All The Things You Said




Chapter 1


“Jessica, do you honestly think you’ll be able to handle Mr. Callaway?”  I came out of my day dream and said, “Yes sir…Dr. Meshing, I’ve worked for you for 3 years and you’ve always had faith in me to rehabilitate your athletes…why should Mr. Callaway be any different?”  Dr. Meshing looked at me and said, “I know, I will never lose faith in your abilities kiddo, but you have to understand something about Mark Callaway, he’s a very large man, with an extremely bad temper…and if you step on his toes he’ll let you slide once…a second time…might get you thrown through a wall…” 


I had a look of utter shock on my face and said, “Excuse me?  Thrown through a wall?”  Dr. Meshing said, “It’s not as bad as it sounds…Mark just has a past of doing something before he thinks…which is what got him injured in the first place…”  I said, “What does he do anyway, I saw him in the hospital bed and as big as he is, he looks like a boxer.”  Dr. Meshing shook his head no and said, “No…No…Do you ever watch wrestling my dear?”  I said, “Uh…no…I still have a few brain cells left after college…”  Mike (Dr. Meshing) said, “Well, don’t say that too loud around Mark…he’s a professional wrestler…he’s 35 and getting older with every year…he’s a stubborn headed good ole country redneck…His character on wrestling is called The Undertaker.  He’s not exactly your average athlete.” 


I said, “Whoa…that’s truly Morbid…”  Mike laughed at me and I smacked his arm and said, “Mike…don’t laugh at me…”  I was the only one of his Physical Therapists who was allowed to call him by his first name…Mike rubbed his arm and said, “You know something, with as fiery as you are…I think you’d actually be able to keep a handle on Mark Callaway…God poor Mark…one week with you and he’ll be begging for a new PT…”  After about 10 more minutes Mike said, “Okay, so let’s go down and you can meet him…now I don’t know if he wants you to stay with him while you’re doing his Therapy…which is his choice…but we’ll figure it out when we go in and talk to him.”  I said, “You’re the boss…boss.”


By the way…My name is Jessica Castle…I’m 22 year’s old…I’m 5’11” and 125lbs.  I have huge brown eyes and long soft brown hair to my waist.  I am a Physical Therapist for Dr. Meshing an Orthopedic surgeon in Houston, Texas.  I’ve worked for him since I was 18…I graduated from college at a young  age and High school at an even younger age.  I’m just about to meet my new patient…which after Mike’s description…this should be just a bowl full of Jello fun…


Of course given to the added fact of being sick…and trying to hide it from everyone…doesn’t really do me a whole lot of good…but of course that’s my life…and that’s the way it is…I have Bone Marrow Cancer and I’ve been fighting it for the last 4 months…it’s not getting worse and it’s not getting better, it’s just kind of at a stand still right now…I just recently started my 2nd go of Chemotherapy…I didn’t lose my hair…thank god…I’d look pretty funny bald…but then again a lot of people would.  I’m not telling anyone, cause I prefer to keep it to myself…its no ones business but mine.


I pulled my hair into a pony tail and walked behind Mike as he led me down the hallway to Mark Callaway’s room…He had just had knee surgery…and the last time I walked by his room, he was growling like a bear at one of Mike’s nurses.  I figured wow…this is going to be interesting…We walked into Mark Callaway’s room and never realized my life was about to take a drastic change.


Chapter 2


As we walked into the room…Mark was sitting on the bed in black sweats and a black t-shirt with no sleeves…WOW…Can you say tattoo city?  He had tattoos from his shoulder to his wrist and on both arms…Wow again…Can you say pain?


Mike handed me Mark’s Chart as I looked through it…Wow...okay that’s like my 3rd wow…and I haven’t even been formally introduced to my new patient…I wowed a 3rd time because I went over Mr. Callaway’s stats…he’s 6’10…and a little under 325lbs…man has great muscle tone…he had some beautiful emerald green eyes, and dark auburn hair…nice and short…there was a copy of his drivers license attached to his chart and it showed he had had longer hair…but apparently had cut it…


Mark sat up straight in bed as we walked in and said, “Hey Doc.”  Mike said, “How ya doing Mark?”  He said, “Fine…when am I getting out of here?”  Mike laughed and said, “C’mon Mark, it’s not too bad here is it?”  Mark said, “Nah, I’d just would rather be recouping at home…”  Mike said, “Well…that’s what I came to talk to you about Mark…we’re ready to release you…and tomorrow morning, you’re going to be starting physical therapy…but we’ve got a few options for you…you can either make the journey back to the rehab center every day…or my best physical therapist Jessica here…will come visit you and work your ass from 9 am to 6 pm…and get you back into the ring within a matter of time.”


Mark looked over at me, and I was still studying his chart and he said, “She’s your best physical therapist?  She can’t be anything over 17…”  I looked up and had a disgusted look on my face and Mike spoke up and said, “Actually Jessica is 22…in a couple of months she will have been working for me for 4 years.  Believe me when I say she’s the best Mark…she is…”  Mark looked at me and said, “So do you talk?”  I said, “I’m not mute if you’re asking.”  Mark said, “Great, I get one with an attitude.”  I said, “I don’t have an attitude…I simply answered your question…look if you want to get back in the ring in a limited amount of time…then I can get you there…but you have to be willing to work as hard as I do.”  Mark said, “Do I look like a slouch to you?”  I said, “Can I speak freely?”  Mike nodded and then leaned over and whispered, “Watch his toes.”  I actually caught myself looking for his toes, before I realized what he was referring too…I looked at Mike and he laughed…


I said, “Look, Mr. Callaway, I’m going to be real honest with you…I walk down that hallway everyday, trying to help patients like you with the same problems, whether they are professional athlete’s or just kids playing sports for a scholarship…if you agree to let me help you and I accept you on as my patient…obviously, You will take up my time, with doing therapy from 9 to 6…which means I’ll have to sign over my private patients to other therapists, who may not treat them as I do…if you can sit there and tell me, when I come to your door tomorrow morning, you’re going to give me 100% and not scream and yell at me like you have been with Dr. Meshing’s nurses…then I will know I didn’t drop my patients, so some overpaid wrestler could yell and scream his way to another therapist, when you get tired of my shit…and believe me, you will get tired…Cause I’m not going to push you any harder then I push myself…or that I push my 15 year old patient down the hall, who had the same surgery you did 3 months ago…I just want to make sure I’m not giving up my patients who appreciate my hard work and knowledge that I use on them…I won’t sugar coat it…you’re going to hurt, you’re going to be in some pain, you’re going to sweat…but in 5 months, you’ll be able to walk into any wrestling ring and beat down who ever did this to your knee…which is what I’m assuming you’re wanting to do…cause I know I’d want to do it too…only I’d make it hurt worse.”


Mark looked at Mike and said, “Well…that went well…I think we have a winner…damn she thinks like me…”  Mike said, “Now…onto the next thing…Do you want her staying with you at the house, as a live in Physical Therapist…or is her coming and going…going to bother you.”  Mark looked at me and said, “She doesn’t have to stay with me…but the first time you’re late…you’re moving in and not leaving until I leave to go back on the road.”  I said, “Understandable…but I won’t be late…it’s not my style.”


We finally came to an agreement…and I told Mark, I’d see him the next morning around 8:30…8:45…depending on traffic…Mike released Mark…and got him a cab to take him home…Mark hobbled out of the hospital on crutches…ready to start therapy the next morning…


Chapter 3


Promptly at 8:30 am the next morning…dawning some deep purple medical scrubs, I pulled up to Mark Callaway’s black iron gates that was between the country road and his huge ass house…he’d given me the gate code the day before…and I punched it in and the gates slowly opened…as soon as I drove in with my bright red Toyota 4-Runner…the gates closed behind me…


When I got parked and got out and set the alarm on my vehicle…Mark was standing just inside the front door, in nylon exercise pants, tenny shoes, and a black sleeveless t-shirt tucked into his pants…with a black Deadman Inc, baseball cap on….he looked pretty HOT…


I said, “Good Morning Mr. Callaway.”  He said, “Jessica…Right?”  I nodded and he continued, “If were going to work together…you can drop the Mr. and just call me Mark.  Are we clear little girl?” 


I said, “Crystal…umm…as long as you never refer to me as little girl again…”  Mark said, “I can deal with that…You ready to get started?”  I said, “As long as you are sure…but I’ll need to use your rest room first…way too much water this morning…”  Mark said, “There’s one just off the kitchen…down the hallway to the left.”  I said, “Thanks.”  As I walked away…


I had just come from Chemo…and granted it usually never set in this fast…but it was…I threw up a few times…and calmed myself…and pulled myself together…and left…I knew I’d be okay for a few more hours…I got started immediately with Mark…I said, “Where would you be more comfortable doing this…I usually let my in home patients pick between 3 different rooms…Bedroom…TV room…or work out room…”  Mark said, “I’ll go for TV room…I got to get my daily fill of ESPN…”  I giggled as I followed Mark into the den room.


I said, “Okay…All I want you to do right now…is lay flat on your back…you can watch TV…while I warm your knee up a little…” 


Mark nodded as he settled on the floor, trying to figure out how he was going to get up from there when we were done…he started paying more attention to Sports Center and not me…I pulled his pant leg up and rubbed some Icy/Hot into his knee…after a couple of minutes…he said, “Hey, is my knee supposed to be warm?”  I said, “Yes sir…That means it’s ready to work out without hurting you…”


I started working out his knee…bending it, flexing it, hyper extending it to make sure all the tendons and muscles got worked really good…after the 4 hours knee warm up, we had some lunch and then it was really time for him to work his own knee…


I said, “Now listen…this part gets a little frustrating to patients…some don’t realize that once you have surgery on a major joint that it takes a little while before it will do what you want and not what it wants…”  Mark said, “This is not the first time I’ve had surgery before…I know and you’re right…it does get damn frustrating after a while…uh…excuse my language.” 


I laughed and said, “Don’t worry about it Mark…I’m around worse sailor mouthed girls then you would ever think…and sometimes I’m one of them…My younger sister Jaden…now she’s the one you want to watch out for…”  Mark said, “Real bad mouth huh?” 


I said, “Only if you piss her off…which that she got from me…I usually don’t cuss unless really pissed…and to me…cussing isn’t shit, damn, or ass…I’m mean get the good four letter ones in there before you can call it cussing…”  Mark just laughed…Our first day went relatively well…I left that night thinking…good lord…what happens if I fall for this guy…Nah…it’ll never happen.


Chapter 4


About 2 months later…Mark had become a little bit of a grouch, which I could totally understand he was just getting impatient about getting back to the wrestling aspect of his career…and seeing his friends and buddies he worked with.  Believe it or not I could actually handle his grouchiness…I started showing signs of the tiredness that the chemo was putting me through…Mark had noticed my weight dropped a little…but didn’t want to say anything…he was thinking I had an eating disorder…wrong!! As most men usually are…


Mark was an avid Harley Davidson owner and paraphernalia freak…Infact he had about 3 to 4 of his own Harley’s which he would work on all the time…when I was there I would watch him…he’d sit there scratching his dark auburn mustache and go-tee looking over the bike…kind of like a monkey doing a math problem…until he’d get pissed and get up and snatch the manual off the counter…to fix it…which he rarely had to do…he was a highly intelligent person when it came to Motorcycles…even more so if they were Harley’s..


One morning…I had on blue scrubs and my hair was down…Mark knew I was coming so he left a note on the front door for me to just come in…I walked in and he was cooking breakfast…I walked in the kitchen and set my backpack down…as I sat on the stool by the breakfast bar…I said, “Morning.”  Mark said, “Morning Darlin’.”  Mark had the most incredibly sexy deep voice with a wonderfully noticeable southern accent.  I smiled and said, “You seem to be getting around a little easier…”  Mark said, “Yea…I don’t use the crutches anymore…but I do have to be slow…which isn’t my style…but it works…” 


I grabbed my water out of my backpack with my vitamins I had to take while I was on the chemo…and Mark watched as I took them…I said, “What?  They are just vitamins…I swear…”  Mark said, “I didn’t say anything..”  I said, “Yea…but you always give me that same look every morning when I take these…”  Mark said, “I don’t mean to be nosy…but I have noticed you’ve dropped some weight…Just making sure their not stupid ass diet pills or something…”  I said, “Please…I never could keep weight on my body…even when I was…(I was gonna say healthy…but retracting the statement said) younger.”


Mark knew there should have been a different word in there because I paused so long without covering up my mistake…Mark said, “Oh…okay…”  I said, “Besides…why the sudden interest in me Mr. Playgirl of the year…”  Mark and I teased each other about our dating habits…I didn’t date…and he dated everyone but the kitchen sink…I continued and said, “By the way how is…Cammy…or was it Mindy last night…oh wait…I think my favorite was Candy…Seems the more their names become food….the more their brain disappears.”  Mark laughed hard and said, “Yea…I know huh…Candy was kind of too much of a ditsy redneck slut…” 


I said, “Ya…yes…Mr. Undertaker…God all mighty…just look at all them thar tattoos…”  Of course I did it in my best annoying redneck voice…Mark leaned against the counter and laughed even harder from the back of his throat.  I giggled right along with him…and then sat up straight real fast…Mark noticed and said, “What?”  I said, “Excuse me for a second.”  I went over to the bathroom…and turned the water on so he wouldn’t hear me throwing up…After I pulled myself together…I walked out and Mark was leaning against the wall next to the bathroom door and said, “You wanna tell me what that was all about?”  I said, “Just the sudden urge to relieve myself.”  Mark said, “How’s come I don’t believe you?”  I said, “Well…unless you go hiding in the bathroom…you’ll never know.”


I could tell Mark was getting frustrated with whatever I was hiding from him…but that’s the way I wanted it to be…no one knew except Mike and my little sister Jaden.  Other then that…it was no one’s business but my own.  One night after the therapy was over Mark asked me to stick around and he’d make me some dinner…wanted to talk to me and get to know me better…I honestly didn’t see any harm in it…so I agreed…


Mark actually made baked chicken and a salad and a few other things…it was really good…when we finished eating I helped Mark clear the table and as he threw the dished in the dishwasher I sat on the counter and talked to him…I said, “So…Where did you learn to cook like that…I mean I don’t feel a bought of food poisoning coming on or anything, so I’m assuming what we had for dinner was totally editable.”  Mark said, “Alright smart ass…”  I couldn’t help but giggle…


We talked a little more and then I left…I thought…shit…I can’t let myself fall for this guy…it would be damn near impossible to recover from a heart breaker like him…besides he would never want me…not with all those hoochies girl fans coming after him like white on rice.  He would have no use in someone like me…not when he could have any woman he wanted…


Chapter 5


5 months later, Mark had one week left before getting back into the ring…and he’d made arrangements for me to go with him to make sure he was moving around okay in the ring and was comfortable with everything…


I was actually an hour late getting to Mark’s…he was livid…he’d been out the night before with the date from hell…and when I didn’t show up until 10 am…it just added more fuel to the fire…My problem was I had a late Chemotherapy appointment…and I was just getting run down…The chemo was starting to have a big effect on my immune system…and I was losing more weight…


When I didn’t show up at my normal time…Mark called Mike…and Mike said he’d go over and wait with Mark to see what kept me…not remembering that every first Monday of a month I got my chemo…so he too was ready to yell and scream at me along with Mark…I had my cell phone turned off…cause I wasn’t allowed to have it on in the cancer ward of the hospital…and I had forgotten to turn it back on…And Mark and Mike both had called a few times and left some pretty rude messages on my voice mail…


When I knocked on the door…Mark practically tore the door off the hinges…getting it open to find out who was bothering him, when he saw me leaning against the doorway with my sunglasses on…I was about to apologize for being late…but Mark grabbed me by the arm and literally yanked me into the house…I jerked away from him and said, “What’s your problem?”  Mark said, “You’re supposed to be a God Damn professional…you should have been here an hour and a half ago…I called your cell…but there was no answer…wanna tell me where the hell you were?”  I said, “I’m sorry I was late Mark…I had something important to take care of this morning…and I was going to call you last night…but I just forgot about it…okay.”


Mark said, “No…I wanna know where the hell you were…”  I said, “Too damn bad…I’m an adult…I don’t have to explain myself to nobody…”  Mike walked in the voyeur where we were standing arguing and he said, “You’re right Jessica…you don’t have to tell Mark anything…but I’m your boss…and you do need to tell me where the hell you were…Mark missed out on an hour of rehabbing his knee…which is going to set him back almost a day or more now…”  I said, “Mike…you know where I was…I’m the same place every first Monday of the month…”  Mike said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about…why don’t you explain…” 


I said, “It’ll have to wait…I’m gonna be sick..”  I went to walk away…and Mark grabbed my arm and jerked me back to him and said, “You’re not going anywhere…until you tell us where the fuck you’ve been.”  I said, “I suggest that if you don’t want puke all over you or the floor…you let me go now…”  I finally jerked my arm away from him and ran down the hall and slammed the door…Everything came out…I was physically and emotionally drained…I had been up the night before crying cause I was tired of being sick…


Mark said, “She’s got some kind of eating disorder…she needs to have it checked…every time I see her she looks thinner and thinner…”  Mike said, “Maybe she’s bulimic or something…I don’t know…”  Mark said, “That’s it…I’m going to force her to stop making herself throw up…”  Mark stalked down the hall…and banged on the door and said, “Jessica…open this door right now.”  I said, “Please, Mark…just leave me alone.”  Mark said, “You can either open this door or I’ll break it down…”  He heard me throwing up again and decided kicking it off the hinges would be the fastest way to get to me…


Chapter 6


Mark held on to the doorway and kicked the door in…and saw me kneeling next to the toilet…holding my hair out of the way…I had whipped my mouth off and had finally taken my sunglasses off…Mark walked in as I stood up and I was so weak I passed out…Mark ran over and caught me before I hit the floor…Mark picked me up as Mike walked in and saw how pale I was…when my sunglasses fell off...they saw I had almost black circles around my eyes and Mike said, “I suddenly remember why she’s late…Mark, we have got to get her to the hospital fast..”  Mark said, “Fine…we can take my truck…”


They took me to the hospital and Mike called ahead and told them they were bringing me in…After the nurses and my regular Oncologist took over…Mike and Mark sat in the waiting room and Mark said, “Is there anything I could try to do?”  Mike said, “Shit…I have a terrible memory…Believe me Mark, no one can help her right now…no one.”  Mike stood up pacing the room Mark stood up and said, “I just want to help her…she’s helped me for the last 5 months…and I’m forever in her debt…How can I help her…”  Mike said, “Mark…Forever is a long time…and believe me…you can’t help her…It won’t work.”  Mark said, “Why not…I want to help her…” Mike said, “What Mark…Are you going to fix her?  She’s not a motorcycle she’s a human…When Jessica gets sick…the only thing that can save her is medicine…and what she has right now…medicine can’t do anything for her…So believe me when I say there’s nothing you can do…”


When my Oncologist finally came out he said, both men could go in and see me…When they walked in the saw me laying in bed, with a heart monitor on me and an oxygen mask…Mike said, “Jessica…I’m so sorry…I completely forgot…until you said you was sick…I am so used to you looking and acting like a normal healthy person…I forgot about you and that damn cancer.”  I didn’t see Mark standing behind Mike and Mark said, “What cancer?”  Mark walked around Mike and said, “What’s going on?”  Mike was just about to say something when a very petite girl walked in the room…


It was my little sister Jaden…she took one look at me and immediately started crying and came over and laid her head across my stomach…I stroked her hair with my hand and tried to calm her…when she had calmed down…she looked at Mike and Mark and said, “Just what the fuck did you do to her?  She left home this morning and looked perfectly normal…and then I’m sitting at work and get a call about my sister having to be admit into the hospital for over exertion…what did you do to her…I want to know NOW!”  Mark looked down at Jaden and then looked at me and said, “I’m assuming this little thing here…it your sister…the one with the mouth you was telling me about…”  I nodded…


Chapter 7


I sat up and pulled the oxygen mask down so I could talk…but my breathing was pretty labored so I had to talk slow…I said, “Jaden…it wasn’t…their…fault…it was…mine…I should…have been…relaxing…and I wasn’t…”  Jaden turned around and threw her arms around my neck and squeezed…I hugged her back…and said, “I’m…okay…I promise.”  Jaden looked at me and said, “Girl…if you ever scare me like that again I’m going to whip your ass but really good…you understand?”  I smiled and said, “Understood.”  Jaden hugged me again and said, “What are you going to do…aren’t you supposed to go with tattoo freak here when he leaves at the end of the week?”  I said, “Yea…and I…will still…go…I’ll just…have to…take it…easy.”


I looked at Mark and he had this look on his face…and I knew he wanted to know what was going on with my body…when my breathing was back to normal and I could complete sentences without breathing 90 times…I said, “Mike, Jaden…Can you please let me talk to Mark alone…”  Jaden looked at Mark and said, “Don’t you dare do or say anything to upset her.”  Mark said, “Well alright there little one I won’t.”  Mike and Jaden left…and Mark said, “Damn…she’s only you’re little sister…you’d think she was older…she’s awful pushy isn’t she?”


I laughed a little and said, “Yea…but that’s just Jaden…we’re both pretty protective over each other…for good reason too…”  Mark sat on the foot of my bed looking at me and said, “Now you want to explain what’s going on?” I said, “Mark…I have Bone Marrow Cancer…Marrow cancer is generated from having some type of cancer in muscles where long ligaments are located…My cancer resides in my thigh bones and then in both forearm bones…It’s actually quite painful…but I’ve been fighting it for a while…about a month or so before I took you as my patient I had started my 2nd go round with chemotherapy…that’s why you see me taking vitamins…and losing weight…and running to the bathroom to throw up one day of the month…it’s not an eating disorder, which I just know you tried to diagnose me with…but Dr. Callaway you’re not…”


Mark said, “Why didn’t you tell me?”  I said, “What for?  I did my job in getting you back into the ring…and that was it…I had a patient a few months back who found out about the cancer…and acted like I couldn’t do my job because I was sick…so from then on…I told no one…the only ones who know are Mike and Jaden…and well…now you…If I would have been taking care of myself and not trying to push myself too much with you…I wouldn’t be sitting in this God forsaken place…I hate hospitals…They give me the creeps…”


Mark said, “I thought we’d actually had a nice friendship thing going on…I mean…I even made dinner for you and everything…you should have told me…I don’t like all the things I thought about you when I thought you had an eating disorder…if you would of told me…I would have made you take regular breaks instead of pushing yourself to the limit and over…” 


I said, “See…right there…it’s special treatment…If I ease back even a little…it’ll only show I can’t do my job…and that’s just not true…I love my job…I love being able to help people…but if they are trying to make me slow down cause I’m sick…then I won’t be able to do my job…By the way Mark we are friends…but you are my patient first…before anything else…at night after the therapy is over…then I go from being Jessica ‘The Bitch’ Castle Physical Therapist…to Jessica Castle…Friend…sister…whatever.  But my job and patients always come first…”


Mark said, “Even before your health?”  I said, “Even before my health…yes.  That’s just the way I am…and that’s just the way it’s going to be.”  Mark said, “Well…if you’re still coming with me at the end of the week…I think well make arrangements for your sister to come with…incase something happens and I’m not around…at least she’ll be there to help you.”  I said, “Okay…”  Mark said, “So when’s you’re last Chemo?”  I said, “It was actually this morning…that’s why I was late…they did my last treatment and then took about 3 pints of blood…to do about 150-200 tests on it…and the results should be in…in like a few weeks.”  Mark said, “I’m sorry about losing my temper this morning…you scared the hell out of me…”  I said, “It’s okay…I don’t blame you.”


I was released 2 days later…and I was back up to my full strength…and my color had come back and I immediately started working on Mark’s knee again…we had 3 days before we’d be leaving to join up with his wrestling tour…and I don’t know who was more nervous me or Mark…even though he didn’t show it…


Chapter 8


The last day of his Therapy, which was also the day before we were going to fly out…Mark did excellent on his therapy…and decided to make me dinner again…Absolutely no harm…right…After we had eaten…we were back in the kitchen, me on the counter...and Mark stacking the dishwasher…When Mark finished he walked over to me and said, “Can I be perfectly honest with you?”  I said, “If you want to…it would be nice.”  Mark was leaning against the counter in front of me, with one hand on each side of my body, on the counter not touching me…I felt so small with him surrounding me. 


Mark said, “I am deadly attracted to you…every smile, every laugh, the way your eyes light up when you laugh, how soft your hair feels when it brushes against my face when your working on my knee…how incredibly good you always smell…you’re smart and intelligent and the last 2 months have really brought out a side of me I haven’t seen in years…and I’m not talking about the side those women who only date me because of who I portray in the ring…I’m talking about me…Mark Callaway, minus the Undertaker.”


I was completely floored…I knew I was having feelings for this man…but I never in a million years though he’d reciprocate them…I started with, “Mark…I can’t do…”  And ended with his index finger on my lips to hush me…Mark brushed my cheek with his soft hand and leaned over and took my lips with his…I couldn’t help but kiss him back…it felt so good to be kissed by an actually man again…His tongue brushed against my lips and my lips parted granting him access to the inside of my mouth…his tongue was soft and gentle and he caressed every spot in my mouth with his tongue including caressing my tongue…I actually let a small moan escape my mouth into his…


Which automatically let him know I was thoroughly enjoying the kiss…Mark moved closer to me and stood between my legs…and was running his hands up and down my back slowly…making my spine tingle with wanting this man badly…Mark pulled my scrub top off…only to find my tank top under it…and I pulled his shirt off…Mark slid his hands under my ass and lift me off the counter and held me close to his body as I wrapped my legs around his waist…he walked about 20 feet and the next thing I noticed I was laying back on his thick oak dinning room table…Mark threw my shoes in the corner…and then untied my scrub pants and pulled them off…and noticed my panties matched my tank top…both white…which he laid partially on me but kept his feet planted firmly on the floor…


Mark kissed by my ear and said, “God…I want you Jessica…Tell me right now…do you want this as much as I do…if you don’t and tell me to stop right now, I will…Tell me.”  I could feel his very hard erection pressing through his exercise pants into the crotch of my panties…Things were way out of control and I knew I shouldn’t have been doing this…he’s my patient for God sake…Wake up Jessica…you idiot…stop this right now before it goes to far…I opened my mouth to object…but my brain had other plans…and my breathing was getting crazy and I said, “No…I want this Mark…I want you right now…I don’t want you to stop.”  Within a matter of seconds he freed his hard on and moved my panties to the side and slid his erection into me so slowly I almost lost…I let a slow low moan out from between my lips…


Yup that was it as ecstasy was over taking my body…Mark was huge…well compared to my last boyfriend, Mark was hung like a donkey…damn…I was gonna be sore…Mark let my body get used to his size and then he slowly started thrusting in and out of me, pretty gently…that is until my big fat mouth opened up and said, “Mmmm God Mark….faster…”  Mark said, “God….you’re so tight…I don’t want to hurt you.”  I said, “Believe me…it doesn’t hurt…”  As I felt him push into me again and I moaned and I believe that was the point where I turned him on even more…he picked me up and pushed me against the wall and continued to thrust in and out of my like a caged animal who hadn’t had sex in months…


With a few finally thrusts, we both climaxed…and flew over the edge…and as Mark growled…which was pretty damn sexy…I felt his seed explode inside of me…


We kissed to calm ourselves…and get our breathing back to normal…Mark lowered me to the floor…Mark fixed himself…and then leaned over and straightened out my tank top and panties which I still had on…Mark said, “You was amazing…”  I said, “Not so bad yourself for a Deadman…”  Mark looked at me and I winked at him and smiled…Mark said, “By the way, You’ll be staying the night…you want to sleep in what you have on…or would you like a shirt?”  I smiled and said, “Okay…I’ll sleep in this.” 


Mark turned everything off…and then picked me up…and carried me upstairs and laid me across his bed…we made love frequently on and off through the night…if we weren’t sleeping…were making love…if we were making love we were either talking or sleeping…This was so wrong and I knew it…but I got swept away.


Chapter 9


When we met Jaden at the airport the next morning she noticed I was exceptionally quiet…Mark and I had kept pretty quiet about what had happened the night before…I kept thinking to myself that it was nothing but a huge mistake…Me and Jaden sat together and Mark was across the isle…and had kicked his chair back and was cat napping…Jaden had noticed I looked towards Mark a few times before turning away to look out the window…


Jaden looked over at Mark and when she was sure he was sleeping, she took my hand…and I looked at her and half smiled…Jaden said, “Okay…what the hell is going on with you and Mr. Ripe Van Winkle over there?”  I laughed a little and said, “Nothing.”  She pinched my arm and I said, “Ow…What is this, special torture your older sister day or something…I must have missed the memo…”  Jaden said, “Well, if that’s true then it must also be lie to your little sister day…do you really think I can’t tell when you’re lying to me?”  I said, “No…just hoping…”


Jaden pinched me again…I rubbed my arm and said, “Girl if you do that again, I’m going to bust your ass for you…”  Jaden said, “Oh I would love to see you try…you know I could take you…besides, you can’t do much fighting with as weak as you’ve been lately…you need to focus more on your health then trying to whip my ass for being a smart mouth…”  I said, “Yes mother..”  Jaden said, “Now…what’s up with you and Mark…you guys are usually so talkative…but from the moment you arrived at the airport to when we got on the damn plane…the only words being spoken between you to was the big guy over there saying ‘Wake me when we get there’…this is so unlike the two of you….”


I sighed heavy and said, “I don’t know…Maybe he’s just trying to do all he can to keep from puking…I mean the man hasn’t been in the ring for 5 months…Maybe he’s nervous or something…hell I don’t know.”  Jaden said, “I smell bullshit somewhere…I think it’s coming from your general direction of the plane…but I’ll leave you alone…whatever the reason is you guys aren’t talking…you two need to talk…just have a normal adult conversation…and see what happens.”


I rolled my eyes at her…even though I knew I needed to talk to Mark…when we got to Chicago…where the wrestling tour was going to be for the next few days…We kept our silence down to a deafening rumble…Mark’s boss and CEO of the WWFE Vince McMahon had a black limo waiting for us…We got in and it was another silent trip to the hotel…where we dropped off our bags…Jaden and I were in one room and Mark was in another room right next to ours…I honestly didn’t want to have to get back in that limo and endure another trip with silence…but before I could really object or voice my opinion to Jaden…Mark was waiting for us…


I hesitantly followed Jaden and Mark down the hallway back to the limo downstairs…and sat in silence again for another limo ride to the arena…I think Mark was getting into character…or at least trying…I don’t know…I was too busy feeling the dull pain that started making it’s way up my radius (bone in the forearm, that goes from wrist to elbow)…I closed my eyes trying to push the pain away…but I knew it was going to be damn near impossible…Jaden looked over and saw my rubbing my arm…and knew the pain was coming on strong and fast…


Jaden dug in my back pack and found my pain killers and said, “Here.”  Handed me one and a bottle of water…and I took it…Jaden took over on rubbing my arm…I knew what the pain was from…it was from over exerting myself the night before by having endless sex with a man whom I’d probably never see again after my month of traveling with him was up…I should have known better then to get emotionally attached to a patient…especially one like him…where girls throw themselves at him 24 hours a day…I know he said it had gotten to be way too much and he wanted to find that one person he could settle down with completely and have a family with…and I belittled myself when  caught myself wishing it was me…


Chapter 10


When we got to the arena…We went to Mark’s dressing room…I laid on the couch…and fell asleep…while Jaden followed Mark around cause he was introducing her to the other wrestlers…when I woke up there was a guy with a black and red mask on…looming over the back of the couch watching me…and I freaked out…and jumped up and fell on the floor…I mean this guy was huge he was about as big as Mark…About that time Mark and Jaden walked in…and Jaden saw someone standing over me…and she ran over and knelt by me and said, “Jessica are you okay?”


I said, “Please…tell me you see him…I want to make sure he’s not a figment of my imagination…”  Mark and the other guy laughed…Jaden stood up and got in the other guys face…sort of…and said, “Your big ass scared the shit out of my sister…are you insane?”  Mark said, “Jaden, Jessica…This is Glenn Jacobs…he plays my brother Kane, when were on camera together…Glenn man stop scaring the girls…”  Glenn laughed and pulled the mask off and said, “I’m really sorry…I didn’t mean to scare you ma’am…I was just trying to figure out when Mark started letting chic’s sleep in his dressing room…especially the younger ones…”


Jaden helped me stand up and we walked over and Jaden punched him in the stomach…not that it did much good…it knocked the air out of him for a moment as he bent over to collect his eyes off the floor…We walked out and down the hall…Mark was just standing there laughing his ass off…and Mark said, “Now see…you should know you deserved that…if there was ever a pair of sisters to not mess with…I’m warning you right now…don’t piss either of them off…Jessica isn’t too bad…but that little Jaden is a hand full…she pushes Jessica around and she’s Jessica’s little sister.”


Glenn straightened himself and said, “She hits little a big sister…I honestly didn’t mean to scare her…I just came in to show you they finally made me a new mask where the mouth piece is open and I can talk and show some emotion…”  Mark said, “It’s about damn time.”  Glenn said, “So since when do you let your little one night stands sleep in your dressing room…much less their sisters…unless you nailed both of them…”  Mark said, “Man…I didn’t nail either of them…Jessica is my physical therapist…she’s got cancer, so her sister came along to make sure she takes care of herself…kind of as an assistant.”


Glenn looked at Mark and said, “Uh-huh…so when did you nail Jessica?”  Mark had his hands on his hips and said, “What in the world ever gave you that idea?”  Glenn said, “I know…please…you can’t fool me…you was a God Damn grouch when I talked to you a couple of days ago…and now you’re all polite…which usually means one of two things…you got a new Harley…or you got you some…and since I didn’t see no new bike sitting around when I drove up I’m going with option number 2…”  Mark said, “Last night.”  Glenn said, “Was that like just a one time deal…or are you planning to hit that again…cause of what I saw you are completely crazy to let her go anywhere…she’s hot…hell that little Jaden is even hotter…I wouldn’t mind tapping into that…”  Mark said, “Down boy…I think you forgot how to have a real relationship with someone…you need to talk to her and get to know her first before you go running off with the basket before you get your eggs…I’ll warn you now Jaden is a protective spit fire…plenty of attitude and smart mouth like Jessica for everyone.”


Glenn laughed at Mark’s expression…Mark said, “Seriously…I think I regret last night…I mean…I just let it all spill out about what I thought of her…granted all of it’s true…but I just don’t think it was the right time to do it…I think I could have found a more appropriate time to work my way into her panties…like say after I wasn’t her patient anymore…Geez…I felt like such an ass this morning, when I woke up and she wasn’t there…she had gone home in the middle of the night to get her stuff ready to leave this morning…I know I should have called her and talked to her or something…but I didn’t have a clue as to what to say to her.”


Glenn said, “Depends on how you feel about her…”  Mark said, “I like her a lot…I know I probably shouldn’t, cause she’s so young and all…but she was there for me the last 5 months, pushing me, and making me do the physical therapy…hell she even came and woke me up one morning, cause I wasn’t awake before she got to the house…man she yelled at my ass, cause I was holding up the rehab work she could have been doing on my knee…I felt bad…but I didn’t show her…I growled at her and cussed a little…” 


Glenn said, “Gee…Same old Mark…”  Mark said, “I wanted to cuss and growl and spit this morning cause she wasn’t next to me…but I realized she saw the women I’d been dating while she was rehabbing my knee…and she just probably thinks she’s just another one down the long line of those who have been with me…And I don’t like her thinking that…I really do like her…I just don’t know how to tell her…”  Glenn said, “Mark…all you can do is tell her the truth…I mean hell…after that it’s all up to her and how she feels…”  Mark nodded and they left to go find me and Jaden.


Jaden looked at me and said, “Did you see that guy…oh my goodness he was so damn hot!…I mean I thought Mark was hot the first time I met him…but good lord…that Glenn just does something to my insides…”  I said, “You’re still going to try the hard to get plan though aren’t you?”  She said, “Of course…I don’t want him to think I’m hard up for a date…I can date anyone I want…too bad the one I want is back there…I love playing hard to get…”  I said, “Yea…the original bad ass..”  We looked at each other and started laughing…


Chapter 11


Later that night, Jaden and I were walking around in the back area…while Mark and Glenn got ready for their matches…Jaden said, “You really should just talk to him…you know it would be a good idea…stop trying to ignore the fact that you are attracted to him and do something about it…”  I said, “He’s my patient…I should of never let last night happen…I mean, it’s not as if I could really have stopped it…cause once his lips touched mine…I was so reeled in…I knew the moment he intensified the kiss…I was a complete goner…”


Jaden said, “Oh my god, you are not my sister…Because I do not have a wuss for a sister…you are falling in love with that man…but yet you don’t even have the guts to tell him…”  I said, “How could I be falling in love with him…he’s got half of the female population falling at his feet…he can have any woman in America…plus any woman outside America…why would he even want me…what the hell would he do with me?  Other then have me work on his knee…and be his fuck buddy on the days he’s home…I couldn’t let a guy control me like that.”  Jaden laughed and said, “Oh please stop…you’re going to make me laugh until I pee my pants…If that man walked up to you right now and said ‘Jessica, I can’t get enough of you, I want you to move in with me and be mine forever.’ You’d be running down the hallway, calling movers on your cell phone to meet them at your apt…to get all your shit moved into his place.” 


I said, “Please Jay…I’d like to think I have a little bit more resolve then that…I don’t jump every time he comes around…I’m not his dog or anything…so we had a one night stand…A lot of people do it.”  Jaden said, “Jessica, you’re not a lot of people…you don’t have one night stands…you are the biggest romantic I know…If this man is not in it for love…then you’ll be outta there…and I know right now, by the glossy look in your eyes…you love him…you just can’t admit it to yourself, because you don’t have a clue how he feels…


I said, “He said some really incredible things to me.”  Jaden rolled her eyes and said, “All you know is what he said…those few words he spoke to you last night…that got you into his bed…that doesn’t tell you how he really feels, and I know that the only thing bothering you right now, is that you just came to the fact that all last night was with you and Mark…was a one night stand…his words of endearment of saying his attracted to you…yea he’s attracted to you alright…sexually…but that’s it…I mean you didn’t even get out the part where you say you can’t do it, cause he totally swept you away in the fantasy of it all…”


I said, “What fantasy…there was no fantasy Jaden…it was just two people having sex…it was a one night stand and no it doesn’t bother me…”  Jaden laughed and said, “Then that Chemotherapy did something to you, cause you are not my sister anymore…I know it…you love to be in love…and if he can’t give that to you…you’re going to walk away heart broken…but it’s not like you should be surprised or anything…he’s a God Damn wrestler on the road for 200-250 days a year…I mean c’mon, he gets lonely…and then he was locked up in his house for 5 months with a beautiful physical therapist, who just happen to fall for good food and even better pick up lines…Jessica, you’re my sister and I love you…and you’re beautiful and intelligent two things that just never seem to be the right combination for an athlete of his stature…he’s not looking for love…he’s just looking for the next pretty face to come along and give him unobtainable pleasure…he just wants sex…something that makes him feel naturally he’s going to say what ever he can think of…and you being my sister…thinking that this guy is highly incredible and intelligent, fell for it hook, line and sinker.”


I could feel the tears swelling in my eyes…I smiled and the tear slid down my cheeks…Jaden said, “Don’t you dare cry for him…he’s not worth it…”  I said, “You’re right…you’re always right…I am falling in love with him…I didn’t want to fall in love with him…I mean I kept him at an arms length, and didn’t tell him about the cancer until I absolutely had too…and then he went and made me dinner and said some sweet things and I fell for all of it…Hell by the end of his first week of Physical Therapy…I knew I was falling in love with him then…I’m only staying with him for the month I allocated as his ring come back…and then I’m leaving with you…I have way too many patients to look after, then just him…I might even think about leaving early depending on how the next week goes…”  Jaden said, “And she’s back!!  My sister the Pitbull..” 


We walked off down the hallway…


Chapter 12


Someone was lurking in the shadows of the dark hallways…Mark over heard everything the two girls had talked about and said…he wanted to go over and shake the crap out of both of them…for talking like that…he was deeply in love with Jessica…he just didn’t know how to put it into so many words…but then the voice in the back of his mind kept saying ‘screw it, I can have any woman I want, if Jessica can’t put any faith into the things I said to her…then it’s not worth the headache.’…now he knew he regretted what happened the previous night…he turned and went back to his dressing room and waited for Jessica to comes in and massage his knee to warm it up for his very first Monday night Raw match…


Jaden and I walked back into Mark’s dressing room and him and Glenn were talking…Jaden and I looked at each other…they were both so damn hot looking in their wrestling attire…we exhaled and Jaden said, “This is going to be a long time.”  I said, “Oh yea.”  Jaden went over and sat on the couch and was watching as the first hour of matches were underway…I walked over to Mark and said, “You ready?”  His tone was just kind of cold and rough around the edges…and growled out a “Yea.”


Mark laid down on the floor and I knelt down by him and started massaging his knee…I said, “So is this you in character…you look all pissy…Is you’re character as much of a hard ass as you are in real life?”  Mark said, “Yea, something like that.”  I said, “Mmm…okay.”  Mark propped himself up on his elbows and said, “Just finish warming me up.”  I looked at him like he had a hole in his head and said, “Yes, Mr. Callaway.”  I finished him up and then left the room…


Jaden stood in front of Mark and said, “There some special reason your being a dick to my sister?”  Mark said, “Buzz off little one…I’m trying to get ready for my match…”  Jaden started out the door but stopped and looked back at Mark and said, “You’re so blind…Jessica is falling completely in love with you…but doesn’t want to…cause she seems to think that she’s way out of your league, cause you can have an woman scream your name in bed…I think it’s just the opposite…you’re out of her league…people like my sister don’t came around very often…and when they do, they always seem to fall for jerks like you…I never did understand that one…maybe it’s cause I don’t deal with guys enough…or maybe it’s just hard for me to let a guy have my heart, especially after I’ve seen what they do to Jessica’s heart.”


Mark sighed and said, “Listen…”  Before he could finish, Jaden said, “No you listen…my sister has been battling cancer for the last year and a half with no hope in sight…taking care of her patients is her life…she always says if she’s going to die, she’s going to do it after she’s healed everyone else in the world first…Jessica is the sweetest thing next to candy…but yet one night in your bed…and you’ve got her just swallowing the hands full of bullshit that you dish out to her…you don’t get it…I don’t know if someone from your past turned you in to the jerk you’ve been the last 24 hours…but I wish you’d wise up and look at Jessica…cause you sure don’t know a good thing, even when it’s staring you in the face.”


Mark said, “She’s the one whose going to be leaving in a month…what am I supposed to do?”  Jaden said, “Do something that no other man has ever done before for her…fight for her…if you think she’s worth it…if everything you said to her last night in your kitchen is true…then don’t stand there and act like the hard ass every one already knows that you are…act like a man who is in love with a beautiful girl…who’d do anything to take your pain away…and not just your knee pain, or anything you get in the ring…whatever pain you have here in your heart…she can get rid of that too…all you have to do is fight for her…fight for her heart…fight for her to understand how much you really care about her…”


Mark said, “I can’t just force her…”  Jaden said, “Yes you can…My sister is easy…and I don’t mean easy to get into bed…I mean her heart is can make her fully understand where you’re coming from…if you’re just honest with her…tell her everything…everything you feel, see…but you’d better do it soon…cause you are right about one thing…depending on how good your matches go…she may not even wait the full month to leave…hell with my sister, anything is possible…she might very well leave tomorrow morning…”


Chapter 13


(Lyrics in song have been altered because of the suggestive lesbian stuff…I have nothing against lesbians…I have a few as really good friends…)


A few days later, I was down in the gym at the arena and I was listening to some music while I was doing some yoga…trying to stretch out my muscles…and just get back to being my normal self…I had gotten my tests results back from my last chemotherapy treatment…I was now cancer free…and I was just trying to concentrate on getting my life back to normal…in  the morning I would be leaving with Jaden…I’d slip a letter filled envelope under Mark’s door in the morning…and we’d just go back to Houston…and continue our lives as if we’d never meet Mark or Glenn…to which Jaden was starting to get pretty attached to his smile…


They actually went on a couple of dates and had been getting pretty damn close.  Of course I knew she had gotten serious about him, when she came to me, before I started my yoga and said, “I’m not leaving with you tomorrow…Glenn asked me to stay on the tour with him…and I really like him…he’s the first guy I’ve been able to give my heart to fully…in a long time…and I could never dream of leaving him tomorrow morning…” 


I smiled and said, “I fully understand…I’m glad you finally found someone who can take your bad attitude and your wanna be hard ass mood…plus your smart mouth…just make sure you call me and let me know how you guys are doing…and how you are doing.”  Jaden nodded and we hugged so tight…she turned to leave and Glenn was standing there…and she smiled at him…He took her hand and the left the gym…and I smiled at seeing my little sister falling in love…no matter how much of a hard ass she is…it’s hard for ever her to ignore when she falls in love.


As I continued with my yoga…I didn’t notice I was being watched…Mark was watching me through the glass in the mens locker room…he could hear the music…and liked the song I was listening too…and noticed I was moving with the music at a slower pace but it was some how with the beat of the music…


All the things you said
All the things you said
Running through my head
Running through my head

Running through my head

All the things you said
All the things you said
Running through my head
Running through my head

All the things you said

This is not enough

I'm in serious shit, I feel totally lost
If I'm asking for help it's only because
Being with you has opened my eyes
Could I ever believe such a perfect surprise?

I keep asking myself, wondering how
I keep closing my eyes but I can't block you out
Wanna fly to a place where it's just you and me
Nobody else so we can be free
Nobody else so we can be free

All the things you said
All the things you said
Running through my head
Running through my head

Running through my head

All the things you said
All the things you said
Running through my head
Running through my head

All the things you said

This is not enough, oh-oh
This is not enough

All the things you said
All the things you said

And I'm all mixed up, feeling cornered and rushed
They say it's my fault but I want him so much
Wanna fly him away where the sun and rain
Come in over my face, wash away all the shame
When they stop and stare - don't worry me
'Cause I'm feeling for him what he's feeling for me
I can try to pretend, I can try to forget
But it's driving me mad, going out of my head

All the things you said
All the things you said
Running through my head
Running through my head

Running through my head

All the things you said
All the things you said
Running through my head
Running through my head

All the things you said

This is not enough, oh-oh
This is not enough

All the things you said
All the things you said

All the things you said

All the things you said

All the things you said

All the things you said

All the things you said

All the things you said

All the things you said

All the things you said

Mother looking at me
Tell me what do you see?
Yes, I've lost my mind

Daddy looking at me
Will I ever be free?
Have I crossed the line?

All the things you said
All the things you said
Running through my head
Running through my head

Running through my head

All the things you said
All the things you said
Running through my head
Running through my head

All the things you said

This is not enough
This is not enough


All The things you said

All The things you said

All The things you said

All The things you said

All The things you said

All The things you said



Chapter 14


So I stood by the back entrance and watched as Mark drove one of his Harley’s down to the ring…and got in it…he did a whole speech about less talking more ass kicking…and said, “Let the pain begin.”  Brock Lesner came out and they were fully going at it…I almost couldn’t bare to watch, every hit, kick, fall, bend, smack that his knee took…I could almost see myself having to go through another 5 months of being tortured by me having to rehab him again…I couldn’t handle it…my heart couldn’t handle it…God I loved this man more then anything in my life…and I just couldn’t bring myself to tell him…why did he have to be such a stubborn ass…or a hard ass…why was it so difficult for me to just God Damn tell him how I felt about him…


Then as my attention went back to the monitor, Mark grabbed Brocks hand and shouted out “Old School”…I couldn’t imagine what he was going to do…he sat on the top turnbuckle and the stood on it…and proceeded to walk along the top rope of the ring…he had amazing balance…and he stood there for at least a minute…he looked like that’s where he belonged…and then jumped down, smashing Brocks arm, with his fist as he actually landed onto the ring mat with both feet…I was astonished…I was amazed…I couldn’t believe what I had just seen…


At that moment I knew Mark was perfectly fine to continue wrestling…and wouldn’t need me anymore…I walked away from the monitor as I heard Mark’s music starting to blast through the speakers…I knew he’d won his match…As I was walking into the dressing room to grab my stuff…Mark was driving by on his bike and was watching me…he had an uneasy feeling as he watched me walk away from him..


That night after everyone returned to their hotel rooms…I wrote Mark the note…And after I knew every one was sleeping…I walked out of the hotel after I slipped the note under Mark’s hotel door.  I got on a plane and went back to Houston and back to working with my old patients…


Mark woke up the next morning…and was trying to move around a little and got himself a shower…trying to remember in all his hangover glory….just exactly how much he had to drink last night…God he hadn’t done that much drinking in a long time…He needed to talk to Jessica…Since my room was next to his…He knocked on the connecting door and Jaden swung the door open and said, “She’s not here.”  Mark said, “What makes you think I’m looking for Jessica…I could be looking for Glenn.”  She said, “If all you was doing was looking for Glenn, you would have called…you’re looking for Jessica…and…you’re too late…I told you if you waited too long, she’d be gone…She probably left a note or something for you…check with the front desk or look around…” 


Jaden closed the door and went back over and climbed back into bed next to Glenn…who was staring at the ceiling smiling like he was about to die a happy man.  Jaden took one look at him and cracked up laughing…and she said, “You’d think last night was the first time you ever had sex before.”  Glenn laughed and said, “Well, in a way it was…it was my first time with you and it was special to me…just like you’re special to me…I know we both have bad tempers…and can easily get on each others nerves…but I really like you a lot…and last night we did not have sex…we made love…and it was beautiful…you were amazing…I never heard someone scream that loud, just by having their clit licked…I think you enjoyed it…”  Jaden laid her head on Glenn’s stomach and said, “Hell, I know I enjoyed it…I’ve had guys do that to me before…but this time it was different…”  Jaden looked up into his light blue eyes and said, “Maybe it was because it was you…I dunno…the jury is still out on that one.”


Jaden’s hand slid down Glenn’s naked body and under the covers as she slowly ran her fingernails down the length of Glenn’s now growing erection…Glenn gritted his teeth and in a husky lust filled voice said, “Woman…I’m warning you…don’t you dare start something you can’t finish…”  Jaden sat up and swung her leg over Glenn’s body and rubbed herself against his erection and said, “I never start something I can’t finish…and that’s a promise.”  She leaned over and they started kissing…as soon as she licked Glenn’s nipple….that was his undoing…he flipped her over and she was screaming his name so loud…Mark could hear it through the wall…he just started laughing and thought ‘Must be a family thing…cause Jessica wasn’t a quiet lover either.’…


Chapter 15


Mark walked over and was about to call down to the front desk when he looked over and saw an envelope sitting on the floor next to the door…he walked over and picked it up…and opened it…sure enough it was from Jessica…he could still smell her perfume on it…and her beautifully curvy hand writing…It said:





I watched you in the ring last night and was simply amazed at the things you did…I never knew someone as big as you could do the things you were doing in the ring…I’d never really been big on sports…but I guess I should confess something…I met you about 10 years ago…I was 12 and Jaden was 10…our father took us to see the wrestling matches…my father loved wrestling…We stood in line and got your autograph…you had less tattoos then and longer hair and you looked absolutely terrifying…in fact you scared the shit out of me…while we were watching the match…you had gotten injured…they had to come down and get you…you’d hurt your knee…not your left one, that I’ve been working on, but the right one…


I started asking my dad who would take care of you…what would happen…he explained that if the injury was really bad you’d have surgery and from there the physical therapist would work your injury to it’s fullest extent until you was able to get back in the ring…and sure enough 5 months later you came back and you was bouncing around in that ring and kicking some serious ass…Somewhere around the time I started college I stopped watching wrestling…I don’t know why…I guess I just didn’t have enough time in the day, between school, work and everything else to watch TV anymore.


I guess you could say in a way, I’ve been a fan of yours since I meet you those 10 years ago…and I guess you could also say…That you were what inspired me to be who I am today…a stubborn, balls to the wall tough physical therapist…whipping athletes into shape to get them back into the big games…Now you’re no exception to that rule…I whipped your ass back into it…and I’m finished now…I have my other patients waiting for me…it was fun getting to know Mark Callaway the man, the Harley rider, the athlete, and the Undertaker, while it lasted, and I don’t regret a minute of my life since you’ve come in it…If your ever at the hospital again in Houston, stop by the physical therapy room…maybe we can have coffee or lunch some time.  Thank you.





Chapter 16


Meanwhile, I was back at the hospital talking with Alexandra one of my newer patients…that I was rehabbing…and she said, “Ms. Castle, Can I ask you a question?”  I said, “Alex…just call me Jessica…it’s more informal…and yes you can ask me anything anytime…”  Alex smiled and said, “Is it true what every one said about you…Did you really have the Undertaker as a patient?”  I giggled and said, “Yes, I did.”  She said, “Is he really as big in person as he is on TV?”  I said, “Bigger honey…much bigger…he’s enormous.”  She said, “What are his stats anyway…”  I said, “He’s 6’10” and can be anywhere between 300 to 325 pounds…depends on his muscle and weight gain.”


Alex said, “Wow…that’s really big…”  I said, “Yea it sure is…you should have seen him working out…I had a hard time keeping up with him…”  She said, “It’s understandable…Is his real name Mark…I heard that once before…My boyfriends name is Mark…Mark is the sexiest name I’ve ever heard before.”  I laughed again and said, “I’m not really allowed to say…I can’t give out that kind of information…”  Alex said, “Do you think I’ll be better soon?”  I said, “Yea, I think so…you have enough confidence to do anything…I think once you put your mind to it…you can do anything…”  She said, “Thanks Jessica..”  I said, “You’re welcome, honey…just remember to grit your teeth and take it…I won’t lie to you, it is going to hurt…but I will promise you one thing…you’ll be good as new when I’m finished with you.” 


She laid down on the red mat and I kneeled next to her and she giggled and said, “Can I ask one more question about the Undertaker?”  I had to laugh and said, “Sure…ask away.” “Why is the Undertaker standing in the doorway watching you?” Alex said it with a giggle in her voice.  I started hearing the thud of boots walk across the concrete floor and then muffled thuds as he stepped on the mat we were on, until he stopped beside me…and I could see his boots staring at me…


I kept on working Alex’s knee…and said, “What are you doing here?  Don’t you have a match tonight?”  Mark said, “Yea…but I made a promise to Jaden before I left.”  I said, “Oh yea…what was that?”  He said, “That I wasn’t going to come back to the tour without you…you owe me Jessica…you were supposed to stay on the tour for the month…you only stayed one night…you owe me like 29 more days…”  I said, “You don’t need me…your match went just fine…you’re in perfect shape…and you can continue on wrestling without me.” 


Mark squatted down next to me and said, “See, that’s where your wrong girl…I may be able to continue wrestling…but I can’t continue my life without you in it…For the last 5 months, you’ve shoved, worked, pushed and whipped my ass so I could get back in that ring…and somewhere in the middle of all the abuse you put my body and my knee through…I fell in love with you…just like I know you fell in love with me…And now I refuse to continue wrestling or living my life without you by my side…”  Alex said, “He’s so sweet…”  I said, “Alex…concentrate.”  Mark said, “Little girl…you listen to her…she can help you…”  Alex said, “Yes sir.”  I said, “Mark, you don’t need me…you can have anyone in the world.”  Mark put his hand under my chin and turned my face towards him and he said, “I don’t want anyone else…I want you…I need you…Jessica I love you.”  Mark leaned over and I was leaning over to move away from him…he looked over at Alex…and said, “Excuse us for a second little girl.” 


Chapter 17


Mark proceeded to push me all the way over and he crawled up my body on his hands and knees…and grabbed one of my legs and pulled it up and over his one leg and then did the same with my other leg so he was kneeling between my legs…Alex got up and said, “Jessica…I’ll see you when you get back in a month.”  I said, “Sure…no problem…”  She left…turned the lights off and closing and locking the door behind her…I said, “Mr. Callaway just what do you think you’re doing?”  Mark said, “Well…first I’m going to kiss you.”  Mark leaned over and kissed me, and he took my arms and wrapped them around his neck…still kissing.


Then he slowly lowered his body to mine…and it felt so good to have him between my thighs…lots of power.  When Mark pulled away from the kiss Mark said, “Now…I’m only going to say this one more time…and if I don’t hear the response I want I‘m going to leave…Are you ready?”  I nodded and he kissed me one more time and said, “Jessica…I love you.”  I looked deep into his emerald green eyes and knew he was telling the truth…I smiled and said, “I love you too Mark.”  Mark said, “That’s my girl…You know what I’m going to do now?”  I said, “No what?” 


Mark automatically moved his pelvis and I could feel his erection through his jeans and through the crotch of my jeans…Mark said, “You feel that?”  I said, “Yea…it would be hard not to.”  He said, “You did that to me…So in honor of the both of us coming to our senses, removing our heads from our asses…and finally admitting we love each other…I’m going to make love to you right here, right now…and make you all mine…you will officially be my woman, after I make you cum so hard you’ll be tired for days…So tell me now if you don’t want to do this.”  I bit my bottom lip and Mark saw the look in my eyes and said, “What is it darlin’…What’s wrong?”  I said, “Damn Texans making me crazy…”  Mark growled and said, “What’ca it girl.”  I smiled a little and said, “Are you crazy?  I’d have to be insane to not want you to make me cum…” 


Mark said, “Then let the games begin.”

Marks hands roamed my body as his lips relentlessly ravaged mine. His hands went to the zipper of my jeans.   He could feel my nipples hardening through my tank top and lacy bra. He finally got my jeans unzipped and pulled them off with my panties.

"OH God! Darlin. I've thought about this since the dinning room table.  I can't wait anymore. I want you now." he whispered. My hands were roaming his muscled body and I placed soft kisses where my hands had been, knowing this combined with the knowledge that he was going to make me scream was driving him totally over the edge.   He lifted my bottom up, urging me to wrap my legs around him, this bringing my wet center in direct contact with the straining bulge in his jeans. I tried to get my hand between us as he laid there kissing my mid drift and pulled at my bra and tank top.  “Mark, you have way too many clothes on." I whispered urgently as he laid me back against the mat.

"Not for long, baby." he growled as he stood up, ripping his shoes and socks off, then quickly he discarded his shirt only having on the jeans. I was breathing hard as I watched his hands move slowly, teasingly to the button of his jeans. My legs parted wider in anticipation of their coming together. He unzipped his jeans and drew them slowly down his legs and his hand reached for his painfully aching erection, the jeans sliding down his beautifully sculpted legs. He kicked them into a pile over by his shoes and my jeans.  Mark watched me laying there, my long hair spread out around me and my legs parted just waiting for him to come inside me.

Chapter 18

"Now, you have too many clothes on...You need to be naked too!" he whispered as he slipped his big warm hands up under my tank top, feeling for the clasp of my bra.  He took everything off me, exposing me to his eyes and touch. My nipples hardened in the cool air of the room, and chill went up and down my spine as I looked into his eyes…Mark kissed my mouth, then moved down, kissing my breasts and the valley between them as he rolled my nipples with his long fingers. I whimpered as he continued his all out assault on my willing flesh.

"Do you like me kissin you? And touching you?" he murmured against my skin as he blazed a path to my wet center. I could only nod my head, no words would come. "What? I can't hear ya, baby? Do you like this?" he whispered, slipping his finger into me. "Yes..." I was barely able to whisper. "You are beautiful, and I want you so bad." He was kissing me over and over, each kiss heightening in intensity, his hands running all over me stroking and tweaking. I was barely aware of someone moaning and pleading, then realized it was ME.

"Ahhh honey, you have to tell me. I need to hear what you want. Tell me..." he growled. "Please!!!" I begged him, writhing around to get closer to his body to relieve the ache he was making me feel. He removed his fingers and moved slightly away from me.  "Well darlin, I'd love to help ya, but I don't know what you want." he chuckled. I took my hands and placed them on either side of his face as my legs moved around his back, but still he wouldn't give me the relief I needed. We were watching each other intently, each one waiting on the other. I finally could not wait any longer, knowing he would not put an end to the torture until I said the words.

"Mark, fuck me." I finally whispered.

He closed his eyes, reveling in the fact that he got me to say it.  He eased his hardness into my slick opening, but didn't move any farther. He grinned as he looked down into my eyes. "What's the magicical word?" he groaned as the tip of his magnificent erection eased a little deeper into my heat.  I knew then that I had him, and quickly slid my hands down his muscled back.

"There is no magical word...other then...NOW." I moaned as I pulled him closer and slid him into me completely.   "Now." I repeated as he could no longer stand the tightness and surged deep within me. Our movements fast and hard as we fell together…Finally he was fully inside of my hot wetness, but stopped all movement from his side. "Oh SHIT baby, this is too much, don't move or it will all be over before it begins."

I tried to lay still until he regained control, but the exquisite pressure and his laying very still was just too much! "I can't stand it...” I closed my eyes tight…"Oh no, darlin, this is only the beginning! Hold on tight, I've got you. Now, open your eyes, I want to look at you when you cum..." he said softly. The sound of his sexy vice and the gentle rocking motion of his body was more than we could both take...That and the fact that I was so warm, and wet, and so damn tight, and so completely wanting this too, was overpowering for him. Mark moved slowly at first to let me adjust to him and his rhythm, but soon slow wasn't enough for either of us and I was urging him to go harder and faster. He could feel me beginning to explode all around him and moved deeper still.

"That's it...Cum for me...I can feel you are almost there, let it go." he whispered against my lips. I shrieked as I climbed over the top then released into pleasure.  My orgasm hit and all I could do was shiver and shake! Mark had nearly stopped all movement just watching me orgasm in his arms. Beautiful, so Gorgeous, he thought as he speeded his motions up. He could still feel my tight muscles contracting around him when he reached his own climax...A few more hard thrusts and he was right behind me, filling my willing body with his exploding seed.

Chapter 19


- -9 Months Later- -


“Do you think I look okay?”  Jaden said, as she was looking at the back of her dress and I said, “You look beautiful.” Jaden said, “I feel uncomfortable…”  I said, “Okay…let’s wait until you’re 9 months pregnant and see how hot you feel?”  Jaden place her hand on my pouching belly…and said, “Yea…but it’s worth it…How the hell did you and Mark end up getting married  before Glenn and I…I figured with the way things were going with you guys…it would be the furthest thing from your mind.”  I rubbed my tummy after feeling the baby getting active at the sound of his fathers name…I say he…because Mark swears it’s going to be a boy…


I said, “Yea…well we eloped…why plan a wedding when all we’re going to do is repeat some words, say I do, exchange rings and then sign a piece of paper…Planning a wedding costs so much…Mark and I both agreed why go big…when we can do it, get it over with and get on being a happily married couple.”  Jaden said, “So when did you guys decided to get married…before or after he came running after your ass to finally tell you he loved you?”  I said, “After…I mean obviously we made love first.” 


Jaden laughed, “Yea I know…in the physical therapy room on the mats…Is that comfortable?”  I said, “Honey, I was screaming so loud at the time…I didn’t have time to worry about it being comfortable…which is also how we got this thing.”  As I pointed to my ever growing belly.  I continued, “We got on the plane and were talking…and well we had a 6 hour layover in Vegas…the more time we sat in the terminal…the more we held onto each other…and touched and kissed…so we went for another romp in a very empty bathroom…at least I hope it was empty…other wise someone got a free show…Right after we got re-dressed Mark ever so nonchalantly said ‘why don’t we get married’…I thought he was losing his mind…but I turned around and looked at him and knew he was serious…So we just went a head and did it.”


Jaden said, “So have you had your talk with Jr. there...he’s not going to interrupt my wedding is he?”  I said, “God…now you sound like Mark…before the guys left to stay at Glenn’s…Mark lifted up my shirt and gave a 15 minute speech to my belly…about not disturbing me while you’re in the process of getting hitched, as he so plainly put it…you’re not having morning sickness are you?”  Jaden was just dying laughing…Jaden said, “Ah, I’ll live…But remind me to whip Glenn’s ass if I ever get pregnant again…I don’t like this morning sickness shit…So you’re sure…everything is running smoothly on time right?”  I said, “Sure…but I hate to burst your bubble, so I might as well tell you now…I’ve been having contractions since last night.” 


Jaden’s eyes just about bugged out of her head and she said, “WHAT?!?!  Why the hell are you standing here then?”  I said, “Stop…My water hasn’t broken…the contractions are not that bad…and they are pretty slow…I only have one about ever 45 minutes…nothing serious…besides he waited for 9 months to come out a couple of extra hours won’t kill him…I’m not about to miss my little sister getting married…you’re crazy if you think I am.”  Jaden said, “No…you’re crazy…I’m going to go tell Mark…you need to be sitting down…”  I said, “Don’t try that over protective shit with me…if you make one move for that door, pregnant or not...I will tackle your ass to the ground and you’ll miss your own wedding.”


Jaden sat down laughing and said, “I just bet you would do that too huh?”  I said, “You bet your ass I would.”  Someone knocked on the door…and Jaden said, “Who is it?”  A voice said, “Mark.”  I said, “C’mon in sweetie.”  I was leaning against the wall and Mark walked over and dropped a kiss on my lips and I said, “What are you doing in here Mr. Callaway…you’re supposed to be down with Glenn…”  Mark smiled and said, “Well…I would be Mrs. Callaway, but Glenn is getting antsy, told me to come in here and light a fire under your girls’ ass.”  Mark rubbed my belly…and Jaden was about to walk out the door when she said, “By the way Mark, do something with your wife…she’s been having contractions since last night.”  And then she took off out the door…


Mark looked down at me and said, “Why didn’t you tell me?”  I went through the story again of explaining everything to Mark…Mark said, “Unacceptable…Get your butt in a seat when you get out there and don’t you dare move.”  I said, “Yes sir.”  I started to walk away, when Mark grabbed my arm and pulled me closer wrapping his arms around me…and said, “I love you.”  I said, “All 400 pounds of me?”  Mark said, “Even if you were 400 pounds I’d still love you, but since you love to over exaggerate…yes all of you.”  I smiled and said, “I love you too.”  We kissed a little and Mark ran his hands over my butt and squeezed a little and I said, “Keep it up…that’s how we got the first one.”  Mark chuckled a little and said, “C’mon let’s go.”  We walked down and sat in our seats…And watched as my little sister married the gentle giant…Glenn was beaming from ear to ear.  They were both so happy…


Chapter 20


We went to the reception…and Mark kept asking me if I was alright and I finally said, “Baby…if I need anything I will let you know…but until then…get bent.”  Mark put his hand over his heart and said, “Ouch babe…that was mean.”  I said, “Listen you’re the one who knocked me up…and my hormones are raging…so it’s either me be horny or me be mean…and I don’t feel like being horny right now…at least not with my stomach stuck out to Egypt…”  Mark said, “I think you look sexy…and you didn’t say you wasn’t horny the other night…when you was screaming so loud you could have woke the dead.”  I pinched his arm and said, “Mark Callaway…that is a private issue to be discussed at home or in a vehicle.”  Mark said, “We could go discuss it in the coat closet…”  I started laughing…Mark said, “See there’s my baby and her beautiful smile…carrying my other baby.”  Mark was rubbing my belly again..


Mark got up to go see Jaden and Glenn…Before he left he propped my feet on top of an empty chair and told me to stay and relax…About 10 minutes later…I got up and walked over to where Mark, Jaden and Glenn were standing…Mark said, “I thought I told you to stay put.”  I said, “Shut up…Remember when I told you I would let you know if I needed something…I need something.”  Mark said, “What?”  I said, “An epidural or something really strong would be nice.”  Mark looked at me like I was speaking a different language…and I said, “The next best thing would be a hospital where they give epidurals to give pregnant women going into labor…my water broke…and I’m hurting.”  Mark said, “Oh shit baby…c’mon let’s get going.”


Jaden ran up snatched a microphone and said, “I’m sorry folks Reception party is over…I’m about to become an aunt…my sister just went into labor and I’m not about to miss this for the world…so…you don’t have to go home, but you got to get the hell out of here….thanks for coming…buh-bye…now please move your asses to an exit and LEAVE!”  Every one started leaving as Glenn grabbed Jaden and slung her over his shoulder and made their way to his explorer…she changed in the backseat…and then finished driving to the hospital while Glenn changed…They got to the hospital about 5 minutes after us…


The nursing staff already had me set up…Mark was standing by me rubbing my belly and said, “Does it hurt real bad baby?”  I said, “Let’s see…let’s have a 300 pound block of cement fall on your penis…and then ask me if it hurts.”  Jaden and Glenn were cracking up...I said, “Don’t laugh…this will be you in about 7 months…”  Glenn ran his hand across Jaden’s flat stomach and he said, “Not if I can get the little shit out of there faster.”  Jaden said, “Please…don’t rush me…I’m not all that in a hurry to be in that much pain.” 


3 hours later…Jonathan Marcus Callaway, made his presence in the world known…coming in at 6 lbs 6 ounces…and 26 inches long…obviously taking his fathers height…with all of Mark’s features…he was the most beautiful baby I’d ever seen…


A few months later…Jaden gave birth to Michael Anthony Jacobs and Destiny Marie Jacobs…Yup you guessed it…double the trouble…


Later that night Mark and I were sitting in the waiting room…and I was holding Jonathan…Mark came over and kissed his little bald head and then kissed me and said, “Almost makes you want another huh?”  I said, “Almost…”  He said, “You look tired honey, you want me to take him so you can rest.”  I said, “I’m going to rest…you’re just going to be my resting spot…”  Mark sat sideways in the huge window seat at on the maternity floor…with one leg stretched out on the seat…and the other bent and foot on the floor…I sat between his legs and leaned all the way back against  his chest…He wrapped his arms around me and the baby…


Mark said, “Do you ever wander how the hell we got to this point?”  I said, “Not really.”  Mark said, “I love you…”  I said, “I love you too.”  I looked up and he kissed my lips lightly…We sat there in silence for a minute…and he said, “You really don’t wander?”  I laughed and said, “I don’t have to wander…I already know…It’s from all the things you said…every word you ever uttered to me…ever told me…all of it…after all the things you said, I couldn’t have been at this point in my life with anyone else but you.”


The End.