Dangerous Grounds


“Cher, yeh look good.” Remy said appreciatively, looking at Jade. “Ol’ sourpuss is one lucky homme.”

Jade smiled, glancing into the mirror. “You’re sure Logan will like it?”

“Course he will. He’s a man ain’t he?”

Before she could retort, Logan walked in.

“What’re you doin’ here Cajun?” He demanded.

“Helpin’ de lady.” Remy replied coolly. “She wanted ta make sure she looked good for yeh.”

Logan glared at Jade. “Ya coulda asked me fer an opinion.”

“I wanted to surprise you.”

Remy brushed past Logan on his way out. “What does she see in him?” He thought. “I’d take better care of her, treat her better. All I know is he’d better treat m’petite belle good or ol’ Gambit will teach…“


“I don’t want the Cajun hangin’ round you anymore.” Logan said at dinner. “Yer my woman, not his.”

“Remy is my friend.” Jade protested quietly.

“That ain’t all he’s lookin’ to be.” Logan growled, his eyes blazing. “That swamp rat is looking’ to…” He froze, his eyes straying past Jade.

Jade stiffened, knowing only one-person attracted Logan’s attention like that. Jean Sommers, Scott’s wife. “Logan, do you mind not humiliating me in public?”

His focus snapped back onto her. “Shut yer mouth. Ain’t nobody bein’ embarrassed.”

Jade sullenly stabbed her fork into her food, not hungry anymore.


Remy watched as Jade sleepily walked into the kitchen, oblivious to the fact that he was sitting at the table. He took a quick hit off his cigarette before putting it out in the eggs he had made himself.

“Yer looking’ tired cher.”

Jade spun around, her eyes wide. “Remy! You scared me!”

“Sorry petite.” His eyes glowed, studying her.

Jade remembered her robe was open, showing her pale pink lingerie. Quickly, she pulled the sides together. “Didn’t see you there.” She muttered, blushing furiously.

“Jade, dere’s nothin’ ta be ashamed of.” He teased. “Remy likes what he sees.”

“Logan’ll kill you.” She warned in a whisper.

“Ah…. What’s dat bowlegged bastard gonna do, huh?” Remy replied heatedly. “He don’t scare meh like he do yeh!” He regretted the words as soon as he said them.

Jade’s eyes filled with tears.

“Jade, m’petite belle, Ah didn’t mean it.” Remy apologized, moving to embrace her. “C’mon now cher, don’t cry.”

“Logan, don’t s-scare me.” She sobbed, staring up at him. “You got it all wrong Remy.”


Jade jumped when Logan roared her name from their bedroom. “See you later.” She whispered before dashing out of the kitchen.

“A’h don’t think Ah’m de one who got it wrong.” Remy muttered.


The minute Jade stepped into their room, Logan was sniffing the air. “I smell Gumbo.” He said in a low voice, his eyes burning holes through her. “I thought I told ya to keep away from that swamp rat.”

“He was in the kitchen when I went down to get something to eat.”

“Where’s it at then?”

Jade flushed. Remy had distracted her so much she had forgotten the food! “I uh…. Uh…”

His claws suddenly appeared as his anger rose to terrifying heights. “Where’s it at Jade?!? You gettin’ busy with that CAJUN?”



Remy heard Jade’s screams long before anyone else did and he wasted no time in flying up the stairs to her room. “Jade!” He shouted, pounding away at the locked door. “Open da door cher!”

“Remy! Help me!” Came her frantic pleas for help. “Ahhh!”

“Burn him cher, set him afire!”

Jade’s powers were of a pyro short, though she had a hard time controlling them. “I can’t! I’ll kill him!”

“Better him den you!” Remy stepped back, charging up a card. He tossed it at the door, covering his face as the wood exploded. He felt the color drain from his face when he seen Logan had reverted to an animal mentality. He was trying to kill Jade, growling and frothing at the mouth, his deadly claws swiping at her. “Logan!”

Logan turned at the new voice, snarling he leaped for Remy.

“No!” Jade screamed, a jet of fire shooting out of her hand at Logan.

It just singed him, causing him to howl in pain. With one quick movement he was on her, stabbing her in the ribs mercilessly.

Remy was about to throw another card when Scott and Jean ran into the room. A beam from Scott took Logan down, knocking him out.

“We got to get her to the infirmary.” Jean said, taking Jade’s vitals. “Quickly.”

Remy could only watch as Scott carefully picked Jade up and carried her out.


“What set him off?” Jean asked Remy softly as they sat near Jade’s bed.

“I dunno cher. Ah heard her scream and ran ta help. Ah was to late…” Remy shook his head.

Jean studied her friend thoughtfully. Knowing it wasn’t something she should be doing, she gently probed his mind.

“Jade, m’petite, wake up… Don’t leave Remy by hisself, I don’t wan ta go on without yeh. Don’t you know how much I love you?”

Jean ended her intrusion, startled by what she had learned. Remy LeBue, in love? This was not the playboy she knew. What she had felt had been love, as deep as her and Scott’s. She wondered if Jade felt the same?



Remy jumped out of his seat, startled by the sound of Jade coming too. “Cher?” He whispered hopefully.

“Remy? I feel like I got run over by a semi…” Jade tried to sit up, the pain in her ribs making her gasp. She reached down to hold them, frowning at the bandage. “What the… oh…” Comprehension dawned on her face as she remembered what had happened. “Where’s Logan?”

“Nobody knows cher, he done took off after he came round from Cyke’s shot.” Remy hesitantly clasped her hand. “Don’t worry Jade, Ah’ll protect yeh.”

Jade smiled, knowing that even if his tone was joking, he meant every word.


“So doc, how am I doing?” Jade asked after a couple of weeks in the infirmary.

“Not bad Jade,” Jean carefully peeled the bandage off her ribs. “I think you can leave today.”

“Amen.” Jade sighed. “I’m tired of being here.”

“I’ll send Remy in to help you.” Jean said, smiling innocently. She was going to encourage this blossoming relationship, feeling that it would be good for both of them. “You can get dressed now.”

“In what? That thing,” Jade gestured to the hospital gown. “Ask Remy to grab me some clothes please.”

Jean nodded, walking out of the room, still smiling.


“Yer looking’ better cher.” Remy said when he walked into the infirmary.

“Thanks. Did Jean give you my message?”

He held up a paper bag. “Yeh need some help puttin’ dese on?” He asked teasingly.

“I think I can handle it.”

Remy turned around while Jade slowly got dressed. He frowned when he heard her sharp intake of breath. “Yeh all righ’ m’petite?”

“Yeah.” Jade tucked her shirt in her jeans. “You can peek now.”

Remy looked back at her smiling. “Yeh ready to get outta here now?”

“More than. I need some fresh air.”

Remy offered her his arm. “May Ah escort you outside den?”

“Why Mr. LeBeu, I would be delighted.” She simpered, batting her eyelashes.

“Be careful now cher, yeh gonna make meh tink yer flirtin’”

“Maybe I am.”

Remy glanced down at her sharply. “Jade, don’t go startin’ anyting yeh can’t handle at da momen‘.”

Jade looked away, blushing furiously, not understanding what had came over her.


“Sugar, don’t yeh worry none, Remy will come around.” Rogue said reassuringly as she and Jade walked around the grounds.

Jade sighed, smiling halfheartedly. “Yeah, you’re right. I just can’t understand why I like him so much. It’s just now over between Logan and I, I don’t want Remy to feel like he’s a rebound thing.”

“You ever stop to think that mebbe he needs to feel that way? That swamp rat has an ego the size of a sentinal. Sides girl, Remy done had a crush on ya fer the longest time." Rogue nudged her gently with her elbow. "So take a chance. Or did you forget how?"

Jade smiled at her friend. "No, I didn't." She thought about what Rogue had said. "Alright," She thought. "Maybe I will, heck maybe I'll ask Remy out!"


“Is Remy hearin yeh righ’ cher?” Remy looked at Jade thoughtfully. “Yeh askin’ him out on a date?”

“Are you deaf Cajun?” Jade said playfully, tossing her hair back over her shoulder. “Cause if you are I can say it a little louder.”

“Non cher. Just wanted to be sure Ah heard yeh righ‘.” His eyes bored into hers. “Yeh realize dat dis could have some serious repercussions righ‘?”

Jade knew what he was implying and shrugged. “Maybe next time I’ll take your advice and fry him.”


Remy stood on the front porch waiting for Jade. He reached into his jacket pocket, pulling out a pack of cigarettes. With a small sigh, he lit one up taking a deep drag off it.

“That good gumbo?”

Remy tensed, his hand automatically reaching for a card. “What yeh want Logan?” He demanded. “Ah’m not gonna figh’ yeh.”

Logan walked out of the shadows. “Why not? Fraid you might get hurt?” He raised his claws up for Remy to see, grinning when Remy noticed the blood dripping off them.

“Jade…” Remy whispered, his eyes widening. He could feel his chest tighten painfully, his breath coming fast. “If yeh hurt her…”

“Save it. I didn’t come to hurt her… I came to hurt you!” With a snarl of hatred, Logan lunged for Remy.

A jet of fire appeared out of nowhere, sending Logan flying out onto the lawn.

Jade stood besides Remy, fire shooting from her outturned palms at an alarming rate. “NO MORE!” She screamed. “YOU WILL NOT HURT ME OR HIM!”

Remy could only watch transfixed as Jade did her best to barbecue Logan. Finally he regained control of his senses and grabbed her, holding her close to him, aware of the smoke rising from her palms. “No cher, don’t become what he is. Don’t become a killer jus’ cause of him.”

Jade stared at Logan, the anger in her eyes fading away. She watched as he rolled on the lawn, extinguishing the flames. When he finally made it to his feet, they could see she had burned him badly. His healing factor was already kicking in, lessening his burnt appearance drastically.

“You’ll pay for that Jade.” He growled. “Both you and that swamp rat.”

“What’s goin’ on?”

Jade glanced over her shoulder to find Rogue walking out along with the rest of the X-Men.

“Logan…” Jean hesitated, noting the burns on him. “What’s… what’s going on?”

“Mind yer own business Jean.”

She turned to Scott, shrugging as if to say ‘I don’t know.’

“Am Ah right in guessin’ that ya’all ain’t getting’ along?” Rogue asked, looking back and forth between Logan and the couple.

“You could say that.” Jade replied stiffly.

“Wolvie here thought he was goin’ ta sneak attack us,” Remy said angrily. “What Gambit wanna know is who he did get?”

“Kurt…” Jean whispered, her eyes glazing over.

Logan snarled again. “He got in my way.”

Scott recovered from his shock, stepping in front of everyone. “Leave.” he ordered, his eyes flashing behind his visor. “You’re no longer welcome here.”

“Whatever happened to all mutants bein’ welcome at the Xavier Institute?” Logan sneered mockingly. “Can’t I come back and get help for my rages?”

“You could Wolverine,” Professor X hovered between Jean and Rogue. “If you actually needed help controlling them. As it is, you are perfectly aware of what you are doing.”

Logan shrugged. “What’s it to ya Chuck?”

“Logan, Scott is right. You are no longer welcome here.” Professor X said firmly. “You betrayed the X-men.”

“They betrayed me!” Logan screamed. “Gambit was supposed at be my friend and what did he do? He stole Jade from me!”

Remy charged his card. “Yeh liar!”

“Enough!” Scott stepped in. “Gambit step down. Logan, go back to where you came from.”

“Sure,” Logan started backing into the shadows. “You’re right Cyke, enough’s enough…” He flashed them all a grin before disappearing.

There was an uneasy silence among the group as the shadows closed in around them, one by one they went back into the mansion, Scott and Jean going to tend to the wounded Kurt, until just Remy and Jade stood alone.

“What now cher?”

“Maybe we should stay here tonight.” Jade surveyed the surrounding area thoughtfully. “I don’t trust Logan.”

“Non, neither do Ah m’petite.” Remy took her hand and led the way inside. “So what do yeh wan’ ta do tonigh‘?”


“Yeh tink you’re gettin’ off easy cher?” He grinned at her. “Yeh asked Remy out on a date and here he is, waitin’ for yer command. Anyting yeh wanna do tonigh‘, we’ll do.”

Jade felt a smile the beginning of a smile coming on.


“Any word on Wolverine?” Remy asked Scott, the next day.

“No, he’s disappeared again.” Scott ran a hand through his hair. “Basically, we’re dealing with a madman.”

“Haven’t we always been mon ami?”

“A madman on a leash, so to speak. That leash is gone now Remy. There’s no telling what he’ll do.”

“Yeah, well,” Remy’s red eyes narrowed. “Da next time he comes for Jade, Ah’m gonna play to win.” He left no implications to the meaning of his words and Scott knew it. Next time, Remy would be looking to kill.


“Sugar, are you all right?”

Jade didn’t uncover her eyes. “Rogue, just fly and don’t talk to me. I’m trying to not throw up.”

“Ah can’t believe you don’t like heights.”

“Rogue, I’m serious! I will throw up on you if you don’t shut up!”

“Honey, if you throw up on me… Ah’ll drop ya.” To emphasize her threat, Rogue plunged downwards, chuckling as Jade starting screaming.



Rogue waited patiently as Jade heaved the entire contents of her stomach out over a trashcan. “Are ya done yet gal?” she asked.

Jade flipped her off, giving one last retch before slowly straightening up. She took the scarf Rogue offered and wiped her face. “It’s your fault…” She muttered, next popping the tictac Rogue was holding out. “I told you I didn’t like heights.”

“How was Ah to know you were gonna spew all over tha place?”

“Because I told you I would!” Jade growled. “Oh forget it Rogue. Let’s just do what we came here for.”

“What makes ya think Logan is here?”

“Cause it’s his favorite bar…” Jade stood up. “How do I look?”

“Like yer on the prowl…” Rogue admittedly admiringly. “I gotta admit…. I did good on you girl.” Rogue had spent the better part of two hours dressing Jade up in her sexiest clothes, applying and reapplying makeup and teasing her hair. “Now all ya gotta do is lead him out…”

This was the part Jade had a problem with… She didn’t mind their unethical plan of capturing the Wolverine, she didn’t mind that they were going to hand him over to a high security mental institution where Professor X would do his best to subdue Wolverine… He deserved all that after what he had done to Kurt, all that and more. Her problem with this whole plot was: she had to be the one to lure him out…

“What kind of stupid plan is this…” Jade whispered, even though they were across the street from the bar. “He’s going to see right through this… that or smell the fear coming off me…”

“Ya know he ain’t goin to.” Rogue assured her. “That stuff Hank gave ya keeps ya from smelling like anything but yer perfume.”

“It’s a very strong deodrarant.” Jade joked sarcastically. “All right, I guess I’m ready.”

“Now if anything goes wrong, ya give a holler and Ah’ll come in and save ya.” Rogue instructed, doing some last minute touchups. “Okay sugar?”

Jade nodded numbly. “I guess I’d better get in there before I lose my nerve.”

Rogue watched Jade make her way across the street, halting at the edge of the bar before turning, flashing a quick smile and then walking inside. “Sugar… Ah hope nothing’ goes wrong…” she whispered.


The minute Jade stepped into the bar, she was assaulted by a wave of smoke. Coughing, she made her way back to the corner she knew Logan liked to sit at. It came as no surprise to find him there, drinking a beer.

He seemed shocked to see her. “I didn’t smell you.” He growled, regaining his composure.

“Really?” Jade slipped into the seat, managing to smile at him. “Logan, I came here to talk to you.”

He eyed her suspiciously. “What about?”

Jade gasped as she felt a long claw graze her leg. “Please don’t, I just want to talk, I promise.” She whispered.

Logan didn’t remove the claw, just kept stroking her leg with it. His eyes were studying her, searching for some sign of what she was up too. “Where’s Gumbo?”

She didn’t miss the dangerous tone his voice had changed too. “I… I don’t know… He left after you… attacked us.”

“So you left me fer a spineless swamp rat?” Logan’s voice kept dropping lower and lower. “And now what? Yer here to beg me back?”

Jade lowered her eyes. “Something like that, yes.” She almost jumped when she felt him retract his claw. ‘Keep cool girl…’ she thought frantically. ‘You’re going to blow this and end up dead.’

“What makes ya think I’d take you back and not kill you?” He snarled. “After what you did… Ya tried to kill me.”

Jade met his eyes. “It… it was a mistake Logan, I see that now.”

Logan was silent for awhile, just staring her down. Finally he said, “Come here.”


“I told you to come here!”

Jumping up, Jade did as she was told, wincing when he roughly pulled her down onto his lap. She was glad he couldn’t smell her fear, as it heightened tenfold when he wrapped an arm around her, bending down to breathe her scent.

“How come I can’t smell nothing but yer damn perfume?” he demanded.

“I don’t know!”

Logan quickly held one of his claws to her throat. “You must think I’m stupid Jade…” he hissed. “I can’t smell nothing on ya… you come in here askin me at take you back… What’s the trap? Who’s waitin outside fer me? Cyke? Storm? Yer boyfriend?” At the last one, he slowly cut across her neck, a fine line of red appearing.


“How long ya takin’ sugar…” Rogue muttered from her perch on a roof a couple blocks away. She knew that the rest of the X-Men were nearby, they were keeping downwind it seemed because of Logan’s keen sense of smell.


Rogue turned around, nearly decking Remy. “Don’t do that Remy!” she half yelled. “Are ya tryin’ to get hurt?”

He shook his head, his red eyes on the bar. “Has she come out yet cher?”


“Yeh don’ tink… he might’ve…”

“No.” Rogue cut him off, not wanting him to voice aloud what was already on her mind.


Jade sat on Logan’s lap, frozen in fear. “Logan, please…” she whimpered.

“You come in here all dressed up, looking’ so pretty,” he whispered, his mouth just over her ear. “Thinkin’ I’m not gonna know what’s goin on… I know you don’t wanna be with me Jade… You made that clear when ya tried to kill me.”


“I should gut you right here.” He continued, ignoring her. “But I won’t… Let’s take a walk honey.”

Jade bit her lip to keep from screaming as he forced her to stand, his hand biting into her arm. She walked the best she could, ignoring the pain in her arm as his grip tightened.


Rogue had to restrain Remy when Logan and Jade appeared. She clamped a gloved hand over his mouth when Logan started kissing on Jade. “Calm down sugar… yer gonna give away our spot.”

“Yeh tink Ah care? He’s practically maulin’ her!”

“Calm down or else I’m gonna make ya.”

Remy took her threat to heart, settling himself down though not without throwing her dirty looks.


“So where are they at Jade?” Logan whispered inbetween kisses.

“I- I don’t know what your talking about.”

“Yeah, ya do.” He bit her neck. He raised his head, sniffing the air. “I smell the Cajun.” Logan threw her down on the pavement. “Ya sure ya don’t wanna tell the truth now before I slit yer throat?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Jade screamed, tears running down her face.


“What bou’ now?” Remy demanded, pulling out a card.

Rogue grabbed his arms. “Ya can’t sugar!” She pulled him away from the roof’s edge. “Yer gonna get her killed!”

“She gonna get killed down dere anyways!”

“Ya gotta wait, let her try to get him to the spot.”

Remy settled down, mostly because it felt like Rogue was about to break his arms. He needed them both to kill Wolverine with.


Logan stared down at Jade, his eyes narrowed into disbelieving slits. “How do I know yer not lyin to me?” he demanded gruffly.

“You don’t…” she whispered. “But why would I?”

“Let me count the reasons.” was his sarcastic reply. “I guess there’s only one way at tell Jade darlin.” he roughly hoisted her off the ground.


“Forget waitin’ cher, she needs us now!” Remy shouted, taking the opportunity to wrench free of Rogue, quickly charging a card and tossing it.

“Remy no!” Rogue cried, too late.


Wolverine dodged just as the card landed, pulling Jade with him. “I shoulda killed ya when I had the chance!” he growled.

“Remy! Help!” Jade screamed, beginning to shoot balls of fire in every direction. She thrashed against Wolverine, trying to throw him off her.

“Ah’m comin’ petite!” Remy yelled, leaping from the roof to a parked car then to the ground.


Scott, who had been waiting with the rest of the X-Men, in the Blackbird frowned when he heard Rogue’s voice,

“Cyke, honey, we got a situation down here! Hurry sugar!”

“You heard her team,” He shouted. “Let’s move out!”


Wolverine’s interest in Jade waned when he spotted Remy. “There ya are Gumbo,” He snarled, unsheathing his claws. “And here I was thinking’ you had gone soft on me…”

“Not likely mon ami!” Remy replied. “Here, have a card!”

Jade scrambled out of the way, doing her best to put out the fires she had inadvertently started. “No, go back inside!” She yelled, watching as people poured out of the bar to see what all the noise was about. “Go back inside!”

“Hey look, It’s a couple of muties havin a fight!” one man exclaimed.

Remy and Wolverine kept trying to kill each other, oblivious to the crowd beginning to circle them.

“Yeah, kill each other you damn muties!”

“Saves us the job!”

Jade watched helplessly, trying to get a glimpse over someone’s head to see what was happening. Her stomach gave a lurch when she felt herself being carried off. “Rogue!”

“Ah’m sorry sugar, ya just seem to go all to pieces whenever Wolverine’s ‘round so… I’m keeping ya safe.” Rogue set her on a tree limb. “Ya stay put now!” And flew off to join the others.

Jade watched anxiously as Scott, Ororo, Jean and all the others fought their way through the crowd, trying their best to subdue Wolverine. She winced each time someone tasted his claws. After a combined attack that would have killed almost any other mutant, he was down, out cold for the moment.

Remy lay off to the side, panting for breath. Jade managed to get out of the tree without breaking any bones. She sprinted over to him, practically diving onto him.

“Hey now cher, don’t go breakin’ anyting’,” He gasped. “Ah tink my ribs are fractured…”

Jade moved to get off him, only to have him grab her arms. “Remy, let me look at your ribs.”

“Ah was only kiddin’ petite.” Remy looked up at her, brushing a lock of her hair from her face. “Yeh have no idea how worried Ah was Jade…” He confessed. “Ah was sure Wolvie was goin’ to kill yeh.”

“I was too.” Jade whispered, staring into his red eyes.

“Jade, Ah… Ah got something’ Ah wan’ ta tell yeh cher…” Remy started.

“Yes, Remy?”


“Hey ya’all, get up so we can go home.” Rogue interrupted, flying over. “We gotta get out of here ‘fore some police show up.”

Jade reluctantly stood up, holding out a hand to Remy. He took it, pushing himself off the ground.

“Ah want to finish this later Jade.” he told her, squeezing her hand.

Jade nodded, sighing inwardly as they walked towards the Blackbird. “Perfect timing Rogue.” she thought.


Several hours later found Jade in the shower. She had immediately headed for her room, hoping to wash away the night’s events. As she lathered up her sponge with her favorite body wash she lost herself in thoughts. She tried to scrub away the feel of Logan’s hands on her, when it didn’t work she then tried to imagine Remy touching her instead. It worked.

Jade leaned against the wall, running the sponge absentmindedly over her arms. About twenty minutes later when the water turned cold, she snapped out of her reverie, quickly finishing. Jade stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around herself. She wiped the mirror, tracing a finger along the cut on her throat.

“Yeh okay m’petite?”

Startled, Jade shrieked, spinning around. “Remy! You scared me!” she exclaimed, holding a hand over her heart.

His eyes swept over her, taking in the thin red line that ran along her thigh. “Yeh all righ‘?” he repeated.

Jade nodded, blushing at the hungry look in his eyes he was trying to hide. “I’ll be all right. You… you wanted to talk to me?”

“Yeah… but…” His gaze swept her up and down. “Ah tink yeh need to get dressed cher. Unless yeh like dis look, Ah know Remy does.”

Jade rolled her eyes, ushering him out of the bathroom.

“Remy, jus wait out here for yeh… on de bed.”

Jade shut the door in his face, smiling inspite of herself. “Men…” she muttered cheerfully.

When Jade emerged several minutes later, now clad in sky blue pajama bottoms and a matching tank top, Remy was lying on her bed, his head resting on her pillows. “Are you comfortable Cajun?” she asked teasingly.

He looked at her, a grin spreading across her face. “I could be more petite, if you know what I mean.”

Used to his brand of flirting, Jade sat down besides him, willing herself to look anywhere but at him. “So… what did you want to talk to me about?”

Remy straightened up, his mood getting serious. “I…” He ran a hand through his hair. “I’m not sure where to start cher.”

“From the beginning.” Jade replied, smiling nervously. “Oh God!, She was thinking, He wants to tell me he’s decided not to see me anymore! No wait… he’s seeing someone else! Or…”


Jade snapped out of her desperate trail of thoughts. “Huh? Oh… I’m sorry Remy. I didn’t mean to space out like that.” She forced a laugh, her heart hammering in her throat. “Now, let’s hear it.”

Remy seemed a little nervous. “Here goes, He told himself, Remy bout to lay de whole deck on the table…” He cleared his throat before taking her hand, “Jade,”

Jade winced., pretty sure she knew what was coming and it was going to be painful.

“Jade, I’ve been wantin to tell you dis for a long time cher,” He began, looking into her eyes. “The reason I didn’t ‘fore cause you was with Logan. Jade, m’petite belle, Remy… I… I am in love with you.”

Jade who had been preparing for the worse was stunned.

Remy noticed the look on her face. “I’m sorry cher… I shouldn’t have told you dat… It’s too soon…” He made to leave.

“Hey wait!” Jade scrambled off the bed after him. “What… where are you going?”

“I leaving you alone cher, you look…”

“If I look shocked it’s because I was prepping for something else.”

A smile slowly spread on his handsome face. “Den…”

Jade practically tossed herself at him. “Then I’m happy.” she whispered, pulling him down for a kiss.

Remy wrapped his arms around her, returning it. “So den you want to be with Remy cher?” he asked after a minute.

“Of course. I think I might like a little spice in my life right now Cajun.” Jade whispered coyly.

“Cher… you’re gonna get it!”