If Walls Could Talk


Chapter 1

Standing in the lobby sipping some water, I was talking with John Cena’s new wife Tyra…she was a knock out…she was just about the same height as me around 5’10” and close to my weight also 125 lbs….she had long brunette hair down to the middle of her back, where as mine went all the way to my rear-end and she had big blue eyes and mine were haunting gray…

She used to be a model for Victoria’s Secret, but when Vince McMahon saw her…he knew she had all the potential in the world to be one of the WWE Diva’s…which after he signed her and turned her into one of the most successful Diva’s to date, he signed me…and al thought she was younger then me she taught me the tricks of the trade…

Of course it did help that I was a Medical Assistant…So when I wasn’t walking guys to the ring…I was trying to patch them up…I did stitches, shots, cuts, a little blood…but if anything had been torn from someone’s body…I wasn’t sewing it back on…and that earned them a trip to a local ER.

My name is Nicole Brenden. I’m 5’10” and 125 lbs…I have Brunette hair with tons and tons of Blonde streaks through out my hair, which goes all the way down to my rear-end and gray eyes.

Tyra said, “Nicole, when are you going to get a boyfriend so you can get married too?” I said, “Please girl…Do I look like the marrying kind?” A deep voice behind me said, “Every beautiful woman is the marrying kind.” I jumped and turned around and came face to chest with Mark Callaway…better known to most as the Undertaker. I said, “Jesus, Mark you scared the shit out of me.”

Mark chuckled a little and said, “I’m sorry darlin’ I didn’t mean too…I need to ask you a favor.” I said, “Ask away big man.” Mark said, “Kane has a cut on his hand…could you possibly come take a look at it…it was bleeding pretty bad…and you know I hate taking him to the ER…they always stare.” I said, “He’s not going to go wild on me is he? I’ve never gotten close enough to even touch Kane let alone help him.”

Mark said, “He’s usually pretty calm unless provoked…he’s harmless.” I said, “Harmless…which is why he choke slammed Trish Stratus last night?” Mark said, “She annoyed him.” I said, “He sprained her back…She’s gonna be out for a few weeks…if not a couple of months.” Mark said, “I know I’m sorry…I couldn’t make it last night…I had something more important to deal with at home.” I said, “Okay…Lead the way chief.”

I followed Mark to the medical room and Kane was sitting in jeans, t-shirt that I could have sworn was 4 sizes to small…and boots…his mask was on and his long ringlet filled hair was hanging in his face. I walked up and touched his hand and he jerked it away from me and growled…I backed up against the counter. Mark said, “Kane…NO! Be nice to her…she’s only trying to help you…you’re hand is bleeding bad…it needs attention. Nicole isn’t going to hurt you.” I said, “I’ll try not to…I promise.”

I walked a little closer and said, “Was it cut on metal?” Kane nodded slowly and watched me carefully…I said, “Okay.” I took his hand and he flinched…I said, “It must hurt awful bad if you’re flinching like that…you should of come to me when it first happened…You’re gonna need stitches and a tetanus shot…I hope you don’t mind needles big guy.” He shook his head no.

I walked over and got stuff and cleaned out the cut…and slowly and carefully put 10 stitches across the palm of his left hand…I couldn’t get over how big his hands were…listening to him breathing was making me breathe heavier…I kept stealing glances at his massive chest watching it rise and fall…he really was as big as Mark…

Mark and Kane were 6’10” 300 – 325 lbs…both nothing but muscle…Mark was covered in tattoos…Kane wasn’t…Mark had Dark Auburn Go-tee and hair to the middle of his back with emerald green eyes…and Kane had brown curly hair and go-tee to the bottom of his shoulder blades…with one Pale blue eye and one Dark hazel eye…

I finished Kane up and put a dressing on his hand…I gave him the tetanus shot…I said, “I need to see him again in 3 days…to check the stitches and what not…” Mark nodded and said, “C’mon bro…Let’s get you back to the hotel.” Kane got up and loomed over me and stared at me with those eyes through the ringlets of hair in his face and it sent shivers down my spine…

I watched the brothers leave and couldn’t help but think… ‘Working here just gets more interesting everyday.’…

Chapter 2

- -3 Days Later- -

I was standing next to the counter in the medical room, reading my book, when I suddenly felt like I wasn’t alone in the room…I could feel someone looming over me…I turned around and jumped back against the counter as I came face to chest with Kane. My hand on my chest, I said, “Jesus Christ Kane…you nearly scared me to death…You know for a big guy you can stealth mode like no one.”

Kane backed up a little…but I could still feel his eyes boring in to me through his ringlets…Kane held up his left hand…I touched it and he growled a little…I said, “Still a little tender huh big guy.” Kane slowly nodded yes. I thought for a minute and said, “You know I can give you a couple of samples of pain pills that I have…they won’t make you sleepy or anything…but they will take the edge off the pain and dull it a little more…”

Kane shook his head no and backed up a little more. I said, “It’s okay…if you don’t want them that’s fine…You don’t have to take them.” I walked over and grabbed the scissors and cut the bandages off…and noticed his hand was starting to heal…I smiled up at him and said, “Look your hand is healing…that’s a good sign…has it been itching any?” Kane nodded yes. I said, “Oh that’s a very good sign…Okay I’m going to clean it, put some more ointment on it and put a new dressing on it…okay?”

Kane nodded yes…The strong but silent type always got to me…No room for argument on the males part…I stood there looking up at him…Kane put a hand on each side of me, blocking me against the counter…and leaned down and in a low menacing voice said, “What…are…you…looking…at?” I reached up and moved his hair out of his face and said, “Your eyes…they’re beautiful.”

Obviously the wrong thing to say…

Kane started a low evil laugh from his stomach and the back of his throat and then let out a roar type of growl and dumped over my rolling tray, and the contents went flying…it’s a good thing I ducked…a needle and syringe came flying at my head and were I had been standing it was now stuck in the cabinet door.

Kane said, “Beautiful…I’m not beautiful…I’ve never been beautiful…I’m a monster and if you try messing with my mind again…you’ll find out just how much of a monster I can really be.” I sat on the floor with my knees in my chest and watched as Kane rolled his shoulders back and stalked out of the room…slamming the door shut as hard as he could…

Mark ran in and said, “Are you okay Nicole?” Mark walked over and squatted down and took my face in his hands and said, “Nicole…are you alright…Did Kane hurt you?” I said, “No…I’m okay…I’m a little shaky…Go ahead and go after him if you need too…I want to see him in a week to remove the stitches.”

Mark could feel the brunette shaking in his hands…Mark nodded and reluctantly he left to follow his brother.

I shook the cobwebs out of my head and as I stood up and started cleaning up the destruction from Kane’s temper, I said, “Yup…Working here just gets more interesting everyday.”…

Chapter 3

- -1 Week Later- -

I was sitting in the medical room again…

When Kane walked in…and threw his hair out of his face…and started walking closer to me…When he was about an arms length away, I put my arm out and my hand on his chest over his heart and said, “Stop right there…You’re not going to intimidate me or bully me around. Go sit on the exam table…I’m gonna take those stitches out of your hand.”

Kane growled…and I said, “Cut it…You don’t scare me anymore…and I refuse to let you.” Kane growled and got closer backing me all the way into the wall and came close to my ear…and said, “Tell me I’m not scaring you right now.” I said, “You’re not.” Kane brought his huge hand up and put it around my next…but not tight or in a hurtful way…his index and middle finger found my pulse and he said, “You’re heart is racing…is it because I’m scaring you…or because I’m this close to you?”

I opened and close my mouth a few times and finally stuttered out… “I…I…I don’t know.” After a few more minutes I said, “Will you please go sit on the exam table?” Kane backed up a little and turned and sat on the table…I said, “Thank you.” Kane sat in silence and just nodded.

I pulled out scissors and tweezers…and walked over and took his hand and cut the bandage off…and then cut the knots off the stitches and slowly pulled them out with the tweezers. When I finished I washed it down and dried it…and said, “There…no pain?” Kane shook his head no…and stood up…I said, “Well…you was a good patient today…I wish you could be this calm all the time.”

Kane said, “I wasn’t calm…I was just sitting like you asked me too.” I said, “Well, for whatever reason…thank you.” I walked over and stood in front of him and took his left hand in mine palm up…and checked it one more time and said, “You’re good as new…and next time something like that happens please…come to me first…don’t wait…”

I leaned my head down and placed a small kiss in the middle of his palm.

Kane stood there and watched the girl kiss his hand…he swore he could feel it burning when his lips touched his skin…as soon as she looked him in the eyes instinctively he yanked his hand out of hers…and ran his hands through his hair…for the first time in his life, he was at a loss for words…he didn’t know what to say to her…and he really didn’t know what to do…

Kane pulled his hand back like he was gonna hit me and then grabbed me by the throat…and held me like that…I couldn’t get his hand off my throat…he wasn’t choking me…but his ridged fingers were digging into the tendons in the side of my neck…and that hurt more…a few tears side down my cheeks…and Kane looked closer. With his index finger…he touched the tears…

Kane realized he was hurting me and let go…he started to walk away, but stopped and came back…he saw where there was red marks on the sides of my neck from his finger…and he leaned over and moved my head to one side and kissed over the red mark and leaned my head to the other side and kissed over the other red mark…and then walked out…

Siren’s jaw was hanging wide open as I told her what happened with the exchange between me and Kane…her boyfriend Brock Lesnar was standing next to her his mouth equally as wide open as Siren’s…No one had ever gotten that close to Kane…No one except Kane’s brother Mark and Mark’s wife Karen…

I said it once…and I’ll say it again…

Working here just gets more interesting everyday…

Chapter 4

A couple of weeks later, it was weird…I hadn’t seen or heard from Kane since I had pulled his stitches…Then I was sitting in the back watched Monday Night Raw on the monitor one night…Kane came out and shot the fire out of the ring posts…Big Show came out starting his same old shit…It was actually scripted shit giving…

Anyways…I was supposed to come out and try to stop Kane from hurting Big Show…Kane was to push me aside and go after Big Show.

So in black leather shorts, with 2½ inch heeled knee-high black leather boots…a white cotton tank top that said ‘Naughty Angel’ across the front in black lettering…and my hair down and curly…I walked out and the fans were going completely crazy…I started walking down to the ring…

JR said, ‘What is that young lady doing out here…is she completely insane…where does she think she’s going?” King said, “It’s Nikki…She’s a hot Diva…she couldn’t possible be going into the ring with those 2 monsters…could she? Oh My GOD Nikki, don’t do it…there’s no telling what those 2 may do to her.”

I got in the ring and Kane watched as I stood with my back to Big Show, facing Kane…I could hear Kane growl a few times…which meant he was losing his patients with Big Show and the in ring segment.

Kane put his head down to throw his hair out of his face and Big Show shoved me towards Kane and I bumped into him…he couldn’t see me because of his hair and he grabbed a hold of me…and had his huge hand wrapped around my throat before I could react…I couldn’t say anything cause he gripped me tight. Kane lifted me into the air like I was nothing and choke slammed me down onto the mat so hard I was knocked unconscious.

Kane looked up and saw Big Show backing away from the ring up the ramp keeps his eyes locked on Kane…Kane looked down and saw the young woman who’d helped him with his hand…he felt immense guilt for hurting someone who wasn’t supposed to get hurt…

Kane knelt down next to the woman, and with his fingerless glove covered hand touched her face…her skin was so soft…he noted that her chest was rising and falling which meant she was still breathing…but the best thing for him to do would to take her to the back so she could get medical treatment.

Kane slide out of the ring…as the referees started running down to the ring to check on the girl…Kane shoved, kicked and knocked the referees out of the way so he could take the girl to the back…Kane pulled the girl over and picked her up gently and took carried her to the back…his brother Mark was waiting for him with the EMT’s and a stretcher…

Kane laid her down and looked at Mark and said, “I didn’t mean to hurt her.” Mark patted Kane’s back and said, “I know little brother…I know…just go shower and let the EMT’s handle it…they will take good care of her.” Kane looked over and the girl again and slowly turned and walked away with his head hung low…

A couple of hours later, My eyes fluttered open…and I looked around the dark room…I moved my hand and noticed I had a IV in my hand…and I was laying in a hospital bed…I looked over and noticed someone sitting in the dark…in a crotched down kind of position…it was too dark to see who it was…but they were there in the corner…

I couldn’t imagine who’d want to sit in a nasty sterilized smelling hospital room…I sat up…and the figure suddenly started to move…he stood up and came into the light…I’d recognize those curly ringlets anywhere…

Chapter 5

I squinted my eyes as the figure got closer to the bed and as I finally got my voice to work in a raspy voice I said, “Kane is that you?” He got closer and put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to lay back down in bed…I did as he wanted me too…

In a low deep whispered voice he said, “You shouldn’t be sitting up yet…stay laying down.” As Kane pulled the covers back over me to keep me tucked in…I pulled my arm out and grabbed his hand…he threw his hair back and out of his face and looked into my eyes…I felt like he was looking into my soul…In my raspy voice, I said, “Stay with me please…I hate hospitals.” Kane nodded and sat in the chair next to my bed. I turned over onto my side so I could watch him…

Kane saw the woman shiver and he leaned over and grabbed his jacket off the floor and placed it over her shoulders that were already covered by the blanket…She wouldn’t let go of his hand…so he just let her hold it…He watched as she curled both of her small hands around his big hand and keep it close to her…like a security blanket…and then watched as she drifted off to a peaceful slumber…

Early the next morning, Mark and Karen walked into the hospital looking for Kane…they figured since he had left the arena the night before and not returned to the hotel…that he was where ever Nicole was…They asked what room Nicole was in and walked down to the room…and looked through the window and saw Kane sleeping in the chair next to Nicole’s bed, they quietly walked into the room…and over and saw Kane’s hand being held by Nicole’s two small hands…

Karen touched Mark’s arm and whispered, “Look. He’s letting her hold his hand.” Mark shook his head and had to do a double take…he couldn’t believe it…Kane was letting someone other then himself or Karen touch him in a loving way. Mark just stood there and watched the two sleep quietly…Mark noticed Nicole was starting to stir…so they backed up a little as to not scare her…

As soon as Kane felt Nicole’s hands move around his…his eyes shot open and jumped to his feet to make sure she was okay…then noticed Mark and Karen standing in the room…and growled a little. Mark pushed Karen behind him and put his hands up in defense and said, “Kane…we aren’t going to hurt her…we were worried when you didn’t come back to the hotel…you can’t just take off like that without telling someone…we nearly sent out a search party.”

Kane didn’t even notice that one of Nicole’s hands had left his…until he felt a warm tingling on his forearm and his head snapped around and saw Nicole staring back at him…

I touched his forearm and when he snapped around to look at me, I said, “I’m alright…They wouldn’t hurt me big man.” Kane’s free hand touched the hand I had on his forearm…and he nodded. Kane sat back down as Karen came over and was talking to me…Mark walked over when he saw the doctor come in the room…Mark put his hand on Kane’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go for a walk little brother…the doctor is gonna need to examine Nicole to see if he can release her.”

Mark could feel the muscles tense in Kane’s shoulder and watched as they tensed all the way down his arm to his hand with clenched into a fist. Karen walked over and said, “Kane, do you trust me?” Kane looked at his tiny sister in law and slowly nodded yes…she said, “I’ll stay here with Nicole…I promise I won’t let the doctor do anything to hurt her. Go with Mark…please.”

I reached over and touched his hand and said, “For me…please.” Kane nodded and stood up to his full 6’10” height…He rolled his shoulders…I heard every bone crack…and knew if he wanted to he could crush the doctor into a fine powder…and literally blow him away…He stepped closer to the bed where I had sat up…and placed a small kiss on my forehead and whispered in my ear, “I’ll be right back.” I smiled and said, “Okay.”

I walked as Kane threw a grunt at the doctor as he pasted him out the door with Mark who closed the door…the doctor was ready to piss his pants…The doctor checked me all out and said my spine would be bruised a little but no major damage had been inflicted. Then signed the release papers…and the nurses handed me my clothes…I got dressed and by the time the guys got back the nurse was pushing me down the hallway in a wheelchair…

Kane walked up and growled at the nurse who stopped dead in her tracks…and backed up from the wheel chair a few feet…and watched and the massive man picked me up, cradling me against his chest, he carried me out of the hospital Mark and Karen hot on his heels…Kane carried me to Mark’s rental Ford Explorer and set me inside and took off to the next town.

Chapter 6

A few weeks later, and I was back to my normal self…Kane and I would talk a little more everyday…Kane was trying really hard to not be such a monster or be scary around me…Mark figured it was because Kane had never had someone who cared for him so much…at least not like their parents and not like Mark and Karen…

Mark knew Nicole was different…She didn’t scare easily from Kane…if he was having a bad day she would try to help him as much as possible without getting in his way or making him made…she knew if he growled at her to just walk away…Kane would always come find her a couple of hours later…and make it up to her somehow…

So things weren’t exactly picture perfect…there were a lot of battles to be won…but Kane was taking to Nicole and fast…Mark could always hear them talking up a storm when he passed by the medical room…but if someone walked in Kane would be quiet and sit and wait for Nicole to help them…and then as soon as the person left…they would start talking again.

One Night…Kane was to get hit in the head with a chair…and while he was in the ring…he’d forgotten to put his hand up to block it…and it connected…I took off out to the ring…and slid in…he was completely out…I helped move him around and get him loaded onto a stretcher and then rode with him to the hospital…

Half way to the hospital…he woke up fully…he started pulling tubes out and yanked out his IV…and he felt the male EMT trying to take his mask off and started freaking out even more…I grabbed his hands and said, “Kane…no stop…I won’t let him take it off I promise…” The EMT was bitching and said, “We have to get it off incase his skull has been busted open.” I said, “Unless you want to be removing pieces of my boot from your ass for the rest of your natural born life…I suggest you leave that mask alone…and if you think I’m kidding…then try me…I dare ya.” The EMT raised his hands in defeat and backed away.

Kane was growling and grunting trying to get out of the restraints they put him in…and I touched Kane’s chest and said, “Kane, you trust me right?” Kane stopped all movement and stared at me as I brushed his hair out of his face…

Kane felt her hands on him…she was gently rubbing his chest and speaking soft calming words…he took in what she asked…

Did he trust her?

Could he trust her with his life?

Kane finally saw it in her eyes…she was sweet caring and gentle…and was always…ALWAYS nice to him…Kane nodded yes…and Nicole said, “Then calm down…I’m not going to let him remove the mask…I promise…”

I looked down and noticed his hand was straining against the restraints…and I leaned over and took the restraints off both hands and arms…His hand went over and touched my cheek and I smiled…I put my hand over his and turned my face into the palm of his hand and kissed it.

It turns out that Kane just had a mild concussion…it wasn’t even too severe…

Chapter 7

A few months later, and I found out it was Kane’s birthday…I talked to Mark exclusively about everything I wanted to do…Mark had his doubts about what was gonna happen…but then again…in the years that Mark had known Kane…he’d never warmed up to any one but me…

By now Kane was a touchy feely person when it came to me…He knew every time he touched me I would shy away from him or spook…Kane was also very fond of kissing…he had watched Mark and Karen kissing so much…he asked me to show him how to kiss…I have to say…Now when he kisses me…he takes my breath away…

I started setting things up a week in advanced for Kane’s birthday…I knew everything to do…

I rented out a restaurant for about 3 hours after Raw one night…in the town that we would be in that night…I walked into the arena with a gray skirt on that came to just below mid-thigh, and gray 2½ inch, heeled, knee-high boots…with a white cotton tank top and matching cardigan over it…and left my hair down and curled inward towards my face.

I walked up to Kane and he let out a small groan…and I grabbed the go-tee growing under his mask and pulled him down and planted a kiss on his lips and said, “Happy Birthday…You ready to go?” Kane just stifled another groan and grunted out, “Match.” I said, “Nope…not tonight sir…You’re off for the whole night…so go get into some street clothes and lets go…you’re coming with me.” Kane shrugged his shoulders and went back to his dressing room and changed into his t-shirt, jeans and boots. Kane took my hand and we walked out…

When we got into my rental, which was a Chevy Blazer…and I turned to Kane and said, “Do you trust me?” Kane nodded slowly…I pulled out a black bandana…and put it around his eyes and tied it…

I said, “Put your belt on…and leave the blindfold on…please.” Kane said, “Okay.” I took off for the restaurant…and when we got there I walked Kane in and pulled the blind fold off…the entire room was decorated with white Christmas lights…

We sat down and ordered and started eating…Kane said, “I can’t believe you did all of this for me.” I smiled and said, “Well…I had some help…Mark told me this was one of your favorite places to eat…but that you didn’t get to come here too often cause of the whole mask issue…So I figured it’s your birthday you deserve it.”

Kane leaned over and kissed my lips so softly…

We finished up dinner and went for a walk…hand in hand…just walking having a nice time talking…then we drove back to the hotel…on the elevator ride up…I said, “Wanna come to my room and talk for a little longer?” Kane nodded and said, “Yes.” We walked down to my hotel room and walked in…I said, “Do you mind if I change…this is getting on my nerves.”

Kane shook his head no…at Nicole’s request to change…and watched as she disappeared into the bed room.

Chapter 8

Kane watched as Nicole re-emerged from the bedroom in a Black lace tank top and shorts set that fit her like a second skin…He was happy to see she’d left her hair down…he loved her hair…it was always so smooth and silky…He watched as she walked over and sat between his legs on the floor and rested her head on his knee…Kane would reach out and stroke her hair about every couple of minutes…

I looked up at Kane and said, “Would you be more comfortable on the bed…it’s softer and you’ll be able to relax more.” Kane nodded so, I stood up and said, “C’mon.” And held my hand out to him…Kane took my hand and stood up and loomed over me for a minute…he was looking down into my eyes…and just touched my cheek with his soft finger tips…

I smiled and kissed his hand and then took it in mine and pulled him behind me…We walked into the bedroom and Kane stretched out on the bed on his back, while I grabbed the remote, switched the TV on and shut the light off and crawled in next to him…

Kane watched as Nicole slid onto the bed next to him and rested her head against his chest…He automatically could feel his heart start racing…he’d been with a woman before but it was a hooker…when Mark was younger and stupider…he was trying to get Kane used to being around women…and got him a hooker…he hated it cause there was no feelings involved with it…it was just sex…as a result…he hadn’t been with a woman since…

Having Nicole’s hair fanned out all over their two bodies…and smelling her shampoo and perfume…Kane’s body started to react to it…Kane knew how to satisfy a woman…he was a reader…he loved to read books…if he needed information on something he’d read a book on it…so when it came to sex and what not Kane was educated…maybe not experienced but he was well over educated.

Kane felt Nicole rubbing his 6-pak stomach and his chest…Like always Nicole untucked the front of his shirt…and ran his soft touching hand up the front of his shirt…

I could feel his muscles clenching under my touch like always…I never could tell if he liked it or if it bothered him…until I hear him let out a slight groan…I jumped up and pulled my hand away…and said, “Oh my god, I didn’t hurt you did I?”

Kane sat up and cupped my face in his hands and pulled me over to him and kissed me so passionately…I nearly forgot to breathe…I didn’t even realize I was holding my breath until he pulled away and said, “No.”

Kane grabbed both my hands and put them on his stomach under his t-shirt…and cupped my face again and kissed the daylights right out of me…as he laid back down he pulled me half onto his body…I could feel his erection pressing into my thigh…and I nearly creamed my shorts…

Kane turned over onto his side…and pulled me up closer to him…as I wrapped my arms around his neck…Kane’s hand slid back and cupped my bottom and then slid down and grabbed my knee and pulled my left leg up and over his…all the while we were still kissing, touching, tasting, feeling…

Chapter 9

**Straight SMUT! Nothing but the best for y’all…**

Kane’s hand slid up the back of my thigh and under my shorts…feeling his warm skin touching me was making my body respond…I felt like my whole body was on fire…I was thoroughly enjoying his ministrations…Kane’s lips left mine as he started kissing down my neck…as his hands came up and slowly touched my breasts through my shirt…I pushed Kane over and he slowly guided my hips up and over him…and watched as I slowly sat straddling his pelvis…

I pulled my top off…and Kane just looked at my breasts…like he was scared to touch them…I took both of his hands…and said, “Don’t be scared to touch me…I love it when you touch me.” And placed his hands on my bare breasts…Kane started to slowly rub them and then he slightly pinched my nipples he didn’t want to hurt me…

Kane sat up and took one of Nicole’s nipples in his mouth as he sucked on it with a fevered pitch…he enjoyed listening to the moans that he was making her produce…he kissed across her chest and took her other nipple in his mouth…He left his hands slid down her body as he cupped her bottom again only this time…he rolled over until he was kneeling between her beautiful thighs…and reach up and pulled her panties off…He could smell her arousal and pretty sure she could feel his…Kane rolled back over to have her sitting straddled on him again…Kane slowly slid two fingers into her soaking wet center…and felt her whole body moan against his…She was kissing his neck, when she pulled back and pulled his t-shirt off.

Kane let Nicole push him back to lay down again…as she started to slowly trail warm moist kisses down his chest…his fingers slowly slipped from her center…Nicole watched him as he licked her juices from his fingers like he was eating a popsicle. Kane watched as Nicole continued down his chest flicking both his nipples with her wet tongue…and then kissing down his 6pak stomach…Kane looked down and watched her unbutton his jeans with her teeth and then clamped her teeth around his zipper and pull his zipper down…

I crawled backwards to the end of the bed…and discarded his boots, socks and pulled his jeans off…Kane reached down and pulled his boxer-brief off that was practically a second skin to him…I started crawling back up his body…I got to his cock that was standing absolutely straight up…I couldn’t help but since it was in my face…I guess you could say I French kissed it…

I automatically felt Kane do a full body shiver…He reached down and grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up to him…and kissed me so deep and passionately. Kane finally released my lips from his, as he lifted my body and slid me down on top of him as his fully erect cock slid into me…I let out a ½ moan-½ sigh and slowly started rocking back and forth on him.

Kane laid back and was running his soft finger tips all over my neck, breasts…and running his thumb across my lips…I sucked him thumb into my mouth and was sucking on his thumb while running circles around it…I could feel Kane get instantly harder and larger inside me…I knew all the ways to make him insanely horny…Kane groaned again, “Oh god baby…you feel so good bouncing on my cock…with that sweet pussy of yours…”

I had my hands on his 6-pack stomach and I was watching his muscles move, ripple and flex…I leaned over and my hair slid over my shoulders and brushed against this pecks and nipples…his nipples became instantly hard…I leaned down and bit his bottom lip and then slowly let my tongue snake out and across his lips…and then slowly into his mouth…his hands slid down and grabbed my ass forcefully as he was pushing and pulling the lower half of my body to go faster…

I sat back up and leaned back putting my hands on his thighs…I could feel how tense his thigh muscles were…Kane sat up and was leaning over and kissing my breasts and nipples…as I was still moving on top of him…I moaned, “Oh God baby…you feel so good deep inside of me…” Kane grunted a couple of times as he was licking and kissing on my neck.

Kane gripped my hips and flipped me over onto my back and laid on top of me…and really pushed the back of my thighs up to thrust into me as deep as he could…I had a hold of his wrists for leverage again…he could feel my walls starting to react…and knew my orgasm was building…it was going to be intense…Kane leaned down and kissed my lips

He gripped my thighs harder and really started thrusting deeper as deep as he could possibly get…and finally I started with a moan and ended screaming out his name as my orgasm tore through the inside of my body…as soon as Kane felt me go over the edge…and felt my center milking his cock…his orgasm was right behind mine…and I felt him explode so deep inside I thought he’d never stop cumming…

We laid in bed and we were just both so spent…we fell asleep in each others arms…

Chapter 10

A few weeks later, Paul Levesque (Triple H) and a couple of the writers in the back, decided they were going to have this brilliant beyond brilliant idea and make Kane do a Mask versus title match…Mark had been out with an injury so Kane didn’t read the fine print before he signed the contract…that said he was going to lose the match therefore losing the mask…

Kane was beyond furious when it came time for the Monday Night Raw…and his script was delivered…Mark couldn’t do anything still because we were on the road and Mark was stuck at home…Just to make Kane a ‘team player’ they shaved half of his head and cut the rest of his hair off…and made him wear a wig to the ring…I cried the whole time they were cutting his hair…

Kane was getting this far off distant look in his eyes…he was so unbelievably pissed…it wasn’t even funny…I knew the WWE was about to unleash a hell they didn’t have the resources to ever stop. Mark possibly could have, if he had been there…but it was too late now.

I tried to go see Kane before his match but he just gripped my arm pretty hard and pushed me out the door and locked it so I couldn’t get back in…I sat by a monitor in the back…by the back curtain, so when Kane came through the curtain the first face he would see would be me…but it didn’t work…when he took the mask off he was fine…he had two small one inch scars on him…one on his forehead and one on his chin…


Can you keep a secret?


These walls…keep a secret
That only…we know
But how long…can they keep it
Cause we're two lovers…who lose control

We're two shadows…Chasing rainbows
Behind closed windows…Behind closed doors

But he was still my Kane.

But then again…he wasn’t.

Kane looked at me and didn’t say a word and just headed to his dressing room…and it was like that for the next 3 weeks…By then Kane had shaved his head completely bald and Mark had finally came back from his injury and I cornered Kane one night as he was leaving the building with a black towel over his head.

I said, “So that’s it…you lose your mask and wanna discard me like a piece of trash you don’t even know?” Kane said, “You don’t wanna be with me…You know I’m a freak…you wanna see what I look like…You don’t care about me…I know how you really feel…” I said, “Well shit…If I would have known I was dating a psychic…I would of asked you too look into the future and tell me about the big beautiful man I fell for…”


If walls could talk
Ooh...they would say I want you more
They would…say
Hey...never felt like this before
And that you'll always be…the one for me

Kane said, “Don’t push it Nicole…You didn’t fall for me…you never cared about me.” I said, “See that’s where you’re wrong…I do care about you…I never stopped caring about you…I could give a shit less about what you look like without that stupid mask…That mask doesn’t make you who you are…you do…if you wanna stomp around the arena and act like a bully because someone jerk off like Paul Levesque played a trick on you…then take it out on him and everyone else who was involved and every one else who laughs at you…but don’t take it out on someone who legitimately cares about you…cares for you…Mark and Karen aren’t the only people in your life who care about you…I do to.”

Kane said, “Save it for someone who’s a little dumber then me…I know you don’t care.”

I said, “I’ve seen you…the real you…The real you who made love to me that night and every night after that up until 3 weeks ago…the real you who was so gentle cause you didn’t want to hurt me…The same person who stayed by my side in the hospital cause you accidentally choke slammed me…and growled at your own brother and sister in law and the damn doctor cause you didn’t want them near me so they couldn’t hurt me…Don’t you get it…I couldn’t stop caring about you right now, even if you choke slammed me…and killed me…”

Kane started to walk away when I said, “Kane…I love you…You’ve come to mean so much to me in the last few months…I don’t wanna spend another second of my life without you in it…” Kane said, “Bullshit.”


Two people…making memories
Just too good…to tell
And these arms…are never empty
When we're lying…where we fell

We're painting pictures…Making magic
Taking chances…Making love

By now I had tears sliding down my cheeks…and walked up to him, he turned and faced me and I put my hands on his chest and shoved him as hard as I could and said, “I love you…why can’t you just except it…” I shoved him again and said, “Why…because you think I’m one of them…well I’m not.” I shoved him again…and said, “I can’t believe you…I love you god damn it…get it through your thick beautiful bald head I fucking love you.”

Mark stood and watched as Nicole shoved Kane around the parking garage…she really did love him…but Kane was so dead set that every one and anyone who worked for the company had it in for him…except Mark and Karen…and no matter amount of trying Mark couldn’t get Kane to understand that Nicole wasn’t behind anyone buy him…Mark knew how much Kane meant to Nicole…


If walls could talk…
Ooh…they would say I want you more
They would…say
Hey...never felt like this before
And that you'll always be…the one for me

If walls had eyes
Mine...they would see the love in sight
They would…see
Me...in your arms in ecstasy
And with every move they'd know…I love you so

Ooh – oh…I love you so…Oh - oh


I said, “Kane we really need to talk…I have to tell you something privately…that I think you should know…” Kane said, “Tell Mark…he’ll tell me eventually…” I watched as Kane walked away with Mark…I put my hand on my lower stomach and looked down and said, “Well…I guess it’s just gonna be you and me know sweetie…bare with me…I’m new at this whole mother to be thing.”


When I'm feeling weak…You give me wings
When the fire has no heat…You light it up again
When I hear no violins…You play my every string
So stop the press…Hold the news
The secrets safe between me and you
Walls…Can you keep a secret?

I left the parking garage in my rental car…the rain was pouring down…I couldn’t have made it stop even if I was God…I went to make a right hand turn to the hotel and I felt the back wheels slip cause of the wet asphalt…I over correcting it and slid across 3 lanes of traffic and slammed into a semi…I hit my head on the steering wheel…

The semi driver got out as I rolled my window down he said, “I called the ambulance…they should be here in a few minutes…are you okay?” I said, “Yea…just a bump on the head.” The guy leaned in the window and pulled the lever on my seat and sat me back…I could hear metal twisting and creaking…a few people started screaming…and seeing the roof of the car cave in on me…I tried to stop it but it was no use…I felt the blackness slip in as the life slipped out…


- -2 Hours Later- -

**10 p.m. News**

Sad news tonight for World Wrestling Entertainment and WWE fans all over the world…Nicole Brenden the 25 year old Diva was tragically killed in a car accident on her way to the Hilton Hotel in New York City from Madison Square Garden…It had been raining all night and the roads were slick…Bystanders who saw Miss. Brenden crash say, she took a curve too fast and slid into a semi hauling new cars to a nearby dealer, a car came unlatched from the top of the trailer and came crashing down on the car crushing the young lady to death…Autopsy showed Ms. Brenden was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and was also 8 weeks pregnant…As of late, Ms. Brenden had been noted to be dating another WWE superstar Kane…reports say Kane and the WWE hasn’t made a statement about the tragic loss.


If walls could talk
Ooh...they would say I want you more
They would…say
Hey...never felt like this before
That you'll always be…the one for me

If walls had eyes
Mine...they would see the love in sight
They would…see
Me...in your arms in ecstasy
And with every move they'd know…I love you so

I love you so


- -1 Week Later- -

**10 p.m. News**

It’s like a tale right out of Romeo and Juliet…Another tragic loss for World Wrestling Entertainment…it was one week ago the company lost Nicole Brenden…Tonight at the Merritt Hotel in San Jose, California…Kane Callaway was found dead in his hotel…His older brother Mark Callaway, also known as the Undertaker, called police when his little brother didn’t show up for the show at the arena and wasn’t answering his cell phone…Upon the cops entering the hotel room they discovered Mr. Callaway had hung himself from the back of his bathroom door…Mr. Callaway’s brother and the WWE have all yet to make statements about another tragic loss of life.



Oooh I love you so baby
Oooh baby
Love you - love you - love you – Love you so honey
Love you - love you - love you so

In your arms in ecstasy
If they could only see you and me baby
Just you and me baby

Oooh baby

The End.