Breathe…Just Breathe




Chapter 1


Jacinda Winters walked through the hallways of the Madison Square Garden Arena, absentmindedly talking to Stephanie McMahon. Jacinda was the newest member of the photography team for the Raw brand roster.

Jacinda was 25, 5’9” and 125lbs. She had chestnut hair to her waist and Violet eyes. She had on dark blue jeans, a black crochets halter top that tied around the neck, and black 2½ inch open toed heels that strapped and buckled around her ankle.

Jacinda and Stephanie walked into the blue room for the roster meeting before Monday night Raw that night and took a seat in front of every one.

Hazel eyes scanned the room and saw someone sitting next to Stephanie, the ex-fiancé...The hazel eyes were intrigued by the beauty, she was tall with long legs and long beautiful wavy hair and if his eyes were deceiving him she had purple eyes...was that even genetically possible? Apparently it was, because she had them.

Randy Orton, Dave Bautisita, and Ric Flair joined Paul at the meeting table and looked around the room...Randy said, “Damn who’s the fox with you’re ex Paul?” Paul shrugged his shoulders and said, “Damned if I know...Since Steph and I decided not to get married, the only time she talks to me is when we have a creative writers meeting for the scripts, and even then she’s all business.”

Dave said, “Damn she’s a looker.” Paul said, “Yea, I was watching her a few minutes ago...she’s nursing a Starbucks coffee, so I’m assuming caffeine does do a body good.” Randy said, “Her legs go on for days...Damn please let her be a new Diva...I would pay to hit that.” Paul laughed and said, “Some how or another Orton, I don’t think she’d let you anywhere near a 50 foot radius to her to ‘hit that’ before she’d plant you on your ass.”

Ric laughed and said, “Besides, you need to stay away from the company’s too difficult for the ‘love em and leave em’ man of this faction to work with a girl he scorned after a rumble in bed...and no wake up call the next morning.” Paul nudged Randy and said, “Ric’s got a point kid...she’s out of your league...and she’s off limits...Besides I thought Stephanie and Fit Finley told you to stay away from the Diva’s unless you have a story line with one of them.”

Randy smiled cheeky and said, “They did...but hey, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.” Paul chuckled at the youngest member of Evolution as he looked over at the violet eyed lady again...She was a knock out...Even though he gave Randy shit, he was right in line with wishing she was a Diva so he could get a storyline with her.”

Stephanie started the meeting and Paul watched as she introduced the leggy brunette as being Jacinda Winters the newest member of the photography team for Raw, and the newest member to the WWE family. Paul could listen to her name all day....he could even sit in the dressing room and say it over and over...but decided against it...talking to himself might give his team mates cause you have his sanity checked.

Stephanie told every one to make her feel at home...Who was Paul to deny making her feel at home?


Chapter 2


Jacinda looked over the photography schedule that had been given to her...she had a bunch of pics to take involving a new faction group named Evolution that consisted of 4 wrestlers, Paul Levesque (Triple H), Ric Flair, David Bautista (Batista) and Randy Orton.

Everyone knew who Paul and Ric’d have to of been in a coma to not know who they were in professional for Randy Orton and David Bautista...They were new up and comers but she was excited about meeting all of them...She was definitely most excited about meeting Triple H, Paul Levesque. He was one of the reason’s she’d started watching wrestling in the first place.

Jacinda remembered back to flipping through the channels one night while developing some pics in her dark room and was taking a was around 10 on a Monday night and she came across the TNN station and saw they were showing professional wrestling. This guy named Triple H was supposedly making his return from a quad injury...She decided who could pass up hot muscled up guys wrestling around all sweaty in their jockey’s.

Jacinda sat on the edge of the couch with her elbow resting on her knee, and her head resting on her hand as she stared with intent at the screen as this man who was 6’4” 260lbs of nothing but pure muscle walked out...he had on jeans, black boots, a black Triple H t-shirt and a jacket that was made out of jean and black leather...He had shoulder length, maybe a little longer dirty blonde hair and the most gorgeous hazel eyes she’d ever seen...He had a go-tee and mustache.

When she heard him speak she was almost really to completely pass out. The year that followed that, she NEVER missed Raw or Smackdown, and When she started doing photography for Rolling Stones Magazine, she’d been spotted by a WWE executive, who knew about an opening position and was immediately offered the vacated position.

Jacinda smiled inwardly, she knew from talking to Stephanie her and Paul had been engaged and the day before the wedding, decided they couldn’t go through with it and had subsequently broken up and only worked together now...remained professional but tried to keep a nice talking friendship going.

Jacinda squared her shoulders as she saw the sign on the door that said ‘Evolution’...she could feel the butterflies as she raised her hand up and knocked on the door solidly and then held her breath as she waited for someone to answer the door.

The door swung open and a tall thin hottie with no shirt and tattoos on his arms said, “Ms. Winters, it’s nice to finally meet you, I’m Randy Orton.” They shook hands as he invited her into the room. Jacinda was introduced to Dave Bautista and Ric Flair, Paul seemed to be the only member of Evolution missing at the moment.

Ric saw the concerned look on the beautiful young ladies face and said, “Don’t worry Jacinda, Paul just got back from practicing in the ring for tonight, he jumped in the shower and should be joining us in a few.” Jacinda nodded and said, “That’s fine...and please feel free to call me Jaci (Sounds like Jackie, spelled Jaci)...I’m not too formal, unless you’d prefer I call you Mr. Flair.” Ric chuckled and said, “Lord no young lady...People who don’t work for this company call me Mr. Flair...besides you’re to beautiful to be referring to an old fart like me as Mister.” Jaci giggled and said, “You’re not exactly a fossil Ric...And you are one of the biggest stars WWE has to offer now-a-days.”

A familiar voice said, “I should just be a few more minutes, I walked in to shower and for got my suit.” Randy, Ric, Dave and Jaci looked over to the door from the bathroom and Paul walked out in nothing but a towel with water still running down his enormous chest...All Jaci could think was ‘My God he’s so much better in real life then on TV’...

Paul noticed every one looking at him and said, “What like you people haven’t seen a guy in a towel before?” When Paul suddenly noticed the new photographer was standing in the room with his fellow faction members, he could almost feel the blush take over his body, but pushed it aside, he was a professional and he said, “Ms. Winter, I’ll only be a few minutes...Sorry about the wait.” Jaci smirked and said, “That’s quite alright, I’m in no hurry.” She wanted to tag on the end ‘For you to get any clothes on.’ But decided it best to keep that last part to herself...

What a great welcome...Like anyone could do better then a half naked Triple H still glistening from a shower. Oh yea...Jaci was definitely enjoying the welcome tonight.

Chapter 3


Jaci excused herself from the dressing room and walked down to the room across from catering where they had her equipment, Jaci pulled her heels off and pulled on a black hooded sweatshirt, she always got cold during photo shoots, unless they were outside.

Jaci walked over and started loading all the cameras and cleaned off the crisp white back drop then walked across the room and set up the green screen for the digital camera shots. She walked over to the small side table as she set up her laptop to get the digital pictures loaded and then clear the memory card for more as fast as possible.

She heard a bunch of male voices chuckling coming down the hallway and as she pulled her hair up and in place with a couple of chop sticks, the four men walked through the door.

Paul walked over and said, “Ms. Winters...It’s nice to finally meet you...Sorry about my inappropriate appearance earlier in the dressing room, I wasn’t expecting anyone to be there but the guys.”

Jacinda smiled and shook his outstretched hand and said, “Call me Jaci, and By the way...Thanks for that lovely welcome to the WWE show earlier...Wish I would’ve had my camera with me then.”

Paul smirked as she winked at him and she said, “It’s cool, don’t worry about it...I’m not a shy person...”

If Paul wasn’t mistaken she was flirting with him...Maybe having her in the company wouldn’t be too bad after all. Paul noticed she’d pulled her hair up, had a sweat shirt on and taken her heels off and was walking around bare footed...He thought it was cute how her long jeans pooled around her calves and feet.

Jaci stared at the guys in their different suits, Paul had on a navy blue, David was black with white pin stripes, Ric was black but no stripes, and Randy was in a funky tan looking suit...They all really did look nice. Jaci had them stand in a line as she walked by and straightened out their crisp white dress shirts under their suit jackets and fixed their ties.

Paul was at the end of the line as she stopped in front of him and started to straighten his shirt she was fascinated by his chest moving up and down as he was breathing. Jaci was trying to steady her own breathing by being that close to Paul...She could feel her knees getting weak, his cologne was making her drunk. Oh yea...she had to move away and move away fast...But no such luck...she reached up and fixed the collar of his shirt and his tie.

Jaci was finally able to step back as she looked at all four of them, they looked perfect from head to toe. Jaci was fully satisfied with the way they each looked and started taking the pictures...

By the end of the photo session, she was in dire need of a bubble bath and definitely some fresh panties after working so closely with Paul.

How many other jobs in America make you need fresh panties?

Could this job get any better?

Chapter 4


Paul sat in Evolution’s dressing room flipping through the new Raw magazine and admiring the pictures that Jaci had taken of them...She basically made them all look like a million bucks...She had actually take pictures of Corvettes and Ferraris and put them in the pics with them...even got pics of them with tons of women...Making them look like scripted playboys that they were on camera.

Paul smirked...this photograph wasn’t like the rest...she definitely knew her shit.

Paul tossed the magazine onto the coffee table and told the guys he’d be back in a few minutes as he walked out, closing the door behind him...He walked down and could already see flashes going off in the separate room across from catering, the company had already dubbed it Jaci’s photographic space.

Paul crossed his arms over his chest while he leaned against the door and watched as she snapped pictures of the people who held belts...Paul had a twinkle in his hazel eyes as he watched Jaci. Her chestnut hair pulled up, sweatshirt on, and barefoot again.

Jaci took a water break and gave the wrestlers a 15 minutes break as they left the room, she sipped her water, and suddenly felt like she was being watched as she looked over and noticed Paul leaning against the door frame. Jaci had to fight to keep the blush out of her cheeks.

Jaci said, “Nice to see you again Mr. Levesque...Did you need something?” Paul walked in and said, “Please...Just call me Paul...I’m not formal...And Yea I wanted to talk with you about the pics you took of Evolution.” Jaci said, “You didn’t like them?”

Paul thought for a second she might have felt hurt and looked into her violet eyes and said, “No...No...That’s not it at all...I was actually coming to commend you on a job well were really able to capture what the faction is all about.”

Jaci smiled and said, “Well...I got all 3 components, Laid, Paid and Made...or Whatever order you guys have that in.” Paul couldn’t help but laugh. Jaci felt her breath catch in her throat as Paul had a genuine smile on his face and his laugh was was cocky like his was real.

Paul said, “But on a more serious note...I was gonna see if maybe you’d be interested in going out for drinks after the show later tonight?”

Jaci was ready to faint...Was the REAL Paul Levesque asking her to go with him for drinks??? Jaci was getting ready to completely die happy, when she looked at Paul and said, “I think that can be arranged.” Paul said, “Meet you in the parking garage after the show?” Jaci smiled and said, “Deal.”

Paul heard the others coming back into the room as the break was over...he walked out and closed the door then as loud as he possibly could yelled, “YEA BABY!” He couldn’t believe she’d agreed to go with him...Trust starts tonight.

Jaci heard him and couldn’t help but giggle...As she started snapping pictures again...she had to breathe and thought ‘Okay Paul...Trust starts to night big man’...

Chapter 5


Jaci sat at the table of the busy club with Paul, Randy, Dave and Ric. Jaci was nursing appletini. Paul looked over at the violet eyed beauty that graced the table...he’d been watching as him and the guys talked wrestling, and she’d throw in small comments here and there...She winked at him a few times and it made him smirk or smile at her.

Yea...there was some definite flirting going on at the table that was going unnoticed by the other 3 males at the table. Paul watched as Jaci’s pink tongue came out and wet her beautiful lip gloss covered red lips.

Jaci leaned over and touched Paul’s hand...he felt the warmth run through his fingers, hand and slowly made it’s way up his his eyes left the conversation and looked at Jaci and she leaned over and said, “Feel like dancing?” Paul looked out on the floor and noticed it was a slow song and said, “Sure...Let’s get out there.”

Dave, Randy and Ric watched as Paul stood up and button his suit jacket up and then led the violet eyed photographer onto the dance floor with his hand in the middle of her bare back...

Jaci had greeted them in the parking lot in a black backless dress that hugged the right curves of her beautiful body...with 2 inch (high heel) knee high boots on...and her hair was pulled up with curls surrounding her face. They had to contain themselves as they watched how graceful she moved...but knew from the look on Paul and Jaci’s faces...they didn’t have a prayer in hell.

Paul took Jaci’s right hand in his left and placed his right hand on her waist and pulled her close to him as her left hand went around his shoulder...They were dancing so close, air could barely make it between them...

I really don't feel like talking on the phone
And I really don't feel like company at home
Lately I don't want to do the things I used to do
Baby since I lost you

And I don't want to sing another love song babe
I don't want to hum another melody
I dont' want to live my life without you babe yeah
It's driving me crazy (crazy)

I really don't feel like smiling anymore
And I haven't had the peace to sleep at all
Ever since you went away, baby my whole life has changed
I don't want to love and I don't want to live

And I don't want to sing another love song babe
I don't want to hum another melody
I dont' want to live my life without you babe no
It's driving me crazy (Crazy)

Tell I don't wanna laugh, I don't wanna play
I don't wanna talk, have nothing to say
I don't want to tour, forget the show how can I go on
Now that you are gone (On)

Babe No, sing another love song baby, and I don't want to, No way,
hum another melody, and I don't want to, live my life, no way
I don't give a damn about nothin babe, without you by my side darlin

I don't want to sing another love song,
Baby and I don't want to; no way
Hum another melody,
And I don't want to live my life, No way baby,
Baby since you've been gone
I just don't wanna live alone,
Comeback to me
I know it's gone be you and me...

Paul looked down as the song ended and said, “You ready to go back to the hotel?” Jaci smiled and said, “Sure...We’re leaving for Japan tomorrow aren’t we?” Paul said, “No, Tomorrow, the Smackdown brand meets us here, we tape Smackdown and then Wednesday we go to Japan.” Paul offered his arm and Jaci took they walked off the dance floor and said good-night to the remaining Evolution members.

Chapter 6


Once Paul and Jaci arrived to the hotel, Paul excited the limo and offered Jaci his hand, which she accepted and looped her arm through his again as she looked up and noticed the sky was getting darker and the breeze had picked could smell it in the air...There was definitely a storm coming straight for them. They continued their conversation on the elevator up to the 15th floor where their rooms were located…Paul gave Jaci a kiss on the cheek and wished her a goodnight.

Jaci got in her room and was suddenly too hyper from the night to sleep. Jaci cringed as a loud clap of thunder rang through the entire hotel…and she jumped about 15 feet in the air…After she showered and had dressed in track pants and a tank top…she suddenly needed a Pepsi. She grabbed her change and headed out the door.

After she had retrieved her soda and was half way back to her room…suddenly all the lights and electricity in the hotel went out and Jaci found herself standing in one place in the middle of the hall. She hated storms…All she wanted to do was be back in her room…Right NOW! She felt along the wall and when she found a door she felt the numbers and determined it was her room infact. She slipped the card in but ‘duh you dumby’ she thought to herself…the key cards work off of electricity…and since there is none in the hotel right now…the chance of her getting in her room now were slim to NONE!

Jaci sat with her back against a door with her knees pulled into her chest. About 3 minutes later, the door behind her flew open and she fell back onto the hotel floor below her, as a bright light was shined in her eyes and a familiar voice said, “Jaci?” Jaci shielded her eyes from the offending bright light as she looked up and said, “Paul?” Paul couldn’t help but laugh and said, “What ever you do don’t move in either direction.” Jaci couldn’t help but ask, “Why?” Paul said, “I was in the shower when the lights went off…I only have a towel on…and if you move you’re definitely getting more of a show then you bargained for.”

Jaci couldn’t help but start laughing. Paul said, “I didn’t think it was that funny.” Jaci said, “Getting more of a show then I bargained for wouldn’t be all that bad...I mean if I can’t have electricity then I can at least have the great Paul Levesque walking around naked or dancing if you’d prefer.” It was Paul’s turn to laugh as he said, “Well, are you gonna stay down there all night or come in...Cause I can see you’re not getting into your room anytime soon...especially with the electricity out.” Jaci laughed a little and took the hand that Paul offered and helped her to her feet. Paul smirked and said, “I’m going to get dressed, you stay here.” Jaci said, “Sure...I’ve not got anywhere to go.”

Paul with humor in his voice said, “So you’ll be here when I return?” Jaci smiled at his playful flirting and said, “Well, I don’t really feel like giving myself self-torture and like most regular people, I can’t see in the I’ll be here.” Paul laughed as he turned to head back into the bedroom and got dressed. Paul and Jaci sat on the couch talking. When Paul saw Jaci shiver a little he grabbed one of his Triple H sweatshirts and handed it to her...She thanked him, while slipping it on.

Paul said, “So what made you become a photographer?” Jaci said, “When I was about 10, my mom bought me, my first camera...I started taking pictures and haven’t stopped since then...but I entered a contest one time and when I took first place...Rolling Stones Magazine did an article on me...and for some reason or another 3 months later, I had a job with them...I love taking pictures...cause you’re basically capturing moments that you’ll never get again...Yea video is ok...but playing it too much can ruin it.”

Paul said, “Sounds like me and wrestling...I did it once and was completely hooked.” Jaci smiled and said, “I was actually wondering how you’ve been doing since the quad injury?” Paul said, “You heard about that?” Jaci said, “Heard about it? I saw it...I was in San Jose that night...I was there doing a photo spread on the band POD for the magazine and a friend of mine took me, cause I’d never been, but knew I was a fan. The look on your face was enough to make me sick to my definitely looked in pain...Plus I was at the show for you’re return also...Which I have to say was completely amazing, listening to the way the fans opened their arms up to you...It was excellent.”

Paul said, “I remember that...I was jacked through the roof, until I walked in the back after my promo...I cried like a baby...I never imagine I’d get a reception quite like that...I honestly don’t think anyone has had one like that before coming back off an least not to the companies knowledge.”

The lights finally came back on, but their conversation had dwindled down...They were both pretty tired and Jaci had some how fallen asleep on Paul...he reached over and turned the light off and propped his feet on the coffee table as he wrapped his arm around her and she snuggled deeper into his chest and arm. Soon he too was fast asleep with an angel in his arms.

Chapter 7


Paul woke up first the next morning and looked down and noticed it wasn’t a dream having Jaci sleeping in his arms the night before...They were still on the couch and had some how, moved around and laid down on the couch...Jaci was facing him and her forehead was resting against his chest. He wasn’t about to wake her up...he was enjoying her laying with him too much.

Jaci was slowly waking up...she opened her eyes and was staring at a t-shirt covered chest. Jaci looked up and saw Paul staring down at her as she said, “Morning.” Paul smirked a little and said, “Morning.” Jaci moved around a little to stretch and Paul grabbed her as she was about to fall off the couch. Jaci grabbed his arms and steadied herself and said, “Damn...That would’ve hurt.” Paul said, “Only slightly yea.” They both laughed a little.

Jaci moved around a bit and rested her head against Paul’s chest again...He heard her sign in contentment as she said, “This is fairly relaxing...and very nice.” Paul laughed a little and said, “It’s extremely nice...Think it would be possible to miss the flight and stay here the whole time the rest of the rosters are over seas?” Jaci giggled and said, “I don’t foresee any problem with that at all.” Paul chuckled and said, “Yea me neither.”

Paul said, “It seems weird to be so cozy with someone I only got to know through talking over 5 hours with last night.” Jaci smiled up at Paul and said, “That’s what you get for entertaining me for so long last night...I guess I should go over to my room and shower and change.” Paul said, “Well, if you want to you can...but no one is kicking you out here.” Jaci snuggled into Paul’s arms and said, “I’m in no hurry...I said it once before and I’ll say it again...This is really nice.” Paul couldn’t help but agree.

It was still pretty early in the morning...around 8 and they had been up until 4 talking...They didn’t have a important pressing issue, but both did have to be at Smackdown but that was until 6p.m. that night.

The couch was comfortable the first 4 hours of sleep...but now it was bearable...Paul moved around and crawled over Jaci...who opened one eye to see what he was doing...then opened both and said, “Do I need a shower that bad?” Paul laughed and once he got to a vertical base, he leaned over and scoped Jaci up into his arms and said, “You don’t stink...but that couch has so many broken false move and it will give you an early Christmas goose and me a vasectomy.”

Jaci wrapped her arms around his shoulders and neck and couldn’t help but laugh at his choice of words. Paul walked into the bedroom with her and laid her on the bed and said, “Don’t move...I shall return.” Jaci watched him disappear into the bathroom and closed the door...but was suddenly aware as to why...It had to of been the loudest and longest peeing she’d ever heard in her life...She almost pulled a Madonna from the movie ‘A League of Their Own’ and timed his peeing...But decided against it.

Paul came out after washing and drying his hands and lay on the bed on his side facing her, while Jaci laid on her back staring at the ceiling...Jaci looked at Paul and said, “ peed...don’t hit my bladder or were both gonna be sorry.” Paul started laughing as he rolled over onto his back and was rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as Jaci took her turn disappearing in the bathroom.

Jaci walked out of the bathroom, and Paul had his hands resting behind his head...Jaci crawled up the foot of the bed and laid her head on his right arm...which instinctively came down and around her waist...pulling her closer to his body...Jaci couldn’t help but think the only thing that would make it better was if he kissed longed to feel his soft red lips against hers...but decided when the moment was would happen...They both ended up falling back asleep again for the next 6 hours.

Chapter 8


Later that night, Jaci was walking though the halls of the arena again, as Smackdown was getting ready to be taped with the live crowd...She was just plain in her jean cuffed capri’s, a blue form fitted t-shirt, white socks and blue sneakers...Her hair was left down and curled inward, toward her face.

Someone walked up next to her a gave her a nudge...she looked over and seen Stephanie...Steph smiled and said, “So...Rumor has it, you and my ex were getting pretty cozy on the dance floor last night...Any truth to it?” Stephanie looked over and noticed Jaci blushed and she said, “It is true isn’t it? You’ve fallen for the resident Cerebral Assassin...haven’t you?”

Jaci wasn’t able to speak...

Stephanie said, “Don’t worry’re not gonna get fired or anything...I mean obviously we broke up for good reasons...and definitely even better...before we got married and brought kids into the disaster...Don’t worry...I’ve remained friends with him...and me knowing he’s already got his eye on someone else...Makes me feel better.”

Jaci said, “What if we get serious?”

Stephanie said, “Believe already are...especially if you guys were dancing as close as the rumor mill has stated...Paul doesn’t fall for just any girl...It takes someone special to get his heart started...I was a disappointment...I fell out of love with him...I couldn’t stop it...and there was no reason...It just...happened. There’s nothing more I want in this world then for Paul to be truly happy...And considering you seem to be the one doing it right now for him...More power to ya sister.”

Jaci said, “So there won’t be any bad blood or anything between us, if we pursue a relationship?” Stephanie said, “No way girl...It can only get better from now on...considering I’ve moved on to a rather dashing young man...Whom, I’m happy to say is and hung like a donkey.” Jaci laughed as she said, “STEPHANIE!”

Both girls laughed their way down the hallway as Steph said, “What? Believe me if you say this tasty morsel’d think the same thing...of course there’s also a difference between seeing him naked...and...FEELING it...I’ve felt it enough times to know...the man was given a sizable bonus when he was born...I just would love to thank his mother and father for bringing him into my world...and giving him those wonderful ASSETS.”

Jaci laughed a little more...Just as they turned the corner Stephanie was rushed off to a meeting with her brother and Jaci was grabbed from behind and pulled into a dressing room. When her mystery kidnapper placed her on her feet...she flung around and saw the sparkle in Paul’s eyes as he smirked at her and she started to smack his arms and chest.

Paul grabbed her hands and gentle cupped both wrists in one hand behind her back with his arm resting on her he cupped her cheek with his free hand and said, “You’re a feisty one tonight aren’t you?” Jaci said, “You scared the shit out of me...and you know it.” Paul said, “My ex should’ve scared you off enough...I don’t know how I scared you.” His thumb ran across her lips as he lowered his head and softly brushed his lips against hers.

As Paul pulled her closer to deepen the kiss, he released her wrists and her hands slowly made their way up his arms to his shoulders and his arm made their way around her waist and pulled her closer yet again. It was the most amazing kiss she’d ever gotten in her life.

Later that night, long after Smackdown was finished...Jaci was laying in her own hotel bed staring into the pitch black room and kept touching her fingers to her lips...the tingle was still there from the kiss. Her knees were still weak...and every time she thought about him kissing her...her heart rate would speed up a little...There was something about Paul Levesque...Something great...The feelings of wanting to be near him got stronger when she wouldn’t see him...but disappeared completely when he was standing next to her.

Yup it was inevitable...she’d fallen hard for the Cerebral Assassin...Now the only question left to ask herself was...

What was she gonna do about it?

Chapter 9


A couple of months later, Jaci was sleeping in the big spacious bed...The Raw roster had the weekend house shows off and so did Smackdown but only because Smackdown had a PPV.

Jaci was woken up by the sound of banging on the door. Her body sat straight up as she looked around the room...She was suddenly aware that someone was missing from the room...Probably the same someone who forgot their hotel key and was banging on the door at that moment.

In her black lace boy short panties and her matching tank hanging all over Jaci pulled herself from bed...Jaci slowly walked over and opened the door and stared back at Paul who was leaning against the door frame with a cute smile on his face.

Paul said, “Well, Well, Well...Look who finally woke up.” Jaci looked at Paul through hooded eye lids and said, “Shud up...I’m only awake because you forgot your key...AGAIN.” Paul chuckled as he took her cheeks in his hands and kissed her lips softly and she pulled him into the room and made sure the door closed.

Jaci pulled away and said, “You’ve been working out...You need a shower.” Paul chuckled as he said, “Why don’t you join me?” Jaci said, “I would...If I wasn’t going back to bed...It’s our day off...When you finish, get your cute ass in bed with me.” Paul said, “Tempting offer baby...I’ll have to think on that one.” Jaci kissed his lips again and said, “You do that.”

Paul laughed as he watched her walk over and crawl back under the covers as he headed into the bathroom to shower. Paul noticed his pants were having a party in them without his permission. Damn...They’d only been dating 2 months...He didn’t want to ruin it, by trying to get laid. He’d decided they were going to wait until the time was right...And Jacinda had fully agreed also. They were enjoying being with each other and just the whole dating concept was good for them...they weren’t in a hurry for anything really...Just able to take their time.

Paul dried and dressed after his shower...but decided to let Jaci sleep...her days off were far and few between...Sometimes she didn’t get any days off at all. Instead he went to talk with Randy and David about the faction and what not with the writers.

Jaci woke up a couple of hours later and noticed she’d been sleeping for practically the whole day...She’d been so tired lately...And when she noticed Paul was gone she smiled cause he knew she hadn’t been getting regular days off cause the company had her going all over for Raw photos. Jaci smiled as she pulled on track pants and padded down to Randy’s room and knocked on the door.

Randy opened the door and said, “Oh My God...The dead has arisen!” Jaci smirked as she gave Randy the finger and walked in and followed the laughter of Paul and David. Paul said, “How’d you know where I’d be?” Jaci smiled as she said, “I’m just that damn good.” It was Randy and David’s turn to laugh from Jaci using one of Paul’s character phrases. Jaci leaned down and brushed a soft kiss on Paul’s lips and then sat down behind Paul on the couch, who was sitting on the edge of the couch reading the new script on the coffee table.

After a few hours of reading through the script a few times and ordered in pizza...the 3 gentlemen decided to call it quits. Jaci had long since gone back to the hotel room to relax and catch up on her voice mails...calling every one back who’d called her while she was sleeping off the tired. Paul walked into the hotel and noticed the slider open and he figured Jaci would be on the balcony.

Paul walked over and his breath caught in his throat, she was wearing the night gown he’d bought for her, it was red satin with black trim with matching panties...and it came to just about mid-thigh and showed off enough of her beautiful legs...and he watched as she leaned on the railing of the balcony laughing in her cell phone at something someone said, and the back of the might gown had ridden up and the back of her thighs were showing and he was pretty sure he could see her cute red panty covered ass as well.

Paul exhaled heavy and tried to keep his body under control...Paul laid on the bed and watched as Jaci, walked back into the hotel room and noticed he was back...She walked over and slid onto the bed next to him and rested her head against his chest…He automatically could feel his heart start racing…he’d been with a woman before but this time was different he had so many feelings slowly flowing through his body…He couldn’t stop it.

Having Jacinda’s hair fanned out all over their two bodies…and smelling her shampoo and perfume…Paul’s body started to react to it…

Paul felt Jacinda rubbing his 6-pak stomach and his chest, Jacinda untucked the front of his shirt…and ran her soft touching hand up the front of his shirt…tracing his toned abs with her soft finger tips…

Jaci could feel his muscles clenching under her touch…She never couldn’t tell if he liked it…until she hear him let out a slight groan…She jumped up and pulled her hand away…and said, “Oh my god, I didn’t hurt you did I?”

Paul sat up and cupped her face in his hands and pulled her over to him and kissed her so passionately…She nearly forgot to breathe…She didn’t even realize she was holding her breath until he pulled away and said, “No.”

Chapter 10


Paul grabbed both of Jaci’s hands and put them on his stomach under his t-shirt…and cupped her face again and kissed the daylights right out of her…as he laid back down he pulled her half onto his body…She could feel his erection pressing into her thigh…and She nearly creamed her panties…

Paul turned over onto his side…and pulled Jaci up closer to him…as she wrapped her arms around his neck…Paul’s hand slid back and cupped her bottom and then slid down and grabbed her knee and pulled her left leg up and over his…all the while they were still kissing, touching, tasting, feeling…

Paul’s hand slid up the back of her thigh and under her panties…feeling his warm skin touching her was making her body respond…She felt like her whole body was on fire…Jaci was thoroughly enjoying his ministrations…Paul’s lips left hers as he started kissing down her neck…as his hands came up and slowly touched her breasts through her robe…Jaci pushed Paul over and he slowly guided her hips up and over him…and watched as she slowly sat straddling his pelvis…

Paul reached up and pulled her night gown over her head…and Paul just looked at her breasts…like he was scared to touch them…She took both of his hands and placed his hands on her bare breasts…Paul started to slowly rub them and then he slightly pinched her nipples he didn’t want to hurt her…

Paul sat up and took one of Jacinda’s nipples in his mouth as he sucked on it with a fevered pitch…he enjoyed listening to the moans that he was making her produce…he kissed across her chest and took her other nipple in his mouth…He let his hands slid down her body as he cupped her bottom again only this time…he rolled over until he was kneeling between her beautiful thighs…and reach up and pulled her panties off…He could smell her arousal and pretty sure she could feel his…Paul rolled back over to have her sitting straddled on him again…Paul slowly slid two fingers into her soaking wet center…and felt her whole body moan against his…She was kissing his neck, when she pulled back and pulled his t-shirt off.

Paul let Jacinda push him back to lay down again…as she started to slowly trail warm moist kisses down his chest…his fingers slowly slipped from her center…Jacinda watched him as he licked her juices from his fingers like he was eating a popsicle. Paul watched as Jacinda continued down his chest flicking both his nipples with her wet tongue…and then kissing down his 6pak stomach…Paul looked down and watched her unbutton his jeans with her teeth and then clamped her teeth around his zipper and pull his zipper down…

Jaci crawled backwards to the end of the bed…and discarded his boots, socks and pulled his jeans off…Paul reached down and pulled his boxer-brief off that was practically a second skin to him…She started crawling back up his body…She got to his cock that was standing absolutely straight up…she couldn’t help but since it was in her face…Her tongue reached out and circled the head and then placed a feather soft kiss on the tip…

She automatically felt Paul do a full body shiver…He reached down and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up to him…and kissed her so deep and passionately. Paul finally released her lips from his, as he lifted her body and slid her down on top of him as his fully erect cock slid into her…Jaci let out a ½ moan-½ sigh and slowly started rocking back and forth on him.

Paul laid back and was running his soft finger tips all over her neck, breasts…and running his thumb across her lips…She sucked him thumb into her mouth and was sucking on his thumb while running circles around it…Jaci could feel Paul get instantly harder and larger inside her…She knew all the ways to make him insanely horny…Paul groaned again, “Oh god baby…you feel so good bouncing on my cock…with that sweet pussy of yours…”

She had her hands on his 6-pack stomach and she was watching his muscles move, ripple and flex…she leaned over and her hair slid over her shoulders and brushed against this pecks and nipples…his nipples became instantly hard…Jaci leaned down and bit his bottom lip and then slowly let her tongue snake out and across his lips…and then slowly into his mouth…his hands slid down and grabbed her ass forcefully as he was pushing and pulling the lower half of her body to go faster…

Jaci sat back up and leaned back putting her hands on his thighs…She could feel how tense his thigh muscles were…Paul sat up and was leaning over and kissing her breasts and nipples…as she was still moving on top of him…Jaci moaned, “Oh God baby…you feel so good deep inside of me…” Paul grunted a couple of times as he was licking and kissing on her neck.

Paul gripped her hips and flipped her over onto her back and laid on top of her…and really pushed the back of her thighs up to thrust into her as deep as he could…Jaci had a hold of his wrists for leverage again…he could feel her walls starting to react…and knew her orgasm was building…it was going to be intense…Paul leaned down and kissed her lips

He gripped her thighs harder and really started thrusting deeper as deep as he could possibly get…and finally Jaci started with a moan and ended screaming out his name as her orgasm tore through the inside of her body…as soon as Paul felt her go over the edge…and felt her center milking his cock…his orgasm was right behind hers…and she felt him explode so deep inside Jaci thought he’d never stop cumming…

They laid in bed and were just both so spent…they fell asleep in each others arms…At least Jaci thought Paul was asleep...she leaned up and kissed his lips softly and then whispered, “I love you.” Paul felt his heart leap...he couldn’t believe Jacinda had said that...

Now all he had to do was figure out if he loved her back.

Chapter 11


Paul and Jacinda had been dating for nearly 12 months now. No one thought they’d make it past the first 6 months...Jaci wasn’t specifically into the wrestling part of the business she was just a photographer...Granted she was now head photographer on Raw and she was a little skeptical of being able to handle it...but Paul was right there the whole time telling her she could do anything she set her mind to...

She must’ve done something right to get Paul’s attention. Breathing was obviously the only thing she had to do...because she definitely had Paul from hello. Paul had been missing for two weeks with promos, book signing tours and a recent movie. Jacinda was starting to miss him something terrible. They’d gotten to know each other well over the last 11 months...nearly 12 months.

Jaci was walking down the hall at the Madison Square Garden Arena in New York. She was thinking quietly to herself...she’d gotten to talk with Paul for about 5 minutes the night before...he’d called to say he missed her, loved her and goodnight like every night he had for the last 2 weeks.

Jaci was about to turn the corner in the hall when an arm came out of nowhere wrapped around her waist and yanked her back into a pitch black dressing room. The door was closed and locked as she couldn’t help but smile as the scent of Paul’s cologne filled her sense of smell. A large pair of hands gripped her waist. As a soft paid of lips softly kissed the side of her neck and gently pushed her back against the door.

Jaci’s arms slowly came up and went around the broad shoulders of her assailant. A deep voice said, “Do you always let strange men kiss you in a dark room?” Jaci moaned around a little as his tongue and lips played across the pulse point on her neck as she said, “Only those who smell as sweet and as inviting as you.”

The lips made their way up her neck to her lips as they captured her lips for a warm moist kiss, the soft tongue slipped between her lips as she returned the wanted and much needed contact. As the need for air was coming on fast the pair slowly ended the kiss and a forehead leaned against Jaci’s and the voice that was Paul’s in every way possible said, “God I missed you...Two weeks is 13 days too long to go without you.” Jaci giggled a little and kissed his lips softly and said, “I missed you too.”

Paul said, “I hope you’re ready for some quality time...cause me and you are going dancing tonight...I want you in my arms at all times...and don’t even think of going anywhere else.” Jaci laughed as she buried her face in his thick muscled neck and took in the warm scent of his cologne more and said, “Nowhere you’re not.”

Later that evening, Paul had his wish, Jacinda was wrapped in his arms as they danced across the floor. They decided to take a break and walked outside on the balcony of the beautiful restaurant. Paul standing behind Jaci and said, “Would it be at all a bad thing If I asked you to marry me?” Jaci’s breath caught in her throat as she turned in Paul’s arms to face him.

Jacinda said, “What do you say?” Paul smirked...He loved shocking her to no end. Paul said, “Would it be a bad thing if I asked you to marry me?” Jaci smiled and said, “Actually...No.” Paul said, “You wouldn’t mind being married to a workaholic?” Jaci said, “Look who you’re asking pal...When’s the last day off I took?” Paul laughed and said, “Yea...True.”

Paul kissed her lips softly and said, “Jacinda...Will you marry me?” Jaci smiled her brilliant smile and said, “Of course...I’d love to.” Paul pulled out a small black box and opened it and watched as tears of joy slipped out of Jaci’s violet eyes as he slipped the 3 stoned diamond platinum band on Jaci’s left wedding ring finger.

Paul threw the box over his shoulder as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her like he was going to the electric chair. They parted and walked back into the restaurant and back to the dance floor. Paul kissed her lips softly and said, “I love you.” Jaci said, “I love you too.” As they proceeded to dance the night away...they never wanted the night to end.

You've got a way with me
Somehow you got me to believe
In everything that I could be
I've gotta say-you really got a way

You've got a way it seems
You gave me faith to find my dreams
You'll never know just what that means
Can't you see... you got a way with me

It's in the way you want me
It's in the way you hold me
The way you show me just what love's made of
It's in the way we make love

You've got a way with words
You get me smiling even when it hurts
There's no way to measure what your love is worth
I can't believe the way you get through to me

It's in the way you want me
It's in the way you hold me
The way you show me just what love's made of
It's in the way we make love

Oh, how I adore you
Like no one before you
I love you just the way you are

It's in the way you want me
It's in the way you hold me
The way you show me just what love's made of
It's in the way we make love

It's just the way you are

Chapter 12


The following Monday Night, Jaci and Paul were walking down the hall and Paul had a hold of her hand leading her to Evolution’s dressing room. Jaci suddenly stopped in the middle of the hallway, which in turned jerked Paul to a stop.

Paul looked back at Jaci when he was suddenly stopped and he said, “What’s wrong babe?” Jaci laughed nervously and said, “What makes you think something’s wrong?”

Paul chuckled and said, “Probably the fact that you got this look on your face like a deer caught in the head lights…And you’re squeezing the shit out of my hand…Care to explain?”

Jaci smiled and said, “Well…I just want to make sure you really want to marry me…I mean you’re absolutely sure right?”

Paul moved over to the side of the hallway taking Jaci’s hands in his as he said, “Jacinda…I’m not changing my mind…if that’s what you’re worried about…I love you…I want to spend the rest of my life with you…That’s a life time for forever’s. Obviously, we’re not going to have a perfect marriage and some shit will get tough and some days it will be tougher then normal…but as long as we stick together we can get through it…I promise.”

Jaci could feel her heart melting all over again for Paul…Now she was remembering why she fell in love with him to begin with. Jaci smiled as she pushed up on her feet to her toes as she captured Paul’s beautiful red lips in a nice passionate kiss. Paul released her hands and pulled her closer as he deepened the sultry kiss she’d given him.

When they parted, Paul winked at her and said, “C’mon Chicken Shit.” Jaci smacked Paul’s arm as he laughed and pulled her along behind him. They got to the dressing room and Randy, Ric and David were there.

The guys all stood up when Jaci and Paul walked into the room and Paul said, “I did it…I asked her.” Randy was the first to come up and congratulate them. Randy said, “Damn…I never thought you’d ask her…You’ve had that damn ring in your bag for a couple of months.” David said, “Yea…Way to jump on it Paul.” Ric came over and hugged and kissed Jaci’s cheek.

Later that night after Raw and the engagement celebration…Jaci was laying on Paul’s chest and looked up at him and said, “We’re really going to do this aren’t we?”

Paul smirked and said, “Apparently we are…Not we just have to decide if we want to have a big wedding or a small wedding and say fuck it all let’s go to Vegas.”

Jaci sat up and looked at Paul and said, “And I get a say in this right?” Paul smiled and said, “Absolutely.” Jaci laid back down and said, “I say…Let’s say fuck it and go to Vegas.” Paul squeezed Jaci in his arms and said, “I couldn’t of said it any better.”

They both fell asleep with some great dreams of getting married and knew they’d have to put a little more discussion into it in the morning.

Chapter 13


Same stuff…Just a different night.

Paul and Jaci were sitting in Evolution’s dressing room and were discussing wedding plans, they’d agreed to a small 200 guest limit. Only close family and close friends, which mean mostly WWE company workers. Jaci looked at her watch and said, “Okay I have to get going…I have a flight to catch to New York…” Jaci stood as Paul stood with her and said, “Yea…I know the Smackdown magazine photographer is out with no traveling and 2 broken legs. You have to go their photos until she’s back in 6 weeks...C’mon I’ll drive you to the airport.”

Jaci smiled and said, “Do you have enough time?” Paul shrugged and said, “I don’t care…I’m not going to see you for 7 days…I want to spend every minute with you until you leave…I’ll call Steph on the way back and tell her to move my match.” Paul held out his hand as Jaci smiled softly and took his hand…He laced their fingers together as he brought her hand up and kissed the back of it and led her out to his rented SUV.

They made ideal chit chat on the way to the airport as Jaci flipped through a wedding dress book. Paul stole side way glances of Jaci and said, “So…Are you sure I can’t interest you in running away to Vegas or Reno to elope?” Jaci laughed and said, “At one point you could’ve, but ya know something…The more I think about this the more I want a nice wedding for us…It’s going to be beautiful…You’re going to look so hot in your black tuxedo…and me in my white dress…It’s like the innocent silence before the storm. It’s gonna be great.”

Paul pulled the SUV into a parking slot and shut the vehicle off as he gripped Jaci’s hips and pulled her up and over the center consult and sat her on his lap. Paul said, “I can’t wait…I think you’re going to be the most beautiful woman there.” Jaci smiled and said, “Really…You think so huh?” Paul smiled and said, “Absolutely.” Jaci laughed as she leaned against his chest and said, “Yea well…You have to say that.” Paul said, “Oh no I don’t…I could say you looked grotesque or something…But I know you’ll look beautiful.”

Paul got her bags checks in as he walked her down to the airline terminal. It was 10 pm at night, the airport was fairly empty…Paul was stopped by a few fans for autographs which he didn’t mind signing. The fans made him and he knew it…He loved his fans as did all the wrestlers within the company.

They stood talking for a few more minutes as Jaci reached up and straightened Paul’s tie and pulled the wrinkles out of his shirt and jacket and Paul leaned down and kissed her lips softly and said, “7 days Jacs…then you are mine!” Emphasizing each word with a soft kiss. Jaci laughed at Paul’s nickname Jacs that he’d grown accustomed to calling her. Jaci stood on her tip toes and wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders and neck and kissed the side of his neck and hear Paul groan slightly as she laughed and pulled away.

She kissed his lips one more time and said, “I’ll be fine…I promise…I’ll be back in your arms before you even realize I’m gone…7 days…is nothing…if it was 7 weeks then you’d have something to worry about…7 days is a cake walk…So I will see you in 7 days in Sacramento for Raw.” Paul nodded and said, “Yup…7 days…no big.” He winked as she turned and walked down the terminal walkway to the airplane.

Paul watched as the plane taxied out and then took off. He couldn’t honestly wait for them to be married…He’d never wanted anything more in his whole life…Not even when he was with Stephanie…They both had too much power within the company and butting heads non-stop was not part of the fun of their relationship, infact after a while it was a necessity. They would figure out ways to fight so they could just have make up sex. It obviously wasn’t the most healthy relationship…He wasn’t sure it was a relationship at all.

The whole thing with Stephanie was probably better left dead then it was when they tried so hard to keep it alive. If you have to work at keeping it alive…It’s not worth it. Being in love with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with should be fun…not depressing…You should want to waste your time and energy on someone you can’t live without…You want that person in you life and she’s worth everything you have and everything you don’t have…but can get. That’s the one you work for.

For the next 7 days, Paul and Jaci kept missing each others phone calls and played phone tag for most of the time. They’d leave messages on each others voice mails and then Paul naturally would leave something dirty and perverted on Jaci’s voicemail and she’d laugh and have to be just as evil also and leave something for him.

Paul was fast asleep in the hotel in Sacramento, California. When his cell phone started ringing and vibrating so hard it vibrated itself off the night stand. Paul sat up and grabbed the phone off the floor and didn’t recognize the number. When he looked at the clock he noticed it was mid-night in Cali. He opened the phone and his groggy voice said, “Hello?”

A female voice on the other end said, “Is this Mr. Paul Levesque?” Paul woke up a little more and said, “Yes it…May I ask who this is waking me in the middle of the night?” The voice said, “My name is Maria Chelan, I’m a nurse in the ER at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Dallas Texas. Are you the fiancée of Miss. Jacinda Winters?” Paul grew more away and suddenly had a sinking feeling in his stomach.

Paul swallowed hard and said, “Yes…What happened? Is she okay?” The nurse said, “I’m afraid her car was t-boned by a semi driver…she’s in the ICU…She has you down as her emergency contact on her insurance card.” Paul said, “Okay…I’m in California right now, But I’m going to get on a plane ASAP and I will be there in a couple of hours…Please…Don’t let anything happen to her.” The nurse said, “No problem Mr. Levesque, if anything changes I’ll call your cell phone and leave a message for you.”

Paul thanked the nurse as he called Stephanie and told her what happened…as he did a rush job of packing all his stuff and calling the airport as he got a taxi to do neck break speeds to get to the airport.

All Paul could do was pray Jacinda was okay…He couldn’t lose her…Not now.

Chapter 14


Paul walked into St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, and saw Stephanie, Randy, Dave and Ric all sitting in the waiting room. Paul walked over and they all stood up and he said, “What’s going on? What the hell happened?”

Stephanie touched Paul’s forearm and said, “Calm down Paul…Sit down for a minute and breathe a little.” Paul sighed slightly and sat down as Stephanie sat next to him and said, “The limo was taking Jacinda to the airport so she could meet us in Sacramento in the morning…but it got t-boned by a big construction truck and then a car some how flipped over and on top of the limo and Jaci was thrown to the floor and the roof of the limo pinned her to the floorboard…It took the jaws of life and 6 firemen to get her unpinned.”

Paul could feel the heaviness in his heart…He knew there was nothing he could’ve personally done to help her…But he still felt like in some way he should’ve been there with her…for whatever reason. Paul ran his hand through his hair and said, “When can I see her?” Stephanie said, “She had some Spinal swelling, they weren’t sure if it was spinal fluid or just drops of moisture…they took her into drain the fluid and make sure her spine wasn’t injured and plus she’s got a severe concussion. They said it would be a few hours before anyone would be allowed to see her.”

Paul calmed his frustrated feeling that was running through his body…He was mad…but in a way wasn’t because he knew the doctors were doing all they could to help Jaci.

About 3 hours later, the doctor came into the waiting room and Stephanie and Paul stood up and Steph said, “Dr. Zeiter, This is Jacinda’s fiancé Paul Levesque, I told him what was going on…we were just waiting for you.”

Dr. Zeiter shook hands with Paul and said, “Well, we drained the fluid and it’s not spinal fluid…Which is great, the swelling is going down but very slowly…she has feeling in both her legs, but she will definitely need physical therapy. Something as small as standing up, sitting down, laying down and rolling over in bed is going to painful for her…and chances are more moisture will build up again and will have to be drained again…I’d probably say twice a month…Walking will be painful…but should only hurt for the first 2 months. Other then that if you want to take her home in the morning you’re more then welcome too…”

Paul felt relieved as he thanked the doctor and shook his hand again. A nurse came over and led Paul down to Jaci’s room. As he walked in he saw her hooked up to a few machines and the nurse re-assured him they were only to monitor her.

Paul walked over to her side of the bed and touched Jaci’s hand as she slowly moved around in bed and her eyes fluttered open. She looked up at him and smiled softly…Paul could see the tears brimming in her eyes and he leaned down and caressed her cheek and said, “Are you okay sweetie?” Jaci nodded slowly and said, “The pain medication is good, but it’s starting to wear off.” Paul pushed the button for the nurse to come in and said, “Don’t worry I can have that fixed sweetie…You had me scared.”

A few stray tears slid down Jaci’s cheeks and she said, “I’m sorry…I didn’t meant to make you worry.” Paul wiped her cheeks with his thumbs and said, “Its okay babe…I’m just glad you’re okay…I don’t know what I would’ve done if something bad happened to you.” Paul kissed her lips softly and comforted her as well as he knew how too. The nurse came in and gave Jaci some more pain medication as Paul sat next to her bed and held her hand as she fell asleep.

Paul watched as she fell asleep peacefully and then while thinking of what he was going to tell Vince and everyone else…He thought of how he was going to help out Jaci with physical therapy. He slowly fell asleep as well in the chair.

Chapter 15


A few weeks later, Paul and Jaci were sitting in his home in Nashua, New Hampshire…She’d been moved in with him since they’d gotten engaged. They were actually in the pool, in the pool house in the back yard.

Jaci was sitting on the concert steps in the pool with the water up to her chest and Paul was swimming around getting his body used to the nice warm temperature of the water.

Paul swam over and stood near Jaci; she smiled softly and pushed the strand of hair behind his ear that had escaped his low ponytail. Paul moved over and stood in front of Jaci and his warm wet hands came out of the water and went to the back of her neck and massaged and rubbed it a little big…He watched as her eyes went to half lidded and she moved her head back and forth while he massaged the still tender area. A smile was playing on her lips…she was definitely enjoying his administrations.

Paul said, “Ready?” Jaci smirked and said, “Sure…I wish I could get used to all of this.” Paul said, “Used to what babe?” Jaci said, “Depending on you for certain things…I’ve been independent my whole life…Starting when I was 15…So it’s just a little weird to have rely on someone for something now.” Paul smiled deviously and said, “Enjoy the contact.” Jaci giggled a little and said, “Oh believe me I do.” As she winked at him.

Paul carefully pulled her body into the water cradling her back against his chest with both arms around her waist her hands found his and laced their fingers together. While he was guiding her through the water she was doing leg, waist, and spine exercises. These were done for about 2 hours with small 15 minute breaks.

Paul had called and talked to Vince to have him moved to the injured list so he could take care of Jaci…He said he couldn’t think of doing anything else in his life without her…and right now he wasn’t about to just hire someone to take care of her like a 93 year old grandma who couldn’t take care of your self.

Jaci’s doctor had told him with some intense physical therapy she would be okay for traveling again in 2 or 3 months…Paul knew there was no way in hell he was going to even try getting on a plane to go to work without her. They’d been together too long to not go to work together. It would just feel foreign.

When they finished, Paul wrapped a robe around Jaci and a robe around himself and carried her into the house. Helping her into a warm bubble bath…he couldn’t help but wanna join her too…of course there wasn’t much of a fight put up, when she decided to pull him into the tube with her. They just enjoyed each others company and love as they let the warm water and the scent that filled the air relax them both.

Knowing they didn’t need to be anywhere but there that night.

Chapter 16


Jaci looked down at the bottle of white pills…The pain in her back was practically making her spine throb from the bottom of her neck to her tail bone. She knew she’d been popping the damn things lately like they were breath mints. She usually had a high threshold for pain…but the accident had taken a lot out of her body. The accident had been a couple of months ago and she was finally released to go back to work.

Paul couldn’t have been happier then having her by his side. Not so much by his side…but just knowing he was a few doors down from where she was if she needed him for anything…he knew he could get to her in a matter of seconds.

Jaci stared at the two white pills in her hand…she hated to have to take this much pain medication…but the twinges in her back were just getting worse and worse the longer she waited to take the pain relievers. She popped the white pills in her mouth and swallowed then quickly with a few drinks of water…the cool liquid on her throat felt comforting. She went back to reloading her camera.

The two hours of Raw seemed to drag on forever…not to mention they were also taping Smackdown that night…Which was another two hours for her to stay and get some extra shots for the magazines. Paul walked into the photography room and watched Jaci taking pictures barefoot as always. She was snapping pictures of Smackdown’s current US champion John Cena.

John looked over and saw Paul walk in and said, “Hey man…I almost got your girl talked into leaving you and coming away with me.” Paul chuckled at the younger man’s playful tacks…and said, “I seriously doubt that man.” Jaci smiled and said, “Yea…Me too considering I already agreed to marry him Jonathan.” John said, “Dudes…Y’all are takin the vows?” Paul put Jaci’s left hand out and said, “She ain’t wearing this for no reason.”

John walked over and saw the 3 stoned diamond platinum band on Jaci’s left wedding ring finger…he looked astonished and said, “Damn…You need a crane to help tote that around girl?” Jaci smirked and said, “My crane is right here.” Paul carefully wrapped his arm around her waist as she turned her head and kissed his lips softly. He said, “How’s the back?” Jaci smiled and said, “Actually not too bad…But I’m definitely going for a soak in the tub when we get back to the hotel.”

Paul said, “I might just have to join you after the way I got my ass handed to me earlier tonight.” Jaci giggled and said, “I saw that…Pitiful…But if it gets you in the tub with me I don’t mind if they throw you to Kingdom Come…as long as it gets you nekkid and in a tub with me.” John said, “Damn…Y’all ain’t left the building yet and you’re getting freaky already…Please don’t let me stop you…I’ll take this as my cue to leave y’all to it.”

John stopped and shook hands with Paul and said, “Congrats on the vows.” He leaned over and kissed Jaci’s cheek and said, “Congrats baby! You deserve it…I think he can make you happy…It was nice seein’ y’all again…but I got a match to kick ass for.” With that John left and Paul informed Stephanie him and Jaci were leaving earlier. Which she had no problem with…she knew Jaci was still trying to take it easy until she was back into the swing of things.

Once Paul and Jaci got back to the hotel…they soaked in the tub together for a good 2 hours, Paul laid in bed and waited for Jaci…she usually stayed up about 10 minutes later then him to wash her make-up off and comb the snags and tangles out of her hair. The bathroom door was closed and he was just relaxing and letting her scent off her pillow lull him into fantasy land.

Jaci looked at the 3 white pills in her hands…The bath hadn’t helped as much as she would’ve liked it too…In fact it didn’t help at all and her spine felt like it was on fire…a blazing fire and every time she moved a wrong way her nerves would throw buckets of gasoline on her flaming spine. She took the pills and drank some water from the tap in the bathroom…She finished her nightly routine and turned the light off and headed to bed.

As soon as she got in, Paul wrapped his arm around her and pulled her back tight against his chest…The heat that radiated off his body helped a lot…more so then she thought it would. The both fell into a peaceful sleep…Jaci praying for her pain to be over soon and Paul wishing the same as well…They had been hesitant to decided on a date because Jaci wanted to be 100%...and Paul fully agreed…So they waited to set a date.

Chapter 17


The small twinge started at the base of the spine and slowly worked up every vertebra on Jaci’s spine as she stood clicking pictures for the Raw Magazine photo shoot. She could feel herself getting shaky with pain…She’d forgotten her pain pills at the hotel and was in extreme pain. She felt like her spine was about to explode through her back.

She’d been doing the photo shoot since Raw had started an hour and a half ago…she dismissed everyone after she finished and sat down trying to control the pain…someone knocked on her door.

Jaci said, “C’mon in.” The door swung open and Paul walked in and said, “I got something for you babe.” He handed her a bottle of water and two white pills. Jaci looked at the pills in her hand and said, “How’d you know? I’ve not talked with you all night.” Paul smirked and said, “I ran into Trish…She said you looked in pain and you’d said something about forgetting your pain pills…So I found the trainer and he gave me a couple for ya.”

Jaci smiled softly after she popped the pills and swallowed them with the cool water. She leaned up and kissed Paul’s lips softly and said, “Thank you…You really know how to take care of a girl…I could get used to this ya know.” Paul smiled as he gripped her hips and pulled her closer said, “Good…you do that.” The jean material of her skirt felt soft against his hands. Not to mention she looked extremely hot!

Jaci had on his favorite black polyester dress shirt. It was snug around her chest and waist…it was long sleeve, but she always rolled them up to be quarter sleeves, and she buttoned it all the way up except for the top 3 buttons, which…when he pulled her as close as he had her now, he got a great view of her cleavage…which she knew worked over every nerve in his body…EVERY nerve! The jean skirt was about mid-thigh and was frayed on the bottom and she had on her 2½ inch heeled black knee high boots…which made her legs look longer.

Paul smiled down at his fiancé and said, “If I forgot to tell you earlier…you look really beautiful tonight.” Jaci smirked and said, “Just tonight?” Paul said, “Well…Not just tonight…You’re beautiful every night…but you got my favorite shirt on so you’re a sexy kind of beautiful tonight…” Jaci smirked said, “I know how you love this shirt…” She looked down at her cleavage and watched as Paul glanced with her as she continued her thought, “And all the goodies inside of it that it shows you.”

Paul felt Jaci’s knee rub up his thigh and brushed against his ever present erection…which she’d managed to give him in 2 seconds with one look…Paul sucked in a breath of air and she said, “And I just love the effect if has on you.” Paul said, “Don’t you dare start something you can’t finish woman.” Jaci leaned up on her tip toes so her mouth was next to his ear.

Paul could feel her warm breath brush his ear as she said, “When have I ever started something and not finished?” Paul closed his eyes and said, “Oh never…I think it’s a good thing I got my match out of the way for the night.” Jaci said, “It’s a very good thing.” Paul leaned down and captured Jaci’s lips in a nice sensual kiss.

They had some pent up sexual energy, since they’d put the sexual part of their relationship aside because of Jaci’s accident and Paul knew sex would be painful on Jaci…and he wasn’t about to force pain on her when he didn’t want her in any pain at all…He could wait…Contrary to popular belief. It wouldn’t kill him.

Jaci sucked on his lower lip as she pulled away and walked over to the door to her photo shoot office and closed and locked it…She was finished for the night…and so was Paul. Jaci turned around and came face to face with her fiancé. His intense hazel eyes were smoldering.

Paul pushed Jacinda’s back into the door as his mouth descended onto hers. She untucked his dress shirt and unbuttoned it while pushing it to the floor...Paul un hooked a few buttons of her shirt pulled it off and tossed it to the floor and he pulled down her bra strap as his mouth latched onto her nipple. Her fingers running through his shoulder length dirty blonde hair as she moaned out from his administrations.

Jacinda felt his hands on her thighs as he lifted her skirt, and then lifted her; she wrapped her legs around his waist as he held her against the door with his pelvis. Jacinda was undoing his pants as Paul was pulling her panties to the soon as she freed his painful erection, he pushed it into her all the way...She gasped at the fullness she suddenly felt.

Paul planted his hands on the door, as she gripped his forearms and his pelvis took over for him, thrusting into her core...His lips nipped and kissed along her jaw line and neck as he whispered and grunted dirty thoughts into her ear...Paul couldn’t handle it anymore he said, “Tell me you wanna cum baby...Tell me now...”

Jacinda held on to him and said, “Please...Now...I need to cum for you...Now...Oh God...Fuck me...Fuck me until I cum hard for you.” Paul picked up his pace and started thrusting into her as hard as he could and finally with an animalistic grunt and growl, they both started cumming harder then they’d ever done before...She could feel him cum splashing against her walls...and he could feel her cum coating his cock.

Paul could feel his legs getting weak, but he refused to let her go...They stayed pushed against the door breathing heavy, trying to come down from their sexual high...Paul slowly let her slide down and onto her feet as he steadied her to lean against the door...Paul backed up and fixed his pants and sat down in the office chair before he fell down.

Jacinda watched his chest go up and down...she fixed her skirt and bra, when she was steady enough to walk; she leaned over grabbed her shirt and pulled it back on and grabbed his shirt. She walked over and handed it to him...without thinking about it, he threw the shirt on the table and grabbed her hand and pulled her down onto his lap.

Paul caressed her face and said, “I love you.” She turned her head to the side and kissing the palm of his hand and said, “I love you too.” Paul leaned up and kissed her lips so softly. She could feel herself floating. Paul put his shirt on and Jaci helped him button it up, he tucked it back in and they actually didn’t look like they just has a ravaging romp in her office...they looked human. He kissed her lips one more time.

As they walked out to the rental to go back to the hotel, Paul said, “We need to try that again at the hotel…and try not to kill each other this time.” Jaci busted out laughing and said, “Fully agreed.” Paul had a hold of her hand as he brought it to his lips and kissed it softly as they headed to the hotel.

Chapter 18


Once they got back to the hotel Paul tossed his bag down on the floor in the bed room...Jacinda walked up behind him and rubbed his shoulders and then wrapped her arms around his waist from behind. Paul caressed her arms and hands as she held him against her...Paul grabbed her hand and pulled her around to the front of his body and captured her lips.

Paul unbuttoned her shirt and slowly slid the shirt from her body...Jacinda reached out as she slowly started unbuttoning Paul’s shirt...once she got it off of him her hands slowly ran over his abs and well defined chest...Paul backed up and pulled her boots off, kissing her knees...then slowly unzipped her skirt and let it fall around her ankles, she was standing in front of him with panties and her bra on...

Paul pushed her against the wall as they started kissing rougher...deepening the kiss more...Jacinda reached down and pulled his belt off as they continued to kiss...Paul kicked his pants and boxer briefs away as Jacinda pulled her bra and panties off... Paul lifted her with ease as she wrapped her legs around his waist...carried her to the bed and eased down on top of her small frame.

Paul slowly eased himself into her...being careful as to not hurt her...Paul stopped all his movements and looked at Jacinda...She smiled and said, “What?”

PAUL said, “You’re so beautiful…” His lips circled around her right rosy nipple and Jaci moaned out, “Paul.” As his lips traveled down her body…She made Paul stay where he was as she scooted towards the foot of the bed and took Paul’s massive erection into her tiny hands and stroked him slowly and methodically slid her tongue up his shaft. Paul groaned he wrapped his hands in her waist length chestnut hair. She took his shaft into her warm wet mouth...he was in total heaven...but he was trying to keep himself from exploding in her mouth...he eased himself out of her mouth and laid her back onto the bed and crawled up her soft small framed body, careful not to crush her...

She wrapped her legs around his waist again and his erection brushed against her soaking wet center. Making both of them groan at the friction...Paul slid two fingers into her to make sure she was ready enough for him...he didn’t want to hurt her...He looked up and she bit her bottom lip as her back arched and her center was pushed into his hand...oh yea...she was ready.

Paul moved around and slowly slid his painfully aching erection into her warm wet center...he could feel her stretching and accommodating his shaft...all of his shaft...once fully sheathed Paul sat there for a minute make sure she was fully used to his size...and then slowly started working his hips back and forth and working his erection in and out of her.

Every time he would push into her she would arch her back as though she wanted him deeper. Paul grabbed her knees and pushed them up and apart and placed his hands on the back of her thighs and as he pushed into her...he felt himself go deeper...she must’ve felt it before cause she moaned low and hard.

PAUL lifted her up and pushed her against the wall...and thrusting up...holding onto the wall...She gripped his forearms for PAUL kissed and licked down her neck and throat...nipping at her flesh with his teeth and then soothing it with hot kisses...

Paul pulled out of her and she went to the bed and beckoned him with her index finger...she laid on her back and beckoned Paul to her and Paul crawled between her beautiful thighs and slid his erection onto her...this he could handle...he gripped the bed sheets, while holding himself over her and started thrusting into her...

Her hands touched his as she leaned up and traced his lips with her tongue and he pulled her tongue into his mouth with his lips...and she could instantly feel his erection swell to a larger size inside of must’ve turned him on a little more...actually A LOT more...

Paul’s hands went to her breast rolling her nipples and watching them harden...his hand slid along her flat stomach, across her navel...and down to her mound...where he found her clit waiting for contact from him....he started rubbing circles around her clit with one hand as he kept his pace...Jaci’s hands trailing up and down his arms, back and running her hands through his hair starting at the back of his neck and up as she pulled him to her...

When her hands clutched the bed...Paul could feel her inner walls starting to clamp down around his shaft...Paul leaned over her, pulling her body tight against his and kissed along her ear and in a low deep voice said, “You gonna cum for my cock that sweet little pussy of yours gonna cum for me.”

Jaci started pushing up against him...the hot air of his breath brushed against her ear and him pumping into her relentlessly, was her undoing as she started cumming instantly...she started off moaning and ended up screaming, “PAAAAUUULLLLL!!!!!”

Paul felt her cum cover his shaft and as her warm juices coated his erection...he thrusted into her a few more times finally pushing himself all the way into her and throwing his head back with a loud growl he exploded deep inside of her. For several minutes they could both feel him spurting inside of her still.

They collapsed on the bed trying to regulate their breathing.

Jaci could hear Paul’s deep breathing and knew he’d fallen asleep…She pulled herself from bed as she walked into the bathroom…she pulled open the bottle and dumped 3 pills into her hand and popped them into her mouth and drank some water from the sink.

Instantly feeling the painkillers working she smirked at the marks Paul’s made on her body…some from his mouth, some from his go-tee…and she had slight bruising on her hips from his grip on her earlier at the arena…but she didn’t mind…It felt great when it happened…and even better in the hotel.

Jaci headed back to bed, determined to wake him up for another round. Like Paul was really going to say no or be too tired?

Definitely not!

Chapter 19


Jaci hadn’t been feeling well all day and even called and told Stephanie she definitely wasn’t going to make it with Paul to the house shows or Raw. Stephanie gave her the okay to stay home.

Paul walked downstairs with his suitcase ready to go as he walked over and leaned down and kissed Jaci’s forehead and said, “Call me later and lemme know how you’re feeling…” Jaci smiled softly and nodded as she stood and he wrapped her up in a nice big hug. He always looked so good in his jeans and a black t-shirt. His cologne always smelled so good too.

Jaci was standing at the bottom of the stairs on the front porch as she waved to Paul while he was backing out of the drive. He was worried about her, but he’d had matches for the house shows and for Raw, he definitely couldn’t miss.

This was it…Jaci was at the breaking point…She’d finally figured out she had a pain pill addiction and decided to kick the habit on her own. She had been too ashamed to tell Paul about it.

I can…not find…a way to describe it
It's there…inside
All I do is hide
I wish…that it…would just go away
What would…you do
You do…if you knew

What would you do

All the pain
I thought I knew
All the thoughts
Lead back to you
Back to what
Was never said
Back and forth
Inside my head
I - can't – handle – this - confusion
I'm – un - able
Come and take me away

On the way to the airport he stopped at the gas station to fill up so he wouldn’t have to on the way home on Tuesday. As his hummer was guzzling away the gasoline, Paul had felt a headache coming on and wanted to nip it in the bud before it got out of control. He went to the back and opened the back hatch of the hummer and dug for his black leather shaving kit bag which carried his Tylenol.

Paul found it and opened it…He pulled a bottle out and noticed it had Jaci’s name on it…He figured he picked up her cosmetics bag instead of his shaving kit bag because they looked exactly the same. Paul tossed the bottle back into the bag and heard what sounded like other bottles hitting together.

Paul looked inside and saw 5 different pill bottles. He pulled them out and was looking at them…They were all made out to Jaci for her prescribed pain pills…They had been filled for the last 5 months all had 60 tablets in them and all but one was empty. Paul closed his eyes and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His eyes shot open as he was suddenly aware that he’d just left the love of his life home alone and she was definitely not looking in health.

Paul got on his cell and called Stephanie and told her the situation and what was going on. Stephanie was completely shocked…Not as shocked as Paul was…Paul took off in the hummer…He had to get back to Jaci…He couldn’t believe he’d left her.

Jaci had been walking around the house and had finally wondered outside to the pool house. The pool was heated as she was staring at the clear blue water. Walking over to the steps that went down into the pool…Without even taking her shoes or clothes off…she stepped into the water.

I feel…like I…am all alone
All by…myself…I need to get around this
My words…are cold
I don't want them to hurt you
If I…show you
I don't think you'd understand

'Cause no one understands

All the pain
I thought I knew
All the thoughts
Lead back to you
Back to what
Was never said
Back and forth
Inside my head
I - can't – handle – this - confusion
I'm – un - able
Come and take me away

The water soaked through her sneakers, socks, jeans, panties, sweatshirt, t-shirt, bra…skin…hair. Until her head was under water…She could hold her breath for a long time under water…She was just seeing life through a different aspect.

Paul had made it back to the house in record time and was running through the house looking for Jaci. Her car was still in the garage…He heard something bang and looked out the window and noticed the door to the pool house was open and the breeze was slightly banging it against the wall of the building. Paul took off to the pool house.

Paul didn’t see anything and then heard bubbles leaving the pool side…He jogged over and looked down and saw Jaci fully clothed in the pool just floating below the water…Her head shifted up as she looked towards the surface and her eyes opened and saw him. Paul hit his knees as he shoved his hand in the water and Jaci gripped it and he pulled her up above the waterline. Paul said, “Jacinda what the hell are you doing?” Jaci spit the water out and her voice cracked as she said, “I’m sorry…I didn’t know what to do.”

Paul lifted her out of the pool as she slid onto the tile on her knees in front of Paul…She threw her arms around his neck as he held onto her. Paul rested his forehead against hers and said, “Why didn’t you tell me?” Jaci sniffled as the tears flowed like a waterfall and said, “I didn’t know how to tell you…and once I figured out what was wrong…I was ashamed. I didn’t know if you’d still want to be with me, or if you’d just cut all ties that bind…It’s not like you couldn’t get me fired from the company...I just didn’t know what to do.”

Paul smoothed her wet hair and said, “You should’ve come to me…I love you more then anything in my life…including my career…Shit I want you to be my wife for the rest of our lives…There is nothing you can’t tell me…I’m sorry I didn’t notice it sooner…I should’ve caught it.” Jaci said, “No…It’s not your fault…I shouldn’t have let it get so out of hand…I love you so much…You’ve been such a huge impact on my life…I just didn’t want to disappoint you with something this serious…”

Paul pulled her to him again and cradled her against his big body and said, “You could never disappoint me baby…I’d give up everything in my life to keep you safe.” Paul kissed her forehead as he stood up helping her up to her feet.

I'm going nowhere on and on and
I'm getting nowhere on and on and on
I'm going nowhere on and on and off and on and off and on

All the pain
I thought I knew
All the thoughts
Lead back to you
Back to what
Was never said
Back and forth
Inside my head
I - can't – handle – this - confusion
I'm – un - able
Come and take me away

Take me away
Break me away
Take me away

Paul looked down and said, “What were you doing in the pool fully clothed?” Jaci stifled a laugh and said, “I don’t know honestly…I just walked into it…It felt so welcoming…I know this is going to haunt me forever now.”

Paul smirked and said, “Well I’m definitely not going to let you forget it ever! I’m marrying a psycho who likes to swim fully clothed…and if it happens again…I’ll have to question your sanity.” Jaci smacked his arm lightly and shivered from the cold.

Paul lifted her into his arms and carried her back to the house where he got her soaking clothes off and put her into a warm tub of water. They spent the remainder of the evening talking about what to do and how to help her.

Chapter 20


Paul was sitting in the waiting room…He hadn’t seen Jaci for 60 days, as per the agreement she signed with the drug abuse clinic. They had to fully detox her body and start her on a completely new life diet. They were allowed 30 minutes of phone time a day…and sometimes they couldn’t get that because of Paul’s work schedule.

Jaci had personally asked Stephanie to bump his schedule up so he wouldn’t have to worry about her not being with him while he was working…Stephanie had no problem with it either…she knew as long as Paul’s mind was on work, he would have no room for errors in the ring.

Paul had been tapping his right left finger into his jean cover knee for the last 15 minutes, waiting to catch a glimpse of Jaci. He’d missed her so much…he couldn’t wait to take her home and just sit with her in his arms again.

Jaci stood in her room as she looked down at her jeans and red t-shirt. Her hair had grown a few inches since being in the drug abuse center. It was past her butt now. Ever since the accident…she’d been so lost through all the pain, therapy, and the pain pill addiction she’d been hiding from everyone including her fiancé.

Jaci looked down at the three stoned diamond ring that was shining from her left right finger…Today had been the first day she’d seen it in 60 days, they’d taken all her jewelry from her when she’d signed in the first day. Wow…had it really been 60 days already…Her first day seemed like it was just yesterday…It had been so hard for her to say good-bye to Paul…he had been taking it just as hard as her, but Stephanie was there as well as Randy and Dave…They were supporting her decision, but she had called them as re-enforcements to help Paul out.

Jaci checked herself one more time in the mirror as she slipped her sneakers on and tied them and headed down stairs. As soon as she rounded the corner she saw Paul sitting in the chair…A smile played on her lips as she stopped about 10 feet from him.

Paul saw sneaker covered feet standing in front of him, when he looked up he came face to face with his fiancé…she looked better…she looked more alive then he’d ever seen her before…She had a complete head to toe glow about her. Paul stood up and he didn’t even get a word out as she jogged over and jumped into his arms. Wrapping her legs and arms around him, he held onto her as tight as his arms would allow without squeezing her to death.

That was what he wanted…the only catch would be house to drive home…because at that point…he never wanted her to leave his arms again. When he placed her back on her feet in front of him, she kissed his lips softly and said, “I missed you.” Paul smiled and said, “I missed you more then you’ll ever know baby.” Jaci’s smile grew as she said, “Oh I got a pretty good idea.” Paul hugged her to him again and said, “Let’s get outta here.” Jaci nodded against his chest in full agreement as they left.

They had to drive home and catch a plane to New York City for WrestleMania 20. Paul had a big match against Chris Benoit for the Heavyweight title he had been currently holding in his story line. It was going to be good for Jaci…She loved watching

Once situated at the arena, Jaci spent most of the time talking with Stephanie about how Paul had been while she was gone, and Steph talked about the whole detox process. The show started and seemed to go on forever…when finally Paul’s music rang through the speakers of the Madison Square Garden arena.

Jaci and Stephanie were sitting in Steph’s office watching the monitor. Half way through the match Paul had been busted open…Nothing Jaci wasn’t used to…She hated it, but being involved with Paul she understood all of it…until she witnessed something she couldn’t hardly believe.

All Jaci could do was stare in amazement and wonder…she couldn’t even speak…No words could come to mind at that moment. Jaci watched as Chris Benoit put Paul in the Crippler Crossface and Chris won the title from Paul.

Chapter 21


Jaci stared at the monitor and then looked over at Steph and said, “What just happened?” Steph said, “Dad is making Paul do some penitents for missing so much work when you had that accident and he took time off to be with you.”

Jaci could feel the tears swelling in her eyes as she stared at the monitor. Paul’s head was bleeding and he just looked completely defeated. He’d lost the title because of her…It was all her fault. Steph put her arm around Jaci and hugged Jaci to her…When she saw the tears starting to slide down Jaci’s cheeks, she was suddenly aware Paul hadn’t told Jaci he was losing the belt.

2 AM and she calls me 'cause I'm still awake
can you help me unravel my latest mistake
I don't love him, winter just wasn't my season
Yeah we walk through the doors, so accusing their eyes
Like they have any right at all to criticize
hypocrites, you're all here for the very same reason

'Cause you can't jump the track
We're like cars on a cable
and life's like an hourglass, glued to the table
No one can find the rewind button girl
So cradle your head in your hands
And breathe…Just breathe
Oh breathe…Just breathe

Jaci walked into the hallway and waited for Paul. She knew he’d shower and change before he’d go down to the trainers to get stitched up. Jaci spotted Paul rounding the corner and he stopped in front of her and he still looked defeated. Paul saw the tears sliding down her cheeks as she, lifted her towel covered hand to Paul’s face as she started wiping some of the still wet blood from his face.

Jaci reached over and took one of his heavily taped hands in hers and led him into his dressing room and sat him down on a bench in the shower room. Jaci took his hand again and started to pull the tape off carefully…unraveling it a little at a time…Letting the blood flow through his hand fully again. Then took the tape off his other hand. She wiped the blood from his chest and he was starting to look like his normal unharmed self again.

Paul said, “I know you want to say something…Go ahead.” Jaci frowned and shook her head no silently. She walked over and turned the shower on warm for him. And went back and knelt down in front of him and unlaced his wrestling boots. Paul reached over and pushed a couple of unruly strands of hair from her face. And ran the back of his fingers down her cheek.

May he turned 21 on the base at Fort Bliss
"Just a day," he said down to the flask in his fist
"Ain't been sober, since maybe October of last year."
Here in town you can tell he's been down for a while
But my God it's so beautiful when the boy smiles
Wanna hold him, maybe I'll just sing about it

Cause you can't jump the track
We're like cars on a cable
And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table
No one can find the rewind button boys
So cradle your head in your hands
And breathe…Just breathe
Oh breathe…Just breathe

A few more tears escaped, before Jaci stood on her knees between Paul’s legs and wrapped her arms around his stomach and buried her face in his chest. Paul wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. She finally calmed down long enough to say, “Why didn’t you tell me…It’s all my fault you lost the belt…I’m so sorry Paul.”

Paul pushed her away a little bit so he could look in her eyes as he said, “This isn’t your fault…Vince is just throwing his weight around, because he knows I never cared about Stephanie half as much as I do you. Steph knows it to, but this is all her old man’s doing…But I don’t care if I lose that belt…as long as I don’t lose you.” Jaci shook her head and said, “I’m not going anywhere.”

Jaci stood and said, “Go shower…I’m going to go and try to calm down.” Paul nodded as he stood and softly brushed his lips against hers, and then disappeared into the shower. Afterwards, he’d dressed in his black jeans and a signature black Triple H T-shirt. He pulled his hair back into a low tail, and his steel toed boots on.

He turned around and noticed all his gear had been taken out, and his travel tote bag was missing from the room, along with Jaci. She’d probably already taken it to the rental. Paul stepped out into the hallway and went down to the trainer’s office. They gave him a few stitches and then put some liquid band aid over it…It was in his hairline so it wasn’t too visible.

There's a light at each end of this tunnel, you shout
'Cause you're just as far in
As you'll ever be out
These mistakes you've made
You'll just make them again
If you only try turning around.

2 AM and I'm still awake, writing a song
If I get it all down on paper
its no longer inside of me
threatening the life it belongs to
And i feel like I'm naked in front of the crowd
Cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud
And I know that you'll use them, however you want to

Jaci was leaning against the wall outside the trainer’s office, when Paul stepped out she walked over and pushed up on her toes and kissed his lips…It took him a second to figure out there was a beautiful woman, who happened to be his fiancé kissing him, as he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her tiny framed body closer to him and returned the kiss with a fiery passion.

When they separated, they started down the hallway and said, “The night wasn’t a total loss you know…I got to decide who I’d lose the title to…Not to mention I’ve requested some time off for us…I think we should get married now…worry about the consequences later and fuck everyone else who try to screw with our relationship.”

Jaci smirked and said, “Exactly how much time did you request off?” Paul smiled and said, “Couple months…I’ve been in this company for so long without taking extra days off…I deserve some time to me and as long as you’re my fiancé soon to be wife…you deserve some as well.” Paul laced their fingers together as they continued out of the arena and Jacinda couldn’t help but agree with Paul.

But you can't jump the track
We're like cars on a cable
And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table
No one can find the rewind button now
Sing it if you understand
And breathe…Just breathe
Oh breathe…Just breathe
Oh breathe…Just breathe

Oh breathe…Just breathe

A few weeks later, Jaci was standing at the back of the church looking at Paul at the front of the church in his black tuxedo…he looked so good, with the most amazing smile on his face. Jaci took a deep breath and started walking towards the front of the church and noticed as Paul got teary eyed the closer she got to him. Once she was standing in front of him…He smiled and said, “You look beautiful…I think I may pass out.”

Jaci smiled said, “Breathe…Just breathe.”

The End.