Chapter 1


Marie Callaway walked down the hallway of the arena waiting for her dad to finish up the wrestlers meeting that happened every night before Raw, Smackdown or the PPV’s started…Marie was excited her Uncle Kane was going to be coming back tonight…he’d been out for 8 months with a bicep injury.


Marie walked down the hall a little more and came to one of the writers office’s Marie looked in and saw one the WWE’s new writers hard at work on her laptop…she was a quiet girl…Cira Lucas…(sounds like Kira…spelled Cira…)


Marie watched the leggy brunette as she typed away…Cira was 22 and had to have been close to 5’10” and was pretty skinny rounding the 125 lbs mark.  Long brunette hair to her waist and big green eyes…


I was typing away when I had the sudden feeling I was being watched I looked up and said, “Hi Marie.”  She smiled and said, “What’s up Cira?” 


The 20 year old 5’8” 120 lb, red head walked in with her big green eyes and smile like her father…she said, “Nothing, dad is still at the meeting…Uncle Kane should be coming back tonight...” 


I said, “Yea, I know…I am writing him into your fathers script…Make sure you tell him I’ll deliver the script as soon as I’m finished…”  Marie smiled and said, “Okay Cira…thanks.”  I said, “No problem.”  I watched as she walked back out and down the hallway towards her father’s dressing room.


Marie had been her fathers personal assistant since she was 17…right out of high school…Vince approached her with the idea…then asked her father Mark Callaway…if you don’t know who he is…he’s a big tattooed guy who wrestles under the name Undertaker…nuff said.  Mark gave the okay…so Marie has been working for the company for 3 years now…


I’ve just barely been here for 8 months…Marie mentioned her Uncle Kane…I didn’t get to meet him…he had just gone out with an injury when I was hired a week later.  I finished typing up the script and printed it out…I stapled it and then got up and walked down the hallway to Mark’s dressing room…


I saw a few of the guys meandering in the hall so I knew the meeting was out.  I walked up and knocked on the door…there was no answer…I peeked in and noticed everyone was gone…I opened the door and walked over and sat the two scripts down on the bench…I turned to leave…and there was the biggest guy I’d seen in my life…


He had a red and black leather mask covering his face…from the bottom of his chin to the bottom of his nose was visible…he had long brown hair in ringlets around his face.  He was about as tall as Mark and just as big…at least 6’10” and 325 lbs…He started walking towards me and I swear I could feel my eyes getting bigger…to adjust to how big he was.


When he got about 5 feet from me, I started backing up…when I hit the wall I had no place else to go…The guy came closer to me and stopped when he was so close I could tell what kind of toothpaste he used…he leaned over so his face was in mine…and had his hand on the wall so I couldn’t move…


His voice was deep and low he said, “What are you doing in my brother’s room?”  I couldn’t find my tongue…or my voice box…he yelled, “ANSWER ME!”  I started shaking form head to toe and my breathing was erratic…and said, “I…I…”  I blinked and a tear slid down my cheek…


The door to the dressing room opened and Marie walked in and stopped dead in her tracks…Mark followed soon after…Marie ran over and said, “No Uncle Kane No…”  She pushed herself between me and the big guy…and put her hands on his chest…he stood back and rolled his thick muscled shoulders. 


Mark walked over and said, “Kane its okay.”  He looked at Mark and said, “She was in here without permission.”  Mark said, “Actually she’s the only one who does have permission to come in here when I’m not here.”  Marie said, “Uncle Kane, she’s a new writer…they hired her right after you left…she’s really nice, you didn’t hurt her did you?”  He leaned over and kissed Marie’s head and said, “Of course not…I think I may have frightened her though.”


Mark turned and said, “Cira, you okay darlin’?”  I opened my mouth to say something and I just closed it; I nodded and then walked past them and left back to my office.


Chapter 2


Kane scooped his niece up in his arms and hugged her as tight as he could…listening to Marie giggle just like she would when she was 10…she hugged him back and kissed his masked covered cheek.  Kane let her down gently and said, “Geez, little bit, I leave for 8 months, come back and all of a sudden you’re a woman…when did you grow up?” 


Marie smiled as she pushed a stray piece of hair behind her ear…she said, “Uncle Kane, I’ve been a woman for a while now…you and dad never notice.  Seem to think I’m gonna be a baby forever.”  Mark walked over and hugged his daughter to his side and said, “But you are a baby…you’re my baby girl.”  Marie hugged her father back and made a face.


Kane couldn’t help but laugh at his niece…Kane sat down and ran his hand through his long ringlets and said, “I hope I didn’t scare her too much…I just know how much you hate people walking into your dressing room when you’re not even in it.”  Mark said, “Don’t worry bro…Cira is a sweet heart…she’s probably one of the only females working in this company that I admire.  She doesn’t take shit from the other guys…and she knows exactly how to write my scripts the way I like them.  But she is pretty quiet.”


Marie said, “I talked to Her friend Jinni down in wardrobe…she said Cira had some kind of tragic past involving a boyfriend…that’s why she’s so quiet and why she hardly ever talks to anyone.  She’s scared of the wrestlers who are bigger then her…and I’m willing to bet you might wanna go at her with more then an apology Uncle Kane.”


Kane straightened up and said, “Well little miss know it all, what would you suggest?”  Marie smiled and said, “An apology, flowers and dinner…you nearly scared her to death…she deserves it.”  Kane finished lacing his wrestling boots and stood up and said, “I’ll tell ya what little bit…you put everything together and after my match and shower I’ll go down and see what I can do.”  Marie smiled and said, “Deal.”


Marie started making the arrangements, but decided to hold off on the dinner reservations…she wanted to make sure Cira would accept first.


Kane walked down the hall and found Cira’s office and knocked.  He heard a soft voice say, “C’mon in.”  Kane opened the door and stood there.


As the door opened I looked up and saw that big guy there.  I pulled my hair behind my ears and said, “Is there something wrong with your script?”  Kane walked over and I jumped up and he said, “No…no…I just wanted to apologize for earlier…I know my brother doesn’t like having people in his dressing room when he’s not there…I didn’t know you had permission.  I’m really sorry for scaring you…and I’d like to make it up to you.”


I said, “So you’re Marie’s Uncle Kane…you know she looks up to you and Mark.”  Kane smiled and said, “Yea I know.”  I got quiet and said, “I accept your apology…I usually don’t scare that easily…but I didn’t know you and you’re…well…You’re really big.”  Kane laughed and said, “Yea…can you tell Me and Mark are brothers?”  I smirked and said, “Yea just a little.”


Kane said, “Will you let me take you to dinner…to make up for scaring you?”  I said, “Oh…I don’t know.”  Kane said, “Please?”  I chewed on my bottom lip and said, “Okay…but just this once.”  Kane said, “I’ll see you after the show.”  I said, “Okay.”


I watched as he walked out of the room and I went back to work…


HOLY SHIT!  I haven’t had a dinner date in YEARS!


Chapter 3


At the end of the show, I was walking around back stage and I went to my office and found a long skinny white box on my desk…I opened it and moved the tissue paper to see the most beautiful looking burnt orange long stem roses.  I found a little card inside and it said:


Please come to room 1015 at the hotel that every one is staying at.



I debated but figured ‘what could go wrong?’.


I took my rental car back to the Hotel…I showered and changed into a satin, double spaghetti strapped dress…it came down to about 6 inches above my knees…plus I slipped on a red hooded button up crocheted waist length sweater, and my black 2½ inch-heeled, knee-high boots.  I left my hair down…


I went up to the 10th floor.  I found Kane’s room and knocked on the door.  Kane opened the door clad in black jeans, big black boots, and a white polo shirt with the top two buttons unbuttoned…the shirt looked like a second skin to him…his arms looked as if they were about to make the sleeves of the shirt explode.  The shirt was tucked in and I could make out the outline of his 6-pak through the white shirt.  He had his long brunette ringlets pulled back into a low pony tail at the base of his neck.  And of course a black leather mask, with his mouth showing like his wrestling one.


Kane smiled down at the shy woman and said, “Thanks for coming Cira…I hope you don’t mind us eating dinner here…I don’t like going out in public to eat often because of this stupid mask…People stare and ask questions…and I get frustrated by stupid questions easily.  Please come in.”


I walked in and was taken back a bit…there was a table in the middle of the sitting room, clad with a black satin table cloth, black candles burned…illuminating the room…the only source of light…the table had been set for two…it was so beautiful.


Kane closed the door behind me, and said, “Can I take your sweater?”  I slipped the sweater off…and Kane took it and laid it across the arm of the couch.  Kane held my chair out for me, and then slid it up to me and I sat down.  Kane sat across from me and we ate and talked a little about work and his injury.


Kane was surprised he got her to smile a few times…and thought back to what his niece had said…he’d wondered if it was true and what could have happened that was so bad, that the beautiful creature sitting across from him would be so quiet and withdrawn from people…and especially guys who were much bigger then her. 


Kane was definitely curious now…but he didn’t want to push her…he would just bide his time and wait and hopefully she would trust him enough to tell him.  Kane was really surprised she treated him like a regular human being with him wearing the mask and all…Most people treated him as if he were a 5 year old.  Like because he had to hide himself it automatically gave him the brain of a child. 


Not Cira…she talked to him as if he was just a close friend.  Laughing at his jokes and stories about Mark and himself growing up and then later, when he moved onto the subject of his niece…Cira had a smile that could light the entire room…her laugh was intoxicating…and God did she smell heavenly…kind of like warm sun kissed sunflowers.


After we finished eating we talked a little more…then I got up and said, “I should really be going…I have to get a jump on next weeks scripts.”  Kane stood up and grabbed my sweater and said, “Let me walk you back to your room.”  I said, “No it’s okay…I’ve taken up enough of your time…thank you for dinner…it was wonderful.  Get some rest…I’m pretty sure you’ve got a couple of appearances to do, to make up for the time you’ve been gone.”  Kane nodded and said, “Yea…Thanks for coming tonight…you made dinner special for me.” 


I blushed a little and nodded.  Kane came closer and before I knew it his lips were brushing against mine.  I couldn’t help but kiss back.  I pulled away a little breathless…and touch my lips…I could feel them getting swollen from having contact with someone else in such a long time…I said, “G’night.”  And left. 


Once I got to the floor my room was on I ran down to my room and then locked myself completely inside…I got into a shower and started washing my body from head to toe…I couldn’t help but cry while standing under the water…I got out and as I dried off I berated myself for leaving Kane like that…he’d been nothing but super sweet and I bolted cause he kissed me…


I stood up looking at my naked body in the mirror…I slowly ran my finger tips across the slash scars 1-5 across my rib cage, 6-10 upper mid-drift, 2 on my left side of my rib cage, 2 small ones on the side of my neck, between the bottom of my neck and my shoulder and 1 across the back of my lower neck, above my shoulders, were the head meets the spine…15 in all…they were always there…reminding me of the past, never leaving me alone…always in my nightmares…the physical aching had been gone from them for 4 years, but the pain was always there.


I put my night down on and went to bed…trying to not to remember how I got the scars…trying to keep myself from having nightmares…hopefully I could get real sleep tonight…Hopefully.


Chapter 4


The next morning…My eyes fluttered open…the sun was in my eyes and I thought my head was going to explode…not enough sleep always left me with a headache…I crawled from the bed over to the window and closed the curtains…and then flopped back into bed and threw the covers up over my head.


I was just about to doze off again when someone knocked on my door…I sat up fast and walked over to the door and jerked it open…and Kane was staring back at me…I froze I couldn’t move…My eyes nearly popped out when I suddenly realized I was still in my night gown.  I squealed and jumped behind the door and grabbed a longer sweater I had and threw it on…


I could hear Kane laughing in the hallway…I walked around the door pulling the sweater closed around my body.  I smirked…he had a really nice laugh.  I said, “Are you insane?  What are you doing here?”  Kane held out my red sweater and said, “Well as you was fleeing the scene last night, you forgot your sweater.”  


I yanked my sweater out of his hand and then smacked him in the arm with it and laughed…I said, “I wasn’t fleeing the scene.  I…well…You just kind of freaked me out.”  Kane said, “It was the kiss wasn’t it?”  I said, “Yea…but not for any reason you’re thinking.” 


Kane suggested we got to breakfast, so I got dressed and we went down to the hotel restaurant.  After we’d eaten breakfast, we sat there talking…Kane leaned over and touched the side of my left cheek with his thumb and then smoothed his thumb over my cheek and said, “So what was the reason…you know…that you freaked?”  I said, “I haven’t been kissed by a guy in a really long time…so it just kind of freaked me out…I’m sorry I bolted.”


Kane said, “Hey, no harm done…as long as you don’t run away every time I kiss you.”  I could feel the blush creep into my cheeks and said, “You do know you don’t have to kiss me again right?  I mean no ones forcing you.”  Kane said, “You wanna know why I thought you ran?”  I said, “Sure.”


Kane put his head down and then straightened up and looked over and the beautiful woman sitting next to him…and said, “I thought I scared you…because of me…because of the whole mask and freaky monster thing.” 


I took Kane’s big hand in my two tiny ones and said, “No…That would never be the reason…never…”  I ran my thumb across Kane’s beautiful reed lips and leaned over and softly kissed his lips.


Kane and I obviously decided to start slowly and work our way up…


Chapter 5


After a few months of spending a lot of time together…a lot of talking and a ton of stolen kisses when we thought people weren’t looking.  One night after Raw had started, I was sitting on my desk in my office, reading a script and making sure everything went with the right wrestler. 


Someone knocked on the door. 


I looked up and Kane was leaning against the door frame…I smiled and said, “What are you doing here…you’re supposed to be getting ready for a match.”  Kane said, “I am ready…see I’ve got my wrestling gear on.”  I nodded and said, “Okay…you’re off the list.”  Kane walked over and said, “What list?”  I said, “The Bad - Bad Boy list.”


Kane said, “Oh but I can be a bad boy when I want to.”  I laughed and said, “I have no doubt you’re telling the truth.”  Kane walked over and pushed my legs apart and stood between my thighs…and leaned down to kiss me.  His tongue plundered my mouth over and over…as he nipped on my bottom lip…


He carefully scooped me up into his arms with my legs around his waist and walked over and closed and locked my office door…he then walked over and sat on the couch in my office with me straddling his lap…we continued to kiss…and Kane reached over and turned the light off.


Kane said, “I want to touch you more…but I don’t want to over step my boundaries.”  I couldn’t help but laugh…I leaned back a little and pulled the straps of my tank top down…but didn’t lower it anymore, so he couldn’t feel my scars.  Then I took his hands and put them on my naked breasts…he was very gentle…I leaned over and kissed his lips so softly…


Kane was palming Cira’s breasts, and rolling her nipples gently…feeling them get hard and hearing her moan under his ministrations.  His tongue slipped into her mouth as he started caressing its warm recesses…


Kane felt Cira’s hands slide up to his shoulders and pull down the straps to his wrestling attire…She leaned closer and let her breasts push into his chest.  Kane moaned into her mouth at the intimate contact.  Then slid his massive arms around her tiny framed body and pulled her closer.  His lips felt hers to kiss down her neck and across the front of her throat. 


I pulled back a little and ran my fingertips down the front of his chest…letting my fingernails graze his little pebble nipples…Kane’s hands went to my breasts again and then suddenly one slipped down my shirt…and I felt him rub against my scars…


I knew it was the scars he touched…simply because I knew where every scar started and ended on my body…I knew how long and how wide they were…I knew what it felt like to have them touched…cause I was the only one who ever touched them…examining them every time I changed or showered…


I heard Kane fumbling for the light switch on the wall…I hurriedly pulled my tank top back up.  Kane flicked the light on as I backed off of his lap and across the floor to a standing position…Kane stood to his near 7 feet. 


Kane said, “What the hell was that?”  I was about to lose it…I said, “Wha…What was what?”  Kane said, “I felt your skin…it felt weird…I know you know what I’m talking about…just tell me.”  I backed away as I headed around the desk…I started to go over to the door…I got it open but Kane closed it…


Kane grabbed my arm and whirled me around so my back was tight against his chest and I couldn’t move…He pulled my shirt up a little and saw the slash mark scars on my upper mid-drift and lower rib cage.  Kane growled, “What the fuck happened Cira?”  I said, “Nothing…alright…it’s none of your damn business.”


I elbowed him in the rib cage as hard as I could and he let go of me to hold his ribs and I threw the door open and took off running…I got all the way to the parking garage into my rental and pulling out into the street just as I saw Kane running out the back door in my rearview mirror.  I made it back to the hotel and to my room…locking every door insight…I laid curled into a ball in the middle of the bed with a big blanket wrapped around my body and I had myself a really good long cry.


Chapter 6


Kane went back to his and Mark’s dressing room where Mark and Marie were wrestling around for the keys to the rental…Marie wanted to drive, but Mark wanted to get to the hotel alive…That kind of fight could go on forever, until Mark put his foot down, snatched the keys out of her hand and threw her over his shoulder and walked out.


Kane came in the room and sat down. 


Marie noticed his disposition changed right away…she stopped struggling with her father and said, “Uncle Kane what’s wrong?”  Kane said, “Little Bit leave the room I need to speak with my brother.”  Marie said, “Okay Uncle Kane.”  And kissed the top of his head, and then walked out into the hallway and closed the door behind her.


Mark sat on the bench across from the couch Kane was sitting on and said, “Kane what’s going on?”  Kane looked up and had tears in his eyes…he said, “Someone hurt Cira…really bad.”  Mark jumped up and his voice boomed in the room, “WHAT!”  Kane jumped to his feet and said, “Not now…a long time ago…I’d venture to say about 4 years.”  Mark said, “Kane you’re making no sense what so ever…Just tell me what happened.” 


Kane swallowed hard and said, “We were kissing and we started getting intimate…which we were both consenting on the intimate part…and I touched the upper part of her mid-drift and the lower part of her ribcage…and I thought I felt something there…she scampered off my lap like I’d burned her.  When I turned the light on, she’d pulled her shirt back on…so I know she was hiding something from me.  I pulled her over to me and lifted her shirt…she had slash scars all over her…I growled at her cause I wanted to know where they came from…she yelled at me, cracked me in the ribcage with her elbow and left.  I tried to stop her but she was gone when I got to the parking lot…”


Kane sighed heavy and said, “Some people cut themselves when they are depressed…Do you think Cira has been depressed in the past enough to cut herself…those scars were at least 4 years old.”  Mark said, “I don’t know what’s going on but were gonna find out.”


Mark grabbed his things, as Marie poked her head in the door and said, “Dad can I come back in now?”  Mark said, “Yes…but you get to drive…I’m going with your Uncle Kane back to the hotel, were gonna be down talking to Cira…you keep yourself out of trouble…you hear?”  Marie smiled and said, “Yes dad.”


Marie watched as her dad and Uncle left.  A knock came on the dressing room door…Marie opened it to find Brock Lesnar’s pale blue eyes staring back at her.


Marie smirked…she’d been seeing Brock for the last 6 months…secretly…and thank God her uncle and dad didn’t know…they would both of had a hissy fit if they ever found out she was dating a wrestler.


Brock said, “Well?”  Marie said, “They left…had an emergency at the hotel.”  Brock said, “Good, Let’s get going…We have an emergency too.”


Marie said, “Wait a minute…what emergency?”


Brock pulled Marie close to his body as his hand went down and caressed the curve of her ass as he kissed her lips softly…he said, “The emergency in my pants…that wants to be in you…and has wanted to be inside you since the last time it was in you.”


Marie laughed a little as they took off for the hotel…leaving separately…so no one would see them together and it would get back to her dad or uncle.


Chapter 7


Kane and Mark walked up to Cira’s door and started knocking…when she didn’t answer right away…they started banging…


I woke up with pounding in my head…I’d cried myself to sleep…Once I was fully awake I suddenly realized the pounding was in my head it was at the door to my hotel room…I jumped up and went to the door and looked out the peek hole…


I said, “Go away.”  Mark said, “We aren’t going anywhere little girl…you open this door right now.”  I hit the door with my fist and said, “Please just LEAVE   ME   ALONE!”  Kane said, “C’mon Cira…open the door please…were just concerned.”  Mark said, “C’mon honey, open the door.  You know we wouldn’t make you do anything you didn’t want to.”  I said, “Good then go away.  I don’t want to open the door.”  Mark said, “Cira…don’t be stubborn…just open the door.”   Kane said, “Please baby…we just want to talk.”  I started crying again and opened the door…I walked back into the bedroom and sat in the middle of the bed again.  Mark and Kane soon followed sitting in the chairs in the bedroom.  I said, “Why did you make me open the door…I just wanted to be left alone…don’t you get it…”


Mark and Kane watched the beautiful lady cry…and it ripped at their hearts.  Kane said, “I was concerned about you…I didn’t understand what they were from.”  Mark said, “We just wanted to make sure you was okay…those marks aren’t exactly something to be proud of.”


I looked at them and said, “Proud?  You think I’m proud about these?  I hate them…I hate the person who gave them to me…I don’t want anyone seeing them…ever…NEVER!!  I just wanted to go through my life pretending I was invisible.”  Kane said, “What happened?” 


I said, “You happened…I would have been content being the frigid bitch everyone thought I was because I wouldn’t date anyone from the company…and then you treated me like you didn’t know anything bad had ever happened to me…and it’s only because you didn’t know.  You’ve been so sweet and nice and I feel like I could tell you anything…”  Kane said, “How many scars are there?”  I looked down at my hands holding the tissue I’d used to wipe my eyes…and said, “15.”  Kane said, “That didn’t look like 15 to me.” 


I said, “Oh yea…I’ve counted them a million times…believe me there’s 15.”


Kane came over to the bed and knelt down next to the bed by me…Kane took my hand in his and said, “Tell me what happened please.”  I sighed and sniffled a little and said, “I was dating this guy when I was 16…we dated for a year…it was a GREAT year…And then when we were both seniors…he started getting possessive of me…he wouldn’t let me talk to any guy friends Me or him had…and I wasn’t allowed to talk with male teachers…he never hit me…or physically abused me…”


I breathed in deep and sighed heavier and continued, “One night…after a foot ball game…he saw me get stopped by some random stranger in a car who asked me directions…we were supposed to meet at my house and I was gonna change and he was gonna take me to a party…he made it to my house before I did and knew exactly where the spare key was…my parents were at the country club for dad’s monthly tournament…they wouldn’t be home for another hour.  So Mike waited until I got in the house…and then hit me in the head and knocked me out…he slashed up my body with a dull razor, so it would hurt and so I would bleed more…”


Kane’s hand tightened around mine and I said, “My parents came home and found me passed out in the doorway…By the time I turned 18…every scar was fully healed…and Mike was in prison for attempted murder.”  By the time I finished the story I was crying again.  Kane sat on the bed next to me and pulled me into his body, wrapping his huge well muscled arms around my tiny frame.  I cried on his shoulder…


Mark said, “Well, I think that’s my cue to leave…Night Kane, Night Cira.”


Kane laid down with me wrapped up in his arms and held me while I slept all night long.


Chapter 8


Marie woke up a few hours later, after their first round of love making…she was achy between her thighs, but in a deliciously wonderful way…her face was against a warm chest…She smiled a little…She moved down and was pressing feather light kisses around his stomach and 6-pak…


A low rumbling from the chest attached to the stomach said, “If you are wanting to play, I had better go to the bathroom first.”  Marie said, “That’s probably a good idea…cause we aren’t leaving this room anytime soon.”  Laughter rumbled from Brock’s chest as he got up and stride into the bathroom in all his naked glory.


Marie stretched and rolled over and onto her other side…Brock came out of the bathroom and crawled in bed behind me, his erection pressed tightly against her butt…Brock pulled me back against him and was kissing her neck, shoulders, while his hands were busy making her nipples hard and caressing her breasts…Marie was letting out some ferias moans.


One of his hands left her breasts and slid down her stomach and rested against her mound…Brock was kissing by her ear and said, “Let’s check and see if your ready for me baby…you want to?”  She was writhing under this man’s touch and said, “Mmmm please.”  Brock continued the assault on her neck and shoulders with his tongue and lips as she felt him slide his finger down her slit and into her core…once inside he moved around a little bit and said, “Oh yea, that sweet little pussy of yours is so ready for me baby…” 


Marie swallowed hard…any more dirty talk on his part and it was going to be over, before they even got started on the good stuff…


Brock got up on his knees and pulled Marie up onto her hands and knees…and said, “Don’t move baby.”  Brock pushed her thighs further apart and slid his erection into her dripping core…Brock said, “God damn baby, you’re tight from every angle…”  Marie was going to laugh…but she was so lost in her own ecstasy…Brock gripped her hips and started thrusting in and out of her.


Brock gripped her thighs and thrusted his erection even deeper into her soaking wet center…He started thrusting into me like a mad man…his fingers were digging into her hips, Marie balanced herself on her knees and grabbed his hands with mine and slowly ran them up her body and around her waist…


Brock leaned over her back tight against his chest and he never stopped thrusting into her…he was kissing her neck and along her spine…at the pace they were going it didn’t take long for her orgasm to rack through her body…and as soon as Brock felt her cum, it triggered his…he growled loud as he exploded into her body…he rode out their orgasms…and hit the bed like a ton of bricks…


Brock turned her over and said, “Now you do realize you’re mine…forever.”  Marie laid on him and breathlessly said, “Yes…”  Brock said, “You also realize, that during our first conversation earlier this evening I was serious when I said I wanted you to move into my hotel room with me…” 


Marie said, “I didn’t then…But I can tell now by the look in your eyes…you just let me know when…”  Brock said, “I love you Marie..”  Marie looked up shocked and said, “I love you too Brock.”  She laid her head on Brock’s chest and listened to his heart beat…as they both fell asleep.


Chapter 9


When I woke up in the morning, Kane had left…I got up and took a shower…when I walked back into the bedroom with panties and a t-shirt on…Kane was sitting on the bed, stretched out, with the TV on…watching the morning news.  Kane watched as I walked over and shut the curtains…and then switched a light on…



Daylight falls 
And I'm lost in the big parade
Hold my hand, darling
I'm afraid of the daylight
Shade is dark
Cool and languid for life or love
Safe in shadows 
Never dark as the daylight
As the daylight



Kane said, “Why did you do that?”  I said, “You’d think it was silly if you knew.”  Kane grabbed my hand and pulled me down onto the bed and sat me between his legs and said, “Try me.”  I said, “I’m afraid of the daylight.”  Kane nodded and said, “Well ok.”  I said, “See I told you.”  Kane said, “I didn’t say anything…Here have a donut and some chocolate milk.”


I smiled and said, “Okay.”  As we were eating, Kane said, “Okay…so tell me why you’re afraid of the daylight.”  I said, “Well, I spent 6 months in recovery…from the scars not healing because of the infections…anyways, the windows were always closed and the shades were always dark…so I found solitude and comfort in the dark…I know it might seem silly or even weird…but I dare someone to go through what I’ve been through…you’d be amazed at the different things that comfort people who’ve been through something traumatic like that.”



When I was just knee high
My Momma told me, never try
To be someone that I am not
Yet over time I had forgot
The wandering child, so lost at play
He's found himself but he can't find his way
In the daylight
Oh, the daylight
Ooh, daylight
Ooh, daylight



Kane and I finished eating and Kane screwed the cap back on our milk and pulled me to lay on my back on the bed…and kissed my lips softly…Kane looked up at me and he was asking permission to go further…I just nodded hopeful he wouldn’t scare easy.  Kane started lifting the t-shirt…and kissed and licked up and down every scar on my upper mid-drift and lower ribcage.  Then he found the two in the side of my ribcage…plus once he pulled my shirt completely off and found the two between my neck and shoulder…and the mast one across the back of my neck.


He kneeled down on the floor and hooked his thumbs into my panties and pulled them down…and off… I moved over and straddled Kane’s lap.  Kane took my face in his hands and kissed me lips so softly I couldn’t help but let a little moan escape my mouth…


I opened my mouth and let his tongue slide in as he deepened the kiss…my hands slide under and up his shirt…first fanning my fingers out across his wide back…feeling his muscles move and ripple under my touch…and then as I moved them around and ran my hands up his 6-pak up to his nipples…where I barely ran my thumbs across his nipples and they hardened like little pebbles…



Life is short 
And there's no turning back the time
Fragrant meadows 
And rocks to climb in the daylight
In my mind
There's a corner I need to turn
Lessons lived is a lesson learned in the daylight

In the daylight


Kane let out a little groan as I tugged on each nipple…I could feel his thigh muscles tense up under my legs…Kane’s hands left my face and slid down to my thighs and up to my ass as he pulled me closer to his body…My hands ran down and brushed against the crotch of his jeans and I could already feel how hard he was getting…

Kane let his lips leave mine as he trailed kisses down and the up my neck to my ear and said, “Do you think we should stop?” I whispered in his ear, “Make love to me Kane.”  Kane said, “Now?”  I said, “Make love to me please…”


Kane put his arms underneath my ass and lifted me with him as he stood up and planted my ass on the bed and said, “You’re sure about this?”  I took Kane’s hand and slid it up my thigh…and he also took note of how wet I already was… 

Kane shook his finger at me and I giggled as Kane stepped back a little as he popped the button on his jeans and lowered the zipper and discarded his close and freed his huge erection…I held onto him, as he pushed his cock into me…I could feel him stretching my insides to the limit…but he felt so good inside of me…

Kane said, “SHIT Cira…you so tight, do not move or this will be over fast.”

I said, “Move…how can I…you’re not the one with this thing inside of you.”


Chapter 10

Kane chuckled a little and sat still for a minute to let me adjust to him…Kane started moving his shaft in and out of me…


I was insane with ecstasy…


Kane said, “God, Cira you look so fuckin’ hot with my cock in your pussy baby…” I whimpered a moan and Kane said, “Does my baby like that?” I said, “Oh fuck yes...”



I miss the forest shade
You took me there 
The promise I made
To never leave the dark so deep
Safe and soothing
Yet I fear
As I recall and now reflect
I see it's safer to connect
To the daylight
Oh, the daylight 
Ooh, daylight
Ooh, daylight


I couldn’t help but beg, “Mmm…God…Make me cum for you Kane…please…oh god…I wanna cum for you so bad baby…”


Kane said, “Are you begging?”


I grabbed his face in my hands and said, “Kane…Shut up and fuck me until I cum for you.”  Kane wasn’t about to let me down…he grabbed my thighs and pushed my legs apart and his cock slid into me deeper as he started pounding me harder, faster and especially deeper…I started moaning out my release…


“Oh God … Mmmmmmmmmmm Kane!!”


Kane thrusted a couple more times before he pushed his cock in me and growled like an animal and emptied himself deep in me…Kane laid over me and I could feel my pussy twitching and felt Kane go soft inside of me…Kane pulled out of me, …and laid next to me in bed and then pulled me into his arms and crushed his lips with mine…


I put my head on his chest listening to his heart beat and said, “I love you Kane.”


Kane said, “Say that again.”  I smiled against his chest and said, “I love you.”


Kane said, “I love you too Cira.”  We fell asleep in each others arms.



Daylight falls 
And I'm lost in the big parade
Hold my hand, darling
I'm afraid of the daylight
Of the day...



- -A Few Weeks Later- -


After a few weeks of fighting and arguing…and a bunch of Mark and Kane versus Brock Lesnar matches…Marie finally laid down the law in telling her father and uncle she loved Brock more then anything…after a few more weeks they finally agreed to let her see him…but then she packed up and moved out…and moved in with Brock…needless to say they were shocked and bewildered…


But…Learned to live with it.


As for me and Kane well…we got married…and I didn’t realize until I was laying in his arms one morning…that I wasn’t afraid of the daylight anymore.


The End