Chapter 1


Kassia Turner looked at her watch standing in the airport.  She looked at the flight board one more time while chewing on her bottom lip.  She sat down at the right gate in the Seattle Washington Airport.  She looked down at the four flight numbers and got even more nervous...Airport security was standing by...Not to mention the bodyguards from the production company.  The fans were in lines around the airport.  Trying to hide the infamous wolf pack from New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn was CLEARLY impossible...but it had to be done...They started shooting Eclipse in a couple of days. 


Kassia was actually currently waiting for Gemma...She was older and had more experience in being a personal assistant then Kassia.  Gemma had known Kassia since she was 12.  Though their age difference was 8 years...Gemma knew when they asked her if she needed help being a personal assistant for 8 different actors, she recommended Kassia right away.  She set her belongs down for a minute to pull her knee high boots up...they felt like they were slipping...even though she knew they weren't really going anywhere.  Kassia was 5'7" and a petite frame...She had on a jean skirt that went o 2 inches above her knees, and 2 1/2 inch jean covered knee high boots, and a black dress shirt that hugged her in all the right spots, her waist length raven colored hair was swept up with two chop sticks holding it into place...Her royal blue eyes looking at her watch again.


A familiar voice said, "Excuse me miss...Do you know where I can find some hot wolf boys?"  Kassia looked up and jumped up and hugged the older woman around the neck.  Gemma Cordono laughed hard from the back of her throat welcoming the hug.  Gemma was 5'9" and hair dark honey blonde hair to the bottom of her rib cage and left it down straight, and her grey eyes scanned and saw the crazy fans...It was going to be all bad.  Gemma had on skinny jeans, with black leather 3 inch spike heel knee high boots and a black sweater that went down over her hips somewhat.


All of a sudden all the planes started landing at the same time.  A voice said, "Gemma!"  Gemma looked over and saw Julia Jones walking over with her backpack and a smile on her face...The two hugged and Gemma said, "Are you fully ready for this?"  Julia smiled and said, "Hell yea...I'm excited...Do I go to you or Kassia?"  Gemma said, "Me...Kassia has the teen crowd, 20 and younger.  Boo-Boo Stewart, Kiowa Gordon, Tyson Houseman, and Taylor Lautner...I've got 21 and above...Chaske (pronounced Chess-Key) Spencer, Alex Meraz, Bronson Pelletier, and you of course."  Julia said, "So the only new comers are me and Boo-Boo?"  Gemma said, "Much easier especially with only 2 PA's for the 8 of you."


Kassia walked over and said, "Yea speak for yourself...Look what I found wondering."  Julia screeched as she jumped on Boo-Boo Stewart and hugged the stuffing out of him practically...He couldn't help but laugh he was the youngest at 15, but was excited to be seeing everyone again...They'd all meet at a huge meeting that Stephanie Meyers had set up she was the genius mind behind the whole Twilight Saga books. Julie and Kassia exchanged a hug as well as they waited for the boys to get their stuff together and meet them at the American Airlines gates...Soon Kiowa and Tyson joined them.


A few minutes later and Alex, Bronson and Chaske came walking up naturally laughing at each other.  Alex pulled Gemma onto her feet and said, "Damn woman...Those heels are crazy..."  Bronson said, "Yea you could put an eye out with them."  Gemma smirked and said, "Or a hole in your asses if you don't behave."  The three of them pulled her into a huge group hug as they laughed at her spunkiness.  The guys walked over and repeated their actions with Kassia and Chaske said, "Are you taking shoe tips from Gem?  Damn another pair of boots...I can already feel my nut sack getting stepped on for getting out of line."


Taylor Lautner came walking up and Gemma said, "Nice to see you could join us superstar."  Taylor blushed a little and said, "Am I really the last to get here?"  Kassia could feel her knees get weak as she said, "Yea...Unfortunately Lautner you are the last."  Taylor smiled and said, "Sorry guys."  Taylor walked over and kissed Kassia's cheek and said, "Sorry Boss lady...Won't happen anymore...At least I don't think."  Kassia patted his arm and said, "Don' worry about...You know everyone has to give you a hard time." 


Gemma stood up and said, "Okay...Let's get on the plane people...if any of you miss the plane...Kassia and I will get yelled at and then it will be your friends responsibility to help remove our feet from your asses."  Everyone got boarded to the plane and Kassia started to sit next to Gemma when a hand came out and grabbed her hand...she looked down and it was Taylor...She smiled and said, "Something I can help you with Lautner?"  Taylor gave her his best puppy dog look and said, "Sit with me...Please?"  Kassia shook her head and said, "Who could say no to that pitiful puppy dog look?"  She sat next to him and he snatched her Blackberry out of her hand and automatically synced it with his.


Gemma felt someone sit next to her as she looked over and it was Chaske he smiled and said, "So...Tell me...How are you walking on those serious heels without breaking something...Cause I know if I was a woman and had to wear those...I'd be bruised to hell by now."  Gemma couldn't help but laugh at Chaske.  Gemma said, "Chas...You're killing me."  Chaske laughed with her and said, "Someone has to keep you on your know...Other than those boots." Gemma said, "Isn't that why I have you guys?"  Julia said, "I resent that...I just joined the guys."  Gemma said, "I'll make a mental note for that."  Bronson said, "Hey I never did anything wrong...yet."  Gemma laughed and said, "Okay mister let's mug for the camera's with your faithful side kick Mr. Meraz with 1000 screaming girls running down the sidewalk after you...You still owe me for saving your asses." 


Chaske couldn't help but laugh as he said, "I remember that...You kept yelling and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum to get in the building and they kept posing for all those girls screaming...they wouldn't come inside.  I thought you was going to blow up and take half of Washington DC with you."  Gemma said, "Yea I know...The barricade broke and all those girls charged down the side walk screaming at the top of their lungs...We just barely got all of you side before the mob hit...I beat once New Moon actually hits the theater it's going to be 5000 times worse."  Chaske said, "You really think so?"  Gemma nodded and said, "Oh yea...Of course...The Twilight Saga's are's like Harry Potter...only you know...without the English actors who you can't understand what they are saying...Well Except for Robert...but he loses his English accent when he's on screen." 


Chaske couldn't believe how good Gemma smelled...She always smelled good.


Gemma couldn't believe how good Chaske smelled...if she wasn't careful...something monumentally bad could happen.  They both kicked their seats back and let sleep take over as they headed into Vancouver Canada where the next installment of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse would be filmed...Even though it was only the end of August and New Moon wasn't set to hit the theater until November...The premiere was going to be insane...No one knew just how insane though.


Chapter 2


A couple of days later around 4 am, there was a knock on Gemma's hotel door.  Gemma had actually just gotten out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around her body with her hair wet and hanging down.  She walked over and opened the door and Chaske, Alex, Bronson and Julia were looking back at her.  Alex smirked and said, "Wow...Do you think I can get my wife to answer the door like that for me?"  Bronson grabbed his chest and said, "Damn it...Are you kidding me Gemma?"  Julia just laughed at the guys as she pushed through them and came in.  Gemma laughed and said, "You guys...C'mon...You know I'm not a shy've seen me in my bathing suit, which is pretty much like panties and a bra...Suddenly now you're having issues."  Chaske walked in and said, "I don't have an issue but if you don't get dressed soon I will."  Gemma said, "Wow..." and giggled with Julia. 


Gemma stood there for a second and then looked at the time on her Blackberry and said, "Why are you guys awake...I wasn't going to start wake up calls until 5:30."  Chaske said, "I was sleeping fine until Alex and Bronson started ringing my cell at 3:30."  Alex smiled cheesy and said, "So I'm excited sue me...It's our first day back on the set...I can't wait to get into character and rip some heads."  Bronson laughed and said, "Yea...Me too."  Julia said, "I was sleeping too until Boo-Boo started calling me...He's so excited to get to work with everyone." 


Another knock on the door and Gemma said, "What is this Grand Central Station?"  Gemma re-secured her towel and opened the door and had Kassia, Kiowa, Tyson, Taylor and Boo-Boo staring back at her and Gemma said, "What the hell is every one doing awake?"  Kiowa said, "Bronson called everyone and woke us up."  Boo-Boo said, "Yea and I called and bugged Julia."  Gemma raked her fingers through her still wet hair and said, "You all might as well come in...My room seems to be the place to meet."  Everyone walked in, Taylor was trailing behind the line and looked down at Gemma and said, "Please tell me that's not what you're wearing to the set?"  Gemma pressed her lips together as Taylor blushed furiously and said, "Sorry...Couldn't help myself."  Gemma said, "Are you sure you're only 17 superstar?"


Taylor blushed again and said, "Yes ma'am."  Gemma said, "Don't start calling me ma'am again...I had to break you of that once...It's Gemma or Gem...But no ma'am...That's for proper ladies and I'm far from it."  Taylor said, "No you're a lady still."  Gemma said, "If I was any kind of lady I wouldn't be answering the door in a bath towel and letting 7 grown men into my room without getting dressed first."  Boo-Boo said, "Hey you think I'm a man?"  Gemma laughed and looked at Taylor and said, "Okay 6 1/2"  Taylor couldn't help but let the laugh come out...He remember Gemma and Kassia had the same kind of sense of humor...Mostly Kassia's was more refined where as Gemma was completely unruly.


Gemma turned and walked towards her room...Chaske was leaning against the wall by the bedroom door and said, "I see you still haven't gotten dressed...Any particular reason why?" A smiled was playing on his lips as Gemma laughed...She was facing into the bedroom where she knew nothing personal would be seen as she opened the towel, moved it around and re-secured it around the top of her chest and said, "Yea...I want all of you to die at a young age."  Chaske didn't see anything, but just the image in his head was enough of a he leaned forward and groaned.


Gemma walked into the bedroom and kicked the door closed and pulled her jeans on and pulled her black turtleneck over her head and let it rest on her hips...and stepped into her was going to be friggen cold when they got to the set.  Chaske said, "C'mon slow poke were waiting for you."  Gemma threw the door open and said, "Shush...I'm trying to blow dry my hair, unless you guys want me to get pneumonia?"  Bronson said, "I don't think so...That would hurt right?"  Gemma glared and said, "Well it sure as hell wouldn't feel good."  Chaske watched as Gemma flipped her hair over as she bent over and started blow drying her hair upside down.  Chaske couldn't stop watching her as her fingers absentmindedly combed the knots out while the blow dryer pushed her hair all over the place.  The fragrance from her shampoo came up and hit his nose as he inhaled deep.


Gemma looked over and noticed Kassia and Taylor talking...She knew they basically had a thing for each other but were completely trying to deny it to themselves as well as everyone else around them...Gemma laughed she noticed they both smiled and laughed more than they were engrossed in their own conversation and no one else was bothering them.  Gemma smirked and knew she was going to have to give Kassia a hard time about it later.  Gemma flipped her head up and then re-brushed all the snarls out of her hair and Chaske said, "Are you ready now princess?"  Gemma made a face as she hit Chaske with her hair brush and laughed at him when he jumped cause he wasn't expecting it. 


Gemma tossed her brush onto the bed as she grabbed her Blackberry and was about to slip it into her back pocket when Chaske grabbed it and her hand at the same time as her head snapped around and Chaske said, "Don't do that...that's how you broke the last one...Remember you sat on it."  Gemma smiled and said, "Damn it...I hate it when you're right...You always catch me doing that."  Chaske said, "Someone has to watch out for you...You're always watching out for us."  Gemma said, "Aww...Thanks."  She pushed up on her toes and kissed his cheek and wrapped her arms around his neck, Chaske welcomed the hug as his arms went around her waist, his huge 6'2" frame lifted her off the floor.  Gemma couldn't help but laugh as she felt herself being picked up.  It was almost too much for Chaske he nearly dropped her when she started laughing and the vibration from her chest was pushed into his. 


He placed her back onto her feet and Gemma said, "Okay people...Let's move out...I don't feel like getting yelled at the first day back because you guys were late...Especially since all over you was up at the butt crack of dawn."  Gemma turned around and Chaske had her jacket open for her and she slipped her arms into it and winked at him as she tied it around her waist and slipped her phone into her front sweater pocket.  As they headed down to the vans and off to the set for their first day of shooting Eclipse.


Chaske had to tell her soon...Really soon.  Now if he could just figure out when and how.


Chapter 3


3 weeks into filming, at one point Boo-Boo, Kiowa, Alex, Tyson, Taylor, Bronson and Chaske were all standing in front of the girls with their arms crossed over their chests, and their backs were too Gemma, Julia and Kassia.  Gemma leaned over to Julia and Kassia and said, "Look at those buns...Fresh from the bakery."  Julia couldn't keep her laughter silent as her head rocked back and she started laughing hard.  Kassia couldn't help it either.  All 7 of the guys turned to look at the girls and Gemma couldn't help but start laughing at the looks on their faces.  The guys couldn't figure out what the girls were laughing about...but they knew Gemma was the ring leader, so it had to of been pretty bad...they shook their heads and turned back to face the set...Which just made the girls laugh harder.


Julia was called onto the set and as Gemma and Kassia were sitting off to the side with the guys robes and sweat pants, that they were allowed to wear between setting up scenes, because it was only 35 degrees and the shorts and sneakers were not cutting it.  Gemma leaned over to Kassia and said, "So...You and little Taylor Lautner looked pretty comfortable in my room earlier sitting in the corner on the floor...all chit chatty."  Kassia turned red and said, "Oh my god shut up..."  Gemma said, "C'mon what's going on with you and Mr. Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down?"  Kassia tuned even redder at the sudden thought of Taylor tying her down as she hid her face in her hands.  Kassia said, "Gem...It's not like that we're just good friends."  Gemma said, "Yea right and I'm the Virgin Mary...That boy calls you every day...I should know I've seen your cell bill."  Kassia said, "Stop opening my mail...I know he calls me a lot...I can't help it...He's such a sweet guy."


Gemma put her finger in her mouth and made a gagging noise and said, "So, you guys do all this talking on the break between New Moon and now...and you're only friends...Why is that?"  Kassia said, "Because that's the way we both prefer it...It makes everything a whole lot less complicating.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I wouldn't love for us to be more...but his schedule and mine don't exactly meet in the middle all the time.  We're only their PA's while the movies are being filmed, then when Summit Entertainment does the whole Movie premier and 50 country promotional tour for fans...Once we get back if they aren't working on a Summit Entertainment movie we are auctioned off to other actors who are.  I feel cheap and dirty...but I don't long as we can talk on the phone and meet for lunch every once in a while then I'm okay with that."  Gemma said, "Yea...I fully understand that...But eventually you're both going to want more out of the friendship...It just depends on which one of you breaks first."


Gemma had made a valid point, because Kassia knew her resolve was breaking for Taylor...every time he smiled or spoke to her with his husky voice she wanted to jump on him, but held onto her self control...she just wasn't sure how much longer she could hold the reigns without letting go on purpose. 


Kassia leaned over and said, "Hey...I was gonna ask how the um...You know...The divorce from the prick is going?"  Gemma rolled her eyes and said, "About as well as any divorce from some fuckin bum loser."  Kassia said, "Oh so apparently not that well."  Gemma was about to say something when her phone started vibrating in her hand and she looked down and said, "Speaking of the loser."  Kassia said, "Go ahead and answer it."  Gemma stood up from her chair and walked towards the parking lot where the trailers were she knew they would be breaking the guys for lunch soon.


Gemma hit the answer key on her Blackberry and said, "What do you want Jason?"  Jason said, "I want to know when you're going to sign the divorce papers and send them back to me?"  Gemma said, "As soon as I get them in the mail I'll sign the damn things and you can have them back."  Jason said, "I never thought we'd be here doing this."  Gemma said, "Yea well I thought I'd ever get involved with a guy who couldn't stop screwing his groupies.  We are here because of your own actions not mine."  Jason said, "Yea that's right Gemma you're such a fuckin angel."  Gemma said, "Look asshole...I never fucked someone else...You took it upon yourself to do that."  Jason said, "You act like I fucked the whole God Damn Manheim Steamroller group."  Gemma said, "Okay that should warn you just a little...When you actually admitted you screwed someone else...How am I supposed to believe you haven't done it with anyone else..."


Jason said, "Look Gemma I know I fucked up...Don't you think I know that?  Don't you think I feel terrible for doing this?"  Gemma said, "You know damn well you don't feel shit...You're not sorry you screwed around on me...You're just sorry I found out you wasn't done dating before we got married.  And of all people...Your manager...That bitch looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down."  Jason said, "Knock it off Gemma...Look I'm sorry you got hurt...And I'm sorry I fell in love with someone else."  Gemma lost her cool completely and yelled, "I DON'T WANNA FUCKIN HEAR THAT YOU GOD DAMN PIECE OF SHIT!" 


Gemma growled as she threw her Blackberry at the brick wall of the warehouse where any house shots were done.  Her phone basically exploded into a million pieces...She walked over and leaned against the wall as she slowly slid down it and was squatting against the wall.  Her hair fell out of her black hooded sweatshirt and down her shoulders as she felt the first rain drop on top of her head.  She looked up and suddenly the water started pouring out of the sky.  It was a cold rain too...there was nothing semi warm about it.


The guys along with Kassia and Julia were walking under the line of tents that had been put up in a line back to the production trailers looked over incase it did rain so everyone could stay dry and semi warm.  Chaske was the first to see Gemma sitting in the rain.  He said, "Kassia what the hell is going on with Gemma?"  Kassia knew that none of the guys knew she was married and in the process of a nasty divorce and that's the way she'd wanted it at least for now.  Kassia shook her head and said, "She took a personal call." 


Chaske chewed on his bottom lip and just made a snap decision as he walked over and stood in front of her...She looked up and Chaske could see her eyes were red, she was clearly crying.  Chaske held his hand out, Gemma took his hand, and he pulled her to her feet...She stood there...She looked broken.  Chaske did the only thing he couldn't think of...He pulled her into his arms and she started crying again...He finally got her calmed down and got her into the trailer with the others...No one asked because it wasn't their business...But they were definitely curious.


Chapter 4


The following morning, Gemma had been up pretty much all night...She'd taken a warm shower but it didn't do her much good...Thank God it was Sunday...The production company gave everyone Sunday's off.  Gemma was wrapped in a huge comforter sitting on the couch...Her head was throbbing and she couldn't stop sneezing...Oh yea she was definitely getting sick.  She sat staring at a static snow filled TV...she hadn't flipped off the no cable channel and it was nothing but white and black snow...She'd muted it because the sound was appalling, especially with her head throbbing as bad as it was.  A knock at her hotel door brought her out of her staring stupor.


Gemma got up and walk over to the door and opened it...She sighed when she saw Chaske staring back at her.  He held up a paper bag and said, "Tissue, cough drops and Nyquil..."  Gemma laughed sort of...Her voice was starting to go out now...Oh yea...Sick...Definitely.  Chaske shooed her back into the room as he walked in and closed the door behind him.  Gemma sat back down and wrapped herself back up as Chaske walked over and kicked his shoes off...No socks...She laughed and said, "Do you ever wear socks?"  Chaske smirked and said, "Those are those little white cotton things that go on the feet right?"  Gemma giggled and said, "Yes..."  Chaske sat down next to her on the couch and said, "You're voice sounds terrible."  As he handed her a cough drop.  Gemma took it from him and winked as she popped it into her mouth.


Chaske said, "So...Start talking."  Gemma shook her head no and said, "No...You don't need to worry about my personal life...It's why I haven't told you guys that much about it."  Chaske said, "Listen...I've confided a few things to you...I wouldn't have dared told you so much truth in all my life if I didn't consider you to be a friend Gem.  You should know you can come to any of us and tell us anything and it won't ever leave out lips to someone else unless you say so."  Gemma could already feel the tears building in her eyes.  Chaske opened the tissues and handed her one.  She wiped her eyes and nose.


Gemma took a couple of deep breaths and said, "Before I met you guys...I used to be the personal assistant for the band LifeHouse.  The lead singer Jason Wade and I fell in love and got married a year ago.  Over the break from New Moon, I found out he'd been sleeping with the bands manager...So now were going through a rough divorce...He's the one who called me yesterday.  The conversations start out heated...get calm...and then explode...And I broke my phone into about a thousand pieces...Cause you know...The brick wall got in the way and was antagonizing me."  Chaske said, "I'm really sorry you have to go through something like that.  When are you guys expecting the divorce to be finalized?"  Gemma said, "He's sending me the papers, I have to read and sign them and send them back...Once the judge goes over it all he'll sign and seal it...And it will be finished."


Chaske swung his leg over Gemma's head and grabbed the blanket and pulled her over and settle her between his thighs and gave her the Nyquil.  She took a dose and he turned the TV off and reach above him and turned the lamp off too.  Gemma leaned back against his chest and he wrapped his arms around her...Her cold hand came out of the blanket and gripped his forearm.  They fell asleep on the couch.


A few hours later, Chaske was woke up by someone knocking on the door, he carefully untangled himself from Gemma's body and walked over and opened the door, Alex and Bronson were staring back at him.  Bronson said, "We've been blowing your phone up dude...Where the hell were you?"  Chaske said, "Keep it down...Gemma is sleeping."  Alex said, "What's going on with her anyways?"  Chaske pushed his hands in his front pockets and said, "It's not my place to talk about it."  A strained groggy voice said, "You can let them in Chas."  Chaske stood to the side as Alex and Bronson walked in...Gemma was sitting up wrapped in the blanket again.  Alex leaned down and kissed Gemma on the forehead and said, "You've got a fever babe."  Gemma nodded and said, "I'm definitely getting sick...You guys are going to have to bear with me for a couple of days, until I can get it under control."


Bronson said, "Is there anything you need?"  Gemma smiled and said, "A new blackberry...I sort of smashed mine yesterday."  Alex looked puzzled and said, "Do you know how hard it is to completely decimate one of those?  How on earth did you smash it?"  Gemma giggled and said, "I threw it against a brick wall."  Alex laughed and said, "Well that would do it."  Chaske said, "You don't need a new one."  He pulled a box out of the paper bag and handed it to Gemma.  She opened the box and it was the same red Blackberry Curve she had brand new.  Chaske said, "I talked with a rep at Verizon and he got me a good deal and I gave him the mother board from your phone and he got all the info transferred after he got it jerry rigged."  Gemma laughed and said, "Aww...Thanks...I hate trying to function without my blackberry."  She started the phone up and got it activated and got her voicemail off of it too.


Alex said, "What happened yesterday...I've never seen you like that Gemma."  Gemma looked at Chaske and he said, "Tell them...It's ok."  Gemma took a deep breath and explained everything all over again.  Alex said, "What a fuckin asshole."  Bronson said, "Where does he live?  We could always kick his ass for you."  Gemma leaned down and kissed Bronson and Alex's cheeks and said, "Thanks...But I'll live...You guys are the only men I need in my life...But I'm going to have to kick you out, because I'm going back to bed...I will see you guys tomorrow morning."  Chaske said, "Does that mean you're kick me out too?"  Gemma winked and said, "If I could keep you forever...Don't think I wouldn't."  The guys left and Gemma went and crawled into bed and fell asleep...


All she could do was hope the divorce was over soon...She wanted to move on with her life and couldn't do that if she was still connected.


Chapter 5


It was the end of October...It only took 62 days for eclipse to finish filming...Summit entertainment threw another party for the actors, crew - everyone involved, they had done it after Twilight wrapped and then again after New Moon wrapped, it was basically becoming a tradition.  Wrap a Twilight Saga movie get a wrap party.  Gemma had on skinny jeans, her 3 inch heeled black leather knee high boots again...she loved shocking the guys.  Her top was a stretch neck halter with an elastic back for security and half belt front with a lacy overlay adds visual interest and the fabric was satiny.  She left her hair down and pulled on her Black thigh length sweater and secured it around her waist.


As she walked into the elevator and hit the button for the penthouse was basically one giant room that was the width of the entire she stepped off the elevator could hear the music as it pumped through the speakers.  Gemma walked in and saw Kassia over talking with Taylor again...Wow...They should just get together already!  Kassia had on her jeans, heels and a black cotton top that had sexy slashes in the material at the bust and all the way down the long sleeves.  Her hair was left down, Taylor had on his jeans with a white dress shirt and a black vest.  Kassia was laughing about something he said.


Gemma walked around until she found Chaske and went up to him and said, "Guess what I just picked up at the front desk."  Chaske looked down at her and said, "What?"  Gemma said, "The last note I'll ever get from my ex-husband."  Chaske said, "Did you just say ex?"  Gemma nodded as Chaske picked her up and swung her around in circles.  Chaske took her in his arms as they started dancing on the floor with everyone else.


At one point the music stopped for a minute so, Chaske and Gemma walked out onto the balcony, Alex and Bronson were talking about the upcoming world tour to promote New Moon and Eclipse.  Alex said, "Gemma a little birdie told me your divorce was finally finalized." Gemma smiled and said, "Yea...I feel like I've been waiting for this for forever."  Bronson gave Gemma a hug and kissed her cheek and said, "You deserve better."  Gemma looked at the three guys standing in front of her and said, "You guys have been my life for a while now...But you're also my friends...I really love you guys...Just as much as I love Kiowa, Tyson, Boo-Boo, Julia and Taylor and even Kassia."  Alex said, "We love you too Gemma...You help us more than anything..."  Bronson said, "You save our asses...You're always making sure we look good, before we leave the hotels."  Gemma said, "I hope you guys are really ready for everything...because in 3 weeks, your lives are gonna be crazy once New Moon comes out."


Chaske said, "I don't see any of us having a problem with it...We're gonna be the same people we are right now."  Gemma said, "Yea right...You guys are gonna have a shit load of girls dying to get a hold of're heads will swell and egos will get bigger...I'll just have to remember how to deflate big heads."  Alex said, "Kim will definitely thank you for that...Especially if I came home and wasn't myself...She'd beat the shit out of me."  Kim being Alex's wife.  Gemma said, "I believe she would too.  I might let her."  Bronson said, "My dad told me to tell you if I get out of line to call him and he'd kick my ass for you."  Gemma laughed and said, "I believe that too...You're dad would."  Bronson nodded in agreement.  The music started back up and Alex and Bronson headed back into the party.


Chaske said, "So how do you really feel about the divorce being finalized?"  Gemma's smile widened as she said, "I never thought it would get here."  Chaske said, "Yea me too."  Gemma's head tilted to the side and said, "What are you talking about?"  Chaske looked down and said, "I knew you was married the whole time...I overheard you and Kassia talking a few months ago about it...I thought Jason was a little prick and he needs to have his ass handed to him.  I even thought about doing it myself once or twice."  Gemma said, "Chas...You know you're a pretty sweet guy...You're going to make some girl extremely happy some day."  Chaske said, "I think I may have found her already."  Gemma said, "What...Really?  Did you invite her tonight?"  Chas shook his head no and said, "I didn't invite her but she is here."


Gemma turned to go walk back into where the party was and said, "Where is she?"  A hand grabbed her wrist and she was pulled back in front of Chaske, as her back was against the railing of the balcony and Chaske blocked her in and said, "She's right here."  Confusion swam in Gemma's eyes as she said, "Chas what in the world are you..."  Chaske's index finger came up as it pressed against her lips to stop her from talking...She stayed silent as his hand slid down under her chin and tilted her head up and his lips slowly descended onto hers.  Gemma pulled back breathless.  Chaske could feel their chests rising and falling as they were both trying to recover from the kiss...Chas said, "Sorry, Gemma...I wasn't sure how to..."  Suddenly Chas was cut off as Gemma pulled him down and kissed him.  Chaske wrapped his arms around her waist as her fingers went through his short black hair...Chas lifted Gemma off the ground as the kiss was deepened and Gemma moaned into his mouth and Chas growled deep from his throat...When they pulled apart for a second time...Chas set her on her feet carefully.


Chas took Gemma's hand and pulled her behind him as they made their getaway to the elevator and on the ride down to their floor Chas had her pressed into the elevator wall kissing her breathless again.  On the walk down the hall, Chaske was walking behind Gemma watching her hips and ass swing back and forth in those damn jeans...and those boots she wore...He loved her in those high heeled knee high boots.  When she wore them they screamed his name at the top of their lungs.  Once they got to her hotel room and inside...It was just like wild kingdom.


Chaske blocked her against the bedroom door as his lips started nipping the flesh on her neck and collar bones...His hands roamed her body as he leaned against the door with her eyes closed loving the feeling of his 6'2" frame loaming over her like a predator...Like a wolf...Gemma giggled and Chaske pulled back and said, "What?"  Gemma smiled and said, "I feel like I'm being attacked by a wolf...Kind of ironic don't you think?"  Chas licked his bottom lip and bit on it as he looked into her eyes and said, "Wolf huh?  Where did I leave off?"  Gemma smirked and said, "I think you were right here."  As her hand came up and touched her right collar bone and his lips deep dived back to her collar bone.


Her hands came up and went under his shirt touching his abs as she slowly started lifting the shirt from his torso...Chaske pulled back long enough to let her pull the shirt from his body and his lips attacked to her neck again...Chas got them moved around and sat her on the bed as he knelt down in front of her kissing her jean covered knees, Gemma brought her foot up and pushed the heel of her boot into his pectoral muscle and giggled as he growled at her...Chas looked up at her as he unzipped her boots and slid them off.  Then he unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her tan legs, and came up between her thighs as he was knelt between her legs and kissed her lips again as he pulled her shirt from her body.


His lips trailed down and kissed across the tops of her bra covered breasts.  Gemma's breath caught in her throat as she pushed him back into the floor and she crawled up his body and sat straddled on his lap and leaned over her hair slid over her shouldered and the ends tickled his chest as she leaned down and kissed his lips softly.  Chas sat up as he carefully got into a squatting position with Gemma still straddling him...He definitely had nice lower body strength as he stood up and carefully laid Gemma on the bed and she undid his belt and pants and her feet slowly slid his jeans and boxer briefs off as his tongue went under the front close clasp of her bra and undid her bra and as she finished taking it off, he slid her panties off.


Chaske slowly slid his warm body to her and Gemma slid her hands up his arms and to his face and they started kissing…His touch made her feel beautiful…There was so much passion between them, they nearly lost their heads…


Chaske’s hands were sliding down her breasts brushing against her nipples, which reacted to his soft touch…Gemma slowly ran her tongue around the outside of his ear, that would drive anyone crazy…and did just that…Chaske started trailing fire ridden kisses down her neck to her chest, and slowly circled her left breast with his tongue before sucking it between his lips…and made her slightly sigh heavy…then his lips ventured across to her other breast…and he repeated what he’d done to the first to the second… 


Chaske said, “I don’t want this one getting jealous for not getting the same treatment...”  Gemma giggled a little…Chaske ran his tongue down the middle of her stomach…till he had his head between her thighs…and slid two fingers into her wetness, and Gemma gasped for air…trying to keep her composure, which wasn’t happening…Chaske kissed around her core and the insides of her thighs, while he slowly worked his fingers in and out of her, working her into a frenzy…he also had his free hand on her stomach holding her down, so even if she wanted to escape she couldn’t…


Honestly, Gemma didn’t want to…


In between kisses Chaske said, “C’mon Gemma…let yourself go baby…relax and enjoy every minute of this…C’mon Gemma I want you to cum for me…”  Chaske looked up and Gemma was moaning and biting on her bottom lip trying to totally resist him, Chaske just worked his fingers faster and harder…and she totally went over the edge head first…


Chaske climbed up her body and they continued kissing again…and he slowly parted her knees with his, and slithered his body between her thighs…and the slowly while they were still kissing he pushed his erection into her…he let her body get used to his size before he made a move…and he slowly started moving his erection inside of her…


Chaske said, “God Damn you are so tight girl…but you feel so good.”  Gemma was holding on for dear life…as he was moving inside of her…Chaske looked down between them and said, “That is a beautiful sight…me disappearing into you…”  Gemma looked down and just watching he disappear into her…made her desire rise more…She pulled his head down to her mouth and got to his ear and said, “Harder.” As Gemma licked his ear…


Gemma felt Chaske twitch inside of her at his words and ministrations…and he started pounding into her harder at ramming force…Gemma was so wrapped up and overcome in the passion and feeling of Chaske being inside of her…Her hips were meeting Chaske thrust for thrust…Gemma thought the both of them were so wrapped up in each other her eyes rolled in the back of her head as she screamed out his name as the most intense orgasm ripped through her entire body…His thrusts became harder and after a few more he ripped out the deepest growl as his orgasm was just as intense as hers and Gemma could feel his warm seed explode into her…


They laid there still for a minute, letting the beating of their hearts catch up with the rest of their bodies…they laid there kissing, and Chaske pulled out of her…and they really couldn’t say anything to each other…just laying there staring at each other…Chaske was running his fingers through her hair and she loved the way his hands felt against her skin…his hands were so soft…Gemma couldn’t believe the passion and insanity level that was just brought forth.


Chaske lays looking at Gemma...and says, “I really need to tell you something.”  Gemma propped her head up and said, “You’re in love with Bronson?”  Chaske laughed hard and then pulled her close to him and said, “No...I’m in love with you, Gemma.”  Gemma could feel the tears, but decided to not let them fall as she kissed his lips softly and said, “I love you too Chas.”


They made love about 3 more times before morning ever came…


Chapter 6


The following morning, Gemma woke up in Chaske's arms and moved around a little...Chas groggy voice said, "You're not running away from me are you?"  Gemma giggled as she pushed back further into his arms and said, "No...I was just trying to figure out what the hell happened last night."  Laughter rumbled in Chaske's chest as he said, "I have no idea what got into me."  Gemma rolled over onto her back and looked over at Chas and said, "Well I certainly know what got into me."  Chas said, "Oh yea what?"  Gemma smiled and said, "You."  Chaske couldn't help but laugh again he didn't miss the pun she threw out there.  His arm went over her flat stomach and pulled her even closer to him as he leaned over and kissed her lips softly.


Gemma said, "Maybe we should get up."  Chaske said, "Maybe we should stay in bed."  Gemma rolled over the rest of the way to face Chaske and said, "So how long have you been keeping how you felt about me to yourself?"        Chaske said, "A while...a long while actually."  Gemma felt like she was going to cry...The whole time she was married to the biggest asshole in the world.  When someone really wanted her...And only her.  Chas moved over to his back said, "I did how ever tell Bronson and Alex how I felt about you."  Gemma groaned as she laid her head on his chest...His arm went around her and softly rubbed up and down her back.


Gemma said, "So...Do we tell the others now or not?"  Chaske said, "Might as well...They are going to find out sooner or later...And you know I don't lie or keep secrets from friends."  Gemma nodded and said, "No...I wouldn't want you to lie to the guys anyways...Especially since I'm gonna have to tell Kassia."  Chas laughed, "I knew you was going to say that."  The couple relished just laying in bed feeling completely content.


Meanwhile, Taylor had invite Kassia out to dinner, after they'd gotten back to the hotel, they went to his room and watched a movie, while they laughed and talked back and forth...Once the movie was over, Kassia politely said, "I'm gonna get going...I know we have a flight out tomorrow for New York to start the promotional I'll let you get your sleep...Can't have you meeting fans and press with dark circles under your eyes."  Taylor said, "You know you don't have to leave."  Kassia said, "Yea I know...But I should."  Taylor leaned down and hugged her and said, "Thanks for joining me today."  Kassia smiled and accepted the hug...He gave the best hugs, Kassia said, "Thanks for the invite."


There was a moment when their eyes locked...Kassia shook herself out of the temptation and turned to leave...she opened the door to leave...When a hand came out and pushed the door closed again. 


A free hand came over and pulled her hair over her opposite shoulder as a pair of soft lips came down and kissed the side of Kassia’s neck.  Kassia’s hands came up and were palm down against the door to steady herself before she fell down.  Taylor’s hand against the door came down and went over her hand as his fingers fanned in-between hers.  His free hand caressing her waist.  His lips going to her neck again.  Taylor slowly turned her around so she was facing him, as his lips slowly descended onto hers.  Taylor’s hands came up and cupped her face as he leaned her head back a little more and deepened the kiss.


Kassia’s hands came up and gripped his forearms and then his biceps, as his hands slid down her neck, arms, body and to her waist as he searched out the hem of her shirt, as he slowly slid it up her body, and they broke the kiss long enough for Taylor to pull it the rest of the way off and toss it to the floor.  Kassia pulled Taylor’s shirt off also.  Her hands running along his chest abs and arms...fully enjoying the feeling of his muscles under her touch.


They moved around the room and Kassia’s pushed Taylor over the arm of the couch and as Taylor was falling backwards, he pulled Kassia on top of him.  It was almost as if they couldn’t get enough of each other.  Kassia moved a little and Taylor sucked in a breath of air...She looked down his body and her knee had accidentally brushed against his crotch...


She cringed and said, “Sorry Taylor.”  Kassia started to back up off the couch and said, “We shouldn’t be doing this...What if we hurt each other...You've been a really good friend for so long...I don't want to ruin things.”  Taylor stared at the ceiling, until he noticed Kassia had moved off of him...He got up and sat on the arm of the couch and said, “Kassia...C’mere.”  Kassia chewed her bottom lip as she picked up her shirt and walked over to Taylor.  He grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him and kissed her lips softly and said, “You couldn't hurt me...And I would never hurt you...I promise.”  Kassia looked down and could already tell Taylor had an erection...She said, “But what if...”  Taylor said, “You won’t...I know you won’t...”  Kassia smiled up at Taylor as he took her shirt and tossed it on the couch and his hands softly started to unbutton and unzip her jeans...which ended up on the couch as well.


Taylor was standing there admiring her body...she had on matching black lace underwear which were in the shape of shorts and had strings across the hips and a matching bra...Her raven hair enveloped her body...Taylor stood up and leaned down and kissed her lips he leaned down and picked her up...Somehow the kiss got a little reckless and they ended up on the bed…Kassia pulled back and noticed Taylor’s eyes had darkened with passion…Kassia leaned over and kissed him…and surprisingly enough he kissed her back…his hand went to her hip and then around her waist and pulled her closer…Taylor’s hand slid down her thigh to the back of her knee…and he pulled her leg around his thigh…and was rubbing the back of her thigh as the kissing got a little more intense…Taylor’s hand traveled up the back of her panties to her booty…his hand was so warm on her skin…Kassia was running her fingers through his hair…

Taylor rolled over until he was situated half on her and half off of her…his free hand slowly crept up her body to the bottom of her bra, undoing the clasp…and he slowly started sliding it off…he looked up at her and just stared at her eyes like he was asking permission to remove her bra…Kassia smirked a little and then nodded her approval of him removing her bra…so he finished sliding it all the way up and off her arms…he tossed it next to the bed…the first thing her now naked cold breasts came in contact with was his warm chest…her nipples were hard enough to cut out someone…but soon softened up under his body heat…

Taylor started to slowly lick and kiss his way down her neck across her collar bone, and down in the valley between her breast…then soon started a full out assault on her nipples, lick, sucking, nipping between his teeth but not too hard…just enough to get her aroused by it…which she will admit…it was working. Then he kissed and licked down to her navel where he pulled on her navel ring with his teeth for a few minutes…and then went a little lower…he was placing kisses all along her hips, legs, knees, calves, then went back up and grabbed the string of her panties that was across one of her hips with his teeth and started pulling them off with his teeth…and dispose of them and his own exercise pants and boxer/briefs at the same time…

His erection had been present the whole time…Kassia could feel it being rubbed all over her body any time he moved…Taylor crawled back up to face her…and he pushed her knees apart…and he looked at her with smoke filled eyes and in the sweetest softest voice he said, “Kassia…Are you sure you want to do this?” Kassia said, “If I say no…would you be able to stop without getting mad?” Taylor said, “No...At least I don’t think so.”  Kassia said, “Then don’t ask me…I don’t know what I feel for you…I know I like you a lot…and I already know I’m sure about doing this…hell even if I wanted you to stop I still wouldn’t ask you too…I want it too bad.”

Taylor positioned his the head of his erection at the opening of her center…and he kissed her as he started sliding his erection into her…Kassia could feel her walls expanding and expanding…Taylor took one of her hands and laced their fingers together…as he slowly pushed himself all the way into her...Once Taylor had sheathed himself all the way in her…he laid there perfectly still for a few minutes, letting her get used to his size…He slowly started moving in and out of her…She was moaning when he’d push in from all the pleasure…and groan when he’d pull out, cause she felt empty…

Pretty soon, Taylor grabbed her hips and rolled them over to where Kassia was sitting straddled on him and he said, “Ride me baby.” Kassia smiled and that’s exactly what she started doing…Taylor had a firm grip on her hips…helping her glide up and down his erection…Kassia leaned down and kissed him and he sat up while still working her up and down him…Taylor wrapped his arms around her and said, “Jesus…girl you are tight…” Taylor growled a little and said, “Damn, baby, you feel so good…it feels like you were made especially for me…” Kassia said, “Well…Maybe I was…”

Kassia threw her head back and her long hair trickled over Taylor’s arms…as his one hand found her butt and was trying to pull her closer…as if that could happen…you couldn’t have gotten a single strand of hair between them as it was…then he suddenly stood up with her still on him and moved around and laid back down with her under him again…Kassia wasn’t complaining…she liked him being between her thighs…Taylor’s thrusts were getting hard, faster and definitely deeper…much, much deeper…Kassia was going crazy out of her mind…

Taylor could feel her walls starting to shutter around him….tightening and releasing…and he knew her obviously building orgasm was approaching fast…he started going deeper…Kassia thought if he went much deeper…he’d never find his way out without a wet suit and a mining helmet…Kassia started grinding her hips into his as his thrusts were so wonderful…Taylor said, “That’s it…c’mon…just let yourself go…"  Kassia said, “Oh god Taylor.” As she called his name her climax hit her…which as soon as he felt her release…he soon followed and growled out a furious climax as well…as she felt him explode deep inside of her…

Taylor didn’t collapse on top of her…cause he didn’t want to crush her…he pulled out and laid next to her…pulling her over and Kassia laid her head on his chest, listening to his breathing and heart beating slow down…as hers slowed down with his…They both ended up falling asleep.


Chapter 7


Gemma had been right...Once New Moon hit the theaters is was complete chaos and pandemonium.  Girls were tracking the guys flight schedules, interview dates, and even followed them on Twitter, Facebook and Myspace.  The guys almost couldn't believe how much press they were getting...New Moon was insanity run amuck and they were all now wondering what exactly was going to happen when Eclipse was finally released.  The interviews were insanely scheduled.  The guys felt like they were going in 1000 different directions all at once.


Gemma stood behind the scenes watching the guys answer the same questions over and over...


Q: So how was it to film some of your scenes with Kristen?


Alex: She kept knocking the breath out of Chas.

Chaske: Yea she's got a mean right, we were filming this scene and she was supposed to come up and hit me in the chest  or stomach and the first punch boom she punches me and I'm supposed to be this tough guy, So I just stand there and I'm like uh.

Bronson: And I'm standing behind him cause I'm his right hand man and he turned around and I could see the look on his face and was like oh that must've hurt.

Chaske: The take was 15 time...We had to re do it 15 times.


Q: Did she lighten up on her sucker punch?


Chaske: No.  It got harder.

Alex: No definitely harder.

Bronson: You could hear it every time boom every time.

Alex: She even...The best, the best part she went up to Chas and said, "Sorry Am I hitting you too hard." And he was all no - no it's fine.  Then he turns to me and he's all...I think she broke my rib.

Q: You guys have no trouble looking great with your shirts off in the rain. How difficult was it to film that scene?

Chaske: The rain was pretty hard. At one point, we all huddled up together to use our bodies to keep warm. It was definitely pretty cold, but we all got through it.

Alex: I think Bronson had the best explanation of it. He said we had a glass-cutting business.

Chaske: Our nipples were rock hard.

Bronson: Yeah, definitely. And, on top of it, there was the fake rain, too. It wasn't warmed-up rain either, mind you. It was cold blankets of rain, coming on top of us. It was pretty wild.  

Q:  In the movie, you have tattoos. Do you have a real tattoo, or would you like to have one?

Alex: We all have tattoos.

Chaske: We all have real tattoos.

Alex: Which take about three hours to get covered up. One thing we have been talking about is maybe, depending on where this goes, by the end of the films, getting the Wolf Pack tattoo. 

Chaske: Yeah, it's been a real experience for all of us.

Alex: It's a milestone.

Chaske: It's changed our lives.

Q: Is Taylor going to get the tattoo, too?

Chaske: Oh, I can't speak for him.

Alex: Maybe if he's 18 by the time we do it.

Q: Is it awkward to spend so much time with your shirt off in the movie, or did you get comfortable with it?

Chaske: Whatever puts the ladies in seats for the tickets!

Bronson: That's right!

Alex: We've been telling guys, "Watch the film because your girlfriends will be watching it."
Chaske: The thing is, though, there's action in New Moon, so girls can bring their boyfriends. I think they'll really like it.

Alex: They don't have a choice. Their girlfriends are going to be there. But, it wasn't awkward. By the time we started filming, we had already been working out shirtless. It's like a costume. It really is. You wear it. You do it and you own it. You can't be intimidated about your body. That's not the time to be doing that, when that little red light is blinking and you're being filmed.

Chaske: It also helped us get into character, as well.

Bronson: As soon as I got out there with my shorts and no shirt on, I felt the part.

Alex: As soon as I got the bronzing on, I felt it.

Bronson: The bronzing always ended up on my socks.

Chaske: That stuff is hard to wash off, too.

Alex: I think they put motor oil on us. It's all brown and copper. The shower looked like someone murdered a man.  

Q: How cold did it actually get during filming?

Alex: About 30 degrees, and it was raining. It was very cold.

Chaske: We could cut glass with our nipples.

Alex: We had a glass-cutting company, Wolf Pack & Friends.


When the interviews were finally over, the guys looked over and saw Gemma shaking her head at them and laughing at the same time.  Chaske walked over and leaned down and kissed Gemma softly and said, "What?"  Gemma said, "Cut glass with your nipples?"  Alex started laughing with Bronson.  Gemma said, "Sometimes I worry about your sanity guys!"  Bronson said, "Hell I worry about mine on a daily basis."  Alex said, "Yea...I'm sure Kim's worried about mine as well."  Gemma said, "Okay guys Let's get out of here...You're officially done for the day."  They left going back to the hotel to relax a little.


Chapter 8


Before the guys knew what was going on, it was June and it was time to release Eclipse.  Chaske and Gemma had been dating for 8 months.  It was nice for the simple fact that they were both from New when Chaske asked her to move in with him, she didn't have far to go.  Gemma had actually given her apartment to Kassia once she'd turned 18...In turn Taylor shocked the hell out of Kassia when he turned 18 and suggested they move in together...Taylor actually left LA because he knew Kassia wasn't going to leave New York away from Gemma.  Which is how Gemma knew Taylor loved Kassia, because he gave up living with his family or on his own to be with Kassia in New York.


The night of the Premier of Eclipse, everyone showed up in Gemma and Chaske's hotel room to get ready.  Gemma opened the door to the bathroom and stepped out into the bedroom.  All the talking stopped as all eyes were on her.  No one had ever seen Gemma so dressed up...Which was one of the reasons he loved her so much because she was like him a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal...But she definitely wasn't in jeans and a t-shirt that night.  Gemma had on a Slinky mini dress with a red mandarin collar, strapless, with a black lace design that connected the collar around the neck to the top part of the dress and had Red oriental print brocade the dress came to about mid-thigh and had small slits up the side of her thighs...She had on nylons and Black open toed 2 1/2 heels that buckled around her ankles.  Her hair was chop sticked up with curl tendrils hanging down.



If I were a boy
Even just for a day
I’d roll outta bed in the morning
And throw on what I wanted then go
Drink beer with the guys
And chase after girls
I’d kick it with who I wanted
And I’d never get confronted for it.
Cause they’d stick up for me.

If I were a boy
I think I could understand
How it feels to love a girl
I swear I’d be a better man.
I’d listen to her
Cause I know how it hurts
When you lose the one you wanted
Cause he’s taken you for granted
And everything you had got destroyed



Chaske walked over and circled her like she was a piece of meat.  Chaske said, "Gem...Is that really you?"  Gemma giggled and said, "Who else would it be?"  Chas said, "Holy shit."  Gemma said, "Is that a good holy shit or a bad holy shit?"  Chaske cracked up laughing and said, "It's definitely good baby."  He pulled her to him as he kissed her lips softly and she said, "Don't ruin my make up."  Chaske said, "I may have to get you out of that dress before we leave this hotel room."  Gemma said, "Dream on...It took a minute to get it on so I ain't taking it off until tonight."  Chaske had on super dark jeans with a black long sleeve button down dress shirt, with 2 buttons undone at the top.


Kassia was next to step out of the bathroom...she had on a pale blue halter dress that had lace inset on the waist and side slits it went to just mid-thigh, nylons and matching 2 1/2 heels with open toes.  Her hair was down and in tons of spiral curls.  Taylor walked over and said, "My God you look Beautiful."  Taylor had on a crisp white button down dress shirt, with black dress pants and a matching black dress jacket...He left the first 3 buttons on the shirt undone and no tie...with his dress shoes.  Kassia melted in his arms when he pulled her to him and kissed her lips softly.



If I were a boy
I would turn off my phone
Tell everyone it’s broken
So they’d think that I was sleepin’ alone
I’d put myself first
And make the rules as I go
Cause I know that she’d be faithful
Waiting’ for me to come home (to come home)

If I were a boy
I think I could understand
How it feels to love a girl
I swear I’d be a better man.
I’d listen to her
Cause I know how it hurts
When you lose the one you wanted (wanted)
Cause he’s taken you for granted (granted)
And everything you had got destroyed



As everyone was talking out, Gemma patted Chaske's butt and said, "Can I put this swing in my back yard?"  Chas started laughing and said, "As long as you're the only one swinging on it, I don't care where you put it."  As his arm went around her waist and said, "Hey...Have I mentioned how beautiful you look?"  Gemma said, "No...But thanks...You don't look so bad yourself babe."  On the elevator ride down to the lobby hotel...Kassia's face kept turning red...Gemma suddenly realized Taylor was whispering in her ear...Gemma could only wonder what exactly he was saying.


Once they got to the premier, everyone was walking along the red carpet...The paparazzi was insane.  Kept bombing the actors and actresses with stupid questions on who their dates for the night were.  Gemma walked ahead with Kassia so Taylor, Chaske and the rest of the guys could answer questions.  Taylor walked over to the girls and said, "Gemma I forgot to tell you...You look beautiful tonight."  Gemma smiled and said, "I know I'm such a t-shirt and jeans person, but I figured since Chaske asked me to specifically be his date tonight, I had to look nice."  Kassia giggled while nudging Gemma with her elbow and said, "You clean up right good ma'am."  Gemma laughed and said, "I even used soap and water too."  They stood their laughing.



It’s a little too late for you to come back
Say it's just a mistake
Think I’d forgive you like that
If you thought I would wait for you
You thought wrong

But you’re just a boy
You don’t understand
Yeah you don’t understand
How it feels to love a girl someday
You wish you were a better man
You don’t listen to her
You don’t care how it hurts
Until you lose the one you wanted
Cause you’ve taken her for granted
And everything you have got destroyed

But you’re just a boy



Gemma watched as Taylor and Kassia walked into the theater to get their seats, and she stood waiting for Chaske to finish his interviews...She overheard one of the reporters ask, "Who's your date tonight?"  Chaske smiled and said, "She's actually one of our two personal assistants, she's done so much for me and the rest of the guys, I asked her to come with me tonight...She's definitely gorgeous though right boys?"  Which earned a round of hell yeas.  Gemma felt her heart sink...then she got really pissed off...PERSONAL ASSISTANT!  Chaske finished up the interview and he turned and walked over to Gemma and he started to put his arm around her waist and she just walked off to find Kassia and Taylor.  Chaske gave her a sideway glance and followed her not thinking anything of it.


In the limo ride back to the hotel, was completely silent.  Once back to the room, Gemma unbuckled her heels and kicked them in to the suitcase and then proceeded to get undressed as she pulled her jeans on and a T-shirt with her sneakers.  Chaske said, "Is something wrong babe?"  Gemma looked at him and he felt if looks could kill he'd definitely be dead by now.  Gemma pulled the chop sticks out of her hair and said, "Yea...I was wondering why you let me get all dressed up if you was just going to tell everyone I was your personal assistant."  Chaske chuckled and said, "You're upset because I told a few lame loser reporters you're my assistant?  I didn't lie to them right?"  Gemma was now hurt more than anything...she said, "I thought we had a good relationship going...Am I wrong to assume that Chas?"  Chas said, "Not at all...I love you with all my heart...What is this all about baby?" 


Gemma growled, "Do not term of endearment me to death right now.  I'm supposed to be your girlfriend...At least for the last 8 months...Remember we moved in together...I know we damn sure have been having sex for the last 8 months."  Chaske said, "I'm not complaining about it either...I thought we were happy...Aren't you happy Gem?"  Gemma blink and tears slid down her cheeks as she said, "I was...Until tonight."  Chaske took a step to her and she backed up as she pulled her bag over her shoulder and said, "Tonight, I got all dressed up...Tonight I wanted to be your girlfriend."  Chas said, "Gemma you are my girlfriend for 8 months...tonight and every night."  Gemma said, "No, you don't get it...Tonight was the one night I didn't want to be your assistant...I just wanted to be your girlfriend...But that's clearly not what you wanted."


Gemma walked out the hotel door as Chaske just stood there not fully understand what had just happened...By the time he realized Gemma had walked out the door he ran over and looked down the hallway...It was like she disappeared into thin air.  He leaned against the door...What the hell was he going to do without her?


Chapter 9


The next morning, everyone was headed back to Vancouver Canada to start filming both parts to Breaking Dawn...As everyone walked thru the airport to board the plane, they noticed someone was missing...Namely Gemma...and someone looked like hell...Namely Chaske.  Not for the lack of trying but Chaske had called Gemma's phone at least 25 times the night before and about 15 more times the following morning.  He was extremely worried about her...She hadn't checked into another room at their hotel, in fact she hadn't checked into any other hotel cause Chaske was pretty sure he called all of them looking for her.  It was as if she completely vanished without a trace.


One they got off the plane in Vancouver and started their trek through the airport through the screaming fans and got to the huge SUV's waiting for them...Loaded up their luggage and got in...Alex was finally the first to say, "Okay Chas, what the hell is going on...Where's Gemma?"  Chaske finally pushed his sunglasses on top of his head and everyone was aware he'd definitely not slept the night before.  Bronson said, "Damn bro...You look like you lost your best friend or teddy bear...something."  Chaske ran his fingers through his short black hair and said, "I feel like it too...Apparently Gemma is upset with me about something I said last night to the reporters."  Alex furrowed his brow and said, "Unfortunately I fully understand what you're talking about because I heard what you said...and I saw the look on Gemma's face afterwards."


Bronson said, "Okay did I completely sleep through last night?  First I hear that Taylor ousted him and Kassia because they've been dating and now you said something to the reporters about Gemma?  Care to fill me in?"  Chaske said, "A reporter asked me who I brought last night and instead of saying my girlfriend...I said personal assistant.  Apparently it was the wrong thing to say...She was really upset when we got back to the hotel.  She said what she had to say and left...I haven't been able to get her to answer her damn phone since last night."  Alex said, "She's not answering her Blackberry at all?"  Chaske said, "Nope."  Alex said, "Fuck that...She's going to answer the phone if I call her or her Blackberry is gonna get burnt out with calls from me." 


Alex called Gemma's phone and as soon as her voicemail picked up, Alex said, "Gemma you better not be able to answer your phone or dead...Were just worried about you...Don't make us worry!"  Bronson was the next to call and again said, "Gemma, you need to answer your damn phone and let us know you're not laying dead in a ditch somewhere!"  Bronson hung up and said, "Wow...I feel like my father now!"  Which brought a little comical relief to the guys for a second. Until Kassia called Alex and said, "Stop calling her phone she's in a meeting!"  The hung up.  Alex looked at his phone after Kassia hung up on him and said, "What the hell...Kassia just called and yelled at me...Apparently Gemma's in a meeting."


Gemma looked at Kassia as they sat on the set waiting for the guys to get there...They were supposed to start shooting immediately as soon as they got the guys into costume and what not.  Gemma said, "Thanks."  Kassia giggled and said, "No problem...It's fun yelling at them cause they never see it coming from me."  Gemma said, "I know Chas is probably worried, but I just needed some time to think...I don't know if I over reacted or not."  Kassia said, "Hell no!  If an 18 year old can confess he's dating me then damn sure a 35 year old man shouldn't have any confession issues!"  Gemma smiled and said, "Wow...I needed that...Thanks."  Kassia laughed and said, "No problem...You know me...I'm always here to put things into perspective for you!"


About 45 minutes later the guys were walking on set, Gemma could see the guys coming down the hill in their shorts and sneakers, they had t-shirts on and knew those would eventually come off...Which would make Gemma crazy...She loved Chaske's chest, abs and arms.  Gemma's right leg started bouncing up and down, Kassia said, "Easy girl...I know you're only thinking about what's under the t-shirt.  But remember one thing...If you just wanted to be a personal assistant you would've stayed with Jason."  Gemma was looking at Kassia trying to hold a conversation with her while trying desperately not to look towards Chaske. 


Chaske saw Gemma sitting next to Kassia on the set...His heart swelled thanking God she was really safe...She looked sad and he was suddenly aware, what he did to her would've been just as bad as if she'd stayed with Jason.  Then when he found out 18 year old overnight star literally told every reporter the night before that he'd brought his girlfriend...but Chaske...a 35 year old man couldn't say girlfriend.  He had to make it up to her...He loved her with everything that was in him...He loved her smile, her laugh, her sense of humor, the way she smells all the time.  The guys went through most of the day on the set and Gemma ignored them and just concentrated on her conversations with Kassia and Julia.


As the guys were walking back to the production trailers, a guy went up and taped Chaske on the shoulder and when he turned around the guy blonde with the black roots looked familiar...He said, "Something I can help you with?"  The guy smiled and said, "Yea...I'm looking for my bitch of an ex-wife...Gemma Cordono."  Chaske saw RED.  He said, "Do you think it's necessary to be disrespectful towards her, after she had to put up with a prick like you?"  Jason chuckled and said, "You must be the new boy toy...cute...Now she's dating a client.  Look buddy keep your nose out of our divorce and just tell me where I can find her."  Chaske's eyes narrowed and suddenly he didn't know what was coming over him as he pulled back and punched Jason square in the face. 


Gemma and Kassia were pulled from their conversation as they heard the guys yelling and trying to pull two people apart.  Gemma said, "What the hell?"  Kassia said, "Oh my goodness."  They both ran over and Chaske was actually beating the shit out of some random guy...Gemma looked closer and it was her ex-husband!  Gemma jogged over and the next time Chaske pulled back to nail him she touched his shoulder.  Chaske spun around and was going to swing until he saw Gemma standing there.  Chaske's shoulders slumped as his arms dropped to his sides.  Gemma didn't notice the fact that he physically looked like death warmed over.  Gemma walk up to him and touched her hand on his chest over his heart as he stared into her eyes.


Chaske's voice was low as he said, "I'm sorry Gemma...I couldn't take him disrespecting you for another minute."  Gemma got closer and said, "I love you and I love your big heart...And I love the fact that you just wiped my ex-husbands ass for talking massive amounts of shit about me...I know I'm your personal assistant and your girlfriend...but sometimes you have to recognize when to treat me as one or the other."  Chaske said, "Fine...You're fired!  Where do you want to have dinner tonight?"  Gemma smirked and said, "How about we skip dinner tonight."  Chaske cupped her face as he captured her lips with his.  Alex said, "Damn it...It's about time."  Bronson said, "Yea!"  As they all walked off set.


Chapter 10


Gemma stood staring at Kassia and Taylor as if they'd grown four heads each.  Gemma said, "You did what?"  Gemma heard Kassia the first time, but hearing it a second time actually brought it to reality.  Gemma said, "Have you guys told anyone else?"  Taylor said, "We called a few of the close people."  Gemma said, "And how has everyone else taken it?"  Taylor chuckled and said, "About as good as anyone can."  Gemma was slouching in the couch...She'd nearly had a heart attack when Kassia started talking.  She could tell by the serious look on both her and Taylor's faces that they were not screwing with her.



You've got your ball,
You've got your chain
Tied to me tight, tie me up again.
Who's got their claws
In you my friend?
Into your heart I'll beat again
Sweet like candy to my soul
Sweet you rock,
And sweet you roll
Lost for you, I'm so lost for you

Oh, and you come crash into me
And I come into you
And I come into you
In a boy's dream
In a boy's dream



Gemma was partially dressed for the evening.  She had on a beautiful mid-night blue lace embroidered darted bodice is the stand out feature, with a metallic black threading intertwining the fabric and ending below the bustline for a floaty empire line skirt, from the waist down there was over overlay of sheer material, but didn't have her heels on yet.  She'd left her hair down and curled inwards.  Kassia had on a wine colored cowl neck dress that went to mid-thigh and open back with ruching detail, it had a slight a-line shape.  And her heels were 3 inch plaited to perfection, there was material woven together over her toes, but it was an open toe and buckled around her ankles and her heels were the same wine colored.  She's left her hair down too but it was full of curls, so it bounced when she walked.


Tonight was the Breaking Dawn Premiere for the first part, it took 7 months to get everything filmed and put right, but it was finally there...Chaske walked into the apartment and said, "Hey I'm home."  Gemma said, "Den!"  Chas walked down a set of 3 steps and into the den seeing Kassia and Taylor sitting on the couch across from Gemma and he said, "Hey guys what are you doing here?"  He leaned over and placed a kiss on Gemma's lips and she said, "They came by to go to the opening tonight with us, but wanted to talk first."  Chaske said, "Sweet...I'm gonna go shower real quick and get ready...You need anything babe?"  Gemma said, "Yea...I needed to tell you what Kassia and Taylor just told me."



Touch your lips just so I know
In your eyes, love, it glows so
I'm bare-boned and crazy... for you.

Oh, and you come crash into me
Baby, and I come into you
In a boy's dream
In a boy's dream

And if I've gone overboard
Then I'm begging you
To forgive me
Oh, in my haste
When I'm holding you so girl
Close to me

And you come crash into me, yeah
Baby, and I come into you
Hike up your skirt a little more
And show your world to me
Hike up your skirt a little more
And show your world to me
In a boy's dream
In a boy's dream



Chaske said, "Can it wait for like 20 minutes, I won't be long I promise."  He had walked up the steps and started to head towards the shower, when he heard Gemma's voice say, "Kassia and Taylor got married." Chaske stopped in his tracks and walked back down into the den and said, "I'm sorry what was that?"  Gemma sucked her bottom lip in and said, "They got married Chas."  Chaske planted his hands on his hips looking between the three people sitting in the den and said, "Wow...Are you serious?"  Gemma laughed and said, "Am I the sort of person who would laugh about something like that?"  Chaske said, "No...No...Definitely not.  Have you guys informed your parents?"  They both nodded and Taylor said, "I just basically flat out told my parents I can do what I want...I mean they know I would never disrespect them or the way they raised me...But when we went to Hawaii last week, it just felt right.  I don't know if it was black lash from being in Hawaii and it being so beautiful there, but I swear I couldn't love anyone more than I do Kassia...And she loves me...And if we can make it through touring, paparazzi and crazy assed fans...Then marriage should be a breeze." 


Gemma said, "And you're sure this is what both of you want?"  Kassia said, "Do you really think I would've married him if this wasn't what either of us wanted."  Gemma said, "No I guess not.  You guys are so sweet together."  Gemma blinked and a few tears slid down her cheeks.  All she had to do was look in both their eyes and know this is what they both really wanted.  Chaske took off and got showered and dressed in his dark jeans and a black v neck short sleeve shirt.  Gemma held onto Chaske's hand as she stepped into her 2 inch heels knee high boots...and got them zipped up...They matched the color of her dress perfect.  As the two couples got into the hummer limo waiting out from for them, they were greeted by Alex and his wife Kim...The other limos were picking up everyone else...



Oh, I watch you there
Through the window
And I stare at you
You wear nothing, but you
Wear it so well
Tied up and twisted,
The way I'd like to be
For you, for me,

Come crash into me, baby
Come crash into me, yeah

Crash into me...
Crash into me...
Crash into me...

You know, I'm the king of the castle,
And you're the dirty rascal, crash into me.
Please crash into me, baby...
Oh, no no-no...Yes,
I see the wave come and crash into me.
I See the wave come and crash into me.
Crash into me.



Gemma laid her head on Chaske's shoulder and he said, "You ok?"  Gemma nodded and said, "Just tired a little."  Chaske said, "We don't have to go you know."  Gemma said, "And deny the fans a chance to see you?  I wouldn't dream of it."  Chaske kissed her forehead softly and said, "Okay...But if you want to leave early, just say the word."  Gemma nodded her head and a small yawn escaped her. Once they got there, Chaske slid out and took Gemma's hand as she stepped out.  He wrapped a secure arms around her waist.  They moved up the red carpet and a reported said, "Chaske, whose you're beautiful date tonight...who did you bring with you?"  Chaske looked down and said, "My wife...And our son." As he placed his hand on Gemma's 4 month protruding belly.  The reporter said, "How did you guys meet?"  They looked at each other and Chaske said, "She crashed into me...."


The End