Ever The Same




“You want me to do what?” Sybelle smirked, listening as her friend repeated the dare. “I am so going to take that bet.” She grinned, walking back to her pick-up truck. “Someone at random…”


Smirking back, Lucy crossed her arms over her chest, nodding coyly. “Yes, you have to choose a guy, completely random, and take him back to the hotel… You have to spend the night with him and… torture him.” She giggled mischievously.


“Oh ho!” Sybelle shook her head, tossing her long copper red hair over her shoulder. “Fine, first guy, I’ll nab him. Do you want me to knock him out or just seduce him here on the street?” She asked sarcastically, looking into the side mirror to check her make-up.


Lucy tapped her chin for a moment and grinned wickedly, her eyes gleaming with evil intentions. “Seduction would be the key, but then again, it’s really up to you, as long as you go through with it or else you owe me some money.” She winked, pointing to the street. “Get goin’.”


“Yeah yeah…” Sybelle waved her friend off, waiting until the saucy wench was in her car before moving to lean against the hood of her truck. “Well girl, you’ve done it now.” She murmured to herself, adjusting her black jeans and off the shoulder skin tight black belly shirt. Her green eyes narrowed when she seen a rather large man stepping out of a restaurant alone. “Well here goes nothing…”




The bar was too crowded for David’s liking so he decided to come out for some fresh air. The cool night wind blew over his tanned skin, through his short black hair, his brown eyes scanning his surroundings. It wasn’t very often he found himself in a bar, but under these circumstances, and after what had transpired with his spouse, he needed a drink. “I’m asking her for a divorce. I’m sick of this shit.” He thought bitterly, starting for his car, which was across the street. He stopped when his eyes landed on a beautiful woman with copper red hair walking in his direction.


Sybelle halted right in front of him, her eyes widening slightly when she realized just how much bigger than her he was. “Hello.” She said, her sensual ‘whiskey’ voice lowering, deciding seduction was definitely not a bad idea. “I’m Sybelle…” She held out a hand, a slow smile spreading across her face. “I hope you don’t think I’m being rude, but I seen you and just wanted to ask a quick question.”


His brown eyes peered back at her, a single brow raised in curiosity. David turned his full six foot five frame in her direction to stare down at her. “What might that be, little lady?” His eyes swept over her appreciatively, licking his dry lips, suddenly aware of how long it had been since he last enjoyed the company of a beautiful woman.


Her gaze narrowed in on his tongue running across his lips, actually thinking if this went as planned, she was going to enjoy herself. “Well… I was wondering if you’d let me buy you a drink?” She gestured to the hotel across the street, the one she was temporarily living in. “There’s a bar off of the lobby and…” She trailed off, sliding her hands into her back pockets, her shoulders straightening, the shirt tightening over her chest. “But if you’re too busy or something, I understand.”


David couldn’t believe what was happening as he stared at this beautiful creature, knowing it was wrong to commit infidelity, but also knew his marriage was ending soon. With a small smirk curving his lips, David offered his hand to her and said in a low, husky voice. “I would love nothing more Sybelle. I’m David, by the way.”


“David?” Sybelle echoed, her already throaty voice getting huskier as she placed her hand in his for a brief moment only to pull it back again. “Let me lock my truck up first.” Chuckling softly she turned around, leaning in, letting David have a good look at her ass, grateful she had skipped the panties that day. VPL sucked. She quickly grabbed her wallet and locked the truck, stuffing the keys in her pocket before rejoining him. “Ready?” This time she held out her hand to him, smiling invitingly.


Grinning seductively back at her while his eyes grew dark with passion, David could only nod, this beauty taking his breath away. He honestly didn’t mind the shot of her ass that she more than willingly gave and knew she wasn’t wearing any panties, unless it was a thong. David didn’t care what type of panties she was wearing because by the end of the night, they would be tossed over his shoulder, laying in a pile of clothing while he screwed her brains out. The mere thought caused him to do a full body shiver as he walked over, sliding his much larger hand in hers, allowing her to guide him to the hotel, his wife completely shoved to the back of his mind.


Sybelle nodded to the man at the front door, frowning when he shot her a knowing look and flipped him off. “Jerk off…” She muttered, leading David into the bar. She quickly snagged her favorite seat, a table near an old fashioned jukebox in the corner, grinning when she seen the lighting was dim. “Here we go…” She slid into the leather booth that rested along the wall, patting the place besides her. “I don’t bite honey.” She teased, motioning for a waitress to come over.”


Smirking, David didn’t hesitate taking the seat besides her, finding it surprisingly comfortable. He watched as the waitress set down menus for them. He shook his head, handing them back to her and stated in a low voice: “We won’t be needin’ them tonight honey. Just a bottle of bourbon and a few beers. My treat.” He winked down at Sybelle, completely entranced with this woman and suddenly felt at ease for the first time in the past year.


Sybelle waited until the waitress to disappear before turning her full attention back to David. “Bourbon, my kinda guy. And it’s my treat handsome…” She whispered, reaching up to run her finger down his lips, her green eyes twinkling almost wickedly. She smiled when the waitress returned with their drinks, loving the quick service here. “Cheers.” She raised her double shot of bourbon, her eyebrows raising as well, almost as if to challenge him.


Holding up his own shot glass, David clinked them together as he downed the liquor, swallowing it in one gulp and set the glass down on the table. The liquid burned down his esophagus, causing him to grunt a little. “So, what’s a vixen like you walking around the streets this time of night alone?” He asked casually, though his curiosity was aroused, genuinely intrigued by Sybelle in every way. He grinned when she toasted him, both taking another shot, slamming their glasses down.


She picked up her beer, using it as a chaser, wincing at the familiar burn from the bourbon. Sybelle leaned back against the booth, reaching out to pick up the bottle, refilling his glass then hers. She shifted slightly to look at him, resting an arm along the top of the booth, her fingers brushing his neck gently. “I’m nocturnal, how bout you?”


David closed his eyes, running a hand through his hair. He cleared his throat, refusing to ruin this moment before staring down into her green orbs. “I’m a loner, like to do things on my own except… CERTAIN things.” His voice dropped an octave, his brown eyes shining with mischief and held up his third shot to her. David already knew he was going to end up having a one night stand with this woman and couldn’t wait for it to happen, especially since her fingers brushing against the back of his neck was lighting his blood and senses on fire.


Sybelle smirked, knowing that cash was as good as hers but not overly caring, more interested in what was definitely going to happen that night. “What kind of things David?” She asked huskily, her eyes half closing as she tilted her head back, shooting her own glass down. Her tongue darted out to lick a drop from her lips.


Instead of telling her, David was always a man who felt actions spoke louder then words and proved it now. He leaned down, capturing her lips in his in a sultry, seductive kiss. He pulled back, staring down into her eyes and smirked, drinking a fourth shot. “That would be one of them. If you want to find out more, we’ll have to go somewhere a little more… SECLUDED… if you catch my drift.” His voice was a mere whispered now, low and husky, sending shivers down her spine, watching as her eyes darkened. “It’s your call Sybelle.”


“Mmmm….” Sybelle smiled, her lips swollen from his kiss. She stood up and tossed a wad of bills down on the table, urging him to follow her. She quickly led the way to the stairs, halting on the second step to turn around and stare at him. “I hope you don’t mind walking, I’m just one floor up.” She explained, right before reaching out to grab the collar of his shirt, pulling his head towards her and smashing her lips against his in a passionate, lusty kiss of her own. Chuckling darkly she pulled away, turning to walk up the stairs.


Growling at her teasing kiss, David followed her, a million thoughts racing through his mind. He knew this was wrong, that fucking this woman was against everything he stood for, but his wife had hurt him way too many times. “I need this.” He decided as they walked towards her hotel room and smirked when she unlocked the door, inviting him in. As soon as the door was shut behind them, David instantly smashed her against the wall, his lips crushing hers.


Sybelle would’ve gasped if she had any breath left to do it. She returned the kiss for a moment before shoving him away. “Whoa there big boy.” She laughed, reaching against the wall to dim the lights she normally left on at all times. Sybelle stared at him almost broodingly for a moment, taking in how sexy and dangerous looking he was, feeling more than just a twinge of lust shoot through her. “I like to drive, got it?” Her tone was teasing though her eyes weren’t. She was somewhat of a control freak, preferring to take the lead in everything this included. She kicked off the spiked heels she wore, approaching him slowly, her gaze moving to the bed behind him, a smile playing her lips.


Licking his lips hungrily as his brown eyes darkened, turning almost black, he simply nodded at her. Her brooding ways were turning him on even more as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. David arched an eyebrow and asked coyly: “Does that mean I can’t even undress myself sweetness?” He winked at her, letting her know he was teasing.


She smirked, circling him, her hand lashing out to slap his ass. “No, you can’t.” Sybelle said in a low voice, halting in front of him, her hands moving to his pants. She stared up into his eyes as she undid his pants, one small hand slipping inside, her fingers barely grazing his erection. “Any other questions I can answer for you handsome?” She arched an eyebrow at him before pushing him back onto the bed, leaping on top of him and straddling his waist.


David’s eyes widened a little at how feisty and frisky Sybelle was, but it didn’t bother him in the least. His hands began running up and down her sides, up her shirt and groaned at how soft her flesh was against his touch. “Just one…” His voice trailed off, becoming a low baritone and gripped her hips with his hands as he thrust up, allowing her to feel just how rock hard she’d made him. He smirked wickedly, his eyes gleaming. “When can we cut this foreplay shit and get down to the brass tacks?”


Sybelle gritted her teeth, a hiss escaping her. She tapped his chest with her knuckles. “When I fuckin’ say so.” She returned the smirk before completely undoing his pants and pulling his cock out, not bothering to be gentle since he wanted the brass… “You have a problem with that David?” She asked almost sweetly, squeezing his erection in her hand. Laughing she made quick work of her clothes, laying out on him, feeling his own clothing brushing against her overly sensitive skin.


David hissed out when she laid out on him, a low growl sounding from the back of his throat. He licked his lips, fighting the temptation, the urge to roll her over and take charge of the situation. Instead he found himself completely surrendering to her. He lay there, closing his eyes when he felt her mouth enclose around his cock. “Oh fuck Sybelle!” He groaned, running his fingers through her hair, tightening his hold when she began to tease him. “Oh fuck yeah…”


Sybelle moaned, taking him as deep as she could, running a hand along his thigh and up to cup his balls, squeezing them gently. She closed her eyes when she felt his hips buck, finally stopping, planting a kiss on the head of his cock. She quickly had him undressed before sliding up to kiss him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, letting him taste himself. Sybelle smiled against his lips before positioning herself over him, slowly lowering herself down onto his erection, unable to stop the moan from escaping her lips.


David growled out in pure ecstasy when he felt her slick, wet sex slide onto him, instinctively sitting up. He stared into her eyes, begging for mercy. “Can I?” He gruffly whispered and didn’t even wait for her to respond before taking a nipple into his mouth, never sliding out of her and allowed her to fuck him while he made love to her breasts, teasing and tormenting her the way she had him earlier.


Sybelle wrapped her hands around his neck, rising and falling on him harder and faster, She didn’t bother with her control issues, needing this more than she needed to be in charge, it had been so long. “Come on…” She whispered, tossing her head back, her hair brushing against his thighs. “Oh yes…” She rode him harder, mildly shocked that she was already cumming, feeling her body tremble.


He could feel her spasm around him as he ran his hands up and down her back. Her hair grazing his thighs caused his own passion to heighten even more. He finally couldn’t take this position any longer and lifted her up, placing her back first on the bed and began powering himself in and out of her.


Her legs were up in the air, spread eagle as David gripped her thighs, thrusting harder and faster inside of her, wanting to hear her scream out his name. He growled as the sounds of flesh smacking flesh began echoing off the walls of the room.


Sybelle couldn’t breathe and she didn’t care. She clutched the pillow behind her, beginning to thrash as the first wave of an extremely intense orgasm rocked her, her inner walls clamping down on his cock like a vise. “Oh fuck! Yes! David!” She screamed, not caring who heard her. “David, I’m… I’m….” she couldn’t say anything else it was so intense.


Not stopping the fast pace, David groaned in satisfaction when he felt her orgasm rip throughout her body and lifted her legs up above her head, thrusting harshly back inside of her. His hands roughly massaged her breasts while the headboard of he bed began banging on the wall, feeling his balls tingling at the sensation. It’d been so long for him and David wanted to make it last, but knew this was going to be over fast. He rode out her first orgasm and growled: “Oh fuck, Sybelle! God baby you feel so fuckin’ good on me! You like this? You like my cock fucking this beautiful, soaking wet pussy of yours? Cum for me again Sybelle…” His voice was low, dangerous and husky all mixed into one, becoming to involved in sensations that were exploding throughout him.


Sybelle felt herself cumming almost on his words alone, gasping as he pounded into her, panting as a second, then a third orgasm washed over her. “God yes David!” She cried out. “I love your cock baby! Fuck!” Her husky voice actually hit a high note, her body shuddering violently. “Fuck yes!” She didn’t even notice when a lamp fell off the dresser, the light fixture in the ceiling actually shaking.


With a few more deep thrusts, David finally pulled out and cummed all over her stomach, not wanting to risk getting her pregnant. He hoped she didn’t mind though at the same time, he didn’t care as he released, growling out her name and finally stopped, his breathing incredibly erratic. David ran his hands down his face as he leaned back on his legs, not believing what just happened and looked up at the ceiling, a smile on his lips. He looked down at her finally and tried to regain his composure, steady his breathing as both were off the wall at the moment.


No words were spoken between them as she laid down while he sat up, both trying to decipher what happened.


Sybelle just laid there for a few minutes, calming her racing heart. Finally she sat up and reached over to pluck a few tissues out of a box, quietly wiping off her stomach. Now that it was done, she didn’t know what to say to him, though she didn’t regret anything that had just happened. Smiling slightly, she stood up and walked over to the mini bar, not minding her nudity. “Would you like a drink David?”


Staring back at her, David needed a tranquilizer gun at the moment, especially when he began rising to the occasion once more. “Sure.” His voice was gruff when he replied and he had to clear his throat. “You don’t mind that I….” His words trailed off, not able to even say what he wanted too and gestured at her stomach, hoping she caught on.




Sybelle smirked, walking over to hand him a glass filled halfway with whiskey. “Do I mind that you blew a load all over my stomach?” She teased, clinking her glass against his before sitting back down on the bed, resting against the headboard, her eyes taking in the shattered lamp. “No, I don’t mind. Though you could have always asked for a condom if you were uncomfortable.” She smirked again, staring down at her drink.


Grinning slyly back at her, David chuckled darkly under his breath, taking a sip of his whiskey. His head was spinning from the previous drinks they had and he had to clear his throat again. “Wow, you don’t sugarcoat shit do you?”


She shook her head, finishing off her drink quickly, licking her lips as she set the glass down on the floor. “No I don’t, why sugarcoat? Life’s too damn short for that.”


He shook his head, chuckling even more. “Under the circumstances, my head was too fucked up to even consider asking for one of those damn things. I just… didn’t wanna risk anything happening.” He winked at her before setting aside his own empty glass. “So what now?”


Sybelle fell silent, frowning when he asked what now. “I don’t know, maybe go for another round?” She smirked slightly. “Not getting drunk are you? Do you need to lie down or something man?”


David shook his head, noticing the confused look that had appeared in her eyes. “If you wanna go another round, I don’t have a problem with that. I’m going to ask this now so I don’t end up shooting another load on you, do you have a condom?” He winked at her, not believing what a great time he was having, pushing the guilt to the back of his mind as she handed him one. “Thanks…”


Sybelle, even buzzing, could sense a quick change in him, over just like that. “Yeah… I’m outta tissues anyway.” She joked, staring at him thoughtfully. “You all right David?”


Looking back at her, David simply nodded, the troubled look in his eyes never leaving. “Yeah, just thinking too much.” A bitter laugh followed as he looked down at the floor, wishing he knew what to do about his marriage, and about this situation. It was obvious he didn’t love his wife or else he wouldn’t have had sex with Sybelle. “Why do you ask?”


Sybelle bent over the bed, reaching under his discarded shirt for a long tee of her own, quickly slipping it on. She settled back down, Indian style and stared at him. “You seem a bit different now is all…” She hesitated, a thought entering her mind that hadn’t been there before. “Oh man… you’re taken aren’t you?”


David sighed upon hearing that and slowly covered her hand with his own, looking guiltily into her eyes. “Yeah, but my marriage is coming to an end. I don’t regret anything we did here tonight, but I’m just afraid she’ll find out and try to use it against me when I file for divorce.” His voice was gruff, full of heartache though he tried in vain to hide it. “I didn’t mean to lie to you Sybelle.”


She smiled awkwardly, patting his hand. “I won’t hold it against you big man. Truth be told, this whole thing started out as a bet for me.” She confessed, biting down on her lower lip anxiously. “But it didn’t end that way…” She sighed, feeling a bit better now that she had admitted her own indiscretion. “How can she use this against you? You have kids or… you have money.”


Running a hand through his hair, David decided to confide in this stranger. He smirked when he heard her say it was a bet. He’d overheard the ass end of their conversation but decided there was no reason she needed to know that little detail. “We have three kids but none of them are by both of us. I was married before her and had a girl and then she came with two other girls. And money, I must admit, I make a decent amount with what I do.”


Sybelle frowned, running a hand through her already tousled hair. “I’m guessing you’re a jock aren’t you?” She made a face before winking at him. “I’m also guessing you don’t believe in pre-nups either?” She shook her head, scooting off the bed to get herself a bottle of water from the tiny fridge, tossing one to him. “If it makes you feel any safe, I’m probably disappearing in the morning so you won’t have to worry about me popping up and fucking things up for you.” She smiled awkwardly, staying where she was and taking a slow sip of the water.


David caught the bottle and shook his head, setting it down. He got up and pulled her into his arms. “No, that’s not what I want. I don’t want you to leave. I can’t explain it, but I’m just… I feel this strong connection with you Sybelle. You won’t fuck anything up for me because I’m asking for the divorce tomorrow. Tonight really showed me that there’s more to life than being in a crappy marriage.” He laughed bitterly at that remark but never released his hold on her. “I’m a professional wrestler by the way, if you wanna call that a jock, be my guest.”


“You’re a jock.” Sybelle said, grinning slightly before untangling herself from him. “Sounds like you have a busy day tomorrow big guy, why don’t you lay down and get some sleep?” She gently nudged him towards the bed.


Shaking his head in response, David began kissing her neck, tightening his grip on her more. “I don’t want to sleep.” He trailed his kisses down her neck then back up to her earlobe. “I want you… again.” He wasn’t about to deny himself the pleasure of this beautiful woman.


She had principals, thank goodness sleeping with a married man didn’t fall under any of them because she was really interested in having another go with him. “Really?” She smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck, standing on tip toe so she could nip at his chest, raking her teeth across a nipple. “I like the sound of that…”


He growled, feeling himself rise to the occasion once more, and stared down at her with hungry eyes. “This doesn’t bother you, right? Cause I don’t wanna force a beautiful woman into something she’s not comfortable with.” His voice was soft.


Sybelle shook her head, smiling up at him. “No, it doesn’t bother me.” She pushed him down onto the bed, crawling on top of him, bending down to kiss his chest. “Why do you ask? Should it?”


David’s world was spiraling out of control as he smirked up at her, running his finger down her arm and shook his head. He pulled her face down to kiss, passionately kissing her, rolling them over so he was lying on top of her. “This time, it’s my turn for control.” He stated in a low tone of voice.


Sybelle lay there, watching him, her breaths coming in quick pants. “David…” She whispered, a hand reaching down to stroke the back of his head, hardly believing the pleasure that coursed through her just from his touch.


“You are unlike any woman I’ve ever met Sybelle…” He murmured, running his tongue down her neck, nipping at her. He pulled the shirt off her and threw it over his shoulder before continuing his assault on her body. “So very soft…”


She didn’t bother asking how she was different, she didn’t really care at the moment, all she knew was she’d die if he stopped now. “David please….” She whispered breathlessly, squirming underneath him. “Stop teasing me.”


But he didn’t stop teasing her. He wanted to torment her until her mind was reeling out of control for him and she was begging him to take her. It had been so long since David had this type of attention from a woman and damn it, he was going to enjoy himself even if it killed him.


Sybelle groaned when she heard him chuckle. “David, c’mon.” She urged, digging her fingernails into his shoulders. “Stop that and…” Growling frustrated, she tried to slip out from underneath him, not sure if she liked being teased like this.


Running his hands down her sides, David managed to capture her two wrists in his own, laughing wickedly as he started to slide inside of her. “Fight me.” He whispered.


Her eyes narrowed. She couldn’t ignore the pleasure he was giving her but she was more than up to the challenge he shot at her. She wrapped her legs around his lower back, locking her ankles together and digging her knees into his ribs, gasping when he thrust into her. “You’re gonna regret that handsome.” She smirked, tightening her inner walls around him, the smirk broadening when his own breath quickened.


David groaned when he felt her walls squeeze against him, keeping the same pace and felt her breath become extremely ragged. “Oh yeah…” He grunted, his muscles rippling against her heels, not seeming to bother him. “I said fight me!” He demanded, pounding into her harder.


Almost angrily, Sybelle tossed herself at him, more than annoyed when it didn’t do anything. “David!” She cried out, face flushing as her breathing became erratic. She arched up against him, turning her head to bite down on his forearm, as hard as she could, grinning when she broke skin.


Growling, David ignored the pain, bending down to bite her breasts. “You’ll have to do much better than that baby….” He chuckled darkly, never stopping his thrusts and ran his free hand down, rubbing her clit with his thumb. “You gonna surrender to me or fight?”


Sybelle was almost going out of her mind from both rage and pleasure, though when he began rubbing her clit she instantly orgasmed, her entire body betraying her. “FUCK!” She screamed, thrashing violently behind him. “Oh god!” She clenched her eyes shut, tossing her head back against the pillows, wave after wave of extreme ecstasy crashing down around her. “David!”



“That’s it baby, scream my name….” David grunted out, almost dangerously, as he felt her writhe beneath him. He quickened the pace of this dance, riding out her first explosive orgasm. He smirked when he heard her gasping for breath, knowing he was giving her the fuck session of her life, which is what he had in mind. He finally released her wrists, moving to grip her thighs, spreading them further apart. “Oh fuck yeah! Almost… there….” He growled, powering himself in and out of her.


Sybelle couldn’t breathe at all and that was perfectly fine with her. It was a constant orgasm, one after the other hitting her. “David!” She managed to choke out. “Fuck yes!” She hissed, dragging her nails across his shoulders.


He thrust inside of her a few more times, exploding, shooting his seed inside of her, completely forgetting to pull out this time. Sweat had beaded on his forehead from their excursion, his brown eyes taking her own sweat slicked body. He finally rolled off of her, wrapping his arms around her and burying his face in the crook of her neck.


Sybelle buried her face in his chest, not caring if she died right now, she was already in heaven. Her body was pleasantly achy, could only take shallow breaths, but it was all good. Finally when she was able to actually move, she slid out from under his arm, pushing him onto his back before snuggling against his side, resting her head on his chest. For the first time in a long while, she was completely content.


David wrapped his arms around, kissing the top of her head. “So was the kidnapping worth it?” He whispered, not wanting her to go anywhere. It’d been so long since he last felt a woman against him, actually fall asleep in his arms, and he never wanted it to end.


Raising her head to smirk at him, Sybelle said: “I think I’d best pay my friend tomorrow instead of collecting…” She winked at him before yawning and settling back against him. “Spend the night?” She asked softly, not wanting this to end just yet.


“I’m not going anywhere.” He whispered back, running his hands up and down her back. “I can act like you kidnapped me, ya know? I can always allow you to tie me up and torture me.”


“I’ll tie you up all right.” Sybelle murmured, lazily trailing her fingers over his arm. “Though you might not like the torture.” She chuckled darkly, lightly biting his chest. “I’d quit all this sweet talking handsome unless you think you can get that monster of yours back up within the next two seconds.” She grinned wickedly.


Chuckling back at her, David raised his brow. “Is that a challenge?” His eyes gleamed with wicked intentions.


“That’s a challenge.” Sybelle confirmed, smacking his hand away when he reached down to squeeze her ass. “I think I owe you one.”


“You think you can go another round with the Animal?”


Her eyes narrowed as she rested her chin on her arm so she could stare up at him. “The Animal? Is that like, your nickname or something?”


“It’s my in ring persona. I’m known as The Animal, even backstage and before you start getting any ideas, no, I don’t mean sexually.” He smirked as he ran his fingers through her hair, loving the softness of it. “Have your way with me if you wish, but I warn you now, I fight back.” His eyebrows raised suggestively.


Sybelle was overcome with a giggling fit. “The Animal?” She pulled herself up so she was sitting on his waist. “What the hell kinda show do you put on boy?” She clamped a hand over her moth, trying not to laugh at him. “I’m sorry David.” She snorted. “So the… Animal, is going to let me have my way with him hmmm? Is that allowed?” She flashed him a sexy smirk.


Growling at her teasing, David turned the tables, flipping her onto her back and glaring down at her playfully. “You think that’s funny eh? Well let’s see how funny you think this is…” His voice trailed off as he started blowing raspberries on her stomach, loving the sound of her laughter filling his ears.


“David no!” Sybelle shrieked, kicking her feet at him. “I’m ticklish damn it!” She frowned when the bedside telephone rang, smiling when he let her move to answer it. “Hello?” Sybelle made a face, rolling her eyes at whatever was said. “Yes, I understand. I’m sorry.” She hung up, turning to smash his fists on him. “People have been making complaints about the… noise level.”


David rolled his eyes, shaking his head and continued what he was doing on her stomach. “You don’t have a place of your own we could go to, where we could make as much noise as we want?” He looked up at him with raised brow. “I could hear you scream all night baby.”


Sybelle shook her head, staring up at him. “Nope. I uh… just moved here, haven’t had time to really look for a place yet.” She only half lied, having just arrived in town the other day, not planning on staying. “And you’re probably shacked up in a hotel somewhere too, aren’t you?”



David sat up, crossing his arms over his chest, his gaze hardening. “You’re lying to me Sybelle. You told me earlier you wouldn’t be here in the morning. Care to tell me the truth? Maybe I can help you out.” He peered down at her, his brown eyes studying hers.


Sybelle offered a disarming smile, moving of the bed to retrieve her shirt once more. She quickly slipped it on before sitting down in a huge chair. “I’m a drifter man, nothing to help with.” She shrugged, eyes narrowing as she stared back at him. “So wipe that look off your face.”


Shooting his hands up in the air, David shook his head. “I’m not judging you Sybelle. I don’t judge people unless they do drugs and shit like that, but you don’t seem that type.” Coughing nervously, David slipped off the bed and picked up his boxers, quickly stepping into them. “My job,” He began, walking over to the bar for another glass of whiskey. “If basically like that… only my expenses are taken care of.”


She stood up, accepting the glass he handed her and shot it down. “My expenses are taken care of too.” She said softly, refilling her glass. Sybelle hopped up onto the bar, her legs dangling against the cool siding. “And this,” She held up her glass. “Is the worse I do, fuck drugs.” She laughed, clinking her glass against his before sipping her drink. “So how long are you in town for? Just the night?”


Staring back into her beautiful jade green eyes, David raised an eyebrow. “Actually, I’m leaving in the morning. Anywhere particular you were heading next?”


Sybelle shrugged, looking off into the corner where her still unpacked duffel bag lay, a few articles of clothing spread around it. “Nah… I just drift to wherever I feel like.” She looked at him thoughtfully. “It must royally suck to have to follow a schedule, where’s the freedom?”


“You’re right, there is no freedom. But then again, we travel all over the world performing for people and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything in the world. Did you want me to give you a lift to the next destination we’re heading? Give us some more time together?” He raised a suggestive brow at her.


Sybelle walked over to stare out the window, giving herself some time to think. She raked a hand through her hair. “Do you take your own car or a rental? Cause I have my truck down there to think about.” She couldn’t honestly leave her truck behind, it was her baby. That and it made a pretty good bed. That thought, coupled with a brief recollection of David’s naked body made her grin.


Smiling, David downed another shot of JD before walking over to her. He wrapped his arms around her waist, bending down to kiss her neck. “We can take your truck. Mine is just a rental and I wouldn’t mind driving with you on the road for the next few days.”


“What about your wife?” Sybelle turned in his arms, her eyes serious. “I’m not looking to land you in some hot legal waters David.” She sighed, rubbing the heel of her hand against her forehead. “I don’t know…. Earlier you said you were worried about your wife finding out about this and using it against you, couldn’t she do that if we traveled together?”


“Not if she knew I had a personal assistant that my boss assigned me.”


“Personal assistant hmm?” Sybelle murmured, kissing his chin. “I could grow used to that.” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. “What kind of assistance would you be needing? Heavy lifting maybe?” She ran a hand down his bare stomach, brushing her fingers against his cock before chuckling and walking past him.


David groaned, feeling himself rise yet again. He followed her, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. “I’d need… personal… assistance, but we could make it official so that you’d be making money. You’d have to plan my schedules and everything but you’d be traveling with me all over, since that’s mostly what you do anyway. What do you say?”


“Um….” Sybelle frowned, awkwardly, rubbing her arms. “I have money, that’s not a big thing to me.” She sighed, pouring herself another drink. “I can try it David.” She said finally, draining her glass. “I can’t promise you that I’ll be any good at it… I’m not… good at sticking with things, a routine.” She bent her head, grimacing, staring at the whiskey bottle before polishing it off. “As for the personal part, I can keep a secret, that’s not a problem.”


David grinned, crossing the room to her. He rubbed her arms, leaning down to whisper: “Maybe after my divorce is finalized, we could make ourselves known… If you want that is. I don’t want to… lose you, Sybelle. I’m not clingy or anything, I hate people like that but you… captivate me and I don’t know how to explain it. I’ll talk to Vince at the arena about it. If you want out, all you gotta do is say so, all right?”


Sybelle nodded, wondering just what the hell she was doing but when she felt his hands on her she smiled and leaned back against him. “I feel I should warn you… Animal,” She snickered. “I’m a flight risk… so if I disappear on you, don’t panic. I’ll always be back in a day or two.” She tilted her head back to look up at him, trying to explain herself. “I figured I’d give you heads up so you can change your mind.”


“Why would I change my mind?” He asked, massaging her shoulders. “I told you, if you want out, just tell me. I’m not going to change my mind about you coming with me, I don’t want this to end, not yet anyway.”


“Well at least we’re agreed on one thing then.” Sybelle teased, taking his hand and pulling him over to the chair. She gently pushed him down in it before straddling his lap, yawning as she rested her head against his chest. She knew she should really remake the bed and change the sweat soaked sheets but she was just to damn comfortable.


David wrapped his arms around her body, holding her close to him. He pressed a kiss to her temple, enjoying the feel of her cuddling up to him. “Do you want me to change the sheets gorgeous?” He whispered as if reading her mind.


“No.” Sybelle reluctantly got up and walked over to a dresser that was empty except for a spare set of bed linens. She quickly had the bed stripped then remade it, tossing the blankets aside and covering it with a thick comforter. “Going to come to sleep now big guy?” She questioned, turning to face him, hands on her hips. “The Animal is looking more like a little puppy, all cute and cuddly.” She teased, sitting on the edge of the bed.


Smirking back at her David moved to join her. He pushed her down onto the bed, pulling the comforter over them. “Thank you Sybelle.” He whispered, spooning against her, threading his fingers in her hair. He was asleep in seconds, a contented smile on his face.


Sybelle lay awake, listening to the sounds of his breathing. She couldn’t even remember the last time someone had held her like this. She frowned slightly, wondering if she was out of her mind for half committing to something she knew she’d never be able to do. “Oh David…” She murmured sadly. “I think you might have just gotten a bad bargain in me.”






The next morning David was woke up by sunlight streaming into the room, directly onto his face. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, groaning. Sighing heavily he looked down, smiling upon seeing a peacefully sleeping Sybelle. He glanced at the clock and sighed, immediately sliding out of bed.


Sybelle woke up the instant he moved, not used to sharing a bed. For a second she was panicky, then she seen him disappear into the bathroom. Groaning, Sybelle got out of the bed and walked over to the sink. She turned on the faucet and stuck her mouth under it, drinking water, hating cotton mouth.


She quickly gathered up her toiletries, setting them out along the counter before drawing some water and giving herself a very thorough sponge bath before washing her hair in the sink. “Damn.” She muttered, looking at the clock. Sybelle hurried pulled on an ankle length black skirt and a black tank top, slipping on her high heels from the night before. “Fuck it, bohemian for me.” She sighed, quickly running a brush through her wet hair and applying the bare essentials on make-up.


“Hey! You about done in there? I have to piss!” Sybelle rapped hard on the bathroom door, hearing the shower going and groaned, not used to this sharing a room thing.


David barely heard her as he shut off the water, stepping out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. Droplets of water ran off his rock hard body as he opened the door, smirking down at her. “Not a morning person eh?” He teased playfully, moving to the side so she could enter.


Sybelle wasn’t shy but just for modesty’s sake, she grabbed a towel and covered her lap with it before answering nature’s call. “I’m a morning person, I just had to piss.” She replied, flushing the toilet and nudging him away from the sink with her hip before washing her hands. “I’m also not shy so if you have any peeves, best let me know now.” She added, rolling up a wet towel and snapping his ass with it before walking out.


David growled when he felt the snap and instantly went after her, lifting her up from behind and placing her on the bed, face down. He blocked her mule kicks and began to tickle her, her laughter echoing throughout the room. He finally smacked her ass, bending down to whisper in her ear: “Don’t do that again. I get it enough with the guys at the arena.” He kissed her neck before heading back to the bathroom to finish up.


Sybelle stared at him, shaking her head. “Fuck… you’re bi aren’t you?” She only half teased, leaning in the bathroom doorway to watch him, folding her arms under her chest. “You shower naked with a bunch of other guys and play smack that ass huh?” Laughing she went to pack her few belongings up, slipping on a few silver bracelets and a pair of silver hoop earrings before double checking the room.


Not believing what a smartass he’d picked up, David spiked his wet hair. He dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a black beater, his usual attire and stepped out. “Everything packed and ready to go? I want to stop for some food before hitting the open road.”


“I’m ready.” She slung her duffel bag over her shoulder. “I just have to check out. What about your stuff? Do we need to go somewhere and get it?” She asked, next slipping a black knit purse on her arm, double checking for her wallet and keys. “You can walk and talk first thing in the morning can’t you?” She teased, holding open the door for him.


“You are impossible.” He grunted, shaking his head. “My things are in the rental car. I need to drop it off so if you wanna follow me over there, then we can go get something to eat.” He suggested and they headed for the front desk.


Sybelle just nodded, pulling on a pair of black sunglasses from her purse and halting at the front desk. She quickly scrawled her signature on a paper before handing over her key. “Yeah… I’ll follow.” She said when she returned to him, following him out of the hotel. She watched him walk to his rental before going to her truck, tossing her duffel bag into the back before getting in. Sybelle swapped out her Trapt cd for a Three Days Grace, waiting for David to pull out of his parking space. “Great, an animal in the bed and an old lady behind the wheel…” She moaned, tapping the steering wheel impatiently.


After dropping off his rental car, David joined Sybelle in the truck, his temper riled. He couldn’t believe the audacity of the manager at the rental place and wanted to strangle the little prick’s neck for overcharging him. It wasn’t his money but still, the fucker was trying to rip him off. Taking a deep breath, David flashed Sybelle a phony smile. “Let’s go get some food before I end up on America’s Most Wanted.”


Sybelle arched an eyebrow at him from behind her shades, nodding stiffly. She shifted the truck into reverse and backed up quickly, just as quickly putting it in drive and peeling out of the lot. “Where do you want to eat?” She asked over the music, flipping off someone in a van who almost hit the side of her truck. “FUCK STICK!” She shouted out the window, gritting her teeth angrily.


David chuckled, hearing her road rage and leaned back against the seat. “It doesn’t matter mad woman, any place you want.” He winked at her, trying to lighten the mood.


She just nodded, switching lanes and pulling into some place that advertised breakfast buffets. “I hope this will do.” She said flatly, wrinkling her nose at the thought of food. She switched off the cd player before turning the ignition off and getting out of the truck, following him inside. She reluctantly took off her sunglasses once they were inside, wrinkling her nose. “Oh that is gross…” She muttered, watching as a kid splattered ketchup over his pancakes.


“Kids.” David chuckled, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. He was about to lead her to a table but the smell of the place was causing his insides to churn. “Fuck it, I’m not hungry anymore.” He stated, his mind changed. When they were back in the truck, he groaned. “Remind me not to drink like I did last night.”


Sybelle shook her head before reaching across him to open the dash, pulling out a bottle of Advil and handing it to him. “Puke in my truck and I’ll show you an animal.” She threatened dryly, not giving him time to reply before roaring out of the parking lot. “Where the hell are we going anyway?” She demanded, fiddling with her cd player again.


Staring at her almost coldly, David turned down the radio. “Is there something you’d like to share with me or are you always this bitchy in the morning?”


She rolled her eyes, slapping his hand away from the radio. “I told you last night, I’m nocturnal.” Sybelle said, flashing him a quick smile. “And this ain’t bitchy big boy, mess with my music again and I’ll pull this truck over and whoop your ass.” Her tone was only half joking.


“I’m so scared.” He rolled his eyes, taunting her. “Houston, Texas by the way.”


“You should be.” She replied seriously. “Now quiet before I get distracted.” To illustrate her point she swerved into the next lane before pulling back into hers, turning the music back up.




After ten hours of driving, they finally arrived in Houston, much to David’s relief. He stepped out of the truck, stretching his legs and groaned. Sybelle’s driving left something to be desired, mainly because she found it amusing to break the speed limits, drastically. “Man, what a drive. I can’t believe we made it.


Sybelle was more on her game now, having woken up fully, looking bright eyed and bushy tailed. “What do you mean you can’t believe it? Sorry if you don’t like my driving handsome.” She teased, raking a hand through her hair before stretching her arms over her head, glancing around.


“There’s the Sybelle I know.” David smirked, leading her inside the hotel. “Tomorrow I’ll contact Vince.”


Sybelle nodded, pulling away from him in order to approach a well hidden soda machine. “Fuckin’ stuck up prigs.” She chuckled, popping in some change and getting a coke. At David’s quizzical look, she flashed him a grin. “I don’t just drink liquor.” Giggling she pinched his ass, swiping his key card and glancing at the room number, hurried on ahead.


Shaking his head, David followed her. When they got in the room he grinned, his eyes taking in the Jacuzzi. “Do you want anything to eat?” He asked, setting down his bag.


“Um no.” Sybelle shook her head. “Not hungry, order something for yourself though. I think you’re wasting away.” She walked around the room, studying it before dropping her bag in a corner, bending down to rifle through it. Finally she pulled out a long sleeved, off the shoulder black shirt. Then she held it up, showing it to be a very short dress.


“You haven’t ate all day though, are you sure you’re not hungry?” David pried, licking his lips hungrily when she lifted the dress up. “You’d look smoking hot in that babe.” He winked at her before ordering up some food. Afterwards he peeled off his shirt, sighing contentedly. “Much better.”


“I don’t eat. Unless I absolutely have too, then it’s a smorgasboard.” Sybelle smiled, quickly stripping down and sliding the dress over her head, the hemline coming to the top of her thighs. “Yes, much better.” She agreed, walking across the room to run her hands over his bare chest. Sighing almost reluctantly, she pulled away and walked back to her bag, bending down to pull out a lipstick tube and bottle of perfume. “You going to eat and go to sleep or what?” She asked curiously, applying the blood red lipstick, glancing back at him through the mirror.


“I plan on relaxing in here, chowing, maybe going into the Jacuzzi. What are you gonna do?” Just by the look of her, David knew she was going out and felt a twinge of jealousy ripping through him, but he couldn’t stop her from doing what she wanted.


Sybelle smiled, spritzing on the perfume, loving the sensual, almost erotic scent. “I’ve got some business to attend to, maybe pop in on a friend and get back some of the clothes she borrowed.” She crossed the room, kissing his chest. “I won’t be gone long, you want anything while I’m out?”


Staring down into her eyes, David ran a finger across her cheek, feeling sad that she was leaving, especially in that outfit. “No thanks gorgeous. Take your time.” He smiled at her reassuringly and tapped her ass lightly before walking over to lay on the bed.


She frowned, automatically sensing a slight change in him. “I don’t have to go…” She said slowly, walking over to the bed. Sybelle kicked off her heels and crawled onto the bed next to him. “I can handle the business later and as for the clothes, I can get some new ones.” She plucked the dress thoughtfully, realizing she hadn’t even considered how he might’ve felt about the way she looked, accustomed too doing and wearing what she wanted without rhyme or reason behind it. “Mmmm…. Tired handsome?”


David smiled, shaking his head. “I don’t mind if you go sweetie. Go for it, I’ll be here waiting for you.” He winked at her, kissing the top of her head. He closed his eyes, not believing he was falling for her, especially so soon. “Seriously, if you have stuff to do, go. You’re a free spirit remember?”



“No, I’ll stay here.” Sybelle replied, moving off the bed to go search out the bar. “I think I own another pair of leather pants anyways…” She looked thoughtful, glancing at her bag curiously. “Maybe.” Shrugging she picked up her pop and poured it into a glass, adding a liberal amount of Jack Daniels. “Want one?”



“Sure, do you want me to get the Jacuzzi roaring?” David asked, just as someone knocked on the door. Shaking his head, he walked past her and opened it, immediately getting jumped on. “Man, knock it off before I spine buster your ass!”


Sybelle just raised her eyebrows, sipping her drink and leaned back against the bar, staying in the shadows. She watched as three men practically attacked David, all four of them joking around and wondered if these were coworkers.


David finally settled down, not having seen his friends in a week and turned around, his attention back on her. “Guys, this is Sybelle. She’s going to be my new assistant.” He smiled, knowing they wouldn’t question it.


Ric walked over to take her hand, raising it to his lips. “The pleasure is all mine.” He laughed.


She smiled at him, amused. Sybelle looked at the other two, mentally saying ‘jock’, out of habit. “Hello.” She greeted, her normally throaty voice deeper and huskier than usual, deciding to be on her best behavior. “Nice to meet you… guys.” She glanced at David, realizing she had no idea who the hell they were.


“Sorry, these are guys from the road. This one is called Triple H, his real name is Paul. Michael, and the old horny man is Ric.” David gestured to each one, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. “What’s up guys?”



Sybelle decided now would be a good time to excuse herself. “I’ll be out on the balcony.” She said softly to David, taking her drink and walking by, her hand discreetly brushing his ass as she passed.


David made the chat with the guys short and sweet, answering their questions before ushering them out, wanting to be alone with Sybelle. After they were gone he walked out onto the balcony, smiling down at her. “You ready to come inside gorgeous?”


She raised her glass, showing it was empty. “I was going too, I need a refill.” She frowned when she seen the food had arrived and was untouched. “Eat! You were starving! Go eat.” She ordered, gesturing him towards the food while she went for her refill, her bare feet padding across the carpet.


David didn’t obey though, instead he walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. “I’m hungry for something else…” He whispered in her ear, smirking when he felt her shiver.


Hmmmm….” Sybelle turned and shoved him roughly back into the wall, smirking when his brown eyes widened slightly. “I owe you.” She reminded him in a pleasant tone. “In fact, I believe you said I could tie you up and have my wicked way with you?” She placed her hands on her hips, arching an eyebrow at him.


David licked his dry lips, somewhat curious by what she meant and smirked. “I said you could…. But I was sorta wondering if,” He gestured to the Jacuzzi. “If I could have my way in there? It’s up to you gorgeous….”


Sybelle cocked her head to the side, sparing a sidelong glance at the Jacuzzi. “I might consider it.” She eyed her empty coke bottle. “Let me go get some more soda for my mixed drinks and we’ll uh… see who comes out on top.” Grinning wickedly she slipped on her heels before getting a wad of dollars out of her purse, secretly planning a little pit stop at the ice machine for more than just the measly few trays the hotel had provided, evil intentions on her mind. “Be right back big man.” Sybelle stood on tip toes to give him a lingering kiss before slipping out the door.


The feeling of her lips remained on his as he touched them, watching her walk to the door. Shaking his head he got the Jacuzzi going before heading to the bathroom to freshen up.




Sybelle sang under her breath as she searched the floor, looking for a vending machine. “Bout time.” She muttered, hurrying over to it. “Hmmm…. Coke or 7-Up?” Sybelle stared at the machine musingly, finally opting for one of each. “Shit!” The damn machine wouldn’t take her dollar bills. “C’mon….” She pleaded, straightening out the bill and trying again, wanting to return to David. “Fuckin’ thing.”


His emerald green eyes ran over her, watching from the doorway of his room. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she was and wondered what she was doing in this hotel. The hotel had been booked for the entire roster so he knew she had to come with another wrestler. Running a hand through his long, black hair Mark seen she was having issues and decided to make his presence known.


He sauntered over, whipping out two crisp bills and flashed them in her face, his southern, husky voice whispering in her ear: “Maybe these will help darlin’.”


Sybelle arched an eyebrow at the dollars in her face, swapping them for hers. “Thanks.” She repressed a shiver at the drawl, the voice as husky as hers only definitely more masculine. Curious, she turned to look up, way up. “Um….”


Mark smiled down at her, his eyes twinkling and took a few steps back at her apprehensive look. “Don’t be afraid. I just noticed you were havin’ some trouble and thought I’d give ya a hand.”


She shook her head. “Afraid? No. Startled? Yes.” She replied, studying him just as openly as he was her, trying her best not to find him attractive, which he was in a dangerous sort of way. Not good, that was the type that she always got in trouble with.


His legs were encased in tight black jeans that fit in all the right places. Long, black hair flowed down onto his shoulders while he wore a simple black leather vest. There was a long silver chain around his neck and his arms were covered from wrist to shoulder in tattoos. He was intimidating to say the least, but there was something about him that dripped sexuality.


“Well, thanks for the help.” She gestured to the vending machine, feeling a strange sense of deja vous. She started to bend down only to straighten up and squat, remembering how revealing the dress she wore was, not wishing to give anyone a full view of her ass or black thong.


However, unbeknownst to her, Mark had gotten a nice flash anyway and licked his lips hungrily. His eyes devoured her whole, lust swimming in those emerald pools and decided he didn’t want her to leave yet. When she turned around, obviously ready to head back to her room, he blocked her path. “Mind if I ask ya what yer name is darlin’?” He asked nonchalantly, his accent becoming deeper, his lips curving into a seductive smirk. He wanted nothing more than to take her into his arms and carry her back to his room but managed to refrain.


Sybelle bit back a frown, both leery and somewhat attracted to this man. She summed up an image of David and her face lit up brightly, a smile on her lips. “My name is Sybelle.” She shifted the pop into one arm and politely held out her hand. “Yours?”


Taking her hand in his, he replied: “Mark.” He pressed his lips to the top of her hand, loving how soft she felt. Suddenly Mark couldn’t help himself, he had to know. “Mind me askin’ who ya came with? Yeh don’t look familiar to me Sybelle.” Her name rolled off his tongue like a soft caress.


Sybelle stared thoughtfully at him, slowly withdrawing her hand from his. “Why do you ask?” Her eyes widened and she studied him with a new understanding. “You’re a wrestler too aren’t you?” She shook her head. “What the hell is this? A jock convention?” Sighing she went to move past him, frowning when she realized she was blocked in. “I’m here with David.”


Mark didn’t like the tone of her voice and narrowed his eyes at her, not appreciating being called a jock. “We’re all wrestlers here Sybelle. The company is called the WWE and we’re athletes. You don’t know the business do ya?” His curiosity was piqued when he heard David’s name. “Hmmm… didn’t think the man had it in him.” He thought, stroking his goatee.


She smiled sweetly, suddenly looking very innocent though her eyes were anything but. “I’m sorry… no… I don’t know anything about… the business.” Her eyes widened, knowing she looked every part the curious yet dumb vixen. “Isn’t wrestling just a bunch of sweaty guys trying to get on top of each other?”


“No, it’s not. It’s a sport that requires discipline and athletic ability. Davey boy didn’t tell yeh any of this?” Mark asked, feeling his blood boiling at what this wench was saying about his career. “There are women here who wrestle too honey, is that what yer here for or just to get in some wrestler’s bed?”


Sybelle dropped the act, her own temper quickly on the rise. “I fucking know what wrestling is, so why don’t you jump off that high horse you’re on HONEY cause it’s not an impressive act.” She said coldly, leaning against the vending machine to show he didn’t intimidate her. “And the reason I’m here is none of your damn business. So please remove yourself from my path.” She smiled icily, not liking that last comment.


Staring back at her, Mark growled, his hand shooting out to wrap around her throat and slammed her back past the machine and into the wall. His eyes were shooting fire as he said in a low, deadly tone: “Let’s get one thing straight Sybelle: this is MY yard. You don’t like it, get to steppin’ darlin’! You WILL respect me or you’ll suffer the consequences, you understand me?” He squeezed a little harder, sneering when he seen she was beginning to tremble. “If yeh tell anyone about this, including Davey, yer gonna regret it!” He dropped her, watching as she landed on her knees, gasping for air. “Be seein’ yeh Sybelle.” He murmured, stalking back to his room.


She had long discarded the pop and ran, kicking off her heels when she stumbled. Finally halting before the door and tried to calm herself down. Sybelle quickly brushed the tears out of her eyes and felt her throat, wondering if it was bruised. She took a deep breath and stepped inside, not looking at David as she headed straight to the bar, filling her glass with JD straight and swallowing it all down. She turned her back on him, trying not to scream or cry, maybe even both.


David had just wrapped a towel around his waist when Sybelle burst into the room, his eyebrows drawing together, instantly noticing something wasn’t right. He slowly approached her, placing his hands on her shoulders, feeling how tense she was. He took the glass from her, setting it down. “Sybelle, what happened?” He asked, leading her to the bed and sitting down, pulling her onto his lap. “Talk to me.”


Sybelle shook her head, inhaling raggedly and buried her face in his chest. “Nothing David.” She whispered, knowing he knew she was lying. “Please don’t ask, just… just hold me okay?” She forced her body to calm down, her mind already racing about what she was going to do next. “Just hold me….”


“I’m here, I’m right here baby.” He murmured soothingly, wrapping his arms around her, stroking her back. “It’s okay, it’s going to be okay.” David kissed the top of her head. Something had happened, he knew it and wanted to kill whoever it was who’d scared her.


She finally felt herself calming down as he stroked her, falling asleep in his arms. “David…” She managed to whisper, giving herself over to the sudden exhaustion, her head lolling on his broad chest.




Sybelle woke up less than an hour later to an empty room. She frowned, getting out of bed and walking over to the open balcony door. She sighed when she heard David arguing with someone she was guessing to be his wife. Sighing she slipped on some sweat pants and a long sleeved top before cautiously walking out of the room, heading down to her truck for her laptop.


When she finally walked back into the room, about ten minutes later, David was sitting on the edge of the bed, looking haggard. “Hey.” She greeted, slipping off her sandals before walking over to the table, setting up the laptop. “You look upset.” She commented, smiling when she almost instantly got a connection to the internet. “Anything wrong?” Sybelle walked over to the bar, pouring herself a drink then one for him. She carried it over to him, holding it out. “David?”


David snapped out his reverie, standing up and pulling her into his arms, ignoring the drink. He’d thought she had ran away from him. Relief coursed throughout him and he pulled her closer, smashing his lips against her passionately. He felt her instantly melt in his arms and smiled, taking the glass from her. “Thank you.” He whispered against her lips, downing it before setting it on the floor.


Sybelle allowed him to hold her when he pulled her down onto his lap. “What’s wrong?” She asked softly, wrapping her arms around his neck and tilting her head back to look up at him.


“I thought you left. “ David replied gruffly, threading his fingers in her hair. He gazed down into her jade green eyes and could feel himself falling even more in love with her. It was as if Cupid’s arrow had flown straight from the sky and pierced his heart. “Thank you for not leaving.”


“Why would I leave?” Sybelle asked, genuinely confused. “I had to grab my laptop.” She gestured to the table. “Unfortunately, I have some business I simply HAVE to attend too, I’ve been putting it off.” She laughed softly, kissing him. “I’m almost afraid to check my email.”


Nodding, David kissed her before letting her walk over to the table. He got up and went to refill his own glass, wanting nothing more then to drown his sorrows in alcohol with Sybelle by his side. “You go about your business gorgeous. I’m just gonna lay down for a bit.” He decided to just take the bottle with him back to the bed.


Sybelle nodded, watching him. She almost said something about him drinking but stopped, knowing it was none of her business but also guessing he had work sometime the following day. She just sipped her own drink, reading her email. “Fucking morons…” She groaned, quickly typing up a reply and sending it, wondering if she was going to have to leave to go handle affairs herself. “What the hell am I paying them for?” She shook her head, next pulling up a detailed record of that month’s finances, beginning to smile. Sybelle shut down her laptop before finishing off her drink, getting up to walk over to the bed. She stared down at David, looking almost sympathetic.


David was laying on his back, staring up at the ceiling, the almost now empty bottle in his hand which was hanging over the side of the bed. He sighed heavily, running a hand down his face and waited to feel completely numb, not wanting to feel anymore pain. A smile spread across his face when he seen a copper haired angel above him and set down the bottle, crooking a finger. “C’mere.”


Returning the smile, Sybelle crawled on top of him, bending down to kiss him. She laid out on him, enjoying the feel of his muscular body under hers and sighed with contentment.


His eyes slowly closed, not believing what an angel he’d found. “You in the mood baby?” His voice was a low seductive rumble.


“When it comes to you handsome, I’m always in the mood.” She teased, kissing her way down his stomach. “Definitely in the mood.”




After another one of their lusty bouts, Sybelle lay on her side, her head propped up on her hand and just stared at him. “You need to get some sleep big guy,” She whispered finally. “You look tired.”


He slowly sat up, shaking his head. “I asked her for a divorce.”


“Are you all right?”


Nodding, David picked her hand up and pressed a soft kiss to it, pulling her up against him. “I’m all right because you’re here with me.” His eyes told her the story as he kissed her lips gently. “I’m filing tomorrow.” He said, getting up to go for another bottle of JD. “Want one?”


Sybelle hesitated a moment before shaking her head. “Nah… I’m all right. Thanks though.” She stood up and stretched, glancing at herself in the mirror and frowning when she seen a bruise encircling her throat. Sybelle quickly walked over to her duffel bag and pulled out a wide, black velvet choker and put it on, smiling when she couldn’t see the bruise anymore. “So you’re filing tomorrow? Is she going to try fighting the pre-nup?


He shrugged his shoulder, downing another shot. “I don’t care if she does or not. After it’s all said and done though, I’ll be free so if you want to pursue a relationship with me…. I’m asking you now to be mine Sybelle. It’s strictly up to you though.” His voice was low and quiet, not wanting to scare her away but also wanting to be completely honest with her.


Her green eyes widened, though she didn’t mask her face, letting him see she was startled. “Well we’ll just have to see how things go David.” She said slowly, walking over to put the liquor away. She took his hand and tried to guide him to the bed. “Maybe you’ll decide you don’t like me.” She smiled gently. “How about we take things one day at a time for now?”



David nodded, cupping her chin with one hand and removing her choker with the other, jerking it off her throat. “I noticed them earlier.” He admitted quietly, trailing his fingers across the bruise, his blood boiling because he knew he hadn’t done it. “Tell me who did it Sybelle. I need to know so it won’t happen again.”


Sybelle frowned when she seen the clasp to the choker fall to the ground and snatched it out of his hand. “Thanks.” She muttered, dropping down to pick up the metal pieces. “I told you not to worry about it David.” She said almost coldly. “It was just a misunderstanding between me and…. Just a misunderstanding.” Sybelle repeated herself, standing up and walking over to the table, setting the broken choker down. She couldn’t look at him, afraid if he pressed her, she’d blow up.


Growling in frustration, David raked a hand through his hair. “Do you want me to protect you or not? I know someone on the roster did that and I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit back and allow it to happen! You tell me who did it or I’ll find out another way Sybelle!” He demanded in a dangerous tone of voice, clenching his fists, trying to keep his temper in check though it wasn’t working.


Sybelle backed away, startled by his tone though she was also upset with him. “Let it be David!” She ordered, Mark’s dangerous green eyes flashing through his mind, genuinely more concerned about his anger than David’s. “Just fucking let it go! Get it?”


“Fine, you know what? How about if I just stop caring altogether.” His tone was low and deadly as he stalked over to the Jacuzzi. David turned it on and slowly stepped in, not wanting to look at her right now.


“Fine, you fucking do that.” Sybelle shot back, feeling her chest tightening but shoved it aside. She walked over to her duffel bag and quickly pulled out some clothes. “I should’ve known better…” She muttered, yanking off her pajamas before stuffing her legs into a pair of jeans. “Dumbass me…” She didn’t bother looking at him as she slipped on a long sleeved tee shirt.


Sighing heavily, David lowered his head. He was slowly starting to calm down and knew she was going to leave him. He couldn’t stop her and he quite frankly, didn’t have the strength to do so. “If you’re leaving, let me know so I can arrange my transportation for tomorrow.” He said quietly, regretfully, wishing he hadn’t exploded on her. “I was just trying to protect you.”


Sybelle froze, turning to finally look at him, her heart melting at the expression on his face. She put her bag down and walked over to kneel on the Jacuzzi steps. “I’m not leaving you David.” She said after a moment. “I know you’re trying to protect me but… don’t worry. I can handle myself…” She smiled, reaching out to stroke the side of his face. “I’m just not used to someone caring about me like you do.”


David turned his head to press a kiss against the palm of her hand. “I’m sorry for snapping on you. I’ll try to remember that you can handle yourself.” His tone was truthful, though he knew it would be hard to keep his word. “Forgive me?”


“Of course I do, you big ol’ puppy.” Her voice grew even more husky as she leaned forward to kiss him. “You know… you look awfully cute right now.” Sybelle whispered, looking him up and down. “Is the Animal allowed to look cute?”


Chuckling softly, David nodded as he ran a hand through his hair. “Only to certain people. In the ring, which you’ll see tomorrow, I’m truly an Animal baby.” He winked at her. “Care to join me in here?” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, smirking at her.


Sybelle’s answer was to quickly strip off her clothes, stepping into the hot water. “I’m in heaven.” She murmured, tipping her head back against the edge and closing her eyes.


David moved so he was sitting besides her, pulling her onto his lap. “Isn’t this better?” He whispered in her ear.


“Oh yes… much better.”




David was up with the morning sun and already down in the gym. He’d left Sybelle a note, assuring her he’d be back before noon. He was pumping iron, ignoring the idle banter that surrounded him, looking mildly surprised when Mark Callaway sat down at the bench besides him. “Hey Deadman, how‘ve you been?”


“Fine man, fine.” Mark replied gruffly, beginning his own workout. “Word around the grapevine is that you got yourself a new woman.”


David tensed immediately. He stood up and stared down at Mark, folding his arms across his chest. “So what if I do? What’s it to you?”


Mark threw his hands up in the air, knowing he’d already angered David and stood up as well. “Hey man, I don’t want no trouble. I was simply askin’ since it’s been goin’ ‘round. Just make sure yer wife don’t find out.” He cautioned.


David groaned, he already knew this but hearing it from Mark only made it worse. It sounded like Mark had been through the loop himself. David planned on killing his friends for mentioning Sybelle, knowing they’d been the only ones to see her with him. “Thanks for the advice man, but she’s just the new personal assistant Vince hired for me.” He lied.


Mark didn’t say a word, just raised his eyebrow.




Sybelle woke up to the sun in her face, much to her supreme annoyance. “Fucken’ eh…” She groaned, sliding out of bed. Yawning she scooped her bag up on her way to the bathroom. She emerged twenty minutes later, dressed for the day and spotted the note on the table.


“Hmmm….” She murmured, reading it several time, smiling slightly. She walked over to the dresser and put on a new choker, studying herself in the mirror. “I hate mornings.”


Ten minutes later found her downstairs ordering herself a Swiss Mocha cappuccino before retiring to a sunlit corner. She smiled thankfully when she got her coffee and started typing out that week’s instructions to the managers of all four of the clubs she owned. She could’ve given them verbally to the one here in Houston but she knew if she even set foot in the place, she’d be swamped with problems.


“Ha. Back to my vacation.” She chuckled, shutting down the laptop and rising, walking over to the counter to order another ‘cino to go. Sybelle paid for her coffee and walked out of the restaurant, watching curiously as people she guessed to be wrestlers passed her.


“Hmm.” She murmured, heading for the stairs, grinning broadly when she seen the stairwell was empty. She started up the steps, singing 3 Day’s Grace under her breath, her footsteps echoing around her. Sybelle wondered if David was back yet and if she should’ve brought him a coffee, then she realized she didn’t even know if he drank coffee.




Mark smirked from his place in a corner under the stairs, reaching out to grab Sybelle but the arm as she passed by. He slammed her back into the wall with force, though not to the extend where he hurt her seriously… yet. “Hello darlin’.” He drawled out dangerously. He shook his head when she began to fight him. “If you utter a single word, I’ll be making a phone call to Davey boy’s wife and telling her just what kinda slut he’s been with.”


Sybelle instantly stopped struggling, staring up at him hatefully. She knew if David’s wife found out about her, his prenup wouldn’t mean shit. “What the fuck do you want?” She demanded, shifting uncomfortably as the laptop was digging into her back, more than tempted to spill her hot coffee all over him.


Chuckling darkly down at her, Mark ran a slow hand down her arm, his emerald green orbs turning to a dark forest green color. “It’s really quite simple Sybelle…” His voice trailed off as he leaned down, brushing his lips against her neck. “I want you and if ya care about Dave, you’ll agree to come to my room tonight after the show… I’ll show ya what a real man can do.”


She shuddered, repulsed by this man. “Please, don’t make me do this.” She whispered, turning her head away from him. Sybelle already knew she would, just to protect David. She was fighting the impulse to just up and leave, knowing David would still likely suffer because of her. “I can just disappear… please?”


“You’re not getting’ away from me that easily. You see, if you leave, I’ll still make the call. So you either do this with me… or he’ll suffer.” Mark’s voice was now a mere, threatening whisper. “What do ya say darlin’? The decision is up to you entirely.”


Sybelle stared into his eyes, letting him see just how much he disgusted her. “Fine.” She whispered, sounding both angry and defeated. “Just, please, don’t call his wife!” She grabbed his arm with her free hand. “Please!”


“I won’t… unless you break your word.” He said in a cold voice, running a finger down her cheek. He smirked at the fear in her eyes. “Just think about it this way Sybelle: You get what you want, I get what I want and Davey NEVER has to know about it.” Mark purred in her ear, flicking her lobe with his tongue before shoving a key card down her shirt. “Until tonight.” Mark brushed his lips against hers before walking down the stairs, disappearing out the door.


Sybelle sank down onto the steps, reaching into her shirt to pull the card out. Her hand was shaking as she stuffed it into her purse. “Oh David.” She whispered, wiping her tears away before collecting herself. She went back to the room and stuffed her purse at the bottom of her duffel bag, knowing he wasn’t the type to snoop. Sybelle lay down on the bed, finally crying herself to sleep.




Sybelle woke up twenty minutes later, disappointed to find David still not returned. She flicked through the phonebook before finding what she wanted and placing an order. She frowned, wondering what the hell she was going to do. Pushing all thoughts of later from her mind, she walked over to the mirror, trying to decide how she would look in her old black business suit.


“Fuck me running…”




When David walked into the room some time later, he found Sybelle sitting on the bed, rifling through her bag. “Hey Gorgeous.”


She smiled up at him, feeling guilty already and she hadn’t even done anything yet. Gesturing to a black suit hanging on the wall, she said: “I had a courier bring it from my… ah… office. I figured I’d best look the part of an assistant. How much longer until this thing of yours starts?”


“A few hours. Chill out honey, you’ll be great. I’ve contacted Vince and he just wants to meet with you so you can sign your contract and whatnot.” He informed her, bending down to lightly kiss her.


“What sort of contract we talking?” She suddenly sounded very professional, getting up and walking over to the bar. She poured herself a glass of vodka, added some cherry flavored ice cubes and took a sip, not caring if it was too early to drink. “A temporary one I would think…” She mused thoughtfully.


“It’s going to be a PA contract. You’ll be scheduling my hotel rooms, planes, rentals, that sort of thing. Schedules for signings, shows and whatnot. As for the personal part….” David’s voice lowered huskily. “We’ll cross that bridge whenever you wish.”


Sybelle smiled slightly. “I know what it is big boy.” She toasted him before swallowing down her drink. “I employ plenty of assistants myself.” She seemed almost amused by the fact that she herself was going to be an assistant. “Now David, that wasn’t very professional.” She teased at his last comment. “That’s sexual harassment in fact.”


Smirking back at her slyly, David walked over to take the drink from her hand, leaning down so his mouth hovered over her ear. “Oh, but I think we’ve already crossed the PERSONAL bridge on more than one occasion, haven’t we?”


“Oh yes indeed.” She whispered back, tears suddenly filling her eyes when she thought about Mark. She shut her lids, forcing herself not to think of that before reluctantly pushing him away. “Is there anything else you have to do before the show?” She asked quietly, walking away from him to stare out the patio door.


David instantly felt insulted when she pushed away from him and folded his arms over his massive chest, walking up behind her. “Sybelle, what’s going on?” You’re not the same woman I woke up with this morning.” He said softly, having more then noticed the drastic change in her. “Please, tell me. Maybe I can help.” He gently turned her around, his arms wrapping around her waist, not about to let her escape his grasp again. “Tell me.”


Forcing her to meet his eyes, she said: “I’m sorry David, I just got some bad news this morning. One of my clubs seems to be going under and I’m just stressing abut it.” She smiled tiredly. “I don’t mean to act differently towards you, I just don’t want… want to have to leave you to go fix this.”


David ran a finger down her cheek, somehow feeling like that wasn’t the only reason but he didn’t press the issue. “I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be here for you no matter what Sybelle.” He promised, honestly shining in his eyes. He bent down, brushing his lips against her, pulling back and running his thumb along her bottom lip. “Please don’t cry.” He pleaded in a whisper, hugging her close.


Sybelle sniffled, forcing herself to stop crying, holding him tight. “Why are you so good to me?” She whispered, burying her face in his chest. “You’re too good to me David…”


Stroking her hair with his hand, David shook his head as he pulled back to stare into her eyes. “No, Sybelle, you’ve been too good to me. You’ll never understand how much you’ve done for me over the course of the past few days, never know.” He kissed her passionately, wrapping her once again in his warm embrace.




Sybelle’s eyes widened as they pulled into the underground parking lot later that night, staring at all the people surrounding the employee’s entrance, instinctively knowing these weren’t employees. “Christ this place is a zoo.” She whispered, smiling when David got the door for her, arching an eyebrow when he held out his hand to her. “You sure you want to do that?” She asked softly, stepping down.


Nodding, David took her hand, smiling when she squeezed. “Just stick with me and don’t let go.” He instructed, guiding her inside, nodding and smiling to some of the people, wondering where security was, this was about to become a mob scene. “We need to find Vince’s office!” He shouted over the din once inside, the hallways cramped with wrestlers, backstage technicians, etc.


She wasn’t alarmed by the crowds, having dealt with this kind of thing before. Sybelle just stuck close to him, ignoring some speculative looks she was on the receiving end of. She sighed when David found the room he wanted, quickly smoothing out her suit. “Remind me to kill you.” She murmured under her breath.


smirking back at her, David simply knocked and entered, escorting her with a hand on the small of her back, shutting the door behind them. He was surprised to find Mark standing beside Vince and felt Sybelle tense. “Hey Vince, we’re here to discuss that business from earlier.”


Mark smirked secretively at Sybelle, mouthing the words ‘see you later’, glancing at David and waiting till he had the other man’s attention. “Nice seein’ ya again, Animal. I’m lookin’ forward to our showdown at ‘Mania.”


David nodded, stepping aside as Mark walked past them, ushering Sybelle towards the desk.


Sybelle took quick inventory of Vince, ignoring the knowing leer Mark shot her as he passed by. When Vince stood up, peering at her from wire rimmed glasses, she smiled politely and held out her hands. “Sybelle Rennes, Mr. McMahon.” She said in a soft voice, watching as he smiled, her voice sometimes having an interesting effect on people.


When Vince gestured her to the seat opposite him, she sat down. Vince started speaking warmly to her which in turn, caused Sybelle to shoot David a quick look, loving the expression on his face.


David shook his head, dropping down on a spare chair, listening as they discussed the contract Vince presented.


She examined it thoroughly, finally picking up a pen and amending one line. “I would rather you not tie this contract to David’s.” She said, all businesslike. “I have a business of my own that sometimes requires my attention for weeks at a time, that could lead to problems here.” She watched as he nodded, quickly rewriting it. Sybelle then picked up the pen one more time and scrawled her signature, pushing away from the desk and shaking Vince’s hand once more.


David smiled at her professionalism, knowing she’d be just fine with this job. He honestly didn’t mind the change, already knowing she might disappear one day and hadn’t figured she’d be this smart when it came to business sense. Damn, this woman seemed to throw him for a loop at every turn.


He guided Sybelle from the room, to his own dressing room. Once inside, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. “I’m so proud of you.” He whispered, running a finger down her cheek, not missing the sadness that entered her eyes. “Don’t worry about your business, Gorgeous. It’ll work out.”


Forcing herself to look happy, Sybelle nodded. “Proud of me for what? Protecting your ass?” She teased softly. “You realize you would have been held liable for me if I left without saying anything, if our contracts had been tied together that is, don’t you? You ought to be kissing my feet.” Her voice dropped even lower, eyes sparkling.


Smirking, David got down on his knees and bent over to kiss her feet, standing back up and laughing. “You’re my angel.” He murmured softly.


Sybelle just shook her head, wrinkling her nose. “Remind me to kill you.” She said for the second time, though she was smiling. She glanced at the clock. “So how long do these things usually last?” She asked, sitting down on a chair and reaching for a manila envelope with her name on it, grinning when she seen what it contained. “Nice contract David, who negotiated for you?” She laughed playfully, reading the copy carefully.


“Funny, I did.” He snorted, raking a hand through his hair. “You know that man you seen in the office with Vince?” He questioned, looking down at her, not noticing it when she tensed up.


“What about him?” Her eyes never left the papers.


“I’m feuding with him from now until WrestleMania, which is in two months. It’s our biggest extravaganza of the year, kind of like the NFL superbowl type thing.” He explained. “I just hope I can live up to his expectations. He is a legend after all.”


She finally looked up, a frown on her face. “You realize you have to lose don’t you? It vaguely states the match is as of yet undecided but this guy wins every single one of these… superbowl things.” Her eyes scanned the paper, shaking her head. “That’s messed up.”


David just nodded, not seeming to care. “If anyone deserves to be champ, it’s Mark. He’s been here for over a decade and he’ll probably be retiring soon. He never loses a Mania so I don’t mind dropping to him.” He truly meant every word that came out of his mouth, smiling, feeling privileged that he would be facing such a legend on the biggest stage of them all.


“I guess so. It kind of seems like the short end of the stick to me but then again, I don’t know too much about your sport.” She smiled up at him, laying aside the papers. “At least you’ll get a rematch, nice clause.”


Smirking again, David nodded as he moved to sit behind her on the couch, pulling her back against him. “He can have the championship at Mania, come rematch time, it’s mine again.”


Sybelle leaned against his strong, comforting body, shaking her head. “I would hope so.” She sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. “You’re giving me a headache, Animal.”




Sybelle watched as the expressions on David’s face went from relaxed to thoughtful, to annoyed, then resignation. “What’s on your mind handsome?”


He sighed, getting up. “I just don’t feel like being here right now and getting my ass handed to me tonight.” His voice was low as he turned around, staring into her eyes. He pulled Sybelle to her feet and passionately kissed her, never wanting to let her go.


Melting against him, Sybelle wished with all of her hear that they could just disappear, but knew he couldn’t. He had a personal life to contend with as well as his professional, and she wasn’t ready to part from him just yet. “Oh David…” She sighed against his lips.


Sybelle…” He whispered, reluctantly breaking the kiss, his brown eyes peering into hers. “Promise me, we can continue this later, hmm?”



“We can’t continue it now?” Sybelle sighed inwardly, knowing he had to work and smiled brightly. “Of course we’ll continue this later, you think I’d pass up that chance” She winked, running her hand up his thigh.


He groaned when she did that, kissing her one final time just as a knock sounded on the door, followed by a stage technician’s voice. “I got to go out there baby, don’t worry, I’ll be back shortly.” He kissed her one last time before heading out of the room, grabbing his belt on the way.




“You look delicious in that…”


Sybelle slowly turned around when she heard that way too familiar drawl, stepping out of arm’s reach. “David could be back any second.” She said coldly, refusing to feel intimidated. “What do you want Mark?”



Smirking wickedly, Mark’s emerald green eyes shimmered with devilish intentions, enhanced by the black eyeliner rimming those dangerously seductive orbs. “I just wanted to make sure our plans were still on for tonight darlin’. They are, right?” He stepped forward, reaching out to clasp the back of her neck.


Sybelle fought back a shudder and could only nod, fighting back tears, anger and fear. “Yes… unless you’ll be a decent human being and reconsider?”


“Fat chance of that happenin’ Belle.” He stated flatly, running a finger down her cheek, moving closer, his eyes boring into hers. “Remember, tonight happens and yer free to go and Davey boy’s secret is safe.”


She had never felt this vulnerable in her life before, it wasn’t a good feeling. “One night?” She echoed, daring to sound hopeful, her husky voice dropping even lower. “You promise? You won’t… tell his wife?”



Mark nodded, an amused grin on his cruel yet sensual lips. “One night.” His deep baritone had become husky as well, though his was for different reasons, hers was naturally that way. The next second, Mark had pulled her head up by the hair and slammed his lips down on hers, forcing her mouth open with his tongue, brutally ravaging her, exploring ever crevice, not caring if he was hurting her. “And any other time I feel like fuckin’ yer brains out.” He laughed darkly when he broke the kiss, enjoying the mortified look on her face. “Don’t even THINK bout skippin’ town either, we clear?”


Shoving him away, Sybelle wiped her mouth with the back of her trembling hand. “You’re fucking disgusting!” She growled angrily, wishing she could hurt him but not dumb enough to try. “Don’t you have any fucking morals?”



“None at all.” It was an honest answer. He folded his arms over his chest, entranced with the way her emotions flashed across her face. “You have until midnight, if you don’t show, I’m makin’ a call.” He winked down at her before walking out, deciding to have a little fun and beat David’s ass just for the Hell of it.


Sybelle almost ran out the door, tempted to just run and run and never look back. “FUCK!” She screamed, tossing one of the metal chairs at the wall before dropping to her knees, unable to stop crying. “Fuck!” She cursed again, breathing hard. “Why didn’t I have to start falling for him?” She asked herself, shoulders shaking. “Why him?”




David lay prone in the ring, not believing the brutality Mark had inflicted on him and groaned, trying to get up off the mat. His entire body was racked with pain, along with his head, especially after having two Tombstone Piledrivers inflicted on him.


Somehow he managed to slide out of the ring and walk up the ramp, stumbling quite a bit. He shook himself mentally, trying to get his equilibrium back on track. Once he was behind the curtain, David immediately went to his dressing room, crashing through the door and leaned against the wall, wincing in pain.


Sybelle had already straightened herself up, frowning when she seen him. “David!” She gasped, rushing over to lead him to the couch, gently nudging him down. “Are you all right? I thought it was… partially fake?” She had watched the match on the monitor and knew Mark hadn’t taken it easy, just hoping this was normal and not because of her. “God… can I get you something?”


Looking up at her, David shook his head as he leaned his head back against the couch, trying to diminish the pain and groaned. “Damn, he took it harder on me than I thought.” He whispered, opening his eyes to stare into her concerned ones, and nodded, holding out the keys to her truck. “You're going to have to drive back, I can't make the room stop spinning.”


She took the keys, nodding, her brows drawn together with concern. “Do you need to see a doctor or something David?” *She quickly gathered his things as well as her paperwork, quickly and neatly placing it all in his bag. “C'mon big man…” She slung the duffel bag over her shoulder, wincing as the strap dug into her skin, that belt weighing more than she had thought. “Let's go home so you can rest.”


David somehow managed to stand up, running a hand over his face and allowed her to guide him out of the arena. He refused help medically or anything for that matter, wanting to take it like a man, especially with the Deadman being the on to have doled out the punishment.


Sybelle was silent as she drove, not even bothering with the radio. Once they reached the hotel, she managed to wake him before getting out of the truck. She grabbed the bag again before wrapping his arm around her shoulder, urging him to lean on her before guiding him inside, taking the elevators for once, hating it but wanting to get him too bed. “God, that prick did a number on you.” She murmured as they slowly made it down the hallway, quickly sliding her key card through the slot before opening the door, ushering him inside.


Stumbling inside, half asleep, and barely making it to the bed, David collapsed. He looked up into her eyes through hazy orbs, reaching out to take her hand in his. “You're so beautiful... I'm lucky to have you.” He whispered, smiling slightly. “Don't ever leave me.”


“I won't” *Sybelle whispered, guilt for what she was about to do coursing through her. She pulled the blankets over him, brushing her hand against his forehead before walking over to the table, sitting down and switching on her laptop. She quickly got the connection up and checked her email. Glancing at the clock made her frown, 11... “Damn.” She whispered under her breath before standing up.


“David, I've got to go. There was a problem with the club here in Houston.” She lied, not about the club being in Houston, but the problem part. “Apparently some clowns decided to rough up my staff... Since I'm in town, I'll have to go file a statement.” Sybelle cringed inwardly, hardly believing how smoothly these lies were rolling off her tongue, but then reminding herself it was for him. She walked over to her bag and quickly pulled out a pair of black jeans and an oversized sweater. “Will you be all right for a little bit?”


The sounds of his snores were her only answers.


Sybelle sighed, staring down at him for a moment before disappearing into the bathroom. She quickly showered, skipping reapplying makeup, opting for just her deodorant minus perfume, not bothering to brush her teeth either, hoping Mark might be repulsed by her. She sighed again, staring at herself in the mirror.


“Christ... what more can I do to make myself ugly?” She whispered, hating the fresh face before her. Straightening her shoulders, she walked out of the bathroom and made a quick stop at the bar, downing three shots in a row before quietly getting both her key card and the one Mark had slipped her. With one last glance at David, Sybelle walked out of the room, making sure to close the door softly behind her.




It was ten minutes to midnight as Mark sat on his bed, staring down at his cell phone, and smirked when the locked clicked on his door, knowing Sybelle had arrived. He slowly stood up, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his muscular waist and folded his arms over his chest as she walked in. She looked absolutely beautiful, especially with no make up on. Licking his lips hungrily, Mark whispered: “I knew yeh‘d come.”


Sybelle just stared at him, folding her arms over her bulky sweater, averting her eyes from him, not wanting to see this gorgeous, yet thoroughly evil man. “You didn’t give me a choice…” She whispered when the door closed behind her, the lock automatically clicking, the sound ominous.


“It’s not goin’ to be as bad as ya think Belle.” Mark assured her, slowly crossing the room to tower before her, reaching out to glide his fingers down her cheek. “Nobody has to know, ‘member that.” He walked away from her over to the bar, pouring them each a glass of champagne, his back to her. He smirked slightly, watching the liquid for a moment before turning, holding the glass out.


Sybelle, already a self-admitted lush, grabbed the glass and downed it. “Have anything stronger?” She asked dryly, not sure she’d be able to do this sober. She handed him back the glass, walking across the room to stare outside the balcony doors, brushing away the tears that threatened to spill down her cheeks.


She didn’t know how long she stood there, listening as Mark moved around behind her, finally leaning forward and pressing her head against the glass. “What the Hell was in that drink?” She whispered, closing her eyes as her world started spinning.


Chuckling darkly as he moved to stand behind her, running his hands down her arms. “Just some champagne darlin’, yeh don’t need anythin’ stronger, trust me.” He whispered in her ear, slowly inching his hands underneath her sweater, moving his lips down to taste her neck, growling at how sweet and soft she was.


She felt the tears sliding down her cheeks, her body already betraying her mind and heart, enjoying his touch even though the room was still revolving. When he growled, a shudder rippled through her and she pulled away, tossing her hands up to prevent herself from smashing into the door. “I… I can’t do this.” She whispered, turning around slowly, the places he’d touched burning her.


Sybelle closed her eyes, inhaling deeply. “I can’t do this. David… Oh… God…” She slowly shook her head, feeling like she wasn’t even in control of her body, her limbs moving sluggishly and knew this wasn’t the alcohol. “What did you fuckin’ do to me?”


A dangerous smirk formed on those sensual lips, Mark’s eyes gleaming wickedly, the emerald green orbs now a lust-filled forest green color. “I told you-” He ruthlessly jerked her into his arms, in one swift; fluid-like motion pulling the sweater over her head. “Something to help you relax.”


Somewhere in her rapidly fogging mind, Sybelle knew she had been drugged. She heard his words but they didn’t register, a reluctant moan being dragged from her lips as he assaulted her collarbone with a skilled tongue, actually grateful Mark was holding her up or else she would’ve dropped by now, leaning against him.


“I hate you.” She managed to whisper, her voice thick with emotion.


“Ya can’t tell me this don’t feel good…” He murmured back, knowing he had her in the palm of his hand when Sybelle’s own hands as if their own, sluggish accord moved over his bare chest. Growling, he unceremoniously picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bed where he dropped her, right in the middle of the mattress, face first. “Mmm…” His voice was nothing more then a rumble, his eyes moving over her form. “I think we can do without these…”


Sybelle gasped when she felt her jeans being slid down her long legs, belatedly trying to kick, the attempts slow and feeble, having very little control of her body. She shook her head, mouthing no as he made short work of the rest of her clothes, feeling those large, calloused hands on his on her hips, positioning her on her knees.


Mark pulled her back, impaling her on his cock, a hiss escaping his lips. He moved one hand to her throat, forcing her head back, leaning over her body to whisper in her ear: “Say my name Belle, say it or else.” His tone was threatening and seductive all rolled into one. He grunted when she bit her lips and began pounding her harder. “Say it!”


Sybelle whimpered, hating herself for enjoying this. “Mark!” She screamed, beginning to cry again, a moan escaping her lips when that only encouraged him to drive harder and deeper inside her. She then pictured David in her mind, imagining it was him. “Oh David…” She sighed, just the thought of him pushing her already overly aroused body over the edge.


Mark’s anger rapidly grew upon hearing her say David’s name and ripped her head back by her hair, biting into her neck, growling dangerously. “This ain’t David, Belle, David is gone!” His thrusts became more powerful as he slid out of her, flipping her onto her back and gripped her thighs roughly as he plunged inside of her, forcing her to look into his hate-filled eyes.


“You’re going to bruise me!” She cried out, her voice a mixture of pleasure and pain, struggling to remove his hands from her thighs. Sybelle stared up into his eyes, the hatred she seen there sending a tremor of fear through her. “You’re hurting me Mark, stop!” She pleaded, turning her head away.


Mark shook his head, gripping her hair tightly, never stopping the intense pounding he was inflicting on her. “I’ll rip you in half if you don’t scream MY name, Belle!” He snarled, riding out her first orgasm and continued the pace, going even harder and not giving her a chance to reply, doing what he said he would, breaking her in half, not caring. “Say my fuckin’ name! Scream it!”


Sybelle cursed out loud when she came, bucking against him violently. “Fuck you MARK!” She screamed, her voice furious and lusty all at once, the pain/pleasure mix intensifying to almost terrifying heights. “Fuck you!” She sobbed, hating that he was making her feel this, stifling a moan as she began cumming again.


“That’s it darlin’… that’s what I wanted to hear…” Mark cooed, actually sounding soothing, smirking wickedly. He sunk his cock in her one last time and explored, feeling her writhing against him as he held her close.


Once he moved, Sybelle rolled away from him, curling into a quivering ball and drew her knees up to her chest. “You’re a monster.” She said flatly, her voice low. Slowly, she sat up, wincing with pain and managed to get to her feet, staring down at her bruised thighs, his fingerprints quite visible. “So does this conclude our… deal?” She demanded, grabbing his discarded towel and wiping away the cum that was oozing down her legs. “Fucking pig…” She cursed softly, trying not to cry, seriously tempted to lunge for his throat.


“We’re finished.” He stated, raking a hand through his black hair and bent down so they were eye-to-eye, lifting her chin up with his index finger, his green eyes smoldering. “For now. I said one night, Belle, which means yeh belong to ME til the sun comes up, we clear?”



“I can’t spend the night here!” She cried, throwing the towel at Mark and darting for her clothes, dropping to her knees and gathering them to her, knowing he’d make the call if she left. “What am I going to tell David?” She whispered, wiping tears away with the back of her hand. “Is it me you hate, Mark, or is it him?” She demanded softly, not moving, not looking at him.


Mark stared down at her thoughtfully, finally moving to the bar and pouring himself a shot of whiskey, downing it without flinching. A slow, grim smile spread across his lips. “This isn’t about hatred Sybelle, it’s about you and me.” He shook his head, walking right past her to stare out the window. “Ya don’t have the slightest clue who I am, do ya?”



Sybelle pulled her sweater on and stood up, going to bar and helping herself, sighing as she glanced at the clock, wishing it were dawn so she could be safe with David. David. Her heart contracted painfully, taking the breath from her. She downed two consecutive shots, frowning at his question.


“Should I have a clue?” She demanded, staring at his profile. “You look like a fucking bastard to me, I think that’s about all I need to know.” Mark, she realized, finally placing the feeling she had felt when she first met him, unnerved her. Seriously bugged her out.


Sybelle, we have a past, an interestin’ lil past.”




Mark spun around to face Sybelle, eyes blazing. “It was maybe, five, six, years ago… You had a bet goin’ with one of yer friends… A bet about seducin’ a random guy, winnin’ some money from it… Soundin’ familiar yet?”


Sybelle’s eyes widened as all of a sudden a memory came rushing back to her. She studied Mark, realizing he hadn’t changed too much, his hair was longer, no longer red, he was also built a bit better then the last time they’d encountered each other. “Oh Christ…” She whispered.


Back then, she hadn’t been interested in anything but showing off to her friends, busy drinking and partying, playing the ‘seduce a guy’ game. To think, the last ‘bet’ she’d made had actually BEEN Mark, until David came along. That would teach her to let Lucy talk her into their old game. What freaking luck.


“You’re pissed because you were used? That’s what this is all about?” She drowned another shot, shaking her head. He hadn’t been all that upset WHILE he was fucking her. “That’s what this is all about? A damn bet made, FIVE, years ago?” She stalked over to stare up at him. “Fuck off man! Get over your fucking self already! If you wanted anything, it should have been an apology… not this!”


“Here’s the thing darlin’, I didn’t really care all that much until I seen yer pert lil ass again and yeh ran yer fuckin’ mouth. So you have nobody but yer damn self to blame. You even THINK bout runnin’, I’ll make your life AND Davey’s miserable.”


Her eyes darkened when he threatened not only her but David. “You leave him alone!” She slapped him as hard as she could, her hand instantly stinging from the blow. “This is between US, not him!”


Mark wasn’t phased a bit, instead smirking cruelly and lashed out with a slap of his own, sending her sprawling into the wall. “Wrong darlin’, David’s involved now, blame yourself for that one too.”


Sybelle tried to kick him only to wind up with his massive thigh pinning her legs in place. “Fuck off Mark! Involved? What the Hell are you on about you crazy fucking psycho?” She screamed, struggling to get out of his grip.


Covering her mouth with his hand, Mark’s eyes shone with pure evil intentions. “It’ll come soon enough. Now… take off these damn clothes, did I say ya could get dressed?” He ripped her shirt down the middle when she refused. “Don’t make me make that call in front of ya, Belle.”


Her hands trembling with rage, Sybelle shrugged out of the remains of the sweater, glaring at him defiantly as she crossed her arms over her bare chest. “I hope you feel good about yourself, Mark.” She taunted softly. “I hope all this makes you feel like a real man.”


His eyes devoured her body whole, watching as she reluctantly slid off her jeans. “That’s it darlin’, now how bout ya turn ‘round and bend over, lemme see that beautiful, soaking wet pussy of yers.” His voice was dripping with lust, licking his lips hungrily, not caring if this gorgeous woman was trembling and crying.


Sybelle did as he ordered, humiliation coursing through her, cheeks burning with shame. She couldn’t believe this was happening, praying she woke up any second and this would have all been nothing more than a bad dream. “Wake up, Sybelle.” She thought, feeling a single tear slide down her face.


It wasn’t a dream though, it was really happening and Mark was enjoying ever second of it. He had her in his complete power, under his control and knew she would do anything to protect David, even if it meant leaving him permanently. Mark chuckled at the very thought, loving this. He had often thought about the woman who had took him for a one night stand, often wondering why she had selected him out of the other men in the bar.


Seeing her again, in that hallway, in that dress and KNOWING she was there with another wrestler had set something off inside of him. He KNEW he had to have her again, only this time, under HIS terms.


Sybelle almost screamed when she was tossed across the room, flying over the bed and landing in a heap on the opposite side. Groaning, she stood up, blinking away the pain, deciding she had had enough. “Stay away from me.” She said coldly, her voice firm. “Take one fucking step and I’m going to turn you in for rape, hear me? Whatever you drugged me with will show up in a blood sample and then it’ll be YOUR life ruined!”


Mark shrugged as he walked over, picking up his cell phone from the nightstand and began punching in a number. “Your call darlin’.” He said conversationally, knowing she’d cave. “Just remember, you try ruinin’ my life, I’ll DESTROY David’s.”


She practically dived into him, knocking the cell out of his hands. “NO!” She exclaimed, wrapping her arms around Mark, hiding her face against his chest so he wouldn’t see the defeat in her eyes. “I’ll… do whatever you want, just don’t ruin him.” She whispered, wishing she hadn’t fallen in love, admitting to herself that that was exactly what had happened, she had fallen in love with David and now she was destroying him.


Mark looked down at this pathetic woman before him, not believing how much she would resort to just to protect David. “I told you, I’m not goin’ to do anythin’ unless yeh defy me. I’m not forcin’ yeh into anythin’ yer not wantin’. Now… get down on yer hands and knees, beg me not to ruin him.” He ordered viciously, eyes narrowing.


Slowly Sybelle dropped down onto all fours, her head down, copper red hair hanging over her face. She knew she was red and could feel her entire body shaking, hating herself for what she was doing, about to do, this wasn’t her! “Please, please Mark… don’t… d-don’t…” She almost choked, taking a deep breath. “Please don’t ruin David, please, Mark?”



“Good girl.” He murmured, patting her head and walked away, dropping down on the bed, clasping his hands in front of him. “You can go now, but just remember, this ain’t over til I say it’s over, Belle.”


She wasted no time in dressing, holding her ripped sweater tightly against her chest, not sparing Mark a second glance as she bolted from the room. She ran to the room she shared with David, sighing in relief when she was safely inside. She bit her lip, hoping David wasn’t awake, his snores telling her he was still sound asleep. She crept into the bathroom, locked the door behind her and showered, scrubbing her body thoroughly, wanting to rid herself of any trace of Mark though the bruises remained.


Sybelle stared at herself in the mirror when she was done, hardly recognizing the pale, sniveling creature in the mirror. Groaning, she stuffed her clothes under the sink before walking out into the main room, quickly pulling on some sweat pants and a long sleeved shirt then crawled ito bed, clinging to the edge of it, her eyes wide open.


David’s eyes slowly fluttered open, groaning a little, the pain in his head sparking and rolled over, smiling when he seen his beautiful woman. “Hey Gorgeous.” He softly murmured, pulling her against him, kissing the back of her neck. “I’m sorry about falling asleep on you.”


She tensed against him, sure he would know what she had done but the slowly relaxed. “Don’t worry about it.” She whispered. “Just go back to sleep handsome, you had a rough night.”


Holding her tightly in his arms, David nodded, knowing she was right, his eyes already closing again.




It was sunlight streaming through the slotted shades that woke David, causing him to groan as he reluctantly slipped out of bed. He glanced at Sybelle, frowning when he seen her curled up in the fetal position and wondered what had happened. “I’ll talk to her about it…” He thought, heading to the shower.


Sybelle had woken up the instant he moved, rolling over to stare at the wall once he was in the bathroom. She slowly got up, wincing a little, feeling stiff and a little sore. While David showered, she quickly dressed, knowing how she looked would raise suspicions but also having a few bruises to hide. She dressed in an ankle length black skirt and a tight fitting black shirt with flowing sleeves and waited patiently for David to emerge.


When he came out, he gave her a once over and chuckled, wearing all black himself. “We look like we’re going to a damned funeral.”


“Maybe we are.” Sybelle smiled humorlessly, sliding on her sunglasses and standing up. “You ready to go?” She asked, grabbing her bag and laptop case. “I am.”


Nodding, David quickly gathered his own things then gently took her by the arm. “Are you alright? You’re acting strange, Gorgeous.”


She offered a strained smile. “You know me handsome, I’m not a morning person.” She said, pulling away from him. “Just get some Swiss mocha in me and I’ll perk right up.” Sybelle laughed dryly, glad he couldn’t see the pain in her eyes. “Ready? We got to be hitting the road. L.A. is where we’re going isn’t it?”


Nodding down at her, David sighed, getting the feeling she was hiding something from him again and just followed her out of the hotel.


Once they were on the road, he reached across the seat to take her hand. “I have something to tell you.”


Sybelle looked at him, arching an eyebrow behind her shades. “What’s up handsome?” She asked curiously, trying to squash the blossoming love she was feeling towards him.


“I filed for divorce this morning, my lawyer said it shouldn’t take more then a couple of months before it’s finalized.” He announced, his brown eyes sparkling as he focused on the road.


Her heart leaped only to come crashing back down, two months seemed like an eternity. “That’s great David!” She exclaimed, sounding happy for him, which she was… Sybelle squeezed his hand in hers. “That’s really great.” She echoed, resting her head against his shoulder, closing her eyes.


“Please wait for me Sybelle,” He whispered, hugging her close. “I promise it’ll be worth it.”


“I’ll wait for you David.” Sybelle murmured, burying her face in his side, trying not to cry. She finally drifted off, sleeping away the miles.




Sybelle’s eyes shot open when she felt herself being laid down. “David?” She sat up, looking around and sighed in relief when she spotted him busy sorting through his duffel bag, her own things resting on the table and reclined against the pillows, realizing he must have carried her up here. “How long did I sleep?”


“The entire drive.” David replied, grinning at her over his shoulder.


“You must’ve drove straight on through… Are you tired?”


He didn’t respond, instead moved to sit beside her, nuzzling her neck. “Mmm no, but I do want some food… Are you hungry, Gorgeous?”


Sighing, she realized she had yet to eat in the past three days and nodded, knowing she needed something in her system. “Yeah, I guess so.” Sybelle gently nudged him away, smiling slightly. “I’m hungry for food though honey, feed me before I turn into a grouch.”


Smirking, David just nodded and passed her a menu. “Choose whatever you want and I’ll order it, my treat.” He said emphatically, leaving no room for argument.


Rolling her eyes, Sybelle quickly read the menu. “Hmmm…” She grinned when she found what she was looking for, hidden at the very bottom of the page, apparently the hotel management was trying to keep the fact that they served it under wraps. “I want a hamburger and onion rings.” She winked at him, handing back the menu.



“Nice…” David shook his head, calling in the order, having something a bit more healthier himself.


Sybelle almost vomited when she heard him also order champagne instead swallowing hard. “How’s your head?” She asked softly, resting against the headboard, crossing her ankles.


“It feels fine, nothing the Animal can’t handle.” He joked, though he couldn’t help but feel that there was something different about her, reaching out to entwine their fingers together. “If there’s something bothering you, you can always tell me, you know that, right Gorgeous?”


She nodded, not meeting his eyes. “I know David. You worry to much about me.” She snuggled against him, running her fingers down his chest, loving the feel of him, smirking because she knew he had shed his shirt as soon as he was in the room, the man hated shirts. She sighed contentedly, almost able to pretend nothing bad had happened the night before and it was just them alone in the world again. “You’re like chocolate, you know that?” She asked softly, smiling when he arched an eyebrow. “Very addicting.”


David chuckled, wrapping an arm around her, leaning back against the headboard with her, just enjoying being with her. “And you’re like sugar, sweet and fine.”


Sybelle almost jumped when there was a sharp knock on the door. “I hope that’s the food.” She muttered, reluctantly moving away from him only to lean over and kiss him passionately, giggling when he growled before standing up and walking over to the door. “I’m sorry David but even sugar needs some sustenance.” She teased.


He just lay down, folding his arms behind his head and watched her.


Shaking her head, she opened the door, stepping back to let the server through, snatching her wallet off of the table before David could say anything and the tipped the man. Her eyes were twinkling when she finally closed the door, turning around to stare at him. “Was that allowed, boss?”


Glaring playfully, David shook his head. “I’ll punish you later, right now I’m famished.”



“Lucky me.” She grumbled, looking disappointed she wouldn’t be getting ‘punished’ immediately and giggled when he just wiggled his eyebrows at her. “Mmm…” Sybelle settled down on the couch with her food, digging in. “Now I’m in heaven.”


He nodded in agreement, busy with his own meal. They both ate in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. “Damn, I feel like I’m going to explode.” David announced when he was finished.


“I wonder why.” She smirked, licking her fingers clean, setting her plate aside before standing up. “Do they have a pool here? I feel like going for a swim…” She said, then froze, remembering her legs. “Well… maybe not, I’m sort of tired.” She yawned into her hand, walking over to the bar.


David looked up at her and ran a hand though his hair, getting up and pulling her back down onto the bed. “No honey, swimming sounds like a plan.” He whispered. “Then again, so does keeping you right here in bed.” He smiled roguishly and began to playfully push her skirt up, frowning when she struggled against him, REALLY struggled. “Sybelle, what’s wrong?” David demanded, eyes widening when he seen what she was trying to hide.




“Jesus….” David gasped, reeling away from her, seeing the bruises.


Sybelle instantly pulled her skirt down, leaping out of the bed. “David…” She began, running a hand through her hair, eyes wild with fear. Shaking her head, she darted for the door. “I… I need some fresh air.” She mumbled, slipping out of the room and running down the hallway, tears streaming down her face.


David could only stand there, feeling his blood boiling out of control and began to pace back and forth, wondering what the Hell had happened. Those were handprints, huge handprint bruises on her thighs and David wondered if he had done it. “I am an animal…” He whispered regretfully, dropping down onto the bed, cradling his head in his hands.




Sybelle didn’t care if she was barefoot as she padded into the gym, not venturing outside because she didn’t know her way around L.A.. Gratefully, the gym was empty and she immediately started hitting a punching bag, tears running freely down her cheeks as she vented her anger and frustrations.


Mark had seen her running through the hall and followed, more then a little curious. He leaned against the wall, watching her, observing those tears. He ALMOST felt a twinge of pity for her, green eyes boring into the woman before him and shook his head, closing the door and moved towards her. “Problems, darlin’?”


Sybelle spun around, backing up and quickly putting space between them. “You’re ruining my life!” She spat angrily, wiping away the tears and shoving her hair back impatiently. “Does that fucking make you happy, Mark? David is probably wondering who I’m fucking besides him right now? ARE YOU HAPPY?” She shouted, collapsing against the wall behind her.


“You need to calm down.” Mark ordered calmly, seeing she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. “How do you know David ain’t thinking’ he did somethin’ wrong?”


She shook her head, not liking that idea and sighed exhaustedly, rubbing a hand against her forehead. “You don’t need me here Mark, you got your revenge on me, I’m leaving tonight…”


Narrowing his eyes, he folded his arms over his chest. “You leave, I make a call.” He threatened.


Sybelle looked up, watching as he fished out his cell phone and began waving it tauntingly at her. Growling, she got to her feet and walked over to snatch the cell out of his hand and threw it down onto the floor, watching impassively as it smashed to pieces. “Fuck you. Do whatever you want, Mark. Fuck with him and he suffers by losing money. If I fuck with you, you’re career is over before retirement hits.”


Gripping her by the back of her hair, Mark rammed her back into the wall, his own eyes nothing more then slits. He smirked, whipping a switchblade out of his back pocket. “How bout I just finish yeh now, Belle?” He pressed the blade firmly to her throat. “How’d that be?”


She stared up at him, blinking slowly before smiling almost indifferently, reaching up to grab his hand. “Let me help you then.” She whispered, seriously hoping he didn’t call her bluff because she wasn’t ready to die just yet, give it another ten minutes though and she might be.


Mark watched as the blade broke skin from the pressure he applied, blood trickling down her neck and shook his head, pushing away from her. “I see, then since ya don’t care… I’ll just go have a lil fun with Davey boy instead.” He patted her head before turning to walk away.


She fingered her throat and chased after Mark, grabbing his arm to stop him. “I’m sorry!” She said breathlessly, hoping to change his mind, regretting her rashness. “Please, just leave David alone.”


Smirking viciously, Mark sighed almost exasperatedly. “Don’t play games with me darlin’, you do, and he’s DONE.” He threatened in a low growl, reaching out to swipe a finger across the wound on her neck, popping it in his mouth and groaning, savoring the taste of her blood.


Sybelle could only stare at him, trembling violently from fear.




When Sybelle finally made it back to David, she wound up spending a long time convincing him she had been mugged when he demanded to know about her throat and that the bruises she wasn’t sure about, that maybe they had been the result of one of their romps but assured him that he hadn’t hurt hr.


Tension reigned between them, her lying taking a constant toll on her and him flat out no believing her but not pressing the issue just yet.




Smackdown found David getting pumped in his dressing room while Sybelle sat on the couch behind him. He couldn’t hide the tension in his body, knowing that she’d been lying to him over the past few days didn’t help matters either, but he knew he couldn’t push her either.


Tonight he had a match against Ken Kennedy and he couldn’t wait to rip the rookie a new asshole, especially after what had happened between them at the Royal Rumble.


“I have to get going, you going to be alright back here?” He asked gruffly.


Sybelle didn’t even look up from the paperwork she was going over, having been given a fresh stack the moment she had walked in the building. “I’ll be fine David.” She replied curtly, adjusting the high collar of the black undershirt she wore with her tailored to fit black suit, a silver necklace covering the healing slice on her neck. “Just go do your thing…” She looked up, her eyes softening behind the purple tinted glasses she wore. “Good luck handsome.”


“Thanks.” He replied, eyes focused and intense looking as he walked out of the room, down to the gorilla position and waited. Once his entrance music started, David electrified the crowd and stalked down to the ring, evil intentions shining in his eyes.


Halfway through the match, however, the lights went out, followed by the tolling of the bells.


When the lights came back on, the Undertaker was standing on the stage, a knowing gleam in his eyes.




Sybelle set aside the paperwork, her eyes narrowing in on the monitor, seeing the brief look that crossed Mark’s face. “Please, don’t let him do anything.” She prayed, leaning forward on the couch to watch, crossing her fingers.




“Batista…” Mark began in his low, dark voice; green eyes searing the other man. He merely raised a hand, pointing at the Titan Tron.


David was instantly mortified by what he saw.


Mark didn’t even turn around to look, he already knew what was playing, he just watched David, a cruel smirk on his face.


David could only watch as the scene unfolded, listening as grunts and groans filled the arena.


The camera got a close-up of Mark, obviously in the throes of passion though nothing really showed besides his face. Then came the kicker. Onscreen Mark ripped the woman up by her hair, revealing none other then Sybelle.


“I must say…” Mark said slowly as the scene faded away. “She does have a dark side to her.” He laughed demonically and disappeared in a haze of purple smoke, leaving David seething with rage in the ring.




Sybelle shot to her feet, panic coursing through her. She quickly gathered her things, swiping her truck keys off the top of David’s duffel bag and rushed out of the room, ignoring the looks she received from some of the Superstars. Then she spotted Mark walking back from the ring and shook her head, heading for the exit and muttering ‘fuck’ every other breath.


She didn’t make it that far when she was hoisted into the air and planted over a shoulder, she quickly identified the person as David by the tattoo on his back, shrieking when he ripped the keys from her.


David didn’t care what this looked like, or that Sybelle was now kicking and screaming as he carted her ass back to the dressing room. He kicked the door shut behind them and carried her into the bathroom, dropping her none-to-gently.


The look in David’s eyes made Sybelle cower. She tried to get to her feet but her heels kept slipping on the floor, recent experience made her raise her arms up in a defensive posture though she didn’t bother trying to defend herself, remembering all to vividly how David had spoken of Mark. Like he was some kind of living legend, that and she was just some woman he barely knew. Sybelle backed away as far as she could until her back finally hit the wall and just stared up at him, tears coursing down her cheeks.


“You fucked him.” David stated flatly. “You fucked him and that’s how you got those bruises, isn’t it.” It wasn’t a question and they both knew it. David raked a hand through his hair, brown eyes narrowing. “How could you do this to me, Sybelle? After EVERYTHING I’ve said to you? How could you HUMILIATE ME LIKE THAT!?!” He bellowed, his voice echoing around them. “We may not be together but I thought, I actually THOUGHT, I’d found someone, YOU! I want to know the truth and I want to know it NOW!” He ordered, hitting the wall with his fist, anger coursing throughout his veins.


Taking a deep breath, Sybelle jumped when he hit the wall, shrieking when the towel dispenser came flying at her. She barely moved in time to miss getting whacked by it, somehow getting up on her trembling legs. “David, I…” She stared at him helplessly. “Yes… I slept with him, yes, that’s how I got the bruises.” She whispered, looking down at the floor, unable to bear seeing the accusations in his eyes. “He threatened to.. To call your wife and…” She trailed off, inhaling sharply unable to recount it and reached up to absent-mindedly rub the place Mark had sliced her at. “I never meant to hurt you David, I was trying too, trying to protect you…”


David heard her, his eyes softening a little though he still had every intention of murdering someone, namely Mark. “You should’ve came and told me. I fucking KNEW something was wrong, that something wasn’t right…” He shook his head, not believing what she had done for him, the shame and regret in her eyes along with something else he didn’t know how to identify deflecting his anger with her. “Jesus, come here.” He ordered, holding out his arms and smiled slightly when she flew into them, stroking her hair with his hand.


She started bawling, finally telling him everything in great weeping torrents. About Mark’s threats towards them both, her own vague past with Mark as well as the incident in the gym. When she finally had gotten everything out, she stepped out of his embrace, wrapping her arms around herself. “You hate me, don’t you?”



David’s shook his head, gripping her shoulders gently. “No, I don’t hate you, Sybelle. I… love you.” He whispered, voice trembling from so much emotion and anger mixed together. “I fucking love you and I wish you would’ve told me what he was doing.”


Sybelle just stared up at him, looking incredulous. “You love me?” She echoed quietly before tossing herself at him. “I’m sorry David! I should’ve trusted you to know what to do!” She cried, burying her face in his chest. “I’m so sorry about all of this…” Sybelle took a deep breath before whispering: “I love you too.”




Sybelle woke up the next morning to the sun shining in the room, smiling slightly as she stretched. She looked up to find David sleeping in an upright position and giggled, knowing he had probably watched her sleep.


They had had a LONG talk last night after returning to the hotel, a seriously long talk. She was honestly surprised either of them still had their voices.


Giggling some more, she reached out to stroke David’s upper thigh. “Honey, why don’t you lay down?” She whispered, gently urging him down on the bed.


David slumped down onto the mattress, pulling her into his arms. “Mm…” He murmured, burying his face in her hair.


Laughing softly, she was tempted to snuggle against him but also had work from the night before to finish up yet. Carefully, so she wouldn’t wake him, Sybelle slid out of the bed and quickly dressed before slipping on her sandals and walking out of the room.


She quickly made her way to the restaurant and ordered herself her normal cappuccino then ordering breakfast, instructing it to be sent up to the room. Humming happily, she paid for it all then headed back upstairs, sipping her cino as she walked, eager to finish the paperwork and then maybe wake David up for some…. She started giggling again.


Then her world was thrown off balance.




“Did you enjoy the lil show last night darlin’?”



Sybelle groaned in pain, having been jerked into a room then slammed against the door. She instantly knew who it was and remembered how dangerous this man could be but shook it off, refusing to give into him any longer. “Fuck off Mark.” She snapped, wincing when the cappuccino sloshed all over her. “Fuck!” She tossed it at him, not surprised when he dodged it but grinning when some got him anyway. “David knows about everything so save your threats for someone who still gives a damn.”



“Then I guess we’ll do this the hard way.”




Groaning, Sybelle slowly woke up. “David?” She whispered, opening her eyes only to find everything still dark. She raised her hands up and felt something over her, then she was jostled, something smashing into her back and realized she was in someone’s car. “LET ME OUT!” She screamed, her claustrophobia kicking in as she started banging and kicking. “I CAN’T BREATHE! PLEASE LET ME OUT!”


A few seconds later, the jostling stopped and the sudden light all but blinded her.


“Hello darlin’, have a nice rest?”


Sybelle shot up, sucking in air, tears freely coursing down her face as she blinked from the sudden change of light. She was up and out of the trunk in a flash, stumbling on her own feet and falling to the pavement, gasping air still. “What are you doing? It’s over, Mark! David knows! What more do you want?” She climbed to her feet and didn’t wait for the answer, just took off running, kicking off her sandals, ignoring the rocks and other things that bit into her feet.


Sighing heavily, Mark took off after her. He snatched her by her long hair and yanked, pulling her back against his chest. “You EVER pull that shit again and yeh’ll regret it!” He shoved her towards the hotel. “Don’t make me hurt you anymore then I already have woman.” He threatened, holding her by her upper arm. “Now, if yer a good girl, I promise, nothin’ bad will happen to ya. Yer gonna walk in there pretendin’ we’re together and if ya fight me…” He pulled out the switchblade he’d used the other night. “Understand?”


Sybelle nodded meekly, having a hard time believing how one person could be so damn evil, and all over some stupid shit. She allowed him to lead her inside, almost vomiting when he took her hand, lacing their fingers together. She looked around for an escape route as he checked in before being pulled off towards the elevators. “Mark, no, please…. I can’t…. not that.” She gasped, digging her bare heels into the floor, terror filling her eyes.


He all but shoved her into the elevator. Mark pressed the button and waited for the doors to close before forcing her against the wall, slamming his lips roughly on hers. “Yer goin’ with me whether ya like it or not.” He growled, dragging her out into the hallway once they reached the floor he wanted. He halted in front of a door, unlocked it and pushed her into the room.


She went sprawling onto the floor, crying out when she felt her back get a vicious rug burn. “Why are you doing this?” She demanded, getting to her feet and backing away, looking for a weapon, knowing she couldn’t defend herself against this giant, especially since he had a razor sharp blade.


Chuckling darkly, Mark lunged at her, pulling Sybelle to him by her arm. “I can’t believe ya haven’t figured it out yet…” He kissed her brutally, pressing the blade firmly to her throat. “I want YOU, Sybelle.”


“But all this… with David?” She mewled weakly, swallowing hard when she felt the blade digging deeper into her throat, trying to pull away only to wind up with it biting her even more, wincing when she felt it pierce skin. “Let me go.” She whispered, turning her eyes up to stare at him.


“Nothin’ more then a mind game. I got what I wanted darlin’, you.” Mark conversationally explained, sounding almost cheerful, smirking. “I’ll take the knife away if ya promise not to run.”


“All this for a piece of ass…” Sybelle muttered, wondering what the hell kind of psycho she was dealing with, besides the obvious dangerous and deranged type. She bit back a retort and a scowl at his last words. “I won’t run.” She promised darkly, hating him more then she had ever hated anyone before.


Smiling wickedly, Mark took the blade away, though he kept it in her line of vision as he ran a finger down her cheek before shoving her into a chair. “Now then, gettin’ to why yer here… I wanted yeh the entire time, Belle. I wanted ya and now I have ya, but… we got to figure out how to make little Dave go away for good…”



Sybelle crossed one leg over the other, looking down to see blood staining her shirt. When she looked back at him, she narrowed her eyes, not bothering to disguise the hatred she felt. “Oh really? And just how are WE going to do that?” She demanded, folding her arms over her chest, arching an eyebrow.


“Simple, darlin’.” He trailed off, reaching into his shirt pocket and pulling out a small object. In a flash, he had her hand and was sliding on a diamond ring, his angry eyes daring her to take it off. “Yer goin’ to marry me one week before WrestleMania and yer gonna do consentingly or else I’ll make yer life even more miserable.”


Sybelle stared down at the ring on her finger, quickly doing the math. There was still time before then, plenty of time to escape. She nodded numbly, forcing herself to look defeated. “You’re already making my life miserable, Mark.” She couldn’t help but add, biting her lips, wishing David would somehow come bursting through the door.


Smirking, Mark gripped her by the back of her head, forcing her to look into his eyes, and stated in a deadly voice: “If you even THINK ‘bout runnin’ from me, I'll find yeh and kill ya with this…” He flashed her the knife again, watching it reflect in her eyes, and released her. “The choice is yers, Belle, and believe me, yer not the only person I've killed in my life. Don't think I won't do it.”


Sybelle found herself believing him and nodded slowly, a single tear sliding down her cheek. She breathed a sigh of relief when he put the knife away and shrank back into the chair, trying to put as much space between them. “I won't run, I promise.” She said softly, shivering even thought the room was rather warm. “Just... keep that thing away from me.”


“As ya wish.” He said mockingly, his voice dropping an octave and cleared his throat, dropping down onto the bed, the knife gone from sight once more. “I’m not a bad guy once ya get to know me, Belle. You’ll learn it in time… there‘ll be lessons.”


Sybelle drew her knees up to her chest, making herself as small as possible. She fought the urge to shiver, swallowing back the bile that threatened to spill out of her mouth. “Lessons?” She echoed, blinking at the carpet, unable to look at him any longer. “What do you mean, lessons?”


“Lessons as if yeh keep on defyin’ me and I’m gonna beat yer ass, to teach ya a lesson. Same with the kids we’ll be havin’.” Mark replied softly, a maniac gleam in his eyes as he ran a hand through his long black hair. “That won’t happen though if ya obey me.”


“K-kids?” Sybelle whispered, eyes widening, unable to picture herself having anything with this man besides a death wish. “Are you out of your fucking mind? You’re crazy! You can’t have kids!” She couldn’t stop herself, clamping her hands over her mouth, staring up at him wide eyed, actually scooting the chair back.


Mark’s face darkened as he stood up, backhanding her across the face so hard the chair went toppling backwards, Sybelle along with it. “You’ll do whatever I say or I’ll force yer ass into it!” He roared.


Sybelle did a backwards somersault before managing to raise herself up into a half sitting position, tears shining in her green eyes, ignoring the stinging pain in her face. “Go for it Mark.” She said quietly. “You’re forcing me into everything else.” She climbed to her feet, backing away from him, this time putting the couch between them. “You’re not even one-third of the man David is.” She whispered.


“Maybe not, but the fact remains that I’m gonna be YOUR man.” He retorted swiftly, crossing his arms over his massive chest, shaking his head. “I can see yer gonna be more trouble then I thought. No matter, I can always make you… crack… like I did the last time.”


“No…” Sybelle whispered, turning and running into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind her and locking it with trembling hands. She looked around quickly, trying to find a weapon and finally just bashed her elbow into the mirror, ignoring the pain that coursed through her as she grabbed the largest shard, her hand beginning to bleed as she backed into a corner, holding it out in front of her.


Shaking his head, Mark’s temper was slowly rising. He kicked the door in, stepping in and sighed heavily when he seen what she was holding. “Now, do ya honestly think yer gonna injure me with that?” He asked casually, hands on his hips, taunting her.


“I think one of us is going to get hurt.” She replied coldly. “Just let me the hell out of here, Mark, and I’ll disappear, okay? You’ll never see my face around your precious wrestling again.” She pleaded calmly, never lowering her arms though she could them shaking. “This… wedding thing of yours is simply out of the damn question, I wouldn’t marry you for anything in this world or the next.”


“Yer not goin’ anywhere.” Mark stated firmly, his voice iced over and whipped out the switchblade once more. He pretended to hurl it at her, smirking when she cringed. “Put that damn thing down and let’s get ya bandaged up before I REALLY cut yer ass up.”


Sybelle was sorely tempted to drop it, her elbow was killing her. Both her hands were bleeding now, dripping blood all over the tile floor and she had a fresh cut on her throat. She kept this up and she was going to die from either a knife wound or blood loss. “Fine.” Slowly, she lowered her arms then at the last minute flung the shard at him.


Mark growled dangerously when it grazed his arm, cutting him and narrowed his eyes before lunging at her. He wrapped a hand in her hair and threw her out the door, towards the beds. “Get in there NOW!” He wasn’t messing around with her anymore, watching as she did as she was ordered. He shook his head then proceeded to handcuff her wrists to the bed, not caring if it hurt her arms further. “I told ya, yer gonna learn to obey me, darlin’.”


She cried out in pure agony, struggling against the cuffs, tearing flesh from her wrists. “LET ME GO YOU FREAK!” She screamed, kicking out when he approached her. “Stay away from me! I hate you!” She hurled every insult she could think of at him, struggling so hard the bed banged against the wall.


Mark perched on the edge of the bed, gripping her chin roughly in his hand, forcing her to meet his eyes. “Shut the hell up!” When she refused to listen, he did the one thing he knew would work, he knocked her the fuck out.


Sybelle was out instantly, her head falling to the side, her copper hair covering her face, hiding the swelling that instantly started. Blood oozed down both her arms from her hands and wrists, slowly seeping through the blankets.




When Sybelle woke up, she didn’t know the time or how many hours had gone by. The shades were drawn so she couldn’t even tell if it was night or day. She raised her off of the pillow, eyes widening when she seen she was practically hog tied.


Mark was sitting in a nearby chair, browsing through a magazine and smiled when he seen she was awake. “Mornin’ darlin’, how’d ya sleep?”



She glared at him, unable to respond since there was duct tape on her mouth, settling for shooting him the nastiest look she could muster.


“Still in the same mood.” He sighed, disappointment evident in his tone and sighed heavily. “I guess yer not ready to cave in yet, are ya?”



Sybelle sighed, really having to pee so she nodded, her eyes pleading with him. She raised her bound arms, whimpering, her eyes darting towards the open bathroom door.


Following her stare, Mark set aside his mag and got up, walking over to rip the tape off her mouth. “What was that?”


She tried not to scream, feeling like her lips had been ripped off. “I have to use the bathroom.” She said in a flat voice.


“Oh, okay.” His green eyes widened innocently as he scooped her up, carrying her into the bathroom. He slid down her jeans, taking his own sweet time and pushed her back. “Make it quick.”


Shaking her head, never having been to shy, Sybelle proceeded to piss in front of him, though she wasn’t amused when she had to awkwardly wipe with bound hands and legs. “Do you think I could shower?” She asked, not watching as he pulled her pants back up, wishing she had some clean clothes.


“I’ll be more then happy to let you shower, as long as ya swear yer gonna behave.” Mark replied, helping her wash her hands. “None of this woulda happened if ya had listened to me the first time.”


She didn’t bother retorting, not in the mood to be beaten up anymore. “I won’t run.” She promised, holding out her arms.


“Good girl.” He murmured, cutting loose the bonds, threading his fingers in her hair when he had finished, staring down at her for a moment. “Enjoy yer shower, darlin’.” He whispered, brushing his lips against hers before walking out of the bathroom.


Sybelle wasted no time in turning on the shower, stripping down and stepping into the hot spray, tears mingling with the water that beat on her face. “David…” She cried, burying her face in her hands, trying to imagine what he must’ve been thinking by now.


Probably that she had fucked him over again. She took her time in washing herself, only stepping out when the water ran cold. Sybelle dried off and pulled back on her soiled clothes, definitely not wanting to parade around in a towel. She examined her wrists and hands, noting that Mark must have tended to her wounds because they didn’t look inflamed and sighed, reluctantly stepping out of the bathroom.


What Sybelle had failed to notice was that the bathroom door wasn’t broken.




Mark arched an eyebrow when he seen Sybelle, tossing her a small bag. “Go change, those are nasty.” He ordered.


Sybelle stared at him for a minute before returning to the bathroom, returning a few minutes later in a black skirt and shirt, frowning slightly. Ignoring him, she calmly walked over to the cabinet in the corner and opened the glass door, pulling out a bottle of whiskey. She poured herself a healthy glassful and shot it down.


“Still the big drinker eh?” He asked conversationally, remembering that night from so long ago. They had played quarters and he had to give her credit, she’d given him a run for his money. “I really wish yeh’d give me the benefit of doubt, Belle. Did you HONESTLY think Davey boy would leave his wife for YOU?”



Frowning slightly, she poured herself another drink before sitting down on the edge of a table, refusing to look at him, not bothering to answer. She pressed her bare feet to the floor, taking another sip of the whiskey, looking down to find her hands shaking.


Sybelle…” Mark whispered, now kneeling before her, taking her shaking hands in his and kissing the tops of them. He stared up into her eyes, searching them intently. “In time, yeh’ll learn to love me.”


She stared down at him, her eyes moving to her hands, his hands then her hands again, slowly pulling them away, shaking her head. “No, Mark.” She whispered. “I’ll never love you. I love David.”


Nodding, Mark sighed, already knowing that. “Yeh’ll learn to love me or die tryin’.” He said, getting to his feet and walking away from her.


“You do realize I’m a businesswoman don’t you, Mark?” Sybelle snapped, causing him to halt. “People are going to be looking for me by now, I own clubs all over the fucking country! You’re not going to be able to hide me forever!”


Smiling wickedly, he just shrugged his shoulders. “I have no intentions of keeping’ ya hidden forever, just till we seal the deal so to speak.” He sounded so cool, calm and collected, not bothered in the least by her outburst. “Yeh can still do yer work, just have to do it with me is all.”


She shook her head, knowing there wasn’t going to be no damn marriage, there’d be too many people looking for her. Deciding silence was the best policy, Sybelle walked over to the bed and laid down, rolling onto her side and facing the wall, reliving her last night with David.


Mark joined her, running his hand down her body, smirking when she instantly began fighting him and turned her onto her back with ease. “Fight me.” He ordered, inclining his head down to bite her neck.


Sybelle winced but went limp, forcing her body to relax, refusing to give him what he wanted. “Why don’t you go screw yourself?”


“I’d rather fuck YOU.” He chuckled, his other hand now skimming up her bare thigh and underneath her skirt, cupping her sex in his hand. “Come on, fight me…” He urged.


“Sorry, no can do.” She replied almost cheerfully before turning her head to face the wall, beginning to crunch numbers in her mind.


Shaking his head, Mark gripped her chin roughly in his hand, his emerald green eyes flaring with anger. “Defy me again, Belle, and I’m gonna stick this-” He procured the switchblade. “In the back of Davey boy’s neck. Wouldn’t that make a pretty sight?”


Sybelle knew he would do it simply because he had almost killed her. “Fuck you!” She hissed, lashing out and raking her long nails right across his open eyes, taking advantage of his pain to pound her fist against his wrist, watching with relief as the knife went flying.


Mark bellowed out in pain, temporarily blinded and started grabbing for her. “YOU LIL BITCH!” He roared, opening his eyes only to find the bedroom door wide open.


Sybelle hadn’t even bothered to take inventory of her surroundings, just ran. She flew down the stairs, almost falling down the last few until she reached the bottom. She went to open the heavy oak doors and found them locked. “NO!” She screamed, tossing herself at it repeatedly, things finally beginning to click in her mind.


A dark, demonic laugh sounded from behind her, announcing Mark’s arrival. He walked slowly down the stairs, shaking his head amusedly. “Welcome to my humble abode, Belle, darlin’.”


She shrieked when he pinned her against the doors, grabbing his hand with both of hers, trying to breathe as he cut off her oxygen. “No, Mark! Please, don’t!” She pleaded, tears filling her eyes. “I’m… I’m s-sorry, baby, I w-won’t be bad anymore!” Sybelle admitted it, she was a sniveling coward who didn’t want to die.


“Last chance, darlin.” He viciously slapped her across the face.


Sybelle could only cry as he drug her back up the stairs by her long hair, shrieking when she was tossed into the bedroom, landing on her back and moved only to a half-sitting, half-kneeling position, hanging her head, her face smarting from where he’d struck her.


Mark glared down at her, silent for a minute as if contemplating what to do before roughly grabbing Sybelle by her upper arm and flinging her onto the bed. In a matter of seconds he had her bent over, her skirt tossed up and his jeans unsnapped. He ripped her head back by her hair, biting the back of her neck as he slid inside of her.


Sybelle screamed out at the violent intrusion, her body arching with pain, instinctively trying to squirm away from him. “Please, Mark, you’re hurting me!” She cried, trying to scramble away from him.


Ignoring her pleas, Mark only thrust harder and faster, growling as he finally emptied his seed in her and pulled out, breathing heavily. He lay on the bed for a moment, pulling her against him.


Weeping silently, she tried to move away only to wind up gasping for air as he tightened his grip painfully. She shut her eyes, willing herself to sleep, knowing only asleep would she be able to escape this nightmare, her heart crying out for David.


After what seemed like forever, Mark rolled off of the bed, zipped himself up and walked out of the room, locking the door behind him.


Sybelle rolled over, blinking when she seen sunlight, wondering where it came from. Quietly, she slipped off the bed, ignoring the pain and adjusted her clothes. She walked over to the window, pushing aside the drapes and studied it, arching an eyebrow when she found it to be boarded up except for one slot.


Grateful she barely ate anything, she somehow managed to slip herself through the gap, easing her way along the roof until she found a tree. Sybelle wasted no time in shimmying down it, glancing around. “Where the hell am I?” She thought before running.




By the time night rolled around, Sybelle was limping, her bare feet bleeding and torn. She had tried walking in the grass only to find herself stepping in prickers every other minute. When she seen a vehicle pull off to the side of the road only yards ahead, she moved a little faster, hoping this person had a phone she could borrow.


Her eyes widened when she realized this was her truck! “David!” She cried out, forcing herself to run. She frowned when she didn’t see anyone and opened the door, gasping. “David?”



David was slumped back against the seat, blood trickling from a nasty looking gash on his forehead.


Sybelle managed to crawl in and maneuvered her way around him, recoiling when she brushed against him, smearing blood on herself and flicked on the overhead light. “Damn…” She cursed, seeing how bad the wound was, pulling off her shirt and using it to wrap around his head, trying to stem the flow.


David slowly opened his eyes, grunting as he raised himself up from the seat and peered at her, his eyes widening instantly. Sybelle?” He whispered weakly, not believing she was in front of him, thinking this was a cruel dream.


She nodded, glancing out the window nervously. “Move over honey, I’ll drive.” When he just stared at her, she pushed him. “Come on, David! You need medical attention, you’re bleeding everywhere! That and I really don’t want to be in this area when Mark finds out I’m gone.” She wrapped her arms around herself, waiting for him to move, not looking at him.


David’s eyes widened even more when it finally struck home she was here, really truly here, and immediately pulled Sybelle into his arms. Tears of joy and relief coursed down his face as he held her tightly. “Thank god you’re okay…” He whispered, pulling back, frowning at her heavily bruised face. “Jesus, what the fuck did he do to you?”


Sybelle turned her head, trying to push away from. “Please David, let’s just get out of here before he finds me.” She pleaded, reaching up to rub her face, frowning when she realized she was still wearing Mark’s ring. “Please… let’s go…”


Nodding, David moved her onto the seat besides him, refusing to let her drive and got the hell out of there, not caring about his injury, more concerned with her.


They finally came to a shabby looking motel sometime later on the next day and David simply had to stop, about to drop and he knew she had to be on the edge of collapsing as well. As they headed towards the room they’d been given, he studied her, the sunlight allowing him to see all the damage.


The minute they were in the room, Sybelle rounded on him. “You have to get that looked at!” She pointed at his head, pushing him gently down onto the bed and untied hr shirt, examining the wound, her hair shielding her face from his view. “How’d this happen?”



“Don’t worry about it.” He said stubbornly, pulling her onto his lap, wrapping his arms around her waist. “God, I thought you left… but then your truck… you’d never leave it or me. What did that bastard do to you?” He asked softly, pushing her hair from her face, feeling his blood light on fire. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t there…”


“There was nothing you could do.” Sybelle whispered, wincing as he tilted up her hands, revealing the gashes from the mirror, her torn wrists. Silently, she tilted her head back, showing him the fresh wounds from Mark’s knife. “He…” She shuddered violently, breaking away from him to kneel on the floor, holding herself tightly.


David felt his heart clench in his chest, seeing how much physical and emotional pain she was in, not believing Mark could do this. He could only stare down at her, wondering what to do, feeling completely helpless and useless. Finally he lifted her up off the floor and laid her down on the bed. “You need to rest…” He hissed, trying to mask his own pain.


Recoiling at the tone of his voice, Sybelle’s eyes widened. After a minute, she realized it was his head and frowned. “David, get that looked at!”


“You’re more important!” He growled back. “I’ll only go to the hospital if you do.”:


“I don’t think so.” She whispered, slipping off the bed and disappearing into the bathroom. When she returned, she held a wet, soapy washcloth and a towel. Without saying anything, she cleaned the gash, holding the towel to it when it began to bleed again, hoping it would suffice because there was no way in hell she was going to a hospital.


David reclined back on the bed, pulling her back with him and sighed in sheer contentment at feeling her in his arms again. He spotted the ring on her finger, knowing it must be Mark’s doing and gently pulled it off her finger, tossing it across the room.


Sybelle’s eyes widened, panicking. “If he finds out, he’ll kill me!” She whispered, a hand going to feel her neck, tracing the wound with her fingers. “David, I’m afraid of him.” She admitted, trying not to cry. “He- he was planning on marrying me a week before WrestleMania…. He’s going to kill me for running away.” Her husky voice dropped an octave, beginning to rock back and forth.


“That won’t happen.” David stated confidently, not about to let her be snatched away from him again, ever again. “I’ll back out of WrestleMania, forfeit the title, I don’t care about it. We’ll disappear Sybelle, just us.”


“You worked too hard for this David.” She said, shaking her head. “You can’t do that. That, and he’ll sort of won, by running you out of the WWE and me into hiding. I’ll be damned if he does that to you.”


“He’ll win the match no matter what, Sybelle. He orchestrates the entire thing, he’s won no matter what. It’s always been this way.” David explained patiently.


Frowning, she slid off the bed, wincing as she walked on her bruised feet. “You can just quit, I’ve seen you, you love wrestling. Just…” She sighed, turning her back on him. “I’m thinking about heading to Miami.” She said finally. “I need to… to get my life back.”


“You’re… leaving me?” He asked in disbelief. “Sybelle, after all this… and…” He stopped, remembering what they had agreed on, knowing he couldn’t force her to stay. “I… understand.”


She turned back to look at him, smiling sadly. “David, if I’m with you, there’s a chance he won’t leave you alone. Maybe when everything has settled…” She trailed off, not wanting to leave him but also knowing staying with him was only hurting him. “As soon as you make arrangements for yourself, I’m gone.”


“Then I’m going with you.” David announced after a lengthy pause, getting up to walk over to her, making her meet his eyes. “I refuse to lose you, do you understand that?”


Sybelle just stared at him, unable to comprehend why he would give up everything for her when she had brought nothing but pain into his life. “Why do you love me?” She whispered, her green eyes filling with tears. “I’m nothing but trouble David, don’t you understand that yet?” She shook her head, breathing in sharply, knowing he wasn’t going to change his mind and unwillingly felt her heart filling, almost painfully, with intense love for him. “No… we’ll…. We’ll go back on the road so you can do your thing. I’ll just… camp out in the hotels while you’re working.”


The smile on David’s face made it all worth it, the pain, the fear, everything. Sybelle smiled against his lips when he kissed her, knowing even if she had wanted too, she couldn’t walk away from him.


Thought in the months to come, she might have wished she had.




~*~ The Night Before WrestleMania~*~


Sybelle walked across the empty dance floor, her black stilettos clicking as she surveyed the place. She turned to David and smiled. “What do you think?” She gestured to the club she had just bought, planning on expanding in Detroit. “I think this one had potential.” She walked over to kiss him, ignoring the looks she received from her staff, having closed down the Houston club and relocated them all, with reimbursement of course.


David smiled down at her, his eyes sparkling with happiness and nodded his approval. “I love it, it’s perfect and it’s you.” He kissed her gently, hugging her close. “I have a surprise for you…”


Arching an eyebrow, she lowered her blue tinted shades to stare at him, dismissing the staff with a wave of her hand. “Oh really? What’s this surprise?” She asked, leaning against him.


Pulling out a folded manila envelope from his back pocket, David unfolded it and slid out the papers, handing them to her. Right there, black and white, clear as crystal it stated his divorce was final, he was a free man again.


Sybelle stared down at the papers, hardly daring to believe it. “Really?” She whispered, her eyes scanning it. “David!” Shrieking, she tossed her arms around his neck and stood on her tiptoes, pulling his head down so she could kiss him. “So now you’re all mine…” She whispered against his lips. “Completely mine.”



Nodding, David lifted her up in his arms, smiling when she wrapped her legs around his waist. “I love you, Gorgeous. I’m yours for as long as you want me.”


“Forever and ever.” She teased, pressing her forehead against his, laughing as he spun around the floor with her.


~We were drawn from the weeds


We were brave like soldiers


Falling down under the pale moonlight


You were holding me


Like a someone broken


And I couldn’t tell you but I’m telling you now


Just let me hold you while you’re falling apart


Just let me hold you so we both fall down


Fall on me


Tell me everything you want me to be


Forever with you, forever in me


Ever the same


We would stand in the wind


We were free like water


Flowing down


Under the warmth of the sun


Now it’s cold and we’re scared


And we’ve both been shaken


Look at us


Man, this doesn’t need to be the end


Just let me hold you while you’re falling apart


Just let me hold you so we both fall down


Fall on me, tell me everything you want me to be


Forever with you


Forever in same


Ever the same


Call on me


I’ll be there for you and you’ll be there for me


Forever it’s you


Forever in me


Ever the same


You may need me there


To carry all your weight


But you’re no burden I assure


You tide me over


With a warmth I’ll not forget


But I can only give you love


Fall on me, tell me everything you want me to be


Forever with you


Forever in me


Ever the same


Call on me


I’ll be there for you and you’ll be there for me


Forever it’s you


Forever in me


Ever the same


Forever with you


Forever in me


Ever the same~



“Do you have… anything to do tonight?” Sybelle asked later that night when they were in their hotel room, knowing they were in Detroit for more then just her opening a club.


Sighing regretfully, David nodded. “Yeah, Vince is throwing us this post WrestleMania party that I have to attend. I’m main eventing so I have no choice, but I want you to come with me. I promise, I won’t let you out of my sight.” He knew she was deathly afraid of his opponent, Mark, but she had to face him sometime.


Sybelle had spent the past months working as his P.A. from the hotel, refusing to go to the arenas with him, refusing to attend events. In the past couple of weeks, she had started becoming more active and purchasing this club in Detroit had undoubtedly been just another push in getting her out of her shell.


Pulling away from him, Sybelle walked over to the bar to pour herself a bracing shot, downing it quickly before pouring another. She just stared at him, a hand straying to feel the fine scar on her throat, a little present from Mark. Finally, she nodded, swallowing down her second shot and offering a tentative smile. “I’ve been meaning to wear that gown I bought a month ago anyway…”


“I know you’re worried and if you don’t want to go, you don’t have too.” David said softly. “I wouldn’t blame you at all if you stayed here.” He wrapped his arms around her waist, leaning down to rest his head on top of hers. “God, I wish I didn’t have to go… I’d rather stay here and pound you until we’re both blind.”


Sybelle had to giggle, shaking her head. “Until we’re blind? Nice David.” She walked away from him, bending down to retrieve her discarded clothes, stuffing them in a laundry hamper for the maids to find. “I’ll go… I know I know, this work from home shit as P.A. doesn’t always cut it.” She rolled her eyes playfully, forcing the thought of Mark from her mind.


She actually wanted to make a public appearance with David now that his divorce was final and she was no longer the ‘other woman.’


Grinning from ear to ear, he pulled her back into his arms. “God, I love you, have I told you that?” He murmured, running his hands up and down her curvaceous body, loving the feel of her underneath his touch. “You are the bravest woman I have ever met, Sybelle. No wonder I love you so much.”


“Brave my ass.” She retorted, swatting his hand away when he went to pat her ass. She got in the closet, pulling out a long garment bag. “Hmmm…” She pursed her lips thoughtfully. “Go hop in the shower, I might take awhile to get dressed and stuff once I’m in there.”


Nodding, David kissed her quickly before sauntering into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.


Once he was out, she took his place, knowing she didn’t have all that much time left but not wanting to rush all the same. She showered then slipped on her undergarments first followed by her customary choker, doing her makeup before teasing her straight, copper red hair into waves.


That was followed by the gown itself. She stepped carefully into it, fastening the back before studying herself in the full length mirror critically. The dress was black, of course, with off the shoulder sleeves that came down to her wrists. The bodice hugged her curves snugly, flaring at her hips and falling to the floor in folds.


“Is this alright?” She asked quietly, stepping out into the main room after slipping on her high heels.


David had dressed as well, in a pure black suit with a dark gray undershirt. He was fastening his cuffs when he heard her and turned around, the breath catching in his throat. “You look… stunning.” He murmured, crossing to her.


Sybelle smiled, kissing him gently before stepping away. “You’re mussing me up.” She said, laughing. “I don’t get dressed up like this often…” She stared down at herself and sighed. “So are we ready then? And you have to drive, I’m not about to kill this dress.”


“Whatever you say, baby.” David chuckled, liking it when he drove, he didn’t have to worry about dying from her speeding issues.




Once they reached the country club where the party was being held, Sybelle’s façade of not being nervous slowly began to slip. She smiled nervously when David opened the door for her, helping her down from the truck. As they made their way inside, she kept her head up, ignoring the speculative looks she received. Many people remembered her as the woman from the infamous sex video. Sybelle just stared straight ahead, squeezing David’s hand.


David felt the squeeze and returned it, escorting her to the table reserved for him. He rubbed her thigh gently once they were seated and scooted his chair over, wrapping an arm firmly around her shoulders. He could feel Mark’s cold, calculating eyes on them and returned the stare with an icy one of his own, raising her hand up to plant a gentle kiss on it.


Sybelle smiled up at David, blushing a little over the fact that he was showing her so much attention in front of all these people. She looked across the room, her eyes narrowing when she seen mark, wishing it weren’t impolite to flip someone off, her free hand moving up to her choker. She glared at him a moment longer before turning her attention solely back to David.


When it was David’s turn to speak, he kissed the top of Sybelle’s head and smiled at her before pulling her up onto the stage with him. He smiled at her wide eyes, flashing her a reassuring smile before taking his place in front of the microphone, never releasing her hand. His brown eyes fastened on Mark, his upper lip curling into a sneer.


“The only thing I have to say, is to him.” He paused, pointing at the Dead Man. “What you did to Sybelle will NEVER be forgiven and you WILL regret it.” He maintained the stare for a minute longer before looking down at the woman he had fallen in love with, his gaze softening. He slowly lowered his frame down onto one knee, squeezing her hand again while pulling out a black velvet box from his inner coat pocket. Without a word, he popped it open, showing her a three stoned ring. “Sybelle, will you marry me?”



Sybelle stared down at David, her green eyes filling with tears, forgetting about everyone else in the room. “Yes, David!” She whispered, her husky voice almost inaudible, tossing her arms around his neck. She closed her eyes, a single tear sliding down her cheek. “I’ll marry you, I love you.”


David let out the breath he hadn’t even been aware he was holding when he heard those word and went to slide the ring on her finger.


Went too.


Instead, David was jerked to his feet and spun around. A fist came out of nowhere, decking him in the face and David was sent flying across the stage, crashing to the floor. In his place was Mark, who was glaring at Sybelle.


“You’ll marry him but not me?” He demanded angrily. When she went to move, he sighed and pulled out a gun, aiming it at David. “Tell him that yer goin’ with me or I’ll splatter his worthless brains all over this stage!”


Sybelle could only stare at Mark, hardly believing he was doing this, knowing he had definitely lost his mind. She looked around the room, everyone else too stunned to do anything and swallowed hard, slowly looking back at him then to David. She stepped directly in front of the gun, trying to ignore the fact that it was just inches from her face. “M-mark… please…” She whispered.


“You belong to me.” He snarled dangerously. “Tell him now or I’ll blow his brains out, c’mon Belle, now!”


Turning to stare at David, her eyes brimmed with tears, knowing she should have left him when she’d planned on it. “I… I’m going… with M-mark…” She whispered, lowering her head so he wouldn’t have to see the look in David’s eyes.


“Good.” Mark grunted, his voice low and almost soothing as he gripped her roughly by the arm. “Nobody move a Fuckin’ muscle ‘till we’re outta here!” He ordered, gesturing with the gun for everyone to drop down, which they did.


David just laid there, knowing her life as well as his own were in jeopardy at the moment. He gritted his teeth, everything in him screaming for him to move, do something, but he knew better then most how volatile Mark’s moods were.


Sybelle screamed when she was tossed over Mark’s shoulder, unable to see anything but his back, her hair cascading down around her head. “DAVID!” She screamed, panic overtaking her as she seen the floor moving beneath Mark’s feet. “DAVID!”


A shot rang out through the room as Mark spun around, aiming the gun at David. “Don’t move boy. She belongs to me. Stay if ya know what’s good for yeh.” His tone was menacing, threatening as he smacked Sybelle on the ass harshly, smirking when she cried out in pain. He wasted no more time and quickly vacated the building, shaking his head. “You’ve been a VERY bad girl, Belle, darlin’…”




“You’re crazy!” Sybelle screamed, struggling to free herself. “DAVID!” She shouted. “Somebody help me! Put me down you psycho!”


Smirking, Mark simply tossed her into his truck before sliding in himself, quickly engaging the locks. “Buckle up, darlin’.”


Hands trembling, she did as she was ordered, flinching when the gun grazed her cheek and turned her head. “DAVID!” She shouted, banging her hands on the window when she seen him running out of the club.


Mark growled, wondering if he was going to have to actually put the poor son of a bitch out of his misery and peeled out of the parking lot, firing off a few rounds in David’s direction as he did. “STUPID BITCH!” He roared when Sybelle grabbed him by his long hair, backhanding her.


Sybelle held her face, feeling blood trickling from her mouth, watching in the side mirror as David became smaller and smaller. She looked out the window, tempted to jump but there was too much traffic. Then again, that was the better alternative to what probably awaited her. Glancing at Mark, Sybelle slowly moved her hands to the seatbelt, hesitating when her eyes strayed to the gun.


“Don’t even THINK about it, darlin‘.” Mark said coldly, pressing the gun into her side. “Please don’t force me to kill yeh, Belle. I REALLY don’t want to hurt you, darlin’.”


She moved her hands away slowly, struggling to regain her cool. “Why are you doing this Mark?” She finally asked, her voice calm. “You do realize you’re going to have every cop in this state on your ass, don’t you? Let me go and save yourself the trouble.”


Chuckling darkly, Mark tucked the gun inside his coat pocket, shrugging his massive shoulders. “They won’t find us, trust me. We’re goin’ somewhere nice and secluded darlin’, just you and me.”


“I don’t WANT to be with you!” Sybelle cried, burying her face in her hands. “I don’t love you, I love David!” She pressed her head against the window, closing her eyes, wondering if she would ever see David again.


Yeh’ll learn to love me.” Mark said flatly.


Finally she cried herself to sleep, sinking into merciful nothingness.




Sybelle woke up to the sound of a door closing softly, she had always been a tetchy sleeper and looked out the window. She frowned, wondering where the hell they were, knowing Mark couldn’t have driven across the entire country overnight. When she didn’t see him anywhere, she unbuckled herself and slowly opened her door, wincing when gravel crunched under her shoes. “Where the hell…” She whispered, taking quick inventory of her surroundings.


Before her loomed a mansion. She was standing in the drive and a quick look showed her there was a stone wall circling the property, apparently he remembered how easily she had escaped the last time.


“Goin’ somewhere?”


“No!” Sybelle gasped, jumping when she felt cold steel against the back of her neck. “I’m not going to run, Mark, please don’t point that thing at me.” Slowly, she turned around to face him, taking a few steps backwards, he was a lot bigger then she remembered. “I’m not going to run away this time, all right?” She repeated calmly, holding out her hands in a placating gesture.


Smirking, Mark could see the fear in his eyes and nodded. “I don’t trust ya, not yet, not after what yeh did the last time. Get movin’, we have a lot of CATCHIN’ UP to do.” He gestured with the gun towards the mansion.


Sybelle swallowed hard, moving forward, reluctantly going inside, shivering when the door closed ominously behind them. She turned around, backing away until there was a stand between them. “Mark…” She whispered, her eyes staring into his. “You’re not a bad person, you don’t want to keep me here, just let me go.”


“Why would I do that?” He asked, arching an eyebrow as he slowly stalked towards her. “I told ya, nobody is gonna find us here darlin’. This is OUR pace now, so welcome home, Belle.”


She kept backing away, reaching behind her to rub her lower back, groaning. This was not the time for a backache! “Don’t hurt me.” She said softly. “I won’t fight you or run, just… chill out.”


Keeping the gun at his side, Mark looked at her with smoldering green eyes, his lip curled into a snarl. “Why shouldn’t I hurt you? Ya ran away from me when I told ya NOT too. AND you were gonna marry that piece of shit! Why shouldn’t I Fuckin teach ya a lesson?”


“I’m sorry!” She lied, her back hitting the wall. “I wouldn’t have ran if you hadn’t been so rough on me Mark! You frightened me!” Her green eyes met his, pleading with him to understand. “I promised I wouldn’t run this time, I swear I won’t.”


Mark cocked his head to the side, contemplating her words before backhanding her, catching Sybelle by the roots of her hair before she could fall. “Don’t LIE TO ME!”


Sybelle turned away from him, her hands on her face. “I wasn’t lying!” She sobbed, feeling her split lip gingerly. “You DID and still DO scare me!” Turning back to face him, she prepared for another blow, but preferred to see whatever was coming.


“Good, I want yeh to be scared, Belle. I want yeh to be DEATHLY afraid of me, to the point where yer gonna do what yer told when I tell ya to do it!” He roared, glaring down at her before roughly pushing her in the direction of the kitchen. “Get in there!”


Sybelle shrieked when she was jerked back, realizing her black gown had become snagged on something. Not caring, she tugged, ripping it up the side to her knee and stumbled into the kitchen, slipping on the floor. She gripped the counter with both hands, staring at him as he followed.


He kept shoving her, like she was an animal and actually pushed her downstairs to an already made up room. It’s contents consisted of a couch, a flat screen TV, a bed and of all things, a Jacuzzi. Mark shut the door behind him, following her down the stairs, eyes narrowed. “You can take off the dress now, darlin’.”


She stared at him for a moment before doing as she was told, ignoring the pain in her back, hands trembling as she worked off the dress. Finally standing before him in her panties, bra and heels, wrapping her arms around herself, head hanging, her hair cascading around her face.


“Beautiful.” Mark murmured, brushing past her and towards the Jacuzzi. He got it going before turning to face her, finally lifting Sybelle up into his arms, groaning at the feel of her pressed against him. Almost reluctantly, he set her in the hot water, the gun still in his hand. He stepped back and peeled off his own clothes then joined her, the hot water working out the knots in his tense body. “Darlin, I think it’s time we discussed weddin’ plans.”


Sybelle stared at the gun, moving to the far end of the Jacuzzi, curling herself into a ball, her knees drawn up to her chin. “You don’t have to aim that at me Mark, you already know I can’t hurt you, you’re stronger then me.” She said softly, her husky voice sounding defeated.


He shrugged before tossing it onto the bed, never taking his eyes off of her. “You hate me, but this will all be different once ya behave yerself and listen to me, be a good girl.”


She wrapped her arms around her knees, staring at him. “I’m trying to be a good girl.” She whispered, shivering even though the water was warm. “I just don’t want you to hurt me anymore.”


“I’m not goin’ to hurt ya, Belle, unless ya keep defyin’ me.” Mark said flatly, his green eyes slowly softening. “I love ya darlin’, but ya gotta learn to listen to me.”


Sybelle still couldn’t figure out where that love bit was coming from and didn’t honestly want to know. “I’ll listen to you Mark.” She promised softly.


Mark nodded, knowing he’d have to build trust with her, providing she kept her word this time. If she didn’t, well… he pitied her.




Sybelle woke up with a groan, glancing at the bedside clock. “Another day in paradise…” She muttered, tossing back the comforter and sat up, yawning. She rubbed her stomach, whispering: “Good morning.” She knew she was alone but wasn’t about to run the risk of Mark finding out her little secret. “How am I going to persuade him today not to marry me?” She wondered, dwelling on that problem while she showered then quickly dressed in jeans and a loose fitting shirt.


She almost jumped when she heard the door open followed by all too familiar steps on the stairs, plastering a bright smile on her face, almost having this simpering, helpless thing down pat, trying to protect her baby which she stubbornly believed to be David’s at all costs. In the entire time she had been here, in this luxurious prison, Mark hadn’t forced her at all, though by her estimate, her conception date was around the time she did sleep with him, which incidentally, she was sleeping with David at the time as well.


“Mornin’ darlin’.” Mark greeted. “How’d yeh sleep?”


“I slept very well, thank you.” She replied, running a brush through her hair. “What are we doing today?”


Grinning broadly, Mark walked up behind her, taking over brushing her long locks. “Gettin’ married.”


Sybelle’s heart thudded painfully in her chest. “Married?” She repeated, suddenly feeling faint. She stood up and moved to sink down onto her bed, a hand straying to touch her stomach before she nodded. “All right Mark.” She said softly, wondering how in the hell she was going to prevent this.


Seeing how faint she looked, Mark was instantly at her side, feeling her forehead with the back of his hand. “Feelin’ ill?”


Shaking her head no, she gently pushed his hand away. “No, I’m fine.” She lied, not batting an eye. “I’m just surprised… I thought you wanted to- to wait and have an actual wedding.”


Mark laughed loudly, shaking his head. “Why would I want that? This ain’t gonna be a social event, just us, understand me?”


“Yes, Mark.” She nodded meekly, struggling not to break down and cry, something she hadn’t done in front of him for a month. “I understand, I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to upset you.”


“I’m not tryin’ to rush this darlin’, but… you’ve had plenty of time to adjust.” He ran a finger down her cheek, staring at her piercingly. “Why don’t ya lie down and rest until the preacher gets here.”


Sybelle nodded, obediently lying down. She waited until she heard the door close behind him, the lock clicking, then rolled onto her side and curled into a ball, her hands going to her slightly rounded stomach. She started crying softly, her entire body shaking as she struggled to keep quiet.


Sniffling, she couldn’t help but think that maybe after the two or three months she’d been gone (she’d lost track of the time), David had finally moved on. That thought broke her heart.


Finally she stopped crying, deciding she needed to do something and get the hell out of here. She didn’t want to marry Mark and she definitely didn’t want him to find out she was pregnant. She started tearing apart her room, looking for something that would help her, freezing when she heard Mark’s booming laughter followed by someone else’s voice. “Oh no…”


The preacher had arrived.




Mark left the preacher waiting in the entrance hall while he went to fish out his soon-to-be wife. He whistled, unlocking the door to her room and headed down the steps, halting at the bottom of the steps. He took a deep breath, turned around to go close the door and returned to stand on the floor, taking another deep breath. “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?”



Sybelle instantly cowered in the corner, having not seen him like this in a long time, wrapping her arms around her stomach protectively. She just stared at him, her eyes daring him to hurt her with the priest in the house.


Growling viciously, Mark eyes narrowed dangerously as he stalked over to her. He snatched her up by her hair, whispering in a deadly tone: “If ya want yer lil brat to live, yeh’ll do as I say.” His voice was menacing as he pressed a massive hand against her stomach, pushing hard. “You want to lose this baby?”


“NO!” She screamed, struggling to push his hand away. “Not my baby!” Sybelle stared up at him, pure panic in her eyes. “Anything you want Mark, I’ll do it! Just don’t hurt my baby!”


He nodded, grunting. “Good girl.” He murmured, stroking her stomach, green eyes gleaming maliciously.


Sybelle just nodded, not even aware of the pain that coursed through her head, more concerned about the welfare of her unborn child. “All right, I’ll marry you today.” She finally whispered, looking up at him, her eyes almost blank.


Just as he was about to lift her up, the priest screamed. Mark arched an eyebrow, heading instantly for the stairs. “What the-”


Cautiously, Sybelle crept towards the stairs upon hearing a thud, her eyes widening when she seen Mark laying at the top of the stairs, blood trickling from his forehead. She clamped a hand over her mouth, her eyes moving up to his attacker. “David?” She whispered, taking a hesitant step towards him before fainting.


David frowned, hurrying down the steps to pick her up. He cradled Sybelle in his arms, pressing a kiss to her forehead before heading back upstairs, glancing down at his nemesis as he passed by. He couldn’t believe he’d finally found them, after three long, grueling months.




“David?” Sybelle whispered, her eyes fluttering open, slowly focusing on him. Tears slid down her face as she just stared at him, reaching out with a trembling hand to touch his face. “I’m dreaming…” She murmured, half expecting to wake up any second with Mark towering over her.


Shaking his head, David brushed his lips gently against hers. “No, gorgeous, it’s me.” He whispered, holding her tightly against him, burying his face in her hair.


She wrapped her arms around his neck, crying softly. Stiffening, Sybelle tried to comprehend what had just happened, hearing the soft whir of engines and guessed they were on a plane, a jet maybe. She moved off David’s lap to sink down onto a plush leather seat, huddling onto a ball, staring down at the ring on her finger. “He won’t find us?” She whispered, desperately wanting to believe the nightmare was over.


“Trust me, this time, he won’t be coming back for you.” David couldn’t keep the evil grin off of his face, knowing in a few short seconds, his little plan would come full swing.


Sybelle exhaled slowly, pushing him away when he went to hold her. “Please don’t touch me.” She whispered, not wanting him to feel how fat she was getting. Then she wondered what the best way to tell him would be. “David…?”


David was taken aback by her distance, reaching out to turn her head so she was meeting his eyes, seeing the worry and concern swirling in hers. “Don’t push me away, Sybelle. I love you so much, you can tell me anything. What’s wrong, gorgeous?” His voice was a soft, gentle caress.


Sybelle stared into those brown orbs she had dreamt about, nodding. She took his hand and slowly guided it down to her abdomen, letting him feel for himself, chewing on her lips as she watched him intently.


Swallowing hard, his eyes widened as he discovered her little secret, knowing instantly she was pregnant. David pulled her into his arms, unable to stop grinning. “I love you.”


The past few months truly caught up with her then causing her to slump against him. She buried her face in David’s chest, crying until she couldn’t cry anymore, even if her life depended on it. “I love you too.” She said finally, looking up at him. “So you’re not angry then?”



“Why would I be angry?” He asked, smiling proudly. “You’re carrying my child, there isn’t a better feeling in the world, knowing we’re going to have a baby together.”


Sybelle shivered, pressing herself against him, needing his reassuring strength. “Mark was going to kill my- our baby.” She whispered, squeezing her eyes shut. “I hid my pregnancy from him the entire time and then he found out today. He was going to murder my baby unless I married him.” The fear was taking hold of her. “Are you sure he’ll never find us?” She demanded almost frantically, staring up at him.


“He’s dead, Sybelle.”


She just stared at him for a minute before tossing her arms around his neck. “Thank god!” It was like a heavy burden had suddenly been lifted from her. She kissed David passionately, threading her fingers in his hair. “I’m sorry David… about everything you’ve been through because of me.”


David gently moved her onto a seat, watching as she tried to hide her yawns and smiled lovingly. “If I had too, I’d do it all over again.” He whispered, watching as she drifted off.




When Sybelle woke up, she found herself laying in her bed, her own bed. Surprised, she slowly sat up, staring around at the bedroom, smiling slightly as she took in the familiar scenery. Then she wondered how David had found her house before shrugging, assuming he had his ways, especially since he had located Mark’s home.


She browsed through her closet after reluctantly pulling herself out of bed to attend her needs, realizing the clothes here weren’t black, this had been before the ‘black’ era. Shrugging, she pulled on a pair of jeans, had to leave them unbuttoned, and giggled before slipping on a purple tank top. She quietly made her way through the house, following the sounds of the television, halting in the living room entrance way to listen to the news.


They were announcing that WWE Superstar, Mark Callaway’s, home had been discovered in flames. Though the flames had been put out, they were too late to save the unfortunate man and after investigating the scene, determined that it might have been a suicide.


“He would never have committed suicide.” Sybelle said softly, watching as David leapt up off the couch. “I wonder if they actually believe that…”


“The cops were going after him anyway, Sybelle, he kidnapped you among other things. They’re not going to investigate.”


She nodded, having figured he was being looked for. “David, you know this might be… his… baby.” It wasn’t a question. She turned to stare up at him, her green eyes searching his intently.


David shook his head, brushing the pad of his thumb across her lips. “No, it’s MY baby, OUR baby.”


A radiant smile lit up her face.




Sybelle groaned, pushing herself out of the rocking chair, one hand going to her back, the other resting on her belly. She slowly waddled out of the bedroom, walking down the hallway to the nursery, peering in to see what David was doing to the room now.


David was busy assembling the cradle. He heard her shuffling into the room and smiled, finishing up before walking over to hug her. “How is my beautiful wife and child doing?”


Smiling, she took his hand and placed it on her stomach, flinching when the baby kicked. “She’s been doing that for the past twenty minutes.” She said, convinced they were having a girl. Sybelle groaned. “I’m going to be bruised! The time had better go by fast! I’d like to be able to see my feet again.”


Laughing, David kneeled down to caress her stomach, soothing the baby. “My boy is going to be a football player from the feel of things.” He winked up at her.


“Football player?” Sybelle placed her hands on her hips, staring down at him with a quirked eyebrow. “No… SHE is going to be a soccer player.” Laughing, she stepped back as he stood up, grinning when he pulled her back into his arms, her stomach preventing them from getting to close. “You know, it’ll be nice to be able to get back to a decent size, so I can feel you completely.” She said teasingly.


Smirking, David feathered kisses over her face. “Will this do for now, gorgeous?” He asked when he was done, gesturing around the nursery.


She studied the room, taking in all the stuffed animals. “It looks wonderful handsome. But I’m never taking you to another toy store again… this place looks like a child’s zoo.” She giggled when he made a face, slipping underneath his arm to head down to the kitchen, suddenly craving a glass of ice cold milk.


Laughing softly, David turned to study his handiwork, grinning proudly. He shut the light off and walked out of the room, heading downstairs. He stepped in the kitchen, halting when he found his wife leaning against the counter. Sybelle?” He asked, fear rising in his throat when he seen she was hunched over, immediately going to her. “Sybelle, what-” Before he could even finish, David wound up slipping on something slick, plowing right into the cabinets. “Goddamn it!”


Sybelle looked at him wide eyed. “David, now is not the time… I’m in fucking labor!” She shrieked, groaning as another contraction gripped her, something telling her this baby was going to come fast. She gripped the counter, ignoring her wet pants and David, just breathing through the pain. “Oh fuck…”


Trying to shake the cobwebs clean, David blinked rapidly, staring down at the floor, seeing what he had slipped on was her water and groaned. “Come on baby, we got to get you to the hospital.” He said, ushering her out of the kitchen, finally just picking her up.


She kept her eyes closed for the entire ride, relief flaring through her when they finally got there. David had called and alerted them so a wheelchair was waiting for her. “Oh hell!” Sybelle gritted her teeth, taking David’s hand in hers, almost crushing it as another contraction rolled over her.


She was wheeled up to the delivery room, too distracted with the pain to pay any attention to the nurses who changed her into a gown and examined her. “Get it out of me already!” She screamed.


David sighed upon hearing his wife’s screams but couldn’t help smiling at the fact that she was about to bring a beautiful baby into the world. He quickly changed into his blue hospital scrubs and washed his hands before going to take her hand, wincing when she squeezed.




Sybelle just stared down at her daughter, taking in her perfect little hands and feet. Reluctantly she passed the infant to David, watching as he cradled her gently against his chest. “I told you she’d be a girl.” She whispered tiredly, though she could barely remember the previous pain, just a feeling of exhaustion, a nice exhaustion though.


David smiled, nodding, kissing his little angel’s head, feeling her soft spot under his lips. “She’s so beautiful…” He murmured, amazed by the little life in his arms.


Smiling, she watched as a nurse brought in a tiny bottle, reaching out for their daughter. “We still have to name her yet.” She murmured, chuckling at the look on David’s face as he reluctantly passed their baby back to her. “I was thinking Kalea. What did you have in mind?”


He smiled, loving the sound of that name, leaning down to press a kiss to Sybelle’s forehead. “It’s perfect gorgeous.” He gently fingered Kalea’s tiny feet. “What’s it mean?”


“Happiness.” Sybelle smiled again, shaking her head. She had accepted that unless they did a paternity test, they might never know the truth about Kalea’s father. Sybelle’s own hair and eye color were the same as Mark’s had been, it could go either way. “A girl… a little soccer player.” She whispered, winking at David. When Kalea had eaten all she could, Sybelle passed her to her daddy. “You can burp her.”


Smiling with joy, David lifted Kalea into his arms, gently patting her back. “That’s my beautiful girl.” He cooed, already smitten.


Sybelle watched them, yawning, resting her head back against the pillows. “You look so cute.” She whispered, closing her eyes. “Kalea… my happiness…” She murmured, drifting asleep, losing the battle to keep awake any longer.


David looked at his wife as he sat down in the rocking chair, cradling Kalea to him. He studied her red hair, watching as her green eyes cracked open for a second before closing again. He smiled, bending down to kiss her forehead, tears stinging his eyes. “Hello Kalea, I’m your daddy.”


~Fall on me, tell me everything you want me to be


Forever with you


Forever in same


Ever the same


Call on me


I’ll be there for you and you’ll be there for me


Forever it’s you


Forever in me


Ever the same~