Caught Out There



Chapter 1


“Gen...I hate to tell you this girl, but if you keep writing those weird story lines for Mark...he’s gonna have no other alternative but to put you through a wall.”  Deana said. 


I looked up from my laptop in my make shift office and saw Deana looking back at me and I said, “He’ll never notice...besides it’s not my fault...Vince said, to spice shit up...well I just added some Tabasco sauce to the script...besides I think Mark can handle it...” 


Deana said, “He has to kiss Torrie Wilson...that man doesn’t do stuff like that on camera where fans can see him...let alone off camera...when he gets here and reads this...he’s gonna go right through the roof and then come toss you through a wall...that’s if he doesn’t choke slam you so hard your little head pops off.”


I couldn’t help but giggle at Deana’s comments...she said, “Yea, laugh now, cause by tonight you could be decapitated.  You are gonna be so caught out there.”  I said, “You know something...I hear you talking but all I can make out is Blah-Blah-Blah.  Besides I’ve never met Mark how could he possibly get mad at little ole me?”  Deana said, “You’d be surprised...There’s one thing about Mark that will never change and that’s his really back temper for the little things that piss him off.”


I said, “Fine...I can hide from someone his shouldn’t be that hard.”  “Just make sure it’s a safe hiding spot.”  Deana laughed as she walked out of my office and down the hall back to the Diva’s dressing room.


Deana walked in and saw Melena, Alexia and Robyn...Deana said, “Okay...its official Genevieve has lost her friggen mind.”  Melena said, “And you’ve just now noticed that?”  Deana said, “You joke, but in about 20 or maybe 30 minutes...were gonna hear Mark explode down the hall in his and Glenn’s dressing room...and then the next thing you know well see him on America’s Most Wanted for murdering Gen.”


The girls started laughing...and laughing...and laughing...until they heard ‘THAT FUCKIN’ BITCH!’ Being growled through the arena. 


Glenn cringed as he was sitting in the room with the man who practically mirrored him except with a few hundred tattoos...Glenn said, “Now Mark, calm don’t even know why this script writer did shouldn’t go losing your temper and let your mouth run off before your brain can catch up....”


Mark shot his best friend and on camera brother an eerie glare...that just made Glenn want to crawl in the corner and pretend he never said a word in favor of poor Genevieve. 


Glenn cleared his throat and said, “C’mon...She’s only been working for the company for a little under 11 haven’t even been nice enough to go introduce yourself to her.”  Mark continued to glare at Glenn and said, “Introducing myself to women, who are employed by the WWE or nothing but a boat full of bullshit trouble...and you know should know that after watching me go through 2 failed marriages...And you through one...”


Glenn said, “Mark, not all women are the same.  You don’t know her...she’s actually quite a nice young lady...She’s actually beautiful.” 


Mark looked at Glenn as if he’d grown 3 heads and said, “Someone got a crush on the writer I’m gonna kill?”  Glenn said, “Seriously...don’t let your mouth run off without your brain...It gets you in trouble every time.”  Mark waved off Glenn as he walked out of the dressing and decided to walk around the arena and get his boiling blood back down to a calm temperature...


Chapter 2


Mark stalked around the back halls of the arena...Mark walked around the corner and saw a long legged brunette kicking the Pepsi machine repeatedly...Mark smirked and walked up and whacked the machine 2 times...and a can of Pepsi flopped down and into the drawer...


I saw he can of Pepsi in the deposit drawer...I big hand attached to a tattooed arm came down and picked up the can and handed it to me...and a deep southern accent voice said, “Needing a caffeine rush?”  I took the can and said, “Yes...Thank you so much...I’m forever in your debt.”  Mark said, “ could start repaying me by telling me your name.”  I stuck my hand out and said, “Genevieve Tyler.”  This man got this look on his face like he was about to explode...I suddenly realized who he was...and my eyes shot open when he grabbed my arm and practically drug me down the hall way...well in all actuality he did drag me down the hall way...


Alexia saw Mark dragging Gen down the hall way and she ran to get Mark’s little sister Deana...Deana ran with Alexia and caught up to Mark and seeing him drag Genevieve down the hallway...she knew Gen was gonna have a bruise.  All of a sudden, something caught Deana’s eye as she watched Gen kick her big brother in the knee and he howled out in pain.  Gen wrenched her arm free and took off down the hallway.


Deana and Alexia ran over to check on Mark...Deana said, “Mark, are you ok?”  Mark leaned against the wall and moved his knee back and forth and said, “Do I look ok?”  Deana smiled and said, “You totally deserved that big brother.  You so shouldn’t let your temper and mouth out run your brain.”  Mark glared at his little sister and said, “Seems you’re not the only one who’s warned me about this problem...Glenn said something about it to me earlier.”


Deana perked up and said, “Glenn’s back from his tri-cept injury?”  Mark grimaced and said, “Why is it I mention Glenn and you get all got a crush on him or something?”  Deana planted her hands on her hips...much like her big brother does when he’s in the ring, “For you’re information big brother...You’re not the only one Glenn is friends with.”  Deana said with a huff.


Mark couldn’t help but chuckle at his little sister and said, “He’s down in our dressing room...but last thing I heard he was going to go see that little spitfire that just kicked me.”  Deana patted Mark’s arm and said, “I think you’re gonna live...See ya later.”  Mark watched as Deana took off down the he went the other way looking for that little girl who just kicked him.


I made it back to my office and closed the door and collected my thoughts...but I’d also dropped my Pepsi somewhere along the way of trying to get out of Mark’s grip...I plopped down into my chair and huffed...a few minutes later...the door swung open and there stood Mark in all his Black leather glory...I said, “Do you always enter a room before you know it’s quite rude.”  Mark planted his hands on his hips and said, “Do you always kick people who are trying to nicely talk to you?”  I said, “You call dragging me down the hallway nice?  It was fuckin’ barbaric.  And fair warning if you ever grab me like that again...don’t think I won’t hesitate to kick you again...only next time...I will do some damage.”


Mark said, “You did damage this time...My God Damn knee is swelling up inside of my knee pad as we speak...I’m probably gonna have to skip my match tonight...”  I started chewing my bottom lip and said, “You’re not fuckin’ with me are you?”  Mark said, “Well...Come look at the damn thing.”  


Mark walked in and sat in the chair across from my desk I walked closer and was probably an arms length from Mark, he reached over and grabbed my arm and slung me across his knee...and proceeded to spank my ass open palmed 5 times...the pain was excruciating...and it radiated all the way from my tailbone up my spine.  Every nerve in my body was jolted and throbbing...


Mark shoved my from my lap and I landed on my butt, Mark stood up, adjusted the crotch of his jeans and said, “Now...Stop acting like a damn brat.”  And walked out.


I got up and called my doctor...and then my lawyer.


Chapter 3


Mark was smiling to himself as he walked into his dressing room and Glenn was getting ready for his match...About an hour later, Mark had just finished getting ready when there was a knock on the door...Mark said, “C’mon in.”


The door opened and Stephanie McMahon walked in and she said, “Mr. Callaway, do you have 5 minutes?”  Mark laughed and said, “Steph as long as you’ve known me...and now you start calling me Mr. Callaway.”  Steph said, “Well...I’m here on private company business.”  Mark furrowed his brow and said, “What’s going on?” 


Steph said, “Well...would you like to know the bad news, the really terrible news, or the potentially horrifying news first?”  Mark said, “There’s a difference?  Just go from bad to terrible.”


Stephanie whipped out a piece of paper...and said, “This is the doctor bill for Genevieve Tyler...whom I assume you know...”  Then pulled out a manila envelope and continued, “This is the paper work for the assault charges that she’s bring up on want the potentially horrifying news?”


Mark sighed heavy and pinched the bridge of his nose...he could feel a headache comin on and said, “Sure...make my night.” 


Steph said, “If Gen makes a big enough noise about you spanking can be suspended without pay for up to 5 months...until the investigation is over on the assault...Mark please...tell me...that for all that is Good and Holy, that you did not strike Gen on the ass 5 times as if she was a 5 year old...cause even you would realize it’s demoralizing and demeaning.”


Mark took the papers and said, “The little bitch has been writing some horrible fuckin story lines for me...I wanted to have a conversation...a talk with her calmly.”  Glenn started laughing and Mark said, “What are you laughing about you baboons ass...don’t think I can have a conversations?” 


Glenn said, “No...I don’t think you can have a talk calmly with anyone.”  Mark gave Glenn the finger and said, “Anyways...she kicked me in the knee so I decided to treat her like the spoiled brat she was behaving like.”


Stephanie said, “I’ve seen your quote, unquote calm conversations before don’t know the definition of the word you might be able to fool some of the people most of the time but not me...and certainly not Glenn...and I bet if I talked to Deana, she’d say the same thing...half the time you’re mouth runs off and forgets to use your brain.”


Mark said, “I swear Steph that little bitch was asking for it.”  Steph went to walk out the door and looked back at Mark and said, “Did it ever occur to you that my father may have had her writing your story lines like that for a reason?”


Silence filled the room and Stephanie walked out and closed the door behind her.


Chapter 4


I was sitting in my hotel room when there was a knock on the door...I slowly got up and walked over to the door...I opened the door and surprise-surprise...there was Mark...I looked at my watch and noticed it was after Raw.  I leaned against the door for support and said, “Something I can help you with?” 


Mark said, “Yea...I was just wondering...DO YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR ASS BEAT AGAIN?  You’re being a God Damn brat about this whole situation.  First you send me the doctor I’m expecting like a 20 dollar bill...I look at it and it’s up in the hundreds...have your personal ass doctor come out and take a look just to determine, you got your ass fired up, by someone who wasn’t going to stand for your bratty behavior...and then you had the audacity to file assault charges against me...I could be suspended for 5 months without pay...What should I do about that?”


I said, “Oh...I’m obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a shit about you...Maybe next time you’ll learn to keep your hands to yourself...and as far as you getting suspended and trying to go for 5 months with out pay...I don’t care if you pick shit with chickens or get a job as a bum on the street dancing for pennies...that’s your problem not mine Mr. Callaway.”


Mark said, “If I didn’t think you’d file more charges against me, I’d fire your ass up help me God my resolve is gonna break.”  I said, “You lay one finger on me, I swear I will have you arrested so fast, you won’t know what hit you.”  Mark said, “You’ve got a smart mouth on you lady.”  I said, “Yes well...I don’t alter my perception of life for no one...Just cause you’re the great Undertaker...doesn’t mean you get special treatment from me...hell even if you was the president of the united states...I would have no problem telling you...Votes were not in your favor.  What kind of reaction were you hoping to get from me this afternoon when you grabbed me and started draggin’ me down the hall like I was some kind of dog on a leash.”


Mark said, “Honey, at least you can train dogs.”  I said, “Really?  Well...Then PLEASE...By all means...Don’t let me keep you from your master Kujo.” 


I slammed the door in his face and slowly made my way back over to the couch.  I was half way to the couch, when someone was banging on my hotel door like they were going to break the door down...I walked back over and opened it...greeted guessed it...Kujo.


I said, “What back for a Scooby snack?”  Mark said, “Lady...I’ve taken about all I’m gonna take from you and then you can either drop the assault charges, or I’ll show you what it’s like to really be assaulted.” 


Obviously this dick wasn’t getting it clear I said, “Great...wonderful...absolutely wonderful...C’mon in...” 


Mark walked in and I closed the door and said, “Should I get you a pair of boxing gloves Rocky...or do you prefer to beat woman with your own flesh cover fists...I don’t have all let me know when you’ve decided...and can you make it fast...I would like to get some pain meds are kicking in.”  Mark said, “Do you think this is some kind of joke?”  I said, “Joke?  Hell no...My husband beat my ass this’re only a few feet taller then him and probably a hundred pounds more...but shit you should be nothing compared to him.”


Mark just stood there looking at the tiny framed brunette...she was serious...He nearly felt like crying for this woman...she was absolutely gorgeous from head to toe...why on earth someone would want to physically hurt her, was totally beyond his comprehension.


Mark broke the silence and said, “Who’s your husband?”  I said, “It doesn’t matter...No one knows were married.”  Mark said, “How long have you been married?”  I said, “2 years.”  He said, “Why did you stay with him?”  I said, “Honestly, he has never raised his hand to me before today...I think work is just getting to him now.  He works like you do....hard...constantly.”


Mark said, “ who is it?” I looked at the floor and in a voice barely audible I said, “Hunter.”  Which was Paul Levesque, but most people called him by his wrestling name.


Chapter 5


It had been a few days since Mark had seen Genevieve, when he started talking to Gen’s doctor...he’d found out, she had a broken tailbone...which is why she was in so much pain as of him spanking her was not the smoothest thing that he could have possibly done.  Mark did some more checking out...a few of the Divas knew about Gen and Hunter being married...They said every once in a while he would get mean with her and talk to her like she was nothing...


Mark was walking down the hallway of the hotel and he walked by a room and swore he heard crying...the door was about to Mark hid around the corner...and saw Hunter walking out of the room...he watched as Hunter turned around and growled out, “Stay there you stupid bitch and see how you like out together time now.” 


Mark watched as Hunter zipped the fly of his jeans and walked down the hall with a cocky smirk on his face...obviously on his way to Raw...Mark should have just walked away...he had a match later that night...but as he walked by...he heard a familiar voice talking to what he presumed was someone on the phone.  All Mark could make out was, “Please help me.”


Mark tried the door but to no was locked...Mark kicked the door in and looked over and saw someone huddled on the floor.  The closer Mark got the more he noticed it was Gen sitting on the floor...He pulled his cell phone out and called Deana, telling her to meet him at the hospital..


Mark walked over and slowly scoped Gen into his arms and carried her out of the room and down to his rental.  He took off like a bat out of hell.  Mark got her to the ER...and Deana was already there waiting...she nearly freaked when she saw it was Genevieve.  The doctors took Gen from Mark and started checking her from head to toe...her tailbone had been re-broken again not to mention the fact that she’d been either brutally raped, or just very rough intercourse.


Mark knew exactly what had happened as soon as Deana filled him in on Gen filing for divorce from Hunter...Mark saw nothing but red...Deana was sure if steam could of come from his ears then it would have at that very moment.  Deana said, “Now, Mark...You just stay out of doesn’t concern you.”  Mark said, “Fuck this...There is an animal on the wrestling roster...and I’m about to go tame him.”


Deana watched as Mark growled for her to stay put with Gen and then as he stalked away busting through the ER doors out into the night air…Deana watched over Gen after they moved her to a private room…Deana turned the TV on and watched Raw…The first match up with Hunter against Glenn...Deana nearly choked on her gum when ‘Deadman Walking’ rang out through the speakers of the arena…Mark in his jeans, boots and black Deadman Inc. hooded sweat shirt…walked out and stood on the platform.


Mark sauntered down to the ring, watching every move Glenn and Hunter made in the ring…just waiting for the right time to strike…because as soon as he got close enough to Glenn…he was going to tell him what the son of a bitch had done to Gen.  As soon as Glenn Choke slammed Hunter, Mark hopped up onto the apron of the ring and pulled Glenn aside and filled him in on what had happened.  Glenn was the first to go after Hunter.  He started pounding on Hunter…and then he shoved him over and Mark was hitting Hunter with his huge fists…Deana watched as both her brother and secret lover beat the crap out of Hunter…


Hunter was a bloody mess when they finished with him…After which Mark and Glenn forced him to sign the divorce papers…then went back to the hospital to check on Gen and Deana.  Gen asked to speak to Mark alone.  Glenn and Deana walked out…


I said, “I saw what you did for me…Thanks…No one has ever done anything like that for me before.  I really appreciate it…By the way…just as an FYI…I dropped the assault charges on you and I sent my doctor bill to Hunters lawyers and my lawyer is gonna have a field day.”  Mark stayed in the hospital room with me and the next day…took me back to the hotel and helped me up to my room…


Glenn had a photo shoot and autograph session, so Deana had to go with him…so Mark stayed to help me…After getting me all situated, I decided to lay down, and I asked Mark to lay with me…I didn’t feel like being alone…Mark climbed on to the bed…I stayed under the covers…


A few hours later I woke up and I was wrapped up in Mark’s arms.  I couldn’t help it…his lips were so red…I leaned up and kissed his lips so softly…his eye fluttered open and in a raspy/groggy/so not awake voice he said, “Why did you do that?”  I half smiled and said, “You look like you needed to be kissed.” 


Mark dipped his head down and brushed his lips softly against mine and I said, “Why did you do that?”  He said, “Because you looked like you could use one yourself.”


Chapter 6


- -Fast Forward 4 Years- -


Genevieve woke up this morning and noticed her husband was missing from her bed…she could hear some cussing coming from the side of the house…oops…he must’ve been working on one of his bikes. 


I giggled a little and pulled myself from the over sized bed…and hopped in the shower…after getting dressed in my jeans and tank top.  I walked down and looked in Emily’s room…she was missing and as soon as I heard the giggling outside I knew my daughter had joined her father outside…I walked down stairs and through the kitchen and out the back door and there was Emily in her overalls sitting on the ground next to her father, helping him tinker on his bikes.


Emily looked over and saw me standing there and came running over to me...and I scoped her up into my arms...I said, “You out here helping daddy?”  She giggled and said, “ I dirty enough yet?  Daddy said I can’t be a real mechanic until I’m as dirty as he is.”  I said, “’re getting there fast baby...Go blow your nose sweetie...and grab yourself a sweat shirt.”  I put her down and as she ran into the house she shouted, “Yes Mama.”


I walked over and wrapped my arms around Marks neck, as he was sitting on his stool next to the bike he was currently working on...he said, “Hey babe.”  I kissed his cheek and said, “Morning...I see you got yourself a helper.”  Mark stood up to stretch his legs and he said, “Yup...When I told her she had to be as dirty as me, she ran over and rolled around in the dirty with the dogs...”


I couldn’t help but laugh.  I wrapped my arms around his waist and said, “Yup, you are pretty dirty.”  Mark nuzzled my neck and he said, “You just wait until she goes to Deana and Glenn’s tonight...then I’ll show ya how dirty I can be.”  I said, “What?  You trying to work on baby number 2?”  Mark said, “Might as well...I’m sure, Em would love a play mate.”  I said, “Yea, I’m sure she would to...”


Mark said, “Should this be our topic of discussion tonight?”  I said, “That’s up to you...You already know I want to have a million babies with you.”  Mark said, “As long as we work on one at a time.”  I smiled and said, “Okay deal...I supposed you want a son this time huh.”  Mark said, “Should I be talking to you or your body for that one?”  I said, “Probably my body.  I don’t pick the sexes.”


We walked inside the house and Emily was just getting ready to run through the door when Mark grabbed her and hoisted her over his head...she started squealing while he tickled her and I was laughing at their antics.  I said, “Okay my lovely grease monkeys...go wash up, I’m going to make some lunch...I over spelt a little.”


Mark looked at the clock at it said 11, and Mark said, “A little baby?”  I said, “Bite me.”  Mark snuck around the kitchen as he had already sent Emily to get cleaned up.  All of a sudden...something grabbed my ass and I turned around and Mark had bit my rear-end...I squealed and turned around.  Mark pushed me against the counter with his pelvis and kissed me with a fever pitch...Just as the doorbell rang.  Mark groaned and said, “You get the door, I’ll go clean up.”  I said, “Okay.”  Mark captured my lips one last time and then headed upstairs as Emily bounced down them...and followed me to the front door.


I opened the door and it was Glenn and Deana.  Emily ran instantly to Glenn.  He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist and nearly choked him with a hug.  As I invited them in getting a hug from Deana and a semi hug from Glenn.


Glenn said, “Where’s you’re lazy ass he still asleep?”  Mark’s voice said, “I’ve been up longer then you, ya lazy piece of shit.”  After their bantering and some lunch, Deana and Glenn took Emily for the night...they usually took her for one night every month...she loved being around them...and they never failed to run out of things to do with her either.


Chapter 7


A few weeks later, after Emily had turned 4, we decided we were going to have a ladies day out, so me, Deana and Emily went out to the movies and did a little shopping, Glenn was on the road and since Mark was on “medical leave”...Actually we were on the verge of trying to have another baby...we’d finally decided.


When we finished our shopping, it started raining...and we took off for the movie...we sat through a 2½ hour movie and had a good time, we got out and it was still raining...I dropped off Deana at home and took off home ourselves.


We pulled up and I didn’t think anything about the strange vehicle in the driveway…there were always strange vehicles in the driveway…but they were always friends…Emily and I ran hand in hand through the down pouring rain up to the front porch and I unlocked it and walked in.


We took our jackets off and Emily said, “Where’s daddy?”  I said, “Well…he’s probably up stairs taking a nap unless he’s out in the garage tinkering.  Go put some dry clothes on and put the wet ones in the bathroom…I’ll run up and see if Daddy’s home…then we’ll put a movie on.” 



This song
This song is for all the women out there
That been lied to by their men
And I know you all been lied to
Over and over again
This is for y'all
Maybe you didn't break the way you shoulda broke

But I break, know what I’m saying


Last year, Valentine's day
You would spoil me and say
"Babe, I love you, love you (Yo, he's lying) and I swear"
Held you when you were sick, even ... (sucked Yo dick)
The whole time I think to myself…This isn't fair


What is this I see (No)
You don't come home to me (Oh, no)
When you don't come home to me (Man)
Can't deal, can't bear

You keep tellin' me lies
But to your surprise
Look, I found her red coat
And you're (Bitch) caught out there

I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now


Emily raced upstairs, and I was ringing the water out of my long hair as I followed her…I saw a red jacket hanging on the chair in the dinning room.  I didn’t think anything of it…I walked down and tried to get the remainder of the water out of my hair as I pushed the door open and I could have sworn I heard someone grunt, but just figured it was Mark dreaming in his sleep.


Instead of getting dry close I just pulled the door closed and let him sleep…I went into the bathroom and was about to pull my wet clothes off when I heard a woman’s voice moan.  I suddenly got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and went over to the bedroom door and put my ear to it…and then heard Mark and the woman’s voice moaning and groaning loudly…


Emily came running over and said, “Is he up, is he up?”  I looked at her and said, “He most certainly is…but not in the way you’re thinking baby…run to your room and pack an over night bag, you and I are going to stay with Alexia and Shane.”  She said, “Yes mama.”


I reared back and kicked the bed room door open…Never saw Mark move so fast…he pulled his jeans on and I stood there with my hands on my hips and said, “Start explaining.”  Mark said, “Well…you see…what happened was…”  I said, “Liar!  Try again.”  Mark knew I wasn’t stupid…he said, “She’s a ring rat.”  I watched as the slinky blonde hair woman slithered out of my bed and pulled her clothes on…she smacked Mark’s arm and said, “MARK!  I am not a ring rat.”


I said, “Great two pin heads…who the fuck are you and why did you feel it necessary to fuck my husband in my bed?”  She smirked and said, “Because he was my husband first.”  I quirked red an eyebrow at her and said, “Scuse me?”  She laughed a little and said, “My name is Sara, I’m his second wife.”  I crossed my arms over my chest and said, “Oh really?”  She nodded and Mark said…nothing.


I walked over and said, “Well…I suggest if you’d like to walk out of here on your own to legs you get moving now, because if I have to help you out of my house…it will be through that window.”  As I pointed to the bedroom window.  Sara said, “I see why you married her Mark, she’s a spit fire.”  I said, “That’s it!”  I tapped her on the shoulder and when she turned around I belted her right in the face.  Then proceeded to grab her put the hair and jeans and lead her down stairs and through the door.


I walked back up stairs and started packing a suitcase…Mark said, “So you’re just going to leave and not even discuss this with me?”  I said, “Mark what is there to discuss?  I just came home and caught you in bed with your ex-wife…no really that makes me feel so much better about our marriage…as long as you’re getting some from your ex…I’m just peachy keen…Your God damn daughter nearly came in here and saw you…what would you have done then?  How would you explain it to her, because you sure as hell can’t explain it to me…and even if you could…I don’t wanna hear your fuckin bull shit.”


I zipped the suitcase and pulled it off the bed and walked out…and stopped and said, “By the way, as if this wasn’t more of a heart breaking situation…I just thought I’d let you know…I’m pregnant you fuckin’ asshole.”  I walked out and grabbed Emily…and we left the house…


I put Emily in the car with our bags and we took off.



So sick of your games, I'll set your truck to flames
And watch it blow up, blow up, (ha-ha-ha) tell me
How you gonna see it now
So far from sincere (I love you)
Fabrications in my ear
Drive me so far up the wall
I come slidin' down

What is this I see (I don't believe this)
You don't come home to me
When you don't come home to me
I can't deal, can't bear (I won't)

You keep tellin' me lies
But to your surprise
Look, I hope you're happy
Since you're caught out there

(Yeah, you've been caught)
Yo', come on
Come on

I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now


I was driving with Emily and I couldn’t help but be upset and start crying…Emily looked at me with eyes like her fathers and said, “Mama is daddy in trouble?”  I nodded and said, “Yes, he is sweetie…but don’t worry about him…he can take care of himself just fine.” 


We got to Alexia’s and she paced back and forth in the living room, after I’d put Emily down for the night and she said, “I’m gonna kill that mother fucker…What the hell is Sara slutting around his place for…and better yet…why is he letting her sink her hooks into him again…she was the one who cheated on him when they were married…and what?  Now he’s forgiven her and wants her instead of you…I wonder if he hit his head…I can’t believe what a stupid son of a bitch he is.”


I said, “I’m going to bed…I’ll sort it all out in the morning.”  Alexia gave me a hug and I went up and joined Emily in bed.  I cried all night long…I don’t think I got any sleep.  I just had to figure out what to do…



(She's so)
Raunchy, so vulgar, not me, why the hell her
Look, she dresses (Look at her)
A mess, what do you see (I don't know)
It's not all about cash (Hell, no)
Not how much you flash
How I dress is a reflection of me

What is this I see
You don't come home to me (Uh-uh)
When you don't come home to me
Can't deal, can't bear (Told you I won't)

You keep tellin' me lies
But to your surprise
Look, I got somethin' for y'all
Since you're caught out there

I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now


I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now
I hate you so much right now



Chapter 8


The next morning I was lying in bed and I could hear Emily playing and romping around downstairs with Shane...I said, “The more things change the more they stay the same...”  Shane always was a big child and ever since him and Alexia had gotten married they’d started a family right away...She was 6 months pregnant...and I was barely 6 weeks...


I was pulled from my thoughts as the morning sickness rang through my body and I ran for the bathroom, empting the contents of my stomach.  After a shower I sat in the window seat in the spare room, looking out...watching Shane toss Emily up into the air.


Alexia made her way into the room and sat down next to me and said, “Whew...girl I don’t know how you did this for nine months...I can barely do it for 6.”  I giggled and said, “Don’t worry about it Lex, you’ll be a great mother.”  She said, “So what are you going to do about Mark?” 


I said, “I just don’t know right now...I don’t know whether to be mad, or sad, or extremely pissed off...and I have to tell you...I’ve have an overwhelming sensation to light his truck on fire and watch it burn to the ground.”


I got up and walked around the room a little and said, “I just don’t understand why he would do this...I mean it was his ex-wife for god sake...most people who get divorced never want to see their husbands or wife’s again...not Mark he wants to see them and fuck ‘em.”


I sighed and continued, “I just thought I was enough for him...I mean I’m his wife now...not anyone else...I never cheated on him, or gave him any reason to cheat on me...and hell if he doesn’t love me any more I wish he’d tell me...cause I’d rather him tell me he doesn’t love me any more then for me to find him screwing someone who isn’t his wife ya know...who isn’t me.”


Alexia said, “What did Mark say about it?” 


I said, “Say?  What on earth could he say...not like he could lie to me to begin with...And now the worst part is I have this adorable daughter who is dying to see her father now...I can’t imagine what would of happened if Emily had been the one to find Mark...I can’t even fathom what would happen...I mean how do I explain to Emily that her father loves her but not her mother anymore?  You can’t just tell a 4 year old little girl that.  All she understands right now is that daddy is in trouble with mommy...and she doesn’t know why.”


Alexia said, “I know this is none of my concern but maybe you should go talk to Mark.”  I said, “I don’t even wanna see him, let alone talk to him.  Just the memory  of seeing him making love to someone other then me...makes me physically ill...not that the whole morning sickness thing isn’t either...but it just makes it worse...I just love Mark so much...what the hell was he getting from her that he wasn’t getting from me?”


I started to walk out of the room when I said, “I don’t care right now...I don’t even want to talk about it...I’m tired about crying for something I had no control over. I refuse to let this ruin my pregnancy right now.”  I walked downstairs and Emily ran over and we sat under the huge willow tree in the back as I was reading stories to Emily as we enjoyed the nice warm day...


Later that day, Emily said, “Mama, will Daddy ever be done being in trouble with you?”  I smoothed her hair behind her ears and said, “I don’t know baby...I sure hope so.”  Emily said, “I miss daddy.”  I felt the tears clinging to my eyes and said, “I know baby, I miss daddy too.”  Emily crawled over and into my arms and I could feel her crying against broke my heart.  I held her until she cried herself to sleep.  And then took her inside and laid down with her.


Chapter 9


- -4 Months Later- -


I was living in an apartment with Emily in Dallas...I hadn’t heard from Mark in 4 months...I just figured, that was the end...he didn’t wanna fight anymore...And then I got a call from Glenn...he said Mark had been in a car accident and was in the hospital in Houston, Mark’s home town where we lived together...something about him being so drunk he passed out at the wheel, luckily he didn’t hit anyone but a telephone pole was the only victim, Mark had a severe concussion and was pretty out of it, but that Glenn could hear him asking for Me and Emily in the ICU.


I packed a bag and went took off to Houston, I dropped off Emily at Glenn and Deana’s, Deana watched over Emily as I meet Glenn at the hospital.  I walked into Mark’s ICU room and nearly started crying...the air bag had gone off and he had two black eyes and a huge gash that had been stitched between his forehead and hair line.  No wonder he had a severe concussion.


I sent Glenn home to be with Deana and I sat in the chair next to the bed.  I eventually fell asleep and woke up in the morning...the lump in the bed was groaning, and moving around.  I stood up and next to the bed...the nurse came in and sat Mark up slightly.  Mark said, “Gen, what are you doing here?”  I said, “What was I not supposed to come?  Glenn called me and told me my husband had been in a car accident because he was driving drunk and ran into a fuckin’ telephone pole.”  Mark cringed...his hang over headache was gonna be the dead of him.


Mark said, “I’ll give ya 10 bucks if ya stop yelling.”  I said, “If you wasn’t already suffering from a hang over headache, I’d smack you in the head so hard your head would spin and your eyes would pop out.”  Mark said, “Gen, you haven’t seen me in 4 months, is it possible for us not to fight?”  I said, “We haven’t seen each other in 4 months because I caught you sexing it up with your ex-wife ya asshole.” 


Mark said, “I know I fucked up...and I’m sorry...I can’t imagine how you felt when you caught me.”  I said, “You’re right you can’t...and you can’t possibly imagine what it’s been like watching my daughter cry herself to sleep every night for 4 months because she wanted to see her daddy...but that I wouldn’t let her because she knew you were in trouble with me.  Jesus Mark, look at yourself...You’ve been getting sloppy in the ring, you alienate your wife and daughter, you had sex with your ex-wife, and now you’re God Damn drinking and driving, and nearly got yourself killed.”


Mark said, “What the fuck do you want from me Genevieve?” 




I backed away a little and calmed down, but more tears slid down my cheeks...I said, “Don’t you get it...I’m stupid and in love...and at this point could give a shit less why you screwed your’re my soul mate...every thing about you Mark...completes me...I’m tired of having this big empty space in my life where you once were...If we didn’t have Emily and the new baby wasn’t coming yet...and we were just married...I would still want to have a million babies with you...That’s how much I love you.”


I said, “Mark, I’m telling you right now...if you want me, Emily and the new baby back in your have to tell me now...because this is a once in a lifetime shot that I’m giving you...I’m telling you right either want it all...or you’re gonna wind up with nothing.”


NOTHING...The word echoed through Mark’s mind for hours.


Chapter 10



When it's love you give
I'll be a man of good faith
Then in love you live
I'll make a stand
I won't break
I'll be the rock you can build on
Be there when you're old
To have and to hold

When there's love inside
I swear I'll always be strong
Then there's a reason why
I'll prove to you we belong
I'll be the wall that protects you
From the wind and the rain
From the hurt and pain...yea


Let's make it all for one…and all for love
Let the one you hold be the one you want…the one you need
'Cause when it's all for one…it's one for all
When there's someone that should know
Then just let your feelings show
And make it all for one…and all for love


- -5 Months Later- -




“C’mon baby, you can do it...push...” Mark encouraged Gen.  Gen grabbed his hands and groaned out as a contraction ripped through her stomach muscles again...this kid was coming out and NOTHING was going to stop it.


I rested my forehead against Marks and said, “Please remind me, why I wanted to go through this much pain 2 times?”  Mark chuckled and said, “Because we knew Emily needed a play mate...besides you’re the one who said you wanted to have a million babies with me.”  I said, “Mark, just shoot me the next time I say anything about more kids.”  Mark kissed my head and said, “I’m afraid I can’t do that...I love you too much to do something that stupid.”


We both laughed as I sat up and squealed out for another contraction.

Mark said, “Okay c’ can do this baby, I have faith in you.”  I smiled wearily and said, “Can’t you just rip the damn thing out?”  The doctor laughed and said, “Sorry Gen...I don’t think I could continue being an Obstetrics doctor if I just ‘ripped’ it out as you put it.  C’mon a couple more big pushes and you guys will be set.”


Mark gripped my hands and said, “Okay’s all you...”  I said, “Kiss me first...actually last, because chances are after this, you may not be allowed to touch me ever again after this.” 



When it's love you make
I'll be the fire in your night
Then it's love you take
I will defend…I will fight
I'll be there when you need me
When honor's at stake
This vow I will make...yea

That it's all for one…and all for love
Let the one be the one you want…the one you need
'Cause when it's all for one…it's one for all
When there's someone that should know
Then just let your feelings show
And make it all for one…and all for love


Mark kissed my lips softly and said, “Gimmie my son woman!”


Through gritted teeth and pushed, I said, “It’ll be your undoing if this kid comes out a girl.”  Mark said, “No, because we’ll continue to try for a boy.”  I said, “Mark...don’t make me cut your pecker off...I will if I’m forced to.”  Mark laughed as I finished pushing the baby out...


I collapsed against the bedding, and hear the screaming lungs of my new...son...Jonathan Marcus Callaway...coming out a 26 inches and 6 lbs and 5 ounces.  Damn, he is his father’s son.  Big green eyes and red fuzz for hair.


A few weeks later, I had put Emily to bed, and went to check on Jonathan, and Mark was standing by the window with Jonathan in his arms...I walked over and looked up and said, “Is he fussy?”  Mark said, “Nope...he needed a man to change that diaper...”  I scowled...and said, “He never lets me get through one diaper with out a fuss attack...but for you he’s a damn angel.  Satan’s Spawn, Demon Seed comes to mind.”


Mark laughed a little and said, “Yea, but you wanted it as much as I did.”  I said, “Yes, I did.  You gonna put him down or you gonna fall asleep in here?”  Mark looked at me and said, “Okay...”  He walked over and put him down and covered him up.  I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the head and tucked him in, and pulled his door closed.


I went to turn around when I was pulled into a huge body.  I giggled a little and Mark said, “Excuse me ma’ you come here often?”  I giggled and said, “Why sir...are you getting fresh with me?”  Mark scoped me up into his arms and walked down to the bedroom and said, “Of course not...It would be ungentlemanly of me.”  I said, “HA!  Never stopped you before.”  Mark laid me in bed and he joined me.


Mark said, “I love you Mrs. Callaway.” 


I smiled and said, “I love you Mr. Callaway.”


We fell asleep that night knowing our lives couldn’t be any more perfect.  Obviously Mark wanted it all.



Don't lay our love to rest
'Cause we could stand up to you test
We got everything and more than we had planned
More than the rivers that run the land
We've got it all in our hands

Now it's all for one…and all for love
It's all for love
Let the one you hold be the one you want…the one you need
'Cause when it's all for one…it's one for all
It's one for all
When there's someone that should know
Then just let your feelings show
When there's someone that you want
When there's someone that you need
Let's make it all…
All for one

And all for love



The End.