What Can I Say


Chapter 1


“I can’t believe we’re back here already.”


“I know, didn’t it seem like we just left this place?”


“Hell, I can’t believe we’re in the fourth movie already!”


“You and me both, but you have to admit one thing.”


“Which is?”


“Watching those boys running around with their hot bodies flexing is worth the trips alone.”


Genesis stopped in her tracks, arching an eyebrow at her best friend, shaking her head. “Your hormones are skyrocketing again.”


“Can you blame me honestly?” Marisol shot back, flipping her fiery red hair over her shoulder, which was currently braided.  When her hair was down, it went past her waist.


“You know I don’t look, only touch.”


The girls laughed as they walked down the movie set, everything already in place, knowing they were early.  Genesis had deep brown hair streaked with blonde along with deep sea green eyes that changed with her mood.  If she was happy, they were light.  Angry, they turned a deep forest dark forest green.  Of course, Genesis rarely ever got angry on this set because everyone was very friendly and kind for the most part.


“So, I take it you’re doing the bloodsuckers again?” Genesis smirked when Marisol rolled her eyes, reluctantly nodding. “You poor thing.”


“Oh shut up, at least I get the fun part while you have fun with your can-o-tan.” Marisol spat, though there was no venom in her voice.  The girls loved ribbing on each other; though Genesis was honestly blessed she worked with the wolf boys.


Genesis and Marisol worked for the Twilight Saga movies as respective makeup artists and hair dressers.  Both were very qualified, having had auditions the exact same day –also hired- and instantly became friends.  They got to choose between two groups: The Cullens and Wolf Pack.  Of course, Marisol was better with gothic makeup than Genesis, so she chose the Cullens.  Genesis secretly jumped for joy since she didn’t have that much experience with gothic makeup, even though she could do it.




“Oh no…”


Genesis laughed when Marisol was nearly tackled to the ground by Ashley Greene, who played Alice Cullen in the saga, shaking her head. “Oh man, Ash, did you gain fifty pounds or something?” Marisol grunted, shoving Ashley off playfully. “You’re lucky I’m wearing black missy.”


Ashley giggled cheekily with a wink, folding her arms in front of her chest. “Oh really?  And what do you mean have I gained fifty pounds?  It’s more like one hundred!”


All three girls started laughing, which was one of the great things about working with these people.  They were rarely ever serious, except when it came time to film scenes.  They were jokesters and professionals all in one, which made the working environment very smooth with no pressure.  Genesis remembered working for the movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which was constant stress and headaches galore.


When they called her back, the same time as Twilight, needless to say she turned toward the less stressful of the two.


“Ashley, are you torturing Mari again?” A voice demanded from behind, causing all three girls to turn around, staring at the main star of the saga Kirsten Stewart.  Kristen was awesome to work with, though a little rough around the edges.  Genesis tried not getting on her bad side too much, having to do her makeup sometimes whenever she did scenes with the wolf pack.


“Oh you know me; I just LOVE torturing good ol’ Mari!” Ashley laughed, draping an arm around Marisol’s shoulders, who elbowed her playfully in the side.


“Yeah and you love getting tortured back.” Marisol stated with triumphant, winking over at Genesis.


Kristen chuckled, taking another drag of the cigarette she currently held.  A lot of the actors and actresses on the set smoked, which was a good thing.  There wasn’t a designated smoking area, though they had to make sure not to leave cigarettes butts lying around.  The cleanup crew had enough to worry about.


“This is absolutely crazy!” Nikki Reed walked up, shaking her head almost in disbelief. “Is this really Breaking Dawn we’re doing?”


“Yeah, crazy.” Kristen nodded in agreement and couldn’t believe it either, finishing up her smoke before putting it out, tossing it in the nearby trashcan. “I’ll talk to you guys later.”


“Where is Kristen running off to?” Robert Pattinson walked up next, followed by Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz.  Jackson played Jasper Cullen while Kellan was Emmett.


“Well, well look who it is Jacks!  The famous Mari is back!”


Marisol rolled her eyes playfully. “I’m not THAT famous.” She grumbled in argument.


“Are you kidding?  You’ve done makeup on at LEAST fifty movies and can do gothic style like there’s no tomorrow.” Genesis quipped with a smirk, her hair pulled back in a high messy bun, slicked back by gel.  She had to keep it out of her face while working, refusing to let anything interfere with her work quality.


“Oh shut up, Geni!  At least I get to hang out with the undead!” Marisol stuck her tongue out and laughed when Kellan groaned, knowing she was forever torturing the man.


“Hey, I’m happy with the hot blooded animals, thank you very much.” Genesis stated, always backing up her boys as she liked to call them.


“I knew I heard that voice.” Genesis braced herself, feeling Chaske Spencer grab her up and spin her around from behind. “The wolves’ number one has returned!”


“Oh dear god, Chaske!” Genesis grunted when he finally let her down, holding her back, rolling her eyes when he actually asked if she was alright. “I’ll live.  Thanks for popping my rib out of whack.”


“Sorry hon, you know I couldn’t resist.” Chaske played Sam Uley in the saga, the wolf pack’s alpha –most people referred him as a leader-, though everyone had to know the terminology.


“Yeah, yeah, just remember who makes your ass look pretty for the camera.”


Chaske laughed and bowed his head, hands pressed together. “I’m not worthy of the talent before me!”


Genesis couldn’t help giggling, along with the others, rolling her eyes. “I’ll see you later, Mari.  I gotta deal with the rowdy bunch.” Genesis waved as she walked with Chaske to their station, seeing everything was set up for her like always. “Okay Boo, what are you doing playing with my stuff?”


BooBoo Stewart –his real name was Nils Allen Stewart JR- grinned cheekily, sliding off of the chair, shrugging his shoulders.  He played Seth Clearwater, having been introduced in the third installment of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse early that year.  It was 2010, late August, but still chilly up in northern Vancouver.  The little fifteen year old was quite a looker and had eyes that appeared innocent, though they were anything but.


It’s good having you back, Nesi.” BooBoo hugged her around the waist and laughed when she grunted, knowing he did it too hard.


“Okay what is with all the abuse?” Genesis demanded jokingly, shaking her head and ruffled BooBoo’s hair, rolling her eyes when he patted his cheek.  Leaning down, Genesis kissed his cheek, one of their little quirks they had together and watched as BooBoo pretended to swoon. “Fool.”


“Hey, how come he gets special treatment?” Chaske demanded playfully, though his face was completely poker. “I think you should give us all a kiss on the cheek.”


“Have I told you to kiss my ass lately, Chaske?”


He laughed and hugged Genesis lightly, kissing the top of her head. “Glad to have you back, Gen.  What did you do over the break?” He asked, sitting in the chair while she set everything up.


“Oh you know, visited family and friends, nothing really special.  Relaxed mostly.  I swear, I thought doing New Moon and Eclipse back to back was going to kill me.” Genesis knew she could confide in Chaske and ran her fingers through his hair, frowning. “You’ve been washing this like I told you right?”


“When I remember.” He admitted sheepishly, sighing when she just grunted. “I’m sorry Gen; you know how it goes though.  You get busy and you forget to do things.”


“Uh huh, well I’ll expect a full recovery.  We’ll give your hair a treatment before shooting today to give it shine.” She stated, completely serious when it came to her job. “Okay, so what scenes are we doing today?”


“I guess we’re starting toward the end during Jacob’s part of the story.” Chaske replied, honestly not remembering, knowing he had to find out. “I’ll be right back; I need to get my script.”


Genesis laughed softly as he rushed away, knowing Chaske was forever forgetting his script.  She turned around and proceeded to start setting up again, having skated around the answer about what she’d done during the break.  There was no way anyone could find out who she was related to because it would just be a lot of controversy and a big mess she didn’t need.


“Hey beautiful, you got a minute?”


Closing her eyes briefly, the sound of his voice pure music to her ears, Genesis slowly turned around and came face to face with Taylor Lautner.  He played Jacob Black in the saga and Genesis knew her heart was pounding in her chest.  Somehow, someway she managed to stay cool, calm and collected around him, a smile crossing her lips.


“How many times do I have to tell you to just call me Gen, Taylor?”


“A lot and doesn’t mean it’ll stop anytime soon either.” Taylor replied with a grin, his pearly white teeth nearly taking her breath away. 


The man was beautiful in every aspect, having packed on thirty pounds of muscle for the second installment New Moon.  He was in danger of actually losing the character position because of how small he was, so Taylor did what was needed to stay in the franchise.  She respected him for that and was glad they kept him because nobody, absolutely nobody, played Jacob Black better than him.


“Right, so what can I do for you?” Genesis asked, waiting patiently like always.


“Oh, nothing.  I was just coming by to see how your vacation was and everything.” Taylor smiled, stepping closer to her, those sea green eyes always captivating him.


Genesis was losing her train of thought fast and had to remember he was younger than her, he deserved better.  Though Genesis couldn’t deny when she found out the rumors about him and Taylor Swift being together were false, she did a back flip in her living room. “It was fine, boring actually.  How about yours?” She asked, immediately directing the attention off of her.  The less attention she had, the better everything would be. “I heard about your movie roles you landed, congratulations.”


Taylor rolled his eyes playfully, waving her off. “Thanks.  My dad actually convinced me to do the Cancun one, though when I read the script it didn’t sound too bad.”


“Hey, I’m excited about those movie roles.  Valentine’s Day was awesome and I know these will be too.” Genesis stated confidently, finishing up her preparations, a smirk suddenly curving her lips. “You’re going to have to be shirtless again.”


Taylor groaned, knowing she would bring that up.  Genesis was constantly teasing him because she knew how much he loathed having his shirt off for the scenes. “Did you really have to remind me?  Isn’t it bad enough you get to torture me in the hot seat?”


“Hey, would I be me if I didn’t torment you?” Genesis retorted, already directing him into the chair, running her fingers through his silky soft black hair.  She honestly could stand there doing it for the next few hours and die a happy woman.  Genesis was twenty years old, Taylor was eighteen and too young for her.  She had to constantly keep reminding herself of that. “Hmm…I notice a little scalp buildup, nothing that can’t be fixed though.”


“You do what you have to do to make me look like Jacob Black.” Taylor was ready and poised, excited about the direction the movies were going.


“You got it wolf boy.” She giggled when he groaned more.


“You’re killing me, Nesi.”


“Do you have to call me that?  There’s already ONE Nessie running around here.” She laughed when Taylor shrugged his shoulders while applying the scalp treatment on his hair.


“You came first so it’s technically your name.  Not to mention her name is Renesmee.” Taylor had studied the books front to back, practically knowing them by heart. 


He had to be one of the most dedicated actors Genesis ever had the pleasure of working with, though she could be biased.  Without Taylor knowing it, he was her favorite and Genesis often wondered what it would be like to be with him.  She wondered if he was even looking for a girlfriend, knowing he was single, still not believing he didn’t make some kind of connection with Taylor Swift.  According to him, however, they were really great friends.


“So come on, out with it.  Tell me everything you did on your vacation.” Genesis pried, needing to get her mind on something other than fantasizing about the man in her chair.


Taylor chuckled, loving how pushy Genesis could be with she didn’t get the answer she wanted. “Well I went home to Los Angeles and relaxed a little bit, though I had a ton of press work for Valentine’s Day.  Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, it wasn’t relaxing at all.  I don’t relax; it’s just not in my schedule.” He laughed softly, leaning back when she began running her fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp. “You beat around the bush when I asked you, so out with it.  What did you do?”


One thing about Taylor that Genesis loathed was the amount of attention he had in every conversation.  It didn’t matter if she was talking about dog shit, he would still find a way to make it interesting and call her on things.  This was one of those times because Genesis couldn’t tell him the truth, which meant she had to lie. 


Genesis hated lying.


“I went home and spent some time with my mom.  Nothing special.  I did a few fashion shows for the models, but other than that, it was a lot of lounging and relaxing before coming here.” She explained smoothly, so used to the lies it was almost sickening. “Okay wolf boy, you are done with the hair, now it’s onto the tanning part of this dance…”


Taylor groaned, really not liking this stuff, but he knew it was for his character so it was worth it.  He closed his eyes as Genesis proceeded to work her magic, loving the feelings of her hands on him.  After all this time working with her, Taylor knew there was something building between them, especially since she referred to him as her favorite wolf.  There was an underlying secret behind those sea green orbs of Genesis’s and Taylor was begging to dive in and find them all out.


Chapter 2


“Okay Lautner, stop hogging the beauty and let me have a go at her.” Alex smirked, walking up to Genesis’s station, folding his arms in front of his chest.


“What if I’m not finished with him?” Genesis challenged, running her fingers through his hair, nodding when it finally did what she wanted.


Alex rolled his eyes. “I know Tay-Tay is your favorite, but you do have other wolves that need attention.” He stated, laughing when Taylor scowled, knowing how much he despised being called that.


“Taylor, not Tay-Tay.”


“Whatever, you done with her or not?”


Taylor sighed resignedly, tilting his head back to stare up at Genesis, honestly not wanting to move. “It’s your call beautiful.” He said with a heart stopping smile.


“You’re done.” Genesis took the sheet away from him, not wanting the tanning solution to get all over his body, shaking her head. “Remember what I said about the hair treatment, Taylor.”


Taylor saluted with a wink, already knowing she sent him away because of what he called her. “Will do and I’m still calling you beautiful because that’s what you are.”


“Whatever, I’m busy with Alex.” Genesis waved Taylor off dismissively, laughing when he pouted, rolling her eyes. “Get moving; you have acting to do.”


“Yeah, yeah don’t let her torture you too much, Alex.”


“Hey, I can take a little torture, especially from a beautiful woman.” Alex groaned when she slapped him upside the head, scowling, though there was no venom in his eyes.  Taylor was laughing so hard, he had to double over, heading off to film the first scene of the day. “Was that really necessary?”


“Considering you love antagonizing people, yes.” Genesis simply replied, already checking his hair, nodding with satisfaction. “I don’t know why I even bother with your hair because it’s never needed treatment.”


“That’s because I’m not a moron and I know how to take care of my scalp.” Alex groaned when he was smacked again, growling. “Woman, if you do that again I’ll bend you over my knee.”


Genesis laughed softly and reached for the sponge, knowing she would have to blend more with Alex than the others. “Uh huh, you keep wishing that darling because it will never happen.”


Alex snapped his fingers dejectedly, grumbling under his breath. “Turned down again.  Damn it.”


“You already know I don’t date people I work with.”


That was one of Genesis’s main rules when it came to her jobs.  She tried it once with Daniel Radcliffe and things became hectic as soon as they were discovered by the paparazzi.  Needless to say, Genesis learned her lesson and got an earful from her father.  It was one big mess and Genesis was actually glad she was away from Daniel because he was too awkward as a boyfriend. 


“That’s a damn shame because we could have fun together.”


Genesis chuckled softly, not doubting it because she could tell what a party guy Alex was when he wanted to be. “As much as I’d love to take you up on that offer, I already know who you really want on this set and it’s not me.”


Alex raised a very slow eyebrow, groaning when Genesis pointed across the way toward Marisol’s station. “How the hell did you figure that out?” He demanded gruffly, folding his arms in front of his chest.


“Relax your arms.” She ordered, placing her hands on his shoulders, resting her cheek against his. “It’s very noticeable when you constantly undress her with your eyes, Alex.  If you want to hide how you truly feel, then stop devouring her.”


Alex groaned more, burying his head in his hands, only for Genesis to pull it back up. “Oh man, that means she probably knows.”


“On the contrary, she’s just as blind as you are.” Genesis stated sweetly with a smile, stepping in front of him to blend in the tanning solution.  It was thicker than a regular can of spray, but gave the guys their glow required for their roles in the movie. 


“Really?” Hope shined in Alex’s deep brown eyes, smiling when Genesis nodded, breathing a sigh of relief. “What if I did ask her out, would you approve?”


Genesis shrugged her shoulders, honestly not knowing how to answer that. “I’d be happy for you guys if it worked out, but I’ve been down that road, Alex.  I know exactly what kind of trouble and complications arise with dating a celebrity.  Remember Daniel?”


Alex scowled, cracking his knuckles, eyes narrowed. “Yeah, that piece of…”


“Hey!  Don’t call him names.” Genesis ordered, already knowing what Alex was going to say, having cut him off. “He did the right thing and it was a mutual breakup.  He’s still my friend, so watch it buster.”


“He’s an idiot to let you slip through his fingers.” Alex stated, refusing to be dissuaded, chuckling when Genesis just rolled her eyes.


“You just love stirring up trouble, don’t you?”


“Would you honestly want me any other way?” Alex shot back with a raised eyebrow, grunting when she grabbed his chin to keep him still while she finished.


“Nope, I like you just the way you are, stubborn attitude and all.”


Alex snorted, wondering if Genesis realized how she looked whenever she and Taylor were together. “When are you going to tell him?” He bluntly asked, catching Genesis off guard.


“Tell who what?”


“Don’t play dumb with me, Gen.  I know you better than you think, especially since we’ve done two other movies together.”


It was Genesis’s turn to look completely confused, stopping what she was doing. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Alex.” The honesty shone in her eyes as she began blending again, hating this part of the job because it was very boring.


Luckily, the guys always made her laugh by cracking jokes or weren’t sticks in the mud.


“When are you going to tell Taylor how you really feel about him?”


Genesis actually dropped the sponge she’d been holding, cursing under her breath, swallowing hard.  Alex started laughing, knowing he shocked her, and clapped his hands together in triumph.  She was going to kill him slowly and painfully for this, finally finding the sponge, though she knew she’d have to get a new one.


“I don’t feel anything for Taylor except friendship, what I feel for all of you.”


“Oh bullshit!” Alex exclaimed, standing up from the chair, knowing they were finished. “I see the way you look at him and so does everyone else, Gen.  So what’s the hold up?”


“When are you going to tell Marisol how you feel about her?” Genesis challenged, turning around as she tossed the sponge away behind him in the trashcan, folding her arms in front of her chest.  She watched as Alex opened and closed his mouth, nodding. “That’s what I thought.”


Alex growled, hating when she dismissed him like that, knowing he upset her.  He couldn’t help it though; it was pathetic watching her pine for someone who wanted her just as badly.  Then again, he was just as pathetic because he couldn’t even get the nerve up to ask Marisol out for a cup of coffee.


Genesis took several deep breaths to calm down, still not believing Alex knew how she felt about Taylor.  ‘I must be slipping.’ She thought, deciding that couldn’t happen anymore, turning around just as Julia Jones walked up, beautiful as always.


“Hey sugar, you ready for me?” Julia played the character Leah Clearwater and fit the part perfectly.  Then again, they all did.


“Yeah, of course.” Genesis absolutely adored Julia, having met her in the last movie Eclipse, where both she and BooBoo were introduced.  They played brother and sister in the movie and it was uncanny how much they looked like each other. “How’ve you been Jules?”


“Oh you know same old, same old.  The guys aren’t messing with me as much, though that’s probably because of what I did to them for retaliation.” Julia smirked, dark eyes glinting wickedly.


“Oh no.” Genesis giggled softly, already knowing this couldn’t be good. “Do I dare ask?”


Julia laughed softly as the sheet was thrown over her chest, knowing a dye job was required because her hair had blonde streaks throughout it. “Well, I decided since they loved messing with me so much, I’d return the favor.  So I found out they all went to this club in downtown Vancouver in disguises.  I’m talking the wigs and makeup, the whole shebang.  It was Taylor, Alex, Chaske, Bronson, Kiowa and Tyson.  They didn’t want to be recognized and I found out about it…”


Genesis bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing, already seeing where this story was going.


“So anyway, I had my own disguise and I asked Boo to help me with it.  He was all for it because he was also picked on by the guys.  We were the newbies, so naturally they had to try making our lives miserable.  They didn’t mess with Tyson because he was in New Moon briefly.” Julia rolled her eyes and leaned her head back, Genesis applying the raven colored hair dye.


“Okay, you’ve kept me in suspense long enough.  What did you do to the pack?” Genesis demanded, sounding thoroughly amused, remembering how much ribbing Julia and Boo got when they first came on the set. 


Julia actually yelled at the guys because they wouldn’t leave her alone.  Genesis remembered several times having to actually berate them for treating Julia as they did, but none of them listened.  Taylor was the only one who stopped, but he didn’t condone everything the others did to the poor newcomers. 


“Well, BooBoo and I walked into the club and saw the guys were having a great time.  They were right in the middle of the packed club, the music blaring and people were jumping around having a great time.  I waited patiently until they were on the floor living it up before making my move and BooBoo was trying not to laugh.  We walked up to the DJ and I tapped his shoulder, asking to use his microphone for a second.  He obliged, especially when he recognized us through the disguises and we promised to give him autographs for his contribution.” Julia started laughing, closing her eyes as Genesis’s fingers ran through her hair, not blaming the woman one bit for doing this for a living.


“Oh man, you didn’t Jules…” Genesis groaned when those dark eyes landed on her, already knowing the answer. “You are officially the most evil woman I’ve ever met.”


“I know.” Julia laughed hard, scooting further into the chair so she didn’t slide off. “I took that microphone and said at the top of my lungs ‘Oh my god it’s the Wolf Pack from Twilight!’ and you should’ve seen the heads whip around.  The screams from all the girls are still ringing in my ears.  The guys looked up at the DJ’s station and saw us, so me and Boo waved before disappearing.  They were MAULED from head to toe.  I heard Chaske had a tongue shoved down his throat and none of them made it out of the club with shirts and dress pants!” Both women were rolling with laughter, Genesis having a hard leaning against the sink that came with her station, trying to keep from doubling over as he finished applying the dye.


“Oh my god, that is so great!” Genesis was laughing so hard, she knew the others could hear her, but honestly didn’t care. “I bet they never messed with you after that.”


“Damn straight they didn’t!” Julia grinned proudly, already knowing the guys were still suffering the aftermath of that club fiasco. “Did you read the tabloids after it happened?”


“Oh so THAT’S what that was about!”


Genesis remembered walking down the street from the market during break and picked up the magazine that had the Wolf Pack splattered on the front of it.  They were gathered altogether, all shirtless, though the shot only showed from the waist up.  The picture showed them being shoved into a nearby limo and Genesis had laughed while reading the article.


“Hey, they deserved it after all the shit they put me and Boo through.  I love them to death, don’t get me wrong, but they had to be taught a lesson.” Julia stated, not ashamed in the slightest. “That’s exactly what I told my agent too when she came to me and asked if I was there to witness the mayhem.  I told her I started it.”


Genesis laughed, loving Julia’s carefree attitude, honestly not blaming the woman.  Poor Taylor had the girls jumping on him, according to the tabloid, but he escaped unscathed unlike the others.  She laughed softly as Julia just sat there grinning like a Cheshire cat, wishing she could’ve been a fly on the wall to witness that spectacle.


“What are you two laughing about over here?”


Both girls looked up at Bronson, knowing that squeaky high pitched voice anywhere, bursting out in laughter at the confused look on his face. “You don’t want to know.” Genesis finally said, setting the timer for Julia’s hair.


“It’s our business, stay out of it.” Julia piped in with a grin, eyes sparkling, and laughed when Bronson groaned.


“You didn’t…”


“I did and it was such a great story to tell.” Julia sighed wistfully, studying her nails, a smirk spreading on her lips before Genesis began the makeup process while the hair dye soaked in.


“You are such a bitch sometimes, Julia.” Bronson growled, clearly not amused, remembering that night from hell at the club with the guys.  “That was so not cool to do to us.”


“Are you kidding?  It was a riot.” Julia closed her eyes as Genesis applied eye shadow, which blended with her russet skin nicely along with black eyeliner. “I’ll be here awhile Bronson dear.”


Bronson scowled, shaking his head. “I came to inform you that we’re shooting a scene in less than an hour, in case you were interested.” He stated heatedly before stalking off.


“Aww poor baby.” Julia rolled her eyes as Genesis laughed, applying a deep dark pink gloss.


“He’ll get over it.” Out of all the guys, Bronson was the always the most difficult to deal with, though Genesis would never admit that to anyone.


The timer went off just as Genesis finished with the makeup, placing a plastic mask over Julia’s face to keep the makeup from getting smeared.  She then rinsed the dye out, nodding in satisfaction, knowing she had to step it up if Julia was going to be finished in time for the scene.  Once her hair was completely rinsed and washed, Genesis proceeded to blow dry and straighten it, making sure not to burn the hair or give her split ends. 


It took forty five minutes before Julia was finished, her hair shining.  Julia hugged her, thanking her for the magnificent work before rushing off, needing to change into her outfit for the upcoming scene.  Genesis cleaned her station off, waiting for her next victim, chuckling over what Julia did to the guys.


Chapter 3


Once the first rounds of makeup and hair were finished, Genesis decided to take a break, checking her cell phone for messages.  She sighed, seeing her father called, immediately deleting it.  After their last argument, Genesis just did not have the strength or energy to deal with it again. 


“Wow.” Marisol came walking up, looking as though she was on cloud nine. “Have I told you lately just how HOT those boys are?”


“You’re supposed to be on the bloodsucker team.” Genesis accused, smirking as she snapped the lid of her cell phone shut and shoved it in her front pocket.


Marisol caught it and frowned, seeing the troubling gaze in Genesis’s eyes. “Come walk with me.” She requested gently but firmly, already taking Genesis’s hand, guiding her behind one of the trailers. “Okay spill it.  What happened?”


“Marisol, I really don’t want to talk about it.” Genesis sighed, sitting down in the dry grass, knowing they had rain coming as she leaned back against the trailer with her knees drawn up. “It was a hell of a break, let’s leave it at that.”


“This is about Daniel again isn’t it?”


“No!” Genesis growled, hating how everyone automatically assumed whenever something was bothering her it went back to him. “No, this has nothing to do with Daniel.  More like my dysfunctional family.”


Marisol was the ONLY one who knew about Genesis’s real father, knowing she had to keep it a secret.  She still couldn’t believe it until Genesis whipped out a picture of her when she was around five years old.  Her father was holding her and, even though he was much younger back then, he still looked the same.


“What happened?” Marisol demanded, sitting down beside her friend, knowing she needed a shoulder to lean against. “Come on, Gen.  You can tell me anything sweetie.”


“I know, I just…god I’m so sick of being blamed for everything.  Like it’s really my fault my mother spread her legs and they had unprotected sex?  Jesus…” Genesis blinked as a few tears slipped down her cheeks, lowering her head, sniffling softly as Marisol rubbed her back comfortingly.


“Something happened over break and I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that your father tried pulling his usual crap.” Marisol scowled, wanting to slap her old man upside his fat head, shaking her head.  He was gorgeous, there was no doubt about it, but the way he treated his daughter was wrong.


“Well, he got rip roaring drunk and decided to attack me, blaming me for the way his life turned out.  He actually had the audacity to blame ME for his mishaps and losing his wife!  Can you believe that shit?  Thank god my siblings weren’t there or I probably would’ve socked him in his face to shut him up.” Genesis sighed heavily, raking a hand through her brown locks, fingering a strand as it twirled around her finger. “He called my mom every name in the book, like he usually does whenever he sees me.  He says I remind him too much of her and he hates me for it.  I just wish he would leave me alone because he’s not even father material to begin with.”


Marisol couldn’t argue with that statement because, no matter how hard Genesis tried to please him, it was never enough.  She would never forget the phone conversation that lasted all of one minute, if that, when Genesis called him crying about breaking up with Daniel.  Her father simply told her she got what she deserved, to suck it up and move on, and hung up on her.  Marisol never wanted to commit murder as badly as she did with him.


“Well you have to remember you’re twenty years old now, Gen.  He has no more control over you.”


“Easy for you to say.  You’re not the daughter of a famous actor.” Genesis whispered, not wanting anyone else to overhear their conversation, wiping her tears away. “I love my dad.  I really do, but I just wish he wouldn’t go to the bottle so much.  He’s going to end up dying of liver failure if he keeps going on this path and then what will my siblings do?”


Marisol honestly didn’t know what to say, chewing her bottom lip in thought, deciding to change the subject. “So Kellan asked me out on a date.” She giggled when Genesis’s eyes widened slightly, blinking.


“Whoa, what did you say?”


“Told him I’d think about it.” Marisol shrugged nonchalantly, knowing she would already turn him down because she had the same rule as Genesis did.  No dating anyone she worked with, at least until they didn’t work together anymore.


“What if Alex asked you out?” Genesis decided it couldn’t hurt to ask, looking over at her friend innocently. “What would you say?”


Marisol’s eyes narrowed, knowing that phony innocent act anywhere, folding her arms in front of her chest. “What exactly did Alex tell you?” She demanded in a soft, stern voice.


“Nothing, I was just curious considering you can’t seem to stop lusting after him.” Genesis laughed when Marisol scoffed, both girls nudging each other at the same time. “Come on, what would you say if he asked you out?”


“What would you do if Taylor asked you out?”


“You and I both know that will never happen, Mari.  I’ve tried the whole dating a celeb thing; it doesn’t work and besides he’s too good for me.” Genesis cringed when Marisol growled, knowing she said the wrong thing. “You know what I mean; I’m not on his level.”


“Genesis, you are gorgeous girl!  You have these eyes that just light up a damn room whenever you enter it…or movie set in this instance.  You are a knockout!” Marisol stated sternly, folding her arms in front of her chest. “And no man, I don’t care if it’s George Clooney, is good enough for you.  You are the crème de la crème honey.”


Genesis wanted to believe Marisol, but couldn’t see herself the same way her friend did.  To others, Genesis was a complete beauty with all the right curves and a natural body tone.  She looked like her father, though nobody noticed it because they didn’t know who he was.  They wouldn’t ever find out either, especially Taylor.


“If anyone is gorgeous around here, it’s you.” Genesis stated, wanting to slap Marisol upside the head when she disagreed. “And why is that?”  Do you have any idea how truly stunning you are?   You have everything you just told me I have, plus more.”


“Why are we even arguing about this when we both know we’ll never agree with each other?” Marisol laughed and Genesis soon joined in, both girls way too modest for this profession, though they were the best at what they did…or two of.


“Good point.”


“Just keep your head high and don’t let that asshole father of yours get you down.” Marisol stood up, knowing their break was over with, dusting herself off with a gentle sigh. “What should I do about Kellan?”


Genesis smiled gently, placing a hand on Marisol’s shoulder. “You already know what you’re going to do.” With that said, Genesis walked away back to her station, knowing she would need to be on the scene to fix hair and makeup whenever it was needed.


Marisol went in the opposite direction, chewing her bottom lip, wondering what she should do about Kellan.  He was very attractive and really sweet, but Marisol didn’t feel anything towards him.  Alex, on the other hand, was exactly her type, cocky and brash with a hint of sweet in him.  He was the bad boy, which attracted Marisol to begin with.  She had a serious decision to make and not much time, having told Kellan she’d give him an answer by the end of shooting.


Genesis showed up and nodded at Chris Weitz, so glad he was back to direct the last two movies of the Twilight Saga.  He did a wonderful job on New Moon, not to mention he was very easy to get along with.  David Slade had directed Eclipse, making it a little darker than usual, but it followed the book.  Still, there was some special magic that happened whenever Chris Weitz was with this group of actors and actresses.


She watched as they poured rain from buckets above, making it look like it was torrential.  Genesis stayed beneath the tent, makeup and hair products in hand, watching the scene unfold before her.  Her eyes were for Taylor, loving how the water ran down his rock hard, muscular body.  Beautiful wasn’t the right word for him, Genesis couldn’t honestly think of one.  The best she could come up with was magnificent because, truly, that’s exactly what Taylor Lautner was.




The scene cut as they stopped the phony rain, people instantly rushing over to throw blankets over Taylor’s shoulders.  Genesis next as she smiled up at him and knew he loved this role, that he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  Taylor shivered a little, since it was only forty degrees outside at the moment, and allowed Genesis to do her job.


“Thanks.” He whispered when she finished, those dark eyes penetrating her once more. 


“Kick some vampire ass.” She murmured, causing him to chuckle, and went over to the other members of the pack to fix them up.  Genesis arrived at Bronson, who was scowling, and just ignored him as she dabbed his nose before smoothing his hair back. “You really need to learn how to smile.”


Bronson tried not to, but the sight of Genesis was too much for him as a small smile cracked. “You suck.” He muttered good-naturedly, folding his arms in front of his chest. “OW!” He growled when Alex popped him upside the head, rubbing the sore spot. “What was that for?”


“That wasn’t chivalrous.” Alex muttered, winking at a giggling Genesis, who was trying not to do it in front of Bronson.  They never really saw eye to eye, though Bronson knew better than to mess with their girl.  She was the reason they looked as good as they did on-screen.


“How did I do on the scene?”


BooBoo was grinning from ear to ear; glad he was finally getting some action, having performed a few of his martial arts moves.  He was a two-time Martial Arts World Champion –both back to back in 2002 and 2003.  In 2004, he was inducted into the Martial Arts Junior Hall of Fame.  The little guy only stood at five feet, five inches, but he was a killer when it came to martial arts.


He wasn’t the only martial arts expert on set.


Taylor was a multiple martial arts world champion, beginning karate at the age of six.  He won tournaments at such a young age and, soon after, he was asked to train with seven-time world karate champion Mike Chat.  At age eight, Taylor presented his country in the World Karate Association and proved himself by becoming Junior World Forms and Weapons champion, winning three gold medals.  He continued flourishing in the martial arts and, in 2003, was ranked number one in the world for NASKA’s Black Belt Open Forms, Musical Weapons, Traditional Weapons and Traditional Forms.  By age twelve, Taylor had three Junior World Championships under his belt.  Shortly after, he fell in love with acting and had been doing it ever since, his family supporting him and even moving from Grand Rapids, Michigan so he could fulfill his dream.


The fact there were two martial arts experts in this movie was excellent considering how much action sequences and scenes there were.  Eclipse was a blast to watch because Taylor really showcased his talent, which Genesis secretly watched closely.  It was amazing on the big screen, but she got to see the real deal up close and personal.  There were no words to describe just how tremendous Taylor was at what he did and the sky was the limit for him.


“You did fabulous, Boo!” Genesis said and applied just a little makeup on his forehead, spiking his hair up a little bit. “There you go, all set.” She sighed when Boo patted his cheek and leaned down, kissing it softly. “You are hopeless.”


“I know, but you can’t resist me.” BooBoo retorted with a smirk before rushing off, waving over his shoulder at his favorite makeup artist.


Genesis laughed softly, shaking her head, not believing how ballsy the kid was.  She was five years older than him and, yet, he had her wrapped around his little finger.  Walking back over to stand beneath the tent, the actors grumbled good naturedly as the phony rain once again fell, officially starting the scene.


It took nearly fourteen hours before Chris finally decided they had enough footage for the first day, wanting to be precise.  Genesis was thankful because she desperately needed a nap, stifling a yawn, heading back to her station.  On the way, she was stopped by a hand on her shoulder, turning around to face a soaking wet Taylor. 


Fate was really cruel sometimes.


“Did I see Boo get a kiss on the cheek earlier?” He asked with a grin, causing Genesis to groan, running a hand through her hair.


“I can’t believe none of you noticed it last year when we did Eclipse.” Genesis was flabbergasted, shaking her head. “I’ve been doing that since his first day on set.”


Taylor gaped, not believing he missed it, usually very observant especially when it came to Genesis. “Wow, I must be blind.” He joked, both of them walking back to her station. “You look tired.”


“So do you.” Genesis retorted, finally letting a yawn break through. “Then again, it’s been a long day of shooting.”


“Yeah, that is has, but its great being back.” Taylor grinned, those dark eyes sparkling, running the rest of the towel through his hair.  He was wearing a long sleeved black shirt that fit him like a second skin, stretching across his broad chest, along with a pair of blue jeans.


“I’ll have to agree with you there.” They arrived at Genesis’s station and she immediately began packing up, knowing the cleanup crew would have enough to do.


“Do you want me to help you?”


Genesis stopped, slowly turning around to face Taylor, still not believing how kind and sweet he was.  The man was very modest and sometimes irritatingly polite, though he never let people walk over him either.  He had to be one of the strongest actors she’d ever met, especially since New Moon his stardom had skyrocketed considerably.


“No, I don’t have much to do really.  You go on, Taylor.  You look exhausted.” Genesis smiled sweetly and turned around, tensing slightly when his muscular arms snaked around her waist, feeling his mouth by her ear.


“So are you, come on.  You did enough; let the cleanup crew get it.” He was already dragging her away, Genesis barely having time to reach for her purse, sighing with resignation as they walked away from the movie set.


“You are borderline unreasonable.”


Taylor laughed from low in his throat huskily. “You’re not the first person to tell me that.  How about a ride back to the hotel?  It looks as though your friend is busy with someone else.” Taylor smirked when Genesis looked toward the car, blinking at the sight of Alex cornering Marisol.


“You’re my hero right now.”


Chuckling harder, Taylor head Genesis to his waiting limo, knowing both of them would have to be up bright and early in a few hours to do another full day of shooting.


Chapter 4


A few weeks passed since Breaking Dawn started filming and things were going pretty smooth for the most part.  Genesis had flat out refused to answer her phone whenever her father called, deciding Marisol was right.  If he wanted to be an asshole, then he was going to pay for it.  No matter what, she was his daughter and it was time Genesis demanded respect from him.


It was in the middle of September, nearing October in about a week or so, and the weather had changed drastically.  They already had a snow fall at the end of August, which was normal for Vancouver this time of year.  It wasn’t toasty like Los Angeles, where the temperature never went below fifty degrees.  If it did, it was still pretty mild all things considered.


Genesis walked into the hotel lobby, having left the set early because they didn’t need her.  Chris assured her that the makeup and whatnot wouldn’t be necessary for the action scene they were doing for the Wolf Pack.  Marisol was stuck however because the vampires constantly needed makeup added whenever rain scenes were done. 


“A workout, I need a workout.” Genesis decided with a smile, sighing when her cell phone rang and looked at the caller ID.  The name flashed across the screen and Genesis was shocked when it said Radcliffe, Daniel.  She immediately flipped it open, blinking. “Dan?”


“Hey love.” Daniel greeted with a sigh of relief, running a hand through his hair. “How are you?”


“I-I’m fine…” Genesis was still surprised by this sudden call, wondering what was going on. “How are you?”


“Good, good, lots of promotional work for the Deathly Hallows.” Daniel replied, shaking his head at the waiter, folding one leg over the other. “Listen love, the reason why I’m calling is because your father gave me a call last night, said he hadn’t heard from you.”


Of course Daniel knew about who Genesis’s father, she’d told him right after they started dating because she didn’t want any secrets from each other. “There’s a good reason for that and I can’t believe he called you.  After berating and ridiculing me over even contemplating dating you, he suddenly wants to involve you in my personal business.” Genesis was going to MAIM her father.


Daniel chuckled softly, sipping his glass of wine. “Now, now love, calm down.  You know your father means well.  He sounded really worried about you.  Perhaps you should give him a call, just to assure him you are alive and well.” He suggested softly, taking a bite out of his dinner, knowing Genesis wasn’t happy with this. “Gen, I wouldn’t have called had I known this would have upset you.”


Genesis absolutely hated Daniel because of how infuriatingly polite he was, not to mention his English accent drove her crazy.  It used to be in a good way, though not so much anymore.  If anything, it annoyed the hell out of her and Genesis was fighting temptation to hang up on him.


“No, no it’s fine.” She grumbled, trying not to sound angry, but it was nearly impossible. “Is that the only reason you called me?”


“No, no that’s not all love.” Daniel sighed, leaning forward a bit, staring straight ahead. “Genesis, I miss you.  I know we tried and it failed miserably, which was my entire fault, but…I feel lost without you.  When you weren’t here for the shooting of the Half Blood Prince and found out you went elsewhere, I felt pain love.”


“Daniel, please don’t…” Genesis didn’t want to hear this, chewing her bottom lip as she stepped on the elevator. “The reason we didn’t work out was because you refused to listen to me about the danger of the paparazzi.  You’re used to this kind of life, I am not.  We could try ten thousand times and nothing would ever change.  You’re set in your ways, I’m set in mine.”


Daniel sighed heavily, standing up and tossing a few bills on the table, walking out of the restaurant. “Genesis, I need you love.  I love you and I promise things will be different this time around…if you only give me that chance.” He sounded so sincere and heartfelt that Genesis was having a hard time breathing.


“Dan, please…” She whispered, not trusting her voice at the moment, refusing to let it crack. “Please, I’m happy where I am now…” Tears were threatening to spill out of her eyes, stinging them to the point where her vision blurred.


“You mean you are happy now that you are away from me.” Daniel replied solemnly, looking up at the sky momentarily, hearing a shaky sigh escape her. “I am just wasting my breath, yes?”


Genesis blinked as huge tears slid down her cheeks, Taylor instantly entering her mind as she paced back and forth in the elevator, sniffling. “Yeah I guess you are, Daniel.  I’m sorry, but I refuse to be in that type of predicament again with the media.  They nearly found out who I was, do you have any idea what would happen if that were the case?”


“You’d get a lot of media attention, but nothing you couldn’t handle I am sure.” Daniel replied, sliding into his car, shutting the door as he fired up the ignition, letting it warm up. “What if we tried it secretly?”


“Daniel, there’s nothing left between us.” Genesis said, wiping her tears away, feeling as though her heart was wrenching painfully because she wanted someone she couldn’t have. “I don’t love you anymore.  I don’t think I ever did.”


Blue eyes narrowed to slits as Daniel breathed in and out slowly, relaxing himself as much as possible, knowing blowing up wouldn’t do any good. “I am deeply sorry to hear that, Genesis, because I have not been able to stop thinking about you.” He admitted, pressing his forehead to the steering wheel, wishing there was some way to convince her that she belonged with him.


“I got over what happened long ago, Daniel, and you need to do the same thing.  We can remain friends, but I don’t want anything more from you.” Genesis stepped off the elevator, knowing she wouldn’t be able to sleep after this, sighing when she heard complete silence on the other end.


“Call your father, love.” The line went dead.


Genesis pulled the phone away from her ear, frowning, wondering why her father wanted to talk to her.  Hadn’t he berated and called her enough names during her break?  Sighing heavily, Genesis unlocked her hotel room and stepped inside, tossing her things aside, kicking off her heels. 


She needed to release some stress and decided the perfect way to do it, immediately undressing.  She slipped on a black sports bra with matching tight black shorts, changing out her heels for comfortable gym shoes.  Genesis pulled up her hair in a semi high ponytail, grabbing her water bottle and keycard before walking out, going down to the hotel’s workout room.


When Genesis arrived, she was relieved to find it empty, walking over to one of the three treadmills.  A nice, thorough cardio workout is exactly what she needed to make all the stress go away.  Genesis sat down on the nearby mat and proceeded to stretch, not wanting to cramp up after her workout, groaning since it’d been about a week since her last run. 


Once the stretching finished and Genesis felt limber enough, she stepped on the treadmill and started it up, deciding to set it for an hour run.  She would increase the speed as the time went on, not wanting to tire herself out right away.  Slipping her IPOD headphones in her ears, Genesis turned the music on and began running, letting every other thought fly out of her mind, including Taylor.


Meanwhile, Taylor had finished up on the set and was driven back to the hotel.  He couldn’t for the life of him get Genesis out of his mind, frowning, knowing this wasn’t good.  Why would she ever find him attractive?  Sure, he’d packed on thirty pounds for the character Jacob Black, but Taylor was way too shy and modest. 


He’d been raised that way and couldn’t help who he was.  Genesis just seemed like the type who would date someone like Alex or Chaske, the bad boys of the pack.  Taylor thought he was plain compared to them and knew he was nowhere near good enough for a knockout beauty like Genesis.


“I’m such a fool.” Taylor grumbled, running fingers through his hair, glad he was in a limo so the driver couldn’t hear his conversation. “Such an idiot.”


The limo pulled up in front of the hotel as Taylor stepped out, bodyguards already waiting, knowing he could be swarmed by fans at any given moment.  He wasn’t the least bit shocked when squealing sounded behind him, immediately rushing inside the hotel without actually running.  He didn’t want to seem like he WANTED to get away from them, even though Taylor really did.  He just wasn’t in the mood for fans and watched as the bodyguards barricaded the hotel doors until other stars showed up.


This was insane, Taylor was still in disbelief of his popularity.


Taylor quickly checked in before going up to his room, after giving the receptionist an autograph she asked for sweetly, heading to the elevator.  He knew he had to get a workout in, having been tired the last few days to do it.  He was slacking and knew if he didn’t keep up with his body, it would quickly turn to mush.


That simply couldn’t and wouldn’t happen.


Walking into his room, Taylor immediately shed his clothes and looked in the mirror, eyebrows furrowed together.  His body was rock hard with abs that went on for miles, muscles that expanded and flexed with every movement.  He still couldn’t believe how much his body had changed with a little working out and a lot of eating, having doubled his calorie intake. 


Taylor pulled on a gray tank top with black workout shorts, deciding he would work on his upper body –chest, arms and abs- where it counted most.  Grabbing his workout bag with everything he needed in it, Taylor headed down out of his room, knowing the hotel was completely sealed off from fans so the crew could have some peace and privacy.  He walked down the stairwell, jumping down a few stairs, chuckling at how childish he was acting.


He was a big kid at heart, always had been.


Slipping his key card in the slot, Taylor pushed open the door to the workout room and stopped dead in his tracks, feeling his mouth go completely dry.  Genesis was running on a treadmill, her hair pulled back, looking absolutely beautiful as she breathed in and out slowly.  His eyes couldn’t stop themselves from slowly running down her sweat slicked body, not believing how femininely toned it was.  She looked like a goddess and those shorts and sports bra clung to her body like a second skin.


Taylor had to snap out of his daze, mentally shaking himself, and walked over to the military press.  That would work his arms, abs and chest all at the same time, which is what he needed.  Tossing his bag to the side, Taylor rolled his neck before doing a few stretches, warming up his muscles for the workout ahead. 


He knew the tank top would get in his way and peeled it off, tossing it on top of his bag, before sliding weights on the bar.  He decided to start with two hundred pounds and see how that faired, knowing he wouldn’t last long if he went to his max, which was three hundred so far.  Sitting down, Taylor grabbed the bar in his strong hands and began lifting, closing his eyes as he became completely focused and concentrated.


Genesis felt someone else enter the room and slowly opened her eyes, shocked to see Taylor lifting weights alone.  Usually, that required having a spotter, just in case the one lifting couldn’t handle the weight any longer.  Though, that’s not all Genesis noticed as her eyes very slowly ran down his body, swallowing hard. 


The way his arms and chest rippled with every movement, every pump, fascinated her and Genesis suddenly changed the speed of her treadmill, going a little faster.  He was such a beautiful man with so many different talents, including catching grapes in his mouth from a far distance.  In no time, Taylor was sweating and Genesis pictured herself between his legs, giving him a tongue bath.


‘Dear god I need to get a hold of myself!’ She berated herself and shook her head, seeing the workout was only halfway done.  Turning the song on her IPOD to something she could completely get lost in, Genesis began focusing again.


Taylor finished an hour later, which was around the same time Genesis did, walking over to her as she took her headphones out of her ears. “Hey beautiful.” He greeted from behind, watching as she slowly stood up to turn around to face him.


“Hey Taylor.” She replied, trying not to look into his eyes because she would become completely lost in them if she did. “Done working out?”


“Yeah, just finished actually.” Taylor replied lamely, mentally cursing, not believing how idiotic he sounded. “I didn’t know you worked out.”


“You never asked.” Genesis shot back with a smirk, sea green eyes glowing as she began sucking down water from her bottle. “I try to keep in shape, even though I get plenty of exercise on the set.”


Taylor chuckled softly with a nod, completely agreeing with her. “I can’t deny that, we all do, but sometimes it’s not enough to work out everything.”


“Very true.” Genesis grabbed her bag and hoisted it over her shoulder, ready to go take a warm shower and snuggle up in bed.  Taylor knew she was leaving and stopped her before she could, his hand wrapping around her arm, causing to turn to face him. “Did you need something?”


Taylor was battling with inner demons, swallowing hard, those sea green eyes causing him to become completely lost.  They were light right now, full of confusion, almost sparkling with wonder.  He slowly pulled her toward him, bag sliding from her shoulder, not sure what he was doing.  Hell, when it came to Genesis, Taylor could barely think straight.


“Genesis,” He paused, feeling very awkward right now, but knew she didn’t need that.  She needed a man who would take care of and love her, which Taylor knew he did.  This woman was the reason he turned Taylor Swift down when she asked him if they could have a relationship.  Not to mention it would’ve been very weird dating someone with his own name. “Please forgive me for this.”


“For what?” Genesis swallowed hard, feeling her heart rate pick up as his dark eyes nearly blackened. “Taylor…”


Without a second thought, Taylor’s head bent down as his lips softly touched hers, wrapping a secure arm around her waist, pressing her as close as him as he possibly could.  Genesis gasped, her heart exploding with so many feelings, not able to stop herself from kissing him back.  He was a fantastic kisser, his tongue softly caressing hers, sliding her hand up his muscular chest to wrap around his neck, burying her fingers in his hair. 


Taylor groaned from low in his throat at how well she responded, deepening the kiss further, not wanting to be anywhere else except in this moment with her.  He wanted to reach and search every crevice of her mouth, loving the taste of her.  Her scent absolutely intoxicated him, smelling of mangos, which was his favorite type of fruit.


Genesis could feel this was getting out of hand and, with every ounce of resistance inside her body, shoved away from him, breathing heavily.  “I’m sorry, I can’t.” She managed to breathe out, quickly grabbing her bag up and rushing out of there, leaving a stunned Taylor standing there.


Chapter 5


The following day, Genesis was actually afraid to go to the movie set, having barely gotten any sleep.  She was wondering if she’d dreamt that kiss with Taylor, rubbing the back of her neck, chewing her bottom lip.  Genesis wasn’t sure what to say to him when she came face to face with him that day, also knowing today was going to be long and tedious.  They were filming some pretty intense scenes so Genesis knew she couldn’t show up.


She still hadn’t called her father, but that was the last thing on her mind.  Her lips still tingled from Taylor’s passionate kiss and every time Genesis thought about it, it made her entire body tingle with want.  This wasn’t good because Genesis knew she could not start something with one of the world’s biggest Hollywood stars right now…or ever for that matter.  Her father would have her ass on a silver platter for sure if that happened.


“What am I going to do?” She whispered, wearing a simple pair of blue jeans with a long sleeved off the shoulder red top that had a hoop neckline. 


Her hair was up in a ponytail, curled with a few tendrils framing her face.  She wore clear gloss with black eyeliner, nothing special, keeping it very natural and simple.  Genesis wasn’t the type to get dressed up for her job, like other makeup artists and hair dressers did, honestly not out to please or impress anyone.  She had one focus in mind and that was doing her job.


“I can do this.  I have to do this.” She coached herself, packing up the things she would need for the filming that day, sucking in a deep breath. 


A knock on the door jolted Genesis out of her thoughts, staring at it like it’d grown a head or something, swallowing hard.  She threw the bag over her shoulder, along with her purse, and walked over to answer it.  A huge sigh of relief escaped her lips at the sight of Marisol, but she wasn’t alone.  Beside her stood two raven haired goddesses, causing Genesis to raise a slow eyebrow. 


Who the hell were they?


“Hey Gen, you ready to go?” Marisol asked, seeing Genesis was eyeing the two women, chuckling softly.  “Sorry, this is Ophelia Carrington and Noelle Mallory.  They play Nomad Vampires in Breaking Dawn.  I met them yesterday after you left the set.”


“Oh okay, nice meeting both of you.” Genesis extended her hand with a smile, hoping the foundation covered the dark circles beneath her eyes.


Noelle was the first to step up, slipping her hand into Genesis’s, a bright smile on her angelic face.  She had deep blue eyes that reminded Genesis of the ocean with a hint of gray within them. “Hi, I’m Noelle.” She introduced professionally, voice sounding just as virtuous as her features.


“And I’m Ophelia; most people call me Lia for short.” The one with deep hazel eyes stated, extending her hand next, both of them looking graceful in every aspect.  She looked just as beautiful as Noelle, which made Genesis wonder if they were related somehow.


“Nice meeting both of you.”


“I figured since they were new to the set, we’d show them how things work.  You know the guys would just rib on them like they did poor Leah and BooBoo.” Marisol made a very good point, all four walking down the hallway together.


“Not a problem, welcome to the Twilight Saga family.” Genesis chuckled, though the humor didn’t reach her eyes, too distracted with other thoughts.


Marisol noticed it, wondering if it was a good idea to bring Lia and Noelle with them. “Are you okay?” She murmured quietly in Genesis ear, frowning when her friend simply shook her head.


“No, no I’m not.”


After a quick bite to eat at the hotel’s restaurant, it was time to head to the movie set, knowing they were a little early as usual.  Genesis walked away from the girls immediately, having barely eaten at breakfast, not the least bit hungry.  No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get that kiss out of her brain.  It was feeding her anxiety, making her feel sick and Genesis knew she had to get a grip.  If she wasn’t fully focused, she would make a mistake and that couldn’t happen, considering this was one of the biggest sagas of all time.


However, before Genesis arrived at her station, she was suddenly yanked back behind a trailer by the arm, swallowing hard at the sight of Taylor.  Genesis took several silent breaths to calm down before she either fainted or tried making a run for it.  Taylor placing his hands on either side of her head prevented any escape and she was forced to meet his intense dark eyes.




“That’s all you have to say to me?” Taylor demanded softly, black eyebrows furrowed together, the hurt as clear as day in his eyes.


“What do you want me to say?”


Taylor looked incredulous, wondering if she was truly serious, eyes narrowing slightly. “How about an explanation about why you ran away from me last night?” He suggested, speaking quietly so nobody else overheard them.


Genesis bit her bottom lip, knowing he was going to bring that up, trying to press herself against the trailer to put distance between them.  “I don’t want to talk about it.” She finally stated, trying to sound stern, but knew it sounded weak and pathetic.


“Why not?” Taylor pressed, refusing to let her go that easily. “Genesis, I like you and-”


“No, you can’t do this, Taylor.” Genesis cut him off by pressing a finger against his soft red lips, shaking her head. “Please, don’t do this.  Let’s just pretend it never happened and go back to the way things were before.”


Taylor removed her finger from his lips, stepping closer to where their chests were pressed together. “I don’t want to go back, Gen.” He murmured huskily, causing every part of her body to tingle with warmth, déjà vu overtaking her.  She could tell by the look in his eyes he was going to kiss her again, but Genesis was ready for it again.


“Don’t.” She was trembling by now, placing her hands against his chest, stopping him from bending his head. “Taylor, we can’t do this…”


“Yes we can.” Taylor contradicted, running a finger gently down her cheek, seeing how much she wanted him. “I’m sick of hiding how I feel about you, Genesis.  I know you like me just as much so why can’t we…”


“NO!” Genesis shoved him away from her as much as possible, wrapping her arms around herself, feeling her heart constricting with pain. “I’m sorry Taylor, I told you last night I can’t and I meant it.”


“I know, I heard you loud and clear, but I don’t believe a word you say.” Taylor replied, pulling her back against him, knowing they were hidden from any cameras or paparazzi. “When you can look in both of my eyes and not lie to me, then I will stop pursuing you.  Until then…” That same darkened look overtook his eyes and before Genesis knew it, Taylor’s lips were on hers, knowing he’d learned some of the aggression from his character Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga.  It was hard fully breaking out of the character, though Genesis found it a complete turn on. 


Her back met the trailer as Taylor pressed himself against her, wrapping her arms around his neck, his arms going around her waist as he lifted her up, legs going around his waist.  Taylor growled from low in his throat, feeling her fingers delve in his dark short black hair, tongues entwining in a dance of pure rapture.  Genesis’s head was spinning, all rationality flying out the window, pressing herself as close to Taylor as she possibly could.  Not even a piece of paper could be wedged against them, that’s how close they were pressed together. 


Genesis could barely breathe, but she refused to pull out of this kiss, not knowing when she might get another one, soft moans escaping her lips.  Taylor growled from low in his throat, his tongue delving in the deep recesses of her mouth, once again tasting her.  He smelled mangos, wondering what kind of perfume she wore because it was making him drunk with desire.  Taylor was brought up a complete gentleman, but right now, he couldn’t stop himself from ravaging Genesis’s sweet lips with his own.


When the kiss broke, Genesis could only lean back against the trailer, breathing raggedly, her heart feeling as though it would fly out of her chest at any given moment.  She could feel Taylor’s was beating just as fast and sucked in a breath when he unwound one her hands from his hair, pressing a tender kiss to her wrist, his eyes never leaving hers.  Genesis did a full body shiver and brought the same hand up, cupping his cheek, running the pad of her thumb across his full red lips, wondering what this meant for them.


“Taylor, where are you?” Kristen’s voice sounded, causing Taylor to sigh, pressing his forehead against Genesis’s.


“Don’t run from me again.” He murmured, pressing one last kiss to her lips before setting her down on the ground, going to see what Kristen wanted. 


Genesis took a few minutes to just stand there, trying to gain the feeling back in her legs, running a hand through the top of her hair.  What the hell just happened?  She did not just make out with Taylor Lautner in the back of one of the movie trailers, did she?  Taking several deep breaths, Genesis scrambled to pick up her purse, taking out the compact and redid her gloss, trying to hide the swollen and puffiness of her lips, shaking her head in disbelief.


When everything was as it should be, Genesis finally emerged from the back of the trailer and hurried to her station, raising a slow eyebrow when Tyson was waiting for her.  Taylor was a huge distraction and Genesis wondered how long this would last, apologizing for being late.  Tyson waved her off, always laid back and Genesis appreciated that, setting him up in the chair.  She applied the scalp treatment, knowing he hadn’t listened to her instructions, as most of the guys didn’t. 


When she was finished with Tyson, Alex was next and he had a Cheshire grin on his face. “Oh lord, do I wanna know?” Genesis asked, turning to grab a fresh bottle of the treatment, pushing Alex firmly into the chair.


“Well, I found out Kellan asked her out so I took the bull by the horns and just did it.”


“What did you do?” Genesis asked skeptically, running her fingers through his hair, looking across the way at Marisol’s station. 


Throughout the morning, she’d noticed the sparkle in Marisol’s eyes, but had been so consumed with her own thoughts she didn’t even bother asking.  Genesis felt like a really bad friend at that moment, frowning.  Judging by Alex blowing on his knuckle and rubbing it against his bare chest, Genesis pretty much put two and two together, shaking her head.


“I cornered her a few weeks ago, the first day we came back to start shooting, and demanded that she let me show her a good time.  She slapped the taste out of my mouth, but I wasn’t giving up.  I kept persisting and, finally, last night she agreed to go on a date with me.  We had a great time, dinner and dancing, though I did get swarmed by a few fans.”


“Well I’m happy for both of you.  I saw you had her cornered, but didn’t think anything of it.  How did she handle the fans?” Genesis asked with a gentle sigh, remembering what happened the first time Daniel was swarmed by his fans.  They nearly knocked her down and Genesis had to be escorted by security because a few women tried mauling her, screaming Daniel was their man.  She still had nightmares sometimes from that experience, shuddering inwardly.


“Yeah, it’s been amazing.  I’m so glad I took your advice and just asked her.  She’s really a great girl.  Thanks a lot, Gen.” Alex took her hand, kissing the back of it, groaning when he got some of the treatment on his tongue.


Genesis laughed softly, rolling her eyes. “Next time you need to wait until AFTER I wash my hands before thinking about doing something like that.”


“You got it.” Alex grunted, trying to get the bad taste out of his mouth. “So, when are you going to tell Taylor?”


“Will you shut up about that?” Genesis demanded in a soft, stern voice, gripping his hair hard as a warning. “I mean it, Alex.  I’m not doing anything about it.”




“Yes I am and damn proud of it.  Now shut up and let me finish this.  You’re already getting on my nerves.” She growled, clearly not amused when he began chuckling, and flicked his ear for good measure. “Think it’s funny still?”




Genesis had never been happier when Alex was finally done, sending him off to shoot the part, her back turned as she washed her hands.  When she turned around, Taylor was standing there looking handsome as ever.  He wore cut off black jean shorts with socks and sneakers, muscles rippling from the scene he just shot, which required some of his martial arts background.


“What do you want now?” She murmured in a playful tone, causing him to smirk as he stepped toward her.


“I’m here for my treatment.” Taylor looked innocent, though his eyes glinted wickedly. “What else would I be here for?”


“I really don’t know anymore.” Genesis replied, sitting him down and mixed the solution together. 


She noticed he needed some tanning as well, deciding to do both.  Rubbing her hands together, Genesis began massaging his scalp, trimming around his neck for little hairs that didn’t need to be there.  Taylor just sat there, both of them unsure of what to say to the other, which was common after the brief make out session they had earlier.


“Say something.” He whispered, turning his head to look at her, sighing when she just turned it back to stare straight ahead. “You know you like me, I know you like me, so what’s the problem beautiful?”


“Taylor, please not now.” She pleaded, trying to focus on doing her job, but he was making it close to impossible.


“Then when?” He pressed, taking one of her hands in his own, causing her to lean over his shoulder as their eyes locked. “I really like you, Genesis.”


Before he could kiss her hand, she pulled back, shaking her head. “Alex did that earlier and still can’t get the taste out of his mouth.  Don’t make the same mistake.” She winked, turning around and washed her hands, closing her eyes briefly.


They shot open, however, when a deep baritone sounded from behind her.


“Genesis Danielle Slater, you better have a damn good explanation why I just had to fly all the way from New York to check up on your ass.”


Genesis whipped around with widened sea green eyes, staring back at the man she’d been ignoring for nearly a month, swallowing hard.


“Hi dad.”


Chapter 6


Christian Slater stared at his daughter with hardened brown eyes, his arms folded in front of his chest, wearing a black long sleeved thermal shirt and leather jacket with dark blue jeans.  His hair was slicked back, black shades on top of his head and black boots on his feet.  He knew exactly where his daughter was and, when she didn’t return his phone calls, decided a trip to Vancouver, Canada was in order.


Taylor was in complete shock, having stood up from the chair, his big dark eyes widened in disbelief at his former co-star.  They did a series called My Own Worst Enemy for one season and Taylor played his teenage son Jack Spivey.  The show was cancelled due to poor ratings and scheduling conflicts, especially for Taylor because he had to return to do New Moon.


“Hello again, Taylor.” Christian greeted, cracking a small smile in the young man’s direction, though the glare was still for his daughter.


“Nice seeing you again, sir.” Taylor replied politely, looking over at Genesis, who seemed to be frozen in place.  He still couldn’t believe that this was Christian Slater’s daughter!


“Genesis, we need to have a talk.” Christian stated, seeing how angry his daughter was, but what choice did he honestly have? “I know I’m not…”


“You’re not supposed to be here or anywhere I work!” She hissed angrily, the shock of his appearance tapering off, gritting her teeth. “I’m working right now, Slates, it’ll have to wait.”


Christian’s eyes narrowed, knowing exactly where she got her attitude from. “No, we’re going to talk now.” He ordered, seeing the tears brimming in her sea green eyes.


Taylor could feel the tension mounting between them and swallowed hard, not sure what to do at this point.  He couldn’t very well disrespect his former co-star, but hated seeing the tears in Genesis’s eyes.  This was very awkward and Taylor wondered how the hell Genesis managed to keep this a secret from everyone.  Then it dawned on him her last name, though it never registered in his mind that it could be from Christian Slater.


“Taylor, I’ll be right back to finish your makeup.” Genesis murmured quietly, walking away with Christian, wrapping her arms around herself, already feeling the tears slide down her face. “Fine, you got what you wanted, now why are you here?”


Christian sighed, scrubbing a hand down his face. “Why am I here?  You know, I’ve been asking myself that same question since I boarded the damn plane in New York and I still don’t have an answer.  You didn’t return any of my phone calls so what other choice did I have?”


“You know I’ve been trying my best to keep the fact that I’m related to you a secret!!  How could you come here and ruin everything?!” Genesis exclaimed, wiping her tears away angrily, hating the fact that she was crying over another man.


“You are my daughter whether you like it or not, Genesis.” Christian stated defiantly, placing his hands on his hips. “What, did you expect me to just stay in New York and worry to death about you?!”


“You don’t even care if I exist and those were your EXACT words the last time we saw each other, DAD!” She spat maliciously, eyes no longer the light sea green, having turned a dark forest green with thunderous clouds of anger swirling in them. “I don’t want anyone to know I’m your daughter because I’ve made all of this happen on my OWN!  Now, you coming here will make EVERYONE think that you got me this job when it’s not true!!  I don’t want to be in the spotlight or in the press, or haven’t you figured that out yet, DAD?”


“Stop calling me that unless you mean it.” He ordered, becoming slightly irritated with his daughter’s attitude. “Look, I didn’t mean what I said the last time we saw each other...”


“Oh, you didn’t mean to call me the biggest embarrassment of your life and wished I never existed, huh?  You were drunk, but guess what pops; drunken words come from a sober heart!  You spoke the truth through the alcohol and that’s fine.  I don’t want you in my life because I’m tired of being blamed for my parents having unprotected sex and having me!” She shouted, knowing she hurt him with these words, but that wasn’t in comparison to how much he’d nearly killed her with his own during break. “You hate me; just admit it, and leave me alone.”


“How could I hate my own daughter, Genesis?” Christian stepped forward and reached out, wanting to take her in his arms, sighing heavily when she shied away. “I don’t know what I was thinking when I saw you.  You just…remind me so much of her…”


“And that’s my fault why?  Why is it my fault that I remind you so much of my mom?” Genesis demanded, folding her arms in front of her chest, the tears slowly subsiding. “You have to realize that part of me IS her and if you can’t accept that, then I don’t know what to tell you.  It’s not my fault though that you decided not to wear a condom when you slept with her and you can’t blame me for it anymore.  I won’t feel guilty about it anymore.”


“You shouldn’t, you’re right about that.” Christian replied, not believing what an asshole he’d been toward his daughter. “Hell, I don’t even remember half the things I said to you that night.  I didn’t mean any of them though, Genesis.  You’re my daughter and I love you as much as Jaden and Eliana.”


“You don’t act like it.  That’s why I didn’t answer my phone and, just for future reference, do NOT call my ex-boyfriend because you’re worried about me.” Genesis still couldn’t believe he did that, watching with disdain as the sheepish look came over his face. “I’m still confused about that, considering when I broke the news to you about Daniel, you blew a gasket and nearly tossed me out of your house.”


“I ran out of options because I don’t know who you all hang out with.” Christian knew what he did was wrong by calling Daniel, but he thought his daughter still harbored feelings for the guy. “I thought you two were getting back together?”


“No, we’re not.  I don’t want to be with him because of how he treated me.  I was nearly ran down by a mob of girls and he didn’t think anything of it, just said it was ‘part of the business’ and I should’ve ‘stayed out of the way’.” Genesis snorted, lowering her eyes to the ground, chewing her bottom lip. “And now, when I’m finally happy, when I finally found a group of people I can work with, you show up and ruin everything.”


It was Christian’s turn to snort, rolling his eyes. “I didn’t ruin anything for you.” He argued, watching his daughter’s head lift, the pain clear as day in her eyes.


“Yes you did.  Because now everyone here is going to think that you got me this job; that I didn’t work hard for it.  They may not say it to my face, but they will be thinking it and that’s because you couldn’t stay in New York.” Genesis’s voice had dropped an octave, still not believing her father was standing in front of her, slumping her shoulders in defeat.


“What do you want me to do, Genesis, call a fuckin’ press conference and announce to the world that you’ve gotten every job on your own without any help from me?  To put you on that pedestal?” Christian was growing irritated again, raking a hand hastily through his short hair. “What do you want from me?”


More tears stung her eyes as Genesis took a step back, shaking her head sadly. “I want you…to get on a plane...go back to New York…and never call me again.” The tears were shimmering, threatening to spill over, but she wouldn’t allow them to, not until he was gone.  She had to keep what little dignity she had left, which is why she spaced out her sentence, needing to breathe.


“Genesis, I’m sor-”


“Just go away.” She whispered, shoulders squared, already knowing she would be questioned to hell and back later for this.


“I’m not going anywhere.” Christian stated, pulling something out of his pocket, and reached over to slide it in her hand. “This is the hotel I’m staying at.  When you’ve calmed down and thought about it, you’ll know where to find me.  I have another engagement in Vancouver, so I’ll be here a few weeks.” He wanted to give her a hug; to try to take away the pain he caused, but knew now wasn’t the time. “I love you, Genesis.”


She didn’t say a single word, just turned around and went back to her station, allowing those tears to slip down her cheeks.  Marisol was already waiting for her, having heard from Taylor that Christian Slater showed up, immediately taking her friend in her arms.  She couldn’t believe the audacity of that prick to show up and try ruining his daughter’s life, closing her eyes.  Genesis welcomed the embrace, needing comfort and strength; already knowing whatever she managed to build for herself had been burned to ashes.


“Sweetheart, it’s going to be alright…” Marisol crooned soothingly, moving to sit Genesis down, handing her a few tissues. “You know it’s not the end of the world right?”


“Why does it feel like it?  God, I feel like such an idiot.  Taylor was sitting here when he showed up and now he knows.  Everyone knows who I am…” Genesis swallowed hard, trying not to start sobbing, but her heart broke because she really didn’t want her relationships to falter because of this. “I want to kick his ass so badly right now, but I know I can’t.”


“Believe me; I can only imagine how you must feel right now.  Just think of it this way: At least the secret is out and you can move forward with this.  Forget all the schmucks who doubt you.  Prove to them through your actions that you made it here on your own.” Marisol should’ve been a motivational speaker, but she had such a passion for doing makeup that Genesis knew she wouldn’t trade it in for the world.


“How is it that, no matter how down I am about something, you always manage to make me feel better?” Genesis demanded through a tearful smile, knowing her face was incredibly blotchy. “God I probably look hideous right now.”


“Because I’m right and I’m just that damn good.” Marisol grinned with sparkling eyes, taking the foundation in her hand. “Nothing a little makeup can’t fix, now hold still.”


“Please don’t make me look like a gothic hooker.”


Marisol rolled her eyes, wanting to smack her friend for saying that. “Just shut up and let me work my magic.” She demanded, deciding to change the subject to get Genesis’s mind over her father’s shocking appearance. “Oh, I found out that Noelle and Robert are dating.”


“Noelle, the girl I met earlier?” Genesis blinked, not expecting that and closed her eyes as Marisol redid her eyeliner.  They were on a break, considering most of the cast smoked and needed their cigarettes.


“Yeah, apparently Robert brought her on the set because they’ve been secretly dating for months.  Kristen was just a cover-up, which we all knew because they act more like brother and sister than anything else.  I knew for a fact they weren’t together.” Marisol explained, glad to get Genesis’s mind off of her problems, applying the foundation where the blotchiness was.


“Wow, that’s insane.  I’m happy for them though.  I just hope the damn media leaves him alone.”


Marisol snorted with a roll of her eyes. “Girl, you know damn well the media isn’t going to leave one of the main stars alone.  They’re STILL talking about Robert and Kristen being engaged.  It’s crazy.”


“Unfortunately, I know you’re right.”


“Oh, you remember Lia, the other girl that was with us today?” Marisol asked, humming under her breath while placing the finishing touches, a grin coming to her face at how much beauty Genesis had.  She was indeed Christian Slater’s daughter because she was an absolute knockout.


“Yeah, she was pretty quiet.” Then again, Genesis barely spoke a word to either of them because she was still in a daze, thinking about Taylor’s kiss from the previous night.  She still hadn’t told Marisol about it.


“Yeah, well she’s dating Gerard Butler.” Marisol still couldn’t believe that, sighing wistfully. “Can you imagine dating that hunk of flesh?”


“Not really, he’s not my type, but I’m happy for her too.” Genesis replied, enjoying the man’s movies, but as far as being with him went, she would definitely pass. “I heard about you and Alex finally.”


“He has such a big mouth.” Marisol growled, though she couldn’t stop the smile from crossing her lips. “I couldn’t resist him any longer.  Poor Kellan feels jipped, but I’m sure he’ll find someone else.”


“Did he take it alright?” Genesis asked worriedly, opening her eyes as instructed, leaning back against the chair and looking up.


Marisol nodded with a soft smile, putting a little blush to bring the roses in Genesis’s cheeks out more. “Oh yeah, he just told me he would make Alex insanely jealous because I get to work with him more.”


Genesis laughed and it felt as if nothing had changed, completely forgetting about her father for the time being. “That sounds exactly like Kellan.”


Marisol nodded and sighed when she finished, holding the mirror up. “What do you think?” She asked, watching for any sign of discomfort or scrutiny, blue eyes narrowed slightly.


“It’s perfect, thanks hon.” Genesis truly meant it as the girls embraced, still not believing how lucky she’d been to meet Marisol. “You truly are a gem in this business.”


“Oh please, you make those wolf boys hot and make me bothered.”


The girls laughed and parted, knowing they had to get back to work.  Marisol was right; Genesis couldn’t let her father’s appearance get her down.  She was meant to be here and didn’t have to prove herself to anyone.  People could think what they wanted, but all that really mattered was she was here and nobody was going to force her out of the job she loved.


Then her thoughts turned to Taylor, causing Genesis to sigh heavily as she finished cleaning up her station, wondering what she was going to do about that.  Maybe now that he knew who she was, he’d back off and just go back to the way things were.  Though her lips were still on fire from their earlier make out session and Genesis’s body was still lit on fire.  The way his lips caressed hers, the way his hands molded to her body…Genesis shook those thoughts out of her head just as Bronson walked up, already having his hair treatment mixed.


Who honestly knew what the future held at this point?


Chapter 7


Thankfully, nobody mentioned Christian Slater to Genesis throughout the rest of the shooting that day and Genesis was very appreciative.  Everyone acted and treated her the same, acting as if finding out she was Christian Slater’s daughter wasn’t a big deal.  Genesis knew they were just being nice, but it still bothered her, not wanting anyone to put fronts up around her.


Especially Taylor.


Genesis walked off of the set, having cleaned up, before everyone had finished, just wanting to get out of there.  She was angry and didn’t want to take it out on anyone.  Marisol sighed, watching her friend rush off, shaking her head sadly, which caught Alex’s gaze.


“What’s wrong?” He asked, following Marisol’s eyes, sighing himself. “She’s not holding up well is she?”


“No, definitely not.  I want to kill her dad.” Marisol growled, feeling Alex run his hand up and down her back.


Alex knew he probably shouldn’t ask this, considering it wasn’t his business, but was honestly curious. “Did you know?”  He asked quietly, looking down at Marisol, who simply nodded.


“She swore me to secrecy and I kept it.  I would’ve taken it to the grave, but something told me it would come out sooner or later.  She’s been hiding it for the past two years, since she started doing hair and makeup.” Marisol explained, having her arm wrapped around Alex’s waist, leaning her head against his chest.  She was tiny compared to his six foot plus frame.


“Not all secrets can be kept.” Alex stated, remembering when he tried keeping his divorce a secret from the world.  Being one of the stars of a major saga made that impossible. “Did you want to cancel our date for tonight?”


Marisol shook her head, knowing going after Genesis right now wouldn’t be wise. “No, it won’t do any good.  I think the best thing for everyone to do is leave her alone.”


“You really think that’s wise?” A voice came up from behind them, causing Marisol and Alex to stop, staring at Taylor. “Where is she?”


“Taylor, you should leave her alone.” Alex stated, agreeing with his girlfriend. “Genesis doesn’t want to be bothered.”


“I don’t care; I’m not leaving her alone.” Taylor was defiant, eyeing Marisol knowingly. “You already know where she’d go.  Just tell me.”


Marisol groaned, those dark pleading eyes of Taylor’s making her weak, knowing Genesis was going to hurt her for this. “She more than likely went to one of the nearby gyms to hit the bag.” When Taylor arched an eyebrow, Marisol knew she’d said too much. “Whenever Gen gets pissed off, she goes to an all night gym, no matter how far away it is from where she’s at, and works on her cardio by hitting a punching bag or sparring if she has a partner.  She’s lethal because I like sparring every once in awhile and she nearly knocked my head off the last time we did it.  I haven’t done it with her since.”


“Really?  She wants a sparring partner?” Taylor already knew what he was going to do, cracking his neck by rolling it from side to side. “Thanks Mari.” He took off running through the night, sliding in the limo, needing to grab his things before going to find Genesis.


“You really do have a big mouth.” Alex grunted when Taylor was out of earshot, staring down at a guilty looking Marisol. “Why did you tell him where she was if she wants to be left alone?”


“Because, unlike you, I know when it’s right to out my friend.  If anyone can spar and get Genesis to calm down, it’s Taylor.” Marisol was confident as she laced her fingers with Alex, who didn’t look convinced.


“I hope you’re right.”




Genesis was exactly where Marisol said she’d be, at an all night gym down in the basement.  She had her hands taped and wrapped up, wearing black spandex Capri’s with a black sports bra.  Her feet were also taped heavily because she was punching and kicking the hell out of the bag.  A black bandana was wrapped around her head to hold sweat, her hair pulled back in a high ponytail.


Genesis never went into martial arts because it was too weak for her style of fighting.  She liked to hurt someone with jujitsu moves, though her favorite was a roundhouse kick.  Every time she hit the bag, Genesis pictured her father’s head, which angered her to the point where the bag would slide to the other side of the room.  It was hanging by a metal support slider as Genesis stood up, having delivered another devastating roundhouse kick.


“Stupid mother fucker…” She grumbled, pulling the bag back before delivering a few ring and left hooks, breathing with every punch. 


She had a trainer in high school, which showed her the ropes, though Genesis gave it up when she found her true passion in makeup and hair.  His name was Lawrence, though they didn’t speak anymore because she walked out on him, after being caught fighting at school.  Genesis stopped punching it, feeling a sweat break out on her forehead, but the anger was still there.


Everyone knew and, come the morning, there were going to be tabloids with her face splashed on the front page with Christian.  Why couldn’t her father just leave her alone in peace and stay in New York?  He had no idea just how much more complicated he’d made her life, which sparked a new wave of anger.


Every time tears stung her eyes, Genesis would just blink them away and punch the bag harder.  She knew she couldn’t damage her hands, which is why they were triple wrapped in the toughest tape she could possibly find.  Genesis knew she would be in the media spotlight and there would be nothing she could do to stop it from happening.


Christian Slater’s long lost love child exposed to the world.


Christian Slater’s past comes back to haunt him.


Christian Slater’s daughter is really a cover up for relationship.


There were so many possibilities and Genesis felt sick at every single one of them, knowing she had to call her mother.  The media would do a full background check on her and find out who her mother was within a day.  Another day they would come up with their own past regarding Christian and her mom.  Within two days, the media would be swarming the Breaking Dawn movie set, trying to get a glimpse of the love child from Christian Slater.


Then there was the cast of the movie who would question her ability to do her job.  Did daddy help his secret princess get a job?  Was she even his daughter or did she sleep her way to this job?  She obviously knew how to do her job, but did she work for it or was she chosen due to being related to a huge movie star?


Genesis growled and delivered another roundhouse kick, causing the bag to fly across the room, hitting the wall with a thud.  The force of that kick forced her to land on the mat below, the tears streaming down her face, hitting it repeatedly.  Everything was damn near perfect until Christian decided to show up and expose her secret.  Now it would all go downhill from here until she either quit her job and went into hiding or constantly deal with the media’s garbage.


A hand came into her blurred line of vision, causing Genesis to slowly look up into the dark concerned eyes of Taylor.  What the hell was he doing here?  Genesis didn’t take his hand and simply did a kick up, landing on her feet like a graceful cat.  He was the last person she wanted to talk to right now, just wanting to be left alone to work out her emotions in private.


“What are you doing here?” She demanded, wiping her tears away hastily, pulling the bag back to where she wanted it.


Taylor stared at her, wearing a white martial arts uniform with a black belt wrapped around it, looking completely serious. “You need to get some aggression out and I’m here to help you with that.” He stated, trying not to sound vexed, even though that was impossible.


“Go away Taylor.” She ordered gravely, voice gruff with emotion as she started punching the bag.


“No, I’m not going anywhere.” Taylor stated, having expected her to fight him on this, folding his arms in front of his chest. “You need a sparring partner and I’m here.  So stop fighting me, Genesis.”


“I’m going to KILL Marisol.” She muttered under her breath, hitting the bag, trying to breathe in and out slowly.  Marisol was the only one who knew about Genesis’s more intense workout regiment, especially when she was ticked off and needed to release some tension.


“No, what you’re going to do is take your aggression out on me.  I didn’t give Marisol a choice in telling me.” Taylor stated, refusing to let her friend take the fall, standing right beside her. “Come on, Nesi, are you afraid of me?”


Genesis gritted her teeth, knowing he was trying to make her angry so she would spar with him, refusing to fall for it. “I don’t want you here, Taylor.  I’ve been through a lot today and I just want to be alone.”


“Well I’m not leaving you alone so you can just stop saying that.”


When he touched her arm, Genesis shoved him away as hard as she could, causing him to stumble back a few feet. “I said NO.  I don’t want to spar with you.  I don’t want you here!” She shouted, hoping that got the message across.


“And I said I’m not leaving you alone.” Taylor wasn’t backing down, deciding he would be here all night with her if that’s what it took to make her spar and get the aggression out. “Unless you’re scared to face me?”


“I’m not scared of anyone.” Genesis snapped, clenching her fists at her sides, tensed beyond belief. “Including a martial arts expert.”


“Then why won’t you spar with me?” Taylor challenged, walking up to her, slowly beginning to circle her to stand directly behind Genesis, his hot breath on her ear. “You’re scared of me and what you feel.”


“No I’m not; you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Genesis was trying to maintain her composure, closing her eyes because his voice sent tingles throughout her body.  She was fighting temptation, especially since the media would be all over her come morning. “You don’t know how to spar, you only know martial arts.  It’s not the same thing.”


“Hmmm that sounds like a challenge to me.” His voice was low and husky in her ear, which sent another shiver down Genesis’s spine. “Come on, spar with me.”


“Why do you want me to?” Genesis demanded, whipping around to face him, those dark eyes trenchant.


Taylor knew he was slowly breaking her down, taking her wrist in his hand, pulling her toward the nearby mat platform.  Genesis knew she couldn’t deny him, slowly walking with him until they were on the platform, feeling him release her wrist.  Why was he doing this and putting himself in danger?  If she hurt him, the media would have a field day with that, though he wasn’t a world martial arts champion for nothing.


“I want to help you, now focus.” He ordered, jumping up a little to get pumped up, rolling his neck and getting in the zone. “Come on Gen, show me what you got.”


Genesis’s eyes narrowed, not believing he was actually baiting her. “This is ridiculous, Taylor…”


“No, it’s smart.  Now come on, fight me.” He challenged, watching the apprehension dawn in her face, and knew he’d have to do something to force her.  Walking over, Taylor swiped her off her feet, making her land flat on her back. “Is this what you want people to think of you?  That you didn’t work hard for your job?”


“Fuck you.” She spat, doing a kick up, growling when he did it again.  He was very fast, faster than she was used to, but Genesis could feel her resolve weakening. “Damn it Taylor, stop!”


“No.” He smirked cockily, knowing that would anger her, standing back and holding up his hands, the same stance she was in. “Now stop acting like a coward and fight me.”


“I’m not a coward.”


“Yes you are; you’re afraid of everything.  You’re afraid of those kisses we shared, afraid of everyone finding out who you really are, afraid of people judging you.  You’re scared and you shouldn’t be.  Instead, stand up and fight.  Don’t be a coward and back down.”


It hurt Taylor say those words, but the fact was they were true.  They were all true and that just angered Genesis even more, deciding if he wanted to fight her, then so be it.  They started circling each other, both eyes narrowed and focused before locking up. 


Genesis immediately put Taylor in a headlock, squeezing as hard as she could, gasping when he lifted her off of her feet, dropping both of them on their backs.  She didn’t release the headlock, hanging on in a vice grip, feeling Taylor’s arms lock around her waist as he began to squeeze.  He was trying to drain the breath out of her as Genesis release the headlock, both of them standing up with Taylor behind her, not releasing his hold.  Genesis knew she was in trouble and immediately began elbowing him in the side, hearing him grunt as he released her before swiping him off of his feet. 


They sparred for over an hour, each showing the other moves, but neither spoke.  It was extreme martial arts versus MMA style, which was very interesting because the both were very similar.  When Genesis whipped Taylor on his back with an arm drag, Taylor immediately did a kick up and tackled her to the platform, feeling her legs wrap around his waist. 


She slapped him across the face, shoving her forearm in his throat, anything to get him off of her.  It wasn’t happening as Taylor smirked; sweat clinging to his forehead, breathing heavily as much as she was.  She knew what was coming and blocked Taylor from putting her in a submission, shoving against his chest. 


“You’re not sparring anymore.” She gasped out, refusing to give up, her eyes back to that sea green light shade.


“I know.” Taylor whispered, bending down as his lips captured hers in another hot kiss, gripping her sides with his strong hands, both of them coated in sweat from the intense sparring session.


Genesis refused to be distracted and, with as much leg strength as she could muster up, managed to roll them over to where she was straddling and pinning Taylor, her hands gripping his wrists.  The kiss broke effectively as she stared down at him, seeing he wasn’t fighting her off, eyes narrowed.  She didn’t want to stop, not when she was close to defeating him, growling softly.


“Why aren’t you fighting me?” She demanded, gripping his wrists even tighter, gasping when he suddenly rolled her over on her back again.


“We’ll call it a no contest.” Taylor chuckled, lacing his fingers with hers, and bent down to capture her lips before she could protest.


Chapter 8


“Why the hell are you mad at me?” Alex demanded as soon as they arrived in the hotel parking lot, stepping out, hot on Marisol’s heels. “Hey!”


“Go to hell, Alex!” Marisol snapped, just wanting to be left alone right now. “Me and my big mouth are going upstairs WITHOUT you!”


Alex blinked, immediately stopping her by grabbing her arm and caught her hand before it could make a connection with his face. “Whoa, you’re mad that I said that?” He watched the anger erupt in her blue eyes, groaning. “Baby, I was only kidding!”


“Yeah and now you’re going to pay for it.  I may have a big mouth, but all I was trying to do was help my friend!”


“That’s why you cancelled our date?  Because you’re angry at me for calling you a big mouth?” Alex couldn’t believe it as he stared down at her hardening.


Marisol didn’t say a word and simply stood there, waiting patiently for him to release her.


“Do you have any idea how childish you sound right now?” Alex growled when she slapped the taste out of his mouth, gripping her arm tightly as he yanked her back against him.  He was the hothead in the Wolf Pack and in real life, eyes narrowing to slits. “You like it rough?”


“Let go of me.” Marisol demanded through gritted teeth, shrieking when she was thrown over his muscular shoulder and she slapped her ass.  “ALEX!”


He didn’t answer her and walked inside the hotel, letting her kick and scream all she wanted, setting her down in the stairwell.  When he set her down and she slapped him again, that just fueled the intense desire he felt for her that much more.  He pushed her back against the wall, lifting her up to where she had no choice, but to wrap her legs around his waist. 


“Hit me again.” He growled, ripping her shirt open, buttons flying everywhere as his lips attacked her neck. 


Marisol gasped, not believing this turned him on, but she couldn’t help melting against him, even though she was still angry.  When he ordered her to hit him again, she did it, watching the red handprint grow redder on his cheek.  She was almost scared by this point, but had a feeling Alex would never hurt her.


“You’re seriously sick.”


“And twisted, don’t ever forget it.” Alex stated, his lips burning hers in a hot kiss that traveled down to the tips of her toes, groaning when she ripped his own shirt open. “What’d ya say we take this to a more private room?”


“Go to hell.”


“If I’m going to hell, you’re damn sure going with me.”


Alex growled and lifted her up over his shoulder, quickly going to his room.  He sipped the keycard in the slot and turned the handle, kicking the door closed as he deposited her none too gently on the bed.  Alex didn’t once take his eyes from hers, removing his tight blue jeans, watching her blue eyes turn nearly black. 


“Alex…” She gasped when he yanked her down the bed, her panties slipping down her thighs, and Alex bend down to remove the rest of them.


“I want to see just how big of a mouth you got.” He stated huskily, sending a shiver down her spine, and smirked wickedly.  He knew he had her, licking his lips hungrily, already smelling her arousal. “Tell me what you want.”


Marisol responded by yanking him on top of her, her heels already kicked off, locking lips with him in a searing kiss.  Clothes went flying as Alex completely devoured her body with his hands, lips, teeth, tongue, anything he could possibly do to drive her mad.  Marisol could only lay there, wondering what came over him, but she definitely wasn’t complaining, gasping when he finally took her for his own. 


“Oh Alex!”


“That’s it baby, scream for me.  I wanna hear you louder.” He ordered gruffly, thrusting harder and faster inside of her receptive body, the anger and passion radiating from both of them making the moment that much more intense.


“Oh god I hate you!  Oh fuck me!” Marisol cried, gripping his shoulders and the moved to the sheets below, knowing she couldn’t leave marks on him.  They still had a lot left of the movie to shoot.


“Mmm you love me too though.” He murmured in her ear, showing her the power that lay between his legs, a slow smirk curving his sensual lips. 


He kissed her before raising her legs to rest above his shoulders, bending forward as he began sliding in and out of her faster, giving her what they both desperately craved.  Marisol’s gasps quickly turned to screams as she thrashed her head back and forth, the ecstasy completely flooding her body as she gripped the headboard for leverage, meeting him thrust for thrust.  One leg dropped off, but Alex caught it, squeezing her thigh, pumping in her like a wild animal.


“Oh ALEX!” She cried, beginning to cum in waves, and Alex rode out every one of her orgasms, refusing to end this yet. 


He pulled out of her and flipped her over on her side, draping her leg over his thigh before snapping his hips, diving between her hot folds again, his hand sliding down her smooth stomach to flick her clit repeatedly.  Marisol was in dire need of him to explode because she lost count how many times she came, gasping when his lips once again sealed to her neck, never stopping showcasing his power between her legs.  Marisol was in absolute heaven, gripping his arm, chest, anything as she pushed back the same time he hit her sweet spot, screaming.


Just before he released, Alex pulled out again and yanked her up as her legs wrapped around his waist, sliding inside of her once more.  He could see she was past the point of no return and decided to end both of their torment.  With a few more deep thrusts, Alex sank himself as deep as he possibly could inside of her, exploding his hot seed against her back wall.  Forcing her body to shudder against his, Marisol screeched out his name the same time he did hers, their voices mixing pure music to their ears.


“Now that’s what I call having a big mouth.” Alex chuckled when Marisol elbowed him, slapping her ass and giving it a squeeze. “Don’t get me started again, baby.”


Marisol rolled her eyes and straddled him. “I’ll show you who has a big mouth.” She retorted with an evil smirk and began sliding her mouth down his rock hard body, deep groans escaping him.


Needless to say, they didn’t get much sleep that night.




The temperature in the usually chilled basement suddenly went up a few notches as Genesis’s arms wrapped around Taylor’s neck, pressing herself closer to him, knowing this was wrong.  He was two years younger than her, probably hadn’t cashed his V card in yet, and she was taking advantage of him.  Genesis would suffer the consequences, especially when she felt Taylor lift her up from the mat, pressing her back against the nearest wall, their lips never parting.


Taylor groaned from low in his throat, rubbing her sides with his thumbs in soothing circles, feeling every part of his body ignite in flames.  Genesis was unlike any woman he’d ever met, which there had been a few.  It didn’t matter the age difference, if she was older than him, if her father was Christian Slater.  She could be the President of the United States daughter and he still wanted her, not thinking anything different.


She was beautiful and her own person, who wanted to make her life her own.


Genesis completely lost herself in the passion haze that clouded her mind, reaching down to untie the black belt around his waist, letting it drop to the mats below.  Taylor took the bandana from her head, reaching around to take the ponytail from her hair, which was already halfway out, wanting to run his fingers through her silky brown tresses.  A soft moan escaped her lips, pushing the white top off of his muscular torso, down his strong arms, loving when he pressed himself closer to her.


As soon as her hands ran down his chest, Taylor instantly pulled back with blackened eyes and attacked her neck.  His teeth nipped at the tender flesh before smoothing the bite marks out with his tongue, repeating the tormenting process, his muscles rippling beneath her soft touch.  This woman was driving him to the brink of insanity and back again, fighting himself from cupping her breast.  He was brought up a gentleman, but Genesis wasn’t playing fair, especially when her nails raked up his back, over his shoulders and down his chest.


“You’re killing me, Gen.” He growled huskily in her ear, flicking her lobe with his tongue, feeling her shiver against him.


“So are you.” She breathed, head rested back with her body arched against his, feeling as though her heart might explode. “Taylor…”


He pulled back, staring deep into her clouded forest green eyes, seeing the desire swirling within them. “I didn’t hurt you did I?” He murmured, pressing his forehead against hers, trying to calm down his raging body.


“No, no you didn’t.” Genesis replied softly, hands pressed against his chest, feeling his racing heartbeat beneath her palm. “Taylor, we shouldn’t do this…”


“Why not?” He gruffly demanded, opening his eyes to stare into hers. “Gen, I want to be with you.  I don’t care what the media or anyone for that matter does or says.  It doesn’t matter to me.”


Tears shined in Genesis’s eyes, wishing it didn’t matter to her, closing her eyes as a few slipped down her cheeks. “I’m two years older than you…”


“So?  Age is just a number and nothing more than that, Gen.  What’s really bothering you?  That isn’t the only thing, I know it.” He wiped her tears away with the pad of his thumb, kissing her again, trying to show her through actions he would never hurt her. “Let me in.”


“Please…” She couldn’t even speak right now, completely weakened and vulnerable, trying her best not to completely break down. “Taylor…”


Taylor sighed, pulling her away from the wall, letting her slide down his body until her feet met the ground.  He towered over her five foot eight frame, not wanting to scare or pressure her into anything.  He sighed heavily, releasing her as he picked up his top and belt, throwing both of over his shoulder.


“I’ll leave you alone.”


Genesis blinked, watching him start for the exit, grabbing his arm and whipping him around to face her. “W-What do you mean?” She stammered, trying to stop crying, but that sparring mixed with the making out was too much for her body.  She was overload right now.


“I mean I’m done.  Gen, I can’t make you be with me or feel things that you simply don’t.  I know I’m only eighteen, but age is just a number.  You could be thirty, forty, fifty…okay maybe not fifty, but you know what I mean.  I would STILL want you.” Taylor sighed heavily, shoulders slumping in defeat, not knowing what else he could do to make her see the truth. “You need to make up your mind on what you want.”


Taking a deep shaky breath, Genesis walked over to grab her bag, knowing her workout session was done for the night. “I’m not getting involved with another celebrity, Taylor.  I don’t date people I work with, it’s a rule I have.  I tried it once and I don’t want to go through that again.  I’m sorry…” She couldn’t look at him, feeling her own heart breaking into pieces.


“Because of Daniel Radcliffe?” Taylor snorted, still not understanding what she saw in the man, honestly not caring. “You think I’d let the media hurt you?”


“You can’t control everything that happens and I want to stay out of the media spotlight.  It’s bad enough I will be in it because of my father.” Genesis wished she could make him see through her eyes how bad they were for each other. 


How could something so bad feel so right though?


Taylor turned to face her, his eyes back to the dark brown, though they were clouded with pain. “This has nothing to do with the media.  This is the fact that I used to work with your dad and you didn’t want me finding out you were his daughter.” He stated, finally piecing everything together, shaking his head. “I really did waste my time coming down here didn’t I?  I never had a shot with you.”


“Taylor, that’s not true!” Genesis cried, fresh tears coming to her eyes, gripping her hair tightly as she started pacing back and forth. “How can I make you understand what I’m trying to say?  If you were just a regular person, if you weren’t this huge star the media follows everywhere, I would be with you in a heartbeat!  You don’t know how hard this is for me, to stand here and tell you this!”


“So because I’m doing what I love, I have to be punished for it?” Taylor was growing angrier by the second, gripping his bag strap tightly. “Thanks for that information, Genesis.”


“Goddamn it, you’re not good enough for me!” She shouted, causing Taylor to freeze in the doorway, watching as she sank to her knees, burying her face in her hands. “I-I’m no good for you...”


Taylor arched a slow eyebrow, wondering if she was serious and dropped the bag as he rushed to her side, pulling her into his arms. “Stop fighting me.” He ordered softly, feeling her grip his shoulder as he lifted her up in his arms, refusing to leave her here broken like this.  He would take her back to the hotel with him, not caring if the media caught a glimpse of them.


“No…” She shook her head, managing to slip out of his arms, only for him to pull her back against him. 


Before she could say another word, Taylor kissed her passionately, pouring every ounce of feeling he had for this woman into it, wrapping her securely in his strong arms.  He wasn’t letting her go, always fighting throughout his life for what he wanted.  What he wanted was in his arms and to take away every speck of pain she felt, to make her believe she was good enough for him.


“Stop fighting me, Gen.” He murmured against her lips, kissing her when she started saying something.  He would do this for as long as it took, pulling back when he knew she was breathless. “Now, unless you can come up with a different excuse, you’re not getting rid of me that easily.”


Genesis knew this was going to be the hardest thing she’d ever do, but knew there was no other way.  A loud smack echoed throughout the basement, causing Taylor to stumble back, holding his flaming cheek.  Genesis squared her shoulders, picking up her own bag, refusing to let the tears fall and knew she’d permanently destroyed everything between them.


“I don’t want you, Taylor.  Good night.” Genesis rushed upstairs and out of the gym, deciding she would take a shower when she got her hotel room.


Taylor stood there, eyes narrowed to slits, growling from low in his throat.  She was playing hardball, which is something Taylor would normally respect, but right now he was angry.  Very angry.  Taking the bar, Taylor began twisting and spinning it so fast, he nearly lost control.  He was steaming and decided he wasn’t going to just let Genesis run away from him like a coward. 


“You can run, but you can’t hide, Gen.” He promised, deciding to get another workout in so he didn’t go hunt her down.


Chapter 9


Running through the dark woods, Genesis tried to figure out where she was, the rain pouring in gallons around her.  She was dreaming; she had to be, especially since she’d never wear a pure white dress.  She looked down at her feet, seeing white heels, groaning because she couldn’t stand them. 


“Where am I?” She wondered aloud, stopping and looking around, eyebrows furrowed in thought.  “Why am I dreaming this?”


“Who says you’re dreaming?”


Genesis whipped around, staring at Taylor, swallowing past the lump in her throat.  He looked just as he had in New Moon during the scene where he stood in the rain talking to Kristen.  His bare chest glistened, his hair slanted sideways as droplets of water dripped from the ends.  He wore the tight black cut off shorts that clung to his body like a second skin, sneakers on his feet.


“Taylor, what’s going on?”


“Who’s Taylor?” He demanded gruffly, slowly beginning to circle her with predatory dark eyes. “Who are you?”


“You’ve gotta be kidding me, right?” Now Genesis KNEW she was dreaming, seeing the change in the man she was falling in love with, swallowing hard. “Taylor it’s me, it’s Genesis.”


“Hmmm I don’t know a Genesis.  I only know a trespasser on our lands…” He growled from low in his throat, never stopping his movement, seeing how nervous she was becoming.


“Taylor, stop it!  It’s me!” Genesis was becoming scared fast, slowly backing up away from him, immediately removing her heels. “I mean it, this isn’t funny anymore.”


“It never was to begin with and, for the last time, I don’t know who Taylor is.” He slowly began stalking towards her, snarling when a heel popped him in the chest and one in the head, knowing she would make a run for it.


He could smell her fear.


“W-What do you mean you don’t know who he is?  You ARE Taylor!  You’re not Jacob Black; he’s just a fictional character in a movie you play from a book!” She shouted fearfully, feeling as though her heart would fly out of her chest, breathing heavily.


He chuckled softly, finding this rather amusing, though there was no recognition in those dark eyes. “Taylor no longer exists.  Stop calling me that.” He ordered gravely and grabbed her arm, yanking her against his rock hard chest, his skin feeling as though it was on fire. “My name is Jacob.”


Tears swelled in her sea green eyes as Genesis shook her head frantically, feeling him begin to drag her out of the woods. “Taylor, please…” She begged, trying to dig her feet into the ground, gasping when her back suddenly met a tree. “This isn’t real, this isn’t real...”


“Oh but it is, girl.  It most certainly is.” He growled, towering over her petite frame, and ran a scolding hot finger down her cheek. 


The rain began pouring harder around them as he cupped her face in his strong hands, bending down as their lips met.  Genesis couldn’t stop the moan from escaping her, gripping his wet arms to keep from sliding down the tree.  He fixed that and lifted her up, legs wrapping around his waist, pressing her further into the bark.  Genesis didn’t care, wrapping her arms around his neck, kissing him back feverishly as her fingers buried in his short soaked black hair.


“Genesis…” He whispered against her lips, pulling back to stare in those dark forest green orbs, the recognition returning.


“Taylor?” When he nodded, she immediately kissed him, feeling him reach beneath the white dress to remove her panties.  She unsnapped his jean shorts and shoved them down, deciding if this was a dream; she wasn’t waking up anytime soon. “Ohh Taylor…”


“Gen…” He grunted, burying his face in her neck, breathing her scent as they both became completely soaked, wrapped up in each other. 


He slowly began to take her, the intensity of this moment building, both of them trembling from head to toe.  He smirked, seeing the ecstasy in her features, his eyes beginning to glow as a rip roaring growl escaped his lips.  Genesis snapped her eyes open and barely had time to react before his teeth sank into her throat, drowning out any other noise…




Genesis bolted upright in bed, sweat caked on her face, neck and arms, a shaking hand instantly going to her throat.  Her chest rose and fell rapidly, feeling her heart beating a thunderous tattoo, her other hand raking through her hair.  She surveyed her surroundings, seeing she was in her hotel room and it was still dark outside, breathing a huge sigh of relief.


That had to be one of the freakiest dreams she’d ever had in her life.


Slowly sliding out of bed, Genesis stood up for some water, her legs still feeling like jelly. “It was just a dream.” She reminded herself, taking a large gulp of water, trying to calm down. 


Her subconscious was messing with her again, remembering when she worked during New Moon the insane dreams she had.  She hadn’t had one since coming back here, though Taylor’s latest advances were screwing with her.  Genesis was definitely feeling the aftermath from their intense sparring session, closing her eyes as the kiss replayed in her mind. 


Genesis went to take another drink from her glass and dropped it when a knock sounded at her door, the glass shattering. “Shit!” She cursed, glad it hadn’t cut her and tiptoed around it as she grabbed her robe. 


It was three o’clock in the morning, who the hell was bothering her at this time of night?  Sighing, Genesis tied the black robe around her waist and walked over to answer the door, staring back into the brown eyes of her father.  After the dream she had, Genesis couldn’t talk to him right now, trying to find the strength to slam the door in his face.


“You’re up.” He said, noting what she was wearing, knowing he was probably crossing a lot of boundary lines by doing this, but he had to talk to her. “I need to talk to you.”


“No.” Genesis shook her head, still trembling slightly, seeing the concern come over his eyes. “Dad, not right now please…”


“What happened?” He demanded, seeing the tears shining in her eyes, blinking when huge tears slid down her cheeks. “Genesis, I’m your father, I have a right to know damn it.” He shoved his way past her inside, not seeing anyone else in there, going into the bathroom to make sure.


Genesis sighed heavily, shutting the door, and wrapped her arms around herself as he walked back out. “I dropped a glass.” She whispered, wiping away the tears, and walked over to sit down on the bed.


“You dropped a glass and that’s why you’re crying?” Christian didn’t believe a word she said, knowing it went deeper than that, sighing. “I wish you’d talk to me, Geni.” He went to grab the small broom and dust pan, cleaning up the mess for her.


“What are you doing here, dad?” Was he drunk again?  Genesis sincerely hoped not, especially after the rough day she had.  A lot had happened and it ended up with her slapping the taste out of poor Taylor’s mouth.


“I have to talk to you.” Christian replied, tossing the glass in the garbage, looking completely sober.  He walked over and sat down besides her, knowing she was an emotional wreck right now, clasping his hands together.


“You told me when I was ready to get a hold of you.  Why are you here?” She demanded, going to stand up, only for her father to pull her back down to sit.


“I know, but you’re just as stubborn as I am.” Christian replied, handing her a box of tissues from the nightstand, wishing he could do something to take away her pain. “What happened sweetheart?”


“Nothing, I had a bad dream and woke up startled.  Nothing big.” There was NO way in HELL she was telling him anything that happened between her and Taylor.  Her father would probably blow a gasket and take half of Canada with him.


“What made you drop the glass?”


“By you knocking.” She replied evenly, dabbing her eyes with some tissues and blowing her nose, still shaken by that dream. “You came here for a reason, dad.”


Christian groaned, raking a hand through his hair, and stood up from the bed. “I don’t like fighting with you, Geni.  You know you’re my world right?  You, Jaden and Eliana mean everything to me.  I know I messed up the last time we were together, but I wanna try to fix it.  I didn’t mean anything I said to you because you’re right, it’s not your fault what happened, but I don’t regret you existing.  I don’t regret having you, even though I was doped up on a lot of shit back then.  I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to have a kid, but that still doesn’t mean I don’t love you any less.  You are my world just like Jaden and Eliana.”


Genesis sighed heavily when her father bent down in front of her, taking her hands in his own, knowing he wanted her forgiveness. “It’s alright dad, I’m not mad about that anymore.” She whispered, truly meaning it. “I’m not even mad that you showed up here.”


“Really?” Christian was surprised, considering how she acted earlier on the movie set. “What changed your mind?”


“I worked out for awhile to clear my head, thought about a lot of things.  This would’ve come out sooner or later.  I’m acting ashamed of who I’m from and that’s not fair to you or mom.  It’s not fair to anyone, really.” Genesis sniffled, squeezing her father’s hands, seeing for the first time just how much guilt swirled through those brown orbs.  She had her mother’s eyes, but everything else on Genesis belonged to Christian, including her attitude. “I’m sorry for making you feel bad, dad.”


“No, don’t you dare apologize to me, Genesis.” Christian stood up and sat on the bed, pulling his daughter into his arms, wrapping his arms tightly around her. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for what I said to you.  I don’t even remember half of it, but…I didn’t mean it.  I swear to you with all of my heart I didn’t mean any of it.  I love you sweetheart, you’re my baby girl.”


“I know that.” She whispered, resting her head against her father’s chest, swallowing hard as tears slid down her cheeks. “I love you too, dad.  I don’t care what the media says about us, we know the truth and that’s all that matters.”


Christian chuckled, nodding as he kissed her forehead softly. “You sound like me now, not giving a damn what the media thinks.” He ran his fingers through her hair, knowing she needed the comfort at the moment. “Did you call your mom yet?”


“No, I was going to tomorrow because I have a feeling the media will at her front door as soon as they find out about this.” She replied softly, the tears subsiding, feeling her father take a deep breath. “Do you think it will be bad?”


“As bad as usual, sweetheart.” Christian wasn’t going to lie to his daughter, knowing how brutal the press could be, wondering what he could do to fix this. “I never should’ve kept you a secret.  That was my mistake, not yours.”


Genesis bit her bottom lip, knowing she was partially responsible for that too. “I just wish the damn press can mind their own business and leave us alone.” She muttered, shaking her head in disgust, and stood up from her father’s lap. “I’ll do whatever you want, dad.”


Christian thought about it for a minute, finally having somewhat of an idea. “When does Breaking Dawn stop filming?” He asked, knowing it would take a few months to set everything up that he wanted.


“From the way Chris was talking, another three or four months tops.  It’s two movies we’re filming at once.” She explained, folding her arms in front of her chest.


“Okay, so that should be around the holidays?” He waited for her to nod and stood up from the bed, walking over to kiss her forehead again. “I want you to invite all the cast and their families to New York.  I will pay for everyone’s tickets and make their reservations at the hotel down the street.  Some of them can stay at the house since it’s huge.”


Genesis blinked at her father, wondering what he had planned, biting her bottom lip. “You want everyone to come to New York for the holidays?” When he nodded, her eyebrows furrowed in suspicion. “Why?”


“We’re going to have a huge party.  I’m going to invite all the people I’ve worked with over the years, even the paparazzi to take pictures.  They’re all going to meet my oldest daughter and we’ll show them who can play hardball.” Christian grinned when his daughter’s eyes widened even more, the seriousness clear in his eyes. “Just do this for me and don’t argue.”


“Okay…” Genesis wondered if her father had completely lost his mind, watching him slowly head for the door. “Dad?”


“Yeah?” He turned to look at her and caught her as she flew into his arms, hugging him tightly. 


Christian buried his face in her neck, inhaling her scent, missing her more than words could say.  He hated that she lived in Los Angeles with her mother, wishing they lived closer together.  That was fine though, Christian was going to try changing that, deciding he would be calling Mallory to invite her personally.


“Thanks for everything.” She whispered in his ear, causing Christian to smile, knowing they were getting back on the right track.


“You leave everything to me, Geni.” He stated, pulling back to stare in her tired eyes, running a finger down her cheek. “You need to get some sleep, you look exhausted.”


“I know.” She rolled her eyes when he chuckled, slapping him playfully on the arm. “Dad?”


Christian smiled, turning to face her again. “Yeah honey?”


“After the filming tomorrow, let’s go out to eat or something, catch up on things.” She suggested, seeing the happiness light her father’s face, giggling when he kissed her cheek. “I’ve missed you.”


“I’ve missed you too, Geni.  I’ll call you and let you know what time.” He replied, hugging her again and smiled when she gave him a soft butterfly kiss with her nose, kissing her cheek. “Get some sleep.”


“I will, you too.  Love you.”


“Love you too.”


Christian walked down the hallway toward the elevator, glad the security staff let him in to talk to his daughter.  He was glad she missed him and hoped they could get their relationship back on track.  He knew he screwed up, but this party was going to set a lot of wrongs right.  Whipping out his cell phone as soon as he was outside, Christian decided there was no time like the present to call up Mallory.


Chapter 10


“Why do you look like you got steamrolled last night?” Marisol demanded while walking up the hill toward the movie set with two cups of coffee, seeing a house with a lot of glass windows.  This was the Cullen House, where most of the scenes would take place that day.


“I had a visitor last night.” Genesis grumbled, clearly not awake as she sucked down the Starbucks coffee, groaning. “Have I told you lately you’re my hero?”


Marisol couldn’t help laughing, shaking her head. “You looked like you could use a shot of espresso.”


“You don’t know the half of it.  Thanks again Mari.” Genesis didn’t know what she’d do without her best friend, sighing heavily.


“So, who was the visitor last night?” Marisol nudged her gently, thinking it was Taylor, but immediately took the cheekiness out of her tone when he walked by them.  “What happened with wolf boy?”


Genesis really didn’t want to talk about it, but knew Marisol wouldn’t leave her alone.  They were early as usual so they had a few minutes to talk while drinking their warm coffee.  It was freezing out today and Genesis was even colder because she’d barely gotten any sleep.


“Well he found me last night at the gym, which I know you told him.” She watched Marisol cringe, waving her off tiredly. “I’m not mad about it so get that deer caught in the headlights look off of your face right now.” She smirked when Marisol physically relaxed, both of them sitting down. “Taylor and I sparred, after he baited me into doing it, and it ended badly.  I slapped him across the face and left.”


“You slapped him?!” Marisol exclaimed quietly, blue eyes wide as saucers, glad she had a firm grip on her coffee cup because she was shocked. “Why?”


“Because he wouldn’t leave me alone.” Genesis shot back defensively, closing her eyes as flashbacks of the heavy making out zipped through her mind. “Anyway, after I left him at the gym, I went back to the hotel, showered and went to bed.  My dad visited me at three A.M. and we’re fine now for the most part.” Of course Genesis left out the juicy details regarding Taylor and the dream she had, flat out refusing to say anything about it.


Marisol could tell her friend was hiding something, but decided against pressing her about it, knowing Genesis was hiding it for a very good reason. “You had a hell of a day yesterday.  Are you sure you’re up for work today?” She asked hesitantly, the worry clear in her eyes.


“Yes, I refuse to let anything stand in the way of me doing my job.”


“You and me both.” Marisol touched her coffee cup with Genesis’s, a soft smile forming on her lips, and Genesis noticed for the first time how much her friend glowed.


“What happened with you last night?” Genesis asked, seeing the blush creep up into Marisol’s cheeks, and groaned. “You slept with him didn’t you?”


“Yes and let me just say one thing, that man is HUNG.” Marisol laughed when Genesis lowered her head, trying to block images from entering her mind.


“Don’t even THINK about going into detail.”


“I swear that man had me hanging upside down and…” Marisol laughed when her mouth was covered by Genesis’s black leather gloved hand, eyes sparkling mischievously. “And the way he could move…”


“That’s it!  Get out of my station now!” Genesis ordered, shoving a laughing Marisol out, not wanting to hear anymore. 


She knew she’d have to take the gloves off, having already started up the portable heaters, which was really nice to have.  Taking her scarf and coat off, Genesis hung them up, wearing a wine colored sweater that went to mid-thigh and had a black leather belt around it for style.  It was thick and warm and she wore black dress pants with one inch heels, refusing not to be comfortable. She left her hair down, curled at the ends for style, and had makeup on to hide the hideous dark circles beneath her eyes, even though Marisol could see right through it, which irritated Genesis.


“You know you wouldn’t get so much attention if you didn’t dress like that.”


Genesis turned around and raised a slow eyebrow at Bronson, rolling her eyes in response. “Sure, even though I’m not showing any part of my body besides my face, neck and hands.” She retorted, knowing he was here for his hair treatment. “Pop a squat.”


Bronson laughed softly and walked over, sitting down in the chair. “You know you like me.” He stated confidently.


“Is that right?  Why do you say that?” This was definitely surprising, considering Bronson was never really nice to Genesis.  It was probably due to finding out whom her father was, which Genesis would simply have to get used to.


“Well, you obviously don’t like the little man.” Bronson smirked, tilting his head back and ignored the glare that came over Genesis’s eyes. “Hell, I don’t blame you, he is only eighteen.”


“Bronson, please do me a grand favor and shut the hell up.” Genesis ordered before beginning to add the hair treatment, yanking on his hair whenever he would mention Taylor.  Christ, did everyone know or did Taylor just have a big mouth?


“Hey, it’s not my fault the boy got shut down!” Bronson shouted over the hair dryer, knowing they didn’t have time to wait for it to air dry because they had a specific light Chris wanted to use for the scenes.


“I swear, I will stick this blow dryer up your ass and turn it on hot if you don’t knock it off.” Genesis threatened, green eyes flashing venomously, and watched as Bronson began laughing. 


“Ooo promises, promises.”


She didn’t find him one bit funny and started picking up the pace so she could get him out of her chair.  She would hurt him badly if he didn’t stop talking about Taylor, her blood already boiling.  It was uncanny how protective Genesis was of Taylor, considering she knew the man could take care of himself, sighing heavily to herself.


“Hold still.” She ordered, applying the bronzer to his forehead, knowing that’s the only place he really needed it. 


Though, he didn’t know that and Genesis was feeling vindictive today, deciding to do his entire face.  It would be a bitch and a half to get off later in the shower, though Genesis had a straight poker face the entire time of applying it. Maybe Bronson would think next time before talking smack about Taylor.


“Thanks sweets.” Bronson called over his shoulder, walking away from her station and Genesis began giggling as soon as he was out of earshot.


“What are you laughing at?” Julia asked, walking up to get her makeup done, which required a little bronzing and eyeliner. “Oh no, you look like the cat that ate the damn canary.  Details woman!”


“You sure you wanna know?” Some things never changed no matter if they knew she was Christian Slater’s daughter, and Genesis giggled more when Julia nodded. “It’s really nothing, but I think it’ll pay off.”


“Hey, who would’ve thought I would’ve fed the boys to the wolves at the club?” Julia laughed at the irony of her statement, since they were technically playing people who shifted into wolves.


“Good point.” Genesis placed the cover over Julia before beginning to straighten her hair, after spraying it down with solution. “Bronson was talking shit about Taylor so I decided to teach him a lesson.”


“Oh lord, that boy can never keep his mouth shut.” Julia sighed resignedly, shaking her head. “Apparently, he overheard Taylor talking to Chaske about what happened between you last night.  Bronson is really good at eavesdropping and now he’s running around talking about how Taylor was turned down.”


Genesis’s eyes narrowed to slits, wanting to strangle Bronson, deciding she would have to get even more revenge. “Well, hopefully after what I did to him, he’ll think twice before opening his fat mouth again.” She stated, causing Julia to giggle, demanding to know what it was Genesis did. “I applied a little…no A LOT…more bronzer than was necessary to his face.”


Julia blinked, eyes widening, knowing how hard that stuff was to scrub off, giggling uncontrollably. “Oh man, he’ll be in the shower all night!” Both girls were laughing, calming down so Genesis could do her job. “Oh by the way, speaking of a club, we’re all going out tonight to get away from the acting part of this dance for awhile.  We wanna be normal, did you want to go?”


“I don’t know…”


“Oh come on, it’ll be fun watching the guys bust a move.  You should’ve seen it last time before Boo and I ruined it.  They’re actually quite good…including Taylor.” Julia bit her bottom lip, wondering if that was the right thing to say. “Then again, the man can do virtually anything.”


“I’ll think about it.”


“You’re going.” A deep baritone sounded from behind, causing Genesis to whip around and faced Chaske, swallowing hard.  She could tell just by his posture he wanted to talk to her, sighing heavily. “I’ll be a few more minutes with Jules, Chas.”


“I’ll wait.” He replied gruffly, folding his arms in front of his chest, standing there patiently and not saying a word.  No wonder they picked him to play Sam, he was eerily quiet.


Julia was quiet the rest of the time she was in the seat, Genesis applying black eyeliner and clear gloss, her hair not taking very long to do considering it was short.  She thanked Genesis for a job well done as always, gave her a hug, and rushed off for the upcoming scene.  Chaske didn’t say a word, just settled into the chair, knowing his hair wouldn’t take nearly as long.  He was the fastest out of all the guys, only needing bronzing once a day.


“You’re angry about something so just spit it out.” Genesis stated, applying the hair treatment to his scalp, after soaking it with a spray bottle, closing her eyes briefly.


“I wanted to talk to you about Taylor.  He’s a good kid with a huge heart that you basically mashed into dough last night.  What the hell happened?” Chaske demanded, thinking of Taylor like a younger brother, willing to do what it took to protect everyone on the set.


“He wouldn’t take no for an answer.” Genesis knew that sounded very wrong, but it was the truth, sighing when Chaske tensed slightly. “We sparred for awhile and then made out, okay?  I told him that I wasn’t good enough for him, hoping that would dissuade him, but he’s so damn stubborn.  So…I slapped him and told him I didn’t want him and took off.” That was the whole truth and Genesis felt terrible because she’d said it out loud.


“But you like him right?” Chaske asked, staring straight ahead, both of them keeping their voices lowered. “RIGHT?”


“Chaske, what does it matter?  I don’t date people I work with or celebrities.” Genesis was starting to wonder why she was being so stubborn about this, gasping when Chaske grabbed her hand and pulled her to stand in front of him, staring up into her eyes.


“Taylor isn’t like Radcliffe, Nesi.” Chaske ignored her look of disdain, knowing she would live with that nickname until the day she died. “He’s so damn modest it’s scary.  I still can’t believe how calm he’s been throughout this surreal rise to stardom.  Robert didn’t know what to do when his stardom rose from playing Edward.  He was so hesitant to go outside, but Taylor is carefree and acts as if it’s no big deal, when it really is.  He doesn’t like showing his body off that he worked his ass off for and he doesn’t enjoy being told that he’s better than Robert.  I have never, in my life, seen Taylor as upset as when he was this morning when he came to my hotel room needing to talk.  He looked defeated and like someone had run his dog over with a car in front of him repeatedly.  All because of your rejection, Nesi.  He’s not like the others.  He would never let anything bad happen to you and…Christ, the boy LOVES you okay?  He’s so in love with you that it’s sickening.”


Genesis swallowed hard, not expecting to hear all of that, chewing her bottom lip.  Taylor loved her?  This had stepped up to a whole other level of difficulty and Genesis wasn’t sure if she was ready for it.  Hell, she knew she wasn’t or she would’ve had sex with Taylor the previous night.


“How did you handle it with Torin?” Genesis asked, hoping Chaske didn’t mind talking about his personal life, considering she thought of him as a friend.


Chaske got a smile on his face at the mention of the love of his life, his beautiful wife Torin Spencer.  She was a regular woman with a regular job, a tattoo parlor to be more specific.  She had fiery red hair and deep green eyes, nearly full blooded Irish with a body that men could only dream of having in their bed. 


“I told her how I felt and she didn’t back out.” He replied, never one to beat around the bush, noticing Genesis flinch at his words. “You shouldn’t run away from him, Nesi.”


“How does Torin deal with the media and everything?” She asked in a whisper, finishing his hair before starting the bronzing, refusing to cake it on like she did to Bronson.  Chaske was trying to help her and she appreciated it.


Chaske sighed, shrugging his shoulders. “I really don’t know, but she’s going to be here tonight.  She’s coming to the club with us.  She’s flying in and I have to pick her up at the airport.” Chaske took her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. “The best you can do is follow your heart and don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone else has to say.”


Genesis chuckled in spite of everything, loving how Chaske never sugarcoated anything he said, kissing his forehead where it wasn’t bronzed. “Thanks Chas, I owe you one.” She murmured, finishing him up before finally releasing him from the chair.


“Remember what I said, the boy loves you and doesn’t deserve being hurt.” Chaske stated, eyeing her knowingly, arching an eyebrow when she chewed her bottom lip.  “You love him too.” He walked away, leaving Genesis standing there with widened eyes.


Was it true?  Did Genesis love Taylor and she was just scared to admit how she felt?  She sighed heavily and cleaned up the station, knowing she had to go clubbing tonight with the others.  Taylor was going, she was sure of it or else Chaske wouldn’t demand her going.  He was like the big brother out of the clan, thirty four years old, but he could hang with the young ones like there was no tomorrow.


Now Genesis just had to figure out what to do about Taylor.


Chapter 11


After a quick bite to eat with her father, Genesis decided to call it an early night as she walked inside the hotel, heading up to her room.  She wasn’t going out to the club that night with the others, having already made a call to Marisol, after they were parted.  Marisol didn’t return her call, which made Genesis automatically assume she got the message.


One thing about Marisol was the woman never took no for an answer.


When Genesis stepped in her hotel room, Marisol was sitting on her bed with a smirk on her lips.  She wasn’t alone either.  Julia, Lia, Noelle and some other lady stood in the room with Marisol, all of them staring at Genesis with gleaming eyes.


Marisol was in a knockout red dress that went to her mid-thigh and had a leatherette strap leading down the side that added an edgy touch to the ensemble.  The dress was satin and had two straps, the other one different from the leatherette.  It was definitely Marisol’s style, especially the two inch red Stiletto heels on her feet.  Her beautiful fiery red hair was swept up on top of her head in curls, a few tendrils framing her face delicately, which was perfection.  Black eyeliner and red lipstick that went well with her skin tone, matching the dress.


Noelle’s outfit consisted of a strapless one piece jean material dress that went to mid-thigh that zipped up the back.  A fabric belt wrapped around her waist for style.  The front featured faux buttons and a gleaming circle buckle with rivet accents.  It was simple yet alluring at the same time and Noelle had her raven hair over her shoulder with round silver hoops dangling from her ears.  Dark blue eyeliner and a light pink gloss painted her lips and she wore two and a half matching knee high boots that zipped up the sides.


Lia was a little less flashy, but none the less beautiful.  Her dress was a dark peach and had an asymmetrical shoulder strap that featured a removable jeweled broach.  It went down just above her knees and flowed against her soft curves, the dress strapless except that one shoulder strap.  Her hair was left down, curled at the ends for bounce, and wore two inch black open toed heels.  Her makeup was very natural with very thin black eyeliner and peach shimmering lip gloss.


A light purple mid-thigh strapless dress is what Julia wore, which clashed well with her natural dark skin tone.  A fabric drape passed through a metallic ring, which connected to a tie back halter that had sparkling dark purple beading, and lead down to her left hip.  Her short black hair was straightened with soft pink lip gloss and black eyeliner.  To finish the outfit, she had two inch black Stiletto heels that had straps that criss-crossed up her calves.


Judging by the sparkling emerald stone glistening on her left ring finger, Genesis knew this had to be Torin Spencer, Chaske’s wife.  She was gorgeous with sparkling jade eyes and deep dark red hair that was pulled back in a semi-high ponytail.  She had a black bandana wrapped around her head, arms covered somewhat in tattoos. 


Her dress was black with a stretchy tee design that had one off the shoulder sleeve and a zipper strap that ran down the front in an edgy flair.  The dress clung to her every curve and went two inches above the knee along with two inch closed toed heels with a red card design on them.  The heels had straps that wrapped around her ankle.  Her makeup was simple black eyeliner with clear gloss, nothing fancy, though she did have a black leather choker around her neck.


How could Genesis ever compete with these gorgeous women?


“I’m not going.”  Genesis tried sounding as stern as she could, groaning when the girls just grinned simultaneously. “Why do I even bother?”


“Beats the hell outta me.” Marisol laughed, walking over and guiding her friend to the vanity mirror. “We have the perfect outfit for you, now shut up and stop fighting this.”


“I swear to god, Mari, if you all make me look like a hooker, I will not go.” Genesis threatened, grunting when they pulled her head back, beginning the transformation.


“You really have no faith in us, do you?” Marisol pouted, shaking her head almost sadly. “Have I ever steered you wrong?”


“No, but…”


“Then pipe down and let us work the magic.”


Genesis decided there was no point in fighting her best friend and closed her eyes, hoping she could trust them not to make her look like a stripper.  They did her hair in tons of a deep brown banana curls, leaving it down and refusing to spray it.  Her hair stayed, which Noelle and Lia were very jealous of. 


Marisol smirked, nodding as she hummed happily, proceeded to do the makeup.  It was black eyeliner and natural eye shadow to bring out the green in her eyes.  Marisol decided on clear gloss, knowing no other color would go with the outfit they had in mind.


While Marisol dealt with the hair and makeup, the girls were busy giving her a manicure and pedicure, smacking her toes every time they wiggled.  Genesis felt like a princess at that moment, not believing what great friends she had.  The nails were French manicured and clear, no color whatsoever like the rest of them.


The dress was a dark emerald green and had a shoulder enveloping neckline with half sleeves.  The dropped waist had a textured black belt with a chain dangles and went two inches above the knee.  It clung to Genesis’s every curve as she stared in the mirror, stepping into two inch black knee high boots that were leather and zipped up the sides.  They finished it off with clipping a black choker around her neck.


“Girls, I think we outdid ourselves.” Marisol announced with a proud grin, fluffing Genesis’s hair, nodding as the brown contrasted beautifully with the outfit. 


Marisol knew Taylor was going to keel over when he saw Genesis, which was the idea.  Everyone looked stunning and the men weren’t going to know what to do.  Marisol stepped aside as Torin walked up, extending her hand while chewing a piece of gum.


“I’m Torin, I know it’s a little awkward, considering I just touched your toes, but whatever.”


Genesis giggled softly and shook the woman’s hand, already knowing she was perfect for Chaske. “It’s finally nice to meet you, Torin.”


“Likewise.” Torin had a beautiful smile that lit up the room.


“Okay, are we all ready to go?” Marisol asked, rallying the troops so to speak, everyone grabbing their purses. “The guys are waiting for us down in the lobby.”


“Gerry is meeting us there.” Lia said softly, chewing her bottom lip, hoping her boyfriend didn’t mind going to a club.  They started dating recently so she was still unsure of his likes and dislikes.


“Cool, okay let’s go.”


Marisol walked out, pulling Genesis to go first, refusing to let her try sneaking off after all the hard work they put into her.  She was ecstatic, wanting to see the look on Taylor’s face at the first sight of her.  Marisol already knew Alex would probably try carting her off, but that wasn’t happening.  They all were going out and having a good time tonight dancing after dinner.


Luckily, the club had a restaurant within it.


Genesis was grumbling the entire time, rolling her eyes when Marisol told her to keep her chin up and stop worrying.  The woman sometimes knew her better than she knew herself as they all stepped on the elevator.  Marisol pressed the lobby button, waiting impatiently, looking around at all the glamour that surrounded them.


When the elevator doors opened, Genesis was the first one to step off, seeing the guys peeking around the corner.  She could already feel her cheeks grow hot, instinctively pulling the bottom of the dress, sighing when Marisol slapped her hands away.  She couldn’t help it, Genesis was not used to showing this much skin, especially to the guys.


“Stop it, you look gorgeous.” Marisol whispered, a dazzling smile spreading on her lips at the first sight of Alex, which took her breath away. 


Alex wore a simple black dress shirt that had the top three buttons undone, showing off just enough chest to drive her mad.  He wore tight dark blue jeans with black boots, his hair spiked and clean shaven.  He smelled unbelievable and Marisol giggled when his jaw dropped at the sight of her, letting out a very low whistle.


“Check out what I’m gonna have on my arm tonight, boys!” He crowed, taking her hand and slowly turning her around, catcalls forcing Marisol’s cheeks to turn four shades of red.


“Knock it off, mongrel.” Marisol nudged him, feeling his arms wrap around her waist, nuzzling her neck.


Robert was already in front of Noelle, wearing a crisp gray dress shirt with black dress pants and shoes, his hair style crazy as always. “You look enchanting, love.” He murmured, taking her hand and pressing a soft kiss to the back of it, wrapping an arm around her waist.


Noelle just smiled back at him and leaned against his side, both of them walking out after Marisol and Alex.  Bronson, Tyson and Kiowa walked out next, all of them dateless, though it didn’t bother the trio a bit.  Julia was next, also dateless, but she had no doubt in her mind she would find someone to dance with by the end of the night. 


Chaske was blown away at the sight of his wife, swallowing hard, wondering if that was really her.  He wore a simple deep green thermal shirt –a black tank top underneath in case he got too hot from dancing- and dark blue jeans similar to Alex.  He wore a belt with his though, which Torin found incredibly sexy, along with black boots, his hair simply gelled.  He took her hand and pulled her against his hard body, cupping her face as their lips met in a soft kiss.


“You’re lucky I don’t take you back upstairs.” He murmured against her lips, causing Torin to laugh softly, poking him in the stomach.


“Behave or you won’t get any later.”


Chaske groaned, not having seen her in two long months, though they constantly called each other and chatted online when he had time.  She was the reasoning behind Chaske’s lack of sleep, but he couldn’t help it.  He loved his wife and wanted their marriage to work, willing to do whatever it took shy of quitting his career.  They walked out next, sliding in the hummer limo the company provided, bodyguards swarmed all over for protection.


That left Taylor alone in the lobby with Genesis, who looked very nervous.  She couldn’t stop herself from gazing at him, wondering what was going through his mind.  He wore a deep blue long sleeve shirt that had three buttons undone on the top.  There was a white shirt underneath that was short sleeved, though the blue one stretched across his chest like a second skin along with dark blue jeans and black boots.  His hair was spiked in the front, gelled and he was clean shaven as always, a silver watch on his right wrist.  He looked absolutely marvelous and Genesis wondered if this was such a good idea, deciding if she was going to run, now would be the perfect time to do it.


Taylor was having a very hard time controlling himself, especially with how stunning Genesis looked.  The dress brought out her beautiful sea green eyes and, for once, she showed off those creamy thighs that were usually hidden.  Her shoulders were bare and he wondered if her skin was as soft as it looked.  It glowed under the lighting of the hotel lobby and made Taylor clear his throat silently.


“You look gorgeous.” He murmured softly, slowly moving his eyes to hers, becoming instantly lost.  He remembered what happened the previous night and had to stop himself from going toward her, really not in the mood to be slapped again.


“So do you, Taylor.” Genesis murmured softly, slowly moving toward him, chewing her bottom lip nervously, her hands clasped behind her back. “Look, about last night…”


Taylor held up his hand, shaking his head slowly. “No apology necessary, I overstepped my boundaries and for that I am sorry.” He said softly, sounding lost and timid, which is not what Genesis wanted.


“Taylor, please let me explain…”


“We’re going to be late for the club and Marisol will be upset if we are.” Taylor stated, shoving his hands in the front pocket of his jeans, heading toward the exit. 


Genesis immediately went after him, stopping him from walking out of the lobby doors, turning him around to face her. “I’m sorry.” She whispered, tears glistening in her eyes, hoping he accepted it and could already tell how this night was going to fair.


“Don’t worry about it.  Come on.” Taylor still had that sadness to his voice and Genesis shook her head, slowly stepping back.


“I’m not going, please tell Marisol I’m sorry.” She turned around and headed back to the elevator, trying not to let the tears fall from her eyes. 


Genesis gasped when she was whipped around by the upper arm, staring into those dark orbs of Taylor.  Chaske’s words echoed in her mind about how Taylor loved her, wondering if it was true, searching his eyes for any sign.  He was an actor so of course he could hide it, but Chaske wouldn’t just say that for any reason.


“Please don’t run away from me.” Taylor pleaded, bending down to press his forehead against hers, refusing to go without her. “Let’s just forget what happened and pick up where we left off.  We can be just friends, beautiful.  I don’t want to lose you.”


“I don’t want to lose you either.” She whispered, cupping his face in her hand, rubbing her thumb back and forth against his cheek. “I’m sorry I slapped you last night.  I don’t know what came over me.”


“You were scared and that’s fine.  I really stepped over the line with you, Gen, and I’m so sorry for that.” He took her hand from his face, placing it against his chest, pulling her closer to him. “I know you don’t want to be with me and I’m accepting that.  Let’s just go tonight and have a good time.  I’m sorry about what happened with Bronson too.”


Genesis smirked wickedly and walked back toward the exit with Taylor, his arm wrapping around her waist, being a perfect gentleman. “Oh, I don’t think he’ll be messing with us for quite some time.”


It took a second for Taylor to catch on to what she was saying, suddenly bursting out in laughter. “Is THAT why he spent five hours in the shower?” He watched her eyes gleam evilly and shook his head, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. “Beautiful, you are truly spectacular.  Come on, let’s get going.”


Together, they walked out of the hotel lobby and slid into the hummer limo, everyone cheering when they finally arrived as it pulled away toward the club.


Chapter 12


The club was jumping, music thundering through the red brick walls and everyone was excited.  The hummer limo pulled up to the building and stopped, everyone stepping out one by one as cameras flashed in their faces.  Genesis was very hesitant as she stepped out, taking Taylor’s hand, who immediately was swarmed by the press.


“Taylor!  Taylor, is that your new girlfriend?”


“Taylor, there’s been rumors of Christian Slater having a long lost daughter on the set of Eclipse, is that her?”


“Taylor, what happened with Taylor Swift?”


“Thank you everyone, have a nice night!” Taylor called back with a huge smile, waving to the press as he guided Genesis inside the club, seeing she was somewhat shook up. “Are you alright?”


“I’m fine.” Genesis smiled back at him, feeling his arm wrap around her, wishing the media would simply give them some peace and quiet.  That would never happen though as Taylor lead her to the nearby table where everyone else sat.


Lia was looking all over the place for Gerard, biting her bottom lip, wondering if he would show.  Suddenly, a pair of strong arms encircled her waist, causing Lia to nearly jump out of her skin, letting out a squeak.  She whipped around and stared in the deep blue eyes of her boyfriend, moaning softly when his lips captured hers.


“Miss me, love?” He murmured against her lips, causing Lia to swoon with a simple nod, kissing him again.  Gerard was in a simple pair of black skintight jeans with a dark blue thermal shirt that fit him perfectly along with black boots.


Genesis and the other girls couldn’t help laughing when the guys did whistles and cat calls, forcing Gerard to break the kiss long enough to smirk before going back to ravishing his girlfriend.  Even Taylor found it amusing as he guided Genesis into the booth, both of them sitting on the end, his hand instantly grabbing hers under the table.  The contact felt great and Genesis laced her fingers with his, ordering a simple virgin strawberry daiquiri while Taylor stuck with iced tea.  They weren’t of age to drink, though it didn’t bother them because alcohol made people do stupid and crazy things.


The other girls ordered what they wanted, which consisted of margaritas, daiquiris, wine and rum.  It was nice to just get out and have a great time without any other distractions, besides the nosey press, though Genesis wasn’t going to let it ruin her evening.  She smiled at Marisol, who winked right back at her and mouthed ‘told ya’, referring to Taylor.


Robert was whispering sweet nothings in Noelle’s ear, his hand pressed against her stomach, loving the outfit she chose for the evening.  Before they knew it, Noelle and Robert were scooting out of the booth and heading for the dance floor, wrapping her in his strong arms.  He didn’t care if the media found out about them finally, smiling over at Kristen, who just rolled her eyes playfully.


One by one, each couple ended up on the dance floor, even Chaske and Torin, though she didn’t dance a lot.  Alex was busy whispering something in Marisol’s ear and Genesis didn’t even want to know because of how beat red her friend became.  Her cheeks nearly matched the dress she wore and, knowing Alex’s crude behavior, it was rated R. 


Lia and Gerard were busy catching up on things, sitting at their own private booth, and just enjoying being with each other.  Tyson, Bronson, Kiowa, Tinsel –who played Emily in the saga- and Julia all found people to dance with, which wasn’t hard considering they were huge movie stars, all having the time of their lives.  Taylor only had eyes for one woman and she was sitting beside him, looking stunning in a green dress, the curly hair doing wonders.


“Dance with me?” He asked in her ear, already sliding out of the booth, pulling her gently with him.


“I-I don’t dance…” She stammered, blinking when Taylor just flashed a heart stopping smile, knowing she couldn’t deny him.


“No time like the present to learn.” He said, glad a slow song began flowing through the speakers, pulling her into his strong arms. “Relax beautiful, this is supposed to be fun.”


“Easy for you to say, you’re not the one who is about to embarrass themselves by dancing.” She muttered, lowering her gaze, only for his strong hand to lift her chin up, their eyes meeting.


“Trust me.”


The pleading in his dark eyes was almost Genesis’s complete undoing, feeling as though she was on a cloud.  He took her left hand in his right, lacing their fingers together, his arm wrapping securely around her waist while her right hand rested on his broad shoulder.  Taylor smiled and let the music sweep them away, his eyes never leaving hers as they began to move…



There’s just one thing that I need to say

Before I close my eyes and walk away

There’s just one thing that I need to feel

Before I walk away against my will



Being this close to Taylor was making Genesis’s senses reel, knowing she shouldn’t be doing this.  She shouldn’t be dancing with Taylor and moving even closer to him to where their chests nearly touched, but she couldn’t help it.  Chaske’s words kept rolling through her mind, trying like hell to shake them away, but it was no use.  The seed had been planted and Genesis was dying to know if Taylor truly felt that way about her.  It honestly didn’t matter as she let him twirl her around the dance floor, feeling like she was on another planet entirely.



There’s just one thing that I need to hear

Before I walk away for the last time

There’s just one thing that I need to see

Before I take this chance and set us free



Her scent was intoxicating, those mangos making Taylor crazy for this woman in his arms.  He knew he messed up with her the previous night and was going to do everything in his power to make her comfortable again.  He just wanted to be with her and Chaske told him it would take time due to her past history.  Taylor had fallen in love with her and, if he had to wait a millennium, then that’s exactly what he would do.  There was no other woman out there for him, no other woman who completed him the way Genesis did. 



Don’t forget me

Don’t regret me

Don’t suspect me

Don’t neglect me


The memory of this still reminds me of you

The memory of this still reminds me

The memory of this still reminds me of you

And that is where you’ll find me



The lyrics were powerful and completely spoke how Taylor felt about Genesis, though she had to walk away from him.  She couldn’t put her heart on the line again, even though she knew he already had it.  Somehow, he’d cracked the shell around her heart and stole it like a thief in the night.  Genesis closed her eyes as Taylor spun her around slowly, bringing her back in his arms to dip her.



Stars in your eyes

Did you take the time to realize?


Can you count the stars in your eyes?

Did you take the time to realize?



The music picked up a few beats as they both started dancing, Genesis ending up with her back pressed against his chest, moving her hips to the beat.  She completely lost herself in the music, Taylor doing the same thing, her head resting back against his shoulder as his warm hands seared through the thin fabric of her dress.  She whipped around; sliding her hand up his chest to grab the back of his neck, their foreheads pressed together as they completely became lost in one another.



There’s just one thing that I need to say

Before I close my eyes and walk away

There’s just one thing that I need I need to feel

Before I walk away against my will


Don’t forget me

Don’t regret me

The memory of this still reminds me of you

Don’t suspect me

The memory of this still reminds me of you

Don’t neglect me

The memory of this still reminds me of you



Genesis didn’t realize how much Taylor loved her because if she had, she wouldn’t keep running away from him.  That was fine though, she could run away, but he wasn’t going anywhere.  He would be there for her for anything she needed until she finally came to her senses about how she felt for him.  Taylor knew she loved him; it shined in her sea green eyes and killed Taylor because he couldn’t push her into this.  He had to be patient and, right now, patience indeed was not a virtue.



The memory of this still reminds me

Stars in your eyes

Did you take the time to realize?



When the song ended, Genesis and Taylor were breathing heavily, pressed together as tightly nothing could wedge them apart.  So many emotions coursed through their eyes, beautiful brown meeting sea green, clashing in a hypnotic hazel swirl that neither wanted to break.  Genesis could feel her heart pounding harshly against her chest, knowing Taylor’s was doing the same thing, neither realizing a new song had started until they heard a whistle from behind. 


Both turned around, seeing Marisol and Alex standing there, waving them over because their drinks had arrived.  Taylor cleared his throat, placing his hand on the small of Genesis’s back, guiding her back to the table.  Genesis was still in a daze as she arrived at the table, sliding inside with Taylor following.  She grabbed her daiquiri and started sucking it down, suddenly dying of thirst.


Marisol blinked when Genesis finished nearly half the daiquiri, arching a slow eyebrow. “Careful or you’ll get a brain freeze.” She cautioned with a smirk, causing Genesis to roll her eyes, finally pulling back.


“I haven’t danced like that in…ages.” She still couldn’t believe how lost she became in the music, feeling Taylor grab her hand beneath the table, honestly not minding it. 


“I thought you said you couldn’t dance?” Taylor quipped with a smirk of his own, causing Genesis to blush, knowing she’d fibbed about that.


“I haven’t danced in years and I forgot how invigorating it is.”


She leaned back against the booth, wondering if they would be having anymore dances like that.  Maybe one for the night was good because Genesis didn’t know how much longer she’d be able to resist not kissing Taylor again.  She could still feel them from the previous night, remembering how passionate and hot it was, suddenly fanning herself.


“Hot?” Marisol giggled softly and laughed at something Alex whispered in her ear, wondering if he was serious. “You are so bad.”


“Only for you.” He growled and Marisol did a full body shiver, wondering if there was any way they could leave early.


“Behave or, like Torin said to Chaske earlier, none for you later on.”


Torin heard that and started laughing, Chaske and Alex simultaneously groaning, causing everyone at the table to join in.  Genesis felt Taylor’s arm wrap around her shoulders, leaning her head against him, and feeling relaxed for the first time in months.  Of course, dinner with her father earlier that night was interesting and felt foreign without any arguing.  It made her wonder how much longer that would last.


“Oh, I’m glad we’re all gathered here.  I’m sure Robert can relay the message to the others, but…” Genesis swallowed hard, suddenly feeling all eyes boring into her, taking a deep breath. “My dad wanted me to invite all of you to New York for the holidays coming up.  Don’t ask me why, but he said he’d pay for everything.  I figured now would be as good a time as any since most of us are here.”


“So it’s true then?” Kristen asked, finally breaking the silence with a soft smile, wearing a cream colored dress that went to her knees with black Stiletto heels, her hair half up and half down, having started growing it out again after the Runaways were done. “You’re really Christian Slater’s daughter?”


Genesis nodded, running a hand through her curly hair, staring at the table. “Yeah, we wanted to keep it a secret because I didn’t want people thinking he got me all of my jobs...that I didn’t work hard for them, and he didn’t want people knowing because it would’ve ruined his reputation.” She explained, remembering the agreement they had, closing her eyes briefly. “I shouldn’t be ashamed I guess because, no matter what the media says, we know the truth and that’s all that really matters.”


“Amen sister!” Marisol crowed with a grin, eyes sparkling, very proud of her best friend for standing up against the odds. “I don’t blame you for keeping it a secret, sweetie.  I think we can all agree that we probably would’ve done the same thing.”


“Hell, I can’t fuckin’ stand the media.” Kristen snorted with a roll of her eyes, folding her arms in front of her chest. “First they delve into mine and Rob’s business, saying we were engaged and living together, which is partially true as far as living together.  But there was never anything REMOTELY romantic between us besides our characters.  Then, once they finally got the message we weren’t together, they said I was trying to go after poor Taylor!”


Taylor groaned, burying his face in his free hand, shaking his head. “God I remember that too.  I couldn’t believe when I read it and that was after dealing with months of being accused of dating Taylor Swift.” He stated, cringing because he remembered how many tabloids kept saying, even after they both came clean saying they were just friends, they were keeping it a secret. “The media can really get on my nerves sometimes.”


“I remember when we first went to the premiere of Twilight and fans were asking me to bite them.” Robert piped in, causing both Kristen and Taylor to nod. “It was absolutely petrifying.  I did not know what to do because I wasn’t expecting that.”


“Do you remember how much more hype was for New Moon?” Kristen let out a low whistle, smiling when Dakota walked up with another drink. “Taylor, you handled the media so modestly and calmly.  Robert and I were freaking out and you’re just sitting back going ‘yeah okay whatever’ and we still don’t see how you did it because it was centered on you.  EVERYONE wanted a piece of you.”


Taylor shrugged nonchalantly, already knowing they were still wondering how he managed to stay grounded with all the hype. “I just kept telling myself that, no matter what happens, I will never change.  Of course, my family’s support was a huge help, but I don’t know.  I guess I’m still in disbelief with all the success we’ve had with these movies.  It’s just been unbelievable and it’s crazy that it’s finally coming to an end.”


“I’ll be honest, when I first read the script, I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.” Robert said, wrapping an arm around Noelle’s shoulders, sipping his glass of brandy slowly.  He wasn’t in the mood to get completely sloshed, wanting to spend some quality time with his girlfriend later on. “I thought this was going to be a onetime shot and we would all move on with something else.  I had NO idea just how big the saga was.”


“Neither did I.”


“I second that.” Taylor hoped they weren’t boring Genesis and the others to tears with this talk about work. “Enough about work, we got the point across.” He looked down at Genesis with a soft smile. “See?  Even big stars like us get scared of the media.  We’re regular people just like you and the only difference is we make movies.  But if it wasn’t for you and Marisol and the rest of the crew behind the scenes, none of this would be possible.”


Everyone agreed and toasted to that.


Genesis just sat there, listening to everyone’s fears about the media, and suddenly felt as though a big weight was lifted from her shoulders.  They were regular people like her and Marisol, capable of having the same fears of not having regular lives. It was very interesting and hearing what Taylor said made Genesis’s feelings that much stronger for him.


The rest of the night was a lot of dancing and laughing, everyone finally calling it a night around three A.M.


It was a good thing they all had the day off tomorrow because there was no way anyone would be in condition to shoot scenes.


Chapter 13




Genesis stared at the magazine with her and Taylor’s picture splashed on the front.  It was from the club the previous night, the picture having Taylor’s arm wrapped around her waist, guiding her into the hummer limo with everyone else.  She knew it would happen eventually, but wasn’t prepared for the title that was in black bold print on the front.


She wasn’t Taylor’s new woman or Christian’s secret daughter.  The media thought she was because they didn’t know the full story.  Even if they did, they would still find a way to twist it into more drama than was necessary.  Genesis tossed the magazine over her shoulder, burying her head in her hands, Marisol sitting beside her.


“Why is this happening to me?” She whispered, leaning against Marisol, feeling her friend wrap her arm around Genesis’s shoulders. “I mean, I knew it would come out about me being his daughter, but to bring Taylor in it is just wrong.”


Marisol sighed, wishing she knew something to make Genesis feel better, having brought the magazine to Genesis’s hotel room.  She knew if Genesis walked down the street and saw it on the newsstands, without someone warning her beforehand, it wouldn’t be a good thing.  The woman would’ve probably exploded and taken half of Canada with her.


“Taylor doesn’t deserve this.”


“None of them do, sweetie, but that’s the price they pay for what they do for a living.” Marisol said calmly, standing up to get some coffee, still suffering somewhat of a hangover since she did have a few cocktails the previous night. “Taylor is a big boy who can handle himself.  He’ll be fine.”


“But this isn’t TRUE.” Genesis groaned, standing up from the bed, her hair in messy curls, having been too tired to take a shower.  She’d been woken up out of a dead sleep by Marisol’s incessant knocking, needing to show her the tabloid. “Taylor and I are not together.”


“But you want to be.” Marisol arched an eyebrow when Genesis shot her a glare, folding her arms in front of her chest. “Gen, you can lie to a lot of people and get away with it, but this is me you’re talking to.  You can’t lie to save your life when it comes to me.”


“Is it really that obvious?” Genesis grumbled, hating how well Marisol could read her, sinking back down on the bed, wishing she could just go back to bed.


Marisol chuckled, handing over a small cup of coffee, nodding. “Unfortunately it is, sweetie.  And everyone can clearly tell how much that boy loves you.”


She used the word love because it was the truth.  Not to mention Chaske had confided in Alex about his and Taylor’s conversation, which immediately went to her.  Alex and Marisol didn’t keep secrets from each other.  The more Marisol stared at Genesis and watched her interact with Taylor, the more it became apparent that her best friend was in love with him.


“Chaske told me that I should give him a chance.” Genesis softly admitted, remembering how stern the man had been with her, which wasn’t out of the normal.  Chaske was very passionate about this movie and protective of the cast, considering all of them family, even the people behind the scenes. “He said Taylor told him he loved me…”


“And you love him.”


Genesis choked on her coffee, having taken a sip, and immediately set the cup aside as she shook her head repeatedly. “No I don’t!” She croaked out, coughing harder, patting her chest.


Marisol sighed and stood up, pulling Genesis to her feet, guiding her toward the full length mirror. “Look at yourself!  Are you kidding me?  You’re lying to yourself and everyone around you, Genesis!” She lightly smacked Genesis upside the head, hoping to knock some sense into her best friend’s stubborn head. “When are you going to stop lying to yourself and realize you are in love with him?”


“I’m not.”


Groaning, Marisol forcefully turned Genesis to face her, blue eyes narrowed to slits. “You are in love with Taylor Lautner.  I can see it in your eyes and every time you look at him, he’s the ONLY one you see.  I already know I’m in love with Alex, I have been ever since New Moon.” Marisol admitted, which was not something she easily did, sighing when Genesis just lowered her eyes to the carpeted floor. “You do realize eventually this is going to eat you up inside right?”


“I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” Genesis walked away from her friend, tears shining in her eyes, sighing heavily when Marisol refused to let her go back to bed. “Mari, I’m tired.”


“Sleeping won’t make it go away either, Genesis.  You can’t help who you fall in love with, remember?  Why are you fighting this so hard?” She demanded, sitting down on the bed while Genesis curled up in a tight ball. “I don’t get it.  Taylor is such a great guy and a complete sweetheart.  He would never do anything to hurt you intentionally.”


“Because it’s wrong, okay?” Genesis had her back facing Marisol, staring at the wall with tears swelled in her sea green eyes. “I can’t get involved with another celebrity, Mari.  Look what happened last time and, before you say anything, Taylor cannot control what the paparazzi or the crazy fans do for that matter.  So don’t tell me it’ll be safe and he can protect me because that’s a load of shit.  I CAN’T be in love with him!”


“So that’s it?” Marisol snorted, rolling her eyes, shaking her head almost in disgust. “You’re denying your feelings for him because of what happened with Daniel?” She watched as Genesis physically cringed, sighing heavily. “Alright fine, you can lay there and fall asleep all you want.  It won’t make this go away, those feelings are only going to get stronger until one day you finally explode or implode.  Trust me, it’s not as easy denying what the heart wants as you may think it is, Gen.”


Marisol walked out of the room, needing to get back to Alex, hoping her best friend came to the realization she was in love with Taylor before it was too late.  Genesis pulled the comforter over her body, blocking out every ounce of light, just wanting to fall asleep and wake up with all of this being a nightmare.  She already knew she was in love with Taylor, but that didn’t mean she had to act on her feelings. 


Taylor was a mega Hollywood star, bigger than Daniel, and the last thing he needed was a distraction.  Not to mention Genesis knew she wasn’t good enough for him.  It didn’t matter if her father was Christian Slater or not, Genesis was a simple girl who enjoyed the little things in life.  Tears slid down Genesis’s cheeks, clutching her chest through the nightgown she wore, wondering when this heartache would subside and eventually fell asleep


Hours later, Genesis heard her cell phone blaring on the nightstand, groaning as she reached over to press a button.  Her head was pounding something fierce, knowing it was due to crying herself to sleep.  Sighing and not even caring who it was, Genesis flipped the cell phone open and put it to her ear under the covers.




“Is that anyway to greet your mother, young lady?”


Genesis’s eyes opened a little more, a small smile crossing her lips at the sound of her mother’s voice. “Hey mom, sorry.  I was sleeping.”


Mallory huffed indignantly, rolling her eyes. “I suppose you needed rest after your VERY eventful evening.” She stated a little heatedly, still not believing what her daughter did, though it was partially Christian’s fault. “What were you thinking going out in public right after your father decided to blow the cover?”


“We all decided we needed a night out for fun, mom.  I’m not hiding from the world just because the media found out who I really am.  That’s no way to live.” Genesis stated somewhat hoarsely, only half awake, and tossed the covers aside as she stumbled over to the mini kitchen.


“I suppose…” Mallory sounded hesitant, worried sick about her daughter, still not believing how idiotic Christian could be sometimes. “Your father called me and told me about his holiday party he’s throwing in your honor.”


“Yeah, I was planning on calling you today actually, once I fully woke up.” Genesis took a bottle of water from the mini fridge, cracking the cap, her throat incredibly dry. “He wants to introduce me to everyone.  He wants to try having a real father/daughter relationship between us and apologized for what he said the last time I went to see him.”


“Did you forgive him?” Mallory already knew the answer, running a hand through her honey blonde hair, glancing over her shoulder at her little boy. “You know Mitch misses you.”


Mitch was her ten year old little brother from her mother that Genesis absolutely adored, a smile instantly coming to her face. “I miss him too.” She asked, leaning against the wall to sip some more of her water, really wanting to chug it, but knew she’d just end up spitting half of it back out. “How is he?”


“He’s doing great actually, though he keeps asking about you.  You need to come home and see us soon, sweetheart.  I miss you so much.” Mallory said with tears in her eyes, knowing she was probably acting like a big crybaby, but couldn’t help it.  This was her only little girl and, no matter how old Genesis was, she would always be little in Mallory’s eyes.


“Well, I think we’re almost done with the first part of Breaking Dawn and then they’re giving us like a month break.  Though I think that’s around the holidays.  You really should come to New York and bring Mitch.” Genesis couldn’t wait to see her mom and little brother, having missed them more than words could say. “It’d mean a lot to me, mom.”


“I don’t know…”  Mallory wondered if seeing Christian would be the best idea, knowing they only had a one night stand when they were twenty. “That might be too awkward…”


“Come on mom, dad wouldn’t have called and invited you guys if he couldn’t handle it.” Genesis coaxed, mentally reminding herself to thank her father the next time they saw each other. “Please, it would mean a lot to me to have both of my parents for the holidays.”


Mallory sighed resignedly, knowing Christian already offered to pay for everything for both her and Mitch. “I’ll see if I can get off of work, sweetheart.” She smiled when her daughter squealed in excitement, knowing she was probably jumping up and down. “Don’t get your hopes up.”


“Don’t worry, I know Cheri will let you off the hook.” Genesis was already planning on making a special secret phone call, a grin spreading across her lips. “I can’t wait to see both of you.”


“We can’t wait either sweetheart, hold on someone wants to say hello.”


Genesis could already feel the tears sliding down her cheeks when her little brother got on the phone, sounding stoked to talk to her. “Hey buddy.” She laughed tearfully, sitting on the bed.


“Gennie, you won’t believe the cool games mom got me!  We need to play when I see you again!” Mitch ordered, causing Genesis to laugh, closing her eyes because it felt great hearing from her family.


“We will, all day and night if you want.” Genesis promised, already knowing Mitch would hold her to that. “You and momma are going to New York for the holidays, aren’t you excited, buddy?”


“Woohoo as long as you’re there!  You’ll be there right?” Mitch grinned when his big sister assured him she would be, clapping his hands, sparkling sea green eyes shining. “So how long is that away then?”


Genesis knew they were in the middle of September, sighing when she realized that was nearly three months away. “About three months, but I will try to come see you before then.  Maybe for Thanksgiving.” She said, having a feeling Chris would give the cast that holiday off to spend with their families. “So just do good in school and we’ll have a videogame marathon when I get there.”


Mitch grinned from ear to ear, nodding excitedly. “Okay, I can’t wait to see you Gennie!  I love you and miss you whole bunches!”


“I love you too, buddy.  Now give mom the phone.” She kissed the phone and laughed when he did the same thing, hearing a little shuffle before she heard her mother’s blubbering voice again. “Aww mom don’t cry!”


“I can’t help it.  I still can’t believe how close the two of you are.” Mallory sniffled, smiling when her son handed her some tissues before rushing off to play video games. “He’s already picking out the games you two are going to play when you get here for Thanksgiving.”


Genesis laughed, not having a doubt in her mind about that, chewing her bottom lip. “Mom, can I ask you something?” She asked, knowing that was a stupid question, and laughed softly when her mother said the exact same thing.


“You can ask me anything, Gennie.”


“Well, since dad invited you for Christmas at his house, do you think it would be too much to invite him for Thanksgiving to our place?” She crossed her fingers, hoping her mother agreed, sighing with relief when Mallory exhaled deeply. “Mom?”


“I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to invite him.” Mallory finally said, chewing her bottom lip, knowing this would be a very awkward holiday season coming up.  Christian wanted to be a part of his daughter’s life, which she was happy about, but now they had to interact with each other. “I’ll call him and make the arrangements.”


“Thanks mom, you’re the best.”


“Now I need to ask you something, Gennie, and I want an honest answer.” Mallory suddenly became serious, leaning against the recliner.




“What’s going on between you and Taylor Lautner?” She asked, causing Genesis to cringe, having a sinking feeling her mother would bring that subject up. “Are you with him?”




“Do you want to be?” Genesis didn’t answer right away, which gave Mallory her answer, closing her eyes briefly. “Gennie…”


“It’s not going to happen, mom.  Don’t worry, I’m fine.  Nothing is happening.  I’m here to do a job and that’s it.” Genesis hoped she sounded convincing enough, Marisol’s words floating through her brain.


Mallory didn’t believe that and stood up, remembering when she first laid eyes on Christian. “Just be careful.” She said, knowing her daughter was probably in shock, chuckling softly. “If you do decide you want to try to be with him, just be careful.  I’d hate for something to happen to you like it did with Daniel.” She was still angry at the man for what happened to Genesis over in England, taking a few deep breaths to calm down. “Do you want to be with him?”


“It doesn’t matter.”


“Yes it does.  If you want to be with him, then do it, Gennie.  Just be careful, that’s all I’m asking.  I worry about you constantly around all those stars, but you have no idea how proud of you I am.  You’re my baby and I just want you to be happy.” Mallory was getting teary eyed again, clearing her throat.


“I don’t know what to do, mom.” Genesis bit her bottom lip, feeling more tears sting her eyes, the frustration building again. “How can someone like that want a plain girl like me?  I’m nothing special.”


“Yes you are and don’t let anyone EVER tell you different, Genesis Danielle Marvin-Slater.” Mallory stated forcefully, using her daughter’s full name to get the point across. “There is nothing wrong with wanting to be happy, no matter who it’s with.”


“But this is Taylor Lautner, mom…” Genesis groaned, not believing she was actually having this conversation with her mother. “What if...”


“You can what if until the sun comes up, sweetheart, but I can already tell just by talking to you that you love him.” Mallory chuckled when her daughter gasped, knowing she shocked her again. “You can’t hide anything from me, I’m your mother.  I brought you in this world after seventy two hours of excruciating pain and agony.  It was all worth it though and I know when my child is in pain.  If you love him, just tell him Gennie.  What’s honestly the worse that could happen?”


Genesis knew her mother was right and ended the conversation, promising to call again soon, having a lot of thinking to do.


Chapter 14


After thinking it over, Genesis decided she would just completely bury herself in her job, trying really hard not to think about Taylor.  Of course, it was hard considering she had to do his hair and bronzing, though Genesis had all of her bases covered.  Whenever Taylor tried joking with her or being friendly, Genesis would simply shut down and just agree with whatever he said.


It was the only way to keep Genesis grounded and focused.


Marisol first noticed the change after she had that chat with Genesis, deciding she wouldn’t say anything else to Genesis about Taylor.  It wouldn’t make a difference, the woman was more stubborn then a mule.  She wouldn’t listen to reason and, if Genesis wanted to make herself miserable, that was her prerogative.  No matter what Genesis did though, she wouldn’t be able to deny her feelings for Taylor because they would make her burst eventually.


Taylor was wracking his brain trying to figure out what happened with Genesis, but he couldn’t get her open up to him.  No matter how hard he tried, whatever he talked about, she would just nod with one word sentences.  It was driving him crazy and not in a good way either, though Taylor knew he had to focus on the movie.  So that’s what he did, deciding when Genesis was ready to open up to him, she could track him down.


Before the cast knew it, September and October were gone, the first part of Breaking Dawn nearly completed.  The tabloids were going stir crazy, trying to figure out which scenes were being filmed, the hype growing for the saga.  The first part of Breaking Dawn was set to debut in theaters around the end of November of next year, the second part slated for that following June.


Chris announced that everyone, including people behind the scenes, would have a two month break because of the holidays.  They were due back sometime in the middle of January to start filming the final installment of the saga.  Genesis was ecstatic and immediately called her mother, giving her the great news.  Mallory screamed and was jumping around with Mitch, both of them on pins and needles to see her again.


It was the night before the big break and everyone was packing getting ready to leave the hotel, excited to see their families.  The snow was already falling beautifully outside lightly, though it was blistering cold.  Genesis couldn’t wait to see her mother and brother, knowing gaming was going to be the first thing that happened.  Mitch was a huge videogame fanatic, having learned on his own how to download them from the internet and burn them illegally.  There was worst things to do in the world though, so Mallory didn’t mind it too much.


A knock on the door jumbled Genesis out of her thoughts, knowing she had a flight scheduled that night at midnight, taking a red eye flight straight to Los Angeles.  She was glad the weather was holding up, knowing a lot of other people would be on that plane since most of them did live where she did.  It was the Hollywood capital of the world, though Genesis wouldn’t trade it for anything.


She walked over, wearing a cream colored sweater that rested on her hip with black dress pants and boots, her hair straightened with an angled style.  She opened the door and came face to face with Taylor, swallowing hard, wondering what he wanted.  He stood there wearing a crisp white striped shirt with a black vest that was buttoned up and tucked in black dress pants, black dress shoes on his feet.  Why did he have to look so damn near irresistible?  Genesis had to learn how to breathe again, knowing she still had a lot of packing to do and folded her arms in front of her chest, seeing the uncertainty in his eyes.


“Hey beautiful, may I come in for a second?” He asked politely, cracking a hesitant smile.


“Sure.” Genesis walked away from the door, allowing Taylor to step inside, and went back to the bed where clothes were scattered everywhere. “What did you want?”


Taylor sighed heavily, seeing how distant she was, trying to keep his temper in check.  He didn’t get angry often, but Genesis was slowly pushing him to the fine razor edge.  There were so many things he wanted from her.  Judging from how she’d treated him for the past almost three months, none of them were possible at this point.


“I wanted to talk to you.” He stated, staring at her through deep dark eyes that were pleading with her silently to stop this cold shoulder.


“Okay so talk.” She didn’t look up at him, folding a shirt and placing it in her suitcase.


Taylor could already feel the frustration building, raking a hand through his hair. “I want to know what’s been going on for the past two and a half months, Genesis.” His voice dropped an octave, watching her hands stop briefly before starting the packing again. “I want you to talk to me.


“There’s nothing to talk about…”


“THE HELL THERE ISN’T!” Taylor finally exploded, startling her because Genesis jumped about three feet in the air, holding her chest with wide sea green eyes. “You’ve been very distant from me for the past two and a half months and I want to know WHY.  What happened to our agreement at the club, Genesis?  I thought we had a great time and then we had that day off and you came back to the set with an attitude!!  It’s like you grew cold or something, at least towards me, and I don’t know what the hell I did wrong!!”


Genesis sighed, already feeling the tears sting her eyes, biting her bottom trembling lip. “I haven’t treated you any differently than I’ve treated the others, Taylor.  Coming here and yelling at me isn’t going to solve anything.” Her voice was monotone again, like it had been for the past two and a half months, and Genesis could FEEL how pissed off Taylor was becoming.


“Then what the hell will solve it?” He demanded, taking a step towards her, black eyebrow arching when she took a step back. “Why are you backing away from me?  What did I do to you, Genesis?”


“Nothing, you did absolutely nothing wrong.” Genesis assured him, refusing to inject any amount of emotion in her tone, knowing she had to keep things neutral between them.


Taylor could feel his resolve deteriorating and took another step, then another, until he finally backed her up against the wall. “If I didn’t do anything wrong, then why are you still treating me like I’m a piece of trash?” He murmured desperately, the scent of mangos entering his nostrils as he inhaled deeply, not having been this close to her off the set in nearly three months. “Why won’t you tell me what’s wrong?”


“I have packing to do and I’m sure you do as well.” Genesis stated, trying like hell to keep the trembling from her voice, noting Taylor’s stance as he towered over her.


“Stop running away from me, Genesis.  Tell me what’s going on.” Taylor pleaded, both hands on either side of her head, blocking her at every which way. “You can’t even look at me, why is that?”


Genesis slowly lifted her head and finally met his dark eyes deeply for the first time in nearly three months, feeling her heart give a painful lurch.  Why was he tormenting her like this?  Did he not realize that he probably just destroyed nearly three months of resolve that she’d built against him?


“There, I’m looking at you.  What do you want from me, Lautner?” She demanded irritably, seeing his eyes narrow to slits down at her, which is what she needed to happen. “There is nothing to tell you.  I don’t know what you’re talking about, but what I DO know is that I have a lot of packing to do still and you’re keeping me from doing it.”


“That’s a load of bull and you know it, Genesis.” He hissed angrily, having read the look in her eyes, knowing she was fighting temptation against him. “Do you really think I’m that stupid and naïve?  I’m highly intelligent and I can tell when someone is shutting down around me.  What I want to know is what changed on our last day off after going to the club?  What changed between us?”


“There was or is NOTHING between us, Taylor!  God!” Genesis shoved him away from her, needing room to breathe, shaking her head when he tried grabbing her arm. “I want nothing to do with you, okay?  You keep crossing these boundaries that I constantly put up between us and I’m sick of it!!  I’m tired of fighting you on this!  I don’t want you Taylor, I never did.” Genesis was lying through her teeth, but it was the only way to keep him in the dark. “I realized after the club and those tabloids…”


“Wait a minute, you’re distancing yourself from me because of those magazines?!” Taylor exclaimed, eyes widening in sheer disbelief, though honestly he wasn’t shocked.  Look what happened with Genesis the last time she got involved with a celebrity.  Now he had to pay for it because of Daniel’s mistake. “Genesis, I would never…”


“You would never allow anything to happen to me.  Blah, blah, blah I’ve heard it all already, Taylor.  Look, the club was fun and we had a lot of good times, but the fact is you are too young for me.  You have a lot going on and the last thing you need is a distraction.” With every word that came from Genesis’s mouth, a piece of her heart broke off, but she had no choice.  She had to do this and knew it would come down to hurting Taylor in order to cut the ties. “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to do a job so I can pay my bills and live my life.  Being with you would just make my life more complicated than it already is and my father has given me enough of that to last me another lifetime.  There, is that what you wanted to hear?”


“What I hear is a lot of fear and stupidity.” Taylor stated, folding his arms in front of his chest, eyes hardened. “What I hear is a woman who is so scared of saying what she really feels, that she’s trying to push people away who care most about her.”


“Then you’re very naïve, Taylor.  I’m not scared of anything or anyone.  I told you what you don’t want to hear, but what needs to be said.  I have no room in my life for a complication like you.  That’s all you are is one big complication.” Genesis stared into his eyes when she said it, needing him to believe her, and walked back over to start packing again. “You can leave now.  I have a plane to catch tonight to go see my family.”


Refusing to let her dismiss him like that, Taylor grabbed her arm and whipped her around to face him, those dark eyes smoldering with love and anger mixed. “I told you I wasn’t going anywhere.  You can say you don’t want me until you’re blue in the face, but I don’t believe you.  I am complicated, you’re right about that, but so is everyone else whether they make movies or work in a factory.  I know Chaske told you how I feel and that scared you off, but I am telling you right now, I won’t give up.”


Before Genesis could protest or try shoving him away, Taylor’s lips crashed down on hers, kissing her with a fever pitch.  Genesis struggled at first, feeling both of his hands grasp her arms, knowing she didn’t have the heart to hurt him physically.  She tried not to kiss him back, but it was impossible as her heart exploded with feeling, gripping the front of his vest as she pulled him closer.  Taylor groaned from low in his throat, knowing she was fighting with herself, but he wanted to make her forget all those doubts. 


He parted her lips with his tongue, delving in her mouth, tasting her again, releasing one of her arms to grasp the front of her neck, controlling the kiss.  Genesis completely melted against him, knowing her resolve was slowly breaking, biting back a whimper when Taylor pulled away, their lips no longer touching.  Swollen lips and a dazed look in her eyes, Taylor knew he was right in everything he said, releasing her abruptly as she plopped down on the bed.


“Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family, beautiful.  See you in New York.” He said over his shoulder before walking out the door, a smirk curving his soft red lips.


Genesis just sat there blinking, reaching a trembling hand up to touch her swollen lips with her fingertips, feeling as though her heart might explode.  That kiss had her head spinning and Genesis didn’t trust her legs at the moment, needing to just sit and think.  Her mind was racing with so many thoughts, wondering what would happen after she got back from her break with her family.  Of course, she still had her father’s Christmas party to attend in New York after Thanksgiving, which would be incredibly interesting.


“Damn it…” She whispered, tears already filling her eyes, knowing she let Taylor Lautner get to her again.


He had this way of making her see things in his view, even when she was dead set and hell bent on pushing him away.  Such manipulation, it wasn’t fair, though deep down Genesis knew she was partially to blame for not able to resist him.  She could’ve kneed him in the balls and made him drop to his knees screaming like a little girl, but didn’t because she was in love with him.


A few tears slipped down her cheeks as she slowly stood up from the bed, needing to finish packing so she could catch the red eye flight.  Her hands were trembling and Genesis finally just threw everything inside, knowing her mother would have a conniption upon seeing how she packed, but didn’t care.  Taylor had completely destroyed all rationality and train of thought with that fiery kiss.


When she was finished, Genesis looked around the room to make sure nothing was out of place before heading out, closing the door behind her.  She had to get her mind on something other than that kiss, taking a few deep breaths, knowing he would most likely be on the same plane she was.  No surprise came to her face when he stepped on the elevator right behind her, bags in hand, both of them riding down silently together.


Neither spoke a word, though Taylor knew he’d knocked –or in this case kissed- a little sense into that stubborn brain of hers.  He loved Genesis, but she had to be the most bull-headed woman on the face of the planet.  The elevator doors opened as they both walked off toward the lobby, Genesis inwardly groaning at all the paparazzi that was waiting for them.  She walked out before Taylor, ignoring the camera flashes and whatnot, hopping into the waiting limo that would take them to the airport. 


Throughout the ride to the airport and flight, Taylor sat next to her; Genesis was in pure hell and couldn’t wait to be away from him so she could actually think clearly.


Chapter 15


“Wow, this place is huge.”


“Yeah, that’s exactly what I said when I first came here.” Genesis chuckled, seeing the awe in her best friend’s eyes, having picked her up from the airport.  Her parents couldn’t make it unfortunately, deciding they were going on a cruise to the Bahamas. “When is Alex getting here again?”


“I’m not sure.  I know Chaske couldn’t make it because of Torin’s family, which is understandable.” Marisol replied, still in awe by how magnificent this place was. “Wow, no wonder your dad wanted to have the party here.”


“Come on you guys.” Genesis’s eyes sparkled as Mitch came running up to her, grabbing her hand and kissed the top of his head, her mother very hesitant stepping inside.


Mistletoe, holly, wreaths, bows and garland was hung all over the mansion, which was beautifully decorated professionally.  A gorgeous ten foot tree was in the den, sparkling with all different colors and presents underneath.  A delicious dinner was being prepared for the party that evening, which would be spectacular.


After a little more persuasion, Genesis finally convinced her mother to bring Mitch to New York.  Mallory was very hesitant, living in a three bedroom regular house, not expecting this huge mansion Christian lived in.  It was gorgeous and had a Victorian style to it, which made the Christmas decorations that much more superlative.


“I must admit, your father has taste.” Mallory admitted, tucking a strand of honey blonde hair behind her ear.


“Well thank you for the compliment, Mallory.”


Everyone turned to face Christian, who was in a simple pair of jeans and long sleeved black shirt. “Hey dad, this place sure is festive.” Genesis walked over and embraced him, feeling his arms wrap around her waist.


“I’m so glad you could make it.” Christian murmured in her ear, stroking her hair, and looked up at Mallory. “All of you.”


Mallory cleared her throat awkwardly, wearing a knee length black skirt with a dark red top, her hair half up and half down. “Thank you for the invitation, Christian.  It was very kind of you.” She said softly, sea green eyes that were the same as Genesis’s sparkling. “The place really is beautiful.”


“Thanks.” Christian grinned, taking her hand and kissing the back of it, being a complete gentleman. “Feel free to pick any room you want and make yourselves at home.”


“Cool, thanks Mr. Slater.” Marisol was already heading up the stairs, refusing to call her friend’s dad by his first name.  It just didn’t feel right. “Come on Gen, we have to get ready for the party.”


Genesis smiled with a nod, their bags already being brought up by the butler Michael. “I’ll be right there.” She called up, looking over at her mother and brother, walking over to them. “Come on, I’ll get a room for you.  Dad, has anyone else arrived yet?”


“Not that I know of.” Christian replied, his eyes not able to stop staring at Mallory, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. “Remember, tonight’s dress is formal.  No jeans or casual dress.” He walked away, going to tend to other arrangements, rubbing his hands together.


Genesis wondered just what kind of party her father had set up over the past few months, shaking her head, and headed up the stairs.  Lia and Noelle also couldn’t attend; mostly the people she worked most with accepted the invitation.  Tyson, Bronson, Kiowa, Julia and Tinsel were all attending with respective dates, according to what Marisol heard, so that was a good thing. 


Taylor was also attending, having already done Christmas with his family the previous day, silently wishing he wouldn’t have went out of his way to accept the invitation.  She knew he was doing it to torment her, to make her admit how she truly felt for him, and hoped tonight wasn’t a total disaster.  Then again, Genesis couldn’t wait to see him, having missed him over the past month, not believing how hard it’d been to be away.


‘I’m going to hell in a hand basket.’ She thought with a sigh, walking inside her room, Marisol in her own. 


Genesis was going to do her own makeup tonight and Marisol completely agreed, needing to get dressed herself.  Walking over and sitting down in front of the vanity, Genesis already had her hair done from a professional stylist.  It was piled on top of her head in tons of spiral curls, a few tendrils framing her face delicately. 


Tonight, Genesis was going to look her best.  She started with foundation and decided on black eyeliner with tanned eye shadow, going for a natural look.  When that was done, she applied a strawberry flavored gloss that made her lips shine.  She picked up the multicolored silver necklace and clipped it around her throat along with a matching bracelet and small earrings that didn’t dangle.


The dress was spaghetti strapped light satin green with a plunging neckline, even though it covered her breasts fully.  The dress had two silver bands around the midsection, spaced about two inches apart, with multicolored stones that matched her jewelry.  It flowed down to her ankles, but had a slit up the left leg that went two inches above the knee.  The straps were the same as the stoned bands, shimmering under the lights.


Genesis had her nails and toes done again in a clear French manicure and pedicure, not needing anymore color.  She slipped into two inch open toed heels that criss-crossed up her calves.  They felt weird at first, but nothing she couldn’t handle as Genesis looked in the full length mirror.  The dress clung to every curve of her body, flowing whenever she walked.  It was absolutely perfect and brought out her sea green eyes.


Genesis looked over her shoulder when a knock sounded at the door, smiling in the reflection at the sight of her little brother.  He was in a crisp black suit with a white underneath shirt, looking like a perfect gentleman.  His ravenous hair was spiked up and he had black shiny dress shoes on his feet with a black tie.


“Well, don’t you look dashing!” Genesis giggled, turning around, smiling when her brother just stared at her with blinking eyes.


“Wow…you look really, really pretty Gennie.” Mitch said with a grin, walking over as she bent down to hug him, hearing a small gasp come from the doorway.


“Is this my little girl?” Mallory whispered, walking over to Genesis, blinking repeatedly as she stood beside Mitch. “You look spectacular sweetheart.”


“Thanks mom.” Genesis murmured, hugging her briefly and stepped back, smiling widely at her mother’s dress. “So do you.”


Mallory blushed, her hair down and curled loosely, giving it a healthy bounce.  The dress was a beautiful satin gold that had a halter top with a plunging neckline, covering both breasts.  It also had a stoned band that had emeralds within it that clung to her midsection and the back had a strip that traveled up her spine and clipped to the back of the halter.  It went down to her ankles, though Mallory was wearing two inch black open toed heels that looked much like Genesis’s.  Her nails and toes were also done and she had a beautiful emerald choker around her neck with matching earrings and a bracelet.


Marisol had a deep red satin dress on that had a plunging neckline and charmeuse halter top, wrapping around her neck.  The bust had silver sequined embellished embroidery that stopped just below her breasts.  The dress was completely backless, though near the waist it plunged with more of the silver embroidery in a V shape.  Her hair was down and straightened in an angled style, dangling ruby earrings hanging from her ears with a matching choker that had rubies within it.  To finish her look off, she wore two inch open toed heels and her makeup was very natural with simple black eyeliner and clear gloss.


Together, all three of them looked very festive and ready for the party.


“Man, I hope I get some presents!” Mitch stated, rolling his eyes when his mother said he was being rude, shrugging his shoulders. “I’m hungry!”


“Just relax buddy, you’ll get presents and food.” Genesis promised with a small giggle, feeling very alive as they all headed down the stairs. 


That smile quickly faltered as Genesis froze on the staircase, blinking in shock, both Marisol and Mallory trying to snap her out of it.  No matter how hard she tried, Genesis couldn’t make her feet move further, swallowing past a huge lump in her throat, her heart rate escalating.  Mallory looked at what her daughter spotted, eyes narrowed slightly at the sight of Daniel Radcliffe, wondering what he was doing there.


“Oh no…” Marisol whispered, seeing Daniel had spotted them, knowing there was no time to get Genesis away from him.


Daniel started heading up the staircase slowly, wearing a crisp midnight blue suit with shiny black shoes, his hair trimmed neatly.  He could not believing how stunning Genesis looked, blue eyes only for her, brushing past the others until he was on the stairs below her.  He could tell she was in shock and chuckled, taking her hand, pressing a soft kiss to the back of it.


“You love stunning, love.” Daniel murmured softly, watching as she slowly blinked, coming out of her shocked state. “Are you alright?”


Genesis slowly slid her hand out of his, shaking herself mentally, not believing he was standing before her. “What are you doing here?” She couldn’t help asking, watching a smile stretch across his lips, remembering the last time she saw him was right after Order of the Phoenix finished filming.


“Your father invited me.” Daniel replied, that smile never faltering on his lips, knowing she would get over his presence as he offered his arm. “May I escort you downstairs, love?”


Chewing her bottom lip, Genesis knew Taylor would be arriving momentarily and Daniel here was not a good thing.  She couldn’t believe her father did this to her, trying not to get upset because this party was in her honor after all, taking a deep breath.  “I can escort myself, thank you anyway Daniel.  I’m sure Katie is looking for you, yes?” She didn’t wait for him to respond, walking around him and heading down the stairs, holding the front of her dress up so she didn’t trip over it.


Daniel turned around, watching her walk away from him, blue eyes narrowed to slits as he went after her. “Now just wait a minute, Genesis,” He paused, stopping her by grabbing her arm, turning her to face him. “What happened in England was a mistake and I never meant for it to happen.”


“Just like you didn’t mean for her to shove her tongue down your throat in front of me at the premiere right?” She snorted, yanking her arm out of his grasp, taking a few deep breaths to calm down. “I don’t want you here, Daniel.  I already told you on the phone we couldn’t work.  Did you think I was blowing smoke?”


“No of course not, but I gave up my family’s Christmas to come here to be with you.  Do you not even appreciate that?” Daniel demanded irritably, folding his arms in front of his chest, not believing how cold she was being toward him. “I still love you, Genesis.”


“I don’t love you anymore, Daniel.  I did once, but you broke my heart when you decided you wanted Katie more than me.” She replied, knowing she’d kept that bottled up inside for a long time.  The media wasn’t the only reason why they split up, though Genesis hated even thinking about Daniel cheating on her with his fellow cast member. “I love someone else.”


Daniel smirked wickedly, raising a slow eyebrow. “Oh please do not tell me it’s that wretched boy, Taylor Lautner!” He chuckled, staring into her sea green eyes, the laughter dying as anger quickly replaced his amusement. “You have GOT to be kidding me!”


“Leave Daniel.” She pointed to the doors just as Taylor stepped inside, swallowing hard, trying not to let him get to her. “You’re not the one I want, not anymore.”


“And you think this CHILD has what I have?” Daniel snapped, wondering why Christian would even think of inviting him, raking a trembling hand through his hair. “No, no you are lying to me.  You still love me!”


“No I don’t.” She said softly and stumbled back when Daniel raised his hand to her.


Before it could connect with her face, a hand shot out and grabbed Daniel’s arm, stopping him in his tracks.  Genesis couldn’t believe Daniel was about to strike her, especially in front of Taylor, watching with wide eyes as Taylor defended her.  The look in his dark eyes was clouded over with pure anger and Genesis cringed when the next second Daniel was on his knees, having been chopped in the back of the neck. 


“What in the hell is going on here?” Christian demanded, storming up, wearing a crisp black tux with a white undershirt, folding his arms in front of his chest.


“Daniel nearly hit me and Taylor stopped him.” Genesis explained, staring into her father’s enraged eyes, who immediately ordered security to escort him off of the premises.


“Jesus, are you alright sweetheart?” Christian demanded, pulling his daughter into his arms, stroking her back up and down soothingly.  He could feel her trembling slightly, looking over at Taylor, who was staring at Genesis with pure worry in his eyes. “I do believe you met your knight in shining armor.” He turned his daughter around to face Taylor and walked away, going to greet the other guests.


Taylor stood there in a crisp black dress shirt with a silver and green tie and black dress pants with shiny dress shoes.  He had a black jacket on, straightening the collar, clearing his throat gruffly.  His hair was done and neatly trimmed, gelled straight in the front.  He looked absolutely breathtaking and Genesis suddenly forgot all about the incident with Daniel, slowly moving toward him.


“Are you okay?” Taylor immediately asked, not greeting her, grabbing her arm gently in his hands to survey the damage.  There was none, which was good, or else he’d end up storming outside to rip Daniel’s head off.


“I’m fine.” Genesis looked up the same time he did, their eyes locking as green met deep brown. “Thank you for stopping him.”


“You’re welcome.” He replied in a huskier voice, slowly releasing her arm, not wanting to step over any boundaries again. “You look absolutely magnificent, beautiful.”


Genesis chuckled softly, the roses in her cheeks blossoming, looking down at the dress and knew she looked like a princess. “I wanted to look my best for tonight.” She admitted softly, chewing her bottom lip, having missed him more than words could say.


Taylor blinked when Genesis threw her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly, and immediately returned the embrace as his face buried in her neck.  She smelled wonderful, her skin very soft as he placed his hands gently against her back.  He didn’t know what came over her, but Taylor wasn’t complaining, smiling softly when she pulled back to stare into his eyes again.


“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.  I missed you so much.” She took his hand in her own, lacing their fingers together, guiding him further inside away from the chilled air since they were by the front doors.


“I missed you too.” Taylor whispered in her ear, bringing her hand up to brush his lips against her knuckles before wrapping his arm around her waist.


There was no way he was letting her out of his sight tonight.


Chapter 16


Mitch had already ate dinner and opened his presents, which Christian had been very generous with.  He got the boy every gaming system out there, shocking Mallory and Genesis, honestly wanting the boy to have a great Christmas.  He knew Mallory was limited on funds, so when she started crying, he pulled her aside to comfort her, letting her know it was no big deal and he was happy to do it.  Mallory offered to pay him for the gifts, but all Christian did was kiss the back of her hand, flat out refusing.


Genesis’s face was starting to hurt from how much smiling she was doing, greeting everyone and anyone her father invited.  Everywhere she turned, someone was pulling her aside to talk to her about what she did for a living.  She got so many compliments about her dress and kept being reminded how much she looked like her father.


Taylor had disappeared into the crowd, talking with some people who he co-starred with in previous movies, including George Lopez.  He’d gone on Lopez Tonight about a week after New Moon came out in theaters, which was one of Genesis’s favorite interviews.  He was adorable with those unbelievable dazzling teeth that made him smile light up any room.


Deciding she needed some air, Genesis disappeared through the crowd, surprisingly not being stopped, and finally arrived on the veranda.  She closed her eyes and inhaled the night air, clouds coming from her mouth from how cold it was.  It felt good against her heated skin though as she walked over to lean against the ledge, staring out the beautiful city lights of New York.


A fur coat suddenly went over her shoulders, causing her to turn her head, smiling at the sight of Taylor. “You’re going to freeze out here without it.” He murmured, placing his hands on her shoulders so it didn’t fall off.


“Thanks.” She snuggled into the warmth of the coat, not minding when his arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her close to him. “Are you enjoying yourself?”


“Yeah, this is some party your dad threw.” Taylor replied with a small chuckle, knowing she wasn’t used to all the attention. “How’re you holding up with all the media and everything?”


“I’m fine.  I’ve gotten used to it.  It’s not as bad as I thought it would be.” She slowly turned around, staring up into his eyes, and bit her bottom lip when his hand came up to gently cup her face. “Taylor…”


“Shut up.” He whispered, bending down to softly brush his lips against hers, instantly tasting strawberries with a sigh. “What are we doing, Genesis?”


“I don’t know.” She breathed, not believing how much that small caress affected her, swallowing hard. “W-We should head back inside the party…”


Taylor wasn’t letting her move though, having her pinned to the balcony ledge, staring deeper in those sea green eyes. “They can wait.” His lips descended on hers again, one arm snaking around her waist, gently running his thumb back and forth across her cheek.


Genesis didn’t fight him off, sliding her hands up his strong arms to wrap around his neck, returning the kiss instantly as it grew deeper.  Her entire body trembled as the coat fell from her shoulders, knowing all the warmth she needed was in Taylor’s arms.  Once again, her heart was winning the battle, forcing her to feel what she’d tried for the past few months to shut away.


“Genesis…” Taylor mumbled against her lips, pulling her away from the ledge, never releasing her, slowly pressing tender kisses down her jaw to her ear, her scent completely overtaking him. “I love you.” He whispered huskily in her ear, closing his eyes when her body tensed in his arms, tightening them a little more.


Oh god he said it!  He actually said it and Genesis was standing there looking like a terrified deer caught in the headlights.  What Chaske told her was true and Genesis had no unearthly clue how to respond.


“Taylor, I…”


“There you are!”


Taylor immediately released her as a small boy rushed towards her, taking her hand.  Genesis never loved her brother as much as she did at that moment, smiling down at him.  Her lips still tingled from Taylor’s kisses, but she also couldn’t tell him she loved him.  That would completely turn her world upside down and Genesis wasn’t ready for it.  She didn’t know if she’d ever be either.


“Come on Gennie!  You have to see all the gaming stuff your dad got me!!” Mitch ordered excitedly, already pulling his sister by the hand inside the mansion.


Genesis looked over her shoulder, glancing one last time at Taylor, before being yanked back inside. “Isn’t this cool?” She asked, holding up a controller contraption that went to his WII, not believing how much her father had spent on her brother.  That was probably due to the fact that Jaden and Eliana couldn’t be here to celebrate the holidays this year.


“Yeah!!  Look at what else he got me!!” Mitch exclaimed, holding up all kinds of parts, grinning from ear to ear with sparkling sea green eyes. “What did you get?”


“I haven’t opened mine yet, buddy.” She replied, too busy watching how excited her brother became over his gifts, ruffling his hair when he started shoving her presents at her. “I’ll open them later…”


“No now please?” Mitch pulled the full power of the puppy dog eyes and Genesis sighed, knowing she was helpless against them. “I wanna watch you open them!”


“Alright fine.” She agreed reluctantly, looking up at her father and mother walked up, still not believing how blessed she was to have a family like this.  They didn’t get along, but were willing to come together for the holidays for her.  No matter what was in the packages, Genesis knew she’d already gotten the greatest gift in the world.


Mitch scooted closer to his sister, leaning his head against her shoulder, and grinned when she handed one of her small gifts over to him to open. “You want me to help you?” He asked hopefully and Genesis nodded, kissing the top of his head, winking over at her mother.


Mallory had tears in her eyes, not believing how truly blessed she was to have a daughter like Genesis in her life.  She treated her brother like gold, always willing to help him with anything if she could.  She was the primary reason why Mitch was going to a private school to get a better education, which he absolutely loved.  She was the best big sister in the world and Mallory didn’t care if she was biased, walking over to join her children, kissing both of them on the cheek.


Christian walked over as well, wanting to be near his daughter, most of the company having left already.  Genesis didn’t realize how long she and Taylor had been out on the veranda, but then again, every time he kissed her time completely stopped.  Marisol and Alex sat on the couch, their hands clasped together with her head leaning against his shoulder, enjoying the peacefulness.


Taylor walked back inside at that moment, staying in the shadows, watching with a heavy heart the happy family before him.  It made him wish he could be a part of it with Genesis, closing his eyes painfully.  He wished Genesis would’ve finished what she said, dying to know if she felt the same way he did, still not believing he dropped the L word on her.


“Hey Taylor, get your ass over here and join us!” Alex called with a smile, causing everyone to turn around to face him.


Mallory cleared her throat and walked over, taking Taylor’s hand in her own, warm sea green eyes assuring.  What was it about those eyes that made Taylor completely melt?  She guided him over to where they all sat in front of the Christmas tree, Genesis letting her brother open most of her gifts. 


“I know my daughter seems the distant type, but I assure you she has a strong heart.” Mallory said quietly to where only Taylor could hear her, smiling widely when her daughter opened a DVD she wanted.


Taylor nodded, having a feeling Mallory wanted to talk to him more privately, deciding to just let her continue.


“But she can be VERY stubborn at times as well.” Mallory chuckled softly, watching Mitch open up another DVD, tossing it to the side gently before ripping open another gift. “She reminds me so much of myself when Christian tried telling me he loved me.”


This surprised Taylor as he looked over at her, seeing the pure love shining in Mallory’s eyes for her children.  She reminded him of his mother, who would do anything to keep him and his sister happy.  Mallory was a hero in Genesis because of how she talked about her, like nobody could ever hold a candle to her.  Taylor saw why now, looking back at Genesis with those dark piercing eyes.


“Come with me.” She knew Genesis was too engrossed with her brother and gifts to notice her disappearance, guiding Taylor into the dining room. “The only reason I’m telling you this, Taylor, is because I see how much you love my daughter.  And I know she loves you.”


“I wouldn’t be too sure of that, Ms. Marvin.” Taylor softly whispered, lowering his gaze to the floor, only for her to lift his chin back up to meet those sea green orbs again.


“Please call me Mallory.” She requested softly and sat down at the dining room table, where desserts were sprawled everywhere. “Chris and I never had a one night stand like Gennie thinks.” Mallory sighed gently, clasping her hands in her lap, lowering her head. “I lied to her about what really happened.”


“Do you mind me asking what did happen?” Taylor wondered why Mallory  was telling him this and sat down beside her, seeing how much she struggling.


“The truth is Chris and I fell deeply in love with each other.  We dated for two years.  We were eighteen and crazy about each other, but I never could tell him how I really felt.  He told me he loved me, but all my life all I’d ever seen was love failing around me.  I didn’t want that happening with us and figured if I told him how I really felt it would just ruin everything.” Mallory explained, tears shining in her eyes as she turned her head away, wiping a stray tear away from her cheek. “When I found out I was pregnant with Genesis, I ran away from him.  I told him I didn’t love him, but I wanted him in his daughter’s life.  I destroyed him because of my stupid insecurities, Taylor.  The same insecurities I know my daughter is feeling about you right now.”


Taylor blinked, truly not expecting to hear anything like this, eyes narrowing slightly. “Why did you lie to him?” He asked quietly, having a feeling he already knew the answer.


Mallory slowly looked back at him, the pain in her sea green eyes perceptible. “I was scared of getting hurt and the fame that he carried with him.  Because of my own fear, I let the best thing that ever happened to me slip through my fingers.  I don’t want my daughter going through that same pain I did.  I’ve already had a talk with her about you, but I’m not going to tell you what she said.  I want her to tell you herself and she will.  Just…don’t give up on her.”


“I told her I loved her.” Taylor admitted, still not believing what a fool he’d been, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. “I know I’m young and I just turned eighteen, but I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.  I love your daughter, Mallory.  I would never let anyone or anything hurt her and I would protect her with my life.”


Mallory smiled gently, nodding as she patted his hand. “I know you would.  You proved that tonight when that wretched Daniel Radcliffe showed up and nearly destroyed my daughter’s party.  Thank you for that, by the way.”


“No thanks necessary.” Taylor waved her off dismissively, standing up from the table when she did, knowing their conversation was coming to an end. “I love her, Mallory, but I also can’t keep chasing after her.  I’m starting to wonder if the chase is really worth the reward.”


“Give her sometime and then try one more time.  If she rejects you again, you’ll have your answer and she will make the same mistake I did with Chris.” Mallory replied, knowing if her daughter ever found about this conversation she had with Taylor, she’d never trust either of them again. “Taylor, one more thing…”


“This stays between us.” Taylor smiled when Mallory chuckled, blinking when she pulled him into a motherly embrace and kissed his cheek.


“You are a good man.  Your mother should be very proud of the son she raised.” Mallory stated, cupping his face in her soft hands, kissing his other cheek. “Thank you for listening to me.”


Taylor nodded and watched Mallory walk out of the dining room, standing there rubbing his cheek.  Give her one more chance…Taylor decided he would take his leave tonight and leave Genesis alone until they came back from the break.  Breaking Dawn II had to be completed and that would give her a few more weeks to think over what he told her.  She knew how he felt, now the ball was in her court.


“Mom, where’s Taylor?” Genesis asked a little while later, having opened all of her gifts with Mitch, having looked all over the mansion for him.


“He left.” Mallory replied, turning around to face her daughter, sighing gently. “He had to catch a flight back to be with his parents for the remainder of the holidays.” She lied smoothly, already knowing the real reasoning behind Taylor’s absence.


“Oh.” Genesis’s heart sank to the pit of her stomach, trying not to let it bother her. “I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.”


“That’s alright, sweetheart.” Mallory walked over, placing a hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “Just say hello the next time you see each other.” She walked out with a cup of coffee, wanting to sit by the Christmas tree for awhile.


“Taylor…” Genesis whispered, walking out of the kitchen and headed upstairs, suddenly feeling very drained from everything that happened.


Christian watched his daughter walk up to her room, frowning, seeing how defeated she looked and wondered what Mallory said to Taylor.  He’d noticed them leave the room while Genesis was opening gifts and decided to find out, heading into the foyer where the Christmas tree stood brightly lit up.


“What did you say to him?” Christian demanded quietly, sitting down in a nearby chair, glancing over at Mallory.


“What needed to be said.” Mallory replied softly, setting her coffee down, the gold dress she wore shimmering.


“That doesn’t really explain a lot, Mallory.” Christian’s voice was low and gruff, folding his arms in front of his chest, wearing just a white dress shirt, the tie and jacket gone along with the dress shoes.  “What exactly did you tell him?”


“It doesn’t matter.” Mallory stood up and began walking out, but Christian stopped her, his hand wrapping around her arm.  He pulled her back to stand in front of him, tears glistening in her eyes. “Christian, I’m very tired.”


He caught a tear on his finger that escaped her eyes, inhaling sharply at the pain he saw, pulling her closer to him. “Mallory…” He pressed his forehead against hers, still not believing after all this time she was incredibly stubborn. “What did you say to him?”


He wasn’t going to drop this until she came clean, so Mallory decided to just come out with the truth. “I told him I hope Genesis doesn’t make the same mistake I did with you.”


“What mistake was that?” Christian asked, feeling his chest constrict, ready for the killer blow he only knew she could deliver.


“Lying to you about how I truly felt back then.” Mallory wiped a few tears away, trembling slightly when his arm wrapped around her waist. “Chris-”


He pressed a finger to her lips and soon replaced it with his lips.


Neither saw Genesis as watched in the darkness, silent tears streaming down her cheeks, knowing she’d made a grave mistake with Taylor.


Chapter 17


“So, how was your New Years?” Marisol asked, walking through the Vancouver airport, both of them heading to the movie set after a two month break. “Anything special happen?”


“Actually, something huge happened.” Genesis still couldn’t believe it, but couldn’t have been happier. “My mom and dad sort of got married on New Year’s Day…”


“WHOA WHAT?!” Marisol’s eyes shot out of their sockets as she froze mid-step, blinking, wondering if Genesis was pulling her leg. “Wow, when did that happen?”


“Christmas night my dad proposed to her and my mom accepted.  I overheard them talking, but they didn’t know it.  My mom apparently dated my dad for two years and lied to him about how she felt.” Genesis looked away from Marisol, already knowing what she was going to say. “Before you even think about saying it…”


“Do I honestly have to?”


Genesis sighed with relief, shaking her head. “Thank you Mari.” She said, walking out of the airport as they both slid in the car that would take them to the hotel.


“You do realize what you have to do now though right?” Marisol raised a knowing eyebrow, seeing the hesitation in Genesis’s eyes. “The boy confessed he loved you, Gen.  Just get your head out of your ass and tell him already!”


“I’m going to.” Genesis wished she could sound convincing, chewing her thumbnail nervously. “I just can’t help thinking about all the movie roles he has lined up after Breaking Dawn.  We’ll hardly see each other and…”


“And shit belongs in a toilet bowl.  You need to stop being a chickenshit and just tell him how you feel already.  Do you really want to make the same mistake your mother made when she was your age?” Marisol demanded, knowing she was possibly the only one who could put things in a realistic perspective for Genesis. “If you don’t tell him soon, you will lose him and then you’ll have nobody to blame but yourself.”


Genesis blinked, never really thinking about it like that, chewing her bottom lip thoughtfully. “I will tell him, I just need a little more time.” She knew there wasn’t much of it left because Taylor’s patience was wearing thin, but Genesis had to make sure this was absolutely what she wanted.


There was no turning back once she said those three dreadful words.


“If I were you, I wouldn’t make him wait too much longer.” Marisol stated, folding her arms in front of her chest, leaning back against the seat as she stared out the window.


Genesis looked over at Marisol, arching an eyebrow, wondering how she was keeping everything together. “You’re in the same boat as me except the difference being you have the guy.  What are you going to do once this movie is over?” She couldn’t help asking because Genesis knew Marisol would go to another movie while Alex did something else.


“Alex and I already talked about it.  We’ve decided we’ll cross that bridge when it comes.  There’s no point in trying to plan the future because we don’t know where I’ll be and where he’ll be.” Marisol replied, taking Genesis’s hand and giving it a gentle squeeze. “Just tell him, Gen.”


The rest of the ride was made in silence, each woman in their own thoughts, not believing they were nearing the end of the saga.  It was bittersweet because all they’d known for the past few years was the cast they worked with.  It would feel foreign working with anyone else after this, but both knew it would happen eventually.  They couldn’t very well just quit after the last part of Breaking Dawn was filmed.


Chris Weitz was waiting for everyone to arrive, needing to have a small meeting to welcome them back and whatnot.  They had three months to get this wrapped up once and for all, which meant zero mistakes could happen.  The meeting lasted for about twenty minutes and all Genesis could do was think about what she was going to tell Taylor.  He was standing across the way from her next to Chaske, eyes completely focused on the director.


Once the meeting ended, everyone went to their respective stations to get ready, knowing there wasn’t time to talk or reminiscence.  When Taylor sat in Genesis’s chair, no words were spoken between the two as she simply did his hair, biting her tongue several times to keep from blurting out what she’d rehearsed.  She walked over to stand in front of him and did the bronzing, keeping her eyes locked on the task at hand, knowing if she stared into those dark orbs even once, she would cave.


Taylor raised a slow eyebrow, noticing the change in Genesis, wondering what was going on with her now.  She wasn’t distant and looked as if she was trying not to speak.  He knew there was no time right now, needing to stay in character, closing his eyes to remain Jacob Black.  He stood up once he was finished, squaring his shoulders, eyes darker than normal because he had to bring Jacob Black to life.


“Hey sweetie congrats on the wedding.” Tinsel stated, refusing to listen to Chris’s so called meeting, rolling her eyes when Genesis’s eyes widened.


Taylor heard that and immediately felt his heart drop in the pit of his stomach, clenching his fists tightly at his sides, jaw clenched angrily.  So she’d gotten married…that was fine, he was finished with Genesis once and for all.  Taking a deep breath, Taylor completely immersed himself in Jacob Black and took off running toward where they’d be doing the first scene of the second part of Breaking Dawn.


“Thanks, my mom is really happy about it.” Genesis replied with a sweet smile, starting the transformation on Tinsel, sighing because the woman was constantly messing with her hair. “You should really wait until AFTER the movie is through before changing your hair.”


“Oh I know, but you know it goes.  I had to look fabulous for the holidays.  Sorry I couldn’t make it to your party.  Was it fun?” She rambled, being charismatic as ever, though it did fit her character because Emily was sweet and energetic. 


Genesis nodded and went into a full explanation about what happened, leaving the details out about Taylor naturally.  She’d had a blast with her brother, already missing Mitch something fierce, but knew she’d see him again after the movie was over.  She’d have about a three month break before starting her next movie.  Still not able to grasp the concept her parents were now married, Genesis went into detail about the wedding and whatnot, which was a simple ceremony in Christian’s huge backyard with close friends and family.


“That sounds lovely.”


Tinsel sighed wistfully and allowed Genesis to blow-dry her hair before straightening it.  Makeup and a bit of bronzing followed before Tinsel was finished, heading off in the same direction Taylor had, thanking Genesis for her incredible work as usual.  Genesis just waved her off dismissively and continued working throughout the day, knowing it was going to be long.


Sixteen hours later and everyone was ready to fall over, Chris finally ending the filming for the day.  Genesis looked dead on her feet, trudging up the hill toward the cars, yawning loudly.  She still needed a workout, deciding there was no way she had the strength to run on a treadmill.  So she would do the next best thing to help keep her fit in swimming.


Genesis was waiting for Taylor, frowning when Marisol told her he left early to do some promotional work for another movie he’d briefly done during the break.  That wasn’t surprising; the boy was constantly on the move.  She would catch him sooner or later, deciding not to worry about it right now.  Slipping into the car, Genesis closed her eyes as it drove off toward the hotel.


Once at the hotel, Genesis went up to her room to take a quick shower to wake up, letting the sprays flow over her body.  She knew it was somewhat stupid to take a shower since she’d be diving into chlorine water later, but felt too grimy from being outside in the cold and snow all day.  Genesis quickly washed her hair and body before stepping out, feeling a little more rejuvenated. 


Slipping in her deep blue bikini that had a halter top tying around her neck, Genesis towel dried her hair before wrapping a towel around her waist, slipping in her shoes.  She grabbed her key card and cell phone, in case someone decided to call, even though she knew her parents were currently on their honeymoon in Paris, France.  She smiled at the thought of her parents riding a gondola, sipping fruity drinks and making out under the Eiffel Tower, knowing they loved each other deeply.


Genesis slipped her key card into the pool room and stepped inside, closing the door securely behind her, sighing when she didn’t see anyone else there.  She unwound the towel around her waist, draping it over a chair, and slid out of her shoes before going up to the diving board.  Two hundred laps would it and then she’d relax in the Jacuzzi to relax her muscles before calling it a night.  They had to be up at four A.M. to start filming the movie again so Genesis needed all the rest she could get.


Taylor’s blood was hot as he stormed down to the pool room, needing cool water to help keep his temper in check.  He still couldn’t believe Genesis got married and didn’t even have the nerve to tell him!  She kissed him on the veranda and allowed him to make a complete fool of himself by professing his love for her.  Then on top of that, her mother had the impudence to tell him not to give up on Genesis when she probably knew her daughter was getting hitched to begin with!


Throwing open the door, Taylor didn’t even realize someone else was in there, wearing simple black trunks.  He’d tried working out his aggression in the workout room with normal martial arts exercises and then hit the military press, but nothing worked.  He was livid and it clearly showed as the black fire burned in his eyes.  Growling, Taylor threw his stuff in the corner before diving in the deep end, beginning to do laps.


Genesis was completely zoned in to what she was doing, not realizing Taylor was in the same water as she was, until they collided.  Luckily it was their legs instead of heads, both surfacing at the same time, coughing water.  Genesis whipped around, blinking water out of her eyes, and saw Taylor was staring daggers through her. 


“Oh hey, I didn’t know you were in here.” She said lamely, biting her bottom lip, knowing this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.


“I didn’t know you were either or believe me I wouldn’t have jumped in.” Taylor spat angrily, already heading toward the edge to pull himself out, but Genesis stopped him by grabbing his arm. “Genesis, let go of my arm right now.”


She was taken aback by his cold attitude, swallowing hard, her hand slipping from his as confusion registered in her eyes. “Look Taylor, I know you’re upset about what happened at my dad’s…”


“Upset?  No, no I’m not upset.  Why would I be upset?  I tell you I love you and…” Taylor shook his head, refusing to go into it with her again, yanking his arm out of her grasp when she went to stop him from getting out again. “Genesis, you made it perfectly clear that you don’t want me, so I’m just going to leave and go to my room.”


Her heart began hammering fiercely in her chest, stopping him and this time yanking him in the water, both of them going under water briefly. “What are you talking about?” She demanded, blinking water out of her eyes again, rubbing them. “Taylor, you have to let me explain…”


“Explain?  Explain what?  Genesis, I told you LOVED you.  What is there to explain?” He demanded sharply, his voice cutting through her to the core, but he didn’t care.  She’d cut him enough times so it was payback time, folding his arms in front of his chest.


“The fact that I love you too!” Genesis shouted when he went to get out again, stopping him for the third time, feeling every part of his body freeze under her touch.  She immediately pulled back, tears shining in her eyes, knowing it was too late.  She’d wasted too much time and now she was paying for it.


Taylor’s breathing became incredibly labored, closing his eyes tightly shut, slowly sinking back down in the water. “What did you just say?” He asked in a shaky voice, gripping the ledge so hard his knuckles turned white, refusing to face her again. “Genesis…”


“I-I said I love you.” She repeated, a few tears trickling down her cheeks into the water. “But it’s too late for us isn’t it?  I should’ve known better.” She didn’t give him a chance to say anything and dived under the water, swimming over the other side, not noticing he was right behind her.  Taylor reached up and pulled her off the ladder, the reflection of the water dancing on their bodies as he pinned her against the wall. “No, let me go!”


“No, what the hell do you mean you love me?” Taylor stared at her hardening, wondering if she was messing with him again, his heart hammering powerfully against his chest. “Genesis, what about what happened during your break?”


“What do you mean?” She sniffled, wiping a few tears away from her eyes, staring at his muscular chest, knowing she couldn’t get away from him right now.  He literally had her pinned to the wall, his arms on either side, his knee pressed between her legs so she couldn’t even kick him.  Not that she ever would because Genesis didn’t have the heart to do it. “Nothing happened during my break besides my parents getting married.”


Taylor felt his heart instantly lift, the pieces glued back together within seconds, breathing becoming ragged by now. “Your parents got married?” He asked slowly, trying to hold onto the last sliver of hope within him. “You’re telling me your parents got married and…” He swallowed hard, pausing briefly because of how dry his mouth became. “You didn’t?”


Genesis’s eyes widened to the size of saucers, wondering what the hell he was talking about, blinking. “Me?  You thought I got married?” She watched him nod, seeing the pure seriousness in his eyes, and bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing. “Taylor…” She couldn’t even go on and burst out laughing, pressing her forehead against his chest, shaking her head in disbelief.


Taylor didn’t find it one bit amusing, watching Genesis get a good crackup out of this, waiting patiently until it passed. “I overheard you and Tinsel talking about a wedding that happened on New Year’s Day.  I thought it was you.” He grumbled and that just made her laugh harder, rolling his eyes.


“Oh…Oh god it hurts!” She couldn’t stop laughing no matter how hard she tried, stopping him from swimming away from her. “Taylor wait, please wait…” She had to get herself under control, seeing how embarrassed he was, moving him back to pin her to the wall again. “Taylor, how could I possibly marry someone else when I’m in love with you?”


“I didn’t know you were.” Taylor rumbled softly, seeing the truth swimming in her sea green eyes, running a finger down her cheek. “I didn’t know you felt the same about me as I did you.  You didn’t seem like it that night at your dad’s.”


“That’s because I was fighting how I truly felt for you.” She admitted, biting her bottom lip, wrapping her arms around his neck. “I’m tired of running away from you, Taylor Lautner.  I’m tired of hiding how I feel and consequences be damned.  I love you and I’m so in love with you that it’s frightening.”


“Frightening?” Taylor chuckled this time, pulling her closer against his strong body, wrapping her in his strong arms. “Why on earth would you ever be scared of us, beautiful?”


“There are a lot of reasons, but I’m not scared anymore.  I want to be with you and I don’t care what anyone else says or thinks.  It’s just you and me now.  It’s just us.” She caressed his face lovingly with her hand, staring deeper into his eyes, feeling heat instantly flood her body. “Now come here.”


A soft groan escaped Taylor’s lips as soon as they touched Genesis’s, tightening his arms around her even more, knowing she truly meant what she said.  She loved him and he loved her, the truth had finally come out.  He pulled back when they were both breathless, eyes smoldering with desire, needing her more than anything at that moment.


“Let’s take this upstairs.”


Genesis nodded in full agreement, both of them getting out of the pool and grabbed their things, kissing and touching all the way up to her room.


Chapter 18


Genesis could barely get the door open when Taylor’s lips sealed to her neck, making it very difficult to focus on getting inside the room.  Her hands were gripping his shoulders, trying to keep her balance, and turned around with her back pressed against his chest.  She could feel the heat between them building and felt his hands slide down her sides, gripping her hips in his muscular hands, lips never leaving her neck.


Finally moving to shove the door open, Genesis leaned her head back against his shoulder, wrapping her arm around his neck as she melted into him.  He was driving her crazy with his nibbling and sucking, knowing there was plenty more where that came from.  Genesis turned around and yanked him inside the room by the waistband of his trunks, smirking when he kicked the door closed, immediately crushing their bodies together.


Genesis moaned in his mouth, kissing him with a fever pitch, and felt him lift her up by the waist, planting her against the wall.  Her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist, running her hands up and down his chest, grinding herself against him.  Taylor instantly hardened against her bikini covered crotch and Genesis nearly lost her breath, kissing him harder. 


Moving her from the wall, Genesis’s back met the soft bedding, their lips parting as she stared into Taylor’s blackened eyes clouded over with desire.  She snaked her pink tongue out to wet her lips and Taylor groaned from low in his throat, hardening even more.  She was driving him crazy and immediately sealed his lips to her neck again, their bodies still wet from the pool.  That just made the moment even more erotic as his tongue slid across her soft skin.  It ran from her neck down her jaw to her ear, sucking and nibbling on her earlobe. 


Taylor loved how Genesis writhed beneath him, arching her body against him, loving the feeling of her hands sliding up and down his masculine arms.  He’d worked out earlier too so his body was on fire from every which way, ecstasy running through his veins.  Running his tongue from her ear across her throat to the perform the same treatment to her other ear, Taylor’s hand slid down her flat toned stomach, sliding beneath the thin fabric of her bikini bottoms, feeling her heat against his fingers.  He hadn’t even touched her yet and already knew she was ready to take this to the next step.


“Taylor…” She breathed out, head clouding in that passion haze only he could create, gasping at the feeling of his middle finger probing her moist sex, arching her back even further. “Oh god…”


“Feel good beautiful?” He rumbled huskily in her ear, smirking when she nodded and slid his finger further between her wet folds, hearing another sharp gasp escape her.


“Exquisite...” She breathed, her voice not working at the moment, and gripped his wrist when he began sliding his finger slowly in and out of her.  It’d been so long since she’d been touched, Genesis was losing herself fast, gripping her hair with her free hand. “Faster…”


Taylor knew she was begging to release, but he wasn’t going to be merciful, at least not yet. “How about we lose these first?” He suggested, plucking her wet bottoms from her skin, snapping them like she had with his trunks. 


Nodding frantically, Genesis began reaching down and was pushed back, watching through darkened green eyes as Taylor pulled away from her.  He lowered himself in front of her, gripping her hips and slid her to the edge of the bed.  The hunger in his eyes completely stole her breath away as Genesis watched him raise her leg up enough to press soft kisses up her left calve.  He was going to drive her to the brink of insanity, she simply knew it and Genesis was ready to dive head first in it.


He kissed his way to her thigh, spreading it wide enough to nip the tender flesh, emanating deep throaty moans from Genesis.  That’s what he wanted, he loved hearing what he was doing to her and how much she enjoyed it.  Taylor wasn’t finished though, licking his lips keenly, and proceeded to lower her left leg before going after the right, performing the same treatment.  He watched as Genesis thrashed her head back and forth, gripping the comforter with her French manicured nails, growling from low in his throat.  She was beautiful everywhere, there wasn’t a speck of Genesis’s body Taylor didn’t love.


“Ohh you’re definitely not as innocent as you seem.” Genesis stated between gasps of air, her heart feeling as though it wanted to leap out of her chest.  He definitely had experience in the bedroom department, even though most people thought he was virginal.  Right now, with what he was doing to her, Genesis knew for a fact that wasn’t true and she was glad for it.


Taylor chuckled huskily, his voice dropping an octave, the passion beginning to consume him whole. “The media only knows what I tell them and nothing more.” He assured her, that voice sending tremors throughout her body, and gasped when Taylor’s fingertip ran up her bikini covered slit.


Genesis couldn’t agree more and felt his hands slide up her legs to grip her thighs, hovering fully over her.  His eyes locked with hers briefly before beginning his torturous assault with his tongue again on her neck, feeling her fingers instantly grip his wet hair in her fingers.  He growled, ravishing her lips with his next, and finally reached behind to untie the halter top.  He pulled it down to expose her beautifully shaped breasts, licking his lips.  They were so perfect and he smirked, already seeing her nipples erect, leaning down to smooth them out with his scorching tongue.


Genesis instantly brought her legs up, feet planted on the bedding with Taylor between her legs, where she wanted him to be.  Her fingers delved in his hair as his tongue teased her nipples, suckling, feeling them instantly harden to little pebbles.  Only for him to smooth them over and start the process again.  He was driving Genesis over the edge slowly as she reached behind with trembling fingers, untying the rest of her bikini top, tossing it to the floor, moaning uncontrollably.


Groaning, Taylor moved from her breasts reluctantly, giving her nipples one last flick before sliding his tongue and lips down her body, pressing soft kisses to certain spots.  He could smell her arousal and growled, the sound reverberating around the room.  Genesis lay back on the bed, feeling his mouth caressing her hips, knowing he was so close to what she really wanted him to tease.  Taylor knew it’s what she wanted to, but wanted to make absolutely sure, reaching down to slid a finger as deep inside of her tight folds as he could possibly get.  She was soaking and Taylor licked his lips, feeling his erection throbbing through the wet confining trunks. 


It would have to wait though because Taylor wasn’t nearly done with her, wanting to taste and lick every inch of Genesis’s body before finally claiming what he truly wanted.  Pulling her legs to drape over his broad shoulders, Taylor gripped her hips to keep her steady before beginning to kiss around her sex, feeling the heat rush across his face.  The smell was intoxicating and made him drunk for her, like a raging alcoholic in a room of the finest wine.  She was the finest wine and he was going to drink every last drop he possibly could. 


Sliding his tongue up her slit, Taylor tasted her for the first time and had to pull back to compose himself, trembling from head to toe, not believing how truly exquisite it was.  He immediately delved in, thrusting his tongue as deep inside of her as it could go, hearing her cries of passion.  He didn’t stop the assault, adding a finger for added leverage, wanting her to cum so bad he could practically taste it.  He wanted to give her absolutely everything he had on this night, including make her feel like she was the only woman in his world and the next.


“Ohh Ohhh Taylor!!” She cried out, arching her hips and groaned in protest when he kept them planted on the bed, working his tongue in and out of her hot sex. 


His finger was doing most of the inside work while his tongue kept running up and down her throbbing clit, knowing she was close to releasing.  Something was holding her back though and Taylor didn’t like that.  His eyes moved until they locked with hers, never stopping the thrusting, silently pleading with her to just let go. 


Genesis could feel her climax building rapidly, the hot coil within her body ready to spring free, her thighs beginning to tense and tremble with pure anticipation.  Her nails gripped and dug into the comforter, not wanting to tear his hair out because she loved it too much to ruin.  She hit the bedding several times, crying and moaning out, face contorting in anguished passion as the ecstasy washed over her.


His eyes closed when he felt her walls cave in around his tongue, thrusting even harder and faster, pulling his finger out as he gripped her thighs, keeping her from leaping at him.  He heard her cry out as the explosion happened, her sweet juices completely coating his tongue and sliding down his throat, growling hungrily as he completely devoured her.  Genesis fell back on the bed, beads of sweat forming on her forehead, her body coated with perspiration and a mixture of the water from the pool, licking her dry lips. 


Taylor finished and sucked on her swollen bud, making sure he got everything, before slowly crawling up her body.  He kissed her lips passionately, feeling her nails dig into his chest lightly, knowing she had to recover from what he just put her through.  That wasn’t going to happen though, he had her right where he wanted her and pulled back enough to slide his trunks off, quickly joining her in bed.  Genesis moaned when his lips captured hers again in a slow, sensual kiss that relit the fire as it spread throughout her body quickly. 


Her legs moved to wrap around Taylor’s waist, cupping his face in her hands, never breaking the kiss and moaned in his mouth when she felt his tip slide up and down her slit.  He was teasing her again and Genesis could barely stand it, deepening the kiss as they practically swallowed each other’s tongues.  Taylor pulled back first, locking eyes with Genesis before beginning to push past her wet folds, her hot sex enveloping him instantly. 


A low growl erupted from his throat as Taylor felt her ankles lock around his waist, gripping her hips as both bodies trembled with desire.  Taylor hovered over her, gripping the bedding to try to maintain control, but it was failing miserably just by the look in her eyes.  She was pleading with him to end both of their suffering and Taylor couldn’t hold back any longer. 


With one snap of his powerful hips, Taylor sunk himself deep inside of her, loving to hear her cries against him.  He didn’t stop and slid back out before snapping his hips again, beginning to thrust inside of her.  Genesis pulled him down to press their bodies together, wrapping her arms around his neck, feeling his hips working against hers as she met him thrust for thrust.  Their lips met again briefly before Taylor sat up, gaining more speed and leverage in his thrusts.


The military position wasn’t working for either as Taylor slid out of her, moving to spoon behind her as he lifted her leg to drape over his, wrapping his arm around her waist.  His lips sealed to her neck, the spot just below her earlobe as he slid inside of her again, completely filling her to the core.  Genesis cries quickly turned into screams, especially when Taylor’s hand slid down to her wet sex to finger her clit, giving her the ultimate pleasure. 


Taylor began thrusting as hard and fast as he possibly could, going slow at first, his lips never moving from her neck as she writhed against him.  Her arm reached up, wrapping around his neck, gripping his hair in her fingers as she moved back against him.  Their bodies moved in rhythmic thrusts, the sounds of flesh smacking flesh quickly echoing throughout the room.  Taylor growled in her ear, knowing no words had to be said, both of their climaxes building.  When he went to move, Genesis refused it as she laced their fingers together to press against her stomach, moving against him even harder, crazy out of her mind with the heat that rushed over her body. 


“I’m so close…god don’t stop…” She whimpered out, moving her head as their lips met in a heated kiss, both breathing incredibly erratic. 


Taylor wasn’t going to deny her anything at this point, burying his hand in her hair and yanking gently, completely devouring her neck with his lips and tongue.  Both of their hands traveled down to cup her dripping sex, his thumb rubbing up and down her swollen bud, wanting to bring her to the end of their torment.  Taylor could feel his erection ready to explode, but fought it back as he wanted her to climax first, showing her his true power.


Genesis couldn’t take it anymore and finally couldn’t take it anymore as her juices completely coated his throbbing cock, wrapping him in a tight vise grip. “TAYLOR!” She could barely breathe, her heart pounding furiously as he rode out her first climax, quickly releasing for a second time seconds after the first one, her entire body shuddering with intensity.


“GENESIS!” He finally bellowed out, feeling the end was here as he thrust a few more times inside of her receptive body, finally spilling his seed as he held her tightly against him. 


Genesis moved with him until they both finally slowed to a stop, sinking against each other as sheer exhaustion hit.  Taylor was afraid her heart would explode with how fast it was beating, knowing his felt like it would do the same thing.  He blinked rapidly, pressing soft kisses against her neck, slipping out of her as he instantly softened.  Both sighed in contentment as they snuggled against each other, just trying to come down from the incredible heights their love making took them to. 


“I love you, Gen.” He whispered, smiling as she moved to lie on her back, her hand reaching up to cup his cheek lovingly. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this.”


“I have a pretty good idea because it’s probably been as long as me.” She replied and reached up, kissing his lips softly. “I love you too, Taylor.” She rubbed her nose against his, finally feeling the happiness completely consume her mixed with tranquility.


“How long have you wanted to be with me?” Taylor asked curiously, arching a black eyebrow, and watched her cheeks flush a deep red. “Oh boy, do I wanna know?”


“Do you?” She challenged, looking up at him shyly, sea green eyes shining when he nodded. “Since I was hired for Twilight.”


Taylor breathed a huge sigh of relief, wrapping her in his strong arms, resting his head against her chest as she began playing with his hair. “Thank god I wasn’t the only one.” He rumbled, causing both of them to chuckle.  Taylor pulled the blankets up over them, wrapping his arms around her waist, refusing to move as her heartbeat lulled him into a deep sleep.


Genesis soon followed, knowing they both had to be up at four A.M. for work.


Chapter 19


Every head turned on the set the following morning when Taylor showed up with Genesis, their fingers interlocked together.  Jaws dropped and eyes widened when they kissed each other softly, Taylor going off to read over his part quickly.  Genesis was glowing from head to toe, not the least bit tired, even though her and Taylor hadn’t slept barely two hours.  They ended up getting up after a quick power nap to make love three more times that morning. 


The man was voracious and, truth be told, Genesis was the same way.


Taylor rolled his eyes at the cat calls and whistles coming from his friends, shaking his head, but he couldn’t wipe the smile from his face.  Even Chris Weitz was blinking, wondering what the hell had happened, though he couldn’t help thinking it was about time for those two.  He chuckled, deciding to give the cast a little more time before they started filming the movie.


Marisol immediately rushed over to Genesis’s station, a smirk spreading on her lips, arms folded in front of her chest. “Well, well don’t you look different.” She commented, trying so hard not to giggle.




Genesis sighed dreamily, wearing a long sleeved wine colored top with a heavy sweater and black dress pants with two inch knee high boots.  She refused to freeze out here, even though Taylor had given her plenty to think about to keep her warm in the limo ride over.  The mere thought of him sent heat flooding throughout her body as she sipped her coffee.


“You know I want details right?” Marisol demanded, wrapping her arm around Genesis’s shoulders, grinning from ear to ear at the flush that came to her cheeks. “You had sex with him didn’t you?”




Marisol laughed at that same dreamy sigh, knowing Genesis was on cloud nine, clapping her hands together excitedly. “You gonna be able to function today at work?” She asked with a smirk, causing Genesis to roll her eyes.


“Get back over to your bloodsuckers.” She ordered, causing Marisol to laugh harder, both girls embracing tightly.


“It’s so good having my best friend back, Gen.” She whispered, causing both girls to tear up, knowing Genesis had been through the ringer the last few months. “I’m very happy for you guys.”


“Thanks.” Genesis whispered back, pulling away as both girls dabbed their eyes with tissue, Marisol rushing back over to her station with a bright smile on her face.


Pretty soon, everyone on set knew about Taylor and Genesis, but neither of them cared.  It was just them, like Genesis told him, and that’s all that mattered.  Julia and Tinsel both demanded details, which Genesis politely declined.  She wasn’t even going to tell Marisol because there were just some things that had to be kept a secret.  Though she did tell them Taylor made her world spin off its axel and the girls all laughed because it was too cute.


On break, Taylor and Genesis disappeared behind one of the trailers for a little impromptu make out session, not able to get enough of each other.  Alex and Marisol did the same thing, both couples completely entranced.  Genesis giggled as Taylor nipped her bottom lip, her arms wrapped around his neck, fingers burying in his hair.


“Have you been getting teased a lot today?” She asked, staring into his eyes and smiled when Taylor just shrugged, kissing her again.


“Just us beautiful, remember that.” He rumbled against her lips, loving the feeling of her legs wrapped around his waist, knowing they only had a short amount of time before they had to part.


“Taylor, there’s something we need to talk about.” She moaned when his lips descended on her neck again, leaning her head back against the trailer, remembering the last time he did this.

“What is it, Gen?” He asked, pulling back as his forehead pressed against hers, noting the serious tone of her voice. “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing, I was just curious what’s going to happen once the saga is over.” She said, knowing this probably wasn’t the best time to bring it up, running her hands up and down his chest. “You know I can’t travel with you because I’m placed wherever I’m needed.”


“We have cell phones, internet and if I get too lonely to the point where I have to see you, a plane ride away.” Taylor stated, making it sound so easy, when in reality it was very complicated. “We can make this work, Gen.  You just have to have a little faith.  Stop worrying so much, beautiful.”


“You know I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t.” She replied knowingly, sighing when his lips caressed hers again, not able to get enough of him. “I just wanted to make sure we had this talk because it’ll be here before you know it.”


“Look, I don’t know what the future holds, but all I know is you are part of mine.  A huge part.  You’re the most important person to me in my life.” He ran his finger down her cheek, never feeling as strong about anyone as he did Genesis. “Do you understand how much you really mean to me, Gen?  Do I have to hire a plane to write it in the sky or serenade you with my horrible voice?”


Genesis giggled, shaking her head. “No, you don’t.  I believe you, Taylor.  I just love you so much and I don’t want anything coming between us.” She admitted, voicing her worries to him, knowing he wouldn’t ridicule her for it like Daniel had.


“Beautiful,” Taylor chuckled huskily, burying his face in her neck to inhale the scent of mangos, groaning from low in his throat. “We’ve been put through the ringer these past few months with the media included.  Mostly because of your stubborn streak and my ability to not communicate or give up.  The point is, if we can get through all of that, we can get through anything together.  You just have to have a little faith and love.”


“I do, I really do.” Genesis wanted to sound convincing, but there was still that doubt lingering in the back of her mind.


Taylor smiled softly, kissing her lips. “You will in time.  Come on, we have to get back to the set.” He took her hand in his own, guiding her back up the small hill to where her station was.  Bronson was already waiting for her, looking skeptical, and Genesis couldn’t help smirking. 


He’d learned his lesson from the last time he made a wise crack about Taylor in front of her.


“I love you.” She whispered, kissing Taylor’s lips once more.


“I love you too, beautiful.” He winked before taking off running, not having any doubts in his mind about them. 


They were survivors and could overcome anything.




The premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 1 had finally arrived and all the A-list Hollywood names were there.  It was near the end of June…Taylor and Genesis had been dating for nearly six months, the second part of Breaking Dawn having finished in early March.  Eclipse was a bombshell, having broken every box office record, including the first half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  That was surprising, considering the franchise was much bigger than the Twilight Saga, but the fans are what kept it alive.


When Breaking Dawn filming ended, Taylor and Genesis went their separate ways, promising to call and get online whenever they could.  There was A LOT of texting involved, more so than the actual calling and internet.  Genesis went off to be a hair dresser –she’d given up the makeup, leaving that forte to Marisol- for stars like Dwayne Johnson, Jennifer Love Hewitt with the Ghost Whisperer cast, Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane –a dream come true for her considering he was her favorite on Grey’s Anatomy-, Eric Mabius –another dream come true- amongst other top stars.  Genesis was having the time of her life, but always managed to remember to call Taylor and tell him how much she loved him. 


He did the same.


Marisol went off to be a makeup artist for stars like George Clooney, Brad Pit, Vince Vaughn, Michael Douglas, Owen and luke Wilson.  All a dream come true considering they were her top six favorite actors in the business.  Marisol never lost touch with Genesis, calling whenever they had some time off to catch up on things.  Her and Alex were doing well, dating for eight months, and things were heating up, especially when Alex decided to propose to Marisol out of the blue.


Of course she accepted.


When Taylor asked Genesis to be his date for Breaking Dawn’s premiere, she couldn’t deny him and found the perfect dress.  She was currently at the hotel waiting for him and Alex, along with Marisol, who flew in earlier that day from the set of George Clooney’s latest project.  She looked stunning as always, wearing a long red gown with a sweetheart neckline that had halter straps that were embroidered with diamonds. 


It had an intricate embellishment at empire waist and ruching at the bust that accentuated her frame.  The long floor length skirt had a gorgeous train that made her look even more glamorous.  The back had a band that went up the spine to connect with the halter straps embroidered in diamonds as well.  Her hair was straight and down, all of it hanging over one shoulder, curled at the ends for style and bounce.  She had on black eyeliner with silver eye shadow and deep red lipstick with two inch plastic open toed heels.


Genesis stared in the full length mirror, taking in several deep breaths, not believing she was actually going out in the media spotlight again.  Hers was a strapless aqua colored rhinestone evening dress that had a sweetheart neckline and glittering rhinestone accents.  It hugged her every curve and was jeweled throughout the dress dazzling at every angle. 


It had a flowing bottom and small train, though most of it was handled by the two inch open toed silver heels she wore.  Genesis had black eyeliner with a hint of silver eye shadow and clear gloss that made her lips shine.  She had dangling rhinestone earrings that matched the dress along with a necklace.  Her hair was left down this time and straightened with an angled style.


“Stop pacing, it’s going to be fine.” Marisol stated confidently, sighing gently when Genesis just waved her off dismissively. 


A knock at the door caused Genesis to stop dead in her tracks, lifting up the front of her dress as she walked over to answer it, staring back in those hypnotic dark eyes of Taylor’s.  She hadn’t seen him in a month and missed him like crazy, drinking him completely in.  He wore a black tux with a silver dress shirt underneath.  His hair was neatly trimmed and perfect as always.  Genesis blushed furiously as he slowly looked her up and down, taking her in as well, blinking.


Alex wore the same thing as Taylor except his shirt was the same color of red as Marisol’s dress, wanting people to know they were taken tonight.  He took her hand, slowly turning her around, whistling lowly as he shook his head.  She looked exquisite as usual, never surprising him, and pulled her into his arms as he ravished her red lips.


“You look…there is no word out there to describe how incredible you look, Gen.” Taylor murmured huskily, taking her hand as he pulled her into his arms, staring into her beautiful sea green eyes as their lips met in a soft kiss. “I’ve missed you.”


“I know, I’ve missed you too.” She whispered, trying not to get choked up, but it felt like an eternity since she was last in his arms, feeling a few tears slip down her cheeks. “I’m sorry, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry and here I am doing it anyway.”


Taylor chuckled, wiping them away carefully with his thumbs, rubbing his nose against hers. “It shows just how much you missed me.” He kissed her again and hugged her, letting her cling to him for dear life, inhaling her scent as his own eyes closed.


It’d been pure hell without her, but they were getting through it, knowing it would become natural being apart more than together.


“I love you.” She whispered in his ear, causing a big smile to come to Taylor’s face, pulling back as he wrapped a secure arm around her waist.


“I love you too, beautiful.  Come on, the party awaits.” He grinned when she giggled, leaning her head against his shoulder as their fingers interlocked together.


Marisol and Alex followed behind, whispering naughty things to each other as usual, always seeing who could push who over the edge the fastest.  Alex growled and pushed Marisol against the wall, not caring if he smeared her lipstick, running his hands up and down her sides.  He was driving her crazy and looked over at Taylor with a smirk, lifting Marisol over his shoulder as they disappeared down the hallway toward her room.


Taylor and Genesis laughed, knowing Alex hadn’t seen Marisol in two months.  They promised to meet them at the premiere and Taylor just saluted, his arm never moving from around Genesis’s waist.  They walked out of the hotel and slid inside the hummer limo, cameras flashing every which way as screams echoed throughout the night from fans.


“Thank you for coming with me tonight, beautiful.” He murmured in her ear, knowing this wasn’t usually Genesis’s style, but she was doing it for him.  He loved her even more for it and kissed her lips softly, being careful not to smear her gloss. “Enchanting.”


“What’s enchanting?” Genesis asked confusedly, blushing when Taylor just stared down at her with those smoldering dark eyes, her heart beginning to race.


They arrived at the premiere and Taylor extended his hand, helping the love of his life outside of the hummer limo, the press swarming them instantly.  Luckily there were barricades so they could only get so close, Genesis simply walking with him and stopping whenever he was asked questions.  She looked up at him in shock when he announced she was his fiancée, turning to face her right on the red carpet, her mouth suddenly going dry.


She watched as he slowly lowered to one knee, pulling out a black velvet box and handed it to her, never releasing her hand.  Genesis took it robotically, her eyes never leaving his, tears already falling down her cheeks as she covered her mouth with her hand.  She couldn’t believe he was actually proposing to her on the red carpet, pressing the box against her chest.


“Genesis Danielle Marvin-Slater, will you be my one and only for the rest of our lives?” Taylor asked with absolutely no shame, feeling as though his heart might explode from how fast it was beating, staring up into her deep sea green eyes that always sucked him in.


“Yes.” She whispered, sliding the beautiful simple diamond ring set on a silver band on her finger, laughing as he spun her around in circles, setting her down on her feet as his lips came down on hers. “You’re insane.” She mumbled against his lips, not able to wipe the smile from her face.


“What can I say, beautiful?  I’m a man full of surprises.”


Taylor grinned as he guided her down the red carpet into the theater for the premiere, knowing the faith and love from Genesis was finally complete.


The End.