I Disappear


Chapter 1


I’ve been modeling for the last 5 years with my best friend Heidi…We met a long time ago in Los Angeles, California…our home town…we now spend 6 months in New York and 6 months in LA.  If we weren’t one place we were at the other…


My name is Karen Martini…I’m 5’9” and 125 lbs…I have gray eyes and Brownish-blonde hair 3 inches past my waist…Heidi was 5’6” 120lbs, with long curly red hair and green eyes…


Lately we had been modeling swimsuits for Sports Illustrated in Hawaii…but then while we were on our way back to LA, we got a call from our agent Jack…he said that there was a New designer in LA who wanted us to model clothes for the catalog that was getting ready to come out.  We were both excited and couldn’t wait to get started…


The morning of the shoot I was driving my Bright red Toyota RAV4…Heidi’s Indigo Blue convertible Mustang was in the shop AGAIN!  Heidi was sitting with her feet on the dash painting her toenails while I was zipping through traffic…I said, “For the sake of everything that is decent and holy, please put down the window…the fumes from your toes are starting to make me light headed…”  Heidi stuck her tongue out at me and said, “Toenails…toenails…my toes smell perfect.”  I said, “No…I was talking about your stank ass toes attached to your stank ass feet…you’re getting your nasty foot fungus all over the dashboard of my beautiful baby here…either drape them out the window or I’ll cut them off and you’ll walk around on your ankle’s for the rest of your life.”


Heidi said, “Wow…someone is in an awfully pissy mood…what happened did Jon not return your call?”  She would be referring to Jon from Bon Jovi…I smacked the steering wheel as we stopped at the red light and I glared at Heidi…


I said, “Okay hello?  I gave the man everything he could possibly want…I was in love with the man for God’s sake…We dated for  2 years…then  all of suddenly he goes back on tour with Richie and the rest of the morons…and all of a suddenly he’s calling me and telling me it’s over one night after a concert…Then I find out through the grape vine the same night he broke up with me over a tacky Cell-phone call…he instantly starts dating some fan he had a romp with that night…She’s a God damn college student…Shari something or other…I graduated from college…I’m supposed to be a fuckin’ nurse…and I ditched that to become a model…how stupid was I…Why is it the good looking guys with great careers always go for the air headed school students?”


Heidi laughed and said, “That’s a way to get your man back…insult the woman he’s in love with now…”  I said, “It’s not love Heidi…it’s lust…And believe me, if Jon came crawling back on his hands and knee’s begging me to go back to him…I wouldn’t.”  Heidi said, “Yes you would…”  I said, “I wouldn’t even piss on him if his mouth was on fire…”  Heidi giggled a little. 


As the light turned green, Heidi grabbed the ‘Oh shit’ handles and closed her eyes tight…I slammed my foot on the gas, let off on the clutch and ripped through the gears of my 5 speed, and cut off 4 lanes of traffic just to turn into the parking lot of the studio warehouse…I heard a few cuss words being thrown at me and as I got out was giving every one a double shot of the finger, while Heidi walked around to my side and was grabbing the crotch of her jeans at the motorists…we were a bad influence on each other…plus we loved to shock the hell out of people, two beautiful girls, making lewd actions towards people…I set the alarm and we walked inside.


We checked in at the front desk and the receptionist gave us directions to the stage where we would be doing our photo shoot…as we were walking down the hallway…it got narrow…and Heidi stepped in front of me, cause we saw a group of guys coming our way…I was carrying a bottle of water…and just by some chance the last guy in the line, bumped my hand and I dropped my water. 


I didn’t notice but we both squatted down to retrieve the bottle…but his had picked it up and said, “I’m sorry…I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.”  I smiled…he was cute…and said, “It’s okay…no harm done.”  We stood up and he handed the bottle to me…my fingers brushed against his and I felt an electrical shock go up my arm.  Heidi’s voice brought me back down to reality when she came over and said, “Karen let’s go…” 


I said, “Heidi don’t you know who this is?”  She said, “No…should I?”  I giggled and said, “This is James Hetfield from Metallica…The band I got you hooked on…James this is Heidi Combs…”  James smiled and shook her hand and said, “Well…since you know who I am…Can I have your name?”  I said, “Karen Martini.”  James said, “Karen Martini?  The model from Sport illustrated?”  I smiled and said, “Guilty.”  Kirk Hammett from James band ran up and said, “James, c’mon Lars is looking for you.”  James said, “Ladies it was nice meeting you…Karen, I hope I see you again real soon.”  I smiled and as they walked away I got another smile from James and under my breath I said, “Oh you will…Believe me.”


Chapter 2


James couldn’t concentrate through the run down of the damn song…he had a few calls into Karen’s agent to see if she would call him back or not…maybe he was wrong…maybe the vibe he got from her wasn’t the same one he was sending out…he could of sworn she was interested…that smile of hers was beautiful…if she would have smiled one more time he was gonna jump her in the middle of the hallway… ‘Okay James you’re not a barbarian…lord…’ he thought.


Lars chimed in and said, “Hey man…where is your head today?  You’ve missed that chorus 4 times now.”  James shook his head completely empty on thoughts of Karen and said, “I dunno man…I get right to the point and I just want to jump over it for some reason.”  Kirk smiled and said, “He’s thinking about Karen again.”


James gave Kirk the finger and said, “Thanks dude…that helps…”  Lars said, “Man, you need to get laid.”  James said, “Man that’s not even the subject right now…”  Lars laughed and said, “Maybe it should be…”  James said, “Dude…I don’t even think of her that way…I mean C’mon Kirk you saw her she was gorgeous…”  Kirk smiled mischievously and said, “Actually I wasn’t paying attention to her I was sort of checking out her little friend.” 


James laughed and said, “You mean Heidi Combs…dude if you don’t learn anything else know this…they are Karen & Heidi…the Sports Illustrated swimwear girls…I read they are best of friends…they have a condo in LA…and a huge apartment in New York…they are living together until they get married and get settled…”  Kirk said, “I could see myself getting married to Heidi…she’s cute…and she’s about an inch shorter then I am…I always end up dating the women who are 2 feet taller then me. And I have to get a step ladder to kiss them at the end of the night.”


The guys started laughing so hard…Kirk said, “I see nothing funny about that.”  James said, “Yea well…you’re last girlfriend was 6 foot 2…Us picturing you on a step ladder kissing her…is funny to us…” 


Kirk said, “Okay that’s fine…I got something for you guys.”  Kirk put his hand in his front shirt pocket and when he pulled his hand out he was giving all the guys who were laughing at him the finger…and said, “Have you seen it enough…no really…cause I don’t want to put it away before you’ve seen all of it.”  He put his finger back in his pocket and said, “I don’t know why you guys make me be mean to you.”


Bob Rock walked into the studio and said, “Gentlemen…if you guys are quite finished…we are paying for the studio time ya know…Let’s quit screwing around and get some work done.”  Bob got a round of ‘Okays’…and left so the guys could get back to work.


Meanwhile, in New York…Heidi and I were walking through a museum…and I said, “I can’t believe James hasn’t called me back yet…I had Jack call his manager…I thought for sure I was reading all the signs right…”  Heidi said, “Maybe you didn’t read them clear enough…”  I looked down at her and said, “Bite me.”  Heidi said, “You know something…you need to seriously get laid…you’ve been a holy terror ever since you saw James…what are you going to do if he didn’t want you?” 


I said, “Move on I guess…I just want to find a really good boyfriend and just rub it in Jon’s face.”  Heidi said, “Oh yea, you’re not bitter or anything.”  I said, “Honestly I wouldn’t be so bitter, if he wouldn’t have broken up with me over a damn cell phone…I mean he could have respected our relationship enough to at least tell me in person…I’m really not bitter...but it does hurt.  I thought we were going good…but I guess…I guess we weren’t as good as I had hoped.”


Heidi said, “It would be for the fact that you guys dated for 2 years…and you was living in New York and LA, while he stayed in Jersey…You guys had cross country dating…you only saw each other around 4 times a month…if you would have at least stayed in New York longer then what you usually do…you guys could have been closer.”  I said, “Yea, Yea…I know.”


As we were walking out of the museum, my cell phone started ringing, I flipped my purse open and pulled it out and said, “This is Karen.”  A familiar deep voice said, “Do you know how hard you are to get a hold of?”  I smiled and said, “Yea…well so are you.”  James laughed and said, “So where are you?”  I said, “New York, I just left the museum with Heidi…but we’re going to be back in LA by tonight.” 


James said, “Feel like going to dinner?”  I said, “What did you have in mind?”  James said, “Well…how about we drive down to Santa Monica have some dinner and see where we go from there…”  I said, “Sounds like a good idea…you’ve got my number…I should be home by 6 tonight.”  James said, “Okay…I’ll call ya then.”  We said our good-byes and I threw my phone back in my purse as I grabbed Heidi’s hand and took off running to get back to the apartment so we could get back to LA before 6…


Chapter 3


Heidi and I made it back to LA in record time and was actually back in our place by 3:30…I showered and waited for James to call…and right at 6 he called and said, “So I assume you’re home?”  I said, “Correct…You ready to go?”  James said, “Absolutely…you want me to drive?”  I said, “Sure.”  I rattled off my address and directions on how to get to the condo.  About 30 minutes later…a 65 Black convertible mustang, that sounded about ready to tear the head off something pulled up in front of the condo…


I had on a black cotton skirt that had a pocket on each outer thigh, and it came to just above my knees…plus black 2½ inch heeled, knee-high boots…my red tank top and matching cardigan over it…I had left my hair down with tons of spiral curls throughout it.


I came running down the stairs and Heidi was curled up in sweats and a t-shirt…I said, “How do I look?”  She said, “A really cheap hooker in expensive clothes.”  I said, “Really?  Well their you’re clothes…”  Heidi’s mouth dropped open and said, “I thought that skirt and shirt looked familiar.”  I smiled and said, “But they look much better on TALLER people.”  Heidi glared at me and said, “I hope the heel of your boot breaks off and you trip and fall over James.”


James came up and knocked on the door…I glared back at Heidi and said, “Keep your frumpy ass on the couch…if he sees you in sweats and a t-shirt I’ll die of embarrassment…”  Heidi said, “Oh that alone would be enough for me.”  We always bantered back and forth like that…that’s the way we’ve been since we’ve been best friends…I walked over and before I opened the door I looked at Heidi and said, “Bitch.”


I opened the door and James looked really good…he had on Black dress pants…like chinos, black steel toed boots, a white wife beater, with a black button up short sleeve shirt on.  He looked so good.


James was looking down when the door opened, he looked up and there she was…she was absolutely beautiful.  James was standing with his hands behind his back…He pulled his hands out and handed her, a long stem red rose…and seen the smile instantly appear on her face.


I smiled and said, “Thank you…”  James said, “You’re welcome…ready?”  I said, “Absolutely.”  He held out his arm and I took it as we walked out I closed the door behind me and we walked over to his car and he opened the door for me.  I stepped in and once in, he closed the door.  As we drove to Santa Monica we made some small talk…and talked some more while we ate dinner…


James said, “So I heard you say you got Heidi hooked on our music…how did that come about?”  I said, “Well…she was into pretty much any kind of music…but one day we were driving down the street and I popped in the Load album and she was like ‘what the hell…who is that’…I started explaining to her who you guys were…when we got back she went online and checked out your Metallica website…and she’s been hooked ever since…then when you guys came around doing the Load tour, I bought tickets and took her…she had a great time.”


James said, “Which show?”  I said, “It was the Sacramento, Arco Arena show…We knew some friends who were going to it, so we drove up and went with them…she’d never been to a metal concert, and was trying to wear a pink designer sun dress…I was like ‘nuh-huh’ I dragged her into my room and slapped some black jeans, boots, and a Metallica t-shirt on her…then re-did her cutesy  make-up into a rock beauty…when we got there…and she saw how every one else was dressed…she couldn’t believe she’d almost wore that stupid dress…and thanked me for saving her ass.”  James was laughing.


After dinner we went walking on the boardwalk / pier…I said, “So is my Uncle getting any easier to work with?”  James said, “Whose you’re uncle?”  I smiled and said, “Robert Rock.”  James said, “No shit…Bob is your uncle…”  I smiled and nodded yes…he said, “Have you ever worked with him?”  I said, “Nope…but I know he can be rather relentless.”  James laughed and said, “You got that right.”  I laughed and said, “I know he’s a proverbial pain in the ass…don’t worry about him…he’s actually really easy to please..”


James said, “Okay, this sounds really 5th grade, but can I hold your hand?”  I laughed and said, “I’d like that.”  James took my hand in his and laced our fingers together and we continued walking the board walk.  I could feel his thumb rubbing against my hand…James took me home around 2 am…we were standing on the front porch…and I said, “Thanks I had a really nice time.”  James said, “Yea me too…we should do this again…”  I smiled and said, “I think that’s a great idea.”  James said, “How about I give you a call in a couple of days…we’re going to be in the studio cause we’re trying to get another album done.”  I said, “Sounds good.”


James wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close and captured my lips with his…his tongue snaked its way into my mouth and caressed every place in my mouth…then he caressed my tongue with his…the feel of his mustache and go-tee rubbing against my lips was almost my undoing…he pulled away and said, “Talk to ya soon.”  I smiled and said, “Have a safe drive home.”  I walked in the house as James walked away…I collapsed against the door…My head was spinning…


Chapter 4


Heidi turned the light on and said, “You hooker, you had sex with him didn’t you?  All I have to say is…I want my clothes dry cleaned and free of any of his little swimmers and back in my room by the end of the week.”  I stood up and said, “No, we didn’t have sex.  But after that kiss, the thought did cross my mind a few hundred times…” Heidi said, “You hoochie.”  I said, “I’m not a hoochie…James is a very sweet guy…he also told me that Kirk thought you was pretty cute.” 


Heidi perked up and said, “Kirk…which one is Kirk again?”  I laughed and said, “The one with the long black curly hair.”  Heidi groaned a little and said, “I’d give my back teeth to have him shove his tongue down my throat.”  I couldn’t help but giggle at my best friend…as we walked upstairs and into her room…I plopped down on the bed next to Heidi and said, “Well, fear not…I gave your cell phone number to James…he’s going to hand it over to Kirk tomorrow morning when they get to the studio.  So be expecting a call hon.”


Heidi jumped up and said, “You didn’t did you?”  She looked and the smile on my face and said, “You did!”  I laughed and said, “Yes I did…you need to get laid as bad as I do…and if you get a boyfriend out of it…it’s just a bonus.”  Heidi said, “True…I can’t believe Kirk thought I was cute.”  I said, “Please…he thought more then that, but apparently James didn’t want to elaborate on the subject.”  I got up and went to bed.


The following few weeks were spent with James…I had never had so much fun…we even doubled with Heidi and Kirk…they were both pretty shy when it came to dating each other.  They started off dating pretty slowly…they would just go out once a week, I couldn’t get over how shy each other them were…James and I were trying to see each other as much as possible. 


6 Months later, James and I were pretty serious and were seen out in public constantly…and sometimes we’d have Kirk and Heidi with us…but usually we were by ourselves…we liked the alone time we got…I didn’t spend nearly as much time in New York, cause I could never wait to see James.  Every moment I was awake, I was either with James or I was on the phone with him.


One day, I was in jean shorts, a white tank top that said ‘Naughty Angel’ above the naughty there were devil horns and above the angel was a halo…plus my ankle socks and tenny shoes.  Heidi went with her white and blue summer dress… with white sandals that had the long strings that wrapped up and around to the knees…it wasn’t summer yet…but it was nice enough to wear summer clothes.  We were walking down the hallway of the studio where we had actually met them…


Uncle Robert let us in while the guys were trying to finish up recording their very last song for the new album.  We were standing there listening…it sounded great.  I gave my Uncle a hug and stood with my head on his shoulder…He looked at us and said, “James and Kirk have been treating you both really good right.”  Heidi said, “Kirk is such a gentlemen.”  I smiled and said, “Yes of course…James is so wonderful.”  He said, “So where are you coming from?”  Heidi said, “We had a shoot about 3 blocks down and finished up so we decided since we were this close…we might as well come on over and see how the guys were coming along.”


When they were finished, Kirk grabbed Heidi and took off to have a couple of days away…and then James got in the car with me and I drove us over to his huge apartment.  When we got there, we were laying on his bed, just watching a movie…nothing big…I had my head on his chest and I could feel him running his fingers through my hair…We watched probably about an hour of the movie…I looked up at James and he said, “What?”  I smiled and leaned up and kissed his lips.  James hand slid down my back and pulled me closer…My hand snaked it’s way up his stomach and across his 6-pac…


James turned over to face me, and we started slowly undressing each other…James found the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up and over my head and started slowly kissing down my neck and across my throat to my chest and down the valley between my breasts…his warm soft hands reeked havoc touching my skin driving me insane…I pulled his shirt off and we kicked out shoes off…I reached down and was unbuttoning his jeans and slid my hand down inside of his pants…as I suspected his erection was painfully pressed against the zipper of his jeans…as I freed his erection, James groaned a little…probably from the incredible relief.


James slid my shorts and panties from my body and then sat back and was taking a minute to take in what my body looked like without clothes…James said, “Even more beautiful then I imagined.”  I smiled and pulled him back down for another kiss…James pushed my legs apart with his knee and rested the tip of his erection at my entrance and said, “Are you sure you wanna do this?”  I said, “You be able to stop if I said No?”  James said, “I highly doubt it.”  I said, “Then I’m sure…I need you James.”  That one little four word sentence of me telling him I need him…was totally his undoing…


James pushed his erection into me and we both moaned from the pleasure we were receiving…he started slowly moving in and out of me…it felt so good…My hips were meeting his with every movement he made…I licked around his ear and sucked his ear lobe into my mouth and begged him to go faster…James not wanting to be the one to ever say no to me…started working his erection in and out of my dripping core faster and faster and harder and harder with every stroke…I swore if he got in any deeper, he’s have to camp out inside of me for the night…I ran my nails down his back and he could feel my walls started to clamp down around his erection…which made him piston in and out of me faster and harder…


After a few more thrusts I was thrown over the edge…and one deep thrust James was thrown also…our orgasms ripped through our body…and I felt James spill his seed deep into me…while we were trying to get out breathing under control…and get our senses to come back…James kissed my lips and said, “I love you.”  I smiled and said, “I love you too.”  We were both pretty spent…James pulled the covers up and over us and then wrapped me in his arms and we fell asleep.


Chapter 5


Heidi and Kirk actually made it back to the condo, before James and I even saw the light of day…we spent the 2 extra days in bed…we never left once, unless it was to shower go to the bathroom or eat…and then it was right back in bed.  When we got back to the condo…James dropped me off, and picked Kirk up and they would be taking off to finalize their album the next morning.


Heidi saw me walk through the door and said, “You slut…you got laid finally.”  I smiled and said, “You better fuckin’ believe it…and it felt great!  So uh…what did you and Kirk do for the last 2 days?”  Heidi smiled and said, “Just basically talked and did a lot of kissing and exploring…”  I said, “You little hoochie…you fucked him didn’t you?”


Heidi walked up the stairs and said, “No…you cow…I got to know him…I’m not like you…I don’t need to fuck every one I date immediately.”  I said, “HEY!…I waited for 6 months…this weekend it just felt right.  And James was amazing…he had my eyes rolling in the back of my head for the last 2 days…I swear it was like a 48 hour long orgasm…My body tingled the whole time…Jon could never do that to me.” 


I followed Heidi up stairs I went towards the bathroom and Heidi said, “So is James your soul mate?”  I said, “Girl…you know I don’t believe in all that soul mate bullshit…but if I did…I would think he is…I’m gonna take a shower really fast…I’m beat.”  Heidi smiled and said, “Okay.”  And walked on down the hallway into her bedroom and hopped into bed.  Heidi waited…she knew Karen would be joining her for their before bed talk like they’d done since they were younger…and they lived across the street from each other and would talk for 10 minutes on walky-talkies…


I took my shower and then went back into Heidi’s room and smiled and said, “Soul mate huh?  I love the sound of that for some reason…it makes me almost giddy.”  Heidi laughed and said, “You love James don’t you?”  I smiled and said, “Yea…does it show that much?”  Heidi said, “Actually yes it does.”  I said, “Damn, I was so trying to hide it too.”  We both busted out laughing…


A couple of weeks later, I was sitting next to James while he was writing the liner noted for the CD cover…I got up to use the restroom and left my purse on the table next to James…While I was in the bathroom, my cell phone started ringing, so James like any other time, picked it up and said, “Hello?”  The male voice on the other line said, “Yes…Let me speak to Karen right now.”  James scoffed and said, “Damn, ever heard of please?” 


The man said, “Are you having fun with my wife?  Because since she’s been missing in my life I’m sure she’s fucking her way through yours.  You know she does this every year…she picks up some unsuspecting band member whose the flavor of the week…and finds a suitable member to fuck…and then when she’s done, she just brushes them off…When you see Karen please let her know her husband is looking for her.”


James hung up and then went down the hall and waited for me to come out of the bathroom…I walked out and James had my purse, he grabbed my arm and pulled me into a side room…and slammed the door.  I jumped a little and James thrusted me purse in my hands and said, “I just had an interesting conversation…”  I said, “Really…who with?” 


James cleared his throat and yelled “YOUR HUSBAND…apparently he knows about us…he informed me that you do this once a year…pick out some poor unsuspecting member of a famous rock band, fuck the guy for a few months and then your back to hubby…he said he’s tired of you messing around…he wants you back home.”


I was shocked and stunned and finally said, “James, I’m not married…I’ve never been married.”  James said, “After everything I told you…you’re just gonna stand here and lie to me?  He called your cell phone…he told me everything…you and me are over…I can’t believe you’re fuckin’ married.”  I said, “I’m not MARRIED!”  James opened the door and said, “Get out.”  I just looked at him and he shouted “GET OUT!”


I looked at James and looked at the floor…and walked out.

Chapter 6


**Ring-Ring**  **Ring-Ring**


Jonathan was half dead to the world sleeping in bed when he reached over out from under the blankets and grabbed the phone…and slowly pulled it back under the covers with him…mumbling to himself “C’mon man, I just got off a 6 month tour…I need me some sleep people…bug someone else.” 


He clicked the cordless on and a groggy voice said, “Hello?”  A familiar sobbing voice came back on the other end that said, “Jonathan…He yelled at me and he was mean to me…”  Jonathan sat right up…well as much as he could with 12 blankets on…he said, “Who was?”  The distraught voice said, “James…” 


Jonathan’s over head light bulb finally kicked on and he said, “Karen is that you?”  The voice sobbed a little more and said, “Yes…”  Jonathan said, “Karen are you at your place?”  he heard a whimpering yes in there somewhere and said, “Don’t move honey…I’ll be right over I promise.”


I have known Jonathan Davis for as long as I can remember, almost as long as I’d known Heidi…Jonathan was the lead singer of the Rock band Korn.  I knew him before he was a singer…we’ve always been close…we tried the dating things when we were both younger, but nothing ever came of it…and then he started the band and we never did have much time together…So all we do is talk on the phone and have a few movies night when he’d not on tour or in the studio.


Jonathan jumped out of bed and into the shower then got dressed and ran down stairs and jumped into his Black Ford Expedition.  And took off to Karen and Heidi’s condo.  As soon as he got to the front door he didn’t even have to knock…Heidi opened the door and Jonathan said, “What the hell happened…I left here 6 months ago and Karen was cheer and happy and now she calls me crying her eyes out?” 


Heidi said, “She’s hurting bad Jon…James really hurt her…he answered her cell phone and some wise ass on the other end was telling him that he was Karen’s husband and she picks a lead singer from a famous back once a year to be her play toy…he believed the asshole, and broke everything off with her…he yelled at her…and cussed and raised hell…he was a total dick to her.”


Jonathan looked up the stairs and said, “Bedroom?”  Heidi said, “Yea…the room is pitch black, she’s been there for the last 3 weeks.”  Jonathan made a face and said, “Shit 3 weeks?  This ain’t good…”  Heidi said, “Nope…and she didn’t want to call you while you was on tour…so she waited until this morning.”  Jonathan said, “I wish she would have called me when it happened…I don’t like to see her like this…”  Heidi said, “Yea, you and me both…”


Jonathan took the stairs 2 at a time, until he reached the top and went into my room.  He walked in and closed the door behind him…he got in bed under the covers I was laying on my side so, he laid on his side facing me…I opened my eyes and Jonathan saw how blood shot my eyes were from crying and not getting enough sleep.  Jonathan touched my cheek with his hand and tears slid out of my eyes and down my cheeks…Jonathan pulled me over and wrapped his arms around me…I buried my face in his chest and couldn’t help but let the tears go again…they wouldn’t stop.


I finally fell asleep with Jonathan…he stayed with me…he was so tired also, so he just fell asleep with me wrapped up in his arms for the rest of the day and night.


Chapter 7


We actually both slept for 20 hours.  When I woke up, I had forgotten all about Jonathan holding me while I fell asleep.  I started to stir and felt arms around me…My hand slid up the arm and to the shoulder and the head behind me…and found the eyebrow ring…


A groggy recognizable voice said, “Please don’t pull that out…it would hurt like a bitch.”  I couldn’t help but laugh…I said, “Jonathan is that you?”  I turned over to face who ever was laying behind me…and then reached up and turned the light on above my bed…


Jonathan squinted at first and then focused and said, “Well, Sleeping beauty, we’ve been asleep for 20 hours.  Do you know how lazy I feel?”  I said, “Why?  If you wouldn’t have slept here, your lazy ass would be sleeping at home…”  Jonathan smiled and said, “Yea, that’s true too.”  We couldn’t help but laugh…


We talked for a couple of hours, while just laying in bed…Jonathan said, “Why didn’t it ever work between us?”  I scoffed and said, “You’re career blew up and so did mine…you went on tour and when you came back you had a girlfriend.  That’s  just the way it was supposed to happen.” 


Jonathan said, “I must’ve been out of my mind at the time.  Cause I’ve cared about you since we met and you know that…I never did lose the feelings I had for you…Hell, we’ve watched each other go through some miserable relationships in the last few years.”


I looked in his eyes and ran my thumb across his red lips…I leaned over and ran my tongue across his bottom lip, and he opened his mouth…I slowly snaked my tongue into his mouth…and caressed his tongue with mine, and he groaned in my mouth…My hands slide down and grazed his flat nipples…and he groaned a little more…


Jonathan slowly slid his legs apart, which in turn was opening my legs wider…Jonathan’s hand slid between us, and he grabbed his already painfully expanded erection and started sliding it in me…after he was fully sheathed in my wet center…


He grabbed the straps of my night gown and pulled them down enough to expose my breasts and nipples to him…while he was waiting for me to get fully adjusted to his size, he started an assault on my nipples…sucking, nipping, licking…touching, rolling…but he did it to both nipples, which was just double torture for me. 


Jonathan grabbed on to me…and I wrapped my legs around his waist…and Jonathan started thrusting in and out slow…but he couldn’t stay slow…he was over heated like me…and started thrusting like a wild man…we were both being pretty quiet…I nipped his shoulder and neck and slowly slid my teeth off his ear lobe and that was his undoing…as soon as I felt Jonathan’s orgasm rip through him and Empty himself deep inside me…it triggered my orgasm…Jonathan kissed me to keep from screaming.


We ended up falling asleep in each others arms for another 8 hours…obviously we were more tired then we thought…


Chapter 8


8 Hours later, I woke up and looked over and Jonathan was staring at me…


I said, “Okay…Was it just my imagination or did we have sex?”  Jonathan got this shit eating grin on his face and said, “Nope…it wasn’t your imagination…and it wasn’t sex baby…it was making love.”  I had to laugh and said, “You always did hate it when I said having sex…you was always the making love king.”


Jonathan said, “Well…can you really blame me…having sex sounds so barbaric…like we were obligated so we can reproduce.  Why aren’t we together again?”  I said, “It just didn’t work out that way…We hardly saw each other…you know we see more of each other now…then we did then…we talk more too.” 


Jonathan pulled me over to him and said, “I have a great idea…why don’t we try again.”  I said, “I don’t know Jonathan…we really fucked things up last time…and plus I just got out of the relationship with James…and I’m still trying to figure out why we made love.”  Jonathan said, “How about this…how about we wait for a couple of weeks…and see how we both feel then?” 


I smiled and said, “Okay…you got yourself a deal.” 


We laid in bed for a couple more days, before Jonathan had to head back to the recording studio with the rest of his band.  Jonathan was walking through the hallways of the huge recording studio and actually ran into James…Jonathan stopped in the middle of the hallway as James passed him and said, “Ya know you was totally wrong.” 


James stopped and looked back at Jonathan and said, “About what?” 


Jonathan said, “About Karen.” 


James said, “Karen is an old subject and something that is not in my life right now.” 


Jonathan said, “Yea…well I think it’s time you re-evaluate your life…because you was wrong…Karen isn’t married…she’s been my best friend as longer then Heidi has known her…we used to date…but I’m telling you now…my best friend wouldn’t get married without me being there or knowing about it.”


James said, “Then you’re wrong about your best friend…because I talked to her husband myself on the phone…he called her cell phone…so either I’m really that stupid or Karen is nothing but a whore.”  Jonathan said, “You’re just that stupid…cause no one called Karen a whore.” 


Jonathan pulled back and socked James right in the face…and watched as James limp body hit the floor with a resounding THUD! 


Lars, Kirk and Jason ran over and Jonathan said, “When the prince here wakes up you tell him he owes Karen an apology…for being such a dick head.”


The 3 remaining members of the band watched wide eyed as Jonathan stalked off to one of the studios.


Chapter 9


Heidi and I went to see our agent Jack.  We walked into the office and Jack came around the desk all smiled like he was selling some kind of teeth whitener…arms wide open…we walked over and he gave us each a hug and a kiss on the cheek. 


Jack looked at me and said, “So I see you’ve come out of hiding Karen…how does it feel to be back in the land of the living again?”  I smirked and said, “I don’t know I’ll have to let you know in a few days.”  Jack laughed his annoying little laugh he’s got…and he said, “So how did James like my little husband prank?”


I quirked my head to the side and said, “Excuse me?”  Heidi said, “Oh HELL no…Jack tell us you didn’t do that.”  Jack’s smile faded and he said, “Yea…it was me…I called your cell and I knew it was James immediately by the sound of his voice…I figured I could fuck with him a little bit…so I made up this bullshit story…and he sounded like he really believed it.”


Heidi said, “Why do you think Karen spent the last 3 weeks in bed you stupid ass?”  Jack said, “You said it was because she was sick.” 


I said, “Yea…too sick with heart break to even move…James believed you…he chewed me out and yelled at me, then cussed at me…he said some hurtful things to me…and then broke up with me, because of your weasely ass.  Jack, I can’t believe you did this…I’ve never been so happy in all my life as I was with James…and you totally fucked up my life.”  I threw my purse at Jack and then pulled back and smacked him repeatedly in the arms and upper body with it…


Heidi watched as Karen welded her purse by the thin little strap…she didn’t even miss a smack when the strap broke.  Karen was cussing and yelling and practically beating the crap out of Jack…


It was a good thing she had switched purses to her smaller one this morning…other wise Jack would have bruises all over his body when Karen finished with him…in her bigger purses she carried everything but the kitchen sink practically…Smaller purses held cell phone drivers license and insurance cards.


I finally got control over my emotions and I looked up at Jack and said, “You son of a bitch…you either fix this…or As Heidi and God as my witnesses I swear I will come back with a couple of fuckin’ bricks in my purse and re-beat the shit out of you.”  Jack backed up…obviously taking me seriously.


I pulled my cell phone out and it was in a million pieces…I left the pieces on Jacks desk and said, “That’s a  reminder to you that you either fix the fuck up you made or I’m firing you as my agent and I will go to your competition…and don’t fuckin’ think I won’t.”


I turned on my heels and walked out…Heidi said, “You realize if she goes I do to.”  Jack nodded and she said, “Then I suggest you fix it.”  As Heidi took off after me.  We got in the vehicle and I let her drive…I didn’t think I was going to be calm enough to drive…she took off to the studio I wanted to talk to Jonathan.


Chapter 10


- -2 Months Later- -


Heidi walked into the recording studio and back to studio 115…she watched through the glass as Kirk, James, Lars and Jason banged out their next record…It had been 2 months since Karen’s little out burst in Jacks office…she’d been pretty distant for the last 8 weeks…



When it's love you give
I'll be a man of good faith
Then in love you live
I'll make a stand
I won't break
I'll be the rock you can build on
Be there when you're old
To have and to hold

When there's love inside
I swear I'll always be strong
Then there's a reason why
I'll prove to you we belong
I'll be the wall that protects you
From the wind and the rain
From the hurt and pain



Karen spent most of her time up in the apartment in New York while Heidi stayed in LA to be with Kirk…who’d asked her to marry him.  There was once a time when Karen never went anywhere with out Heidi…not even to the New York apartment…but Heidi was totally seeing where she was coming from.  After the out burst in the office…and after Karen had told Jonathan what Jack had done…Jonathan went and threatened Jack also…didn’t beat him up with a purse but did promise that if he hadn’t fixed the fuck up he was gonna come back with a shovel and a gun and promised no one would miss him if he went missing.


Heidi had fired Jack before Karen…cause he tried to say her relationship with Kirk was hurting her modeling career…Heidi said she didn’t care…Kirk was worth more then any modeling job she could have gotten…not long after that Heidi started her own clothes line…


Karen fired Jack…and decided she was going to go to Italy for 2 years while she took photographs and just relaxed.  Not to mention as soon as she dropped Jack as an agent a huge agency scoped her up and signed her to a HUGE modeling contract…and also told her to choose where she’d want to live for the next 2 years.



Let's make it all for one…and all for love
Let the one you hold be the one you want…the one you need
'Cause when it's all for one…it's one for all
When there's someone that should know
Then just let your feelings show
And make it all for one…and all for love



Karen wasn’t too big on believing at love at first sight…but then again she’d been proven wrong on being in love twice now…once with Jonathan and then with James. 


Heidi watched as the guys came out of the studio coming down from the adrenaline rush…James said, “Heidi…did Karen have her cell phone number changed or shut off?”  Heidi said, “James, She had it shut off…she’s leaving for Italy in about 2 hours.”  James bolted up into a standing position and said, “What?  Why?”  Heidi said, “She got signed to a huge modeling agency and they told her to pick her living location for the next 2 years…she chose Italy.”


James said, “Why didn’t someone tell me…I’ve been trying to get a hold of her for the last 2 weeks.  Jack came by my place and told me what happened…said he’d been threatened by Karen and Jonathan to tell me the truth…said something about believe Jonathan a little more then Karen…but knew both of them would inflict numerous amounts of pain if he didn’t follow their directions.  I wanted to apologize to her…I was stupid for even listening to the jack off on the phone.  I knocked out Jack…much the same way Jonathan did me.”


Heidi said, “She’s at LAX you better run if you want to stop her…”  James said, “I don’t know…do you think she’ll stay if I asked her too?”  Heidi said, “Honestly James I don’t know…Karen has been pretty unpredictable the last 8 weeks…but the only thing you can do it try…especially if you think she’s worth it.”  James said, “Oh she’s worth it alright.”  James took off in his mustang towards the airport.”



When it's love you make
I'll be the fire in your night
Then it's love you take
I will defend…I will fight
I'll be there when you need me
When honor's at stake
This vow I will make



James drove at top speeds and was chased by two cop cars…until he lost both of them…he ran into rush hour traffic and when he got to the airport it was and hours and 45 minutes later…he had 15 minutes to find her flight and her and convince her to stay…he loved her he wasn’t going to be stupid enough to let her leave his life twice.



That it's all for one…and all for love
Let the one be the one you want…the one you need
'Cause when it's all for one…it's one for all
When there's someone that should know
Then just let your feelings show
And make it all for one…and all for love



James left his car parked in the loading and unloading zone and when the rent-a-cop saw who James was and recognized him from the band he said he’d watch to make sure the car wasn’t towed.  James ran over and found her flight and took off...zipping through the halls, around people and through metal detectors.  He heard her flight being called and instantly started looking for her.


I was sitting at the airport…I heard them call me flight number and I stood up slinging my back pack over my shoulder…I walked over and waited for them to board every one…before me…When they called my row of seats I walked over and just as I handed my ticket to the flight attendant…I heard “KAREN!”



Don't lay our love to rest
'Cause we could stand up to you test
We got everything and more than we had planned
More than the rivers that run the land
We've got it all in our hands


I looked over and saw James running straight at me…I sat my backpack down and as he got to me…he grabbed my hands and said, “Please don’t go…I don’t want you a continent away from me…Karen I love you…I never stopped loving you…I know I said hurtful things…and I was a stupid jack ass for it…Jack told me what happened…I’m sorry I didn’t believe you…please don’t go.”


I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes and said, “James…I have to go…I can’t stay here.”  James said, “Fine…then I can blame the break up of Metallica on you.”  My eyes widened and said, “What? how?”  James said, “Because if you leave…I’m leaving with you…I’m not letting you leave my life a second time because of my stupidity…I love you Karen…I want to marry you…have babies with you…I want us to grow old together.”


James got quiet and just watched me to see what my reaction would be…I couldn’t say anything…I threw my arms around is neck and kissed him with a fevered pitch…I backed off and we rested our foreheads against each others…I said, “I love you.”  James said, “I love you too…”  And we went back to kissing.



Now it's all for one…and all for love
It's all for love
Let the one you hold be the one you want…the one you need
'Cause when it's all for one…it's one for all
It's one for all
When there's someone that should know
Then just let your feelings show
When there's someone that you want
When there's someone that you need
Let's make it all…all for one

And all for love



While we  were walking out of the airport hand in hand…James said, “I’m really glad you didn’t disappear for 2 years.”  I smiled and said, “Oh yea why?”


James said, “Cause…You disappear…I disappear.”


The End