You thought the home you lived in was safe...What if it wasn't as safe as you thought?


Chapter 1


I rolled around restlessly in bed, trying to get the beeping out of my head…then my eyes fluttered open and I realized my alarm was going off…I rolled over and slammed my hand down on it…as it squeaked out one last weak beep before shutting off…I rolled onto my back and looked over to my right…and was just now noticing my husband was missing.  We’d been married for a little over 2 years and I was still trying to get used to the fact that he got up around 6 am…and I didn’t even roll out of bed until 9…


I pulled myself from my warm bed and walked my lazy ass into the bathroom and showered.  I could hear Mark out in the garage tinkering with his Harley’s again…That man was solely addicted to motorcycles…but I did enjoy riding behind him, holding on while he took corners and feeling the wind whip through my hair.


I got out of the shower and pulled on my red scrubs…I pulled my hair up into a pony tail, and pulled my tenny shoes on as I walked down stairs throwing my purse and keys on the counter…and grabbed a cup of coffee…I was looking out the window of the kitchen watching Pain and Panic the Rotwielers, with Hades the Bullmastiff play around in the back yard.


From out of nowhere a pair of hands grabbed my hips and pulled my body back against a large framed body…as the same hands attached to a pair of tattooed arms encircled my waist and a soft pair of lips kissed down my neck.  I tilted my head to the side to give him more access…and let out a small sigh…as I let my hands rest on top of his.


A familiar deep southern accent voice said, “Morning baby.”  I smiled and said, “Morning…So which bike seems to be giving you the most problems?”  Mark laughed a little and said, “The all black one…damn thing is frustrating me.”  I said, “So take a break and drive me into town.”  Mark said, “Dr. Callaway I thought you was starting your regular 3 month summer vacation today?”  


I smiled and said, “Yes Mr. Callaway I am…but I want to run to the hospital really fast and check on one patient…she’s a 14 year old girl who had a Bone Marrow transplant yesterday…and I’m the one that gave it to her…I wanna make sure she’s okay and feeling no pain.”  Mark said, “I guess that’s a reasonable request then…bike or truck?”  I turned around and said, “Neither until you change…I don’t wanna ride to town with a grease spot sitting in front of me.”


Mark said, “Remind me again why I let you boss me around Krys?”  I laughed and stood on my tip toes and kissed his lips and said, “Because you love me.”  Mark said, “Oh that’s right…I do love you…I nearly forgot.”  I smacked his ass and said, “You better never forget buddy…Did you get grease on me?”  Mark shook his head no while laughing it off as he walked up the stairs to change…He said, “Give me 15 minutes and I’ll be ready.”  I said, “Okay…want some coffee?”  He yelled, “Sure.” From the bed room.


I poured him a cup and walked it upstairs to him…I heard the shower going and said, “Boy you better get your booty out here.  Don’t make me snap that ass.”  I could hear laughter rumbling behind the glass shower doors.  I walked back into the bed room and laid across the bed…Mark emerged from the bathroom in his jeans and big black boots…with his black button down Deadman, Inc. Shirt on, but unbuttoned…he hadn’t buttoned it up yet.  I could see his BSK Pride tattoo across his 6-pak stomach.  I really did love all of his tattoos…he was covered from wrist to shoulder on both arms. Plus one that looked like a skeleton version of the grim reaper on the back of his neck.


I got up on my knees on the foot of the bed and Mark sat down to tighten his laces on his boots, and I pulled his long auburn hair back into a low pony tail at the base of his head and then Pulled his black bandana around the top of his head and tied it.  Mark stood up and buttoned all the buttons except for the two at the top…I grabbed the collar of Mark’s shirt and pulled him closer and we kissed for a couple of minutes.


Mark pulled back and said, “You ready?”  I said, “I was just waiting for your laggin’ ass.”  Mark held out his hand to help me off the bed…as soon as I put my hand in his…he came down and lifted me over his shoulder…and carried me down the stairs laughing…He started to walk through the kitchen and I said, “Wait…wait…I need my hospital badge ID…Do you have the house keys?”  Mark pulled the clip on my purse and handed me the badge and then felt in his pocket and said, “I’ve got the house keys.  Time to go.” 


I laughed as we went out to the front of the garage where the red and Black flamed beast was waiting for us.  Mark finally sat me down and placed a kiss on my lips and then climbed on and started it up with a roar.  He took my hand and I jumped on the back with him.  I wrapped my arms around to his chest.  We pushed our sunglasses on and slowly eased out of the driveway and onto the asphalt.  The gates the led into the property closed behind as Mark hit the throttle and took off.


Chapter 2


If you haven’t figured it out already my husband Mark Callaway is a pro-wrestler by the name of Undertaker.  We meet 3 years ago…I was interning in the Houston Memorial hospital, I was helping a patient go to Chemotherapy and he had come in cause he’d cut his hand…


We just sort of met by chance. 


Someone screwed up the charts and I thought he was my chemo patient…and well I thought he was my chemo patient…come to find out he wasn’t…I was highly embarrassed.  But one thing sort of led to another…and after a year of dating we got married…and we’ve been happy together ever since.


Mark is a pretty big guy…most people don’t know he’s 6’10” and 310 lbs of solid muscle.  He’s got long dark auburn hair to the middle of his back and beautiful emerald green eyes.


My name is Krystal…but normally every one calls me Krys.  Sounds like Chris but spelled different.  I’m 5’10” and 125lbs…Brunette hair to my waist, and blue eyes.  I have one tattoo and I made Mark go with me to get it…it’s his name in the middle lumbar of my back right above my hips. 


Mark had been married once before…his first wife Julia and him have two sons together…Marcus Jr. 6 and Lucas 4…They usually stay with their mother in Amarillo Texas…but they spend 3 months during the summer with Mark…he takes them on the road with him after 2 weeks of being with him…I adore both of them…they are really sweet boys…and they both look exactly like Mark with the bright red hair and big green eyes. 


Today starts my 3 month vacation, I take it the same time Mark has the boys so I can go on tour with them…and make sure they have fun while Mark works or whatever…I’ve done it for the 2 year’s we’ve been married…the year we were dating I went to check on them every other week.  Since their 3 months with Mark was starting I couldn’t wait…the boy would be here either late tonight or early tomorrow morning.  Not seeing them for 9 months was a lot…they grew a lot in that time.


Mark and Julia just couldn’t stay married, she didn’t like him not being a stay at home father and he didn’t like it either but wrestling was his job and his career…he loved his sons but his job was demanding.


We pulled into the parking lot of the hospital and Mark parked…We walked into the hospital and down to the girls room…Mark waited outside as I went in and talked to Jenny…she was tired but nothing out of the ordinary…I explained one of the doctors would take over while I was gone for 3 months but that if anything serious arose I was a phone call and a plane ride away.  I gave her a hug and told her to keep her spirits up and stay brave…and then scribbled in her chart and left.


Chapter 3


Mark and I went and did a few errands and had lunch then did a few more errands and stopped to see his mom…then grabbed a few things from the grocery store for dinner and headed back to the house. 


Once home I started dinner while Mark sat back in his big black leather chair with his feet on the matching foot stool…and watched some news, and lots of ESPN…naturally.


I went up stairs and changed from my scrubs into a black satin spaghetti strapped night gown, that went just barely past mid-thigh…and let my hair down out of the clip.  I walked into the den and handed Mark a long neck bottle of Budweiser as I sat on the arm of the chair. 


Mark grabbed my arm and sat me down back to chest, long ways on his lap…My legs were propped up on his and his arms were around my waist.  Mark started kissing my neck and in a husky voice said, “So how much time do we have to blow before dinner is ready?”


I said, “Exactly 54 minutes…What did you have in mind big man?” 


Mark’s hand slid up and into the top of my night gown as his fingers were rolling my nipples…


“Oh, a little of this…” 


He kissed my neck as his other hand slid down pulled night gown up as his hand slid under the elastic of my panties and his long finger brushed against my clit, I bit my bottom lip to keep my tongue quiet…


“And a little of that.” 


Mark nudges my thighs apart and slid a finger deep into my warm core and said, “And maybe a little of this too.”  I couldn’t help it I let out a deep low moan from the back of my throat.


My hands were now down holding onto his well muscled thighs…


Mark added a second finger into my core and was kissing my neck like crazy…he started pumping me with his fingers as his thumb rubbed my clit…Mark said, “Do that make my baby feel good?”  I arched my crotch into Mark’s hand and moaned out, “Oh God yes.”  Mark’s hand alternated between breasts and nipples…while his fingers worked their magic inside of me…Mark said, “Cum for me baby…This is all about your pleasure right now…” 


He wasn’t lying…usually by now he had a ragging hard on you could scare an elephant with…but with me sitting on his lap…nothing was there.  Mark said, “Cum for me baby…I love to hear you moan my name…moan for me.”  I was doing so much moaning I’m shocked I didn’t wake the dead…Mark’s fingers started thrusting my core a little fast…his kisses were moister and his fingers were pinching my nipples a little harder.


I finally couldn’t hold myself back anymore…and I started out with a low moan and it just got louder as my climax hit and my juices flowed all over Mark’s hand…Mark rode out my climax with his fingers…and didn’t stop until I did.


As soon as my breathing was back under control…Mark pulled his fingers from my body and sucked them clean like he was eating a Popsicle.  5 minutes later the buzzer went off for dinner.  I pulled myself from Mark’s clutches and went to the kitchen…Mark went upstairs and washed up for dinner. 


Chapter 4


So we ate dinner…cleaned up the kitchen and I walked up stairs and sat in bed on my laptop checking my e-mail…I had a few from Natasha, Brock Lesnar’s wife…whom I’d become really good friends with…


I heard Mark walk into the bedroom and over to the window and opened it and a few others…You could smell the rain in the air…


Mark was over by the big window next to our bed, looking out…I shut my laptop down and crawled off the bed and up behind Mark was I wrapped my arms around his waist from the behind him.  Mark grabbed my arm and pulled me in front of him to look out the window too, pulling my back tight against his chest. 


Mark said, “It smells good.”  I smiled and said, “Yup…You know I love the rain.”  Mark said, “Yes ma’am.”  I said, “So when are the boys gonna get here?”  Mark said, “9 am…You better prepare to be fully worn out tomorrow.” 


I said, “I’ll get enough sleep.”  Mark started kissing my neck and said, “That’s what you think.”  I giggled and felt Mark slide down behind me, as he slide his hands up my thighs and hooked his fingers into my panties and pulled them down and off…he stood back up and pulled my arms out of the straps to the night gown letting it slide down and off my body, I kicked it out of the way.  Mark stood up and I heard his zipper go down. 


Mark said, “Let’s check to make sure that sweet pussy is ready for me.” 


He pushed me forward into a bending position and slid a couple of fingers into me soaking wet core and he said, “Damn baby…You are ready…Now, don’t move.”  Mark ran his erection up and down my wet slit and then slipped it all the way into me…


He gripped my hips as I held onto the window frame as he started thrusting in and out of me…One of Mark’s hands left my hip and went down and started stroking my clit to his thrusting.


Mark kissed my neck and said, “God baby you always feel so good on my cock…cum for me.” 


Mark started picking up the pace and going a little faster…and my walls started clamping down on him…and he knew I was close…he thrusted a little harder and stroked my clit a little rougher…and finally with a loud moan I fell over the edge and climaxed…as soon as Mark felt me orgasm, his took over and he growled so deep as he exploded inside of me.


We calmed down and Mark rested his forehead on my shoulder…as he slipped himself out of me…I turned around and Mark kissed me nearly breathless…as his hands cupped, caressed and grabbed my bottom…


Mark picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me over to the bed and said, “Ready for round two yet?”  I scoffed and said, “With you?  I’m always ready baby.”  Mark said, “God I love you.”  I smiled and said, “I love you too.”


As Mark kissed my lips he put his hand underneath me and slid his already hard erection back into me…I groaned into his mouth at the feeling of his fullness being in me again…after just having an orgasm not even 5 minutes ago.  Mark laid me on the bed and laid between my thighs…and we started round two.


They never saw the man leaning against the tree watching their private moment.


Chapter 5


The next morning I was up and showered with Mark and trying to get the boys rooms dusted before they got there…I went downstairs and Mark was making some sandwiches and wrapping them up for lunch he wasn’t sure if Julia had fed them lunch yet or not.


I opened the front door and left the screen door closed to get the breeze from the over cast day to go through the house.  I looked out and saw Julia lean out of her car and punch in the code to the gate as the big gates swung open.


I said, “Mark…their here.”  Mark put the sandwiches in the fridge and walked over and watch as Julia stopped…Mark planted a kiss on my lips and smiled as he walked out…Marcus and Lucas came barreling out of the car and into their fathers arms…as he scooped both boys with ease.  I walked out and said, “Hi Julia.”  Julia said, “Krystal…how are you doing hon?”  I smiled and said, “Fine.”  We hugged briefly.


Even though Julia and Mark divorced, I got to know Julia before I got to know Marcus and Luke…She was a great mother…if I ever had a baby she’d be the first person I’d go to with all my questions.  She stayed friends with Mark…they really didn’t hate each other, Julia just couldn’t get used to Mark being gone all the time.


I helped Julia pull the boys suitcases out of the truck and roll them inside to their rooms as Mark sat on the couch talking to them for a few minutes.  Julia and I walked back down stairs and I heard a high pitched squeal followed by a, “KRYS.”  I got to the bottom of the stairs and Lucas attacked me…I scooped him up and swung him around in circles…and planted 90 kisses all over his face. 


Luke giggled and said, “Krys…Stop that...”  I got over dramatic and said, “Oh my goodness…I thought you was hurt…I heard you squeal and I had to run in and save you.”  Luke wrapped his legs around my waist and held on as I walked back into the den with him attached to me.  I put Luke down and Marcus waited for me to sit down before he threw his arms around me…


I pulled him into my lap and said, “Oh my goodness Marcus…You get bigger and bigger every time I see you…pretty soon you’ll out grow your father.”  Marcus pulled away and said, “You think?”  I said, “Hell yea…you’re father isn’t so big…he might be the big dog in the yard at work…but here I’m the big dog.”  Mark laughed hard from the back of his throat…I couldn’t help but giggle. 


Luke said, “I think dad is challenging you Krys.” 


I quirked an eyebrow and said, “Oh he wouldn’t dare…he knows he’ll lose.”  Marcus laughed and said, “What happens if dad challenges you and then loses?”  I said, “He pushes your bed next to Luke’s and gets to sleep there while you two get to sleep with me tonight.”  Luke said, “Dad could you challenge Krystal…and then lose please?”


Mark said, “Wow…You’re here for 5 minutes and you’re already choosing her side…traitors…you two are as bad as my own dogs.”


Mark walked Julia out to the car…Julia said, “She’s so good with the boys…I’m glad you found someone who loves you as much as your sons.”  Mark said, “I’m glad you like Krystal…she’s as good for them as she is for me.”  Julia said, “Take care of yourself Mark…and take care of Krystal and our boys.  I’ll see you in 3 months.”  Mark kissed the top of her head and opened her car door…and watched as she left.


Mark turned back towards the house and could hear the boys laughing…he got back into the den and saw Krystal tickling both of them on the floor…until they turned on her together and jumped on her tickling her back…Mark walked over and knelt down and started helping tickle Krystal.  Who was laughing and begging for mercy.


After a few hours of horse play and running around the house, watching a couple of movies…We finally got the boys into the bathtub after dinner…and then tucked them both in bed…Then locked the house up…


They never even noticed the guy sitting in the truck across the street watching the events of the day unfold.


Chapter 6


The next day was just as hectic…we decided to take the boys to the zoo…They always did love going…So we started out there…


We were walking by the gorilla’s and Luke was piggy baking on me…as Mark was watching Marcus…and Luke had his cheek right against mine and said, “Wow…those gorilla’s are almost bigger then daddy.”  I said, “Reminds you of daddy doesn’t it?”  Luke couldn’t contain the giggles and he squealed out, “Yes…It sure does.”  And we both went into a fit of giggles.


Mark walked over with Marcus and he said, “What’s going on over here that is making you two laugh so hard?”  I let Luke down and he went over by Marcus and he said, “Daddy, we were looking at the gorillas and Krys asked if they reminded me of you…and you know what daddy?”  Mark looked down and said, “What son?”  Luke said, “I told her they do.”  Marcus and Luke cracked up together…


Mark wrapped his arms around me and pulled my back tight against his chest and he said, “Oh really…Did Krys show you the elephants yet?”  I felt his growing erection pressed against my rear-end…and couldn’t help but blush 12 shades of red…I pulled away and said, “Mark Callaway.”  I smacked his arm.


Mark’s chest rumbled with laughter.  Luke walked up and took my hand and said, “Krys…why does dad want to go see the elephants so much?”  I said, “I wouldn’t know Luke…His favorite animal used to be the Jackass.”  Mark held his chest and said, “Ouch, baby.”  We walked on to the next animal display.


Mark crept up and wrapped his arms around my waist again and kissed my cheek.  I said, “Sucking up will get you no where.”  Mark pushed his pelvis into mine and I could feel his erection again and I said, “Ooo…but that might.”  Mark vibrated my whole body with his laughter.


About 2 hours later, we finally finished looking at all the animals…we were walking out to the truck and I wrapped my arms around Mark’s waist and said, “Why don’t you guys drop me off at my doctors for my appointment…and then go to McDonald’s for lunch.  And when you’re finished, come pick me up then well go home and go swimming and have a cook out.”


Mark kissed my lips and said, “Why didn’t you tell me about the doctor’s appointment?”  I said, “It’s a routine physical…and I know how you get when I go anywhere…I have to have a yearly physical every year…you know that…besides you get over protective when I go to the dentist…I’m just going to see Rachel, she’s doing my physical and that’s it.”  Mark looked at me and said, “Fine…Let’s go…”  He hoisted the boys into the back and threw me in the front with him…and they dropped me off.


An hour later, they came back to get me…and Mark said, “Well?”  I said, “100% perfect.  As always.”  We got back to the house and the boys immediately started pulling Mark towards the pool and I said, “You guys, take it easy on dear old dad…he’s getting old ya know.”  That threw the boys into fits of laughter.


I threw my towel over my shoulder and walked into the downstairs bathroom to get the sunscreen…Mark came in and pulled me into his arms and said, “You keep making cracks and I’m gonna show you just how old dear old dad is later tonight.”  I bit his bottom lip and ran my tongue over it and pressed a kiss to his lips and then turned around and as I walked out said, “Promises, Promises.” 


I put sun screen on the boys as Mark started the grill and cooked the hamburgers and then swam while they cooked…we ate and got the boys bathed…I was in saying night to Luke…he said, “Hey Krys.”  I said, “Yes sweetie?  He said, “I’m really glad you married dad…he’s really happy with you.”  I smiled and said, “I’m really glad too, because I’m happy with him.”  He hugged me tight and I kissed his forehead and said, “Get some sleep…tomorrow is movie day…I’ll see you in the morning.”  Luke nodded and said, “Goodnight Krys.”  I said, “G’night Luke.”


I passed Mark in the hallway as he went to Luke’s room and I went to Marcus’s room…I said, “What’s up Jr?”  Marcus laughed and said, “Nothing Krys.”  I said, “You wiped out?”  Marcus yawned and nodded.  I said, “Wow…I guess so.  I’ll see you in the morning.”  He gave me a hug and I kissed his forehead also…and turned the light out and closed the door slightly.


I walked down the hall and turned the nightlight on in the upstairs bathroom and I walked down stairs and made sure the house was locked up and that the dogs were in the house for the night…Panic always sleeping with Luke, Pain always with Marcus…and Hades following me around cause he would sleep with Mark and I in our room.


Chapter 7


I walked up stairs and into the bedroom and Mark was laying across the bed in his cotton drawstring pants and his hair wet, indicating he’d taken a shower already.  I went in and showered, and pulled on one of Mark’s Undertaker T-shirts.  I crawled up and next to Mark in bed and he automatically wrapped his arm around me...


I said, “Mark?”  Mark said, “What baby?”  I said, “We need to talk…”  He said, “Is it serious?”  I said, “Yea…the doctor found something today.”  Mark rolled over onto his back and rubbed his hands over his face and said, “You said, you was 100%…What’s going on Krys?”  I sat up and put my hand on his forearm as he looked over me…I could of sworn I detected him glaring at me…I pulled my hand away and said, “I’m sorry…I didn’t want to say anything in front of the boys.”


I pulled my knees up into my chest and Mark said, “So what is it?”  In barely an auditable voice I said, “I’m gonna have a baby.”  Mark squinted his eyes at me and said, “One more time, in a tone I can hear you in?”  I said, “I’m pregnant.”  Mark said, “Pregnant…as in you’re gonna have a baby…My baby to be more specific?”  I smiled and said, “Yea…our baby.” 


Mark pulled me down and kissed my lips so softly and said, “You scared me to death…don’t you ever do that again…I thought something was seriously wrong.”  I smiled and said, “I’m sorry.  I just didn’t know how you were going to take it.”  Mark said, “Are you kidding me…you’re having my baby…our baby…I’m truly happy.”  I said, “Really?”  Mark smiled and said, “Of course darlin’.” 


Mark rolled me onto my back and leaned over me and kissed my lips so tenderly…he ran his tongue across my lips and I opened my mouth granting him access.  His tongue snaked its way into my mouth as his hand slid down to my hips and then my outer thigh and started sliding up under the t-shirt…


Mark suddenly realized his wife wasn’t wearing any panties.  Mark pulled back and looked down at his wife…she looked like she was glowing…and her eyes were full of lust…he said, “Someone is a naughty girl without panties on.”  Krys said, “Would you rather I go put some on…because I can.”  Mark said, “Don’t you sass me little girl…I’ll tell you right now if we have a little girl, she’s gonna learn not to sass people.”


I laughed and said, “Yea right…like that will ever happen.”  Mark found my clit and brushed his thumb against it, and I shuddered…I said, “Watch it there big boy…every thing is super sensitive right now.” 


Mark slowly pushed the t-shirt from my body and then went back down and slid two fingers into my soaking wet center…and pumped a little…he was surprised to see all the juice coating his fingers…when she said super sensitive she wasn’t lying.  Mark pulled his fingers out and licked them clean and said, “Well you seem to be ready for me baby…I think I’ll let you show me what you want tonight.”


I smiled mischievously and pushed Mark to lay on his back, as I straddled his hips…and as I sat down Mark pushed his erection into me…I moaned at the contact…Mark was fully sheathed inside of me…I took his hands and placed them on my breasts and he slowly started rolling my nipples between his fingers.


I started rolling my hips…and Mark groaned…Mark groaned again, “Oh god baby…you feel so good bouncing on my cock…with that sweet pussy of yours…” 


I had my hands on his 6-pack stomach and I was watching his muscles move, ripple and flex…I leaned over and my hair slid over my shoulders and brushed against this pecks and nipples…his nipples became instantly hard…I leaned down and bit his bottom lip and then slowly let my tongue snake out and across his lips…and then slowly into his mouth…his hands slid down and grabbed my ass forcefully as he was pushing and pulling the lower half of my body to go faster…


I sat back up and leaned back putting my hands on his thighs…I could feel how tense his thigh muscles were…Mark sat up and was leaning over and kissing my breasts and nipples…as I was still moving on top of him…I moaned, “Oh God baby…you feel so good deep inside of me…”  Mark grunted a couple of times as he was licking and kissing on my neck.


Mark gripped my hips and flipped me over onto my back and laid on top of me…and really pushed the back of my thighs up to thrust into me as deep as he could…I had a hold of his wrists for leverage again…he could feel my walls starting to react…and knew my orgasm was building…it was going to be intense…Mark leaned down and kissed my lips


He gripped my thighs harder and really started thrusting deeper as deep as he could possibly get…and finally I started moaning out his name as my orgasm tore through the inside of my body…as soon as Mark felt me go over the edge…and felt my center milking his cock…his orgasm was right behind mine…Mark slammed his cock deep inside of me and I felt him explode so deep inside…I felt his cum fill me up.


Mark collapsed onto the bed and wrapped me up into his arms…as we slipped under the covers and into the darkness of sleep.


They didn’t see the man on the balcony watching their every move…just like they hadn’t see him following them at the zoo.


Chapter 8

**RAPE and Violence Warning {{GRAPHIC}}**


The next morning…Mark and I decided to not tell the boys about the baby yet…we wanted to make sure it was okay with Julia if we told them…We spent all day sitting in the den watching movies…and since it was movie day I figured it would be nice for Mark to take the boys out to dinner and a movie…


I ran the idea by him while the boys were down for their nap…and Mark said it was a good idea…I told him, I could feel myself getting nauseated at the thought of smelling movie popcorn…so he said it would be better if I stayed home and I fully agreed…so around 7pm…I sent them off to the movies…


I locked up the house and scampered upstairs and took a nice long bubble bath…When I got out I pulled on my lace sleep shorts and matching tank top.  I pulled my hair up into a clip…and walked down stairs…


The front door was open I could’ve sworn I locked it…as I got closer…I felt a pain in the bottoms of both my feet…I sat down and there was glass in both of them…I pulled the glass out and they were both bleeding a little…


I stood up and hobbled over to the door…and started to close it when I noticed one of the panes of glass had been busted out…I started to get jumpy…and worried…I looked down and saw a muddy boot print on the hard wood floor…I shut the door and locked it and walked over to the phone and dialed 911…


All of a sudden a pair of arms came out of no where…I dropped the phone…thanking god secretly for it not hanging up…a hand covered my mouth and an arm around my arms so I couldn’t move…


A deep voice said, “Too bad Mark was stupid enough to leave such a beautiful wife at home all alone…I think it’s time for me and you to party Krystal.”  My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets…the guy slipped a cloth over my mouth and nose and I could smell the chloroform on it.  I felt myself slip into the blackness.


The intruder slung Krystal’s body over his shoulder and walked over to the staircase…he tired a rope around her neck and arms and tied her to the banister of the staircase.  He cut her clothes from her body…he started roughly grabbing and playing with delicate parts of her body.


Krystal woke up with a startle when someone pinched her nipples hard…the pain just went through her whole chest…it felt like this guy was trying to either rip them off or flatten them to the size of a penny.  She watched the guy touching her in total disgust…if he didn’t have a gag in her mouth she probably would have vomited on him several times already.


He jabbed his fingers roughly into the delicate tissues of my core…all I could think about was ‘God…please don’t let him hurt the baby’.  Tears were sliding down my cheeks, he touched my cheek and said, “Awww, c’mon Krystal…this is going to be more fun then you realize it.”  I moved my face away from his touch…I felt like he burned me…


I kept trying to remember little details…I couldn’t see his face…he had a ski mask on that only showed his eyes…they were hazel and he was huge…he had a huge chest and arms and legs and just an all around big guy…not as big as my husband…but he was big.  He picked up my legs and untied my ankles and forced my legs apart and pulled his jeans down his hips he was kind of small I’d venture to say barely half of what Mark was…


I clamped my knees into his rib cage…trying to bid myself some time…I remember the 911 call…and knew if the phone stayed off the hook long enough and they could hear what was going on they’d send someone.  I could see the phone on the floor and it was still lit up so the call was still going unless they’d hung up for no response…I was hoping it was the first option and not the second.


Chapter 9

**RAPE and Violence Warning {{GRAPHIC}}**


I couldn’t place his voice…but obviously he knew Mark and he knew me…I couldn’t imagine who he was…I just wanted him out of my house and away from me.


His fingers were digging into my skin as he was trying to get me to loosen my grip…he back handed me and I somewhat cried out as the pain made my eye feel like it was going to explode…My cheek was on fire…and I could feel the blood running out of my nose. 


He said, “Just relax a little, I’m just gonna have some fun Krystal…I always see you with Mark…and I think he’s so lucky to get to fuck that sweet pussy of yours…”


I clamped my knees into his ribcage even harder…He got pissed and said, “Fine you little bitch, you don’t want to do this the easy way…well do it the hard way…”  He shoved two fingers in me and I was bone dry…nothing about this was turning me on…but could you blame me?


He pulled his mask up a little and spit on the head of his dick and then pulled the mask back down…he gripped my hips and forcefully slammed his penis into me…invading my delicate center…I cried out in pain…oh god it hurt so much…I just wanted to get away…


He said, “God you’re a tight little fuck…I would have thought with as big as Mark was, he would have stretched that cunt open…but God…you’re tight around my cock baby.”


I could feel my walls ripping and tearing from this animal…I lost my will to fight when he back handed me again.  One of my legs slipped down and I could feel something sliding down the inside of my thigh…I looked down and it was a river of blood…the pain in my uterus was just getting more intense by the minute…finally the rapist spent himself in me…and fell back onto the floor breathing heavy…


I looked down and blood was pooling on the floor where I was hanging…The pain was intense…I couldn’t stop crying…I couldn’t get the pain to stop…The guy got off the floor and walked over and ran his hand up his dick and smeared his ejaculation from his penis on to my cheek and said, “Thanks for the fuck baby…Maybe we can do it again some time.”


The intruder reached up and cut Krystal down from the banister…and her limp body fell to the floor…he stood over her and watched as more blood flowed out of her crotch…


He said, “Tisk – Tisk, this could have been so easy and you wouldn’t be hurting or bleeding…stupid cunt.”  He turned and left.


My eyes were half lidded and I could barely hear was he was saying…I heard the door slam shut…but the damage had been done…I felt really tired…and my body ached from head to toe…I tried moving myself over to the phone but the pain was intensified with every move I made…I finally gave up.


I felt the darkness slip in and take over.


- -10 Minutes Later- -


The officer enters the home with his partner as the EMT’s are waiting out in the ambulance…The officer walked into the house past the living room and in front of the stair case he sees a young woman, laying naked in a pool of her own blood…she’d been beaten and possibly raped…“Holy shit Keith…get those EMT’s into this house right now.  This lady is a possibly rape victim…someone beat the shit out of her.”


The EMT’s come in and started working on the woman immediately… “Jared…she’s unconscious…we should probably get her to the hospital now…she’s loosing a lot of blood.”


They pack her up into the Ambulance and take off…as the cops start gather evidence and taking pictures a big Chevy Silverado pulls into the drive way with a man and two boys.  The man gets out and stalks towards the officers with a purpose…he’s huge. 


The man said, “My name is Mark Callaway…This is my house…where is my wife?”


Chapter 10


Mark was driving down the street with the boys buckled in next to him…Mark looked over and they were both staring out the window looking like zombies…it was way past their bed time…and they both looked like they were ready to drop at any second.  Mark turned down the road to his house and noticed the red and blue flashing lights were close to his home…they’d passed him and the boys on the way home.


Mark suddenly realized the closer he got to the house…the closer the red and blue flashing lights seemed to be to his house…Mark pulled into the driveway and was thinking of only one person…Krystal.


Marcus said, “Dad what’s going on?”  Mark looked over at his two boys he couldn’t lie to them…he said, “I don’t know son…You and your brother stay in the truck…don’t touch anything and don’t go anywhere.”  Marcus put his arm around Luke and said, “Yes sir.”  Mark got out and saw a cop standing out front directing where the other cops were to go.  Mark walked up to him and the cop suddenly realized how big Mark was and nearly pissed himself.  Mark said, “My name is Mark Callaway…This is my house…where is my wife?”  The cop looked up and said, “Can I see some identification sir…it’s just routine.”


Mark pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and handed his drivers license to the officer.  He looked at it and said, “Mr. Callaway…there’s been a situation…we got a 911 call tonight…”  Mark had his hands planted on his hips and said, “Listen Jr. Walker…I don’t care what happened…I just want to know where my wife is?  You tell me that and I’ll get the rest from her.”  The officer looked down and said, “She’s on her way to Houston Memorial…do you know where that is sir?”  Mark scoffed and said, “I should…she’s a doctor there.  Thanks.” 


Mark gave the guy a brush off good-bye wave…and stalked back to the truck.  Mark got in and immediately took off for Brock’s house…he’d need him and Natasha to watch the boys until he found out what the hell was going on…he called on the way over…Natasha’s parents were over and said they’d take the boys for the night, while Brock and Natasha joined Mark at the hospital.


It was an hour to the hospital from Natasha and Brock’s; they were a little further into the country.  They got to the hospital and took off down the hall to the ER…A nurse went and got the doctor and he came out and said, “Mr. Callaway, you’re wife just came out of surgery…She’ll be in recovery for an hour…but I feel it’s better to let her rest until the morning, she’s been through a very painful ordeal…so no visitors will be allowed in to see her until tomorrow morning…Visiting hours are over.”


Mark stood with his hands on his hips again and waited patiently for the doctor to finish talking…and then grabbed the doctor by the collar of his white sterile lab jacket and said, “You listen to me…and listen good…That is my wife…I don’t give a fuck if she’s in La-La land…and I sure as hell don’t give a fuck if visiting hours are over…I came home tonight after taking my sons to the movies with about 6 Houston cop car units sitting in front of my house…I came over here to see my wife and if I don’t…the next thing you will ‘feel’ is the exhilaration of flying when I throw your chubby fat balding ass out the window.”


Brock walked over and put his arm in between Mark and the doctor as Natasha put her hand on Mark’s chest and was trying to sooth him with some calming words.  The doctor allowed Mark to look through the window at his wife lying in bed; with an oxygen tube in her nose and a blood pressure cuff on her arm…with a breathing and heart monitor on her…he could see her black eye and purple cheek…and nearly came unglued in the ICU waiting room…


After 4 hours Krystal was moved from ICU down to a regular bed on the 5th floor.  Mark, Brock and Natasha were in the waiting room…Natasha and Brock had fallen asleep on 5 connected cushioned chairs…Mark paced the waiting room floor nearly all night…and got about 4 hours of sleep…until an officer woke him the next morning and start explaining what had happened with help from the doctor.


Mark sat and listened as the doctor and cop explained everything…the intruder getting into his house, smacking his wife around while raping her…forcing her to lose the baby…she’d had 3 tears in her uterus…her womb…where the baby was…the guy was so forceful he actually tore tissue in the human body.  Mark could feel his blood boiling…if he ever found out who the guy was…he’s spend the rest of his life in prison…cause he’d beat the shit out of the guy until he was dead.


Chapter 11


I woke up and there was a little light coming in through the blinds in the room…I looked over and grabbed the IV pole and looked at the bag…yup I was in the hospital…I moved around and got myself sitting up…


I grabbed my chart off the end of the bed and started nosing through it…I knew it…I miscarried the baby cause of that fuckin’ animal last night…3 tears in the uterus…still able to have children…blah – blah – blah – blah – blah…Everything was pretty normal…swollen purple cheek and a black eye…My eye and cheek were both at a dull throb right now…thank god the pain wasn’t to serious…Rachel had done my surgery…yay!…which mean no scars..


A nurse and a doctor came in and tried to start spewing bullshit at me…I held my hand up and said, “Where is my husband?”  The nurse said, “Mrs. Callaway…the cops want to speak with you before your husband comes in here.” 


I Got up and was on my hands and knees and reached over and snatched her name tag off her scrub top and said, “Listen here…”  I looked at the tag and continued “Gladys…I don’t care if you have to carrier pigeon a note to my husband if he is not here in 5 seconds…I will pick you up and throw you through that fucking window…”  I held up my right hand and said, “I swear I will.”


I tossed the name tag back at the nurse who was already sobbing…as she caught the tag and took off down the hall…the doctor was practically in hysterics…he said, “I understand why you’re husband is your husband now Mrs. Callaway…he threatened me last night the same exact way you just threatened my nurse.  Is there anything I can get to help you be more comfortable?” 


I grinned a little because I knew Mark probably did threaten to either put the doctor through a wall or throw him out the window last night.  I said, “Actually no…cause I’m not planning on staying here much longer…what ever tests you have to run, I suggest you do it before 12 o’clock, cause that’s when I’m leaving.”


I could hear Mark’s boots thudding against the hard concrete floors out in the hallway.  I looked up just as he turned to walk into the room…he came over and I immediately grabbed onto him…he gathered me in his arms and held me against his chest…I couldn’t help but cry…I had two fists full of his shirt…just holding on to him…he wrapped his arms all the way around me and spoke soft soothing words to me.


I said, “I wanna go home…I don’t wanna be here anymore.”  Mark said, “Are you sure baby…you had surgery last night…I don’t want to move you if you shouldn’t be moved.”  The doctor spoke up and said, “Mr. Callaway…I’ve run all the tests I need to run…she’s checked out perfectly…nothing’s wrong…she’s gonna have a few bruises for a while…but other then that everything else has been fixed.” 


Mark held his hand out and shook the doctor’s hand…but his arm went back around Krys…he knew the next few months were not going to be easy…so he’d make things on her as easy as possible.  The nurse came in and laid some clothes down and said, “Your friends in the waiting room, asked me to bring these to you.”


I looked up and said, “Thanks.”  And watched as she turned and left…I looked over and saw panties, jeans, tenny shoes and Mark’s Deadman inc. black hooded sweatshirt…I got dressed…


Mark stood watch over his wife…he counted the bruises and Marks on her body that hadn’t been there before…he figured if he ever got a hold of the bastard that had done this to Krystal he was not only gonna rip him a new asshole…but he was gonna treat him like the bitch he was and make sure he got put into a prison with a couple of guys names Leroy and Bubba…who’d teach him how to really treat a lady.


I pulled the sweatshirt down and smoothed it over my hips…I couldn’t button the jeans, because my lower abdomen was swollen…from the abuse and also from the surgery.  I pulled the sweatshirt down over the waist of my jeans and then pulled my hair up into a pony tail.  Mark said, “You ready?”  I said, “As I’ll ever be.”  I exhaled and Mark scooped me up into his arms and walked out with me…I had my arms around his neck and had my head resting against his.


Natasha and Brock joined us on the ride home…which was pretty much made in silence. 


Chapter 12


When we got to the house…everything had been cleaned up…Natasha and Brock had been there early this morning cleaning everything up.  Mark carried me into the house…and totally went by the stair case as fast as possible…and up to our bedroom…He sat me on the bed and I started to get up and walk into my closet for different pants, but Mark stopped me…and said, “Where do you think you’re going?”


I said, “I wanna change…actually I want to shower and then change.”  Mark said, “Sit tight…I’ll get it ready…I don’t want you moving around a lot until you’ve got your strength back and also half way healed.”  I said, “Mark I’m hurt…I’m not dead.”  Mark stopped dead in his tracks and turned around and said, “Don’t say that.  Don’t let me ever hear you say that again.”  I said, “Come here…Right now.”


Mark walked over and I said, “I’m fine…I am perfectly fine…I’m home and I’m the same me that married you.”  Mark said, “Someone broke into our home…our safe haven…and put his hands on my wife…I’m lucky I don’t know who did it, cause I’d be in jail by now for killing him.”  I touched Mark’s cheek and for the first time in my life I saw the tears building up in my husbands eyes…


I pressed a soft kiss to his lips and wiped his eyes with my thumbs and said, “Listen…we had a horrible thing happen…but Mark we can’t fix it…or change it…we have to learn to either live with it or move on and forget about it…Now I’m gonna go shower and I want you to go get your sons…they are probably worried sick about us…”


Mark said, “Okay, you shower I’ll have Natasha’s mom bring them over…but I’m going to have Julia come pick them up…you don’t need to be looking after two little boys while you’re trying to heal.”  I said, “Mark Callaway…don’t you even THINK about sending those boys away…the summer time is their only time to be with you…they love you…I can handle them just fine…Now the doc said 2 month and I’d be my normal self again…so stop pussy footing around with me…I told you earlier…I’m hurt and that’s it…I’m not in agonizing pain or anything I’ll be fine.”


Mark said, “Are you sure?”  I said, “I love you…I love your sons…and I know 3 months every summer, there’s nothing more that each of them love to do more then to be with their father…And damn it…you are not going to take that away from them…I would never ask you to…so you’re not going to.”  Mark kissed my forehead and said, “Okay…go shower…I’ll come check on you in an hour ok?  Are you hungry?”  I said, “Yea…Chicken noodle soup and some water…please.”


Mark nodded and stood up and placed me on my feet and planted a kiss on my lips softly and headed down to the kitchen to cook and have Natasha phone her parents.


I showered I didn’t realize how much blood had been soaked into my hair…but it came out like a waterfall as I washed it twice and then conditioned it.  I was pretty slow about washing my body…I didn’t want to make any sudden moves and I was careful around the two X stitches on my lower abdomen…Rachel had done exploratory / microscopic surgery so as to not have to open me up all the way.


When I got out…I pulled on some black work out pants and a tank top…I combed my hair out and then braided it back and out of my face…and climbed on the bed and pulled my blue thermal blanket over me…just enough to keep me warm if I fell asleep.  I actually did fall asleep…


Chapter 13


I woke up a few hours later and stretched out…I got up and walked around the bed room a little…I looked out the window and didn’t see Mark’s truck in the drive…I figured he took Brock and Natasha home and went to pick up Marcus and Luke. 



No lost words whisper slowly…to me
Still can't find what keeps me here
When all this time I've been so hollow…inside
I know your still there


I looked out a little further and thought I saw a man leaning against the tree…he looked like he was wearing black jeans, sweatshirt, boots and a ski mask…I looked again and he was gone.  I didn’t think anything of it…and went to the rest room.


Watching me
Wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Fearing you
Loathing you
I won’t let you pull me down



I walked out of the rest room and spare a look to the balcony that goes off out bedroom…I could have sworn I saw the same guy on the balcony again…I looked again and he wasn’t there…



Haunting you

I can smell you…alive
Your heart pounding in my head


I decided to go down stairs and fix myself something to eat…half way down the stairs I heard what sounded like glass breaking…my fear side kicked in and I could smell the guy in our house again…he was coming back a second time.  I could hear him calling my name ‘Krystal…Krystal…Krystal.’  I kept hearing him echo my name…



Watching me
Wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Deceiving me
Reaping me
Watching me



I ran down the stairs…and saw the glass broke out of the front door again…I felt him grab me…I kept waiting and waiting for Mark to get home and save me but he never came…I felt the monster shove me against the wall and enter me dry again…



Watching me
Wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Fearing you
Loathing you
I won't let you pull me down



I kept pushing him away with my arms but I was too weak…I couldn’t even budge him.


Chapter 14


I screamed out a blood curdling scream…something that could of clearly woke the dead…as I sat up and punched the first thing I could see.  My eyes were open and Mark was holding his jaw…


I freaked out and tried to scramble off the bed…I said, “He’s here…he’s here…We have to get out of here Mark…we have to leave now…C’mon he’s gonna get me…hurry go get the boys…c’mon.”  I started to jump out of bed, as Mark came up and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me back against his chest…and said, “Calm down baby…no ones here…it was just a bad dream.”


I turned to look at Mark and instantly broke down in tears…I buried my face in Mark’s chest crying so hard…I said, “I’m sorry I was so weak Mark…I tried to stop him…I tried to fight him…I couldn’t stop him…”


Mark had been upstairs checking on Krystal and she was sleeping restlessly in bed…and Mark finally figured out she was dreaming…he called her name a few times trying to wake her up…she finally woke up with the most high pitched scream he’d ever heard and then sat up and socked him in the jaw…Mark pulled Krystal closer to him trying to soothe her tears…and calm her nerves…


Mark couldn’t help but be angry and sad all at the same time…his once strong wife…was reduced to tears by nothing more then a nightmare.  He loved Krystal more then anything in his life…and he would stop at nothing to find out who turned his life up side down.  Mark felt her breathing calm and pulled her back and her tear stained face absolutely broke his heart.  He couldn’t promise her anything…hell he couldn’t even tell her everything was gonna be okay…because he didn’t know…but he would lie if it made her feel better.


Mark handed her a tissue and she wiped her eyes…and Mark said, “I know I don’t have a clue what you went through…and I’m not gonna pretend to know either…and I know I can’t promise you anything…but I’m telling you right now…everything is going to be okay…we can get past this baby…we are both strong people…we got married because we knew our love was never gonna fade away…I will help you through this as much as humanly possible…Just tell me what you need.”


I looked up into his beautiful sincere emerald green eyes and said, “Just you…I will always need the boys, and my friends and I don’t even need my sanity…but first and foremost I’ll always need you.  Mark you’re my best friend and my lover, and  my husband…you are the most important person in my life.  And I know you’ve never lied to me…So I know when you say we can get past this…then that is what I believe…I don’t need promises…and I don’t want you to pretend you know…Just be here for me…You’re all I’ll ever need.”


Mark pulled me close to him again and kissed the top of my head and said, “I love you so much baby.”  I said, “I love you too…Lay down with me please.”  Mark said, “Anything you want.”  Mark laid down behind me in bed, and wrapped his arms around me…and it was then that I felt safe in my own home.


Brock and Natasha, fed the boys and bathed them and then put them to bed, promising they could see Krystal and Mark in the morning…they tried to explain about Krystal being hurt and Mark trying to help her not be hurt…and they semi understood…about as much as a 4 and 6 year old could understand.


Brock and Natasha stayed in one of the guest bedrooms which were the same one they usually stayed in when they stayed at Mark and Krystal’s.


Chapter 15


- -Day Before Leaving for the Wrestling Tour- -


I woke up staring into 2 pairs of green eyes…I woke up a little more…I looked over and the alarm clock said 6…So I scooted back against Mark, who tightened his grip on me…and I opened the covers letting the boys crawl into bed with us…I kissed each one on the head and put my arm around both of them.  I fell back into a deep slumber.


Mark rolled around and grabbed his watch off the night stand…10 am…damn he’d never slept that late…he didn’t realize how tired he was…he looked over and saw that Marcus and Luke had joined us…his chest swelled when he saw Krystal’s arm wrapped around both boys. 


Mark pushed himself out of bed and went to take a shower.  When he got out and dressed walking through to the bedroom…he noticed the threesome had moved into the middle of the huge bed that seemed to practically swallow them whole.  Mark went downstairs and turned ESPN on while he started making some lunch…he knew when the boys and Krystal got up they’d be hungry after sleeping so late.


I woke up and the boys were still in bed with me…I felt around behind me and Mark was gone…Then I thought I could smell his cooking…I got up and nudged the boys awake…they ran down and got dressed and then I could hear them running down the stairs…I padded into the bathroom and took a nice long shower…I got dressed and walked downstairs.


I walked over to Mark and wrapped my arms around his waist from behind him.  Mark grabbed my hands and pulled me around to his side and said, “We need to talk in the other room…”  I smiled and said, “Lead the way big guy.”  Mark’s big hand swallowed mine as he led me into his little office / study…and closed the door.


I sat on Mark’s desk and said, “What’s up baby?”  Mark said, “Julia is coming by to pick up the boys later…her father is deathly ill and she wants them to spend as much time with him as they can before they have to go back to school…she said that the doctors said he’s got just about 3 to 4 months left…So I guess it’s just going to be me and you for your vacation on the road.  Is that okay with you?”


I smiled and pulled him closer and said, “That is so okay with me…I haven’t been on the road with you in a long time…I miss all the girls.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Roxy, Mira, Kali, and Vivica.”  Mark said, “Okay…well go make sure they are eating…I’ll run up and make sure their stuff is packed and ready to go…then I’ll explain what’s going on.”  I nodded and went back to the kitchen with the boys.


Mark brought their bags down and set them by the front door…And said, “Boys…c’mon into the living room.”  The looked at me like they would when they were in trouble…and I said, “Its okay you guys…you’re not in trouble…go see what your father wants.”  Marcus took Luke by the hand and led him down the hallway into the den and I closed the swinging door.  I walked over and cleaned up their dishes.


I made a pot of coffee and took a cup into Mark as he was talking with the boys…they were still pretty young to not understand that their grandfather was dying…but they took it as best they could…I said, “Go get your coats guys…I just buzzed the gate open for your mother.”  They ran down into the foyer into the closet and I said, “How’d they take it?”  Mark said, “Not good…they were really looking forward to us leaving in the morning.  They love having the summer with me and you on the road...”


I pulled a stray hair off of Mark’s shirt and smoothed it over his chest and said, “I know sweetie.  Maybe you’ll be able to make it up to them like talk with Julia and see if she’ll let them come here for x-mas.”  Mark leaned down and kissed my lips so tenderly and said, “You are the best you know that baby.”  I smiled and said, “Thank you.”  He said, “How are you feeling?”  I said, “No pain…and it’s itching which means I’m healing…So far pretty good.”


We said our god-byes to the boys and then started getting things in order to leave the following morning…Mark laid out our suit cases and we started folding and packing away.  We went to bed early and caught our flight to New York the following morning…SHIT I HATE PLANES!!


We got to the arena and I automatically started running into all the girls…We got to Mark’s dressing room and he immediately started getting ready for his match…someone knocked on the door and in bounced Roxanna and Glenn Jacobs…they’ve been married for a while now.


I got up and we hugged for a long time…Roy said, “Where the hell have you been Dr. Callaway?”  I said, “Trying to take care of his ass.”  I thumb pointed to Mark who was sitting on the bench tying the laces of his wrestling boots.  Roxy said, “What do ya know…I got me one of them to take care of too.”


We talked a little while and Roxy left to get ready for her match.


Chapter 16


Mark and I watched on the monitor in his dressing room as Roxy’s music started…



I'm feelin sexy

I wanna hear you say my name boy

If you can reach me

You can feel my burning flame


I'm feelin’ kind of N-A-S-T-Y

I might just take you home with me

Baby the minute I feel your energy

Your vibe's just taken over me


Start feelin’ so crazy babe

Lately, I feel the funk coming over me

I don't know what's gotten into me

The rhythm’s got me feelin’ so crazy babe


Tonight…I'll be your naughty girl

I'm callin’ all my girls

We're gonna turn this party out

I know you want my body


Tonight…I'll be your naughty girl

I'm callin’ all my girls

I see you look me up and down

And I came to party



Roxy bounced out in her Blue leather shorts, drawstring halter top and matching knee-high wrestling boots.  Her long black hair in a high pony tail with tons of spiral curls through it.


Roxy made short work of Victoria and the minute Steven Richards stepped foot in the ring…Roxy whipped his ass down and threw him into a sharp shooter and pulled up on his leg…Glenn looked at Stephanie…and she said, “Go on…You can go down I don’t mind.”  Glenn smiled evilly and as he pulled his Kane mask down took off…


When Glenn got to the ring…Victoria was about to hit Roxy with a chair…when Glenn grabbed the chair and then gave her a choke slam…and then Roxy let go of Steven Richards and snatched the belt…Steven Richards started to get up but Glenn stopped him cold with a big boot to the face…then picked him up and choke slammed him also.


Glenn raised Roxy hand in victory and then the couple left the ring together…as Victoria and Steven Richards just laid in the ring…both out like a light.


Roxy walked through the curtain and was greeted by a load of congratulations, and well wishes.  Roxy smiled and said thank you to every one…and before Glenn had a chance to go anywhere…she grabbed him and yanked him into an empty dressing room…and shoved him up against the white cinder block wall…she snatched his mask off…thankful he didn’t have his black make up on or a match for another hour…She smashed her lips against his…Glenn barely had a second to think…


Roxy pulled away and Glenn said, “What winning makes you hot?”  Roxy shock her head no and said, “Nope…you choke slamming people makes me want to have you fuck my brains out.”  Glenn chuckled a little and said, “See I knew there was a reason I married you baby.”  Roxy smiled and said, “So…Let the games begin.” 


She chucked the belt across the room…as she grabbed Glenn’s t-shirt with both hands and ripped it open exposing his well muscled chest to her mouth, fingers, lips and tongue. As Roxy’s tongue made it’s way around Glenn’s chest to his flat little nipples, Glenn groaned out, “Oh god baby…you don’t know how bad I want to make you cum right now.”  Roxy smiled while she continued her assault on his body with her tongue and lips and said, “So if you wanna make me cum…then fuck me.”


Glenn made a small turn around and took Roxy back to the locker room where the showers and bathrooms were…and he locked the door behind them…good thing no one was there…Glenn set Roxy on her feet and turned her around to face the sink…He took her hands and placed them on the sink and as he kissed her neck he said, “Don’t move.”  Roxy smirked said, “I wouldn’t dream of it…”


Glenn moved around and pulled her shorts over her hips and off…as Roxy was bent over with her butt in the air…while he was looking…She shook her ass for him…he said, “Do that again and we’re both going to be in trouble.”  You know Roxy couldn’t resist it…shook her ass again…and Glenn said, “Okay…time for trouble baby…”  Glenn pulled her panties off and stuffed them in his pocket then moved up behind her…and spread her legs apart with his knee…Roxy was pretty calm and then she heard it ladies…that sound that just makes you want to go completely insane…


Glenn unbuttoned his pants and down that zipper came…and Roxy also cam right along with it…Glenn rubbed his erection again her ass…and then against her dripping wet center…Glenn said, “What did you say to me earlier about cumming?”  Roxy smiled coyly into the mirror at his reflection…and said, “I believe it was…if you want to make me cum…then fuck me…” 


Glenn got his evil little look on his face and said, “Hold on to that sink baby…I think it’s time for a ride…”  Glenn slowly slid his erection into her…and grabbed her hips and then like a wild man started thrusting in and out of her…he was pulling her back against him and slamming into her so hard…Roxy didn’t have time to think straight…She started pushing back hard every time he would thrust forward into her…


Glenn waited on making her cum…he didn’t like the idea of her facing away from him…so he pulled out…much to her disappointment…Glenn laughed and said, “Just hold on there girl…I’m not finished with you yet.” 


Roxy smiled as he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist and his erection slid right into place and Glenn smashed her against the wall and they started going at it like crazy…Roxy was holding on to his forearms for leverage…and thought she was going to explode…which after a couple more powerful thrusts…She totally fell over the edge with Glenn…Roxy felt him explode into her…and it was amazing as they both started coming down from their orgasm…


Roxy’s senses were totally off…Glenn placed her on her feet against him and she rested against the wall…and almost fell over…Glenn grabbed her hips and steadied her so she wouldn’t fall…After they both calmed down and fixed themselves…Glenn helped her put her panties and shorts back on and she just laughed at him…



Chapter 17


A few weeks into the tour us girls decided we were going to do a wrestling ring slumber party…of course we got Vince’s permission too…It was me, Natasha, Roxy, Vivica, Mira and Kali…we had about 16 sleeping bags…that we snatched from the wrestlers…and piled them all in the middle of the ring…and as we were laying on them…we had stopped by the store and decided we wanted to get extremely shit faced…we deserved it and since we weren’t working the next day…it would be the perfect time to do it…we got Tequila, Vodka, and also got stuff to make mud slides…


Roxy decided she was going to be the bartender for the evening…we had a few tables set up around the ring to keep our drinks on cause we didn’t want to spill it on the ring…the crew had taken the ropes down for us…I started out with a huge double Mudslide and worked my way up…we had enough alcohol to kill a small village in Hawaii…but we really did enjoy ourselves.


I’m not sure what it is about alcohol and females…but never give females too much alcohol…it gives them gas…of course the gas wasn’t apparent until we were laying in the dark arena trying to sleep…but we were laying on each other and had the giggles really bad…all of a sudden from out of the darkness…someone farted so loud you would of thought it was Mark, Charlie, Brock or Paul…(John and Glenn swore up and down they never had gas)…cause they can get pretty scary…we were sent into a fit of giggles…Kali turned on her flashlight and said, “Okay…who was that?” 


I said, “From the low pitch, If Mark was here…I’d blame him…but since he’s not here…let’s see who cops to it.”  We looked over and Mira had her face buried in a pillow and her whole body was shaking…I didn’t miss how bright red her ears were…Mira raised her hand…and then lifted her face off the pillow and said, “Me…okay…alcohol has a bad effect on my tummy.”  After seeing how bright red she’d turned it sent us into giggles again…Tasha said, “What if the guys sneak attack us tonight while we’re trying to sleep?”


I moved around and said, “Don’t worry; we’ll just have Mira gas them out.”  Laughter erupted from us again…Mira sat up with her hands on her hips and said, “HEY…I only farted once.”  Kali said, “Yea…but it was enough to know we can use you as a weapon.”  Mira laid down and Kali shut the flash light off…about 10 minutes later…we were still giggling…but not as loud…and pretty soon someone else let a fart go…we couldn’t help but laugh even harder now…


Roxy said, “MIRA!  God Woman!”  Mira said, “It wasn’t me this time…I swear.”  Kali turned the flash light on again and shined it on off of us and said, “Okay…now who did it?”  Vivica said, “I’ll admit it…it was me…”  Roxy sat up and said, “Damn…you know you remind me so much of Nicole Kidman, because you’re so elegant and sweet…and then you go and do something like that…”  Mira said, “Does Nicole Kidman even fart?”  Kali said, “She has to…otherwise she’d have a shit load of stomach problems…” 


Roxy said, “Glenn swears up and down he doesn’t fart…but the other night…he was standing by the back curtain with John getting ready to go out for their tag match…and he didn’t see me…all of a sudden Mark walked up and they talked a little…then almost as if on cue…all 3 of them lifted their right legs like dogs…and farted all together…”


If nothing sounded funnier…that was it…knowing that Glenn, John and Mark…all farted in harmony at the same time…sent us over the edge…we were rolling with laughter…we were laughing so hard and loud that it echoed through the whole arena. 


When we all finally quieted down…Tasha was laying next to me…with her hand on her stomach and said, “I can’t laugh anymore my stomach hurts…I think I drank too much…and then on top of those chillie dogs that Brock fed me…I hate to warn you all, but I have to fart.”  I said, “OH GOD!!! SHE’S GONNA BLOW…”  Kali said, “EVERYONE TAKE COVER!!” 


Chapter 18


Yup Tasha was the next one to blow…but she vibrated the whole ring mat…I jumped up and said, “WHOA…What the hell was that a mini earth quake?”  Tasha was bright red and said, “No…I gassed myself.”  I fell back on the ring mat dying laughing…It got quiet again….when I finally broke the silence.


I said, “Have you guys ever seen that movie Roxanne?  With Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah…”  I got a few yes and a few no’s so I explained, “Steve plays this fire chief whose got a nose bigger then the Brooklyn Bridge and he starts bagging on himself…and he was like Laugh and the world laughs with you, sneeze and it’s Good-bye Seattle…That would be our case if Mark and Paul ever got a hold of the chillie dogs that Tasha ate…Laugh and the world laughs with you, fart and it’s good-bye Titan Towers!”  We were sent into a fit of giggles again…


Kali said, “I swear I think I’m with John I don’t fart.”  Mira said, “Hurry someone get a pin and pop her.”  Kali said, “I swear…well okay I don’t fart very much…”  I said, “C’mon ladies…the only way you don’t fart is if you have a perfect diet going with nothing that causes gas…and since our men are usually the gas causers…hell!!!  Why don’t we all just start a farting choir…” 


Kali said, “Now that’s classy…” 


Roxy said, “I think we should try that whole lifting our right legs to fart…maybe it comes out easier.”  Mira said, “Oh, getting some leverage on the sucker…huh.”  Vivica said, “Krys, do you fart?”  I said, “Please…I almost killed myself the other day…just from trying to hold a fart in.”


Tasha was laughing and said, “How did that happen?”  I said, “I was sitting on Mark’s lap…and at the same precise moment I had to fart, he chose to be all lovey dovey with me…he wrapped his arms around me, just as I was about to get up and go to the bathroom to fart…and I was trying to tell him I had to pee…but he told me to hold it…I almost couldn’t…I finally slipped out of his grip, ran down the hallway and just barely made it in the door…as I let it rip…”


Kali said, “It couldn’t be as bad as me though…John left his dressing room one night to go to the ring…and no sooner had he left and I farted…it smelled really bad…I opened a few windows…but to no avail…the smell lingered…like 5 seconds later, John walked in cause he for got his knee pads…I thought I was going to die of embarrassment…he had this look on his face…like what the hell crawled up inside of you and died?” 


Tasha said, “I got you beat by a long shot…When Brock and I first started dating…I was sitting in his dressing room…all dressed ready to walk him to the ring…and I had to fart so I kept it as silent as possible…but being silent can only mean it’s going to be deadly…the smell wafted in the room…and traveled over to where Brock was sitting…he looked over at me and I smiled and pointed to John Heyman…to this day he still thinks it was Heyman who farted.”


Just the thought was hilarious…I said, “I wish I would have been on the tour back then…I wanted to see Brocks face on that one.”  Tasha said, “He smiled at me and crossed his eyes…like he was going to pass out…I have to admit even for me it was a little rank.” 


Roxy said, “Nope…I’ve got everyone beat…I was sitting on Glenn lap one day last week…and I had had gas all day, so I was constantly excusing myself to fart in another room…well I fell sleep on Glenn’s lap like I love to do…and I was half asleep and half awake…and farted on his lap…I vibrated his legs…he was laughing so hard about it…it woke me up.”


I said, “Damn that’s pretty bad…you’re right…you get the fart award.”  Within the next 3 hours…we laughed and farted a million times and then laughed some more about it…


Chapter 19


Glenn looked at John and the other guys and said, “I thought I heard someone giggling behind the curtain…”  John said, “Damn…our clean non-farting rep is gone.”  Mark said, “Please…you never had a non-farting rep to begin with…You forget we’ve worked with your stinkin’ ass longer then any of those girls have…it was a nice try though…”


Brock said, “I swear I have never her a girl break wind…oh my god…”  Mark said, “Get used to it…it gets worse if they are pregnant.”  Charlie said, “I didn’t even know Vivica could fart…she’s been my wife for 3 years…I’ve never heard her fart in all the time we’ve known each other and been married.”  Paul said, “Well…whatever that was the came out of her…it certainly wasn’t a song…That girl farted as sure as were standing here eavesdropping.”


Mark said, “Should we go over and surprise the girls?”  John said, “Maybe we should let it air out first.”  Paul said, “Man…this is so weird…hearing a room full of girls get drunk and fart…and then tell stories about farting…so far I like Tasha’s passing the fart…Brock didn’t you know?”  Brock said, “I didn’t have a clue…I thought it was really Heyman who farted…my god for someone as small as Tasha is…she always smells so good…but that night…god I thought I was going down…I thought maybe Heyman was trying to gas me out of my own dressing room…”


Mark said, “Hell boys, welcome to the real world…Krystal farts all the time…she knows that I know…but she doesn’t like to do it in front of me…I knew that’s why she was trying to get away from me…she was trying to excuse herself to much…she never wants to leave my lap to pee…hell she doesn’t even like to leave the bed to pee in the mornings…that is unless she has to fart.” 


John said, “Well…at least we never have to wonder what the hell they talk about when were not around.”  Mark said, “I could of done without it…even though it was damn entertaining.”  Paul said, “Too bad we didn’t have a tape recorder…Do you know what kind of blackmail we could get over on all of them.”  Brock said, “The beautiful WWFE Divas and all their gas problems.”  Charlie said, “No matter how small…or BIG they truly are.”  Glenn said, “On the next Jerry Springer…” 


Mark said, “Nah…they all watch Oprah…Well boys…let’s walk over and surprise our ladies…”  Charlie said, “You realize that they will be pissed if they ever find out that we heard the whole fart conversation.”  Brock said, “That’s why I’m going to lie my tities off and say I never heard a thing…Though I don’t know if I can ever look at Tasha the same way again.”  Mark said, “I’ll spare Krys the embarrassment…”


They all walked over to us…and we freaked out big time…all of us, buried ourselves under all the blankets and pillows…and huddled together.  We knew they had heard us…they had to of…cause a few of us were still farting.  Mark lifted a corned of the blanket and saw my foot…he knew it was my foot cause I had blue toe nails…and he had been the one who helped paint them…plus I had a silver toe ring on that had an M on it for Mark’s name.  He grabbed my ankle and pulled me over to the edge…and was standing between my legs…Mark put his hands under my butt and scooted me off the ring…I wrapped my legs around his waist…and held on…


I said, “What are you doing here?  You’re supposed to be at the hotel sleeping?”  Mark said, “Damn girl what have you been drinking?”  I said, “Mudslides and Vodka…”  Mark said, “Well…all of us missed you gals…so we brought you some dinner…”  He grabbed a blanket and my pillow…then walked away with a bag…Mark unrolled the mats that go around the outside of the ring…and sat us down on it…Brock and Tasha came over with us…we had chicken sandwiches…I was sitting between Mark’s long legs and was leaning back against him and said, “Thanks Mark.”  He said, “For what?”  I said, “For missing me.”


Around 3 am…all of us finally laid down and fell asleep…


Chapter 20


- -2 Months Later- -


I was standing back stage next to the curtain watching Mark on the monitor…he had rode the bike down to the ring like always…He had gone down to mess with the wrestlers in the ring…I didn’t notice but no one was around…


All of a sudden a hand came out and covered my mouth…and another one jerked me back behind the curtain…I tried to struggle to get free but it wasn’t happening…Then the voice…it hit me like a ton of bricks…he said, “Krystal it’s so nice to see you again…Mmmm baby you still smell as good as you did that night we had our little party.”


I whimpered…and felt his hands travel down to the crotch of my jeans as he groped me…He said, “Oh yes baby, being buried deep inside your pussy, those long tan legs wrapped around my waist…fucking you so hard…you know you enjoyed it…and I can’t wait till I have you again…I really want to have you again…I deserve it…I’ve been a good boy.”


He shoved me face first into the wall…and was trying to get my jeans undone…he was really going to do it again and no one would know…I knew I had to do something and knew it was also time I took control of my life again…I’d been scared to death for the last 2½ months. 


When I knew he was close enough to me…I kicked my foot back and knew my boot covered foot connected with his balls…he hit the ground like a sack of potatoes…but I couldn’t see anything…it was practically pitch black behind the curtains.


I leaned down and shoved him over and took off feeling my way out of the curtain…I finally made it to some light when I bumped into someone and 2 pairs of hands grabbed me…I didn’t even look…I started swinging and ended up clocking who ever it was a couple of times.  They lifted me off the ground and I started screaming for Mark.


Mark rode through the curtains and handed his bike over to the stage crew and watched as they walked it down and out to put it on the truck…he stopped to talk to Brock and Tasha for minute when the threesome heard someone scream out, “MARK!!!”  They all bolted towards the sound…They turned the corner and saw Paul holding onto Krystal’s legs and Glenn had his arm wrapped around her waist and had her lifted off the ground. 


The three some ran up and Mark said, “What the hell is going on?”  They finally put Krystal down on her feet.  Krys immediately bolted into Mark’s arms.  Mark could feel her trembling violently…and she was holding onto him as if she was scared to death.


I said, “Mark, he’s here…he’s here.  He grabbed me and was going to do it again...”  Mark pulled back and said, “Wait sweetie, he?  Whose he?”  I said, “The guy…the man that raped me.  He found me…he grabbed me and pulled me behind the curtain and was going to do it again.”


Mark pulled me close to his body and was really pissed off…he knew now it had to be someone he worked with. 


I looked up and saw Paul and Glenn…they both had bloody noses.  I said, “Did I do that to you guys?”  They both nodded and I started crying.  I said, “I’m so sorry…I was trying to run away from him and I felt someone grab me…I didn’t mean to hurt you guys.”  Glenn said, “This?  Please…Roxy and I get much more physical when were having sex…hair pulling, name calling…you know the usual stuff…she spanks me and I beg for more.”


I couldn’t help but laugh…Mark looked down and shook his head no slowly…Paul said, “Yea…Mira and I are much - much worse.  Besides she always tells me the most sensitive part of my body is my nose.  Of course she tacks on there that it’s only because it sticks out to far.” 


Mark kissed the top of my head…I showed him where the guys pulled me behind the curtain and the 3 of them searched behind the curtains but nothing.


Chapter 21


Later that night, at the hotel…I had showered and Mark had showered at the arena…he was walking around in his Jeans and Deadman Inc muscle shirt.  I walked out of the bathroom in my silk night gown and Mark was standing on the balcony enjoying the breeze and view…


I walked up and kissed his arm and said, “Penny for your thoughts?” 


Mark said, “Nah…I’ll give them to you for free.” 


I said, “Okay, hit me with your best shot.” 


Mark leaned against the railing and looked down at me and said, “I was thinking that maybe you should go see a Psychologist… You’re dreams aren’t even dreams anymore…they are just night mares and reminders of what you went through…I don’t like seeing you looking this tired…knowing your afraid to sleep, because this guy can get to you through your dreams…you barely let me touch you anymore.  I feel like I’m being alienated for something I couldn’t protect you from.”


I said, “What are you talking about…you’re constantly holding me and kissing me and loving me…I don’t understand.” 


Mark said, “We go to bed and your wrapped tight in my arms…during the night as your dreams progress you push me away…you crawl over to the very edge of the bed roll yourself into a ball and stay there until you wake up and come back into my arms.”  I tried touching you to pull you back to me…and you practically ripped my arm off trying to push away from me.”


I looked up at Mark and could feel the tears stinging my eyes and under my breath said, “I’m fuckin’ certifiable delusionist.”  I walked back into the room as the tears slid down my cheeks…Mark followed and said, “Krys, you are not…you just had something extremely terrible happen to you…you are just trying to ignore that it happened.”


I turned around and said, “No…I’m not ignoring that it happened…I’m fuckin’ delusional…I keep thinking that as long as I don’t think about it and everything else in my life is going okay…then it really didn’t happen…I have the perfect life right?  I mean I always wanted to be a cancer doctor so I became an Oncologist…and I wanted to be married to the perfect man…and you’re my husband…you to me are the most perfect man that I’ve ever known…but for the last 2½ months I’ve been alienating you…and that makes me a bad wife…and I don’t wanna feel like this anymore.” 


I walked over and started to sit on the bed but sat on the floor leaning against the bed instead…


Mark’s heart went out to his beautiful wife…he couldn’t take her pain away and telling her she was alienating him was probably the stupidest thing he could have done…he felt like the biggest asshole God put on Earth…Mark went over and sat on the floor next to Krystal…he pulled her over to sit in his lap and her arms automatically snaked around his neck and pulled him closer.


I had my face buried in the crock of the side of his neck, between his shoulder and ear…I said, “I’m so sorry Mark…I didn’t know…I didn’t mean to hurt you like that…I’m a horrible wife…” 


Mark smoothed my hair over my head and back and he said, “Calm down baby…please…None of this is your fault…you have to remember that…I want to take all your pain away but I know I can’t do it physically, emotionally or mentally…I can only be here for you…I was stupid for even bringing it up…I’m sorry baby I didn’t mean to upset you.”


I got quiet and said, “Mark.”  He said, “What baby?”  I said, “Make love to me.” 


Mark pulled back and said, “What?” 


I looked up and said, “Make love to me please…I haven’t been with you since all this shit happened…I just want to try and forget it…put all of it behind me…I mean maybe if you take me away like you always do when we make love…maybe it will help…”  Mark said, “I don’t know baby…are you sure…I don’t want to hurt you or anything.”  I said, “No…I’ll be fine…please.”


Mark didn’t answer he cupped my face with his huge hands and slowly and softly kissed my lips.  I let out a whimper of pleasure.


Chapter 22


I smiled and slowly let my body slide down his as I went to my knees and pushed Mark back a little as I undid his jeans and freed his painfully growing erection. I took it in my hands and slowly licked around the tip…

Mark let out a little groan…I smiled up at him and said, “Feel good baby?” Mark said, “God yes…” I said, “Relax…I ain’t done yet.” I ran my tongue up the length of his erection and slowly slid the head in my mouth…coating it with my warm saliva…I began to slowly slide the rest of him into my mouth…

As soon as he was all the way in my mouth I sucked just a little and emitted a deep groan from the back of Mark’s throat. I started picking up the pace while I sucked and slid him in and out of my mouth…Mark said, “Jesus Christ, Krys…It feels so good.” I said, “Good…as long as my baby is happy.” Mark growled a little and said, “I’m not the only one whose gonna be happy tonight.” I smirked as I started pumping and sucking Mark harder…

Mark was writhing…he was trying to hold on to the tingly sensation that was jetting through his body…I could feel Mark’s boys tighten…he was so close to release…to top it all off…I slowly ran my teeth up the length of him…and it was pretty much his undoing…Mark said, “Oh God…Krys…you’re gonna make me cum.” I said, “So do it.” I plunged him all the way back in my mouth and felt his seed explode into my VERY willing mouth…I swallowed every drop as Mark fell back against the bed…

Mark sat up, as I stood up…he looked over at me and I smirked as wiped the corners of my mouth…Mark couldn’t say a thing but laugh. He grabbed me and pulled me on top of him as he laid back against the bed again…He kissed my lips so softly and said, “I think…it’s your turn.”


Mark picked me up and put me on the bed, he slid my night gown up…up…up…until it was around my hips. Then he slid my panties down and threw them over his shoulder…he grabbed my thighs and pulled my down until my ass was on the edge of the bed…and he hung my legs over his huge shoulders…wow haven’t found myself in this predicament since the last time me and Mark made love…

It felt weird to be like this with him…but in the same sense if felt wonderful. Mark pulled my slit open and saw exactly what kind of effect he was having on my body; he started blowing his warm breath on my throbbing clit…

I was not above begging…

I said, “Mark…please…” I did a full body shiver as Mark’s finger light brushed against my clit and VERY present wet center. Mark knew it wouldn’t take him long to get me to cum…and now that he knew that…he couldn’t wait…he dove in tongue first lapping at my sensitive clit…as he thrusted not 1, not 2, but 3…of his huge fingers inside of me…to keep my hips from bucking he held my hips down with his free arm.

I had my fist clenched onto the blankets on the bed…and he grabbed my other hand and laced our fingers together…as he picked up the pace…he was coming at me fast and furiously…just like the movie…I finally couldn’t hold on anymore…I let my orgasm rip through my body…as I moan out, “Oh god Mmmm Mmmmmmmmmmm Mark.”  Mark let his fingers ride me all the way through my orgasm…

As Mark helped clean me up…he pulled my Night gown back down and sat on the bed licking his fingers like he just ate some BQ chicken…LORD…my senses were reeling…but I loved every minute of it.

I jumped up and sat straddled on Mark’s lap leaned up and kissed his lips softly…but that didn’t last, Mark took my face in his hands and started deepening the kiss…It was so great.


Chapter 23

The longer we sat there and kissed the more intense every kiss got…it was almost as if we had been waiting for a lifetime for this…and just couldn’t get enough of each other…Mark’s hands had slowly made there way up my legs to my hips and one the kissing got more intense, his hands journeyed to my ass and pulled me closer to his body…I could feel his growing erection and knew he had the same thing on his mind that I had on mine…

Mark stopped kissing and looked at me and said, “Talk to me please…What do you want from me…” I smiled and whispered in his ear, “Make love to me…it’s all I want from you right now.” Mark said, “I don’t know…Are you sure?” I started running my tongue around the outside of his ear and he said, “Oh yea…you’re sure.”

Mark stood up as I wrapped my legs around his waist…and he laid me on the bed with him…and we laid there for the next 45 minutes…just kissing, feeling, exploring, touching, licking and tasting every inch of each others bodies…by the time we were fully naked…we were both ready to go…but not before we tortured each other a little…

Mark kissed all the way down the front of my body paying very close attention to my nipples as he made them hard as needles…and then ventured down into uncharted territory…and went wild on my clit…using his fingers, tongue…teeth…and I believe lips in there some where…

Then it was my turn…I slowly circled Mark’s small nipples with the tip of my tongue…and heard his growl from the back of his throat a few times…then I kissed down to his erection…which I took in both of my hands…and licked the soft head and then blew hair on and around the sensitive areas…and Mark just groaned and moaned…barely containing his animalistic side to take me without warning…but kept himself under control…then I took as much of his erection in my mouth as possible…teasing him with my tongue and then as I pulled out I ever so lightly ran my teeth up the length of him…

With as sensitive as he was at that point…I was lucky he didn’t cum that second…we were both really close to the edge and almost ready to go over…but still kept ourselves contained…

Then Mark pulled me up to him and as he was kissing me, he rolled us over, while he was kneeling between my thighs…he slowly slid his erection inside my soaking wet center…and then sat there for a minute to let me get used to his size…I would of be screaming if my mouth hadn’t been covered with his…damn…I never expected in a million years…that I’d forget how big he was exactly…

Mark started to slowly move in and out of me…and we had some lovely pillow talk going on…but with as horny as we both were…and getting hornier every minute…we started talking dirtier and dirtier…I may have shocked Mark with a few of the things I said out loud about him...nothing too bad…hehehe!!

Mark started thrusting hard and harder…and our hips were meeting with every thrust…Mark moved my legs to get them apart further and also up a little so he could get himself buried fully inside of me…wanting to make sure he went as deep inside of me as he could get…after a few more hard thrusts we were both catapulted over the edge into our impending climaxes…the orgasm raked through our bodies as if we weren’t even there…and I could feel Mark’s seed explode into me…it was so great…


Mark collapsed on the bed, and pulled me into his arms.

“I love you Mark…”

“I love you too Krys.”


Chapter 24


A few weeks later, the guy tried to grab me again only this time…Glenn and Paul got a hold of him…I was sitting in the back with Roxy, Vivica and Mira trying to calm my nerves…I was so shaken up…when I pulled the ski mask off and saw who it was…I nearly couldn’t believe it…


It was right in the middle of Monday Night Raw…Glenn and Paul practically dragged the guy out to the ring for Mark…he was in the ring, talking to Charlie, John and Brock…Kali and Tasha were both ring side. 


JR : Oh my god…the Big Red Machine and The Game are giving Test a personal escort to the ring…


The King: What is this all about?


JR: I don’t know King…but it looks like it has something to do with the Undertaker.


King:  You don’t think this has anything to do with Big Evil’s wife do you Jr?


JR: Anything is possible at this point…folks we told you about this a few months back Undertakers wife had been attacked in their home in Houston Texas…She’s been accompanying her husband on the road ever since.


King: OH MY GOD…they just threw Test into the ring with The Phenome…while Charlie Hasse, John Cena and Brock Lesnar skirted out of the ring…


Mark looked at Glenn and Paul and thought they were completely insane bringing Andrew Martin down to the ring…Glenn held onto him as Paul got in the ring walked over whispered in Mark’s ear why they brought Andrew down…and then they had Charlie, Brock and John leave, as Glenn and Paul shoved Andrew in the ring.


Mark pulled his gloves on and started stalking around the ring…but his eyes never left Andrew.  He wanted to kill him…he really did…He could see himself twisting his head so fast and snapping his neck…He watched as Andrew just stood there…Mark walked up to him face to face…Mark growled out, “You realize I’d kill you right now, if we didn’t have over 20 thousand fans watching us right?”


Andrew nodded, but kept his mouth shut…Mark said, “Good then you’re expecting me to deliver an ass whippin’ to you for breaking into my house, putting your hands on my wife…and forcing her to have sex with you…and then making her miscarry our child.” 


Andrews eyes got big as potatoes…he didn’t know Krystal was pregnant when he had forced her to have sex with him…


Mark said, “Oh that’s right asshole…she was pregnant…you didn’t know huh…you had no clue…”  Mark shook his head at Andrew…and Just as Andrew was about to say something…Mark pulled back and popped him right in the face.  Andrew stumbled around and hit the ground…Mark started kicking in the side of his stomach and ribs…with his steel toed boots.


Andrew was laying on the mat hearing his ribs crack and break every time Mark sank his big boot in his stomach and chest.  Andrew felt him kick him in the face once or twice…but he was starting to lose consciousness…


Glenn jumped in the ring and grabbed a hold of Mark and pulled him back and out of the way…Mark looked down and saw blood pouring out of Andrews nose and mouth.  Mark got out of the ring…and took off to the back…he had to find Krys.


I was sitting with the girls on an equipment trunk…when they saw Mark come through the curtain…they walked away so we could be alone.  Mark saw me crying and came straight to me and said, “Krys, are you okay…he didn’t hurt you did he?”  I shook my head no…and said, “No, that’s not why I’m crying.”  Mark said, “Okay what’s wrong baby?”  I said, “It’s weird…it’s finally over…This whole thing started when I told you I was pregnant…and now that it’s over…I have to tell you something…I’m pregnant.”


I looked up and smiled…Mark wiped my tears away and said, “Are you sure?”  I nodded and said, “Yea…I went to the road doctor and he did the test…I’m really okay…and I can still have children…and we’re gonna have a baby.”


Mark picked me up and swung me around in circles…and placed me back on my feet and pulled me close…and kissed my lips…Mark said, “I love you.”  I smiled and said, “I love you too.”


Chapter 25



If all of my life I try and I try
Baby I could never show you
All this love I have inside
'Cause every day when we wake
I look deep into your eyes
I realize

I could kiss you in the rain forever
Turn all of your pain to pleasure
Fill up all your days with sunlight
Make the passion last every night
Give you my every possession
Make you my only obsession
Climb up to the sky
And pull down all the stars above
But I…I – I could never love you enough


- -3 Years Later- -


Melanie was 3, and Scott was 1…I was standing on the back porch, leaning against the railing…watching my brunette haired daughter playing under the shade tree in the grass with her red headed little brother.


I said, “Melanie, if you guys are going to roll around in the grass…move the toys…I don’t want either of you whacking your heads.”  Mel looked up and smiled her toothy grin at me…and said, “Okay mama.”  She’d lost 2 teeth in the last 3 days…one in her sandwich from lunch and another that just fell out…but I found it when I stepped on it and it poked the bottom of my foot.


She was so excited…she couldn’t wait to show Mark…he was due home anytime today…he’d been working less on the road and more at home lately…he was thinking about retiring…he was getting older and had been with the company for nearly 10 years now.  He loved wrestling…but just wasn’t sure about leaving it just yet.  I had mentioned to him when ever he was ready I’d be there to support his decision. 


I cut back on my hours at the hospital to be with Melanie and Scott more…and of course Mark more also.  Our family had shaped up pretty nice.  I didn’t understand how people had perfect timing…until all at once…Roxy, Kali, Mira, Vivica and Tasha all came to me and said they were all pregnant…that was 7 months ago…They each had different delivery dates…but they were all 7 months pregnant.  How funny is that?



If I could have one wish
It would just be this
That I could take you to my soul
And show you all the love there is
This never ending sea deep inside of me
There's no stopping it baby even if

I could kiss you in the rain forever
Turn all of your pain to pleasure
Fill up all your days with sunlight
Make the passion last every night
Give you my every possession
Make you my only obsession
Climb up to the sky
And pull down all the stars above
But I…I – I could never love you enough


I was brought out of my thoughts, as a pair of lips attached to my neck and a pair of big tattooed arms came around my waist.  I smiled and said, “You just getting home?”  Mark laughed a little and said, “No…about 15 minutes ago…but I’ve been watching them play…”  I said, “Oh…ok…you’re daughter lost her two front teeth…she’s been waiting for you to get home to tell you about it and then show you those god awful things…”


Mark said, “Okay…I’ll check it out…later…Right now…I’m checking out your neck.”  I couldn’t help but laugh…I smacked his hand and Mark spun me around and lifted me to sit on the railing and devoured my lips with his.  I wrapped my legs around his waist and he pulled me off the railing…he said, “So you did miss me.”  I said, “Well…Just a little…I mean…after all you are my husband…okay…and the love of my life…but that’s the only two reasons.”


Mark nodded and said, “Okay…those sound like two perfectly good reasons…”  He sat me back down on the railing and said, “So anything new that I should know that’s developed since I’ve been gone?” 


I said, “Well Just one small little teeny tiny thing.” 


Mark stood to his full 6’10” height and crossed his arms over his massive chest and said, “What is it Krys?”  I smiled and said, “Congratulations…You’ve managed to umm…well…umm…add another addition to the family.”  Mark said, “What?”  I smiled bigger and said, “Remember you said 2 was the cut off point…well you must’ve really been thinking 3…”  I giggled as Mark pulled me into his arms and nearly squeezed the life out of me…he ravaged my lips and said, “I love you so much baby.  You still love me right?”



Oooh, No matter what I do
It's never as much as I want to
Baby it could never be enough


I smiled and said, “I could never love you…Enough.”  We walked off the porch over and sat in the grass with the kids…Melanie jumped on Mark and was showing him her two missing teeth…as Scott snatched Mark’s baseball hat off his head and took off across the yard as fast as his chubby little legs would carry him…I ran after him and scooped the giggling toddler up and carried him back to the shade and sat down next to Mark…


I really did love Mark…and I knew I could never love him enough.



I could kiss you in the rain forever
Turn all of your pain to pleasure
Fill up all your days with sunlight
Make the passion last every night
Give you my every possession
Make you my only obsession
Climb up to the sky
And pull down all the stars above
But I…I – I could never love you enough



The End