Silent Plea for Help


Tori and Mina looked up when the locker room door was thrown open. Their eyes widened in apprehension as an angry DX stormed in, followed by a whining Stephanie.

The two had been watching on the monitors as X-Pac got his ass kicked by Kane. When Hunter, Billy and Jesse went to interfere, Kane managed to get the upper hand and beat them all down.

Pac grabbed Tori by her blonde hair and jerked her up. "Did you enjoy that slut?" he demanded, sweat still running down his face. "Did you get off on watching your freak lover knock me around?"

Tori whimpered in pain. "No."

Mina pressed herself back into the couch, watching with wide eyes.

Tori had once been Kane's girlfriend and everyone believed that she was deeply in love with him. Until she betrayed him to be with X-Pac, Kane's arch enemy and ex best friend.

Now what people didnt know was that DX had threatened to kill Kane and then her, if Tori didnt do what they wanted. Knowing what DX was capable of, Tori had agreed, though it broke her heart. She could barely look at Kane anymore, even when he was on the screen, it just hurt to bad to think that he thought she didnt love him anymore.

Mina had been brought into DX shortly after Tori, for the New Age Outlaws, seeing as how Pac had Tori and Hunter had Stephanie. Shed been working behind the scenes as a technician. Jesse and Billy had kidnapped her and made some very severe threats, causing her to submit to them. Not that anyone knew that, all they knew was they didnt like the snotty woman with DX who thought she was to good to talk to them.

Tori and Mina had been conditioned to believe that nobody gave two fucks about them. That the only men who'd want them were the Dxers. The fact that everyone in the back seemed to hate them only cemented this. The other superstars didnt know what was really going on behind the scenes with DX and if they had known, they might've seen things a little differently.

Hunter sat down on a chair, pulling Stephanie onto his lap. He began to roughly fondle her chest, watching as X-Pac berated Tori. Stephanie leaned back against him with a smile on her face, enjoying the scene.

Mina flinched as Jesse sat down next to her. "Bet you were back here laughing, huh babe?"


"Good." He reached over onto the stand and grabbed a joint. He lit it up and took a hit then held it in front of her face.

"I dont want any."

"Sure you do." His eyebrows raised warningly.

Hating herself, Mina took it. She took a tiny puff before starting to gag.

Jesse laughed. "Woman, we're going to have to work on your drug tolerance levels."

Billy snorted. "Yeah. Like right now. Let's go back to the hotel, eh?"

Jesse stood up, pulling Mina with him. "That's an idea."

Hunter and Stephanie lazily got up too.

"You coming man?" Hunter asked X-Pac.

"No, I think Tori and I are going to chill here for a while." He said, his eyes flashing dangerously.

Mina felt bad for her friend, knowing that the next time she seen Tori, Tori was probably going to be unconscious. She didnt have much time to think on it as she was shoved out the door and down the hall towards the parking lot.

"Hey," Stephanie paused. "Hunt and I are going to go talk to Daddy for a bit, we'll catch you later okay?"

Billy nodded and ushered Jesse and Mina through the door.

Jesse was buzzing from his joint and laughed when he seen Taker walking over to his Titan. "Hey Dead Man!"

Taker turned to glare.

"You wanna come shoot up with us?"

Billy started laughing while Mina was mortified. They quickly crossed the lot to stand in front of Taker. Jesse looked up with a dopey smile on his face.

Takers lips curled into a snarl of disdain. "I don't think so boy."

Jesse rolled his eyes dramatically. "Scared?"

Billy guffawed. "Hell, even Mina here's done it."

Taker looked down at the neon green leather clad woman, his eyebrows raising when she wouldnt meet his gaze like one would expect a degenerate to do.

Jesse grabbed Minas arm and ripped away the DX armband she wore and held it turned up to Taker. "See?"

Bruises from needles lined the inside of her upper arm. Taker was appalled. But then Mina finally glanced up. He was extremely surprised to find her eyes full of shame and fear?

"Who needs him anyway?" Billy muttered, taking Mina and throwing her over his shoulder. "Let's go dawg." He called.

After flashing Taker a wink, Jesse hurried after them yelling, "Save some of that pussy for me!"

Taker could only watch as Mina was carelessly tossed into their rental car. As the car pulled out of the lot, she turned around to look at him from the window, a single tear running down her face.


Mina made her way out of the room she shared with Billy and Jesse to the main room of the hotel suite. Tori was huddled on the couch, her knees to her chest, sobbing. Mina sat down and put comforting arms around her friend, closing her eyes to block out the spinning room.

Tori rested her head against Minas shoulder and finished her cry. When she was done, she pulled back and looked at Mina. Her puffy eyes widened when she seen the glazed look in Mina's eyes. Tori looked at Minas arm to find a fresh bruise and hole.

"Mina, what'd they give you?"

Mina shrugged. "I have no idea."

Tori bit her lip.

Mina laughed bitterly. "Don't worry. I'm still not a drug addict. I don't know what those creeps see in the stuff, all it ever does is make me see nightmares."

"I'm just scared that Jesse is going to give you an over dose of something." Tori whispered.

"Good, I think I might like that."

Tori forced a smile. "You're not allowed to die and leave me here by myself."

"I won't." Mina promised. "We're in this together."


Mina groaned when she heard Hunter and Stephanie stirring. "Come on, lets go shower and dress. I don't feel like getting beat up this early."

Tori got up and followed Mina into the bathroom. "You'd think since they put the bruises and shit on us, they wouldn't be so squeamish about seeing them."

"Yeah well... That's the brakes."


"Mina, babe, you look hot." Jesse complimented, surveying her black mini dress, neon green sash and matching knee high heeled boots.

"I should, you dressed me." She replied dryly.

He ignored her tone of voice and pressed against her. "Maybe we could go find a closet hmm?"

Billy rolled his eyes. "Man, let the bitch alone. We got a match to think about."

"Yeah but..."

Billy tossed Mina down into a chair. "No buts. Think straight. This is for the titles."

Hunter laughed from his place on the leather couch, Stephanie snuggled into his side. "Billy, don't worry to much about that. We got it all figured out."

Billy shrugged and resumed grooming himself in the mirror.

"Mina, go grab us some water." Stephanie instructed. "Daddy forgot to have some left for us. We're going to save the champagne for after the Outlaws win."

With a sigh, Mina walked out of the room. Actually she was grateful for the moment alone without DX. The thought of running away briefly crossed her mind but she discarded it. She could never leave Tori by herself. They all knew that, thats why none of them ever had problems sending Tori or Mina to do errands. DX knew that neither of the women would desert the other.

Mina kept her eyes glued to the ground as she walked, not caring that people whispered as she passed by. She was beyond caring anymore.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?"

Mina looked up startled, murmuring, "Me?" She chewed her lips when she found the speaker to be the Undertaker.

"Yeah you." He looked so calm and composed in his leather pants and vest, completely at ease in the aura he had created for himself.

"I uh, I got to get back"

"This won't take very long." Taker grabbed her arm and pulled her gently into his locker room. He shut the door, never taking his eyes off her.

Mina backed up nervously. "Listen, whatever DX did, I had nothing to do with it."

"I'm not going to hurt you."

"You're not?"

He shook his head mouthing no. "I wanted to talk to you about the other night"

Mina glanced nervously at the door. "I don't think that's a good topic."

"You into the drugs?"

He asked it so bluntly that she was speechless for a second. "No."

Taker gestured to her arm. "Then what do you call those?"

"None of your business." Mina tried to sound haughty, knowing if she told Taker anything, it was liable to cost her severely.

He knew what was up though and not about to relent. Something about this woman made him want to shelter and protect her. Maybe it was the way her sad gray eyes seemed to carry all the woes of the world in them.

"Hey, I'm not trying to cause trouble for you Mina," he said, this time trying to be gentler with the wording and tone. "But it's a bit obvious that something is going on, that something is happening to you. I just want to help is all, just help."

"The biggest help you could be is to just leave me alone."

Taker took hold on her arms, softening his grip when she winced. "Let someone help you. You're in trouble, I know you are."

Minas eyes were beginning to fill with tears. "You trying to score with me?"


She knew honesty when she heard it, which wasn't very often anymore.

"I don't want to sleep with you, I want to help you." Taker's voice was just above a whisper. "Let me."

Mina jumped when she heard, "Where the fuck did that bitch go?" Jesse!

Taker noticed her expression and locked the door. "Why are you afraid of them?"

"Let me out please, you'll only make things worse." She pleaded.

"I can't let you go and have only God knows what happen to you." Taker gestured to her body. "Not meaning any offense, but that make-up ain't hiding them bruises."

Mina looked down over her arms and thighs, realizing he was right. If you looked hard enough, the faint purple and black showed though her cover-up, which wasnt exactly covering up.

Taker listened carefully as Jesse made his way pass the room, still calling for Mina. "He doesn't care much who hears does he?"

"He's probably stoned."

"You like being high?"


"Then why?"

Mina looked him straight in the eyes. "Believe me, its not by choice." Her temper was getting the best of her, generally suppressed from earning her numerous beatings. "Do you think I like having shit injected into me?"

He tilted his head thoughtfully. "No."

"Okay, now may I go?"


"This is getting monotonous. I don't feel like getting yelled at for being so late. The longer you keep me here, the more screaming there'll be."

Taker smiled wryly. "I'm guessing the screaming would be from you."

Mina's eyes narrowed.

"We're both getting nowhere Mina. So I'll tell you what..."


Hunter chuckled when Billy and Jesse returned without Mina. "So the whore finally ran off."

Billy shook his head. "She wouldn't have bailed on Tori."

X-Pac squeezed Tori's shoulders. "My baby wouldn't leave me, would you?" he crooned in her ear.

"No." Tori forced a warm smile on her face. "Of course not."

Stephanie, who had been idly watching the monitor, turned it up when the Undertaker's music sounded. "He wasn't scheduled to be out tonight."

Jesse looked at the screen sullenly, sitting down besides Billy. Both men looked angry.


Taker walked down the ramp-way with a smirk on his face. When he rolled into the ring, a microphone was waiting in the center. He picked it up, then paused to listen to the fans cheer. When it died down some, he began.

"Now I know for a fact that we have a missing person in the WWF. Hell I even know where this person is."

The Dxers leaned forward, hanging on his every word, knowing where he was getting at.

"Degeneration X, ya'all missing someone?"


Mina looked over at Kane, shrinking back a bit when he growled. Then she realized he was growling because DX had appeared on the stage. Taker had left her with Kane after giving Kane a brief explanation. Kane wasnt too happy with the arrangement, but then he still didnt know everything yet. Neither did Taker but that would change.

Hunter pulled a mic out of the waistband of his jeans. "Now Dead Man," he began. "It seems you have something that belongs to us."

Taker leaned against the ropes, his face passive. "Do I now?"

Hunter nodded, forcing a grin. "So where is she?"

"Locked up." Taker stroked his chin. "I'm thinking that she might be fun to keep around. What do you think?"

Billy and Jesse were now shouting at Hunter. Hunter gestured for them to be quiet then said,

"So you kidnapped Mina... Take's a big man to do that."

"That's rich coming from you."

"We want her back."

Taker smirked again. "Nah, I think I'm gonna keep her for a spell. She crosses me as a screamer."

Hunter's face was dark with anger. He tossed the mic aside and rushed the ring. Taker backed up, waiting. As soon as Hunter had slid into the ring and stood up, he was greeted with a boot to the face.


Mina watched with wide eyes as the rest of DX scrambled into the ring, each taking a fall but then getting back up again. She shot to her feet and headed for the door.

Kane quickly had a tight hold on her, his arms hugging her right under her breasts, holding tight. "Stay put." He growled.

"They're going to hurt him!" she cried.

Kane sat back down, pulling her onto his lap. Mina froze instantly but then realized that he wasnt trying to be sexual, this was just his way of making sure she didnt go anywhere rather than knock her out cold.

"Please Kane, if they have me they'll let him alone."

Kane snorted.

Finding it useless to argue, Mina forced herself to watch the monitor, forced herself to watch Taker get beaten down. Finally she couldnt take it anymore, she turned on Kanes lap and buried her face in his chest, beginning to cry.

Kane looked down in surprise, his first instinct to push her away. He didnt act on it. He clumsily stroked her back, trying to be comforting.

"I don't want him to get hurt." She whispered desperately.

"He'll live."

"This is all my fault."

Kane wasnt very happy with the fact that he was starting to like this young woman. She was apart of DX and that made her his enemy. But there was just something about her that cried out for help, for someone to care for her. He knew that he wasnt falling in love with, his heart still belonged to Tori no matter how much he wished it didnt. No, he was feeling more of an older sibling type love, the kind that makes you want to shelter and protect someone. The thought of being an older brother made him smile.


"Hunter, how are we supposed to get Mina back if were back here and Taker is out in the ring?" Jesse demanded as they headed for the DX Express.

Hunter looked down at his friend, his face set into a scowl. "Look there's nothing we can do about it right now, okay? So back the fuck off. Thursday night we'll get her back. Vince will do something"

Stephanie nodded. "If Daddy was here tonight he would have made Taker give her back or else. Just be patient." She looked at Hunter. "You look madder than them."

"Shes part of DX, that freak is challenging me, I know he is."

"Now baby, don't worry about it." Stephanie cooed. "He's no match for you. You're the Game!"

Hunter smiled a bit. "Yeah... You're right."

"Like always."

Tori tried not to gag. She wondered what Mina was doing. Mina had told her about what had happened the previous night. Tori was pretty sure Taker wouldnt hurt her, Kane maybe, Taker no. "Hopefully he keeps her." She thought, allowing herself a smile.

"What's got you so happy?" X-Pac demanded.

Tori looked up at him, her eyes going wide with innocence. "I was just thinking about what we're going to do to him for stealing Mina. I get to help take him out right?"

"Now that's better." He said with approval, thinking she was beginning to come around finally.


Taker stumbled into the locker room, holding his head where he had been struck with a steel chair. He glanced over at Mina and Kane before falling back onto the couch.

Mina disentangled herself from Kane to go look at Taker. She pulled his hand away from his head, her mouth forming an O at the sight of the nasty cut. She hurried into the bathroom and returned with a soapy washcloth and peroxide.

"I can care for myself" he growled.

Mina rolled her eyes. She took off his bandana and thoroughly washed the cut, suppressing a smile when he winced. Then she dabbed the cut with the peroxide.

"Damn woman, the soap was enough! This shit burns."

"You're a baby," Mina scolded, leaning forward to blow on the cut.

Taker made himself look at the wall and not her soft bosom, but couldnt stop himself from breathing in her light vanilla musk, and underneath that her own woman scent.

Mina pulled away. "Now" She took the bandana and patted the cut dry. "Hold this so the bleeding will stop."

Kane rose to his feet. "Now, what's going on?" he demanded impatiently.

Taker raised his eyes to meet Kane's. "We'll talk about it at the hotel."

"H-hotel?" Mina stammered, her nervousness coming back full force.

"You don't think we're going to make you sleep here do you?"

"I.... I thought...."



He stood up. "Let's get the hell outta here."

At the hotel Mina was expecting them to pounce on her either literally or figuratively. They didn't. Instead, Taker tossed her one of his old shirts and suggested she go take a warm bath to relax.

Mina almost fell asleep in the tub. Reluctantly, she dragged herself out and slowly dried off. She was for the first time in over a month completely relaxed. She dressed, giggling as the shirt billowed out on her, much to big, slipping off one shoulder dangerously low.

Mina looked at herself in the full length mirror, wishing she had some make-up to cover her bruises with. She ran her finger tips over the side of her face where Billy had slapped her, a purple bruise there. Thankfully though, the sleeves of the shirt covered her needle point lined arms and her bruised legs and thighs were covered as well. She quickly arranged her hair on the side of her face before deciding it would have to do.

Taker and Kane had both changed. Taker in cut off jeans and a tee shirt. Kane was in black sweat pants and a tank top, his mask was off but his hair covered his face. They were standing near the window talking softly.

She cleared her throat.

Taker looked over at her, his eyes widening appreciatively. "Feeling any better?"


Kane was taking in her appearance as well, though maybe not for the same reason Taker had. He strode over to her and pushed her hair aside.

Mina cried out and reached to stop him, only to have her wrists being firmly held by his other hand. "Kane, no!"

Kane studied the bruise. Then he pulled up her shirt sleeve, turning her arm to look at it.

Mina tried to tug away but his grip was like steel. "Please, Kane, please" she whimpered.

Taker frowned. "You can let her go now."

"She didn't do this herself?" Kane asked, his eyes boring into Mina's.

Taker said no while Mina frantically shook her head.

When Kane finally let her go, Mina backed away, tears silently running down her face from shame.

"Mina, I think it's time you tell us what's going on." Taker said quietly but firmly.

After a few minutes of silence, Mina sat down at the foot of the bed and recounted her sad tale, including the rapes, beatings and drugs. When she was done, she said, "And the same thing happened, is happening, with Tori."

Kane's head snapped up. "She went to him freely." He rasped.

"No, they threatened to kill both you and her Kane." Mina told him. "Tori loved you to much to see you killed. She still loves you."

"If she loved me, she would have faith in my ability to protect her."

"You don't know what they're capable of," she whispered, now looking at her hands. "If they want something or someone bad enough, theyll find a way to get it." Mina raised her gaze to Taker. "Now that you know, won't you let me leave?"

Taker looked horrified by her request. "Hell no! After what you just told us Even if you did leave out the details Mina, there is no way I'm letting you go back to that. Ever."

"But... What about Tori? I can't just leave her all alone with them. They'd either kill her or shell kill herself."

Kane had been struggling with something and when he heard Mina he came to a decision. "Not if I can help it."

For the first time in a long time, Mina flashed a genuine heart warming smile that was full of hope.


Mina woke up the next morning with a smile on her face. She stretched with a yawn, then froze when she felt something heavy on her stomach. She looked down bemused to find a hand. She then remembered that Taker had crawled into bed with her after she woke him up, thrashing about it the midst of a nightmare. He had held her close and crooned soothing words to her until she finally dropped back off.

She was debating on whether to curl up to him or get out of bed when he opened his eyes.

"Good morning." He rumbled, blinking the sleep from his eyes.


"How'd you sleep?"

Mina smiled. "Like hell."

His eyebrows raised.

"Just kidding. But you snore like a freight train."

"I do not!"

"Hey, I was just kidding Taker."

"Mina, call me Mark, okay?"

"Okay Mark."


The next few days until Smackdown were some of the best Mina had ever had. She was relaxed and didnt have to worry about getting hurt. She knew Mark and Glenn (he had insisted she use his Christian name) would never hurt her nor would they let anyone else. Her bruises healed and since no one was injecting drugs into her, the needle punctures were slowly healing, though her arm was definitely going to be scarred.

Mark had insisted on taking her out shopping for some clothes seeing how she only had the one dress and his stuff was to big for her to go out in public in. Mina promised to pay him back but he would just laugh and tell her not to worry. Mina had problems choosing clothes and would ask his opinion. Mark quickly came to the conclusion that DX dressed her. In the end she had a few new pairs of jeans and some plain colored tank tops along with under clothes. She picked those out though Mark wouldnt have mind helping.

The night before Smackdown found Mina sitting on the bed staring out the window while Glenn and Mark were down in the gym. She was nervous about what would happen the next night. The current plans were for her to stay with them and try to get Tori out of DXs clutches. Mark wanted Mina to go public with what went down in DX and appear by his side but she thought it best to stick with the captive bit.

But what if things didn't go smoothly? What if she ended up back with DX? The thought was too much, Mina broke down crying. She buried her face in a pillow, her sobs racking her body. She didnt notice Mark come in.

He sat down next to her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Mina tensed, struggling to control her tears.

"Mina, what's wrong?"

She shook her head.

"C'mon doll, are we back to being strangers?"

"No." she sniffled.

Mark slowly pulled her onto his lap, lifting her face up. "Mina, what's wrong?"

She lowered her eyes, blushing a little. "I'm scared."


"Of tomorrow." Mina looked up at him now, her eyes wide with worry. "I don't want anything to happen to you and I don't want anything to happen to me or Tori."

"Nothing is going to happen doll. I won't let it." He reassured her, stroking her back.

Mina was quiet for a moment before hesitantly wrapping her arms around his neck. She pressed her cheek to his, murmuring, "You're to good to me."

"Maybe not good enough for you though."

She pulled back to look at him, bringing her hands around to rest on his chest.

Slowly, he leaned forward, gently kissing her. Mina had just started kissing him back when he broke the kiss. "I... I don't want to rush you into anything that you're not ready for doll." He whispered, the desire evident in his eyes.

Mina's response was to gently brush her lips against his, threading her fingers in his hair. "I want you."


For Smackdown, Mina wore the black dress she had on Raw. Mainly in order to keep up the pretense of being a captive. On their way to the arena, Mark tried to persuade her to do things his way. Mina steadfastly refused.

"It's better to do it this way," she explained patiently. "As long as they think I'm unhappy with you and being held against my will, the more likely they are to be lulled into a false confidence. You see what I mean?"

"And what if they don't buy it?"

"Just play on Hunter's ego. He'll eat it up." Mina assured him.

"What about Tori?" Kane turned in his seat to look back at her.

Mina thought for a few moments. "I think... Yes, I think it would be best for you and Mark to challenge Hunter and Pac to a tag team match, but only if the opportunity presents itself. She'll be with them."

"What do you mean?"

"Don't make the challenge on empty ground or they'll see right through you. You need to somehow provoke them without making the true intentions clear. Does that make sense?"

Mark nodded. "Yeah doll, it does."

Next was getting into the arena.

Mark tossed Mina over his shoulder. "Ready?"

Mina smiled and took a deep breath. "Prepare to go deaf."

As soon as he started walking, she started screaming at the top of her lungs. "Put me down you bastard!"

Glenn sniggered as they walked through a door.

Tori looked up at the monitor when she heard Minas screams. Okay, Mina certainly did not look happy at being with the Undertaker.

Jesse and Billy both were looking pissed.

Stephanie noted their looks and quickly said, "Just chill out. Daddy said he'll grant any matches we want tonight."

Billy smiled grimly. "Good. That old man needs his ass kicked."


Mina shut up once they were in the locker room.

Mark and Glenn both stared at her.


"I need to go clean the blood out of my ears." Glenn muttered.

Mark smiled. "You do scream rather loudly doll."

"You knew that already."

"Sshhh" Glenn had turned on the monitor. "Look."

They looked at the screen to find DX was making their way down to the ring.

Hunter waited while Stephanie got him a mic. He paced around for a few minutes before saying, "Undertaker You have got a lot of balls for challenging us the way you have. I mean, you kidnap Mina a defenseless woman and then come storming in here with her tossed over your shoulder, screaming and crying at the top of her lungs. Now if you don't want your ass kicked any worse than what we're already planning, I suggest you bring her out here."

There was a minutes silence. Then Taker's music hit the speakers. He walked out alone and with a mic of his own. Mina was nowhere to be seen.

"Where is she?" Hunter demanded.

Taker smirked evilly. "Now why would I tell you that?"

"To save your ass."

Takers smirk broadened. "Hunter, you seem to think I'm afraid of you. Well boy... Not likely. I'm not afraid of anyone, especially loud mouth punks like you." He moved his jeering stare to focus on Stephanie, then Tori. "Besides, you have enough whores in your lil clique. You can spare one."

Stephanie and Tori were both visibly irate. Stephanie started shooting off at Hunter while Tori glared at Taker. X-Pac was leaning against the ropes, shouting out profanities.

"Shut up!" Hunter nearly yelled at Steph, his mic lowered.

Pac turned his head. "I want his ass man."

"What about us?" Jesse demanded.

"Yeah, its our chick he's taken."

"But it's my bitch hes insulting! And Hunts!" Pac protested.

Stephanie stepped in-between the four men. "Billy, Jesse, let Hunter and Pac take this one tonight. You two just rest up because you have an important match anyway later on."

Billy and Jesse reluctantly stepped aside.

Hunter looked back to Taker. "You want us? You got it. You find yourself a partner and X-Pac and I'll teach you some respect."

Taker just rolled his eyes before disappearing behind the curtain.

Mina smiled when he was back in the locker room. "A whore?"

"You know I didn't mean that."

Glenn walked out of the bathroom, dressed in his wrestling suit. "So?"

"We got us a match tonight bro."

Minas smile disappeared. "Now what about Billy and Jesse?" she asked.

"What bout them?"

She looked at him pointedly. "When you two go out for your match, I'm willing to bet anything that they come searching for me."

Taker looked thoughtful.

It was Glenn who said, "Well I think I might have an idea"


"And their opponents..."

Taker and Kane stood in the ring, listening as Hunter and X-Pac were announced. Taker was an outward picture of cold confidence but inside he was worrying over Mina being alone.

Kane, however, was looking Tori over, trying to determine if maybe Mina's words were a lie.

Tori glanced up at him, then looked quickly at Pac, and back to Kane. She flashed a small hopeful smile.

Hunter got into the ring, sneering at the two.

Taker looked at Kane. "Let's get this done."

Kane nodded, slipping out threw the ropes.

Mina looked out the door, nervously peering around the hallway before grabbing a blow torch off the stand. She hurried out, keeping a watch for Billy and Jesse.

She quickly made her way down the hall, pausing when she heard:

"She's got to be here somewhere."

She had been right, they were looking for her. Mina poked her head around the corner, instinctively cringing when she seen Jesse and Billy walk into an empty locker room. Quietly, she crept up to the door. She pushed it shut, wincing at the sound. Knowing there wasnt any time, Mina quickly used the torch to melt the door handle, fusing the knob and the locks together.

"What the fuck?" Billy yelled.

"Hot! I'ts hot!" Jesse screamed shrilly.

Mina giggled nervously, backing away. They'd be taken care of a bit later. Without a backward glance, Mina ran back to the locker room to get her baseball bat.

Stephanie clamped her hands over her mouth as Taker picked Triple H up for the Last Ride.

X-Pac went to help his friend only to be greeted by Kanes fists in his face.

Soon things were out of control, Kane and Taker doing everything in their power to maim the Dxers.

"They can't do this!" Stephanie shrieked, turning to Tori. "They can't!"

Tori just remained quiet, hiding a smile at the sight of Pac laying on the canvas, bleeding.

Stephanie growled when she seen Mina come running down the ramp. "There that bitch is."

Tori looked up. "Mina!"

Mina made her way to them, swung the bat back, and brought it forward, connecting with Stephanies ribs.


Tori did smile now. She hugged Mina tightly.

Mina hugged back for a moment before pulling away to watch the carnage in the ring.

Taker looked down at her. "Gimme the bat!"

She tossed it to him.

He used it countless times on Hunter, breaking bones with sickening crunches.

After the two men were decimated, Taker and Kane slid out of the ring.

Kane approached Tori, slowly raising a hand to her face.

Tori cringed a bit.

Kane hesitated but then pulled her to him, stroking her back.

She began to cry in his chest.

Mina smiled up at Taker. "Billy and Jesse are trapped in a room."

"Good." He looked towards the ring. "I think we got the message across."

Tori was sniffling now. She was trying to explain things to Kane but kept getting her words muddled, she was so emotional.

"Its okay." He whispered to her.

Taker looked towards the ring where Hunter and Pac lay. He stood by the apron and leaned down, his head inches from Hunters. "Mina and Tori don't belong to you anymore. Keep this in mind boy, cause if you ever go to hurt them again, next time I'll just have to kill you."

Mark and Glenn took care of Jesse and Billy that night before taking the women back to the hotel. There, in the privacy of their own room, Tori managed to tell Glenn about everything that had happened.

Mina and Tori both decided that they didnt want to be a part of the wrestling scene so they opted to stay off the road at the property Mark and Glenn owned. Each man had his own ranch on either side of the land so they often stayed at one place for a while then switched to the other.

"I'm glad youre home." Mina sighed, snuggling into Mark. "I love Tori but..."

Mark chuckled, turning his head so he could look down at her. "Don't worry Doll, you'll live."

She smiled. "Always do."

He watched as she slowly fell asleep, appraising her body in the moonlight that came through the bedroom window. She no longer carried any bruises and the only reminder of that awful period in her life was her arm and the scars on it. Mark rolled on his side, pulling her against him protectively. "I love you Mina." He whispered, kissing her forehead lightly.

In her sleep, Mina smiled slightly.