“Master…” Lyonene sighed, reluctantly opening her eyes. Slowly she sat up, blinking repeatedly as the sunlight hit her head on. When she had gained her bearings, she slid her feet onto the cool wooden floor, enjoying its contrast to her flushed body.

Lyonene ran a hand through her silky blonde hair, threading her fingers in it, watching as the tresses curled around her fingers. Smiling at the simple pleasure she laughed, the sound resonating in the bedroom.

Humming softly, she stood up, locking her hands together and stretching them over her head. She rolled her head back, stretching until her limbs shook off their sleep induced lethargy. Lyonene quickly crossed the room to her oak wardrobe, opening the door and rifling through her clothes. She selected a pair of blue jeans and a white tank top, deciding she felt like being comfortable and simple today.

Twenty minutes later found her freshly showered and dressed, applying the barest traces of make-up and running a brush through her hair, letting it air dry into fat curls. Smiling she lightly ran down the stairs, halting on the landing when she spotted the pale gray envelope resting against a candle on a stand.

Slowly she walked down the remaining steps, a feeling of excitement flaring in her belly. Hand shaking, she reached out for it, holding it against her chest for a minute before opening it. She read the note quickly, rereading it a few more times before exhaling the breath she had been holding in.

“Lyonene, are you awake?”

Lyonene stuffed the envelope into the back pocket of her jeans and turned an elderly woman walked into the room. “Good morning Grandma, how are you feeling?”

Deirdre nodded, smiling warmly at her only grandchild. “Fine. It’s lovely out today so my hip don’t pain me any.”

“That’s good.” Lyonene followed her into the dining room, shaking her head at the impeccably set table. “You should have waited, I would have helped.”

“It’s good for me to keep busy dear.” Deirdre smiled as Lyonene made them both a plate. “You got to work today?”

Lyonene chewed her scrambled eggs slowly, reaching for a nearby goblet of orange juice. “Yes. I’ll only be gone for a few hours at most.”

“Your job is so nice.” Deirdre commented wistfully. “I would have loved it when I was younger.”

Lyonene smiled, letting her Grandma rattle on. Deirdre was under the impression that Lyonene was a residential aide, going to the home of a select few once or twice a week for several hours and bring home rather good money. Lyonene didn’t have the heart to tell her Grandma what she really did so she let her think what she would.

“What are you doing today?” She asked, tactfully changing the subject.

“I thought since the weather was so nice, I’d go putter around my roses.”

Lyonene smiled again, finishing her meal.


“I’ll be home in a few hours Grandma!” Lyonene called before stepping out the door. She didn’t wait for a reply, instead quickly getting into her truck and hurrying out of the drive.

She could barely contain her excitement as she sped towards town, at the last minute taking a side road that was shaded by old oak trees, blocking out the sun and causing the temperature to drop several degrees.

She halted in front of an iron gate that surrounded the property, closing her eyes and shivers of anticipation coursed through her. She started when the gates opened; guessing she was being watched via the security cameras and slowly drove into the drive. 

Lyonene quickly parked her truck behind the shed, as she always did before getting out, smoothing out the imagined wrinkles in her black cotton tank dress. She made her way to the back door; it was unlocked, like it always was when she was expected. 

She silently made her way along the old servant’s passages, heading straight for the master bedroom, treading softly on the Persian carpets that lined the hallways on the second floor. She halted at the familiar door, staring at the carved images in the wood for a moment, collecting herself before gently knocking on the door.

“Come in.”

The deep baritone flooded through her, causing her to shiver with pure ecstasy. Composing herself, she opened the door, stepping into a dark room. “Master?” She whispered, her eyes slowly adjusting though she was unable to make him out.


Lyonene almost dissolved on the spot, quivering as the tingles coursed throughout her body. “What do you wish of me Master?”

“Close your eyes darling one.”

Lyonene shut her eyes, breathing deeply, inhaling sharply when she smelled her Master’s distinct scent around her. Her breath caught in her throat when she felt a soft cloth being wound around her head, covering her eyes so everything went totally dark. “Master?”

“Quiet.” He whispered.

Lyonene almost jumped when he smacked her bottom, knowing it was a reprimand for speaking when she should’ve remained silent. She bowed her head subserviently.

She remained perfectly still as her dress was slowly pulled up, raising her arms docilely to allow it to be slipped over her head. Now she stood clothed in nothing but black lace thongs, the blindfold and her black stilettos.

“Mmm…” The Master growled in approval, allowing her to hear the lust in his own voice.

Lyonene quivered with excitement, almost cumming on the spot when he ran his knuckles down the small of her back. She felt him take her head, leading her towards something. Lyonene smiled inwardly when she felt the bed hit her knees.


Lyonene awoke just as the sun was setting, panic raced through her when she realized what she had done, this being the first time ever. She had felt so relaxed in the Master’s arms after bouts of lovemaking that she had just drifted off.

She started to sit up but froze when a firm hand pressed her back down. “Master?” She whispered, trying to glimpse his face in the dying sunlight.

“Stay awhile longer.” Came his own whispered response.

Lyonene hid her shock well and nodded, only to pleased to do so. She raised a hand to his face, sighing when he turned his head to kiss the palm of her hand. “May I?”

He nodded.

Lyonene slipped off the bed, her hands eagerly directing him onto his back, excitement building afresh in her. How she loved taking control of the Master, exploring his body to her heart’s content, but he rarely allowed her this pleasure. She smiled when a small sigh of pleasure escaped him, allowing her hands to roam his body freely.



“Lyonene? Is that you honey?”

“Yes, Grandma.” Lyonene stepped into the dining room, shaking water out of her hair. “It’s raining.”

“I know, I started to get worried when you didn’t come home earlier, is everything all right?”

Lyonene nodded, stepping out of her tennis shoes, grateful when Deirdre didn’t mention the bare feet. “Yeah, I got held up helping with the medication.” She made a face. “Nothing like being puked on when something doesn’t settle right.”

Deirdre chuckled, shaking her head, silver hair swaying softly. “Go dry off then you can eat; I made you a plate, its keeping warm in the oven.”

“Thank you Grandma.” Lyonene held out a white envelope.

“What’s this?”

“Oh, I got paid today.”

Deirdre opened the envelope, her eyes widening. “I sure wish I could’ve had your job when I was younger!”

Lyonene smiled. “Take whatever you need from it; I’ve already paid the bills.”

“What about savings?”

“Done that too.” Lyonene kissed the older woman’s cheek. “I’ll be right back down; I’m going to go grab a quick shower.”

Deirdre nodded, going to put the money away. 

Lyonene quickly bounded up the stairs, discarding her clothes as she went, knowing Deirdre wouldn’t say anything, Deirdre slept on the first floor, avoiding the trouble stairs gave her.

She quickly turned on the shower, adjusting the faucets until the water was hot, almost too hot to stand, just how she liked it.

She stood under the spray, dreamily recalling her day, touching her collarbone, the last place the Master had kissed before she had left.


“Hmm… how bout this one?”

Deirdre studied the cauliflower Lyonene held up. “No dear, that’s too big.”

Lyonene smiled, setting it back in the stall, moving over so another woman could get by, stepping back to look at sausages that hung from a vendor’s cart, her basket dangling from her arm.

This was Lyonene and Deirdre’s favorite weekend activity, going to the outside market that was set up once a week just outside of town. Sometimes Deirdre brought flowers to peddle, mostly though, they just shopped.

“Here, let me have that.” Deirdre slipped the basket off Lyonene’s arm, placing a head of cauliflower in it that looked a lot like the one Lyonene had picked out. “Why don’t you go see what they have in the way of spices for me dear? I’m almost out of everything.”

Lyonene nodded, moving towards the spices vendor, on the other side of the market.

She wasn’t aware of it, but she had a few pairs of eyes on her.

Lyonene smiled when the scent of cinnamon reached her, bending down to examine some turquoise jewelry before continuing on her grandmother’s errand.

She walked by the small restaurant, gasping when she was jerked behind the wall, out of sight from the market.

“I’ve been watching you all morning.” A voice hissed in her ear. “Such a pretty little girl.”

Lyonene swallowed hard when something sharp, she guessed a pocketknife, was pressed against her throat.

“Now just keep quiet girlie and don’t make a sound, this will be fun.” The man whispered, kissing hr neck sloppily. “Make one peep and I slice your throat.”

Lyonene stifled her whimper.

“Mmm… you smell like cotton candy, my favorite.”

Lyonene bit back a scream as she was forcibly spun around, a pair of strange lips being squashed against hers.

The assault only lasted a few minutes, because the next thing Lyonene knew was she was stumbling backwards as her attacker was literally tossed away from her.

She rested against the brick wall of the restaurant, staring up at her rescuer, her breath catching in her throat.

This man was almost seven foot tall with jet-black hair that cascaded over his shoulders, a mustache/goatee on his face and emerald green eyes that were staring down at her in concern.

“Master?” Lyonene whispered, recognizing the tattoos on his bare arms.

He caught her when she fell forward in a dead faint.


Lyonene woke up in a familiar bed, raising her head off the pillows. “Master?” She whispered, wondering if maybe it had all been a dream, if she had never really left his home the first time.


Lyonene slowly sat up, her eyes adjusting to the darkness that surrounded them. “I have to go… my grandmother.”

“I’ve made a phone call. She believes you’re working overnight.” Came his deep baritone from somewhere near the door.

“Can I… can I see you?” Lyonene asked timidly.

Slowly he stepped into the single ray of sunlight that escaped past the heavy curtains.

Lyonene gasped, recognizing the man who had saved her, her eyes roaming the body she had come to know so well in the darkness. She pushed back the coverlet and stood up, slowly walking towards him.

He caught her arms, pulling her against his hard body, leaning down and crushing her mouth with his.

Lyonene wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him back.



Lyonene woke up to the sounds of Bach. Curiously, she pushed aside the coverlet and got out of the bed. The room was dark though the curtains were now open, the moonlight barely bright enough to guide her way to the door.

Slowly she made her way out into the hallway, following the music. Finally, she halted, staring into what appeared to be a living room. Sitting besides the fire in a black, straight-back chair was the Master, in nothing but a black, silk robe. He was resting his chin on his fist, staring into the flames.

“Come here Lioness.”

Lyonene slowly moved forward, kneeling at his feet, her head turned upwards so she could study his face, reveling in this newfound delight.

He leaned down so his lips were inches from hers, staring into her eyes.

Lyonene waited with baited breath, wishing he would kiss her, unable to keep her gaze from straying to his sensual mouth, which curved into a knowing smile. “Master…” She whispered her voice low with desire.

He gently grabbed her arms, pulling her up so she was straddling his lap, burying his hands in her thick hair. “My Lioness.”

Lyonene curled against him, knowing this is exactly where she wanted to be, in the arms of the only man she knew she would ever desire.

The only man she would ever need.

Her Master.