(Sequel to Worth Saving)


Chapter 1


It was amazing…Absolutely amazing.  Some would say stupid, but then again, none of them could have possibly known how bad her depression was…After speaking to her therapist every thing was truly shoved into prospective…The whole reality of how bad loosing her fiancé and her brother was to her…Well needless to say it took its toll on her.


The thud of the black steel toed boots could be heard echoing down the hallway of the hospital.  As he peered into the room, he saw his wife fast asleep, her protruding belly that had their first born protected inside and showed how tired her very first pregnancy made her on the outside.


He pulled the door open and walked in, stopping next to his wife as he leaned over and kissed her forehead softly.  Her big blue eyes slowly opened and searched for the person disturbing her sweet slumber, when they landed on the hazel eyes that belonged to her husband, she couldn’t help but smile as she stretched and said, “Hey baby.”


Stephanie held out her hand as Paul took it in his and helped her to her feet.  He kissed her lips softly and touched her protruding belly with love in his eyes as he said, “How’s he doing?” 


Steph laughed and said, “Oh now it’s a he?  Before it was a she, then an it…now it’s a he?”  Paul smiled sheepishly and said, “I can’t help but want a son.”  Stephanie smiled and said, “Some how I knew you would.”


Paul looked over to the hospital bed…The face of an angel…and angel who’d been sleeping forever…Paul said, “How’s she doing?”  Steph smiled and said, “The doctor said she’s been dreaming and having rapid eye movement during the night…Which is a good sign…He’d hoping she’ll wake up soon…He’s thinking any day now...Give or take a week or maybe two…It just can’t be rushed.”


Paul leaned over and kissed his sisters forehead and said, “I’m waiting for ya Billie…I’ll make it up to you…I don’t know how, but I swear on my life and the life of my unborn child…I’ll make it up to you.”


Billie was still alive…she was lucky…when she landed in the dumpster it was full of card board boxes…she had a couple of broke ribs and a fractured wrist, and one severe concussion that put her into a coma. 


It had been a year since that night, and she hadn’t woken up yet…the doctors weren’t certain, but Paul and Stephanie were hopefully.


Stephanie was 7 months pregnant and she and Paul were eager for the baby to come, but since the doctor had told them Billie would wake up, it was just a matter of her body allowing her to get over the whole traumatic event before it would allow her to wake up and begin to live her life again.


They were both aware of the time and effort it was going to mean giving up to help Billie through it and yet at the same time raise their first born, but they were both willing to do whatever it took.  They knew what kind of depression it took for Billie to even say the words she said to Paul that night a year ago…and the feelings she felt towards life itself in order for her to even think of taking one step off the roof…Let alone actually doing it.


It was going to be a tough road to healing every one involved…but it could be done.


Yea…It definitely could be done.


Chapter 2


A few days later, Paul and Stephanie both were sitting in Billie’s hospital room talking lightly about a few things.  Paul said, “So what color should we go with for the baby’s room?”  Stephanie said, “That is all up to you considering you’re the one who has to paint it.”  Paul chuckled at her humor, but she was right none-the-less…he wasn’t about to let her do any of the painting.


A plastic cup flew across the room between them.


Paul and Stephanie’s head shot up as they looked at each other and Paul said, “Please tell me that wasn’t you.”  Stephanie slowly shook her head no and said, “No…At least I don’t think it was me.”  Paul smiled and said, “I don’t think it was you either.”  Paul and Stephanie stood up and walked over to the bed.  Paul saw his sisters eyes open and she looked completely scared to death…Steph stayed with Billie as Paul ran down to the nurses station and had them page the doctor 9-1-1.  Once the doctor showed up a few minutes later, he shut the machines off and pulled Billie’s breathing tube out.


Billie started to say something but it wasn’t coming out…Paul leaned over and put his ear to Billie’s mouth and her cracked voice said, “I think you should go with pink for my niece’s room.”  Paul couldn’t help but laugh…He stood up and looked at Stephanie and said, “She says pink for her niece’s room.”  Stephanie laughed.


Billie was finally awake…And things looked like it couldn’t be any better.  The hospital had Billie transferred to New Hampshire to Paul and Stephanie’s huge house…Per Paul and Stephanie…There was no way in hell Paul wasn’t going to take care of Billie until she was back on her feet for good.  It was his fault she was in that position to begin with.  Paul stared going with her to physical therapy and also to see her therapist…they actually resolved a lot of issues within the 3 months that it took her to re-coup back to her old self.  It was another 3 months before Billie decided she was going to go on the road with Paul and Stephanie and her now 4 month old niece Amelia Marie Levesque.



Take it back; Take it all back now
The things I gave

Like the taste of my kiss on your lips
I miss that now
I can’t try any harder than I do
All the reasons I gave,

Excuses I made for you
I’m broken in two

All the things left undiscovered
Leave me empty and left to wonder
I need you
All the things left undiscovered
Leave me waiting and left to wonder
I need you…Yeah, I need you
Don’t walk away



They had been back on the road for a few days and Billie hadn’t heard anything from John who was now on Smackdown…Things had definitely changed for the year she’d been in a coma…Not to mention the 6 months of therapy.  Paul was working in the ring and Stephanie was back to script writing on the Raw team…Billie was walking Amelia around the arena trying to calm her…She’d been fussy all day.  Billie had Amelia against her left upper shoulder rubbing circles around her back and she was finally starting to fall asleep.


Billie looked up and saw John heading right for her…He looked up and didn’t even notice it was her and then stopped and she half smiled and said, “Hi John.”  John looked Billie in the eyes and then down to the floor like his sneakers suddenly became more interesting then saying hi.  John finally said, “Hi Billie.” 



Touch me now how I wanna feel,

Something so real
Please remind me,

My love and take me back
Cause I’m so in love

With what we were
I’m not breathing

I’m suffocating without you
Do you feel it too?

All the things left undiscovered
Leave me waiting and left to wonder
I need you
All the things left undiscovered
Leave me empty and left to wonder
I need you…Yeah I need you



Billie rolled her eyes when he looked at the ground again and she said, “So that’s all you have to say to me after not seeing me for a year and 6 months?”  John looked up and said, “I saw you for the first 5 months of your coma…I was at your bed side every free day I had off…I never wanted to leave…But you made me.”


Billie scoffed and said, “How in the world did I make you…Hello remember I was the one in a coma for a year…I didn’t force you to leave…You left on your own and never came back.”  John said, “What did you expect me to do?  I started thinking back to the night you stepped off that roof…It wasn’t you…Just someone who looked like you wanting to make her brother pay for all the horrible memories he’d caused her in the past…You had such disregard for the life God gave to you…You just threw it away because you had a tough life…Well I had a tough life too Billie, but you didn’t see me throwing myself off a building.”



When I’m in the dark and all alone
Dreaming that you’ll

Walk right through my door
It’s there I know my heart is whole
There's a millions reasons why I cry
Hold my covers tight

And close my eyes
Cause I don’t wanna be alone

All the things left undiscovered
Leave me waiting and left to wonder
I need you
All the things left undiscovered
Leave me empty and left to wonder
I need you…I need you



Billie said, “I’m sorry you turned out so perfect even after your tough life…but people deal with depression in different ways…You may think you know what I was trying to do, but you’re not my therapist…You don’t know anything about me.  And it wasn’t just the bad life memories from Paul…It was losing a fiancée I wanted to spend the rest of my life with…Watching him burn to death from head to toe and not being able to do a damn thing about it.  In some ways I wish I was in the fire with him, because at least then we’d be together right now…Not fighting to just survive another 24 hour day.”


John said, “I know I couldn’t be there for you but I think we should remain friends…I think it would be for the best. I can’t deal with you as anything more…Not when you tried to kill yourself as a way to end meaningless pain.”  Billie shook her head no and said, “I’m not a charity case…I don’t want you to be my friend because you need someone to help through the tough hours…If you haven’t noticed…I survived my whole life without you…I think I can make it the rest of the way on my own thanks.  You know something John…You’d make someone a great boyfriend some day if you wouldn’t act like you’re the most intelligent person on the face of the earth…You’re not Yoda…So stop trying to be him.  Once you learn to be yourself and not over analyze every person you come in contact with…People are gonna like you a hell of a lot more then they do now.”



Cause I can't fake…and I can't hate
But it's my heart…that’s about to break
You’re all I need…I’m on my knees
Watch me bleed…Would you listen please

I give in…I breathe out
I want you…There’s no doubt
I freak out…I’m left out
Without you…I wimp out
I'm crossed out…I'm kicked out
I cry out…I reach out

Don’t walk away


Don’t walk away


Don’t walk away


Don’t walk away



John watched as Billie shook her head at him in disappointment as she cradled Amelia to her and turned and walked away…Somehow he knew he’d just made the biggest mistake of his life.


Chapter 3


A few weeks after Billie’s confrontation with John, she’d decided she was ready to get back into the wrestling business.  Paul was sure she was rushing it and Stephanie knew she needed to get back to normal life…


What ever the Hell normal was…


To make matters worse, when Paul found out Billie asked to be moved to Smackdown, he nearly had a coronary!  It took Stephanie a few hours to get him to realize that Billie was an independent woman and couldn’t depend on her brother and his wife for the rest of her life…He knew he was never going to lose her again…She just craved freedom.


Paul knew eventually they’d be on separate shows…But didn’t realize it was going to be so soon…He’d just gotten his sister back, after 10 years and now she was leaving…again…But at least it wasn’t for good.


Paul suspected the roster jump had something to do with the way John Cena had treat her…He knew when John stopped going to the hospital when she was in a coma, something had changed in his mind about the way he felt for Billie.


Saying good-bye was something Paul never could do…Standing in the parking garage at the latest arena Raw was at, Paul watched as the taxi driver put Billie’s suitcase into the truck.  He looked over and watched as she hugged Stephanie and said, “Remember I’m a phone call and plane ride away for any short notice babysitting gigs…Anything for Amelia.”


Billie leaned over and kissed the top of Amelia’s head and said, “Stick with your auntie kiddo…When you’re ready to get your tongue or navel pierced and daddy says no…We’ve got plenty of footage to switch that no to a yes…same goes for your mother.”  Steph laughed and said, “Please…No rushing her to grow up!”  Steph turned and walked back into the arena to get Amelia out of the cool breeze in the parking garage.


Billie stood in front of Paul and he said, “I wish you’d let me take you to the airport.”  Billie smiled and said, “I would…but it’s hard enough saying good-bye here…The airport would just add a whole degree of difficulty.”


Billie threw her arms around Paul’s neck as he hugged her back and said, “If you need anything…I don’t care if its money, a tube of chapstick or your dear older brother to kick someone’s ass for you…you call anytime even at 3 am…I don’t care what time it is.”  Billie nodded and Paul kissed the top of her head and said, “I love you…I hope you know that.” 


Billie took a deep breath and said, “I love you too…I better get going or I’ll never leave.”


Paul finally let her go and opened the door to the taxi and watched as she got in and closed the door behind her…Paul half smiled at her and watch a few stray tears slide down her cheeks…


Paul stood and watched as the taxi drove off with his baby sister in the back seat.


Chapter 4


After Billie had been on Smackdown for a month, she was sitting in her hotel room doing some e-mails to everyone who’d wrote her…When there was a knock on the door.  In jeans, a t-shirt and completely bare foot, she walked over and opened the door, surprised to see Randy Orton on the other side of the door.


Billie stood there for a second and Randy said, “Hello Billie.”  She smiled and said, “Long time no see Mr. Orton…To what do I owe this honor?”  Randy said, “Nothing in particular, I just thought I’d come see how you were doing…You’ve been on Smackdown for a month and short of at the arena or in ring, I haven’t seen much of you.”


Billie moved to the side and said, “C’mon in…I was going to order some lunch…Want something?”  Randy smiled as he stepped into her room and watched as she closed and locked the door.


After they ate the food they’d ordered, they sat in the living room part of the hotel and Randy said, “You look good…Ya know…All things considered.”  Billie smiled and said, “For a girl who should be dead right?”


Randy said, “I didn’t mean anything by it.”  Billie smiled and said, “Oh no…I know…It’s just very easy to be honest about everything when you’ve cheated death.  By all rights…I should be dead…I was stupid to think suicide was the solution to my problems…I got a second chance at life…Paul got a second chance to be a real big brother.”


Randy said, “Billie, everyone deserves a second chance…No matter what they did.”  Billie said, “Every one huh?  John Cena doesn’t think so.”  Randy scoffed and said, “He may be my best friend…but…John Cena is one step above a Juvenile Delinquent.  John never was one to handle stressful situations, he’s too much about jokes and having fun 24/7…he doesn’t have a serious bone in his body.”


Billie said, “I wish he’d take a few things serious.”  Randy said, “You guys were dating when you…”  Billie smirked and said, “Took the plunge?”  Randy couldn’t help but laugh at the look on her face and said, “I wasn’t thinking of it that way.”  Billie chuckled and said, “Yea I know, I had to break the tension some how.”


Randy said, “It’s good to see you smile again…and that you can joke so openly about the past.”  Billie said, “Everything in life is taken so seriously…I mean I used to be a prude about something’s…Like I didn’t like John enough to have sex with him…I just saw him as a way to pass time.”


Randy watched as Billie stood up and said, “I’ve re-evaluated my life…My thick prude phase is over…I think I’m ready to have a little fun.” 


Randy watched as Billie slowly lowered herself straddling his lap…out of instinct Randy gripped her hips and said, “How much fun exactly?”  Billie smirked and questioned, “Exactly?”  Randy nodded absentmindedly and Billie said, “Kiss me and find out.”


Randy’s hands left her hips only to come up and cup her face as he pulled her to him and their lips met…His lips were so soft against hers, when his tongue slide past her lips and caressed her own tongue, she couldn’t help but moan into his mouth.


Instantly it felt right…Like Randy was the one who should have been kissing her from the beginning.


Chapter 5


5 Months later


“YOU WHAT!”  Came echoing down the hallway backstage at Monday Night Raw.


It had been 2 years since Billie had tried committing suicide.  And she’d been smiling a lot more…Everyone couldn’t help but notice how much living really agreed with Billie.  So much so that she’d done something so out of character that her brother was pacing in front of her.


Billie was watching Paul pace back and forth in front of her as she chewed her bottom lip…Randy said, “C’mon Paul she’s a big girl.”  Paul looked at glaring at the younger superstar and said, “Don’t even give me your opinion Orton…Cause I don’t want to hear it…Billie what the hell were you thinking?” 


Billie said, “I was thinking I couldn’t be any happier with my life…why not expand the happiness…So I did…Big deal…You act as if I’ve committed murder.”  Randy said, “Isn’t her happiness the most important thing here Paul?” 


Paul let out a growl as he took a step towards Randy and Billie stepped in front of Paul and said, “Don’t even think about it big brother.” 


Stephanie walked in the room about the time Paul blew up and said, “I can’t deal with her anymore…It’s your turn and when you figure it out, Maybe you can tell me WHY!”  Paul stalked past Steph and slammed the door shut.  Stephanie smiled at Billie and Randy and said, “I see he took the news well.”


Billie laughed and said, “I can’t expect him to be overjoyed…I did sort of just drop it on him.”  Steph said, “Kind of like Japan dropped bombs on Pearl Harbor.”  Billie and Randy both laughed.  Stephanie said, “But this is Paul were talking about…He’ll get over it…He doesn’t stay mad at much lately…But if anything…I’m happy you’re happy.”


Billie looked at Randy then back to Steph and said, “Hey…What more could I ask for?  I’m right where I wanna be, and with someone I want to be with.”  Stephanie shook her head and said, “I can’t believe you guys got married…But it’s not like it’s that big of a shock.  With as good of friends as Randy and Paul were…Somehow I knew they’d end up family.”


Randy wrapped his arm around Billie’s waist and kissed her temple and said, “I’m gonna go look for your stubborn assed brother.”  Billie laughed and said, “Okay…Just be careful.”  Randy winked at her and walked out of the room.  She and Stephanie made chit chat for a few minutes, before they were interrupted by a stage hand came busting in the door and spewed something about Randy in a fight.


Billie looked at Steph and said, “You don’t think Paul would be mad enough to hit him do you?”  A voice from the door way said, “Hit who?” 


Stephanie and Billie’s head snapped towards the voice and saw Paul standing there with his hands on his hips.   Billie said, “Holy shit…If you’re not fighting with Randy then who is?”  Billie, Stephanie and Paul took off running down the hallway.


When they got near catering, they could hear a loud commotion going on as they neared where the equipment trunks were.  The three of them came to a halt when they sat Randy and John throwing punches while rolling around on the ground and knocking things over…It was Chaos. 


Glenn Jacobs walked around the corner and he saw Billie with tears sliding down her cheeks and elbowed Paul as they nodded to each other, Paul grabbed a hold of Randy as Glenn grabbed John and said, “That’s enough you two.”  Paul said, “One of you better start talking and I mean NOW, before Vince finds out and suspends you both.”


Randy and John glared at each other as their breathing started to get under control again…John said, “He started it.”  Randy said, “You’re the one who couldn’t keep your mouth shut…You just had to talk shit…You just had to egg it on man.”  John said, “Whatever man…You’re delusional.”  Randy stood up straight and put his hands on his hips and said, “Am I?  Tell me you didn’t just say I was fuckin stupid for marrying a suicide happy psycho?”


John’s silence spoke volumes.


Chapter 6


Randy shook his head and Paul said, “Go see the trainer…You’re bleeding.”  Billie walked over and started to touch Randy when he threw his hands in the air and turned and walked away to the trainer’s office and Paul put his arm in front of Billie and said, “Let him cool off.”  Billie nodded silently as she turned to look at John.


Man if looks could kill…He’d be dead.



Time…is gonna take my mind

And carry it far away…where I can fly

The depth of life…will dim

My temptation to live…for you

If I were…to be alone

Silence would…rock my tears

'Cause it's all about love…and I know better

How life is…a waving feather


So I put my arms…around you…around you

And I know that I'll be leaving soon

My eyes…are on you…they're on you

And you see that I can't stop shaking



Billie walked up to John and said, “You…Come with me now.”  When he didn’t follow she grabbed the neck line of his shirt and started dragging him behind her and said, “Don’t make me have to tell you again or I swear I’ll fix your mouth so it won’t hold soup.”  Billie shoved John into his dressing room and slammed the door.


John was huffy and crossed his arms over his chest and Billie said, “You know something John…Sometimes I think I made a mistake in my life…but then there are times like now, when I know I didn’t…Cheating death only to get a second chance at life and to see you for the true piece of shit you are….Was so worth it.  You know you made me feel an inch tall when I came back to the company…you didn’t want me…you couldn’t handle what I’d done to myself…And now that I found happiness in life and fell in love…You wanna criticize me and my husband now?”


Billie cupped her hands around her mouth and said, “JOHN FELIX ANTHONY CENA…THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL…”  John rolled his eyes and Billie slugged him in the nose, John yelled, “WHAT THE FUCK BILLIE!”  Oh yea…she definitely broke something as watched the blood flow out and she threw a towel at him.


Billie said, “Get over yourself.  Just because you don’t like the way my life turned out…That’s tough shit…You chose not to be in it…You can’t just go around hitting and insulting people when ever you feel like it.  If you ever bring up my name or my husbands name in conversation again and I find out about it…What I did to you tonight, will be NOTHING compared to what I will do to you…And don’t think I won’t either, because that man who just went to the trainers bleeding at your hands, is my husband and I love him…and I might wanna kill him for getting on my nerves every once in a while…but I would kill for him too.  Because that’s how love goes.”


Billie turned and walked out and down to the trainer’s office. 



No, I…won't step back

But I'll look down to hide…from your eyes

'Cause what I feel…is so sweet

And I'm scared that even…my own breath

Oh could burst it…if it were a bubble

And I'd better dream…if I have to struggle


So I put my arms…around you…around you

And I hope that I will do no wrong

My eyes…are on you…they're on you

And I hope that you won't hurt me



When Paul heard the knock on the door, he looked towards Randy and said, “You might wanna talk with her…Before she gets arrested for killing Cena.  Somehow I feel like I’m gonna see my baby sister on America’s Most Wanted in the morning.”  Randy cracked a smile and nodded.  Stephanie opened the door and let Billie in as the trainer; her and Paul left and closed the door behind them.


Billie stood there and watched as Randy stood in his jeans and sneakers as he pulled a clean t-shirt out of his bag and pulled it on…he turned around and Billie cringed at the bandage on his head.  Randy didn’t miss it either…He said, “It’s not bad…15 stitches…and it’s close to the hairline so you can’t see it…It doesn’t hurt.”  Billie blinked as tears slid down her cheeks and she jogged over and jumped into Randy’s arms as he lifted her to be level with him and she wrapped her legs around his waist and held on.


Randy said, “Damn…We’re not even married 12 hours and I’m already getting into fist fights to defend your honor…I hope I earned some good husband points.”  Billie laughed and said, “As many as you want.”  Randy said, “Good…I’m gonna start cashing them bad boys in right now…”  Billie pushed away to look at Randy and said, “Now?”  Randy said, “Yup…Right now…”


Billie smiled and said, “How?”  Randy kissed Billie’s lips softly and said, “Well…I’m taking my wife back to the hotel and making love to her for the first time as a married couple.”  Billie smiled and said, “Damn good idea.”  Randy said, “I got a million of them.”  Billie laughed as Randy placed her back on her feet and wrapped his arm around her as they left and headed back to the hotel.



I'm dancing in the room

As if I was in the woods with you

No need for anything but music

Music's the reason why

I know time still exists

Time still exists

Time still exists

Time still exists


So I just put my arms…around you…around you

And I hope that I will do no wrong

My eyes…are on you…they're on you

And I hope that you won't hurt me

My arms…around you…they’re around you

And I hope that I will do no wrong

My eyes…are on you…they're on you…they’re on you



Oh if walls could talk…


Chapter 7


Once they got back to the hotel Randy tossed his bag down on the floor in the bed room...Billie walked up behind him and rubbed his shoulders and then wrapped her arms around his waist from behind.  Randy caressed her arms and hands as she held him against her...Randy grabbed her hand and pulled her around to the front of his body and captured her lips. 


Randy unbuttoned her shirt and slowly slid the shirt from her body...Billie reached out as she slowly started unbuttoning Randy’s shirt...once she got it off of him her hands slowly ran over his abs and well defined chest...Randy backed up and pulled her boots off, kissing her knees...then slowly unzipped her skirt and let it fall around her ankles, she was standing in front of him with panties and her bra on...


Randy pushed her against the wall as they started kissing rougher...deepening the kiss more...Billie reached down and pulled his belt off as they continued to kiss...Randy kicked his pants and boxer briefs away as Billie pulled her bra and panties off... Randy lifted her with ease as she wrapped her legs around his waist...carried her to the bed and eased down on top of her small frame.


Randy slowly eased himself into her...being careful as to not hurt her...Randy stopped all his movements and looked at Billie...She smiled and said, “What?”


Randy said, “You’re so beautiful…”  His lips circled around her right rosy nipple and Billie moaned out, “Randy.”  As his lips traveled down her body…She made Randy stay where he was as she scooted towards the foot of the bed and took Randy’s massive erection into her tiny hands and stroked him slowly and methodically slid her tongue up his shaft.  Randy groaned he wrapped his hands in her waist length chestnut hair.  She took his shaft into her warm wet mouth...he was in total heaven...but he was trying to keep himself from exploding in her mouth...he eased himself out of her mouth and laid her back onto the bed and crawled up her soft small framed body, careful not to crush her...


She wrapped her legs around his waist again and his erection brushed against her soaking wet center.  Making both of them groan at the friction...Randy slid two fingers into her to make sure she was ready enough for him...he didn’t want to hurt her...He looked up and she bit her bottom lip as her back arched and her center was pushed into his hand...oh yea...she was ready.


Randy moved around and slowly slid his painfully aching erection into her warm wet center...he could feel her stretching and accommodating his shaft...all of his shaft...once fully sheathed Randy sat there for a minute make sure she was fully used to his size...and then slowly started working his hips back and forth and working his erection in and out of her.


Every time he would push into her she would arch her back as though she wanted him deeper.  Randy grabbed her knees and pushed them up and apart and placed his hands on the back of her thighs and as he pushed into her...he felt himself go deeper...she must’ve felt it before cause she moaned low and hard.


Randy lifted her up and pushed her against the wall...and thrusting up...holding onto the wall...She gripped his forearms for Randy kissed and licked down her neck and throat...nipping at her flesh with his teeth and then soothing it with hot kisses...


Randy pulled out of her and she went to the bed and beckoned him with her index finger...she laid on her back and beckoned Randy to her and Randy crawled between her beautiful thighs and slid his erection onto her...this he could handle...he gripped the bed sheets, while holding himself over her and started thrusting into her...


Her hands touched his as she leaned up and traced his lips with her tongue and he pulled her tongue into his mouth with his lips...and she could instantly feel his erection swell to a larger size inside of must’ve turned him on a little more...actually A LOT more...


Randy’s hands went to her breast rolling her nipples and watching them harden...his hand slid along her flat stomach, across her navel...and down to her mound...where he found her clit waiting for contact from him....he started rubbing circles around her clit with one hand as he kept his pace...Billie’s hands trailing up and down his arms, back and running her hands through his hair starting at the back of his neck and up as she pulled him to her...


When her hands clutched the bed...Randy could feel her inner walls starting to clamp down around his shaft...Randy leaned over her, pulling her body tight against his and kissed along her ear and in a low deep voice said, “You gonna cum for my cock that sweet little pussy of yours gonna cum for me.” 


Billie started pushing up against him...the hot air of his breath brushed against her ear and him pumping into her relentlessly, was her undoing as she started cumming instantly...she started off moaning and ended up screaming out her orgasm.


Randy felt her cum cover his shaft and as her warm juices coated his erection...he thrusted into her a few more times finally pushing himself all the way into her and throwing his head back with a loud growl he exploded deep inside of her.  For several minutes they could both feel him spurting inside of her still.


They collapsed on the bed trying to regulate their breathing.  Randy kissed her lips softly and said, “I love you.”  Billie looked up from his chest and said, “I love you too.”


Chapter 8


In the morning Randy had gone to the gym and when he returned to the hotel, he found Billie still sleeping in bed…He went into the bathroom and took a quick shower and dressed in his jeans only and then walked over to the bed…and was slowly kissing his wife’s neck to wake her up…He liked the sound of that…His wife.


Billie rolled over and kissed Randy with a nice slow passion twist to it.  Billie’s hand came out slowly and grabbed the waistline of his jeans as she started pulling him back into bed. 


Oh yea…They definitely weren’t going to be leaving the bed at all anymore that day.


Randy let Billie push him back to lay against the head board of the bed…as she started to slowly trail warm moist kisses down his chest…his fingers slowly slipped from her center…Billie watched him as he licked her juices from his fingers like he was eating a popsicle.  Randy watched as Billie continued down his chest flicking both his nipples with her wet tongue…and then kissing down his 6pak stomach…Randy looked down and watched her unbutton his jeans with her teeth and then clamped her teeth around his zipper and pull his zipper down…


Billie crawled backwards to the end of the bed…and discarded his jeans…Randy reached down and pulled his boxer-brief off that was practically a second skin to him…Billie started crawling back up his body…She got to his cock that was standing absolutely straight up…She couldn’t help but since it was in her face…I guess you could say she French kissed it…


Billie automatically felt Randy do a full body shiver…He reached down and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up to him…and kissed her so deep and passionately.  Randy finally released her lips from his, as he lifted her body and slid her down on top of him as his fully erect cock slid into her…Billie let out a ½ moan-½ sigh and slowly started rocking back and forth on him.


Randy laid back and was running his soft finger tips all over her neck, breasts…and running his thumb across her lips…Billie sucked his thumb into her mouth and was sucking on his thumb while running circles around it…She could feel Randy get instantly harder and larger inside her…Billie knew all the ways to make him insanely horny…Randy groaned again, “Oh shit baby…you feel so good…” 


Billie had her hands the top of the head board and she was watching his muscles move, ripple and flex…She put her head down and was watching him slide in and out of her and her hair slid over her shoulders and brushed against this pecks and nipples…his nipples became instantly hard…Billie leaned over and bit his bottom lip and then slowly let her tongue snake out and across his lips…and then slowly into his mouth…his hands slid down and grabbed her ass forcefully as he was pushing and pulling the lower half of her body to go faster…


Billie sat back up and leaned back putting her hands on his thighs…she could feel how tense his thigh muscles were…Randy sat up and was leaning over and kissing her breasts and nipples…as Billie was still moving on top of him…Billie moaned, “Oh God baby…you feel so good deep inside of me…”  Randy grunted a couple of times as he was licking and kissing on her neck.


Randy gripped her hips as his thighs and hips were thrusting up to meet her body...he was thrusting into her as deep as he could…Billie had a hold of his shoulders…he could feel her walls starting to react…and knew her orgasm was building…it was going to be intense…Randy leaned over and kissed her lips.  “I love you.”  Billie smiled in ecstasy and said, “Oh…I love you too.”


He gripped her hips harder and really started thrusting deeper as deep as he could possibly get…and finally Billie started with a moan and ended screaming out his name as her orgasm tore through the inside of her body…as soon as Randy felt her go over the edge…and felt her center milking his cock…his orgasm was right behind hers…and Billie felt him explode so deep inside she thought he’d never stop cumming…


They sat there in bed and were just breathing...Billie was staring into his huge blue orbs...they held her attention because he looked so focused...and determined.  Randy pulled her up a little and let himself slip from her body but didn’t want to move Billie off his lap...


Randy watched as she leaned up and kissed his lips so softly; he never wanted to let her go...


Chapter 9


It had been 7 months since Randy and Billie had been married…Billie was walking around back stage…It was around 3 in the afternoon, but the sun wasn’t out…The day was gloomy and had been drizzling rain on and off all day.


Stephanie walked over to Billie and said, “How ya feeling sweetie?”


Billie looked down at her 7 month pregnant belled and rubbed it…She didn’t know it at the time but the night of the big fight between Randy and John she was pregnant…Billie said, “Okay I guess…This little critter is active today…I think it has a few words for it’s daddy…I know I could think of a few to say to him also.”


Stephanie laughed as she rubbed Billie’s belly.  Steph said, “The boys are down in the ring…C’mon I’ll walk while you waddle.”  Billie stuck out her tongue at Stephanie as they started to the ring.


The girls walked through the curtain and down the ramp…Randy looked up and smiled as he saw Billie walking down and he jumped out of the ring and stood at the bottom waiting for her to get there.


Billie said, “You owe me big time bud!”  Randy smiled as she approached him and he leaned over and kissed her lips softly, Randy said, “What’s wrong baby?”  Billie smiled and said, “Your demon child won’t sit still…He’s doing flips, I swear he thinks I’m a jungle gym.”  Randy took Billie’s hand and lead her over to some seats and they sat down…Randy laid along the seats and placed his head on Billie’s knees next to her belly.


Paul leaned over the top rope and said, “Orton, what are you doing to my sister…She seems to be swelling from the neck down.”


Billie said, “I’d rather be swollen from pregnancy then be like you and have a deflated head from losing brain cells when you breathe.”


Glenn was cracking up and said, “You know not to mess with her so why even try it!”


Randy said, “Hey you guys…Keep it down…I’m trying to have a conversation here with my son.”  Billie couldn’t help but laugh as she heard Randy having a full conversation with her stomach.


After about 10 minutes, Randy sat up and Billie said, “So what’s going on in there?”


Randy said, “Well first he said, I should kiss you more often and I fully agree (Randy leaned over and kissed her lips again)…And that he wants to remind you that when you’re at your doctor’s appointment later…not to swish him around a lot when the doctor touches you with cold hands.”


Billie smacked Randy’s arm and he jumped up and said, “You know you love me.”  Billie took his hand as he helped her to her feet and said, “I do love you…Especially when I should be home sleeping…You’re lucky Raw is in St. Louis tonight…And lucky I love you so much.”


Randy walked Billie out to their big black Lincoln Navigator and opened the door helping her get in, and helped her put the seat belt on as she started the vehicle.  Billie said, “Another month and I won’t be able to drive at all.”  Randy said, “Yea well…If I didn’t have prior obligations to work, you wouldn’t be driving now…I’ll be driving you from now on after tonight.  I don’t want my kid to come out with a steering wheel impression in his head from you trying to drive.”


Billie said, “Randall Keith Orton!  Are you telling me I’m fat?”  Randy said, “Nope…Just beautifully pregnant.  Be careful and call if you need anything.  I love you baby.”  Billie said, “I love you too.”  As they kissed one last time.  Randy watched as she pulled out of the parking garage as he turned and headed back to the ring.


About an hour later Randy’s cell phone went off…He fished it out of his exercise pants and saw the caller id and answered, “Hey baby…How’d the check up go?”


Billie laughed and said, “Well you’re suspicions were confirmed…We’re having a boy…Everything is great and he said I was right on track.  He said any more on track and I could deliver this baby by myself.  Not that I wouldn’t dream of it…I’m on my way back right now…”


Randy started to say something when  he heard Billie gasp out loud…followed by the sound of twisting and crunching metal…Randy said, “Billie?......Billie?  Oh God…BILLIE!”


Paul’s head snapped up… ‘Oh God this can’t be happening again!’


Chapter 10


6 Months Later



Just when the days start getting colder
I walk the streets I never knew
And there's some words I never told you
The sound rings out like the truth

And if you could see
what's come over me
then you would know
Cause I'm walking free
the wind at my back
Bathed in afterglow



Randy woke up when he heard the phone ringing…He wasn’t about to get up just to answer the damn thing…That’s what answering machines were made for.  He tried rolling over to go back to sleep, but the bed was too empty for him.  That happened sometimes…He’d be on the road and the bed would look so empty he’d sleep on the couch or watch TV until he fell asleep in the chair or something.


Randy heard the unmistakable sounds of his son fussing in the next room.


Randy pulled himself from his empty bed and pulled his exercise pants and a t-shirt on and headed to his son’s room.


Randy leaned over the crib and picked his son up, he was practically his twin with the soft brown hair and big blue eyes.  Of course Brian Michael got a lot of his features came from Billie too.  Randy said, “What’s up little man?”  Randy held his son against his chest and as he rocked him gently while kissing his soft head and rubbing his back.


“Oh I see you’re finally awake huh?” Came from behind him.



And as I sit here in this dark room
All I seem to feel is light
And I see color
I see the maroon
In the blood of this life that's ours

And if you could see
what's come over me
then you would know
Cause I'm walking free
the wind at my back
Bathed in after--



Randy turned around and he smiled as he saw Billie standing in the doorway wrapped in a bath towel fresh from the shower.  Randy said, “Yea…I couldn’t sleep…someone was missing from my bed.”  Billie laughed as she shook her head and said, “Still having trouble sleeping without me…Poor baby.”


Billie walked over and pushed up on her toes as she captured Randy’s lips with a soft kiss.  Then gave her son a few kisses.  Randy said, “He got more then me.”  Billie smirked and said, “Not if you count last night too.”  Randy just laughed.


Randy said, “So what do you want to do today?”  Billie said, “I was thinking of going to the park…It’s so nice outside…Why waste it indoors.”  Randy said, “Okay…Lemme shower and I’ll come with.”  Randy handed over Brian and headed to the shower as Billie placed him on the bed and got dressed.


While in the shower Randy couldn’t help but think of the night Billie had the accident…She’d been terribly lucky that the vehicle that hit her from the side…Hit the back of the Navigator and not where she was…The whole back seat and back storage area were smashed together…but from the front seats forward there wasn’t a scratch or a dent.  Billie was unharmed and so was the baby.  She was shaken up pretty bad and physically shook for a couple of days after the accident if she wasn’t completely relaxed…but other then that…She was alive and the baby was perfect.  And that was the ONLY thing Randy prayed for.



Watch the sun paint an orange sky
Lay me down and feel the days gone by

Just when the day
Just when the day

Just when the days start getting longer
I walk the streets I never knew
The sun comes out for you



As they at the park, Randy had Billie sitting in front of him and she had Brian sitting in front of her…under a beautiful shade tree…Nothing could have been better in life.  Randy said, “So why didn’t you wake me up?”  Billie said, “Please…After I wore your ass out last night…I knew you’d sleep longer then me, so I went for my jog and jumped in the shower.”


Randy felt Billie lean back against his body and he looked down and said, “So what’s with the smile…You look way too happy for someone who didn’t sleep till 9.”  Billie smiled and said, “It’s just the afterglow from last night with you.”



And if you could see
what's come over me
then you would know
Cause I'm walking free
the wind at my back
Bathed in after--

Cause I'm walking free
the wind at my back
Bathed in afterglow



The End