Chapter 1




Francesca sat up straight in bed soaking wet with sweat dripping off her body…breathing hard…trying to catch her breath…These dreams came on every night at the same time…There was nothing she could do to stop them from coming…7 years this had been going on and it seemed there was no end in sight.


Frankie sat there and looked around and finally calmed down enough to figure out she was in dire need of a shower…She looked at the alarm and knew her dad would be by to get her in an hour…she scrambled from the bed and jumped in the shower almost falling asleep in the process…but finally getting awake enough to get going…


Every night her mind was plagued with the same dream over and over…just the past 7 years of all the shit she’d been through…no one knew but her…and she hadn’t said anything to anyone about it…but that’s the way she wanted it…she knew her father was worried about her and had her go to a psychologist…but nothing had helped the dreams.  A few minutes later I was running out the door with dad.


Ric Flair walked around back stage of the United Center Arena in Chicago Illinois...Everyone noticed he had a cute looking brunette next to him...She definitely had his attention captured.  No one knew who she was...but they seemed to be in a very deep discussion.


I walked into the dressing room with my father and said, “DAD!  My driving wasn’t that bad...Besides you’re the one who taught me how to drive...I’ve been driving since I was 17 and I’ve never had a wreck and you know it.”  My dad the infamous ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair held his chest and said, “I thought I was going to have a heart attack on that last turn you decided to take with no brakes.


I rolled my eyes and said, “Dad you’re so full of crap...I totally pushed on the brakes.  You were just to busy actin’ a fool to notice it.”  Dad looked at me and started laughing...he said, “It’s not my fault I was trying to cover my eyes to keep from having to see the horror of the scene as you fly by, women and children of mass destruction all running for their lives when you fly around corners...I felt like I was in a bad stunt car.” 


I smacked his arm and said, “That’s not nice...God’s going to punish you.”  Dad said, “Frankie, I doubt God will punish me for making fun of your driving...Now the things I’ve done in my life before you were in it...I could probably go to hell for...but hopefully God isn’t to vengeful and is willing to negotiate with me.”


I stuck my tongue out at the man who was my father, while his back was facing me and he said, “I saw that.”  I laughed and he looked over and said, “Don’t you have a fiancée to go see?”  I threw my hand over my mouth and said, “Oh My Gosh...I almost forgot about Glenn.”  I ran over and kissed dad’s cheek and took off out of the door down to Glenn’s dressing room.  I knocked when a deep voice said “C’mon in.” 


I turned the knob and walked in and A huge guy with tattoos all over his arms was standing in the middle of my fiancées dressing room if Glenn hadn’t told me about being an only child I would of assumed that guy was his older brother or something...he could of easily been Glenn’s family member...Hell for all I knew he was.  He looked down and said, “Some thing I can help ya with Darlin’?” 


OH MY GOD...he had the sexiest deep southern accented voice!


I stepped a little closer and said, “Yes I’m looking for...”  And before I could say anything a pair of huge hands came out of no where and lifted me off the ground...I squealed as my feet flew back and connected with some muscled up thighs.


A familiar voice said, “You wouldn’t be looking for me would you baby?”  I started smacking on Glenn’s hands and said, “YOU SON OF A BITCH!  You scared the shit oughta me.”  I could feel the vibrations of Glenn’s chest against my back having a good laugh at my expense.  Glenn placed me back on my feet and nuzzled my neck a little as I turned around in his arms and let myself be pulled back into his arms...he was always like cuddling with a gigantic teddy bear..


Hell the man was 6’10”, 300 solid pounds of muscles he was build like a damn fort...I always felt so safe with him.  His big blue eyes and his long ringlets of brunette hair...I love every thing about him...I’d met him 2 years ago and fell madly in love with him...he asked my father permission to ask me out...and then we surprised him and his new wife during Christmas by dropping the bomb that Glenn had asked me to marry him.


Mark watched as the couple in front of him kissed like they were going to the electric chair the next day and he knew right away this was the girl his best friend couldn’t stop talking about since he’d taken time off for surgery and therapy for the last 2 years.  He felt a pang of jealous deep in his heart.  He could honestly say he’d never seen any one as happy as Glenn looked...and if she was the reason why jealous or not, he hoped they stayed in love forever...


Even if forever is a long time.


Chapter 2


It had been a week since Mark had been back in the ring from his injuries...watching Glenn and Frankie love each other was almost more then he could handle...half the time he’d leave the dressing room pretending to let them have their alone time together, when all he really wanted to do was take that beautiful creature into his arms and kiss her breathlessly...


Glenn loved her and he was certain she loved him...but the way she would kiss him was almost as if she wasn’t sure what he meant to her...most people can tell just by the way a woman kisses a man how she feels about him...but there was just something about the way she would kiss Glenn...Like there was just something missing and she didn’t know what it was.


Mark was hoping it was just his jealous streak getting to him and he was reading too much into it...but something in the pit of his stomach was really telling him...Frankie wasn’t sure of her love for Glenn.


Mark had even asked a question about how sex was with her and Glenn said she wasn’t having sex until she was married, and then Glenn went on to explain how it was alright with him...As long as she was happy he was happy. 


Glenn had talked about her having some kind of emotional baggage and her always having nightmares, which would be one of the reasons they didn’t share a room...she never wanted to subject him to that until she got it under control.


Mark’s mind went a little hay wire with them not having sex then what else would there be left?  Meaning most couples established a great long lasting relationship with sex.  They were engaged and not even having sex until they got married...If they actually went through with the whole marriage package it would probably only last for a few months.


The one thing Mark never could stop himself from doing was looking at Frankie’s hair...it was to her waist and was the most beautiful color of ash brunette with little blonde high lights all through it to give it some attitude...then to top it off it was just full of unruly ringlet spiral curls...If her and Glenn ever had kids they would wind up with cork screw curly hair like Frankie and Glenn had.


If she ever found out the secrets he knew about Glenn, he promised himself he’d be right there to comfort her...Glenn shouldn’t lead her on...he should just tell her the truth...but then again Glenn was the man of mystery in the WWE not a lot of people knew much about him...he showed up for Raws and Smackdown’s PPV if he was on the bill...but mostly kept to himself...and lately he kept to himself and Frankie.


All Mark could think was maybe there’s a reason for all of the lying, but then again no one knew exactly what was inside of Glenn’s head but Glenn...even if Mark was his best friend...friends are only allowed to know so much about your personal life.


Before it gets TOO personal. 


A few days later and every one had decided to go to a club after Raw to burn off some energy with the Divas and guys girlfriends and fiancées.  Mark hadn’t really been one to go to clubs, but figured what the hell if every one was going to go he might as well go for a couple of shots of Jack or maybe a jack and coke...something to relax his tight and tired muscles.


Frankie he’d been hired with the WWE as a medical trainer in the back and help stitch up guys who bladed during the show or got busted open by accident...Since She had graduated from a medical school and was taking a break before heading off to a huge medical college to become a doctor...she had 2 years left before making it official.


That was another thing about her Mark loved...she was highly intelligent.  He loved to sit and talk with her for hours...because she didn’t act like a know it all, but she had intelligent conversation to bring to the room.


All the females were dressed up and looking nice but the guys came in whatever they felt comfortable in…Frankie pulled on her black leather pants that laced down the back and all the way down her long legs…a matching black leather tank top that let 2 inches of bare mid-drift show out…and steel toed boots.


Frankie was at least 5’10”…maybe 5’11”…Her father and brother were taller, and obviously she’d gotten her dad’s genes.  She was 125 lbs with the bluest eyes anyone had ever seen.


I met Sami and Victoria in the lobby of the hotel and said, “Where are the guys?” Victoria smiled and said, “Oh they were trying to get a few more people to come and blow off steam…so they will meet us there.” I said, “Okay…sounds good…Let’s get oughta here then.”

We got to the club and immediately started downing shots of Tequila with salt and lemons…We had about 10 shots in us and were already dancing when the guys finally got there…The great thing about the club was during certain songs they were turn the sprinklers on…and you could dance your little heart out soaking wet, cause it got so hot in the club…


Chapter 3

Mark walked into the club and figured, what the hell…he doesn’t dance…but he could use a drink and if he looked hard enough he was pretty sure he could find some girl willing to jump him and help him forget about Frankie…Every time he thought about how her hand brushed up against him…his cock twitched, and sent him into a full body shiver…

Mark shook his head trying to put thoughts of Frankie out of his head…as he walked up to the 5 tables pushed together with most of the wrestlers and their girls friends or wives sitting at. Brock and Sami, Glenn, Victoria and Matt, Steve and Brandy…but the girls were missing, chances are they were either dancing or they were drinking. As Mark sat down someone handed him a beer, and he heard a squeal come from the bar…He turned and looked and sure enough it was the girls…they probably had been living it up with some Tequila…it was their drink of choice when they were all partying.

I'll always think of you
Inside of my private thoughts
I can imagine you
Touching my private parts
With just the thought of you
I can't help but touch my self
That's why I want you so bad

Just one night of Moonlights
With you there beside me
All night, doin' it again and again
You know I want you so bad
Baby, baby, baby, baby

Oooh I get so high
When I'm around you baby
I can touch the sky
You make my temperature rise
You're makin me high

Mark watched as they walked past the tables and out to the dance floor…the guys nearly fell on the floor as the girls started moving slowly and grinding in a long line together…as the song came on the sprinklers came on with it…and the girls dancing was now dripping with sexuality, but they were also dripping wet.

Can't get my mind off you
I think I might be obsessed
The very thought of you
Makes me want to get undressed
I wanna be with you
In spite of that my heart says
I guess I want you to bad

All I want is Moonlights
With you there inside me
All night, doin it again and again
You know I want you so bad
Baby, baby, baby, baby

Oooh I get so high
When I'm around you baby
I can touch the sky
You make my temperature rise
You're makin me high
Baby, baby, baby, baby

Brock shook his head a few times…trying to make sure that was actually his girlfriend out there dancing like that with the 4 other girls…The last time they’d done that at a club, every guy within an eye shot had boners…and he had to help Glenn, Matt, Steve and John practically beat the guys off with a stick, cause not only did they go after HIS Sami…they went after Brandy, and Victoria.

I want to feel
Your heart and soul inside of me
Let's make a deal
You roll I lick
And we can go flying into ecstasy
Oh Darlin' you and me

Light my fire

Blow my flame

Take me, take me, take me away

Oooh…ah Oooh…ah Oooh…ah Oooh…ah
Oooh…ah Oooh…ah Oooh…ah

Oooh God I really want you

Mark’s eyes seemed to latch onto a brunette who had long hair to her ass…and he just watched as her hips curved and twisted against the other girls…He didn’t know who she was…He figured it was Matt’s new girlfriend or something…but damn she had long legs that went on for days, and her curves just seemed to jump right out and begged to be touched. Mark followed every drop of water on the girls body, watching as it slid down her tight 6-pak stomach, and then on her leather clad hips and ass.

Steve ran his hand over his bald head trying to make sure that was actually his wife Brandy moving like that with the other girls. For the life of him, Steve couldn’t remember Brandy moving like that against him when they danced at the wedding reception…or maybe he just hadn’t noticed…

All I want is
Moonlights, with you there inside me
All night, doin it again and again
You know I want you so bad
Baby, baby, baby, baby
Baby, baby, baby

Oooh I get so high
When I'm around you baby
I can touch the sky
You make my temperature rise
You're makin me high
Baby, baby, baby, baby

Oooh I get so high
When I'm around you baby
I can touch the sky
You make my temperature rise
You’re makin me high

As the song came to an end, there was not a guy at the table who didn’t have a hard on…as a matter of fact there was a guy in a the club who didn’t have one…All the guys stood up and decided now would be a good time for a really, REALLY stiff drink. (No pun intended).

When the song was over we walked back over to the table and I plopped down on Glenn’s lap…and said hi to Mark…his mouth dropped open and I laughed…he said, “I didn’t realize that was you…damn girl…no wonder Glenn wants to marry your ass” Everyone at the table had a good laugh at Mark’s shocking experience.


Mark just found reason #430 to lust after Frankie…he loved the way she moved.


Chapter 4


A few days later and the guys were getting ready for the PPV that was later that night.  Mark was watching Frankie stand next to the ring watching a few of the guys go at it in the ring, practicing before the ppv later that night.  Mark was sitting next to Glenn and they were bullshitting back and forth for a few minutes.


Suddenly a high pitching sequel of “Mommy!” rang through the arena...


Mark looked up and a small 5 or 6 year old little girl with long curly hair came running down the ramp... and non of the divas had little girls...they had sons or had no children at all...


They looked over considering Frankie was the only female in the arena who wasn’t a Diva...and she had a smile on her face that was warm and glowy...they watched as she walked towards the little girl and scoped her up in her arms...


The little girl looked exactly like her the spiral long curly brunette hair the big blue eyes...The little girl wrapped her long legs around Frankie’s waist and held on...Frankie placed at least a hundred kisses all over the little girls face.


Glenn said, “Ric must’ve gone and picked up Lori from the airport.” 


Glenn stood up and Mark jumped to his feet and grabbed Glenn and said, “Frankie’s got a kid?  Why didn’t you tell me?”  Glenn said, “Sorry just forgot about it.”  Mark said, “So wait...she has a kid but who screw you until you guys get married...but obviously she’s had sex before...where’s the kids father?” 


Glenn said, “I don’t ask...if she wants to tell me she can...it’s none of my business...Lori is the sweetest 5 year old you’ll ever meet.”  Mark said, “I still don’t get why Frankie can have sex with some guy get knocked up and have a kid with him but yet she can’t have sex with you.” 


Glenn said, “Like I said, I don’t ask...she’ll tell me when she’s ready.”


I was holding Lori and she said, “Mom where’s Glenn?”  I looked over and saw Glenn standing talking to Mark who looked mad...I pointed him out and said, “He’s over there talking with that tall man.  Let’s let them finish their conversation before you go running over there and disturb them.” 


Lori smiled big...her smile always made me happier...even when she was a baby...I couldn’t believe how old she was...5...It seemed like I was just bringing her home from the hospital yesterday and today she’s already 5.


Mark said, “The way she was moving and dancing last night...she didn’t dance like no mother.” 


Glenn said, “She doesn’t act like one either...Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to Lori she’s the best mother there is...but she’s a cool mom...something lots kids wish they had.”  Mark wanted to get to the bottom of all the shit that Frankie had been telling Glenn...he just had to figure out how...


Mark was floored when he watched as the little girl ran over and jumped in Glenn’s arms and he cradled her to his chest...as they walked away looking quite the happy family.


DAMN...there was that green monster of jealousy again...Mark couldn’t help but wish it was him that had a kid with Frankie and was going to be marrying him...Mark knew the marriage would never happen Glenn was still hiding all his secrets...


If Frankie was really smart enough she’d ask Glenn where he went on his days off...of course he told her he was going home...but just once Mark wished he’d slip and tell the truth on accident.


Just once.


Chapter 5

** NC-17**


Lori had gone off to get some dinner and ice cream before the PPV...Glenn was reading over his script...and I walked over and touched his forearm. 


Glenn felt the tiny hand on his arm and he looked down into the sea blue pools that held his attention...the next words that come out of Frankie’s mouth were like a semi truck hitting Glenn at 50 miles per hour...Her voice was steady and confident and she stood on her tip toes and kissed his lips softly...he couldn’t help but kiss her back...He felt her body melt into his as he pulled her in front of him...


Frankie pulled back breathlessly her eyes were filled with lust and love as she stood on her tip toes and whispered in Glenn’s ear, “Make love to me...Please.”  Glenn looked at her to make sure she was sure she wanted to, and when she nodded and gave a shy smile...Glenn captured her lips again.


Glenn set Frankie on the counter and kissed a little more…


Frankie’s hands started roaming over his well chiseled chest, and slid down to his love handles that were nothing but pure muscle and further to the waist of his black jeans, and she started to untucked his t-shirt and pulled it up and over his head, tossing it to the ground…her hands started inspecting his bare chest…her finger tips brushed against his flat nipples as they sprang to life under her soft touches. 


Glenn reached down and pulled her shirt from her small framed body as well as unclasping her front close bra…Glenn reached to slowly brush his index knuckle across her left nipple and watched it harden…as her hands dropped down and caressed his hardening cock in her small hand.


A small moan escaped Glenn’s lips as I stroked him through his jeans.


Glenn was kissing Frankie’s neck as he was unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans…Frankie stopped her administrations long enough to lift her hips so Glenn could remove her shoes, jeans and panties.  Glenn stood back up and kissed her mouth, then trailed warm, wet, soft kisses down her neck, down the valley between her breast…over as he took her nipple into his mouth as he sucked with a fever pitch…and nibbled and then crossed over giving her other nipple the same treatment…The whole time listening to her moaning his name is small gasps and whispers…Blissful music to his ears.


Feeling his go-tee against my skin was practically my undoing…


Glenn kissed and nibbled lower and tugged on her navel ring with his teeth…he could smell her arousal and it was simply intoxication…he was drunk with arousal himself, he could feel his cock painfully expanding bigger and bigger and pushing against the crotch of his jeans…as Glenn got to his knees, he was eye level with her sweet smelling pussy.


Glenn slowly spread Frankie’s legs open and then grabbed her hips and pulled her forward until only her ass was on the counter, he slowly kissed the insides of her thighs and then slowly started to trace her delicate folds with his tongue as his hands slid up her thighs and slowly came to rest on her knees as he pushed them further apart.  His tongue snaked out and brushed her clit and she moaned his name a little louder…he slowly started lapping at her clit with his tongue and lips as he slowly slid two fingers into her dripping center…


Glenn could hear her finger nails digging into the counter as he could feel her walls starting to clamp down around his fingers…and she begging him for release…he started working his fingers faster and harder and his tongue was making her absolutely crazy…He finally heard her scream out his name as her orgasm raked through ever nerve end and muscle in her body as he drank up ever ounce of cum her body gave him.  After Glenn cleaned her up from top to bottom and licked his fingers clean…


Glenn slowly got to his feet and captured my lips with his…I could taste myself on his tongue and lips…Glenn sucked my tongue into his mouth…I reached down and started unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans and could feel his cock throbbing through his jeans…Glenn Took my hand and kissed the palm of it and slid it down his body and down inside his jeans and said, “You feel that?” 


I couldn’t speak…He was HUGE…I was at a loss for words all I could do was nod…Glenn said, “That’s the second time you made me that hard…the first time was yesterday…and just now listening to you scream while you was cumming in my mouth.”  I slowly started kissing his lips and ran my thumb over the head of his cock…Glenn pulled my hand out of his jeans and then grabbed my ass and carried me over to the couch in the dressing room…and sat down with me straddling his lap…I pushed him back to lay down on the couch…as I let my body slide down between his legs…as I pulled on the zipper of his jeans freeing his painfully huge erection.


I slowly let my tongue run around the head of his cock…listening to him writhe under my torture, I slowly slid the head into my mouth and let my warm saliva run down his shaft and cover his balls…as I kept sliding more and more of his shaft into my mouth…I let my throat expand to take all of him in…


Glenn could feel how her throat was reacting to the size of him…her hand came up and started massaging his balls as she started bobbing her head up and down on his thickness…Glenn moaned and groaned in the delightful pleasure she was giving to him. 


I watched as he clutched the cushions of the couch underneath his large framed body…I felt his balls tighten and knew he was close…I picked up the pace moving faster sucking harder and Glenn grabbed my head and stilled my movements as he growled out as a furious orgasm ripped through his whole body from head to toe and I swallowed every drop of cum he produced for me.


When he finally calmed and his cock had limped I pulled him from my mouth as he pulled me into bed with him and kissed me…it was full of passion and want…and I couldn’t help but love it…


Chapter 6

**More NC-17 Fun**


I kissed around his chest and slowly sat straddled on Glenn’s prone body...I leaned over, holding my hair out of the way and kissed his lips...


Glenn’s hands were roaming my body as he intensified the kiss…one of his hands made their way down my body and I moved on his lap…which made him intensify the kiss even more…and he started messing with and rubbing on my clit…which was now making me insanely crazy…


I felt him slide two fingers into my wetness…and while we were kissing, my grip on his shoulders got a little tighter…as his lips kissed down my neck…Glenn started going after my nipples with his tongue and teeth…


Glenn noticed my moans were getting a little louder, with each thrust of his hand…while he kissed my neck, Glenn whispered in my ear, and said, “What do you want...tell me.”  I said, “I want you.” 


Glenn shook his head no and said, “No, you have to tell me exactly what you want.” 


I said, “I want you inside of me…I want to feel all of you inside me right now.”  Glenn said, “Oh, I believe that can be arranged…”  Glenn removed his finger and pushed his erection all the way into me…which made my gasp for air; because I just never expected it…


Glenn was kissing my ear and said, “Damn, you are so tight…”  I said, “If we keep this up, I won’t be.”  We started kissing again, and Glenn said, “That’s a chance I’m willing to take…” 


Glenn rolled us over so he could lay between my thighs…and have much better leverage…and then just started thrusting in and out like a wild man…I absolutely loved feeling Glenn’s huge strong body on top of mine…it always turned me on more to have that much power between my legs…


Glenn was thrusting into me so hard…I’d never felt so much pleasure in all my life…I was so caught up into having this man buried deep inside of me…I never noticed that our hips were crashing together as I met him thrust for thrust…Glenn grabbed my waist and rolled over with me straddled on top of him and said, “Ride.”


I laced my fingers with his as I started riding him hard…I wanted him to feel as much pleasure as I was feeling when he was on top of me…pretty soon…Glenn’s hips were coming up off the bed to crash into mine to make the impact more intense…


We were both out of breath…In short gasps Glenn said, “God, you don’t know how long I wanted to feel my cock deep inside of you…makes me insane…thinking about it and then feeling it…”


I kept slamming down on top of him and said, “I know…I was waiting too…too feel you going deep and hard into me…God you feel so good inside of me…”  Glenn grabbed my hips and flipped us back over and said, “Cum for me baby.” 


I whimpered at the dirty talk…his voice was so low and the thoughts that went through my head…especially when he would whisper about his cock being inside of me…he pushed my legs apart and started thrusting harder and deeper…


The last couple of thrusts and I flew over the edge screaming….With a very loud yet deep growl, I felt Glenn empty himself into me…Glenn didn’t collapse on me like I figured he would…he held himself up and we just stared in each others eyes, for what seemed like an eternity…until our breathing regulated…


Mark was walking in the back when he passed by Glenn’s dressing room...he could have sworn he heard something out of the ordinary...When he heard Frankie moaning Glenn’s name he could feel the green devil poking out...oh yea he was jealous...he hadn’t expected that feeling ever...he had never been jealous of anyone his whole life...


Apparently now he was.


Chapter 7


Mark sat in the hotel bar after the PPV drowning himself in Jack Daniels...Trying to forget the way he heard Frankie moaning Glenn’s name over and over...the way he heard Glenn talking dirty to her and her moaning at the dirty words coming from his mouth.


If Frankie would just open her eyes long enough she’d realize that there were only so many things that Glenn could hide from her...the one thing being an important part of his life...Mark was disgusted at the thought of Glenn lying to Frankie day after day after day...Mark kept promising himself if Glenn didn’t tell her in a couple of weeks, he’d just tell her, he’d find the balls that Glenn was missing and tell her the whole truth about Glenn.


The more Mark thought about it...the more he drank and the more he drank...the more pissed off he got about the whole situation.



Somewhere there's speaking
It's already coming in
Oh and it's rising
At the back of your mind
You never could get it
Unless you were fed it
Now you're here
And you don't know why

But under skinned knees
And the skid marks
Past the places
Where you used to learn
You howl and listen
Listen and wait for the
Echoes of angels
Who won't return

He's everything you want
He's everything you need
He's everything inside of you
That you wish you could be
He says all the right things
At exactly the right time
But he means nothing to you
And you don't know why

You're waiting for someone
To put you together
You're waiting for someone
To push you away
There's always another
Wound to discover
There's always something more
You wish he'd say

He's everything you want
He's everything you need
He's everything inside of you
That you wish you could be
He says all the right things
At exactly the right time
But he means nothing to you
And you don't know why

But you'll just sit tight
And watch it unwind
It's only what you're asking for
And you'll be just fine
With all of your time
It's only what you're waiting for

Out of the island
Into the highway
Past the places
Where you might have turned
You never did notice
But you still hide away
The anger of angels
Who won't return

He's everything you want
He's everything you need
He's everything inside of you
That you wish you could be
He says all the right things
At exactly the right time
But he means nothing to you
And you don't know why

I am everything you want
I am everything you need
I am everything inside of you
That you wish you could be
I say all the right things
At exactly the right time
But I mean nothing to you
And I don't know why

And I don't know...why......Why

I don't know



Chapter 8


Around 4 am, there was a knock on my hotel door...Glenn had gone home for the weekend again...I’m surprised he didn’t ask me to go along with him, but he said he had some important things to take care of, and that I would just be bored with Lori there. 


Lori was staying the night down in Trish Stratus rooms...she idolized the half pint blonde and Trish loved kids...so when Trish offered to have Lori come over for a girlie night, It took about 3 seconds for Lori to jump at the offer.


I opened the door and it was the hotel bell boy, he said, “I’m awfully sorry to bother you Ms. Flair, but there’s a gentleman in the bar who’s from the company and we weren’t sure who to get, he said you’re name so we figured it would be okay to come get you.”


I quirked an eye brow and said, “Who is it?”  The man swallowed and said, “Undertaker.”  My eyes shot open and I said, “Its okay...I’ll take care of it...Please don’t wake anyone else.”  He said, “Yes ma’am.”  I got dressed and took off to the hotel bar...


I walked in and Mark was sitting on the bar stool...well more like hanging on for dear life...it looked like at one point he may have almost fallen off...one ass cheek on the stool, the other one hanging off...I almost giggled until I heard the slurred speech and deep voice rumbling through the empty bar.


I walked over and tapped Mark on the shoulder he swung around and managed to swing himself right off the bar stool and on to the floor on his ass.  I was going to laugh, but seeing Mark so irresponsible wasn’t really all that funny.


I said, “C’mon big man, you look like you’ve had one too many drinks tonight...Goodness if the boys could see you now.”  I some what helped Mark up to his feet.  The bell boy being a quick thinker grabbed a huge luggage rack and as Mark stood up he fell back into the rack and I smiled and said, “Good thinking kiddo.” 


It took me and the bell boy to push mark to the elevator...shoving with all out might and strength what little we both had together...Then down to my room...I didn’t have a clue where Mark’s room was, I figured I’d dump his big ass on the couch and then open all the blind and curtains in the morning, and make him remember why he was supposed to be the responsible one in the company.


So we shoved him down to my room, and carefully dumped Mark onto the couch...as he rolled onto the couch he belched, farted and scratched his balls all in one smooth movement.  I slipped a 50 into the bell boys hand about forgetting everything he saw, heard and helped with...he nodded and left.


I pulled a blanket over Mark’s body and he looked up there silted eyes and said, “You know something Frankie...you should ask Glenn about Maddie...She’s the most Important thing in his life...and he should have told you about her months ago...I think he’s being a chicken shit...”


I looked at Mark said, “Who’s Maddie?”  Mark said, “Glenn’s first wife...”


And with that said he passed out.


Chapter 9


Frankie sat on the airplane waiting for it to taxi into Knoxville International Airport...She’d asked her father to watch over Lori, while she said she was going to surprise Glenn at his home in Knoxville.  Frankie couldn’t shake what Mark had said to her...She had cried a few times, not being able to believe what Mark had said...It took her all night of staring at the ceiling and watching the people outside the hotel as their lives went on but hers seemed to stand still.


The lump under the blanket on the couch moved around...grumbling and groaning...a heavy thud was heard, when the 300 lb man fell from the couch to the floor...grumbling and groaning even louder.  The pain in his head was as bad as taking a few chair shots to the head, the night of a big PPV.


Mark sat up and his head felt like it weighted 600lbs...He would definitely have to remember to never go and drink that much again...especially not over a woman.  The woman...Frankie...Oh Shit he was suddenly remembering he told Frankie that Maddie was Glenn’s first wife...but he couldn’t remember anything after that.


Mark bolted up and looked around...he noticed he wasn’t in his room...he called the front desk and asked what room he was in, when the desk clerk told him he was in Francesca Flair’s room...Mark hung up and dug in his front pocket for his phone.  He finally jumped on the couch and dug through the pile of cushions, pillows and blankets and found it.  He stood and dialed Glenn’s cell phone number.


Glenn was sitting next to the pool watching as Maddie swam back and forth and then got out and ran around the back yard...He couldn’t help but think she looked cute in her swimsuit he’d taken her to buy the day before...how she picked it out and then modeled it for him.  His cell started ringing and he picked it up...Glenn answered, “This is Glenn.”


Glenn could tell it was Mark from the caller id showing his cell number, but for the life of him he couldn’t hear what Mark was saying he must still be at the hotel...and he must’ve not charged his phone...it never got good reception.  He could tell Mark said something about Frankie and Maddie...and something about drinking himself under the table the night before...but everything else was out.


A familiar voice from behind Glenn said, “Mark was probably trying to warn you about me coming...since he told me something about Maddie your wife.”  Glenn turned around and came face to face with Frankie...


I said, “Don’t look so surprised...you should’ve known I was going to find out eventually.”  Glenn said, “Now wait a minute...Maddie isn’t my wife...She’s...well...”  I looked and Glenn and crossed my arms over my chest and said, “Just spit it out for Christ sake Glenn.”  Glenn said, “Maddie is my daughter from my first wife.”


I said, “We’ve been together what 2 almost 3 years and you couldn’t find one second to tell me you had a daughter with your first wife...”  Glenn said, “Well that, and the fact that I’m still married to my first wife...Were legally separated, but neither of us have filed for divorce yet...for some reason it’s almost as if we’re waiting to see if we can get back together on the same page.  And then I meet you and I couldn’t help but let myself fall in love with you.”


I said, “I’m sorry but you’re FULL OF SHIT!...You still have a wife...and now you’ve got a daughter...I have to tell you...if you would’ve been straight with me about your daughter, and wasn’t still married to your wife...I would have no reason to be pissed off and hurt at the same time.     But you lied to me for almost 3 years...You totally wasted my time and made me think we were really going to have a life together.  After all the shitty stuff that went on in my life...you knew what I went through...”


Frankie ran her hand through her hair as a few stray tears slid down her cheeks as she started recalling her teen years living with her mother and the monster she remarried she Frankie had to acknowledge as her step-dad.  Frankie hated the fact her dad left her there alone...because after a few years Jack her mom’s new husband started off by visiting her in the middle of the night when she was trying to sleep.


After a few months of touching and waking Frankie up...he finally just pulled her sleep clothes off her one night and made her have sex with him...it started when she was 13...it didn’t stop until Frankie finally ran away from home at 17, when she found out she was pregnant from her step dad...As hard as Frankie had tried...she couldn’t bring herself to have an abortion...Lori was the product of her Step-father raping her...


She never told her mother she had a baby...when she found her dad and told him she was pregnant, he knew there had to be some kind of reason, cause Frankie wasn’t the type of girl to run out and sleep around with out condoms or what not...Frankie finally broke down when she was around 7 months and said she’d been raped...she didn’t give details about it...but Ric knew it probably had to do with his ex-wives new husband Jack...Anytime Ric would ask Frankie how he was she could clam up say ‘fine’ and change the subject as fast as possible.


Glenn started to come towards me and I put my hand up and said, “Just stop...It’s not worth it anymore...for a few months now I kept getting the feeling there was something about you that I was missing...but I get it now...and it all makes sense...you’re not worth it...and I’m better then that.  See ya around...or then again...maybe not.”


Glenn watched as Frankie drove off...he had no one to blame but himself.


Chapter 10


Pride can stand a thousand trials
The strong will never fall
But watching stars without you
My soul cries


- -2 Years Later- -


A brunette 5 months pregnant in a black dress with a 7 year old sat in the pew next to her husband...they’d been married for a little over a year now, and couldn’t be any happier...Her husband had retired from work and they had been living their lives on a ranch in Houston, Texas as happy and as free as they could be...


That is until the woman picked up the news paper one morning and was flipping through it...and found an article that caught her eye.  It said:


The World Wrestling Entertainment run by Vince McMahon are mourning the death of fellow wrestler Glenn Jacobs, known to most fans as Kane.  Mr. Jacobs had been driving his 8 year old daughter to his ex-wife’s house outside of Knoxville, Tennessee when a drunk driver who was 8 times over the legal limit, traveling 120 MPH in a corvette hit the red Ford Expedition head on.  Both vehicles had severe damage as well as the passengers inside of them.  With all efforts made to save Mr. Jacobs and his 5 year old daughter as well as the driver of the corvette...Nothing could be done to save the little girl and her father.  The driver of the other car is currently in jail waiting to be arraigned on 2 counts of vehicular man slaughter as well as driving under the influence.  Funeral services will be head in Knoxville, Tennessee Next week.



One big coffin and one very small coffin.  Anyone who’d seen Glenn and Maddie together knew it was fitting for them to be together in death as they were in life...totally inseparable.


Mark looked over at Frankie, making sure she was okay...she’d been taking it pretty hard and had been in the hospital for a couple of days with false contractions, from the stress of finding out about Glenn and his daughter...Frankie had stopped loving Glenn the day she found out he lied to her...but like anyone who touched Frankie’s life, she still cared for him...


The Braxton Hick contractions that Frankie had been having were terrible painful for her...nothing seemed to help except when Mark’s warm hand made contact with her semi protruding belly and rubbed her tummy...



Heaving heart is full of pain
Oooh, Oooh, the aching
'Cause I'm kissing you, Oooh
I'm kissing you, Oooh



Mark looked to the other side of Frankie and saw Lori had fallen asleep.  Mark had adopted her the first month him and Frankie married...he loved how she called him papi, instead of dad.  She said it was her special name for him, since he wasn’t her real dad, but he was her special dad.  Lori was 7 now.  And was just as excited as Mark was about the baby that was growing in Frankie’s tummy.


Mark couldn’t wait to be a father and Lori couldn’t wait to be a big sister.  Mark reached over and touched Frankie’s semi protruding belly and said, “You okay baby?”


I put my hand over his and looked up at my husband and said, “Yea...I’m ok...It’s just hard to believe.”  Mark said, “Well...when ever you’re ready...Looks like shorty is out for the count.”  I looked over and Lori was curled up into a ball on the pew next to me.  I leaned over and said, “I don’t think she’s slept since I was in the hospital...she’s as bad as you are.”  I noticed Mark still had dark circles around his eyes...I reached up and touched his cheek and said, “Let’s get going...I want to relax...and She is probably just as ready for a nap as me and you.”



Touch me deep, pure and true
Give to me forever
'Cause I'm kissing you, Oooh
I'm kissing you, Oooh


Mark nodded and stood...He waited for Frankie to move out of the pew, before moving in and picking up the small girl who looked so much like her mother.  And felt his heart melt as she snuggled against his chest and whispered out, “Love you Papi.”  Mark kissed the top of her head and said, “Love you too angel.”


On the drive home, Mark looked down at Frankie and at Lori...they were both sound asleep...Mark couldn’t help feeling that every thing in his life would be perfect for the rest of his life.



Where are you now
Where are you now
'Cause I'm kissing you
I'm kissing you, Oooh



The End