The Only One I Trust

This is a ghetto fairytale

It was two weeks before my son's birthday

D.Ts were ringing my bell

They told me the raid would go down any day

If I was smart I wouldn't tell

It was all over him

My boyfriend the criminal

He was caught up in the game

And the FBI warned if I didn't go along

They'd make sure I'd never saw my son or my boyfriend again

He would always tell me

I know you're afraid

But you can't leave me now

Lean on my shoulder

Soon it'll be over

I'm trying to build our future

I'm doing this for us

You're the only one I love

The only one I trust

I'd been with him for about four years and I swear

He gave me anything I could dream

But the life that he lived was a nightmare I swear

Wasn't clean, he was blinded by the green

All the murderous capers, the trips to Las Vegas

Making millions from papers blood stained

Stuck in my head like a song, I saw every sin, I knew every wrong

And if I didn't go along I'd never see my family again

He would always tell me

I know you're afraid

But you can't leave me now

Lean on my shoulder

Soon it'll be over

I'm trying to build our future

I'm doing this for us

You're the only one I love

The only one I trust

It was Saturday evening, we were home watching TV

He looked in my eyes, I wanted to cry

My son ran to hug him, he kissed him good night

How could I do this, could I do this, when I knew he would die

FEDs rushed the door, yelled everyone on the floor

My man pulled his knife and started to fight

He was a shoulder of cause in a war he couldn't win

But without him I'm lost

So I stood by his side and went down with him

He would always tell me

I know you're afraid

But you can't leave me now

Lean on my shoulder

Soon it'll be over

I'm trying to build our future

I'm doing this for us

You're the only one I love

The only one I trust

I know you're afraid

But you can't leave me now

Lean on my shoulder

Soon it'll be over

I'm trying to build our future

I'm doing this for us

You're the only one I love

The only one I trust

I'm sorry

I'm so sorry

"Come on Jeff," Kara prayed. "Just walk away."

As if hearing her prayers, Jeff looked over at her. He smiled in that cocky way of his but made no move to back down. Instead, he poked his finger into the other man's chest. "I warned you Damien. The cash by today or else."

Damien glared at the smaller man. "And I warned you, keep your ass out of my face!"

Jeff raised his hands. "Hey man... You know how it is. Just trying to keep business going."

Damien relaxed somewhat at the friendly tone. "I know how it is."

"Tell you..." what Jeff wrapped an arm around Damien's shoulders and led him away from the group of men surrounding them. "I'll cut you a deal."

"What's the deal Jeff?" Damien asked suspiciously.

Jeff moved so quick that Damien didnt have any idea what was happening, and snapped Damien's neck. "No deal." He bent down and reached into the dead man's coat pocket, pulling out a wad of bills. "Pleasure doing business with ya man."

Kara waited in the car while Jeff finished up business with some others. When he finally was ready to leave, he found her ignoring him.

"C'mon baby," he began reasonably, turning the keys in the ignition. "You know how it is. Just business. He was a scumbag anyway."

Kara sighed but didnt say a word.

"Kara? Talk to me babe."

"Jeff, let's just chill until we get home. I need to think of what I want to say to you. If anything."

He nodded. The rest of the ride was silent.

When they reached their upper class home in the suburbs, Kara went inside without saying a word. Jeff shook his head and followed her.

"Baby..." he went to hold her but she shoved him away.

"Wash your hands Jeff! Jesus Christ! Don't you ever touch me when you've just killed a man!"

Patiently, Jeff scrubbed his hands clean with soap. Just to appease her, he washed them twice. "Now may I hug you?"

"Not going to snap my neck are you?"


She hopped onto the counter. "I know, I know. But Jeff, can't you, couldn't you..."

"What babe?"

"Couldn't you just try to live normal? Make money the way other people do?"

He laughed at that. "Kara, we've been over this. I'm just trying to get us set for the future. Baby, with the way things are nowadays, we'd never have a chance to be happy and enjoy each other. Soon we'll be able to hide out at our own private island. Just you, me, and Toby. No more killing, no more cops breathing down our necks, just a peaceful life. Isn't that what you want?"

"Yes but..."

Jeff silenced her with a kiss. "Kara, you know I love you more than anything. You're the only person I trust. Please, trust me as much as I do you."

Kara managed to smile. "I do Jeff. I trust you."

The smile that lit up his face was worth it all.


"Mom, someone's at the door!" Toby yelled, running into the kitchen.

Kara sighed and put down the knife she was using to chop tomatoes with. She went out to the hall and opened the door. There stood a man in a suit. "Can I help you?"

He held up a badge. "Kara Wilson?"


"Is Jeff Hardy home?"

"He don't live here." She lied.

"Could you tell me where he does live?"

Kara frowned. "I dont know. Jeff and I broke up months ago."

"Kara, how's little Toby doing? He's what? About six now right?"

"What are you getting at officer?"

The man smiled grimly. "You know what I'm getting at. You were seen with a known criminal at..." He held out a picture of Jeff and Kara at Central Park. "The park. How sweet."

"I want you to leave."

"You are a convicted felon Kara. In fact, you were just busted for possession of stolen goods, right? And now, you're out on probation. You might want to rethink your words."

"Hey I know my rights. I don't have to answer shit." Kara leaned in the doorway with a bored expression. "And if you ain't got anything on me then get the hell off my property."

"Kara," his tone got threatening. "One word from me and Toby will go to a foster home."

"Uh huh."

"It's coming down and fast Kara. You keep it to yourself and everything will be fine. You don't," He looked past her to where Toby was standing. "Hey Toby, how you doing son?"

Kara stepped inside and slammed the door in his face.

"Mom, who was that man?"

"He's a salesman. Toby, run upstairs and get a bath okay?"

"But Mom..."


He rushed upstairs.

Kara sank against the door, sliding to the floor. She pulled her knees up to her chin and wrapped her arms around her legs. "What am I going to do?" she whispered. Kara rested her head on her knees and started to cry.


"Have fun Toby!" Kara called out from the car window.

He turned and waved at her before going into his friend's house.

When she got home, the lights were all off. "Hello?" Kara warily walked down the hallway. She paused when a light flickered from the stairwell. "Jeff?"

"Kara..." came a breathy whisper.

Still unsure, Kara slowly made her way upstairs. She frowned when the light disappeared in the master bedroom. She walked down the hallway and cautiously peeked into the room. "Oh God!" she gasped.

The room was lit up by several candles all spread out. The white satin bedspread was covered in blood red rose petals. Standing next to the bed holding two glasses of wine was Jeff, clad in the black silk pajama bottoms he knew she loved.

"Oh Jeff..." Kara covered her mouth.

With the smiled of a pleased feline, he walked over to her. Here. He placed the wine in her hand. Sit down.

Kara did as he wanted, sipping the wine to calm her racing heart. She smiled when he held out a carefully wrapped velvet package. "What's this?"

"Open it." He urged softly.

Kara set the glass down on the bedside stand. With trembling hands, she unwrapped the package. She quickly pushed aside the tissue paper to reveal a black silk babydoll cut gown. "Jeff, this is so gorgeous." She breathed, setting the box aside and holding the gown up.

Jeff kneeled down at her feet and removed her tennis shoes. He took off each article of her clothing until she was down to just her red panties. Kara held her breath as he raised her arms straight over her head. She closed her eyes, reveling in the feel of the silk as he slipped the gown over her head.

"You look so beautiful Kara." He murmured, kissing the palm of her hand.


"Mom, Dad, I'm home!"

Jeff and Kara both groaned when they heard Toby come pounding up the stairs. He ran into their room and tossed himself onto the bed.

"Baby, did you walk?" Kara asked.

"No. Justin's mom drove me. How come you aren't up yet?"

Jeff pulled on his pants quickly and handed Kara a tee shirt. "We were tired."

Toby sat in between them. "It was so cool! We had pizza, watched tons of movies Oh, and Justin got a new game for his Playstation and its so so cool. Can I get one too?"

"Whoa Toby!" Jeff laughed. "What game is it?"

"Smackdown 3."

"No." Kara interceded. "I don't think those kind of games are good for you Toby."

"But Mom..."

"But Kara..." Jeff chimed in. "He's a growing boy, he needs his daily dose of manliness."

"Jeff, side with me!" she exclaimed.

Toby giggled. "Thanks Dad."

Jeff just smiled serenely as Kara shook her head, trying not to laugh.

She settled back into the pillows while Toby told Jeff all about the sleep over. Why, she wondered to herself. Can't we stay like this always?


"Mom, can I stay up and watch SNL tonight?" Toby asked with a pleading look.

"I don't know honey..." she drawled with a teasing smile.

Jeff came out of the kitchen with a bowl of popcorn and a tray with three glasses of soda. "Yeah, our friend is coming by and he don't like to share his popcorn."

"Please!" Toby looked back and forth between them. "You guys are teasing me!"

Jeff sat down on the couch next to Kara. "Of course you can stay up buddy. Get up here."

Toby climbed up onto Jeff's lap and handed the bowl to Kara. "Mom gets popcorn duty."

"Mmm... More for me." She joked.

"Time for bed Toby." Jeff said when SNL was over.

Toby yawned. "But I'm not sleepy yet." He protested half heartedly.


Toby planted a kiss on Kara's cheek. "Night Mom."

"Hey what about me?"

Toby looked at Jeff and smiled impishly. "I don't know You're the one sending me to bed."

"Fine then." Jeff crossed his arms in a pout.

Laughing, Toby flung his arms around Jeff's neck and kissed him too. "Night Dad. Love you both." Then he hurried up to his room.

"Don't forget to brush your teeth!" Kara called after hm.

"Yes, Mom!"

"He's a big kid Kara." Jeff chuckled, kissing her. "He can take care of himself. "

"Can you?"

"No." He brushed a tendril of hair away from her face. "I need you to take care of me."

"I will." she whispered, just before kissing him.

They broke apart when the front door was busted down. FEDs burst in brandishing guns. Everyone hit the floor now!

Jeff pushed Kara back and reached behind the cushion to get his own hand gun. He placed himself between her and the cops.

Kara watched the stand off. She slowly inched to the side until she was behind a stand. Jeff looked at her then back at the FEDs. He dived behind the couch while opening fire.

Kara covered her ears, tears streaming down her face. "Jeff!" she screamed when a bullet went threw the couch and pierced his chest. Jeff fell onto his side, covering the wound with his hand. Kara was down by him in an instant.

"We got him." One of the men said, holding up his hand for a cease fire.

"Baby, please." Kara whispered, holding him in her arms.

"Kara... "Jeff raised his blood covered hand to her face. "I'm sorry..." His eyes closed and his head slumped against her chest.

Kara sat there for a minute before looking up into the face of the same officer who had been there the other day. His eyes met hers and triumph was evident.

"Wait for me Jeff." she murmured, before picking up his gun.

She was able to kill that one man before she was shot.

I know you're afraid

But you can't leave me now

Lean on my shoulder

Soon it'll be over

I'm trying to build our future

I'm doing this for us

You're the only one I love

The only one I trust