Again & Again



Chapter 1


Chase looked at Pagan and Pagan looked back at Chase as they both pushed each other to do the 200 crunches for their abs.  They had their feet in the air crossed at the ankles.  Pagan giggled as she was out of breath and said, “If we make it through this…Remind me to kill you later.”  Chase laughed and said, “C’mon we’ve only got 50 left…Don’t be such a pussy.”  Pagan started laughing as they finished up the last 50 crunches…the girls stood up and Chase groaned and said, “Whose idea was this?”  Pagan smacked Chase’s arm and said, “Yours damn it.”  Chase smiled and said, “Oh yea…That’s right…I almost forgot.”


Two pairs of blue eyes were watching the girls.  Randy Orton looked at his team mate Ted Dibiase Jr and said, “Dude you’re sister is so HOT!”  Ted scrunched up his nose and said, “You don’t have a chance in hell with Chase.”  Randy said, “Okay so why not?”  Ted chuckled and said, “My sister is so shy when it comes to guys…She won’t even look you in the eye…I am seriously banking on her being the oldest living virgin in America…Possibly the world.”  Randy smirked and said, “Hey, don’t talk about your sister like that, she’s a sweet girl.”  Ted said, “Oh hell I know that…How she got into wrestling I’ll never understand, she doesn’t even kill flies in her apartment, she opens the windows and lets them fly out.”  Randy chuckled.  The guys were pulled from their private conversation when they heard the girls laughing.


Chase said, “So my brother seems to be digging on you.”  Page rolled her eyes and said, “Yea his ever so smooth line of ‘hi’ always seems to be mind boggling.”  Chase laughed so hard and said, “I know he’s not smooth with the whole words, but usually knows what he wants and goes after it…so beware.”   Page said, “Well, when he comes for me…I’ll be ready.”  As Page winked and Chase lazily smacked Page in the ass with a towel.  Page laughed and took the towel from her and said, “That’s not exactly a brotherly look I see Randy giving you.”  Chase said, “I think you’re seeing things.”  Page giggled and said, “Oh no I don’t even think so.”


The girls walked down the hallway and Chase said, “So how’s the divorce coming along?”  Page said, “Slowly.  I’m just glad I never had kids with that big fuckin overbearing redneck.”  Chase said, “Yea well you can’t help who you fall in love and you can never tell if he’s going to change after the marriage.”  Page said, “Well in my next life please remind me that Mark Callaway is an overbearing redneck idiot.”  Chase giggled and said, “Well hopefully it will go a little faster…at least one would hope.”  Page said, “The only one hoping is me…and I was hoping it was already over.”  Chase stopped at her dressing room and said, “I’m gonna shower and get ready for Raw…I’ll catch ya in a while.”  Page nodded and said, “Yea me too…See ya in a few.”


Page was walking down the hall way when a hand came out of nowhere and pulled her into a dressing room.  The dressing room was pitch black…as soon as the door closed…Page said, “Why can’t people talk to me face to face…Why am I always the one pulled into dressing rooms.”  Page was leaning against the wall…when she felt a hand on the outside of her left thigh…close to her hip. 


Whoever it was touching her had some pretty big hands…Wow his cologne smelled so good…it fully intoxicated her…he smelled so familiar…but as soon as the mystery man touched her hip she lost every thought in her head.


His other hand cupped Page’s face and his thumb slid across her lips…his fingers were so soft…suddenly his lips brushed against hers.  Page moaned a little as a tongue slipped into her mouth and caressed every space and crevice in her mouth…a hand came up and tilted her head up a little as the person deepened the kiss.  Page’s hands were softly caressing a huge muscled up cotton clad chest.


Suddenly a hand slid down her hip to her cotton short covered ass and down a little lower to the back of her thighs as the mystery man lifted her leg, by the bend of her knee and wrapped her leg around his waist.  As his hand slid back down the front of her thigh to her panty covered crotch…Page moaned into his mouth as a knuckle brushed against her clit.


Then he stopped and put her leg down and stepped away from her…Page was about to protest, but his hands started at her knees and slid his hands up and to the waistline of her shorts and hooked his fingers into the waistline of her shorts and lace panties as they pulled her shorts and panties down her long legs.  Then tapped her ass to step out of her shorts and panties…where they went after she stepped out of them…she don’t know…The anticipation was killing her…She didn’t care where her panties and shorts went.


The mystery man stayed on the ground and lifted her leg up, as he draped her leg over his shoulder…as his tongue started lapping at her clit…and his fingers held onto her thigh to keep her still against the wall…Page suddenly felt fingers slide into her wet center…as they started to slowly and methodically move in and out of her…he started going fast as Page gripped his shoulders and felt herself going over the edge as she felt the orgasm rip through her body…Page nearly collapsed on the floor with him.


The mystery man put her leg down pulling her shorts back up and her foot back on the ground as he stood up and pulled her tight against his body and ravaged her lips.  When he pulled away Page blinked for a second and was leaning against the wall again…trying to catch her breath.  Page walked over to turn the light on and the mystery man was gone…AND SO WERE HER PANTIES! 


Page giggled at the thought of some random guy out there who had her panties.


Chapter 2


Page met up with Chase in the cafeteria.  Chase was eating her normal Chicken Caesar salad.  While Page had grilled chicken and red potatoes.  Page said, "So I had an interesting visit earlier."  Chase said, "What happened?"  Page explained what happened and giggled as Chase made gagging noises and said, "Please!  I don't want to know what my brother has been doing to you."  Page laughed and said, "Oh c'mon Chase...You need to get a little and have a little fun getting it." 


Chase shook her head with a snorted and said, "I don't need anything...Getting a little would require me interacting with the opposite sex and if you haven't noticed I don't do that so well."  Page said, "Chase you're not a virgin, you can't tell me that not one of these guys drenches your Sahara desert."  Chase said, "I never said that...I just said interacting with guys just isn't my thing...I've always been shy and shyness doesn't work so well with guys who aren't shy.  By the time I get out of the shy stage, they have moved onto someone who isn't so shy."  Page rolled her eyes and said, "No you just haven't met a guy who is patient enough to wait for the shyness to subside."  Chase said, "Yea well that's never going to happen."


Chase finished up eating and then took off back to the diva dressing room.  Chase looked at herself in the mirror, she was 5'9" and 125lbs.  She had grey eyes and waist length dark honey color hair.  She had on red plastic shorts, with a matching tank top and both pieces had zippers all over them, plus her red knee high wrestling boots.  She walked down to hair and makeup and as she bounced into the chair she crossed her legs and relaxed a little, as Janice started curling her hair.  As she sat she was signing a bunch of promotional photos.


A deep voice said, "Ladies...Am I early?"  Chase looked up and Randy Orton's blue eyes were looking back at her."  The other makeup and hair lady Mindy said, "No of course not, Janice is getting Chase done, so take a seat and well work on you pretty boy."  Randy chuckled as he took a seat and said, "I'm not a pretty boy...I'm supposed to be the bad boy."  Mindy patted his chest and said, "Only in the ring honey."  Janice looked at Chase and said, "I don't know why we waste make up on you or Page, you guys have naturally beautiful."  Chase said, "Because what Vince wants, Vince gets."  Janice laughed and said, "Yea...well some more prominent then others."  Chase giggled and said, "Clearly."


Randy cleared his throat and said, "If I can add my two cents in...You're definitely a lot better looking than your brother."  Janice quirked an eye brow and said, "That's a matter of opinion...I'm sure a few of the female fans would disagree."  Chase blushed and said, "No I'm sure they would ALL disagree...But thank you just the same."  As she spared a glance at the 3rd generation superstar.  Randy said, "You're very welcome."  He watched as she chewed her bottom lip, he noticed she did that a lot when she would blush.


Page came bouncing up and said, "Well Miss. Dibiase you look all painted up."  Chase scrunched up her face and said, "Anymore makeup and I'd look like a clown."  Page said, "Well then you'd be afraid of yourself...I know how you are with clowns."  Chase stood up out of the chair as Page took her place and said I'll see you at the gorilla pit."  Chase nodded and said, "Yea...I need to stretch." 


A few minutes into her stretching and Randy walked up with Chase's older brother Ted.  Teddy walked over and kissed the top of her head as he squeezed her shoulders.  She smiled up at him and said, "So Page tells me she got an unusual visit from someone named Teddy Bear...You wouldn't know anything about that would you?"  Ted smirked as Randy laughed, Ted said, "I might."  Chase said, "I hope you brushed your teeth before you kissed me on the head."  Ted smiled his award winning smile, then blew his breath in her face and said, "Minty fresh."  Chase socked him in the stomach, as he poked her in the sides and she squeaked and jumped cause it tickled.


Page walked up and said, "I thought I heard her squeak."  Chase said, "Yea...We were just discussing your visit from Teddy Bear."  It was Page's turn to blush hard.  Randy couldn't help but laugh again.  Page and Ted had been seeing each other for a few months, but were keeping it quiet, they didn't want it getting back to her soon to be ex-husband.  Mark Callaway was an dominating person, and if their divorce wasn't finalized and found out about it, he would definitely come after Ted and well Ted liked his head firmly on his shoulders instead of knocked off onto the floor. 


The girls entrance music started as they jumped up and down getting themselves pumped up. As the girls took off to the ring.



Everybody look at me, me
I walk in the door you start screaming
Come on everybody what you here for?
Move your body around like a nympho
Everybody get your necks to crack around
All you crazy people come on jump around
I want to see you all on your knees, knees
You either want to be with me, or be me!

Man-eater, make you work hard
Make you spend hard
Make you want all, of her love
She's a man-eater
make you buy cars
make you cut cards
make you fall, real hard in love
She's a Man-eater, make you work hard
Make you spend hard
Make you want all, of her love
She's a man-eater
make you buy cars
make you cut cards
Wish you never ever met her at all!



The girls opponents came out the Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki. 


Chase and Page bumped fists and knew this was going to be easy.  Page started as she tossed Nikki around the ring by her long brunette hair...After the fourth hair toss Nikki landed on her tailbone and crawled out of the ring trying to escape Page.  Page caught her foot and drug her back in the ring as she gave her a bulldog hard on the mat.  Page walked over and leaned against the top rope cocky as if giving Nikki a break and let the twin scamper to the side and tag in her sister Brie.  As Page tagged Chase in.  Chase ran and jumped on Brie while popping her in the face several times.  Nikki reached through the ropes and grabbed Chase's ponytail and jerked her head back and bounced it off the mat.


Chase winced...That was going to hurt later.  Chase kicked up and kicked Nikki in the head and then also kicked Brie in the head as Page drug Nikki into the ring and the girls did a double pin and got the win.  The girls bumped fists again and hugged as they made their way to the back.


Ted and Randy met them behind the curtain and Ted said, "I don't remember you being that aggressive when you was younger Chase."  Chase shrugged and said, "Guess it comes with the territory of being a Diva...See you guys back at the hotel I'm gonna go shower."  Ted grabbed Page and pulled her behind a black curtain...As he captured her lips.  There was definitely something about her aggressiveness that made him crazy for her.  Page said, "What aggressiveness turns you on?"  Ted smiled and said, "Yours yes."  Page ran her index finger under his chin as she kissed his lips softly one more time and said, "Watch it, or I'll have to get aggressive with your ass later."  Ted smirked and said, "It's a date."


Chase was half way down the hallway when someone called her name.  Chase turned as Randy jogged up to her and said, "Good match...I was just gonna ask if you'd like to go to dinner.  Not right away but sometime...I mean if you want to."  Chase said, "I don't know Randy...You're like my brothers best friend...That would be kind of weird...don't you think?"  Randy said, "How about I get Ted's permission?"  Chase said, "You get Teddy's permission and I'll think about it."  Randy smiled and said, "You've got yourself a deal."  Chase smiled a little as she said, "See you later."  Randy nodded and said, "Absolutely."  Randy noticed she was chewing her bottom lip again as she turned and continued to the Diva dressing room.


Chapter 3


Ted looked at Randy with his hands firmly planted on his hips and said, "She said what?"  Randy said, "She said she'd think about having dinner with me as long as you gave me permission...I think she thinks if things don't work out between us, things won't be the same with our friendship."  Ted smirked and said, "Well they basically wouldn't because if you break my sisters heart...I got a lot of brotherly love for you, but I'd have to break your neck or jaw or something, because she's still my baby sister.  And I'm still very protective of her and always have been.  So if you guys do start dating or whatever make sure you don't break up because you cheated on her cause that would piss me off in a heartbeat."


Randy said, "You wouldn't have to worry about that honestly."  Ted gave Randy a knowing look and said, "Hey playboy...This is your boy your talking to...Don't try pulling the wool over my eyes buddy."  Randy said, "I haven't playboy'd in a while man."  Ted said, "Okay...I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt because you are my boy...and I trust you.  But like I said...if I find out you hurt her because you played her...Me and you will have issues."  Randy chuckled and could accept that...He knew Ted was a stand up guy and stood by his word.  Randy knew as long as he kept everything straight he wouldn't have problems with Ted, and he didn't want to...He'd seen Ted Dibiase Jr. pissed off before...That was one train he did NOT want to see coming at him full speed.  Randy dressed as he watched Ted flip his phone open...No doubt letting her know he'd given Randy permission to take her out.


Ted called his sisters cell and she said, "What's up Teddy?"  Ted laughed and said, "Orton just asked me curiously enough if he could have my permission to take you out...Now why my best friend is showing an interest in my little sister I don't know...But I gave him my blessing...So to speak."  Chase glared into the phone and said, "Theodore Marvin Dibiase Jr, It's not like I'm some kind of grotesque hunchback of Notre Dame."  Ted could almost hear the glare through the phone and said, "Damn I didn't mean anything like that.  Why did you bust out the full name?"  Chase said, "Because I don't want you thinking you can get away with saying something like that to me...Don't know why he's showing interest in me...I'd like to think I'm at least a little cuter then you.  Being as I am the female version of you and dad."


Ted made a face he knew he was going to pay for that one.  Ted said, "Okay...Okay I'm sorry I never meant to imply anything...Damn it woman...You've got dad's temper and moms quick tongue."  Chase glared and said, "How'd you like me to say something along the lines of I don't know why Page has any interest in you when Callaway is bigger than you in every way possible I imagine."  Ted said, "Ouch!  Damn Chase I'm sorry!  I know you've got the whole shyness factor going on for you, you're a wall flower and I know Randy...Randy's outgoing and is basically the center of attention when he walks in the room."


Chase said, "Why don't you just tell me I'm some kind of lonely frumpy-assed 200 cat having spinster for Christ sake Teddy!  Start working on that early grave now because if you say one more word I'm calling Mark Callaway myself...And I swear I will tell him everything...When mom and dad ask what happened I will perfect stupidity to the utmost level."  Ted said, "Okay...I'm tapping out!  I completely give up.  I thought we were having a normal conversation but you're now using blackmail against me."  Chase said, "Teddy you basically just told me there's no reason for me to go or do anything with Randy because we are two totally different people...Like I should be dating Bob Barker from the price is right because he's more my speed."  The last thing Ted heard was his sister growling in frustration as she ended the call abruptly. 


Randy stood staring at Ted and said, "That was classy and smooth all in one swoop Dibiase.  What the fuck was that all about...I heard her yelling at you and I was sitting half way across the dressing room man.  I've never heard her raise her voice to a soul."  Ted said, "Apparently I insulted my sister and her intelligence by telling her she's a wall flower and you're the center of attention...I've either hurt her feelings or pissed her off, she basically threatened to call Callaway and rat me out."  Randy sucked in a sharp breath and said, "You better start kissing her ass now...Otherwise it was nice knowing you."


Ted shook his head and said, "I didn't think what I said was all that bad...I've never sugar coated stuff with Chase...She's the one you can be completely straight forward with."  Randy said, "Yea...but sometimes girls don't want you to be completely forward with them, in this case she was right you basically called her a dried up spinster.  I know she's shy I've seen how shy she can be...But I can be completely patient with her...I honestly don't think it would take much to get her out of her shell...but it's not going to help if you have any reservations.  You support your sister with everything right?" 


Ted nodded and said, "Of course...I was the one who stood by her side and then protected her when she told dad she joined the company...He flipped the fuck out...They haven't exactly spoken since...But yea...She knows I'm always there for her 100 percent."  Randy said, "Yea well after that conversation your 100 percent is down to like 85.  You basically gave her permission to go out with me, but then turned around and was like I don't know why he would want you your frumpy and unattractive."  Ted smacked himself in the forehead and said, "Okay...I get it.  Wow...We need to get back to the hotel...I really need to talk to her."


A voice said, "Talk to who?"  Ted looked over and saw Page standing in the door way and he made a face and said, "My sister..."  Page quirked and eyebrow and said, "What happened?"  Randy said, "He stuck his size 12 foot in his size 5 mouth."  As the threesome got in the SUV and headed back to the hotel Ted explained the conversation he had with Chase.  Page stared at Ted deadpanned.  Page said, "Tell me you're joking...I swear Teddy...What the hell rolls around in your mind from day to day?"  Ted said, "I thought I was just being honest with her."  Page said, "Sometimes your truth is too much to handle.  You don't think before you speak and it comes out all wrong." 


A few minutes later they pulled into the hotel parking garage and got in the elevator Ted said, "I'm such a moron."  Page said, "You're not a moron...You just do moronic things...You have only the best intentions for everyone.  Chase is an understand person...She's beautiful on the outside as well on the inside."  The elevator doors opened and they stepped out.  Page took Ted's rolling suitcase as she followed Randy to his and Ted's room and gave him a shove to her and Chase's room and said, "Go on...You won't get anything solved standing here."


Ted walked down and stood in front of his sister's hotel door as he took a deep breath and knocked on it.  The anticipation of waiting for her to open the door was almost death defying. 


Chapter 4


Chase heard someone knock on her hotel door as she sniffled and walked over and opened the door.  Ted's blue eyes landed on the tear streaked face of his sister, she stood to the side and let him walk into the room as she closed the door behind him.   Chase said, "What do you want?"  Ted said, "What the hell was that on the phone?"  Chase said, "Did it ever occur to you that what you said was completely wrong on a few levels?"  Ted said, "And what you said about calling Callaway wasn't?"  Chase scowled at Ted and said, "Made you think before you opened your mouth again didn't it?  What have you been bugging me about for the last 2 years I've been with the damn company?"  Ted shrugged his shoulders...He would have no memory of it.  Chase scoffed and said, "Sometimes I worry about your brain functions after the chair shots to the head you've taken..."  Ted said, "Hey!"  Chase held up her hand to silence her brother, he watched as she started pacing...This wasn't going to be good and he knew it. 


Chase finally stopped facing him and said, "For the last 24 months you've done nothing but harp on me about dating and settling myself down and falling in love and all that kind of bullshit...You've set me up on so many blind dates that were so disastrous from the first 5 minutes, that I can't even think straight.  You can't just let me meet someone on my own, you've got to push guys on me like...Well like dad...Sorry to say that so blatantly but it's true...Dad did that all through high school and college to me...Trying to get me to date some jock ass football players, who I couldn't stand because they were morally repugnant...Now a guy actually comes to me and asked me out without being forced by you or dad and yes he happens to be your friend and you act as if you can't figure out why he asked me out like I'm some hideous little sister you hide away during the year and only bring out on special occasions to clean up after you."


Ted could see the tears slide down her cheeks and was suddenly aware he was EXACTLY like their dad.  Chase looked at Teddy and said, "You already know I'd never call Mark...I know how much you mean to Page...You're good for her...She needs someone who's not an overbearing asshole...Why are you suddenly shocked that Randy wants to take me out?  You didn't have to bribe, pay or bet him to ask me out...Which actually felt nice for once, rather than some idiot coming up to me and saying 'so Ted tells me your shy and I should ask you out'...You wonder why I don't date anyone...The last fuck up you sent me on a date with Cena...He was a piece of shit, trying to have sex with me on a first date when I barely knew who he was...and I know you didn't mean any of it on the phone and I know I probably blew it out of proportion...But leave well enough alone for a while at least."


Ted said, "I'm sorry I honestly didn't mean to imply anything...and I know you'd never call Callaway...And you're right...I'm exactly like dad...But I can't help it...I figure taking over where he left off wouldn't be too bad since you've not spoken to him since you started working here.  Are you going to go out with Orton?"  Chase said, "I might...And dad dug his own grave with me."  Ted said, "Well if he ever calls to apologize which we both know will never happen...Don't be too hard on the old man."


Ted walked over and poked Chase in the side as she elbowed him in the stomach and he said, "You forgive me?"  Chase said, "As long as you forgive me...And stop trying to set me up with nimrods in the company...If someone is interested in me, they can come to me...Not have you send them to me."  Ted pulled his sister into his arms as he hugged her tight and kissed the top of her head, as she returned the hug.  He would definitely have to stop setting her up on blind dates...she'd be fine on her own.  Lord he was becoming his father more and more every damn day.


Ted said, "By the way, we were going to head to the bar down the street and get a couple of want to come?"  Chase looks up and said, "That bar is a honky tonk bar...drunk rednecks and country music....Are you nuts?"  Ted smirked and said, "Nah, it's just beer and some kind of fun."  Chase said, "Okay...Lemme change."  Chase walked into the bedroom and pulled on a black form fitted hooded t-shirt  and simple black sneakers, and left her hair down.  While chase was changing he called Page's cell and told her and Randy to come down to her and Chase's room.  A few minutes later, Page and Randy were sitting in the hotel room waiting for Chase.  Page and Ted were leaned against the wall by the front door talking in hushed tones.


Randy was watching Chase's reflection in the mirror of the bedroom as she was running a brush through her long hair.  chase could feel eyes on her and wasn't surprised to see Randy watching her from the living room.  She had to admit she was curious as to what made him as her out.  Chase finally walked out of the bedroom as she pushed her cell into her pocket along with her ID, credit card and hotel key card in her back pockets.  The bar was literally across the street as they walked across and went in. 


Chase and Page felt out of sorts...There were a TON of rednecks in the bar and they all seemed to remind them of Mark Callaway and the last night Page was with him and Chase picked her up to get her away from him.  They sat at a table and ordered beers around.  Chase nursed her bud light with lime.  Beer was okay for the most part but usually she liked a fruity drink with one of her favorite five men in it : Jim, Jack, Johnny Red, Johnny Black and Jose. 


A slower song came rolling through the speakers as Ted pulled Page onto the floor and wrapped his arms around her.  Randy held out his hand as Chase looked at it and then looked at him and she smiled a little as she took his hand and he led her to the dance floor.  Randy wrapped his right arm around her waist and held her right hand in his left as they slowly moved with the music.



I'm gonna be here for you baby
I'll be a man of my word
Speak the language in a voice

That you have never heard
I wanna sleep with you forever
And I wanna die in your arms
In a cabin by a meadow

Where the wild bees swarm

And I'm gonna love you

Like nobody loves you
And I'll earn your trust

Making memories of us



Randy's blue eyes looked down and held her grey eyes captive as he smirked and said, "So this is not our first date is it?"  Chase smirked and said, "Beer and a bar?"  The laughter played in Randy's eyes as he chuckled and said, "Okay I was just making sure."  Chase couldn't help but giggle a little and said, "Yea...Definitely not."  Randy laughed a little more and said, "Okay good."


Ted looked over and saw his sister dancing with Randy and said, "What do you think about them?"  Page looked over and said, "I think...If you stop trying to be her daddy and stay her brother and Randy doesn't playboy her...They will be just fine together."  Ted said, "You've got an answer for everything don't ya."  Page said, "No...Just for the good question."  Page giggled as Ted leaned down and nipped the tender flesh on the side of her neck. 



I wanna honor your mother
I wanna learn from your pa
I wanna steal your attention like a bad outlaw
I wanna stand out in a crowd for you
A man among men
I wanna make your world

Better than it's ever been

And I'm gonna love you

Like nobody loves you
And I'll earn your trust

Making memories of us


We'll follow the rainbow

Wherever the four winds blow
And there'll be a new day
Comin' your way


When the song was over, the foursome walked back across the street to their hotel, Randy had offered his arm to Chase and her arm was looped through his with her hand on his bi-cept and his other hand was covering hers.  Chase had seen Randy in jeans before but for some reason the jeans he wore to the bar gave her dirty thoughts.  She had to exhale a few times to calm herself. 


Ted opened the girls room as he walked Page into the room to give her a proper good night kiss.  He kissed her lips softly and pulled back and looked down into her green eyes.  They were looking smoky.  As he gently cupped her face in his huge hands and brought his lips down on hers again.  She molded against his body and let whatever was going happened,




I'm gonna be here for you from now on
This you know somehow
You've been stretched to the limits but it's alright now
And I'm gonna make you this promise
If there's life after this
I'm gonna be there to meet you with a warm, wet kiss
Yes I am

And I'm gonna love you like nobody loves you
And I'll earn your trust making memories of us

I'm gonna love you like nobody loves you baby
And I'll win your trust making memories of us
Mmmmm Oooooh oh baby



Chase was leaning against the wall and said, "Thanks for the dance...It was nice."  Randy nodded and said, "You're welcome, I'm really glad you enjoyed it...So can I take you to dinner tomorrow?"  Randy smirked as he watched her chew her bottom lip, she could listen to him talk forever, his voice was deep and smooth, and was completely making her weak in the knees, she said, "Yea."  Randy's eyebrows shot up and he said, "Really?"  Chase nodded and said, "Yea...I told you I'd think about it when you got Teddy's permission...And clearly if he trusts you...Then I can too." 


Chase smiled a genuine smile and Randy couldn't help but smile back at her.  Randy stepped closer to her as he watched her suck her bottom lip between her teeth his hand came up and with his thumb he carefully pulled her lip out from between her teeth.  As he slowly leaned down and pressed a soft kiss against her bright red lips.  Randy felt her tremble against his lips.  His hands came up slowly and gripped her hips to steady her and he felt her hands as they touched his forearms, she had the softest touch...Almost as if she didn't want to hurt him...When he was really more concerned about hurting or scaring her.


When the pulled apart for mandatory oxygen, Randy said, "Sorry...I didn't scare you did I?"  Chase shook her head no and said, "I'll see you tomorrow night...Umm 7:30?"  Randy nodded and said, "Perfect...Should we do dressy or casual?"  Chase said, "I could completely dress up...I haven't done it for a while."  Randy said, "Okay, dressy it is...See you tomorrow night."  He watched as she let herself in the room and a few minutes later Ted walked out as they walked down to their room.


Chase fell asleep with one person on her mind...Randy Orton.


Chapter 5


Page looked at Chase; she had on a Black strapless dress that went to just about her knees.  Than there was a layer of sheer material that was over her shoulders and all the way down to the bottom of the dress.  She had on 2 in heeled open toed back heels the buckled around her ankle.  She had left her hair down making sure to curl some of the ends opposite ways, it bounced when she walked.


A knock on the door signaled someone was there.  Page walked over and opened the door.  Ted and Randy were looked back at her.  Page said, “What are you two suddenly the Bella twins?”  Ted smirked and said, “Only if you promise to throw my ass around like you did Nikki last night.”  Page laughed as Ted kissed her lips softly and tossed her over his shoulder and carried her back into the room as Randy followed.  Ted gently set Page down on her feet in front of him.  Page looked at Randy and said, “Wow…You clean up pretty good Randy.”  Randy smiled his award winning smile and said, “Thank you.”


Randy had on black dress pants, black dress shoes, a red button down dress shirt, no tie, with the first 2 buttons undone, and his black dress jacket matched his pants.  Page said, “Chase…C’mon.”  Chase blotted the extra gloss off her lips and ran her fingers through her hair as she slowly walked out into the living room.  Randy’s eyes almost fell out of his head.  Randy had to exhale slowly and kept his whole body under control.  Randy could almost not believe how beautiful she looked.  She was absolutely gorgeous.  Randy handed her a long single long stem red rose and she watched as she inhaled its scent.  She placed it on the night stand next to her bed and Randy said, “You ready?”  Chase nodded and said, “Sure.”  Randy held out his hand as he watched her put a black wrap around her shoulders and took his hand.


Randy started off by taking her to an Italian Restaurant called Strings.  They talked a little about what they did growing up…Mostly Randy listened to what it was like for Chase to grow up with Teddy and their father…and then She listening intently while Randy talked about him and his dad and grandfather…Both having grown up in the wrestling world and business.  Chase loved watching her dad wrestle, but never realized how much she loved the sport until she got in the ring one time…and that was basically it.  And her dad fought her every step of the way…Which is why they hadn’t spoken for the last 24 months.  Randy imagined that was hard for her…Since he probably had only a small idea of how close she was with her dad.


After they finish dinner, Randy took her dancing at a night club…But it was club music, it was just nice slow dancing in each other arms for a few hours.


Meanwhile back at the hotel, Ted and Page were definitely getting comfortable.  Page was wrapped in his arms as he was softly kissing on her neck.  Ted carried her into the bedroom and planted Page on her feet in front of him as he sat down on the bed Page moved over and sat straddled on his lap…Ted captured her lips with his as she reached out and caught his bottom lip between her teeth and bit down a little and then ran her tongue across it to soothe it…Ted’s hands were on her butt pulling her closer to him…and his hands started sliding up her shirt and he cupped her naked breasts in his hands…as soon as the flesh on his hand touched her, her nipples hardened…he tweaked her nipples a little and applied a little pressure, making her arch her back and push his hands against her breasts harder…a moan escaped her mouth…as Ted deepened the kiss…his tongue plundered her mouth caressing every inch of the warm recesses of her tongue and mouth.


Ted laid back taking her body with him…he rolled her off and laid half on her kissing her neck, throat, collar bone, shoulders…Ted’s warm hand started on her stomach and then slowly went down and un-buttoned her jeans and unzipped them…Page could feel his erection pressing against the side of her thigh.  Ted’s hand slid into her jeans, under the elastic of her panties and he brushed against her clit with his long finger…Ted slowly slid his finger into her soaking wet core.


Ted said, “God you’re so warm, wet, and tight baby…”  Page kissed Ted’s neck up to his ear and said, “Ted, make love to me…please.”  Ted pulled away and looked deep into her eyes and said, “Are you sure?”  Page was chewing on her bottom lip and nodded yes.  Ted smirked and said, “How would you like it?”  Page quirked an eye brow at Ted and pulled his hand from inside her jeans and Ted said, “I want to make love to you with your fingers.”  Ted sucked his finger into his mouth tasting her juices.  “And I want you to make love to me with your tongue.”  Page sucked his tongue into her mouth, tasting her own essence on his tongue…Ted groaned…Page’s hand slid down and stroked his cock through his jeans and she said, “And I want you to make love to me with your cock.”


Ted got up and as Page sat up Ted pulled her shirt from her body, then slowly eased her jeans over her hips, down her long legs and off…Ted hooked his fingers into her panties and slowly slide them down her legs and threw them off to the side.  Ted knelt down on the floor and ran his hands up her long silky legs and said, “Spread your legs baby, I wanna see that pretty pussy of yours.”  Page swallowed hard…


Mmmmm…Gotta love the pillow talk.


Page slowly spread her legs…Ted started at the bottom and ran his tongue and lips up both legs…and nipped the insides of her thighs…Ted ran his tongue up the length of her slit…Groaning at the taste of her…her smell was intoxicating and the taste was better than anything in the world…Ted started running his tongue around her clit and she started squirming around on the bed…


Ted brought his hand up and put it on her hips to steady her, as he slowly started sliding 2 fingers in and out of her core as his tongue was circling her clit…Page could feel her body absolutely responding to EVERYTHING he did to her…His ministrations were making her senses reel…Page’s whole body was tingling from head to toe…She knew it wouldn’t be long…In between licks Ted said, “C’mon Page…Cum for me baby…I need to taste you girl…I need you to cum for me…please…you’re pussy tastes so good…but I wanna taste your cum baby…c’mon.”  Page felt him add a 3rd finger…and she slowly started breathing heavier and started out moaning and ended screaming out Ted’s name as her orgasm washed over her body…Ted licked her completely dry…her licked up every ounce her body gave to him.


Ted crawled up her body and Page pulled him down to her and kissed him with a fevered pitch…Ted pulled away and stood up…he slowly got rid of shoes, socks, shirt…and his jeans…Page said, “Commando…”  Ted smirked and said, “The only way to go.”  She giggled a little and Ted got back on the bed and slipped between her thighs…Ted pulled her knees up a little, and slowly entered her…Page moaned from the pleasure filling her body.  Ted said, “I’m not hurting you am I?”  Page said, “No…it feels wonderful…Please don’t stop.”  Ted set a pace and was going nice and slow…Making sure her whole body felt every move he made inside of her…Ted grabbed her hips and rolled them over…he said, “Ride me…” 


Page started rolling her hips slowly and moving up and down…her hands slid down his arms to his hands and they laced their fingers together…and Ted just let her go at her own pace…he wasn’t going to rush her…not even a little.  Page arched her back forward and her head back and her long chestnut hair went down and covered his thighs…Her hands on his 6-pak, helping herself move up and down his shaft inside of her…Page could feel him clenching his abs wall of muscles…She leaned over and kissed his lips so softly…and Ted slid his arms around to her back and said, “You ready to go a little faster baby.”  Page moaned a little and said, “Yes…please.”  Ted grabbed her hips and they rolled over again as Ted pushed her knees nearly into her chest and started stroking deeper into her…his thumb went down and started rubbing her clit…Ted said, “God Baby you look so sexy with my cock buried deep inside of your pussy…You’re so tight baby…”  Ted picked up the pace and started going faster and harder…Page felt like she couldn’t catch her breath…


Ted was literally pounding into her…Her hips were thrusting up to meet his as Ted pistoned into her like a drill…Page almost couldn’t get enough…she started moaning out her orgasm, “Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmm God TED!”  Ted thrusted into her a few more times before burying himself to the hilt and growling out her name as she felt him explode deep inside of her core…Ted pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to her…he gathered Page into his arms and kissed her lips gentle and they both slowly fell asleep.


As Randy walked Chase down to their room, Randy said, “You realize they are probably both sleeping, and Ted is gonna snore like a bear all night.”  Chase said, “So what would you suggest?”  Randy said, “You can always grab your bag and stay in our room.”  Chase said, “Eh…I don’t know.”  Randy chuckled and said, “You can sleep in Ted’s bed…Housekeeping cleaned out room and changed the sheets so everything is clean.”  Chase smirked and said, “Okay…Let me pop inside and get my bag.”  Randy nodded, a few minutes later, she came out giggled.  Randy took her bag from her as he escorted her down the hall to his and Ted’s room.


Randy said, “What’s wrong?”  Chase said, “You know they have to be tired…They pushed both of the queen size beds together and neither one had a stitch of clothing on…Thank God is was just a couple of naked butts I had to look at…Fully frontal nudity from my brother would make me go blind.”  Randy laughed so hard as he opened the door and let her walk in.  He directed her to the room and to Ted’s bed.  He watched as she went into the bathroom as she changed out of her dress and into a pair of red shorts, with think pin striped down the side and a white tank top.  Randy was already laying in bed, she came out and couple help but whistle at her.  He watched the blush creep into her cheeks as he caught her hand and she stopped to look at him.


Randy stood up from the bed as he softly kissed her lips and said, “Thanks for coming out with me tonight…You looked amazing.”  Chase smiled softly as she said, “Thanks for taking me…I had a really good time.”  Randy said, “Yea me too.”  Randy kissed her lips softly one more time before waiting for her to get in bed, as he turned the light out and climbed in and said, “Night Chase.”  Chase giggled and said, “Night Randy.”  As they both fell asleep with the other on their mind.  Nothing but sweet dreams was had.


Chapter 6


In the morning, Randy rolled around and was trying to wake up, he looked up and noticed Chase was sitting in the middle of the bed with her knees in her chest, trying to wake herself up.  Randy sat up and looked over at Chase, he noticed even with disheveled hair all over the place she was still cute.  Randy said, "Morning."  Chase looked over and said, "Morning...Did you sleep well?"  Randy nodded and said, "Did you?"  Chase nodded and said, "I'm gonna jump in the shower really fast."  Randy said, "Go for it...I'll shower after you and we'll go get some breakfast, before we all head to the airport."  Chase nodded as she disappeared into the bathroom.


Randy scrunched up his nose and watched as Chase ate a grapefruit for breakfast.  As he was eating scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and toast.  Ted and Page were sharing chocolate chip pancakes.  Chase giggled at the face Randy made and said, "What?"  Randy said, "I'm trying to figure out how you're choking down that grapefruit when everyone knows it tastes like shoe laces."  Chase laughed and said, "Shoe laces?  New or used?"  It was Randy's turn to chuckle as he shook his head.  Page said, "New and used...That is the only fruit that should be outlawed."  Ted laughed as he held the fork with a huge bite of pancake and Page said, "How big do you think my mouth is exactly?"  Chase gave Page a sideways glance and Page said, "Shut up Chase!"  Ted looked down and Page looked into his beautiful blue eyes as the laughter danced in them.  Page pointed at Ted and said, "Do not answer that."  Randy held up his hand and said, "If they can't answer it then can I?"  Page said, "Not unless you want to pull my foot out of your ass later."  Randy nodded and said, "Fair enough."


Everyone laughed as Page took the fork and cleared off half the fork on the plate and ate the other half and then jabbed Ted in the back of the hand with the fork.  Ted yelped, "Yikes! Jesus woman!"  Page said, "That's for thinking whatever it was you were thinking a minute ago...I saw that look you gave me."  Ted laughed and said, "I didn't say anything though, doesn't that save me a little?"  Page said, "Only a little...That's why you got jabbed in the hand and not the eyeball."  Ted growled in her ear as he nipped the tender flesh on the side of her neck.


Chase made gagging noises and said, "Please I'm trying to eat my shoe laces in peace...Don't make me puke them up on you two."  Ted reached over and poked her side and laughed as she jumped in the booth.  Randy said, "I'm seriously going to have to remember how ticklish you are."  Chase smiled and shook her head no and said, "Oh no you seriously don't.  It's bad enough Mike, Brett and Teddy know, which that in itself is nothing but torture because they use it against me all the time.  Anyone outside of the family would just be an extra special torture for me."  Randy looked at Ted and said, "Whose Mike and Brett again?" 


Ted said, "Mike is our older half brother and Brett is our younger full blooded brother. And yea we like to torture the only girl in the family."  Ted smiled as he looked at Chase who gave him the finger and then pointed at Randy and said, "Don't even."  Chase locked eyes with Randy and hadn't noticed his hand snaked it's way under the table and Chase jumped a little and then blushed when she realized Randy's hand was touching her jean covered knee.  He chuckled as he watched her chew on her bottom lip again.


Randy looked over at Ted and said, "Are you two slow pokes done eating yet?"  Ted looked up from Page's neck and wiggled his eyebrows and said, "Clearly not...I'm just getting started."  Chase threw her napkin in Teddy's face and said, "It's 8:30 now...Don't forget we've got a flight home at noon."  Ted chuckled as he moved from the booth.  As he hooked his fingers in Page's belt loops and pulled her around and out of the booth.  As soon as Page stood up Ted leaned over and tossed her over his shoulder and walked towards the elevators and said, "I'll meet you in the lobby to go to the airport at 11."  Chase waved to Teds retreating form and said, "Nice knowing you Page."


Randy went over and paid the bill and then went back over and said, "You done with your shoe laces?"  Chase giggled and said, "Yea...Thanks it was good."  Randy made a face again and said, "Wanna go for a walk or do you need to pack?"  Chase said, "Actually I need to pack...But we can always talk while packing."  Randy nodded as he held out his hand and she took it.  She let him led her over to the elevator as they both stepped on.  He watched as she leaned against the elevator wall.  Randy faced her and leaned against the wall and his hand came up and brushed a lock of her dark honey colored hair from her face as she looked up at him and was suddenly aware he'd been so sweet the last couple of days.


Chase waited as the last few people exited the elevator before she pulled the stop button on the elevator and turned to Randy; he looked down at her and said, "What's wrong?"  He watched as her pink tongue came out and wet her lips and he calmed himself, she hooked her thumbs into the back pockets on her jeans and she said, "So why did you pick me?"  Randy quirked an eyebrow at her and said, "Chase...Have you seen yourself?"  Chase said, "Everyday of my life Randy...I'm not saying there's something wrong with me...But usually the shyness turns guys away fast because I can't just jump into something right away.  Usually by the time my shyness wears off, the guy is on his way to a girl who isn't shy."


Randy said, "Look...I'm very patient with people...I know I play a bastard in the ring...but you should know me by now...I'm nothing like my character in ring...Especially since me and your brother have been friends for so long.  Chase, you're a beautiful woman...You've got a great laugh and a soft soul about you.  Getting to know you, your brother and Page the last couple of years has been fun and completely enlightening.  I don't know if you know this or not, but I've been completely attracted to you for at least a year, but I knew about you being shy and didn't want to rush anything."  Chase pursed her lips together as she listened to what the 3rd generation superstar had to say.  He kept eye contact with her the whole time, which is basically how she knew he wasn't full of shit and he definitely wasn't lying to her...She could smell bullshit 20 miles away.


Chase smiled softly and said, "Oh...Okay."  She turned and started to hit the button to get the elevator moving again when Randy grabbed her hand.  She looked up and was suddenly aware of how close he was to her exactly.  The scent of his cologne was enough to make anyone crazy.  Randy softly cupped her face as he leaned down and said, "No more questions?  You're just going to take what I said as the truth?"  Chase smirked and said, "Well...Did you lie to me?"  Randy said, "No."  Chase said, "Are you lying to me right now?"  Randy said, "No."  Chase said, "Have you lied to me in the 2 years I've known you?"  Randy said, "No."  Chase said, "Okay then...No more questions."  Randy's lips slowly descended onto hers, as his tongue gentle caressed her tongue.  He tilted her head up and deepened the kiss and she moaned into his mouth...He had to figure out what he was going to do about not seeing her for the 3 days off every one had.


Meanwhile, Once Page and Teddy made it back to the room, Page decided it was time for a showered to try to wake herself up, a few minutes later the shower curtain was pulled back a little and Page’s big eyes were staring at Ted as he held out a cup of coffee to her…she leaned out of the shower and kissed his lips and said, “Thanks life saver.”  Ted knew she didn't function until she had coffee, even if they consumed breakfast she wasn't fully awake until she showered and had coffee. 


For some reason the kiss lasted a little longer than expected and before either of them knew it…Ted had kicked his shoes off and then stepped into the shower with Page…Jeans, shirt, and socks…Soon Page’s small hands were pulling at the button on his jeans and the zipper came down…her hands made their way into his jeans and came in contact with the fleshy part of his magnificent rear-end…She knew that man hadn’t worn underwear at breakfast!  Nothing between his bare ass and the material of his jeans…Just that thought alone made her hotter than she ever was.


Ted’s large hands were caressing places on her naked, water covered body she didn’t know could be caressed.  Ted watched as her teeth chattered a little and as Ted nuzzled her neck as he said, “I think I could warm you up...if you’d like me too.”  Page moaned at the feeling of his large hands on her body as his hands did some flesh exploring. Ted laughed a little and said, “Is that a yes?”  Page could only nod as, Ted turned her so her back was against his chest and his hands slid up cupping both her breasts and her nipples slid between his fingers as he applied a little pressure making her moan out in pleasure again. Ted knew where all her sensitive parts were...Ted’s hand slid down her body as his middle finger slipped into her slit and started massaging her hard nub.

Page’s moans of Ted’s name were music to his ears...He loved pushing her to the borderline of ecstasy...Just listening to her voice was enough to get his erection going...which was currently pressed against her beautiful ass. Ted said, “I don’t know baby...are you ready for me.” Page’s moans begging was REALLY starting to get to him...he wanted to be inside of her...he CRAVED to be inside of her.  Ted placed Page’s hands flat against the tiled wall in the shower as he carefully pushed her legs apart and bent her forward slightly. Kissing along her spine and slowly eased himself into her over heated sex as a throaty moan echoed through the bathroom and possibly the whole house. Ted LOVED getting that kind of reaction from her.

Ted placed his hand flat against the wall next to hers...and it never failed, she would move her hand over and on top of the back of his hand and lace their fingers together with the back of his hand against the palm of hers...His free hand managed to find her hip as he slowly started moving inside of her as he kissed her neck and whispered sweet words in her ear. Somewhere in the middle of their love making, Page’s free hand left the wall and grabbed the back of Ted’s thigh...he knew she was getting close.  Then as both were in complete ecstasy, Page started off moaning and ended up screaming Ted’s Ted pushed himself all the way inside of her and felt her orgasm go through her body and then enter his as he emptied himself inside of her.  Their breathing calmed down and Page turned around and wrapped her arms around him as he kissed her softly.


Everyone made it to the airport and off on their flights on time...The foursome couldn't wait to re-join each other on Friday.


Chapter 7


By the time Friday hit, Randy and Page were sitting in the JFK airport in New York City.  Page said, “So are you actually dating my best friend?  Or have you guys even discussed that?”  Randy smirked and said, “I don’t think we even talked about it yet.  It felt like we spent an eternity on the phone though Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday…And part of this morning.  I think we talked about everything but dating.”  Page giggled and said, “Wow…I hope you both have unlimited minutes on your cells.”  Randy said, “Yea…and text, we had to of exchanged 2000 text messages when we weren't on the phone.”


Page looked down at the floor and said, “I realize Teddy probably threatened you already, but if you hurt Chase in any way, shape or form…I’m hurting you, you won’t like it and it won’t feel good at all.”  Randy looked at Page as she looked up and into his eyes and Randy said, “I’m not going to hurt her…I can promise you that.  I really like her…I don’t think anyone knows how much.”  Page said, “I’m pretty sure she does, because when she wasn’t on the phone with you she was jabbering my ear off about you…She definitely likes you Randy…I’m just asking you not to hurt her.”  Randy said, “Well I won’t.”  Page smiled and said, “Good.”


Ted and Chase’s flight was announced as landing and the passengers were departing the plane…As soon as Page saw Teddy she took off and jumped in his arms as he swung her around like it had been 3 weeks instead of 3 days.  Chase laughed as Randy walked up and leaned over kissing her lips softly.  Chase smiled up at Randy and he said, “What?”  Chase shook her head no as she sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and Randy’s hand came up and touched her cheek and his thumb gently pulled her lip from between her teeth and he said, “Stop doing that.  You won’t have lips left to kiss if you keep doing that.”  Chase stifled a laugh as Randy held out his hand as he looked back at Ted and Page.  Chase put her hand in his and he said, "Their gonna be a minute...Let's go get your bag."  Chase said, "You're probably right."  Randy laced his fingers with hers and led her to the luggage belt.


Page said, "We were only apart for 3 days."  Teddy kissed her ear as he wrapped her in his huge arms and said, "That was definitely 3 days too long."  Page smiled as Teddy leaned down and captured her lips for the millionth time.  Page would never get tired of kissing him.  He kissed her so gently and with so much passion she felt like it was going to explode out of the ends of her fingers and toes.  Ted pulled away and said, "Let's get out of here."  Page said, "Damn good idea."


No one saw the brown eyes watching them with intent.


- -5 Months Later- -


Chase watched as Page paced the room on her cell phone.  She could feel the heat coming off Page...She was about to explode and take the whole arena with her.  They were currently sitting in the Staples Center in LA.  Chase cringed as Page said, "Mark if you don't hurry up and end this marriage, as God as my witness I'm going to kill you and bury your body where no one will find you, except the worms!"  Mark said, "Now is that really any way to speak to your loyal and faithful loving husband darlin'?"  Page said, "You're making me gag Mark.  Your anything but a loving husband, I don't know why you're deluding yourself...You need to check yourself into a mental hospital and have yourself put through some electric shock therapy." 


Mark chuckled and said, "See you wouldn't care about my mental health if you didn't love me."  Page said, "Mark...I don't love you...I hate you...I think you're the most overrated, over paid, brainless, dickless, hopeless human being that Vince McMahon ever got to work for him.  I don't want to be married to you anymore...I don't love you and at this point I don't know if I ever did.  I want this divorce finished and over with because I have more important things in my life to deal with and I have more important people in my life that I want to be spending my time with instead of wasting it on someone who thinks he's God' gift to women.  Which believe me Mark...You haven't been that in quite some time.  I think if you was smart you'd cut your losses with me and go back to Sara...She's the only woman who will ever take your overbearing need to dominate and like it."


Mark started to say something when Page flipped her cell phone closed...Thus ending the conversation immediately.


Randy and Teddy walked into the dressing room and Ted looked at Page and could tell she'd gotten off the phone with Callaway.  Teddy pulled her into his arms and said, "Is he still giving you shit?"  Page nodded and said, "I can't wait for this damn divorce to be finalized."  Teddy ran his hand up and down the middle of her back and said, "Don't worry, it'll be over soon."  Page hoped he was right.


Randy took Chases hand and pulled her to stand up as his lips kissed her softly.  They were happy together.  Chase had come out of her shell and was completely a different person when she wasn't shy.  There was a few times Randy could still make her blush, which he loved having that effect on her.  Randy said, "So I invited Ted and Page to come stay with me for the break...Feel like joining us?"  Chase hadn't been to Randy's house yet, even though they had been sharing a hotel room.  Randy had gone to see her a few times in Tampa, Florida.  Randy watched as her eyes lit up when he asked her.  Chase said, "I would love too."  Randy smirked and said, "You're actually excited aren't you?"  Chase smiled and said, "Absolutely."  They all started getting ready for Monday Night Raw.


Mark growled as he threw his phone across the dressing room and it hit the wall and shattered.  Mark yelled, "THAT FUCKIN BITCH HUNG UP!!!"  Mark's deadly green eyes turned toward the chubby man sitting in the corner and said, "What has she fuckin been up too?"  The man stood and handed a huge manila envelope to the almost 7 foot tall man covered in tattoos.  Mark snatched the envelope and opened it and dumped the contents out on the table. 


Mark's blood started boiling.


The first picture he came to was Chase Dibiase...Mark growled and said, "Fuckin little bitch...It's her fault Page left me."  The next picture was Chase Dibiase and Randy Orton kissing in an airport.  Mark smirked and said, "So...Orton's got a girlfriend...This is getting to be too easy."  The next picture was Page.....With.........Ted Dibiase Jr!  Mark said, "What the FUCK is going on with my wife and that fuckin PUNK!"  The PI stepped up and said, "Sugar coat or truth?"  Through clenched teeth Mark said, "TRUTH!" The PI said, "Well it seems as if your wife and the fella she's in the picture with have been romantically involved for a while now...From what I can tell it started a few weeks after she left you."


A few minutes later a loud BOOM!  Was heard through the arena the Smackdown crew were occupying.  Mark dislodged his fist from the wall and said, "The fuckin little whore just couldn't wait to get her legs wrapped around some meathead."  The PI said, 'I have it on good authority that the foursome will be staying in St. Charles Missouri at Randy Orton's home.  They should be there by Tuesday evening and will more than likely be staying there until Friday morning."


Mark smirked as he looked at the two pictures of the happy couple.  They really were making this too easy for him.


Chapter 8


The drive from the airport to Randy's house was calming to the group, Chase was sitting in front with Randy he had their fingers laced together and was placing soft kisses on the back of her hand.  Chase and Page both had jetlag, but it was starting to subside as they pulled into the driveway.  The house was huge, 2 stories.  There was a beautiful Victorian styled porch that wrapped all away around the house.  A couple of porch swings hanging in front by the front door and huge bay windows through the downstairs and upstairs.


Randy turned his Lincoln Navigator off and looked over at Chase.  Every since the plane landed, she couldn’t keep the smile off her face even though he knew the jetlag was unbearable.  Randy said, “What do you think?”  Chase looked at it again and said, “It looks amazing…I can’t wait to get in there.”  Randy chuckled as he got out and walked around opening the door and offering his hand to her as she took it and stepped out.  Chase followed behind Randy up the porch steps and watched as his butt moved in his Ed Hardy jeans.  There was something about his jeans that she couldn’t get enough of. 


Chase waited while Randy unlocked the door before her hand casually slid across his jean covered rear.  Randy jumped a little he wasn’t expecting her to do that.  Randy got the door unlocked as he stepped inside and turned the alarm off.  Randy narrowed his eyes as he grabbed Chase and pulled her into the house, closing the door as he pushed her against it he clicked the lock, and captured her lips with his.  A few minutes later, Ted was knocking on the door and said, “You jackass, you locked the door.”  Page said, “Yea…you can’t hide we know y’all are in there.”  Randy pulled back and said, “Do you think if we ignore them they’ll leave?”  Chase giggled as he kissed her lips again and she said, “No I don’t think so.”


Randy grabbed Chase's hand and pulled her away from the door as he unlocked it and opened it for Ted and Page...Ted said, "Hey...What the hell was that all about?"  Randy said, "Sorry, knee jerk reaction...I always re-lock it once I get inside.  Ted you already know your way around...Make yourself and Page comfortable you know where everything is." As Page and Teddy walked by them pulling their suitcases and then mysteriously disappeared upstairs, Randy looked down at Chase and said, "Would you like the 25 Cent tour?"  Chase smirked and said, "Do you know any good tour guides?"  Randy touched his chest and said, "I know one who would do it free for a kiss."  Chase said, "Is he good looking?  I can't really waste my time on someone who's not good looking...It would just be a waste of my energy."  Randy smirked, as he pointed in front of himself and said, "I don't know...there he is now...Come take a look."  Randy pulled her over to stand in front of him with her back against his chest and Chase looked at the reflection in the mirror of her and Randy.  Randy said, "Oh never mind he's already got a beautiful woman on his arm that he's escorting...I guess you're stuck with me."  Chase looked up and said, "I guess there are worse things to be stuck with."  Randy nodded as he leaned down and kissed her lips again.


Randy took Chase's hand and gave her a tour of the whole house and they ended up in his room...Not that she was surprised or anything that that's where the tour ended.  They both laughed at the moaning and groaning coming from Ted and Page's room...Not that that was surprising either.  Ted and Page literally couldn't get enough of each other. 


When they walked into Randy's room they sat on the foot of the bed and then laid back staring at the ceiling.  Randy said, "So do you like it?"  Chase looked over at Randy and said, "I don't like it, I love it.  It's so quiet and peaceful."  A few minutes later and the moaning got louder from across the hallway.  Randy and Chase started laughing as Chase said, "I don't know...I don't think we should come back to this hotel...The panting is so loud...Maybe they should insulate their rooms."  Randy laughed as he said, "Maybe they should be a no panting until after dark rule."


Randy watched as Chase sat up and threw her leg over his body as she carefully sat straddled on him...His hands came up and gripped her hips as she leaned down and they kissed for a few minutes.  He felt her hands as they slowly crept under his t-shirt and her finger tips softly moved around his abs and stomach.  Her hands slid his shirt up as he leaned up for her and she completely pulled his shirt off.  He watched as she held the cotton shirt to her face and said, "Smells good. I love your cologne."  Randy took his shirt and threw it over in the corner of the room and relished Chase's hands exploring his chest and arms.


His skin was so soft on his arms from the tattoo ink.  It would absolutely drive him up the wall when she would trace the patterns on his arms.  She could feel his hands as they started up her t-shirt as he slowly pushed the shirt up and off her torso.  Her black lace bra came into site and Randy could feel his body responding to her hands as she leaned down and kissed his lips again.  The watch on his right wrist brushed against her body as she grabbed his hand and took the watch off, he watched as she leaned up and over his body setting it on the night stand.   She started to move back to sitting on his pelvis, when his hands stopped her, she looked down and noticed her bra covered breasts were eye level with him.


Chase giggled and said, "See something you like?"  Randy said, "Oooooh yea."  Randy's lips burned a path from her neck to the tops of her breasts all the way down between the valley of her breasts as his tongue snaked its way under the front clasp and unsnapped her front close bra.  As he slid the material off her shoulders and onto the floor.


Randy could feel his erection straining against the confines of his jeans as Chase pulled back and locked eyes with him as his hands went to her breasts and rolled her nipples and pinched them slightly. Randy watched as the more he fingered her nipples the more Chase got turned on.  Chase leaned over and kissed his lips as her hands slid down his chest to the waist of his jeans as she unbuttoned and unzipped them...Her small hand slid into his jeans as she just figured out he was going commando with no underwear her small hand wrapped around the head of his erection and she slowly moved her hand up and down the length of him.  Chase licked her thumb and then rubbed it on the head of Randy’s erection Chase felt Randy’s cock jump in her hand...Randy smirked and Chase giggled as she watched Randy’s face fall when she stood up.

Randy got up and kicked the door closed as he turned around she was directly behind him and he pulled her back over to him and gave her a ferocious tongue twined kiss, as he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. As Randy made his way over to the bed and carefully sat her on the foot of the bed and helped her remove her jeans and panties and she helped him lose his jeans and then as she pushed back into the middle of the huge plush bed...Randy followed on his hands and knees.

His knee came up and slipped between her legs, pushing her thighs apart as he laid over her and Chase could feel his erection pressed against her naked sex...They rolled over as Chase sat straddled across his pelvis and rubbing her wet sex against his erection... Randy started to slowly rub them and then he slightly pinched her nipples he didn’t want to hurt her…

Randy sat up and took one of Chase’s nipples in his mouth as he sucked on it with a fevered pitch…he enjoyed listening to the moans that he was making her produce…he kissed across her chest and took her other nipple in his mouth…He let his hands slid down her body as he cupped her bottom again only this time…he rolled over until he was kneeling between her beautiful thighs…He could smell her arousal and pretty sure she could feel his…Randy rolled back over to have her sitting straddled on him again…Randy slowly slid two fingers into her soaking wet center…and felt her whole body moan against his...

Randy let Chase push him back to lay down again…as she started to slowly trail warm moist kisses down his chest…his fingers slowly slipped from her center…Chase watched him as he licked her juices from his fingers like he was eating a popsicle. Randy watched as Chase continued down his chest flicking both his nipples with her wet tongue…and then kissing down his 6pak stomach… she couldn’t help but since it was in her face…Her tongue reached out and circled the head and then placed a feather soft kiss on the tip…

She automatically felt Randy do a full body shiver…He reached down and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up to him…and kissed her so deep and passionately. Randy finally released her lips from his, as he lifted her body and before he slid into her, Randy caught the cute smile in her eyes as he let her slide down on top of him as his fully erect cock slid into her…Chase let out a ½ moan-½ sigh and slowly started rocking back and forth on him.

Randy laid back and was running his soft finger tips all over her neck, breasts…and running his thumb across her lips…She sucked him thumb into her mouth and was sucking on his thumb while running circles around it…Chase could feel Randy get instantly harder and larger inside her…She knew all the ways to make him insanely horny…Randy groaned again, “Oh god baby…you feel so good bouncing on my cock…with that sweet pussy of yours…”

She had her hands on his 6-pack stomach and she was watching his muscles move, ripple and flex…she leaned over and her hair slid over her shoulders and brushed against this pecks and nipples…his nipples became instantly hard…Chase leaned down and bit his bottom lip and then slowly let her tongue snake out and across his lips…and then slowly into his mouth…his hands slid down and grabbed her ass forcefully as he was pushing and pulling the lower half of her body to go faster…

Chase sat back up and leaned back putting her hands on his thighs…She could feel how tense his thigh muscles were…Randy sat up and was leaning over and kissing her breasts and nipples…as she was still moving on top of him…Chase moaned, “Oh God baby…you feel so good deep inside of me…” Randy grunted a couple of times as he was licking and kissing on her neck.

Randy gripped her hips and flipped her over onto her back and laid on top of her…and really pushed the back of her thighs up to thrust into her as deep as he could…Chase had a hold of his wrists for leverage again…he could feel her walls starting to react…and knew her orgasm was building…it was going to be intense…Randy leaned down and kissed her lips.

He gripped her thighs harder and really started thrusting deeper as deep as he could possibly get…and finally Chase started with a moan and ended screaming out his name as her orgasm tore through the inside of her body…as soon as Randy felt her go over the edge…and felt her center milking his cock…his orgasm was right behind hers…and she felt him explode so deep inside Chase thought he’d never stop cumming

They laid in bed and were just both so spent…They just laid in each other’s arms...Enjoying the afterglow of their love making session...It was wild, unbridled and amazing...and if it was going to be like that every time...Chase definitely couldn’t wait for it to start again...Randy must’ve been reading her mind as he leaned over her body and started kissing her neck...The thin layer of Sweat covering their bodies was enough to make anyone crazy...

Randy slipped between her thighs as Chase felt his cock slide into her again as she moaned out his name and he said, “You ready for another round.” Chase locked eyes with Randy and said, “Ready as I’ll ever be.” As Randy started slowly moving in and out of her body as they both settled in for a full night of making love all night long.


No one saw the boiling green eyes as the couples disappeared into the house.


Chapter 9


Wednesday night, Randy and Chase had been sitting outside on the porch all day, wrapped in each other’s arms, just enjoying each other immensely.  Randy was sitting sideways on the porch swing; one leg up with Chase sitting between his legs, both of her legs up on the swing, his long arms wrapped around her, his other foot was on the ground gently moving the swing back and forth.  Her hand was on his legs slowly rubbing around his leg.


Chase said, “Do you think Vince would get mad if we never went back to work?”  Randy’s laugh vibrated against her back as he said, “Yea…I think he might be a little pissed off.”  Chase said, “Do we really have to go back on Friday?”  Randy said, “If we don’t I think we might get fired…But I could be wrong.”  Chase laughed as she leaned back against Randy’s chest.  His soft lips started an assault on her neck.  Chase tilted her head to the side to give him better access. 


Ted and Page hadn’t made themselves known since they’d gotten to Randy’s the night before.  Chase said, “I wonder if they are going to make it down at all.”  Randy said, “Eventually they’ll get hungry and need some kind of food to finish up their sexcapades.”  Chase giggled and said, “Bathroom breaks and food…Sounds normal for those two.”  Randy laughed and said, “More often than not yes.” 


After a couple of hours of sitting in complete silence…Randy said, “Hey what would you say if I asked you to go with me on vacation?”  Chase looked up at Randy and said, “What?”  Randy said, “I’ve wanted to take some personal time, and I have to have surgery on my shoulder, because I tore my rotator cuff, and the tear is small, but if I wait much longer it’s going to get worse.  I figure I’ll have the surgery and be out for 8 or 9 weeks and we can go relax on a beach somewhere.”  Chase turned and looked up into Randy’s blue eyes and she said, “You’re serious aren’t you?”  Randy said, “Well who else would I want to take with me?”  Chase said, “Yea, but you’re going to be recovering from surgery.”  Randy said, “And who better to recover with than my girlfriend on some secluded beach?”  Chase smiled and said, “Okay…Pick when you want to go out and how long and we can call Titan Towers on Friday and put in for it.”  Randy leaned down and kissed her lips and said, “It’s a date.”


About an hour later, every one met in the living room and Randy put Teddy in charge of ordering a few pizzas.  Randy kept getting the feeling when he and Chase were sitting outside that they were being watched.  He didn’t see anyone around, so he just dismissed the feeling.  The doorbell rang and Chase stood and said, I’ll get the door.”  Randy looked up and said, “You sure baby?”  Chase nodded and said, “Yea…I’ll get it.”  Randy watched as she left the den.  Teddy walked in and said, “Where’s Chase going?”  Randy said, “Pizza’s here.”  Ted said, “That’s impossible I just got off the phone with the pizza dude.”


Randy’s head snapped up and his eyes locked with Ted, as Randy jumped over the back of the couch and said, “CHASE DON’T OPEN THE DOOR!”  As Ted and Randy rounded the corner they heard the mirror by the front door crash to the floor and knew they were too late.  Chase was smashed into the wall, her feet were dangling above the hard wood floor about 3 feet…Randy saw the thick hand wrapped around her neck holding her to the wall, as he followed the thick muscled, tattoo covered arm to Mark Callaway’s face.  Randy could see the fear in Chase’s eyes, she was trying to pry Mark’s hand from around her throat…Ted started to push past Randy, when Randy stopped him and said, “No don’t he might hurt her worse.”


Randy turned his attention back at the scene unfolding in front of him and said, “Let go of her Callaway.”  Mark said, “Shut the fuck up you little punk…This fuckin little bitch made my marriage end.”  A voice said, “No she didn’t…You did you fuckin asshole.”  Mark’s head snapped around as Ted and Randy turned and saw Page standing with her hands on her hips in the door way from the kitchen to the front hallway.  Mark said, “You little whore you’re next.”  Page walked around Randy and Ted as she said, “Yea?  Well make it good you overbearing asshole…Now let go of Chase…She had nothing to do with me leaving you…It was all your fault…Ever since day one of our marriage you’ve done nothing but try to dominate every single thing I did.  Well no more buddy boy…I refuse.”


Mark said, “You and what fuckin army you little bitch?”  Page said, “Oh well, did I forget to mention the police are on their way?  I’m pressing charges, I’m getting a restraining order and I’m going to the judge because I refuse to be married to you for one more second.  You come into my friends home un-welcome; you brutalize my best friend…If you think I’m going to just let you get away with it you’ve got another thing coming.”  Mark was taken back and even more so, as he watched her walk up to him and she said, “I’m not going to tell you again…Let go of Chase.”  With that she pulled back and kicked out as hard as she could and nailed Mark in the balls.


When Mark hit his knees from the shot to his nuts, he let go of Chase and Ted and Randy both rushed at Mark dragging him outside as Page grabbed a huge roll of duct tape…she’d actually found it by dumb luck in the kitchen.  While Mark was groaning in agony on the ground outside, Page used quick thinking and wrapped duct tape completely around Mark’s body about 15 to 20 times and then also around his ankle so he literally couldn’t go anywhere.  Once they got Mark occupied, they looked towards the house and saw Chase crawling out.


Chase was trying to catch her breath, her neck and throat felt like they were literally on fire.  Chase crawled out the front door on her hands and knees.  Randy jumped up and ran over to her, hitting his knees once he got in front of her…She looked up at him and he felt sick to his stomach he could hear how bad her breathing was labored, it sounded like something was stuck in the middle of her throat.  He reached out and touched her cheek as he watched a few tears slide down her cheeks.  Randy said, “Are you okay baby?”  Chase opened her mouth and something along a squeak came out as she said, “No.”  Randy said, “Right…So Emergency room it is.” 


Ted and Page ran through the house grabbing shoes for both Randy and Chase and Randy’s Navigator keys.  Randy got his shoes on while Teddy helped Chase with her.  Teddy touched his sister’s knee and said, “Don’t worry, as soon as the cop’s pick of that piece of shit Page and I will be there…I promise.”  They could already see the purple bruise forming around her throat.  Chase nodded as Teddy kissed the top of her head.  Randy wouldn’t even let her move, he gather her in his arms and placed her in the SUV.  Randy tore out to the hospital as he looked over at Chase and noticed her lips were blue.  Randy said, “Hang on…Well be at the ER in 5 minutes.”  Chase just nodded it hurt too much to speak.


Chapter 10


Randy was pacing in the Emergency Room waiting room.  Ted had called and said the cops had left with Mark handcuffed in the back and they were driving to the hospital as fast as they could.  About 10 minutes later Ted and Page walked through the door and Randy ushered them into the elevator.  Once the doors closed, Ted turned to Randy, "What's going on with Chase?"  Randy scowled, "He crushed her trachea, they had to do a tracheotomy and then took her directly into surgery to repair the damage.  The doctor is going to attempt to go in through her esophagus rather than through her neck because he doesn't want her to have a scar." 


Ted shook his head, "Is she going to be ok?"  Randy nodded, "She's going to have a tube coming out of her throat from the tracheotomy and a thick purple and blue bruise all the way around her neck...but other than that she's ok."  Page whimpered, "This is all my fault...I shouldn't have gotten involved with you Teddy, until my divorce was final."  Ted grabbed Page's elbow and turned her to face him, "This is not your fault…I should've known better, but you didn't see me stopping it...Page I have an insanely strong attraction to you, I don't know where it comes from, but when I'm with you, I don't give a shit about anyone but you and me...and you're happiness.  Your happiness is everything to me.  I'm pretty sure Randy can look out for him and Chase...But I'm responsible for myself and you.  Chase knows it.  Randy knows it.”


Ted and Page followed Randy off the elevator down 15 doors and turned into Chase's hospital room.  Ted's breath caught in his throat he'd never seen his little sister like that before.  She was always the strong one and never hurt and he was always the one getting hurt.  Seeing her hurt instead of it being himself was a huge switch for him.  It killed him actually.


Randy walked over and touched her cheek, running his thumb across her bottom lip.  Her eyes slowly opened as she was met by Randy's blue eyes.  Randy said, "Don't try to speak baby...You've got a tube in your throat...It's going to be there for a few days."  Randy kissed her forehead.  Her head felt foggy.  Her hand searched until hers found his, he chuckled as he laced his fingers with her and pulled her hand up and kissed the back of it several times.  Randy's blue eyes swimming with concern, "Are you in any pain?"  Chase carefully shook her head no.   


Ted walked over and kissed her forehead...Chase felt around with her other hand and hit the button on the bed so it would elevate her head...She desperately wanted to sit up.  She looked over at Page and knew she'd been crying.  She tapped Randy and asked for a pen and paper.  Randy watched as she wrote in huge letters and chuckled when he read it.  Chase handed Randy the pen and Chase pointed at Page.  Page pointed at herself, "Me?"  Chase nodded as she held up the paper so Page could see it.  Page couldn't help but laugh and cry at the same time.  The paper said:




Ted had to laugh as well as he shook his head at his sister, as he leaned over and kissed the top of her head.  Chase held her arms open as Page smiled and Page crawled up the bed and laid her head on Chase's chest.  Chase wrapped her arms around her best friend as they laid together...Suddenly, Ted laid behind Page and Randy leaned Chase up and scooted into the bed too. 


The nurse walked in, "Oh my goodness Miss. Dibiase...I'd say you've got plenty of support."  Chase gave her a thumbs up.


A few days later, they removed the trachea tube her voice was a little scratched for a couple of days.  And was released at the end of the week.  In the mean time, Randy had contacted Titan Towers, and told them about Chase and that he was going to go ahead and have his shoulder surgery to get it out of the way. 


Ted and Page had to go back on the road on Monday, while Chase sat in the waiting room of the Operating room, while the surgeon worked on Randy’s shoulder.  About 2 hours later, they wheeled him into his private hospital room and his doctor came in and was checking the incisions, stitches and bandages.  His left arm was in a sling, and Chase was standing watching the doctor.  Dr. Andrews looked over at Chase, "So Randy tells me you guys are going to Hawaii for recovery." 


Chase smiled, "Yea.  Is he going to be okay to travel on Friday?"  The doctor said, "I think he'll have some mild discomfort, but he'll have  pain meds  and antibiotics...So I don't think it should be too bad.  The plane ride might be a little rough for him, but if he relaxes afterwards he should be ok.  I called ahead and set up a physical therapist to come to your guys suite so he doesn't have to leave."  Chase smiled as she thanked the doctor.  She watched as he left.


About 45 minutes later, Chase felt someone tug on her hair, she had fallen asleep in the chair next to the bed.  She opened her eyes and saw Randy smiling weakly at her, "So this is what you do when you're boyfriend is in surgery."  Chase smiled as she stood and kissed his lips softly, "No, this is what I do when my boyfriend is sleeping off the anesthetic.  Are you hungry or thirsty?  I'm not even going to ask if you're in pain, cause I know Dr. Andrews filled you up on morphine."  Randy chuckled, "Yea. I'm feeling no pain right now...Well you know other then my arms being empty and missing you."  Chase laughed, "You're smooth aren't you Mr. Orton."  Randy smiled softly, "Why yes I am Mrs. Orton." 


Chase shook her head,  "Don't say that too loud, No one knows but me and you."  Randy smiled as he caressed her cheek and pulled her to him and kissed her lips softly.  He moved over in the hospital bed and she carefully say on his right side.  As he wrapped his arm around her, she carefully covered them up, "Nice gown honey.  I'm so getting a picture of you like this and putting it on my twitter page."  Randy growled in her as she giggled she looked up and he kissed her lips again, "We need to get you moved in with me first.  Then you can twitter me as much as you want babe."  Chase rested her head on his chest, with her arm loosely around his waist, careful not to bump his left arm, he kissed the top of her head as they both fell asleep, wishing Friday could get their fast.


Chapter 11


By the time Friday rolled around, Randy and Chase were absolutely ready to just relax in the hotel, on the beach, anywhere basically.  When the plane touched down in Hawaii, Randy and Chase waited until everyone else was off the plane and then they got off, they didn't really want anyone bumping into his shoulder.  He had gotten rattled a few times from some turbulence, but he was doing much better once the plane landed. 


Once they got checked into the hotel they both laid across the bed the five hour flight had really taken a lot out of them.  Not to mention Chase was suffering from some SERIOUS jetlag.  She'd already thrown up twice, she was lying with her head on Randy's stomach and absentmindedly his fingers were running through her hair.  His low voice rumbled, "So, I have a question for you?"  Chase smiled softly as she looked up into his beautiful blue eyes, "I might have an answer for you."  Randy chuckled, "When should we tell our families we got married a month ago?  I mean we really have to tell them...Because you realize I want you to move in with me in St. Louis right?" 


Chase sat up and turned to face Randy as she sighed softly, "Of course...I don't know what a good time to tell either set of parental units, not to mention Teddy and Page.  Maybe we should tell them first that way we can gage to see how the parents are going to take it."  Randy looked in thought, "When do we tell them?  Now or after we get back?"  Chase shook her head, "There's no way in hell I'm telling them something like that over the phone."  Randy chuckled, "Yea you're right that was stupid wasn't it?"  Chase nodded as she laughed as she buried her face in his chest, "Mmm I love you."  Randy kissed the top of her head, “I love you too gorgeous.”


After Chase and Randy had been in Hawaii for a month, Randy was doing great with his physically therapy, which they were both thankful for.  They’d walked on the beach made love countless times every where they possibly could and did a lot of talking about when to get her moved into his place in St. Louis so it could be THEIR place. Randy had already told her she could re-decorate anything she wanted to, but she had already declined, she loved it the way it was.


One night there was a luau on the beach that their hotel was throwing and Randy and Chase went down of course.  They had some really good food, than a DJ decided they were going to play a nice slow song, so Randy grabbed Chase’s hand and pulled her to the dance floor, as he wrapped her in his arms around and they slowly moved around the floor.  Randy could see her blue teardrop shaped diamond on the silver band, sitting on her left ring finger.  Randy smiled softly, “You’re wearing your ring.”  Chase smiled softly, “Of course…Don’t think I didn’t see you with yours on.  I can’t wait to tell everyone so we can wear them permanently…I love you and I love wearing it.”  Randy smiled as he kissed her lips softly slowly dancing with her on the floor. “I love you too.”



I am home now, home now
I've been waiting for forever to find you, to find you
I'm not alone now, alone now
'Cause you've taken in my heart from the cold
All I know is every time I look into your eyes
I know, I know you're where I belong
I belong with you

You're where I belong
And I know it's the truth
You're part of my heart
There's nothing I can do
Oh, you're the one who keeps me warm
My baby, you're where I belong

You're my first taste, first taste
Of the sweetest feeling I've ever known, that I've known
You're my safe place, safe place
From a world that can be so cruel and cold
You're my harbor, you're my shelter
You're that welcome smile
That lets me know I'm home

You're where I belong
I belong with you
You're where I belong
And I know it's the truth
You're part of my heart
There's nothing I can do
Oh, you're the one who keeps me warm
My baby, you're where I belong

You're the one I come to...yeah
To keep me from the cold

You're where I belong
I belong with you
You're where I belong
And I know it's the truth
You're part of my heart
There's nothing I can do
Oh, you're the one who keeps me warm
My baby, you're where I belong

You're where I belong
You're where I belong
I am home now, home now



Chapter 12


After another four weeks of physical therapy and paradise that Chase and Randy seemed to found in Hawaii they were both fully rejuvenated.  Randy had been medically cleared to go back to the ring and so had Chase, her throat and trachea were fully healed.  Once they got back on the flight back to the US from Hawaii. 


They landed in LA and headed to the Staples Center.  They had already removed their rings and placed them in Randy’s bag.  Randy looked over and noticed a look on Chase’s face, “What’s wrong babe?”  He laced his fingers with hers when she looked over, “I hate taking my ring off.”  Randy kissed the back of her hand, “Listen, we’ll invite Page and Ted out for dinner after Monday Night Raw and we’ll tell them.  We can put them back on when we go to dinner…deal?”  Chase smiled softly, “Deal.”  They stopped a red light and Chase leaned over and brushed a kiss on his lips.  Randy growled, “You had better watch yourself or were not making it to the arena.”  Chase couldn’t help but giggle at him.


Once they got to the arena, Randy got a hold of Ted and told him about dinner plans and Ted agreed to it and Chase informed Page of the dinner plans as the girls got ready for their match that night.  Page had on purple plastic shorts and a purple tank top with black laces up the front.  Plus purple knee high wrestling boots with her knee and elbow pads.  She pulled her hair into a ponytail.  Chase didn’t have to actually wrestle, so she had on jeans, blue sneakers and a blue form fitting t-shirt.  She was supposed to walk Page to the ring.


Naturally Randy’s first match was against Cody Rhodes.  They locked up and Randy slung him into the ropes and kneed him in the gut.  Cody got pissed and slapped Randy across the face as a sign of disrespect Randy grabbed Cody and threw him out through the ropes to the floor.  As Cody was getting up, Randy bounced off the ropes and did a baseball slide into Cody’s chest knocking him into the guard wall.


Cody climbed back into the ring and Randy whipped him into the ropes Cody reversed if and tossed Randy out of the ring, after that it basically became an all out free for all brawl.  That was until Cody shoved Randy face first into a ring post and tossed a chair into the ring and drug Randy back in and gave him the Cross Roads on the chair.  Cody had clearly broken script because he was written to lose…Apparently he didn’t feel like losing the scripted way.  As the match had been tossed.


Chase was in complete knots, as the trainers carefully helped Randy to the back.   Larry said he was going to go ahead and sent Randy to the ER because they wanted him completely x-rayed from top to bottom.  Chase looked at Page, “I’m sorry, but I have to go with Randy.”  Ted got slightly annoyed, “Chase he’s a big boy he can go by himself.”  Chase shook her head, “No…I’m going with him…I have to.”  Chase started to follow when Ted grabbed her upper arm and jerked her back, “He’s gonna be fine Chase.”  Chase had tears rolling down her cheeks.


Cody walked up with a smirk on his face, “You guys like my handy work…I figured the script needed a little re-write.”  Chase jerked her arm out of Ted’s grip as she walked over and kind of like driving by a bad car accident that you can’t help but slow down and look at, Ted and Page watched mouths gaped open when Chase pulled back and punched Cody as hard as she could in the face.  When his ass hit the floor she spit on him, “I don’t know who the fuck you think you are Cody Runnels, but when you decide to re-write the script…Lives are in danger…and when the life involved is my husband then I take it as you attacking me and if you’re attacking me you’re going to get your fuckin ass handed to you…If you ever do something that immature and moronic again I will demand you are released from this company…because you will officially be a hazard to every one’s health.  And if you ever do that again with my husband in the ring with you…Just be prepared for an ass whipping that will be so bad hell won’t have you anymore.  Slimy piece of shit!”


Ted glared at Chase, “Excuse me?  Did you just say husband…Please tell me you didn’t!”  Chase turned around and shoved Ted, “Do you have a fuckin problem too Teddy?  Because I can fix it just like I fixed Cody’s.”  Page stepped between the arguing siblings, “Whoa!  No one is fixing anyone’s problems…Well except for Cody’s.  Look Chase go catch up with Randy, Ted can walk me out for my match we’ll come see you guys at the hospital.”  Chase could see the comforting look in Page’s eyes, “Okay…Thanks.”  Chase ran her hand through her hair as she jogging off down the hallway and jumped in the back of the ambulance with Randy as they made their way to the ER.


Ted growled, “What the hell is going on?”  Page gripped Ted’s face and kissed him for a good 5 minutes and as she pulled back looking into his eyes, “Apparently your sister and Randy got married...I don’t know when or where but they must love each other or they wouldn’t have done it.  Now be a gentleman and walk me to the ring and you might get a treat later.”  Ted growled against her neck as he slapped her right ass cheek.  She turned around as she gripped his balls, “HEY!  No foreplay before the match!  Besides you know the rules!  If you’ve been naughty go to your room…If you want to be naughty go to mine.” 


Page stood on the platform as her entrance music played with Ted standing next to her.  “See you in your room later.”  Page smiled, “I knew you’d see it my way.”  Page just wanted to get her match over with Kelly-Kelly so they could get to the ER and find out what the heck was going on.


Chapter 13


Chase was sitting in the ER with Randy’s bag; she’d pulled her ring out and put it on.  She had basically had it; she was tired of hiding the fact that she loved Randy with everything that was inside of her.  She looked up when Teddy and Page walked into the ER waiting room.  Chase stood up as Teddy walked over, “Have you heard anything about Randy yet?”  Chase nodded, “Yea…they took him down for x-rays and a cat scan.  They just wanted to make sure nothing is broken and are also checking him for a concussion and whiplash.”


Teddy looked down and saw the blue diamond on her finger, “This is why you guys asked us to go to dinner tonight after the show…Isn’t it?  You guys wanted to tell us.”  Chase nodded, “We wanted to tell you guys first, before we told mom and dad…Do you think they will freak out to much?”  Teddy shook his head, “I don’t know Chasey…You’re their only daughter.  I can only imagine they probably wanted a fairly big wedding for you.”  Chase frowned, “I didn’t want a big wedding.  We just wanted to get married.” 


Teddy kissed her forehead as he hugged her tight, “I fully understand kiddo…I know how much Randy loves you…How long have you guys been married?”   Chase smiled softly, “3 months.  The day Mark busted into Randy’s was out 1 month.”  Teddy shook his head as he chuckled, “How the hell did you guys get married and I never noticed?”  Page smacked Teddy’s arm, “Screw that…How’d you get married and not tell me?”  Chase giggled, “Sorry guys.  There’s a reason they call it eloping.  You’re not supposed to tell anyone about it.  It would defeat the purpose of keeping it a secret.”  Page and Chase hugged tightly.


The doctor walked over, “Excuse are any of you her for Randy Orton?”  Chase stepped forward, “Yes…He’s my husband…What’s going on?”  The Doctor smiled, “I’m Dr. White, I’ve just finished looked over Mr. Orton’s x-rays.  Nothing really to worry about Mrs. Orton, All his x-rays came back completely clean, no breaks, no concussions and no whiplash.  He’s gonna be sore for a few days but his body has been well conditioned so more than likely he won’t even bruise.  Just have him soak in an ice bath in the morning and a hot shower at night before bed.” 


Chase nodded, “Thank you so much.  Is it safe to take him home tonight?”  Dr. White nodded, “Absolutely.  Did you by any chance bring some clothes for him?”  Chase picked up his bag, “Where should I go?”  Dr. White pointed down the hallway, “All the way down through the double doors and through the x-ray door, you can’t miss it.”  Chase took off down the hallway, Ted laughed, You’ll have to forgive her they are newlyweds.  Thank you very much for your help.”  Dr. White chuckled, “Not a problem.  I fully understand the importance of seeing your loved one after something like this.”


Chase walked into x-ray and into the room and couldn’t help but giggle.  Randy was sitting on a gurney in x-ray in his wrestling trunks and a paper thin barely big enough for him hospital gown.  Randy smirked when Chase walked in giggling, “Sorry babe…I can’ help it…I just love you’re gown.”  Randy shook his head, “Yea…I figured I’d take it home it’s pretty snazzy right?”  As he hopped off the gurney and pulled it off.  Chase handed his bag over, “How are you feeling?”  Randy made a face, “I’m sore but I just want to go home, get you moved in and just be done with telling everyone about us.  How’d Ted and Page take it?” 


Chase smiled, “Fairly well…I don’t think we’ll have any problems from either of them.  But parental units on both side…Not really sure…Hey by the way.”  Randy had already gotten his wrestling trunks off and got his boxer/briefs on with his jeans and his t-shirt as he looked down at Chase, “What baby?”  She smiled sweetly as she stepped over and took his left hand pulling his ring out and sliding it onto his left ring finger.  “Right where it needs to be.”  Randy’s blue eyes look at her, “Always…What do you say we take a plane home tonight?  I just want to sleep in our bed tonight.”  Chase wrapped her arms around his neck after Randy pulled her into his arms, “I say anything is better than a hotel bed right now.” 


Randy kissed her lips, “I love it when you agree with me.”  Chase laughed, “Which is all the time…You know eventually you’re going to have to agree with me on something.”  Randy groaned when she rubbed her body against his, “Name is Mrs. Orton.”  Chase smiled, “You and me in our bed.  You have to endure any kind of torture and you’re not allowed to retaliate for 12 to 15 hours.”  Randy made a face, “Hmmm…Sweet torture from my beautiful wife or nothing huh…Okay you got a deal.  I fully agree with you on this one.  Who knows maybe I won’t retaliate.”  Chase scoffed, “Liar.”


Chase released him long enough to pull his sneakers on and pack his trunks, elbow & knee pads along with his wrestling boots.  After he zipped the bag, he took her hand, lacing his fingers with her as he led her to the waiting room.  Ted and Page stood up when they walked into the room.  Ted smirked, “So you married my sister.”  Randy nodded, “Absolutely…Got a problem with that?”  Teddy chuckled, “As long as you treat her right I have no problems.  I was just a little stunned at the arena.”  Randy nodded, “Thanks…Now take us to the airport we want to go home tonight.”  Ted laughed, “Not a problem.”


Ted and Page took them to the airport; Thank God they’d left all their bags at the arena instead of taking them back to the hotel for their luggage they just went to the airport immediately.  Once Chase and Randy got on the plane, Randy put his armrest up and pulled Chase over to him having bought 1st class tickets, not wanting to deal with any irritations.  Randy asked that they not be disturbed during the entire flight because they were more than likely going to sleep. 


Chase laughed as Randy started nuzzling her neck, “You have no intentions of sleeping do you.”  Randy smirked, “I seriously doubt it.” As he grabbed her hips and pulled her over to sit straddled on his lap as he captured her lips with his.  After 5 hours of flying they finally got home about 3 am and were able to collapse in their own bed in St. Louis.  Knowing the next day they'd have to get her things moved from Tampa to St. Louis and also let both parents know what was going on.


Chapter 14


The following morning, Randy woke up first and notice Chase was laying on her back with his arm around her waist, her face was turned towards him and her hair was tussled all over the place, he was pretty sure he was laying on part of her hair as well, his thumb rubbed small circles on the bare part of her stomach, the black boy cut panties she wore had a matching tank top and it’s normally what she slept in.  The tank top had ridden up on her flat stomach.  His fingertips slowly started moving around her stomach.  And noticed she was moving around a little.


Randy moved around and lifted her tank top to expose a little more of her toned stomach as his lips came down and softly kissed around the exposed flesh.  Chase giggled a little, “That tickles baby.”  Randy chuckled deep, “It won’t tickle in a minute baby.”  He continued to kiss around on her stomach.  His hand slipped under her lace panties and his index and middle finger slipped into her slick folds as a soft moan spilled from her beautiful red lips.  Randy leaned up and captured her lips with his and felt her moan into his mouth as her hand gripped his bicep.  She loved the feeling of his fingers touching her most private parts.  Chase gasped when she felt him push his middle finger into her center. 


Randy pulled back from kissing her lips again he smirked, “Told you it wouldn’t tickle.”  Chase smacked his arm, “Cheeky smartass.”  Suddenly Randy wiggled his finger inside of her and laughed when she squealed and tried to put his arm and hand away from her.  Randy chuckled, “You know you’re not stronger than me.”  Chase continued to giggle as he started placing soft kisses on her stomach against and her lace covered breasts.  Chase groaned, “Do we have time for this morning?  Because we both need a shower and get going to your parents.”  Randy chuckled as he pulled his fingers from his beautiful wife’s body as he sucked her juices off his fingers.  Chase shook her head and laughed when he got out of bed and pulled her across the bed and up into his arms and carried her into the bathroom.


Randy set Chase on her feet gently as he started the shower then proceeded to rid her of her tank top and panties as he got rid of his boxer/briefs.  They got into the shower and Chase shivered, Randy knew she was chilly.  Randy nuzzled her neck, “I think I could warm you  up...if you’d like me too.” Chase moaned at the feeling of his large hands on her body as his hands did some flesh exploring. Randy laughed a little, “Is that a yes?”

Chase could only nod as his hands slid up cupping both her breasts and her nipples slid between his fingers as he applied a little pressure making her moan out in pleasure again. Randy knew where her sensitive parts were...Randy’s hand slid down her body as his middle finger slipped into her slit and started massaging her hard nub.

Chase’s moans of Randy’s name were music to his ears...He loved pushing her to the borderline of ecstasy...Just listening to her voice was enough to get his erection going...which was currently pressed against his wife’s beautiful ass.  Randy nuzzled her neck again, “I don’t know baby...Are you ready for me.” Chase’s moaned begging was REALLY starting to get to him...he wanted to be inside of her...he CRAVED to be inside of her.

Randy placed Chase’s hands flat against the tiled wall in the shower as he carefully pushed her legs apart and bent her forward slightly. Kissing along her spine and slowly eased himself into her over heated sex as a throaty moan echoed through the bathroom and possibly the whole house. Randy LOVED getting that kind of reaction from her.

Randy placed his hand flat against the wall next to hers...and it never failed, she would move her hand over and on top of the back of his hand and lace their fingers together with the back of his hand against the palm of hers...His free hand managed to find her hip as he slowly started moving inside of her as he kissed her neck and whispered sweet words in her ear. Somewhere in the middle of their love making, Chase’s free hand left the wall and grabbed the back of Randy’s thigh...he knew she was getting close.

Then as both were in complete ecstasy, Chase started off moaning and ended up screaming Randy’s Randy pushed himself all the way inside of her and felt her orgasm go through her body and then enter his as he emptied himself inside of her.  Their breathing calmed down and Chase turned around and wrapped her arms around him as he kissed her softly, “I love you.” She returned the smile, “I love you too baby.” 


They finished up their shower and Randy wrapped a towel around his waist and then wrapped a towel around Chase’s body.  Chase smiled, “I need to tell you something baby.”  Randy lifted her by the waist and set her on the bathroom counter, as he kissed her lips softly and caressed her cheek, “Tell me what baby?”  Chase stifled a giggle, “Funny thing you should say baby.”  She smiled.  Randy quirked an eyebrow as he gave her a sideways glance, “You got something to tell me?”  Chase smiled bigger, “Yes…But I’m not sure how you’re going to react.” 


Randy shook his head, “Tell me. Tell me now Chase.”  Chase smiled softly as she blinked and tears slid down her cheeks, “I know we didn’t talk about having kids or anything…But I love the idea of having a baby with you…I’m pregnant.”  Randy’s heart broke at the sight of her tears as he brushed them from her beautiful cheeks with his thumbs, “You think I don’t want a baby?  Chase I want a million kids with you, this is just the beginning.”  Chase smiled big, “So you’re happy about it?”  Randy smiled as he watched her hop off the counter, “Of course baby…How could I not?” 


Chase pushed up wrapping her arms around his neck as he wrapped his long tattooed arms around her waist lifting her off the floor.  She buried her face in his neck, “I love you so much.”  Randy felt his heart swell, “I love you too baby.”  It was happening…Everything in their lives we’re falling into place.


Chapter 15


Clearly Randy and Chase's parents were happy just for the fact that they were happy and the fact Chase was going to be giving them a grandchild they were even happier.  They had a couple of fights while Chase was pregnant but they worked through it.  The pregnancy was not easy for either of them because they were really unsure of what the other was going through. 


Ted and Page didn't make it through the divorce.  A couple of fights between them and suddenly Page was over Ted's attitude and issues.  Simply because the divorce never happened.  Someone Mark had gone to anger management and then went to Page begging for a second chance, in the process of trying to prove to her that he wasn't the same ogre he had been before, he paid all of Chase's medical bills when he'd put her in the hospital not to mention he apologized profusely for what he'd done.  Page told him he only gets once second chance so he'd better make it count.


-8 Months Later-


When Chase went into labor, Randy was on the road, naturally, so his mom and dad took her to the hospital.  Chase sat in the hospital bed rubbing her oversized belly praying Randy would make it in time.  Elaine watched as Chase sat looking miserable in the middle of the hospital bed.  Elaine frowned, "I'm sure he'll be here before the baby is born."  Chase shook her head, "I told him not to leave yesterday...I knew this was going to happen.  I begged him to ask Stephanie for a couple of weeks off before the baby was born and he refused to do it.  Now I'm stuck in a hospital having a baby by myself."  Chase completely broke down in tears.



Listen dear...I need you to hear
I cannot disappear
I've tried again and again and again, and again
I know we said...That we'd give up
You said we'd had enough
Again and again and again, and again

But you, you're always on my mind
It's like this all the time
Say it's cause you're mine
All mine...

And if you will, I will
Try to let it go
And if you try, I'll try
Try to let it show us the way
'Cause love is here to stay
Just look me in the eye
This is do or die
And I will stay in love
Till you say enough
There is no giving in
There is no giving up in love



Bob saw and heard what chase had said as he pulled his cell phone out and walked down to the waiting room and called his son.  Randy answered the ringing phone, "Yea dad what's up?  How's Chase doing?"  Bob growled, "Did she ask you to take time off of work so you'd be here for the birth of your own child?"  Randy's silence was deafening, "Yea she did and I was stupid and said I'd be home...I'm trying to get there dad, I swear."  Bob shook his head, "You better hope for your sake and the sake of your marriage you get here before the baby is born, because Chase is in there right now crying because she thinks she has to have this baby alone...And don't go saying your mother and I are here because she doesn't want us, she's not married to us...She's married to you.  You're the only one she wants here right now and you're not."  Bob hung up on his son.  He loved Randy but sometimes he wanted to wring his neck for the decisions he'd made in his life.


Randy listened to the silence when his father hung up on him.  Somehow he knew if he didn't get to Chase before the baby was born he was going to lose her.  He's been completely stupid to not ask for the time off, Stephanie had even offered it, but he had the WWE championship at the time and he honestly didn't want to let the fans down.  But they were going to have to learn to live with disappointment because Chase and the baby were going to be his number one priority from now one just like they should've  been the whole damn time.



Walk down the street
Stare at lots of things
The fast and steady streams
Again and again and again, and again

Do what I should
Try to stay busy
Your face is all I see
Again and again and again, and again

But you, you're always on my mind
It's like this all the time
Say it's cause you're mine
All mine...

And if you will, I will
Try to let it go
And if you try, I'll try
Try to let it show us the way
'Cause love is here to stay
Just look me in the eye
This is do or die
And I will stay in love
Till you say enough
There is no giving in
There is no giving up in love



Randy finally got to the hospital an hour later and walked into Chases room and saw she was sleeping.  She still had the baby bump so he knew she hadn't delivered yet.  Randy leaned over and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.  Chase slowly started waking up as she looked at Randy and started crying immediately.  Randy caressed her cheek, "I'm so sorry Chase...I didn't realize this was going to be that important. I'm so stupid for putting you through this.  I promise I'll never do it again."


Chase looked into his blue eyes, "Randy you almost ruined everything.  What if you did miss the baby being born.  You can't ever get something that big in your life back.  Randy I love you and I support any decision you make in your career and our marriage.  But the one thing I refuse to do is sit here in labor by myself.  You're my husband, you're supposed to be here.  Not anyone else.  When it comes to me being pregnant I depend on you for everything, because once I hit 5 or 6 months there's not much I can do.  Now if you don't want to be here and you don't want to have children with me...Then leave now and I'll raise this child on my own without you.  This is do or die time Randy."


Randy frowned, "No.  No.  NO...I am sorry Chase.  I should've listened to you so just for future reference I will be asking for time off if we do decide to have any more critters.  I love you and I love the baby.  I should've put you both first and I didn't and it was selfish of me.  I swear on my life Chase, it won't happen again.  From now on you and the baby are my entire life."



Like a movie I once saw
In the darkness I recall
Feeling the beauty and the pain
And when you call my name
Say you feel the same

Cause' if you will, I will
Try to let it go
And if you try, I'll try
Try to let it show

And if you will, I will
Try to let it go
And if you try, I'll try
Try to let it show us the way
'Cause love is here to stay
Just look me in the eye
This is do or die
And I will stay in love
Till you say enough
There is no giving in
There is no giving up in love
In love, in love
We're in love

I cannot disappear...
I've tried again and again and again, and again...



5 hours later, Randall Keith Orton Jr. was brought into the world weighting 6 lbs 4 ounces and 24 inches long.  Blue eyes like his father and honey blonde hair like his mother.  Randy watched as Chase held the baby in her arms and softly kissed his head.  Randy wrapped his arm around her as his own lips softly came down and kissed his son on the head and then proceeded to kiss his wife's lips softly, "I love you Chase.  I can't believe I almost missed it. I swear never again. I cannot disappear. I'm not going anywhere.  I will stay in love with you forever."  Chase smirked, "Do you think we could stand to have a couple more?"  Randy smiled softly at his wife, "I think we could do it again and again."


The End