Don’t Let Go


Chapter 1

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

Sitting in a corner of the living room…people all around crying and grieving…a few voices coming through saying, “Poor Nina…what are they going to do with her now…I mean, who will take her? Where will she go?”

“I don’t know…having to deal with both her parents’ death at 14…No one should have to go through it…I heard that her parents had wills and that it states they are going to live with the Callaway’s…”

“You know they have 2 boys who are 5 years apart in age…but are 5-15 years plus older then Nina…Mark was supposed to go to college on a basketball scholarship, but opted to give professional wrestling a shot. And Mark’s younger brother Kane…poor boy, burnt when he was just a young thing…someone said he’s in a 2 year college right now…but someone else said he went to professional wrestling with his brother.”

I sat there watching everyone around me…it was like all the gray, black and navy blue suits, dresses and skirts all meshed together…everyone standing in my house looked like one big giant blob. I knew they were talking about Mark and Kane…

We’d practically grown up together…our fathers and mothers were the best of friends and witnesses at each others weddings…I got along with Mark more then Kane…ever since he’d been burnt he kept himself far away from people…he was 24 now…and Mark was 29…every once in a while I’d catch Kane watching me or looking at me…but since he’d been hurt, he wouldn’t talk to me…

Kane was 18 when he had been burnt…he was dating a girl who had been dating a jock from his high school prior…the jock didn’t like it and soaked a bath towel in acid and chlorine…after Kane dropped his girlfriend off…the jock ran up before Kane got back into his car and he wrapped the acidy towel around Kane’s face and the acid burned his face really back…he’s had numerous facial surgeries on his face and neck. No one really knows what he looks like under his mask…and no one cares to ask how he’s doing. I always ask, but I usually just get a grunt or a growl out of him…

Both brother were pretty big…they are both 6’10” and anywhere between 300 – 325 lbs…Mark looks like their father, he has long dark auburn hair to the middle of his back with a matching go-tee and mustache with deep emerald green eyes…and he’s also a little tattooed…nothing major, but he has a few different tattoos located on his arms…Kane looked like their mother, he had dark brown ringlets to the bottom of his shoulder blades and matching go-tee and mustache as well also…sometimes his go-tee grows into a beard, depending on how he keeps it trimmed. Kane has the most unbelievable blue eyes I’ve ever seen.

The parents were both killed by a drunk driver…and almost as if destined best friends…10 years later, My parents were killed by a drunk driver. I sat in silence as people left and right came up and gave me their sympathy…Mark and Kane had been at their funeral but they kept to themselves…I had been sitting in the same corner for the last 5 hours…and hadn’t seen any traces of them since I sat down. I was looking down, I could feel my tears getting ready to start again…when I heard a deep southern accented voice say, “Nina, Darlin’ are how are you holding up?” I knew it was Mark…I looked up as the tears that had threatened to spill, slid down my cheeks…

Mark was squatting in front of me…I slid from my chair to the floor on my knees in front of Mark and threw my arms around his neck…Mark rubbed his hand up and down my back trying to comfort me as much as possible…Mark’s soft voice said, “Honey, you’re gonna be living with me, Heidi and Kane now…your parents wanted it that way…are you okay with that…” I couldn’t answer I just nodded…I said, “Mark…” He said, “What sweetie?” I said, “Get me outta here please…I can’t stay here anymore.” Mark said, “Are your things packed?” I said, “Yes.”

As Mark stood up he gathered the rest of the girls small body in his arms…He could feel the sobs raking through her tiny frame and could also feel her trembling…he knew he had to get her out of that house…She was falling apart slowly…Mark motioned for Kane to grab her bags and said they’d be back to get the rest of her things after everyone left…Kane nodded and followed his brother with Nina.

Chapter 2

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

- -7 Years Later- -

My name is Nina Combs. I’m 21 years old. I’m 5’10” and 125 lbs. I have haunting gray eyes and Brownish-blonde hair with bright red streaks through my hair…My hair went down to 3 inches past my waist.

I’m on my way home from college…I just graduated from Baylor College of Medicine, in Austin Texas. I was living in the dorms since I was at school…I came home on the weekends to see Mark, Heidi and Kane…Kane was slowly coming out of his shell…He had taken to touching people…before he wouldn’t allow anyone to touch him. Mark and Heidi were still on their honeymoon when I graduated. I have my PHD as an orthopedic doctor.

While I was in college, I’d taken up singing with a garage band, we would write our own songs…they had been looking for a singer for a while…and my dorm roommate was the guitar player…she had heard me singing in the shower one night and said she wanted me to try out as the bands singer…I figured why not…I’m gonna make myself crazy trying to get through medical school, I might as well have a little fun while going INSANE. Surprisingly enough once I got into the band, I found out all the members were from Houston. And we were all graduating the same year.

I pulled up to the ranch and all was quiet…Mark’s huge Chevy Silverado was still missing from the garage…still parked at the airport no doubt…waiting on Mark and Heidi to come back from their honeymoon in Italy. I parked under the tree like always. And started unloading my red Toyota RAV 4…I walked in the house with one suitcase and the TV in the den was on…I walked up stairs and threw my stuff in my room…the same room I’ve had since I was 14. I immediately changed into Jean shorts and a tank top…

I was pulling my hair up into a pony tail, when I head the phone…I ran down stairs to grab it when, I came to a screeching halt. My eyes as big as potatoes, Kane was standing by the kitchen counter listening to whoever was on the phone…he had jean shorts on and his mask and that was pretty much it…I hadn’t seen him in while he’d been working out to get himself toned for the wrestling ring…he’d been out with an injury and was just trying to get ready to go back in the ring.

I finally found my legs and continued into the kitchen and got a bottle of water from the fridge and by the looks of it Kane needed one too…he had sweat sliding down his chest and his 6 pack…and…Never mind. Kane grunted out yea a few times…obviously talking with Mark.

I walked over and handed a bottle of water to Kane and he nodded and handed me the phone and I smiled and took it from him and said, “Hello?” Mark’s booming voice came back with, “Nina…I’m so proud of you…I can’t believe you graduated a year early…Listen, Heidi sends her love and so do I…You and Kane gonna be okay for about 4 more weeks?”

I said, “Of course…we’ll be fine.”

Mark said, “Now listen he’s got a few appearances I want you to go with him…I know he doesn’t want anyone to go with him…but I told him he’d have to live with it…I don’t want him traveling alone.” I said, “Yes sir, I’d more then happy to go with him…you don’t mind me inviting the band over right…we’re just going to rehearse in the garage…I figured the further I kept them away from Kane…the less annoyed he will be with me and the guys.”

Mark said, “Kane is not annoyed by you…but you know how he is around new people. And for God’s sake, and yours keep them away from my bikes…Just make sure they don’t get nosey and try to mess with Kane.”

I said, “No I know…I would never put Kane in that type of position…I’ll take care of him I promise. I send my love back to you and Heidi…don’t rush home, well still be alive when ever you guys decide to come back.” Mark said, “Thanks little girl. I’ll give ya a call in a week or so…Let me talk with Kane one more time.” I said, “Okay…Let me find him.” I walked out back and he had his weights next to the pool and I walked over and handed him the phone and went back to unloading my car.

Chapter 3

**Same Warning**

After Nina walked away Kane said, “Yea?”

Mark said, “You listen to me little brother…I know you and Nina don’t talk much…but you should try…she’s walking on eggshells around you and has been ever since she moved in with us 7 years ago…she’s scared she’s gonna do something that will hurt you or make you mad at her…Now she’s gonna go with you when you have those appearances and the two Raw's and Smackdown tapings…don’t scare her too much please. I know you don’t need any one with you…but Nina is going as a just a precautionary measure…in case something happens and I can’t be there to help…she knows what to do.”

Kane growled a little and Mark said, “Cut it…you know that shit doesn’t scare me one bit…especially when you’re there and I’m here. Heidi sends her love and I’ll call to check on you guys in about a week.” Kane grunted a few times and they hung up. Kane got up and went looking for Nina. He figured she’d be unloading her car…he walked out front and stopped she was bent over the tail gate of her RAV 4 pulling boxes out. Kane hadn’t realized how much she’d grown up since she moved in 7 years ago…Kane continued walking over to her.

I pulled a few boxes out and set them on the ground when I turned back around Kane was standing there…and I squealed and jumped at the same time. I said, “Jesus, Mary & Joseph, Kane…you scared the shit out of me…You know for someone as big as you…you sure are quiet.” His half lidded eyes told me he was smirking at my reaction. I touched his arm and said, “Are you okay…Did you need something?” Kane shook his head no and said, “Help?” And pointed to my stuff.

I said, “Oh, I get service huh? Listen if you don’t want to you don’t have to…it shouldn’t take me that long to get it all unloaded and unpacked.” Kane lifted 3 huge boxes with no effort at all…and said, “Yea, well where were you when I was loading the car to come home?” I heard a little laughter rumble in Kane’s chest as he walked away…he’s gotten a little more vocal since I’d been gone…

I pulled out two more suitcases and followed Kane into the house and up the stairs to my room. Kane placed the boxes on the floor and I put the suit cases next to them…I turned to walk out when I noticed Kane stopped dead in his tracks and was staring at the stuffed bunny on my dresser.

I smiled and said, “I remember when you got that for me…My parents had just died and it was Easter Sunday…I woke up and you had left it in bed with me with a card on my night stand…You and Mark had a show, so I didn’t get to see you until Wed. I took it with me when I left for college…It kept me company at night when my insomnia was very annoying.” Kane looked down at me…those blue eyes drove through to my soul…

I snapped out of it and said, “Oh…I almost forgot…I’ve been thinking about your mask…I don’t know why but once you get into the medical field you wanna help everyone…I decided you was going to be the first…I know you want to keep it on all the time right?” Kane nodded…I said, “Okay…C’mon sit down…” I took Kane’s huge hand in both of my small hands and pulled him over to my bed and sat him down…he let me drag him across the room.

I walked over and kicked at the snap hooks on my suit case and it popped open and pulled the black hard leathered mask out…and walked back over and said, “I figure with as out dated as your mask is…you could use something different…See the mouth is cut out, so you’ll be able to breath a lot better and the leather isn’t as hot as your other masks…Plus I put in cloth buckles instead of those leather straps…it should fit a little better and not be so conforming.”

I handed the mask to Kane and he looked at it and studied it…then got up and went into the bathroom in my room and closed the door…No one had ever seen him without his mask except Mark. Kane came back out and had the new mask on and I smiled and said, “Perfect. What do you think?” Kane looked in the mirror and did his little head tilt and examined it a little and then turned back to me and nodded. I smiled again and said, “Good…I’m glad you like it…I made you a few of them, so you can throw all your old ones away…I even re-did your ring mask to that style…so Maybe Vince will let you use it instead of that other one.” Kane nodded again and we finished unloading my car.

Chapter 4

**Same Warning**

I accompanied Kane to 2 Raw’s, 2 Smackdown's, 3 autograph signings and 1 photo shoot…We had still remained pretty quiet unless we were deciding what to watch on the hotel TV’s or what to order up for dinner..

Vince had liked the new mask I created for him and agreed to let Kane wear it, they were also in the process of making him a new costume, it had red buckles all over it…across his chest around his thighs and knee pads.

By the time we got back into Houston, We pulled into the drive way and up I front of the house, I spotted Mark’s Chevy Silverado in the garage…and as I pointed it out…said, “Well looks like the newly weds are home…” Kane just grunted and then nodded. We parked and got out and grabbed our bags. We walked into the house and I said, “Heidi…Mark?” They came walking into the foyer and Mark scooped me up as he hugged me, I squealed…When he finally put me down, I got another huge hug from Heidi…

I said, “So How was Italy?” Heidi smiled and said, “Beautiful…absolutely breath taking.” Mark said, “Yea, what we saw of it.” I smiled and said, “Ahhh…didn’t leave the hotel room much eh?” Mark laughed hard as Heidi blushed furiously…

Heidi was still as gun shy at 25 as she was when she first met Mark 7 years ago when she was 18…she was my math tutor at the high school…and the guys had met her when she was at the house tutoring me one day…Mark and Kane had come over to see if I was interested in going to the movies or something and I was all up for it…They kind of went from there.

When Heidi’s parents had found out about her and Mark…they freaked big time…they absolutely flipped out and forbid her to see Mark ever again….Like that was ever really going to stop them…after a big fight with her parents…and her parents saying some pretty hatful things to her…Mark insisted she move in and stay with him.

I was pulled from my thoughts as a hand touched me…I looked down and it was a hand attached to a tattoo covered arm…Mark had gotten several more tattoos over the last 7 years…he was practically covered…from wrist to shoulder on both arms, one on the back of his neck and one across his stomach. Kane had still remained tattoo ink free.

I looked up and Mark said, “Are you ok?” I smiled and said, “Yea.” Mark said, “So when is the band coming?” I said, “They’ll be here tomorrow…I can’t wait…I miss them…We haven’t performed since 3 months before graduation.” Heidi said, “What time will they be here?” I said, “Probably around 10…Maybe 11.” Mark said, “Also when you have an extra minute, I wanna talk to you little girl.” I saluted Mark and said, “Yes sir.” Heidi and I walked away and Mark grumbled about me being a smart ass.

I helped Heidi unpack and I could hear Kane listening to some music in his room…he’d probably fallen asleep while reading a book…he loved to do that…he’d be reading a book with the music on and he’d always end up falling asleep. I told Heidi I was gonna go check on Kane…and I walked across the hall to his room and knocked softly…when there was no answer, I cracked the door open…sure enough Kane had fallen asleep on the huge couch in his room with the book laid across this chest.

I slowly crept in and took the book and put his book marker inside, so I wouldn’t lose his place. I leaned over and sat the book on the desk…I walked over and grabbed a pillow and blanket and put the pillow under his head slowly and carefully…and then pulled the blanket up around his chest…I brushed his hair out of his face and leaned down and placed a kiss on the top of his head where the top of the mask meets his hair line. I turned and walked out, shutting the light off and pulling the door closed behind me.

Kane opened his eyes when the door squeaked open and saw it was Nina…he knew he’d fallen asleep…he watched every move she made…just like she’d done when she was 14, she put his book on the desk with the book mark so he wouldn’t lose his spot, put a pillow under his head pulled the blanket up to his chest and placed a small warm kiss on the top of his head there his mask and hair line met. He always felt a warm tightness in his chest when she’d kiss him…then he watched he walk out…

He’d never meant to ever scare her…he knew out of everyone in the house Nina probably cared the most for him…he remembered when he was first burnt the neighborhood kids would make fun of him and even thought she was only 8…she’s shoo them away and make then leave him alone. Nina was always first in line next to Mark to help protect him and stand up for him. Kane hoped to one day make it up to her…he loved her but he wasn’t sure if the way he loved her was okay or not…he’d have to ask Mark some time.

Chapter 5

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

I walked down stairs remembering Mark wanted to talk with me…I found him in the kitchen sipping on a beer. I walked in and sat on the counter top and said, “You wanted to talk…What’s up?” Mark said, “Vince called me…He wants to hire you as the orthopedic medical examiner for back stage at Raw, Smackdown and the PPV’s. What do you think? You think you’re up for traveling on the road with Heidi, Kane and me?” I said, “How long to think about it?” Mark said, “A week.” I said, “Okay, I’ll give you an answer before the week is up.” Mark nodded and said, “Okay.”

I jumped down and he said, “One more thing…what’s with Kane’s new mask?” I smiled and said, “I made it while I was in school…I figured the mask could use a new design something better for Kane…” Mark grabbed me and pulled me into his body and gave me a hug and kissed the top of my head and said, “Thanks for caring about him so much.” I pulled away and said, “Yea, well sometimes I think there’s more reason behind it.” Mark gave me a funny look as I walked away and said, “Night.” Mark said, “Night darlin’.”

Mark was stunned…did he just hear Nina right…She couldn’t mean that is the way he was thinking. Mark decided to skip the psycho analyzing stuff…he’d just let whatever happened happen. Mark walked up the stairs and joined Heidi in bed.

During the night, I couldn’t stop having dreams about Kane…I woke up about every hour maybe hour and a half…but at least my dreams were consistent…It was always Kane saving me from something…by the time I woke up in the morning…I knew that what I was feeling for Kane in my heart was more then friendship…But with as much as he disliked me…I knew I’d never be able to tell him of my new found feelings…I knew I’d have to just put him on the back burner, so to speak…

I pulled myself out of bed and jumped in the shower, when I was finished…I pulled on my jeans, black steel toed boots, and a black Kane t-shirt…but it had been cut up to my liking…sleeves had been cut off and the shoulder off my left side…so it was a one shoulder strapped t-shirt with my strapless bra under…that showed off 2 almost 3 inches of my bare mid-drift and my navel ring…I pulled my hair up into a pony tail and walked down stairs. I turned the corner into the kitchen and Heidi, Mark and Kane were having breakfast at the dining room table.

Actually Heidi was still cooking it and Mark kept bugging her like he would every morning…he’d walk over and wrap his arms around her waist and start kissing and nibbling on her neck and then would proclaim he’d just have Heidi for breakfast…and most mornings that’s exactly how it went too…Heidi would finish making the breakfast hand it to Kane, and then Mark would go all caveman on her and throw her over his shoulder and take her back to bed for most of the day. When I was younger I used to laugh at them…and I couldn’t help but laugh at them now.

I poked my head in the dining room and said, “Kane, Can I speak to you really fast in the den please?” Kane looked up and nodded and he grunted…I figured it was a yes, since he stood up and followed me to the den…I sat him down, and said, “Kane, “I have some friends coming over who are in the band…I just wanted you to know that cause if they mess with you or anything just let me know…I don’t think they would cause they are really a sweet group of people…but just in case…I don’t want to put you in a position of being hurt, angry or overwhelmed…” Kane just nodded and go up and I watched as he retreated back into the dining room.

Kane had beautiful red lips…I remembered back to when I was 6,7 and 8, before he’d been burned…he had a great smile then…and a really fun laugh…his eyes had been so full of life…he was never mad, or angry…he was calm and easy going much like Mark…but after he’d been burned, he just shut himself off to the world and everyone around him…After I’d moved in with them, a lot of times I would see him sitting on the floor in the corner of his bedroom with his knees tight into his chest rocking back and forth…I knew he had trust issues…the only one he ever trusted was Mark…

Mark had been his rock and leaning post…Mark was there for him through all the therapy and surgeries…Mark was there when Kane would cry out in the middle of the night, from the night mare that plagued his mind about the burning…if Kane was in pain, Mark was there to help talk him through it…

Chapter 6

**Same Warning**

I was pulled from my thoughts when the door bell rang…I yelled, “I’ll get it.” I ran to the door and came face to face with one girl and 3 guys…Lorena, Bryan, Marcus, and Toby. I gave them all hugs as I showed them to the garage…I said, “Run down on rules…don’t touch the bikes…That’s the only rule…also the biggest.”

I helped them lay out the carpets for the instruments and then set up the drums and amplifiers. I loved to lay down and sing, it was always comfortable to me when we would rehearse. I grabbed the mic and laid down in front of Marcus’s Drum kit…Lorena with her guitar, Bryan with his and Toby with the Bass.

The music started:


Now I will tell you what I've done for you
50 thousand tears I've cried
Screaming, deceiving and bleeding for you
And you still won't hear me

Going under

Don't want your hand this time I'll save myself
Maybe I'll wake up for once
Not tormented daily defeated by you
Just when I thought I'd reached…the bottom


I'm going under
Drowning in you
I'm falling forever
I've got to break through
I'm…going under

Blurring and stirring the truth and the lies
So I don't know what's real and what's not
Always confusing the thoughts in my head
So I can't trust myself anymore


I'm going under
Drowning in you
I'm falling forever
I've got to break through

So go on and scream
Scream at me
I’m so far away
I won't be broken again
I've got to breathe
I can't keep going under.


I'm going under
Drowning in you
I'm falling forever
I've got to break through
I’m going under

Going under

I’m going under


When the song ended, I opened my eyes and Kane was standing over my head and I nearly jumped out of my skin…I wasn’t expecting him to be there. I stood up fast and said, “Is everything okay?” Kane nodded and walked away.

Later that night, Heidi and Mark were telling me about Kane’s strange behavior…Mark said, “It was the damnest thing I’ve ever seen…When the must started for that first song…almost as if Kane was remote controlled…he got up and walked out to the garage…he stood there and watched you…when the song ended we saw you jump up and talk to him…and he just turned around and went back inside the house and finished his breakfast.”

I thought that was strange. But didn’t think anything of it.

Chapter 7

**Dealing with rape**

Before the end of the week I told Mark to call Vince and let him know he had one extra person to give a paycheck too. We weren’t leaving for another 3 weeks…so I went up and volunteered my services to the local hospital. I worked there for 3 weeks and then we went on the road…One night one of the guys, Dave Bautista to be exact had been hurt pretty bad, I examined his knee and it was all swollen but without an x-ray I wouldn’t know anything…

I walked past Mark and Kane and said, “I’ll met you guys back at the hotel…I’m going to accompany Dave over to the hospital and make sure they x-ray his knee…” Mark said, “Okay…you be careful little girl.” I smiled and said, “I’ll be fine.”

Dave limped over and said, “Ready Doc? Flair said we could use his limo…” I laughed and said, “Oh a luxury ride to the hospital no less.” We laughed and walked out the back and got into the black stretch limo. We were in the hospital parking lot when the limo stopped…I said, “Oh we’re here…C’mon Dave…Let’s get you inside.”

The doors in the limo suddenly locked…and I looked at Dave and he had this evil little smile on his face and malice in his eyes…I kind of just froze in my seat…as my eyes got bigger he moved across the limo and towards me…

I finally snapped out of it and started to move away from him, but he clasped his hand around the top of my arm fast and hard. I tried jerking away from him, but it wasn’t working…he was so much stronger then me…I pulled my knees up to my chest and pushed away against his chest as hard as I could…he jerked me towards him and shoved his tongue down my throat…I thought I was gonna puke…I bit down on his tongue as hard as I could…

He pulled back and his tongue was bleeding…he got pissed and back handed me across the face while screeching “YOU FUCKIN’ BITCH!” He yanked my shirt from my body and pulled on my jeans…and yanked them off my body…

He threw me down on the floor of the limo and laid his huge body on me…and as much as I tried to keep from away from me…but he wasn’t any use…he jerked my legs apart and I tried to squeeze him with my legs…but it didn’t work…he grabbed my hips painfully and ripped my panties from my body and thrusted himself into me…

I yelped out in pain…He kept thrusting in and out of me like a friggin wild animal…I couldn’t do anything, I was powerless against him…he kept grabbing my thighs and hips so hard I knew I would be bruised…

He ripped my bra off and went after my breasts with his teeth he bit on my breasts, shoulders, arms…he even bit the back of my hand…he didn’t draw blood but it was enough to leave black, blue and purples bite marks all over me. He finally growled out his release as I felt him cum in me…I knew I was going to throw up when I eventually woke up from this dream…that’s it…it was all just a dream.

But it wasn’t.

It was the furthest thing from a dream.

I was limp all over…I didn’t want to move…I couldn’t…every part of my body hurt…it hurt just breathing…

Dave pulled my limp body up and made the limo driver help him put my jeans and shirt back on…then Dave threw me out of the limo with my backpack. As the limo sped away…I looked around and was extremely disoriented…I looked over and saw my backpack laying about 15 feet from me.

I could barely move…I pulled myself up to my hands and knees and crawled over to my backpack and collapsed next to it…I snaked my aching hand out and into the backpack fumbling around trying to find my cell phone…I finally found it and pulled it out…after trying to remember a phone number for 10 minutes…I finally dialed Kane’s cell phone several times before it would go through.

I was laying on my side rolled up into the fetal position…I heard a grunt on the other line knowing Kane had picked up…My shaky voice said, “Kane…Help me please…It hurts so bad…I’m in the hospital parking lot…please…Help me Kane.” My voice cracked and I gave into the pain and passed out.

Chapter 8

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

Kane jumped from the couch as if someone had lit a fire under his ass. When the line went dead…Mark jumped to his feet next to Kane and said, “Nina?” Kane nodded and spoke softly, “Hospital parking lot.” Mark, Heidi and Kane took off to the hospital, they knew Nina was taking Dave too…

They drove through the huge parking lots surrounding the hospital…Kane had his fists clenched the whole drive…Mark kept trying to reassure him Nina was okay…but Kane was arguing with him that he’d heard the fear in her voice…she was in pain…he could feel it. Heidi just stared at Kane in amazement in the 7 years she’d know Kane this was the most she’d ever heard him speak and especially arguing with Mark.

Out the corner of his eye Kane saw Nina laying on the ground…he yelled at Mark, “STOP!!!!!”…Mark hit the breaks and the car had barely come to a complete stop before Kane had jumped out and ran over to the slumped body of a young woman…Mark got a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Kane ran up and knew from the red streaks in the hair it was Nina…he slowly knelt down beside her and moved her hair out of her face…her nose was bleeding and her lip had been busted…she had bruises that he could of sworn looked like bite marks on her arms…Kane grabbed her backpack and threw her cell phone in it…and then slowly eased her into his arms, if she was in pain, he didn’t want to jar her body and make it worse…Kane slowly stood and walked with the tiny girl in his arms. Kane sat in the car putting Nina on his lap and Mark drove around to the Emergency Room.

The doctors and nurses worked fast…Kane was close to losing it if they didn’t get some answers…He’d gone over and was sitting in the corner trying to stay calm as possible…Heidi and Mark were both watching him, making sure he didn’t get mad and take it out on anyone working in the hospital.

The doctor finally came out about an hour later, Kane was the first one to his feet and stalking after the doctor…Mark put his hand on Kane’s chest to get him to ease up…The doctor said, “Whoever attacked her did a number on her…She’s got multiple bite marks all over her body…we counted 16 so far…She was also raped…she has some bruising around her vagina…she was also hit in the face…nothing’s broken…She put up one hell of a fight, she’s got skin under her nails from whoever attacked her. We want to keep her over night if that’s okay with you…”

Mark looked at Kane and said, “Think you can handle that big man?” Kane sighed hard out his nose and finally just nodded. Mark looked back at the doctor and said, “Yes…that’s fine…but I imagine my little brother is gonna wanna stay with her.” The doctor nodded and walked away as he went to inform the nurses that the two large gentlemen and petite woman would be staying, but the large man with the mask would be sitting in the young ladies room.

The doctor took Kane down to Nina’s room.

Kane walked in and saw Nina sleeping peacefully in the bright white hospital bed. Kane checked her all over and counted every single bruise, scratch, bite mark, broken finger nails…anything that was out of place that shouldn’t have been…Kane just mentally filed it all away. Kane sat as close to Nina’s bed as he could, and was running his hand through her silky hair. Stroking the back of her purple and blue hand that was laying across her stomach.

Around 2 am…I moved around and could feel the pain move through my head…the headache was just getting worse…I slowly moved around and opened my eyes…I looked up and there was a huge figure standing over me with a mask on…and I freaked out…I kicked over the rolling tabled next to my bed and ripped out my IV…and practically fell off the bed as I tried to get into the corner of the room…

Kane crawled over near Nina and he crouched down into a squatting position…he didn’t want to scare her anymore then she already was.

I heard some grunting…and looked up, I finally noticed the huge figure was Kane…bare audible I whispered, “Kane?” Kane nodded and I threw myself into his arms. Kane lifted me from the floor and placed me back in bed and covered me up. Kane stayed by my bed and held my hand as I drifted off the sleep again.

Chapter 9

**Same Warning**

In the morning, the hospital released me…The car ride to the hotel was in silence…we got to the hotel and I immediately went to my room with Kane, Mark and Heidi hot on my heels…I took a shower and when I got out, I pulled on clean jeans and a red hooded sweatshirt and walked out into the sitting area…The 3 of them stared at me when I walked out…I said, “Okay, stop staring at me like I’ve got some incurable disease…”

Mark’s rough voice said, “You know we don’t think that little girl…watch your mouth.” I said, “Fine…so ask me whatever your dying to ask me and then leave my room.”

Heidi’s eyes got a little wider…Nina had never been rude like that towards anyone.

Mark sighed heavy and said, “You already know what I’m going to ask…Who was it?” I said, “Mark…I just want to put this behind me…Talking about it, won’t put it behind me…I just want to forget it ever happened.” Mark stood up and in 4 strides across the room he was standing in front of me…and said, “Tell me who did it…I want to know NOW!” Mark voice boomed through the hotel room…I jumped a little when he yelled the last word.

I had tears sliding down my cheeks and said, “Why? Why is it so important to you that I tell you?” Mark grabbed my arm, not realizing he had his hand the same place there was a huge purple bruise and I yelped out in pain and was trying to wrench my arm away from Mark…Heidi walked over and said, “Mark let go you’re hurting her.” Mark glared at his wife and said, “I’m hurting her? I’ve been taking care of her for the last 7 years…I want to kill the Son of a Bitch that raped her last night…but I’m hurting her?”

I was slumped over in pain trying to stay on my feet…which wasn’t an easy thing to do with violent shocks of pain sliding up and down the nerves of my entire arm. Mark pulled me up by my arm and then pushed up my sleeve and said, “Look at this…the sick fucker bit you…multiple times…he hit you…he raped you…why wouldn’t you want anyone to know who did it…don’t you want them arrested…or are you waiting for him to come back and do it again?”

I finally went to my knees…Mark’s hand was getting tighter and tighter around my arm…I don’t think he realized how much pain every bruise that was touched distributed to me…

Kane who had remained silent through this whole thing…finally stood to his full 6’10” and cried out a fierce growl with, “ENOUGH!!!!” I jumped and fell back on my ass and just pulled my knees to my chest. Kane stalked towards his brother and as he pointed to me in a shaky voice said, “That is NOT helping her!” Kane breathed in and out a few times trying to calm himself. Kane squatted down and picked me up…I just looked at him…I didn’t say anything or move…Kane carried me into the bedroom and kicked the door closed with a loud ‘THUD!’

Kane laid me in bed and laid down in front of me…and stared at me with those big blue eyes…my teeth started chattering…I don’t know if it was fear, nerves or cold…Kane moved away and pulled a blanket on me…and then reached out and touched my face…his hands were so warm and soft…

Kane wiped my tears away and I finally said, “It was Dave…we pulled into the hospital parking lot and the limo stopped…I thought we were at the ER entrance…I started to get out and the doors locked…he just started stalking after me…I couldn’t get away…he was cruel, mean, brutal, relentless…and I had no way of escaping him. I felt so helpless…when he was done he just dumped me out of the limo and left…I hurt so bad…I’m sorry I called you…I was scared and hurt…I couldn’t remember any ones number except yours…I’m so scared Kane…what if he comes after me again…I don’t like feeling this defenseless.” I had started crying all over again…

Kane pulled Nina into his arms and she buried her face in his chest crying so hard…Kane whispered quiet soothing words in her ear, reassuring her Dave would never touch her or anyone else again…when the violent sobs from the tiny brunette stopped, Kane looked down and seen she’d cried herself to sleep…Kane placed one kiss on top of her head and one on her forehead…and slowly eased her out of his arms, as he got up off the bed…he tucked in her covers and quietly slipped out of the room…closing the door behind him.

Chapter 10

**A little violence…Who has that ever fooled?…a lot of VIOLENCE**

Kane relayed the story to Mark about Dave’s attack on Nina…and Mark was livid…he demanded Heidi stay in the room and watch over Nina…and the looked at Kane and said, “Let’s get the fucker!” Kane just nodded…his blood was boiling…he was going to destroy Dave Bautista for ever thinking about touching Nina…

The Brothers of Destruction made their way through the hotel…they found out that Dave had gone to an Autograph signing and would be back any minute.

Kane was leaning on the wall next to the front doors of the hotel, and Mark stood leaning against a giant pillar in front of the path to the elevators. Neither one could be missed by a paranoid idiot…but a regular idiot…missed it.

Dave walked in the doors of the hotel lobby and with a cocky smirk on his face proceeded to go towards the elevators…thinking he’d give Nina a visit. Dave looked up and came face to face with Mark…a hateful glare in his eyes and his huge tattooed arms crossed over his huge expanded chest…Dave stopped in his tracks and Mark said, “I think it’s time me and you had a talk boy.” Mark’s words dripped with murderous intentions…

Dave started back pedaling and said, “I…I…uh…I have a meeting with Vince I need to get to…I’ll have to take a rain check on our talk…great match last night…talk to ya later. Bye.” Dave turned around to leave when he looked up and Kane was standing in front of the entrance and exit doors of the hotel his head cocked to the side, muscles tense and rippling…fists clenched by his sides…

Dave started to move but with Kane’s fast reflexes, Kane had his hand wrapped around Dave’s throat within a matter of seconds…Kane pulled Dave’s face closer to his, “My brother said, he needed to talk to you…NOW!” Kane roared…he was like a monster on the loose. The each grabbed an arm and drug Dave to the nearest men’s room…once inside they locked the door…


Mark and Kane stalked Dave through the bathroom…Dave begging with all his might…but in the end…begging just wasn’t an option.

Mark held Dave while Kane got some good shots in and then Kane held Dave while Mark just as many good shots in…Then Mark held Dave and said, “I don’t know why you make us hurt you boy…you should have known…you should have been smart enough to know Nina was practically family to us…like we wouldn’t find out you was the sick mother fucker who did this to her? I’m glad you have such a strong stomach for doing the things you did to her…cause Kane’s about to do a few stomach turning things to you.”

Kane grabbed Dave’s left hand and slowly and methodically started breaking each other his fingers…SNAP…thumb first…SNAP-SNAP…Index finger broken in two places…CRACK…Middle finger…then SNAP-SNAP…Ring finger and pinky finger together…Dave cried out in hideous horrible pain…with ever digit that was broken…Dave’s finger just hung loosely from his huge hand…he couldn’t even move them…

Then Kane grabbed Dave’s right hand and put it in the door of an open stall and walked inside…and with a loud growl Kane kicked the door completely forward, breaking the hinges on the door and also emitting a violent cry from Dave…as Kane could hear the bones in the back of Dave’s hand break…

The brothers picked up Dave together and rammed his head into every mirror in the bathroom and also plunged his head into all the toilets…then threw him to the ground and proceeded to beat the rest of his life out of him…It was a good thing Mark was there…otherwise Kane would have killed Dave…literally.

Mark and Kane stood over Dave beaten and VERY bloodied body and Mark said, “If we ever hear of you going that again to any female…WWE Diva, employee or not…we’ll come back and finish the job…that you can bet your life on.” They left Dave in a pile on the floor and walked out of the bathroom…

Chapter 11

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

Vince gave us a week off…at the end of the week when we went back on the road…Kane and I started sharing a hotel room together…two beds…but at least I felt safe in my own skin again. Kane got into the habit of talking to me…it wasn’t very often…but he would comfort me when I needed it.

A few weeks later, I was starting to feel more comfortable…And one night I was sitting in the dressing room with Kane…and he was just reading a book like always before Monday Night Raw started…I got up and started to walk out of the room, when I felt a hand on my wrist…I looked down and was met by Kane’s beautiful blue eyes and I touched his hand and said, “I’m okay…I’m just gonna run and get a bottle of water…you want one?” Kane’s deep voice said, “Sure.” I smiled and said, “I’m not used to hearing your voice, but it’s still nice…I’ll be right back.”

I leaned down and kissed the top of Kane’s head. I saw the tips of Kane’s ears turn bright red…I giggled as I walked out and pulled the door closed behind me so the noise in the hallway wouldn’t bother Kane while he was reading…I couldn’t help but laugh cause I’d made him blush.

On the way to the make-shift cafeteria…I stopped to check the ring cause Mark and Heidi were supposed to be there, cause Mark was going over his script with Brock Lesnar and his wife Jaden. Heidi and Jaden were supposed to get into a mean cat fight while the guys were wrestling. I peeked through the curtain and they must’ve been done because they were laying in the middle of the ring…Heidi had her head on Mark’s chest, and he had his arm around her waist holding her close to his huge body…they were just enjoying the blissful silence before Raw started. I smiled at the picture…they really loved each other very much…it was the picture of perfection. Nothing could pull them apart.

I continued down and got 2 bottles of water and said hi to Paul (Triple H) and Stephanie (Vince’s Daughter)…Then headed back to the dressing room…I opened the door and like every other time, Kane had fallen asleep while reading…I figured he could use a nap before Raw…I smiled and went over grabbing his book, and putting the book marker in it and set it in his bag…Put a pillow under his head…and then as I slid the blanket up over his chest…Kane’s eyes snapped open…

It startled me and I said, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you.” Kane must’ve been dreaming something terrible…he shoved me away and jumped up to his feet and then grabbed me by the throat…I could feel that air slipping out of my lungs but not going back in…I didn’t realize he had me against the wall 3 feet off the floor until I noticed couldn’t feel the floor.

My hands were around his wrist…and I couldn’t get him to let go of me…My haunting gray eyes silently pleaded with Kane’s raging Blue orbs to let go or snap out of it…wake up something…I was literally scared to death…I couldn’t imagine what I’d done to set him off…Then right at the perfect time…the door opened and Mark walked in with Heidi behind him…Mark’s head snapped up and he ran over and grabbed Kane and said, “Let go of her…Kane let go of Nina…you’re gonna hurt her…SNAP OUT OF IT KANE!” Kane finally snapped out of it and blinked his eyes for the first time in 20 minutes and dropped me…I fell to the floor in a pile and was gasping for air…trying to get my oxygen supply back in my lungs…

Kane couldn’t believe what he’d just done to Nina…he didn’t remember anything…he didn’t even realize he had a hold of her until his brother came in the room. He remembered having this weird dream that someone kept bothering him and hurting him and he’d decided to choke the person…then when Mark had snapped him out of it he was choking Nina.

Kane made a step towards me and I backed away…breathing heavy still trying to get my erratic breathing under control…Kane started to come towards me again with Mark…and I backed up more…I saw my escape and ran around them and stepped over the couch and took off out the door and down the hall…Kane said he’d come after me cause it was his fault. Kane took off down the hallway after me…because he’d actually been quicker then me…he caught up to me within a matter of minutes…and I was still trying to away from him…

Kane reached out and wrapped his arm around my waist and lifted me off the ground and pulled me back to him as we stopped running and Kane enveloped me into his arms, my back tight against this chest and I was trying to fight him, but me crying and Kane whispering in a low tone in my ear, “Nina, I’m so sorry…I didn’t mean to hurt you…I was dreaming…I thought I was dreaming….I’m sorry…Nina please forgive me…I didn’t mean to.” I stopped fight him and he held me tighter and said, “I’m sorry Nina…” I touched his hand and turned around…I looked up and he had a few tears sliding down his mask…

I reached up and wiped the tears off his mask with the sleeve of my sweater…and said, “You scared me…It’s okay I forgive you. Don’t cry please.” Kane kept my head against his chest…I could hear his heart pounding 90 miles a minute…he kissed the top of my head and we finally both calmed down and walked back inside.

Chapter 12

**Same Warning**

A couple of months later, and my feelings for Kane were getting stronger…he was in my dreams, in my thoughts…when I wrote new songs he was there too…I could stop thinking about him…to make matters worse, when ever the band was over and we were in the garage rehearsing, Kane would be in there over by the make-shift gym Mark had set up for the both of them…naturally he was shirt less, and had more weight on the barbell then I weighted…and he was always pumping the weights up and down…I just wanted to run over and jump on him every time I saw him.

One Friday night, me and the band had a job playing at a club, Kane, Mark and Heidi said they were going to be there…I got dressed at Lorena’s house…I had on Black plastic pants that laced in the back, with matching steel toed boots, with a black plastic spaghetti strapped tank top that laced up the back like the pants; Plus I also had black plastic fingerless gloves on…I curled the red streaks in my hair and left the rest of it straight.

When we first got to the club, we were looking around and I didn’t see Mark, Heidi or Kane anywhere…I figured they probably got side tracked or something else came up. I felt a huge pair of hands on my shoulders and looked up and found those blue eyes I’d been desperately searching for. I smiled up at Kane and Mark’s voice said, “You didn’t really think we’d forget did you?” I said, “Well, between the 3 of you…I’m not sure who has the worst memory…” Kane glared at me and with one swift move he had me turned around facing him and thrown over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes walking across the club.

Kane deposited me on the stage and kissed my head and got close to my ear and said, “Knock ‘em dead.” I smiled and pulled Kane to me and said, “You’re such an angel.” And then kissed his cheek…actually it was right in front of his ear, where the mask didn’t go all the way back, so it was a skin kiss…Kane flushed red from the bottom of his neck up and the tips of his ears…I giggled as he walked over and joined Mark and Heidi at a table.

The club started filling up while we set up and did a sound check and got ready to go…Finally we were introduced and the music started:

Hold on to me love
You know I can't stay long
All I wanted to say was
I love you and I'm not afraid, ooh

Can you hear me
Can you feel me in your arms

Holding my last breath
Safe inside myself
Are all my thoughts of you
Sweet raptured life
It ends here tonight

I'll miss the winter
A world of fragile things
Look for me in the white forest
Hiding in a hollow tree

I know you hear me
I can taste it in your tears

Holding my last breath
Safe inside myself
Are all my thoughts of you
Sweet raptured life
It ends here tonight

Closing your eyes to disappear
You pray your dreams will leave you here
But still you wake and know the truth -
No one's there

Say goodnight, don't be afraid
Calling me, holding me, as you fade to black

Say goodnight
Holding my last breath
Don't be afraid
Safe inside myself
Holding me
Are my thoughts of you
Sweet raptured life
It ends here tonight

Holding my last breath
Safe inside myself
Are all my thoughts of you.
Sweet raptured life
It ends here tonight

Holding my last breath


Chapter 13

**Same Warning**

For the last song…The club owner pulled a piano up on stage and Lorena sat down…I said, “This is for all those life saving Angels out there.”


Spend all your time waiting
For that second chance
For a break that would make it okay
There's always some reason
To feel not good enough
And it's hard at the end of the day

I need some distraction
Oh beautiful release
Memories seep from my veins
Let me be empty
Oh, and weightless, yea maybe
I'll find some peace tonight

In the arms…of…the angel
Fly away…from here
From this dark…cold…hotel room
And the endlessness that you fear
You were pulled….from…the wreckage
Of your silent…reverie
You're in the arms…of…the angel
May you find…some comfort here

Kane watched as Nina locked eyes with him…she wrote this song for him and now she was singing it to him…her eyes never left his…he would feel his heart pounding in his chest…he thought he was having a heart attack…but knew it was something much strong then that…it was love.

Kane finally realized the feelings he’d been having towards her were love…but now he was scared…did Nina feel the same way for him…should he even say anything to her…he knew she was his friend first and foremost…should they even do anything…what if it royally screwed up their friendship…he’d hate himself forever.

Mark didn’t miss that Nina was staring at Kane through he entire song. He’d have to speak with Kane and see if he felt the emotions in the words that Nina had sung.


So tired of the straight line
That everywhere you turn
There's vultures and thieves at your back
Storm keeps on twisting
You keep on building the lies
That you make up for all that you lack

It don't make no difference
Escaping one last time
It's easier to believe

In this sweet madness
Oh, this glorious sadness

That brings me to my knees

In the arms…of…the angel
Fly away…from here
From this dark…cold…hotel room
And the endlessness that you fear
You were pulled….from…the wreckage
Of your silent…reverie
You're in the arms…of…the angel
May you find…some comfort there

You’re in the arms…of…the angel
May you find…some comfort here

After the show Kane and the other let me know the band sounded great…and I thanked them…

Mark never got to have his talk with Kane, cause Him and Heidi had decided to take a small vacation from everyone and had decided they wanted to try and start getting pregnant to start a family…So Mark decided to take her to Hawaii…Which At the same time Kane got his vacation time too but decided to stay home…he didn’t really need to go anywhere…he wanted to catch up on a load of reading and what not.

I had been grouchy for a couple of days after Mark and Heidi left…and I think Kane was getting tired of my attitude…I was cringing silently inside every time I saw him with his shirt off walking bare chest through the house…I wanted to bad to just tell him how I felt…or maybe show him…but I just couldn’t think of anything…

I was sitting in the kitchen one night with the small stereo on and I was trying to write a couple of new songs but nothing was getting out…I just had on my sleeping shorts and tank top…my hair was hanging…Kane was lunging somewhere in jeans and no shirt again, so I was trying to stay as far away from him as I could…I could see what creaming my panties would be any good…If Kane wasn’t actually physically touching me…

I got disgusted that I couldn’t write a single thing and about the time that Kane walked into the kitchen I tossed my writing pad and pen across the room and started to leave the room, when Kane grabbed my arm and stopped me…He said, “What gives?” I said, “Nothing…not a damn thing…that’s the problem…I’ve got so much shit in my brain…that I can’t decipher what half is supposed to be a song, and what half is just stuff in my brain…I can’t get to go away.” Kane tilted his head to the side like always and I nearly had a triple whammy orgasm…He said, “You wanna talk?” I stuttered around it for a minute and finally the clearest thought came to my mind…

Fuck it.

Chapter 14

**S M U T Warning**

I grabbed Kane’s face and pulled him down to me and attached my lips to his…He kissed me back and I nearly lost it…Tasting him on my tongue FINALLY…My tongue caressed every spot in his mouth and then I sucked his tongue between my lips and into my mouth…Kane wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me off the floor so we’d be level…I pulled away and said, “I’m so sorry Kane. I couldn’t…I mean…I didn’t mean…I…” I walked up stairs to my bedroom to escape having to look Kane in the face.

Kane stalked after me and pulled me around to face him and said, “Don’t be sorry…You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you to do that.” I smiled and said, “Yea, well you don’t know how long I’ve waited to do it.” Kane pulled me back over and lifted me up again, this time my legs wrapped around his waist…And as we kissed he walked with me down to his room…We never broke the kiss…

Nina was rubbing his chest and playing with his nipples. Kane leaned into her and moaned into her ear. She smiled and laughed. He thought to himself, ‘Ok time to have a little fun.’ Kane slid his hand down her shorts and quickly moved the thin material of her lace string bikini panties aside and thrust a finger inside her. Nina moaned loudly into his ear. He grinned with delight. He inserted a second finger and she arched into him. “You're torturing me you know.” He just winked. Pulling his fingers from her and licking them clean.

Kane Placed Nina on her feet.

“Sit down, because now it's my turn for some fun,” Nina said…She stood in front of him and unbuttoned his jeans. Her hands traced his chest. Nina pushed him back against his bed until he sat down. In an instant she freed his painfully hard erection and hit her knees. She slid her hand up his length, and then back down again slowly, now she was torturing him and she knew it. She breathed a hot breath on the tip jolting him slightly. She then grasped his cock and slowly slid her tongue around his shaft… “Damn that feels so good.” Kane groaned.

She looked up and smiled, “I'm not finished yet.” She took in as much of him as she could, and began sucking, her tongue swirling as her head bobbed up and down. She did this for a short time, and stopped to his disappointment.

Nina finished undressing Kane and then proceeded to pull the rest of her clothing off then pushed him back on his bed and crawled up his body…Kane’s hands roamed and caressed her body as she started kissing his neck and her hands slowly slid up and went to his mask…and were undoing the buckles…Kane grabbed her hands and pulled them to his chest and he said, “No.” Nina said, “Kane, I’ve seen you without your mask…I’ve known you my whole life…do you honestly think that whatever is under it is going to make me love you any less?” She could see Kane contemplating…and finally Kane kissed her lips softly and placed her hands back on the buckles…she smiled and Kane knew it was worth it if he could keep her smiling like that.

She lifted up the mask and brushed his hair out of his face…and her facial features softened…and a small smile danced on her mouth…she sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and ran her soft fingertips gently over the small 1 inch scar on his forehead, and the 2, 1 inch scars on his cheeks…then leaned down and kisses them and said, “You’re beautiful…don’t you dare let anyone else ever tell you different.” Kane could feel his heart swell at her words…

She moved around on him, brushing her wet pussy over the tip of his cock. He took in a sharp breath. She positioned her self and lowered herself onto his cock. She moaned and waited till she readjusted to his size…it was a tight fit…VERY tight…he moved his hands up to cup her breasts. “Mmm.” She moaned and ground her hips against him. A low moan escaped his lips. Kane rolled over and pulled her knees up and started a slow assault on her wet center with his erection…

He looked into her eyes as his ringlets fell to the sides of her head. He moved out slowly and thrust hard back into her. Her back arched with waves of pleasure. She wrapped her legs around his waist begging for more. He looked at her with a grin, “You like that baby?” “Mmm…Yes Kane.” she replied. He said, “Well, I'm just getting started.”

She licked her lips, looking at him with hunger in her eyes. He pulled out of her against and thrust hard back into her. “Faster.” she begged. “You got it baby.” he said plunging into her over and over. Moving faster as the room filled with moans. He repositioned himself so every thrust brushed against her clit. “Oh God Kaaannnnneeeee.” She screamed as she came. The feeling of her pulsating made him cum with a loud growl spilling into her. He pulled out and collapsed next to her. He gathered her in his arms and placed wet kisses all over her face neck and lips as they drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 15

**Wrestlers Real Names Used & Mild Language**

Kane and I have been married now for a year…I swear it was so great…I couldn’t believe we had actually done it until I woke up the next morning in Honolulu…still wrapped tightly in Kane’s arms and both of us still naked from our first night as husband and wife…I have got to tell you sex as a married couple is so much more enjoyable then when you’re just dating…cause you can get right down to the hardcore raw sex appeal you have for each other…I know I lost count on how many time we had sex together that first night after 16…but it was so great.

So now were back in the swing of things, and Shane (Vince’s Son) helped us work into the wrestling tour that we got married…so now most of the people call me Mrs. Big Red Machine…I think it’s adorable…I started walking Kane down to the ring…plus being a doctor…it was fun.

We are in San Antonio, Texas tonight…I was sitting in the dressing room running a comb through my hair cause I had just gotten out of the shower…I was sitting on the couch in a towel…I had a feeling that I was forgetting something…but just kept my thoughts to myself…Kane on the other hand had left with Mark a few hours ago when we first got here with everyone, and I hadn’t heard anything from him since he left…I was getting kind of worried and tried calling his cell phone a couple of times, but got no answer…I hope he’s okay…

Someone knocked on the door and I yelled, “C’mon in it’s open…” over the TV, cause I couldn’t find the remote to turn it down…Heidi walked in and shut the door behind her…she said, “Hey, would you by any chance know where your husband took my husband a few hours ago, I tried calling Mark’s cell but he’s not answering…” I got up and shut the TV off and said, “That’s really strange, I tried Kane’s and he’s not answering either.” Heidi said, “I have a feeling those two are up to something…” I said, “Anytime they get together, we always end up on the bad end of the stick…”

Heidi sat down next to me, and I said, “Girl, you’re pressing my clothes…” She moved over a little and handed my levis, t-shirt, bra, panties and socks over to me, I went ahead and got dressed….Don’t get all perverted or anything, It’s not like me and Heidi has something the other hasn’t seen already.

About an hour later, Kane was supposed to be getting ready for a tag match with him & Mark against Rob Van Dam & Lance Storm but seems how Kane and Mark weren’t back yet…everyone was trying to figure out where they were because it was usually cold day in hell when Kane or Mark missed a match or a show for that matter. Shane walked in and said, “Okay Nina, I give up, where’s you’re husband?” I said, “Well hell, you’re guess is as good as mine…where ever he seems to be hiding out, he’s kidnapped Mark as well…”

Shane said, “Great…Just great, not only is the Big Red Machine missing but so it seems his tag team partner The Deadman is with him somewhere…I smell a rat somewhere and as soon as I figure it out…well get down to the bottom of this.” I said, “Sure, as soon as you find Kane, you’ll find Mark, and I’m assuming vise versa.” Heidi said, “Yea, could you by some chance tell my husband, I did have something important to discuss with him…and if he could find where he left his brain, I’d like to speak with him when he gets back.”

Chapter 16

**Same Warning**

About 5 minutes before the match was to take place, Shane went out to the ring and was going to announce the cancellation of the match for that night with Kane, Mark, Lance, and Rob…Rob and Lance were already in the ring waiting for the two stragglers to join them for the match…Shane pulled the mic to his lips and just as he started to say something… “DEADMAN WALKIN’…” hard hitting music rang through the arena…and the fans jumped to their feet and went totally ballistic…Kane and Mark came out in levis and a t-shirt…first time Kane would wrestle in that type of ring attire…Kane did have his mask on so…I guess it was okay.

Heidi and I were absolutely staring into the TV pretty much dumb founded…where the hell had they both been??? What the hell was going on??? And just exactly why didn’t either of them answer their cell phones??? All answers would come in due time…obviously the match was going to come first…and the answers had better be explained pretty damn quick. Kane and Mark made short comings of Lance and Rob…obviously winning by choke slamming both the guys.

As the boys walked up the ramp, we were standing behind the curtain waiting for them to emerge…when they walked around the corner they were laughing, Kane said, “Did you see Shane’s face, he didn’t think we were going to show up for the match…” Mark chuckled and said, “I know, like we’d really miss a match or a show…get real.” The guys stopped in their tracks when they saw Heidi and me standing our ground with our arms folded across our chests in a defense.

Kane smiled cheesy and said, “Baby!” He walked over to me and started to give me a kiss on the cheek and I moved my head and said, “I don’t think so Kane Callaway…” Mark started to walk towards Heidi, when she put her hand on his chest and said, “Think again little man.” And we both turned around and walked back to the dressing room, the boys in toe straggling behind us pretty quiet after the cold reception. Kane was making faces cause he knew he was in trouble for not answering his cell…and Mark let out a little whimper cause he knew he was in double trouble with Heidi. Mark might have had a temper but it was nothing compared to Heidi’s.

When we got back to the dressing room, Heidi grabbed Mark’s ear and drug him into the next room like a 5 year-old. Kane didn’t want to sit cause he knew I was about to either a) explode or b) want to shove him first before I exploded…he was right on both accounts I did both a & b…first I exploded with, “Where the hell have you been, and why didn’t you answer your cell phone?” I said pretty loud as it rang off the walls in the dressing room…Kane really couldn’t give me an answer all he said was, “I had some business to take care of.”

I put my hands on his chest and shoved him as hard as I could, which trying to shove Kane was kind of like trying to push a semi with a Mazda…it wasn’t happening... I said, “Do you have any clue as to how worried I was about you?…huh…huh….do you?” he said, “No.” He looked at the floor like a scolded dog, and just kept his eyes on my steel toes, trying to watch to see if I was going to try and kick his manhood away so he couldn’t have children…ever.

Kane had his hands shoved down low in his pockets and I said, “I was so worried about you…why didn’t you answer your cell-phone?” Kane said, “I told you I was taking care of some business…”

I said, “Oh really…so what exactly was so important that you had to ignore your cell phone when you’re wife…that’s me…couldn’t pick it up and at least let me know you were alright, you and Mark have been missing since we got to the arena which hello, if you had a watch or maybe took some common sense to ask someone what time it was, you’d know you’ve been gone for 5 hours…which in a normal case if I would of stayed at the hotel I would of expected you to not be there until later, but I’m at the arena worried about you, cause you nearly missed your match…you didn’t even have time to change, you had to wrestle in that. The time that we’ve been together, I don’t think I ever seen you unprepared for a match.”

Kane said, “Well, obviously, what I had to get done was a little more important then trying to get back here to do my match or to even pick up the ringing cell-phone hanging off my hip…I was taking care of…” and before he could…I finished for him, “Business. Okay that phrase is getting old…” Kane said, “Well that’s the only one you’re going to get out of me.” I rolled my eyes and walked out the door…letting the door close on it’s own, Heidi stormed past Kane shoving him out of the way and Kane said, “Hey, watch it.” Heidi said, “Bite me.” And continued out the door…

Chapter 17

**Same Warning**

Heidi caught up with me and said, “Exactly what did you get out of Kane?” I said, “Probably the same thing you got out of Mark…” Heidi said, “Let me guess, they were taking care of some business.” I said, “Exactly! Oh that makes me mad…you’d think after being married a year, he’d actually tell me the truth…I can always tell when Kane is lying…he shoves his hands in his front pockets and stare at my feet thinking I’m going to kick him or something. One of these days I’m going to give that boy the shock of his lifetime and do just that, kick him as hard as I possibly can.” Heidi said, “Good, when you get done doing that, you can come show me how to do it by practicing on Mark.”

We got quiet for a second and just looked at each other and started laughing so hard…Shane walked up and said, “Ladies, where are your damn husbands?” We both pointed down the hall way and said, “Kane’s dressing room.” At the same time, which made us bust out laughing again…Shane said, “Both of them?” Heidi said, “Yes…see if you can get them to stop being asshole.” I said, “Yea…and to learn to take care of business, by learning how to answer a ringing cell-phone.” We walked around Shane and Heidi put her arm around my shoulder, and I put my arm around her waist, and we just walked away…Screw the guys…was the only thought we both had in our minds.

We were sitting in Heidi and Marks dressing room and we checked the fridge just by some miracle of chance and there was 3 bottles of Tequila in it…we looked at each other and she said, “Are you thinking, what I’m thinking?” I said, “Get drunk? And make the guys’ crazy looking for us?” We both grinned evilly and said, “Exactly.” At the same time. We took the bottles out and drank one and a half each…we were so shit faced within a 30 minute time period, we were talking about pure nonsense. We were both sitting on the couch, but Heidi was on one end facing me and I was on the other facing her…and our legs were tangled with each other…

Heidi said, “We’ve only been married for 2 years, I can’t get divorced…I’m not ready to stop loving him yet…” I said, “We’ll you’ve been married longer then me and the king of bidness…I swear why couldn’t they just tell us what they had been doing…” Heidi said, “Hell for all we know they were at some hooker house getting laid…cause you know being on the road and having to wrestle almost every night leaves no time for a sex life when your married…” I said, “It would figure that Kane would go somewhere else to get him some lovin’…well technically not lovin’…more like sexin’…” Heidi said, “Please, they were straight fuckin’…”

The longer we talked the more slurred our speech got…but then the conversation got interesting…and I said, “Why is it…you can never find a good man…one who doesn’t cheat, or smack you around…or LIE to you about stupid shit…huh…tell me that one…”

Heidi said, “Yea, and why is it when you go to a party a guy comes up with his ‘hey baby I saw you from across the room and thought you might like to freak’ pick up line…do guys really think that kind of shit works on a girl??” I said, “Mmm-hmm and you better go back to where you came from!{hiccup}…” Heidi said, “Yup…the only acceptable answer to give {burp}…and then you get these guys who have little dicks and can’t fuck…” I said, “Yea, or big dicks and still can’t fuck…”

Heidi said, “Do…Does K…Kan…Kane know how to {hiccup}…uh…ya know?” I looked up at her my eyes open really wide and said, “Girl, he’s got those amazing thighs that just get me on fire…I could {hiccup} shatter glass screaming his name while were having sex…it’s crazy…next time you hear my voice all rough one morning…you’ll now I was up the night before screeching like an eagle from the sex we had…wh.{hiccup}..wh…what about Mr. Bad Ass what’s he’s like?”

Heidi said, “That boy…I wish I could thank his {hiccup} momma for the talent and well endowed ness she gave him…when he starts in my {hiccup} my thighs feel like their going to be ripped off me, and I swear my crotch is so sore the next morning I can’t {hiccup} I can’t {hiccup} I can’t even sit down for like 12 hours…I have to lay down, and I walk a little bowlegged…” I said, “Oh, that’s why I see you walk bowlegged sometimes…good look for you…you should become a cowgirl. {burp} Cause obviously his cowboy keeps you bowlegged for a reason…{hiccup}”

Heidi said, “{hiccup} what about you know {hiccup} the whole climax…orgasm thing {hiccup}?” I said, “Well if I’m really {hiccup} really into it…he can actually have me {hiccup} scaring his name…{hiccup} I mean screaming his name before we even get {hiccup} get half way through {hiccup}…” Heidi said, “Aren’t you glad {hiccup} that we have husdabands {hiccup} I mean husbands {hiccup} who can make us {hiccup} screaming the star Spanish banner {hiccup}…I mean Star Spangled Banner…. {hiccup}?” I said, “{hiccup} Sure…it works {hiccup} for me.”

We had moved around so much that by the time the guys came looking for us, Heidi was laying on the floor with her legs on the couch, and had fallen asleep like that…and I was laying on the floor next to her with my legs on the wall…and we were holding hands…it looked like someone had placed us like that, but in the event of our talking and drunkenness we just pretty much moved around to be comfortable…we were both barefooted, we lost our shoes and couldn’t find them…instead of finding the shoes, we found blankets and covered up with them…

The guys actually got a taste of their own medicine when they were stalking around the arena trying to find us…they traipsed all the way back to the hotel, when we weren’t there, they came all the way back to the arena…Kane said, “You think their doing this on purpose?” Mark said, “More then likely yea…they were really pissed off about us missing for 5 hours..” Kane said, “Yea, they had a right to be though…even though they don’t realize we were doing something for them…Nina was really worried…I think she wanted to cry up until the time I kept repeating myself and she stormed out the door…”

Mark said, “Yea, Heidi too, up until she tore out after Nina…they are in this damn arena somewhere, it’s just a matter of finding them…they have to be hiding on purpose.” Kane said, “Yea, they couldn’t have gotten lost…Nina knows the arenas too well…and so does Heidi…” Mark said, “You don’t think they went somewhere just to deliberately get away from us to teach us a lesson, do you?” Kane said, “Nah, Nina and Heidi wouldn’t do that…besides, the other rental car that the girls took is still in the parking garage…even though? I know this is a learning lesson…were supposed to be worried like they were…they are probably watching us right now, laughing their asses off…” Mark said, “Yea…hey I need to run by my dressing room, I left my bag in there…”

Chapter 18

**Same Warning**

They walked down and opened the door…Mark went into the bathroom to retrieve his bag, when he heard Kane laughing…Mark said, “What’s up?” Kane moved and said, “Look…I think we found them…” Mark looked around Kane and started laughing so hard he had tears sliding down his cheeks…Kane looked down and saw the empty bottles at his feet and said, “Good lord…they drank three bottles of Tequila between the two of them…they are going to be so hung over tomorrow…I’ve never seen Nina drink or drunk for that matter..”

Mark said, “I’ve seen Heidi drunk once…but uh…it wasn’t pretty…she man bashes when she’s drunk…” Kane said, “And here I thought Heidi was a sweet girl…and figured Nina was an angel..” Mark said, “Yea, far from it on either…so should we leave them, or take them with?” Kane said, “Yea, well I think we better take them with, but I wouldn’t exactly mess with them in the morning, after what we put them through tonight, and then what they put themselves through, they are going to be super bitchy tomorrow…” They walked over and were trying to help us to our feet, when we both woke up…

Heidi pinch Mark’s cheek and said, “Hey there Marky boy…” she threw her arms around his neck and he said, “Hey baby…a little drunk are we?” she said, “Eh maybe…then again maybe not…{hiccup} did you know me and Nina were talking about you and Kone…” Mark said, “You mean Kane?” Heidi said, “I said that!…” Kane pulled me up and I said, “Yea, we traded sex secrets on you two…make her a little bowlegged huh Mark??” Mark’s face turned three shades of red…and said, “Heidi…I can’t believe you told Nina that.”

Heidi said, “What…she told me that Kone’s thighs light her fire, so I wanted to tell her something about you.” Mark said, “You mean Kane.” Heidi threw her hands on her hips and said, “That’s what I said!” When Kane heard that he turned three shade of red also…and said, “Nina, I can’t believe you would talk about our private sex life…” I said, “Kone, every one knows I’m married to the Berg Read Mansion…so naturally they always want to know what sex with the Mansion is like…Heidi is the only one I told…but she’s my bestest friend, whose she going to tell?” Kane said, “The name is Kane…I’m the Big Red Machine…and she’s your best friend, not bestest…” I said, “That’s what I said baby..”

Kane said, “They are both toast…” They looked around and Mark said, “Heidi, where are your guys shoes?” Heidi shrugged her shoulders and I said, “I dunno, we lost them somewhere between the couch and floor…” The guys had heard all they needed too, they threw us over their shoulders when I heard an, “Ouch, Heidi…that hurt.” Heidi said, “Oh, stop whining and take it like a man…” I said, “Solidarity sister…” Heidi leaned her body up long enough to say, “YA-YA!” and slumped back over Mark’s shoulder…About 10 feet from the door Kane put me down cause I had gotten quiet and he wanted to check on me…when he leaned me against the wall…Kane said, “Mark I’ll take the other car, and see you at the hotel tomorrow…” Mark said, “Okay...see ya.”

By the time Kane had turned his attention back to me, I slid down the way and was sitting on the floor, with my knees into my chest…I sort of half sobered up, and Kane squatted down in front of me…and lifted my head and said, “Nina are you okay?” I said, “Do you want a divorce?”

Listening to those words ringing in his ears, Kane’s heart fell into his stomach…he said, “Why would you ask me a question like that?” I said, “Cause you left me today for 5 hours and I just figured the business you were attending to was someone else.” Kane sat on the floor next to me and said, “Nina, I don’t want a divorce, I love you…there’s no one else I want more in my life then you…you’re it for me…no turning around…”

My voice started to crack and I said, “Yea, but you left me…and I was so worried about you…I thought something serious had happened to you…for all I knew you could have been lying dead in a ditch somewhere and I wouldn’t have known it until the cops came to tell me…” I had tears sliding down my cheeks, Kane pulled me over to him and kissed the top of my head, and I cried on his chest…Kane said, “I promise I won’t leave you ever again…I didn’t mean to make you worry, I was trying to do something before we had to leave tomorrow.”

Kane stood up and stretched and squatted back down he said, “Feel better?” I said, “A little, but…my feet are cold…” Kane said, “That’s what you get for losing your shoes…which we’ll find in the morning…c’mon angel, let’s you in to bed…” He pulled me up, and I was still pretty out of it from the booze, and nearly fell back down when Kane grabbed me, and picked me up, and carried me out to the car…I wrapped my arms around his neck and said, “I like this.” He said, “What?”

I said, “You, taking care of me…” Kane said, “ too…but you didn’t have to get drunk in order for me to take care of you…I’ll always take care of you…I promise.” I said, “I love you.” He said, “I love you too sweetie.” And with that he put me in the car and got me to the hotel, where he undressed me and stuck me in one of his Kane t-shirts…and we both fell asleep…

In the morning, when we woke up, Kane handed me a box…I opened it and it was a ring that had diamonds all the way around it…I looked at Kane and said, “What is this for?” Kane said, “Well…I never got you an engagement ring…and we only have these silver matching bands that link us…so this is your official ring.” Kane took my hand in his and pulled my wedding band off and slipped the other ring on, and then put the wedding band back on and kissed my hand and said, “There…just where it should always be.”

I said, “This is why you disappeared yesterday isn’t it?” Kane smiled and said, “Yea…When I asked Mark to help me pick something out…he wanted to get something for Heidi also…They were frustrated cause they’ve been trying to get pregnant for a year or so…and they are taking a break he wanted her to know everything would be ok.” I threw my arms around Kane’s neck and pulled him back to bed and we made love all day…We decided to never let go.

The End