Be With You


Chapter 1


I guess everyone has a story to tell…and for a while…I never really wanted to tell anyone mine…but after everything that happened…I couldn’t resist the urge to tell it all…just cause I never want to see another female fall in love with a guy, who can’t admit he loves her back…you know that guy ladies…he’s willing to be with you in ever aspect until things get a little complicated…like they know your brother and are friends with him…and don’t want to do anything that would piss your brother off…but in the process manages to tear your heart out while it’s still beating and throw it in the dirt…


I mean honestly sisters…have you ever felt this way…and just knew you was getting shafted cause the man you was in love with didn’t have balls of steel to stand up and tell you the truth…like for some reason they think lying through their teeth is going to make it any easier on us…get real…well I’m here to tell you chicas…it doesn’t get any easier unless they run you over with a damn Mack truck first and kill you…that way when they tell you, you’re already dead and it doesn’t hurt one bit.  Except for that part about the truck running you down…that would hurt like hell.


But I think every lady who reads this will fully understand that nothing in this world hurts worse then a broken heart…


And also finding out the man you thought you loved…was nothing but a lying sack of monkey shit…especially when he tells you he doesn’t love you, which is a lie, and you know he is saying it to save his precious friendship with your brother…I mean really…who the hell is he dating me…or my brother?  But of course when you are secretly dating one of your brothers best friends…and your brother doesn’t exactly know about it, he can only technically be known as your boyfriend, when you’re alone together…now…how much does that suck? 


So I guess I’m done rambling here…and should just get on the story right?  Right…C’mon Lala…get it together you brat…you’re starting to answer your own questions dork.


My name is Nyla Jacobs…I’m 21 years old…I’m 5’11” and 125 lbs.  I have big brown eyes, and long brown hair to my waist.  My brother and all of his moronic friends from work call me Lala.  If you haven’t guessed already my brother is the one and only professional wrestler from the WWFE Glenn Jacobs…or Kane or even Big Red Machine as he’s picked that nick name up along the way some how.  Glenn’s boss is Vince McMahon…he’s a cocky and arrogant guy…but hell he gets the job done.


I’ve actually been friend’s with Vince’s daughter Stephanie for as long as I can remember…I’m a model…I started out modeling clothes in sears catalogs and then worked my way up through all the fashion magazines…now I recently signed with Porsche.  It’s a new line of clothes that people are starting to get into…it’s mostly swim suits…so usually during the winter months…I have 4 months off…So since Glenn and his best friend Mark Callaway (Undertaker) have been bugging me to come and go on the wrestling tour with them…I figured why not….besides…me miss a chance to be around some beefy, damn good looking sports entertainers…Hell no…I practically jumped at the chance…even though I love acting like I could care less.


Chapter 2


So I packed up my bags in my New York apartment and flew over to Michigan…damn it was cold…I should of thought about the whether when I dressed this morning…I had on a black cotton shirt about 3 inches above my knee with two pockets on the legs, with black leather 2½ inch heeled, knee-high boots, a white tank top with a matching cardigan, plus a black leather jacket with a hood…I left my hair down…


I took a cab to the arena…about the time I pulled up, a limo pulled up and Stephanie got out…and noticed me…she came over and we hugged for so long…she said, “Damn girl…where have you been?”  I said, “New York…I signed with that new clothes designer Porsche…it’s interesting…I’ve never been a straight swim suit model…I usually do all kinds of clothes but not just swim suits…and some of those are racy little things.”  Steph laughed at me and said, “C’mon, we can put your bags in my office and then I’ll help you find Glenn.”  I said, “Okay…So how are you and Andrew (Test) doing?” 


She said, “Were doing really great…well as good as can be expected, with him on Raw and me on Smackdown…it gets hard to see each other a lot of the times…but at least we have the same days off…”  I said, “You should have him moved over…”  She said, “I wouldn’t mind it…but sometimes we can really get on each others nerves…and if we are doing the same thing…we would never be able to escape each other…now if we want to run we have the separate shows…it’s all good.”  We stepped in Steph’s office and dropped off my bags, and I put my coat down, cause it was super warm in the arena…and we took off walking around the arena..


We were walking down the hall when I heard someone whistling behind me and was making a few racy comments and I said, “Hey…why don’t you kiss my ass.”  I turned around and it was Mark…he said, “Well, ma’am we really can’t do things like that out in the hall, but if you give me a couple of hours, I’ll take you back to my hotel…and kiss your ass all night long baby…”  I said, “Mark Callaway…don’t be so foul...”  I smacked his arm and then he picked me up into a huge hug and swung me around in circles…Mark said, “It’s about time you got your skinny ass here.”  I said, “I know…it’s been too long.”


Mark put me down and a familiar voice behind me said, “Hey, I hope you’re not flirting with my little sister Deadman.”  I turned around with a huge smile on my face and I walked over and gave Glenn an even bigger hug…Me and Glenn were always close…


There was a guy standing next to Glenn…he was gorgeous…he was came in at a nice 6’4” but this guy was a little bigger then Glenn…he was probably around 240-260lbs…long dirty blonde hair, about 2 or 3 inches past his shoulders, but pulled back into a pony tail, with a matching go-tee and mustache…He had on levis, some big ole black steel toed boots, and a black t-shirt that said, ‘GAME OVER’ on the chest…this guy was a total hottie!!!  And anyone who know me…some kind of facial hair…just makes me weak in the knees…


Chapter 3


I pulled away from Glenn and he said, “Sorry about that Game…Nyla this is Paul Levesque…Paul this is my little sister Nyla.”  We shook hands and I was hooked from then on…I said, “It’s nice to meet you.”  He said, “Yea, you too.” In this really nice deep voice.  I looked at Glenn and said, “Now…where is Dave at…I heard he signed with this place?”  I was referring to Dave Bautista…I looked down the hall and saw Dave and cupped my mouth with my hand and yelled, “Bautista!!!”  Dave turned around and said, “Holy Shit….Lala…”  I said, “Please excuse me.”  I ran over and Dave lifted me above his head and then enveloped me into his huge arms…and we hugged so tight…


Glenn said, “Look at that shit…she’s closer to one of my friends, then she is too me.”  Paul said, “Kids…what are you gonna do with them?”  Glenn said, “Hell, she ain’t a kid no more…she’s 21…God damn I feel so old now…Jesus I’m going to be 33 this year…and I feel older then that when she’s around me…”  Paul started laughing and said, “Hell. That isn’t old…I thought you meant old…OLD…she’s what 9 years younger then me? And what 12 years then you…I feel old…”  Mark looked at them both and said, “Hell, probably because you both are really old.” They both turned around and gave Mark the finger.


I said, “Cute boys…real cute…Mark what did you say now?”  Mark walked over with me and Dave and said, “Oh they were bitch like a couple of old women about being I stated the obvious for them.”  I said, “Mark you know better then to do that…you know Glenn gets sensitive about his age around his birthday time…you know…I mean hell he’s been 25 for the last what…9 years right?”  Dave started laughing his ass off…and said, “Sounds like my mom…she’s been 23 for 25 years.” 


A guy came flying around the corner in a red, purple and blue hair …and Paul said, “Where’s the fire Jeff?”  Jeff looked up with blue and white paint all over his face…The guys started laughing…and I handed him a tissue…Jeff said, “Thanks ma’am…”  Glenn said, “Jeff…this is my little sister Nyla…Nyla this is Jeff Hardy he’s one half of the Hardy boys, his brother is around here somewhere.” 


I shook his hand and Jeff said, “I’d stay and talk…but I have to run and do an interview with that idiot Terri…”  Paul said, “Man, she still has the hots for you…doesn’t she?”  Jeff said, “Yea…after Glenn blew her off she’s been stalking me…If I walk in that room…and she doesn’t have anything but a smile on…I’m so out of there…”  I said, “Does she know stalking is illegal in all 50 states?”  Jeff looked at me and started laughing and said, “Sweetie…how’d you like to protect me from Silicone hill?”  I said, “Oh, I’m assuming your referring to her fake boobs?”  Jeff nodded…


I said, “Sure…C’mon…I don’t mind…it’s my first night…you know my night would even begin if I don’t get to piss someone off.”  Glenn kissed my head and said, “Make sure you bring her down to my dressing room Jeff…she doesn’t know where it is…”  I said, “Lemme see…it should either say Glenn Jacobs or Kane right?”  Glenn shook his head and said, “Smart ass.”


Chapter 4


Vince had just recently brought the two rosters back together…that way they could all travel together again…I had actually gotten to know Glenn’s girlfriend and WWFE diva Trish Stratus…she was cute as a button and I had the hardest time picturing her dating my brother…Trish was all of 5’4” and Glenn well, he was 6’10”…it was just adorable…and of course Mark’s girlfriend at the time Sara…who was about an inch shorter then me…but half the time she wasn’t on the road with Mark…she stayed at his ranch in Houston and worked.


After I’d been on the tour with Glenn and the rest of the loonies…It felt nice to just be able to relax…I would have breakfast with Mark, Glenn, Dave (Bautista) and of course Paul…I had the hardest time concentrating on my breakfast when Paul would join us…damn but he was fine…Then I would actually go to the gym with them…I didn’t really do weight lifting it wasn’t my thing…but I would smack the punching bag around with Mark…and every morning I’d do my 15 mile run…I didn’t care what city we were in…I didn’t want to feel like I was being lazy…Sometimes Stephanie would join me…


I would lounge at the arena’s with them and watch them go over their moves and scripts in the ring…it was funny watching them get into character…they were all trying to act like a bunch of hard asses…but they were really just a group of clowns.


One day I was down in the gym they had set up in the arena for the guys…and I was knocking around the punching bag…Mark walked in with Paul (Who was shirtless)…and I nearly passed out…Mark was smiling at me while watching me beat the shit out of the poor bag.  They walked up and Mark said, “Damn girl…got some pent up energy you’re trying to get rid of?”  I said, “Nope…just trying to get rid of some frustrations.”  Mark said, “How bad could it be…cause I think I just heard the bag say ouch.”  I smiled and said, “Believe me you don’t want to know.”  Paul said, “What’s the matter…you’re brother annoying you?”  I said, “Surprisingly enough…not yet.”


They both laughed at my comment as Glenn walked in and said, “I was looking for you two…we’ve got to get going…our ring time is up…Dave is waiting for us…”  They all walked away and Mark came back 5 seconds later…and sat down on the bench and said, “Nyla…give the bag a break and C’mere.”  He patted his knee…I laughed and sat down on his knee and said, “How man I help you Deadman?”  Mark laughed and said, “For starters you can tell me what’s wrong…”  I said, “Mark, it’s not your problem…It’s mine…I just have a crush on someone and I’m beating it out of myself with the bags help.”


Mark said, “You don’t get crushes…”  I said, “I know…came as a bit of a shock to me too…I just figured it out a couple of days ago…possibly because I couldn’t keep my eyes off him at breakfast.”  Mark said, “It’s a wrestler from this company…and he has breakfast with us…hell it could be anyone…time out…it’s not me right?”  I said, “Oh that’s disgusting.”  Mark said, “I resent that…I’m a good looking guy.”  I said, “Mark…I never said you wasn’t…It would just be hard for me to find you as anything other then attractive…You are sexy as hell when you want to be…and you’re extremely intelligent…but…If I had a crush on you…it would feel like incest…you’re my brothers best friend for Christ sake…which as long as I’ve known you…I look at you as just a brother…I couldn’t look at you any other way without feeling totally creped out.”


Mark said, “Thank you…I think…So who’s the lucky guy?”  I said, “No one…I’m not saying a word…you know Glenn…he’ll blow a gasket…he’d never allow me to date a wrestler especially if it was one of his friends…”  Mark said, “Ooh…so it’s one of his friends…okay tell me now…”  I said, “Nope sorry, it doesn’t work like that.”  Mark said, “I’ll get it out of you sooner or later.”  I said, “Well…be thinking later…much, much later…like after I’ve died.”  Mark laughed and said, “Okay…you don’t have to tell me…but I’ll figure it out some how…”  Mark left.


Chapter 5


I went down to Glenn’s dressing room, cause that’s were all my stuff was…and relaxed for a minute…I could not get that man out of my head…no matter how hard I tried…nothing seemed to work.  I finally decided what I needed was a shower…so I stripped everything off and went into the locker room…making sure to close and lock the door behind me…knowing full well…Glenn should be back any minute, cause he was supposed to take Trish to get some food before we all went back to the hotel to rest up before their Thursday Night Smackdown show which was going to be the following night.


The water felt good…it wasn’t too warm but it wasn’t freezing cold either…it was nice…washing everything away from me…I kept thinking god Nyla…how can you even be attracted to that man…you just barely meet him a few weeks ago…well none the less…I liked him…I’ve never liked anyone Glenn works with…so what the hell am I supposed to do? 


I got out of the shower and wrapped a barely there towel around my body.  I had forgotten my clothes in the dressing room…I walked out of the locker room grateful Glenn and Mark hadn’t come back yet…they would definitely tease me for the towel outfit…I was combing the knots out of my hair minding my own business…when the door flew open and Paul walked in with a “Glenn, I need to get my…”  He had been looking at the ground when he walked in…he looked up and threw his hand up over his eyes and said, “Oh Shit…God…I’m sorry Nyla.” 


Oh I loved the way my name sounded on his lips…


I couldn’t help but laugh…Paul stood there and said, “I swear I’m sorry…I didn’t see anything…I promise…God don’t tell your brother…Glenn would kill me…I’m so sorry.”  I laughed a little more and said, “Don’t be sorry…I’m not…and you can uncover your eyes…I’m covered…well sort of…besides I’m not a shy person.”  He moved his hand away slowly and said, “Are you sure?”  I said, “Positive.”  Paul said, “I was looking for Glenn and Trish…”  I said, “Last place I saw either of them was down by the ring with you, Mark and Dave.”  Paul said, “I’ll go check Trish’s dressing room…”  Paul stared at me for a minute and I said, “If you’ll please excuse me…I’m gonna get dressed…I’m getting cold.”  Paul said, “Yea…sorry…I guess I’ll see you later.”  He turned and left, closing the door behind him…


I said, “You bet your fine ass you will.”


I proceeded to get dressed…I put on my levis, white steel toed boots and a white drawstring top that tied around the neck…and let about an inch of my mid-drift show with my navel ring…I just let my hair hang loose.  I walked down to the ring where I found Mark, Glenn, Trish, Dave, Stephanie, Andrew and Paul all standing around…Paul was actually leaning against the ring…and walked up to all of them…


Mark put his hand on top of my head and leaned over and whispered in my ear… “Is he here?”  I couldn’t help but laugh…and I turned around and smacked his arm…and said, “Shut up…that’s the last time I tell you anything big mouth.”  Trish said, “Nyla do you remember Paul?”  I said, “Yea…we just had a small run in…in Glenn’s dressing room..”  Paul smiled and said, “By the way Nyla…I like the towel better.”  I blushed furiously…and said, “Yea…I thought you might say that.”


Chapter 6


Glenn looked and Mark and Mark said, “Did we miss something?  What towel would he be talking about?”  I said, “He would be talking about when he walked in on me after I had just gotten out of the shower with nothing but a towel and a smile on.”  Glenn said, “Excuse me?”  I said, “Stop…Glenn you already know I’m not a shy person…it didn’t bother me and plus he apologized about a 100 times…then he left.”  Trish said, “Nice Paul…get an eye full?”  Paul said, “Hey like I said, I liked the towel better.”


Mark said, “Okay, you’ll let a total stranger see you in a towel…but I get yelled at if I even want to take a shower with you…”  I said, “Mark Callaway…behave yourself…I already know you’d never do something like that, because Sara would whip your ass for it…”  Mark smiled and said, “Yea…I know .”  I said, “God you’re such a pervert…I don’t know how Sara puts up with your ass.”  Mark said, “Sheer will power baby.” 


I rolled my eyes and me and Trish started walking up the ramp…Trish said, “So I heard you left a fist imprint in the punching bag earlier.”  I smiled and said, “Well…it shouldn’t have pissed me off…”  Trish said, “I don’t know anyone who works out as focused or intense as you…well except for maybe Paul…with as good as his body looks…he’s got to be focused and intense.” 


We giggled and Glenn bellowed, “Patricia Stratus…I heard that.”  Trish turned around and said, “But dear…I’m only telling the truth…you never had to work out a day in your life…”  Glenn said, “Well…not every body can be adorably handsome like me.”  I said, “Glenn did you steel Snow Whites mirror again?”  Mark started laughing and I said, “Don’t laugh Mark…cause I believe you borrowed it from him…after what we talked about earlier…Mr. I’m a good looking guy.”  Trish said, “Oh no he didn’t.”  I was laughing so hard all I could do was nod.


I don’t know what point it was but Mark and Glenn got fed up with us making fun of them and run up the ramp after us…Mark threw me over his shoulder and Glenn carried Trish under his arm…they carried us that way until we got outside to the parking lot…then they disposed us onto the ground on our feet…Mark and Glenn both swatted out butts and Mark said, “That’ll teach you to respect others…”  I looked at Trish and started laughing…Mark said, “What’s so funny?”  I said, “Don’t you mean respect my elders?”  Trish just busted up…we couldn’t help it…


Glenn said, “Damn women…what the hell has gotten into you two today?”  Trish said, “I don’t know…but maybe if you spank me…I might be a little more inclined to tell you I‘ve been a naughty…naught girl.”  She pushed her chest against Glenn’s sternum…and he swallowed hard looking down into her eyes…I said, “Well…looks like it’s just me and you Steph…to take care of the rest of these boys.”  Steph started laughing now…


Glenn threw Trish over his shoulder and carried her back into the arena and we didn’t hear from them…so all assuming aside…we were hungry and decided to bring the horny couple some food back to the hotel…


Chapter 7


After we got done eating every one left for the hotel except me and Paul…we were just sitting there talking and laughing…he had a great smile…and an even better laugh.  Paul said, “So you’re a model huh…what do you model?”  I said, “Well…up until 6 months ago…just clothes…but I signed a contract with a new designer and it’s all swim suits now…and some of those are racy little shits…What about you…Wrestling?  I thought only my brother was out of his mind.” 


Paul said, “Nope…I wanted to wrestle my whole life…I started body building when I was 15 to keep myself out of trouble…then started on the wrestling circuit, when I was pretty young for WCW…and when I didn’t like the way they were trying to throw my career around…I got the call from Vince…A couple of years ago…I left one of the most popular groups…but it was a professional decision to go solo…” 


I said, “Has it worked out better since going solo and not having the group recognition?”  Paul said, “Yea…I’ve just sort of picked up on shit along the way…and started climbing the ladder…I learned a lot from Mark…he’s been a really good friend as far as answering questions I always threw at him…and even more so for keeping my ass in line when I needed it the most.”  I said, “Yea…Mark is just so father figurey…it’s disgusting…he should marry Sara and have tons of babies with her…maybe it would banish some of that father figure side he’s got…”


Paul drove me back to the hotel and we talked the whole way laughing and talking and just getting to know one another…He walked me to my hotel room door…we stopped in front of the door, which just also happened to be between Glenn and Mark’s rooms…I said, “My protectors…I swear…someday I won’t even be able to scratch my own butt without one of them trying to bodyguard me from it…”  Paul started laughing…I heard the same thing he heard…Glenn and Trish moaning and panting up a storm….and chances are…with as active as their sex life is…if they were fogging up the windows…it wasn’t because someone locked them it…We both started laughing…I banged on the door as I looked at my watch…and heard Glenn growl, “WHAT?!?!”  I said, “No panting after 2 am…”  We started laughing again when the panting started back up…


We stood there in silence for a couple a minutes and then I said, “You want to come in?”  Paul said, “I do…but I don’t…”  I said, “Why?”  He said, “Because if I walk in there, I will lose control fast.”  I said, “I got that vibe from you…So you like to be in control at all times?”  Paul said, “Yea…it’s one of my bad habits…”  I moved closer and said, “So lose control…and see what happens…you want to kiss me…don’t you?”  Paul smiled and said, “Oh yea…you don’t know how bad…”  I said, “So do it.” 


Paul took my waist with his huge hands and pulled me closer leaned down and captured my lips with his…and proceeded to practically kiss the air right out of my toes!!!  If they could have exploded I sure they would of…My arms just sort of found there way up his massive arms and around his neck…Paul ran his tongue across my lips and I opened my mouth granting him access…and his tongue snaked it’s way into my mouth and caressed every tooth, every place in my mouth, even my tongue…it was so passionate…


When we separated…I just looked at him…he leaned down and kissed me one more time…just a single kiss on the lips…nothing fancy…and then said, “Good night Nyla.”  I said, “G’night Paul.”  And I watched him walk down the hallway…I really wanted to run after him, tackle him to the ground and ask him to rape me…but I guess it can’t be considered rape if I’m willing…DAMN…the only draw back to that plan!!


Chapter 8


In the morning I was having breakfast with Trish and Stephanie at one table…while all the guys were at a separate table then us…out of listening distance…Stephanie said, “So what did you and Paul talk about last night after all of us left…you looked pretty Cozy.”  I said, “Nothing specific, just life in general…but I will admit one thing…The boy does kiss rather nice.”  Trish’s head popped up and said, “Oh my god Nyla you’re a scandal…”  I said, “Oh okay…Miss I’m dating the Big Red Machine…he choke slammed you and you fell in love with him.”  Stephanie said, “Obviously a match made in Choke Slam Heaven.”


Trish said, “Hello…they don’t call Paul The Cerebral Assassin for nothing…during Raw and Smackdown the man carries a sledge hammer around with him, and uses it as needed…”  I said, “Hmmm…interesting.”  Stephanie said, “You know something…you two would be perfect for each other…you both take a lot of pride in your bodies and work hard to make them look good…”  Trish said, “Hello…Stephanie don’t put ideas into her head, that aren’t already there…Glenn would kill me…and then you…and then her…he does not want his baby sister to date a wrestler…”  I said, “Yes, well My big brother doesn’t call the shots in my life…so guess what…”  Trish said, “What?”  I said, “It’s the oldest phrase in the book…IDGARA…”  Trish looked at me and said, “Idgara…that’s not even a word…”  I said, “No…it’s a bunch of small ones to make up one sentence.” 


I stood up and before I walked away I said, “I Don’t Give A Rats Ass…”  Trish just watched me walk away…Stephanie was practically rolling on the floor laughing so hard…as the guys had their attention at the girls table I walked by and caught Paul’s eyes looking my way…I winked at him and continued to go to the hotel gym.


I started on the punching bag and Mark walked in about an hour later…and said, “How long have you been at this?”  I said, “What time is it now?”  HE checked his watch and said, “10:30…”  I said, “An hour.”  Mark said, “So think anymore about telling me who you have that crush on?”  I looked up smiled and shock my head no…Mark said, “C’mon…I mean does he like you?”  I said, “He sure kisses like he does.”  Mark’s eyes nearly popped out of his head and he said, “Excuse me?…when did this happen?”  I said, “When is not important…the only thing I have to worry about is Glenn…”  Mark said, “Why?”


I said, “C’mon Mark…you know as well as anyone else…Glenn gets way too over protective…you should know you’re the same damn way…and I’m not even blood related to you…Glenn already yelled at Trish about me dating wrestlers…he doesn’t want me getting serious with one…”  Mark said, “God, what would he do if we ever dated?”  I laughed and said, “Please…let’s not visit Fantasyland…If we weren’t extremely good friends and you wasn’t with Sara and I wasn’t eyeballing someone else…I’d jump you in a minute and we could watch Glenn have a coronary together…”  Mark laughed hard.


Mark said, “You’re right…Glenn would shit bricks…”  I said, “No…Glenn would shit purple twinkies.”  Mark said, “So why won’t you tell me…you know anything you tell me, won’t go any further then the two of us…I’ve always kept your secrets before…”  I said, “Yea…well this one is too important to tell anyone…I know you and Glenn like to drink together…if you guys get drunk one night…you’ll both be spilling some secrets I have on both of you…and then that will leave me up shit creek without a paddle.”  Mark said, “You’re probably right...don’t tell me…I don’t want Glenn to blow a gasket.”


I said, “I just want to keep this to myself…I mean I’m only going to be here for 4 months…anything that happens between me and this guy…will have to end when I leave…I don’t think he’d want to date a traveling swimsuit model who’ll only see him 4 months out of the year…which if he was a permanent fixture in my life…I’d want to see him more then 4 months a year…I’d want to see him 24/7…you guys really have a great job…did I ever tell you that?”  Mark said, “Oh yea, fabulous.” 


I smacked his arm and said, “I’m being serious…Always traveling…but with the same people…hell I’d be only so lucky to remember all the other models names…but since most get new younger ones in every 6 months, I have to learn the new names all over again…”  Mark said, “Too bad you couldn’t work with us…it could be fun…and we’d be able to see you more…I know I miss seeing you all the time and so does Glenn…”  I continued beating the bag, while Mark talked to me more…


Chapter 9


A couple of days later…I was walking down the hallway of the hotel…getting ready to go and get dressed to meet Mark and Glenn at the arena to watch them doing Raw…one of the hotel room doors opened and I looked and it was Paul…I smiled and he held out his hand…I looked at his hand and looked in his eyes…and slowly let my hand slide into his…his long fingers wrapped around my hand and he pulled me into his hotel room.  He closed the door behind us…and lightly pushed me against the door…


I smiled and said, “Something I can help you with Mr. Levesque?”  Paul said, “Yea…I’ve had this urgent feeling to kiss you…I was wondering if you could relieve it?”  I said, “I’d be only too happy to do so.”  Paul kissed me deeply, passionate…One of those ‘Oh God please take me now cause I’m in Heaven’ kisses…Paul picked me up and carried me to his bedroom…he pulled my levis off…as he stripped his own levis…and then crawled up the bed and laid behind me… Paul kissed my ear and neck, knowing full well if his tongue got anywhere near that little spot behind my earlobe, I would go buck wild on him…


I loved the feel of his go-tee on the bare skin of my neck…I moved my head to the side a little more, granting Paul excess to what ever he wanted…Paul slid his hand up the t-shirt of his that I was wearing, and I could feel my skin starting to light on fire with just the warmth of his hand on me…The softness of his hand sliding up my stomach and ribcage and going straight for what he wanted to feel, he cupped my breast as I could feel my nipple slid between his fingers, and he applied a little pressure knowing exactly what sort of response he would get from me.  I let out a little moan and Paul emitted a deep growl from the back of throat as he continued to kiss my neck.  My hand went back and caressed his thigh and slid down and rubbed up against his ever present hard on, pressing into the back of my thigh.


Paul let out another growl as I ran my finger nails up the length of his hard on, Paul moved around and pushed my knees apart with his knee…and slid his body between my thighs…we were kissing so passionately, my nails were digging into his shoulders and back…and he started trailing kisses down my body stopping to pay some attention to my breasts and nipples, as he played with them in his mouth, his hands slide down to my ass, and pushed me up in the bed and his head was between my thighs, he was blowing his hot breath on my clit…and it was making me go crazy…He slid his hand up and placed it on my stomach and kept me still, cause he knew I was going to buck…he slowly slid two fingers into my wetness as he licked my clit like crazy…making me moan out his name in pleasure which just made him grow harder…my hands were clenched to the sheets on the bed, and Paul’s hand on my stomach left and found mine, and I let go of the sheets, and we laced our fingers together and held on tight, cause I was slowly going over the edge, and he knew I was enjoying every minute of it.  I hadn’t climaxed yet, and Paul was doing his damndest to make me cum.  In between licks, Paul’s deep voice said, “Nyla, stop fighting me…let it go baby girl…”  Just hearing his deep voice, in between with what he was doing to my body totally threw me over the edge, I said, “Paul….I’m….” and before I could get it out, Paul knew exactly what I was doing…My fingers tightened around his…and he just let me ride it out…so to speak.


I had my eyes closed and my hands over my face, and breathing heavy…I felt Paul crawl up my body, and he said, “Nyla…look at me.”  I slowly removed my hands and opened my eyes and he said, “Are you okay?”  I looked around and said, “Well, I’m not dead so, I guess so.  Shit Paul, You made me completely insane.”  Paul smiled and kissed me, I could taste my juices on his tongue still…which turned me on even more…We rolled over and I was sitting straddled on Paul, making sure to rub up against his hard on, and he could feel how wet I was which made him harder and managed to turn him on even more…I leaned down and was placing kisses all over his chest…I licked his nipple and then blew air on it and watched it go erect.  Paul was just about to go crazy, and ran his hand through his hair…Paul said, “That’s it.  I‘ve had it.”  I giggled as he practically threw me over on my back, and started after me…as I was crawling backwards up towards the head board.


Paul stalked after me on his hands and knees…When I bumped into the head board, I stopped moving, and Paul grabbed my thighs, and pulled me down around him, and he said, “Nyla…you are a terrible tease.”  I giggled and said, “Paul…live with it…cause giving you something to chase is fun…”  Paul said, “Oh make no mistake about it, I am have thoroughly enjoyed chasing you…just watch out when you get caught, cause now I’m going to tear your ass up…”  I said, “Yea, but I want you too.” 


I bit my bottom lip and Paul kissed me deep and passionately as he slid his huge hard on into my wetness.  And I let out a little gasp because I didn’t know how big he was.  After a couple of minutes of him letting me get used to it, he started trusting into me…and I grabbed onto his shoulder.  Paul got a sudden surge of energy, and he sat up on his knees, still partially in me, and grabbed my hands and pulled me up and I wrapped my legs around him pushing him back all the way into me, he pushed me against the head board, and held on to me with one arm and on the head board with the other hand, and started going crazy thrusting in and out of me like an insane person who hadn’t had sex in 90 years.  Just feeling him inside of me was way to much and was pushing me slowly…I put my hand on his cheeks and he had this intense look on his face…and we kissed and we were so close to the edge, with one final thrust of his hips…we both climaxed together…


Chapter 10


Paul laid back with me still in his arms and on his chest and him still inside of me…We were catching our breath and coming down from the clouds…I laid on his chest and I could feel him going soft inside of me, but twitching from the intense climax we both had.  When our breathing finally regulated, Paul said, “I don’t know how I’m going to ignore the fact that you turn me on so much in front of your brother…it’s going to be extremely difficult.”  I said, “Oh yea…tell me something I don’t know.”


10 minutes after we got out of the shower and got re-dressed…my cell phone started ringing...I knew it was going to be Glenn…so I didn’t even bother answering it…I checked my voice mail…and Paul came up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist and kissed my neck…and I said, “Keep that up and we’ll never make Raw tonight.”  Paul said, “Who cares…I don’t have a match tonight anyways…probably a good thing, cause after what we just did…my thigh muscles would be of no use to me in the ring…I’ll have to recoup for the next 6 days…”  I giggled a little…


We knew every one was at the arena…well except us…when we got there…Paul gave me a quick kiss on the lips and headed to see Dave…and I took off for Mark and Glenn’s dressing room…I walked in and Glenn said, “Girl where the hell have you been?”  I said, “Sorry…I fell asleep…I had a headache…”  Mark walked in and said, “Damn she is alive…where have you been hiding yourself?”  I said, “Under covers…I had a headache…”  Mark leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Sure you did.”


I smacked his arm as he walked by…he just laughed on his way to the bathroom…


So for the next 2 months Paul and I met for our little sex sessions in his room before Raw and even before Smackdown…but it was definitely starting to play on my mind…that Id’ be leaving in 3 weeks…I guess it was a week later, when I got a note delivered to me while watching everyone in the ring practice for Monday Night Raw…I read it and said, “Hey, guys I’ll be right back.”  They all pretty much nodded as I walked up the ramp to Vince McMahon’s office.  I stopped in front of the door and knocked…Vince said, “C’mon in Nyla..”


I walked in and smiled and said, “What’s up Vince?”  Vince stood up and walked around the desk, giving me a hug…I always thought of him as an uncle, because of how close me and Steph were…Vince said, “Nyla…I’ve been noticing something about you lately…you look like you’re a little down…it wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that you’re leaving in 2 weeks would it?”  I said, “How did you know?”  He said, “Cause I know there’s nothing you’d rather do then work with Glenn and Mark and all of the other friends you have here…I know you and Glenn have been close since your parents were killed in that car accident…which I understandable…but I was just wandering if you’d like a job here?”


My eyes shot open and I said, “Here?  What in the world could I do here?”  Vince said, “C’mon Nyla…I know how in shape you are…and I know you’re athletic as hell…You could actually be a Diva…they don’t really do much as far as training is concerned…and Trish already confirmed to me that she’d love to train you…we’ve even come up with a story line.”  I said, “I don’t know Vince…do you think I could do it?”  Vince said, “If you put as much faith into yourself like Trish, Stephanie and I have…I think you’ll do just fine…you want to know what the story line will be?”  I smiled and said, “Sure.”  Vince started talking as Trish and Stephanie came strolling in and explained the whole thing to me…I was hooked from the first word.


Chapter 11


After sitting there talking with Trish, Stephanie and Vince…I said, “I think that is a fabulous plan…and none of those shithead guys will be the wiser…Oh wow….this is going to be so much fun…I’ve always wanted to shock the hell out of my brother.”  Trish grinning and said, “Well…now’s your chance.”  I said, “Do you guys really think I can pull this off?”  Vince said, “I’m sure without a doubt.”  I looked at Stephanie and she said, “Girl, you’ve always had my backing…I know how tough you are…sometimes you’re tougher then your own brother…I think this will have a great shock factor especially with Glenn, Mark, Paul, Dave, and Andrew watching…those boys will never know what hit ‘em.”


I said, “And Trish you’re sure you want to help me?”  Trish said, “You know all the basics already from watching, me and the rest of the Diva…plus from watching Glenn and the other boys…you can do this…I’m just going to choreograph it so we don’t end up killing each other…but other then that hell yes I’m up for it…I can’t wait to see the look on Glenn’s face when he sees me standing across the ring from his little sister…he’s gonna freak…especially since they’ve been writing him into all my matches as my valet…and then I valet for him…he’s gonna be standing there and his jaw is going to drop.”  We laughed so hard…


So for the next two weeks…I trained and worked my ass off with Trish…and I really got good…I didn’t think I was doing that well…until the Divas coach came down to the ring one very late night, which is when we would train, cause we didn’t want the guys to know…The Diva’s trainer used to wrestle for WCW Fit Finley…But after WCW fell through the financial cracks…he was sanctioned to come to WWF and be a trainer for the women…He came down when he heard all the huffing and puffing we were doing and gave me a few pointers and said, “Other then what I’ve seen you do…it looks like Trish did an amazing job training you the way I trained her.”  He gave me a few more tips and complimented Trish on a job well done on training me so well…and a job well done to me for being a fast learner…


When the 2 weeks were up…I was standing in the parking garage next to my taxi that was going to be taking me to the airport…and was saying my good-byes to everyone…I had already said my good-bye to Paul earlier that morning in his hotel room…hehehe…Everyone was standing in a row and I just went down the line giving every one a hug…Trish, Stephanie, Vince, Dave, Paul, Glenn…I kind of lingered with his hug…we always hated saying good-bye…


After every one turned to go back in Mark was standing there with his hands on his hips and said, “So I guess you’re just going to go ahead and leave…and not tell me who you had your crush on…”  I smiled and said, “Yea…but I think you’ll soon figure it out…you almost busted us once kissing…it was pretty close…Mark, you know the drill take care of Glenn and Trish for me…and take care of yourself and Sara…Don’t make me come back and beat your ass.”  Mark said, “Yea, yea….we go through this every time…You just make sure you don’t wait as long next time before we see your skinny little ass again…”  I said, “You never know I might just surprise you sometime and see you when you guys least expect it.”  We hugged tight…and he kissed the top of my head…I got in the taxi and he closed the door and watched me leave the parking lot before he turned and went back inside.


The taxi drove around the block and came back and there was a black limo waiting for me…I got out and gave the drive a hundred dollar bill…and said, “Listen, take my bags over to the Hilton hotel…there will be a lady waiting for you in the front, she’ll put my bags in a room…wait for her…you are to bring her back here…”  The driver said, “Yes ma’am.”  I hoped into the limo and started changing…Trish jumped in about 15 minutes later with the makeup and hair lady…


When I was finished I had on Black leather shorts with laces on the sides, that pretty much left nothing for the imagination if you get my drift…a match black leather tank top and also had laces on the sides…and it showed off about 2 inches of my bare mid-drift and navel ring…As I was pulling on my black leather 2½ inch heeled, knee-high boots…Trish said, “Okay if official…I hate your abs.”  I looked down and said, “Why?”  She said, “Because you have some.”  I laid back and started laughing…The hair lady pulled my hair up into a high pony tail and then put a bunch of spiral curls in it…and also straightened some too…Trish said, “Okay I better get back before Glenn goes wild…I’ll see you in 15 minutes…”  I said, “Thanks for everything Trish.”  She smiled and said, “No problem.”  We hugged and she took off…


Chapter 12


:::Female Giggles:::


I don't care what’ca ya'll say

Whoa, it's time to rock & roll, whoa, this time I'm in control, whoa, right now I own the streets, I got the keys to the city, that’s cause I get down, whoa, it's time to rock & roll, this time I'm in control, whoa right now I own the streets, I got the keys to the city, that’s cause I get down.


Sometimes I wonder, how I made it this far, with all these people hatin on me, ya'll know who you are, take a chance and try come up in this game bein the star, now I own the keys to a brand new fancy car baby, it's my turn to burn, and now I'm here to rub it in your face..... 'whoa' when will you learn I'm queen and I'll put you in your place.



Lillian Garcia says, “From Ontario Canada being escorted to the ring by Kane…Trish Stratus.”  Glenn in his Kane outfit walks out with Trish to the ring…Kane blasts the fire from the ring posts…


I’m standing in the back and I pulled on my black leather finger less gloves…and stretch my shoulders a little…I’m a little nervous…but nothing to be seriously worried about…The stage guy comes over and said, “You’re up Nyla…”  I smiled and said, “It’s now or never.”  My music is cued up…What else would I have blast through the speaker but Salt N Pepa’s ‘Ain’t Nuthin’ but a She Thing’



:::Female Voices:::

It ain't a man's world (You go, girl!)
No more sugar and spice (And everything nice)
Now let me break it down to the marrow of the bone
I'm a female and I got it goin' on 
Don't be fooled by my SEX
It ain't that simple, I'm more complex
We've come a long way, and, baby, that's a fact
Let's keep moving forward, girls, never look back
Fight for your rights, stand up and be heard
You're just as good as any man believe that
It's a she thing, and it's all in me     
I could be anything that I want to be baby
Don't consider me a minority Yeah, you know
Open up your eyes and maybe you'll see It's a she thing
It's a she thing, and it's all in me 
I could be anything that I want to be  
Strong, innocent, and Intelligent lady
Don't consider me a minority 
Proud of who I am
Ladies help me out if you agree 
It's a she thing


When I stepped out onto the ramp platform…I could almost hear jaws dropping in the back…as I walked down to the ring…Lillian Garcia said, “Challenging for a shot at the Women’s Championship belt…Hell Cat.”


King said, “Wow…Who’s that?”  JR said, “Well…it’s Kane and Undertakers baby sister Hell Cat…”  King said, “Is it just me or does Kane look as surprised to see her as everyone else?”  JR said, “Yea, he does look quite surprised.”


I got in the ring…and stood in Trish’s face…she looked serious, but winked at me and I winked back.  The bell ran and we totally went at it…Glenn just watched on he couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on…at the same time in the back…Mark was livid he couldn’t figure out what the hell I was doing in the ring…he went to find Vince or Stephanie but neither of them were anywhere…He stopped and watched the match on the monitor with Paul and Dave…Paul said, “I didn’t know she could wrestle…”  Mark said, “Yes, well it seems she’s got secrets she loves to spring on people.”


I whipped Trish off the ropes and gave her a clothesline…and tried to cover her…and she kicked out…she retaliated…and gave me the bulldog off the top rope then tried to pin me…and I kicked out…and slammed Trish into the corner and then slammed myself into her…and she hit the mat…she rolled around for a minute…and I stood over her waiting for her to get up…when she finally did…I swung my left leg around and kicked her I the face with the heel of my boot…and then when I brought my leg back forward, I hooked the top of my foot to my shin around her neck and pulled her down and squatted down with my shin across her throat…the ref counted 1-2-3…and that was it…My entrance music started blasting from the speakers…


It's a she thing, and it's all in me     
I could be anything that I want to be baby
Don't consider me a minority Yeah, you know
Open up your eyes and maybe you'll see It's a she thing
It's a she thing, and it's all in me 
I could be anything that I want to be  
Strong, innocent, and Intelligent lady
Don't consider me a minority 
Proud of who I am
Ladies help me out if you agree 
It's a she thing


When I got to the top of the ramp…I looked back and my brother was squatting in the ring next to Trish making sure she was okay…He looked up and I raised my hands above my head in victory.


Chapter 13


I walked behind the curtain and Mark was standing there with his hands on his hips…looking quite dominant…I said, “Oh hi Mark.”  Mark said, “You and me are going to have a talk right now.”  Mark threw me over his shoulder effortlessly…and carried me down the hallway to his dressing room…and once I was placed on the ground in front of him…I said, “Something I can do for you?”  Mark said, “Yea…you can explain to me…just what in the hell you was doing out there?”  I said, “Winning my first match…” 


Mark said, “Oh yea…you’re first, last and only match…You are to never set foot in that ring again as a wrestler…or anything else for that matter…”  I said, “Mark…you’re not my mother…I already signed a contract with Vince…I’m here to stay…”  Glenn burst through Mark’s dressing room door and said, “What the hell were you thinking Nyla?”  Now I felt like I was being attacked by both of them…


I said, “What is the big damn deal…I thought you guys would like that I could stay around and I didn’t have to go back to New York…I’m tired of being a model…I’m tired of not being near my brother I don’t see you nearly as much as I’d like to…the last time I saw you was at mom and dad’s funeral…And that was 4 years ago…Glenn, we are much closer then that…You’re my big brother and my best friend…and Mark, you practically a brother to me…and you are my best friend…who do I come to when I have a problem?  You…and who am I always calling to make sure Glenn is taking care of himself…cause I know he’ll lie to me about it…you…Why is it such a big deal that I’d rather be near my family then half way across the country worrying about you…”


Glenn said, “God damn it Nyla…you’re my baby sister…what if something goes wrong…what if you get injured?”  I said, “What if it all happens to you too?  I’ve been there when you and Mark have been injured…I know the consequences to being a wrestler…I enjoyed myself tonight…hell I enjoyed having Trish training me for the last 2 weeks…I’ve never had this much fun in my life…Stephanie and Vince teaching me about the business…I think it’s interesting…I was nervous and once I got out there…it was amazing…I had the time of my life…why can’t you guys just be happy for me?  Why do you feel the need to run my life…I’m not a baby anymore ya know…I haven’t been one in a long time, if you haven’t noticed.”


Glenn said, “Trish helped train you and didn’t tell me?”  Glenn looked like he was about to blow steam out of his ears…


I said, “Don’t you dare get mad at her…she helped me decide on making this a surprise for you guys…all you guys ever say is you don’t see me enough and how you wish I could be on the tour with you to be near you guys…3 weeks ago I was dreading having to leave…because I would be leaving you like always…and I didn’t have a clue when I’d see you again…and it hurt…it hurt a lot Glenn…Until I stepped into that arena 4 months ago…I couldn’t remember what either of you looked like…or if you had changed…I didn’t know if you were still wrestling together…because even when I’m not working Mondays and Thursdays…I still don’t get to see you…I never have enough time in the day to take a piss, much less watch TV…if I’m not being fitted for run way shows, or being asked to be in music videos, or even sitting at home paying my bills…then I’m working…there is no one in my life who knows me better then the two of you…you know what I’m feeling, when I’m feeling it…and I’m usually across the country at the time…nobody knows me like you guys do…so how’s come you two can’t see how happy I was tonight?  If you don’t want me around then I’ll leave…”  I walked around then and out the door…


By the time they started to come after me…I was no where to be found…


Chapter 14


I was walking with my head down…I can’t believe the way those two just acted…and then it happened…I ran into a flesh wall and started to fall backwards, when a huge pair of hands grabbed my shoulders to steady me…I looked up and it was Paul…he said, “Hey Nyla…”  I looked up and he saw tears sliding down my cheeks and I said, “Hi.”  Paul said, “Hey…I didn’t hurt you did I?”  I said, “Nope…it wasn’t you…it was Glenn and Mark.”  Paul took me to his dressing room…and sat me down and handed me a box of tissue…and said, “What happened?”


I said, “I did this tonight as a surprise, Trish, Stephanie and Vince helped me plan and train for it all…I was so excited…but Mark and Glenn acted like I couldn’t do it…like I’m to fragile to be a wrestler…They are always bitching and gripping because I never see them enough and the last time I saw both of them was 4 years ago at my parents funeral…”  Paul said, “I’m sure they didn’t mean anything by it sweetie.”  I said, “No they meant exactly what they said…I finally make a decision that involves the rest of my life…and they both just stand there telling me I can’t do it anymore…like just because it makes me happy they have some sort of say so in my life…I mean after mom and dad died…Glenn did the big brother thing…and moved himself up to father figure…but then so did Mark…I don’t want any father figures…I want my brother and my best friend back…”


Paul cradled me against his chest and he said, “C’mon…let’s get back to the hotel…I don’t have a match tonight…we’ll take a warm bath and order in some food…how does that sound?”  I said, “Anything sounds better then sitting here feeling sorry for myself.”  So Paul got me into his rental car and took me back to the hotel…Paul had slipped his jacket around my shoulders…it was his leather/levis jacket…We were walking down to his room and I said, “Damn…how do you wear this every night…this thing is heavy…”  Paul laughed and said, “It’s warm…and to me it’s not that heavy…”  I said, “True…I think it might weight more then me.”  He said, “Baby, everything weights more then you…even your purse.”  I laughed at him as we walked into the room…I set the jacket down on the couch…and walked over and stared out the window…


Paul came up behind me…and wrapped his arms around me and said, “Like the view?”  I sad, “I love it…it’s so nice…I can’t imagine being anywhere else right now…I mean if I would have really left…I’d be in New York trying to call all my friends and managers to let them know I was back…then I’d have to meet them all for drinks…and the night would never end…at least here…I can stand here like this with you…or I can walk in and go to bed…and just rest until tomorrow.”  Paul said, “Oh…by the way if I forgot to tell you…you looked really beautiful tonight in that ring…I didn’t think any one could ever look beautiful in that ring…but you did it…also…nice outfit.”  I said, “Trish’s idea.”


Paul ran his hands over the soft leather covering my breasts, down to my butt…and back up over my hips…and said, “Remind me to thank you the next time I see her.”  I said, “Okay.”  Paul said, “So how about that warm bubble bath?”  I said, “What an excellent idea…I think we could both use one.”  We went in and sat in the tub for about 4 hours…every time the water would get cold, Paul would turn the warm water on to get it warm again.


Chapter 15


The tub was a nice size…I was sitting on one end, and Paul had my feet in his lap rubbing and massaging them…the bubbles smelled like lilacs…it was a great way of relaxing…Paul said, “Hey, by the way if I forgot to tell you earlier…I thought you was great tonight.”  I said, “Hmm…Really?”  Paul said, “Yea…I thought you and Trish did an awesome job on planning it…took bad they were acting like jerk offs…”  I said, “Thanks Paul…your support means a lot to me.”  Paul said, “Yea…but technically were not having this conversation…you’re brother would shit bricks if he knew about us…Glenn would absolutely throw a fit.” 


I said, “Yea…I know, him and Mark…they make me so God Damn crazy sometimes…I still feel like I’m 15 and at their mercy…”  I moved around in the water…and pushed the bubbles off my arms and  crawled over and sat straddled across Paul’s lap…and said, “Well…for someone who’s technically not having this conversation with me…you sure are…awake…is that the work I’m looking for?”  Paul said, “Sorry sweetie…You do things to me.”  I said, “Yea…I noticed…So are you hard or is that just your toy tug boat, I feel pressed against my thigh?”  Paul said, “Baby…that’s not a tug boat…that’s a submarine…and it’s about to plunge forward into the deep dark sea…”  I said, “Well…go forth and give all your seamen  crew my blessing.”


We started kissing slowly and passionately…Paul leaned down and rinsed the bubbles off my chest and started an assault on my nipples that had me moaning and groaning so loud I could have raised the dead…After Paul finished his assault…I started one of my own…I pushed him back so he was leaning back against the side of the tub…and kissed him lips slowly…We laced our fingers together, palm to palm…and I slowly kissed down his neck and lightly nipped at his collar bone…I kissed down his huge chest to his nipple and licked and bit at it and kissed around it and licked it again and blew air over it…and then repeated on the other nipple…Paul was moaning out his arousal…


We stood up and emptied the tub then got out and dried off…I wrapped a towel around my body and walked into the bedroom…and saw my phone flashing…I had put it on vibrate…I went over and checked my messages…I had a few from Glenn…but I had more from Mark…said they wanted to talk with me as soon as I got the messages…Paul wrapped his arms around my waist and said, “Let me guess…they want to kiss ass and make up.”  I said, “Probably.”  Paul said, “You want to get dressed and go see what they want?”  I turned around and ran my fingers through his wet silky hair…and licked his lips and said, “I think it’ll keep until morning…besides I was in the process of having a celebration for my victory tonight…”  Paul smiled and said, “Oh yea…you definitely deserve a little celebration…how does moaning and screaming my name sound to you?” 


I said, “Hmmm….very tempting…you sure you got that much to offer a girl like me Game?”  He said, “Well…it depends on what kind of girl you are…”  I said, “The type that loves to scream all night long.”  Paul said, “Well, if you think you can handle the Game Ms. Hell Cat…I do believe I can accommodate you just fine.”  I giggled a little and said, “Good…then I won’t even worry about leaving this room until tomorrow morning.”  I turned my cell phone off and threw it in the dresser draw…and pushed the drawer closed with my hip…


Paul lifted me up and sat me on the dresser…and we started kissing and he peeled the towels off of the both of us…Paul’s lips were attached to my neck while we felt each other up and down with fingers, hands, tongues, and lips…Paul kissed my ear and said, “I want you so bad baby.”  I said, “So do something about it…”  Paul slowly slid his erection into me…and pulled my hips towards him, but kept me on the dresser…and started thrusting into me…and after a while he pulled me off the dresser and laid on the bed with me on top of him and he said, “Ride away baby.”  We laced out fingers together again and I started moving up and down on him…and we were both in total ecstasy.


After a little while longer…I was torturing him by going slower and slower…he grabbed my hips and flipped up over so he was on top…His hands gripped my thighs and pushed them a little further apart and pushed them up a little and he went deeper which I let out a half sigh, half moan…and Paul thought something was wrong Paul said, “I’m not hurting you am I?” I said, “No sweetie…You just feel really good inside of me…” Paul let out a half grunt and half laugh and said, “Believe me the feeling is mutual…I can’t believe how tight you are baby, I love the way you feel wrapped around me…” 


Paul grabbed my knees and pushed them up a little and then held onto my thighs….and was pushing himself deeper into me…which was absolutely driving me insane…Paul leaned over and we started kissing again…and he pushed my thighs a little more and went even deeper into me and he said, “Oh…god Nyla…baby you are so going to make me……” and before he could finish…we both climaxed again…Paul thrusted a few more times as our climaxes were ripping through our bodies…and I could feel his seed ripping through my insides…


Chapter 16


Paul laid next to me as we calmed down a little…we were laying on our sides facing each other…I had my eyes closed trying to get my breathing under control after the triple whammy orgasm we both had…and Paul reached over and pushed my hair out of my face…I opened my eyes and said, “So was that enough screaming for you?”  Paul said, “It’s a little more then I’m used to…but hey, I can adjust…”  I stretched a little and said, “Wow, I haven’t done that much screaming since the Steelers won the super bowl last year.”  Paul laughed and said, “Yea…I do believe you won’t be doing much talking tomorrow.”  I said, “Yea, but it was well worth it.”  Paul said, “Damn if it wasn’t baby…it was definitely worth it.”


I leaned over and placed a soft kiss on his lips and Paul said, “I hate the thought of losing you in the morning…I wish we could tell your brother.”  I said, “Yea…I know…me too…There is nothing more I hate then sneaking around so people don’t know what I’m up too…It’s kind of like a lie…it isn’t really…it’s just me not telling…cause I know how Glenn gets…I mean you’ve seen him in the ring…he is so intense…sometimes him and Mark get too intense to control themselves…Can you imagine what would happen if I told them how I felt about you.”


Paul said, “So how do you feel about me?”  I said, “I don’t know…there is so many reasons I’m attracted to you and why…I mean it’s more then looks…your intelligence, your voice, your smile, the way you touch me, the way you kiss me, you have a way of looking at me in a crowd of people…and it’s like I get pulled in by your hazel eyes…it’s weird…I mean there could be a thousand girls in the room…but yours eyes automatically find me…The words you use, the way you speak to me like I’m the only person your talking to…I don’t know you just seem to have this hold over me…”  Paul said, “You look like you want to say something else…what is it?”  I said, “See…you even know when I want to say something but I get to shy to say some things.”  Paul said, “Well…say it, whatever it is…I love to hear you talk…your voice is so sweet and gentle.”


I looked in his eyes and said, “Are you sure you want to know?”  Paul said, “Absolutely.”  I took a deep breath and leaned over and kissed his lips again and said, “I love you.”  Paul smiled and said, “Really, when and how’d you come to this conclusion?”  I sat up and drew my knees into my chest and pulled my hair over my shoulder letting it hang down my bare chest…Paul sat up next to me…


I said, “I don’t know exactly when I came to that conclusion…but how is with us…just being like this…I mean we’ve seen each other naked and been there at the most intimate moments…I knew there was something more between us then just really great sex…and we get closer every day…the more our hearts come together…the more I realized that I was falling in love with you…and it’s so hard to be right in the same dressing room with you at the arena…and not be able to touch you when I want to, or kiss you when I feel like it…I mean…with as much time as we’ve spent together in the last 3 months…you know me…I’m a very touchy feely kind of person…I love touching you…the way your skin feels against mine…it’s kind of like getting high, but not with any actual drugs…At the end of the nights I want to be wrapped in your arms…and sleep next to you…I don’t want to be half way down the hall wanting to be here with you…I want to actually be here…and every day it just keeps getting harder and harder to leave your hotel rooms…I mean there’s a part of me that’s wants to tell Glenn and get it over with…but then just being secretive about being in love with a guy whose got this really big heart…there’s something romantic about that too…”


Chapter 17


Paul leaned over and kissed my neck a little and said, “Do me a favor and say it again…”  I said, “I love you.”  Paul said, “I love you too.”  I looked at him and said, “Really?”  Paul said, “Yes…Everything you just said to me…I didn’t realize it, but it’s the same things I feel about you…I know my day hasn’t even begun until I’ve seen your smile…you have one of those unforgettable smiles…one that even if I wanted to forget it, I couldn’t.”  Paul leaned over and kissed me on the lips…I said, “What else did you want to say…you looked like you was holding back something also?”  Paul said, “It’ll keep sweetie…It’ll keep…”


We wrapped up each other in our arms and fell asleep…


In the morning and for the next couple of weeks, I ignored Glenn and Mark…it was time for them to realize I wasn’t a child…and I had made a decision…I was going to tell them about me and Paul…I was really ready for us to bring our relationship out in the open…I should have known better…especially when I started getting that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, like I was going to puke up everything I’d eaten in the last 3 years…


I marched into Paul’s dressing room, before a Monday Raw…and closed the door behind me…and I said, “Paul, I’ve made a decision.”  Paul said, “Yea…what’s that honey?”  I said, “I’m going to tell Glenn about us…I can’t hide every relationship from my brother…I mean…I love you…and I don’t think I should be scared to say it…hell…I want to go to the top of the arena and scream it as loud as possible.”


Paul said, “I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do…I’ve been thing about some things…and I need to tell you some stuff…so can you sit down for me.”  I sat down on the couch and Paul sat in a metal fold up chair across from me…and leaned over with his elbows resting on his knees…and his hands resting on my knees…Paul said, “I have to be honest with you…because you’ve been honest with me…Nyla…I do love you…more then I really should let myself…but I’m not in love with you…it’s because I’m in love with someone else…but even now I can’t really tell if I’m still in love with her or not…”


I said, “Paul what’s going on…have you been seeing someone while, you’ve been seeing me?”  Paul said, “That questions has a yes and no for an answer…I’ve actually been seeing you, while I was with her…I mean…I haven’t been having sex or anything like that with her, cause I only see her when I go home…but it would be considered me cheating on her with you.”  I said, “So who is she…some girlfriend who you don’t see enough or what…I mean what’s going on Paul?”  He sighed and then took a deep breath and said, “She…well her name is Samantha…and she’s my wife.”


I could feel my heart beating faster and faster…I thought my heart was going to beat itself out of my chest…or at the very least up my throat and out of my mouth…I was speechless for about 10 minutes…and then said, “Your wife?…you’re married…and you’ve been having sex with me for the last 3 months…” 


Chapter 18


Paul said, “We’re actually separated, I figured with as much as we’d been fighting, we’d just get divorced and then something changed…2 weeks ago, you told me you loved me and that you was in love with me…and then proceeded to give me a list of reasons why…and I know all the reasons I love you are the same…but then I got to thinking…I couldn’t remember why I married Sami…and I sat down a few days ago and started thinking long and hard about why I asked her to marry me in the first place…”


I said, “And?”  He said, “Because I love her…She’s been there supporting me through my whole career…no one gave a shit about me other then my family, until I met her…I need to really give our marriage a chance…we’ve only been married a little over a year…and if I give up every time we fight, then I’m going to be a coward for the rest of my life…and I can’t accept that…especially if I know…I didn’t try for a second chance…plus…Nyla…I respect your brother way too much to keep being with you when we can’t even tell him…he’s a really close friend of mine and even though I love you a lot…I can’t see you behind his back anymore…I won’t do that…it’s deceitful and it’s nothing but a lie.”


I said, “A lie?  No a lie is everything you’ve said to me for the last 3 months…you have a wife…and didn’t even have enough respect for me…to tell me…to save me from looking like the big whore of the WWFE…yea…don’t get to fuck your wife…send Nyla over, it’s easy to get her into bed…all you have to do is pretend she means something to you…Hell you guys don’t need ring rats…just call on Nyla…she’s believe all your horrid little lies and then fuck your brains out…”


Paul said, “Nyla it was never like that between us…We knew it wouldn’t work out eventually…because of your brother…he doesn’t want you to date a wrestler…every guy on the roster knows that…none of them would touch you in front of Glenn…so even if you do get another guy to look at you without being afraid of your brother…you’d still have to see him behind Glenn’s back.”  I said, “I don’t know why I even tried…I believed every word that came out of your mouth in the last 3 months…and now I feel like the rug has been jerker out from underneath my feet…You lied to me…you did…not me…you sat there and made me believe that we could actually have a normal relationship…once Glenn got over the initial shock of us…but the whole time you had a wife…I mean you didn’t even respect me enough to tell me you was married…Hell…what am I thinking…you don’t even have enough respect for her…what makes me think you’ll respect me…”


Paul stood up and loomed over me and in a gruff voice said, “I have respect for my wife.”  I stood up and said, “Oh really…then why cheat on her with me?…hmmm?  I’m waiting…where’s that great come back your just dying to dish out at me…you know what I think the problem is…”  Paul said, “No, enlighten me.”


I started to have tears slid down my cheeks…and said, “You wanted to have your cake and eat it too…and when it all got to be too much, cause you couldn’t keep up the lie with both of us…I get the short end of the straw, cause you don’t want to lie to Glenn…I hate to say this…but Paul…you are so much more intelligent then that…you just don’t have the balls to tell my big brother the truth about being in love with me…the things you said and the way we feel when were together, you can’t mistake that or mask it for anything else but being in love…and you know it…you didn’t have any intentions of going back to beg your wife for a second chance…”  Paul said, “What?”


Chapter 19


I said, “You just can’t stand the fact that you’d have to face the music of Glenn, when I told him.  I believe you when you say you love your wife…but obviously you don’t love her enough cause within the last 4 months of me being here…I’ve only seen you go home once…and even then, you was back 10 days before you was even scheduled to be back…so don’t hand me that I’m going back to work things out with my wife crap…cause believe me…I’ve dealt with asshole boyfriends all my life, you are nothing different then them…the only difference here is…sure you’re an asshole…but you’re not my boyfriend…just some guy who I thought was going to grow up to be an adult…”


Paul couldn’t get a word in edge wise, and when I turned to leave he grabbed my hand and said, “Nyla…I’m serious I love my wife.”  I said, “Yea…you know something…if you keep saying that to yourself enough times…maybe someday you’ll start to believe it…maybe…”  I turned and left his dressing room.


A few weeks later, I was back punching the stuffing out of the punching bag…Mark saw me through the window of the gym and came in…I said, “Can I help you with something?”  Mark said, “Yea…you can stop being so mean to Glenn and me…we wanted to apologize for the things we said…we may have over reacted…”  I held my hand up and said, “Save it…I…in all honesty…don’t give a shit right now…I just want to sit here and beat the crap out of this stupid thing…and vent my frustrations…and I want to stay mad, angry, pissed off…and I want to cry as hard as I can…and just get it over with…and if you come in here and talk to me…my plan for the day will go right down the shitter.”


Mark said, “So, why are you pissed off and wanting to cry?”  I said, “Cause it’s my life…I’ll do with it what ever I see fit…”  Mark walked over and said, “Can you just tell me why you want to cry?”  I said, “Because I can’t have a normal life…okay is that what you wanted to hear?  My life just can’t be normal…no it has to just keep riding me until I break…and one of these days I’m going to break…”  Mark said, “Who the hell has a normal life?  Why don’t you have one?” 


I said, “Honestly?  Because of you and Glenn…I don’t know which one of you is worse…Glenn threatening every person on the roster if they date me, he’ll kill them, cause he doesn’t want me dating a wrestler…or you and him teaming up and telling me…how to run my life…when surprise…surprise I could have sworn it was my life…but no…you two just keep pestering your way in…why can’t you two just leave well enough…alone…I like wrestling...hell I even love it, cause it is just something I am fully into…watching you two grow up into this sport, was amazing…but did you just think I wouldn’t like it at all…like I was going to be so deluded that I’d walk around like some stupid bimbo going…wow ya’ll just got so many big ole muscles…I don’t know what I should do with myself.”


Chapter 20


Mark started to say something and I cut him off and said, “Oh…oh…and the whole sitting there telling me I’m never going to wrestle again…well that is such bullshit…I enjoy what I’m doing…I did it for you two morons…cause I don’t see you enough…don’t you get it…I missed you guys so much, I kept getting depressed, cause I wanted to see you…but every time I would schedule time off…something would come up…run way show, magazine layout…I mean if it wasn’t one thing…it was another…I mean did you guys honestly want me to leave and not see you again in another 4 years…hell by then I could be married and have kids and neither of you would know…cause you guys aren’t even part of my life anymore…I mean, you guys don’t even know the hell I went through 2 years ago…because you don’t even know me anymore…”


Mark said, “What are you talking about?”  I said, “2 years ago, I was walking home late one night after a photo shoot…and a guy was following me…but I figured what the hell is was New York for Christ sake…people were all over…he followed me into my building…and got on the elevator with me…said he was on the floor above me and that he’d been me around the building…we introduced ourselves to each other and shook hands…then he proceeded to stop the elevator in the shaft between floors and held a gun to my head while he raped me…”


Mark was speechless…he said, “Nyla…why didn’t you…”  I interrupted and said, “What?  Call you guys?  Why…there was nothing either of you could have done…”  Mark said, “I don’t know.” 


I said, “Surprise…surprise…little sister isn’t as innocent as you thought huh?”


Mark said, “Christ Nyla…Why couldn’t you call us?”  I said, “Fear, shame, pain, you pick one…Worst of all is I got pregnant from the son of a bitch…and had an abortion a month after it happened…So see when I say you guys aren’t even in my life anymore…I really mean…you’re not there…As much as I want you to be right now…you’re still not…You two guys are the most important people in my life…but yet when it comes to the hard things…you’re never there when I need you both the most.”


I turned and walked into the ladies locker room in the gym and sat on the bench and started crying…Mark knew there wasn’t anymore else there…he walked in and sat down straddling the bench…he grabbed my levis belt loops and pulled my over to him and wrapped his arms around me and let me cry on his shoulder.  He just held me the entire time…he kissed the top of my head and all he could say was, “I wish you would of called me…even if you couldn’t have told Glenn…I wish you would of call me…hell I would have been there….even if it meant missing matches and shows or even getting fired…but I could of helped or at least died trying.”


Chapter 21



Break, breakdown, steady breaking me on down
Break, breakdown, steady breaking me on down
Break, breakdown, steady breaking me on down
Break, breakdown, steady breaking me on down

You called yesterday
To basically say
That you care for me but
That you're just not in love
Immediately I pretended to be feeling similarly
And led you to believe I was OK
To just walk away from the one thing
That's unyielding and sacred to me

Well I guess I'm trying not to be nonchalant about it
And I'm going to extremes to prove I'm fine without you
But in reality I'm slowly losing my mind
Underneath the guise of smile gradually I'm dying inside
Friends ask me how I feel and I lie convincingly
Cause I don't want to reveal the fact that I'm suffering
So I wear my disguise till I go home at night
Then turn down all the lights and then I breakdown and cry

So what do you do when somebody you're so devoted to
Suddenly just stops loving you and it seems they haven't got a clue
Of the pain that rejection is putting you through
Do you cling to your pride and sing "I Will Survive"
(Gotta get control and roll roll roll on)

Do you lash out and say
How dare you leave this way
Do you hold on in vain as they as they just slip away

Well I guess I'm trying not to be nonchalant about it
And I'm going to extremes to prove I'm fine without you
But in reality I'm slowly losing my mind
Underneath the guise of smile gradually I'm dying inside
Friends ask me how I feel and I lie convincingly
Cause I don't want to reveal the fact that I'm suffering
So I wear my disguise till I go home at night
Then turn down all the lights and then I breakdown and cry

[Wish Bone]
Yeah, come on, yeah come on come on

I'm gonna breakdown

[Krayzie Bone]
Break, breakdown
Gotta get control and roll roll roll on
Steady breaking me on down
Gotta get control and roll roll roll on

I'm gonna breakdown

[Krayzie Bone]
Break, breakdown
Gotta get control and roll roll roll on
Steady breaking me on down
Gotta get control and roll on

[Wish Bone]
Gonna break you down
Only if you let it
Everyday crazy situations rocking my mind
Trying to break me down
But I won't let it
Forget it (Forget it)

[Krayzie Bone]
I be feeling like your breaking me down
Kicking me around, stressing me out
I think you better go and get out
And let me release some stress (stress)

[Wish Bone]
Don't ever wanna feel no pain (pain)
Hoping for the sun but it looks like rain (rain, rain, rain)
Lord, I just wanna maintain

[Krayzie Bone]
Yeah, I'm feeling pressures y'all
But nevertheless Krayzie won't fall
It's over, it's ending here (here)

Well I guess I'm trying not to be nonchalant about it
And I'm going to extremes to prove I'm fine without you
But in reality I'm slowly losing my mind
Underneath the guise of smile gradually I'm dying inside
Friends ask me how I feel and I lie convincingly
Cause I don't want to reveal the fact that I'm suffering
So I wear my disguise till I go home at night
Then turn down all the lights and then I breakdown and cry

Well I guess I'm trying not to be nonchalant about it
And I'm going to extremes to prove I'm fine without you
But in reality I'm slowly losing my mind
Underneath the guise of smile gradually I'm dying inside
Friends ask me how I feel and I lie convincingly
Cause I don't want to reveal the fact that I'm suffering
So I wear my disguise till I go home at night
Then turn down all the lights and then I breakdown and cry



I have never heard a song as sad as that in all my life…Of course after everything Paul put my emotions through…crying during a sad song was just a give in for me…I kept to myself while I wasn’t at the arena…but when I was there I would talk to Trish and Stephanie…Mark and I were closer then before…but Glenn and I were pretty much at a stand still…Mark had still be pestering me to tell him who I liked and I told him it didn’t matter any more cause he didn’t like me…and I didn’t like him anymore…which I knew was a huge lie…it’s hard to ignore someone and pretend their not there…when the are really there and you see them practically every day. 


Chapter 22


It became even harder for me, when they wrote Paul and Stephanie as a married couple…I know it was just a story line…because her and Andrew were really engaged…but just seeing them together on TV was almost too much for me to take…Every time I saw Paul walking down the hallway I had to just grin and pretend I wasn’t in love with him anymore…Do you have any idea how difficult that is?


I finally decided to talk to Trish about it…and when I finished telling her everything…her mouth was hanging open…I said, “Is that your best impression of a fish Trish?”  She smiled and said, “I guess so…When’s the last time you even spoke to Paul?”  I said, “A month ago the night he told me about his wife and what not.”  She said, “You haven’t been informed then…their divorce was finalized last week…Maybe you should go speak to him…”  I said, “What for, he made it quite clear that he wasn’t interested…I mean how many times can a person be told that no one loves them, before it finally clicks in…I mean, he only had to tell me once…I’m not about to embarrass myself again just so he can say it’s over again.”


Mark and Glenn stopped out side of the doorway when they were about to walk in when they saw tears sliding down my cheeks and Trish reached over and whipped them away and she said, “You’re in love with him aren’t you?”  I nodded and said, “Yea…I feel in love with him, when I meet him 5 months ago…”  I laid down with my head on Trish’s lap and cried…


She was running her fingers through my hair and I said, “Why did I have to fall in love with Paul Levesque…I mean out of everyone I could have fallen for…I fall for a guy who is married…and who decided not to tell me…and then he decides he doesn’t love me anymore cause he wants to work things out with his wife…I mean I knew it was total bullshit when he told me that a month ago…and you just reconfirmed his load of bullshit, by telling me his divorce was finalized last week…I mean good god Trish…I was so stupid for letting myself fall in love with him…and even more stupid for sleeping with the man for 4 months…what the hell was I thinking.” 


Trish said, “Nyla, you can’t schedule love…it just happens…I believe Paul loved you…and I believe he still does…but you need to figure out why he’s holding back…”  I said, “He’s holding back because of Glenn…in your words and Glenn’s words exactly…he doesn’t want me dating a wrestler…I mean what the hell does me dating a wrestler have to do with my happiness…see it goes back to that whole, it’s my life, but since he wants to play father figure…he gets to choose who I date…well I don’t work that way…I’m gonna fall in love with whoever for whatever reason…he can’t keep walking all over me…if he doesn’t stop he’s not gonna be part of my life for very much longer…I never expected to fall in love with Paul…


Trish said, “Well, how did you guys get started anyway…I mean I never knew about it…”  I said, “The nicest way to say it was we started out as fuck buddies…but every time we ended up staying in bed kissing a little longer then the first time…and pretty soon, he didn’t want me to leave like before…and pretty soon, I didn’t want him to leave either…it was a great romance…he’d pull me into empty dressing rooms and just kiss the living tar out of me…it was beautiful but had an animalistic quality about it…I mean hell, one night Mark almost busted us kissing in the gym, it was almost too close…cause Paul’s hands had started to pull on my shirt…and if Mark would of waited for five more minutes, we would have both been half naked, when he walked in…”


Chapter 23


Glenn and Mark heard our whole conversation and Glenn tore out down the hallway with Mark hot on his heels…they were both going to literally kill Paul for hurting me.  Glenn said, “I can’t believe that piece of shit lied to Nyla and then broke her heart…”  Mark said, “That’s why she’s been so withdrawn the last couple of weeks…she’s in love with that asshole…and he doesn’t want to admit he loves her back…god what is his problem…he’s got to be mentally insane to not want Nyla to love him…hell...if she liked me that way I’d drop Sara in a minute and sweep Nyla off her feet.” 


Glenn said, “Whoa…you’d what?”  Mark said, “Yea…I hate to tell you this…I’ve loved Nyla since I met her what 10 years ago…but I never said anything cause you’re my best friend first and foremost…but also because I know she doesn’t look at me like that…we’re too close of friends to let love or sex ruin it.  Hell I know things about her that you don’t cause she trusts me…Hell even if she did tell me she loved me, I don’t think I could seriously want to be with her…I value my friendship with you and her way too much to fuck it up.” 


Glenn said, “Has every one lost their minds…Nyla is just a girl…how the hell would she know what the fuck love is.”  Mark said, “Man, she is not a little girl anymore…when are you going to realize you can’t lock her up forever…she’s going to fall in love and make mistakes doing it…you have to stop trying to run her life…you can’t be there telling her how to do things…you can only be there if some asshole breaks her heart to beat their ass…or to just comfort her…but other then that, you can’t force her to not ever fall in love.”  Mark had a point…


Paul walked around the corner right into the ‘brothers of destruction’…Paul said, “Hey guys I was just coming to see if you guys wanted to go out with the rest of us tonight to a stripe club to admire the hot women in this town and then play a little pool..”  Mark said, “I don’t think so…”  Glenn said, “nope…I don’t think you’ll be going either…”  Paul said, “What’s going on?”  Mark said, “I think it’s time for us to have a man to man chat with you…but I suggest we do it outside…don’t want to get hurt in here.”  Paul said, “If it’s just a chat….who is getting hurt?”  At the same time Mark and Glenn said, “You are.”  They grabbed a hold of him and drug him out the back door into the car port…there were a few stage hands standing around, when the threesome crashed through the door…


Trish and I we sitting there talking a little more when we saw people running by the door in group loads…we walked over and stopped Jeff Hardy…and I said, “Skittles…what’s going on?”  He said, “Hey, Nyla…Trish…seems the brothers of destruction are in a huge fight with some guy out back…”  We looked at each other and took off running down the hallway…Trish said, “I’m gonna kill your brother…he shouldn’t be fighting.”  I said, “You kill Glenn, I’ll get my hands on Mark…”  She said, “Deal.”  We tapped fists sealing the deal and busted through the back door to the parking garage…


There were so many people…we just shoved and pushed our way through until we got to the front…and there they were beating the crap out of Paul…Glenn gave Paul a belly to belly suplex on the concrete…and Mark gave him a choke slam on the concrete…then Glenn choke slammed him…and Mark picked him up and shoved his head between his legs and was going to give Paul the last ride on the concrete…when Trish and I broke through the wall of people and ran over and knocked Paul down…


Trish went to shoving Glenn around…it was actually quite cut to see a 5 foot nothing girl pushing around Glenn and putting him into check.  I shoved Mark away and said, “Are you insane…This is totally unacceptable…what the hell were you two morons thinking?”  Glenn said, “We heard everything you said to Trish.”  Mark said, “And we decided to take care of that lyin sack of shit.” 


Chapter 24


Paul was laying bloodied and busted on the ground…breathing heavy trying to get his senses back to himself…his head was throbbing from the double choke slams on the concrete and his body was racked with pain from all the slamming they done on the concrete to his body…


Mark started to take a step closer to Paul and I shoved him away and said, “So you both seem to think that just because he hurt me it’s perfectly fine for you two to do what ever physical damage necessary to make yourselves feel more like men…oh you guys are some hot shots aren’t you…two against one…yea those odds seem pretty even…Go back inside and cool off in your dressing room…both of you.”  Mark said, “You just wait until I get a hold of you boy…I’m gonna make you wish you were dead for being so stupid.”  I shoved him back again and said, “I SAID COOL OFF…”


Mark looked at me like he couldn’t believe I had stopped him…and he said, “How can you just let him treat you that way.”  I said, “Okay one more time but lower for the two of you so you both understand perfectly, yet again I stress …IT…IS…MY…LIFE…BUT…OUT!… Now both of you just get out of my sight...”  They just turned and walked away and Trish said, “You want me to run and get the EMT’s?”  Paul said, “No…nothings broken…I’m just in a very enormous amount of pain…”  Trish said, “I’m gonna go put a leash on the destructo-brothers.”  I said, “Okay.”


I knelt down next to Paul…and grabbed his shirt off the ground…it had been savagely torn from his body during the fight…a few people had brought me a couple bottles of water, I dampened part of the shirt and cleaned the blood off his face and down his chest…I picked up his hand and poured water over it, trying to clean the dirty out of the open wound across his knuckles…his sharp intake of breath told me I hit a sensitive spot. 


I whispered out, “Sorry…”  Paul said, “Its okay.”  I said, “No…I meant I’m sorry for what those two morons did to you.”  Paul said, “Hell…I’m not, I deserved it…if I would have just told you about Samantha and that we were getting divorced…and that I was scared because I really was in love with you…we could be laying in bed at the hotel right now…instead of you sitting here helping me lick my wounds…after that ass whippin’ your brother and best friend just gave me…I deserved every thing those boys dished out and then some..” 


Chapter 25


I said, “Why were you scared that you’d fallen in love with me?”  Paul said, “Hell…I already had one marriage fall apart because of my workaholic schedule and because of the job that I’ve loved doing since I got into this business…I love wrestling…I will never want a normal job in my life…I want to wrestle until the day I die…I took one look at you after you told me you loved me…and I knew immediately I loved you…and I also knew I’d do anything for you and that scared me…because I contemplated…what if you ever asked me to stop wrestling because we wanted to get serious and get married…what if you asked me to stop wrestling because I wasn’t spending enough time with you…or with our kids if we ever had any…”


I said, “Paul…Kids…aren’t you rushing it a little?”  Paul said, “Just hear me out…The longer I sat and thought about it…the more I knew…that I found my weakness…it was you…if you ever asked me to stop wrestling and get a normal job, to be a husband and lover to you and a father and mentor to our children…I’d do it…because you asked me to…because I love you so much…how could I not want to be a husband and a lover to you…you make me feel things I can’t even explain…I would have to be crazy to say no to you…ever…” 


I touched his face and said, “Paul, believe me I know how much you love this sport…I see it in your eyes every night you walk down to that ring…I’m not blind…This sport has your name written all over it…besides I know how much you love it…I’d never ask you to stop wrestling…it’s your life…I wouldn’t care if you were 93 years old, walking your wrinkled old ass out to that ring and facing Mark, who’d be at least what 130 by then…and give him the pedigree…as long as it made you happy…I could never ask you to stop…hell if my body still looks good then as it does now…I’d be standing in your corner yelling…and screaming…supporting you ever step of the way…”


Paul said, “I’m sorry about all the shit I put you through in the last month…will you give me a chance…and I mean a real chance this time…I want to go full out…damn it I’m gonna be your boyfriend, screw anyone else and whatever they may think…You’re gonna be my girlfriend whether you like it or not…”  I stood up and grabbed his arm and said, “How about we get you moving around first…you know without blood coming out of you anywhere…then we can figure out what to do about us…”  Paul stood up and said, “Nope…we’re either going all the way….or forget it.”


I looked up and down Paul’s body, watching his muscles ripple and move as he was trying to get some of the aches and pains out…and I just exhaled and Paul stood there looking at me…I moved closer and brushed up against his body…and automatically felt his erection through his levis, touching my thigh…I smiled and Paul laughed he knew I felt it…I said, “Mr. Levesque…is that a gun in your pocket or you just happy to see me?”


Paul wrapped his arms around my waist…and pulled me closer and said, “I’m just really happy to see you baby…really, really happy…obviously he’d happy too…”  I slide my arms around his neck and said, “Good…Cause I’m happy to see him too…”  Paul was inches from my lips and said, “I love you Nyla…”  I said, “I love you too Paul…”  We kissed…it was deep, it was wet, it was passionate…it was very erotic…We pulled away and Paul literally swept me off my feet…and carried me to his rental car…and said, “How about we go lay in bed for a while…I couldn’t use a rest.”  I said, “Oh….a rest…is that what they call it now a days?…Yea…I could use a rest too.”


Glenn, Mark and Trish watched as we drove out of the parking garage…


The End…