Fear the Reaper


Edge groaned, raking a hair through his damp, lank locks. He didn't glance in the mirror that hung on the wall opposite him, just sat there, elbows on his knees, head hanging. He hadn't bothered to leave the arena. He'd sent Vickie ahead without him, but he had remained. Wrestlemania was all to quickly approaching and it scared him. He was indeed the Ultimate Opportunist but maybe this time he had bitten off more then he could chew.

With the Undertaker and all...

Biting back another groan, or maybe it was a moan, Edge slumped backwards, resting his head against the wall, eyelids closing.

He didn't know why he had lingered, especially considering what the Dead Man had done earlier. Just appearing like he had in the steel cage... out of nowhere... What kind of person was this?

One who was scary as hell.

The arena after hours was scary as hell too when he got to thinking about. But less so then the woman waiting at the hotel for him. Vickie... now THAT make him shudder. He could already envision her, laying on the bed, looking like a Latin Miss Piggy in some gaudy, hot pink lingerie and... whoa, he had just given himself the willies.

The arena was looking a lot nicer now however.

The already dim, flickering single light in this rat-hole of a locker went out with a small pop.

"Great, just great." Edge muttered, not even bothering to open his eyes, through his eyelids he could see the change in the light. "Now I get to kill myself on the way out."

"If I don't get to you first."

He KNEW that voice. It was a dark, deadly, low hiss, too feral to be human and yet the touch of cruel amusement was all to human. Maybe even demonic.

"Look man," Where was he directing that at, where was he backing up too. It was pitch black! "Look-"

The wind whooshed out of Edge's throat as a massive hand wrapped around his neck, squeezing and preventing any air coming up. Effectively depriving him of oxygen. The next thing he felt was the cold, hard cement wall greeting his back at a force that was off the charts.

If he had been able to breathe, the air would have been knocked out of him from that. As it was, he was going to be a very sore man in the morning, providing he lived that long.

"Your time draws near." The Undertaker whispered, his breath hot against Edge's face.

Edge instantly realized just how close the 'Taker was, he could not only feel the breath, but the heat radiating from 'Taker's much bigger body. He was beginning to feel very, very vulnerable.

"Each dawn that breaks, every dusk that falls is one moment closer to your death." 'Taker whispered the words caressingly, as if speaking to a lover, almost tenderly squeezing Edge's throat. "You will fall at Wrestlemania... to me..."

"Please..." Edge somehow managed to croak out, the words making it past his suddenly very dry lips. He could feel 'Taker's face just inches from his own, maybe less.

The Undertaker chuckled, releasing his hold on the younger man's neck and placed his hands on either side of Edge's head, leaning down so his mustache and goatee barely tickled Edge's lips. "Fear the Reaper, for he comes."

Edge blinked and screamed when the light came back on, whirling around only to find himself in an empty locker room. He could smell 'Taker, still feel his presence though there was no sign of the Phenom, nothing. Even the door was still locked.

Then the words came to him barely audible, as if shunted on a gentle breeze.

"Fear the Reaper..."