Gonna Getcha


Chapter 1


Dave Bautista was sitting in Evolutions dressing room before Monday Night Raw was to start…He was laughing with his other 2 team mates, Paul Levesque (Triple H), and Ric Flair. They were waiting for their last team mate Randy Orton to get to the arena to run through the scripts for the night.

A beeping noise pulled Dave from the conversation as he pulled his cell phone out and seen his oldest daughter Lauren had sent him a 3 minute movie message. Paul said, “Its Lauren isn’t it.”

Dave smiled and said, “Yes…It seems you’re Goddaughter is having fun with her cell phone.” Paul laughed and said, “I’ve got to see this.”

The threesome gathered around the phone as Dave pushed play…they watched as Lauren and her college roommate Mina danced around the room in their pajamas and then Lauren got really close to the camera phone and said, “Dad you can not imagine how excited I am to see you in a week…you owe me so much buddy boy…Have a lookie look…7 courses…7 A’s…You papi, shall be broke when I finish with ya! All seriousness…I miss ya dad and you too Uncle Paul! I love you both and take care of each other…See you in a week!” And the message ended.

Ric said, “I can’t believe how much she’s grown in 2 years…She’s going to be what? A Junior in college next year?”

Dave said, “Yea.” Ric said, “What college is she at again in Pennsylvania?”

Dave smirked and said, “Villanova University…It’s a Roman Catholic, Augustinian University…I don’t know how she picked it…but she did. She’s on the soccer team…Which is undefeated.”

Ric said, “What did she mean by saying you were gonna be broke?”

Dave said, “Well…She’s such a good kid, she worked all through high school and even now while she’s going to school and even got a scholarship so her mother and I wouldn’t have to pay for her college tuition. I made a deal with her about bringing A’s home at the end of each year and I’d give her a 100 buck for ever A.”

Paul said, “Damn…That means she’s breaking me too…I made the mistake of saying I’d meet you dollar for dollar…She just swindled 1400 bucks out of us.”

Dave said, “Nah, I don’t mind…the scholarship doesn’t give her much money…That’s why I always try to remember to send her cash when I’m on the road. I tried giving her a credit card and told her I’d pay for it but she refused and cut it up.”

Ric laughed and said, “Oh but she’ll take money for A’s huh.” Paul said, “Yea…Pretty much.”

Dave said, “Well me and her mother divorced a long time ago…I know I’ve got Karen and Kylie with Angie…but Lauren is still my daughter no matter what…I don’t want her to want for anything.” Ric said, “She does sound like a good kid…I can’t wait to meet her.”

Dave looked at his daughters face on his phone one more time and said, “Yea…Me neither.” As he pushed his phone back into his pocket…Feeling himself getting excited about seeing his oldest daughter…he had 7 days…It was going to be the longest 7 days of his life.

Chapter 2


As fully expected the 7 days seemed to just drag on forever for Dave. It was Monday Night again and they were in Miami Florida and Lori had told her dad she’d meet him at the arena, not to chance being mobbed by insane fans at the airport.

Randy Orton was walking down the hall, when he looked towards the back door as it opened and closed, a beautiful tall brunette had walked through the door. She was around 5’10” 125 lbs. waist length chestnut brown hair and haunting grey eyes. She had on jeans, sneakers and a white form fitted t-shirt that said, ‘Villanova Lady’s Do It Like WILDCATS!’ With a picture of a wildcat in the middle of the shirt.

Randy walked up and said, “Can I help you with anything miss?” Lori smirked and said, “Yes you can actually…Could you please show me where Dave Bautista’s locker room is?” Randy was smitten with her subtle southern accent wasn’t sure what was going on because Dave was married and the girl was definitely not his wife…But nodded and said, “Sure…Here…Lemme get your bag for you.” As he lifted the huge duffle bag sitting at the ladies feet and flipped it over his shoulder as she shouldered her backpack and followed him.

Randy got to Evolution’s dressing room and opened the door and said, “Is everyone descent?” 3 separate voices confirmed they were all dressed and Randy said, “Dave you’ve got a visitor.”

Dave said, “Lauren.” and stood up and watched as the door swung open and his oldest daughter dropped her backpack on the floor and said, “Dad.” Then ran over to him as she threw her arms around his neck and shoulders, he gathered her in his arms and hugged her as tight as he could without actually crushing her.

Lori pulled away and Dave touched her cheek and he said, “You got here alright?” Lori laughed and said, “Of course dad. I’m okay I promise.” Lori turned around when she heard someone clear their throat. She saw Paul standing there with his hands on his hips. Lori smiles and it got bigger as she walked over and said, “I missed you Uncle Paul.” As he smiled and said, “Bout time Lauren Marie!” As he hugged her back.

Ric walked over and Dave said, “Honey, this is Ric Flair.” Lori turned towards the white haired man and shook his hand and said, “It’s a pleasure to meet the infamous Ric Flair…The silent guy hasn’t to be Randy Orton.” Lori threw a look to Randy whose blue eyes were fixed on her as he walked over and shook her hand and said, “Dave…When did you have a daughter my age?” Dave, Paul and Ric all laughed as Dave said, “Well…Almost 22 years ago Randall.”

Randy shook his head as he rubbed the back of his neck and left the room. Lori smiled and said, “Something I said?” Paul said, “It would seem young Randall is taken with you.” Dave laughed and said, “Quite...And don’t even think about it Lauren.” Lori said, “Dad…C’mon…stop calling me Lauren…You know I like Lori better.” Dave chuckled and said, “Yes ma’am, but since you are still my child…I’ll call you whatever I please.”

Lori rolled her eyes dramatically at her father and said, “Blah, Blah, Blah…Paul is Steph here?” Paul said, “Wouldn’t come without her…you should know that.” Lori waved bye as she took off out the door to find Stephanie’s office.

A few doors down in the hallway Lori saw Randy sitting on one of the equipment trunks and said, “By the way…” Randy looked up when he heard her voice again, Lori continued, “I’m Dave’s oldest daughter from his first marriage…” She winked at him and continued on his way.

Randy groaned inwardly…She was damn good looking…and nothing was going to help the bad thoughts that were running through his mind as his body came alive on it’s own…He was supposed to go over the script for later that night…but he knew he’d have to officially take matters into his own hands if he couldn’t calm himself before walking back into the dressing room…especially in the present state he was in.

Chapter 3


It had been a couple of weeks since Dave’s daughter had joined him on tour for her summer vacation. Randy couldn’t get her out of his mind. She had been a lot of fun for him…She’d had him laughing non-stop about how strict the college was about girls dating, because it was a Roman Catholic College.

They were sitting in catering talking and eating some lunch before the Monday Night Raw show and Lori said, “They held their expectations too high thinking every female and male who came to the college were still virgins…About 75 percent of the students have all been de-virginized.” Randy couldn’t help but laugh. Randy smiled slyly and said, “What about you? Which percentage do you fall into?”

Lori blushed slightly and said, “I’m happy I’m one of the 25 percent with my virginity still intact…I never got into sex when I was still in High school…I was too scared I’d screw it up and end up pregnant…Just one more thing I didn’t have to disappoint my family with ya know.” Randy said, “I don’t blame you…My high school was filled with 15, 16 and 17 year olds have one or two kids…It was insane.”

Lori smiled and said, “Yea…Once I got to college I’ve not really done an obscene amount of dating, I want to focus on my studies…I’m not going to college to socialize and become from dormitory slut…I specifically picked that school because of their studies and the degree’s I knew I could achieve in getting.” Randy said, “I think it’s a noble idea…Get an education, then worry about meeting someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.”

Lori smiled…She’d already met someone she could see herself spending the rest of her life with…and she was looking at him at that moment.

Lori wasn’t sure what to do about the feelings she was developing for Randy…She’d never had time in her life to actually be attracted to someone…And here she was a summer break with her dad and suddenly she found herself so attracted to Randy she couldn’t ever stop thinking about him. But who wouldn’t be attracted…?

Randy had these amazing blue eyes that seemed to shine no matter what the circumstances…And she absolutely turned into a big drool machine when he would walk around the dressing room with just his wrestling trunks on and shirtless…she couldn’t get enough of his arms, abs, thighs, butt, and even those tattoos on his body were enough to make her melt where she sat.

Lori was definitely gone…She hoped her father couldn’t see the way she’d been looking at Randy…She would hate to try and have to explain it all to him…He’d never been very strict with her and always said ‘whatever makes you happy; makes me happy’ So maybe she should tell her dad…They didn’t keep secrets between the two of them…her dad had always been there for her no matter what.

So how do you tell your 6’5” 318 lbs father you’re falling for one of his team mates…?

Chapter 4


Dave could tell there was a change about his daughter…For some reason he couldn’t put his finger on it though…He wasn’t sure if it was school or summer vacation hell maybe it was just his imagination. Lauren had grown into a woman since he’d seen her last summer…He didn’t think a year could make a difference…but apparently it had.

Dave was on his way out of the dressing room as Randy and Lauren had come walking up. Randy said, “I’m gonna go get ready for my match…I’ll catch ya later Lori.” She smiled softly and said, “Okay.” Dave said, “C’mon and walk with your old man.” Lori laughed as she leaned her head on her dad’s shoulder and said, “You’re not that old dad.” Dave said, “Old enough to feel it.” Lori laughed at him.

Randy walked into the dressing room as he got ready for his match…He couldn’t get Lori’s smile or laugh off his mind…If he did nothing for the rest of his life but listen to her laugh, it would be okay with him. What the hell was he going to do…He could feel it inside of him…Every time he got within a few feet of her he wanted to do nothing but kiss her. He’d been over compensating by finding random women to hang out with at clubs. And it was getting old fast.

Meanwhile, down by the curtain Dave said, “So…You and Randy seem to be spending a lot of time together.” Lori laughed as she hopped up on one of the equipment trunks and said, “Subtle dad…Real subtle…It’s not like that…He’s a really nice guy and he’s super sweet…even if he is being nice just cause I’m your daughter…But he’s definitely not interested…He’s got all those other girls hanging all over them…He can have any girl he wants.”

Dave said, “So you do like him…Don’t you?” Silence ensued…Dave said, “C’mon kiddo, you can tell me anything you know that.” Lori smiled with a distant look in her eyes and said, “Yea…I do like him…But I’m not getting my hopes up…It’s not like he’ll even remember I existed once I go back to school.” Dave said, “I don’t think that’s possible.” Lori rolled her eyes and said, “C’mon dad…I’m being realistic.” Dave said, “I was too…ya know.”

Lori said, “Can we just drop it?” Dave nodded and said, “Hey…You’ve got a birthday coming up in a month…Same weekend as SummerSlam…Anything special you want?” Lori shook her head no and said, “Nope…I’ve got everything I need right here.” As she jumped off the equipment trunk and hugged her dad and he wrapped his arms around her and returned the hug and kissed the top of her head.

Dave was called for his match and Lori said, “Give em hell Bautista.” Dave growled as he jumped up and down syking himself up as he stalked through the curtains as his music ripped through the speakers.

Randy stood just behind Lori and had heard the whole conversation…How could he even remotely explain to her he liked her as much as she liked him…He figured there was a simple answer…

Just don’t tell her…

Increase his playboy status as much as he hated flaunting it in her presence…but he figured he could back off the whole playboy scene once she went back to school after the summer was finished.

Randy watched as Lori walked away and wondered if he would be able to handle 2 more months of just being friends with her...Especially when she had a father who could potentially put him in the hospital if he hurt her for any reason.

A month later and it was the weekend of SummerSlam. It was Saturday and Lori was officially 22. She was excited about seeing everyone from Smackdown…when her dad was there she’d met everyone and became friends with all of them…She wasn’t thrilled about her birthday…it was just another reason to screw on a smile and hope for the best.

Dave had ordered room service while he looked over and watched Lauren sleeping…He couldn’t believe his baby girl was 22. It seemed just like yesterday when he was bringing her home and changing her diapers…She’d gotten most of her mother Scottish features, but had managed to get some of his Greek in her also, her eyes were grey and her long brunette hair. He felt misty eyed thinking of the first time he took her to school…and now she was in college.

Dave walked over and kissed the top of her head as she mumbled something to him and he laughed and said, “C’mon sleepy head...It’s almost 10.” Lori snorted and pulled herself from the bed as he said, “Go shower I’m gonna go work out…I’ve got some food coming up for you. By the way…Happy birthday kiddo.”

Lori gathered her clothes and said, “Thanks dad.” As she stumbled into the bathroom and closed the door. Lori sat under the water spray and let it wash away the sleep from the night before. She wrapped a towel around her body as she stepped out of the shower and heard someone knocking on the door. She figured what the hell and walked over and opened the door.

Chapter 5


John, Charlie, and Jackie from Smackdown and Randy, Trish, Tyson and Lisa Marie (Victoria) from Raw were staring back at her. John leading the pack stepped into the door way hugging Lori while tugging on the hem of the towel and said, “Nice birthday outfit Lori.” Lori slapped at John’s hands and said, “Don’t get roaming hands with me Cena…I’ll tell my father.” John stopped for obvious reasons.

Lori walked in and got dressed in her jeans an tank top and walked back out as she was brushing the snarls out of her waist length brunette hair. Lori could feel eyes watching her as the girls smacked around on John when he was making dirty comments about them. Lori looked up and saw Randy standing there…She smiled and said, “What?” Randy smiled softly and said, “Happy Birthday.” And threw a wink at her…

It was a good thing she was leaning against the wall…She felt her knees getting weak. Lori smiled back and said, “Thanks.” John walked over and said, “You better be fully prepared to party tonight woman…I got some crazy shit set up…You better be ready to throw down like the rest of us.”

Lori laughed at John…He’d known her for 2 years since her dad was on Smackdown and each birthday he tried to out do the next…Obviously this birthday was no different. Lori stood up straight and said, “Well…I’m not getting bombed out of my mind…But I am willing to have a little fun…” John said, “C’mon…you know you wanna get a little drunk! It’s fun…You know its fun…C’mon and have fun…Are we seeing a theme here yet?” Lori said, “Just not so much fun where I forget what I’ve done the night before and wake up next to you like last year…It’s still a mystery how you ended up naked, and I had nothing on but your jersey.”

Lisa walked over and said, “Why didn’t you ask me…I remember perfectly…” Lori laughed hard and said, “You never told me you shit!” Randy perked up and said, “What? Whoa! Wait a minute…John’s always naked…He thinks naked is funny and tries to make everyone laugh.” John piped in as he patted his best friend on the back and said, “It is funny…Just depends on who you got around.” Randy said, “Okay…This is my first party for Lori’s birthday…Tell me what happened last year.”

Everyone had taken a seat as Lisa sat on her knees and leaned against Lori and said, “Well…It was Lori’s 21st birthday party…We were in New York City that year for SummerSlam and we went to a HOT club called Sizzle…We did 20 shots of Tequila, 15 shots of Bacardi 151, and 20 shots of random liquor the bartender picked out for us…Needless to say we were all pretty shit faced.” Trish said, “My head just hurts trying to remember it…It was insane.” Lori said, “I’ve never drank so much in all my life.”

Lisa said, “Anyways…The club closed up and we all took taxis back to the hotel, we came staggering and stumbling through the lobby and some how the leaders of the group at the time Matt and Jeff Hardy had mistaken the hallway to the elevators with the hallway to the pool…we all ended up sitting by the pool laughing and telling stupid stories about being on the road…”

Everyone laughed as Lisa continued, “And little Miss Lori here decided she was hot and had started to REALLY feel the burn of the alcohol and stripped her top off and then her pants and proceeded to walked into the pool in her panties and bra…Which after she was completely covered in water she stripped them both off and threw them at John…Who took it upon himself to declare a birthday party gone rotten into a skinny dipping party, as he stripped naked and jumped in…followed by every one else. The hotel manager walked into the pool to see about 25 naked bodies swimming in the pool…He shushed us all out and some clothes her found and some weren’t…Lori you my dear, couldn’t find yours so John gave you his jersey.”

Lori blushed furiously and said, “I remember now…I was so embarrassed cause I couldn’t find my clothes that I stayed in John’s room and passed out in his bed and he came and laid by me and we talked about the room spinning and being on a carnival ride…I just didn’t know he was naked until the morning…I stayed with him, because I was so not going back to my room where my sleeping father was…My key card was in my pants that I lost and in order to get in the room, I’d have to knock, wake him up and he’d see me in nothing but John’s jersey…I didn’t want him killing John…so I stayed with John and borrowed close from Lillian.”

John touched his chest and said, “I have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart…I can only imagine what you’re old man would do to me if you number one woke him up and was drunk and number two he saw you in my jersey…I’m alive today because of you.” Lori smiled and said, “Yea, yea…Let’s go get some lunch y’all…I can’t wait for the party tonight.”

Everyone got up and left…Only time would tell what the night help for the party goers.

Chapter 6


About 6 pm, Everyone scattered to their own hotel rooms to get ready for the party at the club…They knew keeping a secret like that from Lori was damn near impossible…and they also knew if they didn’t give her time to look presentable, she’d beat everyone of them within an inch of their lives.

Lori looked in the mirror…She had on Hip hugger jeans with boot cut legs, 3 inch red open toed heels, and a red satin corset that was outlined in black lace and had black laces tied up the middle…the fabric didn’t meet in the front…so anyone could see flesh from the top of Lori’s chest and cleavage, down between her boobs, to down along her tone abs and it let 2 inches of her mid-drift show also. Trish and Lisa were standing next to her smirking as they curled her long waist length chestnut hair.

There was a banging on Lori’s hotel door and she knew it was John and she looked at Trish and said, “Tell him if he doesn’t stop I’m gonna cut his damn hands off.” Trish laughed as she walked out of the bedroom and over to the door and opened it letting Randy and John in the room with Tyson. Lori walked out into the sitting area putting her earring in and said, “John…If you don’t learn how to knock on someone’s door like a human being I’ll teach you how with my foot in your ass.”

John jumped up to his feet and said, “GOD DAMN Lori! You’re father is not going to let you out of his sight in that outfit.” Lori rolled her eyes and said, “John…I’m 22…I can wear what I want.” John said, “Well, shit then…C’mon let’s get the party on the road.” Lori turned and said, “Okay…Everyone go to the lobby and take John with you…I’ll be down in a couple of minutes.” Everyone laughed and John said, “That ain’t right…So unfair.” Lori said, “Yea? Tell your congressman about it.”

Everyone left the room as Lori finished getting ready…She pushed her credit card and key card into her back pocket and walked out the door and came face to face with Randy…He had on black dress pants and shoes with a white button down long sleeve dress shirt with black in stripes down it, he had the sleeves rolled up and looked quite yummy.

Lori said, “Why aren’t you with the others?” Randy smiled softly and said, “I decided to wait for you so you wouldn’t have to go alone.” Lori said, “Thanks…I appreciate it.” Randy offered his arm and Lori wrapped her hand around his bicep…well almost around his bicep. In the elevator on the way down, Randy said, “If I forget to tell you later, you looked really beautiful tonight.” Lori blushed a little and said, “Thanks…You look really good tonight also.”

Once at the club…Dancing, drinking, and insanity ensued and it was all centered around Lori’s birthday…They all knew the next day they would regret it because they had a huge PPV but for now they didn’t care.

Lori was leaning against the bar after her 50th shot of Tequila and was REALLY starting to feel its effects. Her dad, Uncle Paul and Stephanie had left the club party hours ago…John walked over and saw Lori and said, “Having a nice time birthday girl?” Lori just started giggling. John got closer and said, “You’re so shit faced right now…How many of those shots have you had?” Lori smiled and said, “50 of the Tequila ones.” John said, “And the others?” Lori said, “I lost count after 30 on the Bacardi 151, and lost count after 20 of the Vodka.”

John said, “Okay…you’re so cut off…We don’t want a repeat of last year.” Lori wrapped her arms around John’s neck and kissed his cheek and said, “So where’s you’re girlfriend been hiding herself?” John smiled sheepishly and said, “Away.” Lori pulled back as John grabbed her hips cause she nearly fell all the way back as she planted her hands on her hips and said, “John Felix Anthony Cena! What have you done?”

John laughed and said, “We had a disagreement about something, so she went home.” Lori said, “I suspect some groveling and ass kissing will be involved in your attempt to say your sorry…RIGHT?” John smiled and said, “Yes…I was an asshole…Kim pointed it out to me…said I honestly couldn’t have been a bigger asshole…but I couldn’t help myself.”

Lori scoffed and said, “Oh yes…Like you just HAD to be an ass about it…You know something…if you guys ever get your shit together you’d make an excellent married couple…You guys have been dating for like what 90 years right?” John smacked Lori on the ass and said, “Smart ass…We’ve been dating for 4 years for your information…I’ve just been waiting for the right time to ask her to marry me…Of course it would be good to ask her when we aren’t fighting.”

Lori said, “John…You love her…all you have to do it show it…nothing will change.” John laughed and said, “Somehow you make better sense when you’re 15 sheets to the wind, then when your sober.” Lori smiled and said, “Yes…And every time you breathe you lose IQ points.” They hugged as Randy walked up and said, “Lori, you ready to call it a night?” Lori nodded and said, “Absolutely.” She winked at John and he knew what that wink meant…she had a thing for Randy…but was trying to keep her feelings to a minimum.

Lori and Randy left and when they got back to the hotel…Lori couldn’t remember where her key card was…and once they got in the elevator she passed out and Randy caught her before she hit the floor. Randy carried her down to his room and laid her on the bed and slipped her shoes off and slipped on of his t-shirts over her head…she woke up long enough to pull the corset off, while the t-shirt was still on and tossed the corset aside, as Randy pulled on some track pants and laid on the bed next to Lori…He couldn’t help but watch as she slept peacefully…Before sleep overtook his body as well.

Chapter 7


Sunlight came streaming into the hotel room the following morning. Randy could feel the warmth on his face, arms, chest and back…His blue eyes slowly started to flutter and squint open…he felt some thing move next to him…His eyes opened a little more, then slammed them shut as he cursed alcohol and why it had to be so evil to him.

He slowly got the throbbing pain in his head to ease up as his eyes opened again and looked down…He was laying on his side and Lori was curled up in his arms facing him. She looked so peaceful and beautiful in the morning sunlight.

Lori could already feel the headache coming on…She’d woken up sometime during the early morning and had crawled out of bed and into the bathroom on her hands and knees to pee, as she sleepily stumbled back to bed, she noticed she’d been sleeping in the same bed as Randy…Like she was really going to complain? Get real!

As she’d slipped back into bed, Randy rolled over and pulled her body to him…she just let him as she fell back asleep. Her eyes slowly opened and she looked up and blue eyes were staring back at her as she closed her eyes again and snuggled into his warm embrace. Randy felt her burrow her way back into his body, not that he was complaining or anything…He could ONLY imagine what Dave would say if he saw them.

Lori was still awake, but had decided in order for the pain in her head to go away she’d keep her eyes closed to block out the bright sunlight. Lori moved around a little and said, “Randy…” Pulling him from his own thoughts he looked down at her and mumbled, “Hmm?” She looked up and finally opened her eyes and said, “What time is it?” Randy rolled over slightly and looked at his phone and said, “11.” Lori said, “What time do you have to be at the arena for the PPV?” Randy got comfortable again and said, “6.”

Lori sighed and relaxed a little more. She said, “You’re comfortable…Anyone ever tell you that before?” Randy chuckled and said, “Nope.” As they both fell back asleep.

Later that night, Lori watched as Randy was in an Elimination Chamber match against Uncle Paul, Chris Irving (Jericho), Kevin Nash, Bill Goldberg, and Shawn Michaels. Dave watched his daughter as she was ringing her hands and pulling on her fingers watching every move Randy made and watched as she cringe at every bump and hit he took. Dave walked over and kissed the top of her head and said, “He’ll be fine Lauren.” Lori smiled widely at her father and said, “Yea…I know.”

As the night progressed everyone who was still possibly hung over from the night before, decided to go to another local club after SummerSlam was over.

Lori was sitting in the corner table talking with Trish and Lisa…John was outside trying to repair his relationship with Kim who was chewing his ass off about him being an asshole. And Randy…He had some big breasted ring rat hanging all over him.

John came back to the table and Lori smiled widely and said, “Fix it yet?” John sighed heavily and said, “Not fully…but it’s getting there slowly.” Lori reached over and took John’s hand and said, “John…Be yourself…Be the fun loving you that you’ve ALWAYS been, say you’re sorry, say you didn’t mean to hurt her and most importantly remember to say you WERE wrong…then send her some flowers…roses…2 or 3 dozen should help and don’t forget to tell her you love her.” John laughed and said, “I hate it when you’re right.”

John looked over his shoulder and saw what Lori had seen and said, “Speaking of telling it like it is…Why don’t you just tell Randy you like him.” Lori smiled weakly and said, “I thought I made myself clear when we slept in the same bed last night and today…We laid in each others arms try to get over our hang overs…but it was nice…Ya know?” John nodded as he walked away to call a florist.

Lori had finally made up her mind as she stood from the table…Trish and Lisa sat there and watched as she walked over to Randy and tapped the blonde on the shoulder…when she turned around Lori smiled and said, “Excuse me for a minute.” As she gently moved the blonde to the side of Randy she pulled him up to stand on his feet…She grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him down to her level as she gripped the side of his head and laid a mean lip lock on Randy…

Lori could hear Trish and Lisa yellin from across the club over the music. When she pulled back from Randy she said, “When you’re done playing games with the bimbos and want a real woman…Let me know…I’ll be around.” She winked at him and walked away.

Randy was speechless…He didn’t know what to say or do…He just stood there and watched her leave the club. The blonde bimbo standing next to him was getting disgusted because he wasn’t paying attention to him…His eyes followed the brunette out the doors of the club…What the hell should he do?

Lori went back to the hotel and crashed in her hotel room as she laid across the bed flipping through channels. She had a smug smile on her lips and was satisfied with what she’d said and done to Randy.

All he had to do was decide what he was going to do about it.

Chapter 8


As Lori relaxed across the bed every second of the kiss she’d laid on Randy kept replaying in her mind…Lori was brought from her thoughts as someone knocked on her hotel door...she walked over and opened the door...and Randy was standing in her door way...Randy walked in the room and closed the door with his foot...He grabbed her waist and pulled her too him and kissed her...and then pulled away and looked at her...he was waiting for her to protest…and Lori was waiting to find her voice box again…

Obviously she was taking to long, because Randy leaned down again and captured her lips…she couldn’t help but kiss back…her whole body just sort of melted into his…they slowly wrapped their arms around each other…Randy hands slowly slid down and he squeezed her butt…

All of a sudden he lifted her up and on instinct Lori wrapped her legs around his waist. Randy wondered into the make-shift kitchen and sat her down on the counter…his hand slid up her shirt and he was caressing her breasts and slightly squeezing her nipple…Lori felt her body responding to Randy’s gentle touch…and she moaned into his mouth softly. Lori felt his hand slide between her thighs and his finger tips grazed her panty covered crotch…she sucked in a breath…and almost forgot to let it out.

It was nearly her undoing when she felt his fingers move her panties to the side and he slid two fingers into her wet center…Her grip on Randy’s biceps grew increasingly intense….they never stopped kissing…if his lips left hers it was to kiss along her jaw line and her neck…which got no complaints from her. He was moving his fingers in and out of her slowly…while his thumb started working over her clit…Randy heard her breathing start to get irregular and he started working his fingers faster and faster…until her orgasm ripped through her…

Lori couldn’t believe what just happened…Her mouth opened and closed several times…She wanted to say something…but nothing came out…she fixed herself and jumped off the counter…she touched her lips…they felt swollen from Randy’s assault on them…

Lori went to walk away, and Randy grabbed her hand and pulled her back to him and wrapped one arm around her waist and touched her cheek with his hand and said, “Please…Lori…Don’t…I have this beautiful girl in front of me…who I can’t get enough of...how can I convince her?”

Lori said, “I don’t know, Randy…I just don’t know.”

Randy lowered his mouth to hers and captured her lips…Her hands slowly came up to Randy’s chest with every intention of pushing him away…but as soon as she opened her mouth and his tongue found hers…he intensified the kiss and went deeper…Lori pretty much lost every thought of shoving him away.

Randy’s other hand made it’s way down to her waist…and then both hands went down to her butt…he squeezed a little…she tried to resist him…but it was useless, she let a little moan escape from her mouth into his…He picked her up by her ass…and she wrapped her legs around his waist and the kiss got a little more intense…Randy walked over and had her pushed against the wall…

They made their way towards the bathroom and Randy turned the shower on and then clothes and all pulled her into the warm shower…They continued to kiss, as Randy pulled the wet clothes off her cold, body, and then Lori started pulling clothes off him, they left them in soggy piles in the shower, after they were both warm…Randy wrapped a towel around both of them, and carried her into the bed room and placed her under the sheets…to keep her warm.

Randy shut the curtains, leaving the light by the bed on, just enough to light the room…and he climbed into bed next to her, discarding the towel around her and then the towel around him…he slowly slid his warm body to her and she slid her hands up his arms and to his face and they started kissing again…His touch made her feel beautiful…There was so much passion between them, they nearly lost their heads…

Randy’s hands were sliding down her breasts brushing against her nipples, which reacted to his soft touch…Lori slowly ran her tongue around the outside of his ear, that would drive anyone crazy…and did just that…Randy started trailing fire ridden kisses down her neck to her chest, and slowly circled her left nipple with his tongue before sucking it between his lips…and made her slightly sigh heavy…then his lips ventured across to her other breast…and he repeated what he’d done to the first nipple to the second…

Randy said, “I don’t want this one getting jealous for not getting the same treatment...” Lori giggled a little…Randy ran his tongue down the middle of her stomach…till he had his head between her thighs…and slid two fingers into her wetness, and she gasped air…trying to keep her composure, which wasn’t happening…

Randy kissed around her clit and her labia’s, and the insides of her thighs, while he slowly worked his fingers in and out of her, working her into a frenzy…he also had his free hand on her stomach holding her down, so even if she wanted to escape she couldn’t…but she didn’t want to…

In between kisses Randy said, “C’mon Lori…let yourself go baby…relax and enjoy every minute of this…C’mon Lori I want you to cum for me again…” Randy looked up and she was moaning and biting on her bottom lip trying to totally resist him, Randy just worked his fingers faster and harder…and she totally went over the edge head first…

Randy climbed up her body and they continued kissing again…and he slowly parted her knees with his, and slithered his body between her thighs…and the slowly while we were still kissing he pushed his erection into her…He held onto her tightly as she nodded her approval for him to go deeper. In one quick thrust the virginity she’d saved for that one special guy…was taken…by that one special guy…he let her body get used to his size before he made a move…and he slowly started moving his erection inside of her…

Lori was so wrapped up and overcome in the passion and feeling of Randy being inside of her…Her hips were meeting Randy thrust for thrust…Lori thought both of them were so wrapped up in each other their eyes rolled in the back of their heads as they both climaxed together and she could feel his warm seed flowing into her…

They laid there still for a minute, letting the beating of their hearts catch up with the rest of their bodies…They laid there kissing, and Randy pulled out of her…and they really couldn’t say anything to each other…just laying there staring at each other…

Randy was running his fingers through her hair and she loved the way his hands felt against her skin…his hands were so soft…she couldn’t believe the passion and insanity level that was just brought forth in the poor room…The people below them probably thought they were coming down for a visit through the ceiling any second now.

Chapter 9


Lori was lying in bed staring at the ceiling.

It had been 4 weeks since Lori had had sex with Randy and left to come back to school the next morning. She hadn’t heard from Randy since then…not that he could call her…she left the following morning and didn’t even wake him up. Lori wasn’t sure what to do…

On one hand she wanted to call him and apologize for leaving him the way she had…but on the other she wanted him to take the initiative to ask her dad for her number.

Lori knew if anything was standing in his way to talk with her it would have to be her father…Standing at 6’6” 318 lbs…he was definitely a force in her life to be reckoned with. She knew no matter what they did together in the back of Randy’s mind he’d always remember who her father was, simply for the fact that he respected her father as a friend and co-worker. Lori just wished he liked her enough to just admit what he was feeling and take the plunge.

Lori looked down as her cell phone started vibrating against the night stand. She reached over and recognized the ID…she flipped it open and said, “Hi dad.” Dave said, “I was wondering something kiddo.” Lori sat up and said, “Okay…What’s up?” Dave said, “What happened between you and Randy before you left?” Lori said, “Not much why?”

Dave said, “Because he’s not been the same since you left 4 weeks ago. He asked me for your number a week after you left…and I gave him your cell and dorm numbers…but other then that he really hasn’t said much. You know how he likes to let the cocky side of him follow him out of the ring, well he’s not even been letting that happen…He puts on a great show for the fans, but as soon as the match or segment is over…he’s over. I just thought maybe you might know what’s going on with him.”

Lori said, “I’m sorry dad…I wish I knew.” She could feel tears pricking her eyes…she’d never lied to her father…This would be the first time where she didn’t tell him the whole truth. Dave said, “You’ve still got that concert on Friday night right?” Lori said, “Yes dad.”

Dave said, “Well just be careful and have a nice time…and if you need anything just lemme know.” Lori smiled and said, “Yes dad…I know…Thanks…I’ll call you Saturday morning and let you know I survived.” Dave laughed and said, “Okay…Love you baby girl.” Lori said, “Love you too dad.”

They said their good-byes and hung up…Lori couldn’t help but cry…Not only had she lied to her dad about her and Randy…but Randy had had her phone numbers for the last 3 weeks, and hadn’t even attempted to call her.

Lori composed herself when she felt her phone vibrating against her leg. She flipped it open not even bothering to check the ID on it as she said, “Hello.” The voice came back with, “Lori?” Lori said, “Yea…that’s me…Who is this?”

“It’s Randy…Do you got a minute?”

Lori was still in shock…Randy’s smooth voice talking to her on the phone…she was so in shock she couldn’t move or answer him back.

Randy’s voice broke her shock thoughts as he said, “Lori, Congress doesn’t take this long to make decisions.” Lori laughed a little and said, “Sorry…I wasn’t expecting you to call.” Randy said, “Well, Do you have a minute to talk…Or would you like me to call you back some other time if you’re busy right now.”

Lori said, “No, No…Now is good…Sorry.” Randy said, “Do you want to do this over the phone or would doing it face to face be easier?” Lori said, “I hate trying to do this over the phone, but we can…considering you’re probably about 2 to 3 thousand miles away.” Randy said, “But you’d rather do this in person?” Lori said, “Yes.” Randy said, “I’m glad you said that.”

Lori heard a knock on her door and thought ‘No way!’ She walked over and opened the door and sure enough there was Randy in all his jeans a polo shirt glory.

Lori stepped aside and said, “What are you doing here?” Randy walked in as she closed the door and said, “I figured you’d want to talk about it…so…here I am.”

Lori got comfortable on the bed and said, “Okay…so talk…”

Chapter 10


Randy said, “What happened to you? You just left the next morning and didn’t say a word to me…I had to find out from John you went back to school.”

Lori said, “That’s easy…I wanted to make sure you came to me that night because you wanted to be there…not because I gave you something you could easily obtain from the bimbette that was hanging on your arm. I’d liked you since I came to visit my dad, and at first you seemed interested too…but then you just…well…You didn’t really shy away…but it seemed as though you remembered who my father was and stopped.”

Randy temper was starting to fly off the charts as he tried to keep a cool head…and said, “So you have sex with me and then leave with not so much as a have a nice life or thanks for the great fuck…I mean the very least I could’ve taken a you were a lousy lay but I’d still like to be friends with you…It would’ve played for shit on my ego and self esteem…but I could’ve lived with it.”

Lori got up and was pacing the room and said, “Randy…I did that on purpose…I was trying to see if you actually liked me enough to go to my dad and get my phone number to call me and I mean in the back of my mind I was really hoping you’d call me, considering you’ve had the damn numbers for the last 3 weeks…and I honestly didn’t want to have to challenge you like this…but I know you’ve got a shit load of respect for my dad as a friend and as a co-worker…I knew it would take more then just a little roll in the hay to get you to look at me more that just your co-worker and friends daughter.”

Randy said, “Why…I was perfectly content with keeping you at an arms length so we could continue to be friends…I enjoyed being friends with you…Things couldn’t get complicated if you was just a friend.” Lori stifled a scoff laugh and said, “Maybe they weren’t complicated for you…but the minute I met you…I didn’t just see you as my dad’s co-worker or friend…and I saw you as my friend…but I wanted more…And the way you kissed me back at the club…I knew you wanted more too…you was just letting your bimbette try to run the show.”

Randy said, “So you got the sex from me…are you sure you haven’t done this before, because you acted like a pro…” Lori said, “C’mon Randy…You know you took my virginity…believe me if you wasn’t the one I wanted to give it too…I wouldn’t have let you have it. Did you ever think of it that way? I let you have something any man in the world could’ve gotten from me…but I choose you.”

Randy said, “That’s just great Lori…I don’t know who the bigger whore is now…Me for taking your virginity and not calling for 3 weeks and also have sex with other girl for the last 3 weeks…or you…for giving it up so easily to someone you hardly know.” Lori could definitely feel the tears pricking her eyes for that comment…OUCH! Lori squared her shoulders and said, “Get Out!” Randy rolled his eyes and said, “Gladly.” As he left slamming the dorm door.

Lori cried for a few hours and initially sucked it up…She couldn’t think about it…she had the concert to go to…she was excited about it…and just figured Randy would be sorry once he cooled down.

Friday came before Lori knew it and she was off to the concert with her 2 friends Cynthia and Cilia and her room mate Mina, the concert was in the next town which was 30 minutes away…The concert lasted until 3 am. Mina, Lori and Cilia were all sleeping as Cynthia was driving…apparently she was tired then she thought she was…

::Ring-Ring:: ::Ring-Ring:: ::Ring-Ring:: ::Ring-Ring::

Dave Bautista sat up as he growled, “Hello!” into the annoying cell phone.

“Is this Dave Bautista the father of Lauren Bautista?” The feminine voice said.

Dave said, “Yes.”

“There’s been an accident…”

Chapter 11


Dave Bautista had been woken out of a complete sound sleep by a nurse in some Pittsburg Hospital, telling him there had been an extremely bad accident involving his oldest daughter Lauren and her friends coming home from the concert. Dave’s stomach was turning…First he had to endure the insanely long plane ride to Pennsylvania, and now he was waiting in the waiting room for any sign of life from the nurses station concerning his daughter.

Dave heard the Emergency Room outside doors slide open and looked up and saw Randy, Paul, Stephanie, Ric, John and John’s girlfriend Kim come walking through…Dave stood up and took the coffee Randy offered as he sipped the hot liquid…hoping it would wake him up a little more.

Paul said, “So what happened?” Dave said, “Wow…Where to start?” Randy said, “Started with how Lori is.” Dave said, “Well…Aside from scrap, bumps and Bruises…She’s got a severe concussion, brain swelling and possible bleeding in the brain.” Ric said, “And the other girls?” Dave said, “Dunno…They can’t release their information to me, until their parents get here…If they are alive they are all damn lucky to be alive…A state trooper by some sheer coincidence had seen the accident occur.”

Stephanie said, “What the hell caused the accident?” Dave said, “The driver of another vehicle fell asleep at the wheel and basically shoved the girls off the highway…The vehicle ended up flipped 6 times down a 100 foot hill and came to a stop at the bottom upside down in a creek. The officer had to go down the hill and said all of them had their seatbelts on…but if he hadn’t seen it, chances are they wouldn’t have been found for a few days and he said by then they all could very well be dead.”

Randy couldn’t help but feel extremely guilty…the last words he’d had with Lori were hateful and mean…He didn’t want that to be her last memory of them…Randy said, “I’m gonna go get some air…I’ll…uh…Be right back.” Dave watched as Randy walked back outside and looked at Paul and said, “What’s wrong with the kid?”

Paul said, “Chances are it has to do with my God daughter being in the hospital right now…He’s been pretty damn quiet since we got on the plane and got here…He’s not really said more then 5 words.”

Stephanie said, “I’m gonna go see if he’s okay.” They watched as she walked off and went outside. She found Randy sitting on the curb in front of the hospital and sat next to him and said, “Okay…Spill it Randy…” Randy looked at her and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Steph laughed and said, “Sure you do…You’ve not said more then 5 words since we got on the plane tonight…I know you like Lori…but you couldn’t have prevented this accident from happening.”

Randy said, “I know I couldn’t…but…Fuck…I went and saw her at her dorm a few days before the concert…we argued and I said some pretty bad things…fucked up things…and I don’t want that to be the last thing she remembers. I don’t want her to wake up thinking I’m the most horrible person in the world right now.”

Steph said, “Randy…When something like this happens…everyone genuinely forgives and forgets and starts over…Maybe Lori would be willing to do that…but…You’re never going to know if she will if you’re sitting out here only remembering the bad shit and don’t even talk with her about it.” Randy nodded…She had a good point. Maybe Lori would be willing to forgive and forget…He could only hope and pray she would.

A doctor finally came out, as Dave stood up he walked over to talk with the doctor…when he came back he said, “There was no bleeding in the brain just swelling from the concussion…she’s starting to wake up and I can go see her now…” Paul patted Dave on the back and said, “Want me to come with you?” Dave nodded and said, “Yea…I don’t know if I can see her like this alone.”

Paul and Dave walked down to Lori’s room and walked inside…They noticed the hospital had her hooked to every damn machine they had in the facility…but as long as it was all keep Lori alive…they could careless what was hooked to her.

Dave stood on one side of the bed and Paul on the other…each taking one of her small hands in their big ones…Dave could already feel the tears pricking his eyes along with Paul…But they had to be strong…strong for Lori and everyone else…Dave touched Lori’s forehead and said, “You awake baby girl?” She started moving around and her eyes slowly fluttered open…and Paul said, “Hey girl…you gave us quite a scare…You feelin okay?” Lori nodded a little and said, “Question?”

Dave said, “Go ahead.”

Lori looked between the two of them and said, “Who are you?”

Chapter 12


Dave walked down to the waiting room with Paul…Stephanie noticed something about them…Something wasn’t right…They both looked extremely defeated…and neither of the men ever had that look about them…Not even on their worst day. Randy must’ve noticed it too, because they both seemed to jump to their feet at the same time and said, “What’s wrong?”

Dave ran a hand down his face as Paul exhaled heavily. Dave said, “She looks a little worse for wear…but…She doesn’t remember who we are…My baby girl doesn’t even know I’m her father.” Everyone watched as Dave walked outside and sat on a bench.

Paul said, “The doctor is running some tests…She’s definitely got Amnesia, but trying to figure out if it’s temporary from the brain swelling or permanent from the head trauma, it can’t really be determined. If it’s temporary she should start getting memory back in a couple of months…if not…then Dave has to start replacing all her memories for the last 22 years.”

Randy said, “Is it okay if I go down to see her?” Paul nodded and said, “Sure…Go for it…Talk with her…Maybe she’ll remember something…who knows…The doctor said anything can really spark her memory.” Randy nodded as he gathered up all his courage and walked down to her room.

Randy looked through the room…Lori looked so lost…looking around the room…like she was trying to remember something about the two guys who’d just left her room…Randy opened the door and said, “Would you mind a visitor?” Lori looked over at the big blue eyed guy. She tilter the side of her mouth up as she studied him, almost making sure he wouldn’t hurt her…and finally said, “Sure.”

Randy walked in and sat in the chair next to her bed and she said, “So who are you?” The blue eyed guy had a great smile as he flashed his beautifully white teeth at her and said, “Randy.” She smiled softly and said, “So how do I know you?” He said, “Well I work with your dad and we kind of had a thing a few weeks back…but you left to go back to school.”

Lori said, “Was I mean to you?” Randy said, “Actually…No. Before your accident tonight, a few days ago we had a fight and I said mean stuff to you…but I didn’t mean it…I was just mad and people tend to say things they don’t mean when they are mad or upset.” Lori smiled softly and said, “I hope I remember what happened between us, so I can forgive you for what you said.” Randy could feel his heart break a little more. She wanted to forgive him and couldn’t even remember why.

Randy stood up and said, “I’m going to go ahead and let you get some rest…I’m pretty sure you’re dad is going to stay with you tonight though…and don’t be scared of how big he is…because with you he’s nothing but a teddy bear.” She said, “Thanks…I was kind of scared of him…he’s pretty big.” Randy laughed a little and said, “He’s not the biggest guy you’ll ever meet…but he’s big enough…and he’s got a heart to match the size of his body. I know he loves you a lot.”

Lori said, “I wish I could remember who you all are...You all are very nice.” Randy leaned over and kissed her forehead and said, “Get some rest.” Lori nodded and snuggled back down into the hospital bed and quickly fell asleep.

Dave did come back into the room and sat in the chair next to the bed and watched over her as she slept. So many thoughts running through his head…what if she never got her memory back…what if she did and ended up losing it again…

All Dave knew was he wanted his daughter back.

Chapter 13


Dave started making arrangements for Lori to travel with him on the road…He was hoping something would trigger her memory. Dave called the college and informed then Lori wouldn’t be returning until her memory was back to 100%, which the really couldn’t dispute that…and also said as soon as she regained it, she would be more then welcome to pick up where she left off on her studies…and wouldn’t have to go back to re-earn the credits she’d already collected.

Dave was supposed to pick her up from the hospital, but was sidelined with a press conference for WrestleMania 20. Dave instilled trust in Randy to pick up his daughter, get her on a plane to New York and take her to the hotel. WrestleMania was in 2 days.

And as if Dave didn’t have enough on his plate with work and worrying about his daughter…but her mother had just called and nearly ripped him a new asshole siding it his fault for letting her to go the concert…Like Lauren didn’t make decisions on her own.

Randy, him and Ric had a handicap match against Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Mick Foley…They’d all been practicing on the match for a few days now…Lori had been extremely understanding, even though most of it she didn’t really understand nor remember.

Lori looked up when she heard the hospital room door open…she saw it was the blue eyed guy from a few days prior…also same guy who’d said had a fight with her before the accident. She said, “Randy right…” Randy smiled softly at the cute brunette and nodded…he said, “Yea…Now you’re dad called you last night and told you I’d be coming for you right?” Lori’s smile widened as she hopped off the bed in her jeans and hooded sweatshirt her dad had brought for her.

The nurse came in and had Lori sign a bunch of papers for her release and then placed her in a wheel chair as it was hospital policy…which didn’t go off well.

Lori said, “My legs aren’t broken.”

The nurse said, “I’m sorry but it is hospital policy.”

Randy squatted down in front of Lori and said, “You’re really uncomfortable in this thing aren’t you.”

Lori nodded her head for an affirmative answer and Randy said, “Okay…I’ll take it from here ma’am.”

Randy stood a little and said, “Wrap you’re arms around my neck.” Lori chewed on her bottom lip a little and said, “Are you sure?” Randy chuckled a little and said, “Yea…C’mon it will get you out of this seat.”

Lori smiled and slowly wrapped her arms securely around his neck and he carefully lifted her out of the chair and walked her out of the hospital and to the taxi. In no time they were on the plane to New York and Randy had her comfortable in her fathers hotel room in her bed resting until he got there.

Dave dismissed Randy when he walked in the door…he walked over and watched his daughter sleeping peacefully in the spare bed. A small smile played on his lips at the thought of hopefully helping her get her memory back…he couldn’t wait to have her energy filled body running around calling him papi and giving Randy a run for his money.

Dave sighed heavily…He honestly couldn’t wait for the day…He wanted it now…but it wasn’t going to happen now…so playing the waiting game was all he could do.

Chapter 14


2 day later, everyone was sitting in Evolution’s dressing room. Randy had been secretly watching Lori the whole time. She had on jeans, sneakers, a white tank top, and since it was chilly in the arena she had on a white crochet hooded sweater that was hanging open. Her long brunette hair was hanging down curling around her curvy body.

She had a small smile playing on her lips as she and Dave had been talking a little bit. She’d been teasing him since she’d heard her mother yelling at her father over the cell phone.

Lori laughed out loud as she said, “C’mon it couldn’t have been that bad.” Dave shook his finger at her and said, “You don’t remember now…but you just wait…when you do you’re going to fully agree with me about your mother…she’s never liked me since she got pregnant with you…you she adores…me…Let’s just say if my head was on fire…she wouldn’t walk across the street to pee on it to put it out.” Lori squealed and said, “Oh gross dad!” Dave chuckled as his daughter made gagging noises.

Paul had been watching his God-daughter with her dad all evening…They seemed to have been doing really well…He could only hope and pray like Dave that her memory would come back soon.

Lori sat on an equipment trunk in the hallway as the guys got changed for their matches. Randy was the first done and walked out into the hallway and leaned against the trunk, when Lori looked up she busted out laughing and then covered her mouth quickly and said, “Sorry.” Through a smirk that took over her lips.

Randy smirked and said, “What’s so funny?” Lori said, “You’re shirt tucked into what looks like your underwear.” Randy laughed and said, “They are wrestling trunks.” Lori said, “I figured…but it looks like underwear…Does everyone tuck their shirt in…and please tell me you take the shirt off when you get smelly.”

Randy busted out laughing and said, “Yes…Generally I don’t like to stink for very long…when it happens I shower and put clean clothes on like everyone else.” Lori said, “HA! That you know of.” Randy walked with Lori down to the gorilla position and a few minutes later, Paul, Dave and Ric showed up also.

Dave said, “You’re going to stay back here with Uncle Paul okay?” Lori nodded…having no recollection of these men in her life…her only wish was to get her memory back.

She sat next to Paul and they watched the match and Paul explained the way the matches go and how the winners are decided through the writing team and scripts…How every bump looked real but really wasn’t…and how some bumps looked real and actually felt real after the matches.

After the match Lori was walking around the halls just trying to become acquainted with things, places and people…Sometimes she’d come across a smell in the hallway and she would feel like she recognized it…but couldn’t really identify it.

The back door of the arena was open and she saw Randy sitting on a curb in the parking garage…she walked out and sat next to him and said, “So what did we have a fight about…You never said…and I’m curious.” Randy looked over at the brunette with no memory and said, “We had a nice night together a few weeks ago…We…well…We…We made love…and It was nice…but the next morning you left without saying a word to me to go back to school and I came to see you 3 weeks later and that’s when we had our fight.”

Randy sighed heavy and continued, “You were trying to get me to admit my feelings for you and I was being a stubborn ass and said some really hurtful things to you…I called you a whore and we argued and you kicked me out of your college dorm and I left. I shouldn’t have left…I should’ve apologized for what I’d said but I was being an ass and I was being a jerk…when I found out about your accident, I was devastated, because of the way I left things between us…I had never meant to hurt you…and I certainly never meant the words that came out of my mouth…I was mad and when I’m mad shit flies out of my mouth before I can stop it. And now you have amnesia and can’t remember what happened…so even if I did apologizes and we did try to reconcile things between us…when you get your memory back I don’t know if you’d even want to be within 3 feet of me.”

Lori reached over and took Randy’s hand and said, “I know I can’t remember what happened…And I know I maybe never remember…but for right now…I just want to pretend we never had a fight…I like you much more when you’re smiling and having a nice time…rather then sitting on a lonely curb looking like you lost your best friend.”

Lori stood up and pulled Randy to stand in front of her as she stood on her tip toes and hugged Randy to her. Randy couldn’t help but agree with what she said…he would wait until she had her memory back and then they would discuss the fight better…Randy’s arms tightened around her waist as he lifted her off the ground a little and heard her laugh, which was the reaction he was looking for…He loved her laugh.

Randy informed Dave he was taking Lori to dinner and would bring her back to the hotel…Dave agreed it would be good for her and let them go. The night couldn’t have been any better.

Chapter 15


A couple of months later, Lori’s memory wasn’t any better…but she was having a good time with Randy and the guys…Randy’s storyline had bloomed and he’d won the Heavy Weight Championship from Chris Benoit at a PPV and had become the youngest champion in the history of the company.

The following Monday night Raw Paul, Ric and Lori’s father and Randy warned her that Paul, Ric and her dad were going to end up beating the crap out of Randy in the ring and for her not to worry cause it was all scripted.

Lori was standing in front of the monitor with her mouth hanging open at the display she’d just witnessed. Paul, Ric and her father had definitely done a number on Randy…but they’d warned her ahead of time that none of it was real…The blood was definitely real…but everything else was not.

Lori was standing in the trainers office watching as Randy got stitched up…Randy looked over at her and she looked worried…He hadn’t been able to talk with her just yet, because once he got back stage, he was taken immediately to the trainers office…but he hadn’t missed the silent tears slowly sliding down her cheeks…

Dave hadn’t missed them either…He walked over and hugged her and reassured her it was all fake. He kissed the top of her head and calmed her down and then had one of the guys from the crew show her to the trainer’s office.

When the trainer finished and put a bandage over the stitches, Randy was laying down on the exam table and Lori wasn’t standing too far away and he reach out and took her hand and pulled her closer to him…He said, “Say something.” Lori smiled weakly and said, “I think you guys have stupid careers…It’s really barbaric…and eventually someone is going to end up getting hurt with an injury they can’t come back from. Stephanie explained to me what blading was…and said you did this to yourself. I just don’t understand.”

Randy watched the emotions play across her face as she wiped stray tears from her cheeks and walked out of the office. Randy exhaled as he sat up and pulled his exercise pants on and a t-shirt. Paul walked in and said, “How ya doing kid?” Randy nodded and said, “I’m not too bad…but I don’t think Lori’s all that happy.” Paul said, “Yea…I know…It’s the amnesia…she doesn’t remember and doesn’t understand out line of work.” Randy hopped off the exam table and said, “Yea…I get where she’s coming from…Sometimes I don’t understand it either.”

Paul patted Randy on the shoulder and said, “I know sometimes this business can seem like a real pain in the ass and sometimes things just don’t go the way there supposed too…The only people who can be in this sport are the ones who truly understand it, take it completely into their lives and live it…This business is not for the weak people…It’s for people who can travel 250 days a year, stand being away from their family more then they are home…and for people whose family understands that when you make this your career…they support you 100% no matter what.”

Paul continued, “I know Lori supports her dad and anyone in the business…but right now with the amnesia…she can’t decipher the difference between work and a blood bath. She just witnessed a blood bath in her mind…but if she had her memory back…she would’ve known it was just simply 4 people in professional wrestling going to work.” Randy said, “Yea…I know I get it…It just sucks to see her so upset and none of us able to explain what we do for a living better then what we have to her.” Paul nodded his head in agreement and said, “True…But we have to work with what we have…until her memory comes back…”

Randy and Paul walked back to the dressing room and saw everyone getting ready to head back to the hotel. Ric tossed Paul and Randy their bags as Randy felt a hand on his forearm…He looked down and the hand belonged to Lori. Lori looked at Dave and winked as he started shoving Ric and Paul towards the door to let Randy and Lori walk behind the group of guys.

Lori said, “I’m really sorry Randy…I know I don’t fully understand because of this whole amnesia thing…and I don’t want you to feel bad because I don’t fully get what’s going on with this business.” Randy nodded as he said, “I just don’t want you upset when you see the stuff that goes on…I mean yea we feel the effects of the matches but storylines are bullshit…we fight on TV but were about as close as a family can be in this company.” Lori nodded. Lori and Randy continued down the hall…They could hear the wind blowing pretty bad outside and had heard the door slam earlier from when the guys walked outside to get the rental. Randy pushed the door open and the wind nearly caught it, but he held onto it as Lori walked outside.

Lori’s hair was whipping around in the wind, Randy closed the door and they waited under the canopy until Dave drove the rental over to them. Randy was facing Lori’s side as they talked a little…She said, “I can’t believe this weather…This is insane…I thought that door was going to take you with it.” Randy chuckled and said, “Yea…but it didn’t…This isn’t nearly as bad as it was last year when we were here.”

The door hadn’t been completely closed and the wind just caught it right…Everything went in slow motion…Randy saw something move out of the corner of his eye as the big rental SUV pulled up…the door swung open before Randy could stop it…It slammed into Lori’s head and knocked her out completely. Randy caught her body before she hit the ground and Paul jumped out to help Randy into the vehicle with her. Dave immediately took her to the ER.

The ER doctor said she’d be fine…she had a big bump on the back of her head and considering the hit she took a mild concussion. Dave and Randy went down to see her. Lori was lying in bed staring at the ceiling when she heard the door open…She looked over and said, “Dad…Where am I…I have school in the morning…” Dave looked shocked.

Lori sat up and said, “What the fuck is Randy doing here…God…Get him out of here…I don’t want to see him ever again!” She threw the plastic pitcher at Randy that was on the rolling table next to her bed. Randy backed out of the room as Dave grabbed a hold of Lori and yelled, “Randy go get a doctor.”

Lori was screaming at the top of her lungs and thrashing around in the bed. A nurse came in and gave Lori a shot to sedate her.

Lori looked at her dad and the nurse and everything went black.

Chapter 16


It had been a month since Lori had gotten her memory back…She’d been back in school picking up where she left off on her classes and credits…luckily she hadn’t missed too much school because of the amnesia…nothing that night classes couldn’t catch her up on.

Her dad had been calling her every day to make sure she was doing okay and her mother…she’d even spoken to Uncle Paul and Stephanie…she still refused to speak to Randy. Her dad had told her everything that was going on…How she’d forgiven Randy even though with the Amnesia she couldn’t remember what she was forgiving him for and was even happy when he told her he’d won the heavy weight belt…but that was slided when Randy asked that Paul take over control on it again, because his heart wasn’t into wearing the belt and all the responsibilities that came with it.

Lori scoffed at the thought…she knew Randy wanted to be champ more then anything…anyone who worked in the damn company wanted to be champ. Lori had Christmas break coming up and she was more then fully prepared to ask Randy why he gave up something he was working so hard to get to.

By the time Christmas break rolled around, Lori had caught up with all her studies and was flying back to meet up with her dad on the road. Stephanie met her at the airport and said, “God…I hate you.” Lori cracked up and said, “Why’s that?”

Stephanie said, “HELLO? Are we living in a parallel universe or something…You get into a car accident, get amnesia, get your memory back and you still look like a flawless beauty.” Lori laughed and said, “I’m far from flawless honey…I really need to talk with Randy…Are we going to the arena first?” Steph said, “Yea…You guys haven’t talked yet have you?” Lori shook her head no and said, “No since I got my memory back…I wish I could remember what we’d talked about while I had amnesia…but the doctor said I may never remember…and then again I may remember in spurts.”

Once they got to the arena…Lori went looking for Randy…She found him sitting in a miscellaneous dressing room with John and Kim. She walked in and the squeal of Kim brought John and Randy out of their conversation. Kim jumped up and ran over and threw her arms around Lori, who returned the hug. John stood up and gave Lori a hug also.

John saw the look in Lori’s eyes and said, “Kim and I should be going…We got some bidness to take care of at the hotel.” Lori smirked and said, “Yea…I’ll just bet I know what it is too.” Kim smirked and said, “The US champ here ain’t got nuttin on me…he’s about to be worn out 30 ways from Sunday.” Lori laughed and said, “Give em hell girl.” Kim pulled on John’s collar and said, “Absolutely.” As they left the room…closing the door behind them.

Randy said, “What no yelling?” Lori shook her head no as she leaned against the wall. Randy stood up and said, “So to what do I owe this honor then?” Lori said, “I wanna know why.” Randy looked puzzled and said, “Why what?”

Lori said, “I wanna know why, after working so hard for something you’ve wanted your whole life…you just turn around and give it away.” Randy said, “I don’t quite follow…can we talk English here?” Lori said, “The belt Randy…The belt. Everyone in this company would give their eye teeth for a shot at the title let alone the world’s biggest push to have the belt at the age of 24…and that’s what you got and you turned around and declined the best deal you’ll ever get in your life.”

Randy said, “I declined it for my own reasons…I declined it because of you.” Lori said, “Well then you declined for the wrong reasons…I didn’t make you do it…you did it on your own. No body forced you to do it.” Randy said, “I didn’t say anyone forced me, or that you made me…I did it because of you…I did it because if you ask anyone who’s held that belt they will tell you, that the belt is not worth having if you don’t have someone to share the moment with.”

Lori said, “We barely know each other…We said awful things to each other…and yet you want to share the most important moment in your life with me…Before you even met me Randy you was a playboy…a huge playboy…dating every girl you could get a number for…what the hell makes me so special?”

Randy said, “You know the old saying that good stuff always out weights the bed stuff no matter what…well if you go back and think about it and weight everything…the good stuff really does out weight the bad times we’ve had…You go in the back and ask Paul or Benoit or my dad or even Hogan…They will tell you…Having that belt means absolutely nothing…if you can’t share it with someone you love.”

Lori stopped in mid thought ‘what the….’ …Did he just slip and admit he loved her?

Chapter 17


He did love her.

Randy loved Lori more then he ever knew was possible. Lori came to grips with her feelings for him as well and Dave came to grips that he was about to lose his little girl to someone he held close to him as a co-worker and a best friend…Who would’ve thought?

The words have been drained from this pencil
Sweet words that I want to give you
And I…can’t…sleep…
I need…to tell you…good night

When were together I feel perfect
When I’m pulled away from you
I fall apart
All that you say…is sacred to me

- -2 Years Later- -

Dave stood watching proudly as his daughter married his best friend and co-worker. John as the best man & Kim as the Maid of Honor. Paul nudged the big man in the side and said, “I can’t believe you’re getting all misty eyed.” Dave tried to crack a smile as a couple of big tears escaped down his cheeks and he said, “She’s my daughter…She’s my baby girl…I never expected her to grow up so fast.”

Paul grinned and said, “That’s what you get for introducing her to Orton.” Both gentlemen stifled a few chuckles as Stephanie reach over and smacked them both and said, “Behave you two.”

Dave watched as his daughter said ‘I do’ and looked on as Randy lifted her veil and kissed her lips softly. When they turned towards the people who filled the church, she immediately found her dad’s brown eyes and smiled one of her award winning smiles and mouthed the words ‘I love you papi’ and blew him a kiss.

You’re eyes are so blue
I can’t look away
As we lay in the stillness
You whisper to me


Marry me…

Promise you’ll stay with me

Dave felt a twinge in his heart as he could picture the memory clearly in his head…That was 3 days ago…The events that happened afterwards were going to leave a scar on his heart for the rest of his life.

Dave could remember the scene as it unfolded in front of his eyes…Paul, Stephanie and Dave had packed the newlyweds up in the rented white limo and sent them ahead to the reception. As they made their way to the same place. They thought it was funny they’d all beaten the happy couple of the reception and joked around about them having to stop on the side of the road to consummate the marriage already.

They were going to give them so much shit for being late…Just a shit load. Until the Chief of Police walked through the door and asked for Dave Bautista, Elaine & Bob Orton to follow him outside.

Oh you don’t have to ask me
You know you’re all that I live for

You know I’d just to hold you
Stay with you…
Some how I’ll show you
That you are my night sky

Dave could still hear the Officer still saying, “I’m sorry to have to inform you of this but, Randy and Lori were in a pretty bad car accident on the way here.” Dave said, “Well, what hospital did you send them to…We need to get over there with them.”

The officer looked as if he was going to cry himself as he sighed heavily and said, “We didn’t…They were hit by a 17 year old boy who was running from the cops in a stolen car traveling at close to 110 mph and…There were no survivors.”

I’ve always been right behind you
Now I’ll always be right beside you

So much can change in 3 days…

Dave stood in the cemetery…They’d laid his daughter and son-in-law to rest beside each other earlier that morning…planted the tombstone that read Beloved Husband & Wife. Dave couldn’t pull himself from the cemetery. He’d had a freak out earlier and threw his tie and jacket across the cemetery…

Now he just stood there staring down at it…The last place he’ll ever see his daughter again. The last place the Orton’s would ever see their son.

Dave looked at the picture on the headstone of them…They looked so happy…Dave took one more look and said, “I’m gonna getcha back…I promise.”

As Dave walked away finally, he knew in his heart he was gonna get her back…He’d have to wait until he died…But he was definitely gonna get his daughter back…one way or another. He’d have to fight his wait into Heaven…but he’d get there…eventually.

So many nights
I’ve cried myself to sleep
Now that you love me
I never thought I would say that
I never thought…there’d be

The End.