Save Me


"Damn bitch!" Mark slammed his girlfriend of one year into the wall. He had just lost his number one contender's match for a shot at Triple H's WWF belt. So of course, like usual, he took it out on Callandra.
Callandra hit the wall and fell to the floor; there she curled into the fetal position. "Please stop!" she begged, tears streaming down her face.
Not paying her any attention, he went right on kicking her ribs with his steel toe boots. "You had to fucken piss me off!" he accused angrily.
Callandra tried to crawl away, but he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back.
"Don't you fucken run away from me, bitch!" he snarled.
"Mark, please." she sobbed.

At the other end of the hall, at the DX lounge Amanda and her two best friends, Stephanie and Tori, were watching the eight-man tag team match between DX and Too Cool and The Hardy Boyz. Of course, DX was winning, like always.
Stephanie was talking about something when a referee came running in. "Amanda, there's a noise coming from your sister's locker room."
The three women sighed. That noise was the sound of Mark beating on Callandra, but the ref didn't know that. No one except DX knew that he beat on Callandra, not even Callandra’s two best friends, Luna and Chris Jericho.
Callandra had begged Amanda not tell anyone about it, and in turn, she had made her friends promise. Of course they didn't. DX was a family and they didn't give away anyone's secrets.
Amanda excused herself and ran down to Mark's locker room. She pressed her ear against the door and could hear him cussing at Callandra. Then Mandy knocked on the door.
He opened it and glared down at her. "What the hell do you what, you little DX slut?"
Amanda glared right back up at him, knowing that he wouldn't touch her, also knowing that as long as someone was around he wouldn't touch Callandra.
"I came to see my sister. So what did you do to her this time?"
"Fuck off." Then he stormed out of the room and went off down the hall.
Amanda went into the room and found her sister lying on the floor holding her ribs.
"Callie? Are you okay?" she asked approaching her. Mandy crouched down beside her and rolled her over. Callandra’s lips were bleeding from where he had struck her and she had a black and blue Mark forming on her left temple. "Damn it. That god damn mother fucker." Amanda cursed. "Why don't you just fucken leave him?"
Callandra closed her eyes, causing tears to fall out. "We've discussed this before. I can't leave him. He..."
"I know I know," Mandy interrupted pulling Callandra up into her arms. "He loves you and doesn't really mean it. He never really means it. He beats the fuck out of you. He rapes you on a fucken constant basis and he doesn't mean it. Honey, you let that man brain wash you."
Callandra kept her eye shut and ignored her sister. "Just because your the oldest doesn't mean that your my mother." she said quietly.
"Yeah, well if mom knew about what that asshole does to you, I bet she wouldn't like him as much as she does."
"But you won't say anything will you?"
Mandy sighed. "No, unfortunately, I'm a woman of my word. I won't tell anyone that you get your ass kicked on a nightly basis."
"I love you to."
Amanda laughed and hugged her sister. "You’re such a sweet talker. Now come on get up so I get help you wash. Can you stand?"
"I think so." Callandra slowly stood up, leaning on Amanda for support.
They slowly made they're way to the bathroom.
"Why don't you date Jesse?" Amanda asked. "He's a good man. He'd sure treat you better then Mark does."
"Amanda..." Callandra’s voice trailed off.
"Okay, I'll be quiet. I'll stand by and watch you get killed and not say a damn word."
"Thank you."
Amanda sat her little sister on the counter and wet down a piece of towel. Then she started cleaning her face. "You know, hon. Steph, Tori, and I were thinking about going shopping sometime this week. Would you like to come?"
"I don't know..."
Amanda smiled. "Please? I need someone there to keep me safe from all the stuff I'll probably buy."
Callandra laughed. "Sure, I'll come with you. I just have to let Mark know so he doesn’t worry."
"Worry? Hell, he'll probably down a fucken six pack and get himself a cheap hooker..." Amanda stopped when she saw the hurt expression on Callandra’s face.
"You know, he's not as bad as you make him out to be." Callandra defended. "He really can be quite sweet and charming."
"Okay, I'll be good." Amanda conceded. "There all finished. You look much better, except of course from that nasty bruise on your temple. Did you hit the wall?"
Callandra looked away and didn't answer. Amanda sighed and didn't pursue the topic. Instead, she started for the door.
"Listen, I'm going back to the lounge. You wanna come?"
Callandra managed a small smile. "Maybe some other time. I think I'm going to go take a walk."
"Okay, you be careful now and please..." she stopped and shook her head. “Never mind, bye." then she left.
Callandra left the bathroom and walked down the hall towards the break room. She really needed a coca-cola. While she was getting one her friend Chris Jericho came up behind her.
"Hey you, how's it going?" he greeted.
"Not bad. Congratulations on your title win." Callandra replied.
He smiled and looked down at the Intercontinental title around his waist. "Yeah, thanks. I won it only because I was thinking of you." he teased.
"You’re a flirt, Chris. So who will you be defending it against?"
"Probably give Rikishi a rematch and hopefully I'll win. That fatass just don't want to stay down."
"Be nice."
He smiled at the way she stuck up for Rikishi. Callandra was a friend with everybody. From DeGeneration X to Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. It was weird how she could make people like her.
"Okay, I'll be good. So how did you get that bruise?" he asked, frowning.
"Oh that? “ Callandra smiled dismissively. “I was working in my garden, stood up and whacked myself on a tree branch. “
Chris eyed her suspiciously, as if he didn’t believe a word she said but didn’t contest anything. “Listen, I’m going to go get a shower, I’ll talk to you later all right?”
“Sure.” Callandra smiled awkwardly when he hugged her.
After he walked away, she made her way slowly back to Mark’s locker room, almost screaming when he practically dragged her inside by her hair.
"Where the hell did you go?"
"Mark, let go of me NOW!" Callandra winced against the pain.
"Oh someone talked you into finally standing up for yourself? Big sister ain’t here to protect your ass anymore.”
“Please Mark! No more!”
Mark shoved her onto the floor, kicking the door shut with the heel of his boot. “Not yet baby.”
Callandra started whimpering as he approached, unfastening his belt buckle.
A few, seemingly eternal, minutes later there was a steady rap at the door.
Mark cursed, pulling away from her. Snorting, he tossed clothes to her, watching impatiently as she dressed before answering the door.
“Hey Mark, is Callie here?” Chris asked, his blue eyes sweeping past the older man to the distraught form of Callandra.
“What the hell do you want Irvine?” Mark demanded exasperatedly.
Chris seen the tears in her eyes, then the discarded belt buckle and finally a small spot of blood on the floor; he quickly derived a conclusion.
“You’re sick.” Chris spat, brushing past Mark and carefully lifting Callandra into his arms. “You all right honey?”
Callandra nodded, closing her eyes and swallowing hard.
“What are you doing?” Mark spat, watching in disbelief as Chris started for the door.
“I’m taking Callandra from you ass clown, what does it look like? I’m tired of seeing her covered in bruises and lying about it for your sorry ass.”
Mark crossed his arms, smirking. “Take the bitch; she’ll be back in my arms tomorrow.”

Callandra woke up to a damp washcloth being pressed against her forehead. Timidly she opened her eyes, expecting to find a nurse looming over her.
It came as a surprise to find it was Chris, a look of concern on his handsome face.
“Callie?” He whispered. “Can you hear me honey?”
“Where are we?” Her voice sounded faint, even to her.

“We’re in my hotel room. “ Chris moved back, sitting at the foot of the bed.
Callandra slowly sat up, blushing when she realized she was wearing what was apparently a cast off shirt of his.
“Callie, listen, I want you to go home for awhile, and you need to take some time off.” He said seriously.
She frowned. “Chris, no. I have a job to do.”
"Getting beaten up and raped isn't a job hon; it's a sick form of torture."
Callandra got up off the bed. "Chris, I've already been over this with Amanda. Mark doesn't mean it. He's just been under a lot of stress lately. You have no idea how hard it is for him to see his belt around someone else's waist. And that belt is his. He carried the company for years and then it finally came back up he was pushed to the side. It's really frustrating for him."
"Cassie, that's no reason for him to take it out on you." Chris said coming over to her.
"He never stops to think about what he's doing until afterwards. He's not a rational man he is pure impulse. He always apologizes and tries to help me afterwards. He can't help it."
He tried to understand her reasoning but couldn't. "Callandra, if he loved you, he wouldn't hurt you like he does." Chris wrapped his arms around her shoulders.
"Leave me alone, Chris." She pushed him away. "Just leave me alone."
Callandra had fallen asleep in Chris's arms. He carefully laid her down on the bed and then looked at the telephone. He was very tempted to call the police. However, Callandra had made him promise that he wouldn't. With a sigh, he threw himself into a chair and stared at her.
The bruise on her temple was starting to fade, her arms slightly bruised from, but other then that she looked perfectly fine. Weird.

The next morning they awoke to the sound of someone knocking on the door.
"Callandra, baby, come on, please. Baby, you know I didn't mean it." Came Mark's voice.
Callandra sat up in bed and looked at the door. Chris stood up and slowly opened it.
"What do you want?" he demanded.
Mark looked like he had spent the night crying. He was in the same clothes he had wrestled in, his hair matted to his head, and he hadn’t shaved.
"I need my baby. Come on, Honey. You know that I would never purposely hurt you." he pleaded.
Chris looked at Callandra with a frown. "Cassie, you should probably stay with me. He..."
Callandra stood up, went over to Mark, and threw her arms around his neck. Mark held her tight and flashed Chris a smile that said, "I told you so."
Callandra pulled back and reached up to stroke his chin. "You look terrible." she whispered.
"I know. I was so worried that you had left me that I.... I just couldn't..." he looked like he was about to cry.
Callandra turned to Chris. "Thanks for the meal and the sleep. I'll see you later." Then she and Mark walked back to their hotel room.
Chris shook his head. He knew that Mark probably would be sweet and nice to her until Smackdown. Then he would find some reason to beat her up again.

Smackdown found Callandra sitting at a booth in the arena lobby signing autographs, completely unaware that a backstage brawl between the Undertaker and Chris Jericho had started.
"Mark and Chris are trying to kill each other." Christian said, running up to the booth, sidestepping fans.
"Oh no!" Callandra got up and went to find them. It wasn't too hard; all she had to do was follow the trail of broken stuff. When she found them, Mark had just rammed Chris into a wall.
"Mark, no!" she screamed.
He turned to glare at her. "Back off Callandra otherwise it'll be you down there." he threatened.
She approached anyway. "Mark, please. He's my friend. You’re hurting him!"
Mark grabbed her by the hair. "You want me to hurt you!" Then without waiting for an answer, he tossed her aside and then resumed his attack on Jericho.
Callandra crouched down by the wall, crying. Before Mark had done too much damage, referees came and broke it up. They assured her that he would still be able to fight. When they left Mark turned to her.
"You are one sorry little bitch." Then he kicked her. "If it weren't for the fact that you have to be out there with me tonight to see me kick that boy's ass, I'd beat the fuck out of you. Then I probably would have just plain fucked you." Then Mark walked off leaving her there.
Her best friend Luna found her minutes later. "Callandra, are you okay? What happened?" she asked, kneeling down beside her.
"Oh Luna!" Callandra flung her arms around her friend’s neck and cried. Embarrassed Luna looked around and when she was sure no one was watching, she wrapped her arms around her.
"It's okay. He'll cool down." she soothed.
Callandra sniffled and then pulled away. "You should go get around for your match. I wish you and Gangrel good luck."
"Maybe, you should keep it for yourself. You need it more then I do." Luna said seriously.
Callandra smiled. "No, I'll be fine. You go get around. I'll be watching." With a quick hug, Luna got up and left.
Callandra had made her way to Chris's locker room, the door was open but she didn't go in. Instead, she just stood outside the door. "Are you all right?"
He looked up at her and smiled. "Am now. He didn't hurt you did he?"
Callandra shook her head no. "He was too pissed at you. You sure your fine?"
Chris stood up and came over to her. "Yes, I am fine. Quit worrying about me and worry about yourself more."
She frowned. "Chris, if you’re about to lecture me then I'm going."
"I won't lecture you. But you probably should go anyway. Can I at least get a hug?"
Not able to resist his cute little boy grin Callandra wrapped her arms around him and gave him a quick hug. Then she went back to the locker room.
Mark was sitting on the couch when she entered; he looked up angrily as she quietly came to stand besides him. "I see that you aren't so shy about fucking your boyfriend in public."
"What are you talking about?" Callandra asked wearily.
He stood up and locked the door. Callandra backed up against the wall. "The camera's caught you and Jericho in the hallway. So tell me, when you spent the night with him, did you screw him then?"
"Mark, I didn't sleep with Chris. Out there, we just hugged nothing else. We're just friends..."
He struck her. "Damn bitch! You like it when I hit you? Is that why you make me do it?" Then he hit her again.
"Mark, please! Don't hurt me again!" she cried.
"Hurt you? I'm not going to hurt you honey, I'm going to beat you." Then he took off his leather belt and advanced.
"No! Please don't!" she screamed. He brought it down repeatedly. When Callandra tried to shield herself, he just grabbed her hands and then held her down. He resumed taking the strap to her.

Callandra stared dismally at the wall before her. She and Mark had just got back to their house in Florida and she was supposed to be taking care of their clothes. Instead, she was just sitting on the bed, the suitcases piled at her feet, gazing at nothing, lost inside her morbid thoughts.
Finally, she pulled herself out of the stupor, hanging up the clean clothes, putting the dirty ones in a hamper until she was ready to wash them. When she got to her own bags, she found a dress that Amanda has bought her, a light pink one, torn to shreds.
Callandra held it up, tears filling her eyes, knowing what had happened. “Mark!” She screamed, getting up and rushing out to the living room where he was lounging on the couch.
“What is it baby?” He opened his eyes.
She tossed the dress at him. “Why did you do this?”
He looked at it before carelessly flinging it aside. “I didn’t like it. You shouldn’t be
wearing such light colors anyway. I don't like them."
"I don't care if you don't like them! I loved that dress and you had no right to tear it up." she told him angrily. "And I'm sick and tired of only wearing dark colors."
He stood up and pushed her back into a chair. Then he leaned down so his face was right in hers. "I'm gettin awfully tired of your mouth, you sassy little bitch." He hit her. "You got anything else you wanna say?"
Callandra looked up at him angrily but didn't another word.
He smiled. "Good now get your ass out of here before I beat it."
She got up and fled the room.

Later that night Callandra slaved in the kitchen, preparing supper. She was hoping making one of his favorite meals would appease his temper, a temper that had her into some serious trouble earlier.
"What smells so good?" asked Mark, as he walked into the kitchen.
"Sweet and sour pork, with baby peas and baby carrots." she answered while pulling a bottle of red wine out of the pantry.
"You trying to impress me?" he wrapped his arms around her waist.
"Is it working?"
Mark laughed and then kissed her cheek. "Yes, it is. You even smell good."
Callandra leaned back against him. "You know if you keep sweet talking me, I'll never get supper finished."
He chuckled and then let her go. "I'd really hate it if that happened. I got the best cook in the world in world, standing in my kitchen."
Callandra shooed him out and then resumed her cooking. When it was done, she set the table and then quickly washed herself up.
When she returned he was waiting for her. With a dramatic sweep of his arm, he gently seated her and then sat down.
Callandra laughed softly and then served the food. She watched anxiously as he ate it. She wanted him to not be mad at her anymore.
"Is it okay?" she asked hopefully.
He chewed it slowly and swallowed before replying. "As always you have outdone yourself once again. Baby, it is delicious."
Callandra was glad and smiled at him.
Mark was sweet once again.

Callandra groaned when her cell phone rang. She leaned over the edge of the tub, blowing bubbles out of her way as she reached for the phone. “Hello?
“Callie, its Chris.”
“Hey, how are you?” She stood up, letting the water run down her as she stepped out of the tub onto the bath rug, grabbing up her towel.
“I’m good, can you talk?”
“Yeah, let me get dressed first.” Callandra set the phone down and quickly pulled on her pajamas. Inhaling deeply, she picked the cell back up. “All right.”
“Where’s Mark at?”
“He went for a walk but I think he meant he was going to his hooker’s house.”
Chris sighed. “Baby, you need to be with someone who loves you.”
She didn’t reply.
Tactfully, he changed the subject. “Why are we talking about Mark? Let’s talk about something else.”
Callandra smiled. "Okay, what?"
"How about... how incredibly sexy I am." he suggested in a teasing tone.
"Well aren't you vain!" she giggled.
They talked for about an hour or so on just about everything. However, whenever Chris tried to mention her leaving Mark, she tactfully changed the subject.
"What are you doing right now?" he asked.
Callandra laughed, "I'm lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling, and talking to you."
He laughed and said something, but Callandra didn't hear him, Mark had come home.
"Hey baby, who are you talking to?" He asked, coming into the room.
Callandra wrinkled her nose at the offensive perfume that rolled "A person. Go take a shower; your girlfriend's perfume is awful. Tell her to buy something lighter next time."
"Callie is he back?” asked Chris in a worried voice.
"Unfortunately. Can we talk later? I really need to go. Bye." Then she hung up. She glared up at Mark; he stood there and glared right back.
"What the hell are you talking about?" Mark demanded.
"Mark, I'm not as stupid as you seem to think. You reek of some cheap perfume; you have lipstick on your shirt, not to mention a hickey on your neck. One that I did not give you. Just go take a shower and leave me alone.” she rolled onto her side and looked at the wall.
"Well I think I know who you were talkin to. It was either that bitch, Mandy or your lover, Jericho. So which was it?"
"None of your business."
He sat down next to her and placed his hand on her thigh. "I'm making it my business." Then he rolled her over to face him. "It was Jericho. I know it, you having some phone fun? Is he telling you how much he loves you? Did you tell him that you drugged yourself and then fucked your brains out with me?" he demanded. Callandra covered her ears and closed her eyes. He grabbed her shoulders and shook her. "Answer me, bitch!"
"Chris and I talked about work; I didn't tell him that you raped me. There, are you satisfied?"
He grinned. "Hell no. But I know how you’re going to satisfy me and I also know that you’re not going to enjoy it very much. But I am." Callandra tried to move away from him but he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her up to him.
Callandra slapped Mark. "Let me go!"
He smiled. "Now why would I do that? If you can spread for Chris, then you can spread for me."
"Mark, I told you, I didn't sleep with Chris. I'm not like you, I don't go whoring around!" she exclaimed.
He slapped her across the face, hard enough that Callandra fell down to the bed. "Sorry baby. But I don't whore around. The women that I fuck do, I just lay down the money."
Callandra spit on him. "You sick bastard! Don't you dare touch me! Ever!"
He lunged and sat on top of her stomach. Callandra gasped at his weight. "And how are you going to stop me? Tears? Threats? None of them work. Face it, Callandra, I'm stronger then you. I own your ass. And if I want to screw you, I'm going to. If I want to beat you, I'm going to. And there ain't nobody that's going to stop me. Get it? No one cares what happens to you. They just don't fucken care. I'm the only man that will ever want you. Your precious Chris don't love you. He just wants you for a quick lay. Amanda doesn't care about you. She just wants to turn you against me because she knows how much you need me. No one really wants to see you happy."
Callandra listened to his words and tried to argue, but he bent down and forced his tongue in her mouth. Then his hands started going up her pajama top. Callandra tried to stop him but he was stronger then her. He then ripped off her top and bent down to bite her neck.
"That hurts! Stop it!" she screamed in pain.
"Funny, I don't feel any pain." he chuckled. Then his hands started to go down her flannel boxers.
"Mark, please don't do this. You said..." she started crying as he pressed down on her stomach with his hand.
"You were saying?" he asked with a grin.
Callandra was screaming at the top of her lungs.

When Callandra woke up several hours later, Mark was on top of her. She started screaming, banging her fists against his chest.
“Knock that off.” He grunted, slapping her across the face.
Callandra started sobbing, trying to fend off his attacks. Her eyes flew open when Mark’s weight was relieved, surprised to find Chris jerking Mark away from her by the hair.
“You bastard!” Chris was shouting, tossing Mark back into a wall. “You sick son of a bitch!”
“Chris!” Callandra exclaimed, tears coursing down her cheeks as she scooted up towards the headboard, wrapping a sheet around her. “Please, you’ll only make things worse!”
“Callie, you can’t keep letting him do this to you.” Chris said firmly, relinquishing his hold on Mark. “This is wrong.”
“Chris, please.” She whispered.
Chris stepped past Mark and scooped Callandra into his arms, sheet and all. “Come on sweetie; let’s get you out of here.”
“You’re not taking her out of here.” Mark said sternly, his eyes flashing violently.
“Stay away from her.” Chris ordered, his body language daring Mark to do something.
Mark didn’t respond, just watched as Chris carried Callandra out of the bedroom.

Chris watched as Callandra slept, the morning sunlight streaming in from the open window. He gently stroked her spine before leaning down and kissing the back of her neck.
Callandra woke up, crying out.
Chris pulled back and looked down. There was a black and blue bite mark on her neck. He got off her and pulled her to his chest.
"Callandra, did he do that to you?" Chris asked.
She shook her head yes and then started crying.
He stroked her back. "It's okay; I'm not going to let him hurt you ever again. I promise."
"Stay with me." Callandra whispered.
He lie down and held her against him.

When Chris woke up, he looked down expecting to find Callandra gone. Surprisingly, she had her head resting against his chest. The shirt she wore had come up to the top of her thighs and he could see dark blue and black bruises covering her inner thighs.
He trembled in anger at the thought of what Mark had done to cause such horrible bruises. He had a good idea and the mere thought was appalling.
Callandra stirred against him and then tossed an arm over his waist.
He gently brushed a piece of hair out of her face and that one action caused her to wake up and scream.
"No! Don't hurt me!" she cried, tears streaming down her face.
Chris sat up and grabbed her shoulders. "Callandra, it's me, Chris. Come on honey, its okay. No one's going to hurt you."
She looked at him and then wrapped her arms around his neck, buried her face in his chest, and cried.
He held her tight and soon her heavy sobs turned into little heart wrenching gasps. "Callandra, don't worry. I'm not going to let anyone touch you. Your safe with me." he assured her repeatedly.
"He'll find me Chris." she whispered. "He's going to find me.“

Chris found Callandra sitting out on his front porch later that afternoon, reclining on a lounge chair, her legs tucked up underneath her.
"You okay, Callie?" he asked gently, sitting down next to her.
She nodded. "Yeah, it's just that... I don't know. I'm so messed up right now."
"About what?"
She looked up at him. "I don't know. Nothing. Everything. You. Me. Mark. I don't know if I love him or if I hate him. I... I... it's strange because part of me wants to go to him and the other part is too scared to do anything at all."
Chris let her rest against him. "The problem that you have is he's convinced you that he loves you. In some twisted weird way he probably does. But it's not the type of love you deserve. You’re also very loyal. Even though he... hurts you, you still defend him and try to make everything better. Why?"
"Because I... I... love him?" she said it almost as if questioning herself. "Chris, do you think that I stay with him out of love or fear?"
"Personally, I think it's both. You've been with him for a year now. It's hard to give up on someone that you really love. In this case, I think your going to have too. This is one time where your gonna get hurt."

The following Raw saw Chris and Callandra arrive together and disappear into his locker room together, neither saying anything because they were quite aware of the lurking cameramen.
Callandra had been quiet most of the night, seemingly lost in her own musings.
Chris didn’t pry, didn’t ask what she was thinking, he just waited patiently for her to voice her thoughts, praying for the best.
When Raw came back from its first commercial break, Mark was standing in the ring, a microphone in hand, stroking his mustache thoughtfully.
Finally he raised the mic and said; “There’s a woman in the back who I’ve hurt, someone who didn’t deserve it and I would like for her to come out here so I can apologize.”
The audience was shocked into silence when Y2J’s music hit the speakers, Chris walking out hand in hand with Callandra, him with a stone mask for a face and her looking apprehensive.
Chris held down the ring rope for her, smiling when she reached for his hand again.
Callandra stood across the ring from Mark, staring at him cautiously.
Mark stared back, his fathomless green eyes unreadable. “Callandra, I’m sorry about what happened between us darlin’,” He began, his tone laced with remorse.
Callandra held out a hand for the mic. After he handed it over she began; “Mark, I just have one question.”
He nodded.
“Have you lost your damn mind?”
Mark didn’t bother reaching for the mic, just said; “Cal, I love you and I want you back, please, come home baby.”
Callandra dropped the microphone while Chris watched on, looking brokenhearted. “I’m only going to tell you this once: don’t you ever touch me again, hurt me, anything. Got it?”
He nodded.
Callandra turned to Chris, hugging him tightly, surprised at the emotions that coursed through her but shoving them aside. “Thank you.”
“You know where I’ll be.” He whispered, not looking at Mark.
“I know.” She flashed a small smile at him before allowing Mark to escort her out of the ring.
It was later in the show that the real drama began.

Commissioner Foley walked out to the ring, got a mic, got a few cheap pops from the audience and then got down to business. "Now I couldn't help but notice the little drama that was played out earlier between, Callandra, the Undertaker, and Y2J. Seems that Callandra has got more men in love with her then Al Snow has problems." Cheap pop. "So I would like Callandra to join me in the ring." He waited and soon she was out there with him.
Callandra climbed into the ring and then gave Mick a hug. Then Lillian handed her a mic. "Hello, Mick. What did you want to see me for?"
He looked over her new gear. "First off, great threads." Callandra smiled and then nodded her head in acknowledgment. "But hold on a minute, I'll get to what I wanted in a minute. I want all the men in the back that are in love with Callandra to come out and stand on top of the ramp." Callandra paled.
Mark's music came on again and he stood up at the top and smiled at her. Then a few minute later came, "Oh you didn't know?" Followed by Road Dogg Jesse Jammes. He stood across Mark and glared at him. Then last but definitely not least came Chris Jericho. He stood with Jesse.
"Mick, what are you doing?" Callandra asked with the mic lowered. "Are you trying to get me in trouble?"
He grinned. "Nope, just trying to figure out who really loves you." She buried her face in her hands. Then he said on mic, "Callandra, I want you to tell me which of these three men you really love." She started to say, but he stopped her. "I want you to take a good long look at them first."
She first looked at Jesse. He was sweet but she loved him more as a friend then anything else. Then she looked at Chris, she gazed at him for a moment, remembering how he took care of her and what it was like to lay in his arms. Then she looked at Mark. She felt a little love for him, but mostly fear of what he could do to her. She remembered only to well all the things that he had done to her.
"Well?" Mick prompted.
Callandra looked at the men and then said, "I... I... Mar... Chr.. I..." Then she fainted.
The three men ran down to the ring, but Chris reached her first. He crouched down and cradled her next to his bare chest.
"Callandra, come on, wake up." he urged softly.
Then Mark dropped down next to them and pulled her out of Chris's hold. "You ever touch her again, and I will kill you. She's my woman. I don't know what you and Mandy are doing to her, but you had better knock it off." he threatened. Then he looked down as she stirred.
"Mark?" she looked up at him fearfully.
"Baby, you scared me." he whispered, and then he pulled her up and hugged her close. Over her head, he glared at Chris.
Then Mick decided to make a special announcement. "This Thursday night, Mark you will get your title shot at Triple H. But this Sunday at UnForgiven you, Chris Jericho, and Road Dogg Jesse Jammes will be in a Triple Threat Match. With Callandra as the special guest referee."
Callandra looked up at him. "No! I can't, Mick. Please, don't make me." she begged.
"Don't worry, Callie. I know that you will call the match just as fair as any official ref. I have faith in you." he said seriously. Then he exited the ring, leaving the four people to do whatever.
Jesse knew that Callandra wasn't interested in him romantically and he accepted it gracefully. He followed Mick.
Chris on the other hand stayed in the ring and kept up the stare down with Mark. "You had better treat her right."
Mark looked down at Callandra and then back up at Jericho. "I always have." Then his grin grew even wider when he felt her tremble in his arms.

Callandra had spent the better part of Sunday at the arena. Earl Hebner was coaching her on how to referee a match. They were sitting in the middle of the ring discussing legal and illegal holds. Callandra paid close attention. She wanted to make sure she did a good job.
Afterwards she made her way to the parking lot and ran into Chris Jericho.
"Hi, Cassie." he greeted coming over to hug her.
"Hey Chris, how are you?" she asked wrapping her arms around his neck.
He looked down at her and didn't remove his arms from her waist. "Fine now that I've seen you. You doin okay?"
Callandra knew what he meant and smiled. "Yes, the only thing he has done is verbally assaulted me but I give it right back."
"You shouldn't piss him off. He'll snap and hurt you." he warned.
Callandra shrugged. "If he touches me I'll leave him."
"Promise." However, she seemed unsure.
Then without warning, Chris bent down and kissed her. This wasn't a little peck either; it was a kiss of a man in love. Callandra returned it at first but then pulled away from him.
"Chris, I can't. If he... oh my god. I have to go." Then she turned, ran, and without looking back, got into her rental car and left.

Callandra and Mark arrived at the arena during the middle of Heat. They had been nice to each other all day and Callandra couldn't help but smile. She was glad that things were starting to appear better.
"So you like that dress?" he asked.
Callandra smiled up at him. "Yeah, but the seams are a little loose. I'll fix it when we get home." He smiled back, but the smile wasn't for her. It was for the fact that he had the seams made loose so that way it would be easier to rip the dress off her. He doubted she'd be able to fix it when he was done.
She breathed in. "I'm sorry for being such a witch to you. I just wanted to prove to everyone that you’re not the monster they think you are. Every time I said something, I was pretty much asking you to hit me. But you never did. I'm proud of you. Now whenever someone jumps my ass about you I can say that there wrong." Then she pulled him down and kissed his cheek.
"I'm really glad to hear that baby. I've learned a lot this week about controlling my temper. You and I are going to be just fine." he lied. "Then after UnForgiven, we'll go home for a little vacation." He was thinking, "So I can beat your ass."
When they reached his locker room, he turned on the monitor, snorting when it showed Chris walking into the arena, looking very serious.
“What a cock sucker.”
“Mark!” Callandra looked shocked. “Don’t call him that.”
Mark’s temper reached the snapping point. “Listen hear bitch, I’m getting a bit tired of your attitude about Chris, who the fuck’s girlfriend are you anyway?”
Callandra winced when he grabbed her arm, bruising it in a steel grip. “Let go of me.” She said softly but firmly.
“You’d best be calling this match fair.” He warned, his expression growing darker.
“I’ll call it as I see it.”
He slapped her.
Callandra looked up from the floor, feeling the blood pooling at the corner of her mouth and wincing. “Get away from me!” She screamed as he approached.
"Oh and before this match I want something." He picked her up by the arm.
“Mark, stop!" Callandra screamed when he entered her, crying uncontrollably.
"I'd stop that noise bitch." he warned. "Cause if anyone interrupts us tonight, I'm going to rip you open."
Callandra started to scream again when he bit her neck. He slapped her across the face and then finished with her.
"Get up and clean this fucken mess. Then get your ass dressed. Don't forget to wear cover up." he laughed.
She rolled onto her side and held her stomach. "You’re a monster." she whispered. Then slowly she stood up and disappeared into the bathroom. She washed up and then dressed. For a minute she could have sworn she was about to faint.
"Get the hell out here you cock sucking slut!" he ordered pounding on the door. Callandra left the bathroom and the sight on the floor made her clasp her mouth. There was an extreme amount of blood soaking into the dark red carpet. No, wonder she felt like she was going to pass out. She grabbed a towel and laid it on the puddle. Afterwards she sat against the wall and cried. "Don't worry baby. Tonight when we're not in such a hurry, we'll have even more fun." he sneered.
Callandra started trembling violently and then looked at him. "Mark, your idea of fun is as repulsive as you. Your one sick son of a bitch."

It was now time for the Triple Threat Match between Mark, Chris Jericho, and Road Dogg Jesse Jammes.
Callandra and Mark stood behind the black curtain and waited for Lillian to announce them.
"Don't forget to do this match right." he warned.
"Don't worry. I'll call it as I see it." she replied before walking out to the ring. Of course, Callandra would call it straight down the line no matter what. She wasn't about to cheat for anyone, even if it meant she was going to get her ass kicked badly.
Then Mark came out. He stood in the ring and looked at her with an intense glare. Then came, "Oh you didn't know?" Followed by Jesse. He came out with a mic. "You see, it's me, it's me, that D-O-double G. I’m here to fight for a lovely lady (the way he said it was la-dee). And Mark if you got a problem with that, take it to the bank, and make sure your ass don't bounce!" The he got in the ring and smiled at her.
Next out was Chris and he to had a few comments to make. "Mark, you my friend are an ass. You have a beautiful woman and yet you don't seem to be able to treat her right. Now is this a family thing or are you just the exception? Or perhaps you harbor some deep dark secret, such as you were an abused little boy that was sexually molested a lot and therefore now that you’re a grown man, you have to vent it all out on this innocent little lady."
Callandra looked at him and wanted to cry. She was so fucken dead. She hurt and the only thing that kept her from checking herself in the hospital was the fact that she had to referee this match and she didn't want to know what damage Mark might have done this time. She prepared herself for a long and hard night.
Chris and Jesse started by taking Mark out. Jesse didn't really care to win. He just wanted to kick the hell out of Mark.
Chris on the other hand wanted Callandra. He knew that may never happen but it was worth a try.
Callandra called the match straight down the line, knowing that she was very likely to wind up in the CCU at the local hospital.
She watched as Chris fought with everything he had and began to realize something: He really did love her.
Jesse was laying on the canvas, having taken a big boot to the face, his nose bleeding, possibly broken.
That left just Chris and Mark.
Mark went to clothesline Chris but Chris ducked it, turned and drop kicked Mark.
Mark stumbled back into the ropes.
Chris caught him with a spinning heel kick and knocked the big man off his feet. While Mark was down, Chris went for the Walls of Jericho.
Callandra kneeled down by Mark’s head. “Do you want to quit?” She yelled over the screaming fans.
He glared at her though she knew he was in pain. “Get him off me!”
“Do you want to quit?” She repeated determinedly.
When Mark actually reached out for her throat, Callandra stood up and gestured for the bell to be rung, surprised at her own bravery.
Chris instantly broke the hold, looking at her with surprise etched very clearly on his face. He took one look at the pissed off Mark, grabbed her hand and pulled her from the ring, not waiting to be announced the victor.
They had just reached the backstage area when Amanda came running up, Sean in tow.
“Girl, I am so proud of you!” Mandy said, crying as she tossed her arms around her sister.
Callandra hugged her back. “I’m proud of myself.” She admitted.
Amanda stepped back, looking at Chris. “You take care of my little sis now, hear me?”
He nodded, wrapping an arm tenderly around Callandra’s shoulders. “I always do, don’t I?”
Callandra smiled, resting against him, fatigue beginning to creep back into her bones. “Can we get out of here?” She asked softly.
He beamed down at her. “Sure can.”
When they got to the hotel Callandra sat down on the bed and curled up into a fetal position, groaning softly.
"Are you okay?" he asked sitting up on the bed next to her.
"I don't feel all that good." she answered.
Chris looked at her and noticed that the bruise on her neck had come back. "What did he do to you tonight?"
Callandra looked at him with wide eyes and then looked down at the floor. "I'd rather not say."
He grabbed her shoulders and made her look up at him. "Callandra, if he hurt you again then you need to tell me. I'm not going to be mad at you; it's not your fault. Please."
"He... did some things earlier in the locker room."
Chris tensed up. He had a damn good idea of what those things were. "Did he hurt you badly?"
Callandra just nodded.
"How bad?"
She looked up at him with tears in her eyes.
That was all the answer he needed.
They sat there in silence for a while, Chris fuming quietly while Callandra rested. Finally, she sat up, looked down at her referee outfit, and then laughed. "I forgot my duffel bag."
He smiled. "That's alright. We can pick it up tomorrow; tonight you can wear one of my shirts." He got her one.
Callandra looked at it and then smiled up at him. "You know what?"
"This is the same one I used before."
He looked at it and smiled. "Yeah, I remember. That's probably why I brought it."
Callandra laughed and then kissed him. "Thanks."
"For what?" he asked, kissing back.
"For waiting for me to see the light. For not giving up on me." she replied seriously.
Chris squeezed her. "I'd never give up on you. I've loved you for some time now."
Callandra looked puzzled. "All this time I thought I was in love with Mark, but now I see that I was just afraid to leave him. I've been in love with you since that night that you carried me out of the locker room."
"Are you scared now?"
She looked at him. "Terrified. He'll come after me and I'm scared of what he'll do if he gets a hold of me."
Chris hugged her. "I won't let him ever hurt you again. Promise."

Chris and Callandra reached the arena in time to see Sean propose to Amanda in front of the audience.
. "I can't believe that there getting married! This is so great!" she exclaimed happily.
Chris smiled and kissed her forehead. "It is great. I'm happy for them."
She snuggled up next to him and laid her head on his bare chest. "Chris, you know something? I got this bad feeling that something is going to happen tonight."
He frowned. "Like what?"
"I don't know. But maybe you should be careful when you defend your title against Scotty tonight."
"Afraid he might do something?"
"Scotty? No, I was thinking more along the lines of Mark doing something."
He held her tighter. "Maybe you should stay back here tonight and not go out with me."
Callandra looked up at him. "Why?"
"So you don't get hurt."
"But I got that T.O.P. against him, remember? If he touches me he'll go to jail." Callandra protested.
Chris looked down at her. "Do you honestly think that'll stop him?"
Callandra shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. He's unpredictable. He could come after us or he could already have a new girlfriend. Mark isn't a very rational man."
"That's what scares the hell out of me. From what I heard he's here and he's already beaten up four men."
Callandra shivered. "Who?"
"Bradshaw, Christian, D'Lo, and Stone Cold."
"Are they okay?"
Chris frowned. "No, the only one here tonight that isn't in the hospital is Austin. He refused medical attention."
Callandra buried her face in his chest and he could feel her hot tears run down his bare skin. "How could he? They're my friends and he hurt them."
Chris stroked her back. "They'll be all right. In fact, Mark will get it back. Austin's challenged him to a match for number one contendership to the heavyweight title."
Callandra looked up at him. "So they are okay then? They're not hurt to bad?"
Chris nodded and refrained from telling her that Christian had suffered a concussion at Mark's hands. He didn't want her to worry.
Callandra stood up and grabbed her bag. "I'm going to change into my new outfit." she told him before walking into the bathroom.
Chris sighed. He knew that she was going to come out with him. He didn't think that it was a good idea but if she wanted to take a chance then he would let her. After all, it was her life and unlike Mark, he wasn't going to dictate it for her.
Chris’ title defense went well; Mark didn’t interfere or even show his face, which actually worried Callandra though she tried not to show it for Chris’ sake.

Amanda was walking backstage when she was attacked from behind. It was Jacquelyn; she knew that she would have to damage Mandy in order to win the match. "How's it feel bitch?" she demanded shoving Amanda into a wall. Mandy reeled in pain and when she tried to defend herself, she got a boot to the face.
Hearing the noise, Callandra came running from the entranceway where she and Chris had been after he defeated Scotty. "Jackie stop! You’re hurting her!" she screamed. Jackie stopped her assault and turned to face Callandra. The expression on her face made Jacquelyn wish that she had waited until the ring. Without looking back, she turned and walked away.
Callandra crouched down besides Mandy and looked her over for bruises and cuts. "Are you okay?" she asked.
Mandy sat up and nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just have a really bad headache right at the moment." She looked at her sister. "Where's Chris?"
"Getting a shower." Then Callandra placed Amanda's arm over her shoulder and helped her to her feet. Amanda let out a small cry of pain, as she felt her other arm pop out of its socket. "What's wrong?" asked Callandra with a worried look.
"My arm, it's out of place."
She looked around and then sighed. "Come on." Then she helped her into her and Chris's locker room. "Sit down and I'll go get X-Pac and an EMT, okay?"
Amanda sat down on the couch. "What about Mark?"
"I'll cope. Tell Chris where I went so he doesn't worry. I'll also make a quick trip to see Mick." Then Callandra left.
The first place she went was to get an EMT. She explained the situation and they sent BB to fix it. Then Callandra went to the DX lounge. She had to pass Mark's locker room on the way and was relieved to see that the door shut.
Jesse answered the door. When he saw her, he became concerned. "What happened? Is Chris all right?"
Callandra looked at him puzzled and then laughed. "Jess! Don't worry about me so much." Then she gave him a quick hug.
"Where's Amanda?" X-Pac demanded coming over to her.
"Well Jackie attacked her from behind and Mandy's arm popped out of its socket. She's at my locker room with BB."
"You came alone?" asked Tori.
"I ran." Callandra admitted with a guilty look. "But I have to go see Mick."
Jesse grabbed her arm. "I'll go with you. Sean, go kiss your woman better."
With a grin, X-Pac left and went off down the hall. When he entered the room, he saw Chris holding Mandy's hand as BB was resetting it.
"Baby, are you okay?" he asked coming over to her. Chris let him take over the handholding.
"Yeah, but this fucken hurts." she grimaced.
"Where's Callandra?" asked Chris nervously.
"She's with Jesse. He wasn't to thrilled that she took off alone."
Chris frowned. "Neither am I. It's not safe with that jackass out there."
Mandy looked at the two men. "Oh for Christ sakes not it off! So, I'll teach her not to run off alone! But if you dare to yell at her Chris Jericho, I swear I'll kill you."
He smiled. "I'm not going to yell at her. I'm just going to tell her that I'm too young to die of a heart attack."
That broke the tension and they all laughed. Then Amanda yelped in pain as BB finally finished. "That fucken hurt!"
BB smiled. "Of course it did you baby. Now you shouldn't wrestle tonight because you could easily pop your arm back out." she informed her.
"No shit Babs. I don't intend on fighting anyway. I'll take care of Jerkie later." she replied.
Callandra and Jesse went to the Commissioner’s office. It was a storage room.
"Hey Doggy, hey Callie." Mick greeted cheerfully.
"Hello, Mick. We're about the women's title match." Callandra said.
"What about it?"
"Will you please postpone it till Thursday? Amanda was jumped by Jacquelyn and her arm came out of its socket." she explained.
Mick nodded understandingly. "I see. That can be rather painful. Sure Callie, I'll reschedule it for this Thursday night. I'm sure Jackie will understand. I'll go tell her now." and then he left.
"Well that went good." Jesse remarked as they walked back to Callandra’s locker room.
"Yeah, Mick's pretty sweet." Callandra said happily. They just about there when Mark appeared.
"Hello baby."
Jesse placed himself in front of her. "Stay away Mark. She's got a protection order against you."
Mark grinned. "Who said that I was going to touch her?" Then he attacked Road Dogg.
"Mark, no!" Callandra screamed as they started to punch each other. Down the hall, Chris and X-Pac heard some commotion. They took off running. Mark had just pinned Jesse to the wall and was beginning to slam his head into it.
"Stop it! Mark please!" Callandra cried. Then when Mark slapped Jesse across the face, she tossed herself in-between them.
"Callandra!" X-Pac and Chris yelled together.
Mark stepped back as she tried to shield her friend. Before he could do anything Amanda came flying and using her legs, catapulted herself off the wall, and drop kicked him in the back.
He fell into the wall and bounced off landing on the floor. In no time, at all she was on him, kicking his face and ribs. She was finally able to vent all her hate and anger towards him. Then Amanda stood up between his legs, brought her leg back, and let it fly. Mark let out a scream of pain so loud that people out in the arena could hear it. Then she grabbed a steel pipe and went to attack him with it.
X-Pac grabbed her. "No, just stop. Let's go." He said pulling her to him.
Amanda looked at Mark and grinned. "Your pathetic." she hissed. Then she helped Callandra up and the guys helped Road Dogg up. They all went to the DX lounge. "You’re an idiot for doing that." she scolded.
"I know but he was hurting Jesse. I couldn't let him... being pushed into a wall like that can really hurt." Mandy hugged her and then said with her eyes that she understood.
Mark reappeared for his match against Austin, who was livid. . When he came out everyone was booing him.
When Austin came out the chant was ’Stone Cold, Stone Cold.
Mark was doing all right up until Degeneration X appeared on the stage, all laughing and mocking him.
He was so distracted that Steve was able to kick him and perform his finishing move: The Stone Cold Stunner.
Mark looked up just in time to see DX shuffling backstage, all laughing at him.

The final match of the night was Triple H’s title defense against Rikishi.
The two locked up and after almost getting a stink face, Triple H delivered a face buster and followed up with a pedigree.
He got the 1-2-3 and gestured for his wife to join him.
While he and Steph celebrated in the ring, Mark appeared out of nowhere, a chain wrapped around his fist. He punched Hunter in the face before grabbing Stephanie about the throat, raising her off the canvas.
"Let me go!" she screamed, kicking her feet.
"Wanna find out what I like to do to sassy bitches?" he asked with a grin. Then he chokeslammed her to the canvas.
Triple H got up in time to see Mark roll out of the ring. He crawled over to Stephanie and cradled her against him. "You’re a dead man, Mark!" he yelled out. "A fucken dead man!"
"Shouldn't of gotten involved Hunter. You should've just stayed out of it. It's between Callandra, Chris and me. " Mark shot back with a grin.

The minute Mark had grabbed Stephanie; Callandra had buried her face in Chris's chest. She didn't want to see what he would do to her friend. She already knew what he was capable of.
Chris held her to him and stroked her hair as she trembled against him. "Do you want to leave now?" he asked.
"Please, can we? I don't want to stay here. I can't believe that he would do that to Steph. What did she do to deserve it?" Callandra cried.
"He's sick, Callandra. He thinks that by hurting the people you love that he'll get you back." Chris explained.
Callandra shook her head violently. "Never!" she vowed. "He won't ever have me again!"
On their way out, they passed all of DX in the hall. X-Pac was carrying the sleeping Amanda and Triple H was carrying the hurt Stephanie.
"I'm so sorry, Mark." Callandra said.
"It's not your fault. Don't worry, she'll be fine in a few days." he assured her with a sad smile. She could see tears form in his eyes.
Callandra turned away so he wouldn't see her own tears. "Well, I hope that she is okay. Goodnight, see you all Thursday."
Then she and Chris walked out and went to their hotel room. Callandra was quiet the whole ride and as soon as they arrived she went into the bathroom to wash her tear stained face.

That Thursday night Callandra and Chris arrived at the arena an hour until Smackdown. They found their locker room and got dressed. Callandra wore a knee high, silver, vinyl dress that cut across the shoulders and were full-length sleeves. "Now, tonight please don't hurt my sister." Callandra told him with a pleading expression.
"If she gets up on the ring apron, I'll knock her off." he replied.
"I'll convince her not to. But I doubt it'll work. DX is determined to have all the belts."
"Looks like their going to succeed to. At least with every belt but this one." he rubbed his IC title.
Callandra laughed. "Well I'll make sure she doesn't interfere, even if it means slapping her."
"Now don't you go get yourself hurt." he cautioned.
"I'll try hard not to. Amanda punches really hard." Callandra winced.
"I really don't want to see any more bruises on you, so maybe you should just stay back here."
Callandra smiled.

On the following show, things only escalated more.
It happened during Road Dogg's hardcore title shot. He went out to the ring with a mic, "Now tonight I'm going to be playing a dangerous game, and I know that Steve Blackman, like Mark, ain't sane. So when we lock up, I'm going downtown and if you don't like it, I got two words for you, Suck It!"
Steve Blackman came out to the ring and they locked up. Soon Dogg got the upper hand and with one good chair shot to the head, he became the WWF Hardcore Champion. As he was getting his belt, Mark came out and assaulted him. That caused Amanda to come running down the ramp. She grabbed his arm and spun him to face her. Then she went for the spinning heel kick. Mark blocked it and then proceeded to deliver the Last Ride.
When the rest of DX came out, he used her to keep them at bay. They all stopped on the stage and watched as he held her hostage. "You’re a dead man!" Mandy exclaimed as he kicked her ribs.
"And your a dead bitch." he replied calmly. Then he bent down and pulled her up by the hair. "If you had just left Callandra and me alone none of this would have ever happened."
"You abused her! What else was I supposed to do?"
"Mind your own business. Now I'm going to beat the fuck out of you, kill Jericho, and get her back. How does that sound?" he leered.
"Not to good." He turned around, greeted with a chair shot to the head.
He fell back and Mandy jumped up to hug her sister. "That was stupid." she scolded.
Callandra smiled. "Bitch me out later. Right now let's run!" They slid out of the ring and scurried up the ramp. Chris had come out to join DX when Callandra had run out of the locker room. When they reached their men, both women wrapped their arms around them.
"Callandra, that was the dumbest thing you have ever done, short of staying with him." Chris whispered holding her tight.
"No, I'd say the dumbest thing I ever did was letting him hurt me." she replied seriously.
Amanda looked at the stage and saw Mark coming. "Okay people; let's get the hell out of here!"
X-Pac started towards him. "I'm going to kill the mother fucker!" Mandy and Callandra each placed themselves in front of him and grabbed his arms.
"No! Let's go, Sean. Please." Callandra begged.
"If you even considering fighting him right now I'll kick your ass and you won't get laid for a month." Mandy threatened.
He stopped and looked at her. "You really mean that?" She nodded. "Okay, I won't kick his ass, I'll let you do it Monday." he consented.
They all went backstage to the DX lounge. Chris and Callandra were going to go back to their locker room but Triple H wouldn't hear of it.
"Like hell you will! Callandra just knocked him on his ass with a chair. T.O.P. or not he's going to want to get his hands on her. You'll be safer with us." he said with a voice that left no room for arguments.
Okay, Hunt, you've made your point." Callandra laughed nervously.
They stayed there until the championship match between Triple H and Mark. Mark came out first and then HHH did, alone.
They locked up in the center and quickly started using punches, kicks, clotheslines, and power moves. Then when Mark had Mark set up for the Last Ride, Amanda appeared in the ring with a steel pipe.
She attacked him from behind and nailed him in the knee. He buckled and dropped Mark. Mark was disqualified but retained his belt. While Mark was down, she started to beat him with the pipe.
Soon she had to be dragged off him; he was nothing more than a mess of blood.
Amanda smirked wickedly, watching as EMT’s tried to rouse him. “For my sister!” She yelled.
Mark managed to open one eye, looking like he regretted ever meeting Callandra before passing out again.

The next day after the show, Chris and Callandra headed to the airport to fly back to Florida.
They got through security without any problems and were soon on the plane. When Callandra sat down, she immediately started to fidget.
"What's the matter?" asked Chris.
"I don't like to fly." she said.
"Well why didn't you mention it? We could've always drove."
She smiled at him. "No, I'd rather get back to your place as soon as possible."
"Our place." he corrected her with a smile.
Callandra looked at him curiously. "You really want me to live with you?"
"Yes, I do. But if you’re uncomfortable with it then you could always get your own place."
She smiled at him. "No, it's fine. I'm just a little scared of being so close to Mark."
"He doesn’t know where we live though so it's not going to be a problem. And if he does find out, I'll get a restraining order against him." Chris told her. Then he grabbed her hand. "And there's even an area for a rose garden." She smiled up at him happily.
When the plane landed, Callandra and Chris were close to Mark's house then theirs, so they decided to get her stuff immediately. As they pulled up to the house, Callandra shivered. They went inside and found the place a wreck. Furniture smashed, there were pictures all over, and lamps had been broken.
"Oh my gosh, he was pissed." she whispered. Then she went into the kitchen and grabbed some garbage bags. Then she led Chris to the bedroom.
He looked at the room and saw that the bed still sported blood and had lamp shards from when he decked Mark over the head with it. Her clothes were thrown all over the room.
With a sigh, Callandra started to put her clothing into the bags. Chris helped. Soon all her clothes were bagged and she grabbed personal items and shoes. Then they moved throughout the house and got everything else of hers. CDs, vases, pictures, books, a few antiques, and then she took apart her stereo system. Slowly they carried it all out to the car.
"Anything else?" Chris asked.
"I'd like to grab my gardening stuff." she replied heading out back. When she reached her garden, all she found was ashes. He had burnt it, along with her tools and other supplies.
Callandra broke down in tears. Chris put his arms around her and held tight.
Chris comforted Callandra as they drove home. Then they silently worked together and got her stuff into the house. He gave her a room for her clothes and then helped her to set the stereo system up in another. There he set up a few shelves and dragged in a couch. "What's this for?" she asked when he started to arrange a few pieces of furniture around.
"This is your private lounge. A place to come and relax. You know, hang out, chill to music." he replied.
Callandra laughed and threw her arms around him. "You are so sweet to me!"
He hugged her. "I'm just trying to make you comfortable." She unpacked her cds and other stuff and arranged it in the room. When she was done, she examined it. It was all her own, nothing like her old rooms. Those had been done according to how Mark liked. She looked around for Chris but didn't see him. Then she went out to the kitchen and found him tossing a salad.
"You hungry? I got this salad almost made and there is spaghetti on the stove." he told her. Callandra nodded and set about to helping him.
They ate their meal and then cleaned up the kitchen and did dishes together. Then afterwards they sat in the living room, curled up on the loveseat, listening to soft music.
Callandra laid her head on his lap and then Chris bent down to kiss her.

After their lovemaking, Chris and Callandra lay together on the floor, just holding each other. He was stroking the small of her back and she had one of her hands tangled in his hair and the other caressing his chest.
"Callandra, are you okay? I didn't hurt you, did I?" he asked softly.
She smiled. "No, you didn't hurt me. I never knew that I could feel anything like that."
He smiled and then kissed her forehead. "Well, that's all you'll ever feel. No more pain." He promised her.
She snuggled against him. "I love you, Chris." she whispered, kissing his chest lightly.
"I love you, to." he replied. With a small yawn, she buried her face in his chest and was soon fast asleep.
Chris lay awake, still stroking her back. He was glad that he hadn't hurt her. He wanted her to feel safe, secure, and loved whenever he touched her. It seemed that he had showed her that there was more to sex then just pain.
He thought about there future and could see them together forever. It was as if they were destined to be. He smiled as he felt her yawn, her hot breath burned into his skin. Chris looked down and saw that even in her sleep, she was still smiling.
He smiled and pulled her closer.