Dangerous Game



Chapter 1


“C’mon Alexandria, you will go with Mr. Michaels…he’s a nice guy and an up standing pillar of the community…he’s also the richest man in 90 counties…he’s willing to take you and pay off all my gambling debts…he just wants to be married and have a few children…you’re young enough and exactly what he’s looking for.  It’s not like you won’t see me again…I live in the same damn town with you…it’s just that you’ll be married and having a family and I’ll still be your father.”  Neil Shears said, while pulling his daughter behind him.


Alexandria was trying to wrench her arm free from her fathers grasp trying to pull away from him…but it was no use he was 6 feet tall and around 260 – 280 lbs of pure muscle…he was the biggest athlete trainer in Madison County, California.  And even though Neil Shears was the most famous athlete trainer in almost the US…he did have the worst gambling problem…money to him was kind of like putting chocolate cake at a weight watchers convention…it disappeared in 3 seconds…


Alexandria said, “Dad, I can’t believe you’re letting some guy buy me…I’m 17 years old for Christ sake…I just barely graduated high school…I have a scholarship to go to UCLA…you’re totally insane…you know that right…”  Every since Alexandria’s mother had left her and her father…he’d started a bad habit of gambling that he just couldn’t seem to break.  And obviously this time he’d gotten in further then he had expected.


Neil tightened his grip on his daughters arm as he practically dragged her across the front yard of Spencer Michaels huge spacious home…not realizing what he was about to get his 17 year old daughter into for the price of 35,000 dollars.  Neil jerked Alexandria to stand next to him…he elbowed her and she glared at him and plastered a fake smile on her face.


Spencer opened the door and looked at the beautifully tall brunette in front of him that he was buying from his gambling buddy…he’d had his eye on Alexandria since she was 10…he was just waiting for her stupid father to fuck up…when he found out she’d just turned 17…and was getting ready to go to college…he figured no time like the present to make his move…especially after he’d seen the 4 loan sharks come up on her father at the local casino that they both frequented way too many times…


Spencer handed over the check for 35 grand and took the suitcase and Alexandria’s arm and pulled her inside.  Neil looked into the violet eyes of his daughter as she was pulled into the house…he knew he had just made the biggest mistake of his whole life.


Spencer laid down the law…and an hour later they were married…


That night Alexandria laid under Spencer as he invaded her body with his penis…she cringed every time he groaned, kissed or licked her…and she cringed even more when he finally came inside of her…It was a good thing she’d thought quick on her feet and had been put on the pill a year ago for irregular periods…plus she had a female condom in…even if Spencer couldn’t see it…she knew it was there.


Spencer allowed her to continue with her college education…he bought her a mustang so she could get back and forth from home to school…He never hesitated to smack her around for mouthing off to him…or being rude.  Alexandria learned fast to hold her tongue…She learned not to fight back also…it would just make it worse for her.


She drove an hour to school and back every day…Spencer refused to let her live on campus…scholarship or not.  Many nights she would cry herself to sleep…just letting him use her and abuse her…she cried silently…if she was loud, he’d get pretty violent with her…He used her body in unspeakable ways…making her have sex vaginally and anally…what ever Spencer felt the need for she was at his beck and call…


Apparently when you have that much money you can do whatever you want.  Alexandria was playing a dangerous game that she didn’t know the rules for.


Chapter 2


- -United Center Arena…Chicago, Illinois- -


Mark was sitting in the locker room in nothing but a towel as the sweat dripped from his body…damn what a match…he didn’t think Cena was gonna make him work that hard on his first night back from elbow surgery.


Mark stood up from the bench and stretched his tired body…he was feeling much older then what he was…damn I feel 60 instead of 32…Ring rust definitely ring rust.  Mark walked his 6’10 305 lb tattooed frame into the showers…and discarded the towel…


He stood under the shower head and let the water completely coat the front of his body, before he turned around and freed his long auburn tresses from the rubber band and let the water soak his hair…and run down the middle of his broad back to his well muscles back side and thighs…


Mark let out a groan…the water felt so relaxing and refreshing at the same time.


Mark started lathering up his well muscled tattooed arms with the rest of his body and then made sure to rinse all the soap off…then washed his hair…regretting the knowledge he’d have to turn off the shower eventually he gave his big 6’10 305 lb frame one last rinse in the cooling water and reached over and twisted the faucet to the water off…


Grabbing his towel he semi dried while standing in the shower…then wrapped the towel around his waist and walked back into the dressing room.  He rummaged through his bag and found his jeans which he pulled on and then disposed off his towel.


Commando…the only way to go…when you’re THAT tired.


He rummaged a little more and pulled out his socks and sat on the bench as he put them on…he wasn’t even going to mess with his boots…he just pulled his tenny shoes on…and then combed all the knots out of his long auburn hair and then pulled it back and braided it…it was nearly to the middle of his back…


He’d have to remember to have Shelly trim the dead ends next week before the show.  He tied his bandana around his head…and pulled it down just enough to give a menacing look to him.


He grabbed his hooded Deadman Inc. Sweat shirt and pulled it over his head…and smoothed it down his 6-pak stomach.  Throwing his dirty wrestling gear into his bag and zipping it up…he hoisted the bag over his shoulder and took off back to the hotel.


Mark was praying he got at least 12 hours of sleep before returning home to the empty house where she had once resided.


Chapter 3

**Rape Content & Murder content**


- -5 Years Later- -


Alexandria looked at the pregnancy test silently thanking God that she wasn’t pregnant from Spencer Michaels…On his last little tantrum he’d thrown her onto the bed and with Jack Daniels baited breath he just forced her legs apart and started invading her body…


It hurt like hell…but she had just let him finish…cause she knew after it was all over he would pass out and she would retreat into the bathroom like he’d done for the last 5 years…


Nothing like having your own little private HELL on Earth.


It was just a fixture in her life that she was used to…he’d get drunk at least once a month smack her around a little and then rape her trying to get her pregnant…but thank God he was so unsuccessful…she didn’t know what she’d have done if she’d brought a child into that kind of atmosphere…other then the monthly beatings and rapes…


Things were fairly normal…


But then again…what’s normal?


A few months later and it had been 5 years, since she’d been forced to marry that nasty man…she graduated college and was studying the law on the Internet…trying to find someway of getting out of her marriage to Spencer Michaels…she was tired of being beaten and raped practically every night…


She knew her body couldn’t take much more from him…granted he’d never broken any bones or beaten her to the point of unconsciousness…but most nights she’d wished he would just finish her off so she could die and not be in pain any more…


Alexandria cringed as she felt the pain of her sore ribs as she was breathing…she knew she was just about at her wits end with Spencer Michaels…she would definitely have to start doing some heavy thinking about how to get away…


Alexandria sat in the living room on the couch decked out in her baby blue floor length nighty with the spaghetti straps…And her long brunette hair hugging her waist…She had been up since Spencer left that morning getting the house ready for tonight…it was his usual get drunk, gamble and go back home…


This time Alexandria would be ready for him…at all costs.


Right on time…as always…3 am…and Spencer came staggering through the doors…screaming her name at the top of his lungs.  Alexandria jumped from the bed and hurried downstairs and as soon as she got into his eye sight he back handed her and she practically flew across the room and landed on her side…she landed bad on her hand and wrist…but tried to ignore the pain.


Alexandria started to get up…but was quickly kicked back to the marble floor of the foyer, by Spencer’s big steel toed boot against the top of her thigh.  Spencer stalked towards her, jerking open his shirt as the buttons flew across the front hallway and he threw his shirt over onto the table by the staircase.  Alexandria started to get up again, when Spencer grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder and carried her up stairs.


Spencer kicked the bed room door open and deposited his wife onto the bed…he wasn’t going to gentle…but he wasn’t going to be a beast tonight either.  Spencer pushed her nighty up above her hips and ripped her panties from her body as he climbed on top of her on the bed and pushed her legs apart…


Alexandria watched as he freed his erection and invaded her body with it…she figured it was now or never…Alexandria started moaning…and acting like she was fully enjoying what Spencer was doing to her, when it was really hurting her so bad she wanted to scream out in pain. 


Okay time to put the plan to action…


Alexandria, rolled them over so she was riding him…Spencer let her have control for the moment, cause she was turning him on even more…she laced her finger with his and slid then up the bed and to the head board…She slowly unlaced her fingers from his and grabbed the knife…Before she knew it Alexandria cut Spencer’s throat…blood poured out and all over her and the nighty…


Alexandria jumped up pushing him from her body and shoving his body to the middle of the bed…she walked over and opened the closet door…she’d been prepared when she shipped her stuff to her friends cabin in Lake Tahoe…she pulled a pack back out of the closet and grabbed the 2…5 gallon gasoline cans…she’d change clothes once she got out of the house and into a place in town…good thing to live in the country…by the time the fire department showed up…nothing would be left.


She threw her bag over the railing towards the front door and then started pouring gas all over the bed, all over Spencer…then did a gas trail down the stairs to the front door…I made sure no one was driving by…it was pitch black outside…no one for miles and miles…She lit a match and said, “Good-bye Spencer…you sick asshole.”  She dropped the match and watched as the trail of fire followed the trail of gasoline right up stairs into the bed room…she grabbed her back pack and took off the street…


No one saw the mysterious woman walking through the dead of night in her night gown on the highway in the pouring rain…


Chapter 4


Mark had just finished yet another grueling match for the Smackdown brand at Arco Arena in Sacramento, California…he was driving his rental truck down the rainy highway…he was going to stay at the hotel in Sacramento…but decided against it…he wasn’t tired…and knew if he tried to force himself to sleep he’d only lay in bed staring at the ceiling for an obscene amount of hours.


Ever since Julia had died from breast cancer he had a harder time falling asleep…usually after big matches he could sleep…but he missed her.  Missing his wife only made him want to stay awake for some reason…she’d been dead now for 5 years…and yet he’d still had problems sleeping…it was bad enough right after her death he sold off the house they built together in the country in Austin Texas…and he’d moved to Houston and had a new home built.


The rain was steadily coming down and Mark could see that there was no chance of it letting up any time soon…he had the windows cracked enough to where the rain smell gathered in the cab of his rental truck…he could remember making love to Julia during rain storms…on the floor in front of the fireplace that had a raging fire going to keep them warm.


They had been married for 2 years when Julia found the lump and went to the doctor…the doctor figured out it was cancer and they did everything humanly possible for her…surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation…but in the end a vibrant woman who went from 5’6” and 135 lbs down to a former shell of herself at 85 lbs…Mark couldn’t stand to watch her wither away…Julia wasn’t afraid to die…she’d reassured Mark 90,000 times of that…her last 3 weeks were spent at home with him…


Julia died in his arms…Mark cried like a baby while praying for a pain free death for her.  He knew she was in a better place where cancer, pain, and hurt didn’t exist.  Mark hadn’t really thought about the day she died until tonight for some reason…Maybe it was because when she would travel on the road with him she always said how much she loved California…though she’d never lived there…


Mark was almost too engrossed into his own thoughts that he nearly missed the figure walking along the side of the road in a soaking wet light blue nighty…her long waist length brunette hair clung to her body…she was carrying a backpack…and couldn’t imagine what a young girl was doing walking along the highway in her night gown.


Mark passed her on the highway and watched her in his rearview mirror…as soon as he passed her…she collapsed to the asphalt ground.  Mark slammed on his breaks and pulled to the ride and gout out running back to where the girl was…he squatted down beside her and turned her over…she had blood all down the front of her…no shoes…and her night gown was so soaked he could see clear through it and noticed she didn’t have an under clothes on…he moved her hair out of her face and saw she had a huge black and purple eye forming.


Mark grabbed her backpack and slowly eased her into his arms…her whole body was so wet and cold from the rain her could feel her through his own clothes…He could feel her body shivering and shaking…Mark said, “Okay darlin’…I’m gonna take you to the hospital…I really hope you don’t mind.” 


Mark carried her back to the pickup and opened the passenger side door and slid her freezing cold limp body into the seat…then pulled his bag over and dug through it…he pulled out his black hooded pulled over Deadman Inc. sweatshirt.  He knew he threw it in there for this trip…he carefully pulled it over the girls head and pulled her arms through the arm holes…he shrugged out of his jacket and slid it over her legs to try and keep her warm.


Mark got back in and kept an eye on her as she laid against the seat in the cab of the truck…Mark couldn’t help but notice how young she really looked.  She couldn’t have been over 20…maybe a couple of years…definitely not anywhere near 25…


Mark pulled up to the hospital and carried the girl into the Emergency Room…and gave them his information and where he’d found her…they watched them work on her for about 25 minutes…finding out she’d had multiple injuries…her wrist was broken…she had a huge bruise forming on the top of her thigh…her eye was now bruising more…and they said a few blood vessels had been busted in her eye…that gave her eye a bloody look to it. 


Mark couldn’t take anymore…he finally just asked the hospital take care of her and send the bill to him…No one recognized the Undertaker had helped this poor girl…all they saw at the moment was that Mark Callaway had stopped to help a young girl on the side of the room…as fast as he’d showed up at the ER…is just as fast as he disappeared.


Back to the highway.  On his way to the next town.


Chapter 5


- -5 Weeks Later- -


I walked into the back of the Arena in Detroit Michigan…and ran right into a brick wall…or at least what I believed to be a brick wall…I fell back and landed on my ass…I looked up and a huge guy who looked semi familiar squatted down and a deep southern accent voice said, “I’m sorry darlin’…I guess I didn’t see you there.”  I said, “It’s okay.”  He held out his hand and I took it and he pulled me to my feet…


As he stood up…the guy had to have been close to 7 feet tall…totally unbelievable…I looked up and he had beautifully long auburn hair…it was pulled back into a low pony tail at the base of his neck, with a black bandana around his head…he had on dark jeans, big black boots and a black sleeveless button down jean shirt with the top 3 buttons open.  His arms were literally covered from shoulder to wrist with colorful tattoos…


Mark watched as the young lady shook the cobwebs out of her brain and said, “I’m so sorry I got in your way…I’m sure you’ve got some place important to go to…”  Mark said, “No it was my fault…I wasn’t watching where I was going…I’m sorry Do I know you?”  Mark watched as she smiled and her big violet eyes lit up and she said, “No…I’m sorry…I’m from California…I’m the new photographer.”


The guy stuck his hand out and said, “Names Mark Callaway…Most people call me Taker…but I’d like you to call me Mark.”  I smiled and shook his hand and said, “Alexandria Louis…It’s nice to meet you.”  Mark said, “Let me guess you’re looking for Vince’s office?”  I smiled and said, “Correct.”  Mark said, “Well…Instead of trying to give you directions to the office…how about a personal escort?”  I said, “Okay…sounds good.”  Mark offered his arm and I looped my arm through his as we walked down the hallway.  We laughed and talked a little…Mark said, “How’d you get into photography…doesn’t it get boring?” 


I said, “The key to being a photographer is having fun…I went to UCLA on a art scholarship…my love for taking pictures started with a little 10 dollar disposable camera.  For some reason, ever since I start that I haven’t really found one thing that I hated about taking someone’s picture.  I even love rolling my sleeves up and developing my own photos…it’s so much fun.  I realize what is fun to one person may not necessarily be considered fun to another.  But my theory always is you never know until you try it.”


Mark nodded and said, “That’s a true enough statement…every one is constantly asking me why I became a professional wrestler…it was never for the money…but more or less the fans.  The adrenaline rush you get when the arena is packed full with over 50,000 fans and when your entrance music hits…and the all jump to their feet to cheer you on into beating someone’s ass…it gives me chills and the hair on my arm just stands up.”  I said, “Oh I definitely need a picture of you on an adrenaline rush.”  I giggled and he laughed hard from the back of his throat.


Mark stopped and said, “Well, this is the end of the line darlin’…This is Vince’s office and I’ve got a script to run through with a few co-workers…I’ll see you later.” All I could think was ‘You bet your cute ass you will’…Just the first think I thought…not the first thing I said…Mark walked away and I said, “Thank you.”  Mark waved and kept walking…I walked in and had a meeting with Mr. McMahon about my contract and what not…and then walked down to the make shift cafeteria…and sat down to relax for a minute…


I was loading my camera when a recognizable voice said, “Do you mind if I join ya darlin’?”  I looked up and said, “Sure Mark, Have a seat…I’m just loading my camera so it will be ready for tonight and later.”  Mark said, “What’s later?”  I said, “Vince wants me to take pictures while you guys are running around in the back getting ready…apparently the fans have been writing in and saying how much they wanna see what you guys do before a match.”


Mark said, “Oh okay.”  I said, “Speaking of which…”  I aimed the camera at him and he said, “Hold on there little girl.”  I couldn’t help but laugh…I said, “You just called me little girl.”  Mark nodded and said, “Sorry…To me you are a little girl…cause you’re so young…how old are you?”  I said, “22…I’ll be 23 in a few months.”


Mark hadn’t noticed until now that Alexandria had a white write brace on her right wrist…and her right eye looked like there was blood in it…


Mark leaned over and said, “What happened to your eye and wrist…I didn’t notice it before.”  I said, “Nothing…I just got hurt.” 


Changing the subject quickly…Alexandria said, “Well…if you won’t let me take your picture…I need to go find the other guys who will…I’ll see ya later Mark.”  Mark watched as she looked pretty uncomfortable with that question and she got up and scurried out the door…these was a story there…Mark just had to figure out what was going on with that young lady.


Chapter 6


- -2 Months Later- -


I was having the time of my life getting to know Mark…he was so nice and sweet…we really enjoyed each others company.  Mark didn’t push me about my wrist or eye…he just dropped it…he knew if I really needed to talk I would.  We decided to go to dinner one night at the hotel restaurant.  We were sitting there talking about our families…


I said, “I don’t remember much…My mom left my and my father when I was pretty young…Dad raised me all by himself.  Can’t say that was the best choice for me…but at the time it was the only choice I had.”  Mark said, “Was it really bad?”  I sighed and looked down…I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes…


Mark touched my hand and I looked up as the tears slid down my cheeks…and said, “Yea…it was very bad…My father had the worst gambling problem in 10 counties…sometimes he never even came home at night…I was learning how to cook and put myself to bed early at the age of 7, so I could get up early the next day so I could make my lunch and be ready for school…he’d come walking in the door and take me to school and I would walk home, cause he’d forget and fall asleep…or by the time I got home he’d be out gambling again the for night…”


Mark said, “What’s the use of being a father if you’re not going to actually be a father.”  I said, “I’m sure I don’t know…it gets worse then that…but I really don’t feel like talking about family anymore…Umm…can we change the subject please?”  Mark rubbed the back of my hand and said, “Sure darlin’…Anything you want.”


We finished dinner and decided to call it a night…Mark walked me up to my room…his room was next to mine…and we had an adjoining door between our rooms.  Mark let me in his door and then walked me over to my room through the adjoining door.


I took a shower and went to bed…


Around 2 am…Mark was woken up by a blood curdling scream…He jumped up and thought it sounded awfully close…when he heard another scream come from the general direction of Alexandria’s room…he pulled his jeans on and ran into the next room…his eyes focused in the dark and finally saw her sitting next to the night stand curled into a ball…


Mark ran over and squatted down in front of her and said, “Alex…Alex.”  She yelled, “Stay the fuck away from me Spencer!”  Mark moved a little closer…she was dreaming…it had to have been pretty bad.  Mark grabbed her hands and said, “Lexy, wake up darlin’…you’re having a bad dream…”  Mark leaned over and switched a light on and then knelt down…and watched as she jolted awake and started trembling.


I snapped awake and opened my eyes…and Mark had turned a light on and was kneeling in front of me holding my hands…I didn’t think twice about launching myself into Mark’s arms and wrapped my arms around his neck and burring my face in the side of his neck…he smell wonderful…but I couldn’t help but cry.


Mark rubbed my back and helped lift me off the floor into his arms…he held me tight against his chest and just let me cry.  He laid me in bed and covered me up…and said, “Get some rest darlin’…”  I said, “Don’t leave me…Please stay with me.”  Mark said, “Okay move over…I’ll lay with you until you fall asleep.”  I said, “Thanks.”  I watched as Mark laid on top of the covers…Just noticing he was shirtless.. Oy Vey…Tattoo and muscle city…he had a fabulous chest.


I turned on my side to face Mark…and studied his face for a while…Mark said, “I suppose you don’t wanna tell me what the dream was all about and who Spencer is.”  I cringed inwardly at the mention of Spencer’s name.  It wasn’t missed by Mark…but I just shook my head no.  Mark’s hand came over and pushed my hair out of my face and he said, “It’s okay…You can talk to me when you’re ready.” 


I said, “Thank you Mark.”  He nodded…and I slowly felt my eye lids get heavier as I fell asleep.


Chapter 7


When the morning came…I moved around before I fully woke up…I slowly fluttered open my eyes and start focusing on the inside of the bed room…Mark was gone…he must’ve left as soon as I fell asleep.  I pulled myself from bed and went to shower to wake myself up again.


I got dressed and took off for the arena cause I had a huge photo shoot set up for Mark and 3 other guys…for the Raw and WWE Magazines.


I grabbed a black sweat shirt out of my bag…that I had forgotten I had…it was from the night I disappeared…I remember collapsing on the side of the road and when I woke up I was in the hospital and the nurse had said the man who’d brought me in had put his own sweatshirt on my body to keep me warm…and had forgotten to take it with him when he left…it was extremely big…


I got to the arena…and it was usually cold inside so I pulled the sweatshirt over my head and smoothed it down my body…I pulled out my camera and as a couple of the guys started coming in I was snapping tons and tons of shots…I got some really excellent pictures of the guys…Mark ended up being my last appointment.  One of the stage hands had pushed his Harley in earlier for the shoot and I had gotten it ready for the photos. 


I reloaded my camera to make sure I had enough film, waiting for him to show up…Mark walked in…I knew it was him, I could hear his boots thumping on the concrete floor.  I turned around and nearly died…he looked so hot…Mark had on blue jeans, a black sleeveless leather button down shirt on with the top 3 buttons undone and the shirt was open. 


Mmm bare chest. 


Plus his black leather fingerless gloves…he pulled his long auburn locks back in a low pony tail at the base of his head and had a black bandana around his head.  And his black steel toed boots.  He looked really good…


I looked up and he grinned at me and said, “I’m here for my photo shoot Ms. Louis.”  I couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Yea…well go mount your monster while I finished loading my camera.”  Mark smirked and walked over and threw his leg over the Harley and sat down waiting for some instructions. 


I set my camera down on the table in front of the Harley and walked over and said, “You don’t mind me moving how I want you do you?”  Mark shook his head and said, “Nope.”  I said, “Good, I like a cooperative subject.”  Mark raised an eye brow towards me and I smiled and stuck my tongue out at him.  Mark chuckled a little and I started moving him around…


I had him lean forward to where his right elbow was propped on his right knee…I had him put his right foot on the foot pedals.  Then put his left arm straight out and left hand on the handlebar.  Place his left foot out a little away from the bike.  I said, “I love getting shots of guys on Harley’s…the fan mail I get from females…you’d never believe what they want to see on a guy who’s sitting on a Harley.”


Mark scoffed and said, “Oh yea what?”  I giggled and said, “You’re inseam.”  Mark looked at me and said, “My what?”  I walked over the his right side and put my hand on his right thigh and then down to where the inseam of his jeans were and ran my middle finger up his jean inseam and said, “This right here.”


Mark felt Lexy’s hand and fingers on the inside of his thigh and could instantly feel his body responding to her soft gentle touches.  No one had made his body respond that way since Julia was still alive…this was something new to the aspect of nerve endings…Mark felt himself flush at Lexy’s inside thigh touch.


I pulled my hand away and said, “Personally I have my own part of a man’s body I’d much rather see in a picture…so I make sure I have both in a picture.”  Mark looked at me with a smirk playing on his lips and almost as if waiting for the question he said, “Oh yea…what’s your favorite part?”


I put my hand on his shoulder to steady myself and dipped my right hand down and under Mark’s right thigh and ran my hand across the back of his thigh where the muscles dipped down…the way he was sitting on the Harley…you’d be able to view it perfectly from the picture.  I ran my hand up the back of Mark’s thigh and said, “Right there…There’s just something about a man whose got thigh muscles for days.”


Chapter 8


Mark held up his index finger and pointed to me and said, “You do that again and we’re both gonna be in a lot of trouble.”  I smiled and said, “Sorry…I can’t help it if a man’s thigh muscles turn me on.”  I walked away on that note and Mark groaned…I heard him and couldn’t help put laugh. 


Mark quickly trying to change the subject said, “So…did you sleep better after I left?”  I attached my camera to the tripod and was studying the image I could see…trying to figure out if it was the perfect picture…and said, “I never even felt you leave…I must have been dead to the world.”  Mark said, “Yea…you was sleeping pretty heavy when I left.”


I walked back over and handed Mark a pair of black sunglasses and said, “Here slip these on.”  I walked a little behind him, pushing his hair to the right of his leaning so you could see the long auburn mane in the pic.  I placed my hand on Mark’s bi-cept to steady myself as I stood on tiptoe to reach up and smooth his hair down a little where it had been pushed around by the bandana.


Mark could feel her ice cold hand on his bi-cept…but for some reason his arm was tingly…he could feel her smoothing her fingernails through his hair and adjusted his bandana a little. 


I said, “Gimmie a serious no-shit taking face.”  I leaned over and looked at Mark’s face…Just as I was about to walk back over to the camera…Mark grabbed my hand and pulled me back over to him…He pulled the sunglasses off and tossed them onto the ground, then grabbed me and sat me on the bike in front of him…and I touched his face with my finger tips…all the while staring into his beautiful emerald green eyes. 


Mark leaned down and brushed his lips across mine…I slowly slid my arms up and around his neck and couldn’t help but kiss him back…I opened my mouth giving his tongue access to the warmth inside…His tongue caressed every part of the inside of my mouth…Mark moved me around until I was sitting straddled on his lap, while he was sitting on the bike…we never stopped kissing…


I let a moan slip from my lips into his mouth and Mark deepened the kiss…Mark’s hands wondered under the sweat shirt I was wearing…he didn’t even notice it was a Deadman Inc. sweatshirt…he pulled it up and over my head…good thing I had a tank top under it…Mark tossed it to the floor and we kissed a little more…


Mark started kissing down Lexy’s neck and across her shoulders…and looked down…something about the sweatshirt caught his eye…he did a double take on it.  On the white tag in the back of the sweat shirt was the red initial’s MC. 


Mark stood up and deposited me on my feet then bent over and picked up the sweatshirt and said, “Where did you get this?”  I said, “Some guy gave it to me a few weeks ago.”  Mark said, “That’s impossible I left this in California…with a girl I found laying on the side of the highway…I put it on her when she was freezing cold…and took her to an Emergency Room.”


Mark watched as the girl turned 15 shades of pale…Mark said, “It was you wasn’t it…Alexandria…you was the girl I found…weren’t you?”  I put my head down and said, “I didn’t know it was you…Not until just now…The people from the hospital wouldn’t give me your name…I was gonna thank you for what you’d done…But I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.”


Mark said, “So you’re telling me you didn’t know who I was or where I worked when I picked you up?”  I said, “No…I didn’t have a clue…I’d never heard of you until I started working here.”  I started to walk away…Mark said, “Wanna tell me now what the hell happened to you that night?”  I said, “Nope.” 


Mark put his hands on his hips and said, “Just why the hell not?” 


I said, “Believe me you don’t wanna know Mark…you just don’t…its part of my past…I barely wanna remember…but I can’t seem to make it leave my mind…and it’s not so much I don’t wanna tell you…I just can’t right now.”  I packed up my camera and took off…I grabbed my rental car and took off…I called Vince and decided I needed a week off…


Vince said it was fine…but I didn’t tell anyone…I just decided now was as good a time as any to get away.


Chapter 9


When I got to the cabin in Lake Tahoe…It was beautiful…it had been raining all week…and as soon as I stepped out of my rental I could smell the rain and feel it engulf me…I got into the cabin and opened all the windows…then went out and sat on the porch.


Meanwhile, Back in Michigan…Mark knocked on Alexandria’s hotel room door and when she didn’t answer he called down to the front desk and they told him Lexy had checked out night before…Mark called Vince and asked if he’d seen Lexy anywhere…which is when Vince informed Mark Lexy had gone from for a week.


Mark made a few calls…one was to Titan towers where he got the address of Alexandria’s place in Lake Tahoe.  Mark booked the first flight out.  And when he got to Tahoe he rented a SUV and drove up to the cabins and found the one marked 125…he got out and went up and checked the front door and it was locked…he looked in the small window by the door and saw completely through to the back porch where he saw Lexy leaning against the porch railing enjoying the rain as he fell in gallons…


Mark walked around to the back porch.


I heard someone walk up on the porch and knew someone was standing behind me…I said, “So you found me Mark.”  Mark laughed and said, “How did you know it was me?”  I said, “You’re boots give you away every time.”  Mark put his hands on my shoulders and said, “Why didn’t you tell me you was leaving?”  I said, “Because I just wanted to leave for a week…and come back feeling better then what I left.”


Mark’s hand slid down my arms and around my waist pulling my back tight against his chest…He brought his mouth down closer to my ear and said, “I think you should tell me the real reason you keep running from me…I think you know the kind of attraction I have for you…and I’ll be honest…no one has done this to my body since my wife died…when you touched the back of my thigh…it made my senses go crazy…I was reeling from just on little touch of your hand.  So why are we playing hide and seek?”


I said, “Believe me Mark if you knew the truth, you wouldn’t wanna be with me…hell you wouldn’t even wanna know me…I barely wanna be myself…”  Mark turned me around in his arms and said, “Oh yea?…Try me.”


I said, “My name is Alexandria Michaels…formerly Alexandria Shears.  I was married to Spencer Michaels for 5 years, the former owner of the Oakland Raiders…My father is Neil Shears…he’s a trainer for NFL football players.  Spencer and Neil were best friends and would gamble together…Spencer help my dad with loan sharks and also treated me like an uncle…he watched me grow up…all the time waiting for me to be the perfect age.”


Mark watched as I walked over to the railing again…Mark said, “The perfect age to  what?”  I said, “The perfect age to marry and have children.”  Mark said, “But Lexy you’re 22…if you was married to him for 5 years you was…”  Mark trailed off…


I turned back around to face Mark and said, “Yea…I was 17 when I was sold to Spencer Michaels for 35,000 dollars.  My father packed my suitcase and walked my 17 year old body over to Spencer’s mansion…Spencer opened the door, took my suitcase, handed my father a check and pulled me into the huge house, I was forced to marry him a few hours later and live in hell for the next 5 years.”


The look on Mark’s face was hard to read.  I took a deep breath and continued, “Spencer had a bad habit of going out and getting drunk once a month…coming home and raping me…beating the shit out of me if I talked back…I actually fought back once and he beat me just as bad and raped me all night long.  He was trying to get me pregnant…I protected myself as much as I possibly could…I couldn’t let him get me pregnant…I wasn’t about to bring children into that home…it wasn’t even a home it was a prison…After 5 years I just couldn’t take it anymore…I felt my sanity slipping from me…”


Chapter 10


Mark walked over and said, “Alex what did you do?” 


I said, “Don’t call me Alex…that what he called me.  I despise that pet name.  I hate it more then anything…I hated him more then anything…No one knew we were married…we never had guests, family or friends over either…it was always just me and him…we didn’t have a marriage certificate or a licenses…cause I wasn’t old enough to get married Spencer paid a priest under the table 10 grand to marry us.  No one knew about me.”


Mark grabbed my shoulders and said, “Alexandria, what did you do?”


I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of Spencer being dead. 


I said, “I couldn’t take it anymore…5 years of monthly beatings and rapings…and trying to make sure I wasn’t pregnant from that animal…it all got to me…Spencer left that night…went into town…he got plastered…I hid a knife under the pillows of our bed…and 2, 5 gallon gas cans in my closet…I packed all my stuff and after he left…a friend of mine came over and took all my stuff and brought it up here…Then I waited.”


Mark said, “You killed him didn’t you?” 


I said, “Killed…no…protected myself…yes.  He came home, 3 am right on time, screeching my name from the top of his lungs…ALEX!…I ran down the stairs and as soon as I was in his sight, he back handed me across the floor…I started to get up but he came over and kicked me back down.  He ripped his shirt from his body…and as I started to get up again he threw me over his shoulder and stomped off up the stairs.  He threw me on the bed, pushed my night gown up and ripped my panties off, got on top of my forced my legs apart and invaded my body…it hurt so bad…”


I started to have tears slide down my cheeks…I continued, “I started acting like I was enjoying him raping me…and I rolled us over and I grabbed the knife and cut his throat…he was dead within seconds…But I knew I could never just leave him there…not like that someone would notice he was missing and go looking for him and find him…so…I left him in the middle of the bed, and poured gas all over the bed and then made a gasoline trail down the stairs out the door…and lit a match…I watched the house burn to the ground and any evidence that I was his prisoner had been removed…then walked in the rain for 6 hours before you found me…”


I wiped my eyes and ran my hand through my hair and said, “When I woke up 3 days later…I was in a hospital, with a nurse telling me that some guy who should be my knight in shining armor saved me from freezing to death…and all he left was a sweatshirt and a request that the hospital bill be sent to him…I tried to find out who you was for 5 weeks, while I looked for a job to start my life over again…They gave me the sweat shirt but refused to give me your name…I wanted to call and say thank you for helping a stranger…you just didn’t realize how much you saved me that night.”


Mark said, “I have a pretty good idea…I can’t believe a father would sell his 17 year old daughter for 35 grand…that’s not being a father…that being a pimp or a God damn sales clerk…How could your own father do that to you?”  I said, “I don’t know…but if you ever find out, could you let me know please…I’ve been trying to learn that secret for 5 years.”


We were quiet for about 15 minutes…I watched as the rain came down…I said, “So now you know my dirty little secret…wanna run screaming from Tahoe?”  Mark said, “No…Cause I don’t blame you for doing it…you did what you had to do to survive life with that animal…What about the cops or whatever…aren’t they curious about the fire?”  I said, “No…I read the paper the morning I woke up and…they think he fell asleep in bed smoking.” 


I stood there for a minute and said, “You know something funny?”  Mark said, “What?” 


I walked down the steps into the rain letting it soak me from head to toe and said, “After everything I’ve been through all I wanted to be was free…and I didn’t realize how free I was…until just know…after telling you the whole story…and going over it completely with you and in my mind…I just realize…the next time I go home…Spencer won’t be there.  And I love it…I hated that man more then anything in my life…I’m glad he’s dead.”


Chapter 11


Mark watched as Alexandria twirled around in the rain…she was soaked from head to toe…


Mark walked off the porch and over to me…and said, “C’mon you’re gonna get sick if you stay out here.”  I smiled and said, “I love the rain…the smell invades my body…and I feel like it makes me free.”  Mark leaned down and brushed his lips against mine and said, “Free or not, if you stay out here much longer you’re gonna catch pneumonia.”  I said, “Okay.”


Mark leaned down and lifted me into his arms…he was so warm I snuggled against his chest and he held me tight.  Mark carried me inside and upstairs to the bed room…Mark planted me on my feet in front of him…and sat down on the bed…I moved over and sat straddled on his lap…Mark captured my lips with his…I reached out and caught his bottom lip between my teeth and bit down a little and then ran my tongue across it to soothe it…


Mark’s hands were on my butt pulling me closer to him…and his hands started sliding up my shirt and he cupped my naked breasts in his hands…as soon as the flesh on his hand touched me, my nipples hardened…he tweaked my nipples a little and applied a little pressure, making me arch my back and push his hands against my breasts harder…a moan escaped my mouth…as Mark deepened the kiss…his tongue plundered my mouth caressing every inch of the warm recesses of my tongue and mouth.


Mark laid back taking my body with him…he rolled me off and laid half on me kissing my neck, throat, collar bone, shoulders…Mark’s warm hand started on my stomach and then slowly went down and un buttoned my jeans and unzipped them…I could feel his erection pressing against the side of my thigh.  Mark’s hand slid into my jeans, under the elastic of my panties and he brushed against my clit with his long finger…Mark slowly slid his finger into my soaking wet core.


Mark said, “God you’re so warm, wet, and tight baby…”  I kissed Mark’s neck up to his ear and said, “Mark, make love to me…please.”  Mark pulled away and looked deep into my eyes and said, “Are you sure?”  I was chewing on my bottom lip and nodded yes.  Mark smirked and said, “How would you like it?” 


I quirked an eye brow at Mark and pulled his hand from inside my jeans and said, “I want you to make love to me with your fingers.”  I sucked his finger into my mouth tasting myself on him… “And I want you to make love to me with your tongue.”  I sucked his tongue into my mouth…letting him taste my own essence on my tongue…Mark groaned…MY hand slid down and stroked his cock through his jeans and I said, “And I want you to make love to me with your cock.”


Mark got up and as Lexy sat up Mark pulled her shirt from my body…and then slowly eased her jeans over her hips, down her long legs and off…Mark hooked his fingers into her panties and slowly slide them down her legs and threw them off to the side. 


Mark knelt down on the floor and ran his hands up my legs and said, “Spread your legs baby, I wanna see that pretty pussy of yours.”  I swallowed hard…


Mmmm…Gotta love the pillow talk.


Chapter 12



It ticks just like a Timex,
It never lets up on you.
Who said life was easy?
The job is never through.
It'll run us till we're ragged;
It'll harden our hearts.
And love could use a day of rest,
Before we both start falling apart.



Lexy slowly spread her legs…Mark started at the bottom and ran his tongue and lips up both legs…and nipped the insides of her thighs…Mark ran his tongue up the length of her slit…Groaning at the taste of her…she smell was intoxication and the taste was better then anything in the world…Mark started running his tongue around her clit and she started squirming around on the bed…


Mark brought his hand up and put it on my hips to steady me…and he slowly started sliding 2 fingers in and out of my core as his tongue was circling my clit…I could feel my body absolutely responding to EVERYTHING he did to me…His ministrations were making my senses reel…my whole body was tingling from head to toe…I knew it wouldn’t be long…


In between licks Mark said, “C’mon Lexy…Cum for me baby…I need to taste you girl…I need you to cum for me…please…you’re pussy tastes so good…but I wanna taste your cum baby…c’mon.” 


I felt him add a 3rd finger…and I slowly started breathing heavier and started out moaning and ended screaming out Mark’s name as my orgasm wash over my body…Mark licked me completely dry…he licked up every ounce my body gave to him.



Pray that it's raining on Sunday,
Stormin' like crazy.
We'll hide under the covers all afternoon.
Baby, whatever comes on Monday,
Can take care of itself,
'Cause we got better things that we can do,
When it's raining on Sunday.



Mark crawled up my body and I pulled him down to me and kissed him with a fevered pitch…Mark pulled away and stood up…he slowly got rid of shoes, socks, shirt…and his jeans…


I said, “Commando…”  Mark smirked and said, “The only way to go.”  I giggled a little and Mark got back on the bed and slipped between my thighs…Mark pulled my knees up a little, and slowly entered me…I moaned from the pleasure filling my body.


Mark said, “I’m not hurting you am I?”  I said, “No…it feels wonderful…Please don’t stop.”  Mark set a pace and was going nice and slow…Making sure my whole body felt every move he made inside of me…Mark grabbed my hips and rolled us over…he said, “Ride me…” 


I started rolling my hips slowly and moving up and down…My hands slid down his arms to his hands and we laced our fingers together…and Mark just let me go at my own pace…he wasn’t going to rush me.



Your love is like religion,
A cross in Mexico.
And your kiss is like the innocence,
Of a prayer nailed to a door.
Oh, surrender is much sweeter,
When we both let it go.
Let the water wash our bodies clean,
And love wash our souls.



I arched my back forward and my head back and my hair went down and covered his thighs…My hands on his 6-pak, helping myself move up and down his shaft inside of me…I could feel him clenching his ab muscles…I leaned over and kissed his lips so softly…and Mark slid his arms around to my back and said, “You ready to go a little faster baby.”


I moaned a little and said, “Yes…please.”  Mark grabbed my hips and we rolled over again as Mark pushed my knees nearly into my chest and started stroking deeper into me…his thumb went down and started rubbing my clit…Mark said, “God Baby you look so sexy with my cock buried deep inside of your pussy…You’re so tight baby…”  Mark picked up the pace and started going faster and harder…I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath…



An' pray that it's raining on Sunday,
Stormin' like crazy.
We'll hide under the covers all afternoon.
Baby, whatever comes on Monday,
Can take care of itself,
'Cause we got better things that we can do,
When it's raining on Sunday.


Instrumental break.



Mark was literally pounding into me…my hips were thrusting up to meet his as Mark pistoned into me like a drill…I almost couldn’t get enough…I started moaning out my orgasm…


‘Mmmmmmmmmmm Mmm God MARK!” 


Mark thrusted into me a few more times before burying himself to the hilt and growling out my name as I felt him explode deep inside of my core…


Mark pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to me…he gathered me into his arms and kissed my lips gentle and  we slowly fell asleep.



An' pray that it's raining on Sunday,
Stormin' like crazy.
We'll hide under the covers all afternoon.
Baby, whatever comes on Monday,
Can take care of itself,
'Cause we got better things that we can do,
When it's raining on Sunday.

Oh, when it's raining on Sunday.

When it's raining on Sunday.

Let it rain.



Chapter 13


The next morning I woke up with Mark’s arms around me…I looked down and couldn’t help but absent mindedly trace his tattoos with my finger tips on his forearms…My back still tight against his chest…


Mark started coming to life…and I could hear it still raining outside.


Mark’s hands started running across my stomach…smoothing my skin…his thumbs ran under my breasts and I felt my nipples instantly harden…the delicious ache between my thighs was still there…but I could feel my pussy coming to life as it tingled and started getting wet…Mark hands slid up and cupped my breasts letting my nipples slide between his fingers and applying enough pressure to make me moan and make me rub my ass back against his ever presently growing hard on.


I felt his cock twitch against the bottom of my ass and backs of the tops of my thighs…My hand slid back and I started stroke Mark…being pretty gentle at first and then making it a little harder…I could feel his cock pulsing and throbbing in my hand…


Mark’s hand slid down my body and his finger slipped inside my wet slit and he started stroking my clit to the same rhythm as I was stroking his cock…Mark finally had enough , and pushed me forward a little and then lifted my leg ever so slightly as he pushed his erection into my soaking core…


Mark kept me on my side as he lifted my leg and moved over to hold himself above my side and slowly started thrusting into me…at that angle he was trying to get into me as deep as he could…I felt like a pretzel…but a pretzel who was getting the best fuck ever…


Mark started taking the pace faster and harder…I couldn’t help but reach up and hold on to him…Mark slid his hand down and started rubbing my clit…I was near insanity…Mark said, “Tell me you want to cum…tell me…if you just tell me right now I’ll make you cum.”


It felt so good…Mark kissed my neck and ear and whispered in my ear, “C’mon baby, tell me you want to cum…don’t make me make you insane…just ell me to make you cum and I will.” I couldn’t take it anymore and finally said, “Mark…Please…make me cum.”  He said, “That’s all I needed to hear baby.”


His lips ravaged mine…as his cock ravaged my pussy…before long I was cumming in waves…Mark rode out my orgasm…as soon as he felt my walls milking him, Mark thrusted into me a few more time and started emptying himself into me…


Mark laid down in front of me…and kissed my lips so softly…he said, “I love you Lexy.”  I looked in his eyes and knew he was telling the truth and I said, “I love you too Mark.”


We laid in bed for a little while longer and then Mark watched as my naked form retreated to the bathroom and I said, “What are you waiting for…C’mon…we both need to get a shower…might as well have one together.”


Mark got in the shower and  I slipped into the shower behind him…I ran my hands from the top of his expansive back, down his lumbar and cupped his beautifully sculpted bottom…

Mark’s husky voice said, “See anything you like?”


I said, “There’s potential there for all of it.”


He chuckled a little…I stepped up closer and pushed my breasts into his back as I slid my hands around to the front of his body…and started with his well muscled chest and ran my fingers and hands down his chest, letting his pebble nipples slide between my fingers…to his 6-pak…

I felt him suck in a breath as my hands started at the front of his hips and ran down his beautiful thighs…while my thumbs slid down his now huge erection…his cock was twitching and pulsating…

Mark finally had to brace himself against the shower wall in front of him…with my ear against his back I could hear how erratic his breathing was getting.

Mark grabbed Alexandria and switched positions, putting her under the water, facing away from him…He watched as the water slid and splashed all down her body…

As his hands followed the same pattern as hers did on his body…From the top of her back, down her lumbar…as he cupped her sweet ass...Then he pulled her back away from the water, as his arms wrapped around her and his hands followed the same pattern as hers again…he cupped her breasts letting her nipples slide between his fingers and watched as they hardened even more then they were before…then his hands went down across her very tight stomach and then down to the front of her hips, to the insides of her thighs as he let his hand cover her hairless mound.

Mark got closer to her ear and in a low voice said, “Spread your legs for me a little baby.”

Alexandria complied and Mark slid one long finger into her slit and then inside of her…she whimpered a little…as Mark pulled his finger from her body and sucked it into his mouth.

Mark said, “Damn…I think it’s time to get out of the shower.”  I giggled and said, “I couldn’t agree more.” 


Chapter 14


We got out and dried off…we walked back into the bedroom and Mark pulled me into his arms, and gave me a long lingering kiss…I was feeling pretty mischievous so I pushed Mark back into a sitting position on the bed I smiled and slowly let my body slide down his as I went to my knees and pushed Mark back a little as I removed the towel from his body.  I took it in my hands and slowly licked around the tip…


Mark let out a little groan…I smiled up at him and said, “Feel good baby?”  Mark said, “God yes…”  I said, “Relax…I ain’t done yet.”  I ran my tongue up the length of his erection and slowly slid the head in my mouth…coating it with my warm saliva…I began to slowly slide the rest of him into my mouth…all I could think was… ‘Thank God I don’t have gag reflex.’…


As soon as he was all the way in my mouth I sucked just a little and emitted a deep groan from the back of Mark’s throat.  I started picking up the pace while I sucked and slid him in and out of my mouth…


Mark said, “Jesus Christ, Alexandria…It feels so good.”  I said, “Good…as long as my baby is happy.”  Mark growled a little and said, “I’m not the only one whose gonna be happy tonight.”  I smirked as I started pumping and sucking Mark harder…


Mark was writhing…he was trying to hold on to the tingly sensation that was jetting through his body…I could feel Mark’s boys tighten…he was so close to release…to top it all off…I slowly ran my teeth up the length of him…and it was pretty much his undoing…


Mark said, “Oh God…Alexandria…you’re gonna make me cum.”  I said, “So do it.”  I plunged him all the way back in my mouth and Felt his seed explode into my VERY willing mouth…I swallowed every drop as Mark fell back against the bed spread out…


Mark sat up, as I stood up…he looked over at me and I smirked as I wiped the corners of my mouth…Mark couldn’t say a thing but laugh.  He grabbed me and pulled me on top of him as he laid back against the bed again…He kissed my lips so softly and said, “I think…it’s your turn.” 


Mark moved down my body and disposed of my towel.  Then he grabbed my thighs and pulled my down until my ass was on the edge of the bed…and he hung my legs over his huge shoulders…wow haven’t found myself in this predicament since the last time me and Mark made love…which was about what 3 seconds ago. 


It felt weird to be like this with him…but in the same sense if felt wonderful.  Mark pulled my slit open and saw exactly what kind of effect he was having on my body, he started blowing his warm breath on my throbbing clit…


I was not above begging…


I said, “Mark…please…”  I did a full body shiver as Mark’s finger light brushed against my clit and VERY present wet center.  Mark knew it wouldn’t take him long to get me to cum…and now that he knew that…he couldn’t wait…he dove in tongue first lapping at my sensitive clit…as he thrusted not 1, not 2, but 3…of his huge fingers inside of me…to keep my hips from bucking he held my hips down with his free arm. 


I had my fist clenched onto the sheets of the bed…and he grabbed my other hand and laced our fingers together…as he picked up the pace…he was coming at me fast and furiously…just like the movie…I finally couldn’t hold on anymore…I let my orgasm rip through my body…as I moan out, “Oh god Mmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmark.”  Mark let his fingers ride me all the way through my orgasm… 


As Mark helped clean me up…he sat on the bed licking his fingers like he just ate some BQ chicken…LORD…my senses were reeling…but I loved every minute of it.  We laid in the bed stealing kisses for the rest of the night…


Chapter 15


At the end of the week…we went back and rejoined the tour…



You stand before me
Now we stare eye to eye
Before another second ticks away

One of us will die
You reach for your medal as I reach for mine
The sound of bullets flying through the air is followed by a cry

And the cry...

What will we do,

What will we say

When it’s the end of this game that we play
When we crumble into the dust, my friend
Although we start this game over again
It’s coming back to me



We got back into the swing of things…and often found ourselves sneaking away together on Mark’s bikes…


We never wanted to be in one spot for too long.



This young man lies alone dead fast into the ground
The sound of fleeing feet

And the crying eye will be his last sound, yeah

But do we gain from all this?
Now, was it worth a life? no
We throw all of our hopes away
And set our dreams aside

Now we’re crying

What will we do

What will we say

When it’s the end of this game that we play
When we crumble into the dust, my friend
Although we start this game over again

It’s coming back to me

It’s coming back to me

It’s coming back to me

It’s coming back to me

It’s coming back to me



We knew we were perfect for each other on so many different levels…


We completed each other…


We knew we were each others soul mates…


What we didn’t tell any one was that we’d secretly gotten married…we knew after that whole week together the dangerous game was over…



What will we do

What will we say

When it’s the end of this game that we play
When we crumble into the dust, my friend
Although we start this game over again

The End