Everyday Love



Chapter 1

Mark stepped off the airplane checking the time…he’d have time to get to the hotel, run down work out go for a swim, shower and take a nap before he had to be at the Smackdown tapings. Mark got his rental car and headed for the Hilton hotel of Chicago…once he was checked in, Mark got his gear ad went down to the hotel gym…he tapped his hands up to protect them and his wrists…

Mark pulled his t-shirt off and his long tattooed arms started moving his fists all around muscles moving…and the sweat was dripping and started pounding the crap out of the heavy punching bag. After about 2 hours he headed for the hotel pool…he walked into the men’s locker room and changed into his trunks and pulled his long auburn hair back into a tight braid…he didn’t want it getting in his face.

Lena St. James was 22 5’10” and 125 lbs…big gray eyes and long brunette hair to her waist…Lena was also the CEO of the law firm St. James, Morris and McGregor. Lena’s father had started the huge law firm when she was just barely 5 and after a heart attack claimed his life when she was just 15…and cancer took her mother when she was 17…the company was left to her…She was the youngest partner in the history of the company…She is also the youngest lawyer in the company…

Lena had decided a long time ago that she was going to follow in her fathers foot steps…she went to Boston University and graduated with honors in the top of her class…and a year later passed her bar exam…Lena ran the company while attending college and maintained her fathers rules of accepting any clients that needed help…even ones who had no money. Her father was a brilliant business man and always said there is no one out there that you shouldn’t help…even if it’s for the smallest or the biggest problem in the world.

- -3 Weeks Earlier- -

Lena stood in her office looking at the portrait of her father and mother hanging above her desk…she missed them to no end…She always hoped that they were looking down on her and were proud of how she had accomplished all her goals in life…and how she’d been able to keep the law firm in the family. A rough throat clearing brought her out of her thoughts of her loving parents…as she turned to the office door…

I smiled and said, “Mr. McMahon…what a nice surprise…I haven’t seen you in months. How’s Stephanie?” Vince crossed the floor of the spacious office of the young lady and said, “What’s with this Mr. Stuff…you’ve known me long enough to call me Vince.” I smiled and said, “Yes sir.” Vince said, “Steph is doing fine Lena…and you’re self?” I said, “I’m doing pretty good…How can I help you?” I walked around my desk and met him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Vince said, “Well…I recently got into a sticky situation with a female fan…seems she thinks one of my most well known wrestlers slept with her, got her pregnant, and now won’t speak to her…She said she’s got evidence he tried to tamper with the Paternity test, and tried to buy her off with 10 grand…and you know since I trusted your father with protecting my life…I knew I could trust you to protect my employees…”

I said, “You better believe it…You and my father had a business relationship…but you also had a mutual friendship…it was just funny how me and Steph became friends…I will try and help as much as possible you know me.” Vince said, “Good…In about 3 weeks…the wrestlers for Smackdown will be in Chicago…I would really like for you too meet with the young man in question and try to ease his mind…” I said, “You got it…I’ll get in touch once I hit Chicago and get checked into the hotel and you can have me meet him at the arena or the hotel where ever you think it would be best.”

Vince said, “Thank you so much Lena…I’ll see you in 3 weeks.” I gave Vince another hug and said, “Yes sir…” I watched as Vince walked out…I immediately called my secretary in and gave her all the information…it was time to study up on paternity cases and child support.

Chapter 2

- -Present Day- -

Lena already called Vince to let him know she’d made it to the Hilton hotel and He gave her a time to just meet at the arena…said she could dress comfortably…and not be so lawyer like…Lena changed into her black crocheted bikini shorts and matching drawstring top…grabbed a towel and headed for the hotels indoor pool…she jumped in and swam without a care in the world…once she got tired she floated on her back…her long hair fanned out above her head near the surface of the water…as she relaxed.

Mark walked into where the indoor pool was and stopped dead in his tracks…there was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen in his life…long tan shapely legs, tight abs and stomach…poutty red lips, big eyes, long flowing hair…Mark’s drooling session was cut short when he heard the high pitched chirp of her cell phone going off. He watched as she was immediately up and swam to the side to answer it…her voice was beautiful and her laugh was intoxication as it filled the air of the pool house…

Mark got in the pool and was standing over by the steps for a minute…Getting used to the temperature of the water.

As I hung up the phone I figured I’d done enough swimming…I hadn’t realized I’d been there for 3 hours…no wonder I felt water logged…I walked over and saw the biggest tattooed man, I’d ever seen in my entire life…he looked familiar but I didn’t want to be rude by staring, so I walked over towards the steps…and Just as I stepped up to get out I slipped and let out a squeal…realizing if I fell back in the water it was the shallow end and the concrete pool steps would be what I would be crashing down on…

I closed my eyes tight shut…and then suddenly realized…I never landed…I started getting my senses back and could feel something warm against my skin and a deep southern accented voice said, “You okay Darlin’?” I slowly opened me eyes and was in the arms of the big tattooed guy and said, “Oh my God…” The gentleman grinned at me and said, “I’ll take that as a yes. The would have been a nasty fall.” I nodded and said, “I realized that as I was falling…” I opened my mouth and closed it a few times and finally said, “I think I’m okay, you can put me down now.” The man leaned over and slowly placed me on my feet…

GOD he was HUGE!…He had to of been a good foot taller then me and close to 200 pounds more then me…I nearly slipped under the water…my legs were still shaky…The man grabbed my waist and pulled me tight against his big body…he had beautiful emerald colored eyes…his hair was a fiery auburn and his go-tee and mustache matched it…he was tattooed from wrist to shoulder on both arms with a big BSK Pride tattoo across his 6-pac…My mind was reeling…all I could think was wow…I’d love to take the time out of a few weeks to count the freckles on his body…Bad Lena BAD…BAD!!

I finally pushed myself away and said, “Thank you for catching me…I really appreciate it.” He held onto my waist cause he could still feel my body shaking…He said, “It was no problem…You’re very welcome…Do you have a name miss?” I smiled and said, “Lena…Lena St. James…” I extended my hand to him and he took it in his big hand and said, “Mark Callaway.” I said, “The Undertaker…Now I know where I recognized you from…I thought you looked familiar, but I didn’t want to be rude by staring at you like a monkey doing a math problem…”

Mark said, “You a big wrestling fan?” I said, “Not really…I just know a few people in the business…I guess I can add you to the list now…of course you’ll be under the hero heading instead of wrestler.” Mark said, “Yea…I can handle that…I know we just meet but would you find it presumptuous if I asked you to have a drink with me?” I said, “No not at all…” Mark said, “How about the hotel bar in say an hour?” I smiled and said, “I’d like that…I’ll see you in an hour.” Mark held my hand as I got out making sure there was a repeat of the slip and watched as I wrapped the towel around my waist and picked up my cell phone and clipped it to my bikini top…

Mark watched as Lena walked out of the pool house.


Chapter 3


An hour later, I walked into the hotel bar…and saw Mark sitting at a table in a dark corner…I walked over and he stood up and waited for me to be seated and then sat down next to me.  The waitress brought over my shot of Tequila and Corona beer and Mark’s Budweiser and shot of JD.


We clinked our shot glasses together and downed the shots and then clinked the long neck bottles of beer together and chased our shots.


Mark said, “So you know what I do for a living…what do you do?”  I said, “I’m a lawyer…I’m the CEO of a law firm in Stamford, Connecticut…but my firm takes cases all over the states.”  Mark said, “How old are you?”  I smiled and said, “22…but I became CEO at 17…Before I even passed the bar and got my law degree.”  Mark’s eyes nearly popped out of his skull and he said, “How is that possible?” 


I looked at the golden liquid in my clear bottle and said, “Well…My father started a law firm, St. James, Morris and McGregor when I was 5…My dad died from a heart attack when I was 15…and 2 years later at 17…My mother died from cancer.  The company was left to me…I was the youngest partner in the history of the company…I am also the youngest lawyer in the company…”


Mark blew a long stream of air out…I could smell the JD on his breath and he said, “That’s a lot of responsibility for a 17 year old to take on…how in the friggen world did you do it?”  I smiled and took a sip of my Corona…and said, “I grew up way too fast.  I was an only child…the only person I took care of was me…I didn’t have to worry about brothers or sisters…hell I started living on my own 2 weeks after my mother died…I put the house up for sale and moved into a dorm at the college and lived there for 4 years…then went and got an apartment.  Things just kinda went from there…What about you and wrestling?”


Mark said, “Hell, I was supposed to be a basketball player, I even had a College basketball scholarship…Once I got into wrestling, I couldn’t leave for nothing…it was in my blood…I’ve been doing this for 8 years now…”


I sat and listened to this man speak…he had a beautiful voice and the most beautiful emerald green eyes…I really wanted to silence him by leaning over and kissing him…but I didn’t know anything about this man…he could have been married for all I knew…


Mark finally said, “So with all of your time being spent with the law firm, have you ever found time to just date?”  I smiled and said, “A little in college, but as of late I really haven’t found a guy to help kick me into relationship mode…every guy I meet wants to sleep with me…and I never was really into just having sex cause that’s what the other person wanted…I’m such a shameless romantic.  I have always think if God wants me to meet someone he will just drop them right in front of me…”


Mark couldn’t help but think ‘Or drop you in front of someone’.


I smiled and said, “And you…do you have time for relationships with your schedule?” 


Mark said, “I was married for 5 years to my first wife, which ended nasty…and my second marriage ended before it even began…I figure next time I’ll just date until I’m sure I know EVERYTHING about the girl…then we can date some more…and just when we’re ready, we can date some more…then maybe we can get married…but first I have to find someone I could see myself spending the rest of my life with…and not just a few months of great sex…only to be ruined by her telling me she hates my job and all the damn traveling I do and that’s the end of yet another uneventful relationship.”


I said, “I don’t blame you…Marriage is a scary thing…I’m always afraid if I get married my marriage won’t be as wonderful as my parents marriage…but I have to also realize every marriage is different.”  Mark nodded in agreement.


Chapter 4


Mark and I sat there for a couple of hours and just talked about everything under the sun…it was nice to have a normal conversation about life in general with a guy, instead of business as usual…Lawyer jargon was always so boring, especially with a room full of lawyers.


Mark said, “I never asked…what are you doing here in Chicago?”  I said, “Oh a long time friend of mine is having a small problem with an employee…so I came to talk…offer advice…speaking of which…I really need to get going.”


I stood up and Mark walked me to the lobby and he said, “I don’t suppose I could interest you in going to dinner tonight?”  I smiled and said, “Actually I think you could.”  I handed him my business card and said, “It’s got my cell phone number on it…just give me a ring when you’re ready for a little dinner.”  Mark said, “Okay…I’ll talk to you in a while.”  I nodded and he watched as I walked out to my rental and took off.


I got to the arena and was walking around back stage and ran into Stephanie…She said, “Oh shit…Lena…I completely forgot you was going to be here girl…how’s the firm?”  I said, “I got no complaints were busy as ever.  Apparently people aren’t allowed to have one day law breaking free…I have a few cases to work on…but when you dad came to see me 3 weeks ago I figured it was more important…so I handed off my other cases.  You dad has practically helped raise me after my parents both died…so it’s really great to be able to pay him back with this tiny problem.”


Steph made a face and said, “Honey, there is nothing tiny about this boys problem…This woman is out for blood…she’s accused him of having sex with her, knocking her up, not paying child support, then she’s saying she’s got evidence that he tampered with the DNA paternity test…so she’s got this huge aw suit against him…and she’s making my father and this poor guy insane.”


I said, “Well…Point me to the direction of your father’s office and I shall work my magic to the best of my knowledge…”  Stephanie giggled and said, “Follow me please Ms. St. James.”


I couldn’t help but laugh out loud…she always was a character.


We got to the office and Vince let me in and shooed away Steph…I sat down and we started discussing what all the case would involve, when the case would cost to go to trial if we couldn’t get this woman to admit she was a full time member of the Liars Club…I heard a knock on the door and Vince said, “Excuse me please Lena.”  I smiled and nodded.


Vince got up and went over to the door…I walked over and looked out the window of the skybox, watching the crew put the ring together…I heard Vince open the door and heard a very familiar deep southern accented voice say, “Sorry, I’m late Vince, I got held up in a prior meeting.”  Vince said, “Oh that’s no problem.”


Vince turned to Lena and said, “Lena honey I want you to meet the young man who you’ll be working with...This is Mark.  Mark this is a long time friend of the family and also my family’s law firm representative Lena St. James.”  I turned around and came face to face with Mark Callaway…


He had on light colored jeans that were so tight you could tell what religion he was with big black boots and a black button up short sleeved shit that said ‘Deadman Inc.’.  He had his long auburn hair pulled back into a low ponytail and a black bandanna around his head.  He looked delicious enough to eat…Bad Lena…BAD…BAD!!


Mark smirked at me.  We just stared at each other.


Of course the only think I could think of with his sexy ass smirk was ‘I’d like to show him just how BAD I can be.’.


Chapter 5

I stood there with my hands on my hips…and looked down and noticed Mark was mirroring me, with his hands on his hips…Mmmm except he looked a little sexier when he did it. That smirk nearly had me creaming in my jeans…I wanted to reach up and kiss that smirk off his face…but figured with the law suit he had against him…right now wouldn’t be the time to be going into heat.

I shook hands with him as he applied a little pressure to mine…and he got me to smirk at him…

We sat down and discussed some things with Vince and what not…and then Vince dismissed us both…I stayed with Mark to watch the show, since he asked me to come talk to him while he got ready for his match.

Mark had on what he was going to wear to the ring and was pulling on his fingerless gloves as we talked and laughed…I said, “As soon as Vince opened that damn door and I heard your voice, I knew it was you. That was funny.”

Mark smiled and it nearly blew me away and he said, “Yea…you turned around and I was completely blown away…I never stopped to think in a million years you was the lawyer Vince said he knew…so wait how do you know Vince?”

I said, “My dad was his family lawyer, just like my law firm is his legal aide…and when my parents died he practically helped raise me…plus I went to college with Stephanie…and we just sort of established a really great friendship.”

We got serious for a minute and I said, “You realize with me being your lawyer now…whatever intentions we had before are going to be cut…anything we do from here on out is going to be strictly professional. At lest until your case gets solved and taken care of.” Mark said, “Fully understood. Do we still wanna do dinner tonight?”

I smiled up at Mark and said, “I don’t think it would kill us no…but I would like to go over all the legal documents that the fan hasn’t sent to you…so when we go…well do business first…and then personal.” Mark said, “I thought nothing personal until after everything was settled?”

I smirked and said, “Well, I guess a dinner every once in a while wouldn’t exactly hurt…I would like to get to know you a little better before we go jumping into something that will over load our asses.”

Mark smirked and said, “That’s fine. Hey do me a favor…braid my hair.” I smiled and said, “Okay.” Mark took my hand and there was a warm electrical shock that zipped through my hand and arm as he helped me step up on the bench to reach his hair…

I pulled his hair back and ran a brush through it and then braided it…I tied a rubber band around the bottom to keep it as Mark started moving around and stretching…

I couldn’t help but just stand there and watch him…he was huge…He walked over and put his elbows flush against the wall and tucked his head to his chin and stretched all his arm muscles…

Mark rolled his neck and shoulders…grabbing his bandana he handed it to me…and I tied it on for him…and I could hear something rumbling outside of the dressing room…Mark looked towards the closed door and said, “There’s my ride…you’re gonna be here when I get back right?” I smiled and nodded and said, “Sure…why not.”

Mark walked up to me and cupped my face in his huge hands and brushed his lips against mine…I couldn’t help but open my mouth to him…His tongue slowly slipped into my mouth to taste me and I moaned into his mouth…he deepened it just enough…and then backed away…I nearly fell off the bench…Mark helped me down and said, “Don’t go anywhere.” I said, “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

I watched him open the door and get on this massive black Harley Davidson it was gigantic…built exactly for him…you could just tell. I watched as he rode away to the ring for his match.

Chapter 6

- -1 Month After Mark’s Preliminary Hearing- -

I was sitting in my office in Stamford…and I was running through all Mark’s legal documents on my office computer…I checked the time…DAMN it’s already 8 pm…

I saw the little red light on my phone flashing I picked up and dialed to hear my interoffice messages…I wrote down every one who called me and then decided what the hell I might as well call them back. I went ahead and left messages on their voice mails…then walked out into the hallway and told my secretary she’d stayed to long as it was and for her to go ahead and go home…

As she packed up and left I went into my bathroom in my office and rinsed out my coffee cup and kicked off my heels and pulled my panty hose off…looks like another night at the office. I pulled my cardigan off and was walking around in my skirt and tank top bare footed…I grabbed my empty coffee mug and was walking across the floor letting the carpeting squish between my toes to relax me…

When out from under my desk this HUGE ass Hair fucking spider makes a mad dash towards me…I’m screaming and jumping around I dropped my coffee mug…good thing it was thick it didn’t break…I finally grabbed my coffee mug and capture the hair little thing…

My office door flew open and there was Mark…I said, “What are you doing here?” Mark said, “Well I was gonna see if you wanted to grab a late dinner…and your secretary let me in the building…I heard someone screaming…and it was you…you scared the hell out of me…are you okay?” Mark leaned against the door breathing hard…I walked over and said, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to scare you…There was a big spider and I don’t like anything with more then 4 legs crawling out from underneath my desk.”

Mark started laughing so hard from the back of his throat…I smacked at his 6-pak and said, “It’s not funny…he had a gun I swear…He was coming straight for me…I thought I heard him ask for my cash and jewelry.” Mark said, “Where is it now?” I said, “Under my coffee mug…I’m gonna have to sterilize it now…Will you get rid of it for me? Please?”

Mark looked down at the brunette who held his heart in the palm of her soft tiny gentle hands as she pouted her bottom lip out perfectly…Mark pushed off the door and stood to his full height…walked over and grabbed a folder off the desk…slid it under the cup and carried the menacing thing to the bathroom and flushed it…

Mark walked out and said, “There...him and his gun are on their way to China as we speak.” I smiled and said, “My hero.” I ran over and jumped in his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist…Mark couldn’t help but laugh…We kissed a couple of times and he put me down…

I walked over to my desk and said, “I was going to fax you in the morning…it’s a schedule of court dates I need to have off so clear them through Vince.” Mark said, “Okay.” I leaned across my desk to grab the court schedules when Mark walked up behind me and ran his hand up the back of my thigh to my ass, grabbed my hips and pulled me back against him…I touched his hands and snuggled into his chest and said, “Hmmm…is that a roll of lifesavers in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” Mark said, “Turn around and find out.”

I turned around and looked down at him…I said, “Mmmm…Definitely not lifesavers.” Mark said, “I know…I wasn’t planning on it…Especially with what I’ve got planned for you.” Mark slowly lifted my skirt above my hips and sat my on the my desk…and his fingers grazed across the lace panties I had on…Mark said, “What the?”

He looked down and said, “What the hell are those?” I held onto my dress and hopped off the dresser and said, “They are panties that look like shorts…but they are entirely made of lace…I have a few pairs that are cotton…but when I wear dresses and skirts…I really love the laces one…They make me feel sexy.” Mark ran his fingers all over the lace panties and said, “Mmm…you do feel sexy…you look sexy as hell to.” Mark turned me around and sat me on the desk again…

Mark came up and stood between my legs…Mark Undid his jeans and freed his erection and all I could think was HOLY SHIT! Mark grabbed my thighs and pulled my closer to the edge of the desk and I could feel the heat radiating off of his erection through the crotch of my panties…his fingers slid down my panty cover mound and I felt him pull my panties to the side and he slid his erection into my wet and willing center.

I held on for dear life…this was definitely going to be some ride…He started out with slow thrusts…but me biting on his ear and begging for him to go faster was totally his undoing as he started picking up the pace…faster and harder he slammed into my body…I almost couldn’t stand it…I was almost about to go over the edge…I was practically panting like a dog in heat…he literally slamming into me and waking up every sense and nerve ending in my body he was taking my breath away…

He finally kissing on my neck and knew if he got to close to that little spot on the side of my neck I was going to be a goner…well he found it and I yelled out as my orgasm rushed through my body so fast I thought I was going to pass out…No long after me Mark’s orgasm raked him over the coals also…and his seed spilled deep inside of me…We kissed a little more…and then fixed ourselves…and retired over to the couch…nothing said…I curled up in Mark’s arms and fell asleep.


Chapter 7


The next morning, I felt an arm around my waist…My eyes fluttered open and I looked up and Mark was still sleeping…I slowly slipped out of his arms and made my way around my office cleaning up…and getting cleaned up and changed into my spare set of office clothes that I always kept in my office when I would sleep over night there. After I got moving around Mark had woken up and came looking for me…I was in the bathroom brushing my hair out.

Mark walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist…and I pulled away…Mark said, “What’s wrong Lena?” I leaned against the sink, as Mark leaned against the bathroom door…I said, “We shouldn’t have done that last night…I said professional relationship until all of this bullshit with your psycho fan was finished with. Last night should have never happened.” Mark said, “Was it you or just a figment of my imagination…your ass on the desk, legs around my waist, me buried deep inside of you and you moaning and screaming as I fucked your brains out…was that a dream?”

I said, “No Mark it wasn’t a dream…I was just caught up in all of the passion of it…I basically let you seduce me…I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later, because ever since the first second we met…there’s been a strong attraction there…there was no denying it…I just got wrapped up in the emotions and the feeling of having someone touch me…” Mark scoffed and said, “What now you’re not allowed to have feelings and emotions?”

I said, “Listen to me…If I am emotionally involved with you…I will not be able to defend you in a court room…I do not want you to lose this case…and I do not want to be the one to lose this case for you…I haven’t lost a case yet…and I won’t start now because I couldn’t keep my hormones under control…Like I said…I want things kept professional. Last night was a mistake and it won’t happen again.”

Mark said, “A mistake? It didn’t feel like one…” I said, “It didn’t feel like it…but it was one as far as it should have NEVER happened.” Mark said, “Will you be able to just pick up on your feelings for me after the case is settled and everything?”

I said, “Mark, I don’t know…I don’t know what is going to happen now…today…Let alone 2 months from now…I mean C’mon let’s face it…we’re not exactly the worlds most obvious couple…I’m a lawyer and you’re a rough neck, tattoo having, Harley riding wrestler…two totally different careers...two totally different groups of friends. As it is they wanted to tow your bike this morning, cause they didn’t realize that you was here…they thought someone just left it…”

Mark said, “Oh…So this is what it’s really about…Not that you’re my lawyer…but because of the different friends and lives we both lead…I’m telling you right now…that is a bullshit cop out…if we like each other enough, once the case is over…we should have no problem seeing each other…you just don’t want to been seen with me…Yes, I’ve got tattoos…and yes I ride a Harley…and Yes…I even wrestle professionally for a living…you sit on your ass all day in a court room trying to save people who just don’t need to be saved.”

I said, “Mark…you know your tattoos and the Harley or your job don’t bother me…I could give a shit less what you do for a living…And what do you mean my clients don’t need to be saved.”

Mark said, “I’m telling you right now…I know your bosses and co-workers…stuffy business men and women…pushed to do a job and do it well…they don’t know what a pair of jeans are cause suits and skirts are all they ever see…I’m telling you right now…before you go trying to save someone else…try saving yourself first…because as much as you’ve got an eye for the law business…you have a much better eye on how to have fun…I know right now I could make you leave with me…and we’d drive out of here on the Harley…but you’d be ashamed…because the truth is…you want to be with me…but you don’t want to be seen with me.”

I said, “That’s not true Mark. And you know it.”


Mark sighed heavy and said, “Isn’t it?”

I watched as Mark left my office…I walked over to the window and watched as he exited the building and left on his Harley…This case was getting harder and harder by the minute…cause now it wasn’t about the case…it was about me falling for Mark…and not liking the thought of never seeing him again.


Chapter 8

I sat in my office the rest of the day trying to decide if what I said to Mark was the right thing or not…I didn’t honestly know what my co-workers and partners from the company would say…I mean as it was I was getting some pretty funny looks from people as a nearly 7 foot 325lbs tattooed man walked out of my office…actually it was more of a ‘Stalking’ walk…then just a regular ‘I’m leaving now’ walk…

As much as I wanted to run after Mark and make him take me away somewhere on his Harley…I knew I had to maintain the professional relationship…I let it slip the night before…even though it was the most amazing sex I’d ever had in my entire life…I couldn’t get emotionally involved with a man who I was trying to prove wasn’t the father of one of his psycho fans kid…

I got very little work done…I would go online with my work computer and look at old videos of Mark when he was in the ring…and found a lot of Vintage Undertaker matches that I’d never seen…it was amazing the things that people put online for his fans to view.

By lunch time I could feel the tightness in my chest building…I felt as though I was having a heart attack…I knew it was just me trying to keep my emotions down to a minimal…I went to lunch with my secretary…we walked down to LaBou and had a couple of Chicken and Cheddar Cheese sandwiches on sourdough with dill dip and a Pepsi.

By the time lunch was over…I’d decided to try and get a little work done…but that wasn’t happening…I kept finding myself checking out all the Undertaker fan websites online and seeing how much shit the fans had accumulated over the years…believe me…it was a lot.

Vince called and said, “How was the preliminary hearing?” I said, “Well it didn’t go too bad…I think if we just stick to our guns and have Mark do a DNA test…and then try to prove that this crazy woman is mentally unstable then I think we’ll have the case in our bag.” Vince said, “That’s good…very good…Listen I’m having a party in a couple of hours…why don’t you come and join us…most of the wrestlers will be here…and I’m sure you’d like to see Steph again.”

I was a little hesitant at first and then said, “Okay…what time should I be there?”

Vince gave me the time…as we hung up I checked my watch…Great just enough time to shower and change and head over…

The party was a downer…I had a few margarita’s but I was sober enough to drive…Mark was there naturally as if my day couldn’t be any worse…it has to chase me into the night. He wouldn’t talk to me…hell he barely looked at me…and when he did he would just stare at me like he was looking right through me…I know I brought this on myself…but I didn’t know what else to say or do…

Sure I’ll just walk right up to him and say, ‘Hey Mark how was your day…oh by the way…I think I maybe in love with you…just so you know.’ I think the alcohol was effecting my brain which is when I decided I was done with the party…I said my good byes and thanked Vince for inviting me. By the time I’d decided I was ready to go home…I had sobered up…I only had 2 margarita’s…

I walked out to my car and as I looked up towards the house…I saw Mark looking out the window watching me…

I’m pretty sure our eyes locked for a split second before I just got in my car and left.

Chapter 9

- -2 Months Later- -

I am sitting in the court room in Baton Rouge, Louisiana…in a skirt suit next to Mark…we hadn’t spoken an unprofessional word to each other since our falling out the morning after our sex session…I nearly couldn’t take it anymore…the more time I spent with him…the more I was drawn to him in every aspect of the word…we had to have our professional lawyer and client conversations…but other then that Mark kept himself tight lipped about anything personal…

He’s sitting next to me and he smells so good…his cologne is wafting in the air over and filling my nostrils with his sent of man, worn leather, gasoline, cologne…and just the slightest hint of fresh air…he had to of ridden his Harley from the hotel over here…what a coincidence that the psycho fan and her bastard child lived in the same state and town that the WWE Smackdown brand would be in for a show…

The trial was simple…two lawyers, two clients, one winner, one loser, and one judge…no jury and no waste of a big over expensive trial…

The judge had been in his chambers going over all of the evidence that us lawyers had submitted…he’d been going over it for about 2 hours…Then he found two pieces of evidence that he hadn’t noticed before…he started making a few phone calls to a few different police departments in several states.

I looked over and Mark and he was laid back in his chair, long legs stretched out under the table and I could see his feet peeking out on the other side…his arms were crossed on his massive chest and his head was back with his eyes closed…obviously he didn’t get much sleep last night either…but then again since our sex session 2 months earlier…I’ve been a walking, talking insomniac zombie.

I looked over and the psycho fan was giving me the evil eye…I could hear her brat screaming bloody murder out in the hallway…she kept looking at me while whispering to her lawyer…like that was supposed to intimidate me or something…get real lady I deal with lawyers and judges on a daily basis…like her looking at me was really gonna throw me off my game.


The judge came back out after 2½ hours and sat down…after every one was seated…he said, “Counselors I’ve been going over the evidence in this child support paternity battle…I knew I was missing some kind of small detail…but I wasn’t quite sure what it was…until I came across 2 pieces of evidence…and then acquired a 3rd about 5 minutes ago…Ms. Navaro…when you was arrested in New York City for Stalking Mr. Callaway, who bailed you out?”

The psycho said, “My brother Mathew Navaro.” The judge said, “And where does your brother Mathew Navaro work?” Once again she answered, “Unilab.” The judge said, “Isn’t that the same lab, where the DNA for the first paternity test was taking to be checked over and verified?” She said, “Yes your honor.”

The judge said, “The new DNA test was sent to a lab here in Louisiana…and the test shows that Mr. Callaway’s percentage is 99.9% proof that he is NOT the father of your child…On that note I decided to do some checking of my own about you Ms. Navaro…You are Lisa Navaro who lives at 324 W. Baton Rouge Lane, Baton Rouge Louisiana…correct Madame?”

Psycho girl said, “Yes sir.” In a some what shaken up voice…The judge said, “Well…then Madame…you also happen to be the wife of Mathew Navaro…I have a copy of your Marriage license right here…On a hunch I had a DNA test on Mathew Navaro…that child is 99.9% his…Ms. Navaro you are hear by arrest for prudery in a superior court…you sat in my court room and lied about your whole life…about your child…and tried to extract money from an innocent man…I do not allow prudery in my courtroom. Bailiff please read Ms Navaro her rights as you escort her to a cell.”

The psycho was completely livid…they handcuffed her and dragged her ass out of the court room kicking and screaming like a wildebeest. The judge turned to Mark and myself and said, “Mr. Callaway all lawsuits and charges against you are dropped…you’re are free to go young man.”

Chapter 10

I couldn’t help but smile…it was all over FINALLY!!

I packed up my stuff as I heard Mark’s boots thud against the tile of the floor out the doors of the court room…no words were spoken…he just walked out of my life.

Your love was reckless baby I fell deep

Easy to hold but you were hard to keep

You were a heartache waiting to be

We took off flying down a dead end street


I walked outside with the judge and we spoke for a minute and then shook hands…it’s funny how life turns out…I was getting ready to head to my car when a deep voice said, “So you won your case.” I turned around and faced Mark and said, “It wasn’t my case…it was your case. And I enjoyed giving you your life back. What she tried to pull was asinine she obviously thought it wouldn’t catch up and bite her on the ass…but it did…I’m just glad she was caught before she tried it with someone else.”

I never knew that love could hurt so bad

When you said goodbye with a tip of your hat

I watched you leaving across the welcome mat

And though I know that you ain't coming back


Mark said, “Before I left I wanted to say thank you…We might have had our differences but you still came through for me…especially when you could have buried me and had me pinned to a kid that wasn’t even mine.” I said, “It doesn’t matter what happened between us Mark…I just wanted professionalism to shine in there…being caught up emotionally would have been a BIG mistake.” Mark said, “Yea…I realize that now. In any case…I’ll see you around.” I said, “Maybe…but I doubt it…we lead two different lives to really see all that much of each other.” Mark nodded in agreement.

One solitary tear is all I'll cry

One solitary tear falling, falling,

Falling from my eyes

I'll get over you I'll get by

One solitary tear at a time


He turned around and I watched him walked down the steps and swing his long leg over his Harley as his rear-end sat comfortably on the huge Titan…he started it and the low roar made me wanna run down and jump on the back…but I knew I couldn’t…we could never be happy together…me the Shark in the courtroom and him the Big Dog in the ring. I wrapped my arms around myself as he looked up towards me on last time and slipped his sunglasses on and then took off down the road.

Little things remind me that you're gone

The mailman still brings all your catalogs

The radio just keeps on playing our songs

But I tell myself that I have to be strong


I wiped a few stray tears off my cheeks and walked out to my rental car…I got in and took off to the airport…I had a meeting with Vince about the trial in the morning…and I was trying to prepare myself for the nasty weather…cause the rain clouds had been rolling into Connecticut…I couldn’t wait to be home.

One solitary tear is all I'll cry

One solitary tear falling, falling,

Falling from my eyes

I'll get over you I'll get by

One solitary tear at a time


I cried the whole way to the airport…and nearly the whole flight home. I just couldn’t wait to see what life threw at me next.

I'll get over you

I'll get by

One solitary tear

At a time

One solitary tear

At a time



Chapter 11


When I arrived in Stamford the next morning, I immediately went straight to Vince’s office for our meeting.  I let him know what went on at the trail and what happened…he was happy to know that everything with Mark went smooth…I looked over out the window…and it was gray outside…and the rain had started to come down…


On the elevator ride down…I couldn’t help but think of Mark…I hadn’t been able to have a peaceful minute or second to my thoughts since I’d met the man…The only thought that passed through my brain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, was that I wanted that man…and not just for sex…and not as a client…


Every time I was sitting next to him…I got the familiar tingle in my deepest darkest places and the tightness in my chest…


And when he wasn’t around me…I felt like I had this huge void in my life…like something was missing…but I could never figure out what the missing piece of the puzzle to my life was.


I didn’t realize I loved him until I watching him ride away on his Harley the day before…and as much as I wanted to stop him and run after him…I didn’t even know what I would say to him when I got him stopped…


Every one always says you never knew what you had until you let it go…well they weren’t lying…I feel like my life has no meaning…


I hadn’t let anyone get as close to me as I let Mark…since my parents deaths…I always assumed if I fell in love something would happen to the person in my life to take them away from me…like the case with my parents.  I loved my parents so much…I figured because my love for them was unconditional that God knew he could take them…I miss my parents.


I was pulled out of my thoughts as the elevator dinged and the doors slowly slid open and as I started to walk off someone brushed up against me…I didn’t think anything of it…I just kept walking…


I didn’t notice the man on the elevator watching me as I walked out into the rain and stood there for a couple of minutes letting myself get completely soaked…and then got in my mustang and drove away



The winter here's cold and bitter
It's chilled us to the bone
We haven't seen the sun for weeks
Too long, too far from home
I feel just like I'm sinking
And I claw for solid ground
I'm pulled down by the undertow
I never thought I could feel so low
And, oh, darkness, I feel like letting go

If all of the strength and all of the courage
Come and lift me from this place
I know I can love you much better than this
Full of grace, Full of grace, my love



About 20 minutes later, I pulled up to Chapel Lawn Cemetery, I took my shoes and pantyhose off and walked up the grassy hill to the headstone that said ‘St. James’ on it…I sat on the ground in front of it…in the pouring rain and I was staring at my parents graves…thinking that if I asked the same question enough times…one of my parents if not both would sit up and answer me.


I couldn’t help but cry all over again…my eyes were blood shot and I couldn’t stop the tears even if I wanted too…I was known for being a Shark in the court room…not taking any shit off of other lawyers, clients or judges…but here I was sitting in a cemetery crying like a baby.  I didn’t notice the man sitting on the far side of the cemetery watching me as I cried in the rain…



It's better this way,
I said

Haven't seen this place before
Where everything we say and do
Hurts us all the more
It's just that we stayed…too long
In the same old sickly scheme
I'm pulled down by the undertow
I never thought I could feel so low
And…Oh, darkness, I feel like letting go

If all of the strength and all of the courage
Come and lift me from this place
I know I can love you much better than this
Full of grace



I stood up I knew if I didn’t get out of the rain soon I was gonna end up catching a cold or worse…As I leaned over and kissed the headstone…I told them I loved them and missed them more then anything else…I turned and left to go back to my office…


This time…I didn’t notice the man following me…



I know I can love you much better than this

It's better this way



Chapter 12


I got back to my office about 45 minutes later…and got my messages from my secretary and then locked myself in my office…telling Rachel I wasn’t accepting visitors, clients or co-workers…I just wanted some piece and quiet…I took a warm shower in my bathroom and dressing in a different office skirt suit…I didn’t have any other clothes but suits at the office…


I was walking around barefoot…in a black pinstripe skirt, and a white tank top…it was warm in the office so I didn’t have my cardigan on or a jacket…I had blow dried my hair…and was now letting the carpet slide between my toes so try and relax myself nerves…


I finally sat behind my desk and put my head down for a minute…about 25 minutes later, I heard Rachel say, “I’m sorry, Mr. Callaway, Ms. St. James isn’t seeing any clients, co-workers or visitors right now.”  I heard Mark’s deep southern accent voice say, “Well…when Ms. St. James is…you let her know I came by.”  He sounded pretty gruff…


I sat there for a minutes as I heard his big black boots thud against the floor as he walked away and took the elevator down…I bit my bottom lip…thinking…thinking fast…thinking…thinking…thinking…


I grabbed my shoes, keys and purse and walked out of my office…and said, “Rachel…where did Mr. Callaway go?”  She said, “He left…down the elevator…”  I said, “Turn the lights off, lock up and take the rest of the day off…go see your boyfriend.”


I took off over to the elevator and hit the button…but it wasn’t coming up fast enough…I pulled my heels off and pushed through the stairwell doors and started down the stairs…4 flights later…and I pushed out the front doors as Mark started up his Harley…The rumble made the rain sound like wind.


Mark had on his jeans, boots, black Deadman hooded sweatshirt, and a long black leather trench coat on and a black bandana around his head, hair pulled back and braided.  Black leather fingerless gloves on also.


I walked over barefoot in the rain…getting soaking wet again…I touched Mark’s arm…his amazing Emerald green eyes shot up from the ground to look at me…Mark said, “Something I can help you with Ms. St. James?”  I looked at the ground and back at him and tried to talk loud over the bike and said, “Yes…you can get me out of here.”


Mark shut the bike down and said, “Run that by me again Ms. St. James.”  I said, “Mark, please…Get me out of here.”  Mark scoffed and said, “What about your co-workers?”  I said, “Do you honestly think I would be standing out in the pouring rain…barefoot…talking to a big fucking tattooed guy, if I gave a fuck what my co-workers think?”


Mark said, “That doesn’t mean you want to be seen with me…”


I said, “You know something…it doesn’t matter what they say…I own the fuckin’ company…I’m their boss…they have no say as to what goes on in my life…I don’t even have to work here…They can’t tell me who I can fall in love with…”  Mark said, “Love?”  I said, “Mark…I was a goner for you and your tattoos…the minute I opened my eyes after you caught me that day in the pool…I knew immediately I wanted you to be a part of me for the rest of my life…in some way, shape or form.”


Mark’s green orbs just stared at me…I reached up and touched his cheek with my hand and said, “Please…get me out of here…I don’t want to be here anymore.”  Mark wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me over to him and kissed my lips like he was a starving man eating his last meal on his way to the electric chair…I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer into my body…


I pulled away and Mark said, “Get on…No wait…shoes first…and here…put this on…it’s gonna get colder…”  He took his trench coat off and helped me put it on and sat back down on the bike…The coat swallowed me whole…HELP WOMAN EATING COAT!!!


Mark pulled the foot pedals out for me…grabbed my hand and helped me up…my skirt was riding up high on my thighs…and higher and you’d of known what brand of panties I wore…I wrapped my arms around his chest and he said, “If your hands get cold…put them in the front pocket of my sweatshirt.”  I said, “No thanks I know a warmed place to put them…”  Mark said, “Oh yea where?”  I dropped my hands to the crotch of his jeans…and Mark jumped a little and I said, “Oh yea…much warmer…”  He said, “You do that again…you’re hands will not only be warm…but sticky…”


I laughed as he started the bike up again…my hands resumed their place on his chest as we took off out of the parking lot…and down the road…


Chapter 13


We drove for what seemed like forever…my wet hair being whipped all around us from the wind force of the bike and Mark’s fierce driving…I really enjoyed being on the bike with him…I loved it as a matter of fact.  After a long while…Mark pulled over to a secluded little rest stop…it looked deserted.  Mark pulled up under a tall awning and put the kick stand down.  I pulled his jacket off and stood up on the pedals and put the jacket under my rear.


Mark said, “I must be really used to riding, cause this damn bike is comfortable to sit on…but I’d rather have you in front of me…”  I said, “That can be arranged ya know…”  I stood up on the pedals again and slowly put one foot on the back seat of the bike and then the other…Mark put his hand up and I grabbed onto it and stepped over his shoulder…I hiked my skirt up again and slowly sat down straddling Mark as he sat on his bike…I wrapped my legs around him and rested my feet on the back seat.


Mark looked behind him and saw where my feet were and said, “Was you a contortionist is your last life or something?”  I smiled and said, “No…just really flexible…” 


Mark took my face in his hands and kissed me lips so softly I couldn’t help but let a little moan escape my mouth…I opened my mouth and let his tongue slide in as he deepened the kiss…my hands slide under and up his sweat shirt…first fanning my fingers out across his wide back…feeling his muscles move and ripple under my touch…and then as I moved them around and ran my hands up his 6-pak up to his nipples…where I barely ran my thumbs across his nipples and they hardened like little pebbles…


Mark let out a little groan as I tugged on each nipple…I could feel his thigh muscles tense up under my legs…Mark’s hands left my face and slid down to my thighs and up under my skirt to my ass as he pulled me closer to his body…My hands ran down and brushed against the crotch of his jeans and I could already feel how hard he was getting…


Mark let his lips leave mine as he trailed kisses down and the up my neck to my ear and said, “I think we should stop…this isn’t the place for this.”  I whispered in his ear, “Make love to me Mark.”  Mark said, “Wouldn’t you rather be in a hotel or your apt…or somewhere?”  I said, “We are somewhere…Make love to me please…” 


Mark put his arms underneath my ass and lifted me with him as he stood up and swung his leg over the bike and walked with me 3 steps to the picnic table next to the bike and planted my ass on the table and said, “You’re sure about this?”


I took Mark’s hand and slid it up my skirt…HA…No panties…and he also took note of how wet I already was…


Mark shook his finger at me and said, “You naughty thing…If I would of know I had a panty free pussy sitting behind me the whole time…I would have had my fingers in there and been up to my elbows in pussy since we left…Next time gimmie some type of warning.”  I giggled as Mark stepped back a little as he popped the button on his jeans and lowered the zipper and freed his huge erection…I held onto him, as he pushed my skirt up and slid his cock into me…I could feel him stretching my insides to the limit…but he felt so good inside of me…


Mark said, “SHIT Lena…you so tight, do not move or this will be over fast.” 


I said, “Move…how can I…you’re not the one with this thing inside of you.” 


Mark chuckled a little and sat still for a minute to let me adjust to him…Mark started moving his shaft in and out of me…I was insane with ecstasy…Mark said, “God, Lena you look so fuckin’ hot with my cock in your pussy baby…”  I whimpered a moan and Mark said, “Does my baby like that?”  I said, “Oh fuck yes..”


I couldn’t help but beg, “Mmm…God…Make me cum for you Mark…please…oh god…I wanna cum for you so bad baby…”  Mark said, “Are you begging?”  I grabbed his face in my hands and said, “Mark…Shut up and fuck me until I cum for you.”  Mark wasn’t about to let me down…he grabbed my thighs and pushed my legs apart and his cock slid into me deeper as he started pounding me harder, faster and especially deeper….I started moaning out my release… “Oh God…Mmmmmmmmmmm Mark”  Mark thrusted a couple more times before he pushed his cock in me and growled like an animal and emptied himself deep in me…


Mark laid over me and I could feel my pussy twitching and felt Mark go soft inside of me…Mark stood back up and pulled out of me, and fixed his jeans…and then pulled me to sit up and crushed his lips with mine…and said, “You’re place NOW!”  I smiled and said, “C’mon Deadman…let’s see if you can survive a couple more rounds at my place.”  I hoped off the picnic table and pulled my skirt down…as I pulled his jacket back on and took my place behind him on the bike…


Mark reached back and slid his right index finger into my pussy and I nearly cam again…he pulled his finger out and stuck it in my mouth and said, “Mmm…I bet you taste good…but then again you taste pretty good with a little of me in you.”  I couldn’t help but laugh…I wrapped my arms around him as we took off and I gave him directions to my apt.


This was definitely going to be an interesting night.


Chapter 14


- -3 Months Later- -


“Oh my Fuckin’ God Mark…Oh fuck YES!!”  I screamed out my probably 50th orgasm…the echo bounced off the walls of the bedroom in the Texas ranch…Mark’s deep growled filled the air as he unloaded himself deep inside of me.  Then collapsed on the bed next to me…


Mark pulled me against his big sweaty body and kissed my neck, forehead, nose, chin and then lips…I could taste the salty sweat and my juices on his lips…which almost fueled me for another arousal but I pulled away and said, “Jesus, are you trying to kill me?”  Mark chuckled and said, “No I am not…but we agreed if we were going to have a baby…we were gonna keep fuckin’ around until you got pregnant…it’s been 2 ½ months…and yet still no baby.”


I said, “So you’re just bound and damn determined to knock me up.”  Mark tightened his grip on me and said, “I got permission from my wife.”


I touched his cheek and said, “You are so luck that she loves you enough to let you fuck her brains out when you’re on the road and off the road.”  Mark grinned and said, “Hey…I enjoy fuckin’ my wife off the road…it’s just an added bonus when she goes on the road and I get to fuck her brains out there as well.”  I slipped out of bed and headed for the bathroom to shower.


Mark watched as Lena’s naked backside went walking into the bathroom…he couldn’t help but admire his wife’s body…he heard her start the shower and then those 3 little words slipped from her mouth, floated through the air into the bed room where he was laying, “Are you coming?”  Mark said, “Not yet…but as soon as I get inside of you I will be.”  He listened as her laughter filled the air and echoed through the large bathroom…Mark stood in all his naked glory with his arms across his chest, leaning against the door way as he watched his wife brush her long hair…


We had been married for 3 months…it was a snap decision to make the day after the Harley ride in the rain…we got married the next day and 2 weeks after we were married decided we wanted to have a baby right away…and then have another one in a couple of years…or whatever.  No lucky in making a baby yet…but it’s not for the lack of trying.


Mark cleared his throat and I looked over at him and said, “Yes…Can I help you?”  Mark smirked and walked over and stood behind me…his recovering erection was already pressed tight against my ass, as he took the brush from my hands, pulled my hair over my shoulder to the front of my body and with one hand flat against my tight stomach and the other hand with the brush he brushed my hair…His hand slid down and slowly slid one of his fingers into my slit as he found my clit and started circling it…


A low moan escaped my mouth as I grabbed both of his arms…I said, “If you don’t do something soon…I’m going to cum and you’ll miss the chance to mix your cum with mine to make a baby.”  Mark put the brush down and licked my shoulder and neck…then grabbed my hand and opened the shower and pulled me into the huge glass and tile encased shower…


Mark started washing me slowly and sensually…then he took my hands and placed them palm side down against the tiled back wall and reached down and spread my legs apart…and stood behind me as he slowly slid his fully erect cock into me…I couldn’t help but moan…Mark said, “Now…be a good girl…and don’t let your hands leave the wall…”  I nodded as he started moving inside of me slowly…Mark said, “So are you sure you still want to make a baby?”  I said, “Mark, I have so much of your cum inside of me now as it is…it would be stupid to stop…plus I could always start my own line of ‘special’ protein shake mixes.”  I didn’t notice it but Mark did…my hands left the wall…Mark smacked my wet ass cheek and said, “I saw that…you’re hands left the wall.”


I whimpered from the sting and Mark laughed and said, “I didn’t hurt you did I?”  I said, “Well…wet flesh hitting wet flesh really doesn’t turn me on all that much baby.”  His hand rubbed my as cheek and he kissed my ear and said, “I’m sorry sweetie.”  I said, “No I’m sorry…I’m getting restless waiting for my husband to fuck me senseless.”  That helped as he started slamming into me as hard as he could…gripping my hips with his huge hands as I felt every move his cock made inside of me…


I could feel my orgasm building…his hand trailed down to my pussy and started circling my clit again and Mark’s encouraging voice in my ear said, “C’mon darlin’…cum with me….Let’s make a baby…”  I started pushed back from the wall and meeting his thrusts harder and I bent over more and he slid deeper inside…as his finger was working my clit over…I finally started out moaning my orgasm ended screaming…Mark growled so loud as he emptied himself into me…yet again…I thought I felt the vibration in the tile of the shower…that or we were too busy having sex to notice Houston Texas had an earth quake…


I was going for option number 1…the growling.


Chapter 15 - - Conclusion


- -9 Months Later- -


“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Ripped through the delivery ward of St. Joseph’s hospital in Houston Texas.


“C’mon Lena, honey you can do this…”  Mark’s encouraging words…were just not happening…


I said, “Mark, I can’t do this…I really can’t…I’m not ready to be a mother…I’ll suck at it…”  Mark with his one arm around me…and holding my other hand helping me sit up as the contractions tore through me…


Mark kissed my forehead and said, “Lena…you’re going to be a great mother…you’re beautiful and intelligent…You’re gonna teach other baby so much…”


I leaned my head against his chest as the contraction stopped…but I could already feel another one twitching its way through my stomach muscles…tears were sliding down my cheeks…the pain was awful…I would definitely have to think about a c-section the next time…what the hell am I saying…I’m INSANE.


My doctor said, “Okay Lena…another really big contraction is coming…the head is already out…one more huge push…and we’ll delivery this baby…” 


I said, “What’s this we shit?  You’re just here to make sure the damn thing comes out and you catch it.” 


She laughed and said, “I’m not a catcher for the New York Met’s ya know.”  I said, “Mike Piazza is much bigger then you too…”  It was funny for a split second until the contraction laid into me…and I squeezed the shit out of Mark’s hand while I was screaming my head off…We watched as the ob pulled my baby out and said, “Mom and dad, it’s a girl.” 


Mark said, “Girl?  It was supposed to be a boy…are you sure there isn’t another one in there doc?”  I smacked his arm…and he said, “Kidding…kidding…we can have a boy next time.”


I said, “Can we possible wait until this was is 30, before we try for a second?”  Mark wrapped his arms around me and rained kisses all over my face and said, “What ever you want baby…you’re the boss…”  I wrapped my arms around Mark and said, “I love you.”  Mark said, “I love you too baby.”


The nurse brought her over and put her in my arms and she was the most precious thing I’d seen in my whole life…I couldn’t help but cry…she was 5 lbs 4 ounces and 24 inches long…she was gonna be tall like her father…she had red fuzzy hair and big emerald green eyes…


I looked up at Mark and he had silent tears sliding down his cheeks…I reach up and brushed them away and said, “Here’s your daughter…come hold her baby…just cradle her like a football…or in this case…like you’d have someone in a headlock…just don’t squeeze.”  I passed her over to Mark and he said, “She’s beautiful Lena…I think she looked like her mama…”  I said, “Red hair and green eyes…try again…she’s a daddy’s girl through and through…but what should we name her?”


Mark said, “How about Alexis Lena Callaway?”  I smiled and said, “Perfect.”


A few days later, we watched as Alexis slept in her crib…she was gorgeous…and Mark said, “So that’s what happens when you can’t get enough of everyday love.”  I said, “Oh, I think we had enough…we just get to share it with her now.”  Mark smirked and said, “And who ever else might happen to come along.”  I looked up and saw that mischievous look in Mark’s eyes and knew I’d be getting pregnant again really soon.  But it was worth it for every day love.


The End