Fool Hearted



Chapter 1


Journey looked down and noticed her cell phone was vibrating on the desk as she was trying to look for her car keys…She tried ignoring it, but knew it could be her parents or siblings so she picked it up and slid it open and said, “Hello.” 


A familiar voice said, “Woman where the hell are you and why haven’t I heard from you in a few weeks?”  Journey laughed and said, “Mia?”  The laughing voice said, “No it’s the fuckin tooth fairy…Gimmie your teeth before I knock ‘em out kid.”  Journey couldn’t help but laugh at her long time friend.  Mia said, “Where have you been hiding yourself woman?  I haven’t seen you since Christmas…and that is totally not like us.”


Journey got quiet and said, “Shit happens in my life and then I have to figure out where the hell I went wrong.”  Mia said, “Damn girl it couldn’t be that bad right?”  Journey said, “What would you do if someone you hold dear to your life told you they were in love with you…but you weren’t in love with them…and could NEVER feel the same way.”


Mia said, “Damn girl.  I mean personally I nearly flipped when Dave told me he had feelings for me…let alone 6 months later he told me he loved me more then life.”  Journey said, “Yea, but even if Dave is billed as an animal…he’s nothing but a teddy bear.  You’re dating Dave Bautista…I’d flip too.”  Mia said, “Yea…well the animal part is right when were in bed…I’m telling you…That boy can tear my shit up!”


Journey groaned and said, “I do NOT need to hear about you and one of my extended family Uncles sorted sexual acts.  It’s bad enough when Stephanie tells me about her and Uncle Paul…But you and Uncle Dave…Lord save us all!”  Mia said, “Okay drama queen…When’s the next time I’m gonna see your scrawny ass?”


Journey laughed it off and said, “I have to go to OVW and check out a couple of new wrestlers and then back to Cali for my dad’s hip surgery…It should be about 5 days…maybe 7.  Brook and Nick have a few school projects, which mom was supposed to go to, but since she’s going to be busy helping dad, I stepped up and said I didn’t mind doing it.”


Mia said, “Ahhh okay…I completely forgot about Terry going into surgery in a few days. How’s your mom taking it?”  Journey laughed and said, “About as good as anyone else in the Hogan family.  Dad’s been to surgery and physical therapy so many times they know him by heart…Mom’s just glad it’s hip replacement and not like leg removal.”


Mia and Journey laughed it off and said their good-byes…Mia made Journey promise to call later and talk about the mysterious friend who was in love with her.


Mia tossed her cell onto the coffee table as she walked over and sat on Dave’s lap and he looked at her with those brown eyes and said, “How’s Journey?”  Mia said, “Scared…but not for the reasons any normal person would think right now.”  Mia laid her head on Dave’s shoulder as he kissed the top of it and they continued watching their movie on their day off.


Chapter 2


Six was driving along the coast, when her cell phone rang…she looked at the caller ID and it read ‘Professional’…


She picked up and said, “Yes.”  The male voice on the other line said, “Six…Is this line clear?” She said, “Yes.”  The voice said, “Got a job for you…England…48 hours. Understand?”  She said, “Yes, departure time?”  The voice said, “3 hours.”


Six hung up, flipped a U in the middle of the street as she floored it to the air base…she flashed her badge as she flew through the gate.  She called the house phone and naturally no one answered as she left a message, ‘Hey guys…something really important came up…I’ll see you in 48 hours…I promise…I love you all.’


Six got into the ladies changing room and found her locker…as she pulled on her black camo pants on, wit her black steel toed boots and a black ribbed cotton camisole on, she pulled her honey blonde hair up into a ponytail as she pulled her black fingerless gloves on and strapped them over the back of her hands as she slipped her double shouldered gun holster over her arms and buckled it around her mid section as she checked both of her 9 m.m. so they were fully loaded and then turned the safeties on and holstered both weapons. 


She walked into the briefing room and got the info on her target.  Some slime ball who wanted to kill the Queen of England…it didn’t matter how many English politician connections he had…in 24 hours he’d have a bullet in his head courtesy of her.  Or possibly something worse…a slow death is a painful one…Anyone who would plot against the Queen of England should have a nice slow painful death.  Six smirked at the thought.


23 hours later she found herself hiding in an air duct in the Queen’s palace during a states dinner…Too many big wigs there…She definitely had to be inconspicuous.  The two side arm men the Ryan twins. Tristan and Tommy Ryan.  They weren’t that hard to tell apart…granted they were complete twins…both bald and build like brick houses…one had blue eyes and the other had brown. 


And currently they were both sliding through the duct with her, Tristan in front, Tommy behind.  Tommy had already been smacked in the head with her boot already for commenting on how good her ass looked from the air duct view…Flirt and play around did the threesome…but when it came down to business it was straight as an arrow.


Slowly they all 3 came to a stop as they gathered around a four way vent, Tristan said, “This is the hallway…The target is going to be in that room…Tommy will stay here and I’ll stand outside the door and wait for you…you already know what to do.”  Six smirked and said, “Of course…Let’s do this…I need to get back home.”  Tristan chuckled and said, “You’re so domesticated.”  Tommy laughed as well and said, “Much more then us.”  Six laughed and said, “Well, I wasn’t raised for this as you two were…I came in a little later then you guys.” 


Tristan hopped down from the air vent and watched as Six hung from her knees upside down and let her body flip down and landed on her feet and pulled her 9 m.m. and screwed the silencer on to it as she slipped into the door and Tristan stood guard. 


Slipping though the dark room around furniture and around objects that blocked her path…she slowly and methodically broke 5 necks of the body guards watching the target…she stood there watching the psychopath sleep and knew he was about to get a permanent sleeping present…


His eyes slowly fluttered open as he jumped to a sitting position and looked right at the girl who was holding a gun against his forehead.  He said, “I swear…Whatever I did you didn’t like I won’t do it again…”  Her head tilted to the side almost as if she was reconsidering pulling the trigger and then she spoke…soft words…they came from such a beautiful woman…her red lips said, “It’s not personal…When you got involved in a plot to kill the queen…it should’ve held up a red flag…Even if I wanted to let you go…I can’t…My people would kill me for leaving a job unfinished…and my life is far to important for the likes of you.”


A silenced noise later, and crimson red covered the white satin sheets and the beautiful mahogany headboard.


She turned up an eye brow at her target as she pulled her cell phone and said, “This is Agent Six…Mission complete.”


23 hours later and she was finally home.  She walked through the front door only to catch her answering machine kick on… ‘This is Journey…it’s the 20th Century…you know what to do…Leave one.’  She laughed…she always did have a smart mouth…


Then the voice on the other line broke her thoughts, “Hey Journey…It’s Randy…I haven’t heard from you in a while…I hope you’re okay…Tell your dad I said get well soon and I hope to hear from you soon.  I know I dropped a bomb on you last time we saw each other and I know you don’t feel the same way…Don’t let it come between our friendship…we were friends first…we’ll always be friends.  I hope you can make it to Raw on Monday…A really good friend of mine got signed with WWE and I’d love you to meet him.  Later.”


Journey fell back into her chair as her thoughts of Randy Orton, her best friend since she was 6, consumed her again.


Chapter 3


Journey woke out of a dead sleep as she heard her alarm clock beeping… ‘Damn…That was a fucked up dream…like I could really be a professional killer.’  She thought as she back handed her alarm clock off the night stand.  Standing up from bed she got a quick shower as she was combing the tangles from her hair she walked over and noticed her answering machine was blinking.



Good is good and bad is bad
But you don’t know which one you had
She put your books out on the sidewalk
Now they’re blowing ‘round
But they won’t help you when you’re down

Love’s on your list of things to do
To bring your good luck back to you
And if you think that everything’s unfair
Would you care if you’re the last one standing there

And every time you hear the rolling thunder
You turn and run before the lightening strikes
And does it ever make you stop and wonder
If all your good times pass you by



Journey reached down and pushed the play button…as her answering machine said, “First message… ‘Hey Journey…It’s Randy…I haven’t heard from you in a while…I hope you’re okay…Tell your dad I said get well soon and I hope to hear from you soon.  I know I dropped a bomb on you last time we saw each other and I know you don’t feel the same way…Don’t let it come between our friendship…we were friends first…we’ll always be friends.  I hope you can make it to Raw on Monday…A really good friend of mine got signed with WWE and I’d love you to meet him.  Later.’…End of messages.”


Journey laughed a little and said, “Well at least I didn’t dream it all up.”  As she continued to comb her hair.



I don’t hold no mystery
But I can show you how to turn the key
Cause all I know is where I started
So downhearted
And that’s not where you want to be

And every time you hear the rolling thunder
You turn and run before the lightening strikes
And you could find a rock to crawl right under
And let your good times pass you by


An hour later, she was walking down the hallway in the hospital as she came across the waiting room for the surgical patients.  There she found Brooke and Nick, her very bored looking younger siblings.  Brooke and Nick both shot out of their seats and gave Journey hugs…as she eyed the pair and said, “Where’s mom?” 


Brooke said, “They let her go into that room above the OR so she could watch the surgery, but because were both under 18, were not allowed.”  Nick grumbled, “It sucks.”  Journey smirked and said, “You guys don’t really want to watch them cut dad open do you?”  Brooke said, “No but it would be nice to be able to at least sit with mom and give her emotional support.”  Journey nodded her head in agreement with them, and then said, “True, but y’all don’t need to see that stuff…it’s not always as easy as it sounds.”


Brooke walked over and sat down and said, “Hey Laura…Did you ever see dad have surgery before?”  Journey smiled at the fact her sister still used her first name, even though a few years ago she’d had her first name legally changed to her middle and her middle changed to her first.  Brooke smiled and said, “Sorry…Journey.”  Journey laughed and said, “C’mon…Like I’m really gonna get mad at y’all calling me by my first name…No biggie.  And yea I have…It was a long time ago.”


Brooke said, “You don’t have to worry about going to our game and play this week…When they found out about dad they post-pond them for 2 weeks.”  Journey said, “Cool…You guys want to go anywhere?  They probably won’t let you guys in to see him until tomorrow…”  Brooke and Nick both nodded as Journey stood and they followed her out of the hospital as she drove them home and left a message on their mom’s voice mail letting her know where they were.



When the day is done
And the world is sleeping
And the moon is on its way to shine
All the friends are gone
You thought were so worth keeping
You feel you don’t belong
But you don’t know why


And every time you hear the rolling thunder
You turn and run before the lightening strikes
And does it ever make you stop and wonder
If all your good times pass you by



Journey headed home and packed…she was going to be at Monday Night Raw…To run a few errands and she wanted to stop by and touch base with Randy…They were still friends no matter what…she was secretly wishing she could love him the way he wanted her too…but she just couldn’t and she didn’t know why…she just chalked it up to them being friends for too long. 


Her and Randy had been friends since they were 6…and yes at one point during their teen years, she found him attractive in everyway, but could never get his attention…he was always too busy dating girls who were cheerleaders and when she would see him on the road when they were with their dads, he would tell her all about the girls he’d dated and whatever…naturally since he’d been signed with WWE now, it had gotten 10 times worse and then out of no where…Randy Orton her best friend of 18 years comes right out and tells her he’s falling in love with her.  Naturally her attractiveness to him had ended years ago…and his for her had just begun.



Every time you hear the rolling thunder
And you turn and run before the lightning strikes
Well does it ever make you stop and wonder
If all your good times pass you by

When the day is done
And the world is sleeping
And the moon is on its way to shine (shine)
And all your friends are gone
You thought were so worth keeping
You feel you don’t belong
Neither do I



She was just trying to figure out what to do about Randy as her plane guided into the skyline.


What in the world was she going to do? 


Chapter 4


Once Journey was at the area for Monday Night Raw…she was walking around in her faded jeans, red sneakers and a red form fitted t-shirt…her waist length honey blonde hair which she’d inherited from her mother was left down.


Journey walked into the dressing room marked Randy Orton and said, “Girl on the floor…please cover all naked penis’s.”  As her eyes searched the room they landed on a familiar face as she squinted and groaned inwardly and said, “Oh lord….Not you…Anyone but you.”  The 6’1” wrestler stood up and walked over all cocky as he looked her up and down and suddenly she felt extremely violated.


John Cena smirked and smiled as he said, “Journey…It’s so nice to see you again…Every since you got me signed with WWE, you’ve been on my mind…I wanted to re-pay the favor.”  Journey dodge his line of vision and said, “It was actually nothing…You’re a good wrestler…leave it at that.  You don’t owe me.  Where is Randy?”


John said, “He’s around here somewhere…How do you know him?”  Journey said, “I don’t think it’s any of your business…It doesn’t concern you.”  John methodically stalked towards Journey until her back was pushed up against the wall in the dressing room…and he was leaned against the wall with one arm over the blonde staring down at her.


John said, “You scared of me or something?”  Journey said, “I seriously doubt that will ever be an emotion, I will experience when I’m near you.”  John caressed her hip and said, “So what are you feeling?”  Journey smirked and said, “Other then chucks in the back of my throat and the untamed feeling of wanting to puke on you right now?”  John’s face went from smirk to straight and said, “What?  You don’t feel anything else?”  Journey said, “You’re invading my space…I want to puke…Nope that about covers it.”


John said, “You know you’re feisty for a blonde…Is that a natural hair color for you?  And is the same color that’s upstairs…downstairs?”  Journey said, “I’m going to be nice to you because you’re stupid and a rookie…and because you don’t know who my father is…but if you ever ask me something that disgusting and tasteless again…I won’t hesitate to put you on your ass…And don’t think I can’t.”


John chuckled and said, “Damn feisty…Do you have any Italian in you?”  Journey said, “Nope.”  John said, “Would you like some?” 


About that time Randy opened the door and came walking into the scene and said, “What’s going on?”  Journey smiled at Randy and looked back at John and said, “I’m sorry but… (She lifted her hand above John’s head and continued) You have to be this tall to ride my ride.”


She walked away and left John Cena staring at her as she walked out into the hallway with Randy.  Randy laughed and said, “What was that all about?”  Journey said, “I’d heard you two were friends but I didn’t think you would let that little parasite into your dressing room…I liked his wrestling style when I went to check him out at OVW…and it was my criticism that got him signed to WWE and now he won’t stop hitting on me…I may have to puke on him next time to get him to leave me alone.”


Randy enveloped Journey into a huge hug as he laughed…she smacked his arm as she returned the hug on her tip toes and said, “It’s not funny Randy!  Every time I see him that little maggot hits on me.”  Randy chuckled some more and said, “I’m just laughing because that’s the way John is…He’s a player he loves to flirt.  He’s pretty harmless.”  Journey said, “Yea…well if it doesn’t stop…I think my dad should drop kick him out of the country.”  Randy laughed and said, “Fully agreed.”


They separated and he looked down at his childhood best friend and said, “So are we okay?”  Journey smiled and said, “Of course…Why wouldn’t we be?”  Randy said, “My momentarily brain relapse…why else?”  Journey took his hand and said, “We’ve been friends for so long…I don’t think we know how to be anything else but friends to each other…I’d rather be friends with you…then enemies if it didn’t work out…We could always swear and promise we wouldn’t let it change us if it didn’t work…but we both know it wouldn’t happen.”


Randy said, “Yea…You’re completely right…it’s all good…I met someone over the break anyways…You’ve gotta meet her next time your in St. Louis…promise me.”  Journey said, “Okay…I promise.”


They stood in the hallway and hugged again and then went their separate ways…Things would continue between them as they’d always had…but now they were going to be just a little closer as friends.


Chapter 5


It had been a couple of months since Journey had gone through the drama with Randy and there friendship and she’d been working her ass off traveling around looking for new talent for the company.  She’d heard from Randy that John had settled down and was really starting to make an effort as a wrestler that the guys wanted to be in the ring with…He had a really great work ethic going with some of the veteran wrestlers on Smackdown.


Journey smiled to herself as she entered the arena…It had been a while since she’d been to a PPV…She walked down finding the conference room that the board meeting was usually in as she quietly crept into the meeting already taking place with the wrestler, writers back stage crew and staff, with Mr. McMahon heading the meeting with Stephanie.  Shane had taken some time off away from the business to take his wife on a second honeymoon for their 5th anniversary.


As soon as Journey walked in she heard her name being whispered as she looked over and saw Stephanie’s smiling face and waving hand beckoning her over to sit next to her.  Journey walked over and the two girls hugged and took a seat.  Steph said, “How’s it been going on the quest to find some warm bodies for daddy?”  Journey smiled broadly and said, “About as good as a hemorrhoid operation.”  Stephanie scrunched up her nose and said, “Oh God…That’s nasty.”  The girls started to giggle to themselves as Journey said, “That’s about the nicest way I could’ve put it.”


Vince finally dismissed everyone.  Stephanie and Journey walked out not really paying attention to anything around them…they were just talking and gabbing up a storm.  Journey heard her name being called down the hallway as she zipped around and saw Randy jogging down the hallway and a smile instantly came to her face as he slid to a stop and into her arms as his arms went around her and they hugged tight in the middle of the hall.


They separated and Stephanie said, “Go ahead and catch up we’ll see each other later girl.”  Journey said, “Thanks Steph…I’ll see ya later.”  Stephanie smiled and walked away so the re-united friends could catch up.  As Journey and Randy walked down the hall to his dressing room…Randy got a call on his cell about signing some documents for an auction, where he was giving away a bunch of signed articles and he went ahead and sent Journey on to his dressing room and said he’d see her there in 30 minutes.


Journey walked into Randy’s dressing room and was taken back when none other then John Cena walked out of the bathroom that was in Randy’s dressing room.  He looked damn good too…He had on his jean shorts, sneakers, white Mitchell t-shirt and his hat on backwards.  Not that John wasn’t checking her out…Because he was…Her red cargos, with the white form fitting t-shirt with the red around the neckline and arms and her white socks and red sneakers made her look cute.


Journey swallowed the lump in her throat and said, “Hey John.”  John smiled fast and then it disappeared as he said, “Oh…Hey Journey…Look…I wanted to say I’m sorry for being an ass the last time you saw me…I was way out of line…and I shouldn’t have crossed the line.”


Journey was kind of stumped…unsure what to say to him so all she managed was a weak smile and said, “It’s okay…I better go…I have a few things to do.”  She turned on her heels and walked out the door she’d just stepped in not more then 2 minutes prior.  Once the door closed behinds her she suddenly snapped out of it.  That was her…Letting someone get off as easily as that…She mentally smacked herself in the forehead as she snapped around and jerked the door open…


John had just started to go sit down when he heard the door open again surprised to see Journey there again…Only this time he knew his shit was too the wind…She looked pissed…Probably because she was and have every right to be his apology was pathetic…and the fact that he knew that was scary.


Journey walked up and stood 3 feet from John and said, “No it’s not okay…You were disgusting and vile that day and you will soon learn in this company that talking like that to a lady…any lady…especially me…you could of easily had your ass handed to you by me.  If my father would’ve heard the things you said to me, he’d kick your ass until hell wouldn’t have it anymore…I don’t care who you are or who you thought you were when you were in UPW or in OVW…but in WWE you will act like a gentleman…Which you should do anyway, because if you haven’t noticed John you have the potential to be HUGE…Take that and think on it for a while…I think you’ll come to a better conclusion for the out look on your life.”


Journey scoffed at John and then turned on her heels and was gone again.


All John could think was, ‘What the hell was that all about!’  More to himself then anything.  But she definitely gave him food for thought.


Chapter 6


A couple of hours later and Journey was walked into the Hilton hotel to check in for the evening, because she was really good friends with most if not all of the wrestlers, Vince always made sure her room was down with theirs, rather then hitting the suites for the people who ran the show behind the curtain.


As she got up to the 6th floor and rounded the corner to her room she ran into the one person she never thought she’d see for at least a few more hours…


She smiled softly up at his blue eyes and said, “Hi John.”  John suddenly found the ground fascinating as he stared at it and said, “Hey Journey.”  Journey said, “Sorry about earlier…I just don’t like seeing guys who have enormous potential let it go to waste…I think you’re extremely talented and you are definitely going to go places and make a big name for yourself…but you can’t think that it’s your right…It’s a challenge for you to the best you can be.”


John said, “Journey, Its aight…I get it…I over stepped my boundaries, when I shouldn’t have…So what’s really going on between you and Orton?”  Journey’s smile got bigger at the mention of the young 3rd generation superstar and said, “We’ve just been best friends since we were 7…It’s nothing big…My dad would bring me on the road when his dad would bring him and we just kind of formed this really great friendship bond…Nothing more….nothing less.”


John said, “So who is your dad?”  Journey giggled and said, “You mean you don’t know?  I was sure Randy would’ve told you by now.”  John said, “Don’t get to talk with him a lot since he moved to Raw and started picking up pointers from Paul, Dave and Rick.”  Journey said, “Then you should pick up some pointers from some of the greats on Smackdown…” 


John said, “Oh yea…Like who?  You know damn well ain’t none of those older guys wanna work with a punk ass like me…I can be an ass when I want…and I don’t take anything seriously.”  Journey said, “Do you take working for one of the biggest professional wrestling companies in this country serious?”  John stood up straight and said, “Hell yea.”  Journey smiled and said, “Good answer…Because it was the right answer…I know for a fact Mark Calloway has been enjoying getting into the ring with you…the whole story line you two have going right now is busting the viewers charts…People are actually tuning in on Thursday nights just to see what you two will do to each other next.”


Journey touched John’s forearm and said, “John, believe it or not you’ve made quite a work reputation for yourself in the back…Mark can’t get enough of working in the ring with you, but he also knows as long as you’ve been working in the wrestling business…You’re still a rookie in WWE because things are done certain ways…When you guys go into the ring to practice keep you mouth shut and learn from him…He’s invested so many years of his life into this business that there is probably no one more I’d recommend you learn from other then my own father.  Or even Vince…And Paul too…Everyone knows Mark has been here the longest…he’s been here through all the bullshit…he never jumped ship…he put ALL his faith in to the dream that Vince had and then some.  The next time you step in a practice or training ring with Mark…Ask him…Ask him questions about the business…get his point of view on it…He can make you the best wrestler you can be John Cena.”


John said, “So who is your father?”  Journey smiled as she held out her hand as John took it and she said, “Journey Hogan…Nice to meet you Mr. Cena.”  Journey winked at John as she walked around him and went into her hotel room.  John just stood there paralyzed.  Journey couldn’t help but laugh to herself as she fell asleep that night…She’d known through Randy that growing up John’s favorite wrestler was her dad.  She’d had broken it to him as gently as possible.


Chapter 7


It had been a few days since Journey had dropped the bomb on John about who her father was…He’d been seriously thinking about everything she’d said to him…All the words she’d uttered…Journey had given him a lot to think about career wise…


Mark Callaway was walking around the locker room area and saw the younger co-worker sitting on an equipment trunk in deep thought.  Mark walked over and said, “Something on your mind boy?”  John looked up at the mentor for younger wrestlers around the world…John said, “Got a few hours?”  Mark adjusted his jeans and took a seat next to John and said, “Got as much time as you need.”


John started talking to Mark about what Journey had said to him and by the time the conversation was finished an hour later, Mark’s deep southern accented laugh could be heard up and down the hall with John’s.  Mark shook his head and said, “That sounds like My God-daughter…She does have a temper on her don’t she?”  John chuckled and said, “That she does Deadman…That she definitely does.” 


Journey took that time to walk up ti Mark and John as she said, “Hi Uncle Mark.”  Mark squeezed her in a hug as she kissed his cheek and he kissed the top of her head.  John smirked and said, “Speak of the devil.”  Journey pulled back and said, “You talkin some serious shit about me or what?” 


Mark looked at his God-daughter and said, “I heard what you said to John girl…I can’t imagine you were any gentler on him as you were Randy the first time you met him.”  Journey said, “There’s a difference there.”  Mark laughed and said, “Oh damn I knew there would be…What is it?”  Journey said, “Randy and I were just kids…John is a grown ass man…And should’ve known better.”


Journey tossed their scripts at them and said, “Here…Stephanie asked me to give these to you…I will see you trouble makers later…I gotta go call Randy.”


A couple of hours later, Journey was walking down the hallway towards her office to get her things and head back to the hotel…When she walked into her office, it was pitch black and she couldn’t find the light switch…Someone grabbed her and she was going to scream…but before she could, someone’s lips were attached to hers.


She honestly had all intentions of fighting back…but it wasn’t happening…Big hands were caressing her hips and holding her so tight she thought she was going to faint from the friction.  When the person pulled away and flipped on the light…She was surprised to be staring at none other then John Cena.


Journey said, “What the hell was that all about?”  John just shrugged his shoulders and said, “I’ve been wanting to do that to you since the first day I met you at OVW and you called me an ass…Sorry.”  John walked around her and out the door…Leaving a stunned Journey staring after him.


Journey made it back to the hotel in one piece and to her room…She couldn’t get that kiss off her mind…It was the only thing swimming around in her brain.  After a short conversation on the phone with her friend Jenna who was currently dating TNA super Lance Hoyt…OUCH!


Journey decided to pay Mr. Cena a little visit.  She walked down to his room and knocked on the door…John opened the door and still had on his shorts and t-shirt and said, “How can I help you Miss. Hogan?”  Journey smiled a devious smile and walked in the door and as she shut it said, “That was some kiss you planted on me…You’ve got a lot of guts to do that to someone who you don’t know.”  John said, “I couldn’t help it…Just something I wanted to do…The moment presented itself and I took it.”


John couldn’t help notice that as Journey was walking around the room she’d been unbuttoning her shirt.  John watched as she let the black shirt slide off her shoulders and onto the floor…Her jean skirt was the next to fall to the floor…as John stared at Journey in her matching black lace panties and bra. 


John was frozen solid as Journey walked up to him and said, “Cat got your tongue?”  John couldn’t speak…Nothing was coming out…Journey slid her hand over his t-shirt covered shoulder and up to the back of his short brown hair as she slowly pulled him down and their lips met and sparks were flying all over the room…The temperature in the room fell to at least 110 as John scoped her up in his arms and walked into the bedroom closing the door with his foot as he went.


Needless to say some interesting noises were coming from Mr. Cena’s room for the rest of the night.


Chapter 8


The following morning Journey slowly woke up with the sun warmly shinning in her face…She could feel the weight of an arm draped over her waist a big hand resting on her still naked stomach.  Her thighs were tingling still from all the activity the night before that they’d endured in John’s hands.  She still couldn’t believe what had come over her…


Journey stretched her hands and arms above her head as she did a full body stretch with a little squeak at the end.  She felt the body behind her stirring awake…Journey slowly turned over to be facing John.  John smirked at her and his dimples made themselves present…If Journey would’ve been standing she would’ve passed out then and there…Dimples were definitely a huge weakness for her.  John said, “Well…Miss Hogan…Last night was…”  Journey said, “Interesting.” 


They both chuckled a little…Journey said, “So I noticed you made it back to bed safely…”  John said, “Sorry about that…I should’ve warned you about some bad habits I have after the things we did last night.”  Journey giggled and said, “Sex…John…You can say sex.”  John said, “Sex is an offending word…Well to most girls it is.”


Journey said, “So what did you do last night after you left the room?  I’m kind of curious now.”  Journey was so relaxed John’s hand was still resting on her hip, but it was caressing her hip, small of her back and just the top of her still naked rear-end.  John smiled and said, “I needed some me time…I’ve been like that forever…Have sex…as you put it, then get up and walk around…have a sandwich…watch some kiddy cartoons…whatever makes me feel like I’m getting my time in.”


Journey cracked a smile and John said, “Okay go ahead and laugh you know you want to.”  Journey slightly giggled and said, “No…John…I think it’s nice that there are guys out there that are aware of themselves and know when they need reflection time on what their life is like…No biggie…It’s nothing to laugh about…I never figured you was one of those guys…but hey…There’s a lot of things that have surprised me in the last 12 hours.”


John started laughing and said, “Yea…You could say that twice once for you and once for me…Lord if your father knew what we did last night, he’d kill me.”  Journey smirked and said, “What if he already knows.”  John laughed and then stopped as his eyes got big…Journey couldn’t help but laugh as John said, “That’s not funny!”  Journey nodded and said, “Yea actually it is.”  Through smothered giggles into John’s bare chest.


John said, “C’mon we should get ready…were supposed to go catch a flight to LA today…God don’t tell me your father is going to meet you there.”  Journey slinked out of bed and pulled on her panties and bra…she walked out and retrieved her jean skirt from the night before as she shimmied into it.


John kicked the covers off and was clad in his boxers…Journey walked over and pulled her skirt up and slowly sat straddled on John’s lap and said, “C’mon…Don’t tell me the big strong Dr. of Thuganomics is afraid of such a little person as my daddy.”  John’s hands roamed across her ass and thighs as he kissed along her jaw and neck and said, “You know as well as I do he’s not just a little person…and he sure as hell ain’t my daddy.”  Journey giggled as John got to her ear lobe.  Journey stood up as she pulled her shirt on and said, “See you at the airport, Mr. Cena.”


An hour later John walked up to the gate where all the wrestlers were waiting for board the flight to LA…Movement caught his eye as he looked to his left and seen Journey at the conveyer belt tossing her suitcase on it while talking and laughing with Stephanie…


Journey had on a short black skirt with white pin strips down the side, and a black matching polo shirt with pin stripes around the short sleeves…and he didn’t miss the buttons that went all the way down between her perky breasts…Her long tan legs sticking out of the bottom of that short cotton skirt…white ankle socks and black sneakers…She’d worn that outfit purposely to torture John…And he knew it by the way she wiggled her ass when she walked by…She felt his eyes on her and had winked at him when she walked in front of him.


Once boarded on the plane and in the air…Journey walked back to the bathroom…It wasn’t tiny…but it was a medium sized…she was checking her hair and make up in the mirror.  Journey looked up when the door opened and John walked in. She smiled and said, “I thought you were going to nap during the plane ride?” John smirked at her and she melted and he said, “I was going to, but I needed to see you and talk to you for a minute.” Journey nodded and said, “Close the door…Make sure it’s locked.”

John pulled Journey around to face him as he pushed her back into the door as his mouth descended onto hers. She was pushing his t-shirt up and tossed it to the floor...John unbuttoned the buttons of her polo shirt all the way down between her breasts as his hands freed one of her breast from the confined of her bra, his mouth latched onto her nipple. Her fingers running through his short brown hair as she moaned out from his administrations.

Journey felt his hands on her thighs as he lifted her cotton skirt, and then lifted her; she wrapped her legs around his waist as he held her against the door with his pelvis, as he gripped her bottom and turned them around to the skin in the small bathroom and planted her on the counter. Journey was undoing his jean shorts as John was pulling her panties to the soon as she freed his painful erection, he pushed it into her all the way...She gasped at the fullness she suddenly felt.


John planted his hands on the skin, as she gripped his thick muscled up shoulders and his pelvis took over for him, thrusting into her core...His lips nipped and kissed along her jaw line and neck as he whispered and grunted dirty thoughts into her ear...John couldn’t handle it anymore he said, “Tell me you wanna cum baby...Tell me now...”

Journey held on to him and said, “Please...Now...I need to cum for you...Now...Oh God...Fuck me...Fuck me until I cum hard for you.” John picked up his pace and started thrusting into her as hard as he could and finally with an animalistic grunt and growl, they both started cumming harder then the night before...She could feel him cum splashing against her walls...and he could feel her cum coating his cock.

John could feel his legs getting weak, but he refused to let her go...They stayed pushed against the small vanity mirror breathing heavy, trying to come down from their sexual high...John slowly let himself slide out of her and as he steadied himself and backed up and fixed his pants and sat down on the toilet lid.

Journey watched his chest go up and down...she fixed her skirt and re-buttoned her buttons, when she was steady enough to walk; she leaned over and grabbed his shirt. She moved over and handed it to him...without thinking about it, he threw the shirt on the counter and grabbed her hand and pulled her down onto his lap. He caressed her face and she turned her head to the side and kissing the palm of his hand. John leaned up and kissed her lips so softly. She could feel herself floating.

John put his shirt on…He kissed her lips one more time and left the small airplane bathroom.  She walked out a few minutes later as if nothing ever happened…No one noticed they’d both gone missing at the same time…She passed John who had his seat kicked back with his hat pulled down over his eyes…As she passed him she felt his hand slide between her thighs…just a small caress.


She sat down in her seat next to Stephanie and daydreamed while staring out the window…Oh yea, she could feel it...It was happening...She was just praying the bubble wouldn’t bust.


Chapter 9


The bubble never burst…


Infact it did nothing but get stronger…


Journey never noticed she’d stopped spending time with Randy and on the phone with him all the time and had start focusing all her waking hours on John.  Talking on the phone, going with him home to West Newbury on down time, Meeting his brothers and parents and also meeting the rest of his abnormally large family. 


John would surprise her by showing up in California on the door step of her apartment, when she least expected it.  John would ditch an autograph signing every once in a while or a photo shoot and would show up where ever she happened to be at the time.  He had the fortunate opportunity to meet her family and found out her real first name was Laura.


Before she knew it Journey and John had been secretly dating for a year…Well almost secretly…Anyone associated with Smackdown knew about it…No one over on the Raw Brand had heard anything about it.  Except Paul and Stephanie but even then it wasn’t a huge conversation piece to travel from one show to another.


John and Journey walked into the arena hand in hand…He was carrying his tote bag and her laptop bag.  They were laughing as they walked down the hallway to John’s dressing room.  He dropped his bag off and walked her down to her office…As they slipped into the room; John closed the door behind them and locked it.


They didn’t see the blue eyes glaring at them from down the hallway.


John pulled Journey to him as he captured her lips in a steamy kiss as they leaned against the door of her office.  Journey pulled back as she reached up and pulled his baseball hat off and put it on her head backwards.  John loved it when she did that…He said it brought out her cuteness.


Journey ran her fingers through John’s short brown hair as she felt his hands squeeze her sides and she couldn’t help but giggle because it was her ticklish spot.  John slowly kissed up the side of her neck and she laughed a little more as she said, “You’re going to make us late for the meeting.  You know Vince doesn’t like it when anyone is late for the Pre-PPV meeting in the conference room.”


John said, “I’ll just have to tell Vince I found something that was occupying my time that was more what I had a taste for…So to speak.”  Journey laughed and said, “Cheeky.”  John grinned down at Journey and said, “Of course…C’mon let’s go…Wouldn’t wanna ruffle Vince’s feathers…God forbid someone have a life out side of the company.”


John took Journey’s hand and led her out of the office and down to the conference room.  John said, “By the way, my folks are having a family get together thing this weekend…Feel like crashing in Massachusetts with me, instead of California?”  Journey smiled as she moved closer to John in the empty hallway and said, “Of course…I love your parents…How they ever survived raising you when you were a kid is beyond me…They both need a medal for putting up with you and your insane brothers.”


John laughed as his arm slipped around her waist as he kissed her lips one more time and said, “See you after the meeting…Love you.”  Journey’s smile got bigger and said, “I love you too.”  As she rubbed her nose against his and pulled the conference door open and took her seat next to Stephanie and John sat next to Paul and Shane.


The meeting was just about to start when the door to the conference room came open and a newly healed Randy Orton walked through the door in his exercise pants and a Evolution t-shirt.  He smirked at every one and winked at Journey whose smile got bigger…She’d not seen Randy since he’d gone out with a broken foot nearly 9 months earlier.


How was she going to tell Randy she was dating his best friend?


Chapter 10


As soon as the meeting was over, John and Journey disappeared again.


Randy shoved his way into the dressing room and Paul watched as he tossed his bag on the floor like it was a piece of trash and he said, “Something on your mind Jr?”  Randy said, “Why didn’t you tell me about J and that piece of shit dating?”  Paul quirked his eyebrow and said, “Scuse the lame come back, but do what?”  Randy said, “I’m talking about Journey and that fuckin piece of shit John Cena.” 


Paul said, “I figured you’d be happy that your two best friends found something they liked in each other.”  Randy said, “I’m the one in love with her…John’s a fuckin hoodrat…There couldn’t possibly be anything he could have to give her.  He’s never been serious enough to hold a steady relationship longer then 3 months.”


Paul said, “Dude…They’ve been together for a year…They love each other it happens in this business.”  Randy said, “In the 9 months I was gone, no one could’ve thought to tell me my best friend was fuckin the girl I was in love with?”  David Bautista walked in the room with Mia at his side and David could feel the tension in the air.  David said, “What’s going on?”


Randy glared at no one in particular and said, “Nothing.”  Paul looked at Randy and then over to David and said, “Randy just found out about Journey and John.”  David cringed and said, “Sorry man…But it was bound to happen…They fought like friggen cats and dogs the first couple of months John was in the company…Then Journey told him off one night…Apparently it was enough for him to get his head out of his ass and somehow or another they just ended up together.”


Randy said, “How the fuck does Dave know?”  David said, “Duh man…Mia and Journey are best friends…And Paul knows because him and Stephanie have been going to both Raw and Smackdown for the last year…It’s hard to miss it when it’s right in your face…Besides you know Journey doesn’t think of you in the boyfriend way.”


Randy growled out in frustration as he shoved his way through Dave and Mia and out the dressing room door and into the hallway.  He stalked down the hall when a familiar voice behind him said, “Hey…The 3rd generation superstar returns!”  Randy turned around and came face to face with none other then John Cena…His so called best friend.


Randy plastered a fake smile on his face that even John saw through as Randy said, “Well, Well, Well…If it isn’t the Doctor of Thuganomics.”  They went to shake hands and Randy practically squeezed the life out of John’s hand…But John squeezed back and said, “What’s your problem man?”


Randy said, “I leave with an injury for 9 months and my best friend betrays me by going after the one girl I’m in love with.”  John held his hands up and said, “Maybe you should be having this discussion with Journey…She pursued me…Granted she wasn’t that fond of me when I first got here because I was a jerk, but she said some things to me that made complete sense…And well…It just happened.  But I love her man…You know me, I don’t do stable relationships, but Journey is different…She makes me want to be different too…She makes me want to be faithful to her…And I have been.”


Randy said, “I don’t know why you’re torturing yourself John…You know the second she turns her attention on something more important like this company, you’re gonna run after the first piece of ass that comes your way.  Besides you know I could offer her so much more then you could.  You tried a stable relationship once before remember?  It lasted a few years, but in the end you missed not being able to bounce from one girl to the next.”


John said, “I’m telling you man…It’s not like that with Journey…I’m completely committed to her.”  Randy said, “Yea…Sure…Just think of it this way…With as much feelings that you’ve got invested into this relationship as you claim…You know she’s got just that much more involved in it…and to have to turn around and get heart broken by someone who doesn’t want to commit to marriage, having a family, a country house with a nice little white picket fence…Cause you and me both know Journey wants it all…but only one of us is prepared to make that kind of long term commitment…and we both know it’s not you.”


Randy turned and walked away.


John had his hands placed on his hips as he watched Randy walk away…and knew he was right…John shook his head slowly from side to side and couldn’t help but hear Randy’s words echoing in his mind.  John knew the one true thing about himself that he’d never told Journey about and that was he was terrified of commitment as far as marriage went…


He’d been witness to his parent’s terrible divorce when he was just a teenager…Though they were close friends now…They were still divorced.  The divorce practically tore the family apart.  Though the bond he still had with his brothers never broke…The bond he had with his mom and dad were separate…He never had been sure which one he loved more or less.


His parents couldn’t even pick out birthday cards together without getting into a fight…The divorce took it’s toll on everyone involved in the family…Journey knew about his parents being divorced, but she didn’t know what his parents had put him and his brothers through…no one did.


John exhaled as he walked off to Journey’s office.  He looked at the door and knocked on the door.  Her voice said, “C’mon in.”  John shook his head to shake off the feelings as he opened the door, stepped in and closed the door behind him.


Chapter 11


Journey looked up from her laptop and smiled widely…She stood up and said, “John you don’t have to knock…You should know that.”  She walked over and wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned up and kissed his lips softly, but pulled away slowly when she realized John wasn’t kissing her back.



I turned around
Before I could run
I found you already settled down
In the back of my mind
I know this is just a customary fever
The moon is our deceiver
That will leave you running blind

You're heart is pullin'
If I didn't know any better
I'd be fallin deeper and deeper it's true
I'd hear it callin'
If I didn't know any better
And I'd be in love with you



Journey said, “John what’s wrong?”  John raised his hand to her hands that were clasped behind his head and pulled her hands apart and then pulled her arms from around his neck and said, “I think we should talk.”  Journey pushed her hands into her front jean pockets and said, “You’re starting to scare me John…What’s going on?”


John said, “I’ve been doing some thinking…I don’t think we should see each other anymore…You’re just a little too young for my taste and we really shouldn’t have been together as long as we have been.”  Journey said, “I’m only a couple of years younger then you John…What’s really going on?  We’ve been together for a year and now you’re trying to tell me I’m too young for you?”


John said, “I’m sorry, but I just think girls your age should really date guys your age…Why don’t you try to hook up with Randy…You guys have known each other since you were 6 anyways.”  Journey could already feel the hot tears stinging her eyes as she blinked and a waterfall came flowing down her cheeks and she swatted them away and said, “Because I love you…Not Randy.”


John said, “People fall out of love every day Journey…Today was just that day for me.”  John tried to leave the room, when Journey ran in front of him and blocked the doorway out and pushed against his chest and said, “Bullshit…BULLSHIT!  If you’re going to break up with me then at least have the fuckin decency to tell me the truth don’t stand there and make up some pathetic lie.”




John shoved Journey away from the door and practically kicked it open and slammed it closed so hard the doors in the hallway all rattled. 


As if on cue her cell phone rang, Journey looked at the caller ID and answered, “Hi daddy.” 



Didn't want to
The look in the eyes of the one that
I would be drawn too
I'm a moth lost in a fire
And I know this
Is just a beautiful illusion
A case of the confusion
Between love and desire

You're heart is pullin'
If I didn't know any better
I'd be fallin deeper and deeper its true
I'd hear it callin'
If I didn't know any better

And I'd be in love
When the flame burns out
If finally settles down
And you forget
I ever came around



Terry Hogan was sitting in his living room 4,000 miles away and could instantly feel the pain in his oldest daughters’ voice.  Terry said, “What’s wrong Jojo?”  Using the nickname he’d given her trying to comfort her in any verbal way possible.  Journey said, “Nothing daddy…It’s just been a bad day.”  Terry said, “I think you’re covering…but you know I’m hear when you need to talk.”  Journey said, “Thanks dad.”


They started to hang up when Journey said, “Dad?”  Terry said, “Yes honey?”  Journey said, “Do you think it would be okay with mom if I came to see you guys for a few days?”  Terry looked over at his wife and he said, “Absolutely sweetheart…You know you’re always welcome in this house…Even though you moved into your own place, it’s still you’re home too.”


They said their good-byes and Journey called Stephanie letting her know she was going to take a few days of personal time.  Stephanie didn’t ask why…Journey never took time off, if she needed it now, there was a good reason behind it.


A day or two later, Terry was sitting in the living room with the football game on not really paying attention to it, his mind was more on his eldest daughter…Their last phone conversation had really put him on ‘high daddy alert mode’ as Brooke always put it.


Terry heard a knock on the door as he got up and walked up the steps to the front door and opened it…His oldest daughter was staring back at him, and he didn’t even have to think twice before pulling her into his arms and held her as she cried on his shoulder.



You're heart is pullin'
If I didn't know any better
I'd be fallin deeper and deeper its true
I'd hear it callin'
If I didn't know any better
And I'd be in love with you

I turned around
Before I could run
I found you already settled down
In the back of my mind



He could almost bet a boy had done this to his baby girl…It had to of been a boy cause no MAN in his right mind would do that to the beautiful creature that had been reduced to tears in his arms right then and there.  There was going to be a murder…Oh yes…There was going to be a murder!  He didn’t know who, when or where…but there was someone out there who was going to be murdered for hurting his baby girl.


Chapter 12


Brooke and Journey were sitting outside in the grass under the huge willow tree talking…trying to keep their minds off of other things…Brooke’s boyfriend had recently broken up with her as well…comforting each other was something they both did, they were more like best friends then sisters. 


Brooke broke the silence and said, “So have you heard from any one specifically?”  Journey shook her head no…and said, “I don’t want to hear from John…It’s not worth it anymore.  I thought we were having such a nice…I don’t know…whatever it was that we had together.  But apparently it wasn’t as nice as I thought it was.  How about you?”  Brooke looked down sullenly and shook her head no slowly and said, “No…Apparently it wasn’t as nice as I thought either.”


Brooke laid her head into her sister’s lap.  Journey was running her fingers through her sisters’ shimery blonde hair.  She could feel her sisters warm wet tears dropping onto the skin of her leg…Journey said, “Brooke don’t let him get to you…It’s not worth it.”  A voice from behind the girl said, “Not worth two beautiful girls getting upset about in the first place.”


Journey looked back and Brooke sat up and there stood Randy Orton.  Journey stood up and Randy’s arms wrapped around her as she stood on her tip toes and enveloped him in a hug.  Brooke stood and walked over and Randy pulled her to him and Journey as they all stood there in a huge hug.


Randy pulled back and looked at the sisters and said, “You two look like you could drowned your sorrows in some chocolate ice cream.”  Journey smiled as Brooke said, “You have no idea.”  Randy looked in Journey’s eyes and saw the sorrow and pain he’d inflicted on his best friend and said, “I think I have some what of a small idea.”


The threesome headed into the house as Journey and Brooke’s mom and dad were heading out the front door for their brother, Nick’s school event for the evening.


Randy had brought the ice cream…He had a feeling it would be needed…After he’d heard what John had done to Journey, he wanted to kick himself…He’d never meant for Journey to get hurt…He just wanted to make John think about the way he felt about relationships…Him and John had been friends long enough to know all the bad shit about each other…and then some.


Randy knew exactly how John had felt about marriage…He’d said time and time again how he was never going to get married cause he couldn’t see putting that much effort into something that may or may not last…John always compared everything to his parents marriage…It was the worst possible thing for him to do…but when you’ve seen shit like that unfold your whole life you can’t help but compare it to every relationship that comes your way.


Brooke went to bed early and that left Randy and Journey to talk while walking around her parent’s property.  Randy said, “I have something I need to tell you…But I really wish you wouldn’t get mad at me for it...Even though I know you will.” 


Journey looked at Randy like he’d just grown 3 heads and said, “What in the world are you talking about?” 


Randy hemmed and hawed around as he rubbed the back of his neck and said, “It’s my fault.”


Chapter 13


Journey stopped and said, “What’s your fault?”  Randy said, “John breaking up with you.”  Journey continued to walk as Randy stood there and Journey said, “It’s not your fault…Shit happens Randy…It was no one’s fault but John’s.”  Randy jogged to catch up to her and he caught her hand in his and he pulled her to a stop and turned her to face him and said, “No…It’s my fault.”


Randy sighed heavily and said, “I found out about you and John the hard way…and I kind of had the green eyed jealousy monster inside of me…I basically threw a big ass baby fit and started putting idea’s into John’s head…Well, I didn’t really put idea’s into his head…Most of them had been there his whole life…They’d just been dormant for a while…I helped them become un-dormant and used them against your guys relationship.”


Journey said, “It’s because you love me…It’s because you couldn’t see me with anyone else right?” 


Randy nodded sadly and said, “I never meant for you to get hurt in the cross fire J, I swear on my life.  You’re my best friend…You’ve been my best friend since we were 6.  My dad said this would happen eventually…That I wouldn’t be able to have a friendship with you without falling in love with you…I just never believed it was gonna happen…I’m so sorry Journey.  You can hit me and be as mad as you want to be with me…I know I deserve it.”


Journey said, “I’m not mad at you Randy…You’re a typical male…Any male in your position would’ve done the same exact thing.  Jealousy and love changes people…For good and for bad…But I’m not mad at you…John could’ve just as easily ignored everything you said and stayed with me…He could’ve just let all those feelings be what they were feelings.  Instead he lied to me; by saying I was too young for him and that he’d fallen out of love with me…I knew those excuses were too pathetic for anyone to use…even for him.”


Randy said, “How can you not be mad at me…I’m the scum of the fuckin earth!”


Journey couldn’t help but giggle a little and said, “No…You’re just a jealous typical male…And if John had any balls what so ever he would’ve brushed away any thoughts on your words to him, and would’ve continued to be with me.  Instead he lied to me and he hurt me…And now all I want to do is hurt him right back.  I want to hurt him so bad that he can feel MY pain.”


Randy said, “You have something on your mind?”  Randy watched as Journey smiled deviously as she looked at Randy and nodded then said, “Yea…And you and Uncle Mark are gonna help me.”


Journey pulled her cell phone out and dialed the familiar Houston Texas number and waited for the southern draw on the other end to pick it up.


Meanwhile in Texas, Mark was working on his bike as his cell started ringing, he looked at the caller id and flipped open the phone and said, “Jojo, sweat heart everything okay?”  Journey said, “Do I need an excuse to call my favorite Uncle in the whole wide world?”  Mark chuckled hard and said, “Okay…What’s on your mind little bit?”


Journey said, “I was wondering if you could meet me…I need to ask for your advice on something and if you’re willing to help…I just might need some other services from you.”


Mark said, “We’re not breaking any laws are we?”  Journey laughed and said, “Never stopped you before did it?”  Mark said, “Nope…It never did.”  Journey said, “Good…Meet me in 3 days at my office in the arena…I got something I need to run by you.”  They hung up and Mark could only imagine by the sound of her voice what she had on her mind.


Randy watched a twinkle hit Journey’s eyes, as she hung up her cell phone and smiled that devious smile again…and could only imagine what she was thinking…


Chapter 14


Mark stood with his hands on his hips staring at his God-daughter, next to Randy who had this look of either total fright or implausible…Mark had just heard what Journey had on her mind…She pleaded and begged Mark and Randy to turn her into a wrestler…She wanted to get in a ring against John Cena and kick the shit out of him…and she so wasn’t kidding either.  The look on her face was one of determination and strength.


Mark said, “Jojo are you insane…Do you know what your father would do to me?”  Randy said, “Oh hell to the No…To you…Mark what he would do to you, would only be the beginning of what he would do to me, if he knew I helped.”


Journey stood up and was walking around the room and said, “Since when are either of you afraid of my father?  Mark you’re supposed to be the big bad Undertaker…With the response you just gave me you’re the damn Undertaker for the mouse cemetery in my back yard!  And Randy since when have you ever not loved a challenge?  Huh?  Mr. Legend Killer!  More like Hot Dog Killer.”


Mark said, “Now wait a damn minute…Journey…I love you you’re my God-daughter, but you know as well as I do the level of respect I have for your old man…He’s like a damn father to me…Sometimes he’s more of one to me then he is to you…I couldn’t keep something like this from him…He would dismantle me and bury me in one of my own prop coffins!  I could never deceive your father like that…I’m sorry little bit but I’m gonna have to say it’s a definite no.”


Randy said, “Yea and then stuff me in a coffee can and put me in with you…Journey you’re my best friend…I practically grew up as part of your family…You’re father would skin me alive as if I was Nick…And you know it…I just can’t.” 


Journey said, “I can’t believe the Great Phenome, Mark Callaway and the Great Legend Killer Randy Orton are afraid of a little old man who just had hip replacement surgery…I can’t believe you guys…I can’t count on anyone in my life anymore…Actually I take that back…The only person I can count on is me.”


Journey shook her head at both of them and walked out the door.


Randy looked at Mark and said, “So how long do you think it will be before she talks to either one of us again?”  Mark said, “As stubborn as she is…She’d never say another word to us again if she pushed herself.”  Randy said, “I can’t really blame her either.”  Mark said, “No me neither…This is the first time in her life I’ve not been there for her.”  Randy said, “Yea…Unfortunately me too.”


Journey was walking down the hallway…She couldn’t believe Mark and Randy would do this to her…They’d always both been there for her before…Well she had one hell of a surprise for everyone…She’d already been training to be a wrestler for the last 2 years…An extremely close friend of hers had been helping her train her ass off.


Journey pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and dialed that familiar number…a voice said, “Hey Jojo…What’s going on?”  Journey smiled and said, “Not much…So I asked Mark and Randy…They both said no…I’m sure whatever reasons they had it was good ones…but it just sucks that Mark and Randy couldn’t be there for me.”


Paul smirked and said, “Don’t worry about it sweetie…at WrestleMania 21 you’ll blow the shit out of everyone…Especially with the match they had added with the Raw and Smackdown divas who aren’t already signed for a match.


Journey squealed and said, “I can’t wait!  I’m so ready to kick a little ass.”  Paul said, “Let’s not forget your dad is going to be there also…So we’re going to keep you hidden in Steph’s office until the match starts.”  Journey said, “No problem…I’ll be ready!”  Paul chuckled and said, “I have no doubt you’ll be ready.”  They said their good-bye’s and hung up as Journey continued down the hall…


You bet your ass she was ready!


Chapter 15


WrestleMania…The biggest wrestling event of the year…To Wrestlers…WrestleMania is like the Super Bowl to the NFL players, or the Stanley cup to NHL players…It’s the Mecca of Pay Previews for the Wrestling world.  And Journey was going to be part of it for the night!


Journey was pacing in Stephanie’s office, back and forth and back and forth…Trying to get some of her jitters out…It was going to be dubbed the shortest match in history…but with her killer finishing move…It would stun the audience into silence.  She was basically getting ready to beat the shit out of Candice Michelle.


Paul walked into the office and chuckled when he saw Journey walking back and forth in the room in true rookie fashion.  Paul said, “Relax…You know what you’re doing…Besides you and I know Candice Michelle got the job because she could shake her ass and Vince is a sucker for any one with an ass like hers.”  Journey nodded as the door opened and 6 of the biggest guys Journey had ever seen walked through the door with a piece of plywood that was 5 feet wide and 5 feet long painted a shiny metallic black. 


Journey looked at herself in the mirror and her black plastic shorts, matching black plastic tank top and also black plastic knee high 2 inch heeled boots.  Her hair was in a smoothed out pony tail and her eyes were smoked out.


Paul said, “Now listen…You’re entrance has to be flawless, which means you have to put 100% trust into these guys…They won’t drop you or move the board to make you fall…Everything else is up to you.”  Journey nodded as 3 guys stood on each side of the board and picked it up knee level.  Journey took Paul’s hand and stepped up…He was right…They were perfect…No movement, it was going to be a piece of cake.


Journey moved around and laid on the board, she had her knees bent and crossed her right leg over her left as Paul threw the black sheer scarf up and it landed delicately over Journey’s head and face disguising who she was until she could get to the ring and reveal herself.  The guys hoisted the board up to their shoulders and walked…They stood behind the curtain in the gorilla position and when the music came on…It was an India sound of twangy guitars



Dreaming…But I'm not sleeping
Or have I died…Died of life
Swimming…As I'm sinking
I'm holding onto…Letting go, Yeah
Oh, how does it feel
Making love to me like you do

Tell me
Who would you be
Would you be me
The woman in me
Would you like to be
Under my skin
I'll let you in
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah


I want…I wanna know
What you're feeling
I wanna crawl…Under your skin
I wanna know how you feel in me
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah


The crowd watched in amazement as the 6 gigantic men walked the covered body on the board to the ring…The girl sat up and was moving slowly to the music…Letting her legs, arms and body move…When they got to the ring, the girl stood up on the mobile platform, as one of the big guys moved from ranks and got into the ring…He sat on the second rope and she took the hand that he offered as she stepped through the ropes.


Candice Michelle watched from across the ring as her opponent got in and then the guy who’d gotten in the ring stood behind her and slowly pulled the sheer black material from her head and all was revealed.  JR and King were beside themselves as they announced Candice Michelle’s opponent as none other then the daughter of the legendary Hulk.  Journey Hogan.


The crowd was on its feet going absolutely insane.  As the match got underway, they two girls threw each other around the ring, but Candice got thrown a little harder then expected…Candice even went as far as hitting Journey in the head with that stupid wand that was supposed to be made of plastic, but was really made out of metal.


Candice decided she was going to finish Journey off as she started to come towards her, The crowd watched in silence as Journey did a spinning heel kick with a modified version of a super kick…she had just knocked the head off of Candice Michelle’s shoulders and neck and it was in desperate need of being re-attached by a really good surgeon.  As Journey covered Candice for the pin fall and won her first ever WrestleMania match.


The crowd was on their feet going wild throughout the arena…they watched as Journey climbed back through the ropes and stepped back onto the board and the 6 men carried her back to the back.  Her adrenaline was going like crazy even after the guys walked her behind the curtain.  They set of down and Paul spun her around in a hug as Stephanie congratulated her on her first official ‘Big’ win.


Of course the celebration was short lived when a very familiar voice yelled “JOURNEY LAUREN HOGAN!” 


Boy did that voice sound familiar…Too familiar…Journey turned towards the voice…It almost sounded like the voice of her…


Journey bit her lip and said, “Hi daddy.”


Chapter 16


Journey stood there and watched as the vein in her father’s forehead throbbed out of place, as he slowly walked closer and closer to her. 


Terry Hogan had just watched as his oldest daughter…HIS BABY GIRL…kick the head off of another wrestler in the ring.  He couldn’t believe his angel had just been physically violent with another human being…She was his angel…His innocent little girl…She didn’t even kill spiders or flies…She never had the heart to be mean to anything…no matter what.


Journey chewed on her bottom lip as her father stood in front of her and crossed his huge muscled arms over his chest as he looked down at her.  Journey smiled slightly at her father and said, “Hi daddy.”  Terry said, “I believe you said that already.”  Journey smiled again and said, “Enjoying the show?”  Terry gruffed out, “I was until I just saw the last match.”


Journey said, “I know what you’re going to say dad…and I’m a big girl.  I can make my own decisions.”  Terry said, “You’re so sure you know what I’m going to say?”  Journey rolled her eyes and said, “Duh dad…You’re going to give me that whole schpill on wrestling being a dangerous sport and yadda yadda yadda, I know what you went through and whatever.”


Terry said, “Don’t whatever me young lady…Let me tell you something…You get no rest with this business…you’re on the go all the time…you have no time for friends or family…You’re in a contract which means your obligated to give up your life now for 5 years to this company…you can’t just quit like all your other jobs… You’re life is basically over…You have to be responsible now.”


Journey yelled, “DAD!”  Just to get him to shut up. 


Terry stopped and looked down at his daughter and said, “What?” 


Journey said, “Can’t you just be happy for me dad and tell me you’re proud of me…You have to lecture about everything I do in my life…I finally find something I’m happy with and I go for it, like YOU are always telling me to do because you ALWAYS say you will support me in ANY decision that I make and now you’re criticizing me for going for it…Talk about a hypocrite…Thanks dad…Thanks for helping me celebrate me first win at a WrestleMania.”


Terry watched as his oldest daughter walked away.


Terry heard the distinct sound of someone clicking their tongue on the roof of their mouth and knew exactly who it was…He turned as his wife Linda walked up with Brooke and Nick.  They’d heard the whole thing.  Brooke and Nick shook their heads at their father in disappointment for the way he’d treated their older sibling…Brooke said, “Not cool dad.”  Nick said, “Yea pop…Really not cool.”


Terry looked down at his wife and said, “I went overboard didn’t I?”  Linda nodded and said, “Yea…and took the whole ship with you.  Terry when are you going to learn our kids are more independent then regular kids.  Hell Journey has been working for WWE since she was 17…She started as an intern and worked her way up…You had to of known eventually she would want to be a wrestler like her old man.  You know how many times she’s put you in a head lock you couldn’t escape.  So why try to stop her from being who she wants to be…Herself.”


Terry nodded and knew he’d messed up and said, “I know…I’m gonna let her calm down first…I don’t want to try to talk with her yet…Besides…The way she kicked that little gals head off…I’m afraid if I make her anymore mad, I may get mine kicked off and that looked like it hurt like hell.”  Linda said, “Not that you don’t deserve it, but I agree.”


Journey was in the Diva’s locker room packing all her things up after she’d showered and dressed in just jeans and a t-shirt. 


“Great match out there.”


Chapter 17


Journey recognized that voice…It was all too familiar to her.  Journey turned around and was faced with John Cena. 


Journey glared a little and then sarcastically said, “Well as I live and breathe it’s the great John Cena.”  Tacking on an eye roll at the end…John didn’t miss it either. 


John held up his hands and said, “I know I deserved that…I left things bad between us Jojo.”


Journey said, “Oh no, believe me you deserve a lot worse…You didn’t leave things bad between us, you left them a damn train wreck!”  John said, “I was slightly out of sorts with you.” 


Journey said, “No you were slightly a fuckin chicken shit…You told me to date my best friend for God sakes.  I could never love Randy the way I loved you…NEVER.  After a year of sharing my life and every one in it with you, you just walked away.  You just completely walked away…Like nothing you ever felt, or did, or said to me really happened or existed in your world.”


John took a step towards Journey, but she wasn’t having it and backed up.  Journey said, “I realize that 50% of the blame goes to Randy for talking you out of our relationship…but the other 50% goes to you, for being stupid enough to not only listen to him, but to actually come to me not more then 20 minutes later and try to hand me some bullshit line of how you fell out of love…I knew you were lying John…You stood right there and couldn’t even look me in the damn eye and you fuckin LIED to me.”


Journey exhaled and then inhaled and said, “To the one person who didn’t give a shit about your asshole attitude you had some times when you first wake up…Or the way you’d disappear after we had sex for a sandwich and cartoons…I didn’t care if you lived in your jersey’s for the rest of your life, as long as they were clean…But you stood there and broke my heart on purpose.  And now you think everything is just A-Ok to come back and talk to me, like nothing bad ever happened.”


Journey shook her head and said, “Look…I had a shitty after WrestleMania party backstage and you just managed to ruin my alone time…If you come back in September…You just might be able to ruin my birthday.” 


John watched as Journey picked up her bag and pushed past him and walked down the hallway.


Journey laid in bed staring at the ceiling…She’d taken the first plane home and told Stephanie since she didn’t have to be on Raw the following night that she’d see her in a week. 


Stephanie understood, Paul had told her what Journey’s dad had said to her about the match.  Journey looked over at the clock and it was around 3 am.  She’d been home now for 3 hours and couldn’t sleep…She just wasn’t tired.  She wanted to be celebrating not only her first win in her debut match but her first win at a WrestleMania event…and naturally someone had to go and ruin it all. 


Journey hadn’t signed a contract to be a wrestler…It was a one time shot, that someone who had barely any experience but a famous last name would come in the ring and knock out little miss hot pants.  Journey hadn’t liked Candice Michelle from the first day she started…so volunteering was just something she had to do.


Journey growled in frustration at not being able to sleep and kicked the covers off…She’d not even changed…Still in her jeans and t-shirt…She walked down the hallway when she swore she heard someone knocking on the front door of her place.


Journey walked down the hall to the front door and looked out the peep hole and couldn’t believe who she saw…She pulled the door open and said, “John?  What the fuck?”


John was leaning against the door frame and he looked up when he heard Journey’s voice…He said, “Can we talk…Please?”  Journey said, “You’ve got 3 seconds…And then I’m going to kick you so hard you’ll wish you were never born.”


John walked in as Journey closed the front door.  John said, “I already wish I was never born…My father would skin me alive if he saw the way I treated you all because of what Randy said to me.  I talked with Randy after you left…He was an asshole he admits it…I was a bigger asshole and he helped me admit it…We were both assholes…You have every right to tell me to go to hell right now…but I don’t want to you too…”


Journey said, “I’m happy you both bonded so well.”  John said, “It was a learning experience…But look…I…I love you Journey…I never stopped loving you…I was a stupid ass to even think I could just walk away and not miss you like crazy.  I have to show you something.”


Chapter 18


John dug in his pocket and pulled out a blue velvet box and held it out to Journey…She looked at it and then looked at John and he said, “Take it…It’s not going to bite you.”  Journey took it and then opened it…It was the most amazing tear shaped blue diamond set on a silver band she’d ever seen.  Journey felt her legs go week as she slowly sank to her knees on the floor, tears sliding down her cheeks.


John squatted down in front of her and pushed her hair out of her face and said, “I bought that 2 months before I broke up with you…I don’t know why…And then after we broke up, I couldn’t take it back…I was gonna ask you for our one year anniversary, but due to circumstances that were beyond our control, I wasn’t able to…So I’m gonna ask you now.”


John moved around and got on one knee and said, “Will you marry me?”  Journey felt her breath catch in the back of her throat as she stared at John and knew he was as serious as a heart attack.  All Journey could do was nod.  John took the ring out of the box and slipped it on her left ring finger.


Journey jumped into his arms and they rolled back and onto the floor kissing.  John stood up and pulled Journey to her feet.  John lifted Journey into his arms as he carried her into her bedroom after making sure the door was closed and locked, he slowly lay down on the bed next to her.


Journey leaned over and kissed him…and surprisingly enough he kissed her back…his hand went to her hip and then around her waist and pulled her closer…John’s hand slid down her thigh to the back of her knee…and he pulled her leg around his thigh…and was rubbing the back of her thigh as the kissing got a little more intense…John’s hand traveled up the back of her panties to her booty…his hand was so warm on her skin…Journey was running her fingers through his hair…

John rolled over until he was situated half on her and half off of her…his free hand slowly crept up her body to the bottom of her bra, undoing the clasp…and he slowly started sliding it off…he looked up at her and just stared at her eyes like he was asking permission to remove her bra…Journey smirked a little and then nodded her approval of him removing her bra…so he finished sliding it all the way up and off her arms…he tossed it next to the bed…the first thing her now naked cold breasts came in contact with was his warm chest…her nipples were hard enough to cut out someone’s eye…but soon softened up under his body heat…

John started to slowly lick and kiss his way down her neck across her collar bone, and down in the valley between her breast…then soon started a full out assault on her nipples, lick, sucking, nipping between his teeth but not too hard…just enough to get her aroused by it…which she will admit…it was working. Then he kissed and licked down to her navel where he pulled on her navel ring with his teeth for a few minutes…and then went a little lower…he was placing kisses all along her hips, legs, knees, calves, then went back up and grabbed the string of her panties that was across one of her hips with his teeth and started pulling them off with his teeth…and dispose of them…

His erection had been present the whole time…Journey could feel it being rubbed all over her body any time he moved…John crawled back up to face her…and he pushed her knees apart…Journey’s hands slowly slid down his body as she gripped the towel that had been placed around his hips after his shower and she pulled it loose from his body and dropped it to the floor…


John looked at her with smoke filled blue eyes and in the sweetest softest voice he said, “Journey…Tell me you want this too…Please…Tell me what you want.” Journey moaned as her warm breath caught John on the side of the neck and she said, “I want you…Please John…I want you inside of me.”

John positioned his the head of his erection at the opening of her wet center…and he kissed her as he started sliding his erection into her…Journey could feel her walls expanding and expanding…John took one of her hands and laced their fingers together…as he slowly pushed himself all the way into her...he could tell by how tight she was, she hadn’t had sex in a long time.

Once John had sheathed himself all the way in her…he laid there perfectly still for a few minutes, letting her get used to his size…He slowly started moving in and out of her…She was moaning when he’d push in from all the pleasure…and groan when he’d pull out, cause she felt empty…

Pretty soon, John grabbed her hips and rolled them over to where Journey was sitting straddled on him and he said, “Ride me baby.” Journey smiled and that’s exactly what she started doing…John had a firm grip on her hips…helping her glide up and down his erection…Journey leaned down and kissed him and he sat up while still working her up and down him…John wrapped his arms around her and said, “Jesus…girl you are tight…” John growled a little and said, “Damn, baby, you feel so good on me…”

Journey threw her head back and her long hair trickled over John’s arms…as his one hand found her butt and was trying to pull her closer…as if that could happen…you couldn’t have gotten a single strand of hair between them as it was…then he suddenly stood up with her still on him and moved around and laid back down with her under him again…Journey wasn’t complaining…she liked him being between her thighs…John’s thrusts were getting harder, faster and definitely deeper…much, much deeper…Journey was going crazy out of her mind…

John could feel her walls starting to shutter around him….tightening and releasing…and he knew her obviously building orgasm was approaching fast…he started going deeper…Journey thought if he went much deeper…he’d never find his way out with out a wet suit and a mining helmet…


Journey started grinding her hips into his as his thrusts were so wonderful…John said, “That’s it…c’mon…just let yourself go…I want you to cum for me…c’mon Jojo…I want to hear you cum for me…c’mon baby girl.” Journey said, “Oh god JJJJJooooohhhhhhnnnnn.” As she called his name her climax hit her…which as soon as he felt her release…he soon followed and growled out a furious climax as well…as she felt him explode deep inside of her…

John didn’t collapse on top of her…cause he didn’t want to crush her…he pulled out and laid next to her…pulling her over and Journey laid her head on his chest, listening to his breathing and heart beating slow down…as hers slowed down with his…They both ended up falling asleep.


Chapter 19


In the morning there was a knock on the door…Journey jumped to a sitting position as she looked down and John was still dead to the world…But her blue diamond was still shining on her finger.  The knock on the front door came again as she jumped up and threw her clothes and ran a brush through her hair as she did a fast walk to the front door.


Journey checked the peep hole and nearly had a heart attack…It was her FATHER!


Journey couldn’t imagine what he was doing there…She’d pretty much said all she needed to the night before.  She pulled the door open and said, “Dad…What are you doing here?”  Terry said, “I came to talk with you…about last night.”  Journey said, “Dad I said everything I wanted to say to you last night…Believe me I have no desire to talk with you right now.”


Terry said, “C’mon Jojo…Let me at least say what I have to say please.”  Journey said, “Fine…But you can say it without stepping into my home.”  OUCH!  Terry felt the sting on that low blow.


Terry said, “It was wrong of me to say what I said to you last night…I wasn’t thinking clearly…and of course you’re mother had to emphasize it by lecturing me and your brother and sister brought it home as they have been ignoring me since last night…I haven’t gotten two words out of them…I even gave Brooke my credit card to go shopping with and she told mom to tell me no thanks.”


Journey wanted to laugh so bad…That had to of killed Brooke…she got the worst case of shopoholic she’d ever seen…Next to their mother.


Terry said, “You’re mother made a good point last night about you guys being super independent especially you since you started working for the company when you were 17…And you was right last night…It is your life, you’re a big girl and you can make decisions…I just worry about you all the time being on the road with those guys and hoping your safe…I know since you and John broke up I worry a little more, because at least I knew he would protect you…but after last night, I realized I don’t have to worry…Cause you look like you can take care of yourself.  I’ll stop being such a dad and let you live your life.”


Terry finished by saying, “That’s all I had to say…Call you mother later and let her know you’re alright.”  He turned and started to leave when Journey said, “Daddy.”  Terry turned back to look at his daughter and she walked over and threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight.


Journey said, “I don’t want you to stop being dad…I want you to be my father forever…Not that that can really change.  I just wanted you to be proud of me whether I had a career in the ring or behind the camera.”  Terry hugged her back and said, “I’m proud of you no matter what you do…I just went into super-over-protective dad mode last night.”


Journey nodded as she hugged her dad tighter…Until she heard the unmistakable sound of John sliding down the hallway in his socks…It was something he always did. 


Terry thought he heard something as Journey stayed attached to him and he pushed the door open with his hand and there was John Cena standing in his daughter’s living room with nothing but some Boxers, Socks and a smile on.


Journey backed up from her dad and he looked down at her and said, “Got something to tell me?”  Journey smiled and said, “John and I are back together.”  John walked up behind her and his hand tickled the side of her ribs as she let out a giggle and elbowed John and he said, “Tell him the rest Jojo.”


Terry said, “Tell me the rest of what?” 


Journey’s mouth opened and closed a few times and she said, “I really hadn’t pictured telling you like this….some kind of a formal dinner with the whole family and John would’ve been nice…”  As she elbowed John in the ribs again.


Journey opened and closed her mouth a few more times with silence and finally just pushed her left hand into her father’s face.


Chapter 20


3 Months Later



Under the weight of your wings
You are a god and whatever I want you to be
And I wonder if truly you are
Nearly as beautiful as I believe

In my head
Your voice
You've got all that I need
And this make believe will get me through
Another lonely night



Terry sat in the pew next to his beautiful wife and watched as his baby girl stood in the church opposite John Cena as they took their wedding vows.  Terry couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked…She looked just as beautiful as Linda did when they were married all those years ago…They’d been through a lot as a family and also as individuals.


Terry felt Linda squeeze his hand as he looked down and saw tears slowly sliding down her cheeks as he watched with love in her eyes on her daughters happiest day of her life…Terry kissed the back of Linda’s hand and handed her his handkerchief in his pocket…He knew she’d need it eventually.



Under the weight of your wings
Should ever we meet on your side of your stereo
I will pretend I know not of your thoughts
And even the way that they mirror my own
I'll take you away in the way

That you take me and go where I go

In my head
Your voice
You've got all that I need
And this make believe will get me through
Another lonely night



The Minster said, “Okay John you may go ahead.”


John said, “I, John Felix Anthony Cena, take you, Journey Lauren Hogan, to be my wife, knowing in my heart that you will be my constant friend, my faithful partner in life, and my one true love. On this special day, I give to you in the presence of God and all those in attendance my sacred promise to stay by your side as your faithful husband in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, as well as through the good times and the bad. I further promise to love you without reservation, honor and respect you, provide for your needs as best I can, protect you from harm, comfort you in times of distress, grow with you in mind and spirit, always be open and honest with you, and cherish you for as long as we both shall live.”


John noticed a few tears sliding down Journey’s cheeks and he reached up and wiped them away. 



Fall away to the sound

Of my heart to your beat
Melancholy and cool, kind of bitter sweet
Love on repeat
I'm echoing all your philosophies
And as I fall away to the sound

Of my heart to your beat
Melancholy and cool, kind of bitter sweet
Love on repeat
I'm echoing all your philosophies
And as I...


I don't
Wanna be fool-hearted
Baby, I'm out-

Numbered In my head
I don't…I don't wanna be fool-hearted
Baby, I'm out-

Numbered in my head

My head…My head



Journey sniffled a little as the Minster turned to Journey and said, “Okay Journey you may go now.”


Journey smiled brightly at John and said, “I, Journey Lauren Hogan, affirm the special bond and unique relationship that exists between us, and promise to keep it always alive. I promise to love you, comfort and encourage you, be open and honest with you, and stay with you as long as we both shall live. I promise before God and these witnesses to be your loving and faithful wife till death do us part. I promise to love, respect and honor you, sharing your plans and interests, ideals and emotions, through all the trials and tribulations of life, as well as the joyous times, caring for you in lifelong commitment. I promise to be your confidante, always ready to share your hopes, dreams and secrets and to love you in all circumstances.  I want you to know that you are a precious gift and that you bring so much joy into my life. With this vow we face new responsibilities together…as one.”


It was Journey’s turn to whip John’s tears.


The happy couple turned to the Minister and he said, “Together, they can accomplish anything.  Together, they will be better than they could be alone.  Together, they will share their love with the world.  Together, their love will grow into a bond too strong to break.  Together…Today I now pronounce them Husband and Wife…You may kiss your bride.”



In my head
Your voice
You've got all that I need
And this make believe will get me through
Another night

Yeah, your voice
You've got all that I need
And this make believe will get me through
Another lonely night

Lonely night...

Under the weight of your wings
I make believe you are all that I'll ever need

All that I need.



John leaned over and said, “I love you so much baby.”  Journey smiled and said, “I love you too.”  John kissed her lips and as they walked down the isle, John said, “Are you happy?”  Journey smiled and said, “I couldn’t be anymore happier if this was all just a dream in my head.”


The End