love you too Auntie…Buh-bye.” 


A few minutes later the flight was called to board…once they were all in their seats…Paul started praying to the Gods above that his gas wouldn’t come back from the night before…It had gotten MUCH worse as the night progressed and he couldn’t really see a giant gas trapped plane making it from one destination to the next without complete nose to tail air fresher stops at least 3 times before they reached their final destination.  Who the hell was he gonna blame the bad gas on…certainly not Shawn or Suzie…Well there was an old fart sitting in front of him who was fast asleep…Hey no one is perfect…but what the hell it worked.


Suzie was Paul’s assistant…but was told since Paul and Shawn had resurrected DX, she could schedule their flights and hotel rooms.  They’d been best friends for a long time and everyone knew it…They’d been pretty much inseparable even when Shawn had semi-retired due to his back injury.  Paul was there for his surgery and recovery and the same was said for Paul when he’d been side lined with a career ending injury but also came back from it not more then three years earlier.  While Shawn was still semi-retired Paul was in a faction called Evolution…which was basically a bunch of over bearing wrestlers with nothing more to do then push every one around.  This was ultimately their demise. 


‘OH GOD!’ Paul’s mind started racing…He could feel the gas bubble…It was slowly making it’s way down and out…He could only hold it for so long…He prayed to God…If he was gonna fart let it come fast and silent.  Paul squeezed his muscled butt cheeks together and it came out fast and silent… ‘THANK YOU DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN!’ Embarrassment would not cease him today!  Paul leaned forward and then over to Shawn and started the ball rolling and said, “Oh God…I think this guy in front of my shit his pants.”  Shawn leaned forward and took a big sniff and said, “Damn…It’s time to change someone’s depends!  Oh that’s foul!”  Shawn turned to Suzie and said, “In coming…” 


Suzie couldn’t imagine what Shawn was talking about and then the smell hit like a bag perfume wafting through the air in the threesome’s seats.  Suzie made a face as she pulled her t-shirt up over her nose…and started waving her hair through the air hoping the smell would waft it’s way to someone else’s seats.  She looked over and Paul was practically turning blue from holding his breath.  Shawn looked at Suzie and she nearly lost it…Shawn and stuffed two generic tissues up his nose from the box of airplane Kleenex…one in each nostril.  Shawn said, “Someone oughta plug his ass up.”  Paul said, “That maybe the first time he’s been able to do that in 2 or 3 years.”  Shawn said, “If that’s from 2 or 3 years…I’d hate to smell it after 5.  There should be green gas trails leaking from the seat.”


Shawn looked over at Suzie and put his arm around her shoulders and said, “Welcome to flying with the common folk kiddo.”  She couldn’t help it anymore…She busted out laughing once Paul started pushing Kleenex up his nose and Shawn handed him two more boxes and said, “You’re gonna need more then that bud.”  Paul gave Shawn the finger and said, “Hey…Anytime you wanna switch seats and sit behind shitty pants…Be my guest!”  Shawn said, “No thanks…You’re being a real trooper for sitting there as long as you have already.”


The three were happy when the next stop the older gentleman got off the plane…Paul was suddenly aware there was no one else around to blame it on now.  DAMN!  Now what the hell was he gonna do…Short of running to the bathroom...which in itself would be a feat because the second he stood up the winds of change would take over and explode.  Thus melting every piece of plastic on, in or around the plane. 


Once they got to their destination…Suzie was given the bad news that her room had suddenly gone missing to a different guest for the evening…Paul offered to share his double beds room with her and she was a bit skeptical, but figured…What’s the harm?


Chapter 4


After getting to the room Suzie and Paul were going to be sharing…Paul said, “Which bed would you like?  The one by the wall or the one by the window?”  Suzie smiled and said, “I’ll take the one next to the window…I get up often in the middle of the night to doodle around, especially when I’m away from home.”  Paul said, “Okay…Go ahead and take the bathroom first…I have a few phone calls to make.”  Suzie nodded as she tossed her suitcase on the bed and rummaged through it for a few minutes…she walked into the bathroom and set her things down and turned back to Paul and said, “Thanks…I really appreciate this.”  Paul said, “Anytime.”  Suzie went in and showered…she walked out in shorts and a tank top her hair running down her back which had been towel dried.


Paul had just finished up his conversation and tossed his phone on the bed and looked stressed to the max.  Suzie said, “Life isn’t that bad is it?”  Paul said, “I dunno…I haven’t figured out much about life in general…Actually I thought I had everything figured out…but some how or another it all got tossed into the air and it’s only falling down a few pieces at a time.”  Suzie said, “Well…I know I’m just your assistant…but I do have incredible listening skills…So if you feel like talkin…Lemme know what I can do to help.”  Paul said, “Thanks.”  Suzie winked at Paul and said, “Anytime.”  Suzie watched his backside as he walked over and grabbed his things for a shower also and watched until he disappeared into the bathroom…She was pulled from her thoughts as her cell phone started ringing.  She walked over and answered it.  Just as Paul walked out of the bath room in a pair of basketball shorts, Suzie had just gotten on the phone as she plugged it in to charge and set in on the night stand next to her bed.


They both climbed into their separate beds and turned the lights out…Paul said, “Are you ready to be an incredible listener?”  Suzie giggled as she turned on her side facing Paul…The moonlight lit up the room enough for her to see him as he turned to face her.  She said, “Of course…Go for it boss.”  Paul smirked and said, “You know I’ve been dating Steph for a while now right?”  Suzie said, “Of course…Miss. McMahon is the one who checks your schedule weekly for me…Like I don’t know how to do my job…But that’s beside the point.”  Paul chuckled and said, “Sorry…Steph can be a little overbearing some times…But I think it’s just cause her old man has to have his nose in everyone’s business as well.  She does get a little high strung.”


Suzie said, “A little?  The first day I was hired she kicked me out of your dressing room because she thought I was a ring rat in plain clothing.  I really wanted to stomp on her foot and smack her a good one in the forehead for a reality check, but she did apologize once she found out I was your assistant…Thanks to Mr. Hickenbottom.”  Paul said, “You have to stop calling us Mister all the time…No one in the company is formal with anyone…Not even Vince and Linda…and you’d think out of every one we would be with them…but were not…Please from now on just Paul and Shawn.”  Suzie said, “I was given strict orders by Miss. McMahon.  I don’t feel like losing my job.”


Paul sat up and said, “Are you serious?  Shit even Steph own Assistant calls her Bitch…Don’t worry if anyone’s gonna fire your ass it’s gonna be me…but I wouldn’t worry too much about that if I were you…You’re so friggen stable mentally, I don’t think you’d lose brain cells if you sneezed.”  Suzie couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Thank you.  I really appreciate you saying that to me.  Now get on with the problems…Doctor Suzie the psycho-analyst is in.”  Paul chuckled and said, “I was thinking of asking Stephanie to marry me on Valentines day…Except, now I don’t really think I want to…I realize me and her have overcome some work related obstacles…but things between us changed when her dad asked her to run Smackdown for him.  It’s not a power trip or anything like that…But before we were working the whole long distance relationship to a T and now it doesn’t even seem like neither of us are trying.” 


Suzie said, “Then why stay in the relationship?  If it doesn’t seem like either of you are putting forth the same effort…Then chances are you aren’t…and you should probably do one of two things…one would be talk with her and see if it can be worked out to benefit both of you…or two…give it up completely.  I realize you’re not much of a give it up man…but look at the facts in front of you…When is the very last time you spoke with her and not her voice mail?”  Paul looked defeated and said, “4 weeks ago.”  Suzie said, “And when is the last time you guys saw each other…Away from work?”  Paul scoffed and said 2 months ago.”


Suzie said, “See…The facts pretty much out weight everything.  It sucks…but guess what?  The truth is the truth and it doesn’t matter how little or big it is…If its there staring you in the face, you can’t ignore it.  You can’t ignore the fact that 4 weeks ago you was all gung-ho and ready to ask her to marry you on the most romantic day of the year…It’s how you feel right now…All the feelings you had are in the past screw ‘em…That’s where they stay…You have to look past what you used to feel and look at what’s in front of you…Nothing but the truth…And the fact that you just admitted to another human being you don’t wanna get married to someone who’s not as committed in the relationship as you are.”  Paul flopped over onto his back and said, “Why do I feel so terrible admitting that thought?”  Suzie said, “Because the truth hurts and because no matter what you can’t stop loving her just because you both gave up on the relationship a long time ago.” 


Silence filled the air and Paul turned back over and said, “Okay…Time for confession…You must confess one truth to me that I don’t know…and I’ll do the same.”  Suzie smiled and said, “Okay…You first.”  Paul smirked and said, “Okay confession…The old man on the plane wasn’t the one who farted…It was me.”  Paul’s face turned a nice mortifying red shade as Suzie busted out laughing hard.  Suzie couldn’t almost stop herself as she said, “Oh my God…Did something crawl inside of you and DIE!”  Paul said, “No…I ate some bad sausage and well…That was the after effects…Believe me that wasn’t nearly as bad as it was at the arena or the hotel last night.” 


Suzie said, “Oh gee thanks and tonight you offer me a place to sleep so you can suffocate me tonight?  I thought you said I was doing a good job…If you didn’t like me you just could’ve fired me instead of gassing me out!”   Paul couldn’t help but join in her laughter and said, “Okay smart ass…It’s your turn.”  Suzie smiled as she pulled a picture out from under her pillow and turned a light on and handed Paul the picture and said, “I have a 4 year old son.  Christopher Michael Miller.  My ex-boyfriend slash dead beat asshole decided he didn’t want anything to do with either of us…But he’s my angel.  And no one can have him.”


Paul looked at the picture he was the spitting image of Suzie.  He honestly didn’t know she had a son.  Suzie put the picture back under her pillow and they continued talking into the wee hours of the morning.  Finally falling asleep.


Chapter 5


The following morning Paul and Suzie walked into the arena laughing together as they talked…Shawn jogged to catch up to the laughter and said, “Morning kiddies…How did y’all sleep?”  Paul said, “Pretty good once I got smarty pants there to stop laughing at me.”  Suzie made a shocked face and said, “Me!  How is it my fault…You’re the one who decided on the confessions last night…May I remind you what it was exactly you confessed to me!”  Paul glared at Suzie playfully and said, “You can not be trusted!  I’ll be in the gym if anyone needs me.”  As he walked off. 


Suzie started whispering in Shawn’s ear about the truth of the gas attack on the plane the day before.  Paul cringed as he heard Shawn’s laughter fill the hallway.


That night was a PPV and everyone was getting ready for it…It was a Raw vs. Smackdown PPV, which meant Paul would be seeing Stephanie.  Paul got ready for his on air TV slot with Shawn in his jeans, boots and his black DX t-shirt.  Then walked down to where Stephanie’s office was and started to knock on the door…when he could’ve sworn he heard heavy panting on the other side of the door.  Paul slowly cracked open the door and saw in the mirror Stephanie bent over the couch with David Bautista behind her…One guess why they were in that position.


Stephanie was moaning and panting and said, “Oh God David You really are an Animal!”  David grunted a little deeper and said, “Not daddy’s little girl anymore either!”  Paul was sickened by what he saw.  David said, “So when did you and Paul break up?”  Stephanie said, “Not yet…But it’s coming soon…We haven’t seen each other in months…There’s nothing really left to work towards.”  Paul watched as David finally spent himself in Stephanie and walked away…He couldn’t even think straight.


Suzie watched as Paul walked into the dressing room…He didn’t say anything.  He just walked in ignored Shawn and sat in a chair.  Shawn said, “Hello?  Is anyone home?”  Shawn looked towards Suzie and she shrugged her shoulders at Shawn and said, “Paul…Is everything okay?”  Paul just started a hole in the wall opposite the chair.  Paul finally stood up after a few minutes and picked up his bag and walked out the door.  Shawn said, “Jesus, Mary & Joseph where is he going?”  Suzie said, “Hell if I know…I’m gonna follow him.”  She grabbed her purse and laptop bag and jogged after him.  Suzie followed Paul all the way out to the parking garage and to their rental car.  As she walked up he tossed his bag in the back of the big black Lincoln Navigator and looked down at her…


Opting to not say anything to him, she handed her laptop bag to him and he placed it in the back of the SUV gently and closed it…He walked over to the passenger side and opened the door and held out his hand as Suzie walked over and took his hand as she stepped up into the gigantic vehicle and fastened her belt as Paul closed her door and walked around and got in and started the vehicle up and fastened his belt as well and pulled out of the parking garage into traffic.  After about an hour on the road, Paul looked over at Suzie and said, “Where is it you live again?” Suzie chewed on her bottom lip and said, “Chicago…”  Paul said, “That’s like what?  3 days away?”  Suzie said, “Yea…sure.”  Paul looked back and focused back on the road and didn’t say another word for 8 hours. 


They stopped for gas and while Paul was pumping it, Suzie called Shawn and he said, “Where are you guys?”  Suzie said, “I don’t know…I imagine on our way to Chicago.”  Shawn said, “What the fuck is in Chicago?”  Suzie said, “My home…I don’t think he’s kidnapped me, but I do think he’s fallen off his rocker.”  Shawn said, “I can’t imagine what the hell is going on inside that man’s mind…I’ve never seen him act like this in all my life…Listen I’m going to leave my cell phone on…If anything happens or he starts acting funny PLEASE call me.”  Suzie said, “He seems to I dunno what’s the word…He seems too focused to act funny right now.”  Shawn said, “Just the same…Call me the next time you guys stop.”  They hung up and Paul and Suzie were back on the road again.


Approximately 2 days later they pulled up to Suzie’s house.  They got out and Paul stretched a little and said, “This is a nice place.”  Suzie said, “I’m gonna run across the street and grab my son…If I’m gonna be home I want him with me.”  Paul nodded and watched her jog across the street in her red velour pants and jacket set with her hair in a pony tail and disappeared into a house…she walked back out carrying a small boy with the same colored hair as her…he had on jeans, tiny sneakers and a hooded sweat shirt.  He was wrapped around the mid-section of Suzie…He had his leg wrapped around her waist and was nestled against her chest as she stroked his head and kissed the top of it repeatedly as she crossed the street again.


Suzie came to a stop and said, “This is Christopher…but he’s kind of cranky…He’s got a cold and a fever.”  Paul smiled…The little boy opened his eyes and looked at Paul and then buried his face back in Suzie’s chest…as she grabbed her laptop and purse, Paul grabbed their bags and they walked into the house.  Suzie put Christopher down in his room and he was out like a light.  Suzie showed Paul to the guest bedroom and told him the bathroom was down the hall across from Christopher’s bedroom.  Suzie said, “You’re welcome to take a shower…I’m gonna go check my messages and see what we have in the fridge…Chinese maybe on the menu tonight.”


About 45 minutes later, Paul walked down stairs into the kitchen and was in his track pants and t-shirt, and Suzie was sitting on the kitchen counter ordering food off of a take out menu.  Paul leaned against the counter with her and she hung up the phone and said, “Okay…Food should be here in 25 minutes.  Beer is in the fridge…Wine is in the cellar…Dr. Pepper, Pepsi and Coke fridge also.” 


She hopped off the counter and headed into the den…Paul soon followed with a beer.  He sat down and Suzie said, “I’m pretty sure you didn’t come all the way to Chicago to try my beer, check out my house or meet my son…but could you possible let me in on why you kidnapped me? And then brought me to my own house…Great hide out by the way.”  Paul smirked and said, “I had a bad night Monday.”  Suzie said, “How do you figure?  We were only at the arena for 3 hours then you picked up your shit and left  Paul rubbed his forehead and said, “Can we possibly talk about this later?”  Suzie said, “Sure…I told you once before I’m an incredible listener.  At any time of the day.”


They continued to watch TV and ate their Chinese when it got there.  They carried on in silence.


Chapter 6


After missing the PPV and then also the following Monday Night Raw…Needless to say Paul’s voice mail was fully packed with messages from Vince McMahon, Stephanie, not to mention Shawn, John Cena, Glenn Jacobs (Kane), and quite a few others who had traveled on the Raw brand roster with Paul and knew he didn’t miss a PPV or Monday Raw for NO REASON…Unless he’s had an injury of some type…But everyone had seen him there Sunday night and he’d suddenly upped and disappeared.


Suzie watched as Paul did that pacing thing for the hundredth time and he’d only been on the 9th voicemail that someone left on his phone since he’d disappeared.  He still hadn’t told Suzie why they’d taken off the way they did.  Suzie went upstairs and was checking on a peacefully sleeping Christopher.  The toddler was still suffering from a pretty bad cold and fever, but was slowly starting to get better.


Suzie walked back downstairs and found Paul leaning against the kitchen counter, his phone was sitting on the floor in the den where it had no doubt been thrown.  Suzie walked into the kitchen as she hopped up and sat on the counter…She patted the counter space next to her and said, “Tell me.”  Paul looked defeated…for the few months she’d worker for Paul…she could NEVER remember a time when Paul looked so defeated with life.  Paul sat on the counter next to her and said, “You’re sure you wanna know?”  Suzie said, “Wha have I got to lose?  You kidnapped me and left for a reason…So let’s hear it…It can’t be that bad.”  The last sentence that came out of Suzie’s mouth and the defeated look on Paul’s face deepened into his facial features.  Suzie said, “Or maybe it was.”


Paul said, “I saw her…I was so excited to see her…After not seeing her for two months…I couldn’t hardly wait…This was the woman I wanted to marry and spend the rest of my life with…The woman I wanted to grow old with…And there she was…Bent over the couch in her office letting David Bautista fuck the shit out of her.”


Suzie pushed her lips together as her eyes popped out…she was sure Paul was about to blow a gasket.  Paul hopped off the counter and started pacing the kitchen floor in front of Suzie.  Suzie couldn’t take the back and forth packing anymore…She jumped down and held up her hands and said, “Look…I fully understand where you’re coming from…But you can’t help yourself by walking a whole through the tile of my kitchen floor.”  Paul’s broken down hazel eyes looked down at her and said, “Any suggestions?”  Suzie smirked with a mischievous look in her eyes and said, “I got a few…Go put some shorts and a muscle shirt on.”  And both disappeared upstairs.


Paul walked downstairs in his shorts, muscle shirt and sneakers and found Suzie standing in the kitchen in red shorts, sneakers and a white tank top on with her hair in a messy ponytail…She handed Paul a rubber band and a bottle of water and said, “Follow me.”  Paul pulled his hair back in a low tail, grabbed the water and followed her.  There was a door just next to the kitchen that Paul hadn’t noticed before…It was to the basement.


Once Paul got to the bottom of the steps, the lights came on and Paul smirked at the variety of weight lifting equipment Suzie had in her basement.  Suzie said, “See much better idea…Get mad as hell all you want…But use it where you need it…Not where you don’t.”  Paul said, “So why did you start working out?”  Suzie said, “Truth?  I love my son, but when I had him…I was really hoping he was a 50lb baby…but no such luck…One day while My aunt was watching him, I went to a street sale downtown and ran into his father…He said something to the fact that I’d let having a baby interfere with my love life so much that I hadn’t lost the baby weight and no man would ever want an over weight, whore of a mother for a girlfriend.”  Suzie smirked and said, “Granted it was only 50lbs…It was 50 lbs of dead weight I didn’t need around…The whore comment earned him a punch in the nose and a kick in the balls…But he got me thinking…Why keep the weight, when I know I can get rid of it.  3 Months later I was back to my normal weight of 125.”


They both started working out and about 3 hours later they walked out on the front porch dripping in sweat to cool off, before a shower.  They sat on the front porch steps and Suzie said, “So feel better?”  Paul smiled a genuine smile, which hadn’t appeared on his face since the night they left the PPV.  He said, “Yes.”  Suzie said, “Ready to face the demon that lays ahead of you?”  Paul said, “I already spoke with half the demon earlier…I talked to Vince and explained the situation and told him it was either leave or he’d be one daughter and wrestlers lee in his life and company…First he thanked me for not killing Steph and then said he didn’t give a shit what I did to David.”


Suzie said, “Hmm…Open invitation…Sweet!  Did he say when you had to be back?”  Paul said, “Yea…Next Monday.”  Suzie patted Paul on the back and said, “Okay…Work your ass off in my weight room until Sunday and then I say you beat the ever loving shit out of David Bautista on his own fuckin show.  Disrespect him on Smackdown.”  Paul smirked evilly and said, “Damn I love the way you think…No wonder we work so well together.”  Suzie smiled and said, “Don’t get mad…Get evil on his ass.”


Paul and Suzie walked into the house and spent the remainder of the night planning and devising all the evilness they could think of…Anything to disrespect David and possibly Stephanie on Smackdown was going to be done…Suzie and Paul could hardly wait for Tuesday’s Smackdown tapping to witness everything go down.


Chapter 7


Walking into the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California…Suzie was by Paul’s side.  Smackdown was just started to beginning taping as the duo looked for an empty dressing room out of sight.  They’d run their plans by Vince first that would involve both Stephanie and David Bautista.  Vince laughed so hard he couldn’t have said no even if he wanted too.  Any one walking by the boss’s office at Titan Towers would’ve thought Vince was having some kind of fit behind those big double doors.


Once in an empty dressing room with the door locked they changed into their business clothing.  Paul had on a nice navy blue suit with a crisp white dress shirt…he left the top 3 buttons undone for a nice hottie effect, plus his dress shoes.  He looked over when the bathroom door opened and Suzie stepped out in a jean skirt with matched 2 inch heeled knee high boots, and a Navy blue dress shirt on that hugged her chest and mid section so nice Paul was ready to go camping cause he was starting to pitch a tent.


Meanwhile out in the ring, everyone watched as David Bautista demolished his opponent…Suddenly the arena went pitch black as ‘Time To Play The Game’ rang through the speakers and the fans were so loud, Paul and Suzie were nearly blown off the platform.  As they walked to the ring, David watched and couldn’t imagine what the hell Paul was doing at Smackdown…He watched as Paul got in the ring and held the ropes open for the girl he had with him…Which meant one of two things…He respected her and was doing his gentlemanly duty or he was fucking h4er and was doing his boyfriend/fuck buddy duty.


David chuckled once Paul was standing face to face with him and said, “So do you always hold the ropes open for your whores?”


Suzie’s head snapped towards David and her eyes just about cam unglued from her head…Paul said, “Watch your mouth in the presence of a lady.”  David said, “I know a lot of ladies and believe me…She’s no lady.”  Suzie walked over and looked David in the eyes and said, “I’m more of a lady then daddy’s little girl will ever be.”  David looked down when the girl said those words almost hinting that she knew about him and Stephanie. 


David drew his attention back up to Paul when he cleared his throat and said, “Which brings me to my first point…You having fun fuckin my future wife?  Or do whiney voices get you hard now a days?”  David said, “Don’t push it man.”  Paul pushed his head against David’s and said, “Don’t push it?  Man…Fuck you…you son of a bitch!  The whole time you knew I was going to ask her to marry me, you were there right behind my back fuckin her…And I’m supposed to just look the other way like I don’t see it.  You look me in the eyes man…You knew we hadn’t broken up so you can’t stand here and tell me she seduced you or what ever other fuckin excuse.” 


David ran his hand over his head and said, “I’m not denying the fact that I knew you guys were still together and I ain’t denying the fact that what I did was really fucked up…I don’t have an excuse…but the only reason I can come up with is…Angie and I were going through a hell of a divorce and Stephanie was fighting some demons on her own with trying to get over the fact that she couldn’t see you as much when she’d decided to stay on Smackdown and not go back to Raw ever…We just happened to show up at the same bar one night and started drinking and talking about our problems together…we were both lonely and one thing led to another and here we are 2 months later…My divorce is final and she was going to break up with you Sunday before the PPV started but you pulled that disappearing act.”


Paul said, “I pulled that disappearing act because I saw my girlfriend of 3 years bent over a couch for God’s sake being FUCKED by my best friend…who KNEW I was going to ask her to marry me on Valentine’s Day.  But it doesn’t look as through my disappearing act bothered the two of you much.”  David said, “Ah shit man…You saw that?”  Paul said, “Saw it?  Like me not seeing it would make everything all fuckin better?”  David said, “No…I don’t imagine it would.  What I don’t understand is why you’re jumpin my shit, when you’re standing next to a hot piece of ass like her?”


Paul said, “She’s my personal assistant…And I told you once before to watch your mouth in the presence of a lady.”  Out of no where Paul’s fist came flying forward and connected to David’ nose…suddenly it turned into a slugfest.  Punch being thrown and tossed all over the damn place it all blurred together so no one could tell who threw what punch and who it landed on.


A few minutes of this and Stephanie McMahon herself finally walked out to the ring and got in…by then David and Paul had been pushed apart by a few hundred refs.  Stephanie walked over to a badly bleeding David and David looked her in the eyes and said, “He knows Steph…He saw us Sunday…That’s why he disappeared…He knows everything.”  Stephanie immediately had tears come to her eyes…she’d never wanted Paul to find out about them, without telling him they were through first…She turned around and her big blue eyes were stocked full of unshed tears.


Stephanie walked over and stood in front of Paul and he said, “Don’t…Don’t give me those doe eyes of yours Steph…I trusted you…I was gonna ask you to marry me on Valentine’s day…David knew that…he encouraged me to do so…but you both turned around and didn’t give a shit who you hurt as long as both of you weren’t in pain…you didn’t give two shits about anyone else.”  Stephanie said, “Its not true Paul…I never meant for it to happen…but it just did…I fell out of love with you a long time ago…I just didn’t realize it until I woke up one morning wrapped in someone’s arms and realized…it wasn’t you.” 


Paul said, “Oh that’s great…so you get lonely fall out of love with me and instead of just telling me the truth you wait for 2 whole fuckin months and let me find you fuckin another man in your office…That’s a piss poor excuse Stephanie.  You know, had the situation been reversed I would’ve been completely up front with you…I wouldn’t have pulled you along behind me for an extra two months…two months of my life wasted loving someone who stopped loving me, but didn’t have the guts to just call me up and say hey dickhead I don’t love you anymore…but your best friends seems to be able to give me what I need…Piss poor Stephanie…”


David walked over and started to approach Paul while he was berating Stephanie in the ring, but was stopped short when Paul’s foot came out of no where and kicked him in the guy…Paul nodded at Suzie who came over and did the same to Stephanie and together they did a double pedigree…both David and Stephanie were knocked out.


Smackdown ended with the in ring shot of David and Stephanie laying stone still in the middle of the ring as Paul and Suzie disappeared again…


Chapter 8


Paul and Suzie pulled up to Suzie’s house in the taxi and there was Shawn and his wife Rebecca sitting on the porch waiting for them.  As they exited the taxi, Shawn and Rebecca stood and walked towards them.  Suzie gave Shawn a big hug as she shook Rebecca’s hand glad to finally met her as Paul walked over kissing Rebecca’s cheek and shaking Shawn’s hand.


Shawn said, “Imagine my surprise when I got a text message from the Deadman telling me how you and the little lassie here cleaned up Smackdown by walking out and giving Prince Animal and Princess Sourpuss a free face lift…Courteous of a little ole Pedigree.”  Paul said, “I ain’t like either of them didn’t have it coming.”  Suzie crossed her arms in front of her chest nodded once and said, “Yea!”  Shawn pointed at Suzie and said, “Look what you did to the sweetest most innocent girl in the WWE…You’ve got her kicking ass and taking names with your rotten ass.”  Paul scoffed and said, “No one held a gun to her head and made her come.”


Shawn said, “You know Vince will have something to say…He’s gonna fire Suzie for sure and you…you he may string from the top of Titan Towers by your balls!”  Paul smirked and said, “Vince ain’t gonna do shit…Me and Suzie ran our plan of attack by Vince…and of course when we explained why we were attacking the opposite show…He was only more then happy to oblige after he laughed like a damn hyena for a few hours.”  The foursome went in the house to talk further about the weeks activities.



Used to be that I believed in something
Used to be that I believed in love
It's been a long time since I've had that feeling
I could love someone
I could trust someone
I said I'd never let nobody near my heart again darlin'
I said I'd never let nobody in

But if you asked me to
I just might change my mind
And let you in my life forever
If you asked me to
I just might give my heart
And stay here in your arms forever
If you asked me to
If you asked me to


~A few Months Later~


For the last couple of months Suzie watched as Paul went from Stephanie to dating Torrie Wilson…All Suzie could think was ‘GREAT from a Billion Dollar Slut to a Talentless Airhead Whore.’  Suzie knew better….Torrie’s air headedness was nothing more then bad acting unfortunately it was too much like her ability to wrestle…It sucked ass!


Double unfortunate…because Paul ate it up and much like Stephanie the only talent Torrie had was the ability to spread her legs to keep Paul’s attention…Suzie didn’t feel sorry for Paul…She pitied him…She’d warned him before that getting involved with another Diva who worked for the company would be a huge mistake.  Suzie and Shawn both knew Paul could honestly do so much better but didn’t want to waste the time and energy on trying harder when he figured in the end it wouldn’t be worth it…at all.



Somehow ever since I've been around you
Can't go back to being on my own
Can't help feeling darling since I've found you
That I've found my home
That I'm finally home
I said I'd never let nobody get too close to me darling
I said I needed, needed to be free


But if you asked me to
I just might change my mind
And let you in my life forever
If you asked me to
I just might give my heart
And stay here in your arms forever
If you asked me to
If you asked me to



The only problem?  The longer Suzie was around Paul the deeper she started to care for him and then she was suddenly faced with the fact…that’s she’d completely fallen in love with him and all he could see was Torrie!  That was life in a nutshell for Suzie…she would fall in love with losers who either used her for sex or cheated on her with various women or would fall in love with guys who didn’t want to have anything to do with her.  And now all she could do was stand by and watch Paul make the biggest mistake of his life…Because no amount of talking to him from Shawn or Her was getting through his thick skull.



Asked me to,

I will give my world to you baby
I need you now
Ask me to

And I'll do anything

For you baby, for you baby……


If you asked me to
I’ll let you in my life forever

If you asked me to

All you gotta do is ask me to

All you gotta do…All you gotta do

All you gotta do is ask me to

I’ll give you my world

I’ll give you my heart

Everything…Everything baby

Just ask me to

If you asked me to...
I’d change my mind

I’ll change my mind

If you ask me to



Oh how life sucked BAD sometimes.


Chapter 9


Suzie was used to doing things for Paul…She was after all HIS assistant…but sitting in the local Laundromat in Detroit Michigan washing out Queen Airheads dirty panties…needless to say…Suzie was a little miffed.  Sure she dropped Paul’s clothes at the cleaners and would drive his hummer to get it detailed and would even run errands for him here and there…but she never actually did the laundry or the cleaning…


And when it was either Torrie do her laundry or miss a Valentine’s date with Paul…Well obviously it would be the latter right?  Especially when Paul said “Just give it to Suzie and she’ll drop them off at the cleaners.”  Torrie rubbed her fake titties against his chest and giggled then said, “But my delicates are in there.”  Paul stared at the top of Torrie’s cleavage for a good 30 minutes before ripping his eyes practically from her sacks of silicone and looked at Suzie for no longer then 3 seconds and said, “I don’t think Suzie would mind washing your delicates personally.”  As Paul winked at Suzie.


Suzie felt the disgusted look creep across her face yet again as she kept replaying the whole incident in her head and watching as the overly horny couple walked out…Paul with one thing on his mind ‘Pussy – Pussy - Pussy’ and Torrie with no panties on…What a match made in sleaze heaven!


Suzie sat on the washer Indian style with her elbow resting on the coin slot and her chin resting on her hand…she couldn’t honestly keep the disgusted look off her face.  Valentine’s day and naturally she would be the only one without a valentine…She was definitely the only one in the Laundromat washing out another woman’s crusty panties…come to think of it…she was the only one in the damn Laundromat altogether!  She’d already been bored enough to get up and walk on the two rows of washers and then back again and sat down…After an hour, she heard the door to the Laundromat open…A familiar voice said, “Damn…I figured I was the only one dumb enough to do laundry on Valentine’s Day.” 


Suzie looked up and was met by a pair of chocolate brown eyes and a cute smile…As Matt Hardy stood in front of her…Matt said, “You’re Paul’s assistant Suzie right?”  Suzie nodded yes as she held out her hand and Matt took it and shook it and said, “Matt Hardy.”  Suzie said, “I know who you are, but what are you doing here on Valentine’s?”  Matt began to load the washer next to hers and said, “Just between you and me…February 14th is the most over rated day of the year…Every one thinks the Heavens are gonna part and some beautiful hottie…Male or Female…Is supposed to fall into your arms…so you can spend the rest of your life together…”


Suzie made a face and said, “That is some kind of messed up bullshit…Made up by people who have someone for days like these…No one ever takes the reality approach…That a year ago they were living alone, watching chick flick and eating Cheerios out of a Styrofoam cup with a plastic spoon…Bored or lonely…You realize it’s either stay at home or let the rot growing on your clothing eat a hole in your lazy-boy or get up shower the funk off and go out to met the guy in a long line of losers to break your heart down the road.”


John said, “Isn’t that kind of negative or…Maybe cynical?  Suzie scoffed and said, “I used to not think that way…Until I have my son…I went from perfect job, GREAT boyfriend and a condo sitting on the beach front to a single Mother with a screaming baby and a shit hole apartment in downtown Chicago…It wasn’t exactly the Ritz Carlton…Which let’s face it…is less then thrilling for anyone.”


Suzie said, “Don’t get me wrong...out of everything bad that happened to be…My son is still the driving light of my life…I wouldn’t have pushed passed my boyfriends issues with fatherhood and the lack of waiting to be a father….He pretty much enjoyed the whole practicing part…but when it come time to change that first shitty diaper, he was long gone before the diaper hit the bottom of the trash can.”  Suzie sighed and said, “My son may have been an accident or a mistake…but it was the BEST mistake I ever made.  I don’t think I’ll ever love anyone the way I do that little boy.  Eventually I’ll fall in love again and hopefully the guy will love Christopher as much as me, but hopefully he won’t get attached and be heart broken when his dumb mothers relationship doesn’t work out and the guy leaves…again…like always.”


Matt said, “I have to be honest with…1…Out of the two of us…You’re the LAST person I expected to see at a Laundromat on Valentine’s Day and 2…You’re cute when you’re disgusted.”


Suzie felt the blush creep into her cheeks as she rubbed them and tried to hide the blush.  Matt said, “By the way…Who disgusted you?  Suzie said, “The king all mighty.”  Matt chuckled and said, “Oh…Must be Paul…why?  Suzie said, “Her royal highness needed her ‘delicates’ washed…So Paul sent me to the Laundromat to take care of Torrie’s crotch critter infested panties…and the washing there of.”  Matt said, “DAMN…Now that’s COLD!  No wonder you’re so disgusted.”  Suzie just nodded.


The two sat and talked while their loads of laundry finished up and then Matt offered Suzie a ride back to the hotel in his rental car.  Which she graciously accepted.  Once back at the hotel…Matt took Suzie to the hotel restaurant and the two and a nice quiet dinner Un-Valentine’s Day related!


Who knew the green eyed monster of JEALOUSY would be lurking across the restaurant…as INSTENSE hazel eyes watched the couple scrupulously.


Chapter 10


Suzie and Matt had become fast friends over the next few months and Suzie was suddenly faced with an open contract to pick who she wanted to be a personal assistant for…She could go over the list of wrestlers who needed one and pick which ever one she wanted.  She noticed Matt was one the list of wrestlers who desperately needed an assistant.  Vince gave Suzie 2 months exactly to figure out what she wanted to do…Stay with Paul or pick someone else.  The only reason her contract was open all of a sudden was because Paul had torn his quadriceps muscle in his right thigh…The first time he’d done it, it was in his left leg and now it was his right leg.  Suzie could stay with Paul and help him with his therapy off the road for the next 6 to 8 months or she could transfer to another wrestler from the list…Vince let her pick 8 different wrestlers and follow them around for one week each just to see if she meshed well with any of them…She saved Matt for last.  Gotta save the best for last.


Suzie was missing Paul something crazy…even though her and Matt were getting along more and more every day she still craved to be by Paul’s side…And Matt was starting to see the big picture.  Suzie had heard around the backstage area through gossip which traveled faster then the speed of sound in the WWE company…Torrie had publicly humiliated Paul by telling him he was a worthless gimp and couldn’t do anything right and that everything he touched got fucked up because of him.  She had stopped visiting him in Alabama…Which is where he was stuck until he was cleared to move his physical therapy to his home in Nashua, New Hampshire…Meanwhile Torrie had gone overseas to promote a European tour and had cut off all contact with Paul and any of his friends.  The last night Suzie was with Matt, was also the night before she had to sign a contract to be with a specific wrestler…She stood back stage waiting for Matt’s match to come up.


Matt had been watching her all night…He knew there was something on her mind and he could almost bet he knew exactly what or more like who it was.  He watched as she paced back and forth in the gorilla position as she kept staring at her cell phone like she was waiting for him to call her…him…Paul…The lucky son of a bitch who had her full attention 24/7 even when the bastard wasn’t on the road and sidelined with a damn injury.  No one could hold Suzie’s full attention the way Paul could and everyone else was aware of the fact that Suzie couldn’t help but wear her feelings on her face…Paul was the only one oblivious to it…More like deluded….Completely.  Paul was completely deluded to the fact that the most beautiful non-Diva in the WWE company was falling in love with him more and more…except the people he worked with…which was…everybody!  Paul really was an intelligent man, but when it came to women he was plain stupid or just blind.  He’d been with two women from the company who were only with him because of his stage name, his work presence and whatever else they could get out of him materialistically…If he would of just stopped and opened his damn eyes for two seconds and looked at Suzie as more then just a catch and carry all assistant…He’d be seeing a true woman who loved him for…HIM!


Matt walked over and Suzie looked up and as she started brushing the lint off his t-shirt she said, “So are you ready?”  Matt said, “I’m ready…To let you go.”  Suzie looked up and said, “What?”  Matt saw the confusion swimming in her eyes and he said, “You don’t really wanna be here do you?”  Suzie said, “Where should I be?”  Matt gripped her shoulders and said, “Where everyone else and I already know you wanna be…Birmingham Alabama.”  Suzie said, “Why would I wanna be there?”  Matt said, “C’mon Suzie…I knew that first night in the Laundromat…I’ve just been waiting for you to figure it out and do something about it…Well…I’m tired of waiting…You’re officially fired as my assistant.  And all the guys have said the same thing…If you try to sign with any of the guys on the list, they’ll all fire you…Until you at least try to go down there and get Paul to dig his head out of his ass.”


Suzie said, “He made his choice.”  Matt said, “And it was the wrong one…and everyone on both rosters know it…He belongs with you…He just doesn’t know it yet.  If you go down and don’t come back with him…That’s a different story…you won’t be able to beat the guys off with a bat…but if you come back with Paul…Then he will have seen the error of his ways and has come to his senses…If not…His loss.”  Suzie said, “I’m not going…If he wanted me he’d call and say some thing…I dunno carrier pigeon or some thing!”  Matt pulled something out of his back pocket and held his hand out…Suzie looked down and it was a plane ticket.  She slowly took the ticket as she threw her hands around his neck and hugged him…He hugged her back and then handed over his rental keys and a flashlight.  Suzie gave Matt a quizzical look regarding the flashlight…Matt smirked and said, “To help his head find its way out of his ass.”  Suzie couldn’t help but laugh at Matt’s comment.


~2 Hours Later~



Step one you say we need to talk
He walks you say sit down it's just a talk
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
And you begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life



Suzie knocked on Paul’s hotel room door.  Paul hobbled over to the door on his crutches and opened it…surprised to see Suzie standing there.  She said, “We need to talk…Now.”  Paul invited her in and closed the door.  Paul looks a little hesitant.  Paul watches as she starts to pace and listens as she starts talking.  She points out a list of shit she’d warned him about in the beginning but he just didn’t see it until she mentioned it again.  Suzie finally stopped and said, “And you know the one thing that really sucks about all the stupid bullshit you put yourself through…was it could’ve been prevented if you would’ve just listened to me…I’m not always right, but damn it…you’ve got to learn to put some type of faith in to your friends…They can help prevent this special kind of fuckin torture you just love to put yourself through!”



Let him know that you know best
Cause after all you do know best
Try to slip past his defense
Without granting innocence
Lay down a list of what is wrong
The things you've told him all along
And pray to God he hears you
And pray to God he hears you

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life



Suzie said, “I know this is going to come out all fuckin crazy and shit…but I love you…and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t just tell you flat out.  I’ve made a lot of fuckin mistakes in my past…but that’s fuckin life and the way it’s supposed to be lived…but I’m completely in love with you.  And giving you up is not something I see as an option in the near future…So you need to make a choice…Stay on the familiar path of not trying to get a woman you deserve or keep going after those whose only special talent is the speed at which their legs part…At some point in your life Paul you’re gonna have to grow up and eventually make another adult decision…stay with the hoes…or go with your heart…you figure it all out…and lemme know…”



As he begins to raise his voice
You lower yours and grant him one last choice
Drive until you lose the road
Or break with the ones you've followed
He will do one of two things
He will admit to everything
Or he'll say he's just not the same
And you'll begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life
How to save a life…How to save a life



Paul’s voice rose as he said, “You come in here and drop this all in my lap and want a decision about something I had no clue about.”  Suzie’s voice went a little softer as she said, “If you think about it Paul…You’ve known all along…you just couldn’t see past Torrie’s stuffed fun bags…You have to make the decision…I can’t do it for you…Because either way after tonight I’ll either be here with you…or back on the road with another wrestler.  It’s basically all up to you what I choose to do now.”  Paul watched as Suzie stood up and tossed a flashlight at him and said, “That’s from everyone at the WWE.”  Paul said, “What’s it for?”  Suzie said, “They said it’s to help your head find its way out of your ass.”  Paul couldn’t believe it…Suzie had just jumped in with both feet and then threw a flashlight at him to help get his head out of his ass…Paul started laughing…It was the first time he’d truly laughed in months.



Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life
How to save a life
How to save a life



Suzie rolled her eyes and walked to the door and as she was about to leave arms came out of nowhere and grabbed her waist as she was spun around to face Paul…HE said, “I was never dating Torrie…I only made it look like I was to make you jealous…Though I have to admit when I seen you with Matt Hardy on Valentine’s Day…That REALLY fucked me up…”  Suddenly his lips came crashing down on hers…when they finally parted Suzie smiled and said, “What took you so long?”  Paul smiled back and said, “I was waiting for you to jump in.”


The End!