I Wanna Be Bad



Chapter 1


Did you ever want to be professional and no matter how much you tried you couldn’t? 


My name is Jacqueline Lesnar…I’m 5’9” and 130lbs…I have gray eyes a brownish-blonde hair about 3 inches past my waist…I’m 22…Most people just call me Jackie.


I’ve been wrestling for the last 2 years for the WWE / World Wrestling Entertainment…Vince McMahon had seen me boxing at the gym in Connecticut that he often frequented…when he saw the way I moved and how strong I was for as small as I was…he asked if I’d like to try wrestling…I said sure…why not…


My ring name is Jakita…


It wasn’t long before I was wrestling the women of the WWE…I was on the Raw brand extension for the longest time…had just recently won the WWE Women’s Champion belt…and then like most scripts…they had me jump ship to Smackdown…I didn’t mind it…but I also took the belt with me. 


Everyone was really nice when I got to Smackdown…Stephanie, Vince’s daughter was the General Manager...She was super sweet and made me feel so special…I meet her in her office the first night…We sat and talked for a few minutes and she said, “Tonight is going to be pretty exciting for the fans…they are so used to you being on Raw…we’ve had so many e-mails on bringing your character to Smackdown…so my dad finally decided you should come on over.”


I smiled and said, “I know…this is going to be great…I know you guys have a much different schedule…I think it’s going to be fun and yet interesting at the same time.”  Steph said, “Plus…With you being here…Mark Callaway is coming back too…Did you ever get to meet him?”  I said, “Nope…I was regaled with tons of locker room stories from the guys from Raw…he had left for Smackdown, before I started wrestling…Glenn seemed to know him the best…considering they were each others best man at their weddings…But Glenn said Mark got divorced after only being together for 3 months.”


Steph said, “Yea…that’s why he’s been gone…trying to finalize the divorce from Sara, plus he had elbow surgery…plus Edge is coming back tonight also…Have you gone down and seen your brother since you got here tonight?”  I said, “Actually no…I should probably go down and say hi at least.”  Steph said, “I’ll come with you…I have to pass out scripts tonight…” 


So we walked down the hallway and Steph pointed out Brocks dressing room…I walked over and knocked…a familiar voice said, “COME.”  I laughed and walked in with Steph behind me…it where he was the WWE Smackdown World Champion my older brother Brock Lesner…all 6’4” and 295 lbs of him…he was taping his wrists and had been talking to a few other guys when he looked up and said, “Holy Shit Jackie…what are you doing here?”


I smiled and said, “Well…it seems the fans would rather see me on Smackdown than Raw…so here I am.”  Brock ran over and practically tackled me to the ground…When we finally stood up he picked me up and was swinging me around in circles…he put me down and I was laughing so hard…Matt Hardy came over and said, “Hey pinky.”  I said, “You remember that?”  I gave him a hug and he said, “How could I forget it was the first time a girl kissed me…”


Brock cocked one eyebrow up and said, “You kissed Matt?”  I said, “We were at OVW together…they started in the company same time as me…We were board…We were playing truth or dare…and Jeff dared me to kiss Matt…Mattie didn’t think I would do it…I walked over grabbed his head and crushed his lips against mine.”  Matt laughed and said, “Yea…I thought my lips were going to fall off…”  I smiled and said, “Anyways…the next day…he gave me a pinky ring…and the nick name just sort of stuck…”  We all sat down to talk.


Chapter 2


A couple of hours later…Brock stood up and said, “I have to go meet the Deadman in the ring…we have a match tonight…he’s getting brutal in the ring.”  I said, “Brock…don’t be such a pussy…”  Brock laughed a little and said, “You wanna come down and watch while we go over our match?”  I said, “Sure…for a fee.”  Brock turned around and said, “Hop on…”  I jumped on his back and he held onto me and said, “How do I get suckered into these things?”  I said, “You didn’t get suckered…you like doing it…”


As Brock walked out with Steph and Matt he said, “Yea, Yea, Yea…I got suckered…I don’t see Matt having to carry around Stephanie?”  Matt walked over and scooped up Stephanie and she started laughing…I said, “Look  again genius…besides you know you like it…I’m your baby sister.”  Brock said, “You’re my only sister…and if such wasn’t the case…I’d a dropped you 2 minutes ago.”  I said, “By the way Stephanie you’re fiancé is a real pain.”  Steph smiled and said, “I know…Paul (Triple H) can be such a pain in the ass some times…but he’s worth it.”


Brock and Matt walked down to ring with us…and for the very first time since joining the WWE…I thought I could feel myself blush…Mark Callaway, The Undertaker was in the ring…I had watched him since I was a young girl…and I loved watching his character go through all the changes…But as with every one new I met I automatically put up a wall…I had BIG trust issues, especially towards guys…Brock knew it too…I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and held on…Brock knew by my body language I was getting pretty tense.


Brock patted my hands and said, “Jackie…it’s okay…”  I just nodded…and Brock squatted down so I could get off his back.  Mark was magnificent…he was any where between 6’10” to damn near 7 foot…probably around 300-325 lbs, all muscle…his body was amazing…he had tattoos all over…he was completely covered from Shoulder to wrist on both arms, plus a BSK Pride one across his 6-pac…plus something that looked like the grim reaper on the back of his neck…he had emerald green eyes, and dark auburn hair to the middle of his back…but had it pulled back and in a tight braid…


I scrunched up my nose making a face…he didn’t look good with his hair braided…Stephanie saw me and giggled a little as Matt put her down…she walked over and said, “What was that face for Jackie?”  I started laughing and said, “Oh…damn, I did that where people could see it?”  Steph couldn’t help it…she started laughing too…Steph said, “Yea, afraid so…”  I said, “Shit…I thought I was mentally making that face.”  Steph pulled her hair out of her face and said, “Uh, Nope…you’ve done been busted.” 


I stomped my foot on the ground and said, “Shit…I haven’t even been here one day and I’ve already been busted for making a face…”  Brock said, “You have got to watch out for her Steph…she’ll make a face and not even realize she’s doing it…”  I smiled and said, “Glenn and Jeff used to bust me on it every time…For the longest time I was making faces during my matches and I didn’t understand what they were talking about until they showed me…Now I just make faces off camera.”


Steph said, “So why did you make that face just now?”  I said, “My thinking just got away from me…” 


Chapter 3


Mark slid between the ropes and hopped off the apron…he saw the brunette standing next to Stephanie and her laughter filled the arena…He had seen her getting carried around by Brock and was wondering what was up with that…he walked over and said, “Hey Princess…whose the new girl?”  Stephanie laughed at Mark’s pet name for her and said, “Her name is Jackie…Dad figured she’d be good over here since the fans wanted to see her on Smackdown instead of Raw…”


Mark said, “I was on Raw for a year…I don’t remember you…”  I said, “No, I moved over from OVW about 2 weeks after you split to Smackdown.”  Mark said, “Amateur?”  Stephanie said, “Not likely…She’s pro at everything…”  Mark raised his eyebrows and eyed me up and down and the evilest grin crossed his face and he said, “Really?  What’s everything?”  Brock said, “Watch it Deadman…that’s my little sister you’re eyeing there.”


Mark was floored and said, “What?  You have a little sister who’s a wrestler?”  I said, “Don’t mind Brock, he always goes into protective mode when he’s around me…and I had a life before becoming a wrestler…Vince just happened to see me at a local gym he frequented in Connecticut…By the way big bro…chill out…you keep forgetting what I used to do for a living.”  Brock’s head snapped towards me and said, “Oh yea huh?  I keep forgetting…I’ve gotten so used to you being in a ring your whole life…you just went from one sport to the other.”


Mark said, “Oh really…and what exactly did you do before becoming a pro-wrestler?”  I said, “I was a professional boxer.”  Mark perked up and said, “Boxer…You?”  I nodded and said, “Since I was 17…when I was like 19½…Vince saw me in the gym and came over and gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse…so I trained and learned everything I needed to know for 6 months…2 weeks after you left Raw…I debuted.”  Stephanie said, “But the company has been getting a shit load of e-mails from fans saying they’d rather see Jackie on Smackdown…so Dad made his decision…and she came over here…”  Brock said, “And…Just like her big brother…brought over the Women’s championship belt with her.”


Mark said, “Jesus…everyone in the family has a belt.”


I smiled and said, “Well…No Not everyone…but we’re enough…”  Brock threw his arm around my shoulder and said, “Nice Sis…That was a little arrogant…”  I said, “Could be…I didn’t get the right to win a belt on just my looks alone.”  Steph said, “You know she has a point…She’s a damn good wrestler…but then again…she’s a damn good boxer too.”  I smiled and said, “Thank you very much…”  Stephanie said, “Speaking of being good…I have to go have a talk with the new Cosmetics girl…she’s supposed to be one of the best make up girls in the business…Jackie Feel like coming to meet her?”


I shrugged and said, “Sure.”  Brock gave me a hug and Mark said, “I’ll see you around Jackie.”  I smiled and said, “You better believe it.”  And I walked away with Stephanie. 


After we met the new Make-up girl Heidi…we were walking in the back, Steph said, “I think you just caught the eye of a certain American Bad Ass…”  I said, “Steph, you’re delusional.”  Steph laughed and said, “No, I’m serious…did you see the looks that man was giving you?”  I said, “The man just got divorced like he’s on the rebound…and me?  Get Real.”  Steph said, “I am serious…C’mon…he could be looking to move on.”


I said, “Steph…when you got your new boobs…I think the silicon is messing with you…it’s making you loopy woman.”  Steph smacked my arm and said, “Hey!…I resent that new boobs crack…You better get used to seeing Mark a little more…cause not only are you going to be Brock’s little sister on the show, but Mark is going to be your stalker…to help sell Brock and Mark’s Match for Judgment day in 3 weeks.”  I said, “That might actually have some advantages to it.”  Steph smiled and said, “Well…Go get ready for Smackdown…they are getting ready to let the fans in and we’ll start taping soon…”  I smiled and said, “Yes Boss Lady…”  And I took off down the hall…


Chapter 4


After I finished getting dressed…I walked down to the titan tron and was waiting for Brock…I was walking him out for his match and then I would also be having my match after watching Mark’s…


I had on black plastic pants that laced down the back with a matching tank top, that had laces down the sides, plus my black steel toed boots.  I pulled my hair up into a pony tail.


I was standing there when a hand touched my lower back and I jumped around and came face to face with Mark in his Bad Ass get up…but it was pretty much his every day stuff…everyone I had talked to before said, he wears what ever he wants to the ring…I have to tell you…he looked damn good.  He had on light colored jeans, big black boots, and a black button down shirt that said ‘Deadman Inc.’ on the pocket…he had his hair pulled back in a low pony tail at the base of his neck, with a Deadman Inc cap on…his sun glasses in his shirt pocket.


I said, “Mr. Callaway it’s nice to see you again.”  Mark laughed and said, “Drop the Mr. and just go for Mark…after all we will be working together for the next couple of weeks…”  I nodded and said, “Okay…”  Mark said, “I was admiring the tattoo on your back…isn’t it a Chinese symbol?”  I said, “Yes it is…”  He said, “What does it stand for?”  I said, “Trust…of course if you look at it upside down it means Love.”


Mark said, “So what does it stand for on you?”  I said, “Trust…I don’t like people I can’t trust…and if I don’t trust you…then I don’t like you.”  Mark said, “So do you trust me?”  I said, “I don’t know yet…I guess you’ll have to earn my trust like everyone else in my life.”  Mark nodded and said, “Understandable.”


Brock walked up and said, “Damn Jacks…Showing enough flesh are we?”  I said, “Yea, like you’ve got room to talk…This coming from someone who wrestling in his underwear?”  Mark watched us banter back and forth… ‘typical brother and sister’…he thought.  Brock laughed and said, “Their not underwear…they are wrestling tights.”  I said, “And they could always double as underwear if you forgot to do your laundry.”  Brock said, “That’s it!”  He leaned down and threw me over his shoulder…and I was laughing so hard I couldn’t defend myself…


I said, “Wait…my belt…my belt…”  Brock turned around and Mark handed me my women’s title belt…and Brock walked me back to the curtain…and just before his music hit he planted me on my feet.  We walked out together and the people went absolutely crazy…We walked down together and stood in the ring…


Michael Cole and Taz were going crazy at the announcers table…Taz was screaming, “HEAR COMES THE PAIN…HERE COMES THE PAIN…”  Michael Cole said, “Look…that’s Brock’s little sister Jakita…She’s the Women’s Champion…and her brother is the mens champion…”  Taz said, “This sport seems to be dominated by the Lesnar family…”  Cole said, “You know…Jakita was actually a professional boxer before she became a wrestler…she was pro since she was 17…”  Taz said, “Damn…I don’t ever wanna piss off a female…let alone one that used to be a pro-boxer…”  Cole said, “This is true.”


Mark came out and stood on the ramp when I jumped in the ring to help Brock…I smacked his opponent John Cena with a metal chair…I looked at Mark…and he shook his index finger at me as if to say ‘Shame…Shame’…I smirked and for kicks blew a kiss at him…and got back out of the ring as the ref counted to 3 and Brock got to keep his title…


Chapter 5


The next couple of weeks, Mark would come out and get a little closer to the ring…of course in his Undertaker character…behinds the scenes was a totally different subject…Mark kept asking me to go to dinner with him…and I kept refusing…I wasn’t ready to go out with anyone.  No one knew about Mark hitting on me, except the two of us…I didn’t dare saying thing to Brock…he would of dove head first into protective mode.


The 3rd week…Mark walked all the way down to the ring, grabbed me by my arm roughly and kissed me…the fans went totally ape shit…but pissed off Brock and that’s what led them to their fight at Judgment day…Brock was defending the title against Mark…and my honor…


That night after the Smackdown taping…I was getting ready to leave…when Mark stopped me and said, “Do you have something against me Jackie?”  I said, “No Mark…why would you think that?”  Mark took his fingerless gloves off and stuck them in his back pockets and said, “Well…I just feel like you keep brushing me off…”  I said, “No…I’m not brushing you off…I’m just trying to get comfortable with working with every one here…I don’t wanna go jumping into something I’m not fully prepared for.”  Mark said, “That’s a logical answer…can I just do something to you that I’ve been dying to do since you got here.” 


I looked at Mark hesitantly and saw in his eyes he wasn’t going to hurt me…


I said, “Okay…go ahead.”  Mark pushed me back against the closest wall…and touched my cheek softly…his hand was warm…and my cheeks were cold…but he was so gentle…he leaned down and kissed my lips so very softly…a small moan escaped me lips…Mark know I was enjoying it, so he moved a little closer and deepened the kiss a little…not too much he didn’t want to scare me. 


He pulled away from me…about the same time Brock walked around the corner and said, “Pinky…you ready to go?”  I said, “Sure.”  I started to follow Brock when I reached up and tugged on Mark’s go-tee a little and winked at him…and then left.


Mark knew he was finally getting through to her…he also knew he’d have to watch his raging hormones when he was around her…he’d heard from Matt she had major trust issues…but no one but her and Brock knew why…so he wasn’t about to get pushy with her…


A couple of days before the PPV Judgment Day…We were all at a local Billiards hall in Chicago, where the PPV was going to be…It was me, Brock, Stephanie, The make up girl Heidi (Has become one of my friends)…Mark, Torrie her fiancé Billy, Dawn Marie (she had a crush on Mark), Nidia her fiancé Jamie Noble (Who wasn’t the huge redneck white trash pain in the ass he played on TV)…Matt was with us also…


I decided I was going to play against Matt who seemed to like trying to tell me he was better cause he was a man…I whipped his ass at pool 4 times, before he finally gave up…Mark walked over and said, “So, I see you can beat little boys…do you think you can beat men?”  I said, “Sure, little man…step on up.”  Mark said, “I’m 6’10”  how’d you get little man from that?”  I said, “Who said I was talkin’ about your height?…After all I could have been discussing other appendages on your body.”  Mark walked over and leaned down and whispered in my ear… “Now see…if you’ve seen that appendage…I know for sure the nick name wouldn’t be little man…” 


I said, “Really?  I’ll have to remember that.”  Mark said, “You do that.”  As he walked around and broke the balls to start the game…I beat him two games and he beat me 3…Mark said, “Okay…I want a prize…”  I said, “For what?”  He smiled and said, “Because I beat you 3 out of 5 games…I said, “So…I won 6 games total tonight which is 3 more then you.”  Mark said, “C’mon now Darlin’…I deserve some kind of prize.”  I said, “Okay…you can have Dawn Marie…I’ll go let her know.”  Mark said, “You make one sound uttering our names in the same sentence…you’re gonna wish you’d never left Raw.”


Chapter 6


I busted out laughing and said, “Spoil sport…you are no fun what so ever.”  Mark came up behind me and wrapped one arm around my waist and pulled me back against his body…I could feel his erection pressing into my rearend. 


Mark whispered in my ear, “Feel that?”  I said, “Yea.”  Mark said, “That’s is what you do to me…Now do you think I’m no fun.”  I smiled and said, “I retracted my last statement…but you’ve got to know that you’re the only one I’d ever let get this close to me, especially with what you just pointed out to me….so to speak.”


Mark said, “Can I tell you a secret and not have you freak out or get mad at me.”  Mark got a little closer to me ear and said, “I want you in the worst way.”  And he kissed my ear…I gasped a little cause I wasn’t expecting it…


As I walked away, I said, “Don’t push it little man.”


I sat down again…Mark came over and sat next to me…and kept leaning over and whispering in my ear…it was making me laugh because his breath would hit my ear a certain way and it would tickle …I could feel my resistance with Mark crumbling…Losing it with him would be something I wasn’t ready for…and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would lose all resistance…and just allow for what ever was going to happen, to go ahead and happen between us.


Mark offered to drive me back to the hotel cause I was getting tired…Brock saw the looks and whispers we’d been passing back and forth all night and said, “Mark, Can I talk to ya, before you guys leave?”  Mark said, “Sure…”  Mark followed Brock outside and told me to wait inside, until Brock came back in…I sat at the table and watched the exchange going on between them…here is goes…Big brother has his… “She’s my little sister talk.”


Meanwhile, outside…Brock said, “Mark…I don’t know what your intentions are for my little sister…but I’m warning you now…she’s been through some shit in her life…I’m telling you…Man to Man…If you break my sisters heart…I’m gonna break your fuckin’ neck…I don’t care if you are bigger then me…”  Mark furrowed his brow at Brock…


Brock continued, “Me and her is all that’s left of our family…Our parents died a few years ago, one from a heart attack the other one from a broken heart…She’s all I got left of family…and I’ve protected her since she was 10…And I know she can handle herself…but when she lets people in like this…into her comfort zone…trust zone…that’s usually when she gets hurt…so I’m telling you now…I don’t care if you break both my legs, and put me in the hospital till Christmas…When I get out…I’m coming for ya.”


Mark nodded and said, “Brock…I fully understand where you’re coming from…I get what you’re saying…you don’t have to tell me twice…Jackie is a special girl to you…But she’s special to me too…and that’s what I’ve been trying to show to her for the last couple of weeks…and I’ve asked her out repeatedly and even asked if I could take her back to the hotel…tonight is the first time she’s excepted…so believe me…you do not have to tell me, not to fuck up this chance.”


Brock said, “As long as we have an understanding I don’t care what goes on between you guys…as long as Jackie trusts you and she’s happy…then I’ve got nothing to be pissed about.”  Mark said, “Agreed…Could you send her out here.”  Brock said, “Sure.”  Brock walked back in…gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead and said, “If you trust Mark, I think that’s great…he’s a really good guy…and he’s a great friend…but if he does anything to scare you or whatever…all you have to do is call…”  I smiled and said, “I know…Thanks…see you in the morning.”  Brock said, “Okay…”


I walked out and Mark helped me onto the back of his bike, and we went back to the hotel…


Chapter 7


When we got to the hotel, we got on the elevator and Mark pushed the button for the 8th floor…I said, “Go ahead and hit 7 also…it’s my floor.”  Mark said, “Nope…you’re going to come up and have a drink.”  I said, “No…I’m tired I’m going to bed…”  Mark pushed me back against the wall of the elevator, smirked and said, “Are you sure?”  I smiled and said, “Yes.” 


Mark leaned over and captured my lips with his…I thought I was going to die…I couldn’t move, or speak…when the doors opened Mark walked me off and to a door…I looked up and said, “This isn’t my room.”  Mark smirked again (God he looks SEXY as HELL when he does that) and said, “I know.”  Mark opened the door and grabbed my hand and slowly pulled me in…and closed and locked the door behind me.


He pushed me against the door…and then his hands slid down and he grabbed me ass and lifted me to be level with him…on instinct I just wrapped my legs around his waist.  I could feel his erection pressing into the crotch of my jeans.  Mark captured my lips with his again…his tongue slid across my lips and I slowly opened my mouth and let him inside…his tongue snaked itself into my mouth and his tongue caressed my tongue…His tongue caressed every place in my mouth…


Mark carried me into the bedroom and sat me on the bed…and reached up and behind him and pulled his shirt off…I nearly creamed my jeans…his rock solid chest and 6-pak made my breathing irregular…I pushed myself back onto the bed and laid back on my elbows as Mark crawled up the bed and laid next to me…his hand traveled up my stomach, up my shirt and to my breast…as he cupped my breast and gently squeezed my nipples between his soft fingers…a small moan escaped my lips as Mark’s mouth found mine again…


My hands went to his chiseled chest, to his arms…I could feel the muscles in his arms rippling and moving beneath my fingers and feathery light touches.  My hands slowly went back to his chest and then slid around his sides to his well muscled back, and I slowly ran my fingertips down his back to his lower back…by now he’d moved between my legs…but we were still fully clothes…I ran the palm of my hands up his back, over his huge shoulders and down his arms…


Mark took one hand and kissed the palm of it…and laced our fingers together palm to palm…and then took my other hand kissed the palm and laced it together with his other free hand palm to palm…and then as he rolled us onto our sides, he slide both arms down our sides…fingers still laced together and he put my hands behind my back and then grabbed my hands in both of his and started kissing my neck while unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans…then his lips came crashing back down on mine, while his hand held both of mine tighter so I couldn’t move and then his other hand started sliding down into my jeans…




My bad memories started flying through my head…and feeling him holding my hands behind my back was just freaking me out…if history has a way of repeating itself…it was about to come crashing down around me…I was trying to pull away but the more I struggled the more Mark thought I was just getting into it…he didn’t realize I was having a freak out moment…With as flexible as I was…I pulled my leg up until my knee was practically touching my chin…and put my foot, boot and all against Mark’s chest and shoved him off of me as hard and as fast as I could…


Mark actually ended up flying across the bed and off onto the floor…Any one watching it would of laughed…but Mark didn’t think it was funny…and neither did I…Mark was pissed off…and stood up and said, “What the fuck was that all about?  Jackie what the hell is wrong with you.”  I said, “I told you I didn’t want to come up here…I just wanted to go to bed, but you couldn’t leave well enough alone…Mark I like you…and I want you too…but I can’t do this right now…you don’t understand.”  I buttoned my jeans back up and I left as fast as I could…I went back down to my hotel room and got in a bubble bath with the water as hot as I could stand it…Then went to bed…but didn’t really sleep…Insomnia over too my body the rest of the night…


Chapter 8


That weekend during the Judgment Day PPV, I walked out with Brock for his match against Mark…I couldn’t even look at Mark…I had ignored him the rest of the week…no body seemed to noticed except Brock…I just told him I didn’t feel like getting friendly with any of the talent…and Brock was pretty suspicious…that is…until the night of Judgment Day…


I was in Black leather pants with black steel toed boots, and a black tank top that said ‘Here Comes The Pain’…on the front…I pulled my hair up into a pony tail but Heidi was awesome…she put tons of little spiral curls in my hair…it took her 3 hours to do my hair…


By now her and Brock had been seeing each other…nothing heavy but a date here…a movie there…dinner one night…they usually did start every morning together having breakfast in the hotel restaurant…


Anyways, I walked Brock out to the ring with my title belt around my waist…Now in the script I was supposed to interfere in the match and hit Mark in the back with a metal fold up chair…so they were both doing a pretty good job of beating the tar out of each other…Find, while Brock was writhing in fake ass pain on the mat, and the ref was knocked out of the ring…Mark was standing over him and had his back to me…I thought okay…this is easy…in smack him and out…


I shoved a chair in the ring, and snaked my way into the ring…the fans were going crazy…I pulled back and snapped my wrists forward and whacked Mark with the chair…


I cringed inside.


I really didn’t like doing it…Mark rolled his shoulders and spun around on his heels…now here’s where the fun begins…I was supposed to be able to get out of the ring without getting mauled…well the look in Mark’s eyes…I wasn’t completely sure if he was pissed or if he was in character…


Mark’s huge hand wrapped around my throat…and I couldn’t say anything…he lifted me in the air and held me there with one hand for what seemed like forever…and then he brought me crashing back down onto the mat…with the loss of oxygen and the slam to the mat that hard…I was completely knocked unconscious…


Judgment Day PPV went to a commercial.


Brock’s mouth dropped open and suddenly cut the faking act…he crawled over on his hands and knees and grabbed my arm…He said, “Mark what the fuck are you doing?”  Mark said, “I was supposed to choke slam her after she hit me…”  Brock said, “Was it in your script?”  Mark said, “Of course…I wouldn’t have done that to her for no reason…”  Brock said, “Dude are you sure?  It wasn’t in Mine and Jackie’s…it said as soon as she hit you, she was supposed to go back out and stand in the corner again.”


Mark said, “You’re fuckin’ kidding right?”  Brock shook his head no…and said, “Jackie’s out cold man…she’s totally unconscious…”  Mark said, “SHIT!  FUCK!  SON OF A BTICH!”  Mark stood there for a minute and said, “Fuck the match…we need to get her to the back and get her to an Emergency Room…” 


Mark got out of the ring and Brock moved Jackie over to the side…and Mark scooped her up into his arms…and carried her to the back…to see the trainer first…if it was more serious…they’d take her to the ER…


Chapter 9


The trainer came out of the room and closed the door…Mark, Brock, Stephanie, Shane (Steph’s Brother) and Heidi we’re all waiting for some news…Jackie had been unconscious now for nearly 30 minutes.


Brock and Mark both stood up straight when the trainer came out…Brock said, “How is she Jack?”  Jack said, “Still no change…she’s got rapid eye movement…but she doesn’t seem to wanna wake up yet.”  Shane said, “I’m sorry guys this is all my fault…I totally forgot to tell Jackie Mark was supposed to choke slam her…”  Brock said, “Don’t apologize to me asshole…you get to contend with my sister when she wakes up…and believe me…you don’t wanna be anywhere near that right she has.”  Mark said, “I’m gonna go sit with her…this is partly my fault…”


Meanwhile, in the room…My eyes slowly started to flutter open…I heard a door open and close…and I was staring at a white ceiling…and I looked up and to my right and saw a tray with medical utensils on it…and I bolted into an up right position…the first person I saw was Mark who was leaning back on two legs in the office chair next to the table I was laying on…when I bolted up…I spooked him and he lost his balance and fell back in the hair onto the hard floor below him…All I heard from him was a “Shit!”


I couldn’t help but laugh…it was the first time I caught him off guard…Mark stood up and was rubbing the back of his head…I smirked and said, “Hurt?”  Mark said, “Yea…slightly…”  I smiled and said, “Good you deserve it…it pales and compares to the headache I have right now from your choke slamming me you moron.”  Mark threw his hands up in defense and said, “It wasn’t my fault…honest…Shane put it in at the last minute and was supposed to tell you.”  I said, “Where is that genius?”  Mark said, “Out in the hallway with every one else.”


Mark put his hand on the back of my head and was rubbing the back of my head and neck (which seemed to be alleviating the pain) and said, “Are you okay?”  I said, “Other then this headache the size of brazil…I’m just fine…”  Mark said, “You’re sure…You’re not dizzy or nauseas are you?”  I said, “What are you the head trauma doctor?”  Mark said, “Nope…but I’ve have enough concussions to know what they feel like.”  I said, “Nope…no dizziness or nausea feelings…but you rubbing like that seems to be getting rid of the pain…Mmmm…wow that feels really good.”


Mark said, “Can I ask you a personal question?”  I said, “You keep rubbing you can ask me any question you want…”  Mark laughed a little…God that man was clueless on how sexy he looked when he smiled…


Mark said, “Why did you bolt on me the other night…you look terrified…I didn’t mean to scare you…I mean one minute I was kissing this beautiful creature laying next to me….and the next minute…I get a booted foot in the chest and get shoved all the way across the bed and land on the floor…”  I said, “I’m sorry about that…I just got scared…I have more of a reason…but I really don’t wanna talk about it…at least not right now.”  Mark said, “I’m sorry I scared you.”  I said, “You didn’t scare me…it was just some demons from my past…I’m sorry I freaked out on you.”


Mark stopped rubbing and said, “Feel better?”  I said, “Yea.”  He said, “Anything else hurt…anything I can kiss and make feel better?”  I stifled a laugh and said, “Yea.”  Mark said, “Name it…I’ll do it.”  I pointed to my lips and Mark smirked and said, “I believe I can handle that.”  Mark leaned down and gently placed the softest kiss on my lips I’d ever felt my whole life.  Mark held out his hand and I took it and stepped down from the table…I decided it was time to go deal with Shane McMahon!



Chapter 10


The door to the trainers room opened and Jackie stepped out…


I accepted hugs from Brock, Stephanie, Heidi…and then Shane came up…And Shane said, “I’m so sorry Jackie…it’s my fault…I just forgot to tell you.”  I said, “Ohh.”  Trying to sound sympathetic…like I really care he was sorry…he wasn’t the one with the massive headache.  Shane went to walk away and I said, “Oh Shane…one thing.”


As Shane turned around he was met by my Right fist…he went down to his ass…Stephanie’s eyes bugged out…and Brock couldn’t help but chuckle…Mark touched my shoulder and I jerked away and I pointed to Shane while he was still on the floor rubbing his now massively throbbing jaw…I said, “You stay down there…cause if you get up…I might do it again…The next time you ‘forget’ to tell me something and it deals with me getting hurt in the ring…boy you better hope I never find you…cause if I do…not even the bomb sniffing dogs will be able to locate your body…”


Shane said, “My dad is going to fine you for putting your hands on me…” 


I said, “Shane…stop being such a pussy…grow up and become a man for Christ sake…if Vince fines me then that’s fine…it was worth it…and don’t think for a minute I won’t do that again…cause next time I won’t even hesitate for a second to do it again…That’s me health and well being your screwing with…if I get hurt in that damn ring because of something your pea brain forgot to tell me…I have no one to blame but YOU…now go tell your dad I decked you…but why don’t you tell him why…and I mean the truth too.”


I walked away…I went back to the hotel and decided I had some pent up energy I really needed to get rid of…I changed into jean shorts, a tank top and tenny shoes…left my hair in a pony tail and braided it into two braids, then grabbed the white tape and taped up my hands and wrists…and went down to the hotel gym and started pounding the ever loving crap out of the punching bag.


Mark, Brock and Heidi walked into the lobby of the hotel…Mark said, “I called her room…where is she?”  Brock said, “With that much anger built up…she’s probably pounding something in the hotel gym.”  Mark said, “I’ll see y’all later…”  As he headed towards the gym…Heidi and Brock headed up stairs to order a movie and room service.  Mark looked through the gym window and saw Jackie punching the stuffing practically out of the bag…


Mark walked into the gym and I looked over at him and said, “Something I can help you with?”  Mark smirked and said, “Yea…come back to me room and have dinner with me.”


(Damn that sexy ass grin of his…if I wasn’t trying to focus I’d be ready to hump his leg…or any other part of his body.) 


I said, “Sorry big boy…I’m just trying to relax tonight.”  Mark said, “C’mon Jackie…go to your room…shower change…wear comfortable clothes…or no clothes at all…which ever you prefer…and come to my room and we’ll watch a movie and order some dinner.” 


Chapter 11


Meanwhile, back at the arena…Shane was sitting in his office still rubbing his jaw…he knew he deserved that belt that Jackie had given him…he deserved it BIG time…he shouldn’t have let his personal assistant’s long legs in a short skirt disturb his train of thought…but he couldn’t stop from staring at her legs…they just seemed to start at her ankle and go all the way up to her…um…other ankle.


Shane was a brought out of his thoughts as a knock came to his office door…Shane said, “C’mon in..”  The door cracked a little and the familiar heavenly voice said, “Excuse me, Mr. McMahon…I brought you an ice pack…I heard what happened and wanted to come and check on you.”  Oh dear god in heaven is was April his assistant…in her Gray vest and skirt…she was hot…if her skirt got any shorter it would leave nothing to the imagination…he was getting wood just thinking about what was hiding underneath that skirt…Oh to be a pair of panties on her body…if she even wore any. April 5'9, 130lbs, long legs, athletic build, short bright red pixie hair, amber/hazel eyes…


Shane said, “C’mon in April…thanks for the ice…”  She handed the ice pack to him and said, “I know Jackie can be kind of temperamental sometimes.”  Shane said, “Don’t worry about it…I know you love your cousin…I fully deserved that punch she gave me…”  April said, “I can’t really say anything I have a temper too…Jackie and Brock just get to let it out in the ring…I wait until I’m at the hotel and beat the shit out of a pillow..”  They both laughed and Shane said, “Yea…I use the gym to get rid of the frustrations.”  Shane thought ‘God her laugh is intoxicating’.


Shane said, “And How many times have I told you to call me Shane…you know full well I hate formality…the only Mr. McMahon in his company it my father.”  April smiled and said, “Okay Shane…ok.”  He said, “Well…you call me Shane outside of the office…why do it when we’re here?”  April said, “I was just raised to be respectful.”  Shane said, “I appreciate it…but you can still be respectful and call me Shane at the same time.”  April nodded…She walked around and sat on the corner of his desk and crossed her legs…


Shane caught himself staring at her legs again…Shane snapped out of it and just to get his mind off her legs, he said, “April, did we get the ratings for tonight yet?”  April said, “Yes…Let me grab them…”  She stood up and leaned all the way over the desk and grabbed the folder…Shane could of swore he felt himself get harder…her ass was nearly in his face…he couldn’t keep from it anymore…she was doing amazing things to his body and he had to have this woman…if not for the rest of his life…then right NOW!


Shane stood up and leaned over April and grabbed her hands…and pulled her back tight against his chest…April was going to say something…but Shane’s warm lips touched the side of her neck and she lost all the will power to speak another word.  Shane continued his assault on her neck and turned her around to face him…he cupped her face in his hands and captured her lips with his…It was almost as if they couldn’t get enough of each other.  Shane’s hands went down to her waist and he lifted the red head and sat her on his desk.


Shane started pushing up her skirt while April was undoing his pants…Shane’s hands slid up April’s legs and WHOA! She wasn’t wearing panties…April freed Shane’s painful erection and Shane Pushed her legs apart as he thrusted deep inside of her core…both groaning out as the pleasure raked through their bodies…April held on for fear life as Shane pumped into her harder and faster with every stroke…Neither one could say anything the sexual pleasure had taken care of the words…Shane could feel April’s walls clamping down on his erection milking him hard…Shane climaxed with a thunderous grunt as he spilled his seed deep inside of April, it triggered her orgasm too and she was cumming right along with him…


As they sat there calming down…and getting their breathing under control…Shane said, “So I’ve been meaning to ask you…Would you like to go to dinner?”  April covered her mouth with her hand and busted up laughing…Shane realized how funny it sounded and started laughing with her…April said, “I’d love to go to dinner with you Mr. McMahon.”  Shane said, “Watch it woman…I don’t wanna have to tear your ass up again…Well…I really would love to…but I think for safety sake, we should probably just go to dinner and try and discuss what just happened, without triggering it to happen again.”  As he fixed his pants…


April hopped off the desk and pulled her skirt down and smoothed it out and said, “I’m with you…I wouldn’t mind you tearing my ass up any time you feel like it.”  Shane smirked and said, “Shall we?”  He held his hand out to her…she put her hand in his and he laced his fingers with hers.  April said, “By all means please.” As they walked out of the office and went to dinner.


Back in the Hotel Gym, I stopped and looked at Mark and pondered what he asked…and said, “Okay…Let me go shower…I’ll be in your room in like 20 minutes.”  Mark said, “Okay…see you in 20 minutes.”  Mark turned and left the gym.


Chapter 12


I went into the gym showers and showered really fast…and put my clothes in my backpack…I had on a pair of clean jean shorts…another tank top and left my hair down…I also went bare foot…I hate shoes.  I dropped my backpack off at my hotel room and then walked up to Mark’s.  Mark let me in and he said, “Why don’t you have any shoes on?”  I said, “I hate shoes…I’d go barefoot my whole life if it was legal.”  Mark laughed and closed the door behind me…


We ordered our room service food…and Mark’s cell phone started ringing…so he said, “Excuse me please…And got up and walked into the bedroom and answered it…Someone knocked on the door and I went over it was the room service…I pulled the tray in and signed for it…I went to the bedroom door and was going to let Mark know the food was there I heard Mark talking… “Yea…no she’s here now…no way man…the bet is still on…Mid-night in bed … yadda – yadda – yadda … I know, yup…C’mon…have more faith…after all Big Evil NEVER loses…Later.”


I was thinking ‘OH REALLY’…


Mark walked out of the bedroom and I was standing next to the food tray…he walked over and captured my lips with his as his tongue slipped pasted my lips and into my mouth and was caressing every part of my mouth…I let a small moan escape my mouth into his and he deepened the kiss…


Mark pulled away and I just stared at him as he walked over and sat on the couch…I went to walk past him but he grabbed a hold of me and pulled me on to the couch with him…he was laying half on me and half off me…and I could feel his hands roaming all over my body…he slowly ran his hands over my breasts and my nipples became instantly hard…then when he got to the bottom of my shirt, he slid his hands under my shirt, sliding the shirt up as he went and pulled it off…he slowly kissed down my neck…I loved the feeling his go-tee slide across my bare skin…it was pretty erotic…

His mouth met with my nipples and he was just ever so gentle with me…as he finished with my chest, he slid his tongue down my stomach and was sliding my pants off with my panties…but didn’t touch me anywhere else…he moved my legs apart and was kissing the sides of my thighs…and left a hickey on the inside of my right thigh…really high…he kissed his way back up to me and we continued kissing again…then he stopped and got up…I watched him and he said, “Stand up.” So I did…Mark picked me up…and carried me to his room…and closed the door…

I laid on the bed…Mark got rid of his t-shirt…and then his jeans…and everything else and was standing there in his total naked glory…wow that boy looks good with or without clothes…ESPECIALLY without…hehehe…


Mark moved down my body after assaulting my again nipples…and as he started licking and massaging my clit with his tongue…he entered me with two fingers and started a huge sexual assault on the lower half of my body…I grabbed Mark’s go-tee and pulled his lips up to mine and we started kissing a little more passionately…and intense…very…VERY intense.


Mark didn’t say anything…he pulled his fingers out of me…licked them clean and moved up my body, he leaned over and kissed me long hard and passionate…I could taste myself on his tongue and lips…and it turned me on even more…Mark slid his body between my thighs and then pushed my thighs apart even further and pushed his erection into my dripping wet center…and started thrusting in and out of me slowly…


Mark said, “Oh my god…Jackie you feel so good baby…I love being inside of you…”  My hips were meeting every one of his thrusts and I could feel my orgasm building and building…I had my head thrown back and Mark started thrusting, harder…faster…Mark, moved my thighs a little and went deeper inside of me…and I went over the edge as I felt my orgasm rock through my whole body into Mark as his orgasm hit him just as hard into my body…“Oh God Jackie.” Mark growled and I felt him empty himself into me.


Chapter 13


I waited until Mark fell asleep and then slinked out of bed and got dressed…I went over and picked up his cell phone and went through the calls received list…Hmmm…Nice knowing ya John Cena.


I looked at Mark’s sleeping form and couldn’t believe I trusted him with every thing in me…Every bone in my body…I would never be able to trust him again…I went back down to my hotel room and took a long hot bubble bath and cried for a few hours, while drinking a whole bottle of wine…Actually I pour half of it in the water with me…and drank the other half…I had a really good buzz going.


The next morning…I was checked out of the hotel and at the arena by the time Mark came by my room…and figured out I was already at the arena cause we were going to tape Smackdown before Raw, so everyone could have the rest of the week off. 


I went to see Stephanie and explained what I knew and that I would handle Mark on my own time…pretty much as soon as he got to the arena and went looking for me and that I would also handle John Cena the minute I saw his thuganomics ass walkin’ around in the back.  Stephanie understood completely and she also informed Shane what was going to happen…after she told him why he was fully backing me to kick both their asses…I actually wasn’t a mean or violent person unless really provoked…My boxing side came out when I was really pissed off…and now more then ever I was truly provoked and for good reason.


I left Steph’s office and found my outfit for the night…Black leather pants, matching boots and a white short sleeve cropped shirt that let 2 inches of my navel show…plus Heidi was working wonders with my hair again…My hands and wrists were all taped up cause I had a match later.


I had already found John Cena and made short order of him…he was  got the same exact treatment that Mark was going to get…I was walking around and ran into Brock he said, “Hey, Mark is looking for you.”  I smiled like a little devil and said, “Really?”  Brock said, “Yea…what’s that look for?  You’re up to no good aren’t you?”  I said, “Me?  Of course not…I was just thinking about Mark…and how I really needed to get together with him and discuss a few things with him…”  Thinking ‘Yea I wanna discuss my right and left fists coming in contact with his face.’…noticed I thought it…I didn’t say it…


I was walking around the back a little more when I suddenly felt two arms come around my waist and looked down…filled with familiar tattoos…I couldn’t help but let that evil ass grin reappear on my face again…I elbowed him in the stomach…and he stepped back as I broke free from his arms…I got in my boxing stance and Mark said, “Jesus Baby, Calm down.”  I said, “You just couldn’t take no for an answer…I knew there was a reason you was perusing me so hard.”  Mark said, “Have you gone insane…what in the world are you talking about?” 


I smirked and said, “Wow…for someone who is so intelligent…you sure don’t know how to play dumb very good…I know Mark…cut the shit…I know about the fuckin’ bet.  And please don’t give me that ‘what are you talking about look’ cause you know exactly what I’m talking about…you and John Cena had a bet to get me into bed before Mid-night last night…”  Mark said, “How did you find out about it?”  I said, “Please…like anyone in this company has any privacy rights...I overheard you talking on the phone with him last night…The room service came and I went to go get you and heard everything you said.”


Mark was standing all cocky in front of my with his hands on his hips and his feet planted firmly apart on the floor and said, “Okay fine, so you know big deal…So what do you wanna do about it?”  I smiled and said, “Oh…I was so hoping you’d ask me that…”  Within a matter of seconds I kicked Mark in the balls with my steel toed boots and as he bent over I gave him a nice upper cut, when his body flew up he had a look of surprise on his face and then I nailed him with a right cross…and he flew back and landed on his ass…his nose was bleeding and so was his mouth…and he was still writhing from the kick to the nuts…


Mark sat on the ground just looking up at me and I knew he was pissed…but like what?  I wasn’t allowed to be pissed either?  I think out of every one involved in the situation…I should be the ONLY one allowed to be mad…Mark said, “So why did you let me have sex with you?”  I said, “Didn’t you know?  Big Evil NEVER loses…Now What kind of bet would I been if I had let you lose…You make me sick Mark Callaway…Now I remember why I hate the male species so much…because you’re all just a bunch of assholes…well Brock excluded.”


I walked away.  The next day I left for 2 weeks…everyone was only gone for a week…but Steph let me take an extra week…Wow Can’t wait to see what people have to say when I get back.


Chapter 14


When the 2 weeks rolled around I asked Vince if I could meet with him, I was at the arena for the Smackdown they would be taping there the following night…I felt like I was sitting in the principles office and said, “Vince…I love this company so much…and you know what kind of opportunities you’ve given to me by contracting me into your company…you know I would never do anything behind your back…that’s why I’m coming to you…”  Vince sat behind the huge oak desk and laced his fingers together and said, “Jackie, what’s wrong honey…you took that extra week when everyone from Smackdown had the week off…I can tell you’re struggling with something.”


I said, “Vince…I would really like to go back to Raw…I love Smackdown…and everyone I’ve worked with have been amazing…but someone from the Smackdown brand really hurt me…and I’m really not wanting to face him at this point right now…I just want to go back over to Raw for a while…I know this is short notice…but I really can’t go back to Smackdown.”  Vince said, “Well…who was it…I’ll fire his ass.”  I giggled a little and said, “I don’t think you wanna fire one of your biggest money makers.  Listen it’s not worth anyone getting fired or fined…I just want to distance myself from him for a while…once I feel better, you can switch me back over…Please Vince.” 


Vince saw the look on Jackie’s face and knew who ever hurt her really must have done something pretty bad…he was going to push the issue of who is was, but since she warned it was one of his biggest money makers, he wasn’t going to pull the answer from her…besides she probably wouldn’t have told him anyways.


Vince got up and walked around his desk and stood in front of her and took her hands and said, “Okay, I’ll have Shelly get you a flight out to catch up with the Raw Extension…I’ll let Eric and Steve know you’re on your way.”  I stood up and said, “Thanks Vince, I really appreciate this.”  Vince said, “You’re welcome…I can tell in your eyes who ever hurt you, really did a number on you…so I understand needing to not be in the same breathing space as the same person…I’ll let Brock and Stephanie know you went back to Raw for a while.”


I had tears sliding down my cheeks and said, “Thank you.”  Vince handed me a tissue and said, “Okay…get on outta here…”  Vince hugged me and kissed the top of my head and I took off…I was walking down the hall way, a hand reach out and grabbed my arm and pulled me into a dressing room.  The door closed and I spun around and came face to face with Mark…I said, “What do you want?”  Mark said, “Me and you need to have a talk.”  I said, “I’m sorry you lost that privilege 2 weeks ago…Now if you’ll move out of my way, I have a plane to catch.”


Mark said, “We really need to talk about us…I’m not moving until we do..”  I said, “Don’t you understand there is no us…there’s a you and there’s me…but no us…you don’t even deserve for me to look at you…much less want anything from you…How’s come you never learned?”  Mark scoffed and said, “Learned what?”  I said, “How’s come you never learned it was wrong?  That there are certain things that you don’t…that you do not do in a civilized society…I don’t know why I’m even having this discussion with you…you’re not even a civilized human being…you’re a barbarian…and you’re an ass…and this is the last time you’ll see me for a while…so enjoy it while you can…Cause I am so outta here.”


I walked around Mark and started to open the door when he grabbed me jerked me around and planted his lips on mine…I had no way to escape…I didn’t know what he was going to do…so I bit his bottom lip as hard as I could and got that iron taste in my mouth so I knew I drew blood…


Mark pushed me away forcefully and I hit the door and he said, “You crazy bitch you bit me.”  I spit on the floor and said, “You’re lucky that’s all I did to you…you’re nothing but a fuckin’ animal…I may be a bitch…but with an asshole like you around I have to keep some kind of defense up… You don’t get to have me…Don’t you get it…you had me once already…and no one fucked it up but you…”  I spit on the ground again and said, “See you around…Undertaker.”


I opened the door and left and caught my flight to catch up with the Raw brand tour.


Chapter 15


When I got back to the Raw brand I was welcomed by Eric and Steve…the General Managers of Raw…plus…as soon as Glenn found out I was back he tackled me with a huge ass bear hug that I almost didn’t survive.  Glenn took one look at me and right away knew something was wrong…he gripped my shoulders and said, “Alright Girl…Spill it.”  I said, “Coffee first.”


Glenn walked me down to the cafeteria area they had set up, and we got some coffee and sat down at one of the tables…Glenn said, “Okay speak now.”  I said, “I met your friend Mark…I have to tell you something I wasn’t too impressed with him…infact if you gave me all the coffee in the world or him I would chose the Coffee over his ass.” 


Glenn said, “What the hell did Mark do?”  I said, “Well…let’s see…first he pursued me relentlessly, then I finally gave an inch and he took 15 miles…he actually had a bet going with Cena that he could get me into bed before mid-night on a certain night…” 


Glenn said, “What happened?”  I said, “Oh I let him win his bet…and then I kicked the shit out of him and Cena…”  Glenn’s mouth was hanging open and I leaned over and put my hand under his chin and pushed up.  Glenn said, “What did you do to him?”  I said, “Well let’s see…First I kicked him in the nuts, then while he was bent over I gave him an upper cut, and when he flew up I gave him a right cross…and he landed on his ass…”  Glenn said, “Jesus, you’re fearless…No one has ever done that to Mark…”  I said, “I wanted to do more…I wanted him to feel everything I felt…I’m not a sensitive person…but it hurt just the same.”


Glenn took my hand in his and he said, “I’m so sorry that he did that to you…I could of sworn Mark had better morals then that…We’ve been friends since I came to this company…I can’t believe he even did that to you…Ever since he got divorced he’s been on a different planet.”  I smiled and said, “Yea…Planet Asshole.”  Glenn said, “I just don’t get it…”  I said, “Yea, you and me both big man.”


A couple of weeks later, Steve walked up and gave me a quick squeeze and said, “Listen you 2, there’s going to be a big meeting in the conference room at the hotel tonight…it’s going to be kind of like a nice dress party…Vince is doing it…he wants the new investors of the company to meet a hand full of the main event wrestlers….So it’s going to be me, Glenn, Paul, Jackie, Paul (Triple H), Trish Jacobs (Formerly Stratus, she married Glenn), Stacey, HBK, and a couple of the guys from Smackdown are flying in for it.” 


I looked at Glenn and said, “Oh joy.”  Glenn said, “Who all from Smackdown?”


Steve stared at the ceiling and scratched his go-tee and said, “Well…mostly heavy hitters…Mark Callaway, You’re brother Brock turned it down…he’s going out of town (I nodded)…Hardy…actually both Hardy’s…I think that’s it for now…Maybe Cena.”  I groaned and said, “Glenn you’re gonna have to keep me away from them please.”  Glenn said, “I’ll do what I can…make sure you stay by Trish.”  I said, “Okay.”


Later that night I got dressed after my shower and was ready to face the music…I had on black satin pants with steel toed boots, and a matching one shouldered shirt…that showed off and inch and a half of my bare mid-drift…I left my hair down.


I went down to the conference room and walked in…Stephanie immediately came over and gave me a hug and said, “Dad told me what happened…I’m so sorry.”  I smiled and said, “No…it’s okay…I’ll be fine…It’s getting easier.”  Steph said, “You’re taking this well…”  I said, “There is no other way to take it…Mark was an asshole…most guys are…and that’s just the way it’s gonna be.”


Chapter 16


I walked over and found Trish, but not before I spotted Mark and Glenn having a heated discussion…I said, “Trish…what’s up with them?”  Trish said, “Apparently Glenn was a little more pissed about the way Mark treated you then he was willing to let on.”  I said, “Wow…I’ve never seen Glenn turn that shade of pissed off before.”  Trish said, “I did once…but uh…that’s another story.”  I couldn’t help but crack up…


Mark had heard my laugh and looked over and saw me talking with Trish…


Trish said, “I hate these parties they always make me feel like I’m at a God damn Class reunion.”  I laughed and said, “I don't know, Trish, all these fucking people, driving me crazy. Look at them over there, memorializing old times, acting all like it was something ‘life-changing.’  And the people in the Wrestlers Hall of Fame? The name tags?  They have special blue stars on them like it fucking matters now that they had hair ten years ago. I'm getting fucking nauseous from all this sentimental bullshit. It's making me sick.”


Trish couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Yea…”


A couple of hours later, we could tell the ‘new investors’ had had WAY too much to drink…Mark was sitting at one of the tables alone…cause apparently Glenn had given him a really good run through…he hadn’t seen Mark so pissed in all his life…


Trish had retired to bed about 30 minutes earlier, and I was standing talking to Glenn…when some guy came up and with slurred words said, “Have you guys been together since high school?”  I said, “No.”  Glenn said, “Yes, actually we just bought that little Frank Lloyd Wright place on Pine Avenue…Jackie’s a social worker and I mow down insurance claims at Aetna.”  I put my hand over my mouth and giggled… and said, “We haven’t been together since high school.”


The guy said, “I figured.  You 2 look too happy together.  I shouldn’t say that though, I’m married…My retched wife is around here somewhere…So Glenn…what are you up to these days…what do you do for a living?”  I perk up…This should be interesting.


Glenn said, “I'm in pro-active international relations.  It's a very specialized company.  We execute economic investment opportunities.  Sort of economic clean-up...with an emphasis on personnel.  It's boring, you know, it's boring.  I don't like to talk about it because I don't think what a man does necessarily reflects who he is...I've always tried to refrain from a black-and-white moral lexicon--you know, good, bad, right, wrong--I've been more interested in the gray areas.”


I couldn’t hold myself up any longer…I had to sit down cause I was laughing so hard…Glenn was hilarious.  All of a sudden huge warm hands touched my shoulders and a familiar deep southern accented voice said, “Can we talk Jackie, please?”  I had so many emotions going through me…I touched Mark’s hand and said, “Can it please wait…I really don’t want to talk right now…Mark just give me sometime please.”  Mark said, “Okay…when you’re ready…give me a call…”  And he turned and left.


As much as I wanted to jump up rip my clothes from me body and run after him begging him to take me over and over…I had to be strong…I really liked him and the hurt was still stinging in my veins.


Chapter 17


A couple of months later, Vince asked me if I was ready to go back to Smackdown…and I finally agreed to do it.  So I flew out to Chicago, where Smackdown would be taped next…I had managed to hold onto the women’s title belt…


I had on black leather pants, steel toed boots, and a black leather drawstring top that let 2 inches of my bare mid-drift show…I snuck in and let Heidi do my hair…she’s a curling fool…she put so many curls in my pony tail I could have passed for just getting a perm…


I didn’t realize it, but Mark was the one who was wrestling Brock…Brock’s entrance music hit, and he went out, then Mark’s and he rode out as usual…Damn he looked good on that bright red Harley.  So they were both in the ring…and very unexpecting…they didn’t know I was coming back…Neither of them….hehehe…not even Brock.  My music hit and I stepped onto the platform above the ramp…


Taz was practically panting and trying to scream at the same time “Oh My GOD MICHAEL COLE, JAKITA’S BACK…JAKITA’S BACK…BROCK’S BABY SISTER HAS COME BACK TO SMACKDOWN!!!!  Michael Cole was laughing himself nearly to death and said, “I think you maybe a little more excited then the fans.”



Oh, make me over.

I'm all I wanna be,

A walking study

In demonology.


Hey, so glad you could make it.

Yeah, now you really made it.

Hey, so glad you could make it now.


Oh, look at my face.

My name is 'might have been',

My name is 'never was',

My name's forgotten.


Hey, so glad you could make it.

Yeah, now you really made it.

Hey, there's only us left now.


When I wake up in my makeup.

It's too early for that dress

Wilted and faded –

Somewhere in Hollywood.

I'm glad I came here

With your pound of flesh.


No second billing,

Cause you're a star now!

Oh Cinderella,

They aren't sluts like you.

Beautiful garbage,

Beautiful dresses.

Can you stand up,

Or will you just fall down?


You better watch out

What you wish for.

It better be worth it.

So much to die for.


Hey, so glad you could make it.

Yeah, now you really made it.

Hey, there’s only us left now.


When I wake up in my makeup.

Have you ever felt so used up as this?

It's all so sugarless.



Oh, just go nameless.


She's full of poison.

She obliterated

Everything she kissed.

Now she's fading 

Somewhere in Hollywood.

I'm so glad I came here

With your pound of flesh.


You want a part of me?

Well, I'm not selling cheap,

No, I'm not selling cheap......



Chapter 18


I was standing on the platform…Brock and Mark were both instructed to just look at who ever was on the platform…The fans were going ape shit…I finally walked down, past the ring and sat between Michael Cole and Taz…After giving them both a kiss on the top of their heads…Brock and Mark were both stunned…they almost couldn’t wrestle…


Taz said, “Jakita what are you doing back on Smackdown…I thought you was supposed to be on Raw?”  I said, “What can I say Taz, Ms. McMahon made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.”  Taz said, “Sounds like a good offer.”  I smiled and said, “Of course.”  Cole said, “So, Jakita, who are you out here supporting tonight?”  I said, “I haven’t decided yet…I guess I’ll have to wait to pick after someone wins.”


I already knew Mark was going to win…I was just supposed to make a decision…was I siding with my brother Brock…or the Undertaker.  Mark took lead of the match…he did his old school stuff and walked along the top rope…I loved that about him.  I don’t know what it was but he always looked so sexy up there…he came crashing down on Brock’s arm.  Brock was rolling around and Mark looked over at me and glared, and then got in position and just waited for Brock to get up.


Brock finally stood up, but didn’t move faster enough…when Mark’s hand was slapped across his throat and was lifted high in the air and then brought down with a THUD…Nice Choke Slam…Then Mark  grabbed the back of Brocks neck and head and pulled him to his feet bent over…and Mark pulled Brock’s head between his legs…it always looked dirty…and I always got a tingle between my thighs watching Mark set some poor soul up for the Last Ride.


Mark hooked his waist lifted him up…and then brought him crashing down to the mat…then covered him and the refer counted 1-2-3…and Mark was declared the winner.  The refer raised his hand as his music hit.  I jumped up and got in the ring…and went over and knelt down by Brock as Mark walked around the ring…


I touched Brock’s chest and said, “You okay brat?”  Brock kind of smirked trying not to break character…and said, “I’ll live Pinky.”  I said, “I’m gonna go hitch a ride with Mark…I’m sure Heidi will lick your wounds for you.”  Brock said, “Go ahead…I’ll see ya back at the hotel.”


I stood up and Mark was about to get out of the ring, when I touched his arm…Mark stopped and straightened to his full height…he said, “You about ready for that talk now darlin’?”  I nodded and said, “How bout a ride Big Evil?”  Mark said, “C’mon…we’ll head back to the hotel and talk there.”  I smiled and said, “Ok.”  Mark held the ropes open for me…and I stepped through with him following behind me…Mark got on the huge bike and grabbed my hand as I hopped on.  I wrapped my arms around Mark’s chest and he took off up the ramp…We stopped by his dressing room…and I grabbed his bag and we took off to the hotel.


Chapter 19


When we got back to the hotel…I went down to my room and changed in to jean shorts and a tank top…And then went back down to Mark’s room…He was waiting for me…he was already sitting on the couch and left the door unlocked and told me to just come on in…he’d changed into just his jeans and nothing else…bare chested…Oy!


I walked over and instead of sitting next to him on the couch I opted for the chair.  I pulled my knees into my chest and said, “So you wanted to talk…so talk.” 


Mark stood up to his full 6’10” height…and said, “Jackie, I wanted to apologize for the way I acted…the whole bet thing was stupid and immature and I should have known better…I’m a grown man for Christ sake…and taking that stupid bet only proved me to be an asshole…I should have known better…but what I don’t get is…why you feel the need to hate every man alive except your brother?”


I said, “Because every guy I’ve ever come across has been an asshole…you wasn’t the first Mark…just someone to add to the growing list I’ve met through out my whole life.”  Mark said, “I can’t believe you’ve never met one guy you’re whole life who was good to you…”  I said, “Yea…well walk a lifetime in my shoes and then tell me you don’t believe me.  You don’t know everything about me that you seem to think you do…You never even took the time out to get to know me…because you didn’t want to…you took one look at me…and decided I reminded you too much of your ex-wife Sara…and thought he wasn’t worth wasting your time.”


Mark had a look on his face and said, “How did you know about Sara?”


I said, “What?  Did you really think I wouldn’t know…I’ve seen pictures of Sara…she looked exactly like me.  She’s almost as tall as me and almost as skinny as I am…My hair is brunette and longer then hers…when you looked at me…you saw her…and figured you wanted a little revenge…but you got so blinded you couldn’t decipher between the two of us…that’s why when Cena approached you with that stupid bet, you took it.”


Mark started to say something but, I held up my hand to stop him and I continued, “I will admit you was pretty good at making me believe you gave a shit about me…and granted I bought the whole thing and then after I found out about it…I let you win…I was stupid…I had every intension of coming back to your hotel room that night…and really giving whatever we were trying to start a try…and then you fucked it up…all we did that night was fuck so you could win your little bet.”


Mark said, “You’re right…I did see Sara when I saw you…and I kept trying to get her out of my head…and I kept saying every day I was gonna tell you about the bet so I could just stop it from happening…but you was so resistant to anything happening between us…you kept pulling away…and I started thinking worse of you…I kept thinking you thought you was better then me and I wasn’t good enough for you…and the more you pulled away…the more I was bound and determined to make sure I won the beat…”


I stood up in the chair and said, “So you seem to think that what you did to me was alright because you thought I was thinking those stupid ass thoughts?”


Mark said, “Of course I don’t think it was alright…I don’t know why I went through with it…I shouldn’t have done it…but once we started I couldn’t stop…I didn’t want to stop, I wanted to feel your bare skin against me…and feel myself buried deep in you…I couldn’t have stopped even if you had asked me too…That night you kicked me off the bed…I wanted you then too…and I was going to take you…but you had to physically stop me…”


Mark sighed heavy and continued, “Don’t get me wrong…I enjoyed having great sex with you…but I didn’t want it to be that way…I wanted to make love to you…I wanted you to feel everything I was feeling…I was nothing but stupid that night…I had this strong attraction to you…not Sara…but you…”  I said, “Yea, well now we’ll both never know if it was the bet or you.”


Chapter 20


I stepped off the couch and said, “I don’t think I’ll ever trust you again…and that’s a shame…because I really think…that had you not been such an asshole…I would have been able to trust you with everything in me.  You’ll never know exactly how much you hurt me.  Never…Not in a million years.”


Mark grabbed my arm and pulled me around to face him and said, “So tell me…Tell me what it feels like…Why is you’re brother the only sainted Male in your life?”  I jerked my arm away and said, “You wanna know…you really wanna know?”  Mark said, “Yea…I wanna know.  So tell me damn it…what did he do that was so God damn special…that you seem to think every man whose crossed your life is an asshole…why is it Brock is allowed to be as close to you as he wants?”


I got quiet and looked at the ground, Mark got tired of the silence and shouted, “TELL ME!”


I  said, “Because he saved my life.  Because he was there for me when it mattered the most.  I was a scared 14 year old girl…who’d just been raped and beaten…and I was losing all hope for ever having my life back…having a normal life…but then again what’s normal?”  Mark said, “You wanna explain all that to me?”


I said, “I was at home late one night, and Brock was supposed to get out of Wrestling practice and be home so we could cook dinner together…my parents were off someone gallivanting around the world on one of their hoity-toity cruises they took 5 times a year…one of Brock’s friends came to the door…when I said he wasn’t there…he busted down the door and him and his two friends raped me and beat me…I was 14.”  I had tears sliding down my cheeks…


I continued, “Brock came home and found me…he took me to the hospital and then absolutely hunted down the 3 guys, who I’d said did that to me…and beat the shit out of the 3 guys who were supposedly his best friends…he nearly broke ever bone in their bodies…the one guy had to have complete reconstruction facial surgery, he took a baseball bat to each one of them, while cussing their souls to hell and back…and just left them there to practically die…some homeless guy found them and called an ambulance…the 3 boys never said it was Brock…they just decided it would be better to fear for their lives then try and turn in someone who had every right to do what he’d done to them.”


Mark said, “What about you?” 


I said, “As for me…I had to have reconstructive surgery on my uterus and womb…because I was such a small kid at 14…they had practically ripped me to shreds on the inside.  It took a full year to heal…and then I was in such a bad state of depression…I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything…I couldn’t even finish school…I couldn’t stand having to be in the same school with those monsters.  After our parents died…I was 15…and Brock was 17…The courts said because Brock was such a responsible adult at 17, he could keep raising me…”


I breathed deeply and sighed heavy and continued, “Brock finally made a decision for me…he pulled me from the public schools…and made me do home schooling…and then when he would go to the gyms he’d take me with him…I started with the punching bag…the more I used it…the more the people around me realized I had a LOT of pent up aggression…Brock got me a trainer who trained me how to box…and it went from there…I started competing…and before I even knew it at 17, I was a professional boxer…but Brock is the one who saved me…he got me out of the apt., got me into a sport to help with my anger and aggression…I’ll always be thankful to him for that…we were close before…but now we’re closer…he’s not just my brother…he’s my best friend.”


It got quiet in the room…I could tell by the look on Mark’s face that he was trying to go through all the information I had just given him and I said, “Look, I’m leaving for a while…I have so many issues with my past that I need to deal with…We both do…Mark, I care for you very deeply…but you’re still pissed off at Sara…and I’m still pissed off at everyone who’s male and who isn’t Brock…”


I walked over to where Mark was sitting on the coffee table and said, “It really is for the best if I leave for a while…I need to get my life back on track…not necessarily normal…but something close to it would be nice…when I get back…if you feel like talking some more and trying to work something out, then that’s fine with me…but not until I get back.” 


I leaned down and brushed my lips against Mark’s and turned to leave when Mark grabbed my hand and said, “Jackie…”  I turned around and looked in his emerald orbs…and saw the tears brimming…but refusing to fall…he said, “Can I call you while your gone?”  I smiled and said, “I’d really like that.”  Mark stood up and pulled me too him and captured my lips in a soul exploding kiss…and then he hugged me close to him and kissed the top of my head…and said, “I’m sorry Jackie…I never meant to hurt you.”  He kissed my lips a couple of time.


As I opened the door…Brock was leaning against the wall with my suitcase next to him…he stood up and nodded at Mark and said, “Ready Pinky?”  I smiled and said, “Yea.”  Mark kissed the back of my hand as Brock put his arm around my waist and we walked down the hall and out of the hotel…Mark watched from the window as Brock hugged me and I got in the cab…and the cab drove off.


Chapter 21


- -1 year & 6 Months later- -


I was pulled from my thoughts as the yellow taxi pulled up in front of the Hilton hotel in San Diego, California at 6:30 am…And saw Brock standing outside waiting for me.  He looked beat, chances are, since him and Heidi had gotten married, they were pretty much putting some miles on every single bed and mattress that crossed their paths on the wrestling tour, can’t say as I blame them…I had talked to Mark practically every day since I had left to deal with my issues…he really supported and encouraged me to fix myself, he hated it when I referred to it like that…he’d growl that I wasn’t broken, just had been hurt by too many people, and that if I didn’t stop saying I was getting myself fixed he’d come and put me across his knee and then I’d really need to be fixed…I couldn’t help but laugh at him. 


Other then Brock, Mark was my biggest supporter.  I missed him and he knew it…but then again after he’d gone to about 4 weeks of therapy he’d started coming to the realization that he loved me and was missing me just as much.  Mark wasn’t able to tell me he loved me yet, which was a good thing, because I still wasn’t sure about my feelings for him yet either, I knew I loved him…but I wasn’t sure why…and I needed to know why before I tried proclaiming my love for him.


Brock opened the taxi door and had this huge smile on his face and said, “Get your skinny ass out of that car and give me a hug.”  I said, “Damn I just got back and already my ass is being invited places and not the rest of me…I swear.”  Brock pulled me from the limo and wrapped me in his arms in a huge bear hug…I always did love his hugs…he would never quite squeeze the ever loving shit out of ya…but he did like to try.


Brock said, “Damn, didn’t you eat while you was gone?”  I said, “Yes…I gain 5 lbs…I’m now 130…”  Brock said, “5 lbs, where?”  I said, “I think my boobs and ass…but I can never tell where it went.”  Brock wouldn’t help but laugh…He grabbed my suitcase and walked me inside…I said, “So is he still sleeping?”  Brock said, “Yes, there’s a cleaning lady whose been watching him to make sure he doesn’t get up before you get in there to see him…So c’mon, she’s waiting.”


Mark didn’t know I was coming back this morning…and I wanted to surprise him…I think I spent more time on the phone with Mark then I had Brock…Mark and I would stay up long nights and just talk…we’d gotten to know a lot about each other and he even said once we’d gotten comfortable enough with each other, he’d like me to move to Texas, to live with him on the ranch in Houston.  I was floored when he said it…but he also promised nothing was being forced, he wanted to take his time with me…he wanted me to trust him fully like before all the shit happened…


Mark wanted me to see how much he’d changed on the inside for me…Of course, he said, “Don’t go expecting this to be easy for me…I’m a man, things will not come as easily for me as they do for you.”  I told him I was moved to tears just because he was putting forth such an effort…which when I started crying on the phone, he almost couldn’t handle…his voice got really husky with emotions and he said, “Jackie, you’ve got to stop that crying, it breaks my heart to hear you cry girl.”


I couldn’t help but giggle at me being able to bring the big man to his knees with such emotions.  Of course having that kind of effect on him, only made me cry a little more…and he could hear me sniffling over the phone and he said, “Girl, if you don’t stop that you’re gonna have my blubbering like a baby in 2 seconds…”  I apologized while laughing…especially with his choice of words…it was cute but emotional…I apologized even more, cause it was hard to be going through all the shit I was, and not be in some kind of an emotional tirade. 


Mark told me not to worry about it, and that I was never allowed to cry in front of him, unless it was for an extremely good reason…and that it better not be during some funky chic movie like Steel Magnolias when Julia Roberts dies…although after he said that, he did express if he had been married to Julia Roberts and she died he’d cry too.  That was the point where the tears stopped and I was rolling with laughter on the other end of the phone.  I could hear Mark growling on the other line.  In a way our late night phone conversation were therapy for the both of us…


Brock walked me to Mark’s door and the cleaning lady unlocked the door and let me in…Brock set my suitcase just inside the door, kissed my cheek and went back to join his wife in bed.  I thanked the cleaning lady and closed and locked the door.  I could smell the fresh air floating through the hotel room…Mark loved to sleep with the sliding doors open to get the fresh air in, it helped him sleep easier. 


Chapter 22


I stood in the bedroom doorway watching Mark sleep.


His light snores filed the room and it was a heavenly sound…of course the appearance of him was heavenly too…his wild mane was spread out on the pillow, and he had the covers pulled up to just his waist…he was laying on his side facing away from the door, so even if he was awake, he didn’t see me.  I walked over and took my jeans off, and with just lace panty shorts and a tank top…I slowly crept into bed with Mark…I laid on my side facing him, just watching him sleep.


His long eyelashes fanned along the top of his cheeks, he looked so peaceful.  I leaned over and softly brushed my lips against his.  His eyes fluttered open and I half smiled and said, “I missed you.”  Mark said, “Hell, I missed you to darlin’.”  I said, “I absolutely ache for your touch.”  Mark smirked and said, “Where are you aching the most?”  I took his hand and touched his fingertips to my lips and said, “Here.”  Mark leaned over and kissed my lips, and said, “Anywhere else?” 


I put his hand on one breast and then the other and said, “Here.”  Mark leaned down a little and pulled the front of my tank top down and slowly kissed around my nipples and then took each one into his mouth and sucked with a little pressure.  I let a small moan escape my mouth.  He pulled my top back up and came up kissed my lips again and said, “Is that it?”  I slowly shook my head no.  Mark said, “Okay…show me.”


I moved around and laid on my back and moved my body as close to Mark as possible, his hand was resting on my stomach.  His other hand was lazily pushing my hair off my forehead, he leaned down and kissed my forehead.  I took his hand that was resting on my stomach and pulled the hem of my panties up and slid Mark’s hand down the front of my panties, his hand stopped right on my mound and he said, “There?”  I nodded yes.  Mark’s long middle finger slid up my slit and he said, “Well, we can’t have that sweet pussy aching to be touched baby…Spread those beautiful thighs and I’ll personally handle that right now.”  I bent my knees and spread my legs like he asked me…he captured my lips in a kiss, and I felt him slide his finger deep inside of my core…


I couldn’t help but moan into Mark’s mouth from the pleasure I was feeling from him.  Mark let his tongue caress every part of my mouth and then he tongue found mine as he sucked it into his mouth…I could feel Mark’s finger sliding in and out of me at a fast pace…Mark said, “You wanna cum for me baby.”  I said, “No.”  Mark said, “Oh really…why not?”  I slid my hand under the covers and found he was sleeping naked and his erection was pretty present…I slowly stroked his erection and Mark grunted a little and he leaned down and kissed my ear and then in a low husky voice said, “You want me to make you cum with my cock baby?”


Mark didn’t miss the full body shiver that ripped through me when he said that word, he’d knew it would make me insane.  I nodded and Mark said, “What do you say?”  I was writhing under his torturous administrations and arched up and said, “Please.”  Mark kissed my lips and said, “That’s my good girl.”  Mark got out from underneath the covers and was sitting on his knees between my thighs…he grabbed the hem of my tank top and discarded it, and then grabbed the hem of my panties and I lifted my hips while he pulled my panties off and threw them in the collecting pile of clothes on the floor next to the bed.


Mark positioned himself between my thighs and said, “You ready baby.”  I bit my bottom lips and nodded.  Mark leaned down and kissed my lips gently as he slowly entered me…my eyes practically rolled into the back of my head…yup this was torture…Mark growled “Christ, Jackie you’re so tight baby.”  I moaned out, “You feel so good inside of me.”  Mark kept a steady pace, until I brought his ear to my mouth and tongued his ear and said, “Faster please.”  Mark raised his eyebrow and said, “Well I ain’t one to say no.”  Mark started thrusted faster and harder into me with every stroke…


Mark said, “Feel good baby?”  I said, “Mmmm…God yes.” 


Mark pulled my knees up and slid his hands to the back of my thighs and pulled my thighs further apart and started thrusting deeper into me…I didn’t think he could go any deeper, but he proved me wrong…Mark said, “Do you know how much it turns me on to see your pussy taking all of my cock baby?…it looks really beautiful…like you.”  Mark felt me shiver under his body…he knew the dirty talk was going to make me go over the edge…Mark leaned down and said, “C’mon baby, Let your pussy cum for my cock…” 


That pretty much did it for me…Mark could feel my walls starting to clamp down on him and was milking him…he waited and right when I started Moaning and said, “Mmmm God Mark, I’m cumming.”  Practically screaming out my release…Mark growled and thrusted one last time and I felt his seed explode inside of me as my cum covered him, and his cum filled me.  Mark gently pulled out of me and laid next to me, and pulled me to him and he said, “Sleep with me baby…we’re both tired.”  I leaned up and kissed his lips as I laid my head on his chest and fell asleep with him…I felt his arm tighten around me and he kissed the top of my head as he dozed off too.


Chapter 23


I woke up a few hours later, with my face against a warm chest…I looked down and could see the BSK Pride tattoo…and smiled a little…I moved down and was pressing feather light kisses around his stomach and 6-pak and also around his tattoo…and was tracing his tattoo with the tip of my tongue and fingertips…


A low rumbling from the chest attached to the stomach said, “If you are wanting to play, I had better go to the bathroom first.”  I said, “That’s probably a good idea…cause we aren’t leaving this room anytime soon.”  Laughter rumbled from Mark’s chest as he got up and strided into the bathroom in all his naked glory.


I stretched and rolled over and onto my other side…Mark came out of the bathroom and crawled in bed behind me, his erection pressed tightly against my butt…Mark pulled me back against him and was kissing my neck, shoulders, while his hands were busy making my nipples hard and caressing my breasts…I was letting out some ferias moans.


One of his hands left my breasts and slid down my stomach and rested against my mound…Mark was kissing by my ear and said, “Let’s check and see if your ready for me baby…you want to?”  I was writhing under this man’s touch and said, “Mmmm please.”  Mark continued the assault on my neck and shoulders with his tongue and lips as I felt him slide his finger down my slit and into me…once inside he moved around a little bit and said, “Oh yea, that sweet little pussy of yours is so ready for me baby…” 


I swallowed hard…any more dirty talk on his part and it was going to be over, before we even got started on the good stuff…


Mark got up on his knees and pulled me up onto my hands and knees…and said, “Don’t move baby.”  Mark pushed my thighs further apart and slid his erection into my dripping core…Mark said, “God damn baby, you’re tight from every angle…”  I was going to laugh…but I was so lost in my own ecstasy…Mark gripped my hips and started thrusting in and out of me.


Mark gripped my thighs and thrusted his erection even deeper into my soaking wet center…He started thrusting into me like a mad man…his fingers were digging into my hips, I balanced myself on my knees and grabbed his hands with mine and slowly ran them up my body and around my waist…


Mark leaned over my back tight against his chest and he never stopped thrusting into me…he was kissing my neck and along my spine…at the pace we were going it didn’t take long for my orgasm to rack through my body…and as soon as Mark felt me cum, it triggered his…he growled loud as he exploded into my body…he rode out our orgasms…and hit the bed like a ton of bricks…


Mark turned me over and said, “Now you do realize you’re mine…forever.”  I laid on him and breathlessly said, “Yes…”  Mark said, “You also realize I was serious when I said I wanted you to move in with me…”  I said, “I didn’t then…But I can tell now by the look in your eyes…you just let me know when…”  Mark said, “I love you Jackie..”  I looked up shocked and said, “I love you too Mark.”  I laid my head on Mark’s chest and listened to his heart beat…it was then that I knew it didn’t matter how bad my past was…Mark really did love me and care about me, and I knew he’d never let anything bad happen to me again…And I also realized…we were going to be alright.


The End.