Fall To Pieces



Chapter 1


SHIT! She was late…REALLY late…

She’d over slept…she’d been so tired lately; trying to get used to a different schedule since she’d been transferred over to WWE from OVW…wrestling was her dream…and when Vince McMahon signed her up to be a Diva…she nearly had a heart attack. She’d been with the company for 6 months now…

She was supposed to be meeting with the writer because they were going to have her start a new story line…she was excited…but forgot to set her alarm the night before and majorly over slept.

Mark and Glenn saw the 5’10” long legged diva booking it down the hall…her long waist length honey blonde hair streaming behind her. They figured she’d either stop or go around them…no such luck…BAM! She crashed through the two huge bodies…

She was running down the hall of the arena and ran into two bodies….and looked back Glenn Jacobs whose character was Kane…and Mark Callaway the Undertaker. She came to a sliding halt and turned around and said, “I’m so sorry guys.”

Mark said, “Damn darlin’ you got a powerful hit on ya.” Glenn said, “Geez, no wonder Vince wanted ya to be a Diva.” Lacey said, “I’m really sorry you guys…I’m late…I’m supposed to be meeting with the new writer and I’m late.” Mark said, “I already seen her…she’s cute…Kind of small but cute.” Glenn said, “You better get going…We’ll talk to ya later.”

Lacey smiled and said, “Okay…Again I am sorry.” The guys laughed as she took off down the hall and yelled a bye in their direction. Lacey went sliding into the writers office and said, “I’m so sorry Miss Dahl…I didn’t mean to be late…My alarm didn’t go off.”

The raven haired woman looked over the rim of her glasses up from her lap top…she pushed the save button as she said, “You know Miss Tyne, I’ve got more important things to do then to baby sit some over paid, under talented wrestler with little to no education and don’t know how to tell time.”

Lacey looked at her with an eyebrow quirked up and said, “Well…Maybe I should tell you I think you’re an uppity bitch. Who REALLY needs at attitude adjustment.”

Mark and Glenn were walking by when they heard the words being thrown between the two women. The stopped and watched as the events unfolded.

Miss Dahl stood up and leaned against her desk and said, “Maybe I should inform Mr. McMahon that he has hired one of the rudest people on the face of the earth.”

Lacey stood up and leaned on the other half of the desk and said, “Maybe I should inform him you’ve got a fence post stuck up your ass and it needs to be removed.” Miss Dahl sounding very insulted said, “I do NOT!”

Lacey crossed her arms over her chest and said, “Would you like one?”

Miss Dahl took her glasses off and threw them on the desk and Lacey said, “Someone needs a nap.” Miss Dahl said, “I’m sure your addressing me, since you’ve been sleeping the last 18 HOURS!” Lacey clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth and said, “Tsk-Tsk…temper, temper. What would Mr. McMahon say about the temperamental state you’re in right now?” Miss Dahl said, “He’d probably say ‘YOU SHOULD HAVE KICKED HER ASS FOR BEING A FUCK WAD’.”

Flashing a look of shock across her face Lacey said, “Oh my goodness such language out of a ladies mouth…well Not such a lady any more I guess…but then again you already knew that…MY poor virgin ears will never be the same…being violated by your mouth.”

Miss Dahl said, “I’m sure the last time anything was virgin on you was around the 1940’s.” Lacey said, “Are you some kind of alcoholic…do you sit around your home boozing it up…thinking about ways to kill JR?”

Miss Dahl said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about…I love Johnny Walker…I mean Jack Daniels…I mean JR.” Lacey started laughing and said, “Well as long as I’ve known you…the first to alcoholic drinks were right to begin with.”

“CORDELIA!” Lacey jumped up and grabbed the raven haired beauty as Corde screamed, “LACEY!”

Mark and Glenn walked in and Mark said, “You two know each other?” Lacey smiled and said, “We’ve been best friends since forever. Cordelia Dahl, I’d like you to meet the Brothers of Destruction Mark Callaway the Undertaker and Glenn Jacobs, his on screen baby brother, Kane.” They shook her hand and she said, “Baby brother huh…You been eaten’ your wheaties." The girls laughed it off as they continued to talk as the guys left laughing at them.

Chapter 2


A couple of weeks later, Lacey walked into the cafeteria, before Raw was going on…and she grabbed a salad and some water, and went over and sat with Glenn…he was digging into his sandwiches and smiled as she sat down…

Lacey said, “What’s up big man?” Glenn said, “Nothing, what’ca up to sweetie?” She said, “Nothing just grabbing a bite to eat before I go see Corde.” Glenn smiled and said, “She’s been spending an awful a lot of time with Mark lately…Have you noticed?” Lacey smirked and said, “Of course.”

They laughed and Lacey said, “Yea…she’s been a little to happy lately…I’m almost positive something shifty is going on between them behind closed doors…they’ve just decided to not tell us anything yet of course.” Glenn said, “Now see I think you’re on to something there…I walked by her office earlier…and I swear I heard Mark laughing…Like fully on, Open throat laughing…I don’t know what she was saying to him…but damn.”

They sat and laughed for a while…then Mark and Cordelia walked in, grabbed some lunch and walked over to the table that Lacey and Glenn were sitting at. Mark said, “Hello kiddies.”

Lacey and Glenn looked at each other and rolled their eyes while stifling laughs. Glenn said, “You’re looking chipper Mark.” Mark furrowed his brow and said, “Chipper? I don’t do chipper.” Glenn said, “Cheerful?” Mark shook his head no. Glenn said, “In good spirits?” Mark said, “It depends on what were drinking.”

Lacey busted out laughing as Glenn just finally gave up. Cordelia leaned over and said, “What was that all about?” Lacey said, “You guys hiding whatever it is that’s going on between the two of you.” Corde smiled and said, “Nothings going on.” Lacey said, “You’re lying your eye just twitched.”

Corde said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about my eye doesn’t twitch.” Lacey said, “Yes it does…when ever you try to lie about something your left eye twitches. Besides if you tell me now…then I won’t scream about your eye twitch in 3 seconds.” Lacey took a deep breath and Corde threw her hand over Lacey’s mouth and said, “Make one more sound and you’ll regret ever being born.”

Lacey stood up and threw her garbage away and as she was walking away from the table…she said, “Oooo…big talk from the Undertakers girlfriend.” Mark cocked his head to the side and said, “What did she just say?” Glenn busted up laughing as they looked over at Lacey’s retreating form walk across the room and stop at the door…she looked over her shoulder and winked…then continued out the door and down the hall.

A few days later, Lacey was in the hotel swimming pool, when Glenn joined her in his t-shirt and black trunk state…Lacey let a breath go she didn’t even realize she was holding in…Glenn was melting her insides like they were plastic…And then…he took his shirt off…and she exhaled and slipped under the water.

From under the water, she watched as he slowly and methodically got in the pool…letting the water coat his skin…his muscles rippled…as he let his body get used to the temperature of the water. Lacey pushed herself down until her foot tapped the bottom of the 13 foot deep pool and then slowly let herself rise back up…when she hit the surface…the feeling of breathlessness helped with her craving of wanting to swim to Glenn and have him press her to the wall of the pool.

Glenn watched as the honey blonde swam around the pool…and watched her hair follow her…she was the type of woman he could let his fingers get lost in her long hair…There had been so many time she was standing next to him and he would lean over a little and smell her hair…it always smelled as if it had been sun kissed.

Glenn wanted nothing more then to grab her and press her into the wall of the pool…he was definitely dreaming if he thought a beautiful woman like her would ever look at him twice.

Little did they both know.

Chapter 3


One Night after Raw, A bunch of the wrestlers got together and decided to go to an after hours joint in the middle of the city they were in…being New York City. Corde and started drinking…and by the time they were leaving the club, they were 15 sheets to the wind. Glenn and Mark were equally as wasted. Corde helped Mark get back to his room…and then went back to hers…

Lacey had her arm looped through Glenn’s and he was walking her to her room. Glenn’s mind was a little fuzzy, as he unlocked her door and then walked into together. Glenn walked Lacey into the bedroom and said, “C’mon missy, get your butt into bed…you’re gonna be feeling all that Tequila you and Corde drank in the morning.”

Lacey sat on the bed and said, “Glenn, C’mere.” Glenn walked over and she leaned up and hooked her index finger in the waist of Glenn’s jeans and started pulling him forward…Glenn slowly started leaning over her…She brought her knees up and wrapped her legs around his waist…and her arms around his neck…

Glenn kissed along her neck and slowly slid his tongue up her neck to her ear and we started kissing and Lacey just felt like she couldn’t get enough of Glenn…She was feeling his muscles move and ripple under her fingers…Glenn stood up and she sat up with Glenn standing between her legs…

Lacey ran her hands up his sides and stomach and was placing light kisses on his navel and stomach…She could feel Glenn tensing up…and noticed the crotch of his jeans bulged out when she was touching and kissing him…when he started growling she knew he wanted her just as much as she wanted him.

Lacey slowly grabbed part of Glenn’s jeans with her teeth and pulled unbuttoning them…then took the zipper clasp between her top teeth and tongue and slowly pulled it down…unzipping his pants…her hands slid up his jean clad ass and gave it a squeeze…and then slid further up and in front and she freed his erection…

Glenn couldn’t say anything he was just frozen…Lacey moved him around and sat him on the bed…and then sat on her knees between his legs and slowly started blowing her hot breath on his very present erection…Glenn gasped, grunted and growled and said, “Lace…you’re killing me.” Lacey said, “No…I’m teasing you...killing would involve some kind of blood shed…and you ain’t bleeding…yet.”

Lacey slowly licked the tip of Glenn’s erection and he just shuttered…she slowly slid his erection into her mouth and let her warm saliva cover and soak Glenn…It was almost his undoing…she could feel a lot of pre-cum dripping off the end of his erection…she started sucking as hard as she possibly could…and Glenn wrapped his hands through her long hair enjoying the feeling of her sucking him with a nothing but passion and ecstasy.

Lacey would slow down and go faster and slow down and go faster…Glenn was so ready…he was just begging for his release…she finally pulled her teeth slowly and methodically up the length of his erection and Glenn just couldn’t handle it anymore…he literally growled out his orgasm as she sucked him totally dry…
Lacey stood up and went to walk away when Glenn grabbed her and said, “If you think you’re getting away that easily you’ve got another thing coming girl…if you don’t get those clothes off I’m gonna rip them off your body…” Lacey giggled and said, “Damn violent much?”

Glenn pulled her back to the bed…and as he stood behind her while they were facing the bed…Glenn grabbed her hand and placed it on his still very present hard on and said, “Feel that…I have never stayed hard after anyone doing that to me…” Lacey said, “So I guess you wanna get rid of it the old fashioned way…”

Before Glenn even answered…he had her jeans and shirt off, on her hands and knees on the bed and was teasing her wet center, before he plunged forward…he took me hard and fast…and Lacey was holding onto the sheets of the bed so they both wouldn’t fall over…His animalistic side rough love making was turning her on more…she could feel his tongue sliding up and down her spine…and his hands just sliding softly all over her body…she loved it…even though he was rough, he could still be gentle with his hands and lips…

They both screaming out our release as she felt Glenn explode about as deep into her as he could get…Once they both calmed down enough to move, they laid in a big pile in bed…and then passed out for the rest of the night…

Chapter 4


The next morning, Lacey rolled around a little she had a pounding headache…not to mention her whole body was sore as it could be. Not to mention she felt as though she’d had sex with 10 VERY large men the night before.

Lacey was thinking about the dream she’d had the night before about having insanely rough sex with Glenn, when she felt the bed move and an arm draped over her waist. Her eyes were as big as potatoes. She looked down…the forearm alone could crush her in seconds. She suddenly felt very small.

She was starting to move away, when the arm brought her back to a chest…a HUGE chest to be exact. Lacey couldn’t handle it anymore…she looked down and damn if she wasn’t naked. She gripped the sheet around her body and then on the count of three tore herself from the bed as fast as she could grabbing on of her boots on the floor, fully prepared to chuck it at who ever was there.

When Lacey spun around, she was in the shock of her life…Glenn was sitting in her bed naked…the comforter covering his lower half…and he had his hand up cause he saw her in launch mode with the boot.

Lacey said, “Glenn, what the fuck are you doing in my bed…AND NAKED!” Glenn grinned and said, “I don’t know why you’re asking me…I’m willing to bet you’re just as naked under that sheet. I’m pretty sure you know why I’m naked.”

Lacey said, “Oh my god, I had a one night stand…How vile and disgusting…No offence Glenn, you’re not vile or disgusting.” Glenn said, “None taken you fuckin hottie…who knew you could scream that loud.” Lacey threw her hand over her mouth and said, “Oh sweet Jesus…” Lacey sat on the edge of the bed and Glenn moved around and pulled her to sit between his legs.

Glenn said, “Just tell me one thing…and I’ll leave you alone.” Lacey said, “Okay what?” He said, “Being with me last night, was it good or bad…like is it something you wanted? Because I have to be honest with you Lace…I’ve been attracted to you since you started working at the WWE.” Lacey looked up….shock evident on her face as she said, “You have?”

Glenn laughed and said, “Don’t look so surprised, you’re a beautiful woman whom I’d love to get to know more…you’re a good friend…but I want more then friendship from you…if you think you can handle it.”

Lacey said, “Oh yea, I can handle it.” She looked back at him and Glenn leaned down and captured her lips…His big hand trailed down the sheet as he pulled it out of the way…Glenn nudges her thighs apart and slid a finger deep into her warm core Lacey couldn’t help it she let out a deep low moan from the back of her throat.

Lacey’s hands were now down holding onto his well muscled thighs…

Glenn added a second finger into her core and was kissing her neck like crazy…he started pumping her with his fingers as his thumb rubbed her clit…Glenn said, “Does that make my baby feel good?” Lacey arched her crotch into Glenn’s hand and moaned out, “Oh God yes.” Glenn’s hand alternated between breasts and nipples…while his fingers worked their magic inside of her…Glenn said, “Cum for me baby…”

Glenn said, “Cum for me baby…I love to hear you moan my name…moan for me.” Lacey was doing so much moaning she was shocked she didn’t wake the dead…Glenn’s fingers started thrusting her core a little fast…his kisses were moister and his fingers were pinching her nipples a little harder.

Lacey finally couldn’t hold herself back anymore…and she started out with a low moan and it just got louder as her climax hit and her juices flowed all over Glenn’s hand…Glenn rode out her climax with his fingers…and didn’t stop until Lacey did.

As soon as her breathing was back under control…Glenn pulled his fingers from her body and sucked them clean like he was eating a Popsicle. They laid in bed talking and making love for the rest of the day.

Chapter 5


A few months later, Lacey and Glenn were seeing a lot of each other, considering they worked for the same company...and shared a hotel room. Mark and Corde were now in full view for everyone...they finally admitted to be seeing one another.

One night, we were all sitting in Paul and Stephanie’s dressing room, watching a movie and talking. Corde and Glenn excused themselves, they both had autograph sessions in the morning, so they knew they had to go to bed early.

Mark and Lacey sat on the couch across from Steph and Paul...They all had a few drinks...Mark and Paul were pretty toasty, Stephanie was drunk, and Lacey had a nice buzz going on. Steph sat on the arm rest of Paul’s chair...she nearly fell on her ass a few times, if Paul wouldn’t have caught her.

Steph said, “Hey let’s play truth or dare...ill go first...truth or dare Paulie?” Paul quirked an eye brow at her and said, “How old are you again?” Steph made an annoying buzzing noise and said, “You lose your turn...Truth or dare Lace?” Lacey giggled and said, “Dare.” Steph chewed her bottom lip and said, “Fine...I dare ya to kiss Mark.”

Lacey said, “Okay that’s it I’m going to bed...this is too much.” Lacey stood up and walked into the make shift kitchen to rinse her glass out...as Paul, Mark and Steph followed her. Steph said, “Where are you going...you’re supposed to kiss him...you took the dare.” Lacey said, “Steph...c’mon...Mark is with Corde and I’m with Glenn.”

Stephanie said, “Oh don’t be a stuffed shirt...put that man in a lip lock...you guys are close enough friends to where it won’t bother either of you.” Lacey said, “This is insane...were just friends.” Mark said, “Would it be easier if I initiated the kiss?”
Mark’s southern accent was a little thinker after a few drinks...it made him that much harder to resist...Lacey’s resolve was bending slowly. Lacey said, “As great as this sounds, I really should be getting back to the room.”

Mark grabbed Lacey by the waist and picked her up setting her on the counter...and stood between her legs...Mark looked at Steph and said, “Stipulations?” Steph said, “5 minutes.” Mark caressed Lacey’s face in his big hands...and slowly captured her lips...as Mark slid his tongue into her mouth tasting every corner, bend and curve of her mouth...Lacey wrapped her arms around his neck...Mark pulled her closer to him as he deepened the kiss more...stroking her back with his big hands.

Steph and Paul broke up the kiss 5 minutes later...Lacey and Mark said their good night’s to everyone...and headed for their rooms.

Lift up the shades
Let in the brilliant light of morning
But steady there now
For I am weak
And starving for mercy

Sleep has left me alone
To carry the weight of unraveling
Where we went wrong
It's all I can do to hang on
To keep me from falling
Into old familiar shoes

How stupid could I be
A simpleton could see
That you're no good for me
But you're the only one I see

The next morning, Glenn was missing from Lacey’s bed...she heard the shower running...and smiled...she was about to strip and get in with him, when his cell phone rang...Lacey picked it up and said, “Glenn’s cell phone service?” A females voice said, “Who the fuck is this?” Lacey said, “Glenn’s girlfriend...Can I ask whose calling?” She said, “Yes...Glenn’s wife.”

Lacey felt her heart fall out of her chest and into her stomach. Lacey just stared at the phone...Glenn walked out of the bathroom in his black shorts and bare chest...he said, “Morning sweetie...who was on the cell?” Lacey looked up at Glenn with tears sliding down her cheeks and as she threw his cell phone as hard as she could she said, “Your wife...you son of a bitch!”

Lacey yelled, “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME YOU WAS MARRIED YOU FUCK!” Glenn said, “I thought you knew.” Lacey said, “How would I fuckin know...I never asked you and you never fuckin told me....you dick head...I can’t believe you made me the other woman...you bastard!” Glenn said, “You had no complaint every time I was fucking your brains out.”

Lacey grabbed her bag and said, “Of course not DICK HEAD! I thought you were single. The bigger they are the stupider they are...I can’t believe you...I trusted you...I HATE YOU!” Lacey started punching him in the chest and stomach...Glenn grabbed her wrists and said, “I thought you knew...I haven’t been happy with my marriage...that’s why I pursued you.”

Lacey drew back and kicked Glenn square in the nuts...watching him crumple to the ground as she grabbed her bag and walked out as she said, “Well, the pursuit is OVER...I quit.”

Love has made me a fool
It set me on fire and watched
As I floundered
Unable to speak
Except to cry out
And wait for your answer

But you come around
In your time
Speaking of fabulous places
Create an oasis
Dries up
As soon as you're gone
You leave me here burning
In this desert

How stupid could I be
A simpleton could see
That you're no good for me
But you're the only one I see

Lacey walked down the hall and bumped into someone...she looked up and Mark steadied her...he said, “Lace what’s wrong darlin’?” Lacey said, “Why don’t you go ask Glenn...he is your friend...why didn’t you tell me mark...why didn’t you tell me he was married...I have been the chief executive of fantasy land for the last couple of months...thinking of only Glenn and him being in my life...and NOW I find out he’s fuckin married.

Mark started to say something when I shoved him and said, “I was falling in love with him...and you watched me not saying a damn word. I would say I hate you as much as I hate him...but in reality...I’m just really sad and disappointed in you...You’re supposed to be my friend too. If I can’t trust you...who can I trust?”

Lacey shook her head at Mark and walked around him...leaving as fast as she could...as the taxi pulled up to the airport, Lacey called Stephanie and asked for some time off...after explaining why...Stephanie fully understood.

As the plane took off, the honey blonde sat looking out the window and watched as the rain outside fell like the tears from her eyes...love, hate, trust and betrayal...they were such foreign words to her know...she hoped she could find a way to fix the fallen piece’s of her heart.

Everything changes
Everything falls apart
Can't stop to feel
Myself losing control
But deep in my senses
I know

How stupid could I be
A simpleton could see
That you're no good for me
But you're the only one I see

How stupid could I be
A simpleton could see
That you're no good for me
But you're the only one I see

Chapter 6


Lacey walked in the door around 4 am…she dropped her bags on the floor and closed and locked the front door…She hated flying and was fully jet lagged…her cell phone light was blink she had 50+ missed calls…not to mention all the voice mail…She leaned against the front door and saw her answering machine also had a few thousand messages.

Her heart kept beating hard in her chest…like every breath she took was slowly injecting poison into her system…She slowly slid down the door and squatted into a ball on the floor as the tears poured out of her…her whole body was racked with sobs…and all she wanted was for someone to hold her at that moment.

She ended up crying herself to sleep on the hard wood floor by the front door.

Meanwhile, back at the arena about 6 p.m.…Mark was furious, he yelled, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DIDN’T TELL HER ABOUT YOUR WIFE…YOU FUCKIN TOLD ME YOU DID…OF ALL THE STUPID FUCKIN THINGS TO DO!!” Glenn looked at the floor and said, “I didn’t think she’d be that mad…She kicked me in the nuts and left.”


Glenn said, “What the fuck do you care? I believe you’re still dating
Cordelia…or did you fuck up another relationship Mark.” Mark said, “No for you’re information fat head, Cordelia is being traded to Smackdown on her request to be closer to her new boyfriend.”

Glenn said, “What do you mean new boyfriend?” Mark said, “She met and started dating Mark Jindrak a few weeks ago…Corde didn’t want to be in the relationship with me…she couldn’t handle my temperament. Even though she had a temper as bad as me…she couldn’t handle mine.” Glenn said, “Why didn’t you guys say anything?”

Mark sighed and said, “Corde wanted to break the news to Lacey, but she’s been so busy trying to get all of her stuff moved to the Smackdown set people…that she just hasn’t had the time to do it…By the way, don’t talk to me about how many bad or short relationships I’ve had buddy…at least I’ve never fucked around on my wife…”

Before Glenn knew what had hit him, he was laying on the ground looking up at Mark…who was shaking out his right hand and said, “Stay away from Lacey…Or I swear…I’ll call your wife and fuck up the rest of your life…but helping her get a divorce from you.”

Mark walked away.

The next morning, Aly moved around a little…her back hurt, she swallowed and could’ve sworn she had a razor blade wedged in her through…and her head was pounding. As she sat up, her chest was heavy…she crawled up the steps on her hands and knees to the bathroom…she used the rest room…and looked in the mirror…and nearly scared the shit out of herself. She looked hideous.

She had a loud ringing in her ear and suddenly realized the phone was ringing. She swallowed and walked over to the night stand next to her bed and answered the phone with a raspy, nearly not there, “Hello?” A familiar deep southern accented voice came back with, “Lacey is that you darlin’?” She winced when she heard Mark’s voice and said, “By all accounts I’m pretty sure it’s still me…What do you want Mark?”

Mark sighed heavy and said, “Glenn just told me what happened…I promise you sweetie I didn’t know he hadn’t told you about Marissa.” Lacey cringed again and said, “I don’t wanna hear his name…her name…anything…I do not want to talk about it…” Mark said, “Okay, Calm down…you sound like you’ve got pneumonia or something…what happened?”

Lacey felt the tears welling up in her eyes again and said, “Mark, I don’t feel like talking about any of it…I’m sick, and I’ve got a fever…and I just want to be left alone…possible for the rest of my life.”

Lacey hung up and laid across her bed…she cried until she fell asleep again…she was so tired and achy…she just didn’t want to move at all.

Chapter 7


Lacey woke up and Mark was leaning over. She screamed...or tried to...he put his hand on her stomach and told her to keep still...that she didn’t need to get up. Mark explained I was pretty sick, and to keep him from taking me to the hospital, I had to agree to let him take care of me until I was fully well.

All the time Me and Mark spent together...Did us some good...Cordelia and MJ came to see me while I was sick and decided to stay for a mini vacation...They were their a month later when Mark asked me to marry him...I was shocked to say the least...but I couldn’t help but accept.

- -1 Month Later- -

I don’t know how I’d been convinced but, I moved in with Mark in Texas, and MJ and Corde found a house in Texas right down the street from us...they’d decided to get married also.

One day after I’d been well for a while, me and Corde had sat on the couch and were talking up a storm...Corde and I were leaning against each other and had fallen asleep…holding hands…MJ and Mark came in the den and laughed at us…MJ picked Corde up and carried her out to the car and drove themselves to home…Mark waved good-bye from the back porch and then sat outside for a while…

I woke up and Corde was missing, I figured MJ probably took her back to the hotel…when I didn’t find Mark in the house, I figured he was in the garage playing pool, he usually did that when he needed to think…so I walked out the back door and out to the garage…He had just his levis, shoes and a bandana around his head (no shirt...woohoo)…I said, “What are you thinking about?” Mark was about to make a shot when he looked over at me and said, “What makes you think that I’m thinking about anything other then making this shot?”

I said, “Stop, you can fool some people but not me…I know when you’re in here, you’re thinking, unless you have 50 friends out here with you…” Mark said, “I was actually just thinking about you…” I walked over and stood behind him with my hands against his bare back…Mmmmm good muscle tone…I slid my hands around his waist and up to the chest…I said, “What about me?” He grabbed my hand and pulled me around to face him, and pushed me against the pool table…

He said, “About how I can’t wait until were married…I realize this is really fast, but if you don’t want to do this or it’s going to fast, you don’t have to do it.”

I said, “First of all, I love you and there is no one else on this planet I’d rather marry to then you…and second, I don’t care if we do it tonight, 6 months from now or 3 years from now, when it happens it will happen and then I’ll be the happiest person in the world..”

Mark said, “Oh were not waiting 3 years…I bet we’ll barely make it to 6 months…”

Mark picked me up by my waist and sat me on the pool table, as we started kissing and leaning back at the same time, Mark was moving all the balls out of the way, and was crawling up my body…I said, “Do you really wanna do this on a pool table?”

Mark pulled my shirt off, smiled and said, “Absolutely…” he reached up and pulled the string on the light above the table and turned it off and went back to kissing me…we ended up making love on the pool table…I have to say, I thought it wasn’t going to be comfortable…but believe it or not, it was quite nice.

Chapter 8


A month later Mark and I got married...and after a 2 week honeymoon...I decided to go on the road with him...I really enjoyed watching him wrestle.

One night Mark would be going up against Paul Wight (Big Show)…which worried me a lot because of Paul’s known ring presence…he always had a bad attitude whether scripted or not…he always put the other wrestler through hell before he eventually pinned them for the win…tonight was no different…it was a crazy match…Mark was really nervous and I was standing with him backstage…

Paul walked past us and said, “Maybe you should give Mark a good-bye kiss because the only person who will be walking through that curtain in 15 minutes is me.”

I walked over and stood looking up at him and said, “Is that supposed to be funny Paul? Because it’s really not…I see nothing funny about the statement you just made…” Paul’s wife Betsy came over and said, “Paul, knock it off, leave them alone.”

Mark grabbed my hand and drug me down the hall into an empty dressing room and said, “Lacey, don’t start anything with that man, I have to wrestle him in 3 minutes…I don’t need him to kill me let alone come after you for being a smart mouth…”

I said, “I wish you would let MJ go down to the ring with you…you know Paul, he’s relentless…he won’t stop until you give up.” Mark said, “Lace, no…I’m a big boy I can fight my own matches…” I said, “This isn’t a match it’s an ass beating…and you know it…you’re going to get hurt…” Mark was getting more pissed by the second…and said, “Stay out of it Lace…I mean it...”

I knew he was serious…he didn’t want me to interfere with his work…but I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach something bad was about to go down. I just knew it…Mark kissed my forehead and said, “I’ll be right back…I have to go take down a giant…” I said, “Be careful…I love you…” Mark stopped by the curtain before he walked out and said, “I love you too baby…”

I didn’t realize that was the last time I would hear that from Mark…at least not for a while…During the match I was watching on the monitor and I could see Paul talking a whole mess of trash to Mark…the match was supposed to be over in 15 minutes, but it ended up last 30 minutes…all the matches were backed up and every one knew that Paul was just basically torturing Mark in only the way Paul could…

MJ said, “What the hell is going on, why doesn’t he pin Mark already, he knows he’s supposed to win…” I said, “He’s doing it on purpose to prove a point that he’s better then anyone else…”

Paul’s wife Betsy was standing with us and said, “I’m gonna kill Paul. I swear to god.” Betsy was getting pissed off cause Paul was being immature, MJ and Corde were on the brink of running to the ring just to help Mark…the camera got a close up shot of Mark’s face and he’s eyes were all glossed over and his nose was bleeding…

At this point, as soon as I saw the blood, I had tears sliding down my cheeks…Finally; Paul choke slammed Mark through two tables and then gave Mark the last ride (power bomb) through two more tables…

Mark was totally out as in his was unconscious. MJ and Corde ran out as Paul was walking back…Paul walked behind the curtain and leaned over to me and said, “See I told you I’d be the only walking through the curtain.” Paul turned and was walking down the hall with Betsy bitching at him and I said, “Hey Big Show!”

He stopped and looked at me…I gave him the finger and said, “If you can’t see this one…here’s another to go with it…” And basically gave him double the bird…

About that time MJ and Corde came through the curtain with the EMT’s and had Mark on a stretcher…I rode in the ambulance with Mark and Corde and MJ followed in the rental car…

Chapter 9


After being in the waiting room for almost 2 hours the doctor finally came out and said, “Lacey Callaway.” I grabbed MJ and Corde and we walked over and I said, “I’m Lacey…how’s my husband doctor?”

He said, “I’m afraid I don’t know yet…he’s got several bruised ribs, and he’s beaten pretty bad, the problem is he’s still unconscious, and we can’t under stand why…there’s nothing internally wrong with him…he should of woken up an hour ago, but no such luck…he’s got a severe concussion, and honestly I don’t know if he’ll ever regain consciousness. If he’s got any other family, you might want to call them…”

Trying to keep my composure I said, “Can I see him?” The doctor said, “Yes, he’s up in the intensive Care Unit, only one person at a time please…I’ll warn you he’s got a tube down his throat to help him breathe once he regains consciousness we can remove it…he’s also on a heart monitor…he’s in room 1452…”

The doctor walked away and I said, “You guys...you want to go see him first?” MJ said, “No honey, you go…he’s you’re husband…” I nodded and as I was walking up to the room, I was crying cause I didn’t know what I would do if I lost Mark…but then in the back of my mind, I was getting extremely pissed off at Paul for pulling such stupid shit…

Since the wrestling tour was in Houston, Texas for the next 2 weeks doing tapings, autograph sessions, photo sessions…all the wrestlers were staying at the hotel…

I would stay with Mark at the hospital during the nights and most of the days…the only time I left his side was to go to the hotel shower and change and then I was back…a week later, Mark still hadn’t regained consciousness, and I was getting ready to go out of my mind…

MJ and Corde both had a photo shoot to go to at the arena, so MJ said, “Lace, why don’t you come with us…if his condition changes the nurse will call us…” Corde said, “Yea, c’mon Lace, you need to get out of here at least for a while…” I said, “Okay…”

When we got to the arena, I was walking around with Corde, and MJ was off at his photo shoot…We decided to sit on one of the big trunks in the hallway, while drinking coffee, when Paul walked by and said, “How’s lover boy doing?” And gave the most evil little laugh as he sauntered down the hallway, head held high in a proud moment…

Corde said, “Lace…what are you thinking? You’re making a face…and you’ve got bad thoughts just swimming around that mind of yours…” I got up off the trunk and ran down the hallway…Corde followed as quickly as possible…

I ran over and stopped Paul and said, “Let me make something really clear to you Paul Wight…Mark is my husband, not my lover boy, not my sex buddy, and certainly not my boy toy…he’s my husband…and for your information he’s still unconscious you asshole…it’s been a week and nothing…the doctor said if he doesn’t wake up soon, he’ll probably never wake up…now I know that Mark doesn’t mean anything to you, but he sure means a hell of a lot to me…and if you think I’m going to sit around and let you make jokes at his expense then you have another thing coming…” Paul smiled walked around us, and said, “It’s probably too late…he’s probably a vegetable already.” He laughed again…

I looked at Corde and she looked at me…we both had the same idea…we took off running down the hallway at Paul and both jumped at the same time and landed on him, we actually knocked him to the ground, I was sitting on his back, with my forearm against his head pushing his face into the cement floor, cause he was facing the floor…and Corde was sitting on his ass and had a hold of his feet, and he couldn’t move around that much…

I said, “Ok, get this…if you ever do what you did to Mark to anyone else…I swear to god you won’t have time in your life to regret it…I maybe a foot and a half short then you and 300 or 400lbs lighter then your fat ass, but I can fight…make no excuses about it Mr. Wight, you screwed with the wrong girls husband…don’t think for a minute I wouldn’t give my life up for my husbands…because that’s just how much I love him…how many people do you know can say that?” Paul said, “I swear if you two don’t get off me, one...if not both of you...are both gonna be very sorry…” I said, “Swear all you want to…Look in my eyes and know I’m serious…don’t take anything I say lightly…because believe me, if it came right down to it… sir…and I use that term very loosely…I would do what ever it takes for my husband.”

MJ, Marc LaMonica (Bubba) and Devon walked around the corner and saw me and Corde sitting on Paul…they all 3 looked at each other and said, “SHIT!” They ran over and MJ grabbed Corde and Marc and Devon grabbed me…Paul turned over and sat up and he said, “You have a lot of guts for someone so small.” I spit in his face and jerked away from Marc and Devon and just walked down the hall the other way…The guys looked at Paul and he wiped face off and said, “I guess I deserved that.” Corde said, “Not even close enough to what you deserve.”

Corde went after me and she said, “Damn that felt really good.” I said, “No, it felt great!” MJ caught up with us and said, “Have you two completely lost your minds, do you even realize what you just did to Paul Wight?” I stopped and said, “MJ, look in my eyes and ask yourself if you really think I gave a rats ass. That man tortured my husband a week ago for 30 minutes…you guys barely spend that much time ever in the ring in one night…let alone in one match…my husband…your friend is laying in a hospital bed, and I could lose him…” The emotions had finally got to me and I lost it in the middle of the hallway…

I sat down on the floor and said, “I could lose him MJ…and so could you…we’ve only been married a month…What am I going to do without him?” MJ and Corde both held me together while I cried…they helped me stand up and walked me down the hallway to the car, and we left…thus ending the lovely day out at the arena…

Chapter 10


About 4 days later, every one was down in the cafeteria, and I was in Mark’s room, and was sitting in a chair, I had my hand on his chest so I could feel it go up and down…I had my head leaning to the side with my eyes closed…I hadn’t gotten any sleep since this whole fiasco happened, and I was trying to stay awake…all of a sudden I felt a hand on top of mine…and I looked over and it was Mark’s hand…I jumped up and he had his eyes open…I couldn’t really say much, I ran out and grabbed the doctor…who shooed me out of the room…

I was sitting in the waiting room and MJ and Corde walked in with Gilbert and I said, “You guys he’s awake.” Corde let out a heavy sigh of relief…and we sat there hugging, MJ was bouncing around the room…and picked me and Corde up and swung us around…MJ started calling everyone from the tour and was telling them the good news…

The doctor came back out and said, “Mrs. Callaway, you’re husband would like to see you right now…he asked that you come alone.” I said, “Okay…” I walked down the hall and into the room…Mark was sitting up and said, “Hey you.” I said, “Hey yourself.” Mark patted the bed and I walked over and sat next to him and couldn’t help but have tears slide down my cheeks…Mark said, “Baby, I’m okay.”

I said, “Yea, but you almost wasn’t…I almost lost you Mark.” Mark pulled me into him and we sat there holding each other real tight and Mark said, “But you didn’t and I’m still here baby…c’mon don’t cry…you know it breaks my heart to see you upset.” I said, “I’m sorry, I can’t help it…all I could think was what will I do without you…you have to promise me you won’t ever do that again…I love you Mark, I don’t know what I would have done if I would of lost you.” Mark said, “I can’t promise it won’t happen again…you know what my life is like…all I can promise is to be more careful. I love you so much Lace…I’m never going to leave you again.”

2 months later, Mark was back to work…I went with Mark on his first night back to Monday night Raw…Mark found out what me and Corde did to Paul Wight and laughed at first and then tried to get all serious to talk with me about it, but couldn’t get the mental picture of me and Corde sitting on Paul in the hallway man-handling him…

When we got to the arena that night there was a card in an envelope in Mark’s locker…he read it and had this confused look on his face…I said, “What?” He said, “This is so weird…it’s a get well card from Paul Wight…” I said, “You’re kidding me right? Why would he send that to you? He’s the reason you had to get well.” Mark said, “Beats me...” I looked at it and said, “I’ll be right back sweetie...” Mark said, “Okay babe…I’m gonna meet you in the back by the curtain, were getting ready for my match right now.” I said, “Okay…”

I leaned over and said, “Kiss.” And pushed my lips out…Mark leaned over and kissed me and I said, “Oh, I like…Can I have another?” Mark said, “You can have as many of those as you want those are free…” He leaned over and kissed me again, but this time grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him…obviously the kiss was a little deeper and a lot more passionate…

MJ got really close to us and said, “Oh wow, Mark, what does that taste like?” We started laughing and Mark said, “Pretty good…” I moved Mark’s hair behind his ears and said, “How much did that one cost me, cause that was pretty good and I don’t want to run out of money before the nights up.” Mark said, “I’ll put it on your tab.” I said, “Okay…I’ll be right back.” Mark winked at me and smacked my butt as I walked out.

I walked down to Paul Wight’s dressing room and knocked on the door, Paul said, “Come.” I walked in and he looked at me and said, “What you back to finish the job? You know I had to visit a Massage Therapist after you and Corde sneak attacked me…” I said, “And what…you don’t think you deserved it?” Paul said, “No, I know I did…I just never realized how mean two small girls could be to a guy my size.” I said, “One question.” He said, “What’s that?”

I held up the card and said, “Why?”

Paul dropped his head and said, “I didn’t realize how much of an asshole I was being until you pointed it out to me that day, plus Betsy pointed it out to me later when I told her you two jumped me…of course after she stopped hysterically laughing at me getting my butt kicked by two women she also said I deserved it..” I smirked and said, “Smart woman…”

Paul said, “Also, it didn’t sink in fully…everything you said to me…you asked me how many other people do I know that would lay down their life for their husbands…I know one other, that is other then you…Betsy would…Just like I’m sure Mark would for you and I know I would for Betsy…anyway…nothing set in until I was going down the hall and I saw you crying…I didn’t know you guys had gotten married…let alone only being married a month…when I heard you crying…my heart broke and I couldn’t imagine what Betsy would do if the roles had been reversed and it was Betsy…and not you…”

I said, “You know something Paul…you can be awful sweet when you want to.” Paul said, “Yea, well don’t let it get out; I have a reputation to keep up.” I walked over and pulled Paul down and kissed his cheek and said, “Don’t ever make me hurt you again…” I winked at him and we laughed…

I left and walked down to where the curtain was and MJ, Mark and Corde were standing there…Mark said, “And just where were you?” I said, “Taking care of some business.” Mark said, “We’re getting ready to go out, stay out of trouble.” I said, “You’re kidding right…don’t you know who my husband is…its Mark Callaway the biggest trouble maker in the WWE.” Mark said, “Hey, yea I think I heard of him…he’s this sexy hot looking guy, who’s married to the most beautiful woman in the world…”

I said, “That’s him…” I smiled as I heard his Deadman walkin’ music blast through the speakers and the fans went completely insane…I said, “Have a good match, be careful…” He said, “I will…” Mark pulled me close to him again and gave me another toe curling kiss and I said, “How much do I owe now? I don’t want my tab up too high…” Mark smiled and said, “Don’t worry, you can always use your Mark Callaway Credit Card.” I said, “Good, I’ll be charging a lot of frequent flyer miles on that bad boy tonight.” Mark kissed me one last time and said, “I love you Lace.” I said, “I love you too Deadman.”

I looked away,
Then I looked back at you
You tried to say,
Things that you can't undo
If I had my way,
I’d never get over you
Today's the day;
I pray that we make it through

Make it through the fall
Make it through it all

And I don't wanna fall to pieces
I just wanna sit and stare at you
I don't wanna talk about it
And I don't want a conversation
I just wanna cry in front of you
I don't wanna talk about it
Cuz' I’m in love with you

You're the only one
I’d be with till the end
When I come undone
You bring me back again

Back under the stars
Back into your arms

And I don't wanna fall to pieces
I just wanna sit and stare at you
I don't wanna talk about it
And I don't want a conversation
I just wanna cry in front of you
I don't wanna talk about it
Cuz' I’m in love with you

Wanna know who you are
Wanna know where to start
I wanna know what this means

Wanna know how you feel
Wanna know what is real
I wanna know everything...everything

I don't wanna fall to pieces
I just wanna sit and stare at you
I don't wanna talk about it
And I don't want a conversation
I just wanna cry in front of you
I don't wanna talk about it
And I don't wanna fall to pieces
I just wanna sit and stare at you
I don't wanna talk about it
And I don't want a conversation
I just wanna cry in front of you
And I don't wanna talk about it
Cuz' I’m in love with you...
I'm in love with you,
Cuz I’m in love with you...
I'm in love with you....

I'm in love with you...

The End