Callandra stared at the paper in her hand, blinking before reaching for the phone. She skimmed the date and tried thinking back three years ago. Okay, she remembered half of the night. Apparently this had gotten buried right after. She promised herself to never drink again.


Patiently, she waited until her best friend finally answered the phone, glancing towards the living room to make sure her live-in boyfriend wasn't in the area, he wouldn't like hearing this.


“Hi... Look, shut up and listen... April 22, three years ago... we kinda sort... got married at that hotel in Vegas we were at for Maria's birthday party.”


David Bautista spewed out the beer he was currently consuming, coughing as he dropped the phone, groaning since the beer went out of his nostrils too. It stung like a bitch. He finally got the pain to go away and picked his cell back up, coughing still, but not as bad.


“What?” He finally asked, wondering if he'd heard her right. Married? All they did was have sex! How the Hell did marriage come into play?


The sex had been a one time thing and the only reason either of them remembered any of it was because they'd gone through the entire Kama Sutra book she'd bought in the hotel lobby.



“David, I kid you not... this thing is fucking real and it's got both our signatures on it.” She was on her laptop now, going through Vegas public records. “Aw fuck me sideways, this isn't good.” She crept to the door, peering out. “You realized how FUCKED I am?”


“You? YOU? Callie, you're not a star! You're not a person EVERYONE knows and dreams about and admires! Your problem is minor compared to mine! Damn it, we need to get it annulled or something before the press finds out about this! This could ruin my career, especially since I already have one failed marriage behind me!” He ranted, pacing back and forth, raking a hand through his hair. Marriage. How the fuck could he be so damn stupid?


“David! You fuckstick!” Callie shrieked, groaning and clamping a hand over her mouth. “I don't CARE about YOUR problem, I have one of my own. Did you forget who my BOYFRIEND is? Remember, the guy who likes to whoop your ass on television, remember him? Mark the fucking Undertaker Callaway. He's going to KILL me!”


“You don't think I don't fucking know that, Callie? He's going to fuckin' CASTRATE me!!” He groaned, feeling a headache coming on, pinching the bridge of his nose.


Mark was not a guy to take lightly either, especially his temper. Though he'd never seen the man hit Callie before. Mark wasn’t like that, he was a decent guy and now in one fell swoop, Callie might've fucked up her relationship because of their one night stand… and apparently, their marriage.


Callandra swallowed hard, feeling the hair on the back of her neck standing up and mouthed another Fuck. Mark's temper was rare but had the destructive force of an H-bomb. The patched spot in the kitchen was proof, poor Shawn Michaels had never been the same. “I gotta go.” She hung up, turning around. “Mark, I can explain.”


His intense green eyes peered back at his girlfriend, raising an eyebrow, seeing the fear clearly in her blue orbs. “Explain what, Callie?” He finally asked, running a hand through his near black hair with one hand, scratching his stomach with the other. “I was only comin' to ask ya what was fer dinner and if ya wanted to order somethin'. Are you okay darlin'?” He took a step toward her, his frown deepening when she stepped back. Something definitely wasn't right.


Now, how to explain it? Callandra weighed all her options. The window was across the room and locked, the bathroom was behind her and he was blocking the door. Exits weren't usable at the moment.


“Mark, a few months before you and I got together... David and I went to that bash in Vegas, Maria's birthday party?” At his nod she took a deep breath and held out the paper. “I think I married him while I was toasted.”


Mark's eyes shot out their sockets when he heard that, not believing what she just said. After five full minutes of complete silence, he finally roared out in laughter, slapping his knee with his hand. “Oh that's a good one, darlin'. Ya almost had me there.” He laughed harder and hugged her before kissing the top of her head. “What's fer dinner?”


“My foot up your ass if you laugh at me again damn it, I'm SERIOUS!” She held the paper up in his face, watching his eyes scan it before gesturing to the laptop on the bed. “Public records, I'm married... MARK, THAT'S A BRAND NEW FUCKING LAPTOP DAMN IT!” She yelled, watching said laptop become expensive junk. “My work was on there!”


“I DON'T GIVE A GOOD GODDAMN!” Mark roared back at her, his anger flowing now as he clenched and unclenched his fists. “You mean to tell me you fuckin' married David and you don't remember it? HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU BE SO GODDAMN STUPID, CALLANDRA?”


“I was DRUNK DAMN IT! I don't even remember this!” She admitted it, she and David had outdone themselves that night. Beer pong wasn't the best of games, even worse when you made it bourbon pong. “We can get it annulled or something, it was a mistake.” Callandra was trying to be the calm voice of reason, moving her porcelain jewelry box out of harm's way just in case.


It wasn't out of harms way because Mark shoved her out of the way and grabbed it, smashing it against the wall. “YOU FUCKIN' BITCH! IT ISN'T JUST A MISTAKE! YOU'RE MARRIED! I'VE BEEN FUCKIN' A MARRIED WOMAN!”


He was completely livid as he tipped over her CD case, causing all of them to smash to the floor under the hard wooden case that had a shattered glass door now.


“YOU JERK! THAT WAS MY MOTHER'S JEWELRY BOX!” She screamed, pissed off and a tad bit frightened at the same time. Her mom had passed on a year and a half ago, the box was the only thing of hers Callandra had. “STOP RUINING MY THINGS MARK, IT WASN'T LIKE I WAS AWARE OF THIS! It was a fucking MISTAKE, put down my doll, MARK, NOT THE FUCKING DOLLS!”


She collected porcelain dolls.


He was too pissed off to care as he began hauling them one by one out the open window, busting the screen on the second doll. “FUCK YOU! I'll bust 'em up if I wanna just like ya busted me up by marryin' that egomaniac!”


He then put his fist right through the nearest wall which was right next to her head. Mark’s dangerous, cold and calculating eyes bore into hers. “I'm going to kill him, Callandra. I'm gonna make sure he eats and drinks through straws fer the rest of his pathetic, miserable LIFE!”


“Mark, this was before we were together and it sure as hell doesn't mean a damn thing.” The hair on her neck was at a pretty harsh angle, hair shouldn't stand at a 90 degree angle, it wasn't right. “David and I already discussed it, we're going to get this sorted out quickly and quietly…”


She fell silent, beginning to squirm, one thing about Mark that had attracted her was his eyes. How intense they were. Though when they were intense AND angry...


“First, I'm gonna pick him up by his pencil neck and then squeeze until he turns blue. Then, I'm going to lift him up and up and up...and drop him so hard, his back breaks! Then I'm gonna bloody him up with a few weapons of choice, mainly my long, thick steel chain.”


His voice was low and menacing that could chill even the coldest man on earth to the bone, his eyes becoming startling scary.


“I'm gonna kill him and bury his body after cuttin him up in little fuckin' pieces for messin' with MY woman. You are MINE, Callandra. No one else's and that's the way it will stay…“ He grabbed her chin roughly in his hand. “Understood?”


“Loud and clear jackass. Don't go pulling that 'Undertaker' bullshit with me, it's not amusing.” Callandra said just as coldly, reassuring herself he was slipping into character just to fuck with her. That damn voice... sometimes it turned her on so bad she could have melted the polar ice caps just by looking at them, other times... “Let's just be reasonable about this.”


Mark chuckled darkly down at her, his green eyes darkening, and leaned down, pressing his lips against hers roughly. A growl escaped his mouth as he wrapped his arms around her waist, pushing her against the wall, his big body pressing against hers. He knew he had her as he felt her melt against him and smirked. She was going to get that marriage annulled and then he was going to marry her ass. If she wanted to be married and knocked up, it would be HIM that did it or nobody.




“Ouch, ouch, ouch…”



“What the hell happened to you?” Maria demanded when she seen Callandra walking down the hotel hallway.

“A lot of sex, my legs and back were not meant for some of these positions.” Callie said, trying not to walk like she had a beach ball between her thighs.



“TMI! I don't want to hear about your damn sex life!”


Callie and Maria both groaned when a horde of teenage, male fans swamped them.


“No more swimsuit shoots.” Callie said, adopting her ditzy persona as Maria's 'sister', she wasn't as famous as David but she was eye candy, something she could do, that and she edited scripts, for the girls.


“Uh huh, yep, sure…” She prattled, trying not to laugh as Maria feigned innocence. The guys generally drifted away when they found the Divas were as moronic off screen as they were on screen, they could be annoying when they wanted.




David was down in the hotel's restaurant, having a chicken salad, needing to watch his weight. He was champion after all and had to keep his physique. He wasn't exactly a spring chicken anymore as he sipped some water. He was starving after his intense workout earlier that morning with both his fling from WWE Diva Melina and his workout.


Though he wanted to deck Mark for bragging about the positions he'd gotten Callandra in. That didn't exactly make his day, especially since she was technically his wife


David cocked his head to the side, shaking it when he heard the girls. Sometimes he wondered if Callandra really was that ditzy, but knew the REAL person inside. He knew her inside and out, they'd been best friends for years and now apparently, husband and wife. He reluctantly stood up and let out a soft whistle, getting their attention and waved them over to join him


“David, we love you.” Maria murmured, waving off the teens and dropping down at the booth beside Callie.



Fuckstick.” Callandra greeted him with the usual, though she was a bit stiff, remembering their last conversation.



“Uh well. I guess I'm going so I don't get caught in the crossfire.” Maria cleared her throat, deciding if fireworks or storms were happening, she wasn't getting injured and bolted.


“What are we gonna do about this and... why were you walking bowlegged like ya got shot in the ass?” David asked, raising an eyebrow at her. He groaned when the conversation he had with Mark flowed back in his mind and immediately took a large bite out of his salad. “Never mind, I heard enough of it today in the workout room from him.”


“He did WHAT? Oh no, he was NOT talking about…” She trailed off when her friend nodded and slapped her face. “I'll fucking kill him... My lawyer is on vacation, she comes back next week and it'll be handled then, alright? We can pretend we never went to Vegas.” Callie smiled up at him. “Lord knows I wouldn't want Mel-Mel finding out.” She smirked when he coughed and rubbed the back of his neck. “Us Divas are close, remember?”


“Yeah well... we're just fuck buddies. We're not really a couple or anything.” David stated, not one of those men who liked settling down. Women were his addiction, he admitted it.


That's why the pair got on so well, they both didn't give a fuck and were open and honest, brutally blunt.


“You’re fuck buddies with anything that has a pair of tits.” Callandra snorted. “I gotta go find Mark, I got to be at the arena early, scripts to view. He still in the weight room running his mouth or?” She watched David's eyes. “Or is he right behind me?” She spun around. “Honey, mind not talking about the various positions you discovered for my apparently oh so flexible body?”


“I wanted to make it clear that married or not, you belong to me and I'm the ONLY one who can-” Her hand covered his mouth, causing him to smirk back and pull her up from the booth.


Mark threw her over his shoulder, calling over his shoulder: “See ya around, Animal.” He then stalked off, ready for some hot, mean sex with his girlfriend and potential future wife. No, not potential, she WAS his future wife.




“Mark, no more! I'm raw in places that shouldn't be raw!” Callandra shoved him away from her, edging towards the locker room door. “You kept going until we were almost late for work, I'm NOT fucking you AT work. I have to GO.” She darted out into the hallway and quickly disappeared in the crowded hall, halting long to accept the birth control pill Maria was holding out. “You're the best.”



“You KNOW he's trying too, don't you?”



“That or going for a world record on most sex in a week.”







“What? Oh lord, how'd that happen?”



“It looks like a bite mark and you mind not staring at my ass?”



“Well get out of the mirror.”



“I wanted to know what was hurting... This is ridiculous, Mark and I have GOT to talk.”



Maria watched as Callie stormed out of the locker room, well... more like... cowboy walked and giggled.


Mark was bare chested when she walked in, wearing the bottom half of his in ring attire, shadowboxing. It was a nightly ritual of his as his arms moved, slicing through air at a fast, quick pace.


“Hey darlin'.” He greeted, not looking away from the wall, upping his game since he knew David wasn't exactly someone he could just trample over. Though after finding out what the bastard did to HIS girlfriend, all bets were off tonight.


“Mark, we gotta talk.” Callandra said firmly, not caring if he was busy or not. “I'm not entirely sure what's gotten into you, but I hope you work it out tonight in the ring because I am not having sex with you until the bite mark on my freaking ASS has healed.”


He slowly stopped shadowboxing, his head turning eerily to face her, green eyes glowing with a snarl on his lips “I'll fuck ya anytime I want. Yer mine Callandra. I'll tear yer little ass up as much as I fuckin' want and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it, sweetheart.” Mark then turned back around and started shadowboxing again. “David will be in the hospital tonight, just letting you know.”


“No, you will not be 'tearing my little ass up' because I'm NOT staying with you until you get your head on straight.” She snapped, snatching up her small purple knapsack and storming out of the locker room. “Ladies, hope you're all ready for me to come back into the fold.”



“Somebody is fighting with the Undertaker!” Ashley laughed from where she was fiddling with Melina's hair. “I'm thinking some Texas Hold 'Em is in order tonight.”



“I'll bring the cigars!” Melina chuckled.




Mark growled, his anger instantly flaring more. David would be lucky if he walked out of the hospital at all after what Mark did to him. He smirked wickedly, a sadistic look coming into his green eyes, the iciness enough to chill anyone to down to their bone marrow.




“David's on! Mel, your maaaaaaaaaaaannnn!” Maria trilled.



“Eh, he's alright for now…” Melina smirked. “I'm kind of interested in a little something something on the RAW brand if you're digging me.”



Callandra eyed her shrewdly. “Something something being a Mr. Orton?”





Laughing, they all turned their eyes onto the monitor.


The lights in the arena went out while David was pacing back and forth in the ring. He froze, eyes alert and watched as smoke poured from the ramp way, seeping towards him.


Slowly, the Undertaker walked out onto the stage, standing there in all his glory as purple lighting and smoke engulfed him. He finally began to walk down the ramp, one foot in front of the other, his intense eyes focused solely on the other man.


David had a serious eerie feeling about all this. He knew Mark was an intense man but…




Callandra could only watch, knowing better then to be considering interfering but it was all to apparent what Mark was going to do, what he was doing.



“What the hell Callie?” Maria yelped. “He's not supposed to send Davey to the hospital!” She glanced at Melina who looked like she was going to cry, her FWB in trouble and all.



“Oh yeah, I'll just go on tottering out there and act all ditzy…”



“Flash some ass, with the way you two are going, he'll be distracted.” Ashley volunteered, giving her friend a shove out the door.







Mark was in a zone, nothing but evil intentions in mind. He lifted a bloodied, broken David from the mat, who was unconscious already, and lifted him up, reading to deliver a devastating tombstone.


Then the lights went out.


His green eyes flared with rage when he seen Callandra standing there completely topless, not believing what she was doing, only a single spotlight on her. Was she out of her damn mind? He knew she was doing it for David and decided to teach her a lesson.


He dropped David's carcass on the mat and slid out of the ring, grabbing a steel chair, and rolled back in, placing it on the mat. He then pointed at her and did the cut throat motion, his eyes rolling in the back of his head. A few seconds later, he tombstoned David right on the steel chair, not blocking it like he should've, not caring if the man's neck was broken


Callandra came running down the top, the topless ness nothing more than a nude shirt with some interesting designs on it. She dived through the ropes, all acts dropped. “Stop it! You're gonna wind up in prison Mark, you know how many fucking laws you just broke?” She looked down at her best friend, wondering how jealousy could get so out of control. “So help me Isis... if you hurt him the way it looks like you did, we're done, hear me?”


Mark glared down at her, seeing her fawning over her fallen husband. With a snort of disgust, he walked over to the ropes and stepped through them, jumping down and stalked up the ramp way.


He didn't care if he got fired, though Vince wasn't that stupid, he was too big of a star. Possibly a suspension, which Mark wasn't mind having. He actually smirked and walked through the curtains, rolling his eyes when Vince began spewing back at him “Yeah yeah, put it on my tab. I'll be back in a month or whenever the fuck I feel like it.”




“Nuh uh, I'm staying at my mom's old house, the one she left me.” Callie said a week later, licking the back of her spoon, busy eating ice cream straight out of the carton.


She was standing in the tiny kitchen of the tiny house. She'd left Mark with the clothes on her back, refusing to go back to their house for anything, refusing to see him. David was still in the fucking hospital, though on the bright side, the divorce was being pushed.



Maria sighed from the end of the line. “I don't like the fact that you're out in the country in a house that ain't been lived in for years by yourself.”



“Blow me, this is the house I grew up in. Fuck me, hold on Maria, I gotta go let the cat in.”






“A stray I picked up from the neighbors, hold on.”


As soon as she opened the door, there stood Mark, holding that precious stray kitten as he pet it gently.


“Hey, you mind letting me in so this critter can get some food and water?” He asked, stepping inside before she could respond, and set the kitten down, closing the door behind him. “I've missed you, Callandra. It took awhile to track ya down, but I found ya. We need to talk.” His voice had grown deceptively calm and cool.


“Nothing to talk about Mark.” She said stiffly, scooping up the kitten and carrying him to the kitchen. She ignored Mark, pouring a small saucer of milk and water, setting both the saucer and the cat on the counter. She turned to stare at him, picking up the phone. “Maria, let me call you back.”



“Yeah yeah, do it tomorrow, I got to go to bed, night honey, be safe!”



“How'd you find me Mark? My name isn't attached to this place by any means.”


He allowed a small smirk to grace his lips. “That is for me to know and you to find out, darlin'. Now quit this shit and get packed. Yer comin' back to Houston with me so we can make up and have a happy relationship like always. I admit you pissed me off and I did step over the line with that prick... but it's over and done with now. Just forgive me and lets' go back to the way things used to be. I even managed to get you an exact copy of your mother's jewelry box. It was hard and expensive, but it's for you, Callandra. It's in Houston waiting for you.”


“It doesn't work like that Mark. You're not coming and TELLING me I'm going back to Houston and fuck that jewelry box, it's not the same and you know it. You SMASHED my mother's favorite possession, my mothers. Things aren't going to be the same as before because you showed just how fucking whacked out you truly are.”


“You fuckin' married yer best friend and didn't have the balls to fuckin tell me! What did you expect me to do, Callandra? I'm fuckin' in love with you, but yer already taken and so far, ya haven't done SHIT to prove to me ya want to annul the marriage to that prick!” Mark shouted, the anger rising within him again, not caring about the damn jewelry box or anything he had smashed of hers.


“If you KNEW me at ALL, you'd know everything that just came outta your mouth is a bunch of bullshit Mark Callaway!” She shouted back, the cat jumping off the counter and running. “I told you as soon as I fucking found out, I'm SORRY I was drunk and hid the paper, can't help that. AND -you moron- my lawyer is already getting this thing annulled! You think I'd stay married to a womanizer? I ain't getting married to anyone period! Especially David and most definitely not YOU!”


“Oh so it's MY fault ya decided to be another notch in David Bautista's belt?” Mark shot back, glaring back at her, and grabbed her by the arms before brutally kissing her. “You're mine and if I can't have you, nobody will!” The Undertaker voice was back and stronger than ever as his eyes practically glowed down at her, letting her know he wasn't joking. When she went to kick him, he blocked it, putting a knee right between her thighs, and held her arms above her head firmly. “What are you gonna do now, darlin'?”


“I'm going to just sit like this and wait on you to stop being a dumbass.” Callandra said evenly, refusing to show him what he was making her feel: which was seriously nervous.


She literally sat on his leg, her own feet dangling off the floor and just stared at him. “You do realize all this is only pushing me away from you right? This whole 'you're mine and only mine' shit isn't cutting it either, I'm a free woman, if I want to fuck someone else I will and there's not a damn thing you can do about.” The look on his face indicated she might've just crossed a line.


“Is that right?” His voice was practically a growl by now as his hand shot out, grabbing her by the throat, and pressed her head against the wall harder. “You listen to me you little bitch, if you think you're going to come into my life and screw me over, think again! I love you, you love me, we're together and there's nothing and NO ONE that will EVER change that. You ARE mine, get used to it. You don't like it? Deal with it. You're stuck with me Callandra, bottom fucking LINE!”


She was saved by the cat leaping out of nowhere onto Mark's arm and hissing. Startled, Mark let go and Callandra bolted, running through the house. She darted outside and headed for the car, grunting when she was pinned face first to the hood of her black pick-up truck.


“Mark, stop it! Let go!” She screamed, wondering why she never invested in a gun. “You fucking psycho, get off me!” Her arms weren't supposed to be wrenched like this, this wasn't their natural angle.


“Fuck you! You're coming back to Houston with me even if I have to drag yer ass kickin‘ ‘n screamin‘!” He growled and kicked the cat high in the air, watching it land on it's feet and practically bolted out of there.


Who could blame the poor creature?


Mark bound her wrists together and wrenched her hair back, passionately kissing her on her already brutalized lips before shoving her into his truck.


Somewhere along the line, Callandra whacked her head and was out. When she woke up, she was on her stomach, her face on a pillow and her arms still behind her back. Stiff. At least she didn't have a headache and from the mirror across her, no bump. Perks!


“Mark?” She tried raising her head, groaning at the stiffness in her neck. “Mark, untie me, this is kidnap you know, prison time!”


“Like I care.” He stated gruffly from the corner, sipping a glass of water, in a pair of blue overalls with a white muscle shirt on underneath. “I could bail myself out with the money I have, you know that darlin'. Now if yer willin' to be a good girl and stay put, I MIGHT decide to untie you.” He was speaking conversationally as if she wasn't bound by the wrists and ankles laying on her stomach on his bed


“You think this is going to make me want to stay with you? This is abusive Mark, not a good way to keep our relationship alive. FUCKING UNTIE ME ALREADY, I CAN'T FEEL MY GODDAMN ARMS!” She tried rolling over, though all she accomplished was her face turning red and getting some sweat in her eyes, as well as getting feeling back in her arms, painful feelings.


Mark rolled his eyes. “Drama queen at it's finest.” He muttered and walked over, taking his knife out and cut the ropes from her hands.


“Try running and it'll be the last thing you ever do.” He threatened coldly before walking back over and sitting in the chair, watching her regain feeling back in her arms. He was teaching her a lesson, he didn't want to hurt her, but would if he had too.



Slowly, Callandra rolled over, holding her stiff arms before her. She rubbed them, getting the circulation going again, the pins and needles jolting her telling her her limbs were waking up. Finally, she sat up, staring at him, wondering what the hell was going on. When Mark decide to go crazy? She sighed, drawing her knees up and hanging her head between them, inhaling as she began to think.


“If you're thinking there's a way out, don't bother. We're in my bedroom and there are no exits.” He informed him coolly, standing from his chair, and shook his head back at her. “This would've been easy if you would've just agreed to come along willingly, Callandra. You had to make it difficult though. Such a shame.” He shook his head at her, raking a hand through his hair. “Do you love him?”


“As a friend.” She said flatly, glaring at him. “You could have asked me this BEFORE you went psychotic Mark, you know. It would have been much fucking easier. Moron.”


Callandra rolled off the bed, ignoring him completely. “This is bullshit, you need to let me go before someone comes looking. People can put two and two together, especially after how you've been lately.”


“Do you think I care, Callandra? I can take all those lame ass friends of yours in a damn heartbeat, including Davey boy. Oh wait, he's eating and drinking through a straw, pity.” He snorted, crossing the room and took her arms in his, staring down into her eyes with his intense green ones. “Well I love you and we both have time off, I talked to Vince for you. You can thank me later on.”


“Thank you? For fucking with my life? For putting my best friend in the hospital? How'd ya like me to thank you Mark? Want a thank you blow-job? Maybe some roses? Oh, I know... how about a thank you but please leave me the fuck alone you fucking crazy old bastard?” She shot off sarcastically. That honesty and bluntness were probably not her friends at the moment but she didn't care.


Mark chuckled wickedly when she said that then hauled off, backhanding her hard across the face. “You got some more of those comments for me, you smartass bitch?” He shook his head and lifted her up by her hair, throwing her on the bed, and crossed his arms in front of his chest, just staring down at her. “Does this really make you happy to anger me so I'll hurt you?”


Her hand flew to her nose and mouth, both of which were bleeding. Tears blurring her vision, Callie shredded the bottom of the sheet, holding it to her face, refusing to answer him or even look at him. She just turned her back on him wondering where her Mark had went. Oh yeah, he'd gone on vacation without notice. She knew he couldn't keep her forever so she just needed to be patient. Patience wasn't one of her good traits but...


After hours on end of silence between them, Mark finally cut the binds from her ankles, and lifted her up by the arm, literally tossing her out of his room, a room they once shared and made love in. “Get out.” His voice was low and menacing, knowing she would never forgive him after what he did to her.


Who could blame her?


He slammed the door in her face and pressed his back to it, trying to keep himself from chasing after her again. It was over, he knew it, and now it was time to start the healing process of his broken heart.


Callandra had noticed it at Mark's house, now it was worse especially with the night air assaulting her. It hurt to take a breath, not that she was drawing in any air through her nostrils. She gingerly felt her nose, wincing. It was broken. Callie couldn't breath through her mouth, her lips were swollen and split and her right cheek was bruised, it hurt to much to even open it. Sighing, she grabbed her nose and one quick motion and sick sounding crack later, it was back in place. She took one breath of air and fainted.




“David, shut up and just hold still already.” Callandra ordered, forcing him to extend his arms over his head. She knew it hurt his neck and upper back but it had to be done. She'd spent a month with him and he was coming along just fine, thank god nothing had needed surgery though he had wound up paralyzed for awhile. Something she'd teased him about incessantly.


During that month she had dyed her hair chocolate brown and streaked it with blonde highlights and started taking martial arts classes. She'd also gone in for minor plastic surgery to get her nose straightened back out, not liking how it had been crooked. Her thoughts rarely shifted to Mark because that made her cry and feel confused.


“But it HURTS!” David whined, groaning when she popped him upside the head. “Woman, if I become paralyzed again, you'll be sorry.” He growled, groaning when she kicked him lightly but firmly in his stomach, sighing heavily. “You need to get over him. You know Matt Hardy is available, why don't you ask him out? He's coming to see me this weekend and Melina is too. Why don't we all go on a double date?” He suggested, needing to get her mind off of Mark Callaway somehow.


“Because Matt Hardy is not my type. He carries a camera everywhere and flirts with everything on two legs, guys included because he's weird.” Callandra said flatly. “They'll be here and I'm going to stay with Maria, I've told you this time and time again. Stop trying to hook me up David or I'll make this therapy worse then it already is, understand?”


“I'm sorry, Callie. I just want you to be happy, is that so wrong?” David replied softly, sighing when she pressed harder on his upper body. “You're my best friend, I just want you to be happy and I know you miss him.” He groaned when she applied even more pressure and growled. “Okay...Okay... OKAY I TAKE IT BACK!” He bellowed, not believing how much pain she just caused him to feel. “Damn!”




Callie sighed when she heard people coming into the house a few days later. In order to put David's mind at ease, she'd decided to stay and give Matt a try. Thank god he'd left the camera behind.


“Hi Melly.” She greeted, coming down the stairs in blue jeans and a tank top. “Dave's in the living room, he can't climb steps yet without whining.”



“Aww... my poor baby.” Melina rolled her eyes, laughing softly. “I'll go rub his... legs for him.” She winked and zoomed off.



“Uh, hi Matt.”


He nodded at her with a smile, his hands shoved in his black cargo pants, black hair slicked back in a ponytail. “Hey Callie. How's it goin?” He asked, having heard about her and Mark's split, but he wasn't going to mention that. It wouldn't exactly be a great ice breaker.


“Great.” She rubbed the back of her neck, wondering why this whole guy thing was awkward. She and Mark had began talking about their shared love for sports and went from there. She had no idea what Matt was in too, besides filming his show. “So um…” She smiled awkwardly. “Would you like something to drink?”


“Sure, a beer would be great.” He replied, feeling just as awkward, rubbing the back of his neck, and groaned when he heard the ceiling echoing followed by a bed squeaking. “I hope he's medically cleared for that.…” He commented, looking up the ceiling, and their moans and groans soon followed. “Man, we need music or something to drown that out.”


“Yeah, some really loud music.” Callandra shook her head and soon the house was blaring with Depeche Mode. She got out a deck of cards and sat down at the table in the dining room with Matt, playing rummy and just chatting.


They started off with a neutral topic, work, something they could both contribute too. Sort of. He was a star, she was a diva, lines were fine but it was enough. They went through a twelve pack so Callie opened another one, seeing the pictures still shaking and knew Melina was going to be deal with David's... stiff joints for some time to come.


“Damn…” He cursed, shaking his head with a small chuckle, finishing off his sixth beer. “Toss me another.” He stated, smiling when she did, and cracked it open. “Damn it you got three kings!” He didn't want to admit it, but he was actually having a blast with Callandra. He wondered what would happen if he kissed her and decided it was too soon.


“I'm awesome, I know.” Callie laughed, her cheeks flushed but having a good time. She smirked, writing down their new scores before taking a swig of her fresh beer. “Matt, maybe we oughta play goldfish or something just so you have a chance in hell at winning.”


She smirked, letting him deal out the next hand before peeling off her top, wearing a sports bra underneath, which covered more then her work clothes actually. She drank, she stripped, it was a fact of life. She got hot and would shed layers.


Matt shrugged and peeled his top off, revealing his nicely toned muscled chest and arms, grinning back at her. “I'm hot too.” He took a sip of his beer. “How bout we play war?” He knew he kicked ass in that game and could beat her.


“Sure, you're on.” She replied, up to anything just about.


Twenty minutes and three games later she tackled him, laughing at the look on his face.


“You're cheating Hardy! You're fucking with the deck, come on, where you hiding them extra cards?” She snatched his cards from his hand and peeked at them. “God, you suck, you know that right?”


He smirked back at her, his dark eyes glittering with pure amusement as he shook his head. “That's my little secret.” He ran his finger down her cheek, their lips mere inches from each other's, and finally decided to go for it. His lips pressed to hers in a soft kiss, knowing she'd probably slap the taste out of his mouth, but it would be worth it.


She wasn't shocked, alcohol and boys 'n girls never mixed well. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, groaning when Matt rolled so he was on top of her and rolled him again, smirking when his lips formed a pout, how cute. “Pouting isn't for big boys.” She teased, tracing a finger across his full lower lip.


“That shows how much you know.” He retorted back and took her finger in his mouth, suckling on it gently, seductively, his eyes darkening to almost black as he stared up at her. He could feel the shivers run through her body as his hand ran up and down her back, not believing what they were doing. He didn't care, he wanted this woman, no matter the consequences later. Without a word, he released her finger and pulled her head down for a passionate kiss




“Um... David? There are two naked people sleeping under your dining room table.” Melina said the next morning, trying her hardest not to stare but the dining room looked like hell. Furniture was all over, pictures off the wall... some dark areas she had a guess at but didn't want to speak it aloud. The table was trashed and she could only imagine. “Don't come- wait, get the camcorder! See all those beer bottle? They got trashed!” She whispered gleefully.


“Do it and die, man.” Matt grumbled out, his head throbbing painfully as he managed to flip Melina off. He looked to his side and smiled, seeing a sleeping Callandra before him, and kissed her neck softly before slowly sitting up.


He groaned when his forehead collided against one of the bars of the dining room table, thinking he was in a bed. Did he actually just sleep under a dining room table with Callandra?



“You just slept under MY dining room table with MY best friend in MY house, boy.” David clarified before walking into the living room, not believing how trashed it was.


“You wanted me to give him a try.” Callandra murmured, not hitting her head as she crawled out from under the table, accepting the blanket Melina handed her. She smiled brightly, not hung-over in the slightest and stretched. “I'd uh... eat out at the diner if I were you.” She glanced at the table before winking and disappearing upstairs. The sound of the shower running came floating down.


“What? We're two consenting adults, it's perfectly fine.” Matt immediately began defending himself before zooming upstairs as well.



“I wanted them to DATE, not FUCK mere hours after meeting each other.” David clarified once more, raking a hand through his hair, and shook his head. “If he hurts her, I'll kill him with my good arm.”


Ahhh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! DAVID!” Callandra came running down the stairs in just a bathrobe, her hair dripping water everywhere. “DAVID! Mark's out front!”



“What the hell is he doing here?” Melina demanded. “I'll get rid of the fucker…”



“Whoa momma, nuh uh, he's got a fith of Jack, don't even think it.” Callie raked a hand through her wet hair. “I'm not here?”



“Which explains your bra on the fan and the vette parked in the drive?”


Callandra, I know you're in there, girl! Come on darlin', let's talk this out!” Mark shouted, banging on the front door with his fist. “Come on darlin', I love you, I really do! I didn't mean what I did! I was just so damn angry and... I love you okay? Just please come on and let's talk about this please!”


“He's drunk!” Callie groaned. “I'm answering the door.”



“You got a hickey.”



“Oh fuck him.” She stepped outside, catching his fist before it hit. “Whoa, I ain't the door Mark.” She snatched the bottle of whiskey and tossed it into the bushes. “You're drinking and driving? Moron!”


Mark might've been drunk, but his vision wasn't impaired as he stared back at her. Her frazzled hair, more importantly the mark on her neck. “I had a fuckin' three way with this whore and bastard. You know what? That's fine, I don't want you!” He then turned around and stalked back to his bike, his adrenaline overtaking all of his drunken state, that's how pissed he was.


“You're not driving drunk!” She chased after him, snatching the keys before he could start the motorcycle. Then swiped the spare she knew he kept. When Mark reached for them, Callandra hurled them down a sewer grate, glaring at him. “You are not going to drive drunk, Mark. Christ, are you losing your mind?”


Mark glared back at her and went to hit her, but a hand shot out to stop him. He slowly turned around to stare at Matt Hardy and smirked wickedly before head-butting him, knocking the man unconscious. “Give me my fuckin' keys, whore. I'm too pissed off to even be drunk at this point. GIVE ME MY FUCKING KEYS AND GO BACK TO YOUR ORGY!”


“I'm not in no damn orgy you prick! And I can't give ya back the keys cause they're probably in the Chicago sewer by now.” Callie yelped when she was hoisted in the air. “Mark, my fucking robe if you don't mind! Come on, just come inside, let's get you some coffee and talk. Mark, don't hurt me anymore!” Her eyes widened, hoping she wasn't going to suffer another broken nose.


Mark sighed as he closed his eyes and gently set her down on her feet, staring down into the fear etched face that haunted him for the past month she was gone. Without another word, he took her face in his hands and kissed her softly, slowly, passionately. He wasn't going to hurt her again. He'd learned his lesson the first time, and no matter how crazy she made him, he couldn't stop loving her.


“David, Callandra is kissing Mark.” Melina said from her place by the window. “Oh god, her robe is open... what the hell? I thought they were over?” She scratched her forehead, looking bemused.



Her robe was open but nothing was showing because her body was pinned to Mark's. The denim and leather was definitely a different sensation against her bare skin, not to mention it was cold but she couldn't pull away, kissing him back. She'd missed his kisses.


He slowly pulled back to stare down into her eyes, running his thumb across her bottom lip, and pressed his forehead to hers as he held her closer to him. “I came here to say I'm sorry for hurtin' you...I didn't mean to do it. I love ya so much, Callie and I want ya back with me.”



“It's her decision and mistake, Mel. There's nothing I can do about it.” David sighed resignedly, knowing Matt was going to be heartbroken. He'd had a crush on Callandra for about a year now and they just had sex the previous night. The fireworks were about to explode right in David's front yard as Matt slowly began to stir to life


“And there they go in her corvette, what a moron.” Melina banged her head on the window pane. “That woman is blind as a damn bat. He BROKE her nose, what the hell?” She sighed, rubbing David's arms, offering him a tentative smile. “Honey, I think we should go help Matt.”






“Mmm... what about this one?” Callie asked a week later, laying on a hotel bed with Mark, popping a strawberry in his mouth with an amused smile. “How's that one taste?” She traced a finger over the BSK tattoo on his abdomen, wondering what Vince would say if they didn't come into work.


“Mmmm, I still think the dark chocolate is better than the milk chocolate, darlin'.” Mark murmured softly back at her, running his fingers through her hair, loving this. She was back in his arms and things were slowly getting back to the way they were beforehand. He loved her, she loved him, and nobody and nothing would get in their way. He wasn't angry with her when she told him about Matt, if anything he understood.


They were broken up after all so it wasn't like she cheated on him. Though that didn't stop him from booking a match against Matt that night and it made him grin as he popped a chocolate covered piece of crystallized pineapple in her mouth. “How's that?”


“Needs honey.” She replied, drizzling a fine trail of the sweet on his chest, bending down to lick it off. “Mmm... dinner at the hotel was a good idea.” She smirked. “Though we're pushing the limit, we should go…” She glanced down at him, laying on his body. “You might want to get a quick cold shower honey, we're going to be late and you have a promo.”


“Fuck the promo…”




“Have you seen Callie anywhere?” David asked for the millionth time, not believing this shit when Melina just shook her head, seeing the worried look that came over her features. “I'm gonna go ask around again. If you see her, you tell her I want to talk to her pronto.” He then stalked away, not believing the letter he just got from his lawyer.


This was fucked up in more ways than one, he HAD to find her and fast




“Hey you, heard you been looking for me.” Callie greeted him later that night. She was wearing a pair of black leather pants and a purple corset top with a black choker, Mark's 'UT' symbol dangling from it, black crystal. A present. She smiled, the smile turning to a frown at the look on his face. “David? What's wrong?”


“They're not granting our divorce for two years.” He stated gruffly, throwing the papers at her practically, and began pacing back and forth. “Apparently the Vegas chapel we went too had something in their contract that stated any couples who married there could not be divorced for two years after the wedding proceedings. Congratulations, Mrs. Bautista.”


Callandra read the paperwork, paling rapidly. “This... this is BULLSHIT. David, this isn't good. okay, this can't happen, not now.” She looked at him, her wide blue eyes pleading with him to tell her this was a lie. “Oh fuck me running, fuck me... Mark is going to FLIP.”



“When were you planning on telling me?” Melina demanded angrily from behind them, bitch mode coming out. “You fucking sack of shit Bautista, you could have mentioned it to me that you were still married before fucking me in the locker room! That's it, I'm done with you, I KNEW I shoulda went with Randy!” She threw her hands up in the air and stalked up, cursing rapidly in a language that wasn't English.


David sputtered, trying to stop her, but it was inevitable as he stared back at his best friend and now wife for the next two years. “I don't know what the fuck to do.” He grumbled, sliding down the nearby arena wall, raking his hands through his hair.



“Hey Callie darlin', ya ready to come to ringside with me?” Mark asked from behind, wrapping his arms around her waist, and held her close as he buried his nose in her hair. “What's the matter, Animal, it looks like someone crapped in yer Cherrioes or somethin'.” He chuckled when she looked up at him. “Cena.”


Callie glanced at David who was getting back onto his feet and hesitantly handed Mark the paperwork. “The uh, chapel David and I got married at had a two year marriage stipulation in the contract.” She explained weakly. “Some kind of making the marriage work thing most likely... we can talk to a lawyer and explain the situation.”


Mark read over the document and just nodded, staring back at David skeptically. “I'll call my lawyer, he's one of the best in the country.” He smiled softly down at her, holding her close to his side. “I'm not mad atcha, darlin'. Come on, we gotta match to win then we'll deal with this marriage thing of yours.”


“Okay.” Callie smiled at David, snuggling into Mark's side and let him lead the way out to the ring. She arched an eyebrow when she realized Matt was his opponent but didn't say anything, just slipped through the ropes and stood at the side, holding his hat carefully, his coat behind her folded neatly on a chair.


He winked back at her secretively before focusing his sole attention on Matt. He was going to follow the script, but make each and every move count, a message that Callandra was off limits and his. When he was finished, Mark was breaking a sweat from all the powerful moves he'd hit and Matt was laying on the wrestling mat twitching a bit. He shrugged back at Callandra and whispered in her ear as they walked up the ramp way. “I followed the script, darlin'. You even read it.”


“I know…” Callandra glanced back at the ring. To her it looked like the usual, not like the time he'd gone medieval on David. “Damn Mark, he's twitching something fierce, maybe we should check on him…” She halted at the first monitor, watching with a frown. “Mark, did you hit your moves right?”


“Yeah, I actually did.” Mark replied honestly, raising an eyebrow when Matt wasn't moving, and sighed with relief when he finally rolled on his back, slowly sitting up. “The tombstone must've knocked him for a loop. Come on, we gotta work out this mess with you and Davey boy. Then we'll go back to the hotel and relax. Sound good?”


Callie nodded, halting when they found David and met his eyes, arching an eyebrow when he looked at her worriedly. “David, come on, we'll get this sorted and Mel Mel will be your sex kitten again.” She said soothingly. “There's got to be something we can do to fix this, we just have to check out the Nevada marriage laws…”




Mark let them walk and talk while he whipped his cell phone out and dialed a number to his lawyer. “Hey Sammy, it's Mark. I have a question for you regarding marriage laws for a specific chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada.” He started giving her the details, making sure not to leave out anything, and sighed as he raked a hand through his hair. “Okay, call me back if ya find any loopholes darlin'.” He then hung up and walked over to David and Callie. “She's going to look into it and call back”


“Good.” Callandra hugged Mark gratefully before turning a wicked smirk onto her husband. “You don't mind if I have an extra-marital affair now do you honey?” She asked playfully, laughing when Mark slapped her ass. “Watch it buddy, you got big hands, don't be bruising that now.”


“Knock yourself out.” David chuckled as he raked a hand through his hair, wondering how he was going to win Melina back. He truly cared for her unlike the rest of his flings. He couldn't explain it, there was something about her fiery temper that set his blood racing. “I have to find Mel. I'll talk to you later about this.”



“He's got it bad.” Mark commented as he watched the man rush off before lifting Callandra's chin with a finger. “I won't bruise you ever again, darlin'.” He kissed her softly.


“He does have it bad, this is the first time I've ever seen David actually pursue someone like that.” Callie snickered after the kiss, so the womanizer was in love, well... she hoped he calmed Melina down because Mel wasn't the type to be waiting around. She wrapped her arms around Mark's neck. “I know you won't.” She whispered.



“Christ on a cracker you two make me sick.” Paul said, halting before them. “I'm coming to play on Smackdown, you and Batista are getting boring.” He smiled wickedly, his eyes gleaming with good natured humor. “So 'Taker, ready for a real feud?”



“HHH and the Undertaker... sounds good to me, too bad you'll live only so long.” Callie snapped her fingers.


“Hunter, get ready for it.” Mark chuckled darkly as he wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her close to him. “How's Steph and the little critter doing?”



“We're both doing fine and her name is Aurora, Mark, not little critter.” Stephanie corrected him as she walked up to them, smirking as her blue eyes gleamed wickedly at her husband. “Guess who I just got off the phone with?”



“No way...did he…”





Callie exchanged looks with Mark, arching an eyebrow. “Um, ya'all mind not leaving us in the fucking dark?” She asked curiously. “It's not fair having a conversation in front of people who don't know what the hell is going on, remember?”



Paul smirked at her. “Shouldn't you be off making babies or whatever it is you do?”



“I edit scripts you jackass, remember that, you're on MY show now.” Callie grinned when Stephanie laughed, coughing to cover it.


“You will NEVER guess who I just got to sign with us again after TWO years!” Stephanie practically squealed, jumping on the soles of her feet with excitement while Paul just chuckled.



Mark raised an eyebrow back at them, wondering if someone slipped some drugs into their waters, or maybe they were just losing their minds. “Who?”



“Chris Irvine, but most of you know him as Chris Jericho.”


“He's coming back?” Callie squealed, laughing when Stephanie grabbed her hands and started bouncing with her. “When? To what show?”



“You know.” Paul said to Mark, watching the two women bouncing around. “It's got to be the hair that does it... though... this isn't all that bad of a view either.”


“Yer sick man, sick.” Mark chuckled, shaking his head, and pulled her away from Stephanie as he passionately kissed her. “How come you didn't get that excited when I made my return?” He was actually pouting, Mark Callaway AKA the Undertaker, was POUTING!



Whipping out her cell phone, Stephanie snapped a picture, causing Mark to growl back at her. “Blackmail.” She smiled sweetly before practically bolting down the hallway.


“You know how many times you've made a return? It gets old after awhile.” Callie laughed, kissing him when he growled. “Come on handsome, the night in young and so am I. I feel like a drink and dancing, let's go out.” She danced out of his reach, crooking a finger at him. “I know you don't dance but I'll change your mind, c'mon…”


“I was thinking the hotel and a nice hot shower together.” Mark suggested, groaning when she shook her head, and sighed heavily.


:Do we really have to go out dancing?” He asked as they walked to his motorcycle, letting her petite form drag him along. “I promise I'll make it worth your while if we go back to the hotel, darlin'.”




She gave in, she always did and indeed it was worth her while. Though it didn't stop her wanting to go out dancing. So the next night, she rounded up her fellow Divas for girl's night out, including the moody Melina.


“It'll do you some good.” She coaxed sweetly.



“What would do me some good is bashing David's lying skull in.”



“As both his best friend and wife, I can't allow that.” Callie giggled when Melina just groaned. “You love him, you know you do, now let's fucking go!”


“Did you hear about Irvine's return?” Maria giggled as she downed another shot of the tequila they‘d brought in -against rules of course- sighing dreamily. “I swear if he ever grows his hair out again, I'll kill him. He looks fuckable with short hair.”






“What? Come ON! You ladies canNOT tell me that man isn't deliciously fuckable with short spiked hair! You'd have be a nun not to think he isn't!”


Callandra caught the look Mel shot her and raised a finger to her lips, shaking her head. She wasn't thinking about that certain hottie tonight, tonight was for the girls, not the boys, or thoughts of the boys. “Maria, hush up and let's go.”



“Oh she's gonna be doing this all night. Hell, Chris is before how many of our time?” Ashley watched the raised hands in the room. “That's what I thought.”



“I was here.”



“In the back.” Ashley snickered. “Miss editor. OUCH, hey, no pillows!”



Smirking, Callie walked out of the room. “I don't know about you bitches, but I'm in the mood to dance.” She linked arms with Melina, both women wearing jersey dresses that showed off their backs. Cal's was blue to match her eyes while Mel's was black to match her mood.


“I don't want to go, Callie. I just want to sulk in my miserable life.” Melina grumbled as she was practically dragged to the elevator. She missed David, she couldn't help it. “How could he not tell me about you two?”



“Maybe because he knew you'd overreact. I mean come on Melly, he's a womanizer, a player! He doesn't care about anyone's feelings but his own.” Maria piped in, following them out, sounding way too cheerful for this type of conversation.


Callie sighed and shoved her friend into the nearest open door, closing it behind them. She heard Maria's insane giggles and had to wonder if the woman had brain damage. “Probably because he knew how you'd react Mel. Look, there he is, go attack him and make up. You both love each other so get over it, we're fixing this.”



Melina studied David's hung head for a second before going for it, pouncing his ass.



“Hmmm... I just ran out of people to hang with.” Callie mused, chuckling softly when the pair disappeared into a locker room. Shrugging, she headed to the parking lot.


Before she knew it, Callandra was on her ass in the parking lot, flashing her lower regions as the individual who bumped into her covered his eyes.


“Oh uh, sorry about that miss.” He held out a hand, being respectful of her predicament, and cleared his throat when she was fully covered again. The dress had slid up around her waist and from what he could tell, she was wearing midnight blue lace panties. He uncovered his eyes and smiled at her. “Are you okay?”


Callie's eyes widened, staring at the man before her. Obviously he didn't recognize her but that was okay, very okay. She recognized him and that was enough, all things considered. Callandra had been in the WWE for a long time, like, before he had left. Though that was leading down memory lane, bad bad bad bad.


“Yeah, I'm fine, thanks. I uh, didn't mean to walk into you.” She said finally, her tongue coming unglued from the roof of her mouth.


As Chris peered closer at her, his eyes suddenly widened, a smile breaking out on his gorgeous face. “My god, Callandra?” He lifted her up in his arms and spun her around in circles, hugging her tightly before finally setting her back down. “Damn girl, you're STILL around here?” He laughed when she nodded. “It's been a long ass time. How've you been?”


“I've been.” Callie smiled brightly, staring up at him. It was hard not to smile around Chris, he was that kind of guy. Not to mention he was 'fuckable' as Maria had so eloquently put it, but Callie had known that for years. “And of course I'm still here, I love my job, you know that. I'm glad you're coming back, Chris.” She raked a hand through her hair, looking uncertain for a moment. “You're debuting tonight or just popping in?”


“Just popping in, familiarizing myself with the company. Steph is pissed because my return got leaked into the interest gossip stream so she's going to make the fans wait for my return.” He chuckled, shaking his head. “I don't see why I'm so special, do I really have that much to offer this sport?” He smirked when she nodded, his blue eyes twinkling with delight. “So where are you off to in such a hurry?”


“Actually, I've been having this itch to go dancing so I was off to this club downtown.” Callie blushed under the knowing look he gave her. “So you're going to bat for Smackdown?” At his nod, she beamed again. “That's great, I wonder who they'll run you against though? Paul just got transferred to feud with Mark…”


“They were going to put me on RAW, but I guess Stephanie wants the return to knock the fans for a loop.”


She suddenly face palmed herself, remembering her boyfriend and inwardly sighed. “I have to go back inside actually…” She'd forgotten to stop by and tell him she was going out. Maybe she'd free Maria and take the chicklet, providing she kept her mouth shut.


“How bout I go with you dancing? You know me, I can bust a move like the rest of them.” He started doing the moon walk, but it was horribly done and laughed. “Okay so maybe I can't do THAT move, but I can still bust a move.”


“I know you can, I've seen you dance before, haven't I?” She replied cheekily, walking back into the arena with him. “Here, this is my cell number, call me when you're ready to go. Though expect some company, there's a lot of people excited about your return. If you can't make it, that's cool too.” She waved and disappeared around the corner, trying to calm down her racing heart. Could she help it he was so cute?


Chris looked down at her cell number she'd scrawled on his hand and smirked, deciding he might just take her up on that offer, and walked away with a kick to his step.



“There you are!” Mark called out as he walked up to her and kissed her lips softly. “I thought you'd already left to go dancing.” He smiled when she simply shook her head. “Listen, you know it's not my scene so would ya mind if I just headed back to the hotel and let ya go out with yer friends for the night?”


“Yeah yeah yeah, old man.” Callie sighed, shaking her head. She bit the inside of her lip, contemplating what to tell him. She wasn't a liar so she went with the truth. “Chris is here tonight, he might join up with us and go steppin' too. You know, catch up.” She told him finally, studying his face.


Mark's eyes flashed for a moment with the jealousy that was very common and decided he was going to go too. There was no way he was letting Irvine take what was his and what he'd worked so hard to claim back after their falling out. “I'm gonna go too. Hell, I'll just sleep at the hotel and who really needs sleep anyway?” He grinned at her and kissed her softly. “I'll call you when I'm ready to leave.”




Callandra was on the dance floor with the girls, all of them laughing as they partied. Melina was doing a sort of striptease for David who was sitting with Mark. Both men not up for dancing but watching to make sure no trouble happened. Callie stepped back, her margarita in hand and headed to get a refill, laughing and waving at Ashley who was dancing now on a mirror.


Chris heard the laughing and slowly turned his head, smirking when he saw a delicious Callandra before him. She was more beautiful than he remembered, he'd missed her, there was no denying it. He took a sip of his beer and walked over, tapping her on the shoulder. “I was wondering where you were.” He whispered huskily in her ear over the loud music that was blaring all around them.


Callandra jumped about a foot in the air, trying not to laugh. “Trying to give me a heart attack?” She demanded, turning to smile up at him, her 'UT' choker on, everyone knew she was dating Mark, she wasn't hiding it, but that didn't mean she couldn't be friends with a handsome, fuckable guy now did it? Wait, did she just think fuckable? “Why aren't you out there dancing? “


Chris shrugged, taking another long swallow of his beer. “I was actually waiting for someone to ask me.” The lights cast over his blue eyes as he stared back at her, the world suddenly disappearing around them, leaving just the two of them in the moment. “You wouldn't like to dance, would you Callie?” He asked casually, setting his beer back down on the counter.


“I'd love to dance.” She replied, setting down her glass. She lead him out onto the dance floor, the lights dimming to red strobes as a dance version, done by a woman no less, of Uncle Kracker's 'Follow Me' blared out at them. She grinned slightly, loving the song, though this probably wasn't the best time for it to be playing. “Time to show me them moves.” She teased, moving in time to the beat.



You don't know how you met me

You don't know why, you can't turn around and say good-bye

all you know is when i'm with you I make you free

And swim through your veins like a fish in the sea

I'm singing....


Chris grinned down at her, wrapping one arm around her waist, and began swaying in time with her to the music. He loved having this beautiful woman in his arms, feeling her against him. He couldn't believe it'd been this long since they'd last seen each other. He remembered the fling they had for a month back in the day and sighed, knowing she probably forgot about it. He didn't though. How could he forget something that special?


That had been her problem, she hadn't forgotten it. When Stephanie had mentioned Chris coming back, that month had also come flying back. Their secret little fling, secret because at the time Callie had been a straight member of the writing staff and those kind of relationships were forbidden, in case the writer tried to push their interest, which she hadn't.



Follow me

Everything is alright

I'll be the one to tuck you in at night

And if you want to leave

I can guarantee

You won't find nobody else like me


I'm not worried 'bout the ring you wear

Cause as long as no one knows

Then nobody can care

You're feelin' guilty

And I'm well aware

But you don't look ashamed

And baby I'm not scared

I'm singing...



She smiled slightly, turning so her back was to his chest. “Is it me or is this song ironic?”


“Very.” He murmured back in her ear over the music so she could clearly hear him, swaying more with her to the music. It reflected everything he was feeling for her and more. He knew she wasn’t feeling the same though, or was she?


No, she couldn't be. He was an artist, a rockstar, so lyrics and music hit him in ways few people understood. This song mirrored his feelings for her that he'd kept buried for so long.


She danced in silence until a song came on that made her take a step away.



Honey why you calling me so late?

It's kinda hard to talk right now.

Honey why are you crying? Is everything okay?

I gotta whisper 'cause I can't be too loud



Callie groaned inwardly, wondering if the DJ knew something she didn't.



Well, my girl's in the next room

Sometimes I wish she was you

I guess we never really moved on

It's really good to hear your voice say my name

It sounds so sweet

Coming from the lips of an angel

Hearing those words it makes me weak



“Mark's coming.” The words fell from her lips, seeing her boyfriend approaching, trying to see his eyes through the dark club, the lights flashing erratically as people danced on.


Before Mark arrived, Chris slipped something into her hand and walked away, deciding to let her make the decision.



“You ready to get out of here?” He asked gruffly, having seen the moves Chris was putting on her, and decided enough was enough. He didn't notice what was in her hand as he lead her off the dance floor, not caring if he was controlling her again or not. They were leaving together and doing it now.


Callandra didn't mind either because she figured him not beating the tar out of Chris wasn't something to be taken lightly. She pocketed whatever Chris had slipped her and followed, foregoing her rental for Mark’s Harley.


She leaned against Mark's back on the ride to the hotel, her arms around his waist. She could feel his tension and sighed. She was with Mark now, Mark, not Chris. That was long over, long over…


Once they arrived at the hotel, Mark wasted no time in stripping Callandra of her clothes, getting her naked in his bed, in his presence. She was his damn it, HIS! He quickly stripped and pounced on her, getting right down to business. He hated foreplay as much as she did as his cock slowly began sliding inside of her, filling her to the core. This was going to be a straight out fuck, no love, no passion in it. He needed this, he had to get out his anger somehow after seeing that Irvine put his hands all over her earlier.


Okay, she didn't need a whole lotta foreplay but SOME would have been fucking nice.


“Mark, that hurts.” She said calmly, placing her hands on his arms to make him look at her, to stop him. “It generally helps if I'm ready too.” Her blue eyes met his, her face calm though pale.


“Yer not ready?” He questioned, growling when she shook her head, and immediately ripped away from her as he raked a hand through his hair. “I-I need some air.” He then walked out after pulling his jeans back on, not believing he just hurt her again.


What the Hell was wrong with him?


He walked out of the hotel and got on his bike, deciding he had to be alone to think things through.


Callie groaned, drawing her knees up to her chest and shook her head. What was wrong with her? Normally all he had to do was lay his hands on her and that was it, she was ready for the Sexual Olympics. The answer hit her and she lunged for her pants, pulling out what Chris had slipped her.


In her hand lay a key card to Chris's hotel room that was in the same one as her ironically. The numbers glistened back at her, telling her to go to him, and he would make her happier than Mark ever thought possible. It was a sign, it was fate, all she had to do was take the first step and Chris was waiting for her.


She could only stare down at the key, her mind racing. What would happen if she went to his room? What would happen if she didn't? Mark and her had worked things out, was she willing to throw that all away just because her ex -one who still made her insides flutter- had walked back into her life.


What about the fact that she was married? Reluctantly, unknowingly, all of it. Not to mention what if Mark ever found out? Then what? Then she'd be fucked three ways from Sunday... Maybe... Oh man...




Chris was in his hotel room, wearing just a pair of black pajama pants that had lightening bolts on them. He'd taken a shower to get the smell of smoke off of him and was currently enjoying a glass of Jack. He knew Callandra wouldn't come to his room, she was with Mark, that was obvious. “Damn…“ He sighed heavily, his head suddenly whipping up when a knock sounded at his door.


It was Callandra, looking a bit scared and unsure of herself. She stepped inside, closing the door quickly. “Chris... what is this?” She held up the key. “Please tell me this is not a booty call... actually, if this is something that's going to make me cry or confuse my heart, tell me it's a booty call.”


He didn't say a word to her. Just cupped her face in his hands, passionately and thoroughly kissing her. It wasn't the alcohol either, it was her. She intoxicated him, made his mind spin out of control. She always had, which is why he could never make love to his wife after having that small affair with her back in the day. When he broke the kiss, he stared down into her eyes, telling her silently everything she needed to know, all of her answers.


Her blue eyes filled with tears, tears that sparkled but didn't fall. “Aw damn, why couldn't it have been a call?” She whispered, shaking her head. She already knew what was in his heart, his eyes and that kiss told it all. Now her heart was in turmoil, why the hell couldn't he have just... shot her, it'd of been kinder.


“I have to go... I have to think” She murmured, reaching up to cup his face with her much smaller hands, a gesture she always used on him to let him know she wasn't mad. “I'll talk to you soon, Chris.” Then she was gone.


Chris sighed as his eyes slid shut, hearing the door close gently behind her. He didn't stop her, he wanted too god help him, but he knew Callandra. He knew she needed time and would accept it. It was painful, but he would get through it and decided it was time for bed.




“Riddle me David, what would you do if you had two women tugging at your heart?” Callie asked the next morning as she and her friend worked out together, catching up since they'd both been kind of busy with their significant other's. “Like, you loved the one you're with but then an old flame showed up?”


“Who's the other guy?” David bluntly asked, sighing when she was taken aback by the question, and knew he'd hit the nail on the head. “Chris.”


He didn't even need her answer to know who she was trying to ask hypothetically. “You choose the one you love unconditionally, the one that makes your heart stop and your pussy swell.” He grinned, not able to resist that last one, and chuckled. “Sorry…”


She popped him upside the head. “I don't know... And you make one more comment like that and I'll take your ass to court for adultery.” She giggled when he groaned. “It was a joke! Maybe I need some downtime? Get my head cleared. No... last time Mark found me.” Callie put down the weights and walked over to a kick boxing bag, beating the hell out of it with her feet and knees. “Let's see…”


“How bout you and Melina go away for a few days to Hawaii and I'll make sure to stay on Mark's toes. Hell, I'll even share a hotel room with the man.” He made a face. “Don't look at me like that, I'm your best friend so I'm willing to put myself on the line.” He started lifting the bar again. “I know Melina has been dying for a vacation, you two could use a girls only one to help clear your mind. I'll make sure Chris stays put as well.”




So it was off to Hawaii for two nights, three days. Which actually turned into two weeks simply because the women refused to leave. That and Callandra was actually getting a tan.


“Okay, so you and David are together but you refuse to sleep with him why again?” Callie demanded, rolling onto her stomach to stare at her friend. She caught the smug look on Mel's face and snickered. “You're just testing him aren't you?!? That's cruel!”



“Hey, it's his fault for lying to me! if he wants back in my pants that badly, he'll wait patiently. I want to make sure I'm the only one for him and he won't go and screw the first thing with tits.” She smirked and took a sip of her daiquiri, sighing in contentment. “I could literally stay here forever. It's so peaceful here and I haven't thought about any of my problems in the past two weeks. So what are you going to do about Mark and Chrissy?”


“I haven't thought about it.”


As far as women went, Mel had to be her closest friend.


“I love Mark, though his temper scares the shit out of me. I don't know about Chris... I mean, he stills get me revving.” She smirked when Melina just snorted. “I know, he gets all the girls revving. I care about him, I love him... Why two guys? Can't I have them both? Never mind, I already know the answer to that. Think Dave would mind footing the bill for another week here?”


“As much as I'd love for that to happen, we can't run away from our problems, honey. Come on, we have a flight to catch.” Melina stated, sitting up from where she'd been lying, and held out her hand to her best friend.


Callandra was just that, her best friend, and nothing would change that.


“I hope David doesn't freak out with the bill. It's over ten grand…“ She giggled, knowing he wouldn't mind because it was his wife and his girlfriend. How fucking messed up did THAT sound?




When the two Divas arrived back at work, having gone straight to the arena from the airport, they parted ways with hugs. Callie had baked, she was TANNED! Which actually went well with her hair and eyes. She sported a dress she'd charged to her hubby's card, knowing he'd freak out but when he seen it he'd be cool, David was like that with clothes. It was black with palm trees on it, a tank dress that came over her knees. She didn't normally go for patterns but she'd liked this one.




“TEN FUCKING GRAND?!” David's voice boomed down the hallway, Melina literally flying down it, passing her best friend.


“Uhh run NOW!” She shouted just as David came charging up to his best friend/wife.


“YOU TWO SPENT TEN FUCKING GRAND?” He bellowed, the anger clearly in his eyes, and just as it looked like he was about to snap her in two, he started laughing along with her while Melina looked at him incredulously. “We got you good, Mel!”


Callie was giggling like crazy. “Mel... breathe honey.” She advised. “Dave, that wasn't very nice. It was a well worth it ten grand by the way, wait until you see what Melina bought to WEAR for you.” At his sudden raised eyebrow and grin, she knew he was good to go. “I need to go find Mark. He might not recognize me with dark skin.”



“I'll kill you later.” Melina promised, busy being sweet talked about these wearibles.


Mark was shadowboxing when the door opened and he stopped, staring at the newly tanned and fresh looking Callandra, whistling low from the back of his throat. “Simply beautiful.” He stated and walked over to her, kissing her passionately. “I'm sorry about what happened a few weeks ago. Forgive me?” His green eyes were pleading with her to understand and forgive him.


“I always do don't I?” She replied, smiling gently. “Next time, grab the lube.” She had to laugh at the look on his face, knowing he hadn't been expecting that. “So were you a good boy while I was away or do I need to send this back?” Callandra got into her bag, pulling out a white, satin teddy and holding it up.


Mark licked his dried lips and shut the door behind him, locking it. “How bout you model that fer me now?” He suggested, his voice going low and husky. It bothered him though that he had to use lube on her because usually just by him talking to her or looking at her, she was on fire for him. He pushed that thought aside, knowing it was only a one time deal and it wouldn't happen again.


“I could…” She agreed, disappearing into the bathroom. When Callandra came out, she wasn't surprised to find him waiting in just his jeans. Her blue eyes practically glowed as she took him in, the time in Hawaii doing her loads of good, physically and mentally, mainly because she hadn't thought about a damn thing but enjoying herself. She placed her hands on her hips, all her curves accented to their fullest, curving her lips at him. “Well?”


Before Callandra knew it, Mark had her pressed against the wall, his fingers delving into her wetness, smirking when he felt how truly soaking she was for him. That's the way she always was. It was a one time thing and that made Mark sigh with inner relief as he began kissing down her neck. He didn't say a word as his fingers worked their magic, thrusting in and out of her. “Cum for me, baby...cum for me.” He huskily whispered in her ear, flicking her earlobe with his tongue.


Not a problem. Two weeks without sex, Mark kissing her hot spots, that VOICE, she was writhing against his hand, mewling like a kitten, complete putty he could mold. She leaned back against the wall, trying to regain her breath. Her hands shot out, fumbling with his belt buckle then reached inside, freeing him.


In a rare moment -simply because she wasn't the kind of girl who liked giving head- she dropped down to her knees, taking him in her mouth. He knew the rules, he grabbed her hair or touched her head, she'd stop.


Mark braced his hands against the walls, laying them flat as he growled out in pure ecstasy. She rarely did this ever and when she did, it completely blew his mind away. “Oh fuck!” He grunted out, hitting the wall with his hands, trying with all his might to keep from thrusting his hips fore ward.


She inwardly smirked, loving it when she was in control. When she turned him into putty, it made her day. Callie knew he was itching to let himself go but refused to allow it. Simply because the last time he'd grabbed her hair to keep her head still, not happening. She heard a knock on the door followed by Melina's voice and pulled away, glancing at the clock. “Oh shit! Coming Mel!”



“You bitch! We got a promo, come on!” Melina cursed, stalking off.


Mark growled, not believing she did that. “You will pay for that later.” He promised darkly, his Undertaker voice coming out, and stalked in the bathroom to get an ice cold shower





Chris grunted when Callandra collided into him after rushing out of the dressing room. “Jesus, where's the fire?” He asked softly, holding her at arms length. She looked even more beautiful if that's possible.


“I got a promo!” Callie said, not worried in the slightest about Mark. He'd recover and deal with it. She smiled at Chris, trying not to melt. “I really hate to run but I'm FUCKING LATE! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!” She cursed as she ran.



“It's so fucking on!” Melina screeched, in character when she seen her current on-screen foe and tackled.



Eeek! Get her off me!” Callie screamed, her character not too much of a fighter, more Maria-ish then anything, which is why they played sisters. “Oh no, not my face! It'll bruise, I have a date!”



The camera man had to cover his mouth to keep from laughing.



“A date?” Mel asked when the promo ended. “You about made me bust up with that Cal.”


Chris was laughing so hard, tears were in his blue eyes as he shook back at them, not believing what she'd said. “Oh that was too good. Callie, you really need to keep that ditzy character going. Maria was getting too boring and dull.” He smiled and walked over to her, looking down into her eyes deeply. “Can we talk...alone?”


“Uh, yeah sure.”



“Cal has the market cornered on ditzy.”



“Fuck you Mel-Mel.” Callie shouted over her shoulder as she walked off with Chris. She halted at the door to the room. “It stays open.” She said gently. “I don't exactly trust myself at the moment.” She was being honest, he was making her head spin, she'd forgotten how good he smelled.


“Very well.” Chris smiled at her as they both entered and he closed the door, leaving it cracked. “I don't want anyone else overhearing our conversation, but it's still open.” He gestured to the door and cleared his throat, raking a hand through his hair. “Did you think about what happened?”


“I did, sort of. Chris... I don't know what to say.” Callandra said softly, twisting her hands before her. She realized she'd cut her promo in her white lingerie, glad the bottom was back in place or else she'd of been screwed and slapped her forehead for being a moron. “Sorry, that wasn't you, it was me. Chris... I... don't know. I care about you-she wasn't admitting she loved him still- but right now, Mark and I are... She inhaled, trying to figure this out. I guess I'm trying to sort it out still.”


“You choose Mark.” He wasn't stupid and hated beating around the bush about things. “At least I know now. I won't keep chasing you. I hope he can make you happy, Callandra.” He caressed her face with his face and smiled sadly before walking out the door, deciding to be the better man.


Callandra walked around after that, not caring that she was in lingerie, this was the WWE, nobody cared, it was usual. She even stepped outside and joined some of the crew for a cigarette, a habit she had quit but felt the need for one. She cried a little, tried sorting things out, nothing was working. She didn't know what to do. It seemed Chris had made the choice for them both.


Finally she returned to Marks dressing room, pretty certain he was in the ring.


She was right, he was in the ring, wrestling Paul.



“Hey pumpkin britches.” David said by way of greeting as he walked in, holding a bag of chips with a water, and plopped down on the couch. One look from her told him the entire story and he sighed. “You're still trying to figure out what to do aren't you.” It wasn't a question, he knew her better than anyone.


“Yes indeed I am.” She replied, taking his water and drowning it. She tossed the empty bottle over her shoulder and burped, listening as he followed suit, outdoing her. “You win. I just spent an hour walking around in this.” She gestured to her teddy. “I even SMOKED. I can't figure out what to do. But... Chris did. I'm with Mark.”


“Are you sure he's what you want, Callie?” David asked hesitantly, raking a hand through his hair, and sighed heavily when she didn't say or do anything. “I think you should sleep with Chris to see what exactly is there and then make your ultimate decision.” He suggested finally, knowing it was wrong, but at the same time, it was the smartest thing he could think to say.


“Sleep with Chris? That is the dumbest thing you've ever said David and you've had some real humdingers in your time.” Callandra said crossly, starting in on his chips. Sleeping with him doesn't equal love in my book. I already know the sex is great because I slept with him when we dated.” She handed him the chips. ”Mark's match is over... and why the fuck did he lose? To Paul? What the hell?”


She frowned. “Tomorrow, I'm looking over the scripts, this can't be right... They're not letting Paul beat him on the first try, it's wrong.” She knew what it was, putting Paul over on the SD crowd, which wasn't needed but the writer's were apparently kissing his ass, you know, being married to a McMahon.


“Mark agreed to it. He wants to take some time off to... you didn't know?” David seen the look on her face and bit his bottom lip, raking a hand through his black hair. “Would you look at the time! Good luck with your problem!” He then bolted out the door, knowing he'd just spilled something he shouldn't have.



Mark seen David whiz past him and raised an eyebrow as he walked into his dressing room. “What did you do to your hubby?”


“Apparently spooked him with my lack of knowledge.” She was pleased to see his mood wasn't still sour, though she was fixing to put it that way, again. Though not with a repeat performance of earlier. “So... Honey…” She smiled sweetly. “What's this I hear about you taking time off and me having a problem?”


“Shit, he spilled.” Mark grunted, staring down at her. “I need surgery on my elbow so I have to take time off for recovery and whatnot. Vince won't let you off the road, but I'll call and come visit when I can. I'll be out around six months.” He explained, not happy about it, but if he didn't want his career to end abruptly. He wasn't dumb.


“And I'm hearing about this NOW because?” She demanded, getting up and slamming the door shut. “What the hell Mark? Instead of jumping me earlier you couldn't have sat me down and told me you needed surgery? What the hell is wrong with you? I'm AM going off the road, just so I can make sure you're in as much pain as humanely possible!”


“You can't, you just took two plus weeks off to go to Hawaii. Vince is not going to allow it, I've already asked him. You have to stay on the road.” Mark stated, raking his hands through his hair, knowing she was upset with him. “I'm sorry, honey...I was gonna tell you tonight at the hotel after we celebrated your return.” He added, hoping that smoothed things over a bit.


“WE'RE not celebrating ANYTHING, Mark Callaway! I'm going to the room and going to bed! Then I'm going to wake up, remember this conversation and start hollering at you again!” She snatched up her bag, whipping out a 'Been There, Done That' shirt and pulled it over her teddy. “Let's go.”


Mark grumbled as he lowered his head like a scolded dog and reluctantly walked out, knowing she was pissed. He knew she was pissed and had every reason to be, but he didn't know how to go about telling her. “Come on, darlin', don't be mad at me. I just found out a few days ago and wanted to wait for the right time to tell you. Please don't be angry at me, Callie. I love ya, darlin…”


She didn't say a word until they were in their hotel room, finally looking at him. “This is bullshit Mark, complete bullshit. You should have told me sooner. Then to wrestle and risk hurting yourself even more…” She shook her head, pulling off the tee shirt and dropped down on the bed. “I can't believe this…” Now she was at risk of taking David's advice, simply because she wouldn't have her boyfriend around to remind her.


“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?” Mark exploded, finally having enough of her ranting and raving. “I JUST FUCKIN' FOUND OUT A FEW DAYS AGO AND YOU WERE IN FUCKIN' HAWAII GETTIN' TANNED AND PROBABLY SCREWING ANYTHIN' THAT MOVES!” He was too angry to really realize what he was saying. His temper was up, she wasn't going to treat him like he was a scolded child, he was a man damn it. A man!




He did it, NOW she was pissed. Callandra stood up on the bed, making herself eye level with him, her fists balling. “I WANT YOU TO BE HONEST WITH ME ABOUT THINGS LIKE THAT YOU FUCKING STUPID BASTARD! I WANT YOU TO TELL ME WHEN YOU'RE HURT! AND SCREWIN' WHATEVER WALKS?” She slapped the taste out of his mouth, her eyes radiating blue fire. “I know what I WON'T be screwing! YOU!”


Mark actually blinked, not believing she just struck him. Before he knew it, his hand collided with her face, backhanding her hard, watching as she fell off the bed to the floor below. “Don't you EVER strike me again, BITCH! Have you forgotten who the fuck I AM?” He roared, distancing himself from her so he didn't hit her again. He was that pissed off.


Slowly, Callandra sat up, feeling her face, automatically checking to make sure nothing was broken, like the last time. “Yeah, I did forget who you are.” She said quietly, standing on shaking feet and padding over to the mirror. She scanned the bruise with narrowed eyes, deciding it was time HE was the one put in HIS place. She was through with this shit.


“First off Mark, you EVER hit me like this again and we're done. You accused me of 'screwin' whatever walks' when we BOTH know it's a lie. I wouldn't cheat on you.” She rounded on him, pulling her hair back so he could see the rapidly forming black and blue mark. “You like this? You LIKE seeing my face like this? Because if you do, hit the other side and I'll leave. We fucking clear?”


“You won’t leave me because you don’t have the guts and you fuckin’ know it, Callandra. You love me.“ He shouted at her. “I’m the most important thing in yer life, we both know it! No matter what I do, how much I hurt you, you’ll still love me until the day you fuckin’ DIE.“


“You might be right Mark. But I'll be damned if I stay and let you hit me again.” Callie said coldly. “I'd sure as hell rather be lonely and loving you, then loving you and smiling through my tears. I mean it, you ever hit me again and I'll leave. This time, I won't be coming back.” She stormed into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind her.


“FUCKING ASSHOLE!” She screamed when she seen the entire side of her face from hairline to her lower jaw was bruised. “YOU DICK! I HAVE TO WORK WITH THIS FACE!” She came stalking back out, rummaging for her make-up bag.


“Calm down, it'll go down if you put ice on it.” He gruffly replied, not believing she'd leave him, and walked over to lay on the bed, his arm was killing him something fierce. “I won't hit ya if ya kept yer mouth shut and didn't yell at me. Ya deserved that one, you crossed the line, Callie.”


“Oh yeah, swelling will go down but the bruise will be there.” She snarled, applying foundation. “I crossed the line? Well excuse me massah, poor lil ol' me didna realize youse could talk bad bout lil ole me an' git way wit' it!” She said mockingly, adapting a 'slave' voice and spun around to stare at him. “You have some serious double standards. I hope your arm is killing you by the way.”


“Fuck you.” Mark snarled back, ignoring the pain. “Just get yer ass in there and… powder yer nose or somethin’!” He wanted to be left alone, obviously the only thing they were doing tonight was fighting and that only pissed him off more. “By the way, next time you suck me off, finish the fuckin’ job cuntrag!”


“FINISH THE JOB YOUR FUCKING SELF!” She shrieked, tossing the foundation bottle at him and getting him right in the balls. “YOU ARROGANT, COCKSUCKING SON OF A BITCH!”


Callandra stormed into the bathroom, slamming the door shut so hard pictures fell off the wall, shattering when they landed. She didn't care and broke the mirror too while she was at it, finally just getting in the shower, under a cold spray, hoping it calmed her down before she actually tried to kill him.


Mark growled as he writhed in pain on the bed, slowly standing up from it. “She's...going to pay for...that... “He grunted out, stumbling to the bathroom door, and when it was locked, he kicked it in, splinters flying everywhere. He grabbed her by her hair out of the shower and practically threw her out, not caring if he gave her rug burn. “GET THE FUCK OUT NOW BEFORE I FUCKING KILL YOU, BITCH!”


Callandra moved and began crying, rolling over and crawling, right out of the patch of glass she'd skidded in. Her back, backside and back of her legs were bleeding, glass embedded in her flesh.



“MARK, OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR RIGHT NOW!” Came Melina's voice from outside the room, along with Maria and Ashley, the three having been walking by when they heard the duo shouting at each other. “MARK, CALLANDRA, UNLOCK THE FUCKING DOOR!”



Callie couldn't do anything more then lie there and cry.





“GO TO HELL, MELINA!” Mark practically ripped the door off of its hinges and shoved all three of them away, his temper completely outraged. “GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE NOW!” He watched as they all bolted down the hallway and stormed out, leaving the door open a crack.



Chris had heard the screaming down the hallway and waited for Mark to leave before rushing into his hotel room. “Jesus... Callandra!” He rushed to her side and carefully lifted her up, needing to get her to the hospital. She was bleeding everywhere. “Stay with me, sweetheart.”


“I'm not dying, I'm in pain!” She managed to get out, basically over his shoulder, buck naked.



“What the hell did he do to you?” Melina demanded, appearing out of nowhere and draped her coat gently over her friend. “I'm getting David... YOUR FACE!”



“Screw her face, did you see her ass?”





“Would you all shut the fuck up for TWO seconds?” Chris snapped, needing to get her to the hospital. “Those are deep gashes, Callie now be quiet and let me take care of you!” He carried her out of the hospital and put her in his car on her stomach in the backseat, knowing her ass, thighs and back were cut up pretty badly, and sped off to the hospital. “I'll fucking kill him for doing this to you!”




“Well Mr. Irvine, the glass was removed though we did have to actually cut her open some more to remove some of the more embedded shards.” The doctor said hours later. “Miss Black can leave tomorrow afternoon if she feels up to it. We patched the wounds, her skin will heal naturally though she will be scarred.”



Melina was already in Callie's room. “What happened tonight?”



“I broke a lot of fucking glass.”


They both looked up when Chris walked into the room.


“Why did he do this?” He demanded, arms folding over his chest.


“Because I slapped him, called him a lot of bad names and broke a lot of glass.” She said bluntly.



“Oh, so because you treated him like he treats you, he decided to make you into a pin cushion?”



“Actually, he was trying to throw me out, I don't think he realized the glass was there.”



“You are so not getting back with him. You're MARRIED, remember? You can go live with your husband... and me.”


“No, she's staying with me.” Chris spoke up, glaring at Melina when she went to argue. “I love her, Melina and nobody and nothing is going to stop me from taking her back on the road with me and taking care of her. NOTHING and NOBODY.”




“How'd I let you talk me into this?” Maria demanded three weeks later.



“Because you're my most gullible friend.” Callandra replied, feeling much better. She was pretty much mended, save for some interesting soon-to-be scars. She and Maria had returned to Houston -without anyone's knowledge- to get Callie's stuff. They'd done some research and Mark was in physical therapy. “Look, we're in and out, okay?”



“If not, I'LL kill you.”


“This is so fucking dramatic.” Callie muttered, glancing at her friend. Maria was decked out in all black, looking like she'd jump if something so much as said boo. Callie herself had opted for track pants and a white tank top with sneakers. Running sneakers. She halted in the bedroom when she seen the jewelry box, an exact replica of her mother's and felt tears brimming in her eyes. “That fucker…”



“I'm getting garbage bags, you boohoo on your own.” Maria snorted, walking out, clutching a baseball bat tightly in her hands.


Maria found the kitchen with no problem, rifling through the cupboards, frowning. She was reaching for the box of garbage bags when she felt something soft and damp being pressed over her mouth. She let out a terrified squeak, muffled of course, before her eyes rolled up into the back of her head.


Callandra had been so engrossed in packing her things that she didn’t notice anything until it was too late. Too late meaning everything went dark.




“Chris?” Callandra whispered when she had regained consciousness, trying to open her eyes but they were blindfolded, which was probably a good thing because the room might spin. “David? Mel? Guys, this isn't funny.” Somewhere it registered this wasn't a prank gone wrong but just wrong. “Mark?” She finally asked softly, chewing on her lower lip.


The blindfold was ripped away. “Well looky what we got here.”


That was David.


When her vision cleared, she spotted her friend towering over her, a sneer on his lips. Slowly, Callie looked around, blinking rapidly when she seen Mark leaning against a wall, studying her broodingly.


It took several very long seconds to digest what was happening. David, her best friend... no way, no fucking way! Callandra tried to sit up, only to realize she was tied down and not in the best of positions, plus her head was spinning. Then factor in the change of clothes, her new… could it be called a dress or a glorified silk robe?


“What's going on?” She demanded in a calm tone of voice, hysteria just a bit behind.


“You fell for it. I can’t believe this, you’re still to easy.” David shook his head almost sadly, glancing over his shoulder. “I’ll tell her, shall I?”


Mark just nodded, green eyes unreadable.


Callandra, darling, your marriage to me, your relationship with Mark, all part of a little plan.” David said calmly, sitting on the edge of the bed and placing a hand on her bare upper thigh, kneading the flesh. “It took me a few years to realize who the hell you were, by then you and Mark were dating, how fucked up is that? Of course, we’d been friends for awhile so when it sunk in, it was kind of a blessing, you know? I’m guessing you have no idea what I’m talking about? You honestly don‘t recognize either of us? That‘s just no fun.”


Now she was confused, totally confused. “Is this a joke?” She finally asked, wondering if they had both gone loco, or if she was being Punk'd. Those were the only two logical explanations. “What the hell are you two going on about? What is this? Why should... what the hell do you mean by not recognizing you? I know you both…” She began to wonder if she drugged.


“Think back darling. Think REALLY fuckin’ hard.” David’s voice lowered to a growl, his grip on her leg tightening painfully. He rolled his eyes at her blank look. “Let’s see… we were seniors at the time and you were just some freshman, god… we’re getting old, aren’t we?” He chuckled softly. “Senior prom… high school… This freshman, let’s call her Cal shall we? Cal went with two seniors to their prom, what a lucky bitch huh? Then she ditched them just before they got busted for a prank.”


Callandra looked at Mark, trying to gauge his reaction.


David wasn’t paying any attention to that, too busy reliving what apparently had been a horrible moment in his young life. “The prank had been vandalizing the school, damn Cal worked quick. One minute she was in the bathroom powdering her nose, the next Mark and I were being hauled off for spray painting lockers, as well as for some drugs in our lockers.” His eyes were a stormy brown now. “Two star football players, careers killed all because of a prank. Isn‘t that sad?”


It took several long seconds to digest that. “Wait- this is payback after a stupid PRANK?” She asked finally, beginning to laugh her ass off. “You two are such fucking morons! That was TEN years ago and you're both wealthy, famous... AND... you SUCKED!” She couldn't help it, all she could do was laugh, not probably the best idea given the circumstances but the mere idea of two full grown men spending a decade planning revenge over a high school prank sent her mind reeling. “So what now? Going to beat the tar out of me? Mind not using glass? I'm still pretty fucking scarred.”


David didn’t find that funny. “Because of you, I never finished high school. I spent most of my life on the fucking streets. My first marriage didn’t last because I didn’t trust women! AND IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! YOU MADE ME WHAT I AM!”


“Calm down, Bautista.” Mark said in a low, smooth voice.


“Let me just put her out of my misery.” David snarled, backhanding her across the face.”


“Oh God, please do!” She begged, blood trickling from the corner of her mouth. “I wouldn't have set either of you fucks up if you'd HELPED me instead of letting your football friends pass me around like I was some kind of toy! You both just walked away while I screamed for help, I'm GLAD you've both suffered. Go ahead Mark, put me out of my misery. I'm miserable knowing I loved a man who did nothing but plot revenge for ten years…” She snorted, spitting blood on them. “FUCK YOU BOTH.”


“First off sweetness, I didn’t walk away, I fucked you five ways from Sunday. Mark walked away.” David clarified. “Secondly, you enjoyed it. You were screaming like the slut you are as we all took you in every hole you got! You were a slut then, you’re a slut now. Born a slut and you’re going to die a slut.”


She grew red faced. She had screamed in pleasure, mainly so they'd get it over quicker, but it had been a painful and humiliating experience. “You done yet?” She asked quietly, closing her eyes.


What was killing her was the fact that she had called David her best friend, confided everything in him... and that she had once given her heart to Mark. If she got off this bed, she'd kill them. Her prank from high school would seem like tea time.


“We’re almost done with the talking, sweetheart.” David chuckled wickedly. He bent down, pressing his face to her neck, inhaling deeply. “You see, you’re still my wife, we both know the marriage was consummated. No lawyers were ever called, did you know? And by the way, I knew about the marriage. I fixed your drink and popped the question. Then when we got back to that apartment you lived in at the time, I hid the license in a shoebox, knowing you’d find it. How cool is that? Though I do admit it, I didn’t know who you were at the time, all I knew was I wanted you and I was going to have you. I’m deranged, I admit that too.”


She turned her head to the side when he began kissing his way to her lips.


“Mark is just going to stand there and watch. He couldn’t do it last time because he felt sorry for your little ass, but this time… well, time is a funny thing, it can change the way people think.” David’s voice was husky in her ear. “This time, you’ll remember every little thing I do, and you’ll like.” His large hands gripped the straps of her gown, tearing it away.


David got no further.


Callandra screamed when David’s body slumped over her, looking at Mark to see him unscrewing a silencer from a hand gun.


Mark pulled the now dead but still warm body off of her, letting it drop to the floor. “No matter what was said today Callandra, I do love yeh. I loved yeh then an’ I tried to save yeh. I didn’t know who the hell ya were until David told me.” He told her, untying her.


Callandra stared at the gun, then looked down at David, her eyes widening at the pool of blood beginning to stain everything. “Give me the gun, Mark.” She said slowly, not entirely sure what was happening or going to happen but also knowing instinctively he wasn't going to kill her, himself maybe, but not her. She shot off the bed and knocked it out of his hands, staring up at him. “Now... what the HELL is going on?”


“That night at the bonfire, month a’fore prom. You remember that.” He seen her wince and knew she did, they both did all too well. “I went to stop him and a few of the guys stopped me. David and I went to jail after prom, you never let me explain and then when ya asked us to prom, I didn’t know what the hell to think. Hittin’ you, all of it, well not all… a lot of that was my jealousy but part of it was because I had to convince Dave I was on his side, that I hated you, it was the only way to find out what the hell he was up too and even then, I didn’t know until tonight.” He hung his head. “I did my best to protect yeh darlin’, even if it didn’t seem like it.”


She blinked, turning around to show her badly scarred back and legs. “This is protecting me? Breaking my nose, slapping me... protecting me?” She asked softly, confusion in her voice. “Why couldn't you have just told me, Mark? Instead you did one worse, you broke my heart…” Callandra wrapped her arms around herself, looking anywhere but at the dead body or Mark, feeling her stomach beginning to do cartwheels. “Well... at least he didn't hurt this.” She murmured finally, brushing her knuckles against her stomach.


Mark couldn’t answer her, there was no answer he could give. He’d done his best, which had at the same time been the worst. He wasn’t asking her to forgive him and he sure as hell wasn’t expecting it. “The glass bit, that was an accident.” He did say, not about to let her think for a second he had done that one on purpose, thrown her, yes. Which he shouldn’t have, but he hadn’t intended for her to wind up a pin cushion. His eyes strayed down to her stomach. “Who’s is it?”


“Yours.” She said softly. “I wanted to tell you, I'd found out in Hawaii, but then we were fighting... Now this.” Callie got shakily to her feet, taking a step towards the door. “All this time…” She whispered, her eyes straying back to David then to Mark.


“All this fucking time Mark! You knew! You knew and you STILL let him do it and you HELPED HIM!” She tossed herself at him, beating him with her fists as hard as she could in a gesture of anger and helplessness. “How could you do that to me if you really loved me?!?”


“I was doin’ what I thought was best, and failed miserably.” He whispered hoarsely, letting her assault him. “I love you Callandra, I’m probably gonna love yeh till my dyin’ day.”


“I don't believe you, I can't trust you.”





“Alright Morianna! I'm coming!” Callandra called, swinging her legs out of bed. She tottered sleepily down the hallway to her one month infant daughter's bedroom, picking up the squalling baby. “You're killing me honey bunches.”



“I'm getting the milk!” Melina called out from the kitchen of the apartment they were sharing. Both women had naturally turned to each other after the incident with David. Callandra hadn't pressed charges and neither had her friends. ”Chris told me to let you know he'll be back in two days.”



“Preferably without dropping marriage hints!”



Melina giggled, walking down the hallway with the bottle. “Come see Auntie Mel Mel.” She cooed, taking the baby.




“This thing is not the comfiest.” Callie murmured, walking down the hallway of the arena with a Snugli strapped to her chest. Her sleeping daughter was perfectly content, Cal's back was hurting.



“Got to pay the bills.”



“Shut up or I kill you. Oh I love Steph…” She grinned, seeing the room she'd work out of. The woman was a baby-holic, no doubt about it. “Mmmm... I think I might nap…”


Chris walked in a few minutes later, immediately taking Morianna from Callandra. “Hey beautiful, exhausted?” He asked, cooing down at the baby but his question was for the woman. He nodded when she just looked at him, already figuring she would be. He guided her to the couch, setting her down. “So, have you given any thought to my proposal?”


“Which one?” Callandra teased, knowing exactly what he meant. She loved Chris but she couldn't see herself married, to anyone, not after her last marriage, what a joke. “I don't know Chris... are you sure?” She cocked an eyebrow at him, watching as Morianna let loose a belch followed by puke. “Oh shit! Here.” She began mopping up the mess, giggling. “You still look cute.”


He just laughed, used to it. “I want you to marry me, Callie. I want us to be a true family, together as one, a unit. I want you to live with me and not Mel.”


Callandra chewed the inside of her lip, finally nodding. She watched as he set Morianna down in the portable bassinet, moving to take her place in his arms, burying her face in his chest. “If that's what you really want.” She whispered, wrapping her arms around him.


“That’s exactly what I want.” He whispered back, rubbing her lower back gently, sighing when he felt her tears beating down on his chest. “It’ll be alright baby. I know it’s going to take time to heal, but I’ll be with you every step of the way.” He promised.




“So you're marrying him then?” Mel asked the next morning as she walked with Callandra, keeping the woman company as she worked off the baby weight.



“I couldn't keep avoiding the question forever.”



“I honestly thought you would. He going to adopt Morianna?”



“He's already had the papers drawn up, this is Chris we're talking about.”


They both gasped when they were plowed into.


“It’s been a long time.” Came Mark’s voice, only it was more… soothing, lower. He pulled the black shades off his eyes, staring down at her.


She groaned, rubbing her forearm, which had gotten smooshed. “Mark.” She nodded at him, feeling awkward in his presence. She wasn't fat like she had been but she could do with losing a few more pounds. She honestly logged more hours in the gym then Chris did, how bad was that?



“Well... isn't this... awkward. Come on Cal, let's get you back to your baby and fiancee.” Melina took her friend's arm and led her off, shooting Mark a 'stay away' look over her shoulder.


He sighed, walking into the hotel’s restaurant for a cup of strong, black coffee. He groaned when every eye turned on him. Word had more then gotten around on what he had done to David but surprisingly, Callandra had stepped to bat for him in the court. He’d gotten off with defense, as well as saving Callie’s life. Then he’d taken a year off. Now time to face the co-workers…


He ignored them, making his way to the bar, not surprised to find everyone remaining silent except the normal patrons. When he turned around, he was being applauded.


Callandra stood in the doorway with Melina, Morianna in her arms and had to smile, knowing Chris had been the one to spread the word. She had told him what had happened, all of it, every little detail including from the past. She hadn't known he was going to do this though, the man was simply to good to be true. She caught Mark's eye and nodded, slipping away.



“You alright kid?” Paul asked, following into step beside her, carrying his own daughter.









Oh I had alot to say

Was thinking on my time away

I missed you and things weren't the same

'Cause everything inside it never comes out right

And when I see you cry it makes me wanna die.


I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry you're blue

I'm sorry about all the things I said to you

And I know I can't take it back

I love how you kiss, I love all your sounds

And baby the way you make my world go 'round

And I just wanted to say I'm sorry.


This time I think I'm to blame

It's harder to get through the days

We get older and blame turns to shame

'Cause everything inside it never comes out right

And when I see you cry it makes me wanna die.


I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry you're blue

I'm sorry about all the things I said to you

And I know I can't take it back

I love how you kiss, I love all your sounds

And baby the way you make my world go 'round

And I just wanted to say I'm sorry.


Every single day I think about how we came all this way

The sleepless nights and the tears you cried

It's never too late to make it right

Oh yeah sorry


I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry you're blue

I'm sorry about all the things I said to you

And I know I can't take it back

I love how you kiss, I love all your sounds

And baby the way you make my world go 'round

And I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

I'm sorry baby.

I'm sorry baby, Yeah.

I'm sorry.


Mark sighed, staring down at the city below him, his hands holding the balcony railing tightly. He knew a few rooms down there were a group of Divas working on last minute preparations for Callandra’s wedding to Chris. It killed him, knowing she would be marrying her old lover and not him.


Then there was the daughter he knew he had but had never seen, except for rare glimpses of her in the hallways.


But he also knew… he had lost her, he had hurt her in so many ways… He’d lost them both.







Callie stared at the wedding dress she was trying on, letting the Divas adjust it here and there. It was the night before her wedding and according to tradition, she and Chris weren't seeing each other. It was actually kind of interesting to watch how quickly this had all happened. Morianna was now a healthy one year old who was scooting around on her butt, refusing to crawl or walk. Though Morianna was with Cal’s parents at the moment. “Okay, me and the dress are going for a walk, I need water.”



“DON'T RUIN IT!” Melina shrieked as Callie stepped out of the hotel suite.




Mark was at the vending machine, needing a cola to go with the Jack Daniels he was planning on ingesting, having every intention of forgetting the next two days. A flash of white caught his eye and he straightened up, turning to the right.


“You look… beautiful.” He said softly.


“Thank you.” Callandra smiled awkwardly, trying not to fiddle with the spaghetti string straps to the gown. She looked him over, taking in the way he had toned and apparently tanned his body, finally averting her eyes. “Are you... coming to the wedding?” She finally asked, not sure what else to say, staring up at him, her blue eyes piercing his soul.


He smiled, a sad; sweet smile, shaking his head. “No darlin’, I don’t think so.” His voice was neutral, hiding the anguish in his eyes. “I’m happy for you Callandra. I know Chris will make you happy, truly happy.”


“Mark? You coming back?”


They both turned their heads at the sound of Michelle’s voice, spotting the fellow Diva walking towards them in red one piece lingerie. “Oh, hi, Cal.”


“I’ll see you around, Callie.” He said, wrapping his arm around Michelle’s shoulder, guiding hr back to their hotel room.





“Honey, stop crying, you'll ruin your make-up.” Melina whispered from inside the dressing room she and Callandra were in. “Come on Cal, I know brides cry at their weddings but do it AFTER your married.”



Honestly, she was trying to stop but it was hard. She loved Chris with most of her heart but there was still a small fraction that would always love Mark and currently, it was shattering. Why couldn’t she just stop loving him? Why did it have to hurt so much?



“Cal, Chris is perfect for you and we both know it. You do love him whether you know it or not. Here.” Melina handed her a tissue. “I'm going to go make sure the girl's are ready. You have twenty minutes, now calm down.”




Chris was a nervous wreck as he paced back and forth in the men's dressing room, chewing on his thumbnail.



“Man would you calm down already?” Randy finally spoke up, not believing how nervous the guy was. He was the luckiest man out of them all to be marrying a woman like Callandra. “She's going to marry you, calm down fuck down.”



“She'd be stupid not too after what Callaway and Bautista put her through.” John added, sitting beside his best friend Randy.


“Chris, you won. You're the better man.” Paul assured him, finally sitting the man down. “You have twenty minutes, calm down.”




With shaking hands, Callandra turned on her cd player, playing her mixed cd to calm herself down. She sat on a stool in the middle of the room, the gown surrounding her and folded her hands in her lap. The veil was pulled back over her tiara which was good because two streaks of black mascara were slowly inching down her otherwise perfectly made up face.


The world seems not the same

Though I know nothing has changed

It's all my state of mind

I can't leave it all behind

Have to stand up to be stronger


Have to try

To break free from the thoughts in my mind

Use the time that I have, I can't say goodbye

Have to make it right


Have to fight


'Cause I know in the end it's worthwhile

That the pain that I feel slowly fades away

It will be alright


The door opened and closed quietly.


She turned her head to see who it was, eyes widening when she seen Mark standing before her in a black suit.


He seen the pain in her eyes and didn’t say a word, just held out his hand.


Their past was tragic, no doubt about that but he loved her too much to not fight for her. If she turned him away, then away he would go, but he had to try one last time. Fight one last fight.


I know, should realize

Time is precious, it is worthwhile

Despite how I feel inside

Have to trust it will be all right

I have to stand up to be stronger


Have to try

To break free from the thoughts in my mind

Use the tie that I have, I can't say goodbye

Have to make it right


Have to fight

'Cause I know in the end it's worthwhile

That the pain that I feel slowly fades away

It will be alright


Callandra stood up, reaching out and taking his hand, letting him pull her into him. She turned up her head, meeting his lips with hers, her arms going around him, the tears never stopping.


Mark felt her tears, they were hot against his own face, his heart wrenching. When the kiss broke, he stared down at her, smiling tenderly when she nodded. He caressed the pad of his thumb over her lips lovingly. “Come on.” He whispered, taking her hand and leading her out of the room.


Oh this night is too long

Have no strength to go on

No more pain, I'm floating away


Through the mist, I see the face

Of an angel, who calls my name

I remember, you're the reason I have to stay


Have to try

To break free from the thoughts in my mind

Use the time that I have, I can't say goodbye

Have to make it right


Have to fight

'Cause I know in the end, it's worthwhile

That the pain that I feel slowly fades away

It will be alright


“Chris, Callandra left!” Melina shrieked, bursting into the room. She stood slack jawed when he began to chuckle, not catching what was so funny. Her eyes narrowed when the chuckle turned into outright laughter and stormed out.




“I do.” Callandra whispered, nodding at the priest and turned to her newly announced husband, smiling as he slipped a ring on her finger. A small quiet church, just them and the preacher, it was perfect.


Mark smiled down at her, nodding in silent agreement before leaning down to kiss his new bride. He lifted her off the ground, chuckling when she let out a peal of laughter, much to the amusement of the priest.


This was right.


Have to fight

'Cause I know in the end, it's worthwhile

That the pain that I feel slowly fades away

It will be alright