The Faraway Nearby



“Yeah, I miss you too, beautiful. I know… it can be hard at times. Uh huh. Yeah, how’s the angel doing? Getting big?” David chuckled as he talked to his best friend of ten years, hardly believing he hadn’t seen her in three months. He sighed as she cried to him over the phone, like so many other times and once again felt his heart shattering for her.

It was like this all the time, either he was calling her about a failed relationship or vice versa. David would never push her away because in truth, he loved her. He knew she loved him as well but they never took it to that step. He didn’t mind, loving the occasional romp every now and then, and especially enjoyed seeing his beautiful angel, who referred to him as Uncle Davey.


Karma sighed, gesturing for her daughter, Sera, to calm down. She had just ended a relationship with someone who was not a co-worker, for once. Right now she was on break, sitting in an empty room, crying her heart out. “The angel is fine… she’s sprouted another inch by the way. I’ll have to email you a picture or something.”

She sighed again, clearing her throat. “This weekend, what are your plans? Ser’s heading back East to spend it with mom and pops, too damn hectic for her hyper butt here.” She chuckled softly, brushing away her tears.

On these weekends, when everything was brought together, Sera went home, other than that she was on the road with her mother 24/7.

“Damn. Too bad you can’t keep her, I’d love to see her.” David murmured. “I think I can squeeze you in this weekend, I know you need some comfort, beautiful.” His voice dropped an octave, taking on a soothing tone. He closed his eyes when she began crying again. “Come on now, Karma, don’t beat yourself up over this. How did you know he was going to be a dickhead and cheat on you?”

“I don’t know… I should’ve known it wouldn’t of worked, not with me being gone all the time and him… doing whatever the hell he did.” Karma admitted, brushing her hair back over her shoulders. “Oh well… nothing a memosa and some more crying won’t take care of, right?” She blew heavily into the phone. “What’s new on your front?”

“Well, actually, I just broke up with my girlfriend of three months, Mindy. She couldn’t handle my job and all, it just didn’t work out.” David ran a hand down his face. “Sorry, I know you’re heartbroken an I’m going to be there for you. How bout Saturday? I’ll have a key card waiting for you at the front desk and we can veg out. Sound good?”

“Sounds great.” Karma frowned when her friend poked he head in. “I got to go… apparently there’s a line or…”

David chuckled when he heard Karma begin to snicker, knowing she was probably up to her usual pranks still.

“I’ll see you Saturday then, love ya Animal. Try not to drink TOO much JD.” In a better mood, Karma hung up.

Chuckling softly, David leaned back against the headboard. Ten years, ten years of occasional romps, sleepless nights, holding each other, crying, partying, all the things best friends did. Except the occasional mind blowing sex of course. He groaned, feeling himself coming alive at the very thought.


Saturday night didn’t arrive fast enough for Karma. When she finally reached the hotel, her fingers were cramped. She hadn’t bothered to change, just came straight from work, carrying her luggage with her. She collected the key card and headed up to David’s room.

Karma hesitated a the door, glancing down at herself. She shrugged, like he cared how she dressed, he was her best friend, she could’ve shown up in a potato sack and it’d be fine. “You in here kid?” She asked, walking in.

David had obviously just stepped out of the shower, dripping wet from head to toe, a towel wrapped around his muscular waist. He smiled, walking over to pull her into his arms, holding her close, inhaling the scent of her hair. God how he loved her scent, it always drove him up the wall.

Finally releasing her, David met her eyes briefly then hugged her again. “Goddamn beautiful, it’s been too long.”

“I’ll second that.” Karma whispered, sounding muffled, her arms going around his waist. She finally stepped away, looking down at her now wet tank top. “Thanks… I needed a bath.” She teased, staring up at David, her silver eyes twinkling.

David chuckled, not even realizing how truly wet he was and grabbed her hand, guiding her to the bed then gently pushed Karma down onto it, tossing her one of his shirts with a wink. “It’ll look like a nightgown on you.” He said before walking back into the bathroom. “Give me a few and I’ll be ready to rock and roll, beautiful.”

Karma shook her heard, having managed a quick shower and whatnot at work before slipping back on her clothes. She gratefully changed into his short, smirking when it enveloped her. Almost as a joke, she quickly braided her hair into two braids, going for the whole little girl look then headed for the bar.

She browsed around, spotting the Malibu and coke, both their favorite and made herself a drink. Karma returned to the bed, dropping down and leaned back against the headboard. “Jeez man, I already know you have foul fish breath, hurry up!” She called out playfully.

Growling at her joke, David walked back out, shaking his head, now wearing a pair of loose black pajama pants. “Woman, don’t make me come over there and tickle the shit out of you for that smart mouth.” He threatened playfully, pulling her up so she was resting on her knees and held her close. “God, I missed you, Karm…” He murmured in her ear, his voice low and husky.

Smiling, Karma wrapped her arms around his neck. “I missed you too, Dave.” She whispered softly, then pulled away. “Now knock if off before you make me spill my drink!” She teased, taking a long swallow, her eyes never leaving his. “Mmm…” She licked her upper lip. “How are you, David?” She asked softly, referring to his break-up with Mindy.

“I’m better now that my best friend is here.” He replied quietly, smiling somewhat and laid down on the bed. “How are you holding up?”

“Fine.” Karma set her glass on the nightstand, reaching down to take his hand, lacing their fingers together. “I’ve already been asked out again but I shot him down. I don’t think dating a co-worker is any smarter than dating someone I don’t with, not right now anyway. Cat said I should try women but uh…” She snorted. “I’ll pass on that too.”

Laughing, David pulled her down so she was laying with him, staring into her eyes. “You wouldn’t be pleased by a woman. Not that there’s anything WRONG with that, but you know what I mean.” He winked at her, chuckling softly as he rolled out of the bed to pour himself a Malibu and Coke. He sat on the edge of the bed, toasting her. “To us and fuck the rest of them.”

“Cheers.” She grabbed her glass, clinked it against his and drained it. “And just how do you know I wouldn’t be pleased by a woman?” She asked sweetly, getting up to make herself a fresh drink. “Maybe I should try it… Whatcha think?” Karma giggled, strolling back towards him, halting just out of reach.

“Hey, you do what you want, beautiful, but I know you. You’re a strictly dickly type of woman.” David shrugged, smirking as he leaned back against the headboard, snorting when she obviously took offense to his comment. “You know I don’t mean anything by it, Karma. Lighten up, you’re with me now.”

“Blow me, David.” She replied, it being a standing joke that she had a set of platinum balls. Karma grinned when he shook his head no, crawling on the bed to sit by him again. “Who knows, you may wind up being a strictly dickly type of man, you just don’t know it yet.”

“Nah, I’ll stick with pussy.” David rolled his hand, moving his hand onto her thigh, running his palm underneath the shirt. He studied her thoughtfully before going to get himself a refill.

“Okay, just bring the damn booze.” She smirked when he did as told. “No point in keeping on running back and forth, thank you dear, good to see you’re still my well trained maid.” She giggled when he growled, raising her hands up in a mock protective gesture. “Oh no… please, Mr. Animal, please don’t hurt me!” Karma burst out laughing.

“That’s it!” David set their glasses aside and pounced on her. He pulled Karma into his arms, locking her wrists in one of his massive hands and started tickling her mercilessly. “You going to stop your teasing, beautiful?”

“DAVID BAUTISTA!” She shrieked, laughing her ass off. “Just you wait! Okay, okay! I’m done!” Tears were rolling down her face by the time he finally quit. After she could breathe again, she pounced him. Karma reached underneath his left leg, just above the crook of his knee and started some tickling of her own. “Paybacks a bitch.”

“Karma…” He growled warningly, trying not to squirm and instead flipped her so she was on her back, pinning her, breathing heavily. He stared into her beautiful silver eyes, loving how they gleamed and licked his lips, his eyes fastening on her own rosy pink mouth. Slowly, David inclined his head, brushing his lips against hers, molding their bodies together.

Their sexual chemistry was always off the charts though they tended to only come together after a break-up.

Karma wrapped her arms around David’s neck, pressing against him, coaxing his mouth open and deepened the kiss. She teased him by flicking her tongue against his before pulling away, giggling when he growled.

“You’re suck a fucken tease….” He grunted, running his hands down her curvaceous sides, nibbling on her neck. David had to rip himself away, raking a hand through his hair, downing the rest of his drink after sitting up. “So, how’s the angel been? Doing good with school?”

Karma grinned, leaning over the edge of the bed, the shirt riding up over her hips, revealing a pair of black lacy panties as she rifled around in her bag. “I brought Ser’s latest pictures.” She said, sitting up Indian style, completely unaware of the pained expression on his face and held out a stack of photos. “She sends her Uncle Davey some love and smoochies by the way.” She said, watching as he took them, feeling a momentary twinge of guilt before shoving it aside.

“She’s so beautiful, just like her mother.” David murmured, sorting through the pictures. Sera looked just like Karma except her captivating brown eyes. He missed her, he missed having his little buddy to run around with. David started laughing when he came across a picture of Sera’s face, her mouth covered in chocolate. “Couldn’t resist, could you?”

Karma peered at the picture. “Actually, it was Nero who couldn’t resist. He was munching on Hershey’s Kisses while I was doing Ser’s hair and passed them to her.” She pulled out the next picture, one of Nero and Ser side by side, both their mouths covered in chocolate. “He ain’t nothing but a big, overgrown kid his damnself.” She snorted.

Chuckling, David shook his head, moving onto the next picture, immediately feeling his heart melt when he seen his little angel in one of his shirts, blowing a kiss in the camera. “This is mine, right? Cause if it isn’t, I’m stealing it.” He threatened in a playful tone though he was dead serious.

“Yeah, that one is yours. They’re all for you. I made copies.” Karma smirked, shaking her head. “Your Sera’s favorite Uncle, actually, you’re her only uncle. But anyways, yeah, all these pictures are for you.” She frowned when her cell phone rang, sighing and bent down to retrieve it, rolling her eyes when she seen who it was. “Here… answer it. It’s my ex, he’s been bugging the shit out of me.” She said, tossing him the phone. “His name is Tony.”

A devilish smirk forming on his lips, David cleared his throat and flipped the cell open. “Hello?” His dangerous, deceptive tone of voice caused Karma to begin giggling. He listened to Tony, cocking an eyebrow. “Is THAT right?”

Karma listened when David put it on speaker, clamping a pillow over her mouth when she heard Tony going off about what a whore she was, already on the rebound. The giggles got worse when David made a few, non PG replies, a lot of them suggesting violence. “Tony, honey, he’s got to go. Unless you prefer to talk to him while I give him a blow job?” Karma said, her mouth inches from David, her amused silver eyes meeting amused brown orbs. Tony shrieked another curse before hanging up. “I think he got the picture.”

“That motherfucker is lucky he’s not in the same state we’re in or else I would kill him.” David snarled, tossing her phone over his shoulder then pinned her beneath him on the bed, kissing up and down her neck. “So-” He began, his voice a seductive purr. “What was that about a blow job, beautiful?”

“Oh please… I don’t give blow jobs and you damn well know it.” Karma shot back, rolling her eyes. When he looked at her, an eyebrow arched, she smirked. “I give suck jobs, unless you’d like-” She blew on his face. “Me to do that to your dick.”


Reluctantly, David pulled away from Karma, shaking his head and went back to looking through the pictures. “Oh man, this is to cute.” Laughter rumbled from deep in his chest as he stared at one in particular, though he couldn’t believe Karm had actually let Ser play on the mat with Nero. “He’d better be keeping an eye on her at ALL times.”

“Nero? Oh come on, you know he’s like a brother to me, he wouldn’t allow anything to happen to Ser. She insists she’s going to marry him when she grows up.” Karma smiled slightly. “It’s kinda cute, next pic.”

The next one was of Sera flying off the a table into Nero’s outstretched arms, him on his knees, a broad grin on her face.

“You let her do that?” David asked in shock, blinking a few times. “She’s going to wind up working alongside him.” He stated matter-of-factly.

“I know… she’s already being trained if you can’t tell. Though I’m still holding out on her becoming something else… like a circus clown or a carnie.” Karma replied, sounding serious though her eyes were twinkling. “And yeah, I let her do it. I was right there with them.” She smirked at him. “I’ve been learning how to fight when I got the time too, mainly because we keep getting fights back in our area and I’m tired of being slammed into a wall by two sweaty assholes who don’t pay attention.”

“If I were there that shit wouldn’t be happening to you.” David said darkly, raking a hand through his short hair and flipped another picture. “I really wish you would’ve kept her this time. I feel like I haven’t seen her in ages.” He sighed, understanding why she’d sent the angel away. “Promise me next time, you’ll keep her with you so I can see her?”

“Are you out of your mind?” Karma groaned, seeing the look on his face. “Fine David, but YOU’RE the one watching her while I’m working, when you can’t just haul her to Nero.” She shook her head. “The things I let you talk me into. Almost as bad as the time we got drunk and you convinced me it’d be a good idea to get my tongue pierced…” She stuck out her tongue at him, showing off her neon blue tongue ring. “Good idea… then drink some orange juice Karm, it’ll be fine…” She whacked him with a pillow.

David started laughing, sticking out his own tongue, showing his own pierced tongue. “Hey, if I had to have mine done, then you had to have yours. It’s only fair.” He grinned.

“Blow me.” She retorted. “Ohhh… did I show you my latest piercing? Thanks by the way for addicting me, pretty soon I’ll be getting tattoos and shit.” Karma got on her knees, pulling her shirt up and revealed a silver hoop belly ring.

David’s brown eyes instantly darkened as he ran his hands down her sides and actually moved off the bed to crouch in front of her, flicking his tongue against the hoop, smirking when she shivered, tugging lightly on the piercing with his lips. “Very sexy, beautiful.” He commented, standing to his full height, staring down a her.

Karma growled, her own eyes darkening to a stormy gray. She scooted forward on the bed until she was kneeling in front of him, reaching out to tug down his pajama pants, smirking when he hissed. Freeing his semi-erect cock, Karma wrapped her hand around it, stroking him to life before bending down to trace her tongue ring over the head. She waited until he placed his hands on her shoulders before pulling away, scooting back against the headboard. “Turnabout.”

“Is THAT right?” David growled, his voice low with passion, a slow smirk curving his lips as he crawled after her, dragging her down by her ankles and brushed his engorged cock against her panty covered crotch, attacking her neck instantly.

“Mmm…” Karma moaned, arching her hips up. “You’re such a damn teased, David.” She groaned, squirming out from underneath him. When he rolled over to look at her, she was already pulling down her panties down. She stepped out of them before laying out on top of him, capturing his lips in hers.

David groaned, kissing her back as his hands ran up and down her back to her ass, cupping it, pressing himself against her. She did this to him every time, lit his body on fire, and he didn’t understand why he hadn’t asked her to make them a couple.

He knew why. Neither of them would accept it.

Karma wondered herself why they weren’t a couple before the answer always shouted itself at her. They were best friends but they did things so differently. That and so far they hadn’t ruined their friendship, even after ten years, sex included and she knew a serious relationship might destroy everything. That wasn’t a chance she was willing to take.

Sighing, Karma moved up so she was hovering over his cock, slowly lowering herself down, watching David’s face.

David groaned from the back of his throat when he felt her pussy clamp down around his cock, gripping her hips, loving the look of her in his shirt and went she went to remove it, he stopped her. “Leave it on.” He grunted, sitting up and began to kiss her hungrily.

Nodding, Karma wrapped her legs around him, tilting her head backwards, her hair brushing against his legs as she moved up and down on him. “You feel fucken great, David…” She moaned, bringing her head back up to slam her lips against his, kissing him passionately.

“God, so do you, beautiful.” He murmured, thrusting inside of her like a madman, a man possessed, burying his face in her neck. “Mmm, so good…”

Karma could feel her inner walls contracting around him, almost painfully and dug her fingernails in his shoulders. “Fuck, I’m almost there!” She hissed, moving on him harder, breathing heavily. “Cum in me, David, please, I want to feel you baby.” She urged, nibbling on his earlobe.

“You want me to cum, baby?” He purred in her ear, feeling her writhing against him, upping the tempo, not caring if the headboard was hitting the wall repeatedly. “Then cum for me first, beautiful… come on, I wanna feel you cumming around me…”

“Fuck!” Karma cursed, his words sending her over the edge and headfirst into bliss. She spasmed around his cock, trembling violently, cumming harder then she had in a very, very long time. “Christ, David!” She exclaimed, gasping when he rolled them so she was on her back, moving her legs up against his chest, locking her ankles behind his head. “Please, baby…”

David lost his breath when she clamped down around him, unable to take it anymore. This was over. He knew it and could feel his balls tingling before thrusting one final time inside of her, exploding, both their bodies shuddering violently.

Karma slumped against David after the last of her multiple orgasms faded. One thing she gave him props for, even though she’d never tell him, he could always make her cum more then once. He had a swelled enough head as it was which was why she never told him. “I feel soooo much better now.” She purred when she’d sufficiently recovered, nestling against him.

“That makes two of us.” David rumbled, burying his face in her hair and just held her. He’d missed Karma more than he cared to admit. Along with his angel. He smiled at the thought of the little dumpling but right now, it was him and her mother. He kissed down Karma’s throat, cooling down, finally sliding out of her but didn’t move from his spot. “I wish I could see you more often.”

“I know, I’d like to see you more too. These once a month things are bullshit. Thought even then these past three months I didn’t get to see you at all.” She sighed, kissing his shoulder. “I was thinking about putting in for a transfer but I was informed that I’m needed where I’m at.”

“Maybe I could pull some strings for you.” He suggested, wanting more than anything for her to work with him.

Karma looked torn. She had friends where she was at. She barely knew anyone on his side of the company besides some old faces from way back when. “Maybe, you can try. Though you’ll have to deal with my bro, Nero.” She said at last, smirking up at him.

“I’ll deal with him, don’t worry about that. You’re more important to me and I’m more important to you than he is. I miss you and I want to see angel more often.” He stated, pouring out some of his feelings to her, knowing she’d understand because it’s what they always did. After mind blowing sex came the emotions. It was pretty much expected.

“You’re more important than him? I dunno…” Karma drawled out teasingly, smiling when he growled. “Oh knock it off, you know you’re numero uno in the guy department.” She sighed, feeling the guilt she always did when he called Ser ‘his angel’. “You do what you can and we’ll see I guess.” She murmured, wrapping her arms around him, yawning softly.

“Tired, beautiful?” David asked softly, smiling when she nodded and ran his fingers through her hair. “Sleep then, we still have one more night together.” He whispered, holding her tighter in his arms.


Karma was up bright and early the next morning, freshly showered and in the process of getting dressed. She had just tugged on a pair of black leather, low on her hips pants, a white belly shirt with no sleeves that showed off a silver chain around her stomach, running through her belly ring. “David, wakey wakey, especially if you want a goodbye kiss.” She teased, dropping down into a chair to pull on her boots.

David’s brown eyes slowly fluttered open, groaning when sunlight hit him and slowly raised his head, looking at her. “You’re leaving.” It wasn’t a question and he could feel his heart contract painfully in his chest as he sat up, reaching out for her.

“I have too.” Karma said patiently, looking down at him, smiling almost sadly. “I still have stuff to do, especially since it’s game day. Nero will be by any time now to give me a lift. Why don’t you pop in and see me this time?” She let him pull her down onto his lap, gently stroking his bare chest.

“I might.” David rumbled, voice gruff with sleep. “You coming back tonight?” He asked in a whisper, pressing his forehead against hers.

“I don’t know, David… I have to be to work tomorrow night and it’s going to be a long drive…” She raked a hand through her hair, looking torn. “I guess I could, but you’ll have to wake me up so I don’t sleep all day.”

“It’s a deal, I promise.” He held her tighter, pressing a kiss to her forehead before letting go. “Be careful and try not to do anything naughty.” He smirked knowingly at the indignant look on her face, knowing she could be a pill when the mood took her. The smirk faded when he heard a knock on the door, knowing it was Nero. “See you later then, beautiful.”

“Until tonight.” Karma whispered, brushing her lips against his. She snatched up her bag before walking out, laughing at something Nero said, the door closing behind her gently.

As soon as the door shut, David groaned and flopped back onto the bed, running a hand down his face. Why the Hell couldn’t he just tell her how he felt? Why couldn’t he just get the balls up enough to ask her out? For a real relationship? They were closer than close and knew everything about each other. They had awesome chemistry both in and out of the bedroom. So what the Hell was the problem?


Karma groaned, glancing at the clock, still one hour till the event actually got underway and it had been hectic all damn day. She flat out refused to do anything else without getting a break. Flexing her fingers, she headed for the cafeteria, grunting when she was accidentally shoved into a wall. She almost fell but was caught by a pair of strong hands. “Thanks… Glen? OH MY GOD, you look worse in person! I HATE your damn hair, have I told you that within the past four months?”

Glen chuckled as he slowly pulled her up onto her feet, releasing her hands and embraced her warmly. “It’s nice to see ya again, Karma. Where’s that little rugrat of yours?”

“With my folks, you know better than that. So what’s been up? Besides causing all holy hell.” Karma smiled up at him as they fell into step together, ducking behind him when the hall got to damn crowded, grateful because he had no problem in clearing a path.

“Beating ass, lighting things on fire. Ya know, the usual.” Glen joked, winking down at her. When they finally arrived back at her station after she got her water, he leaned against the wall and watched her. “So, have you thought about my dinner proposal any?”

Karma’s silver eyes widened slightly. “Man, that was last month you asked! And you still remembered… I’m semi-flattered.” She teased. “I dunno… when?” She sipped her bottle of water, staring up at him, wondering if she even really wanted to go out with him. Yeah, Glen was nice, could be a sweetheart when he wanted too but… he also had a creepy side to him which somewhat bugged her out. “When are you thinking, cause if I remember rightly, we’re on different schedules.”

“How bout tonight after the show? I’m free and I know this really nice diner down the street.” Glen answered after giving it some thought, smiling at her, his blue eyes piercing hers. “I don’t forget beautiful ladies easily, Karma.” He assured her softly but firmly.

Karma frowned, having already promised David she’d spend the night with him. But at the same time, she didn’t want to get attached to him, sort of liking this every now and then thing, afraid of what he made her feel. Every time they got together she felt like admitting her secret and begging him to forgive her, then begging him to just be with her.

“Yeah sure… but you can’t keep me out too late. I’ll turn into a pumpkin.” She said finally, knowing it was harmless, just a dinner. AND she could go to David afterwards and just explain it to him. David always understood, which was part of the reason why she loved him so much.

“Great!” Glen crowed, walking over to lift her into his arms. “See ya after the show.” He slipped her his number before walking away, whistling to him and chuckling wickedly under his breath. “Tonight is the night!” He thought.


Karma groaned after Glen walked off, her back having been cracked in several different places from his hug. She shot her giggling co-worker a look. “Knock it off.”

“Please… that man has been hounding you since day one.”

“Hey beautiful.”

Karma whirled around to find David standing in front of her, holding out a bouquet of her favorite flowers, lilacs, shaking her head and wondering how he had gotten them.

“How’s it coming?” He asked, handing them to her.

She stared down at the flowers, inhaling deeply and sighed. “Mmm… it’s coming slowly.” She grabbed an empty bottle, filled it with the rest of her bottled water and put them in it before clearing her throat. “Um… I’m going to be late tonight, David. Glen asked me out last month and I kinda blew him off so he tried again tonight and… I’m going to have a quick dinner with him, is that cool with you?”

“Okay beautiful, that’s fine.” David replied, smiling, though inside he wanted to wring Glen’s neck. He’d knew Glen personally and none of this sat well with him. “I want you to have a great time, alright?”

“Oh right…” Karma rolled her eyes playfully. “You know I don’t care for the bald look so how great can it be?” She teased, reaching out to place a hesitant hand on his forearm. “You going to wait up for me or…?”

“I’ll be up.” He assured her, running his finger down her cheek. “I’m going to go see some of the guys, I’ll talk to you tonight.” He walked away from her abruptly, raking a hand through his hair, deciding to pay Glen a little visit.


Glen looked up from wrapping his wrists when David walked in without knocking. “What’s up?” He asked, looking back down and finishing before standing up and glancing at the other man.

“Let’s get one thing straight, Jacobs.” David began, his voice deceptively low and calm, sqauring his shoulders. “You are NOT to touch ONE hair on her head unless she’s consenting. Don’t fuck with her or you’ll answer to me. Got it?”

Glen arched an eyebrow, staring back at David and folded his arms over his massive chest, clearly not intimidated. “What the Hell are you talking bout?” He asked, sounding bored.

“Don’t fuck with her, Glen. I’m warning you. Don’t you dare hurt her.” David growled, giving him his first and ONLY warning and walked out, knowing the son of a bitch couldn’t be trusted. He then tracked down Nero, pulling him aside. “Listen man, I need a favor…”

Nero arched an eyebrow, staring up at David curiously. “That depends on what it is.” He said slowly, wondering if this had anything to do with his ‘sister’.

“If you don’t want a certain Big Red son of a bitch fucking with her, you’ll do it.”

“You officially have my total and undivided attention.” Nero listened to David, his eyes widening. Finally, he hauled off and punched David in the arm as hard as he could. “You’re her best friend, why the Hell don’t you tell her this?”

The blow didn’t phase David. “No, I can’t tell her because she’ll think I’m trying to run her life or something. You don’t know Karm like I do, Nero. Just do this for me, please?”

Nero nodded, suddenly looking ill to his stomach.


Karma wasn’t surprised to find Glen waiting for her at the end of the night. She had been done for at least an hour and had spent her time cleaning up and chatting with different people.

“You ready to go?” He asked warmly, staring down at her, now dressed in a pair of black jeans and a white button up shirt.

“Yeah.” She smiled, shaking her head and taking his arm, allowing him to lead her out of the building.

They had no sooner been seated when Nero appeared, looking like his normal, oblivious, sweet self. “Cool, I so did not want to eat alone. Mind if I join you?” He asked, dropping down into an empty chair, grinning at the pair.

Karma and Glen exchanged looks before both sighed and shook their heads, each for different reasons.

Glen waited patiently, making idle chat with Nero, curbing his flirting with Karma until Karma herself presented an opportunity. She accidentally knocked over her glass of water, all over Nero. While Nero was busy, standing up and mopping himself dry, his back to the two as he did his lower regions and Karma was hunched over laughing, Glen made his move.

When she straightened up, he offered her his own glass of untouched water, smiling when she took it.

Karma snickered when Nero finally sat down, sipping her fresh water. “Bet that was wet, wasn’t it?”

“Only slightly.”

“You ready to go?” Glen asked, maybe a half hour later.

Karma nodded, getting to her feet. “Nero… thanks for ruining my date.”

“Not a problem, need an escort home?”

“No… jeez, can’t give poor Glen a break, can you?” She kissed the top of his head before walking out with Glen.

Nero waited until they were gone before calling David.


“Glen… this isn’t my hotel…” Karma murmured, resting her head against him as he guided her, knowing something was wrong, unable to do much more than lean against him.

“It’s all right honey, I’m going to take real good care of you.”


David whirled around from his frantic pacing when he heard his cell phone ringing for the umpteenth time that night, praying this time it would be Karma. He glanced at the number and instantly picked it up. “Where the fuck are you? What’s going on? What is going on right now, tell me, Karma!”

“I’m fine, David.” Came Karma’s sluggish, monotone voice. “I’m staying with Glen tonight.” Her words were coming slowly, stiffly, like she was being coached.

David instantly noticed her voice, something wasn’t right. “Karma, focus on my voice, beautiful. Focus on me. Tell me what he’s doing, tell me where you are.”

“With Glen.” She repeated, suddenly inhaling sharply, her ragged moan a slap to his face.

“HE DRUGGED YOU DAMN IT!” David bellowed, trying not to imagine what was going on for her to make THAT noise. “I’m going to kill him, Karma, do you understand me? I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL HIM!”

“No, Dave-” Came Glen’s voice. “You’re not, you’re just jealous because I’m making her feel things you never could. Ain’t that right, Karm?”

“Ohhh yes, Glen.”

“Don’t take it too hard, best man won.” Glen chuckled darkly. “Say bye Karm.”

“Bye, David.” Karma whispered, sounding like she was beginning to cry.

David was so livid he didn’t even notice he crushed his cell phone in his fist, beginning to pace again, throwing the pieces against the wall. “He’s dead. He’s fucking DEAD!” He finally lost it and began to literally tear the room apart.


Karma knocked hesitantly on David’s door, not daring to use the key card and waited. She stood there clad in a pair of Glen’s sweat pants, the drawstring tied tightly around her waist, legs rolled up and one of his tee shirts.

She wouldn’t have dared to come here but all her things were in the room. She knew it had to be around seven or eight a.m. and half hoped he was asleep.

A second later she was jerked into the room, being crushed in a pair of strong arms.

“What happened?” David asked calmly, not letting her go. “I want to know what happened. Every last detail, Karma. You owe me that much.”

Karma opened her mouth to speak and hesitated, replaying the evening in her mind. She and Glen had been chaperoned all night but how was David to know that? She blinked, staring up at him, feeling helpless, suddenly wondering if ten years of friendship was enough for him to believe her after what she had done to him last night, with the phone call. She had fought Glen when she began to regain control of her body but then it had been too late. “I… um…”

“Did you fuck him willingly?” David asked bluntly, crossing his massive arms over his chest, stepping back to stare at her. “You better tell me the truth or else our friendship is going to end. I want the truth, Karma, no bullshit.”

Karma felt torn. By nature she was an honest person. She couldn’t deny her body had enjoyed it, up until she regained use of her limbs, that was another ballpark so to speak. She couldn’t deny her mind had fought it, but did that even really count? She was so confused. “I fucked him.” She finally whispered, lowering her head, the shame coursing through her enough to make her doubt even David’s love and loyalty.

“Willingly?” He pried, not buying that for a second. “Look at me, Karma. Did he drug you or did you sleep with him willingly? Don’t like to me. Tell me what the fuck happened.”

“I- I don’t know.” She whispered, staring up at him, a tear trailing down her cheek, wondering if maybe she had honestly fucked Glen but felt guilty about it because of her reemerging feelings about David. “I just don’t know.”

“Stop, don’t cry.” He ordered gently, wiping away the tear. “Let’s go get you tested.”

“No!” Karma shook her head, breaking away from him. “No! Just… just let it go! I fucked him, alright? And I liked it, you heard me last night.” She felt she would simply die from humiliation and shame if she was forced to endure a hospital visit. “Where’s my things?”

“Karma, if you don’t do this, then we’re through. I hate doing this but if you allow him to get away with what I KNOW he’s done to you, then you’re a coward.” David knew he was hurting her and hated it but he was upset that she was trying to defend her and Glen when she probably didn’t have a choice in the matter in the first damn place. “The choice is yours, Karma. If you allow men to hurt you this way, then you deserve what you get.”

His words broke her heart and confirmed what she had already been thinking. She was nothing more than an easy slut who men knew they could take advantage of. “If that’s the way you feel, David…” She whispered, picking up her bag. “Then I guess we have nothing more to say to each other.” Karma walked out, gasping for air as she went down the hallway. She couldn’t even begin to describe what was going through her head or heart, all she knew was she was about to die.


Two weeks later and David had yet to talk to Karma. She had gone on her way, he on his. They’d kept clear of each other even after she had been transferred, now working with him.

He had just finished with Glen, finally beating that son of a bitch to a bloody pulp and was walking down the hallway to grab a cool shower when Nero came running up to him, sporting one hell of a black eye. David could only listen as Nero explained that Karma had seen David beating Glen on a television and freaked out, taking her daughter and running. Nero’s black eyes was courtesy of trying to stop her.

David wasted no time and followed her, only stopping to pull on a shirt. In what seemed like no time at all, he was outside her door, knocking, pushing it open when she answered, not letting her shut it on him. “Are you okay? I’m not going to hurt you, Karma. Nero told me you bolted and I had to make sure you were alright. Is angel sleeping?”

Karma nodded, glancing at the Ser’s bedroom door. “She’s asleep… David, you hate me, what are you doing here?” She asked quietly.

“I don’t hate you.” David said softly. “I’m just disappointed in you. Why did you run?”

Hearing he was disappointed hurt worse than him hating her. “Why are you disappointed?”

“Because I know what that bastard did to you.” He knew just by the look in her eyes he was right. She was just being fucking stubborn about it. When she shook her head no, denying it, he grabbed her arms, forcing her to look at him. “Why are you lying to me? I’m your best friend, the man you always come to whenever something bad happens. Why are you lying to me, Karma? What are you afraid of?”

Karma’s eyes filled with tears. “Glen. I don’t know what he did… I just felt funny and couldn’t control my body… he- took advantage and…” She choked back a sob. “I wanted to beg you to come get me but I couldn’t, I couldn’t…” She pulled away, looking like she wanted to crawl into a crack in the floor and die.

“He’ll never hurt you again.” David promised, lifting her chin with his finger.

She stared into his eyes, squirming out of his grasp, the years finally catching up with her, the love blazing from his face making her hurt even worse. “Please, if you only knew…”

“Knew what?” He asked softly. “Karma, what is it, beautiful?”

“David… Ser… it’s-”

Karma bolted upright in bed, eyes flying open. “What the Hell?” She asked, looking around, half expecting to find her dream man in bed beside her. She shook her head, beginning to chuckle. “That’s it Karm, no more chocolate right before bed…” She yawned, snuggling back under the covers. “Heh…”


David bolted upright in bed, sweat sliding down his face. His brown eyes were wide as he looked around the room, raking a hand through his hair, blinking several times to get the fuzziness out. This was the LAST time he drank two bottles of whiskey in one night, the last! He ran a hand down his face, wondering who the Hell he’d been dreaming about, trying to remember the woman’s name.

David shook his head and smiled when a hand slid up his muscular back, turning his upper torso around to look down at his wife. “Sorry baby, did I wake you?”

“Mmm, yeah, but it’s okay.” She cooed back, crooking a finger at him.


“Baby, please, try to understand…” David tried reasoning with his more than pissed off wife, sitting on the bed stark naked, watching as she hastily packed her bag.

“Understand? Understand what? Understand that MY husband has been dreaming about screwing another woman?” She shouted, shaking her head when he just lowered his head in shame, scoffing.

David could only listen as she finished. In the middle of their love-making, he had suddenly remembered his dream woman’s name.

And called it out.



Karma sighed, staring in the mirror, studying her hair. She finally had decided to go with the red highlights and rounded out the look by layering her hair.

“Looks nice, Mom.” Seraphina greeted, yawning as she came in to use the bathroom.

Karma grinned, smiling down at her seven year old daughter before putting on her normal make-up, eyeliner and lip gloss. “How do I look?” She modeled off her low riding black jeans and blue sleeveless top.

Sera just shrugged. “Like normal.”


After dropping Sera off at the babysitter’s, Karma headed to work. She had been at her station for maybe twenty minutes when she was called into her boss’ office. Five minutes after that she was storming out the building cursing like sailor.

She had bee fired. All because one of the damn models had complained that her hair been trimmed too fucking short. “ASSHOLES!” Karma turned around and proceeded to give a two fingered salute, snickering when the guards started down towards her, then hesitated, shaking their heads.

Karma got into her car and sped out of there, making sure to spin plenty of gravel. She did what she normally did when she was depressed or angry, she shopped. Karma hit the mall and drained her checking account. Not too worried at the moment because she had enough in savings to last her and Sera a few months until she found a new job.

She bought Seraphina several new outfits, a lot of Barbies since that was Sera’s current thing as well as buying herself a new wardrobe. When she finally came out of the mall, straining under the weight of all her bags, she groaned, tossing them into the car and leaned against the hood, wondering what the fuck she was going to do now.

As if on cue, her cell phone rang.

“Girl, I am SO sorry! I just heard!” Came the voice of Karma’s best friend, Ashley Massaro. Ashley sounded like she was crying. “If I would’ve known…”

It figured Ashley would know about this. She and Karma had met around six months ago when Ashley did her spread for Playboy, the company Karma HAD worked for, until this morning that is. They’d clicked and the rest was history.

“Don’t worry about it.” Karma said, sitting on the hood of her car. “I’ll just find a new job, shouldn’t be too much of a problem, right? I mean… I’m good at what I do. Minus the pranks of course.” She had a wicked side and it generally manifested in a bad perm or some extreme highlights. “Stop crying Ash, come on, before you make me cry!”

“Listen, I called you because there’s an opening here for a hairdresser. You’re right, you’re good and if you want, I’ll pull some strings and get you an interview. Whatcha think?”

“I don’t know Ash. What about Seraphina? You know I don’t go anywhere without her, isn’t that a lot of traveling?” Karma asked, sliding into the car, sitting behind the steering wheel, not moving.

“Yeah, but what you got paid at Playboy will seem like pennies… especially considering your experience. Trust me, Seraphina loves to travel and she’ll love this. You can home school her. Please do this for me, Karma. It’d be GREAT to have my best friend on the road with me.” Ashley pleaded.

“Oh my god…” Karma shook her head, trying not to laugh. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, fine. But only cause you’re just too cute.” She giggled when Ashley started shrieking. “Just give me a call when you find something out, okay?”

“Will do, keep your phone on honey.” Ashley said, sending her love then hung up.


Karma was busy braiding Seraphina’s hair when her cell rang. Groaning she reached over to flip it open, putting on the loudspeaker. “Hey Ash, what’s the word?” She greeted after checking the Caller ID and resumed doing Sera’s hair, weaving faux gemstones in her tresses.

“Hello my beautiful ladies!” Ashley sounded happy. “You’re in! I gave him your number so you should be getting a call for your interview time!”


“Ash, am I really gonna be moving around?” Sera asked curiously.

“Sera, we don’t know yet so chill out. Sorry Ash, she’s excited.” Karma sounded excited herself.

“Trust me, from what I told my boss, he’s anxious to meet with you.” Ashley assured them both. “Hey Sera! How’s my most favorite little girl in the world doing?”:

“Very well, thank you, Ash.” Sera said in her sweet little voice. “Mom is braiding my hair with rubies and em-”

“Emeralds.” Karma finished. “Fake stones but they work.”

“When do I get to see you Ash?” Sera demanded eagerly.

“Soon as your momma accepts this job I KNOW my boss is going to give her.” Ashley sounded confident.

“You KNOW huh?” Karma echoed, sounding amused. “Well Ash, I’ll talk to you soon, I got this finish this brat’s hair.” Laughing, the two hung up.


About a week later found Karma on her interview, having met Vince at an arena before a show, leaving Sera with Ashley. She actually liked Vince, he seemed amused with some of the hijinks she had pulled, only reluctantly telling him of them when he ever so politely pressed her. Then she had shown him a portfolio of various models, the hair work all her own.

She was more than elated when she was asked if she could start immediately and nodded, glad she had brought her and Sera’s things like Ashley had instructed. She got her instructions on where to go and was given an hour to do whatever she needed too. Karma excused herself and went to find Ashley and Sera, recalling how Ash had mentioned taking Sera down to the ring.

“Guess who’ll be doing your hair?” She teased, leaning against the ring, watching the two bounce around. She shook her head, wondering if maybe exposing Sera to this was a good thing, neither of them had known anything about wrestling until they met Ashley and even then, what they knew could probably fill a thimble, maybe.

“YOU GOT THE JOB?” Ashley shouted, her and Sera both squealing as they flew out of the ring to hug Karma. “OH MY GOD, I KNEW IT!”

“Hey! Watch it! Yes, I got the job!” Karma laughed, hugging them both. “I have to go back to the hotel and change though, plus grab my things. Will Sera be alright with you for a bit?”

“Of course she will be!” Ashley tackled Karma, assaulting her with hugs again.

“Not all of us are wrestlers!” Karma teased. She wasn’t a push-over though, she had just learned her fighting differently, like on the streets and in some pretty rowdy bars. “Oh man, I got to bolt if I’m going to make it in time.” She groaned, her silver eyes straying to a man stepping inside the ring.

Deja vous hit.

Shrugging it off, she hugged Sera one last time before bolting.

Karma wasted no time in hauling ass back to the hotel. She quickly changed into blue jeans and a whiter beater, pulling her hair into a high pony tail and fixing her make-up. She grabbed her large black case and hauled ass some more, quickly heading back to the arena.

She snagged Seraphina from Ashley and guided her to the hair station, popping her besides her obvious work table with her favorite toys and turned to look at the other stylists who was eye balling her like she was an intruder. Karma sighed inwardly and knew she was going to have an interesting first night, especially since she was supposed to be playing boss.

She was busy showing a snotty, short woman with some severe orange hair just WHY she was in just, not even realizing when someone took a seat in her chair. “If you don’t like the way I do things, I’d advise it up with Vince or get to stepping.” She said finally, arching a brown eyebrow.

When no reply was offered, she nodded. “Good, you and I should get along just fine.” She glanced at the others who immediately turned to what they were supposed to be doing before grinning, facing her own chair. “What can I do for-” She halted, seeing the guy from earlier.

“Just do whatever works. I just need it to look somewhat good for the camera.” He answered gruffly, not even looking at her and ran a hand over his face, sighing. “Come on, Janet, I don’t have all night woman.”

Karma slowly grinned, leaning down so they’re heads were side by side, staring at his lowered head in the mirror. “One, my name isn’t Janet, I took her place and you can call me Miss K. Second, if you snap at me again, I’ll dye your hair the color of a pastel Easter egg, we clear?”

His eyes flew open, head jerking up, meeting her eyes in the mirror. “You!”

More deja vous on both parts.

Karma stared at him like he was a lunatic, slowly arching an eyebrow. “Okay bright eyes, you seem to know me but uh, I don’t recall you. Care to put back on your skin and tell me what’s up?”

“Nothing, sorry. Just… got a lot on my mind.” He shook his head, obviously wondering what the Hell was wrong with himself. He rubbed the back of his neck for a second before extending his hand to her. “I’m David, David Bautista, Miss K.”

Karma shook his hand, almost jumping when a spark of lightening coursed through her. “Nice to meet you, Dave.” She quickly pulled her hand away. She moved around him, studying his hair, taking note of the cut. She trimmed some stray hairs before squeezing gel into her palms, working her hands through his short hair.

David watched her intently in the mirror, enjoying the feeling of her fingertips grazing his scalp. “What’s your name?” He asked finally, catching the color of her eyes again when she glanced at him, frowning slightly, fumbling mentally with something only to shake his head.


Karma hesitated before flashing him a cheeky grin. “I told you, it’s Miss K.”

“Miss K?” Seraphina piped up, looking at them from her place at the small table where she’d been coloring. “Oh… you’re Miss Kit-Kat today.” Kit-Kat was the nickname Sera had given her mom after seeing her on a candy bar binge.

“Yes, I am, Sera.” Karma grinned at her daughter, staring into her eyes before glancing at David.

David’s gaze had locked on the little girl, slowly rising from the chair and walked over to her. “What’s your name, angel?” He asked, smiling gently at her, kneeling down so they were eye level.

Sera giggled. “Actually, it’s angel… well… my name means angel. Seraphina, but everyone calls me Sera or Ser for short.” She shook her head, showing off the tiny braids and flashing gems. “Like it? Mom did it for me, it’s easy to take care of this way.”

“Ser, I’m fairly certain he has better things to do then listen to you go on about your hair.” Karma chided gently.

“How so? He’s talking to me, ain’t he?”

David chuckled, glancing back at Sera’s mother before looking back at the girl herself. “Your hair is very pretty, angel. Do you mind if I call you that or do you want me to call you Seraphina?”

“Call me whatever you want just NOT Seraphina. That’s an awfully long name for such a small girl, don’t you think?” Sera offered him a crayon, turning her coloring book to share with him. “You like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? I do. Mikey is my favorite, he’s funny.”

Karma shook her head, watching them out of the corner of her eye as she got to work on someone else’s hair.

“I actually like Leonardo.” David laughed, a smile on his face. “I’ll call you angel then. Seraphina is beautiful but angel fits you better. Is that alright?”

“I already said it was.” Sera replied, not looking at him, too busy coloring. “Hey Miss K?”

“Yes, Miss T?”

“I’m thirsty and why is that woman’s hair green?”

Karma had been in the process of dyeing a woman’s, who had introduced herself as Melina, hair bright green She hadn’t taken too well to being ordered about like she was expected to jump and obey as well as simper and fawn over this obvious, self-centered bitch. “Oh… just giving her a new look…”

David’s eyes widened in shock when he seen Melina’s hair, covering his mouth to keep from laughing. Seraphina was definitely observant. “Calm down.” He advised when Melina began to scream.


Karma’s eyes narrowed and she gripped a wad of green hair, tilting Melina’s head back. “You need to watch your mouth around my daughter, Mellie. Before I do something REALLY drastic.” She raised her hair clippers threateningly.

“Just you wait, you can kiss your job good-bye, bitch!” Melina spat, wrenching free and darting away. “You’re finished here!” She ran off, her ear piercing screams echoing behind.

“Don’t worry, Vince is at the end of his rope with her.” David assured her, now coloring with Sera. “Man, that stuff is going to be hard as heck to get out of her hair.” He snorted.

“Actually, Vince kinda gave me permission to knock some people down a peg or two.” Karma confessed, smirking slightly. “And it’s permanent, so yeah. She’ll either have to dye over or shave it all off. Ser, want to go get something to drink while there’s a lull?”

“Yeah, mom.” Sera finished the picture she was coloring, glancing at David’s. “You can finish while I’m gone, don’t forget to sign and date.” She pointed to her own scrawled name and date in round, childish, disjointed writing on her picture.

“Will do, angel.” He said, nodding, watching the pair bounce off down the hallway and shook his head. He finished coloring the picture, signing and dating it, grinning slightly. He couldn’t believe he, a grown man, just colored.


“Why didn’t you tell him your real name?” Sera demanded as she and Karma munched on Skittles and drank Sprite’s at a corner table in the cafeteria.

“I did, Miss K.” Karma replied, winking down at her daughter.

“You think he’s cute?”

“Maybe, do you?”

“He’s too old for me, I’ll let you have him.”

“Hey little woman, how are you?” Ashley asked, strolling over to them and picking Sera up, placing her on her hip. “Nice style you gave Mellie, by the way.” She smirked at her friend.

“I liked it.” Karma shrugged, smiling wickedly. She ran her eyes over the caf’s other occupants. “Christ… some of these boys are big.”

“Mom is Miss K today.” Sera informed Ashley importantly, looking quite comfortable at her perch. “Okay mom, that guy right there.” She pointed, not aware she was being rude. “Now THAT’S a big man.”

“Put your finger down Miss T, it’s not polite to point!” Karma shook her head. “We got to bolt Ser, give Ash hugs. I got to get back to work.”

“Mom… do I have too?”

“Yeah mom, does she have too?” Ashley echoed with a grin, her blue-gray eyes sparkling, keeping a firm grip on her goddaughter.

“If you want to watch her for a bit, be my guest but I really have to go!” Karma kissed Sera by before taking off, dodging between people. She grunted when she was pushed into a wall, feeling deja vous again.


David was pissed. He was seriously pissed. He was MORE than pissed. He was LIVID. He was currently at the ass end of a divorce and he’d just received a call from his lawyer. His soon to be ex-wife was contesting the original settlement agreement. What more could she want? He had given her their house, the cars, everything!

He wasn’t paying attention as he stepped out of his dressing room, throwing the door open.


He glanced to his left to find the hair dresser, Miss K, looking pissed as well.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Karma demanded, having almost gotten her skull bashed in by that door. “If you’re not acting like I’m carrying the plague, you’re trying to kill me!” Shaking her head, irritated, she skirted around him.

“Don’t fucking snap at me!” He growled, stalking away from her but not before adding: “Maybe you should learn to steer clear of people who actually BELONG here!”

Karma inhaled deeply. “Batista, you’re a bitch!” She shouted, whirling around, smirking when she seen his shoulders tense before turning to storm off herself.

“Excuse me?” David snarled, clamping a hand down on her shoulder, spinning her around and shoving her back against the wall. “Let’s get ONE thing straight, KARMA. Yeah, I know your damn name and it’s not that appealing. I am a wrestler. You are the hairdresser. Step on my toes and I’ll break you.” He said, a sneer on his lips, staring down at her for a moment before snorting, pushing away from her.


Karma wasn’t all that surprised when at the end of the night she was called into Vince’s office. She waited for him to let her know she was fired, her silver eyes widening when she discovered he was amused with her. Then she reluctantly explained the issue with David, not downplaying anything, including her own words.

“Handle it as you see fit. This is a physical place and sometimes, you just have to learn to get physical back.” Was all Vince said.

Karma considered that as she went off to collect her daughter, spotting David with his back to her, apparently on his way out. She quietly picked up a chair and crept towards him. “Hairdressers aren’t fluff ‘n flowers, moron.” She said, waiting until he spun around before decking him in the face. When he reeled back, feeling his nose, she shoved him onto his ass. “You EVER put your hands on me again and I’M going to break YOU.” Karma wrinkled her nose before walking away.

David could only watch as she disappeared around a corner, shock evident on his features, feeling his blood boiling. That bitch did NOT just plow him in the nose with a chair and knock him down! He groaned, feeling his nose and sighed when he seen blood on his fingers. Slowly getting to his feet, David went to the trainer to get something for it, making a mental note to kill a certain stylist.


Two days later Karma was at a different arena, arriving before the grunts did, setting out the new products she wanted used. She had seen the shit they were using and her feathers were instantly ruffled. Hair was supposed to look good, not cheap.

Karma whistled while she worked, focusing on the task at hand, not about the flashes of a dream she could barely recall from the night before, yet still lingered. She glanced at her wristwatch, wondering just exactly what Ashley had taken Seraphina shopping for and sighed, raking a hand through her loose hair.

“Miss Karma, we got some serious issues we need to settle right now.”

She turned around to find a bouquet of white lilies before her, blinking.

“I’m sorry for being an asshole.” David said softly.

“Apology accepted.” She turned and put them in an empty pitcher, filling it with some cool water. “How’s the nose?”

“I’ll live. I deserved it after how I treated you. I was wondering if maybe we could start over.” He said quietly, extending his hand to her. “My name is David, and you are?”

“Karma, but you already knew that.” She shook his hand, looking solemn though her silver eyes were twinkling. “Thanks for the flowers, they’re beautiful. Uh… sorry about that chair shot but you kind of pissed me off. Forgive me?”

Waving her off with a smile, David shook his head. “Don’t even worry about it. I don’t deserve your forgiveness and you shouldn’t be sorry for what you did. I deserved it and a whole lot more. I was just… I just found out some rather… upsetting news and I just saw red. I didn’t mean to take it out on you and I didn’t mean what I said that night either, Karma. So I really hope we can start over and be friends from here on out, that and I’m hoping you won’t dye my hair pastel pink.”

“Hmmm… well I was tempted to squash your boys but I was feeling charitable.” Karma teased, arching an eyebrow at him. “Bad news? Sorry to hear that. As for the pastel bit, we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?”

“I’ll understand if you do.” He replied solemnly, nodding sadly. “My wife is… trying to drain me dry. We’re divorcing.” He said suddenly, unable to stop himself from blurting it out. “I don’t know why… she already has everything of mine, now she wants my paychecks.”

Karma flinched. “That’s pretty harsh.” She said finally, not sure what else to say. “Damn, guess I had it coming then, all things considered.” She glanced at the clock, sighing, eyes narrowing when she seen the other stylist’s approaching. “Excuse me, I need to go educate.”

David watched for a few minutes, listening as she quickly got into it with the orange haired woman, something about switching products. He smirked slightly, hearing Karma handling it professionally, like a true leader, admiring her for not losing her cool even when the woman stalked off to go bitch to Vince. He smiled, heading off to go do his own thing.

“Mom! Look at what Ash got me!” Sera shouted, bounding up and displaying two arms covered in mutli-colored bracelets.

“Just what you needed, jewelry to lose.” Karma replied grinning, bending down to hug her daughter. She planted a kiss on Ser’s head before eyeing Ashley. “Couldn’t resist, could you?”

“Nope, my little woman has to sport some blingage.” Ashley teased, giggling along with Seraphina. “Now that you two are on the road, I’m going to be spoiling my goddaughter properly.”

“Oh sweet Jesus, please save me.” Karma groaned, looking pained.

“Mom, Ash said something bout me getting my ears pierced.”

“Did she now?” Karma arched an eyebrow. “We’ll see.”

“Mom… you’ve got your ears pierced! Three in each ear, come on, please!”

“Fine, fine fine. Ser, you’re going to have to go play at your table. Mommy’s got to work now.” Karma watched as Sera squealed, hugging Ashley then headed for her coloring books. “You’re a wicked wench, Ashley.”

“I know, but you love me anyway.” Ashley giggled, dropping down in a chair, taking her hat off. “Be gentle please. You know I love you both. She’s way past due for her ears pierced and even YOU have to admit that.”

“I’ll consider it.” Karma and Ashley joked and chatted while Karma did her friend’s hair, finally smirking. “There we go…” She turned Ashley to face the mirror. “Picture perfect, like always. Now skidaddle, I got a line forming.” She frowned, seeing a man who eerily resembled someone vaguely familiar though she couldn’t place it. “Um… who’s the guy with the stubbly head?”


“That’s Glen, just don’t talk to him much, get him done and over with. I don’t know why he’s even here, considering he has no hair.” Ashley whispered, looking away from the giant to stare at Karma, her eyes clearly saying he was trouble.

After Ash had left, Karma went through her line, finally getting to Glen and guessing what he was there for, a shave. She lathered up his head and got to work, almost knicking him when she realized he was staring at her through the mirror and grew slightly irritated. “Yes?”

“Just watching.” Glen raised his hands in a defensive gesture. “No harm in that, don’t crack me with a chair.”

She giggled in spite of herself. “Bad news travels fast huh?”

“More funny than anything.”

“Thank you…”

“Miss K.” Karma stepped back, studying his head critically.

“Thanks, Miss K.” Glen stood up. “Hope to see you more often.” He stared down at her intently.

She shrugged, grinning awkwardly.

He chuckled, patting her shoulder before walking away.

“Creep factor is definitely on the rise.”

“I told you.” Said Ashley from behind. “You need to stay away from him, Karm. He’s bad news, trust me.”

“Did you happen to notice that I didn’t hand out my name? I’d appreciate it if you just called me Miss K or simply K from now on, I really don’t want that man knowing anything about me.”

“Seriously, K, just stay away from him.”

“You know me, I avoid trouble at all costs but honestly, trouble does seem to follow me around.” Karma replied, hugging her friend. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep clear of him. Now go on, I know you got a match, I seen the board.”

Nodding, Ashley flashed a smile before walking down the hallway. She was more than a little worried about her friend though when she spotted Jeff, she got an idea. “Jeff, I got a favor to ask of you…”

Jeff stared at her curiously before nodding. “Yeah sure, Ash, what’s up?”

“My best friend along with my goddaughter are down in the hairdressing area, could you keep an eye on them? She’s the new stylist.” She waited patiently while he thought about it, beaming when he nodded. “Good boy, thanks.” She kissed his cheek before heading on her way.

Jeff bounded off, whistling cheerfully, almost colliding with David. “Sorry bout that big man.” He apologized. “Kick my ass later, gotta go introduce myself to the new hairdresser.” He continued on his merry way, dropping down into the new woman’s chair. “Hello, I’m Jeffrey Nero Hardy.” He greeted, smiling at her.

“Um… hi, Jeff…, I’m K.” Karma replied slowly, deja vous hitting again, cocking an eyebrow.

“Ash sent me and with her compliments.” He winked at her.

Karma burst out laughing.

David appeared, looking at them and shook his head. “I see you just met the company’s biggest lunatic. This boy has ran into more doors than I care to count.”

“And yet I’m still drop dead sexy.” Jeff smirked, leaning his head back as Karma got to work on his hair. “Anyone ever tell you that you have gorgeous eyes?”

“All the time.” Karma glanced up at David, flashing him a smile. “You’re going to have to take a number, I’m busy as hell tonight.” She winked at him. “Unless of course, you’re wanting something else?”

Jeff rolled his eyes. “Flirt on your own time… right now, you’re time is mine.” He flashed her a cheeky yet adorable grin.

“No, I’m just here to see you. I’m bored.” David ignored Jeff completely. “I see Jeff is bothering you, just let me know if he does it too much and I’ll knock him down a peg.” He smirked when she actually blushed.

Karma smiled slightly. “He’s not bugging me yet and if he does, I can swing a chair pretty good.”

“Wait- that was you? You’re the one who clocked Davey boy?” Jeff started laughing his ass off. “Oh man, I’m in love! K, marry me?”

“You’re not my type sweet cheeks.” She replied, groaning when he took her hand and started spouting out promises of undying love between his laughs. “You’re not right in the head, Jeff.”

“Boy, you got two seconds to quit before I throw you into another door.” David threatened playfully, only half joking, shaking his head when Jeff merely flipped him off. “You got guts, kids. I’ll give you that, balls of steel.”

“K, come have dinner with me after the show, I think you’re a cheeseburger and onion ring kinda gal.” Jeff stuck his tongue out at David. “First off, don’t mention my balls ever again please, I’m not eye candy.” He winked at Karma. “Secondly, I can propose all I want and there’s nothing you can do about it, you’re married, remember? So share!”

“Divorcing, jackass.” David growled, his brown eyes spitting fire and folded his arms over his chest when Jeff’s eyes widened. “Yeah, you need to stop letting your mouth write checks your ass can’t cash.” He then grabbed Jeff by the back of the neck and hurled him into the nearest door, watching as the younger man groaned, bouncing his head off the door then David turned back to Karma. “He had it coming.”

Karma shook her head, staring at Jeff wide eyed. “Man… what the hell is wrong with you? You just tossed him into a damn door!”

“It’s cool, I’m okay.” Jeff said, his eyes crossed, a hand on his forehead. “I’m all right… I’m-” He fell back through the door, landing with a loud crash. “All right.”

David smirked, shrugging and helped Jeff up. “Come on, Hardy, sit down and I’ll get you some ice.” He pushed Jeff into a chair and went to grab an ice pack, pressing it in Jeff’s hand. “Here you go, man.”

Jeff took it, looking quite comfortably. Sera was sitting on his knee while Karma was tending to his bruised head. “No worries, the benefits of going face first into a door is you get gorgeous nurses.”

“Skittles… your forehead is purple.” Sera informed him, having quickly made friends, even giving him a nickname, then she smiled up at David, her brown eyes crinkling. “Hello, Davey.”

“Hey angel, how have you been?” He asked, stooping down to be eye level with her. He groaned when a little fist came flying and plowed him in the nose.

“Violence is bad and did you know, you bruised my mom’s back?” Sera smiled sweetly at him. “Now we can be friends again.”

Karma just blinked.

“Ho-lee hell!” Jeff crowed, wrapping his arms around Sera. “You got a nice hook on you, pumpkin.”

“I know, mom taught me.”

David gingerly felt his nose, growling in pain as blood gushed from it, wondering how something so damn tiny could do that. “I guess I deserved that…” He said in a nasally voice.

“Here.” Jeff pressed the ice pack against David’s nose. “Try this.”

Karma giggled. “Oh man… Seraphina, you need to apologize for that.”

“I’m sorry.” Sera said promptly.

“And you got to mean it.”

“I did!”

“No, no, it’s fine. I deserved it.” David said, looking down his nose at the girl, his head tilted back to stop the bleeding. After he was sure it had stopped, he took Sera’s little hand in his. “Will you forgive me?”

“Yes.” Sera hugged him before looking into his face. “You have pretty eyes.”

Karma shook her head, finishing up Jeff’s hair. “You’re done.”

“You never answered me, how bout dinner?” Jeff pressed again, not even catching the look David shot him. “Please, bring the munchkin, she’s a doll. She like onion rings?”

“Anyone ever tell you, you are seriously hyper?” Karma just stared at him.

“He’s probably heard it at least a million times a day.” David joked, tapping Sera’s nose tightly with his index finger. “Tell you what, why don’t we all go out after the show? My treat. Bring Ash and Matt too. Maybe Jeff will stop hounding you.”

“Good, Ser can be your date.” Jeff teased, gently placing Sera on the floor and standing up, looping an arm around Karma’s waist. “What do you say?”

“It’s up to Sera.” Karma sighed, throwing her hands up in the air exasperatedly.

“Onion rings sound good.” Ser was snuggling with David now. “I think Jeff likes my mom way too much.” She whispered, giggling when he nodded.

David grinned at her, standing up and placing her on his shoulders. “Don’t worry, I got you angel.” He assured her, smiling when she just laughed. “I got my date.”


Karma had to listen to Seraphina go on about David for the rest of the night, grateful when the show ended and the other stylists left. She quickly adjusted Sera’s hair before tending to her own. “Calm down or we’re going home and straight to bed.” She threatened.

“But mom…” Sera frowned, looking way up.

Karma spun around to find Glen.

Glen smiled down at her. “Still loitering? Most people go home after hours, not stick around.”

“Uh… meeting some people any second.” Karma said, noting Sera was hiding behind her.

“Hey K, you ready to go? Everyone’s waiting for us.” Jeff appeared, wrapping an arm around her waist and taking Sera’s hand. “Night, Glen.” He said coolly, leading them off.

David was waiting outside the arena doors when the three walked out, catching Seraphina when she ran to him, lifting her into his arms. “You ready to eat, angel?” He asked, following Karma and Jeff.

“Oh yes. Davey, why does that guy looks at mom that way? Like she’s… a snack?” Sera asked, sounding confused. She watched as Jeff laughed at something her mom said, shaking her head when her mom looked back and flashed I Love You in sign language, flashing it back.

David didn’t need to take two guesses to know she wasn’t talking about Jeff, having heard from Ashley Glen had been poking around already. He opened the door to his car and set her inside, glancing at Karma to okay it, smiling when she nodded hesitantly, not missing her look at Jeff or Jeff’s nod of approval. Once he was in the car, he peered at Sera. “That man is trouble, angel. You need to stay away from him, you and your mom, don’t talk to him, okay?”

“You didn’t answer me. What’s he want?” She demanded, watching as Jeff’s black corvette pulled out in front of them.

David didn’t know how to answer that. Not to her anyway. He had a fairly good idea, but how do you tell a kid that? “That man is trouble.” He finally repeated.

“Gotcha. Why’s he a bad man? What’d he do?”

“He hurt some people really bad.” He was probably going to wind up with Karma hitting him again with a chair for this. “A woman…”

Sera’s eyes got wide. “You got to tell my mom, that guy might hurt her!”

David reached across the seat to pat her hand. “Don’t worry angel, you’re mom is being looked after.”


Karma waited impatiently for Seraphina and David to arrive. Matt and Ashley were already inside, holding two tables and Jeff was beside her. He was still flirting though she knew it was harmless, the kid was just to cute to be anything but a flirt buddy. He reminded her of a teenager and that instantly crossed him off her possibility list.

Jeff grinned when he seen David pull into the small parking lot. “Here they are.”

Karma nodded, watching as David helped Sera out of the car, waving at them.

David flashed Karma a smile, listening as Sera prattled, letting her lead him into the diner, glancing back at Karma. “You hungry? Come on, let’s go get stomachs filled.”

Karma was about to reply but Jeff whispered in her ear. “No thanks, I don’t need that filled.” She retorted, grinning when Sera sighed dramatically and followed her inside, brushing against David. “Sorry.” She murmured.

“Don’t worry about it.” He said in a low rumble.

Sera waved at Ashley, dropping down at the middle of the table, her mom on one side, David on the other and Jeff sitting on Karma’s opposite side. Matt and Ashley were on the other side of the table, sitting in the middle, looking slightly amused.

“It’s on me, people.” David announced, already browsing a menu. “Get whatever you want.”

Jeff chuckled wickedly, exchanging looks with his brother. “Hope you brought all your credit cards, Davey boy.” He grinned, proceeding to order an extremely large amount of food, his brother matching him.

Karma exchanged looks with Seraphina before they both ordered their usual; cheeseburgers, onion rings and chocolate shakes.

David smirked at the brothers and glanced at Ashley who was shaking her head. “Don’t worry about it, Ash, it’s fine.” He assured her, chuckling when she sighed with relief, ordering himself something somewhat healthy.

“You’re the one dating a Hardy.” Karma teased, grinning when Ashley chucked a wadded up napkin at her.

“You could be too.” Jeff said, leaning against her playfully. “The better looking one, I might ass.”

Sera made a gagging noise.

“Hmm… I don’t know… I don’t like the idea of raising two kids.” Karma replied, tugging on his hair.

“I’d let you punish me and everything.” He shot back, green eyes lighting up.

“Nero, behave yourself right now!” Ashley chided, trying not to giggle. She raised her eyebrow when she seen the way David was eyeing Jeff. “I think you got some competition there, Looney.”

David instantly looked down.

Jeff shot David a contemplating look. “Nah… no competition.” He declared confidently, looking wounded when Karma rolled her eyes. “You know you’re warming up to me.”

“I’m interested in girls, Jeff, so don’t bother.” She told him softly, his apparent middle name rolling about in her mind.

Jeff cocked an eyebrow. “Well hell, I can change that.”

“Ashley… nothing works with him!” Karma moaned, burying her head in her hands, laughing when he started rubbing her back.

“I probably should have picked someone a little less hyper and flirtatious.” Ashley mumbled back, sighing when Matt started laughing. “Shut up or you get NONE tonight.” She warned.

Matt instantly shut up.

“Well at least you’ll be in the same boat as me.” Jeff said cheerfully, grinning when their food arrived and dug in.

“Mom, what’s she mean by ‘you get none tonight’?” Sera asked curiously.

Karma started choking on an onion. She groaned and swallowed when Jeff wrapped his arms around her, hands just under her breasts and squeezed. “Thanks, now stop copping a feel. And she meant Matt doesn’t get to play with his toys tonight.”

“Oh… Mom does that to me too when I’m bad.” Sera said.

It was David’s turn to cough, choking a little and actually had to spit out what he’d been chewing on to get a drink of water. He groaned, looking down at his ‘date’. “I think they mean that Matt’s going to be in a corner all night.”

“Oh…” Sera shrugged, returning to her meal.

Karma was doubled over laughing, not daring to look at the blushing Matt. “I got to go to the ladies room.” She gasped, wiping tears away from her face. “Ser, mind Ash and Dave or else.”

“Go pee Mom, I’m an angel.” Sera replied, giggling when Karma rolled her eyes and walked off.

David started laughing when Matt shot him a look, holding up his hands. “Hey man, it’s not my fault you’re going to be standing in a corner.”

Ashley almost spewed her drink, glaring at David. “Different subject, now.”

“How long have you known K, Ash? And why in the Hell am I only meeting her now?” Jeff demanded.

“Told you.” Sera whispered, nudging David.

“She’s my best friend, I’ve known her for awhile now and the reason you’re meeting her now is because she isn’t interested in Loons like you.” Ashley replied sweetly, a serene smile on her face.

David snorted, trying no to laugh at the look on Jeff’s face.

Jeff recovered with his normal enthusiasm. “Bull… she agreed to go with me before the show tomorrow, how do you explain that?”

“Lying sack of shit.” David said bluntly, glancing at Ashley, who obviously didn’t believe it either.

Jeff perked up when Karma came back. “Tell these clowns you’re going out with me tomorrow.”

Karma blinked, sitting down. “I’m going out with him before the show tomorrow, why?” She arched an eyebrow. “We’re both getting a tattoo and he asked to tag along.”

Jeff groaned. “You didn’t have to mention that.”

“Exactly what I thought.” David smirked, looking down at the angel, who was grinning from ear to ear. “The genius here was trying to get us to think that you two were actually going on a REAL date.”

“Hmm. Nice idea of a date, Jeff.”

“In my mind is it. Getting a tattoo is almost orgasmic.” He murmured, grinning wickedly when she blushed.

“That’s it! Sera, swap me seats!”

Sera complied gladly, smiling sweetly up at Jeff. “Hi, Skittles.”

“Hey sweet cheeks.” He grinned down at her.

“Hey! That’s MY date!” David growled playfully before putting an arm around Karma’s shoulder, grinning boyishly at Jeff. “Looks like she likes me better than you, kid.”

“Nah, she’s just afraid she might melt if I keep whispering them sweet nothings in her ear.” Jeff drawled, winking at the still blushing Karma.

“I’m afraid I might stab him.” Karma whispered, turning and burying her face in David’s chest, ignoring Matt and Ashley’s laughter.

“Well damn, if you wants you THAT bad, then why oh WHY, is her head buried in MY chest?” David’s brown eyes were twinkling with humor, a smirk dancing on his lips.

Karma snickered, suddenly trailing one hand along his upper thigh underneath the table, smirking when David jumped. “Now, both of you clowns knock it off. I’m off the market.”

“Mom, I’m full.” Sera announced, pushing her plate away and looking over at her. “Why is your face bright red, Davey? You alright?”

“Yeah, fine angel.” He grunted, staring down heatedly at Karma. “Two can play that game.” He whispered, trailing his own hand up her inner thigh, watching her blush even harder when he brushed his knuckles against her jean covered crotch. “Dessert anyone?”

“I’ll stick with my shake thanks.” Karma muttered, lowering her head down to the straw, her brown hair covering her face from Ashley’s knowing look.

“Jeff and I want a banana split!” Sera announced eagerly, liking Jeff just fine when he wasn’t hitting on her mom.

“Sweetcheeks thinks she can out eat me on ice cream.” Jeff grinned.

“I don’t doubt she can.” David replied, ordering them their banana split before glancing at Karma, bending down to whisper: “You alright there, beautiful?”

“Better than you are.” Karma retorted, brushing her fingers against his erection. “I can stand up and not be noticed, how bout you?”

“I’ll manage, Karma.” Her name rolled off his tongue in a sweet caress, keeping his voice low, beginning to stroke her through her jeans. “Done with the games, beautiful?”

Her response was to innocently sip her shake while her hand unfastened his pants, the noise level around them masking any sounds and slid her hand down his jeans, her fingertips brushing his cock.

David bit back a groan, unzipping her jeans in return, flashing her a smirk as he trailed one finger down her wet slit, not surprised to find she wasn’t wearing panties.

Almost choking on her shake, Karma suppressed a shiver. She didn’t move, just busied herself with her no longer wanted shake, though in fact she was busy stroking David’s cock, running her fingers over the head, smirking when she felt his pre-cum gathering on her tips.

“You ready to stop this yet?” He whispered in her ear, his voice husky.

“Hmm… I don’t know, you seem to be enjoying it.” She gave him one last squeeze before pulling her hand away, grabbing his wrist and moving his hand away from her.

Chuckling softly, David brought his finger to his mouth, licking it clean, surprised that nobody seemed to even notice what they were doing. “So were you, Karma.” He whispered, returning to his unfinished meal, though now he wanted her for dessert instead.

Jeff grinned when Sera snatched up the last scoop. “You win, piggy.”

“Oink, oink.” She snorted, smirking up at him, her face covered in ice cream.

“K, you have an adorable kid… can I have her?”

“Hell no!” Karma glared at him, grateful for the distraction, it took her mind off the ache in her body.

“Well I’ll take you too.” He grinned, letting her guess the meaning of that one.

“Nah, I don’t think they want you, Jeffrey.” David said, knowing he’d both managed to ruffle Karma’s feathers and turn her on, what a combination.

“How do you know I don’t want him?” Karma teased. “I can think of several things I want right now.”

“I’m hoping a rub-down by a guy with rainbow colored hair is one of them.” Jeff said, grinning.

Sera just rolled her eyes again.


Karma shook her head, walking into the arena besides Jeff, holding Sera’s hand with one hand, her black kit in the other. “Orgasmic my ass.” She muttered, wearing a halter top in place of her normal tank to so she didn’t irritate the SERAPHINA tattoo across her back in Old English lettering.

“Hey, to me, it is.” Jeff replied, grinning. “You seemed to handle it pretty well.”

Sera yawned tiredly, dropping down at her table while Karma set up, returning Jeff’s wave as he continued on his way. “Mom, did you have to be so loud last night?”

“Sorry, honey.” Karma replied, kissing her forehead gently. “Didn’t mean to keep you up. Why don’t you lay your head down and rest?”

“I’m going too… since somebody didn’t let me sleep.”

“Why wouldn’t somebody let you sleep, angel?” David asked from behind them, sounding amused. Then he frowned when he seen the angel was about to fall over. “Why don’t you go down to my dressing room? It’s only three doors down and you can sleep on the couch.”

Sera got to her feet, nodding. “No more movie sessions with Skittles.” She admonished, yawning, looking up at David. “You wouldn’t believe it… they spent all night doing their hair and painting their nails…” She shook her head before walking off.

Karma displayed her black and gold nails, giggling. “I think the man has a gay side to him.”

“I could’ve told you that.” David joked, dropping down in the chair, looking at her from upside down and grinned. “How’re you feeling tonight, beautiful?”

“Good. Didn’t sleep for shit, but…” She shrugged, staring down at him for a minute before turning away to set up, hesitating when she seen a blood red rose, picking it up. Karma stared at the small slip of paper curled around it then read it. “Oh Christ…” She tossed the rose into the garbage can.

“What’s wrong?” He immediately asked, plucking the rose out and read the note. “That prick…” He muttered angrily, crushing the rose in his hand. “You need to let Vince know he’s bothering you.”

“Why the hell is he bothering me to begin with?” Karma demanded, planting her hands on her hips. “I just started working here and as far as I know, I’m not sending out the ‘pick me up’ signals to anyone, present company excluded. So what’s his deal?”

“I don’t have a clue. Look, he’s already… injured… some other people, mainly Divas. Just have him go to a different stylist, and report this. You‘re a new challenge to him, if he asks you out, tell him NO. Do you understand?”

“I’m not a moron.” Karma snapped, her mind reeling. “Yeah, I’ll keep his ass away, don’t worry.” She turned from him, nodding when the grunts started to appear.

“Good.” David grunted, heading off to check on the angel.

Karma worked for an hour straight, finally setting down her brush to flex her fingers. She headed to the bathroom, gasping when she was pulled into a pair of arms. “Jeff!”

“Glen.” He said softly, the only word needed before kissing her passionately, sending out the ‘hands off’ vibe. His arms went around her waist, pulling her against him, groaning loudly as the kiss deepened.

Glen shook his head, disappearing from view when he spotted David coming, knowing he hadn’t been seen by the Animal and smirked at the look on David’s face.

David clenched and unclenched his fists, trying not to be jealous, it wasn’t like they were anything more than friends. He kept on walking, that jealousy radiating off of him.

“Is he gone?” Karma asked breathlessly.



“What? Can I help it if you’re an awesome kisser? I’m only a man!” Jeff protested, groaning when she decked him. He rubbed his arm, watching Karma walk away before bounding off to annoy his brother.

Karma knocked gently on David’s door before stepping in, smiling when she seen Sera still sleeping. “How is she? Has she woken up at all?” She asked softly.

“No, she’s been sleeping like a peaceful angel.” David replied quietly, masking his obvious jealousy as he walked over to her. “How’s your night going?”

Karma made a face. “I was walking to the bathroom and Jeff snatched my ass up, Glen was lurking.” She licked her lips, admitting Jeff had been quite a good kisser and would probably make a decent lover but there just wasn’t that spark. “So…”

David sighed with inner relief, smiling knowingly. “That would explain a lot then. He’ll leave you alone once he gets the picture that your hands off.”

“Oh yeah, one problem though, now it looks like I’m dating Skittles.” She groaned. “So you seen us kissing huh?” She teased, her mood changing abruptly. “Did it look as steamy as it felt?”

“No comment.”

“It must’ve been. I guess I’ll be finding out if he gets any better since he nominated himself to be my at-work boyfriend, huh?”

“I guess you will.” David said softly, hiding what he was feeling by draping an arm over her shoulders. “Doesn’t mean you can’t have someone on the side.”

“Like who?” Karma replied coyly, trying not to shiver and failing miserably, tilting her head back to stare up at him.

David smirked, pushing her against the wall, his knee between her thigh and started kissing her jaw line. “Can’t you guess?”

“I’m assuming you.” She replied, pushing him away, really wanting to continue but her daughter was in the room. “I got to get back to work.” She kissed him quickly. “See you.” Karma walked out before he could change her mind.


“Did you know we’re dating?” Jeff asked conversationally later that night, stopping by for a quick hair fix before going to his match. “Apparently a few people seen me dragging your ass into that bathroom.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard.” Karma replied, shaking her head when he licked his lips. “I thought you were just going to be my friend.”

“Jeff smiled innocently, taking her hand in his. “But baby!”

“You dick.” She chuckled.

“Oh my god, PLEASE tell me it’s not true!” Ashley ran up to them, her eyes wide when she seen them together. “Woman, couldn’t you do better then this loon?”

Karma and Jeff exchanged grins before Karma dropped down on his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. “I like this loon.” She drawled teasingly, resting her head against Jeff’s.

Jeff snickered, his arms already around her waist. “Problem there, Ash?”

“Yes, BIG problem!” Ashley dragged her friend away, pressing her forehead to Karma’s. “PLEASE, tell me this is all just a joke. You’re not dating that… psycho, are you?” She whispered, keeping her voice low.

Karma grinned, shaking her head. “No.” She quickly recounted what had happened with Glen, Jeff pulling her in for a steamy kiss as well as the assumptions circling that they were now dating. “He’s keeping Glen off my ass, that’s all. So at work, we’re playing a couple. Can you go with that, Ash?”

“Oh, thank god. Yeah, that’s actually a great idea. Glen won’t go for you if he thinks you’re with someone.” Ashley whispered back, smiling at Jeff. “So, what was up with you and a certain Mr. Batista last night at dinner?” She asked, keeping her voice low.

Karma turned three shades of red. “Not a thing.” She muttered. “Now is he divorced or in the process of getting one?” She asked curiously.

“Getting one, though it should be final any day now, maybe it already is. I don’t ask.” Ashley said slowly. “That’s a touchy subject…”

Karma sighed, slightly curious now but at the same time, she wasn’t still sure where she stood when it came to David. Yeah, they had some serious chemistry but… She had a daughter to think about, as well as her own emotional well being. That and for some ungodly reason she felt like she already knew David, there was just something so damn familiar about him that she couldn’t place. She almost asked something but Jeff hollered. “My boy toy is calling.”

“K, I gotta be out there in five, mind finishing my hair please?”

“I’m coming!”

“Oh quit your whining before I give you something to whine about!” Ashley chided, shaking her head when he stuck out his tongue. “Boy, don’t make me put that tongue to use. You know I’ll do something horrible to you.”

Jeff arched an eyebrow, watching as Karma tried not to giggle. “I’ll put it to use all right Ash, just not with you.” He retorted cheekily. “Right, K?”

“Anything you say, Skittles.” Karma chuckled, shooting Ashley a smirk before quickly doing his hair. “Now get on out of here.”

“How bout a good luck kiss?”

“You’re going to get yourself injured.” She threatened, raising the brush.

Ashley rolled her eyes, kicking Jeff in the ass, causing him to yelp. “You sounded like a little girl!”

Jeff muttered something under his breath before vacating, not in the mood to get his ass kicked anymore.

“That was hilarious.” Karma giggled, glancing at the clock, beginning to pack up, letting the grunts know they were free to go. “What’re you up to tonight then?”

“Matt actually has a special evening planned for us. Sorry, but I can’t resist my man.” Ashley winked at the eye-rolling Karma. “Catch you later, chica.” She walked off, laughing.


“Okay Mom, I’ve been giving it some thought… I need my hair done differently.” Sera said seriously a month later as they walked back to their hotel.

“Why’s that angel?” Karma asked, snapping out of her thoughts. She had had a dream the night before, about David, for some reason, she could’ve sworn she had this dream once before. It had been gnawing at her all damn day.

“Braids are getting boring.”

“Need a ride?”

Well speak of the Devil.

Karma and Sera exchanged looks before glancing at David before shaking their heads. “Nahhhh.” They drawled.

“It’s a nice night out, David. You should be walking too.”

“He’s old… and he wrestled… He probably needs a cane.” Sera giggled.

“Oh-thanks for clearing that up sweetie.”

“Jeez, thanks ladies.” David said sarcastically, pulling his vehicle to the side of the road and getting out. He lifted the angel up onto his shoulders, grinning when she squealed. “Now then, what was that about me being too old, little girl?”

“You’re old, Davey, just face it. Hey Mom… can I call him Twix?”

Karma blinked. “What for?”

“His eyes look like chocolate and his skin is dark, kinda like mine.” Sera held out her own chubby arm, just a shade lighter than David.

“She has a candy bar thing… hence my name being Kit Kat.” Karma explained.

“Twix?” David started laughing. “Sure angel, you can call me Twix… if I can call you Sweet Tart.” He winked at Karma, enjoying seeing her blush.

“Sure.” Sera agreed, patting his head. “Thanks for the ride, Twix.”

“Twix, Kit Kat and Sweet Tart; what a trio we make.” Karma laughed, shaking her head, studying the pair. They did actually look a lot like each other. She shook her head again, remembering last night’s dream, she had dreamt it before, she was positive of it.


Once they arrived in the hotel room, David made himself comfortable on the couch while Karma tended to the Sweet Tart. He chuckled, remembering the nickname the angel had given him and shook his head. Twix. That was definitely one he hadn’t heard before, it would definitely take some getting used too.

Karma stepped out of Seraphina’s room, closing the door behind her. “She’s out.” She grinned, raking a hand through her hair before walking over to the mini-fridge, wondering why he was still there. She pulled out a can of Bud, holding one out to him. “So Twix, what’s up?”

David accepted the beer, wondering just how to broach this. He didn’t even know why he should. Except he had had a dream last night, a dream that had reminded him eerily of another dream, one from a year ago. He had forgotten all about THAT dream until last night. Coincidence?

“David?” Karma prompted, dropping down on her bed, kicking off her tennis shoes and sighed. She leaned back against the headboard, taking a sip of her drunk, studying him thoughtfully, feeling a knot forming in the pit of her stomach.

Sighing, David swallowed hard. “I had this dream…” He began slowly, not looking at her. He didn’t even know why the Hell he was telling her this. “I had a dream about you, Karm. I know we don’t know each other all that well, but you and angel were in it. It was like… I don’t know…”

Karma frowned, shaking her head. “Friends for years… Sera was yours…” She finally murmured, reliving the dream. The dream she had had twice now.

David’s head whipped up, staring at her with those intense brown eyes and slowly stood up. “Glen…” He didn’t even want to say it.

Karma blinked, suddenly realizing Glen had been the man who’d assaulted her in her first dream.

“Holy shit, we had the same dream.”

“Glen had drugged me… and…” Karma’s own silver eyes were now the size of saucers as she put down her beer, getting to her own feet. “And now it’s all fucking happening! What the Hell?” She grabbed David’s arm, forcing him to stop pacing. “Dude chill… this is just another stupid dream, or someone’s idea of a fucking sick joke. I don’t believe in that kind of shit… Premonitions, whatever, they don’t happen.”

“They’re happening right now, Karma.” David said softly, guiding her down onto the couch. “You had this dream before?”

“A year ago, but I didn’t remember it till this morning.”

“Same here.”

“Great, next you’ll be telling me you’re Seraphina’s father.” Karma snorted, rolling her eyes. Just as suddenly, she stiffened, an odd expression on her face.

“What’s wrong?” David demanded softly, seeing the look in her eyes and pulled her into his arms. “Calm down woman. I didn’t say I was her father.”

Karma squirmed away from him, her mind reeling. She darted to the dresser, finally pulling out an old looking, small trunk that was locked. “What did you do before wrestling?” She asked in a neutral tone, fumbling with a set of keys.

David blinked, taken aback by that question and slowly approached her, watching her fumbling with the keys. “That’s actually a part of my past I like to forget.” He admitted quietly, setting down on the bed. “Why do you ask?”

“Well fucking remember.” She snapped, finally finding the key and staring at it, not having opened this trunk in an extremely long time. “Whereabouts did you work?” Karma turned her head to stare up at him, kneeling on the floor.

“Karm, you need to calm down before you end up having a damned stroke.” David ordered, eyes narrowing, not appreciating her sudden attitude with him. “I know this dream thing is freaking you out but you need to keep level about it.”

Karma smiled humorlessly. “I bet you were a bouncer, David.” She said evenly. “Probably worked some really nasty shit holes too…”

Sputtering a little, he shot off the bed. “How do you know that?”

Her hands shook as she opened the trunk, pouring it’s contents out onto the bed. There were pictures, some wristbands, what looked like a few concert ticket stubs. “I haven’t looked at this stuff since Sera was born.” She murmured, gathering the pictures in her hand, not looking at them.

“I used to be seriously wild, at a different bar everything, brawling with whatever bitch rubbed me wrong, even the occasional guy.” She said quietly. “Now… whereabouts did you work?”

“I’m going to be honest, I don’t really remember. I was a bouncer, but never for just one bar. It was in Washington D.C. mostly, but I traveled a bit. I wasn’t… exactly the best person in the world back then.” David admitted, ashamed to even acknowledge what kind of man he had been.

Maybe Karma’s edginess was contagious because he was starting to feel edgy too. He studied her more thoroughly, feeling like he had seen her before. Now that he thought about, it seemed he had, maybe.

“Outskirts of D.C., fucking horrible bar. The beer was piss warm, the people in it even worse, only damn good thing was the music.” Karma snorted, finally sorting through the pictures, memories she buried washing over her as she stared at the people she used to call friends, obviously drunk. “I used to wear my hair short back then and black.” She hesitated at one picture. “I actually went back to the place night after night for a week straight, for a guy… drunk off my ass before I even got there.” She shook her head, staring down at the photo, the knot worse than ever, a lot of things falling into place.

Things were falling into place alright as David slowly sank back down onto the bed. His eyes scanned the pictures she’d dropped and picked one up that had caught his attention, staring at it long and hard before closing his eyes. “Ember…” He murmured, clearing his throat.

He opened his eyes, meeting those silver orbs that had haunted him for years in his dreams, until he had thought the woman must have been nothing more than a figment of his imagination. Flashbacks of them together flowed through his mind as he stared into those eyes, the breath catching in his throat.

Karma smiled ruefully, remembering how he’d asked her name and she shot off the first thing that had popped into her head. She stared at the picture before slowly holding it out to him.

It was of them, his arms around her while she was pressing against his chest playfully, both obviously three sheets to the wind.

“Monica snapped that.” She recalled softly, suddenly picturing her old running buddy, her thoughts straying to one night in particular. The one and only night she and David had spent together after a week of flirting.

“I remember this, even though we were both drunk off our asses.” David chuckled at the memory, finally looking at her. “It’s been a long time… Ember.” He stressed her name, smiling slightly.

“Indeed it has, Levi.” Karma chuckled, shooting back the name he had given her, the laughter dying on her lips as she stood up again. She walked over to the sliding glass door and stepped out onto the balcony, letting the cool wind calm her down, clearing her head. “Twix…” She murmured, smiling at the nickname, then recalling why Seraphina had given him the name. His dark brown eyes and skin tone…

Sighing, David slowly stood up and followed. He heard her mumble the nickname the angel had given him, placing his hands on her shoulders. “Karma, I get the feeling that you need to telling me something.” He said softly, squeezing her shoulders encouragingly. “She’s mine, isn’t she.”

Crying silently, she nodded. “Yeah David, she is. I was going through one of my not sleeping with whoever took me home phases when I met you. Then we didn’t use anything…” She turned to stare up at him. “By the time I found out I was pregnant, I was on the other side of the country. That and I didn’t know what to do about you, you were just a one night stand. When I started working for the WWE I honestly didn’t remember you… I kept feeling deja vous but… it was so long ago and…” She shook her head. “Oh my fucking god…”

“Sshh, calm down, Karma.” David soothed, pulling her into his arms, resting his head on top of hers. “I’m not mad, I don’t blame you… we were both fucked up back then and we didn’t even know each other. Calm down, please, don’t cry.” He wasn’t sure how he was feeling at the moment, all he knew was it was like those dreams were coming true. Seraphina, that sweet little girl, was his daughter, HIS daughter!

“This is just too fucked up.” Karma whispered, her face in his chest, swallowing back her tears. She was beginning to have some reluctant faith in those damn dreams. “So what’s next on our little trip down screwed up beyond belief lane? Me getting drugged and raped?”

“No, that’s not going to happen.” He promised, kissing the top of her head and held her tighter. He still was having trouble reconciling Karma, a mother, with Ember, one of the toughest bitches he’d ever laid eyes on, which is what attracted him to her to begin with. “We’ll figure something out, but that’s NOT going to happen to you.”

Nodding, Karma stepped away from him. “It’s getting late, you probably should go.” She said softly, turning to lean over the rail, staring down at the city. “Busy day tomorrow.”

“I don’t want to leave, not after finding you again.” David stated, pulling her back against him and passionately kissed her.

“David-” She gently pushed him away. “It was a week of flirting and one night of drunk, wild sex. I like you, I really do… and I’m not denying that there’s something between us, seems mostly sexual.” She smirked at the look on his face. “But all of this is just way to overwhelming, confusing. You’re more than welcome to see Seraphina but… I don’t want her knowing right away. Not until I know for sure nothing else is going to… turn up.”

“Not a problem.” He murmured, trailing a large, gentle finger down the side of her face. “There’s more than just physical attraction between us, always has been, but I was too fucked up back then to realize it.” He walked away from her, his voice no more than a low rumble. “Good night, Karma.” He stopped to peek in on his daughter before finally taking his leave.


Karma played hide and seek that week with David, always occupying herself with work or whoever was closest when he was around. She watched him with Seraphina and would always have to hide a smile, the man had been born to be a father, that was obvious.

She’d been casually poking around, asking Sera innocent little questions. Getting a general idea of her daughter’s opinion on David, now working on the daddy issue.

“Karm, we need to talk.” Jeff interrupted her musings.

“What’s wrong?” She asked softly, following him to an empty room.

“I just found out I’m facing Glen tonight, in a hardcore match. He requested it.”


“So my little Sweet Tart, how you liking the traveling so far?” David asked his angel as hey sat in his dressing room.

“It’s fun, Twix.” She giggled. “We’re traveling with Jeff now, he’s nuts! Did you know he paints his toenails black?”

Before David could reply, Karma walked in.

“Um… Jeff has a match in ten, would you mind watching Ser for me?” She asked hesitantly.

“Mind?” David echoed, cocking an eyebrow. What business did Karma have with a match? She was a stylist. He didn’t reveal his thoughts however, just pulled the still giggling child onto his lap, tickling her. “Of course I don’t mind, go on, I got her.”

“Thanks.” Karma bent down to hug Sera, kissing her forehead. “You mind David, got it?”

“Don’t I always?” Sera replied, rolling her eyes. “Jeez mom…”

“Well excuse me, sweet cheeks.” Karma met David’s eyes before nodding, squaring her shoulders before walking out.

“Stay here a minute, angel…” David followed her, catching her by the hand. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing for you to be concerned about, just go watch Sera.” Karma smiled up at him, leaning forward to kiss his cheek. “I’ll see you in a bit, David.” She whispered before walking off.


Jeff was scared and he was man enough to admit it. He knew why Glen had requested this match. Jeff had found Glen badgering Karma about going to see a movie, trapping her between some tables. He, Jeff, had in a few extremely colorful words told Glen exactly what he could go do with himself.

“Fuck me running.” Jeff groaned, walking slowly down the ramp, staring at the man before him.


David sighed, knowing Karma had lied to him but he wasn’t about press the issue either. He went back inside his dressing room, smiling at the sight of Seraphina coloring. “Ninja Turtles?” He asked, flicking on the monitor.

“Yes… here… this one has a picture of Leonardo in it.” Sera handed him his own coloring book, busy with her Mikey.


Jeff groaned when Glen tossed him across the ring, catching the top rope before he could go flying. The next second though, Jeff was flying, through the air. He landed on the announcer’s table, the table crushing underneath both his weight and the force behind him.

Glen sized Jeff up, slowly slipping through the ropes. He made sure Jeff wasn’t going anywhere before picking up the steels steps, raising them over his head.

Karma was already running down the ramp, carrying a weapon from the ‘good old days’ that she had started toting to work after the last incident with Glen: a heavy chain that she was quite handy with. Karma wrapped it around her fist as she ran, darting around the ring and nailed Glen in the back, forcing him to drop the steps on his own feet.


David blinked, not believing what he was seeing and knew Vince was NOT going to like this at all. Not to mention the fact that Karma was putting her own life at risk. He swallowed hard, knowing he couldn’t panic and couldn’t allow his daughter to see how stupid her mother was being. He looked down at the coloring book, pointing when she went to raise her head. “Miss a spot, Sweet Tart.”


Jeff groaned, trying to raise his head only to drop it back down, feeling serious pain in his back and guessing that was from the monitors.

Glen finally turned around, his eyes widening when he seen who had attacked him. “You’re dead.” He growled, lunging for her.

Karma wasn’t new to this game and quickly moved, letting his own momentum carry him past her before leaping onto Glen’s back, punching his head as hard as she could. “If you really hurt Jeff, I’m going to kill you.” She hissed, groaning when he tossed her into the ring. Quickly, she got to her feet and began to circle opposite him, eyes narrowed.


“David, why is my mom out there?” Sera demanded, her eyes firmly fastened on the monitor. “Ouch! She just whipped him between the legs with that chain!”

“Jesus Christ…” David groaned, raking a hand through his short hair. “Sera… come with me.” He took her hand and guided her out of the room, down the hallway. He left her in Ashley’s capable hands before hauling ass out to the ring.

He slid through the ropes just as Glen grabbed Karma by the throat and instantly speared the other man to the mat. He watched as Karma rolled away, bellowing: “GET BACK THERE!”

Karma ignored him, sliding out of the ring to check on Jeff, paling when she seen he couldn’t move. “Fuck Skittles.” She whispered, feeling guilty because she knew it was her fault.

“Just help me up.” Jeff hissed, grimacing in pain when she slid her arms around him, pulling him to his feet. He glanced at the ring and groaned. “David is pissed…”

“I don’t care. Glen was going to cream your ass and you know he wasn’t going to be gentle.” Karma replied, helping him towards the ramp.

David followed them after making sure Glen wasn’t going to be coming too any time soon, taking Karma’s place with Jeff, shooting her a dangerous look.

The minute Karma stepped through the curtains she was whisked off to Vince’s office. She emerged twenty minutes later looking mildly alarmed. “Oh fuck me…” She groaned, heading to the trainer’s room to see how Jeff was.

She walked in to find David pacing like a caged animal.

He halted the instant he seen her, swallowing down anger. “What were you thinking, going out there, Karma?” He demanded finally, clenching his fists. “Your daughter was worried SICK.”

“She’s going to have to be kept at the hotel from now on, or away from the monitors because I was just given a new job.” Karma informed him. “I’ve just been officially made a fucking wrestling, stuck in a feud between Kane against Jeff and myself.” She rubbed her temples. “How is Skittles anyway?”

“Goddamn it.” David cursed, shaking his head. “I fucking knew it! I knew the MINUTE you went out there something was going to fucking come of it. I hope you’re fucking happy, Karma! What the fuck were you THINKING going out there like that in front of the fucking CAMERA on LIVE TV?”

Karma started to reply but stopped when the trainer came out to inform them that Jeff’s back was nothing but a massive bruise and he was being taken by ambulance to the hospital because he was coughing blood, apparently bleeding internally. “THAT is why I fucking went out there, David! Glen was purposely trying to fuck Jeff up and all because Jeff told him to back off of me the other night!”

“That’s not your fucking problem! Jeff was being a man out there, Karma! Jesus Christ, you just put yourself in MORE danger, do you realize that?” David snapped, not meaning too, but he was truly concerned for her safety. Glen was going to be out for blood after this.

“David, fuck off! The first time you met me was to pull me off a guy twice my size because I put his ass through two damn tables!” Karma snapped right back. “I know Jeff was being a man but he needed help, Glen was going to smash his skull in damn it!”

“Well congratulations because you just took a step further in making that damn dream come true!” He snarled, eyes narrowing to slits. “By the way, OUR daughter, incase you were interested, is with Ashley, scared out of her fucking mind!” David stalked out of the room before she could say anything more.

Karma quickly located Sera, giving Ashley a ‘don’t start with me’ look as she gathered up Sera’s things, assuring her everything was fine.

“Mom, why was he trying to hurt Skittles?” Sera asked, sniffling, wiping her nose with the back of her hand.

“Because he’s a bad man, honey.”

“I can’t believe you did that, Karma. Do you have ANY idea how much danger you put yourself in?” Ashley demanded, hands on her hips, glaring at her best friend. “You scared the shit out of your daughter and me!”

“I just got my ass reamed out thanks. By the way, Jeff has internal injuries, thanks for asking about him.” Karma sighed, picking Sera up. “Thanks for watching her, Ash.” She smiled tiredly before walking out, heading directly for Jeff’s rental, the keys in her back pocket since she didn’t trust his driving.

Ashley was following, slipping in the passenger side while Karma put Sera in the back. “You’re seriously deluded, you know that? Glen is going to want to pay you back for this.” She spoke quietly but sternly, not wanting to upset her goddaughter, aware Matt had slid in the backseat as well.

“I didn’t see no one else’s ass going out there to help him.” Karma said jus as quietly, not missing the guilty look on Matt’s face. “Ash, he couldn’t even move on his own, his back is nothing but a giant bruise. Ten to one of his organs is inured because of where and how he landed, plus Glen was going to bash his head in. Get over it.” She sighed, pulling out of the parking lot. “Vince made me a wrestler tonight too so…”

“WHAT?” Ashley exploded. “Are you out of your fucking mind? What the fuck are you thinking Karma? You’re going to get your ass handed to you out there! Do you have any idea how stupid you are for doing this?”

“Ashley, if you don’t stop screaming in front of Seraphina, I’m going to show you exactly how NOT helpless I am.” Karma said evenly, though her silver eyes suddenly glinted dangerously. “It’s either this or hitting the pavement, those were my options. You want me to quit? Fine. I’ll quit.”

“I’d rather you fucking quit then go out to that ring where you could be ended for good.” Ashley replied. She couldn’t believe how stupid Karma had been to actually go out in front of a live audience on TV and do what she did.

Karma was quiet until they reached the hotel. When they were getting ready to part ways, she looked at Ashley. “I’ll call Vince in the morning, then Sera and I are on the first flight back to St. Louis. Thanks for getting me the job, sorry I fucked it up.” She said, disappearing into the hotel room she shared with the still hospitalized Jeff.

“I just don’t want her to get hurt…” Ashley whispered to Matt, letting him guide her away.

David had overheard the conversation and knew that couldn’t happen. He’d just found her and his daughter, he wasn’t letting them go that easily. Walking over and knocking on the door, he waited patiently for her to answer, putting his foot in the door to keep her from slamming it in his face. “I need to talk to you.”

“Get stuffed. I just got Sera to bed and I’m not in the mood. Everyone has had they’re say. I know, I’m a dumb woman who put her ass on the line, yada yada yada. I get it. Excuse me for not being able to let someone close to me get fucked up on my account.”

David shut Karma up by kissing her, backing her into the room, kicking the door shut behind him. “I talked to Vince-” That was as far as he got before Karma slapped him across the face as hard as she could. His head snapped to the side, grunting. “You’re going to be my valet and I’ll be the one feuding with Glen instead of Jeff, he has a few broken ribs and some internal injuries.

“Keep your lips off me for starters. Secondly, I’m not being anything because I QUIT. I’m going home with Sera. I have enough money to open a salon. Fuck you all and fuck the job.”

“If you quit, Vince will sue you for every cent you have. If you leave, you’re screwed. Admit it Karma, you need me.”

“Vince can take every damn cent I have and welcome to it! I need you like I need a hole in my damn head, David.” Karma snarled.

“Your choice. Good luck, Karma. Don’t say I didn’t try to help you.” He started walking out but then halted, turning to fasten his hard stare on her. “Oh and I will be seeing you in court concerning MY daughter.” He stormed out, slamming the door behind him so hard it rattled on it’s hinges.

Karma made sure Sera was still asleep before following him, closing the door behind her. She slipped behind David and shoved him face first into a wall. “First off, we had a one night stand. Second, I was across the country when I had her. Third, I had no way of contacting you. Fuck with and my daughter and I’m going to fuck right back.”

David shook himself, not phased in the slightest and cracked his neck, staring down at her. “Stop running then and grow a set. Face this with me. Face this and don’t take her away from me. You want to be a coward, you’ll suffer. It’s as simple as that.”

Karma groaned inwardly. “Fine, but let’s get this straight right now. We’re not friends, David, I don’t like you. I had no intentions of keeping Sera from you, that was you fucking jumping the gun.”

“I don’t like you either but if you don’t want your ass handed to you, you’ll do as I say.” David shot back. “Tomorrow, I want to sit down with her and tell her I’m her father. I’m sick of this sneaking around bullshit. She’s my daughter and she has a right to know.”

“I hate you.” Karma said, meaning it with every fiber of her being. “You act like you’re something special. You forget, I knew you back when you were bouncing bars, when you were just a common fucking bum. You’re no better than me so stop acting like it.” She shook her head and went back into her room.

Stalking after her, David spun Karma about to face him, glaring down at her hatefully. “Who the fuck decided to put her life at risk and scare the Hell out of her daughter? I know I’m not better than anyone but you act like you’re hot shit and you think it don’t stink. I got news for you Karma, it does.”

“Jeff is in the hospital because he stood up for me, David! Why doesn’t anyone understand that?” Karma spat, guilt and tears in her silver eyes. “He fucking told Glen to leave me alone and look where it got him! Forgive me caring about someone and get your damn hands off of me!”

David shoved her back, his brown eyes filling with anger and concern. This woman was driving him mad! “I do care about Jeff, but he’s a man. I don’t feel pity for him getting his ass handed to him, it happens. He’s been in worse situations. It didn’t happen because of you, it happened because Glen is a fucking lunatic.”

“Get out, David.” Karma said softly. “I might be stuck working with you, as well as you deciding to step into my daughter’s life and send it completely out of orbit, but I don’t have to listen to you run your damn mouth after hours.”

“You fucking brought it up, Karma, not me. Stop acting like you’re better than everyone else because you’re not. Start treating people with respect before your ass gets burned. Good night.”

Karma could only stare at the door after he’d left, wishing she could kill him. She thought she was better because she didn’t put up with anyone’s shit? Karma sank down onto the bed, clenching and unclenching her fists.


Karma stared down at Seraphina, both of them sitting at a small corner table. Sera had a plate of French toast and a glass of orange juice before her while Karma was nursing a cup of coffee, her hair now dyed to match Jeff’s, knowing he’d get a kick out of it. “Sweetheart?” She asked tentatively.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” Sera asked softly.

“Because until the other night, I honestly didn’t know who David was.” She replied truthfully. “Honey, look at me. It’s okay to feel confused angry, sad, whatever it is you’re feeling. But David and I both love you very much.”

Sera sighed, poking her food. “It’s just weird Mom… Twix being… my dad and all…” She hadn’t understood everything her mom had said to her but gathered enough to get the general idea, though it had been toned down to the PG version.


Seraphina was in a slightly better mood when they arrived at the arena later that night. she was dressed in a pair of blue jeans, high top sneakers and a Hardy shirt, her hair streaked like her mom’s only with wash-out spray. “You look nice, mom.”

Karma smiled down at her daughter. She herself was in a pair of low riding black leather pants, leather boots and a purple belly shirt, her multi-colored hair hanging loose around her face. “Thank you very much, sweet cheeks. Let’s go give this to Vince then go find Twix.” She had promised herself to make the attempt to get along with David for Sera’s sake.

“You mean dad.” Sera said, that word feeling a little strange to say.


David was in his dressing room, laying down on the couch, his arm over his eyes. He was trying to take a nap, having worked out most of the day. His mind was on Karma, on what was coming up and knew fate wasn’t going to be kind to them.

“Hey dad.”

David shot up when Seraphina and Karma walked in, shock on his face.

“Mom just put that Glen guy through a mirror for touching her by the way.”

“Thanks, Ser.” Karma groaned, setting down her duffel bag, beginning to go through it.

“Well? You did.” Sera stared at her mother. “Miss Kit Kat, don’t worry, he deserved it. He hit your butt and called you a bad word.”

“Karma, can I talk to you in private please?” David asked through gritted teeth, now on his feet. He didn’t give her a chance to respond, just stalked into the bathroom.

“Use the mirror.” Sera giggled, waving as Karma disappeared into the bathroom, locking the dressing room door once her parents were out of sight then dropped down to color.

Karma shoved her hair out of her face, staring up at David. “Yes?”

“You’re a fucking bitch.” He growled, brown eyes shooting fire. He wanted to rip her heart out and crush it in his hand for what she did. He was supposed to be there when she told THEIR daughter!

“I know Seraphina, you don’t. She might not have taken it as well as she did if you’d of been there David.” Karma explained patiently, correctly guessing his problem. “So instead of killing me with your eyes, why don’t you go out there and acknowledge your daughter? I’m sure her feelings are a bit hurt at the moment since you ignored her.”

“What the fuck did you expect me to do, Karma? Pretend everything is fucking hunky dory? Especially after I told you I wanted to be there! She’s a sweet girl, not a fucking heartless bitch like her mother!” He spat angrily, actually punching the wall, not caring that his knuckles were already beginning to bleed.

“I know what you told me.” Karma replied, not looking the least bit disturbed by his outburst. “I never agreed to it either. I know my daughter, you don’t. If you don’t like it, tough. It’s done with and she knows. Are we finished, David? I’m a heartless bitch and I really don’t want to listen to your poor, pitiful me act anymore.” She said coldly, though inside she felt like she was dying. She hadn’t been this way towards anyone since her bar hopping, partying days. This cold and cruel… it made her feel like the bitch he kept saying she was.

“We’re finished for good, Karma. We’re strictly her parents and that’s it. I don’t want anything to fucking do with you.” David brushed past her and walked out into the main room, taking a deep breath and clearing his throat before sitting down next to Sera. “Uh, Ninja Turtles again, Sweet Tart?”

“Little Mermaid.” Sera flipped the cover at him. “I brought you Cinderella.” She held it out to him. “Your hand is bleeding da- Twix, did you know that?” She lowered her head, scribbling furiously, her multi-colored hair hiding the confused/hurt look on her face, wondering if maybe her mom had been wrong and he didn’t love her.

Karma sat on the edge of the couch, staring at Seraphina, tears welling up in her black rimmed eyes. She blinked, forcing them back, her heart wrenching in agony at the look on Sera’s face.

Sighing, David lifted Sera into his arms, staring down into her tear-filled eyes. “Seraphina, daddy’s here and I’m not going anywhere. I love you, angel.” He said in a soft, soothing voice, ignoring Karma completely, anguish on his own face. “Please, don’t cry…” He whispered, staring into eyes that mirrored his own.

“Why did you ignore me?” Sera whispered, wiping away her tears, unable to stop crying. “Mom said you loved me… why did you just walk away when I called you dad?”

Karma buried her face in her hands, hiding her tears. “He does love you baby.” She whispered, mentally adding; “It’s just me he hates.”

“Sweetheart, it honestly shocked me when you called me dad. I didn’t know how to react, especially since I was hoping your mother would wait so we could tell you together.” David explained, masking the hatred he felt towards Karma. “I’m sorry, angel. I do love you, very much. Forgive me, Sweet Tart?” He pressed his forehead to hers.

Sera nodded, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Yes… I forgive you, dad.” She buried her face in the crook of his neck for a moment. “Going to get in on this Miss K?”

“No, it’s a father/daughter moment, sweet cheeks. I’m going to go get something to drink, want anything?”

“A Mountain Dew?”

“Only because it’s a precious moment.” Karma laughed, kissing Sera’s head before walking out. Once in the hallway, she let out a ragged breath.

David smiled as he hugged his daughter close, his little angel, his precious little girl and felt his heart swelling with love for her. He pulled back, kissing her forehead and looked down at the coloring books. “So, you brought me Cinderella, eh? Do I look like I’m the type of guy who colors magic pumpkins?” He joked.

“Well mom likes Cinderella so I thought you would too.” Sera explained, openign the book and pointing to a picture Karma had colored, her name and the date printed neatly at the bottom. “But I have… Snow White and Barbie too, no Turtles tonight.”

“I’ll sticky with Cindy.”


Karma sighed, braiding the hair at her temples into three braids then pinning them back. She accepted the make-up Sera handed her, applying it carefully. She then studied herself in the mirror, wondering why she bothered. “Orange your color tonight?”

“Yeah, matches my hair.” Sera replied, twirling around in her blue jeans, orange sneakers and TMNT tee shirt.

“Lets get going, sweetie, I’m sure your dad is waiting.” Karma led the way out of the bathroom, not surprised to find David waiting in the next room. It had been two weeks since Sera was told he was her father and Karma and David had maintained a semblance of civility for her, mostly avoiding each other.

They shared a suite as well since David flat-out refused to be away form his daughter. Sera in the middle set up on a bed in the main room, David on one side and Karma on the other.

“Dad, like my hair?” Sera asked, showing off her hairdo of the night.

“Orange, eh? What’re you, a pumpkin?” He teased, groaning when she punched him in the stomach. “Okay, I deserved that, sorry angel. It looks beautiful, pumpkin.” David grinned when Sera glared at him, picking her up and hoisting her onto his shoulders. “My little pumpkin seed.”

Sera rolled her eyes. “You’re funny, Twix.”

Karma slung her duffel over her shoulder, picking up David’s and led the way out of the room, not surprised when he snatched it from her. She grinned and wiggled her fingers at Sera when Sera stuck out her tongue. Soon they were in the car, David driving while Sera and Karma sat in the backseat playing rock, paper, scissors.

“I’m telling you, angel, rock wins hands down. Paper and scissors just can’t get it done!” David said, smirking when his daughter beat Karma with rock over scissors. “Good choice, Sweet Tart.”

“New game.” Karma groaned when she got beat again.

Sera latched their hands together, holding up her thumb. “One, two, three, four…”

“I declare a thumb war!” Karma pursed her lips together, grinning. After grunting and groaning, she lost, smiling as Sera hooted and hollered.

“She’s got that will to win, just like her daddy.” David smirked, making a right and groaned when they ended up in traffic. “Damn!”

Karma sighed, leaning forward so her head was beside his. “David, get into the next lane before this car comes and turn down that side street.” She instructed, sighing again when he didn’t.

“Welcome to San Diego.” Sera groaned. “You shoulda listened to mom, dad. We used to live here. Now we’re going to be stuck here forever.”

Karma shook her head, dropping back down and engaged Sera in another game to distract her.

“No, we’re not.” David grunted, spinning down another street, almost clipping a semi but missed as he began swerving in and out of traffic. He groaned when another line of cars came into his vision, hitting the steering wheel in frustration. “Damn it!”

“Move.” Karma ordered, sounding impatient. She arched an eyebrow, looking pointedly at Sera when he growled, rolling her eyes when he reluctantly moved over. She fastened up before taking in her surroundings. “Duck and dodge, Sera.”

Sera tightened her seatbelt, flashing a thumbs up.

Karma expertly weaved her way through the slow traffic, finally driving down another side street, then another before getting on a main road, this one not as crowded. A few minutes later they arrived at the underground parking lot of the arena.

“Woman, you are NEVER driving my car again!” David growled, looking like he was about ready to have a heart attack.

Karma shrugged, getting out and then helping Seraphina out, grabbing her bag. “Sorry, but if you ever wanted to make it here, you would’ve listened to me the first time.”

“She’s got a point, Twix.” Sera said, smiling up at him, taking her mom’s hand. “Coming?”

“Or do you need a minute to clean your pants?”

“Karma…” He growled dangerously in a warning tone and immediately shut up when he remembered his daughter. “Angel, can’t you call me dad? I really don’t like being called Twix.” He sighed when she started ranting and raving about how weird it sounded. “Fine, fine. Twix it is, Sweet Tart.”

“Come on, Kit Kat!”

Karma followed, more than used to her daughter’s nicknames for people, herself included. Once they were inside, she passed Sera her bag. “Mountain Dew, right?”

“Yep.” This had become a nightly thing. “Don’t take too long Kit Kat, Twix looks white and might need to go to the hospital. I’m too little to drive.”

Karma snickered and saluted. “Yes ma’am.” Laughing she walked off.

“You just love making fun of me, don’t you?” David asked, groaning when Sera nodded. “I don’t think you need any pop, especially with that mouth of yours.” He teased, laughing when she stuck her tongue out at him. “What coloring books did you bring me tonight?”

“TMNT, Cars and a Precious Moments.” Sera set down the bag and opened it, beginning to rifle through it. “Oh gross!” She tossed out a pair of lacy red panties over her shoulder, followed by a matching bra. “Nice… she buried them at the bottom.”

David bit his bottom lip with a smirk, wondering why Karma would bring THOSE garments with her and cleared his throat loudly when she walked in. He couldn’t help but laugh at the mortified look on her face and picked up the panties, swinging them around on his finger. “Looking for someone special, baby?”

“Actually, if you must know, Jeff sent them to me and I just stuffed them in the damn bag.” Karma sighed, handing Sera her drink, tossing her own bottle of water onto the couch before stalking over and holding out her hand. “Can I have them back now?”


“I don’t know…” David drawled, stretching the panties out. “These don’t look like they cover anything down below…”

Karma smirked. “That’s the whole point, David. They’re not for everyday wear if you catch my drift.” She had lowered her voice to a whisper before snatching them away from him. “Now don’t worry about what they’re not covering and buy your own panties, you can’t have mine.” Karma turned, sticking her tongue out at the giggling Seraphina before putting the bra and panties back in her bag.

“Like mother, like fucking daughter.” He muttered under his breath, sneering at Karma as he dropped down onto the couch.

“WHAT did you just say?” Karma demanded, halting in rifling around her bag to glare at him.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” Sera announced, standing up and disappearing, shutting the door behind her. She started singing loudly, turning on the sink.

“I SAID like mother, like fucking daughter.” David repeated, arching an eyebrow, getting to his feet. “She did the same thing you did earlier, the sticking your tongue out thing. Problem?”

Karma shook her head. “You’re such a cock sucker, David.” She said coldly, pulling out her cell phone when it rang, walking away from him and presenting her back to him. “Hey Skittles… yeah, I got them. Thanks by the way.” She giggled, obviously talking to Mr. Jeff Hardy. “Nuh uh, maybe and no, I’m not wearing them! It’s none of your business what I’m wearing buster. Oh great… I’ll tell her. How big is it?” Karma leaned against the wall, laughing. “I meant the damn turtle, not that!” Shaking her head, she hung up. “Jeff is sending Sera a giant stuffed Ninja Turtle, Mikey.”

“That’s cool.” David said, not really giving a damn what the puny fuck sent his daughter or if aforementioned puny fucker was fucking Karma’s brains out. “So, do you fuck him all the time or is it just a casual thing like we had back in the day?” He asked with a sneer.

Karma quickly masked the hurt she felt at his words. She hadn’t even seen Jeff since that night he’d gotten hurt. While he flirted with her, she kept things strictly as friends. Both of them agreed they weren’t each other’s type, though that didn’t stop the playful flirting.

“Well, David… you tell me? When do I have time to fuck him?” She replied evenly. “And we didn’t have anything back in the day, just one night of something I can barely remember. So mind your own goddamn business. Who I fuck and how often doesn’t concern you.”

“Sorry, did I hit a sore spot?” He shot back with a cocky smirk, seeming undisturbed by the hurt he seen she was trying to hide. David cleared his throat when Sera walked back out. “Angel, you okay?”

“Yep. I knew you were in trouble when mom went WHAT, which is why I sang. I didn’t want to hear you get in trouble.” Sera replied. “Hope you went easy on him, Kit Kat.”

“I’d say he doesn’t look to bothered.” Karma replied. “I’m going to see Ashley, want to come, Sera?”

“Not really.”

Karma sighed. “Love you brat child.” She walked out, tears beginning to stream down her face, unable to deal with David for one more second.

“Angel, do you have a black crayon?” David asked, now coloring with Sera, trying to keep his mind on her. He was beginning to feel bad for making Karma cry.

Sera handed him a black crayon, frowning. “Does mom miss Skittles? Is that why she was crying?” She asked, sounding confused, having heard her mother burst into tears before the door even closed.

He cringed at that question. “Yeah, I think she does, angel.” He said finally, refusing to make his daughter hate him.

Sighing, she colored in silence for a few minutes. “If mom married Jeff, would that make him my dad too?”

Once again, David cringed, rubbing the back of his neck. “Yeah, that would make him your step-father, but I’M your daddy. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, I know the difference. He’d be dad number two only cause he’s married to mom.” Sera looked thoughtful. “I don’t know if I’d like that… Skittles is cool but, I didn’t even know him and mom liked each other, that boy/girl thing.”

“The boy/girl thing is evil. Don’t ever fall for it, angel.” David chuckled, leaning back against the couch. “I’ll let you in on a little secret, daddy wouldn’t like them being married either, but don’t tell your mother alright?”

“Hmm… I like secrets. You like mom still, don’t you.”

David knew it wasn’t a question and didn’t know how to reply.


Ashley was in her dressing room, primping her hair when she heard a knock at her door. She opened it and immediately pulled Karma into a warm embrace, seeing the tears streaking down her best friend’s face. “What happened?”

“I hate him, Ashley. I can’t do this anymore.” Karma cried, having filled Ashley in on David being Sera’s father awhile ago. “I’m sick and tired of him. I fucking told him about a toy Jeff was sending to Seraphina and he got nasty with me, for no damn reason!” Karma wiped away her tears. “I wish he’d just go play in moving traffic.”

“What an asshole!” Ashley growled, not understanding why David had to keep being such a prick. “I’m sorry sweetie, I’m sorry you have to put up with him. If I were you, I’d just throw Jeff in his face. Make him realize he’s not the ONLY man you think about, even though I know you do. Hey, I’m just stating the facts.” She said when Karma shot her a look.

“I think about him all the time but not the way you’re assuming.” Karma assured her darkly, then giggled. “Jeff sent me some interesting underclothes, maybe I should try them on and snap a picture for him?” She rolled her eyes when Ashley snorted. “I got to bolt, Ash. Thanks for letting me bawl.”

“There’s the Karm, I know and love.” Ashley teased. “You and me tonight. We’re going out. Let that prick watch the spawn.” She winked.

Karma grinned broadly, realizing she needed a girl’s night out. “You bet, Ash. That sounds great.” She hugged her friend. “You’re the best… I think I’m going to call Jeff on my walk back…” Wiggling her eyebrows, she giggled at the grin on Ash’s face before walking out.


“Hey Kit Kat!” Sera greeted when her mom walked back in, getting up to hug her. “Who’re you talking too?”

“Jeff.” Karma mouthed, returning the hug. “As much as I would LOVE to keep up this um… conversation love, I can’t, want to talk to Sera?” She held out the phone. “Skittles wants to talk to you.”

Sera took the phone. “Heya! When are you coming back?” She started walking along the walls, chatting animatedly.

Karma sank down in a chair, crossing one leg over the other and rested her head back, eyes closed. “You and Sera are on your own tonight, I’m going out.” She said to David softly.

“That’s a big surprise.” David snorted, busy with the coloring, afraid if he looked up he’d tackle her to the floor and kiss her breathless. He groaned inwardly at the thought and scribbled furiously, what Sera had said ringing through his mind. “I hope you and your little fuck buddy have fun.” He sneered quietly.

Karma glanced at Sera who was still yakking before moving to sit on the couch behind David, one leg on either side of him. She bent down and wrapped her arms around his neck, her mouth right against his ear. “I’m sure we will… if you want, you can picture what we’ll do since you seem to have such a hard-on for the thought.” She flicked her tongue out against his earlobe before getting back up and moving to her chair.

“Do that again and you won’t be going ANYWHERE tonight.” He promised darkly, his brown eyes telling her he meant what he said and chucked the coloring book.

Smirking, she merely adjusted her leather shorts, standing up. Karma turned so her back was to him and bent over, aware his eyes were on her again. “Think these come up to far?” She asked conversationally, knowing they rode up her ass. When he snarled, she smirked and perched on the edge of the seat. “Have fun babysitting while I’m out with my… fuck buddy.” She rolled her eyes, knowing Ashley would get a kick out of that.

“Yeah, you do that, but after I hope you don’t mind if I have a date come to the hotel room tonight. After Seraphina is sleeping, of course.” David replied sweetly, not revealing what he was really thinking and it had to do with those goddamned shorts.

“I can’t tell you no, now can I? You’re your own boss.” Karma shrugged. “Just keep her away from my daughter and we’ll be fine. Really, David… you could always just alternate nights with me and get laid away from Sera.” She smirked. “But not tonight, I’ve already made plans…”

“You forget, Karma.” David’s voice dropped an octave, his voice low and husky as he bent over her. “I’ve already had you, I don’t need any wet rags in my bed, enjoy your night.” He patted her shoulder before disappearing into the bathroom, a smirk plastered on his own lips.

“Mom, Jeff wants to ask you if you’ll go see him when we’re in Raleigh next week.” Sera announced loudly, rolling her eyes.

“Hmm… you in the mood to visit Skittles?”


“Tell him I’ll be there.”

“Mom will be there, me too. Oh- and she’ll be wearing them underoos you bought her.” Sera giggled, hanging up.

“Underoos? That’s a new one.” David commented, walking back out, freshly showered and a towel wrapped around his waist. He tried not to look angry at the fact that they were going to see Jeff. “Since I can’t have MY girlfriends around her then you can’t have your fuck buddies around her either.” He said to Karma, daring her to argue with him.

“Mom, what’s a fuck buddy?”

“David’s fancy way of saying boyfriend, but that F word is naughty so don’t ever say it again.” Karma said gently, ignoring David completely.

“Dad, I want to see Jeff though.” Sera pouted. “Skittles is my friend, can’t you just come too?”

“Ser, I’ll arrange for Jeff to come to Raleigh, this way your dad doesn’t bust a vein.” Karma snickered. “You can see him then okay?”


David rubbed the back of his head, looking uneasy. “You don’t want to spend time with me? And don’t ever say that word again.” He didn’t know how to chide his daughter, never having to do it before and felt really uncomfortable now.

“Well YOU said it!” Sera pointed out. “And of course I want to spend time with you, Twix. But why can’t I see Skittles? It’s not my fault mom’s dating him.”

Karma didn’t bother to correct her daughter and just sighed. “Don’t worry about it honey, daddy and I will talk it over later and let you know, okay?”

Sera nodded, returning to her toys.

“You’re an ass.” Karma muttered, shooting David a nasty look. “And go get dressed, Ser don’t need to see you nearly naked. Neither do I for that matter.” She eyed him disdainfully.

“What’s the matter, can’t handle it, Karm?” He replied seductively. “Sera, angel, if you want to see Jeff, then that’s fine. As long as you’re happy.”

Sera smiled sweetly. “Thanks dad.”

Karma rolled her eyes impatiently. “Don’t you have a match or something, David?”

He was having a blast watching her squirm. He had his tights on under the towel but she didn’t need to know that.

The night didn’t go fast enough for Karma. She met up with Ashley at the end of the night, grinning when Ashley said fuck it, they were going out as is. She turned to hug Seraphina. “You be good for daddy, all right?”

“I will and don’t bend over, your butt shows when you do.” Sera whispered back.

“Thanks, mom.” Karma teased, standing up and looking over at David. “Have fun.” She winked, looping her arm through Ashley’s and blew Sera a kiss as they walked away.

“Yeah, you too. I hope you have a great fucking time!” He called back angrily.


“Ashley, I am NOT drinking that! It looks disgusting!” Karma made a face, staring at the drink her friend held up. “Oh god… that’s so fucking gross…” She shivered, turning her eyes away. “Anything that color I’m not drinking.”

“Come on, do you want to live or not?” Ashley urged, pushing the drink in Karma’s hand. “Drink it… Now.”

Groaning, Karma tossed it back, making another face. “Holy fuck!” She grunted, wincing. When Ashley placed another one before her, she shook her head, toasting her friend and downed it. “You’re going to kill me.”

“Hey, but what a way to go!” Ashley giggled, toasting her back and downed her own drink. Her eyes widened as one of her current favorite songs came on. “Oh my god, I LOVE this song! Come on!” She tugged Karma onto the dance floor.

Karma shrieked as they darted through people, shaking her head once they were in the spot Ashley deemed decent and began to move in time to the music, closing her eyes. She had seriously needed this, it was nice to just get out and not have top deal with anything for a few hours.


Karma giggled, watching as Ashley stumbled down the hallway and shook her head. She leaned against the wall for support as she made her way to her own room. Just as she reached the door, she was roughly pulled back. Panic overwhelmed her.

“Hello, bitch.”

“DAVID!” Karma screamed, her voice coming out hoarse and low, forgetting she hated him and lunged for the door. Her fingernails scraped against it as she was dragged away, groaning when she was slammed into the wall.

David came barreling out of the hotel room a minute later, eyes widening when he seen Glen dragging a screaming Karma down the hallway. He wasted no time in tackling Glen. “Get in the room!” He shouted at the now on the ground Karma.

She didn’t need to be told twice and crawled her ass inside the room, catching Seraphina when Sera flew into her arms, now quite awake. Karma stroked her daughter’s back, shaking and crying, feeling Sera crying as well. “Ssshhh…” She whispered, trying to calm Sera.

What seemed like an eternity later, David walked back into the room, closing and locking the door behind him. He didn’t look at the girls, just head straight to the bathroom to wash his bloodied hands. When he came back out, he sighed heavily at the sight of Karma cradling Sera. “I knew it was a bad idea for you to go out with Ashley.” He grunted, kneeling down to stroke the angel’s back. “It’s alright, Sera.”

“Sera, go to my room and get in bed, I’ll be in as soon as I shower.” Karma said, slowly letting go of her daughter.

Sera nodded, wiping away tears, her brown eyes raking over her mom as if to assure herself Karma was okay. She hugged David, pressing a kiss to his cheek before walking into Karma’s bedroom, shutting the door behind her.

Shakily, Karma got to her feet, not looking at David as she made her way towards the bathroom, not caring and beginning to shed clothes on the way.

David followed, closing the door when he stepped in. Ignoring her protests, he scanned every inch of her body, firing off questions. “Did he touch you? Did he hurt you? What happened, Karma?” He sounded genuinely concerned, turning her around and sucked in a sharp breath when he seen the bruise forming on her back. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah… I’m fucking great.” She muttered, wincing when he ran his fingers over the bruise. “He just… slammed me against a wall and tried carrying me off.” Karma shuddered, moving away from David. “Thanks.” She mumbled, her head in her hands, not believing how close to being seriously hurt she had been.

Sighing heavily, David pulled her into his arms and kissed the top of her head. “Jesus, I should’ve thought about your safety instead of being an ass.” He shook his head, physically shuddering at the mere thought of what could have happened. “We need to stop this bickering, Karma.”

Karma nodded, her face buried in his chest, beginning to cry again. “Oh god, David… if you hadn’t heard me…” She sobbed, her arms going around his neck, trembling violently. “If you hadn’t come out…” She stared up at him, her breath coming out in short gasps.

He hated to see her cry, hated seeing her in this much pain and held her even tighter. David stroked her back soothingly, trying to calm her down though he knew Karma was scared to death. Who wouldn’t be? Especially in her predicament. He sighed, not believing how close had been, they had been, to making the premonition come true. It scared the Hell out of him. “It didn’t happen, Karma. Calm down.”

“I KNOW it didn’t happen…” Karma said, sounding irritated. She stepped away from him and pulled off her boots, needing a scalding hot shower to wash away the night and hopefully what was left of what had earlier been a fine drunk. She then slid off her shorts, now in just purple thigh highs and panties. “Are you going to watch?”

“No, sorry, I’ll leave.” David said gruffly, walking out, trying to shake the vision of her in just those panties and tights. He groaned, slapping himself and walked into Karma’s bedroom. His heart broke at the sight of Seraphina curled up in a ball, crying. He sank down onto the edge of the bed, pulling her into his arms. “Angel, are you alright?”

“I heard mom scream.” Sera whispered, snuggling her tiny frame against him. “Then something against the door… what happened tonight, dad?” She sighed raggedly, wiping away her tears though she was unable to stop herself from trembling.

“Do you remember that bad man I warned you about?”

Sera nodded, raising her head up to look at him, her brown eyes widening. “Glen?” She whispered. “He was going to hurt mom, wasn’t he?”

“Yes, but daddy stopped him.” David soothed, resting his head on hers.

This was the scene Karma walked in on. She looked mostly sober, wrapped in a towel, her heavy make-up washed off, wet; multi-colored hair hanging down her back. She looked like she’d cried the entire time in the shower. She glanced at David, wondering whether to kick him out, this was her room after all but decided against it, knowing he was in here to comfort Sera. “Hey, baby.”

Sera darted off the bed and wrapped her arms around her mother. “Mom, please, don’t ever go out by yourself again!” She begged, still shaking. “Not with just Ashley! Please?”

Karma nodded, dropping down to her knees and hugged Sera tightly. “I promise, Seraphina, I promise.”

David blinked back tears, not believing how much he was hurting, watching his little girl in this state of mind. He kneeled on the floor besides them, pulling them both into his arms. He kissed Sera’s forehead before pressing his to Karma’s. “I’m not going to let anything happen to either of you.” He whispered, staring at Karma heartbrokenly.

Karma stared at him, looking just as heartbroken. She sighed, wrapping her arms around them both and rested her head against Sera’s, murmuring softly to her. They stayed like that until Sera gave a ragged little sigh, her head lolling on David’s shoulder. “She’s asleep.” She whispered, slowly pulling away. “Just put her on the bed, she can sleep with me tonight.” Karma got up, reaching for her robe and turned around, pulling it on. She wished she could go back and change the entire night, all so she wouldn’t have to see her baby like this.

When she turned around, David was staring down at the sleeping Seraphina. She wondered on how such a little girl could bring a big man like him to his knees.

“If you need anything, I’m only across the way.” He murmured, glancing back at her before walking out of the room.

Karma slipped into the bed next to Sera, pulling the blankets over them before snuggling with her daughter. She yawned, smiling sadly when Sera’s little hands buried in her hair.


“Sera, calm down… calm down.” Karma whispered, rocking her daughter back and forth the next morning. Sera had woken up crying, having had a night terror. “Sssh baby, mommy’s here.”

“You didn’t come back!” Sera gasped. “Then that bad man got daddy!”

“We’re both here Sera, daddy and I are both fine. Calm down before you make yourself sick, angel.”

David came flying into the room, looking like he was going to have a damned heart attack. He wasn’t paying any attention to where he was going and slipped on one of Sera’s toys, sliding right into the wall with a sickening smack. “Goddamn it!”

Seraphina and Karma exchanged wide eyed looks and scrambled off the bed, running over to kneeling beside him.

“You alright, David?” Karma asked softly.

“Daddy, you didn’t break anything, did you?”

“No.” He grunted, his head swimming a little. “I’m good, Sera. I promise, angel.” He slowly got to his feet, picking her up in his arms. “You scared daddy to death, are you okay?”

Sera nodded, the dream already fading from her mind, more concerned about him. “Yeah, I’m good. Hey! You’re- MOM!” Sera squealed when David stumbled.

Karma pulled Sera away from him, gently setting her down before shoving David down onto the bed. She sat down next to him, studying him critically. “Sera, a glass of water and the Tylenol.” She said finally.

Sera nodded, darting out of the room.

“What the Hell?” David growled, staring at Karma with a cocked eyebrow. “Karm, I’ve been hit harder than that before. I’m fine, trust me.” He sat up only to be pushed back down again. “Woman, stop pushing me!”

“Or what?” Karma demanded, sitting on his chest to keep him in place, her feet firmly planted on his wrists. “You try to buck me and I’m going to kick you and it’ll hurt.” She threatened.

“Here you go, mom.” Sera came back in, holding out a glass of water and two Tylenol. “Can I go order some breakfast now?”

“Yes, you already know what dad eats. Make sure to ask for it mushed up though, he might’ve broken some of his teeth.”

Giggling, Sera shook her head. “Twix, what are we going to do with you?” She asked, already out the door.

Growling some more, David grabbed Karma by her waist and rolled her onto the bed, quickly getting to his feet. “I don’t take that shit, Karma.” He stated emphatically, anger pouring off of him. “I don’t take any pills, fuck you. I’m not doing it. You take those stupid fuckers if you want but don’t be trying to force them on me. I’m FINE!” He showed her all of his teeth, which were in perfect condition and stalked out of the room.

Sera looked up, frowning, finishing the order and hung up. She sighed when she heard her mother’s door shut and lock, shooting her dad a look. “Nice… did you have to yell at her? She was trying to help you.” She said, sounding angry, her childish voice raising ever so slightly.

She frowned when she heard Karma crying softly. “Great, dad.” Sighing, Sera dropped down onto the couch, picking up a Cinderella coloring book and got to work.

“Ser, what did you expect me to do? She was forcing that shit on me!” David said, shaking his head. “I don’t take pills of any kind, angel. Daddy doesn’t trust them. It’s… hard to explain, but it’s good logic with my type of business.” He groaned when he realized he was explaining himself to a seven year old. “Never mind, what did you order for breakfast?”

“Food.” Sera curtly replied, pursing her lips. “Wow, two TYLENOL.” She selected a yellow crayon, studying it. “I’m going to tell her to stop trying to be nice to you, all you do is make her cry. I love you both but you’re no ever going to get along.”

“That’s because your mother is a thick-headed, stubborn woman.” David grumbled, not believing he was being chided by a kid. He sighed, trying to hug her only to be pushed away. “Sera, come on now, this is about you and me, not your mother.”

“My mother is in there crying right now and I’m trying to color her a ‘Rella picture to cheer her up!” Sera said, refusing to look at him, crossing her tiny arms over her chest. “Why can’t you just be nice to her?” She asked finally. “All you two do is fight and it makes her sad.”

“You’re right.” He said after a long pause, admitting defeat and went to knock on Karma’s bedroom door. “Karma, we need to talk, open the door please.”

A minute later the door swung open and Karma walked away from him, getting back under her blankets on the bed, pulling them over her head. “What do you want now?”

Hearing how hoarse she sounded, David inwardly side, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Karma, I’m sorry. I should’ve just taken the pills instead of yelling at you about it. We need to stop fighting, it’s hurting Sera.”

“You think I don’t know that?” She replied, not moving from under the covers. “I’m the one who has to explain to her why you pick on me every time Jeff calls. I’m the one who has to calm her down when she’s crying in the bathtub because we got into it yet again and reassure her we don’t hate each other.” She started crying again.

David groaned with frustration. “Damn it…” He muttered, pulling the blanket away before pulling Karma into his arms, locking her arms at her sides when she went to hit him. “Stop it, Karma. Stop it, damn it! This is what she’s talking about.”

“Let go, you’re hurting me!” Karma hissed quietly, wincing. “I went to hit you because you wrenched my back.” She blinked back tears. “I’m tender right now, remember?”

He released his hold on her. “Please, don’t cry. God, between the two of you, I’m not going to have a heart left.” He grumbled.

Karma stared up at him, wiping away her tears. “When it comes to me, you don’t have a heart.” She whispered sadly.

“If I didn’t have a heart, then I wouldn’t have fought tooth and nail with you to see my daughter.” David pointed out vaguely, knowing there was no use in this at all. “Think what you want Karma, but I do have a heart. I just don’t show it to people like you.” He stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.



Karma and Seraphina arrived at the arena later that night separately from David. Separate because Karma had taken Sera off on a shopping spree, she had been feeling depressed. Now however, she was in a great mood. Spending the day with her baby had done her a world of could.

Karma had gotten her hair dyed jet black and permed into a mass of tight curls. She’d finally caved in and let Seraphina get her ears pierced, then decided to go for a fourth hole herself.

“You excited about tonight?” Karma asked as they walked down the hallway.

“Yes!” Sera bounced on her feet, taking her mom’s hand and twirling with her. “I still can’t believe it!”

“Neither can I.” Karma replied, biting on her lower lip. She tucked Sera behind her when Glen came sauntering towards them, looking rather banged up.

“David isn’t going to be around forever.” He said softly, knowing there were way too many people to cause a scene. “One day, you’re ass is mine.”

“When Hell freezes over.” Karma said stiffly, feeling Sera tug n her skirt.

Glen looked down at Sera. “Well, well… if she isn’t a perfect replica of mommy.” He licked his lips lewdly, fastening eyes with Karma before reaching out to touch her spirals.

“Ser, go get your dad.” Karma ordered, slapping Glen’s hand away, frowning when he grabbed it. “GO!” She kneed Glen between the legs, falling with him.

Sera flew down the hallways, reading the signs on the doors before finally skidding inside David’s dressing room. “DAD!”

David, in the process of applying an ointment to his left shoulder, dropped the container and whipped around. “What angel?” He rushed over to her, picking her up, confused by the tears streaking down her face. “What is it?”

“Glen, he’s attacking mom again!” Sera screamed, bringing her small hands down on his shoulders. “You GOT to help her! Even if you don’t like her! Please, dad?”


Karma screamed when Glen brought his fist down on her back, trying to crawl away only to wind up being dragged back by her hair. She groaned, opening her eyes to find herself in the air.

Glen was dangling her over the floor by the back of her skirt. “Stay away!” He growled when he seen security coming to break up the fight.

She took advantage to kick out with the back of her heels, screaming when she was dropped only to wind up in a pair of arms she didn’t recognize.

Glen stumbled backwards, a hand on his chest. Karma’s spiked heels had actually punched through his skin. Groaning, he allowed himself to be dragged off. “This ain’t over!” He shouted, groaning again.

The next second the guards were bowled over and Glen was on the floor, David crouched over him, punching Glen’s face into mush.

“Dave, calm down!” Jeff shouted, holding Karma close. He watched as David was literally dragged away from Glen and glanced down at Karma. “You alright?”

“Yeah…” She rested against him for a second, her back hurting before remembering he was still recovering from his own attack by Glen.

“Good thing I wanted to surprise you, huh?” Jeff whispered, frowning when he seen she was shaking. “Hey David, you wanna come grab her before she passes out?”

“Why don’t you fucking grab her, Jeff, hmmm? She’s not my problem, my daughter comes first.” David growled, his knuckles covered in blood and stalked back to his dressing room.

“What an asshole.” Jeff muttered, looping an arm around Karma’s waist. “What the Hell is his problem?”

“He hates me.” She whispered, letting him guide her down the hall. “Where are we going?”

“You have to go see the trainer. I can see bruises on your back where your shirt cuts off.”

“Ouch.” Karma muttered a few minutes later, ignoring the sound of Jeff growling as the trainer gently prodded her back, her shirt in her hands.

“Who did this?” Jeff demanded, walking around to stare down at her. “Glen or Dave?”

“Glen.” Karma hissed, straightening up. “THAT FUCKING HURTS, DO YOU MIND?”

Jeff took her hand in his. “Let him do his job and shut up.”


David rapped lightly on the locked door, trying still to calm down. “Angel, it’s daddy. Open up, Sweet Tart.”

“Where’s mom?” Sera called out, not moving an inch.

“She’s with Jeff, angel. Come on, I’ll take you to her but you got to open the door.” David said patiently, raking a hand through his sweat slicked hair. “Come on, Sera, I’ll take you to mom if you open the door.”

“No. you get her and bring her to me! I can’t believe you left her!” Seraphina shouted.

“She’s with Skittles, Sera!” David groaned, frustration taking over. “Open this door right now, Sera! She’s fine, she’s with Jeff!”


“Seraphina Renee Mitchell, you open that door and stop screaming at your dad!” Karma ordered, appearing with Jeff, looking like hell.

Sera opened the door, stepping back and folding her arms over her chest.

“Jeez… no hug?” Jeff asked, sounding hurt. He didn’t look at David, afraid he might try to kill the cocksucker. He’d heard from Karma about everything, including her own parts, though when it came to sides, he’s was on hers.

Sera smiled suddenly, tossing her arms around Jeff’s neck when he kneeled down. “Nice to see you, Skittles. Is mom all right? She lies to me so I won’t worry.”

“She’s going to live, munchkin.”

David shook his head, glaring at Karma before storming into the room. “Seraphina, come clean your mess up NOW.” He ordered, pissed beyond belief that his daughter had listened to her mother but refused to listen to him. He was her parent too! David literally ripped open his bag, causing the zipper to fly and bounce off the wall. Snarling he yanked out some clothes then hurled the bag against a wall. “SERAPHINA, GET YOUR ASS IN HERE AND CLEAN UP THIS FUCKING MESS!”

Karma exchanged looks with Jeff, both watching as Sera instantly went to do as she was told, apparently knowing she was in some deep shit. Karma growled and started for him but Jeff held her back.

“He’s pissed, he’ll get over it.” Jeff whispered, pulling her against him. “Calm down, Karm.”

Shaking her head, she buried her face in his shoulder, not wanting anyone to see her tears.

David didn’t say a word, just watched as Sera cleaned up her toys and crayons. He nodded, knowing she would finish then disappeared in the bathroom to change for the night. When he came back out, she had finished. Grunting, he dropped down onto the couch and took a long swig of his water, staring straight ahead at the wall. He couldn’t believe how stupid he had been to go out and help Karma when Jeff was there.

Sera planted her in trouble butt at the table, quietly piecing together a puzzle, not daring to look up.

Jeff sighed, knowing he was causing a lot of tension and let go of Karma. He leaned in the doorway, staring down at her. “You going to be alright?” He softly asked.

Karma nodded, wrapping her arms around herself. “Yeah.”

“Do you have to go out tonight?” He sighed when she nodded. “Good luck.” Jeff pulled her into his arms. “He starts in on you and I’ll kick his ass.” He whispered, glancing at David. “I’ll see you tonight, Karm. Bye, munchkin!” He blew a kiss at Sera before walking out.

David still didn’t say anything, too angry. He still couldn’t believe his daughter had defied him but when Karma arrived, she fucking obeyed. It unnerved him and pissed him off to the point where he couldn’t see straight. He rolled his eyes when Jeff bid them goodbye and wanted nothing more than to bust that boy’s head in.

Karma walked over to join Sera at the table, helping with the puzzle. “Why didn’t you listen to your dad?” She asked softly.

“Because he didn’t come back with you.” Sera whispered. “I was scared when you weren’t with him. Even when he said Skittles was with you…. I wanted dad with you because I know he protects you.”

“Skittles had it under control honey. Next time David tells you to do something, you listen to him. No making him repeat himself either.” Karma said firmly, planting a kiss on Sera’s forehead. “Go…”

Slowly, Sera got up and made her way to stand in front of her father, looking down at her toes, hands behind her back. “I’m sorry for not listening to you, dad.” She whispered.

As soon as he heard her sweet, little voice, all the anger melted out of him. David lifted her head up with his hand, sighing when she flinched. “Don’t be scared of me, Sera. I’m not going to hurt you, angel. I was upset. I’m your father and you need to listen to me just like you do your mother.” He was speaking in as soft but firm tone of voice, letting her know he wasn’t going to tolerate her disobedience. “I realize this is going to take getting used to, angel. Now come give me a hug.”

Sera wrapped her arms around him, smiling at the thumbs up Karma flashed her. “I’m sorry.” She pressed her head to his. “Do you and mommy have to go out tonight?”

“Yes, we do. But your mom will be safe, I won’t let anything happen to her.”

“Just… make sure you come back with her, please?”

“Don’t worry, Ser, I’ll be with him.” Karma spoke up, kneeling down by them.

David nodded. “I promise, she’s coming back with me.”

After assuring Sera everything would be alright, Karma sighed. “I suppose I should locate Ash to watch you.”

“Can’t Jeff watch me? Since he’s here?” Sera asked, looking back and forth between her parents. “Why is he here? I thought he was hurt?”

“No clue, angel. It’s up to mom, I don’t like Jeff.” David said, sighing at the look he received from his daughter. “Fine, I’ll be nicer.”

“How bout I just take you to Ash’s room? I’m sure Jeff is in there with her and Matt.” Karma suggested. “Go get your things.” While Sera was grabbing her coloring books, Karma stood up and looked down at David. “Why don’t you like Jeff? What’s he done to deserve you?”

“Deserve me? Nothing.” David growled, standing up and towered over her. “I’m doing this for Ser, nobody else. I don’t like Jeff, never have. He’s annoying as Hell and I can’t stand him.” He spoke quietly so his daughter wouldn’t overhear.

Karma wasn’t impressed and just folded her arms over her chest, shrugging. “Whatever. He’s a sweet guy and he adores Sera.” She sighed, chewing on her lower lip, still staring at him. “Why do we always have to fight, David?” She finally asked softly.

“Because you like to throw Jeff in my fucking face.” He snarled, his brown eyes meeting her sad silver orbs. “You made it quite clear you don’t want anything to do with me and guess what, Karma? The feeling is mutual. I’m dealing with you because of Ser, remember that.” His voice was low and calm, no emotion whatsoever in his tone.

Karma stiffened a his words but didn’t bother wasting her breath with a reply. She couldn’t stop one tear from sliding down her cheek as she took Sera’s hand and guided her out of the room. She took her daughter to Ashley, hugging here before walking back to the dressing room. She didn’t go in though, just leaned against the hallway wall and waited, trying to suppress her tears.


When it was time, David walked out into the hall, not surprised to see Karma. He squared his shoulders and studied her. “You ready?” He asked gruffly, wanting to get this over and done with. He was hurting from seeing her earlier tears but no matter how badly he wanted to pull her into his arms, he’d long come to conclusion she didn’t want him.

“Yep.” Karma replied indifferently, determined not to let him hurt her anymore. He’d made it perfectly clear how he felt about her, even if it did make her heart clench painfully. Karma fell into step besides him, keeping a distance, her eyes straight ahead. “Who’re you facing tonight and what do I do out there? Just stand in your corner and cheer you on?”

“You stand out there and watch for Glen.” He said seriously, halting to stare down at her. “He comes out, you bolt, understand?”

I got it, David.” She said evenly. “I don’t feel like getting my ass handed to me tonight so don’t worry. I’ll keep out of your way all right? You can handle him.”

“Good. Bout time you got your head out of your ass.” He grunted, not giving her a chance to respond before pushing her through the curtains and out onto the stage.

Karma was really tempted to tell him to go fuck himself but refrained. Instead while he posed, she placed herself in his corner, looking thoroughly bored. She hadn’t wanted this damn job to begin with, perfectly content to be a hairdresser. Though it was her own damn fault for helping Jeff. Stifling a yawn as the match kicked off, Karma watched.

Just as David was relaxing, getting into what he loved to do, pyros exploded from the stage. He threw his opponent out of the ring and turned, glaring as Glen came stalking down the ramp.

Glen watched David warily, his eyes moving to Karma who was straddling the guardrail, watching cautiously and obviously preparing to bolt. He chuckled darkly, keeping his distance from the ring where David was waiting and shook his head. “Come here to me, Batista!” He challenged mockingly.

Karma rolled her eyes when David did. Honestly, the man was all balls and no brains. Anyone with eyes could see it was a trap. She groaned when Glen reached behind himself, pulling a pair of brass knucks from his tights and slipped them on, clocking David right between the eyes.

“Oh great!” She cursed when David dropped. “FUCKING MORON!” Karma watched as Glen circled David, obviously about to attack again. Sighing, knowing he was probably going to go off on her again, but also knowing if he got sent to the hospital Seraphina was going to freak the fuck out, Karma slid back to the ground. She picked up the ring bell, holding it firmly between her hand and made her way towards Glen. “Hey… Jacobs?”

“Well if it isn’t my bitch?” Glen snarled, turning around. He looked surprised right before she clocked him over the head with the bell and joined David on the floor.

Karma whacked him again for good measure, making sure he was done before crouching over David, staring down at him. “You going to lie there all day or what?” She demanded, gently wiping the blood off his forehead. “Come on… you’re safe now, get on up.”

David slowly opened his eyes, groaning, his head throbbing. He knew he was in deep shit with his daughter. He had promised to protect Karma and couldn’t even do it right. Sighing as he stumbled to his feet, David began to topple, growling when Karma caught him. “What the fuck-” He couldn’t even finish that, dropping to his knees.

Groaning herself, Karma stooped down in front of him, her back against his chest and draped his arm over her shoulder, helping his fat ass up. “Come on David, you’re daughter is watching… at least make it back away from the cameras.” She urged softly, shrieking when he teetered, landing right on top of her. “I’m so killing you when we get home.” She growled, her voice muffled.

“Sorry…” He mumbled, pushing back up to his vertical base. He let Karma wrap her arm around him again, listening to her warnings that if he fell, she’d slit his throat and sighed, shaking out the cobwebs. As soon as they were backstage though, he dropped.


“Wakey, wakey beautiful.” Karma greeted when she seen David’s eyes starting to open. She glanced a the trainer who had just finished stitching up his head. Seraphim had been taken back to the hotel by Ashley and Matt, finally having cried herself to the point of exhaustion and falling asleep. Karma had given them the go ahead to keep her overnight, not wanting Sera to see David looking like he’d been plowed by a semi. “Well… it could be worse…” She said, studying the stitches critically.

David groaned, not appreciating a light being shined in his eyes and barked; “SHUT THE DAMNED LIGHT OFF!”

Karma rolled her eyes, moving away and snickered when the trainer started cursing under his breath. “Oh- your ah, date, stopped by. She said sorry but your evening was canceled due to you getting whacked and all but she hopes you feel better soon.” She said calmly, studying her nails. She failed to mention that his date had added a comment about how ‘he wouldn’t be getting hurt if it weren’t for stupid bitches’, which in turn had caused Karma to give the woman a black eye.

“Fuck her….” David growled, slowly sitting up. “Where’s angel?”

“With Ash and Matt. She’s asleep. They’re going to keep her overnight. You can see her tomorrow, providing you still don’t look like shit, that freaked her out.”

“I know, I didn’t expect Glen to pull out them knucks.” David muttered, hanging his head in shame. “You need to find someone else to protect you.” He said finally, sliding off the table and stood. “I failed you both tonight.”

“Unfortunately, we’re suck together. Vince found the whole thing great, apparently people think we’re interesting together.” Karma didn’t sound amused. “And like you said, you didn’t expect Glen to pull what he did. No worries though, he looks a million times worse then you.”

“I’m talking to Vince tomorrow. I can’t keep hurting our daughter like this.” David sounded regretful and in pain, not physically either. He knew he’d probably scared the Hell out of Sera and that shattered his heart. He sighed heavily, declining the pain pills the trainer offered, stalking out of the room, or rather, stumbling.

“Good, then I can go back to being a hairdresser.” Karma said, following and catching his arm. “Knock it off, David.” She ordered when he tried to shrug her off. “I’m trying to help you. Pull your head out of your stubborn ass already.”

“Help me? No, what you’ve done is piss me off, Karma. Just leave me the fuck alone.” He shoved her away from him and stumbled further down the hall, groaning when he had to brace himself against the wall and mentally shook himself. Damn it, why did he have to be so mean to her? Because she drove him to the point where he couldn’t think without either wanting to fuck or fight her. This wasn’t who he was though and it scared. He froze when he seen her crying. “I’m sorry, Karma. Please, I’m sorry….”

“Leave me alone, David!” Karma shouted, tears streaming down her face. “No matter what I say or do you’re always going to think the worst of me and keep running me down! Leave me alone!” She pushed him away and ran.


The next morning Karma woke up feeling like shit, matters not helped that she’d fallen asleep in her clothes. She showered, dressed and skipped the make-up, not caring what she looked like anymore. She snorted, walking out to the main room to pour herself a cup of coffee from the automatic coffee maker. Actually, she should’ve probably dressed like a slut since that’d give David one more thing to harass her about and that seemed to be what he lived for.

She groaned when there was a knock on the door, walking over to open it. Standing in front of the door was an exhausted looking Ashley, holding Seraphina’s hand.

“She demanded to come see you and… David.” Ashely explained, raking a hand through her tousled hair. “How you holding up, sweetie?”

“He’s in his bedroom, Ser.” Karma said after giving her daughter a hug. “Go wake him if you want.” She waited until Sera had bolted into David’s room before looking at Ashley. “I’m peachy fucking keen. You look tired, she kept you up, didn’t she?”

“She was scared to death, Karm.” Ashley said quietly, joining her friend a the table. “How’s Dave doing anyway?”

“Oh, he’s great.” Karma said sarcastically. “The fucking prick….”

“God, what did that prick do now?”

“Nothing.” Karma said flatly, getting up when Sera called for her. She walked into said prick’s room and sat on the edge of the bed, studying him. “Go sit on the couch while I get him up, sweet cheeks.”

Sera nodded reluctantly, her brown eyes taking in her father’s forehead before sighing heavily, walking out of the room.

“David, Seraphina is here.” Karma said, tapping his shoulder. “David?”

David bolted upright, lunging forward and wrapped her in a bear hug, burying his face in her hair. “Thank fucking god…”

Karma let him hold her, feeling him shaking and sweating, surmising he had had a nightmare. Wrapping her arms around him, she stroked his back soothingly. “Calm down, David. What’d you dream?”

David couldn’t answer, just rocking back and forth with her. The dream he’d had was horrible. Glen had actually taken that chain around her neck and snapped it in half. That image replaying over and over in his mind was enough to send him rushing to the bathroom.

Karma waited until he was done hurling before handing him his toothbrush. While he brushed his teeth, she gathered up a few towels and set them on the counter before turning on the shower. “Why don’t you wash up before seeing Sera.” She suggested gently. “You’re soaked…”

“Okay.” He whispered, staring into her eyes intently for a moment before shedding his clothes and slipping into the shower.

Leaning against the counter, Karma handed him a clean washcloth through the curtain. “How’s your head feeling today, David?” She asked, averting her eyes to the floor, finally turning around and getting out a first aid kit to patch him back up when he was done.

“Hurting like a bitch but it’ll get better thanks.” His voice for once didn’t hold any hostility in it.

Karma sighed, wishing the shower door wasn’t made of glass, then she wouldn’t have to worry so much about finding the pattern on the floor so interesting. “Are you mad at me for not running?” She asked hesitantly.

“No, I’m not.” He said softly, turning off the faucet and stepping out, wrapping a towel around his waist before trailing a finger down her cheek. “I’m just glad you’re here.”

Cocking an eyebrow, Karma followed him out of the bathroom, gently nudging him down into a chair before straddling his legs, placing the kit on his lap. “It doesn’t look to bad.” She whispered, cleaning the area around the stitches gently.

David gently caught her hands, pulling them down between their chests and stared into her silver eyes. A second later David pulled Karma into a kiss, entangling his fingers in her hair, one arm wrapped tightly around her waist. Groaning when she opened her mouth to him, he immediately took it, searching, exploring ever crevice.

Karma groaned, pulling away from him, breathing raggedly. Her entire body was trembling with need, his touch having set her to burning for the first time in weeks. “Sera…” She whispered, searching his eyes with hers.

“I know.” He whispered back, kissing her once more before allowing her to resume doctoring him up.

She worked in silence, finally pulling back to study her work. “Now get dressed.” She bent down and lightly brushed her lips against his.

“Yes, ma’am.” David replied with a smirk, saluting her then pulled her back into his arms before she could move away and kissed her once more. “Now you can leave.” He released her.

Karma stood up, planting her hands on her hips, arching an eyebrow. “You’re dismissing me?” She watched as he pulled on a pair of jeans and a beater before walking over to grab the front of his shirt. She pulled him down and kissed him passionately, only breaking the kiss when his arms started to go around her waist. Winking at him, Karma darted out the doorway.

“Tease!” David growled, finishing up getting dressed. He then walked out of the bedroom, seeing Ashley’s back as she left and cleared his throat, getting Sera’s attention. “Hey angel…” He softly greeted, shoving his hands in his pockets.

Sera was off the couch in a heartbeat, darting over to him, her arms up. When he had scooped her up, she wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing his cheek before studying the stitches. “It doesn’t look as bad as it was on the monitor.” She commented, gently touching the stitches. “Good thing mom whacked that guy before he could get you again huh?” She sighed, resting her head on his shoulder. “I’m glad you’re okay dad.”

David closed his eyes tightly, swallowing down tears and held his daughter close, thanking God she wasn’t upset with him. He kissed her forehead repeatedly, not trusting his voice at the moment. He blinked back those tears, pulling back to stare at his angel. “I’m so sorry I let you down, Sera. I tried protecting her…” There was shame in his voice.

“The guy had a weapon.” Sera reached out to pat his cheek. “Don’t cry, dad. You didn’t know.” She whispered reassuringly, looking disturbed. “Mom, tell him not to cry!”


David chuckled softly as he carried Seraphina over to table and sat down with her in his lap, wrapping his arms around her small frame. He smiled when he seen a TMNT page being colored. “Hey, he’s my favorite. Did you color him to make me feel better?”

“Yes, I was going to slip him under your door.” Sera explained, reaching down for a crayon and began to color.

Karma joined them at the table, sipping her lukewarm coffee. She finally pulled the Cinderella coloring book towards her and started coloring as well.

David smiled, watching as Sera folded the picture she’d colored into a square, taking it when she held it out to him. “It’s wonderful, angel. I’m going to keep it on me for luck.” He winked at her, reaching over to grab Karma’s hand.


“This is so much better.” Karma sighed a week later, sitting on top of a table, back to her old job. She was on break, munching on the onion rings Jeff had brought her, Sera next to her with a chocolate shake. She smiled, the past week had been great. She and David were genuinely getting along, though she had kind of avoided being alone with him.

“You look happy, I take it he’s being nice finally?” Jeff asked, snagging an onion ring.

“They haven’t fought once.” Sera giggled. “We should have a party.”

“Very funny, angel.” David said, coming up and wrapping his arms around her. “What’s up, kid?” He nodded at Jeff before turning his gaze onto Karma.

“Not much. I WAS going to steal Karm but it seems she’s no longer interested in me.” Jeff sighed dramatically. “Munchkin, will you be my new girlfriend?”

“Sure.” Sera laughed, snuggling back against her dad. “Skittles, you’re nuts.”

Karma shook her head. “Oh lord…”

“Boy, that’s my daughter and she isn’t being anyone’s girlfriend until she’s at least…. Thirty-five.” David said, only half joking.

“Now my heart is really broken.” Jeff sighed again, shaking his head. “Karm, you sure you won’t reconsider?” He grinned at her teasingly. “I know how much you love to shop…”

“I’m NOT going underwear shopping with you, Hardy.” Karma replied, hitting him over the head with a hairdryer.

“More underroos?” Sera groaned, burying her face in David’s arm. “Dad… make him stop… No more red underroos.”

“Wait- you seen those?”

“I seen them too, Jeff, and I must admit, you have great taste.” David kissed the top of Sera’s head, chuckling loudly. He looped an arm around Karma’s waist and pulled her against him, resting his head against hers. “I’d love for you to wear those…” He murmured in her ear.

Karma blushed, turning to hide her face. “Actually… I’m wearing them now…” She admitted quietly. “I was out of panties…”

“Is THAT right?” David licked his lips hungrily, both of them unaware Jeff had vacated. He nuzzled her neck hungrily before remembering their daughter was present. “I think Sera approves, what do you think?”

“I think I need to go hide for about a week so my face don’t match my underroos.” Karma muttered.

“Bout time you two stop acting like you’re my age.” Sera said, grinning broadly. “Hey, does this mean you guys are going to share a room? I get tired of you both peeking at each other’s doors.”

“Good Lord, do you notice everything, angel?” David asked, feeling his own cheeks turning red. He buried his face in Karma’s hair. “Our daughter is definitely an observer, beautiful….”

“Well you both do it!” Sera protested. “And it’s driving me nuts!”

“I hope the floor opens and swallows me whole.” Karma whispered.

“You and me both.”

“Ready to get back to work, Sera?” She asked, clearing her throat.

“Yes!” Sera replied excitedly, having been learning how to do some things on her own, minus the dyeing. She stared at the clippers. “Hey mom…”

“Don’t even think about it.”

“You listen to mom.” David chided his daughter playfully. He set her down, turning to stare at Karma. “You and me, tonight, just talk?”

Karma stared up at him, blinking once then nodding. “Fine… but if it’s about another dream, forget it. I haven’t had any in awhile.” She joked awkwardly.

“No, it’s not about a dream.” He assured, pressing her hand to his heart after entwining their fingers together. “It’s about us…”

“Oh… okay, sure.”

“Okay, lovebirds, we got a line forming.” Sera said finally.


After taking a lot of ribbing, Karma finally sent her grunts packing. She and Seraphina wandered to the cafeteria for something to drink and wound up perched on a table, watching a monitor as they shared a bag of M&M’s, both grinning when they seen David walking down to the ring.

“He has my picture!” Sera giggling when she seen him tap his boot. “It’s tucked in his boot.”

Karma chuckled, wrapping an arm around her daughter, watching as David proceeded to beat the tar out of his opponent, the Miz. “Damn…” She whispered, cocking her head to the side and whistling. “Nice…”

“Mom! Stop looking at his butt!”


When David reached the back, he found Seraphina dragging Karma towards him.

“Dad, mom was checking you out!” She announced. “She was doing this.” She cocked her head to the side.

“Seraphina…” Karma groaned, burying her face in her hands. “You’re going home and straight to bed.”

“What about dinner?”

“You already ate.”

“It’s not MY fault you were looking at his butt!”

“Is THAT right?” David question, eyeing Karma like she was his prey and licked his lips. “I find your mother’s butt nice too, angel.” He smirked, laughing when Karma turned four shades of red. “Honey, if you don’t stop that, you’re going to turn into a cherry.”

“Mom’s blushing! Mom’s blushing!” Sera sang, bouncing up and down.

“That’s it, I’m leaving.” Karma groaned, heading for the door. She grunted when Sera attached herself to her legs. “You weigh a ton!” She moaned, walking still with Sera on her.

smirking, David gently pulled his daughter to her feet before lifting Karma up over his shoulder, smacking her ass lightly. “No worries, angel, I got her.” He joked, laughing when Sera giggled.

Karma was red the entire trip back to the hotel, taking a lot of teasing from Sera. once they were in their suite, she popped Sera in the tub while she took the shower. Afterwards, Karma pulled on a pair of sweat pants and a tank top then handed Sera her boys TMNT jams, shaking her head. “You’re a girl.”

“But I like these.” Sera replied, walking out of the bathroom and into the main room, brushing her hair.

“Now there isn’t anything wrong with our daughter liking the turtles.” David said, sounding amused as he walked into the room from his, smiling when Sera ran to him. “What movie are we watching tonight, angel?”

“Hmm… Casper.” Sera decided, bouncing on the bed. She grinned at them. “Sorry, it’s a small bed so two you have to take the floor.” She pointed in front of her.

Karma rolled her eyes, getting a blanket and a pillow before laying down, reaching up to tweak Sera’s nose. “Lay down and watch the movie honey, it’s winding down time.”

David watched as Sera obeyed, laying down beside Karma. They lie there quietly, watching the movie until Sera’s soft snores filled the room. He slowly stood up, extending his hand to Karma. “Come on, we need to talk.” He whispered.

Nodding, she allowed him to pull her up. Karma was quiet as he led her into his room and turned on the light, wrapping her arms around herself, staring at him patiently.

David studied her for a moment before walking over to pulled her into his arms. “What are you thinking about, beautiful?” He huskily asked, kissing her throat.

“Just wondering what you wanted to talk about.” Karma whispered, trying not to shiver. She leaned against him, relaxing in his arms.

“I want to give us a real, Karm.” He said finally, holding her tighter incase she tried to run. David buried his face in her hair, inhaling her intoxicating scent. “I want you and only you. I know it won’t be easy because we’re both stubborn.”

Karma felt her heart give a giant leap, as if it were trying to escape her chest. She didn’t bother moving, having felt him tighten his hold on her. “Are you sure?” She asked softly, remembering everything they’d said to each other over the past month, trying to push down the hurt.

“Yes. I want to start over fresh with you. I know we said a lot of mean and hateful things to each other. I said most of them, but I really think we could make this work.” David sounded sure and confident, knowing deep down they were meant to be together.

Why else would they have that premonition at the same time if it didn’t mean anything?

Sighing, Karma rubbed her forehead with the heel of her hand. She stared up at him, her silver eyes searching his intently. “I don’t know…” She whispered, afraid to take this chance and then have her heart broken.

“I know you’re scared, believe me, so am I. I mean, I’ve already had two failed marriages. I really don’t want another one, but I’m willing to take this step if you’ll take it with me. We can make this work, Karm. And I’m not asking you to do this because of our daughter. I’m asking you because I truly believe we belong together.”


“Two marriages?” She echoed, latching onto that reluctantly. “Holy shit, David… and you won’t have another one unless it’s with someone else, I don’t believe in marriage.” She said firmly. “You don’t… do you have any other kids from either of these marriages?”

“No. Relax, I’m not asking you to walk down the aisle with me, I just want a chance with you, Karma, that’s all I’m asking.”

Karma sighed softly, apparently thinking it over. Time seemed to stretch on and on before she finally gave him his answer. “One chance and that’s it…”

“Thank you, beautiful.” He whispered, pulling her up onto her tip toes and passionately kissed her. He broke the kiss, breathing raggedly. “We’re not sleeping together until we’re both ready for it. I don’t want to rush anything.”

“Oh jeez… don’t I have any say in this?” Karma asked, rolling her eyes.

“Yes, but I’m not ready to sleep with you yet.” David said, being brutally honest with her. “I want to take this slow and not rush anything. Rushing only leads to mistakes and mistakes in turn, lead to heartache.”

“We rushed before and Sera was born… she’s not a mistake.” Karma said gently but smiled, backing towards the door. “But I understand what you’re saying. Good night, David.” She walked out the door and towards her own room, pulling off the tank top she wore as she went, showing off her red bra briefly before the door closed behind her.

“Damn tease!” David growled, running a hand down his face exasperatedly. THAT didn’t help. So much for not wanting to sleep with her.


David barely got any sleep that night. He was constantly waking up, trying to pull Karma into his arms. He would groan every time he’d find the space beside him empty, sighing. Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore and went down to the gym, needing to release the tension somehow. He pumped iron, not caring if was only five AM. He couldn’t sleep.


Karma was up before the sun, in the bathtub. She had slept like the dead and woke up feeling refreshed. When she was feeling squeaky clean, she got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around herself. She took her time in picking out her clothes, finally opting for a royal blue tank dress that ended at the top of her thighs, black thigh highs and a pair of black heels.

She did her hair, letting her black spirals hang around her face, framing it, and then applied only the barest make-up, some brown eyeliner and lip gloss. Karma stepped out into the main room, not surprised to find Seraphina still asleep and poured herself a cup of coffee. Quietly, she walked out onto the balcony to watch the sun rise.

She jumped when a pair of arms wrapped around her waist, hearing a familiar, deep chuckle and groaned. “David, you ass.” She murmured, leaning back against him.

David smiled slightly, resting his head on top of hers, his eyes fastened on the golden glow on the horizon.

After the sun had risen, Karma moved away from, turning to take in the towel he wore as she nonchalantly sipped her coffee. “You’re up early.” She commented, arching an eyebrow. “I slept like a rock, how about you?” She asked playfully, reaching out to lightly pat his chest.

“Funny.” David snorted, following her back inside, not bothered by wearing only a towel. “I was up at four this morning, down in the gym at five. That should tell you how well I slept.” He raked a hand through his wet hair, trying to ignore the smug look on her face. “Angel still sleeping?”

“Yeah, she’s tuckered out. This past week has been hectic, what with being on the road all the time.” Karma replied, smirking slightly at him, keeping her voice low. “Though we have today off, don’t have to be to the next site until tomorrow night so I was thinking about taking her to the local carnival. What about you? You have to work?”

“Nope.” His brown eyes lit up at the mention of a carnival. “I’m going with you two. I’ll win her so many stuffed animals she won’t know what to do with them.” He grinned, looking like a five year old with a lollipop.

Karma shook her head, deciding to change again, having a feeling she’d be chasing two hyper kids today. Giggling softly, she shook her head again and walked into her bedroom. She kicked off her heels and slowly slid the dress up over her head, padding over to the closet in her freshly washed, thanks to the hotel staff, blood red panties and matching bra. “Hmm… jeans… jeans…” She murmured, bending over her bag.

David leaned in the doorway, arms folded over his chest, licking his lips hungrily. Screw the waiting! He closed the distance between them and spun her around by the arm, staring down into her eyes, his own darkening with passion. His lips crashed against hers, his arms going around her waist. The blood red panties and bra had done him in.

Karma groaned, melting against him. She had meant to tease him last night but she didn’t really think about it much this morning, definitely not expecting him to follow her into her bedroom. She kissed him back for a moment before gently pushing him away, sighing when he didn’t release her. “Thought you wanted to wait, David.” She murmured against his lips.

“Fuck waiting.” He gruffly replied, scooping her up into his arms and carried her to the bed, laying her down. David hovered over Karma for a moment, just a moment then captured her lips again. He wasn’t going to wait, not with this beautiful creature in front of him. He was going to take every opportunity they had together, groaning in her mouth, tasting her. His hands roamed her curvaceous body, groaning even more.

Karma sighed, her hands going around his neck, pulling him closer. She moved one hand down to his towel, tugging at it.

“Mom? You up?” Sera called out, the sounds of her moving in her bed reaching them.

“Uh… yeah, honey… hold on…” Karma looked up at David. “Um… you have to get off now.” She said, blushing. “I mean, get off OFF.”

“Damn.” David grunted, burying his face in her neck for a minute before reluctantly getting up, not wanting too but not having a choice either. He kissed her lingeringly one last time then got to his feet, pulling her with him. He walked out into the main room, smiling at Sera. “Hey angel, did you sleep well?”

“Yep.” Sera smiled, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She pushed back her blanket and slipped out of bed, heading straight for the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later drying her hands on her shirt. “I’m hungry.” She announced, narrowing her eyes at the towel he wore. “Um dad… that’s about to fall off…” She coughed, glancing suspiciously at Karma’s bedroom. “What were you doing?”

David paled at that, clearing his throat. “Just checking on your mom, seeing what you two were doing today. I’m gonna… uh… go change.” He quickly vacated the room, his face redder then a beet.

Karma walked out a minute later in blue jeans and a white beater. “Morning, babe.” She greeted, bending down to kiss Sera’s head. “Great… where did Twix go to now?”

“He flew thatta way.” Sera pointed. “Blushing like crazy.”

“Hmmm, poor guy.” Karma snorted, ordering up breakfast, smirking slightly when Sera started to giggle.

David walked out ten minutes later, dressed. He eyed the giggling girls. “Alright, what’s so damned funny?” He demanded, crossing his arms over his chest.

Karma and Seraphina exchanged looks before bursting out into another giggling fit, both falling back onto the bed laughing their asses off.

“Cherry red!” Sera shrieked. “Let’s call him Code Red from now on!”

“That Mountain Dew drink?” Karma managed to gasp out, laughing even harder.

“Yeah, cause that’s what he looked like! A giant bottle of Code Red!”

Karma pointed a finger at him, holding her sides, rolling on the bed. “Code Red!”

“You know what?” David shook his head. “Fine, then we’ll just call your mom Snickers since she’s snickering about every damned thing. Even in the bedroom.” He smirked when she paled and winked. “Turnabout, sweet cheeks, turnabout.”

“I snicker cause of what I see.” Karma said, not looking bothered in the slightest. “How bout we call him twinkie, Ser? Or maybe Ding-Dong?”

“Well… not a Ho-Ho… Mom can be Snickers from now on cause you’re either Code Red or Twinkie, whichever I feel like using.” Sera giggled.

“Let’s call mom raisenette.” He grinned when Karma gave him a LOOK and shrugged his shoulders. “Or maybe even Butterfinger…”

“Why butterfinger?”

“Because your dad is projecting his fantasies on me, he likes it when someone butters up their fingers and sticks them up his…” Karma smirked when David turned red again. “Oh look… it’s Code Red.”

“Dad, you’re gross!” Sera squealed, clamping her hands over her mouth, trying not to laugh.

David growled from low in the back of his throat, not believing Karma had just said that, especially in front of their daughter.

“You know,” Sera interrupted before he could say anything else. “I don’t even want to know anymore.”


Karma giggled when she seen David was loaded down in purple and pink stuffed animals, knowing Seraphina had done that on purpose to him. “You look so cute!” She teased, watching as Sera went around on the Tilt-A-Whirl with another girl her own age. “The pink matches your shirt…”

“Quiet.” David growled, though he was smiling. He’d won them all with ease, not even breaking a sweat and dropped down on the bench beside Karma. “Not my fault you’re going to be the one traveling with these.” He smirked, hearing her grunt in response. “At least she’ll be comfy, Snickers.”

Karma rolled her eyes. “Whatever you say… Twinkie. Hey- what the hell are you doing here?”

“Like I’m going to pass up on a carnival!” Jeff Hardy replied, bounding over to them and pulled her up in a big hug. “Why’re you here? Nice, Dave. I always thought you were in touch with your feminine side… now I know.” He joked, dropping down on the bench besides Karma, pinning her between them.

“Hardy, if you don’t shut up, I’m going to shove this pink bear down your throat.” David threatened, smirking at how uncomfortable Karma appeared. “I think Snickers is a little squashed.”

Karma groaned, elbowing him sharply before leaning over to whisper something to Jeff.

Jeff grinned. “So… Butterfingers…”

Karma giggled, burying her face in her hands.

“Mom, Kel and I are going around again!” Sera shouted, giggling with her new friend as the ride started back up. “Hey, Skittles!”

Jeff waved at her, staring at David with an amused look. “Buttered up fingers… man, that’s just sick.”

“Shit… I’m sure you’d love to have your… fingers… buttered up by Ashley, bro.” David taunted.

Karma wasn’t getting involved in this one.

“Ash is like a sister to me.” Jeff said defensively, having once had a crush on her back in day though that was over. “I’d prefer Karm to do the buttering.” He drawled, wrapping an arm around Karma’s shoulder and pulled her against him. He arched an eyebrow, peering down her tank top. “Nice, wearing the panties too?”

She went red.

“She sure is.”

Jeff stood up, pulling Karma with him. “He got to see?” He demanded, sounding annoyed. “Now that’s not right…”

Karma blinked, never realizing how jealous Jeff could be. “Skittles, chill out.” She whispered, rubbing his arm soothingly. “I thought we were just friends? Besides, I’m older than you… You should be looking for someone around your own age.”

Jeff snorted. “You’re not that much older then me.” He glanced down at David. “You two hooked up, didn’t you?”

“Maybe we did, maybe we didn’t. It’s none of your goddamned business to be quite honest, Hardy.” David replied calmly, no longer holding Sera’s animals.

“Calm down, both of you!” Karma said impatiently, standing between the two men. She groaned when they got in each other’s faces, wedging herself between them. “Guys!”

“Why would you want him, Karm? He’s a dickweed, look at everything he’s done with you.” Jeff said, staring coldly at David.

“Jeff, knock it off.” She muttered, raking a hand through her hair. “You two DICK WEEDS can duke it out, I’m going to ride the Tilt-A-Whirl with Sera.” She snarled, getting on the ride before it kicked off again.

Once Karma was out of earshot, he rounded on Jeff. “Face it, Hardy. She wanted a MAN, not some love struck boy.” He snarled. “I’m warning you, stay away from Karma and Sera or you’ll end up like that son of a bitch Glenn did. They are MINE. They belong to ME. Get it?”


“Mine? Me? You sound like a fucking psycho!” Jeff shot back, clenching and unclenching his fists. “You forget, Dave, I was the one Karma turned too when all you did was keep treateing her like some cheap slut. And no, I won’t stay away. Whether you like it or not, I care for Karma and even if it’s only as her friend, I’m in her life, for good. Same with Seraphina, I love that little girl as much as your do so fuck off.”

David couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed Jeff by the throat, squeezing tightly, slamming him against the nearest tree. “Listen and listen good, Hardy. Karma and I have a connection like you two will NEVER have. She belongs to me and I belong to her. Seraphina doesn’t like you hanging around Karm, she’s told me, she knows you want her mother and doesn’t like it. Get it through your fucking head. Karma and I are together now so either you deal with it or you fucking leave them alone. Don’t force me to break your ass in half because I will.” He then shoved the smaller man back and stalked over to watch his girls.

Jeff held his throat, shaking his head. He looked past David to Karma and Sera and coughed, wincing a little. He stuffed his hands into his pants pockets and sighed. David officially ranked numero uno in his book of crazies and he could only hope Dave didn’t hurt Karm or Ser. Jeff shook his head once more before walking off.

“What next?” Karma asked, walking off the ride with Sera, ignoring David as they passed him. “Ferris wheel?”

“Yeah, go ahead and ignore me, Karma.” David muttered under his breath, deciding he was leaving. “I’m going back to the hotel, you can carry those fucking animals back yourselves, or better yet, get your buddy Jeff to help you.” He stalked off, so pissed he couldn’t even see straight.

Karma honestly hadn’t heard him, hunched over so she could hear Sera over the people around them. They rode the Ferris wheel a couple of times before looking for him. Deciding he was probably off playing another game, they went on a few more rides. Both groaned when it started sprinkling and high tailed it for the parking lot.

“OH MY GOD! HE LEFT US! HE FUCKING LEFT US!” Karma screamed when she seen the rapidly emptying parking lot.

“Mom?” Sera cried, wrapping her arms around herself, looking scared.

Karma tried to hale a cab only to get shoved aside by a pushy looking man. “PRICK!” She shouted, scooping Sera up in her arms and darting across the street. She did her best to protect Sera from the rain, promising herself she was going to castrate David for this.

She groaned when it started pouring down rain instead of the mild sprinkle they’d had. She could feel Sera shivering in her arms and was shivering herself, the tank top she wore not offering much protection. She spotted a hotel across the street, not the one they were staying at but oh well. It would be warm and dry and that’s what mattered the most.

“Mom, why is dad doing this to us?” Sera whimpered. “Why does he hate us now?”

“I don’t know angel, I don’t know.” Karma whispered back. She quickly got them checked in and up to their room, instantly getting Jacuzzi running and Sera into it. She stepped in as well, both just enjoying the warmth. Karma watched as Sera relaxed, warming up and sighed heavily. HELL was about to break loose.


For the next three days, David didn’t see his daughter or Karma, not really surprised about it either. He knew he’d been an ass but Jeff had started everything! He growled, clenching and unclenching his fists angrily, looking grim when the young Hardy fucker came up to him. Jeff had just returned from medical leave and was fixing to go back on the shelf. David would see to it. “What do you want?”

“I want to know where Karma and Seraphina are. Nobody has seen them in three days, not even Ashley. Nobody can get through to Karma’s phone either. What the fuck did you do? Leave them?” Jeff shook his head. “If anything happened to either one of them Bautista, it’s not just me who’ll be after your ass.”

“I don’t know where they are and you have more important things to worry about, like me breaking your ass in half tonight!” David snapped, shoving Jeff on his ass and turned away.

He had no sooner rounded the corner when Karma appeared before him in black leather hip hugging pants and a black tank top, her expression unreadable.

“Here.” She held out a sheath of papers. “I went before a judge and got temporary custody of Seraphina. You aren’t allowed to see her unless I allow it. The judge was quite sympathetic when SHE found out you abandoned us without a car, in the rain… and then when she was informed Sera spent two days in the hospital, sick from being soaked through. See you in court, David.” She walked away from him.

David looked down at the papers, anger welling inside of him and chased her. He spun Karma around by her arm, snarling. “I fucking TOLD you I was leaving! I told you I was going back to the hotel! It’s not my fucking fault you didn’t hear me!”

“Oh well, David. I don’t even know why you left.” Karma glared at him, looking pointedly down at his hand on her arm. “If you don’t want to add assault to your list of fuck-ups, I’d take your hand off of me.” She said coldly. “MY daughter was in the hospital for TWO days because she was so fucking sick. And don’t think you’ll get to see her at the hotel because she’s not there.”

“You won’t get away with this, Karma.” David promised darkly, letting her go. “See you around.” He stalked off, already having it in his mind to take custody of Sera since her mother was a stubborn bitch. “I fucking told her. I told her that I was leaving.” He muttered under his breath.

Karma wasn’t concerned, she’s already hired the best lawyer in St. Louis who specialized in custody cases. The fact that David had left them without a ride in a strange city, in the rain no less, was NOT going to go in his favor. Knowing that son of a bitch was going to suffer because these took time and it’d be at least a month before they went to court. Maybe longer due to the courts being overcrowded with cases. The thought made Karma smile.

Later on that night, David’s music hit and he stalked out to the ring, a pissed off look on his face. He got in the ring and didn’t even acknowledge the fans, pacing the ring like a caged animal. He smiled grimly when Jeff Hardy came running out and immediately went on the attack.

He pounded the shit out of the fucker that had cost him the love of his life AND his daughter. he busted Jeff’s nose first with his forearm and then delivered a spine buster. He kept doing it. He must’ve done it a dozen times before finally pulling the crippled, bloodied body of what had been Jeff up and delivered an organ rattling Batista Bomb, rocking the ring and pinned him. “That’ll teach you to stay out of people’s lives, prick!” He spat.


Karma seen what had happened on a monitor and paled, gasping when she seen Jeff coughing blood, his head lolling to the side. She was tempted to go out and help him but didn’t, knowing now wasn’t the time to make an on-camera appearance, not wanting to be dragged back into the actual wrestling side of the business. She wiped the tears from her eyes and quietly packed her things, not believing how sick David was.

She made it to her hotel and went to her room long enough to drop off her things and call Sera. Karma had to soothe Sera, finally sighing when her own mom had given Seraphim a glass of warm milk mixed with a little Benadryl, which made Sera nod off. Karma headed downstairs to the bar and started in on a scotch, burying her head in her arms, not believing how hysterical Sera had been, demanding to know why her daddy was doing this and why he hated them all so much.

Karma frowned when someone slipped besides her, looking up. “What the fuck do YOU want?”

“Heard about you and your boy toy… both of them.” Glen smirked, draping an arm around her.

Frowning, Karma shook her head, wondering why she was feeling woozy. Then she panicked, the dream. In the dream she had been raped first then David about Sera… it couldn’t be working backwards… could it? “Glen, lemme go.” She murmured, her words coming out sluggishly. She raised her hand, which felt like it weighed a million pounds, to her head.

“You’re just tired, darling.” He whispered, sounding concerned as he guided her through the lobby and up to his own room.


Karma groaned, her head throbbing and raised a hand to shield her face from the light shining down on her. Slowly she moved to a sitting position, gasping as pain coursed throughout her body. “Oh Christ, please tell me I did NOT go on a bender…” She moaned, opening her eyes to see whoever it was she had taken to bed.

“Good morning, gorgeous.”


David slowly opened his eyes, looking around the empty hotel room. Not a suite, hotel room, this was going to take some getting used too. He groaned when someone began to pound on his door, his already throbbing head going into overdrive and slid out from under the covers. He wasn’t surprised to see Ashley standing there when he opened the door but frowned when he seen the tears streaming down her face. “I don’t know where Karma is.”

“Damn it, I was hoping you did. I’m worried sick about her. She didn’t come to my room last night like she was supposed too.”


Karma squirmed away from Glen when he tried to kiss her, rolling off of the bed with a loud thud. She groaned, her head and body both throbbing.

“Get back up here.” Glen murmured, peering down at her, lazily stroking up and down her spine with one large finger. “I’m not finished with you yet.”

“Glen please, I think I’m… I’m going to be sick.” Karma whispered pleadingly, closing her eyes and pressing her head against the carpet, fighting back waves of nausea.

“That’s just the after-effects of mixing drugs with booze. It’ll pass.”


David seen how hysterical Ashley was and pulled her into his room, guiding her to a chair. “What do you mean she didn’t show up? Where the fuck did she go?” He suddenly got a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. “Did she go to the hospital to see Jeff?” He asked, trying to cling to hope.

“No.” Ashley started crying again, raking both hands through her unkempt hair. “She didn’t show there either last night, David…”

“Jesus Christ….” He muttered under his breath, beginning to pace back and forth. “Fuck, fuck fuck!”

“I second that.”


Karma finally walked into the arena, about an hour late. She’d somehow managed to drag her ass into a shower, even coordinated her clothes; blue jeans and a long sleeved blue turtle neck. How she’d managed to drive all the way here though was a mystery even to her. She numbly made her way to the hair station, eyeing her things that were already set out, ignoring the speculating look she received from the grunts.

“WHERE IN THELL HAVE YOU BEEN?” Came Ashley’s shrieking voice, rushing down the hallway and actually shoved her best friend into a chair, anger radiating off of her. “YOU BITCH! YOU HAD ME WORRIED HALF TO DEATH! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW WORRIED JEFF IS?”

Karma stared up at Ashley, her silver eyes dull. “I’m sorry.” She said softly, mechanically, not moving from the chair. “I have to work now, Ashley… Excuse me.” She slowly got up, moving to pick up a comb.

“No, we’re not through with this.” Ashley took the comb and tossed it aside, pulling her friend’s into her arms, hugging her close. “Where were you last night?” She asked in a softer tone of voice, kissing the top of Karma’s head. “Karm, talk to me, you know I’m here for you.”

“I was…” Karma hesitated, beginning to shake. She spotted Glen out of the corner of her eye and something inside of her snapped. She pushed Ashley away from her and lunged at him, tackling him to he floor. “I hate you!” She screamed, grabbing a two by four from a neat stack against the wall, hitting him in the face with it. “How could you do that to me?”

“SOMEBODY GET THIS PSYCHO BITCH OFF OF ME! FUCK!” Glen screamed when she brought the two by four down on his nuts over and over again.

“Karma! No!” Ashley shouted, rushing over to pull her friend away only to wind up getting hit in the face for her efforts.

David came barreling out of nowhere, having heard the commotion from his dressing room. He skidded to a halt when he seen what was going on, finally snapping out of it. “Karma, STOP!” He ordered, walking over and ducked when the damned stick whizzed by his head.

Glen had had enough, his balls were officially numb, probably mush by now. “YOU BITCH!” He shoved her off of him, getting up and grabbing a handful of hair, tossing her down the hallway to the floor.

Karma backed up when he advanced on her, looking around for a weapon. “You RAPED me!” She screamed, not caring who heard.

Glen tensed, turning around when she said that, meeting David’s eyes.

David’s brown eyes went blank though he had gone red from the tips of his toes to his head. The bastard actually got to her. He couldn’t believe it! Every muscle in him tensed as he walked slowly to stand in front of Glen, toe to toe with him. “I’ll see you in the ring tonight.” He said in an eerily calm voice.

Glen could only stare at him, his blue eyes wide. He backed away, not even GLANCING at Karma, hands up until he had disappeared around a corner.

Karma pulled herself into a sitting position, her back pressed against the wall and drew her knees up, burying her face in them. Her shoulder started shaking as she cried.

David breathed in and out evenly, the anger building up inside of him but remained calm outwardly. Eerily calm. Everyone stepped out of his way, silence reigning as he ominously walked from the hallway.


Karma reluctantly allowed the on-call doctor to come collect her and only because it was a female, otherwise she might’ve gone ballistic again, that and it was under the boss’ orders, Vince having been informed of what had happened. She sat still as her shirt and jeans were removed, closing her eyes as she was poked and prodded, pretty much feeling like she was being raped again, hanging her head as pictures were taken of the various bruises on her body.

She went to draw the line when they wanted to draw blood but was informed she didn’t have much choice in the matter. Finally she was allowed to leave, given the night off and trudged out into the hallway.

David was there, his eyes shooting dangerous fire though his body posture was stiff, calm, obviously waiting to go out to the ring. He didn’t even notice her as he walked by, flexing his fists, knuckles cracking.

Karma turned, blinking and ran after him, gasping in pain and finally grabbed his arm, stuffing a paper in his hand. “Seraphina colored this for you.” She whispered, a hand moving to her stomach. “Don’t do anything that’s going to get your ass sent to prison, she needs you, David.” Karma seen the look on his face, knowing he barely heard her though he did close his fist around the page. “I need you too…” She murmured, backing away from him, feeling vulnerable again.

David heard her but he didn’t respond. He just folded the page and slipped it in his boot before turning and slipping through the curtain, his eyes telling the story. This wasn’t going to be a normal wrestling match. This was going to be a massacre.

When Glen came face to face with David, he was trembling inside like a scared bitch though outside he wasn’t showing any fear. He got right in David’s face from the get-go, hoping he could intimidate him into stepping down. “She screams rape and you lap it up, how do you know she didn’t fucking like it? The bitch wasn’t screaming rape when I was fucking her brains out for the fifth time this morning!” He sneered, shoving David away from him, thinking not even David would be stupid enough to actually seriously injure him in front of all these people.

David didn’t say a single word as he was pushed, staring straight into Glenn’s eyes.

Glen cocked his head to the side, looking suspicious. “What the fuck is this?” He demanded, pushing David again. “I said I have it to her real good, Davey, that don’t bother you huh?” Glen smirked. The Batista he knew generally straight up attacked, this was different and actually seemed a bit pussy-ish to Glen so he was beginning to regain some confidence. Obviously he wasn’t reading the look in David’s eyes or else he might have considered retreating. “Oh wait, you two aren’t together anymore… Good, maybe I’ll just make her MY new girlfriend, how about that?” He pushed David again.

Nothing. David did absolutely nothing.

Glen was having a ball, his blue eyes gleaming with his characteristic craziness that he was known for both in and out of the ring. “Hell… maybe I’ll even make an honest woman out of the whore… That’d make your little bastard kid… Seraphina… MY daughter. How’d that be?” He balled up his fist and sighed. “Grow a set already you fucking wimp!”

“Keep on pressing motherfucker.” David thought, his brown eyes flaming with rage now though he didn’t do a damn thing.

Glen got bored with this shit and swung.

Which had been what David was waiting for. He barely budged as he slowly turned his head back to face Glen, licking his own blood off his lips.

Massacre was an understatement as fans and crew alike watched the match. Match… more like bloodbath. David splintered bones, blocking the camera’s view as much as possible though the cameraman was smart enough to realize something was wrong and have a lot of ‘technical difficultly’ which meant fuzzy screens for the home viewers.

Glen screamed like a little girl, hollering for help but none came. Unknown to him, Vince had ordered everyone to steer clear of the ring and was already drawing up a paper for Glen to sign which stated that none of this was and his injuries were sustained elsewhere. He would have Glen sign when, well, as soon as the man came too actually.

Once David reached Glen’s kneecaps in his slow, methodical beat-down, Glen had passed out from shock. Providing he even lived through this he was going to need a lot of work… a LOT of work.

David stalked around the ring, getting underneath it to pull out his friend, Paul Levesque’s, favorite illegal weapon: a sledgehammer. He looked directly into the camera and mouthed Karma’s name before proceeding to bash the fuckers skull in with it, making sure Glen would NEVER hurt Karma or his daughter EVER again.


Karma was on her cell with her mother, making sure she had kept Seraphina clear of the television that night, not wanting her baby to see this carnage. She felt tears well up in her eyes when she seen him mouth her name and hung up, wrapping her arms around herself.

She leaned against the wall, watching as David finally finished his murder spree and waited, her eyes widening when he stepped through the curtain. She grew hesitant, damn but he looked downright terrifying, covered in blood and sweat. “David?” She whispered, clearing her throat when his name seemed to get stuck.

He stopped and looked at her, all the anger draining from his body as she he stared into those silver eyes, his own holding nothing but love and sorrow. Sorrow that he couldn’t stop Glen from hurting her. “Karma.” He finally said, his voice low and deep, a rumble from his chest.

Karma moved to toss her arms around his neck, not carting that he was sweaty or covered in blood. “David.” She murmured, pressing her forehead to his shoulder. “Please, don’t hate me anymore… I’ve already called my lawyer to have everything dropped…. I’ll do anything, just please, don’t hate me.” She pleaded, unable to stop her shameless begging or the even more shameless tears that ran from her eyes to his chest, leaving trails through the blood.

“I don’t hate you.” He whispered, rubbing her back with his hands. He gently lifted her chin to meet her eyes, pressing his forehead to hers. “I love you. You and Seraphina are my world. I’m sorry I left you that day at the carnival and I’m sorry I let that fucker get his hands on you. You can bank on it that he won’t ever touch you again.” He sighed heavily. “I never hated you… I just loved you too much.”

Sniffling, Karma kissed him. “He’s not going to be doing much for awhile anyway…” She sighed, pulling away and looking down at the blood on her shirt. “I need to go shower…” She murmured, not wanting anything of Glen’s on her, even if it was his blood.

“I’m going with you.”


Karma hit the shower in the hotel room the minute they got there, knowing David had followed her inside. She didn’t care though, just shed her clothes and jumped in, turning the water onto scalding. She scrubbed her skin with an exfoliating brush, needing to wash everything that had happened away, wishing she could just peel off her skin. “Come off!” She cried, wanting to stop feeling so damn dirty.

David felt his heart break at her cries, watching through the glass door as she literally tried to scrub her skin off. He stripped off his own clothing and stepped in the shower, taking the brush from her and set it on the ledge. He then cupped her face, staring into her eyes and brushed his lips against hers.

Karma kissed him back almost desperately, shaking her head and pulling away. “It was wrong!” She gasped. “It all happened backwards… the dream…” She turned her back to him, reaching down to rub her fingers over the large hand shaped bruises on her hips. “That stupid fucking DREAM!” She slapped her hands against the shower wall, hanging her head under the stream.

Sighing heavily, David wrapped his arms around her from behind, burying his face in her wet hair. “Sshhh, calm down, Karma. You didn’t know… you had no way of telling… Besides, premonitions are only reflections of what could happen, we control them.”

“We control them…” She echoed in a whisper. “Then it’s my fault. I LET him do it. I LET him drug and rape me.”

“No, you didn’t. You didn’t let him do anything.” He said softly, turning her around to stare down into her face. “He’s gone and he’ll never do anything to hurt you again, or Sera. I made sure of that.”

“I know you did, David.” Karma whispered, reaching up to run her fingers down the side of his face. Sighing again, she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her body. “Will you…” She hesitated, watching as he stepped out of the shower, her eyes following the water that ran off of him.

He tied a towel around his waist before picking her up and carrying her out of the bathroom. “Will I what, beautiful?” He asked huskily, laying her down on the bed gently. “I’ll do anything. Name it and it’s done.”

Smiling shyly, she reached up to run her fingers through his wet hair, spiking it, their faces inches apart. “Will you make love to me, David?” She asked softly, biting on her lower lip nervously.

If he was taken aback by her request, he didn’t show it, just nodded, his lips curving into a lovingly smile. “Anything you want, love.” He murmured. “Anything…”

After their love making, Karma snuggled against him, yawning softly as he murmured in her ear, smiling when he said he loved her, her and Sera. “Mmm…. Seraphina…” She whispered, half asleep. “Tomorrow I go to pick her up, you want to come?” She popped one eye open to look at him. “Though I should warn you, you’d have to deal with my parents, who aren’t happy with you.”

“I think I can handle it, beautiful.” He assured her softly. “Sleep now, Karm, tomorrow we’ll get our angel.”

“They’re going to give you Hell…” She yawned, smiling slightly, resting her head against his chest.

Being Karma’s parents, he didn’t expect any less.


Karma actually felt bad for David when her parents got a hold of him. He was sitting in the living room, on their ridiculously small loveseat, Sera on his lap, head hanging while they berated him. She was perched on the edge of the chair, knowing better to interrupt when her father was in the middle of a rant.

“Seraphina was in the hospital for TWO whole days thanks to your immaturity, she was still sick when she came here to stay but there was nothing more they could do for her!” Mr. Mitchell, Sera’s ‘poppa’ raved, staring down at the younger man. “If you’re going to be a part of the family then you can’t let that temper get the better of you son.”

Mrs. Mitchell shook her head, patting David on the shoulder. “I think that was his way of welcoming you to the family, dear.” She said soothingly.

Seraphina giggled, resting her head on his shoulder.

“I’ve had about enough of this shit.” David finally spoke up, slowly setting his daughter on her feet before getting to his own. “Look, I admit I made a mistake, alright? I told Karma I was leaving and that Jeff could bring her and Sera back. I didn’t want to ruin their good time because I was pissed off. They didn’t hear me, it was a MISUNDERSTANDING. It’s not MY fault Karma didn’t call me and tell me about Sera being in the hospital. Now if you can’t accept it and move on, then we have nothing more to discuss.”

“Why should she have called you? She didn’t hear you, she didn’t know Jeff wasn’t around anymore. If you had STAYED and spent the day with your DAUGHTER like planned, instead of having a jealous fit, none of it would’ve happened!”

“Dad, that’s quite enough.” Karma said firmly, getting up.

“Daddy, stop looking at poppa like that.” Sera said just as firmly.

“You know what, old man? We got a serious problem. I’m not taking this anymore. I’m tired of being blamed for everything. Did you SEE what I did to that rotten son of a bitch that RAPED your daughter? Don’t fucking stand there and start yelling at me like I’m some kind of child because I’m not having it.” David said coldly, ignoring the women completely.

Karma blanched when he said that, looking very uncomfortable as three pairs of eyes locked on her.

“Karma?” Her parents whispered, both looking confused.

“Mommy?” Sera stared at her.


“Calm down, Miles! She’s trembling enough without you screaming at her!”

“Calm down? CALM DOWN? My DAUGHTER was RAPED, Barbara!”

“She’s MY daughter too!”

Karma shot David a ‘see what you’ve done now’ look before holding out her arms to the bawling Seraphina, wincing when Sera practically tackled her. “I’m alright angel, daddy took care of him.” She soothed.

David looked at her parents, regret shining in his eyes. “Your daughter was raped by a co-worker of ours.” He spoke quietly, not wanting Sera to hear anymore. “I broke every bone in his body in retribution.” He turned to face Karma, knowing nothing he could say would make it right. “I’m sorry, Karm.” He murmured, walking out of the room.

Karma groaned, hoisting Sera up onto her hip, wincing because it was extremely tender, the bruises now a lovely black and purple color. “I’m going upstairs.” She informed her still fighting parents icily before carrying Sera up to her old bedroom.

Miles sighed heavily and followed David after hearing his daughter’s tone. “You broke every bone in the bastards body?” He grunted. When David nodded, he smiled grimly. “I owe you an apology s- David.” Miles extended his hand. “Whether you like me or not, I love Karma and Seraphina just as much as your do… and she’s my daughter. Whether or not we care for each other, you’re not my choice. You’re hers.”

David smiled slightly, nodding as he shook Miles hand firmly. “They are my life. I would kill for them, sir. That bastard won’t be breathing or walking for a long time. The way I heard it, he’s eating and drinking through tubes.” He chuckled sickly. “I’m sorry for blowing up at you. That was disrespectful and I understand that you’re her father.”

“Through tubes eh?” Mile’s eyebrows arched up, looking positively delighted. “Good to hear that, I actually think you and I are going to get along JUST fine, David. And don’t call me sir… call me Miles.” He smiled, glancing at the stairs, hearing Seraphina and Karma giggling, followed by:

“Poppa, don’t kill Twix!”

Then even more giggling.

“Twix? Is that what they call you?”

“It’s a long story, Miles.” David replied with a smirk. “Now then, I have something I’d like to discuss with you privately. Away from prying ears if you catch my meaning.”

Miles cocked an eyebrow and nodded, leading the way downstairs to the basement which was set up as his own personal den. Pictures of his family adorned the walls, Karma and Seraphina took up one wall entirely. He gestured to a recliner before walking over to a small cabinet. Barbara had made him give up his cigars but he’d put his foot down when it came to his brandy. He poured two glasses partway and handed one to David, dropping down opposite him. “What’s on your mind?”

David took a sip of the brandy before clearing his throat.. “Miles, I’m an old fashioned kinda guy and I believe that in order to take the next step, the man should ask the girl’s father for permission….” He caught the speculating look Miles was giving him and smiled, pulling a ring box from his shirt pocket and held it out, opening the lid. “Will you give me your daughter’s hand in marriage?”

Mile’s eyebrows were in danger of disappearing into his brown and gray hair as he stared down at the rock before him. He cleared his throat, looking back up at David. “You have my blessing David but… you know Karma isn’t the marrying type, don’t you?” He asked gently. “I know she loves you but… I don’t think she’ll say yes.” He sounded genuinely sad for this brash young man he’d gone from hating to liking in only a few short seconds.

David already knew that was a possibility and nodded. “If that’s the case Miles, she’ll still be stuck with me.”

Miles started laughing. “You know, I believe you’re right.”

“Can I ask you something else?”


“Why in the hell did you name her Karma?”

Miles laughed even harder.


“Ash, I’m scared as hell.” Karma whispered.

“Stop squirming damn it, I don’t want to have to do your hair all over again.” Ashley scolded.

Karma shifted uncomfortably in her wedding gown, smiling when her mother walked in. “How’s Sera?”

“Jeff’s keeping her busy. I tell you what honey, if I wasn’t married to your dad…”

“Mom, yuck.”

Ashley giggled.


“Mom looks like an angel.” Seraphina whispered, watching with Jeff as Karma walked down the aisle. She’d been offered the role of flower girl and had declined, not about to wear a dress. Instead she wore a white custom made tuxedo and purple sneakers with a matching bow tie, just like Jeff. Sera admitted it, she was weird.

“She does.” Jeff replied, smiling slightly, winking at her as she passed.

Seraphina snuggled into his side, watching as her parents took each other’s hands and smiled wistfully. “Five bucks says they divorce in two months.”

“I say one.”

“Knock it off!” Matt scolded in a whisper.

They both grinned at him.


David’s brown eyes crinkled as he met Karma’s, seeing the nervousness in her eyes, knowing it was reflected in his. He’d already been down the alter twice and now a third time… the thought made him wonder about his sanity.

Karma looked at him then smiled broadly, squeezing his hand.

He frowned for a minute, feeling her fingers tapping his palm then started chuckling, ignoring the shocked look on the priest’s face.


“HEY, WHAT’RE YOU DOING?” Ashley shrieked as David and Karma ran down the aisle together, hands clasped. She caught the bouquet Karma tossed her, looking confused.

Jeff, Matt and Seraphina got to their feet along with everyone else in the church. All eyes watching the pair run through the doors, David’s bowtie floating behind them and landing on the floor along with Karma’s veil.

“They’re eloping!” Barbara exclaimed, laughing through her tears.

Sera peered up at Jeff. “Does this mean they’re getting married still?”

Jeff was chuckling. “I don’t know pumpkin, but something tells me they’re not doing it in a church.”

Ashley huffed, walking over to sit by them. “After all the work I did on this… planning the event, the reception, helping Karm with the dress… and they ELOPE?”

Sera shared knowing looks with Jeff.

Jeff just winked at her.


It was an odd sight. A huge man in a tuxedo, collar open and his hair spiked along with a woman in a flowing white wedding gown, her black hair cascading around her shoulders; were dancing in the middle of the fountain.

There was no music but that didn’t deter them, they just laughed at something only they knew and danced.

Jane shook her head, leaning in the doorway of her coffee shop, watching them. She couldn’t keep the smile off her face as the man scooped the woman into his arms, twirling under the sprays, a smile on his face.

She quickly got some towels when they approached her shop, holding them out. “Just married?”

“No ma’am.” The man said, grinning, his eyes never leaving his ‘bride’.

“We left each other at the alter.” The woman explained, laughing softly.

Jane could only shake her head. “Come in and get something warm to drink…” She clucked her tongue, setting out two coffee mugs. “Left each other at the alter?”

“Well… it’s a long, long story…”

The woman nodded, clasping her hand with his.

“Tell me?” Jane asked, suddenly curious. She could actually feeling herself blushing just watching the steamy looks they were giving each other. Blushing… and she was 71 for heaven’s sake!

The couple looked away from each other to stare at her, both their eyes twinkling with good-humor.

“Well, it started eight years ago…”