Chapter 1


The year was 1997.


Rochester, New York.


Pulling up to the War Memorial Auditorium, Geneva could see the huge line of fans outside ready and anxiously waiting to trek inside for the event.  She still couldn’t believe she allowed her Uncle to convince her to come tonight, which is why she currently had a parking and backstage pass in her hand.  Geneva wanted to come earlier, but due to unbelievable traffic, that completely turned her plans upside down.


Rolling her window down halfway, Geneva flashed the pass at the security guard standing at the gate and smiled when he gestured her through, pointing the way to go to park her vehicle.  She followed instructions, a parking spot coming into view a few minutes later and pulled into it, cutting the ignition.  Glancing in the rearview mirror, Geneva applied some gloss and redid her thin black eyeliner, having been in the car a little longer than anticipated.


Geneva wore a blue jean skirt that went an inch above the knee, along with an off the shoulder shimmery black top.  It had a silver circle in the middle that linked the two see-through sleeves together, stretching across her torso.  Her long thick chestnut corkscrew curly hair hung down her back, barely touching her waist.  A thick black headband was the only hair accessory in her hair, a simple silver heart shaped locket hung around her neck, a gift from her Uncle.


Wearing simple black flats, Geneva stepped out of her 1967 blue Camaro and headed toward the entrance, placing the backstage pass around her neck.  She smiled at the sight of another security guard at the door and flashed her pass again, stepping through the doors moments later.  Hectic as usual, though it didn’t bother Geneva nearly as much as the first time she came to one of these shows.


The WWF backstage area was always in an uproar and this definitely wasn’t Geneva’s first time.  She kept close to the wall on the right side, remembering being bulldozed last time by one of the wrestlers and, for the life of Geneva, she couldn’t remember who it was.  Now the real challenge began in trying to find her Uncle’s dressing room, turning left down the first hallway she came across.


“Are you looking for Vince?” A blonde woman asked, walking up to the strange woman she spotted with a backstage pass around her neck.


Geneva smiled back, recognizing her instantly and shook her head. “No, I’m looking for my Uncle actually.”


Rena Mero –WWF fans knew her as Sable- raised a brow, keeping the friendly smile on her face. “Well if you tell me who he is, I can probably send you in his direction.” Though if it was Undertaker or Stone Cold Steve Austin, there was no way in hell Rena would send her to either of them.


Sparkling ocean blue eyes stared back at Rena as Geneva stepped aside, letting more wrestlers pass by respectfully. “Mick Foley.” She watched Rena’s eyes widen and opened the locket around her neck, showing a picture of her and Uncle Mick in it.


That was pretty hardcore evidence that Rena couldn’t argue with as she jabbed a thumb over her shoulder. “Down this hall, turn left.  He’s the third door on the left.  You’ll see the name Mankind on his door.” As much as Rena wanted to escort her there, not wanting her getting hurt, she also had a match to prepare for that night on the show.




Geneva walked away, heading in the direction Rena sent her in and surprisingly arrive at her Uncle’s dressing room door unscathed a few minutes later.  What if he wasn’t in there?  He’s the one who had sent her the pass, along with a note, begging her to come to this show, but she hadn’t contacted him.  Geneva wanted to surprise her Uncle Mick for a change, since she didn’t see him nearly enough.  Taking a deep breath, Geneva raised her hand to knock on the door and blinked when it tossed open, instinctively backing up.


“Foley, are you-”


“Yes I’m sure I want to do it.” Mick replied for the final time, stepping out of his room and felt his blue eyes widen at the sight of his beautiful niece. “Oh my god, Geneva?!”


Geneva grinned at the sight of her Uncle and stepped forward, past the wrestler that had walked out, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Hey Uncle Mick.” She whispered, feeling his arms encircle her waist, holding her close.


“My god, I didn’t think you’d come.” He whispered, gently patting the back of her head through the thick corkscrew curls and finally pulled back to hold her at arm’s length. “You look incredible for someone that just graduated from medical school.”


“Yeah well, I wasn’t sure I could come, but I got my finals out of the way early.” She replied, blue eyes twinkling at his compliment. “And you don’t look too worse for wear…”


Mick beamed, pulling into another heartfelt embrace and looked over at his friend, kissing the top of Geneva’s head. “Sorry Rocky, but she comes first.” He winked in his friend’s direction and shifted to wrap an arm around her shoulders. “Gen, this is Rocky.  Rocky, meet my beautiful niece, Geneva.”


“Pleasure to meet you.” Geneva hadn’t meant any of Uncle’s co-workers because she normally went directly to her seats in the arena to watch him perform live…and get hurt.


“Call me Dwayne, if you want.”


“That’s enough Rocky, she’s not interested.” Mick stated, his eyes telling Rocky she was off limits.


Rocky got the message and smirked, holding his hands up and suddenly became serious. “Foley, about tonight…”


“I’ll be fine.”


“You’re not going up against an ordinary man though.” Rocky argued, folding his arms in front of his chest.


“I know, Taker and I have already discussed it.” Mick wasn’t backing down from the match, not when it would help the current storyline he had going with Undertaker. “It’ll be fine.”


Rocky sighed heavily, already knowing he was fighting a losing battle and nodded. “You’re a crazy son of a bitch.  See you afterwards.” He nodded once at Geneva before walking away, going to prepare for his own match.


It was one of the biggest pay-per-view events entitled In Your House: Revenge of the Taker, so everyone was on edge.


“He seems worried about you.” Geneva commented, looking up at her Uncle and sighed when he merely waved her off dismissively. “Uncle Mick, please tell me you’re not going to do anything dangerous out there.”


Mick chuckled, squeezing Geneva’s shoulders and guided her back into his dressing room. “I wouldn’t be Mankind if I didn’t, sweetheart.  Now why don’t you sit here and make yourself comfortable.” There were just a few metal steel folding chairs and a bench with lockers strewn across the walls. “Or do you want to watch my match live?”


“I want you to tell me that everything is going to be fine.” Geneva worried for her Uncle’s safety, frowning and hated when he brushed her off like this. “I just want to be prepared in case you have something dangerous planned.”


“Nothing I won’t walk away from.” That was the best thing he could tell her, not wanting to ruin the show and looked up when a knock sounded at his door. “Now what?”


The door pushed open a second later as Geneva looked up, seeing Undertaker himself standing on the other side and immediately averted her gaze.  This man intimidated her and had hurt Uncle Mick on several occasions.  She caught a glimpse of WWF television every once in a while just so she could see her Uncle and lately he’d been feuding with Undertaker.


He stood at 6’10 and weighed over 300 pounds, his arms covered from shoulder to wrist sleeved tattoos.  He had long beautiful dark auburn hair that was currently drenched, hanging down his back and incredible green eyes that reminded Geneva of emerald stones.  He had all black attire on, his wrestling tights looking like they had grey X’s down the side  that matched his sleeveless top.  Black fingerless gloves adorned his hands, along with black elbow pads and a white bandage just above his right eye and the side of it.  What intrigued her most, besides his eyes, was a single black teardrop etched in his cheek under his right eye, wondering why he had it.


“Foley, do you have a minute?” His deep baritone reverberated around the room, instantly noticing his opponent that night wasn’t alone.


“Yeah Taker, come on in.” Mick said, walking over to pull his own wrestling tights out, which were all brown. “What did you need?”


His eyes instantly landed on the chestnut corkscrew curly beauty sitting in Foley’s dressing room and wondered who she was, arching a slow eyebrow. “Do you wish to do this in front of her?” He made sure to let her know he had noticed her presence. “Or perhaps out in the hallway?”


“Uncle Mick…”


Mick held his hand up, smiling. “No need to leave the room, Gen.  We can discuss the match in the hallway, Deadman.” He refused to introduce Geneva to Undertaker, knowing how dark the man was.


Geneva decided to do it for him and stood from her chair, extending her hand to Undertaker. “I’m Geneva, Mick’s niece.” She stated, trying not to show just how much this man intimidated her.


Tilting his head slightly, Taker admired her courage and took her small hand in his, swallowing it whole practically, his green eyes locked with ocean blue. “Pleasure to meet you.” So Mick had a niece, that was very interesting to know.


Nodding, Geneva pulled her hand out of Undertaker’s, having felt a jolt rush up her arm and decided she would step out to give them privacy to talk. “Just let me know when you two are finished.  And please try not to kill my Uncle out there.” She flashed a warm smile at Undertaker and stepped through the door, closing it behind her.


Taker made no promises with that request, considering he had a fireball shot at him the previous Monday night on Raw.  He was lucky he hadn’t lost his eye or sight for that matter, turning his gaze on Foley. “Have you went over everything with Paul?” He referred to his ex-manager Paul Bearer, who now managed Foley, after turning against him late last year.


Foley nodded, still digesting what his niece had done and swallowed it down for the time being, needing to focus on tonight’s show. “Yes, we have the fireball ready to go.” He sounded excited, rubbing his hands together with glittering blues. “This will indeed be your revenge.”


“Indeed.” Taker agreed, nodding once and slowly turned to head out the door, only for Foley to stop him with words.


“You do realize I’m not going down without a fight, right?”


Turning only his head, his back facing Foley, Taker smirked over his shoulder. “Did not expect anything less from you.  Enjoy your visitor.” The word sounded almost ominous as Taker exited the dressing room, stopping to face Geneva. “You are free to go back inside now.  Do be careful, some of us aren’t as…friendly as others.”


Geneva nodded, appreciating his concern, though she had a feeling he didn’t do it out of the kindness of his heart. “Thank you.” She watched him walk down the hallway and leaned back against the wall, needing to learn how to breathe again.


“You didn’t have to do that.” Mick said as soon as Geneva stepped back into his dressing room, lacing up his boots. “It’s dangerous for you to be in the hallway by yourself.”


Rolling her eyes, Geneva planted her hands on her hips. “No more dangerous than you going out there against HIM.” She emphasized that word, contradicting her Uncle. “How much longer is your feud going on anyway?”


Mick shrugged, pulling his Mankind mask on his face and began snapping it in place. “Not sure, whenever creative or Vince decides we’ve beaten each other up enough.” He didn’t sound the least bit concerned, enjoying his matches with Undertaker because they were fun and challenging.


Geneva didn’t buy that for a second, shaking her head sadly. “Uncle Mick, if you’re going to be severely injured out there, why bother inviting me?” She demanded suddenly, having told him several times that she didn’t want to come to shows if he was going to be brutalized. “I know wrestling is your life and everything, but you are my family.  You’re not just a wrestler to me.”


“I know sweetheart, it won’t be that bad tonight.”


Mick made the mistake of inviting her to a pay-per-view last summer called Summerslam, where he had a Boiler Room Brawl with Undertaker.  Brutal wasn’t a strong enough word to describe that match because Mick had been pushed to the absolute limit.  Geneva had sat front row with a television in front of her –that was the only way fans could watch the match since it was mostly in the Boiler Room- and cried her heart out every time he took a nasty fall or bump.  There were plenty of both in that match and Mick promised to never invite Geneva to an event if he was going to be seriously injured.


That was also the night Paul Bearer came to his side of the darkness and left Undertaker behind, who had recently become WWF champion just a month prior.  Tonight, Mankind was going after the title while Taker would come for revenge for the fireball incident on Raw.  He wasn’t breaking his promise to his niece either, unless Undertaker decided to jump script, which was a possibility since they mostly did their own things once in the ring.  So maybe it wasn’t a good idea for Geneva to be here after all, but nothing could change it and Mick refused to send her away.


“Why don’t I believe you?” Geneva whispered, standing up and walked over to hug her Uncle tightly around the neck, closing her eyes sending a silent prayer up to watch over him. “What if you end up lacerated again or worse?”


“Nothing I can’t handle, Gen.” Mick simply said, kissing the top of her curls gently. “Everything’s going to be fine, now relax and let me finish getting ready.  Afterwards, we’ll go out for something to eat and catch up.”


Geneva liked the sound of that, always super close with her Uncle and reluctantly released him, still worried about tonight’s show.  She sat back down and watched as he finished lacing his boots up and taped his hand up heavily.  His move was called the Mandible Claw, which incapacitated his opponent by squeezing a nerve in their mouth.  Where the name originated from was from the 1960’s and it was a hold known as the Mandibular Nerve Pinch, but Mick made it his own.


When it was time for Mick to go out for his match, Paul came to retrieve him, his eyes landing on the young woman. “Do you think it’s wise to leave her back here alone?” He asked quietly, worried that other people would bother or harass her.


Mick shook his head, grinning. “She’ll be fine.  Gen, lock the door and don’t answer it until I come back, sweetheart.” When she nodded, Mick accepted a good luck kiss on the cheek and walked out with Paul, both of them heading to the ring.


Geneva bit her bottom lip and turned the monitor on, waiting on pins and needles for the match to begin, hoping Uncle Mick hadn’t lied to her.


Chapter 2


The match had a lot of brutality in it, but nothing Geneva panicked over…until she witnessed Uncle Mick go headfirst into a table.  Undertaker had gotten the steel steps that Mick brought in the ring and nailed him, who was on the ring apron, right in the temple, sending him crashing headfirst through it.  When Geneva saw that and heard Vince McMahon on the monitor say something about Uncle Mick having a broken neck, that was all Geneva could handle.  She ripped open the dressing room door and took off down the hallway, tears filling her blue eyes.


Somehow, she arrived at the place called the gorilla position, where wrestlers headed to and from to do their jobs.  She waited with bated breath, watching another nearby monitor with some of the other WWF Superstars and blinked at what she saw next.  Undertaker had won the match and currently had Paul Bearer cornered, the man pleading with him to stop.  Undertaker proceeded to take a cloth of some sort, along with a lighter, and lit it up as a fireball seared Paul Bearer’s face.


“Oh my god…” She whispered in horror, covering her mouth with her hand and felt her stomach twist violently as the chubby man rolled out of the ring in agonizing pain.


The purple lighting took over the ring as the lights dropped while Taker shook his hands, apparently burning himself with the highly flammable cloth.  Mick rolled out of the ring to be by his manager’s side instantly, keeping Paul’s face covered with his suit jacket and both scurried up the ramp through gorilla position.  Undertaker stayed behind to salute the fans and drink up his victory, if one could call it that, the burnt flesh around his right eye clear for the world to see.  Mick had ripped the bandage almost all the way off during the match, so Undertaker kept checking it to make sure he wasn’t bleeding.


“Uncle Mick, is he okay?” Geneva demanded as soon as she saw them stumble through the curtain, rushing over to him.


“Gen, what the hell are you doing out here?” Mick demanded, guiding Paul down the hallway with her following, needing to get him to the trainer’s with some help from medical attendants on hand. “Never mind that, just go back to my room and I’ll be there soon.”


“But your head…”


“Geneva, don’t argue with me, sweetheart.  Now go.” Mick never ordered Geneva to do anything, but right now he had to focus on Paul, knowing the man needed medical attention immediately. “Hold on, Paul…”


Paul wheezed, not able to speak, though thankfully the fireball hadn’t seared completely through the heavy makeup he wore.


Geneva’s medical instincts were kicking into overdrive, though she knew there was nothing she could do to help the poor man.  She more worried about her Uncle Mick because that spill into the table hadn’t looked very comfortable.  He was walking though, so his neck couldn’t have been broken, miraculously enough.  Still, Geneva wanted him to get checked out to be on the safe side and started heading down the hallway where her Uncle went, refusing to leave him right now.


Walking through the curtain moments later, Taker kept feeling around his right eye and forehead, knowing he had small pieces of glass embedded in his forehead.  Foley had taken a damn glass water pitcher and smashed it over his head during the match, which knocked him loopy for a few seconds.  He stumbled, his fingers slightly burnt from the fireball cloth and suddenly pulled his melted leather fingerless gloves off.  They hurt since they were melting into his palms, but he had to wait until he was backstage, tossing them in the nearest trashcan.


“You are one crazy son of a bitch, Bill.” Larry stated, looking at the man who portrayed the character Paul Bearer and began looking over the burn on his face. “You should’ve put a thicker layer on.”


“Yes, no point in dwelling on it.  Just fix me up.” Bill requested in a grunt, moving his eyes over to where Mick stood. “He needs to be checked as well.”


“Yes he does.” Geneva’s voice came from the doorway, her arms folded in front of her chest. “Don’t make me do it, Uncle Mick.”


Mick groaned, not amused that his niece refused to leave him alone. “I’m FINE…” He whined, sighing when she flashed those ocean blues at him and knew her mind would be at ease if he just let Larry look him over. “Let him finish up Paul first.”


“Who is that, Foley?” Larry asked, busy applying some cream to Bill’s face.


“My brilliant niece.” Then Mick got an idea, the light bulb in his fuzzy brain clicking on. “Who just graduated from medical school and is on her way to do an internship at a hospital somewhere in the country.”


Larry finished applying the cream and glanced over his shoulder, his eyes scrutinizing her for a minute. “Think you could help me out with this?” He gruffly asked, knowing it would be a little while before he could get to Foley and he had a feeling Undertaker would be paying him a visit as well.


“I think that’s a great idea!” Mick crowed, walking over to pull his dumbfounded niece into the room. “And I’ll be her first patient!”


“Whatever you wanna do.  I just need a little help.  Clint had an emergency and had to fly home, I think his mother died or something.” Larry said disinterestedly, too busy focusing on all the injured Superstars. “So we’re shorthanded her and if you trust her, then I don’t have a problem with it.”


Geneva didn’t know what to think or say, watching as her Uncle Mick instantly hopped on the examining table and bit her bottom lip. “Uncle, I haven’t actually…I mean…”


“Are you able to perform or not?” The deep baritone of Undertaker resonated from the doorway, thankful he still had his vision. “Larry does not appreciate his time wasted.”


“Taker, calm down, she’s just nervous.” Mick defended, holding his hand up and looked at his niece with pure confidence. “Come on Gen, you can do this.  Just start with the basics and follow your instincts.”


Taker was not in the mood to watch this girl be given a medical lesson, especially when he too needed treatment immediately.


“Alright, alright…” Geneva sighed resignedly and took a tray of instruments from the nearby table, pulling out a few to use.  She also snapped a pair of medical gloves on. “You crashed through that table pretty hard, so let’s check to see if you have a concussion.”


Mick grinned, laying back like a good patient and let his niece shine the light in his eyes. “That’s my girl.” He whispered, reaching over without moving to squeeze her side, letting her know everything was fine.


“Your pupils are dilated, so I’d say you have a minor concussion.” Uncle Mick was lucky he didn’t have a broken neck, Geneva thought, as she continued the examination, making sure everything was in working order.


Once Mick was finished, after getting a few lacerations on his arms and head closed up, he hopped off the examine table, looking at Paul worriedly. “He gonna be alright, Larry?” He asked, not noticing Taker had walked into the room to take his place.


“Yeah, still gonna be a minute or two though.” He dabbed his forehead and turned away from Bill briefly to look at Geneva. “Would you mind taking care of Taker for me?  I promise I’ll pay you for your services tonight.”


Geneva swallowed hard, not expecting that request and slowly turned her gaze down at Undertaker, who merely lay there with his eyes closed. “Umm…sure…” She could use the extra cash and figured, if the WWF’s lead physician trusted her, then who was she to question his judgment? “Are you alright with that, Undertaker?”


“Whenever you’re ready, darlin’.” Taker replied in a low voice, trying to mask his pain and failed miserably.


Mick didn’t like this, but kept his mouth shut and watched as Geneva slipped a new pair of medical gloves on, worried more about his niece than his opponent she currently treated. “So where do you want to go for dinner, Gen?” He asked, trying to start up conversation to make her feel more comfortable.


“I don’t care, but I sincerely doubt you’ll feel up to going out once your adrenaline wears off.” She replied, removing the bandage with ease and tossed it in the trash, not bothered by the charred flesh around Undertaker’s right eye.


Taker would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy her soft hands against his skin, feeling them run over the injury carefully.  Geneva took some of the burn cream that Larry was using on Paul Bearer –Bill- and tried being as careful as she could so she didn’t hurt Undertaker further.  The man didn’t flinch as soon as the cream was applied, though she did notice his hands tighten on the table slightly.


“Sorry.” She whispered, thankful Mick had stepped out when Rocky arrived to check on him.


“Don’t be.” He whispered back, gingerly opening his eyes to look up at her, green once again meeting ocean blue. “Doesn’t hurt as much as it did last Monday.”


“I bet not.” She agreed, placing a fresh bandage over it and then checked the small laceration in his hairline, remembering he’d gotten smashed over the head several times in the match with objects. “You’ll need just a stitch or two, alright?”


Taker gritted his teeth and nodded, hoping it was just a small cut, but he also enjoyed Geneva’s hands on him longer, especially in his hair.  He had several scenarios in mind and all of them involved Geneva naked in his hotel room buried to the hilt inside of her.  Of course, Taker couldn’t make that blunt of an offer, having a feeling Mick would try to kill him if he did and smirked at the thought.


“By the way, I prefer your Cactus Jack character instead of Mankind.” Geneva said randomly, starting the stitching process.


That brought a ghost of a smile to Taker's lips, keeping still. “Who didn't?” He rumbled softly.


“We could see Cactus in the WWF one day.” Mick laughed, his eyes  lighting up at the thought then glanced at Taker, smiling good naturedly. “Though Mankind should be more than enough for you.”


Taker just snorted, letting that comment slide since Foley’s niece was present.


Once the stitches were done, Geneva checked over the rest of him  like she did her Uncle Mick, satisfied when nothing else seemed to be injured. “You’re finished, though you do have a minor concussion.” She’d checked to see how dilated his pupils were , not leaving anything to chance. “As long as you stay awake for the next two hours, you’ll be just fine.”


Larry finished with Mick the same time Geneva did. “I'm going to go grab a quick shower.  You wait for me, Gen, I want to buy you dinner.” He ordered before walking out of the room, ignoring Larry’s orders to avoid getting water on the bandage.  Like he didn't already know that?


He knew that, though Taker bit his tongue so he didn’t upset the gorgeous woman and simply nodded.  Staring at Geneva intently, she had to be related on Colette’s side.  He had met Colette and she was a very beautiful woman, a model even.  Geneva could very well have been a model too if she hadn't gone into nursing, or whatever her medical profession was.  He hadn't seen many nurses who actually did more than ask questions and check temperatures.


“Thank you, Geneva.” Her named rolled off his tongue in a sultry caress, not able to keep the huskiness out of his tone and briefly cupped her cheek, exiting the room without another word.


Larry stared after him with wide eyes, his jaw dropped. “Okay…that is the TAMEST I’ve ever seen that man when he’s being treated.  What the hell?”


Geneva merely smiled and shrugged, taking the examining gloves off, tossing them in the trashcan. “Beats me.  Do you need help with anyone else?” She asked, knowing Uncle Mick would be back soon enough.


“No, Bill is nearly done here and I think I only have one more person to treat.” He walked away from Bill over to his coat, pulling his wallet out of the pocket and pulled out a few hundred dollar bills, tossing them on the examination table Geneva worked at. “As promised.”


Geneva blinked, almost afraid to touch the green bills and swallowed hard, looking at Larry like he was insane. “That’s over $500…” She pointed out, feeling horrible for taking his money. “I can’t…”


“Chump change honey, take it.  You deserve it, especially since you just treated two of the top stars in the company with no problem.” Larry stated, winking and went back to check on Bill, starting to bandage his face.


Not knowing what to say or do, Geneva reluctantly took the bills and folded them up, stuffing them in her jean skirt pocket. “Thank you, sir.”  She murmured quietly, feeling incredibly awkward and managed a small smile.


“Larry.” He corrected, turning to face her. “Your Uncle went back to his dressing room I think, do you remember where it is?”


“I’ll find it, shouldn’t be too hard.  Thanks again for the experience.  Good night.” Geneva walked out of the trainer’s room and headed down the hallway, deciding she needed some air.


Finding the exit wasn’t hard and, since Geneva had her pass, she wouldn’t have a problem getting back into the building.  She stood out there and let the cool night air assault her body, closing her eyes as thunder rumbled in the distance.  A storm was coming, she could feel it.  Geneva loved storms, especially lightning ones because of how deadly yet fascinating they were.  When a streak of lightning flashed across the sky, Geneva opened her eyes just in time to see it and felt the electricity in the air, knowing someone was standing behind her.


“You should not be out here alone.”


Undertaker…Geneva slowly turned around to face him and locked with those green orbs again, her breath once again stolen.  He changed and had on skintight black jeans, a black leather vest and his hair was pulled back in a low tail, a black bandana wrapped around his forehead.  The vest was open just enough to show off the slightest bit of chest, which was a blatant tease to Geneva.  At least, that’s what she thought anyway.


“Why is that?” She asked softly, not moving when he took a deliberate step forward and smiled. “I just needed some air after having that impromptu medical experience.”


Taker raised an eyebrow, having overheard Foley brag about his niece’s uncanny medical abilities and didn’t know if he agreed yet or not. “You act as though that was your first time doing it.” He commented, walking over to stand beside her and looked up at the night sky. “Mmm it’s going to rain.” His favorite weather, closing his eyes.


Chapter 3


“Indeed, I love the rain.  Great sleeping weather, though I usually stay up to watch the storm if there is one.” Geneva said, also admiring the lightning as it once again streaked across the sky, another louder rumble of thunder vibrating through them as she shivered.


When he opened his eyes, she had wrapped her arms around herself as if she was cold and Taker took a step towards her. “Cold?”


Geneva noticed him do that and felt her mouth suddenly go dry. “A little.” She admitted softly, feeling his gaze penetrate her to the depths of her soul.


It was chilly outside in New York and the arena wasn't that well heated, which wasn’t surprising.  Geneva would never admit this openly, but the way Taker currently looked at her heated her blood.  Hopefully Uncle Mick had a sweatshirt she could borrow or something, wondering what possessed her to wear a short sleeved top.


“How’s your eye?”


“It is fine.  Come on.”


Without giving her time to say anything, Taker gently took Geneva’s hand, automatically entwining their fingers together as if it were the most natural thing in the world and guided her back inside.  His own dressing room was right down the hall, much closer than Mick's.  He pushed open the door and only let go of her hand when they were inside, pulling a zip up sweatshirt off the back of a metal folding chair and held it open for her.


Geneva thought it was really sweet of him to offer her a sweatshirt, smiling, and slipped her arms into it, staring at the really long sleeves.  She had to pull them up several times until her hands poked through because the sweater going down to the middle of her thighs, hanging off of her.  This guy was gigantic!


“Thank you, Undertaker.” She murmured softly, his scent engulfing her as Geneva pulled the other sleeve up until her other hand popped out, giggling.


“Just Taker.” He corrected, smiling a half smile as she finished rolling up the other sleeve, his sweatshirt completely engulfing her. “Keep it, I have others.” He said as an afterthought, glancing at his duffel bag and reached inside to pull out a pair of jeans.


Taker would shower at the hotel, where he could be alone without having to deal with 'locker checks' as the crew cleared out the arena.  Jeans in hand, he sat down on a chair, aware she was nervously watching him and unlaced his boots.  Moments like these made him wish he wasn't quite so tall since it was a long way to bend.


“Are you sure?”


When he nodded, Geneva couldn't help grinning as she zipped it up.  She spotted another chair and walked over, sitting down on it, looking around curiously.  The darkened locker room had just a dim light in it, though it was enough for her to see him clearly.


“You don't mind if I stay in here until my uncle comes hunting me down, do you Taker?”


“Not at all.” His tone reverberated from deep in his chest as Taker glanced over at her, piercing her with his gaze again. “I did not realize Foley had a niece.  Is this your first show?” If it was, she definitely had one hell of a first experience in the WWF.


Geneva shook her head, keeping the content smile on her face. “No, I’ve been to a couple, but I’m usually out there with the rest of the crowd.  This time, I chose to stay in the back to watch it, especially after what happened last time I saw him perform.” She didn’t want to think about that, remembering how terrified she was when Uncle Mick took the spill off the ladder in the Boiler Room.


Taker was a very observant man and noticed the slight tension in her expression, wondering what that entailed.  Rubbing his thumb along his eyes, Taker frowned, glancing down to see the ink from the etched teardrop on his cheek fading, sighing.  Geneva noticed the sadness flash in his eyes and had a feeling he either didn’t enjoy wearing the teardrop or if there was a deeper meaning. 


Standing, she walked over to the sink in his dressing room, taking some paper towels and drenched them.  Geneva folded them delicately and walked back over, handing it over to him with a small smile and soft kind blue eyes.  Their fingers brushed together as he took the paper towel from Geneva, a volt of electricity rushing up her arm at the first touch.  Her cheeks flushed slightly as Geneva took a step back and sat down again, trying to slow her suddenly racing heart.


Taker had also felt that volt, but decided against saying anything, keeping the conversation simple. “I do not recall seeing you around, not even backstage and I have been feuding with Foley for a while now.” He stated thoughtfully and wondered if Foley had purposefully kept her hidden from everyone until now.


Geneva went to reply and closed her mouth when a knock sounded at Undertaker’s dressing room door, following her Uncle Mick’s voice. “Hey Taker, is Geneva in there?”


Pinching the bridge of his nose, Taker bought the urge to bash Foley’s head into his door, hating that his time with Geneva had come to an abrupt end. “Come in.”


“There you are, Gen.  I’ve been looking all over for you.” Mick sighed with relief as soon as he saw his niece, though he didn’t like the wrestler she decided to hang with. “What are you doing here, sweetheart?”


“Nothing much, I stepped outside for some air and got cold, so Taker brought me back inside to warm up.” Geneva said smoothly, noticing how exhausted her Uncle Mick was and frowned, walking over to him. “Let’s get you back to the hotel, so you can rest.” She smiled at her Uncle, letting him know with her eyes nothing happened with Taker and stood up from the chair. “Thanks again for keeping me company, Taker.  You're a sweetheart.” Winking, Geneva giggled when she had to roll the sleeves up again, shaking her head.


“I’m fine and wanna take you out…” Mick trailed off, letting out a long yawn and felt his eyes drooping, the adrenaline gone.


Taker snorted, folding his massive tattooed sleeved arms across his chest and simply stared back at her. “Worry about him, darlin’.  And you’re welcome.” He didn’t bother hiding the huskiness in his tone and watched as they both walked away toward her car, his head tilting slightly to watch Geneva’s backside sway with every step she took. 


“You look dead on your feet, Uncle.  We can do dinner some other time.” Geneva wrapped an arm around his waist, kissing his cheek. “Now come on, I’ll drive, stay with you for the night and then we can get your rental car tomorrow.” Her tone left no room for argument, blue eyes moving back to Taker briefly. “Thanks for the company, Undertaker.  You should also rest.”


Stroking his goatee in thought, Taker contemplated several things and knew Foley would not go for any of them.  There had to be a way to get his beautiful niece to come on the road, even for a few weeks, which would give Undertaker plenty of time to get what he wanted.  Fresh out of medical school and from what Foley said, Geneva had not decided where she wanted to do her internship at, so she had some time to kill.  Smirking, Undertaker slipped into the darkness with thoughts of the chestnut corkscrew curly beauty invading his mind.


Once Geneva arrived at her Uncle’s hotel, she guided him inside and was thankful he’d already checked in earlier that day before the show.  He didn’t put up anymore fight as she gently but firmly pushed him into bed, pulling his shoes off and covered him up with the comforter.  Why did Uncle Mick put himself through this all the time?  Geneva hated seeing him in any kind of pain because he was the sweetest man she’d ever met, who practically raised her since her father wasn’t around that much.  Mick and her Aunt Collette were more like parents to her than anything.


“There, all snug like a bug in a rug.” Geneva murmured, giggling softly and kissed Uncle Mick’s forehead. “You still have a half an hour before you can go to sleep, do you want me to order you anything?”


Mick thought it over for exactly three seconds and nodded, taking Geneva’s hand squeezing it gently. “Just a cheeseburger and some fries sound good.  But if they don’t have that here, just get me whatever.” He smiled, glad his niece had decided to come to the show because he missed her.


“You got it, just stay put and do NOT fall asleep or I’ll be forced to wake you up again.” Picking the phone up on the nightstand, Geneva press the button that linked directly to the cafeteria and sighed when they informed her they were closed for the evening. “Okay thanks.” She hung up, looking at her Uncle and knew she would have to go out to get him something to eat.


“Gen, don’t worry about it…”


“No, Uncle Mick you need to eat something.  I won’t be long.  I’ll run to the McDonald’s down the street and get you what you want.” She already had keys and purse in hand, having left it in her vehicle so she didn’t have to worry about it while at the show.


Mick felt bad, not wanting his niece to go to all this trouble for him. “Geneva…”


“I’ll be back, just relax and try to stay awake.” Since it was less than a half an hour, if he fell asleep it wouldn’t be dangerous to his concussion.


Geneva headed out of the hotel, taking the back stairs that lead to the underground parking garage.  It was late, Geneva realized, but she had to get her Uncle Mick something to eat so he didn’t go to bed starving.  That match had taken a lot out of him, so he had to be hungry, pain or not.  Before Geneva could get to her car, however, a motorcycle suddenly flew into the parking garage, making her freeze in her tracks.


What the hell was this foolish woman doing out here alone?  Taker slowed down until he stopped his bike in front of her, slightly damp since it started sprinkling on the ride from the arena.  Turning his bike off, Taker dismounted slowly and flipped his wet dark auburn hair from his eyes, giving her a once over to make sure she was alright.


“What are you doing out here, Geneva?” He demanded, his voice rough from both out of exhaustion and barely contained desire.


Geneva could only stare back at him with wide ocean blues, feeling her stomach clenching pugnaciously at the look in those green eyes that had turned slightly dark. “Room service is closed, so I was going out to get my Uncle something to eat.” She quietly said, not backing away when Undertaker closed the space between us. “Didn’t want him going to bed hungry.”


“This is not a safe town for you to be venturing in alone.” He stated, feeling a possessiveness overtaking him and reached a black fingerless gloved hand up to run his finger down her cheek. “I am sure Foley would agree with me.”


His voice could melt the coldest regions of the world, Geneva was sure of it, and couldn’t believe how hot her cheek became by his simple touch. “He tried convincing me to stay put, but he needs to eat…” Her eyes drifted shut when his finger moved from her cheek over her bottom lip, finally hooking it under her chin.


“Your safety is more important.” Taker did not back down like Foley apparently did and watched as her beautiful eyes opened to stare into his. “Where did you plan on going?”


“Just McDonald’s down the street.” She murmured, wondering why he cared and watched as his head slowly lowered to where their noses practically touched.


The woman would not change her mind, even with his intimidation factor, so Taker knew what he had to do. “Get on.” He ordered gravely, gesturing to his motorcycle, not giving her a choice. “I am taking you or you are not going.  Your choice.”


Normally, Geneva would’ve ripped him a new asshole if he was any other man, but Undertaker was one of a kind and it touched her how concerned he was, or seemed to be. “It’s raining and, even though I do love storms, I don’t think it’s safe and smart to ride on a motorcycle.  So you can come with me, but we need to take my car.”




Taker pinched the bridge of his nose, squared his shoulders and suddenly planted his hands on her hips, lifting and planting her on the back of his motorcycle.  A second later, he mounted in front of her and took her arms, wrapping them around his waist since he assumed she didn’t ride often, or ever.  Geneva blinked as they took off out of the parking garage into the stormy night and pressed her cheek against Undertaker’s back, not believing this was happening. 


His huge body blocked her from the rain stinging her face, though that didn’t stop the rest of her body from being drenched as it began down pouring.  Taker didn’t mind the rain spitting in his face, welcoming it actually as lightning streaked across the sky, the thunder coinciding with the rumble from his motorcycle.  The feeling of Geneva pressed against him lit his blood on fire, so the weather didn’t chill him like it probably did her.  She’s the one who wanted to be a foolish woman and go out late at night, so the least Taker could do was make sure she didn’t wind up dead somewhere.


When they arrived at McDonald’s, Geneva quickly ordered what her Uncle Mick wanted, along with something for herself and offered to buy for Undertaker.  He declined, having eaten the food from the cafeteria at the arena and took the food, placing it in one of the saddlebags so it didn’t get drenched on the ride back to the hotel.  All she could do was hold on tight and closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling pressed against Undertaker and didn’t realize her skirt had hiked up a few inches, nearly flashing her panty clad backside to other drivers.


Once they arrived back in the parking garage, Geneva reluctantly let him go as Undertaker dismounted the motorcycle, turning to face her.  She was soaked from head to toe, the corkscrew curls in her hair blending together looking like small waves.  Rivulets of rain water slid down the small gander of Undertaker’s chest and Geneva’s eyes followed it, finally looking up into those emeralds.  Taker had done the same thing Geneva did, watching as little trickles of water slid down her beautiful legs, the top clinging to her chest like a second skin.


He wanted her.


Chapter 4


“You should get inside and warm up.” His voice had dropped several octaves, sounding raspy and stepped up to her on his motorcycle.  What a delicious sight.


Geneva nodded, watching as he reached into his saddlebag to pull out the McDonald’s bag full of food both her and Uncle Mick, trying to snap out of the passion haze that clouded her brain.  It didn’t vanish, only increased when Undertaker’s hands planted on her hips and lifted her off his bike, setting her on her feet in front of him.  Her hips felt as if they’d just been engulfed in flames, the thin material of her top doing nothing to block his heated touch.  She should’ve been screaming at him for practically kidnapping her, but all Geneva wanted to do was feel his body against hers again, feeling an unexplainable draw to him.


“Thanks…” She reached up, gently caressing the side of his face and smiled warmly. “You should get some rest.  You still have a concussion, don’t forget.”


Taker bit back a snort, knowing she was concerned about him, for reasons he couldn’t explain.  Hell, he didn’t know why he cared about her wellbeing either and chalked it up to her being Foley’s niece.  Contrary to popular belief, Taker and Foley were colleagues in the back and respected each other enough not to let their feud in the ring affect their personal lives.


“I will.” All he wanted to do was cart her up to his room and do nothing but rest, to make her his completely, but now wasn’t the time or place. “Geneva…”


Loving the sound of her name coming from his sensual mouth, Geneva reached up and brushed her lips against his left cheek, making sure to touch the bare spot on his chest. “Sweet dreams, Undertaker.” She then walked away, running her fingers through the wet curls and headed upstairs to check on her Uncle Mick.


Undertaker watched her go once again, that jean skirt showing just how perfect and round her backside was, gently touch his cheek.  Her lips were soft and warm, Undertaker wanted to feel them on other parts of his body, preferably his mouth.  Fighting back the urge to chase after her, Undertaker stood out there for a few more minutes before reluctantly trekking inside, heading up to his own room.  His new goal was to make sure that Geneva somehow wound up on the road with the WWF, his mind already twirling with several possibilities.


Arriving back to her Uncle Mick’s hotel room, Geneva was not surprised to find him passed out on the bed, sleeping peacefully.  She checked on him to be on the safe side and kissed his forehead feather lightly before heading into the bathroom.  Her clothes were soaked and she had no other clothes with her, so Geneva walked back out to grab a t-shirt from her Uncle’s bag, knowing he wouldn’t mind.  It would also cover all of her important parts since she only stood at 5’6. 


Peeling out of her skirt and top, Geneva rung the water out of her hair as much as she could, draping her panties over the heater vent.  It would take a while for them to dry, but there was no way she could sleep with drenched panties.  She pulled the t-shirt over her head and finished up by draping her clothes over the shower rack before walking out.  There was another bed in the room, thankfully, because the only thing Geneva had on was the t-shirt, everything else sopped from the rain.


Slipping under the thick comforter, Geneva turned and stared out the window, the sound of rain tapping against it very soothing.  Her mind turned to Undertaker, wondering what he wanted with her and why he’d been concerned for her safety.  It didn’t make sense considering they’d only met a few hours ago and even then their times together were brief.  So why did she feel the urge to want to leave her Uncle’s hotel room and find his?


She could still feel the heat radiating through his leather vest as it soaked into her body, which is why she hadn’t gotten chilled from the storm.  His body heat alone was enough to keep her warm, enjoying every second of that motorcycle ride.  Every time she closed her eyes, Geneva saw those hypnotic emerald orbs and heard his rugged husky voice in her mind.  It’d been a while since Geneva felt this strong of an attraction to a man, since medical schooling didn’t really give her a lot of time to date.


Geneva had two more weeks to decide where she wanted to start her internship and wondered what she would do.  Undertaker would be gone tomorrow because the WWF was moving onto the next city and she had a long drive back home.  It saddened her that she didn’t have enough time to spend with her Uncle Mick, missing him since she had no friends to confide in.  Being the niece of a famous person, that was one of the downfalls because Geneva didn’t know who she could trust.


‘Damn it, why the hell didn’t I do something?’ She thought, curling up and wrapped the comforter around her tighter, berating herself mentally.


Eventually, Geneva fell into a deep sleep and didn’t hear Mick get up to use the bathroom, his blurred vision clearing after relieving himself. “What the hell?”


He noticed the pair of women panties on the heat vent along with the rest of  his niece’s clothes hanging over the rack, wondering what he missed.  Mick stepped out of the bathroom, shutting the light off and stopped at the sight of his niece sleeping peacefully in the other bed, smiling softly.  She must’ve gotten caught in the storm, which still raged outside.  Shaking his head, Mick grabbed the McDonald’s bag he spotted and quietly ate his food, turning the television on low so he didn’t disturb Geneva.



If he only knew what really happened, Mick would’ve more than likely dropped dead of a heart attack.




“So, what happened to your clothes last night?”


Geneva almost choked on her eggs when her Uncle Mick asked that, pounding her chest a few times. “What?” She grunted, taking a long drink of her orange juice. “What do you mean?”


“I saw your clothes, Gen.  I got up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.” Mick said, taking a bite of pancakes as they sat in the restaurant down the street from his hotel. “So?”


Did he tell her the truth about what happened or lie? “I forgot I parked in the underground lot and went outside in the pouring rain.  When I realized my mistake, I was drenched.” That was believable enough, Geneva hoped, as she ate some toast. “I also noticed you ate the food I brought you, so it was worth the trip.”


Of course Mick believed her, Undertaker never crossing his mind and reached over to grab his niece’s hand, squeezing gently. “Thanks for that, you didn’t have to go out.  I fell asleep right after you left.” He sighed, touching his forehead and smiled since he survived another battle with Undertaker.


“No problem, now eat your breakfast.” She ordered with a wink and took a sip of coffee, needing the caffeine since she didn’t get much sleep.


“Yes ma’am.” He chuckled, releasing her hand and went to back to eating, a comfortable silence developing between them since the food was delicious.


“How’s your head?” Geneva asked while they waited in line to pay for breakfast, already having her money in hand.


“It’s fine and put that money away.” Mick ordered, shaking his head. “I got it, sweetheart.”




“Geneva, put that money away or else.” Mick injected sternness to his tone, blue eyes narrowing and watched as she reluctantly slid the money back in her pocket. “Good girl.  You need it far more than I do and, besides, I owe you for last night.”


Geneva didn’t agree and scowled playfully at her Uncle, hating when he spent money on her.  She didn’t love him for his fame and fortune, he was her blood, plain and simple.  Though when Uncle Mick became stern with her, Geneva knew better than to argue with him and let him pay for the whole meal.  They walked out of the diner into the sunlight, Mick instantly pulling his sunglasses out to slip them over his eyes.


“So listen Gen, I had an idea and wanted to run it by you.” Mick said while they strolled to her car, still needing to go to the arena to grab his rental before grabbing a flight to the next area.


“Okay, what is it?” Geneva asked, wondering what was on her Uncle’s mind and pulled her keys out to unlock the doors of her Camaro.


Mick stopped her from getting into her vehicle and turned her to face him, sliding his sunglasses on top of his head so they had eye contact. “Well first of all, how much time do you have off before your internship starts?” He asked, not wanting to say his idea until he had that answer.


“Two weeks, I didn’t tell you?” Geneva frowned thoughtfully, feeling her stomach tighten and tilted her head slightly at him. “So what’s your idea?”


“Well, I know we haven’t seen each other in a while and one night isn’t enough.  So since you have some time free, I wanted to bring you on the road with me.” Mick offered with a big smile, taking both of her hands in his. “I know you don’t like seeing me get hurt, but maybe if you’re on the road with me for a few weeks, you’ll understand why I do this for a living.”


Blinking, Geneva couldn’t believe what her Uncle just offered her and tried wrapping her mind around it.  Hadn’t she had this same idea the previous night?  Only she didn’t think Uncle Mick would approve of it, so that’s why Geneva hadn’t asked him.  Then again, maybe he’d hit his head too hard on that table in his match last night and wasn’t thinking clearly.


“A-Are you sure about this?” She stammered, clearing her throat and beamed at his nod.


“Of course I am!  I want you to come on the road for the next two weeks, Gen.  I’ll talk to Larry and see if he can give you some more training and experience too, if you want.  Maybe Vince can even draw up some kind of agreement for it.” Mick wouldn’t mind his niece working for the WWF permanently, but one idea at a time.  He didn’t want to overwhelm her. “So, what do you think?”


‘Undertaker.’ That was Geneva’s first thought, fighting back the heat that threatened to flood her body and already knew this was her chance. “When do we leave?” She laughed as Uncle Mick lifted her up and hugged her, spinning her around in a circle.


“Tonight, I’ll call and get two later flights for us.  That’ll give you time to go home and get packed up.  I’ll go to Staten Island with you and help.” Mick was giddy, glad his niece hadn’t put up much of a fight, though he didn’t know the real reasoning beyond her easy sanction.


“No, it’s a six and a half hour drive from here, Uncle Mick.  Please a boat ride on top of it.  So let me get on the road, go home and pack up while you take the flight.  I’ll take a flight tomorrow and meet you wherever the WWF is going next.” There was no reason for Uncle Mick to come with her when he had obligations to the WWF and it would take her a while to pack up for two weeks on the road with him. “Now let’s go get your rental.”


Mick couldn’t argue with that, as much as he wanted to, and sighed gently. “Okay Gen, whatever you want to do.” He hugged her briefly, kissed the top of her curly head and slipped inside her Camaro.


Twenty minutes later, Geneva pulled up to the arena and parked next to his rental, hating whenever she parted from Uncle Mick. “So I’ll see you tomorrow?”


Mick nodded, both of them stepping out of the Camaro and he immediately pulled her into his arms, her head resting against his chest. “I’ll have everything set up for you at the airport.  Just call me before you get on the flight, okay?”


Geneva nodded, closing her eyes and gave Uncle Mick one more squeeze before letting go, watery blues meeting. “Make sure you add a backstage pass so I don’t have a hard time getting in the arena.”


“No need, I’ll pick you up at the airport when you land and then we can go together.” Mick didn’t need her worrying about more than what was already on her plate, reluctantly breaking his hold on her. “Drive safe and call me when you get home so I’m not worrying about you.”


Geneva nodded, a single tear sliding down her cheek as Uncle Mick cupped her face, kissing her forehead. “I will, now get moving.  You have a flight to catch and I have a long drive along with packing to do.”


Mick nodded, winking and walked away from his niece to unlock his rental, driving away moments later.  Geneva watched him go and finally let the rest of her tears fall, hating how emotional she was every time she said goodbye to her Uncle.  It wouldn’t be for long this time though, she would see him the next day, if she could make it home in time.  Not wasting another second, Geneva wiped her tears away and slid into the Camaro, taking off heading for the highway. 


Somehow, someway, on four hours of sleep, Geneva made it to the airport and slept through the entire flight.  She arrived home around 7 PM and took two hours to pack three bags, hoping that would be enough for the road.  Uncle Mick sent her the list of places they were going for the next two weeks, so she could pack the right type of clothes.  The plane landed in Binghamton, New York –it was roughly 15 hours away from Staten Island, hence the plane ride- less than an hour later and Geneva had to be woken up in order to put her seatbelt on before landing.


Mick frowned as soon as he spotted his niece walking through the terminal and she looked ready to fall over.  Maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all. “Hey Gen.” He greeted gently, embracing her and felt her lean against him, hearing the loud yawn from her lips. “You didn’t sleep well?”


“No, I had to get everything done.  I only got four hours of sleep.” Geneva smiled up at him, her eyes looking droopy and let her Uncle guide her out of the airport, stopping briefly to grab her luggage.


“Well we have to go straight to the arena because I have a creative meeting.” Mick felt bad, hating to see his niece so exhausted all because he wanted her on the road with him. “It shouldn’t take too long and then maybe I can take you back to the hotel so you can rest.”


“No, I’m fine, Uncle Mick.” Geneva refused to let him put his plans on hold because of her, shaking her head. “I’ve got to learn what sleep deprivation is if I plan on going into the surgical field.  I’ll be fine, I just need some caffeine and a few minutes to fully wake up.”


“Alright, come on then.” Mick guided Geneva out to his rental car and tossed her bags in the trunk, taking off from the airport heading for the arena.


Chapter 5


When Uncle Mick stopped at a Starbucks on the way to the arena, Geneva gave him a fat kiss right on the cheek, grinning from ear to ear.  She sucked half of her hazelnut vanilla frappe down before they arrived and felt a little more alive.  She chose simple black shorts and a light blue baby doll top with a white camisole beneath.  It had black roses embroidered all over, her corkscrew curly chestnut hair left down with a black headband, black flats on her feet.


“You’re my hero.” She swooned, laughing when Uncle Mick rolled his eyes and looked up when they arrived at the Broome County Arena.


Mick parked the car in the designated area for the WWF Superstars and grabbed his gear from the backseat, wrapping a protective arm around Geneva’s shoulders. “Here, just in case.” He placed a fresh backstage pass around her neck, winking and headed inside.


On the way, they ran into another one of Mick’s friends, Paul Levesque, but everyone in the back called him Hunter, also known to WWF fans as Hunter Hearst Helmsley. “Hey Cactus, you ready for the meeting?” He asked, shaking hands with Mick and calling him by one of the two personas her Uncle portrayed in the ring.  His original character was Cactus Jack, but once Mick came to the WWF, they wanted a new gimmick for him and came up with Mankind.


“Yeah, right after I drop my niece off in my dressing room.” Mick replied, giving Geneva a gentle squeeze and then slapped his forehead with his free hand. “Where are my manners?  Sorry Hunter, this is my niece Geneva.  Gen, this is Hunter.”


Hunter flashed a friendly enough smile and extended his hand. “Pleasure to meet you, Geneva.  So you’re related to Cactus huh?” Hunter had only known Mick for about a year and had only met his wife Colette and their two kids, Dewey and Noelle.


“Yeah, he’s quite a character.  Very fun around the holidays.” Geneva chuckled, shaking Hunter’s hand.


“I can only imagine.  Welcome to the WWF family.  Hope things are too crazy around here for you.” Hunter said politely, having a feeling Mick filled her in on what went on backstage at the events. “Well listen, I gotta run and get to the meeting.  Drop her off and get moving, Cactus.”


“Will do.” Mick saluted, laughing and walked further down the hallway, making a right.


“How do you know where your dressing room is?” Geneva had to ask, looking around as they passed multiple doors, sidestepping whenever her Uncle did.


“You basically choose what dressing room you want and then a technician comes around stamping your name on it.” He shrugged, knowing that was the best way to answer her question and continued on.


“Oh I see.”


Neither realized they’d passed a dressing room with an open door, Geneva’s laughter flooding through it.  That sound instantly caught the attention of the occupant as he stood up from the steel chair he’d occupied, bare from the waist up and stepped out to look down the hallway.  There she was with the corkscrew chestnut curls, intoxicating laugh and incredible backside staring back at him.  Whatever the reason, his green eyes darkened instantly and sent a silent thank you to Foley, knowing he was the reason Geneva had come on the road, slipping back into his dressing room.


“This one looks vacant, but you have to knock first to make sure.” He tapped his knuckles against the door, waiting three seconds and then entered, nodding. “Good, nobody’s here.  Make yourself comfortable and I’ll be back soon, Gen.”


“No problem, take your time.” Geneva smiled, pulling away from her Uncle and walked over to sit on the bench with a monitor.


Mick hated leaving his niece there all alone, but couldn’t just abandon his job either, a smirk curving his lips.  Geneva was in for quite the surprise and first headed to the exit.  Standing before him was his beautiful wife Colette and his beautiful children.  They had come to the show and Mick had a promo scheduled to do with Noelle, knowing she’d get a kick out of it.  So Geneva wouldn’t be completely alone tonight as Mick pulled Colette into his arms, kissing her softly and then gave his kids love.


“I missed you too.” Colette chuckled softly, rubbing her nose gently against his. “Is she here?”


Mick nodded, having called Colette to tell her about their niece coming on the road and pressed a kiss to Noelle’s forehead. “Yeah, she’s in my dressing room.  Why don’t you go say hi while I go to this meeting and then we can get a bite to eat in the cafeteria?” Colette was well-known and didn’t need a backstage pass like some of the other wives, fully supportive of Mick’s career decision.


“Sounds good, take your time.” Colette said, taking Noelle from him and guided her children down the hallway toward Mick’s dressing room while he went to take care of business.


When Geneva heard the door open, her head snapped up and felt her eyes nearly fall out of their sockets at the sight of her Aunt Colette and cousins standing there.



“Hey Gen.” Colette laughed when she was clobbered with a hug, followed by the kids being smothered with kisses and felt her heart fill with joy. “It’s been a while.”


“I know.” Geneva agreed, tapping Noelle’s nose gently with her fingertip and smiled when the little girl just hugged her. “They’ve gotten so big!”


“Tell me about it.” Colette muttered good-naturedly, both laughing when Noelle and Dewey stuck their tongues out simultaneously. “They definitely take after their Daddy.”


Geneva was going to kill Uncle Mick for not telling her about their visit, keeping the smile on her face. “Indeed they do.  How’ve you been?  They’re not running you too ragged, are they?”


“Not really, some days are better than others, especially with Mick on the road constantly.” Colette didn’t sound sad because she was used to the lifestyle and loved her husband unconditionally. “How about you?  I’m sorry we missed your graduation, sweetie.”


“No problem, I understand, Auntie.” Geneva assured her, settling down on the bench with Noelle while Dewey remained by Colette’s side. “Hey Dew, you wanna come see me?” She held her hands out, smiling when the little boy walked into her arms and Geneva lifted him up to sit on the bench with Noelle. “And I’ve been good, still shocked that Uncle Mick invited me on the road with him though.”


Colette chuckled, nodding. “You shouldn’t be.  Mick has wanted you to come on the road for a while because he knows how worried you get about him.  He knew you were busy though with school and I told him not to bother you until you graduated, at least.” She admitted, knowing Geneva wouldn’t be angry with her.


“Really?” Geneva didn’t know that and looked down at the kids, chewing her bottom lip. “I know I sort of put you guys on the backburner and for that I’m sorry.  I just wanted to get my schooling out of the way, but that’s no excuse.”


“Geneva, look at me.” Colette smiled reassuringly when her niece obeyed, reaching over to take her hand. “You have no idea how proud we are of you.  You’re making something of yourself in this world and that’s all that matters.  As long as you’re happy, whatever decisions you make, we’ll stand beside you.”


“Thanks Auntie…” Geneva whispered, blinking tears away and stroked Noelle’s hair, having missed her cousins a lot, clearing her throat. “I wish there was something to drink in here.  Are you guys thirsty?”


The kids nodded, Dewey more enthusiastic than Noelle. “What’s the matter sweetie?  Are you okay?”


Noelle had a nervous look on her face, chewing her bottom lip and nodded.


“What’s wrong with her, Auntie?”


“She’s just nervous because she’s doing a segment with Daddy tonight out in the ring.  Well, scratch that – Mick is going to come to her in the crowd, since we’ll be sitting ringside, and talk to her for a few minutes in his character.” Colette was against the idea at first, but that was before Mick promised nobody would point out she was his daughter. “Still not crazy about the idea, but it’s hard saying no to your Uncle.”


Setting Noelle down to walk over to her mother, Geneva rose from the bench and cracked her neck. “I’m gonna go hunt some refreshments down since we don’t know when Uncle Mick will be back.  You stay here with the kids.”


“Do you know where the cafeteria is?” Colette asked, not overprotective of her niece the way Mick was and flashed another warm smile as Geneva shook her head.


“No, but I’ll find it.  You just relax here with the kids.  I’ll ask someone.” Walking out before Aunt Colette could stop her, Geneva headed down the hallway, looking around to make sure she remembered where the dressing room was.


As soon as Geneva backtracked and walked past the dark open dressing room again, the person inside couldn’t fight back temptation.  A hand stretched out from the door and snatched Geneva inside with ease, pushing her against the door effectively closing it.  Geneva’s scream was caught in her throat as her heart pounded fiercely from being scared out of her mind, trying to adjust her eyes to the dark room.




“Why did you not tell me you were joining Foley on the road?”


Geneva’s entire body instantly relaxed as soon as she heard the unmistakable baritone that only belonged to one man…the man she wanted to see. “Undertaker.” She murmured, somehow knowing he was nodding even though she couldn’t see anything. “It happened sort of fast, after we parted ways…”


“Is that right?” His tone remained even, closing the distance between them as he placed a forearm on each side of her head, staring down at her broodingly. “Tell me how it happened, Geneva.”


Even when he ordered her to do something, Geneva found him incredibly sexy and was convinced she’d lost her mind. “Uncle Mick asked me to come on the road with him for my two weeks off.” She said in a soft voice, feeling his hot breath against her face and a shiver shot down her spine.


“Hmm I see…” Foley hadn’t mentioned that in the meeting, though he supposed there really was no reason for it. “So, you are not here for a job then?”


Geneva smiled in spite of everything going on and shook her head. “No, just visiting and spending time with my family.  Uncle Mick wants me to see how things work around here so I’ll stop worrying about him being a wrestler.  Can’t help it though, comes with the territory of going into the medical field.” Why did he care why she was here?  Did he want her as badly as she wanted him?


Taker considered that, stroking his goatee thoughtfully and considered her answer. “Is that the only reason you agreed?” He was pressing for more information, seeing her clearly through the darkness since he was shrouded in it constantly.


“What other reason would there be?” She retorted, folding her arms in front of her chest and narrowed her blue eyes slightly. “And why did you pull me in here?”


Deciding to let his actions speak louder than words for a moment, Taker’s hands slid down the door until they gripped her hips, suddenly yanking her flush against his muscular frame. “Why don’t you tell me?” He practically growled, his lips mere inches from hers, but Taker would not kiss her until he knew for a fact she wanted him.


She was breathless, her entire body lighting on fire as soon as he touched her and Geneva wasn’t sure if telling him the truth would be wise. “Undertaker…” She felt his finger once again stroke her cheek and moved down to her bottom lip, wishing she could see him. “I-I’m not sure…”


“Oh but I think you are, Neva.” He thought about her name and decided that would be his personal abbreviation, not hearing anyone use it. “And I will not give you what we both know you crave until you answer me truthfully.  Because you know as well as I do that you felt a connection between us that night.  You cannot deny it, I can see it in your eyes.”


Nobody called her Neva before and it sent more shivers coursing through her small body, her hands gently pressed against his bare chest. “I never said I would.” There was no way she could deny the amount of want and desire this man flooded her with, no matter how hard she tried ignoring it. “Fine, I was hoping to see you again too.”


“Why?” Taker questioned, his finger moving from her chin down the side of her neck, feeling the goose bumps break out on her skin. “Do you not fear me like the others?” He could break her in half with one hand if he wanted to, the woman was either daft, blind or insane.


Now Geneva looked confused, stroking his chest absentmindedly. “Why would I fear you?  You haven’t given me any warning signs or indication you would hurt me.  And until you do, there’s no reason for me to be scared of you.” Being this close to him felt right and amazing, Geneva suddenly forgot the reason why she left Uncle Mick’s dressing room.


“I’m a dangerous man, Neva.” He had to be upfront with her, refusing to let her dive into something with him until all the cards were on the table. “I am also possessive of what is mine.”


She had no problem being his possession, snaking her pink tongue out to wet her suddenly dry lips. “It doesn’t matter…”


Taker pressed a finger to her lips, silencing her. “But it does, Neva.  Because once I make something or someone mine, I have a very hard time releasing it or them.  I walk on the dark side, darlin’, far darker than what my wrestling persona betrays.” The Undertaker was part of who he really was outside of the ring, only the volume was turned up whenever he stepped through the gorilla position curtain to do battle with his peers.


Shaking her head, Geneva slid her hands up to his shoulders until she managed to find his face, somehow locking eyes with him through the darkness. “You can tell me every rotten thing you’ve ever done in your lifetime and it won’t change anything.  It won’t change how I feel about you.  You want to make me your possession or whatever, so do it.  But fair warning, when my two weeks are up, I’m leaving to do my internship.  So if we’re doing this, then it’s just sex with no strings attached.” She couldn’t believe she was throwing a gauntlet out to him, wondering where her sudden courage stemmed from. “I don’t care about your fame and fortune.  I don’t care about who you are in the ring either.  I could care less about the WWF.  But I DO care about the man outside of this business, who showed me kindness and cared about my safety.  So stop trying to convince me to stay away from you, unless you really want me to.  Because until you tell me to take a hike, I’m not going anywhere until my two weeks are up.”


Chapter 6


So she did care about him and wanted what he did, how very enticing. “No strings attached…” He echoed thoughtfully, massaging her sides with his nimble fingers and let her hold his face in her soft hands, enjoying the feeling. “Will you be able to handle that stipulation?”


“If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have offered it.” She remarked, sliding her hands from his face down his shoulders and arms, resting them on his forearms. “Do you want some time to think about this, mull it over?  I won’t be mad if you do.” Becoming his possession was a delicious thought and Geneva suddenly wanted him to take her in every single way possible.


“And what of Foley?  We are still feuding and I am not sure how much longer it will go on.” He had to make sure all the bases were covered, wondering if this precious morsel would keep their relations secret from his colleague. “I also do not want problems between Foley and I if we decide to do this.”


Geneva hadn’t considered that, not sure how Uncle Mick would react if he knew what she was planning on doing with Undertaker. “I’m 28 years old, fresh out of medical school and have lived my own life since I was 17.” That’s the age she graduated high school and took two years off before entering medical school. “I honestly don’t know what he’d think of us…”


“Would you rather we keep this secret then?” Taker demanded, his green eyes practically glowing in the darkness of the room. “I would not have a problem with that.”


“You wouldn’t?” Geneva blinked, not expecting to hear that and felt him squeeze her side gently.


“No, but I will do whatever you wish.  We can tell him if you want or we can keep it secret.” His nose ran across hers to her lips and cheek, sensual mouth arriving at her ear. “What do you want, Neva?”


“You.” She breathed out instantly with no hesitation and closed her eyes as he began kissing the spot just below her ear, sending volts of electricity throughout her body. “Secret or not, I want you.”


Grunting his approval, hearing what he wanted to finally, Taker pulled back and released her abruptly, grabbing something from the nearby table. “Turn over your hand.” He commanded, watching as she did and jotted down his room number, knowing Foley would be staying in the same place as him. “If you truly mean everything we have discussed, show up tonight and I will possess you in every way I can think of, Neva.”


Her cloudy mind managed to understand that as Geneva nodded, knowing what Undertaker wrote on her hand and felt him take her upper arm, tossing the door open. “I’ll be there.” She promised, looking back at him now that some light flooded the room, his dark auburn hair hiding most of his face. “What time?”


“Foley is going to suggest you share a room with him and the family, so whenever he falls into a slumber.  I will be up.” He assured her, running a single finger down her cheek and hoped they could keep this bottled up from everyone. “Now go.  He will be wondering where you are.  If you wish to tell him, we can discuss it after tonight.” All he wanted to do was spend the night claiming her mind, body, heart and soul in all the ways he knew how.


“See you then.” She whispered, reluctantly pulling away and felt the door close behind her, heading back to her Uncle’s dressing room. 


Geneva looked down at her right hand and saw the number 2823 scrawled on it, searing that in her memory.  It was truly the sweetest number because it linked to the man she wanted to spend the next two weeks with.  Uncle Mick was fine and all, Geneva loved him deeply, but she was a woman with sexual needs that only Undertaker could fulfill. 


Then a thought crossed her mind, one that actually made Geneva frown as worry filled her body.  What if he thought she was a slut?  She was the one who suggested the no strings attached stipulation and he merely agreed with it.  What if that’s not what he wanted?  There were so many what if’s rolling around her mind that Geneva silence them all by pushing them in the far recesses into a locked box.  She wanted Undertaker and he wanted her, that’s all Geneva had to focus on at the moment.


Yawning, Geneva stepped inside her Uncle’s dressing room and saw Colette and the kids were gone, her Uncle nowhere to be found.  Something told her he had taken them to ringside for the segment with Noelle, which Geneva was grateful for.  She needed some time alone to mull over her conversation with Undertaker and could feel the burning sensation on her neck where he’d kissed her, touching the spot.  Come hell or high water, Geneva wouldn’t disappoint Undertaker and wished the show was over with already, wanting to be with him.


An hour later, Geneva stirred when she heard tapping at Uncle Mick’s dressing room door, wondering who it was.  She remembered the warning from her Uncle, but didn’t want to ignore the visitor in case it was important.  Somehow, Geneva wasn’t surprised to find Larry staring back at her, looking a little worried.


“So the rumors were true.” Larry commented, standing there with folded arms over his chest. “You’re on the road with Mick for two weeks.”


Geneva smiled, nodding. “He begged me and I have time off, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to spend more time with him.” That was partially the truth, though Larry didn’t need to know all the details. “Why what’s up?”


Larry sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. “Well, I overheard Mick talking about you being on the road and the other physician, Wayne, had to rush home for a family emergency.  Think you could give me a hand again like you did last night?” He was very impressed with how she handled the Undertaker and knew anyone could be putty in her hands.  Not to mention he was in a tight spot with Wayne gone.


Blinking, Geneva didn’t expect this offer and could tell Larry was distressed. “I’ll help you on one condition.” She finally said, leaning in the doorway.


“Name it and you got it.”


“I don’t want you tossing me money out of your own pocket because I’m not working for you.  I want the company to pay me for my time.” She still felt horrible for taking the money from Larry, contemplating giving it back to him. “And I don’t want special treatment just because I’m Mick Foley’s niece.”


Larry admired this young woman for speaking her mind and saying exactly what she wanted.  Most women would use their family’s fame and fortune at their disposal, but Geneva didn’t.  She wanted to do things for herself, that much was obvious and, as luck would have it, Larry had a quick discussion with Vince prior to paying her a visit.  Larry already knew what she’d say because of how hesitant she was when he paid her for helping him.


“Funny you should say that because it just so happens…” He trailed off with a smirk, pulling a folded piece of paper out and handed it to her. “Read and sign, you’ll start tonight.  It’s a temporary two week contract, since that’s how long Mick told me you’d be on the road with him.  You’ll be paid a little less than Wayne because he’s certified and you’re not, so I hope that’s okay.”


Geneva understood, grinning from ear to ear with sparkling blue eyes and took the paper, unfolding it to read the fine print. “No problem, give me a few to read and then I’ll sign.”


She couldn’t stop giggling at the sheer relief crossing Larry’s face and proceeded to read over the contract, tapping her chin thoughtfully.  Truth be told, the amount physicians were paid in the WWF was far more than what most hospitals would fork over, so there wasn’t a reason for Geneva to ‘think’ about it.  She took the pen from Larry five minutes later and scrawled her name on the line, handing both back to him.


“You’re an angel, now follow me.  Mick said he’d find you later on when he’s ready to leave.” That was if Mick didn’t do something crazy in the ring, though his children were in the crowd, so hopefully that would stem his madness a little.


Stepping into the trainer’s room, Geneva snapped on a pair of gloves and began looking over Steve Corino, who was whipped with a belt by Farooq –his real name was Ron Simmons.  Several WWF wrestlers stood outside waiting to be looked at, so both Larry and Geneva worked as quickly as they could.  She still couldn’t believe Larry trusted her enough to help him and took it as a compliment considering he’d been in this business a while.


As the night progressed, Geneva had to look over wrestlers with nagging injuries and used a lot of tape.  There was a small monitor on in Larry’s office and Geneva glanced at it every couple minutes to see what was going on while working.  The final match of the night consisted of Undertaker facing off with Hunter Hearst Helmsley with his valet Chyna.  Mankind got involved and tried setting Undertaker on fire with a blowtorch, which made them start brawling and it spilled into the crowd.  Goldust with his valet Marlena –they were on early in the night- attacked Hunter and Chyna, continuing their feud.


So when Uncle Mick stumbled into the trainer’s room with blood pouring from his forehead, courtesy of a chair shot to the skull by Undertaker.  Geneva understood Undertaker did what he had to do to survive, but that didn’t stop the sick feeling bubbling in her stomach.  No matter how many times she saw her Uncle bleed, it didn’t get easier and that’s the main reason Geneva would never work for the WWF fulltime.


“I got him, Geneva!  I got him!” Mick was dazed from the chair shot, once again busted open, which was nothing new these days.


“Yeah, yeah you got him Uncle Mick.  Now let Larry examine you.  Family can't treat family.” That was one of the stipulations in her temporary contract. 


She nodded when Larry smiled, kissing Mick's forehead and looked up when Taker walked in, seeing him holding his injured wrist.  He also had a laceration on his forehead that needed a few stitches.  Larry ordered Taker to let her look him over and Geneva merely smiled as he sat on the other examination table, their eyes locking briefly.  Geneva hoped he still felt up to spending the night with her later on, looking forward to being with him.


“Suck in a breath.” She whispered, pressing on his chest and winced when he grunted out a little. “You are very lucky that nothing's cracked.” Uncle Mick had nailed him right in the chest several times with the same chair that cracked him open. “It's just deeply bruised...” This man was damned near indestructible as she looked down at his heavily taped wrist, deciding not to say anything about it.


“That's what I figured.” Taker said with a deep sigh. 


What the hell was Geneva doing in Larry’s office?  She was helping the man again, not seeing Wayne anywhere and decided to ask Larry about it when Geneva wasn’t around.  On one hand, it hurt when she pressed on his chest, but on the other, her cool fingers felt good and not in the generic way.  He enjoyed her touch immensely, even if he was injured.


Geneva grabbed some ice to press against his chest, being very careful with it because the swelling was bad.  She couldn't believe nothing was cracked, wondering if he should go to the ER just to be on the safe side.  It would ruin their plans, but better safe than sorry. “Taker, I think you should go have an x-ray done to make sure nothing is cracked.  I'm sure nothing is broken, but I can’t be sure of fractures or cracks.” She tried keeping the worry out of her tone and failed. “You need your wrist checked out too, but my main concern right now is your chest.”


“The wrist is sprained; I seen my personal physician about it and my chest is just bruised.  Trust me, if it was anything more, you'd know because I'd probably be ripping your head off from the pain.” He informed her evenly.


“Everything alright over there?” Larry called, glancing over his shoulder in time to see Taker getting to his feet. “He got you good, lucky for you it wasn't directly over the heart.”


“I'm saying my prayers.” He deadpanned.


Larry just shook his head, muttering something about 'morbid bastard' under his breath while he tended to Mick. “And YOU, with the chair…”


Mick smirked, pulling her over to stand beside him and squeezed her hand. “I had to spice up the crowd somehow, they seemed bored.” He winked and chuckled at Geneva’s groan, kissing her hand. “It was worth it.”


“Just for that, I'll choke slam you through a table next time.”


Mick actually winced, then perked right back up. “As long as you don’t break my back, Deadman.”


Larry stepped out of harm's way. “If you want to kill him Taker, be my guest.”


Deciding to let that comment slide, Taker left the trainer’s room, but not before giving Geneva a smoldered look, hoping she still showed up tonight.  It didn’t matter if he was hurt or not, that wouldn’t stop Taker from making Geneva his, if she came.  He saw the small smile and slight nod, getting his answer and walked out without a word, heading down the hallway to gather his things.


“Mick!” Colette rushed past Undertaker with the two kids, breathing a little heavier than usual into the trainer’s room. “Are you alright?” She blinked at the sight of her niece, raising a brow. “What’s going on here?”


“I’m working temporarily for the WWF to help Larry out.” Geneva grinned, dabbing Uncle Mick’s forehead with a towel while Larry finished the stitching.


“Really?” Colette didn’t know if she approved that, looking down at the kids and lifted them up so they could see their Daddy. “See guys, Daddy’s alright.  Just a little banged up.”


Mick smiled up at them, reaching his hand over to stroke Noelle’s face tenderly. “You did good out there, little bit.” He didn’t even flinch at the stitches, having an exceptional pain threshold. “After Daddy gets stitched up, I’ll take my favorite people out for dinner.”


“Are you sure, sweetheart?” Colette looked concerned, placing a hand against his cheek where the blood had been cleaned off. “We can just go back to the hotel and…”


“No, I’m fine.” Mick fought back the urge to shake his head, instead kissing Colette’s hand and winked. “Why don’t you take the kids to the dressing room and I’ll be there as soon as I’m done?  Gen, you’re almost done here right?”


“Am I, Larry?”


Larry nodded, grateful he had some help since Wayne would be out for at least two weeks with his family business. “Yeah, just gotta finish you up, Mick.  By the way, thanks for the suggestion about going to Vince.”


Suspecting that’s who told Larry about her being on the road for two weeks, Geneva would either have to hug or kill Uncle Mick once they were alone.


Chapter 7


After the show, Mick took everyone out for a family dinner at a local restaurant, wanting to spend quality time together.  Geneva was thankful he hadn’t gotten hurt in the segment with Undertaker, though she also didn’t like the fact Uncle Mick tried setting the man on fire either.  The path she was about to walk with Undertaker was going to be extremely complicated, Geneva knew it, but still wouldn’t walk away.


Once dinner finished, they all headed back to the hotel with both Noelle and Dewey sleeping peacefully.  Noelle did very well in the segment with her father and actually enjoyed it, much to Colette’s relief.  She’d been nervous about her little girl being on WWF programming, but it seemed as though nobody recognized them being Mick’s family.  It also looked as though both were extremely tired, which Geneva was grateful for because the clock had just struck midnight.


While Mick and Colette tucked their children into bed, Geneva changed into a pair of dark purple cotton shorts with a matching spaghetti strapped tank top.  She managed to fix up her corkscrew curls with a pick, not able to use a regular brush.  Geneva stepped out to wish her Aunt and Uncle a good night, hugging them, then pretended to head to bed, leaving her door cracked open.  It was a three room suite that Mick splurged on since his wife and children would be leaving in the morning to head back home.


Geneva waited exactly a half an hour and carefully creaked her door open, hearing soft snoring, knowing Uncle Mick fell asleep.  Colette was as well and the children hadn’t stirred either.  Chewing her bottom lip, Geneva looked at her hand, contemplating if she should show up or just go back to bed.  What if Uncle Mick found out about them?  She wasn’t sure if lying to her family was the smartest decision, both her heart and mind battling with each other.


The heart won out.


Closing her door silently, Geneva tiptoed to the front door and opened it, thankful it didn’t creak.  She managed to get out into the hallway and close the door just as quietly, looking down at her hand again.  They were on the third floor, so she had to venture on the elevator to the second to get to Undertaker’s room.  Jogging down the hallway, Geneva decided to take the stairs in case she ran into somebody on the elevator, not wanting to take any chances.


A few minutes later, she stood outside of room 2823 and Geneva could feel the nerves building within her.  The butterflies began erupting in her stomach, fluttering dangerously and Geneva had a hard time raising her hand to knock on the door.  What the hell was she doing?  This was the same man who kept injuring Uncle Mick whenever they wrestled, though it was mostly her Uncle’s ideas.


“I want this.” She whispered to the silence of the hallway, taking another deep breath and finally knocked softly on the door, waiting with bated breath.


What if he was sleeping?  What if it was too late?  It was after one in the morning, but he had told her he’d be up.  Geneva watched as the doorknob turned, the door cracking open and a simple hand reached out to her.  There was no black fingerless glove on it and Geneva saw the tattoos adorning the forearm attached to the hand.  Taking another deep breath, Geneva grabbed it and felt herself being pulled into the dark room into the arms of Undertaker.


“You showed.” His low baritone resonated around the room, green eyes drinking the chestnut beauty against him, more importantly, the color of her sleepwear.


“I told you I would.” Geneva murmured, feeling déjà vu take over since he stood there holding her, his hands sliding down to her hips again. “You didn’t think I’d show, did you?”


“Mmm 50% and I will leave it at that.” He rumbled, releasing her hips to take her hands, guiding her further into the room. “You are nervous.”


Geneva nodded, a small corkscrew curl falling over her forehead and blew it away. “It’s been a long time for me.” Two years to be exact. “I want this though, that hasn’t changed.”


Taker nodded in understanding and slowly turned her around until her back faced him, his lips sealing to the side of her neck. “No more talking then.” The room had a few candles lit within it, giving both just enough light to see the other clearly, unlike earlier at the arena in his dressing room.


Geneva couldn’t agree more, melting against him as his large hands stroked up and down her sides beneath the top, feeling her soft skin.  Pure silk, was Taker’s first thought, as his lips explored her neck and ear and slowly moved her curls over her left shoulder.  Taker proceeded to do the same administrations to the right side of her neck, growling softly as he nuzzled her for a moment.


“Undertaker…” Her breathing became ragged as he held her tight against him, reaching up to bury her fingers in his mellifluous soft dark auburn hair.


Stopping, Taker pulled back and grabbed her hips, turning her around to face him as their eyes locked, dark forest green on smoky blue. “Did you mean what you said earlier, Neva?” He demanded, not believing what he was about to do.


Her mind was fuzzy and Geneva couldn’t think clearly, trying to slow her racing heart down. “W-We talked about several things, you’ll have to be more specific.” Didn’t he say enough talking?  The man had contradicted himself!


“You said you didn’t care about my fame and fortune, that you only cared about the man inside.” He reiterated, taking her hand to place it over his beating heart, his voice dropping an octave to a rasp. “Did you mean it?”


Geneva nodded, brushing her lips against his chest and wrapped her arms around his muscular waist. “Yes, I just want you.” She let out a gentle sigh when his fingers began stroking through her corkscrew curls, contentment sweeping over her.


“Then you should call me by my birth name instead of my wrestling character.” He decided, having thought about it long and hard, hooking his finger beneath her chin to raise her eyes to meet his. “You did not believe my name was actually Undertaker, did you?”


“No, but I wasn’t going to ask you about it either because I’ll call you whatever makes you feel comfortable.” Geneva said, hoping this didn’t destroy their night together and ran the pad of her thumb across his bottom lip. “I am curious now though, what is your real name?”


“Mark.” He murmured, sucking her thumb into his mouth to gently nibble, his eyes never leaving hers. “Call me Mark, darlin’.”


Geneva beamed, not believing he actually trusted her to reveal his birth name and pulled his face down as his mouth finally touched hers.  She felt his growl against her lips, his strength lifting her to be eye level as they experienced their first kiss.  Carting her with ease, Taker guided her on the bed and didn’t break the kiss, hovering over her.  Her fingers delved in his hair, returning an equal amount of passion the kiss exuded and slid her hands down his chest until she reached the button on his jeans.


His hand immediately shot down, wrapping around her wrist and prevented her from freeing his pulsating cock.  Not yet.  He wasn’t quite ready for that step, wanting to take his time exploring and possessing her.  His hand slid up her soft leg and thigh, cupping her sex through the thin material of her shorts and could feel the heat radiating in his palm.


Geneva gasped, her mouth falling open and Taker took the invitation instantly, his tongue delving in the deep recesses of her mouth.  Their tongues dueled and tangled together, each tasting one another and Geneva moved her head from side to side, thoroughly enjoying this.  He was taking his time with her, which was something Geneva didn’t expect.  She HAD expected to step in the room and have her clothes ripped from her body, but Taker had other plans in mind.


Plans she would gladly follow.


Methodically, Taker began stroking her through the shorts, spreading that forest fire within her further in slow circular motions.  He wanted to tease and torment her a little, remembering the little stunt she pulled kissing his cheek.  It was payback time.  Taker reluctantly pulled away from her lips, only to bury his face in the crook of her neck, hearing how sporadic her breathing was.


“Y-You’re driving me i-insane…” She stammered out through bated breath, pretty sure her entire body would erupt in literal flames if he kept this up. “M-Mark…”


The sound of his name spilling from her lips made his cock twitch against the confines of his jeans and Taker knew he couldn’t tease her much longer without losing control himself.  He wanted to lose it inside of her preferably and pulled his hand away, continuing the assault on her neck.  The moistness of her sex began seeping through the material, clearly telling him Geneva was more than ready for what he was about to offer.


Abruptly, Taker stood from the bed and gripped Geneva’s hips, flipping her on her stomach and felt his green eyes smolder at the sight of her beautiful backside.  He growled, running his calloused hands up her thighs to hook his thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and panties, sliding them down.  Geneva instantly lifted one knee at a time, thankful Taker was ending the teasing.  One long finger reached under to slide under her throbbing clit all the way to her backside and further up beneath her tank top.  Within seconds, her bra unsnapped with a flick of his wrist and Taker buried his hand in her chestnut corkscrew curls, gently but firmly pulling her up until her back pressed against his muscular chest.


“Lift your arms.” He ordered, his voice harsh with passion and his mouth settled over her ear, his hands once again stroking her sides.


Geneva obeyed, leaning back against him and loved the feeling of his hands on any part of her body.  His hands slid up her sides, taking the tank top on the way and pulled the material over her head with her bra, tossing both over his shoulder.  Covering her voluptuous breasts next, Taker loved the sound of her moans and began rolling her already erect nipples between his fingers.  His mouth descended on the spot just below her ear as Geneva shivered and Taker felt her hand start massaging the back of his neck.


“Good girl.” He rumbled approvingly, pushing her down on all fours and decided to end the torture.


Just the sound of his zipper sliding down sent Geneva’s soaking set into a frenzy, feeling it quiver with pure anticipation on what was coming next.  Taker shoved his jeans down completely and stepped out of them, kicking them to the side since he planned on staying naked with Geneva the whole night.  His tongue snaked out to moisten his lips, the hunger raging within his huge body and raised one foot to plant on the bed beside her.


“Mark…” Geneva pleaded and hissed as soon as she felt warm flesh brush against her sex, nodding eagerly. “Please…”


“Patience.” He whispered, one hand on his cock gliding it up and down her slit while the other planted on her hip, keeping her perfectly steady. “Mmm…” He groaned, holding his finger up to his nose and could smell her intoxicating essence from earlier, closing his eyes. “You smell divine, Neva…”


“You feel even better.” She murmured in reply, her nails digging into the comforter as he began sliding inside of her meticulously, her head spinning.


The last thing Taker wanted to do was hurt her, his size and girth bigger than a normal man.  Her throbbing sex felt like pure velvet and tighter than a vise, already knowing it’d been a while since she last had sex.  He nearly lost his breath sliding between her wet folds, gritting her teeth to maintain control.  If she moved, this was going to be over before they got started, the grip on her hip increasing when Geneva went to shift.


“Don’t move…” He grunted, quickly sliding the rest of the way until he was buried to the hilt, staying perfectly still while she stretched to accommodate his size.


“Oh Mark!” Geneva cried, feeling completely full to capacity and lowered her forehead to press against the bedding, trying to learn how to breathe.


Slowly, Taker experimentally pulled out and snapped his hips forward, thrusting inside of her receptive frame.  It felt as though she was specially made for him, every part of him igniting with sparks and electricity.  Geneva cried out louder, nodding and felt him start thrusting a little faster, still keeping a rhythmic pace.  What she wouldn’t give to feel him lose control…Geneva’s eyes flew open when he read her mind and increased the pace.


The sounds of flesh smacking flesh resonated around the room as Taker’s tongue slid up the middle of her back, directly on her spine.  Geneva met him for every thrust, slamming back against him and felt his hand bury into her hair again, yanking her to an upright position.  Her curls folded over her shoulder as Taker’s arm wrapped around her waist, not stopping the thrusts and held her firm against his body.  Their groans and moans echoed together in a beautiful symphony, one that Taker wished he could record somehow.


“Give yourself to me, Geneva!” He growled, sliding out of her briefly to move on the bed, leaning back on his haunches and immediately lifted to plant her right back on his throbbing cock.


Geneva instinctively bounced up and down on him, his hips snapping up to meet her as her head lulled back against his shoulder.  Taker buried his face in her hair, his hand sliding up her stomach to the valley of her breasts, wrapping around her throat.  He didn’t squeeze though, just rested it there and could feel his release building rapidly.  Her breasts bounced as Geneva gripped them tightly, going absolutely stir crazy as the hot coil within her threatened to spring free.


With a few more powerful thrusts, Geneva couldn’t hold back anymore and cried out her release, her hot essence flooding around him, arching her body against Taker.  Her orgasm triggered his and Taker couldn’t hold back even if a gun was pressed to his temple, growling out as his seed exploded within her, filling her more.  Both kept moving against each other until there was nothing left, Geneva milking him for all he was worth and finally sagged against Taker’s chest, breathing raggedly.


Taker felt his cock grow limp and fell back on the bed, taking Geneva with him as his head hit the soft pillows.  Every part of her body tingled from the after effects of their intense encounter, chest rising and falling rapidly.  Geneva didn’t move for a while, laying on top of Taker staring up at the ceiling and managed to turn her head to stare in his incredible emerald eyes.  Taker reached up and stroked her cheek with the back of his hand, their lips softly brushing together tenderly.


That was just the first bout, Taker planned on having more than one that night, no sleep on his agenda.  They had tonight and the next two weeks, which Taker looked very forward to since he now knew they connected sexually.  Even after their two weeks were up, she would always be his possession, no matter where she went. 


Chapter 8


Colette and the kids left the following morning just as planned, leaving behind a teary-eyed Mick.  Geneva had made it back to the suite an hour before everyone woke up, wishing she could’ve slept in Taker’s arms.  He made it extremely difficult for her to leave with countless kisses and caressing.  They came to an agreement to keep their affair from everyone, not needing prying noses sticking in their business.


“Have you decided on if this will be a secret affair or not?” Taker had asked, after their third round, stroking her back with his fingertips soothingly.


“Given who my Uncle is, and the fact I’m only here for two weeks, secret would be best.” Once again, Geneva had stuck her foot in her mouth and suggested something she didn’t want. “Unless you don’t.”


“It does not matter to me.” Taker just wanted her and didn’t care if people found out about them or not, including Foley. “I have one request though.”


Geneva remembered her heart leaping into her throat when he said that, his green eyes piercing her soul. “What is it?” Her voice was quiet, fingers stroking his chest while their bodies cooled down.


“I want you to tell Foley you want your own room from now on.”


Geneva had agreed without much of a fight, though she did ask for a reason.  It was simple: Mark wanted her to sleep in his arms for the next thirteen days.  Having her own room, Geneva would have more privacy and sneaking around would be a lot easier.  She agreed and told him she’d figure out a way to get it done, deciding to use his words to convince Uncle Mick.


The next show wasn’t until that Friday, which was a house show, and it was in St. Louis, Missouri.  Mick had been tempted to stay at home with Colette and the kids, but was convinced to take a road trip with Geneva instead.  They had four days to get there, so Mick decided to drive the fifteen hours there instead of flying.  It was cheaper and private, which Geneva preferred so she could talk to him about getting her own room.


“Hey Uncle Mick, I wanted to talk to you about something.” Geneva reached over to turn the radio down, both of them enjoying some classic rock.


Mick wasn’t sure if he liked the sound of this, very sore and achy from his fight with Undertaker the previous night. “So talk, everything okay?” He urged, merging on I-80 North from Binghamton and adjusted his seat slightly so he was a little more comfortable.


“Yeah, everything’s fine.” Everything was more than fine, Geneva still had the delicious ache between her thighs from all the sex her and Mark experienced together the previous night. “I was just wondering if there was any way I could get my own hotel room.” She smiled, trying to sound nonchalant. “Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with you, but now that I’m helping Larry, I don’t know when he’s going to need me.  Would you have a problem with that?”


“Well no…” To be honest, Mick didn’t want his niece staying in a room by herself in case some of the guys tried messing with her. “I wouldn’t be able to afford that though…” That was a lie, though she didn’t need to know that.


Geneva grinned, blue eyes glittering. “I’m not asking you to pay for my room, Uncle Mick.  I would never do that, you know me.  My temporary contract said that all hotel and rental expenses would be taken care of during my two weeks.  Of course I won’t need a rental car because I do love traveling with you, but I really feel I do need my own room.” She made sure to read over the fine print of that contract before signing it and remembered the clauses, having somewhat of a photographic memory.


Stroking his goatee thoughtfully, Mick knew he was stuck between a rock and a hard place, worried for her safety. “Well, if you insist…” Maybe he could get their rooms adjoining or something, though that would require talking to Vince McMahon and Mick didn’t want to seem petty. “I suppose that’s alright…”


Hearing his hesitation, Geneva could tell he wasn’t pleased with this arrangement and reached over, covering his free hand with hers. “Uncle Mick, don’t be worried about me.  Nobody is going to hurt me.  And if they do, I can defend myself.” She would be in the arms of the deadliest entity in the WWF every night, so Geneva wasn’t worried about anyone else screwing with her. “You have to trust me.”


“I do, Gen.” Mick conceded with a sigh, reaching down to grab his bottled water and took a sip out of it. “It’s others that I don’t trust.”


“Nothing is going to happen, you worry too much.” Geneva chuckled, taking a sip of her own water and turned to stare out the window, closing her eyes.


Mick had every right to worry when it came to his niece, or any member of his family for that matter, and wouldn’t apologize for it.  Most of the people he worked with were nice, but there were a few that had dick streaks to them.  Hunter was one of them, though Mick couldn’t be rude to the man when he introduced him to Geneva.  He just hoped Hunter steered clear of her and didn’t cause problems because he would hate to have to shove a bag of thumbtacks up the man’s backside.


Halfway to their destination, Uncle Mick pulled over in Dublin, Ohio for some lunch and to use the restroom.  Geneva took the opportunity to use Uncle Mick’s phone and dialed Taker’s number, twirling a curl around her finger.  It’d only been eight hours and she missed him deeply, hoping they arrived in St. Louis soon so she could be with him again. 


“What?” His voice sounded groggy and gruff, thick with sleep.


Geneva instantly cringed, closing her eyes and knew she’d woken him up. “Sorry, it’s me.” She apologized in a soft voice, chewing her bottom lip. “I just…I wanted to call and tell you that we’re halfway there and I’m getting my own room.” It was around 2 PM where Taker was because of the hour time difference and 3 PM currently in Dublin. “I-I didn’t mean to wake you…”


Taker took an afternoon nap and had slept an hour, taking a flight from Binghamton to St. Louis, laying down after checking into his hotel room. “It’s fine.” He rubbed his eyes, but didn’t move from the bed, blinking to try clearing his blurry vision. “How’d he take it?”


“What?” Geneva became confused, raising a brow.


“Foley.” Taker grunted, the room blanketed in darkness since he knew the sun still shined brightly outside, the shades drawn. “Was he upset about the room idea?”


“Yeah, he’s just worried about me being alone.” Geneva said, scuffing the ground with her shoe absentmindedly.


“You won’t be though.” Taker’s voice dropped an octave, turning husky.


Geneva’s body flooded with instant heat, inhaling a deep silent breath. “I know, but I can’t tell him that.” She muttered with flushed cheeks and rolled her eyes at Taker’s chuckle.


“Not ashamed of me, are you, darlin’?” Taker asked, slipping out of bed to walk over to his mini fridge, grabbing some bottled water.


“Of course not.” Geneva knew he was messing with her and shook her head, wishing to be in his arms. “I could never be ashamed of you, Taker.”


Taker smirked, taking a swig of his water. “Just checking.” He glanced at the clock, nodding. “Do you want me to call down and reserve you a room since you’ll be getting in late?”


Geneva didn’t know if that was a good idea, peering over the side of the rental and knew Uncle Mick would be out any minute. “Very nice of you to offer, but turns out Vince McMahon has it all set up for me already.” She smiled, remembering her temporary contract, which she hadn’t fibbed to Uncle Mick about.


“Right, your job with Larry.” Taker remembered well, stroking his goatee thoughtfully. “Just let me know when you get here.  My room number is 492.  Call the extension and I’ll come to your room.” Geneva couldn’t stay in his because Foley would check up on her, especially since he was overprotective.


Searing that number to memory, Geneva wouldn’t forget it anytime soon. “I will, unless it’s late and-”


“No.” Taker cut her off, shaking his head. “I’m up late, just call me.” Even if she didn’t want him coming down at a late hour, he wanted to know that Geneva arrived safely. “I mean it, Neva.”


Sighing exasperatedly, Geneva rolled her eyes. “Fine…”


“Don’t roll those beautiful eyes either.” He ordered in a husky growl, green eyes flashing. “Or else I’ll bend you over my knee.”


“Mmm promises, promises…” Geneva purred in return, giggling when he groaned and looked up again just as Uncle Mick headed across the lawn toward the rental. “I have to go, I’ll see you tonight.”


“You better.  Drive safe.” Taker ended the call, tossing his cell phone on the bed and looked down at the bulge in his jeans, groaning.  Sleep would definitely evade him from the rest of the day.


“Ready to go?” Mick asked, jogging up to the car with an armful of snacks from the vending machines.


Geneva had tossed his cell phone back in the car before he arrived, nodding with a smile. “Yeah, did you grab my Pepsi?” She took it as soon as they were settled in the car and took the cap off, taking a long drink of it. “Thanks, do you want me to drive?”


Mick raised a brow at his niece contemplatively. “Do you know the way?” He finally asked, putting the car in reverse.


“No, but…I’m sure I can figure it out with direction from you.” She replied, setting her Pepsi in the holder and folded her arms in front of her chest.


“Tell you what, if I get too tired, I’ll pull over and let you drive.  We still got a good 8 hours left on the road.” He informed her, pulling on Interstate 71 and continued the long trek toward St. Louis.


“Suit yourself.” Snuggling into the seat, Geneva got as comfortable as she could, putting the seat back a little. “How’s your head?”


Mick smiled at his niece’s concern, reaching over to pat her hand affectionately. “I’m fine, Gen, really.  It wasn’t as bad as it looked and it’s not the first table I’ve been through.” Geneva hated seeing people get hurt, especially family, and that’s why Mick brought her on the road to show her how things operated.


“Uncle Mick, rationalize it however you want, but you looked like your neck nearly snapped with that fall.  You were supposed to go THROUGH the table and instead went HEADFIRST.” She wasn’t stupid by any means, hating that he tried sugarcoating the severity of his injury.


“Gen honey, the cloth covered the table for a reason, if you didn’t notice.  I was meant to go through the table that way…” Mick half-lied, trying to ease her concern a little and touched the bandage on his forehead, knowing that probably could’ve came off before they started traveling again. “Hell, if I wasn’t fine, I’d be driving 15 almost 16 hours to the next town?”


Grudgingly, Geneva had to admit he had a point and nodded with reluctance. “Just promise me you won’t do anything crazy besides going through tables and being cracked in the head with steel chairs.” She wasn’t sure she could handle Uncle Mick doing anything more, remembering his Cactus Jack days and paled.


Mick sighed, wondering if he should warn her about some of the ideas rolling around in his brain at the moment. “Geneva, I’m going to do whatever it takes to get fans to jump out of their chairs with wide eyes and slacked jaws.  If that means bringing…other things…into matches…”


“What do you mean other things?” Geneva demanded, glancing over at her Uncle and could see the gleam in his baby blues. “Do you really have to mutilate yourself to please the fans?  They love you without all the other things, Uncle Mick.”


“Maybe.” Mick sighed, shrugging with a boyish grin. “I still want to push the envelope a little bit though, just to see their reaction.” He lived for shock value in his matches, even if he ended up losing a body part, such as half of his ear.


Geneva didn’t like the sound of that and swallowed hard, clasping her hands in her lap tightly. “So what things are you planning to incorporate your upcoming matches?” She hated asking, but the curiosity burned too fiercely to ignore it.


“Thumbtacks.” Mick replied without hesitation, already having several scenarios set up in his mind that he had to go over with Undertaker. “And possibly my trusty barbed wire bat…”


“Are you out of your ever loving mind?” Geneva demanded, not believing Colette would condone this and was pretty sure her blue eyes would fall out of her skull. “Uncle Mick that’s…”


“Crazy, I know.” He interrupted gleefully, moving his head from side to side at the song on the radio. “It’ll be great!”


Geneva disagreed and stared out the window in thought, wondering if there was any way to convince Taker not to use those dangerous items.  She knew he would be feuding with Uncle Mick past her time there in the WWF, but there had to be something she could do.  Anything.  How could Aunt Colette allow her husband do this?  Didn’t Uncle Mick care about what the kids thought, especially Noelle?


Remembering looking at pictures from when Uncle Mick wrestled overseas a few years ago as his Cactus Jack character, Geneva didn’t want him losing any other body parts.  He didn’t care, but she did and Colette should’ve too!  They had two small children together and he was being completely reckless!  What the hell was wrong with her family?


Aunt Colette showed her some videos of Uncle Mick’s matches as well, even the ones from WCW –World Championship Wrestling- another wrestling organization that treated Uncle Mick like a piece of garage.  He brought his character Cactus Jack into that company as well, which is probably why Vince McMahon wanted something different from him coming into the WWF.  Geneva thought the character Mankind would be less sadistic than Cactus Jack, but it looked as though it was WORSE since he literally tore his hair from his own head.


Changing the subject, Geneva and Mick talked about her schooling along with where her potential internships were.  She was leaning toward Seattle, Washington at the University of Washington Medical Center.  They had one of the best sports medicine and orthopedic surgical programs in the country.  That’s what Geneva wanted her profession to be since Uncle Mick was a wrestler and would need a lot of treatment through what was left of his career.


If he lived past using thumbtacks, tables, steel chairs and barbed wire bats.


Chapter 9


Slowly fluttering her eyes open, Geneva felt her body slowly come alive from her deep slumber, glancing at the clock blearily on the nightstand.  Past noon.  Geneva let out a gentle sigh, knowing she had to get up soon to pack her things.  They were currently in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a house show, though Geneva wouldn’t be going to the arena.


Her two weeks were up.


The man sleeping beside her with his sleeved tattoo arm draped over her waist had given her the best two weeks of Geneva’s life.  It wasn’t all about sex.  Taker took her for rides on his motorcycle, which she absolutely loved and out to dinner a few times.  They went on actual dates, got to know each other and even contemplated maintaining a long-distance relationship.


Geneva knew that was pointless.  There was far too much temptation on the road for Taker to be a one-woman man and she accepted it.  They had two completely different roads they were taking in life and hers pointed directly to Seattle, Washington to become a world-renown surgeon.  As much as it killed her to leave, Geneva couldn’t put her dreams on the backburner for a man, no matter how much she wanted to be with him.


Besides, it was her idea to be no strings attached, but Geneva didn’t count on falling in love with him.  And she was deeply.  Just one look in his beautiful emerald eyes and her insides melted.  One touch and Geneva’s entire body lit ablaze, falling into his arms every time.  His lips were addicting along with his deep baritone voice, especially when he let his southern accent slip through.


They had their silly moments with Taker tickling her whenever she made fun of his hair.  Although beautiful, he had really bad bedhead when he woke up from a deep sleep and it made her giggle every time.  Then there were times he snatched her up for no reason and began tickling her, just to hear her laughter.  Apparently, Taker enjoyed the sound of it, which was his excuse and in turn Geneva just smacked him playfully.


Geneva smiled, recalling the night before and knew it would be forever burned in her memory.  It was a story to tell her grandchildren someday because of how sweet Taker had been.  He requested her attire to be a little formal, so Geneva went out and bought a midnight blue spaghetti strapped dress that went to her knees made of chiffon material.  Her corkscrew curls had been redone a few days prior, so they were fresh and hung down her back in one chestnut honey rippling waterfall.


Taker surprised her with a candlelit dinner in his suite, which was a change since he normally came to her room after shows.  That night, he managed to get her alone long enough to request her to come to his room and of course she obliged.  Black and white candles lit the entire room, giving off a wonderful sandalwood scent, a table setting right in the middle.  Geneva never took Taker to be the romantic type, but apparently she’d been wrong and would never get the image of him in a dark green long sleeved dress shirt and black slacks out of her mind.


He looked incredibly handsome, the green shirt bringing out his eyes.


It was a simple steak and lobster dinner that Taker had prepared from a nearby restaurant, paying to have it sent over to the hotel.  He bought the bottles of wine from a local liquor store, a sangria flavor for her and red for him since it went better with steak.  His memory of her likes and dislikes made Geneva love even more, if that was possible.  No matter how hard she tried, Geneva couldn’t come clean about how she felt though, especially after their set stipulations.


After dinner, Taker turned on some soft jazz music and pulled Geneva from her seat for a slow dance.  Their hands and bodies molded together, his arm securely wrapped around her waist, sapphire mixing with emerald.  Her free hand lingered on his shoulder as they swayed slowly to the music and Taker finally rested his head against hers, both becoming lost.  It was a bittersweet romantic moment between them because it was their last night together.  Geneva had to fight back tears, not wanting to leave Taker and actually contemplated forgetting about her internship so she could stay on the road with the WWF.


She couldn’t though.


“Penny for your thoughts, darlin’?” His deep voice brought Geneva out of her thoughts as his arm tightened around her a little more.


“Sorry.” She murmured, taking a deep silent breath and turned to lie on her back, meeting hazy green eyes. “I didn’t wake you, did I?”


Taker shook his head, leaning down to brush his lips across hers gently. “No, how long you been up?” He yawned, his tone gruff with sleep as he rubbed his eyes.


Glancing at the clock, Geneva couldn’t believe her deep thoughts lead to being awake a full hour. “Noon.” She answered, turning her head to look at him again, reaching her hand up to caress his face tenderly. “Did you sleep well?”


“Yeah.” Taker could tell something was on Geneva’s mind, noting the worry creases on her forehead. “What’re you thinking about, Neva?” His large hand splayed against her flat stomach, enjoying the silkiness smooth skin.


“You.” She said truthfully, enjoying his touch for the moment.


Taker smirked, burying his face in the crook of her neck while his hand slid a little lower down her body. “What about me?” He rumbled huskily in her ear, feeling her thighs instantly part.


“Mmm how these two weeks with you have been amazing…” Her voice trailed off as deep moans took over, her eyes drifting shut as sensations washed over her from his long fingers brushing across her quivering sex.


“Indeed they have.” Something else bothered her and Taker wondered if he could coax it out of her with his administrations, his lips and tongue assaulting the spot just below her ear. “What else, darlin’?”


Geneva nearly said it, her mouth open to speak and instead cried out when his finger slid inside of her. “Taker…” Her fingers buried in the haphazard curls, gripping them as she began writhing on the bed beside him.


“Does that feel good, Neva?” He growled, pulling her closer to him, gliding his finger in and out of her receptive body.


All Geneva could do was nod, moaning uncontrollably and felt his arm hold down her hips so she couldn’t buck off the bed.  She wanted him again, one last time.  The thought brought tears to her eyes, but luckily Geneva kept them shut so she didn’t start crying during this.  Just before she started falling apart against his finger, Taker removed it abruptly and Geneva watched as he licked it completely clean.  Her ocean blues instantly darkened to a midnight, clouded over with unbridled passion.


Knowing exactly what she wanted, Taker couldn’t deny this woman anything and shifted to hover over her, seeing all the different emotions swirling through her eyes.  The previous night Taker had made love to her, taking his time, wanting to burn him to her memory forever.  She would never forget him, Taker thought confidently, as he lifted her up with ease, leaning back on his haunches.  His mouth covered hers, no words spoken between them and Geneva gasped as Taker positioned her wet sex directly over his throbbing erection, kissing him more passionately.


His large hand buried in her curls as they began moving in time together, knowing this was the last time.  He wouldn’t be going to her hotel room anymore and she wouldn’t be around the WWF locker room.  No longer would Taker have to make up excuses just to see her in the trainer’s room, which he’d done on several occasions during the past two weeks.  Never again would he pull her into dark dressing rooms for quick make out sessions, just to feel her body against his, especially when he hadn’t seen her in several hours.


It was all over today.


The kiss broke as Geneva pressed her forehead to Taker’s, breathing heavily with swollen lips, relishing the feeling of him inside of her for as long as she could.  Behind the cloudiness and passion haze, her mind screamed profanities at her, along with her heart, both of them in sync for once regarding Taker.  Geneva didn’t know how he felt about her and, until he said something, she wasn’t going back on their arrangement.  His arms tightened around her more, their chests pressed together as his mouth found hers again and Geneva felt a small tear slip from the corner of her eye.


Before she allowed Taker to see it, Geneva reached her hand up to brush it away, completely surrendering everything to Taker.  Her back hit the bed moments later as her knees bent, her feet digging into the sheets as Taker plundered in and out of her, both of them fighting their releases intensely.  Neither wanted to give in because then it would be over and they never wanted this moment to end, wanting to make it last for eternity if possible.


Betrayed by their hungry bodies’ commands, Taker and Geneva came together in one bittersweet explosion, their fingers laced together on the bed.  His dark auburn hair fanned around her in a dark curtain as their eyes remained locked throughout the whole release, neither blinking.  Taker rocked in and out of her until he went completely limp, burying his face in her neck breathing her in.  God help him, he didn’t want to let this angel go and shut his eyes, fighting for control of his emotions.


They laid together in pure silence for an hour, Taker rolling on his back pulling Geneva on top of him, missing her bodyweight already.  Glancing at the clock, Geneva sighed as it flashed 4:30, knowing they had to get ready to leave.  Taker had a match that night against Big Van Vader –his real name was Leon Allen White- in a nontitle match since Undertaker was the current WWF champion.  Geneva would be driving to the airport alone, already planning on saying goodbye to Uncle Mick in the hotel lobby.


“I need to get ready to leave.” She murmured quietly, feeling his arms tighten around her and once again fought back tears, gritting her teeth.


Taker felt her tense slightly and ran his fingers down her back soothingly, feeling the sadness radiating from her in waves. “Alright darlin’.” He lifted her chin up until those beautiful ocean blues locked on his, his mouth covering hers again.


He wasn’t making this easy, but Geneva wouldn’t refuse a kiss from him, no matter how many he wanted.  The kiss broke and Geneva somehow slid from Taker’s body, sitting up on the bed completely naked.  Her thighs trembled from the aftershocks of their lovemaking, a delicious ache already pulsating through her lower extremities.  Picking her dress, panties and bra off the floor, Geneva proceeded to dress in front of him, not having time for a shower since they spent the last three hours making love.


Taker watched her dress silently, having slid from bed to pull his jeans on, refusing to let her walk out that door without at least feeling her against him one last time.  This was harder than he thought.  He kept fighting back the urge from convincing her to stay with him in the WWF, knowing that wasn’t fair to her.  She had a goal in life to become a surgeon and Taker refused to have that guilt on his conscience because of his selfishness.


Walking over, Taker noticed Geneva struggled with the zipper on her dress and took over, regretfully sliding it up until it reached just below her neck.  Geneva sighed, leaning back against him, feeling his hands run up and down her arms, her eyes closing at his touch.  Why did life have to be so complicated?  Why couldn’t she just follow what both her mind and heart screamed at her?  All she wanted was to hear him say one word and Geneva would do it, no questions asked.




He didn’t say it.


“Neva, I really don’t know what to say…” Taker never was any good at goodbyes and watched as she slowly turned until their eyes met.


“You don’t have to say anything, Taker.” She murmured quietly, reaching up to run the pad of her thumb across his full lips, smiling sadly. “It was fun while it lasted and at least we’re parting on good terms.”


Taker nodded, not able to argue with that and kissed the palm of her hand. “I wish you’d let me drive you to the airport.” He rumbled, not ready to say goodbye and drew her closer to him, kissing her forehead.


“You have a match tonight you need to prepare for and, besides, I’m not letting Uncle Mick drive me either.  It would look kind of weird if you drove me, don’t you think?” They were seeing each other secretively and Geneva hoped Uncle Mick never found out about it because she didn’t want any tension between him and Undertaker.


“I suppose…” He released her, taking a step back and ran a hand through his dark auburn hair, heading for the door. “You should get going or you’ll miss your flight.”


Geneva understood his sudden change in mood and nodded, chewing her bottom lip. “I’ll see you around, Taker.” She really didn’t know what else to say, wanting one last kiss from him and had a feeling that would just detain her further from leaving.


“You too, Geneva.” He replied in a low voice, watching her walk out the door and closed it behind her, letting out a shuddering breath. 


Once Geneva gathered her luggage from the hotel room she had, she headed down to the hotel lobby to check out, not surprised at the sight of Uncle Mick.  He waited for her, how long she didn’t know, but it touched Geneva nonetheless as she walked over to him.  Uncle Mick didn’t waste a second and pulled her into his arms, tightening her arms around his neck as tears flooded down her cheeks.  So much pain and heartache were in those tears, though Uncle Mick was oblivious to the true cause behind them and Geneva preferred it that way.


“Gonna miss me that much, Gen?” He half-joked, knowing he would miss her a lot, proud of her for going after her dreams.


“Of course I will.  You know you’re more of a father to me than your brother ever was.” Geneva replied, stepping back to wipe her tears away and didn’t care how she looked at the moment.


Mick didn’t put up a fight with that statement; knowing deep down it was the truth. “Promise you’ll call and keep in touch.” That was his only request, reaching out to run his finger down his niece’s cheek.


“I promise.” She whispered, hugging him one last time and felt him kiss her forehead, sniffling just as her cab pulled up outside. “My rental is in the parking lot, so…”


“I’ll take care of it.  Now get going or you’ll miss your flight.” Mick stated, stopping her from walking out the door and looked in her pain-filled ocean blues. “I love you, Gen.”


“Love you too, Uncle Mick.  Take care of yourself and I’ll see you soon.” Geneva walked through the hotel exit just as rain began pouring outside, slipping into the cab while the driver put her luggage in the trunk.


Mick watched his niece drive off and lowered his head, letting a few tears fall from his eyes, not knowing when he’d see her again. “Bye Gen.” He headed back upstairs to his room to get his things packed up, not noticing Undertaker had watched their goodbye.


Alone again…Taker finally felt a tear slide down his cheek and angrily wiped it away, hating the sudden pain overwhelming his heart.


Chapter 10


Geneva sighed as she walked inside The University of Washington Medical Center, not believing she’d been paged 911 to the pit out of a dead sleep.  Barely an hour of sleep after a forty-eight hour shift, that was the beauty of being a surgical intern.  She hated this part about her internship as she hurried to the elevator, spotting her friend Lance, who looked just as drained and slid inside before the doors closed.


“What happened?” She asked tiredly, rubbing her eyes and stifled a yawn.  It was two o'clock in the morning; she had a right to be a little tired after her grueling shift.


Lance Bryant shook his head groggily, letting out a weary sigh. “I have no idea.  I'm not sure I even want to know.” He grumped, wishing he could have four solid hours of sleep.  That would be the best gift anyone could give him at this point.


He was an attending at the hospital, having transferred his firm from New York to Seattle a few years back.  He was also one of the best ENT’s in the country.  Waiting patiently as the elevator descended, Lance prepared himself for the pit.  Not exactly his favorite place in the hospital, second only to the morgue.  He blinked when he seen a slight crowd around one of the beds.


“Now come on already, it ain't that damn bad!” Came a gruff voice from the middle of said crowd.


Looking at Lance briefly, Geneva continued on her way and arrived in the pit a few short minutes later.  They slipped on their covers with gloves, her curls pulled back in a ponytail before heading inside.  She stopped upon seeing the carnage in the pit and went to Martha Gaines, her chief resident.


“Go to trauma room one.  He has a severe laceration across his forehead and he may have some internal bleeding.  Take him down for a CT and MRI.” Doctor Gaines instructed, walking away from Geneva to tend to other patients.


Her ocean blue eyes swept over a few men pouring out of the room and sighed heavily, wondering who she pissed off this time and went to tend to the patient.  Lance received his instructions, arching an eyebrow when he realized everyone he needed to see had some sort of disfigurement, though not in the holy hell serious sense.  He began to really look around, taking in the people and injuries.


“Come on, just lemme go on back to the hotel.  Nothing a towel and some ice won't fix.” Steve all but growled.  He hated hospitals and yet he seemed to be spending quite a bit of time in them as of late. “It's just my damn knee...” He trailed off, looking up when the door opened.


“Just your knee, huh?  Then why do you have a laceration across your forehead that looks like it's going to need staples instead of stitches, Mr. Austin?” Geneva retorted swiftly, looking down at the bald headed man and glanced down at his chart, sighing gently. “You went through a table...” Her eyebrows drew together, feeling her stomach twist a little and flipped the chart back over, setting it in the plastic slot at the foot of his bed.  She then took her flashlight out of her pocket, checking his pupils. “They're a little dilated so you might have a concussion.  The MRI will let us know more.” Another intern, Ciara Lyons, walked in causing Geneva to turn around with a smile. “Please get me a sewing tray and kit.” She instructed, turning back to the patient and ignored the other bulky men surrounding her at the moment.


“Yes Doctor Foley.” Ciara replied before rushing off to do as instructed.


“The laceration ain't from goin’ through the damn table.” Steve said, his voice still a bit gruff, though that was partially his natural tone. “It's from gettin’ hit in the damn face with a ring bell.”


“You want to shut up and let her do her job?” One of the men gathered round chuckled. “How often do you have a beautiful woman tending you?”


Steve cracked a small smile. “Good point Dwayne.”


Geneva tensed when she heard that name, arching a brow at the man her patient just called Dwayne, immediately recognizing him. ‘Oh man, that means…’ Her thoughts were interrupted by Ciara with the supplies she requested. “Thank you, Doctor Lyons.  Why don’t you see if Doctor Gaines or Bryant needs assistance?  I got this one.”


Ciara nodded, walking out without a word to anyone.


“I'm going to need everyone out of here.” Geneva ordered, her tone leaving no room for argument, raising an eyebrow as if daring ONE of these men to disobey her. 


She smiled when they all began filing out, wishing Steve well and saying they'd see him later on.  Closing the door once all of them were out, Geneva rolled a stool over and sat down, beginning to clean his cut with substance that would prevent infection.  Geneva had to keep her mind focused on her patient, even if he was a wrestler, already knowing just by the type of laceration she was dealing with.


“So how did this happen?” She asked, trying to strike up a conversation, having ignored a ‘beautiful woman’ comment from one of his friends.  She'd heard it all before and was used to it.


Steve's blue eyes were shocked a little before sparkling good-naturedly. “You really don't know who I am, do ya?” He murmured, more to himself then to her. 


“No, can’t say that I do.  Should I?” Geneva couldn’t recall meeting him when she’d been on the road with the WWF two years ago with Uncle Mick.


That was interesting and different. “A guy I was wrestlin’ decided he was going to jump script and clocked me with our ring bell.  Bastard got me pretty good, didn't he?” He sounded almost happy about it, though the happiness was from the thought of how HE planned on jumping script next.


“No, I have no idea who you are except your name is Steve Williams and you have a laceration the size of Alaska on your forehead.” Geneva replied with a wry smile, raising a brow when he mentioned wrestling and jumping script. “Why would he clock you with an object if you were wrestling him?” She asked, curiosity burning too fiercely, wondering when that started happening.


“Because it's sports entertainment.  We mix the wrestlin’ with a bit of everything else.  Though he jumped script because he's an ass-” Steve caught himself. “He's a moron.” He finished, flashing an apologetic smile just as she began injecting his forehead with a numbing solution.


“I resent that.”


Steve probably would have leapt off the table if not for the needle. “What the hell are you doin' here?” He snarled angrily, blue eyes icing over.


“Checking out my handiwork.”


Geneva turned around to see whoever was in the doorway upsetting her patient, her eyes widening at who it was.  No, it couldn’t be!  The beautiful dark auburn hair had been replaced with inky black that flowed over his shoulders and down his back, his once emerald eyes nothing but acid slits.  Geneva blinked and quickly recovered, narrowing her eyes slightly at him, wondering if he recognized her. 


“Sir, I'm trying to do my job here and you're upsetting my patient.” She stated in a firm even tone.


“I would hope so.” He replied in a flat voice, not seeming the least bit perturbed by the doctor, his eyes too focused on Austin to give her a second glance.


“Get the hell outta here, Taker.” Steve said, trying to keep his voice even, beginning to physically shake with rage.


That proved Taker didn’t recognize her, or if he did, he didn’t say anything. “Everything alright here?” Lance asked, appearing in the doorway beside the sleeved tattooed monster, wondering if the circus had come to town.


“Everything's fine, Doctor Bryant.” Geneva replied, turning around to continue on her patient's forehead, sighing when blood gushed out of it when she tried doing stitches. “Okay, hold still.” She ordered, injecting another dose of the numbing solution. “I was right, you need staples.” She completely ignored Undertaker in the doorway as she worked, taking the staple gun from the tray and began doing what she hated most, suturing. “Sir, I'm giving you to the count of five to get out of here or I'm calling security.  Do not make me repeat myself.” She said from behind, knowing Lance would handle him, seeing how pissed off her patient currently was. “Steve, look at me.” She turned his face to stare into her eyes. “You need to calm down.  Your blood pressure is rising and you have a concussion, do you understand me?”


“Yeah Doc, I hear ya just fine.” He replied, blue eyes shooting back to Taker. “You heard the lady, get the hell on outta here, son.”


“See you, Austin.” Taker almost smirked, his lips curving just a tad.  Acid green eyes narrowed on the female doctor for a moment, chuckling quietly.  He turned and walked out without a second glance, proud of his handiwork.


“I'll make sure he leaves.” Lance said quietly, slipping out the door after the freak.


“Sorry about that.”


“It's fine, we're used to it.”


Geneva smiled down at him reassuringly, beginning to staple his forehead shut and had a sinking feeling Taker was the reason why her patient currently lay on a bed in the pit.  She still couldn’t believe the WWF was in town, wondering why Uncle Mick hadn’t contacted her so they could see each other.  That hurt just a bit.  When she finished, Geneva wrapped deep thick gauze around his forehead to stem the bleeding and cleaned up her mess. 


“You're used to it huh?  How many seven foot tall freaks of nature do you get comin' in here like that?” He asked half-jokingly, hiding a smile.


Geneva chuckled back at him, having to admit he had a point. “Not very many, but we do have drunks and lunatics come in here from time to time and we have to have security escort them out.  Most of them are with a patient that they've hurt and so on.”


“Okay Steve, let's get that CT and MRI done to see if there's anything else you need fixed.” She unplugged him from the wall and wheeled him down the hallway with his IV intact.


“You know Doc, I can walk.” Steve laughed, a bit too used to this, but that was life in the ring and it came with the territory.  However, he wasn't normally this well-behaved for other doctors.  Not that she needed to know that.


Geneva wheeled him down to the CT scan room and smirked, helping him lay on the cold padded surface. “And I know you can probably walk right now, but it's required by law that you don't until discharged, so just bear with me on this okay?”


“Oh, you're one of them.” He commented, winking at her when she shot him a confused look. “A stickler for the rules.” He was quiet throughout the scans, holding still even though all he wanted to do was get up and go find that jackass that sent him here in the first place.  Adrenaline still coursed through his veins. “How's it looking, Doc?” He asked finally.


“Almost done Steve, hang in there.” Geneva called through the microphone, knowing there was one in the machine before going to the MRI. 


After that was done, Geneva looked at the scans and sighed, seeing he had some internal bleeding going on in his abdomen, probably from the table he went through.  It wasn't serious to the point of needing surgery, but he would have to stay overnight for observation.  She sighed, knowing this wouldn't bode well with him and took him out of the CT scan room, heading to the elevator to admit him.  This was going to be a long night, Geneva could already feel it.  Steve cocked an eyebrow when he seen the admission desk, groaning and tilted his head back to look at her. 


“At least promise me I don’t have to wear no damn paper gown.” He pleaded gruffly. “Lemme call a buddy and have him bring me my bag.” He was pretty certain he could tolerate staying overnight with this beautiful doctor, providing he wasn't flashing his ass around.


Geneva sighed gently, raising an eyebrow down at him, and finally decided that could be arranged. “Very well, I'll let you use the phone in your room when we get there.” She chuckled when he kissed her hand, telling the nurses at the third floor station he was being admitted and filled out the paperwork.  He signed it reluctantly and then Geneva wheeled him to his room. “Okay here we go, Steve.” Clipping his bed to the wall, Geneva set his IV in the proper place, noticing the water was almost gone from the bag and ordered a nurse to come change it, handing him the phone. “I'm breaking the rules technically by doing this, so please hurry.”


Steve nodded, calling Dwayne and then had to bribe the man into coming back to the hospital. “Yes, I know...I owe you...” He snorted into the phone then hung up. “Come on now honey, it wouldn't be good for me to be-” He groaned when a nurse walked in and promptly dropped the IV bag she carried. “To go almost naked.”


“Y-You're S-Stone Cold!” The nurse scrambled to pick up the bag, stammering. “I am so, so sorry!”


“Stone Cold?” Geneva had to raise a slow eyebrow at that, blinking at the nurse named Kylie and growled, snatching it from her. “Get out.  You're a ball of nerves.  Go do something constructive.” She shook her head, muttering something about 'pathetic nurses' and replaced the IV bag, looking down at her patient. “You're very popular.  What you do must be well-known.” Deciding to play stupid for the moment –she knew exactly what company he worked for, thanks to Taker’s appearance-, Geneva checked his vitals. “I'll wait to give you your sedative until after your friend drops your things off.  Remember, be quick about it.”


“Sure, sure.” He nodded, blue eyes twinkling. “You mean to tell me you never heard of the WWF?  You don't know who the Rock or the Undertaker is?” He found this woman both amusing and refreshing all in one.  It was nice not to be harassed the hell out of by crazed fans that worked in hospitals. “Wait- what's the sedative for, honey?” He frowned, eyebrows drawing together. “I can sleep just fine without it.”


“Judging by how high your adrenaline and blood pressure is, you won't be falling asleep for quite a few hours and you need to sleep that concussion off.” Geneva replied, writing in his chart and placed it back in the slot, staring back at him with slightly narrowed eyes. “The Rock, Undertaker?  God that sounds morbid.” She commented, lying through her teeth and shook her head, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “So let me guess, whatever you do in this WWF place, your name is Stone Cold?” She smirked when he nodded, shaking her head. “No I've never heard of any of it.  I don't watch television.  I basically work, drink, eat and sleep.  Welcome to the life of a second year surgical intern.”


“You're going to put me to sleep with a concussion?” Steve asked incredulously. “From my understanding, you're not supposed to sleep with one of them.  And yeah, my ring name is Stone Cold.  You can call me Steve.” He teased again, snorting when Dwayne walked in. “Thanks man.”


“So this is why you're staying overnight.” Dwayne chuckled, glancing at the doctor and suddenly felt as though he knew her from somewhere. “Hello, ma'am.  Need anything else, Austin?”


“Nah, maybe a lift in the morning.”


Geneva swallowed hard, hiding her nervousness at the site of Rocky –Dwayne Johnson- again and smiled. “Actually your friend here has a MINOR concussion, but I'd like to keep him overnight for observation.  Not to mention he has some internal bleeding going on that we'll monitor, just to be sure it's not anything surgical.” She explained professionally before turning to her patient. “And I'm giving you a sedative because it's only a minor concussion and you need to sleep.  Now if you can promise me you'll fall asleep within the next hour, I won't administer one.  I know how to do my job so please, don't question it, okay?” She winked at him, walking out of the room and left the men to talk for a few minutes alone.


Chapter 11


“Feisty isn't she?” Dwayne mused as Steve began changing into cotton shorts and a muscle top, wondering if he should mention she was Foley’s niece.


“You noticed that too?” Steve smirked; thankful the beautiful doctor let him keep some of his dignity on this overnight stay. “She told Taker to get out here without flinchin'.”


“And has a set.  Very nice.”


Steve groaned, settling himself into the hospital bed, grumbling under his breath. “I'm gonna whoop that jackass until his mamma is screamin' for mercy.”


“AFTER you're better.”


“Okay gentlemen, visiting hours are over.” Geneva said as she walked back in, holding a cup of water with some aspirin in her hand, handing it to Steve. “It'll help with the headache.” She checked on his vitals again, more importantly monitoring the internal bleeding, which seemed to be going away slowly.  The guy was lucky, especially being driven through a table.


“Alright, see you in the morning, Austin.” Dwayne said, slapping his friend's shoulder as he walked out. “Ma'am.” He nodded at Geneva, his eyes telling her he clearly remembered her as he passed by out the door.


Steve popped the aspirin without a word, just watching her.  Now that the adrenaline wore off, he was tired as hell and groaned, stretching his long legs. “You look tired, Doc.” He commented softly.


“It's part of the job, Steve.” She replied nonchalantly, used to it and swept her eyes over his chart again to make sure she didn't miss anything.  Jotting down his new vitals, Geneva noticed how drowsy he was and decided to make herself scarce. “I'm going to leave you be in a few more minutes so you can get some sleep.” She finished and walked over, lowering the bed a bit to his liking. “If you need anything, just have one of the nurses page me.” She informed him, patting his shoulder gently, walking out to go check on her other patients and to get something to drink.


“Yeah, I'll be sure to do that.” He muttered when she was gone.  Steve flipped off a nurse who poked her head in shortly. “Lady, flash that camera and I'm gonna stick it up your ass.” He cautioned, smirking when she hastily backed out.  Wondering if he'd have to worry about that all night, he rolled onto his side.  If they wanted a picture, it could be of his back.


When Geneva heard about the nurse's unprofessionalism, she closed Steve's door and ordered they ALL stay away. “I don't care WHO he is, he is a PATIENT who needs rest!  Do I make myself clear?  If you don't listen to the patient's doctor, ME, then you can go talk to Chief Webber.”


She then stalked away, growling, not believing how they acted.  Geneva didn't care if Steve was the biggest star on the planet, he needed rest and she'd be sure he got it.  Lance rounded the corridor, falling into step beside her, having made sure the giant left the hospital grounds.


“Busy night?” He yawned, pulling off a pair of gloves.  He had just finished doing an emergency surgery, which was a popped breast implant. “Sorry you got stuck with one of those wrestlers too.” He nodded to a nurse who walked by, looking back over his shoulder to check her out before focusing on Geneva again. “Is she new?”


“I don't know, Lance.” She stifled another yawn, looking completely dead on her feet and knew she wouldn't get any sleep tonight, not with the nurses flocking to Steve's room. “They won't leave him alone.” She said after explaining, shaking her head. “He's not a piece of meat, he's a damn patient and he deserves the same treatment as every other patient that walks through those doors and goes into our care.  They need to be more professional.” She sipped some coffee he handed her and smiled gratefully. “You're my hero, did I tell you that?”


“Every day since you came here.” He teased gently. “The woman I had to tend to is also a wrestler, or something associated with them anyway.  She gave me her number.” He smirked, and then coughed indignantly. “Not like I would call her or anything, very unprofessional.  So the nurses are giving you problems?  Want me to come down and straighten them out?”


“No because all you'll do is flirt with them and give them what they want as they bribe you with pussy.” Geneva replied evenly, causing Lance’s hazel eyes to widen and chuckled, nudging him. “You do what you want, but if ONE nurse is caught in Steve's room, I'm telling the Chief and believe me, Lance, you won't like the Chief cranky, especially since he's currently at home in bed.” She then walked away, leaving him with that thought, sipping more of her coffee.


“At least they'd be bugging me and not your patient!” Lance called after her before she disappeared around the corner.  Chuckling under his breath, he turned in the other direction and walked off.




Steve groaned, his eyes slowly opening and rolled over. “Two more minutes, damn it.” He grunted, pulling a pillow over his head, cursing when he tugged the IV.  He checked to make sure he hadn't pulled it out before yawning, glancing at the clock.


Geneva chuckled softly when he did that, shaking her head. “Steve, you have to get up so I can do a quick check on you.” Her voice was low and quiet, hating to wake patients up, sighing when he growled at her. “Mr. Austin, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, take your pick.” Her tone was firm as Geneva stood there with arms folded in front of her chest.


Steve arched an eyebrow, more than tempted to enquire about the hard way just because he was curious.  However, he sighed and let her do what she needed. “What time is it, honey?” He asked, his voice low and gruff with sleep.


“5:30.” She answered softly, checking his heart and took her flashlight, checking his pupils, which weren’t dilated anymore. “Good, everything looks fine.  Your concussion is gone and your internal bleeding has stopped.  You can be discharged once you've had a few more hours of sleep.” She informed him with a smile and turned to walk out of the room, needing to do rounds with the other interns.


“You wanna come grab a few hours with me, Doc?” He asked, his tone mostly teasing, though there was just a bare hint of sincerity. “You still look dead on your feet, been up all night?” Steve made himself comfortable on the bed, stretching his long muscular legs out in front of him and his arms over his head, his tank stretching across his built chest.


“Yeah, but I'm used to it.  Go to sleep.” Geneva ordered gently, winking and walked out of his room. 


Ignoring his first comment, she knew that was crossing lines into forbidden territory, especially with him being a wrestler and working for the WWF.  Geneva found Steve incredibly attractive, especially with his icy blue eyes and bald head.  Who would've thought she would ever think in a million years a bald man would be attractive? 


Geneva was more for the long hair look, obviously, but Steve had something about him that caused her insides to melt.  That’s why she'd broken a few rules by not forcing him to wear one of the hospital gowns.  Of course, she did it after all of his testing and scans were completed.  She walked up to her interns and nodded at them silently, going to do her morning rounds with their resident, Dr. Gaines.


“His friend is in there.” The nurse at the desk said when Geneva made it back a few hours later. “They're waiting on you to sign release papers.”


“Why didn't you page me sooner?”


Steve had grabbed a quick shower in the tiny bathroom in his room and was feeling better in tight fitting blue jean shorts and a black t-shirt, a ball cap on his head.


Dwayne paced the floor, waiting impatiently.


Geneva groaned, wanting to deck the nurse right in the face and jogged down the hallway to Steve's room, walking in. “I had no idea you were ready to be released, Steve.  Sorry about that.  Damn nurses don't know how to do their job.” She was cranky and had every right to be considering she was running on an hour of sleep in 56 hours.  She checked him over one more time, nodding when she seen he was good to go. “I want that wound checked out every day by a physician to make sure there's no infection.  It also needs to be cleaned twice a day with soap and water.  I know you probably already know all of this, but it's my job as your doctor to inform you of everything.  You're also not allowed back to do your job for a week.” She held up her hand when his eyes narrowed. “Take it up with your boss if you have a dispute, but a laceration like that needs to HEAL properly before you do more damage to it.”


“She wanted to page ya, honey, I told her not to bother you.” Steve said calmly, once she let him speak and ignored the bit about not going back to work.  He'd just keep out of the ring and things would be fine.  Scrawling his signature on the dotted line, which stated he understood everything she explained to him, Steve couldn’t help feeling a little saddened he had to leave.  “Damn Doc, I'm gonna miss you.” He grinned, blue eyes crinkling at the corners. “You feel like going on vacation?”


“Austin...” Dwayne shook his head, chuckling softly, already knowing what her answer would be and couldn’t believe he was hitting on Foley’s niece.


“I don't even know what a vacation is.” Geneva replied with a chuckle, taking the paperwork and added her signature to it, handing it back to him with a smile. “You definitely were one of my favorite patients, Steve.” She smirked when he chuckled, patting him on the shoulder. “Take care of yourself and no more going through tables.” She stated with a wink and walked out of the room, sighing heavily, knowing deep down she would miss him more than she let on. “Goodbye Steve.” She whispered just as her pager went off, jogging off to the pit.


“Ready to go convince Vince to let you whoop Taker's ass?”


“You know it.” Steve replied absentmindedly, more intent on the doctor who had taken care of him.  He followed his friend out of the room, planning on talking to Vince alright, but not for the reasons Dwayne surmised.


Well not JUST those reasons.




After another 48 hour shift, in which Geneva slept in an on-call room for two hours, she was finally released and went straight home, needing some sleep desperately.  She was dead on her feet as she walked across the street, living in the apartment building across from the medical center, and walked up the steps to her door.  Slipping her key in, Geneva walked in, closing it behind her tossing them on the nearby table, kicking her shoes off and checked her answering machine.  While they played, Geneva walked into the kitchen, needing something to eat besides hospital food.


A noise came from her couch and Lance peeked over the top of it, grinning lopsidedly. “Hey.  Hope you don't mind that I crashed here.  Callie was being a pain in my ass.”


The woman he saw on and off for the past two years.  He yawned, leaving Geneva a message for her though he didn't know if she got it.  Lance rolled off the couch, scratching his stomach through his grey t-shirt, wondering what kind of food Geneva was making.


“It's fine.” Geneva yawned loudly as she walked over, plopping on the couch beside her best friend, and leaned her head against his shoulder. “And that's not surprising.” She added with a smirk, referring to his comment about Callie, even though she liked her. 


The woman kept Lance in line, something even Geneva couldn't do.  She sat there and listened to the messages, until a man's voice sounded over her machine, causing her head to whip up, eyes narrowing.  What the hell?  She recognized the name instantly and stood from the couch, walking over to replay the message without preamble.


“Miss Foley, this is Gerry Briscoe with the World Wrestling Federation.  I'm calling you with an offer to join our medical team…” The message trailed off into a job description, the wages and benefits and a number for her to call back.


Lance stared at her in shock. “That guy must really, REALLY like you.” He finally said, blinking.


Geneva's eyes widened when she heard the sum over her answering machine, dropping her cup of coffee on the white carpeting, not believing what she just heard. “Oh my god...” She breathed out, noticing Lance was already on it to clean up the mess she made and slowly walked over to press the repeat button on her answering machine, wanting to listen to it again. 


How was this possible?  Did Uncle Mick know about this?  Geneva slowly turned around, suddenly not tired anymore and stared back at Lance, completely floored.  Lance stared down at the white carpeting, knowing that she'd need to steam vacuum it to take the stain out completely.  He'd lightened it considerably, but...he wasn't a miracle worker, on carpets anyway. 


“Damn, Geneva.” He whistled, not believing how much they'd offered her. “You going to call them back and tell them to screw off?” He stared at her intently, wondering if she would leave UWMC.


“That's three times what I'm making at UWMC, Lance...” She trailed off and turned around, staring out the window at the beautiful city, wrapping her arms around herself. 


Geneva didn't know what to do.  That money could do so many things; she could get an actual house instead of a condo.  She could go on a vacation to Australia like she always wanted, not to mention she loved to travel.  There were a lot of pros to this offer and Geneva was seriously considering taking it.


Then her thoughts shifted to Taker, immediately feeling the dull ache in her stomach expand.  Two years.  It’d been two years since she last saw him and…he was completely different.  Geneva barely recognized him when she saw him in Steve’s doorway, wondering what happened.  He literally looked like the Devil with his long black beard, his goatee shaven off and an eyebrow ring in his right eyebrow.  He wasn’t the same Taker she left two years ago, that much Geneva was certain.


Lance could see her actually contemplating this move and stilled himself.  Yes, it would suck to not have his best friend around, but at the same time, if this is what made her happy, then he wasn’t going to stand in her way.  He loved her like a little sister, though most people thought they’d had sexual relations when she first started at UWMC. 


“You do what makes you happy, Geneva.” He said softly, walking over to stand next to her. “Hell, you could even retire early if you wanted too.  That’s a pretty sum they’re offering you.”


“I know.” She whispered, still in disbelief, and wondered if Uncle Mick had anything to do with it.  Geneva looked up into Lance’s hazel eyes, tears welling up in them, knowing what she had to do. “I love Seattle and I love USMC.  But this offer could be my ticket to being set for life, Lance.  I have to do this.  I have to see what it involves before shutting it down.”


Truth be told, Geneva didn’t care much for being a surgeon anymore, not with everything she had to endure the past two years.  They treated the interns like pieces of trash, which was normal, but Geneva had been abused because of the rumors floating around regarding her and Lance.  She ignored them for the most part, refusing to be baited and sniffled when he wiped her tears away.  Wrapping her arms around his neck, Geneva buried her face in his neck, her heart breaking at the thought of leaving him and Seattle though.


“It's not like you can't come back and visit, Geneva.” Lance soothed, knowing he'd have to talk her into going, even though she’d made her decision. “This is a good deal for you.  You just call them back and schedule an appointment, go talk and find out the big picture.  Then you can take it from there.”


“You always know the right thing to say.” Geneva suddenly felt completely drained, no longer hungry. “Before I make any rash decisions, I'm going to sleep on it.  You can stay here as long as you want, that's why I got a two bedroom.”


She winked before hugging him again tightly and walked down the hallway to her bedroom, not believing what the last 48 hours involved.  Geneva peeled her clothes off and slipped under the comforter, sleep almost instantly taking over her body.  The last image in her mind as she let the darkness consume her body was of Undertaker and his emerald green eyes.


Chapter 12


After sleeping for 10 hours straight and realizing she had a day off, Geneva finally decided to call the WWF back to find out what all was involved with this job offer.  Her heart nearly stopped when a voice sounded over the phone, recognizing him.  It was Gerald Briscoe, the one who left the message on her answering machine and that made her feel a little more at ease. 


“Hello this is Geneva Foley.  May I speak to Gerald Briscoe.  I'm returning his call from last night.” She said in a professional tone, not wanting to assume it was him and sat on the couch, sipping some tea to calm her nerves.


A minute later, a soft almost mumbling voice answered. “This is Gerry.” He scratched his head, trying to remember a Miss Foley then perked. “You're returning the call about working with our medical staff?  What we’re looking for Miss Foley is someone to help our lead trainer, Larry.  It's a lot of time on the road because you'd have to travel from place to place with us.” He had no idea she’d already done this job before two years ago.


“Okay, what all involves this job?” She asked, writing notes down, nodding. 


Geneva had plenty of experience and training on everything listed, including working with Larry and knew she could do this easily with closed eyes.  But was it too easy?  Was there going to be any obstacles or...competition involved?  This wasn’t going to be a two week deal, Geneva would be agreeing to work for the WWF permanently, which meant signing a contract and everything.  Geneva sighed as she listened to the man over the phone, being informed she would have to fly to Stamford, Connecticut for a meeting with Vince McMahon. 


“I suppose it can't hurt.  I haven't made a final decision yet and I would need at least two weeks’ notice to inform the medical center I currently work for.”


“That's fine, Miss Foley.  We'll send you a round trip ticket then?” Gerry asked politely, smiling when she agreed. “It'll be there tomorrow morning.” He didn't bother adding it would be first class, assuming she'd know that.  They were wining and dining her after all. “We look forward to meeting with you, Miss Foley.  There will be someone waiting for you at the airport.”


Geneva blinked, not believing how fast this went, and agreed before hanging up.  She then called UWMC, telling a little white lie, saying she had a family emergency and had to go out of town for a few days.  She smiled when the Chief Richard Webber told her to be safe and hung up, knowing she was leaving tomorrow morning, rushing to immediately pack. 


Stamford, Connecticut.  Geneva had never been there before, even though she lived in New York throughout her childhood, mostly being raised by Aunt Colette and Uncle Mick.  Was Uncle Mick still in the WWF?  She thought about her Uncle, missing him like crazy, but she was doing what she had to do.  Geneva lived her life how she wanted and had a new dream, refusing to pass this opportunity up.




Shane McMahon was waiting at the airport for the doctor.  He stood beside a limo driver who was holding a sign with Geneva Foley on it.  He arched an eyebrow when he spotted a woman heading towards them, wondering if this was her.


“Miss Foley?”


“Not fucking likely.” The woman snorted and kept on walking.


Geneva walked through the terminal, rolling a luggage carrier behind her, having changed on the plane.  She wore a pinstriped skirt suit, the skirt going two inches above the knee.  It was light blue and black with a silk light blue shirt underneath and matching cardigan, black pumps on her feet. 


Her hair was down, cut to the middle of her back to give it bounce.  Geneva had just the slightest bit of make-up on her face, not wanting to look trampy.  She looked around, spotting a sign with her name on it and headed in that direction, noticing a man with grayish black hair and piercing blue eyes, raising an eyebrow. 


“I'm Doctor Geneva Foley.  Are you Gerry Brisco?” She asked politely, not knowing who would be picking her up from the airport.


“I'm Shane McMahon.” He took her hand in a firm shake, smiling pleasantly at her. “I'm Vince McMahon’s son, I work with him.” Shane gestured her towards the waiting limo while the driver got her bags. “How was your flight?” He asked cordially, sliding onto the comfortable black leather seats across from her.


“Nice to meet you Shane.” She politely replied, shaking his hand and slid inside the limo. “It was fine, very luxurious and comfortable.” She replied with a smile, crossing her ankles and looked around the limo, never having the privilege to ride in one of these before.


“I'm glad to hear it.”


Shane was mildly curious about her, but had both the common sense and good manners not to ask personal questions or stare.  It wasn't easy considered he'd had to listen to Steve praise this woman and that wasn't something that happened every day.  It was a cold day in hell when that man gave anyone, man or woman, a compliment, so that’s why Vince had jumped on this opportunity.  Apparently she’d already worked for the company before, not fully remembering what his father said, but did note she was Mick Foley’s niece.


“How many years have you been a doctor, if you don't mind me asking of course?”


“No, not at all.  I've been a surgical intern for 2 years and went to medical school for four years prior to that.  So all together, I've been in the profession 3 years, but all around it's been 7 years.” She answered, explaining herself, crossing her arms in front of her chest. 


Knowing they had to know these answers, Geneva honestly didn't mind.  Granted, she still had a lot to learn, but was exceptional at her job, when it came to sport’s medicine.  She was proud and could not imagine doing anything else besides being a doctor of any kind.  Shane nodded, the easy going smile still on his face, approving her answer.


“Besides Austin, do you have any experience working around athletes?” He frowned slightly. “Or maybe entertainers?” That seemed a bit more accurate considering she'd have Divas to attend to as well if she took the job.  Entertainer compassed everyone.


“It doesn't matter if they’re athletes, movie stars, and entertainers, whatever.  A patient is a patient and I give one hundred percent to all of my patients.  I know how the muscle works, I know the proper dosage to give a patient for any problem, and I know when they're dehydrated or when they break a bone.  So what I think you mean, Mr. McMahon, is if I've had the proper training in my field and the answer is yes.  I just decided to go into another field instead of surgical.” Her voice was firm but polite at the same time.


Shane smiled at her even more. “If I offended you Miss Foley, I didn't mean to.” He assured her calmly. “I have no doubt of your capabilities as a doctor.  I'm asking if you have any experience tending to famous people for a reason.  Most of the time, regular people will see a doctor and not argue or give them a hard time, though you do have that on occasion.  It's a constant battle with our stars.  Some of them are stuck-up and won't listen to what you say.  Some will question every decision you make.” He explained, wanting her to see his point of view.


“No I'm not offended.” Geneva laughed softly, waving him off dismissively. “I completely understand what you mean and the only thing I can do is my job.  If they don't want to listen, then their injury will get worse and they will put their career in jeopardy.  I am not their therapist or whatever.  I am there to do my job and heal them.  It's their choice if they want my help and if they want to listen to what I tell them.” She shrugged nonchalantly. “They can think they're better than me all they want, but the fact remains is that, unless they've walked in my shoes for the past 6 years, they don't know medicine.  I do.”


Shane liked that answer, he liked it very much.  The reason he was here right now was because his father had sent him to get a feel for her so to speak.  Vince trusted Shane's judgment and, if Shane said she'd be alright in the company, Vince would hire her.  Foley’s niece or not, she was being hired for her credentials and not because of her Uncle’s fame.


“Ah, we're here.” He peered out the window.


Geneva looked out the window and gaped at the huge building before her, blinking, knowing this had to be the WWF headquarters.  The limo pulled up to the front double doors of Titan Towers and the door opened as Geneva stepped out, inhaling the cool air of Connecticut.  It was a beautiful sunny day, the perfect weather for the outfit she'd chosen thankfully. 


Grinning when Shane extended his arm to her, Geneva accepted it and allowed him to guide her inside.  Looking around, Geneva could not believe how beautiful the building was.  It was luxurious and breathtaking.  They walked to the elevator and Geneva idly wondered how many floors this building had.


Shane clasped his hands before him, listening as the generic elevator music played with its mind numbing cheerfulness. “Here we are.” He extended his arm to her again, leading the way.  He knocked on the double cherry oak doors and stepped inside, not waiting for his father to approve entry. “Vince?” He didn’t call him Dad unless they were off duty for legal reasons.


“In the office.”


Geneva took a deep breath as Shane guided her inside the office through the double doors and saw a man sitting behind a black desk, two chairs in front of it.  She’d never officially met Vince McMahon, only signing his contract for working the two weeks with Larry back in 1997.  Geneva looked directly at him and left Shane's side, walking over, extending her hand. “It's nice to finally meet you, Mr. McMahon.”


Flashing a warm smile when he looked up, Vince took her hand and shook it before asking the doctor to take a seat.  Geneva did as she was told and crossed one leg over the other, folding her hands in her lap nervously.  The mere presence of this man sent a shiver down her spine, good or bad she didn’t know.  Vince studied her over his glasses then through them, glancing down at an open folder in front of him on the desk. 


“A Doctor Lance Bryant faxed us some very impressive recommendations.” He said by way of greeting, rereading something then smiling, folding his hands together. “Well Doctor Foley, I've heard nothing but great things about you, I must say I've never had a hospital cooperate this well when I'm trying to 'steal' one of their doctors.  They sent me recommendations, your work history there...”


Lance had been sneaky.


Geneva made a mental note to take her adopted brother on a vacation the next time he had some time off, knowing he went out of his way to make sure she got this job. “Thank you for the opportunity, Mr. McMahon.  I must admit, I was very surprised to hear that your company was interested in me since all I really did was do my job and take care of one of your employees.  That's not to say I'm not qualified for this position because, let me assure you, I am.” She stated, taking in this powerful man in front of her and knew he could make or break her.  If he didn't hire her, she'd go back to UWMC, if Richard accepted her back. “I do hope whatever they faxed over is satisfactory, sir.”


“Quite, quite.” Vince glanced curiously at his son, smiling widely when Shane nodded.


“I’ve also worked for your company before, Mr. McMahon.” Geneva admitted, clearing her throat and smoothed her skirt down over her legs. “Larry was exceptional to work with and, if I do acquire this job, I look forward to working with him again.”


That was great to hear because Larry did need help now that he was the only trainer on the road currently. “Well Doctor Foley, if you're interested, you have a job with us.”


Shane looked at Geneva, wondering if she'd frozen in her seat.


“Of course if there's any part of what we're offering that's not to your liking we can always dicker.”


Geneva quickly composed herself and shook the mental shock from her system before smiling. “If you wouldn't mind, Mr. McMahon, I would like to read over the contract before I sign anything.”


She took the documents he handed her, knowing this was it.  Reading over it diligently, Geneva took her time while Vince and Shane stepped out for a drink.  After an hour, Geneva signed on the dotted line and handed it back to him, not believing she was doing this.  She was officially apart of the World Wrestling Federation and hadn’t spoken a word to her Uncle Mick about it, wondering how he’d react if he didn’t already know.


Vince smiled, feeling pleased with himself. “When you leave, Shane will take you to the receptionist for a check.” He said suddenly, almost as if he'd forgotten something. “Travel expenses,” He began to explain. “Because you're an on-road physician, we'll provide you with a car allowance and then we'll reimburse you so much per mile.  I realize you have to give your two weeks yet so this will give you some time to car shop. “He stood up, extending his hand to her. “It's a pleasure to have you joining our family.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I still have salaries to review.  Shane will answer any more questions you may have.”


She nodded back at her new boss, her heart feeling like a jackrabbit’s, not having any more questions for the moment.  Geneva couldn't really think as Shane guided to the receptionist desk and picked up her check.  Ocean blue eyes nearly fell out of her skull at the sum it was for, wondering just what kind of car Vince wanted her to buy.


“Holy mother of...” She trailed off in a murmur and blinked, tucking it safely in her bra, not taking ANY chances and walked out of Titan Towers. 


Slipping into the limo that took her back to the airport, Geneva arrived back in Seattle hours later.  She had to finish her ties there before embarking on this new journey with the WWF.  What if Taker wasn’t happy that she’d taken a job with the company?  They’d parted friendly enough, she thought anyway, so hopefully he didn’t harbor any ill feelings toward her.


Chapter 13


Lance was waiting for her, having taken a break from the medical center so he could greet Geneva at the airport.  He leaned against a pillar, casually flirting with a woman who'd just gotten off a plane and was waiting for her boyfriend to show up.  Who was he to make her pass the time in boredom?


Geneva walked through the terminal, grinning at the sight of her adopted brother and  ran over, jumping in his arms, hugging him tightly around the neck as he spun her around in circles. “I got hired!!” She cried out when he set her down, pulling out the check from her bra, shaking from head to toe, showing it to him.  Laughing when his eyes bugged out just like hers nearly did when she first received it at Titan Towers. “Lance, this is it.  This is the right road for me.” Tears filled her eyes as she stared back at him, one sliding down her cheek. “Thank you for sending all of those recommendations and everything you did.”


Lance smiled widely at Geneva’s good fortune, hazel eyes twinkling. “You're welcome, but let's keep that between us, shall we?  I wouldn't want the boss knowing I helped sell you down the river, if you know what I mean.” He laughed, draping an arm over her shoulder, looking at the check again and whistled. “What the hell is this for?  You sure it's real?”


“It's for car shopping.  I'm going to be doing a lot of traveling so Mr. McMahon said that's for a car.  A CAR, Lance!” Geneva squealed with excitement, leaning against him and snatched the check back, slipping it right back into her bra for safe keeping. “I have a lot to do.  I'm giving my two weeks to Richard and I'm keeping my condo here.  Seattle is still my home, just not USMC.  I also have to call my Uncle Mick and let him know what’s going on.” She was out of breath by the time they arrived at Lance’s car and slipped inside, her mind racing.


“I’m happy for you, Gen.  That is one hell of a car budget.  What's he expecting you to buy, a Cadillac Escalade?” Lance navigated the traffic easily with one hand, the other turning down the radio. “You sure you're going to have time to come home?  Isn't that a traveling circus, so to speak?”


“I will make time.” She stated, meaning it. “We travel a little over 280 days out of the year so there is SOME time that we get off.  I'll be in Seattle for it.” Geneva reached over and kissed his cheek. “Thank you again Lance, for everything you did.” She couldn't say it enough.


The first stop they made was the bank and Lance had to go back to the medical center for work.  Geneva decided to join him, going to Richard's office, and thanked him for the opportunity to do her internship there.  Richard informed her she could come back anytime and wished her well, letting her know they would be paying her out the last two weeks, so she could use her vacation time to get things settled. 


Geneva thanked him and then walked out of the University of Washington Medical Center, looking back at it, tears sliding down her cheeks at the memories that ran through her mind.  Even with all the hell that place put her through, Geneva had a lot of good times with Lance, especially off the clock.  She was going to miss it, hoping the WWF gave her a new peace of mind and a home.  With one last glance over her shoulder, Geneva headed home to make some phone calls before going car shopping, the first being to her Uncle Mick.


Mick reached over and picked up his cell phone blaring on the nightstand, clearing his throat. “Hello?” He said softly, rubbing his blurry eyes.


“Uncle Mick?” It’d been a long time since Geneva heard his voice, at least a year and the guilt instantly made her stomach tighten when he gasped.


“My god, Gen?” Mick’s eyes flew open as soon as he heard her voice, sitting up on the bed. “How the hell are you, sweetie?”


Geneva felt tears sting her eyes, fighting them back as hard as she could. “I’m good, really good actually…” Why was it so hard to tell her Uncle about working for the WWF? “I didn’t wake you did I?”


“Yeah, but it’s the best wakeup call I’ve had in a while.” Mick replied, grinning and could tell something was on Geneva’s mind or else she wouldn’t have called. “What’s on your mind, Gen?”


Chewing her bottom lip, Geneva stood up from the couch and walked over to stare out at the city, noticing some clouds rolling in for a potential rainstorm. “Well, first off, how come you didn’t look me up when the WWF was in Seattle a few days ago?” She demanded, planting one hand on her hip. “I would’ve loved to see you, Uncle Mick.”


“WWF was in Seattle?” Mick hadn’t known, looking over his shoulder at Colette. “I’m sorry sweetie, I took a few days off to come home, but I’m heading back on the road tomorrow morning.  If I would’ve known…”


“No worries.” Geneva smiled, rubbing the back of her neck and felt the jetlag setting in from that redeye flight from Connecticut. “There is a reason I called and…I’m not sure how to say this.” Now her nerves kicked up a notch, her stomach clenching tightly. “This is so hard…”


Now Mick was more alert, not liking the sound of this and stood from the bed, having been napping with Colette. “What is it, Geneva?” He shut the bedroom door quietly and padded downstairs, running a hand through his shaggy brown hair. “Whatever it is, we can figure it out.”


“You sure about that?” Geneva laughed shakily.


“Yes, now talk.” Mick ordered, pulling a water out of the fridge and leaned against the counter, unscrewing the cap.


“I got a new job.” Geneva blurted out, then cursed because she didn’t want to tell him this way.


Mick raised a brow, taking a swallow of his water and tried not to let the panic set in yet. “I thought you were doing an internship at the hospital in Seattle?” Now he was confused.


“Yeah well, that didn’t exactly pan out the way I wanted, so I decided to apply for another job where I can use my medical degree.” Geneva didn’t want it going to waste, especially with all the time she put into acquiring it.


“So out with it then, where are you working now?” Mick tried to keep the demand out of his tone, but Geneva beating around the bush wasn’t normal.  She was normally straightforward when it came to him. “Tell me, Gen.”


Geneva heaved a sigh, shutting her eyes briefly. “Do you remember when I first told you that I wanted to go to medical school?” Her voice lowered a little with her nervousness.


“Yeah.” Mick chuckled, remembering she’d been a senior in high school and wanted to help people. “You were so excited about it, I’ll never forget the sparkle in your eyes…” Then something occurred to Mick, his eyes widening with realization. “Geneva…”


“Do you remember the first thing you said to me when I told you?” Her voice remained the same tone and level, almost hearing the light bulb in Uncle’s Mick’s head click over the phone.


Mick swallowed hard, crushing the bottle of water in his hand. “I made a joke about you working for the WWF so you could take care of me…” His stomach tightened slightly, trying to keep calm and heard padded footsteps sound behind him.  It was Colette.


“Surprise.” Geneva whispered, feeling a few tears slide down her cheeks and gave Uncle Mick a few minutes to digest this.


Mick didn’t say a word for five straight minutes, his heavy breathing being the only sound coming through the phone into Geneva’s ear.  His niece…his precious Geneva…was going to work for the same company as him?  Did he hear her correctly?  He remembered her helping Larry two years ago for two weeks while she was on the road with him, before her internship started.  Still, Geneva had wanted to be a doctor –a surgeon- all of her life and now she was suddenly tossing it away for a mediocre job in sport’s medicine with the WWF.


“Uncle Mick…”


“I’m here.” His voice was low and gruff, nodding at Colette when she shot him a worried look. “Just…how the hell did this come about?  Don’t get me wrong, sweetheart, I’m happy for you whatever you decide, but…you’ve always wanted to be a surgeon.  What changed your mind?” If Vince had anything to do with this, he would personally ring the boss’s neck.


He didn’t sound happy or mad, which was a good thing because that’s what Geneva had worried about most.  Uncle Mick didn’t get mad often, but when he did, it was downright frightening.  The last thing Geneva wanted to do was upset her Uncle that she hadn’t seen in a year, but at the same time she had to tell him about being on the road.  Showing up out of the blue and announcing she’d gotten a job with his company was out of the question.




Geneva proceeded to tell Mick about her patient, Steve Williams, who Mick instantly knew as Austin.  Apparently that was the man’s nickname in the WWF.  She explained about being his doctor, how she took care of him and then received a phone call from Gerald Briscoe with a job offer.  Geneva told him the sum they offered, which was much more than UWMC currently paid her.  Including the trip to Stamford, Connecticut to meet with the head honcho, Geneva finally stopped talking after telling him about the check Vince gave her for car shopping.


Listening intently to everything his niece said, Mick quickly came to the conclusion that Steve had to be the one to get her this job.  He was the only one she’d had contact with, to his knowledge anyway, and that didn’t set well with Mick at all.  Granted, he was happy that Geneva would be working on the road with him because she had a knack for this medical profession, but something told him there were motives behind her being hired.  Him and Steve would be having a talk as soon as Mick went back on the road.  Wanting to make it crystal clear his niece was OFF LIMITS, or else Mick would ram a barbed wire bat up the man’s ass.


“So, have you gone car shopping yet?” Mick asked, hearing a sigh of relief from his niece and decided he wouldn’t let her know how he really felt about this sudden turn of events.


“Not yet, I’m going tomorrow.  Was supposed to go today, but…the flight wore me down and it’s getting late.  Besides, I have two weeks until I’m due on the road and the medical center is paying me the rest of my vacation.” Geneva had to go shopping for clothes because most of what she owned was a little to dressy for the WWF. “I can’t wait to see you, Uncle Mick.  It’s been too long…”


“That it has, sweetheart.  I can’t wait to see you either.” Mick smiled more genuinely, feeling Colette’s arm wrap around his waist and kissed the top of her head.


They proceeded to talk a little while later about how everything was going with the kids, Mick promising to bring the family on the road as soon as he could so Geneva could see them again.




“Yes, she's comin'.” Steve said when Dwayne went to ask him.


“Good thing too, you look like shit.  Who did it?”


“‘Taker.” Steve's blue eyes narrowed.  “Jackass caught me outside the arena last night.”


“You two might be getting a little too personal, don't you think?”


“It ain't my damn fault he thinks he IS the Undertaker.”


Taker overheard the conversation outside of the locker room, stroking his black goatee thoughtfully.  Who was Austin talking about?  He’d been walking around trying to get a meeting with Vince for the past couple days after being released from the medical center in Seattle.  Taker had tried figuring out what it was about, but nobody talked. 


Then he’d overheard a previous conversation with Austin and Rock, eyes narrowing when he mentioned the beautiful doctor.  Honestly, Taker had been so engrossed in screwing with Austin that he’d only briefly glanced at the doctor, not paying her much mind.  He would definitely have to rectify that, an evil chuckle floating from his mouth as he made his way down the hallway, his mind already spinning with all the possibilities to add more fuel this proverbial feud fire.


His first task was to use this beautiful doctor against Austin.




The next day, all smiles, Geneva went car shopping and decided to stick to something gas efficient.  The amount on the check would more than cover a Mustang or Charger, but it wasn’t practical.  The WWF would be in Portland, Oregon when her first night started, so she had to make the short 3 hour drive there.  Then from there she would be heading across country to Chicago, IL, which meant she’d have to leave her car at the airport in Portland and Lance would be picking it up for her.


He was such a great friend.


Geneva ended up choosing a silver Honda Insight, having done research the previous night after her phone call with Uncle Mick.  It was a four door and had an interesting shape, which in her eyes made it unique.  Handing over the cash in full, along with signing her life away practically, Geneva drove off the lot with her new car 5 hours later.  She made sure to add a few things to it like a CD player and whatnot, knowing she would be putting a lot of miles on this bad boy.


Her thoughts turned to Undertaker suddenly while she drove, stopping at a red light and frowned thoughtfully.  What the hell was she going to say to him when they ran into each other again?  Turning the AC on full blast, Geneva hated how heated she became every time the man entered her mind.  As excited as she was about this new job and seeing Uncle Mick, Geneva had reservations about Taker.


He seemed not to recognize her while she treated Steve at the medical center, almost look straight through her.  She hadn’t changed that much, her hair the same crazy corkscrew curly mess she always had.  Geneva was a little paler and had a little crow’s-feet around her eyes, but that came with the daunting task of getting older.  She’d looked directly at him too…Geneva sighed, not understanding it and pushed Taker in the back of her mind, pulling into the local JCPenney’s parking lot. 


It was time to shop for her new job.


Chapter 14


Before she knew it, two weeks flew by and it was her first night on the job in the WWF.


Geneva stepped out of her silver Honda Insight, wearing a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a white sleeveless top and white Skechers on her feet.  Her hair flowed down her back, a dark blue headband on top of her head for style.  Taking a deep breath, carrying just her purse inside –she’d checked into the hotel prior to coming to the arena- Geneva flashed her work badge at the guard and walked inside the Rose Garden Arena.  The chaos hadn’t changed was Geneva’s first observation as soon as she stepped inside, ocean blue eyes wide.


“Come on already, move!” Snapped a brown haired woman from behind, rolling her eyes with a snort. “Jackie, wait up!  Dumb bitch.” She stormed by, disappearing with another woman.


“Have to move quick if you don't want to get plowed.” Dwayne said, appearing behind Geneva with a wide smile.  “It’s good to see you again, Geneva.”


Smirking, Geneva felt her cheeks flush slightly and nodded. “You too, Dwayne.  I was wondering if you remembered me.” Glad to see a familiar face, Geneva moved to stand against the wall, staying out of the way for the other Superstars and Divas. “Just like old times.”


“Of course I remember you.  Hard to forget a beautiful woman.” Dwayne winked, laying on the charm playfully. “Have you told Mick about working here yet?”


“Yes, we had a long talk about it and I think he’s happy I’m here.  I also think he’s going to be overprotective, so watch yourself and that flirting.” Geneva nudged him playfully, an enigmatic smile crossing her glossy lips.


Dwayne held his hands up, brown eyes wide. “Friends only, I’m a married man.  Anyway, I gotta get going, but Mick should be running around here somewhere.  If you need help…”


“I’ll be fine, Dwayne.  Thank you for the concern and, if you see that Uncle of mine, tell him I’m here.” She walked off, keeping close to the wall and went to find Larry’s office.


Dwayne watched her walk away and tensed, turning his head to look behind him, eyes narrowing. “What's up, Deadman?” He demanded, hating how this man set his nerves on edge and frowned when he just abruptly walked away. “Weirdo…”




“You seen Taker?”


“Yeah, but I'm not telling you where.  Put down the chain, Steve.” Larry ordered, folding his arms in front of his chest.


Steve arched an eyebrow, grinning. “What?  This thing, son?  It's just for decoration is all.  I'm not going to use it on anyone.  That'd just be wrong.”


“Why don't I believe that?” Larry’s gaze moved to the door, grinning from ear to ear as Geneva Foley stepped into the room. “Well I’ll be damned!”


“Hey Larry.” She greeted, laughing when he lifted her up and spun her around in circles, setting her back on her feet. “I didn’t think you’d remember me that well.”


“Are you kidding?  You were the best assistant I ever had and now you’re here FULLTIME.  If it wasn’t considered sexual harassment, I’d kiss you right now.” Larry laughed, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. “Welcome on board, finally.”


“Yeah finally.” Her ocean blue eyes moved to where her patient from UWMC stood, flashing a warm smile. “Hello again, Steve.”


Steve was confused, looking between her and Larry, wondering how the hell they knew each other. “Hey…” His ice blue eyes silently asked the question burning on his tongue.


“This is Geneva Foley – Mick Foley’s niece.” Larry introduced formally, watching as Steve’s eyes nearly fell out of his skull and chuckled. “She worked temporarily with me two years ago and then left.  Have you seen Mick yet?”


“No, I ran into Dwayne as soon as I got here and told him to have Uncle Mick come here whenever he could.”


“Wait a damn minute…” Steve’s head was spinning, rubbing his bald head. “So…Dwayne knew you the whole time at the hospital?”


Geneva grinned, nodding. “Apparently so, he just didn’t want to say anything, I guess.” She didn’t really think anything of it and missed the stormy look that crossed Steve’s eyes. “Anyway, I’m here and ready to get started, Larry.”


Larry however didn’t miss that look, nodding. “Sure thing.  Steve, no hunting down Taker.  Save it for the ring.” That was his way of dismissing the man from his office, turning his full focus on Geneva.


Steve stalked out of Larry’s office, determined to hunt down Dwayne and use the chain on him instead.


It didn’t take Geneva long to get the hang of how Larry did things and where everything in the office was.  It was just like old times and Geneva was an even faster learner nowadays.  Came with the territory of being an intern at one of the best teaching hospitals in the country.  A few hours of training and Geneva had her first patient, setting him down on the medical examination table, clearly seeing the problem.


“Okay, there won't be any scarring, you're lucky.”


Geneva checked over the deep laceration on the side of Jeff Hardy's face, sifting through his rainbow colored hair.  He had a ladder match that night and the edge of it caught him right in the cheek, busting him open.  Being extreme definitely took its toll, but blood didn’t bother Geneva as she began stitching the laceration with a smile. 


“Trust me, I worked with one of the best plastic surgeons in the country and picked up a few tricks.  Your face is in good hands.” She winked, finishing him off and placed a huge bandage over it, sending him on his way, slipping the bloody gloves off. 


So far that night, Geneva had a dislocated shoulder, several staples and stitches, a broken heel - she had to send to the hospital for- and a broken nose.  Reminded her of the pit back at UWMC, only much less chaotic and controlled, no deaths either.  Geneva felt her phone vibrate against her hip and pulled it out, grinning at the name flashing back at her.


“You didn’t call me.” Was the first thing out of Lance’s mouth, the worry evident in his voice.


“I’m sorry DAD, I was a little busy trying to get acclimated to my new job.” She retorted, thankful Larry wasn’t in the office at the moment. “Missing me already?”


Lance scoffed, taking a sip of his bottled water. “What the hell do you think?” Truth be told, Geneva was his only friend, though Lance would never admit that to anyone. “It’s miserable without you, Gen.”


“Well it’s nice to know I’m missed.” Geneva teased, hearing the pain in Lance’s voice. “If it’s any consolation, I miss my buddy too.  How’s Callie taking the news?”


“She’s a complete bear and is demanding to know when you’ll be back.” Lance chuckled, shaking his head. “I swear, she took this harder than me and I’ve known you longer!”


“It’s a woman thing, besides we’re like sisters.” Geneva walked over to sit on the examination table, swinging her legs back and forth absentmindedly. “I get a day off in about a month, according to my schedule because Larry wants to train me as much as he can before the next pay-per-view event.  They are always crazy around here.” She knew that better than anyone.


“Damn, that seems like forever.” Lance sighed, running a hand through his short cropped hair. “Listen, if there’s anything you need, anything at all…”


Geneva smiled tenderly, hearing a knock at the door. “You’ll be the first one I call.  Listen I gotta go, someone is here.  I’ll call you in a few days.”


“Take care of yourself, Gen.”


“You too, Lance.” Geneva hung up just as the door opened and a squeal sounded from her mouth upon seeing Uncle Mick. “Finally!!” She tossed her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly and blinked back tears from stinging her eyes.


Mick did the same thing, holding his niece tightly against him and couldn’t believe she was here.  Colette had sat him down and talked about Geneva’s job offer because, honestly, he’d been upset about it at first.  Then she made him see the light, like always, stating that Geneva took this job for herself and nobody else, especially Steve Williams.  That wasn’t going to stop Mick from having a conversation with the boy because Geneva was like a daughter to him and he really didn’t want her fraternizing with any of the wrestlers.


“Can’t breathe…” Geneva wheezed, grinning when Mick instantly released her and tweaked his nose. “It’s so good seeing you.  How’ve you been?”


“Been good for the most part, sweetheart.” Mick replied, looking around the office and could tell she was on somewhat of a break. “How’s your first night?  Excited to be back?”


“It’s different.” Geneva admitted, stepping out into the hallway with Uncle Mick and closed the door behind her, leaning against the wall. “Things have changed around here, haven’t they?”


Mick nodded solemnly, placing a hand on her shoulder and could see the tears in her eyes. “Gen…” He sighed, pulling her into his arms and kissed the top of her head. “Colette told me you called her as soon as my match with Taker ended at King of the Ring.  I’m sorry I worried you, sweetheart.” He knew that’s why she was emotional and felt her arms tighten around him, hating to see her in pain.


“I’m just glad you’re safe.” She whispered, reluctantly pulling back and wiped some stray tears away from her face. “I tried getting time off because I was worried sick about you, but Aunt Colette told me it wasn’t necessary.  I shouldn’t have listened, but…I was busy with the stupid internship.”


Mick nodded in understanding, running his finger down her cheek with a goofy smile. “I’m still here though, standing proud and alive.  And now I’m teaming with Rocky, so it’s even better!” He had plans for his tag-team partner, rubbing his hands together excitedly.


“Wait, what?” Geneva blinked, raising a brow and glanced to the side just as Dwayne walked up to them. “You two…”


Nodding enthusiastically, Mick laughed at the look on his niece’s face. “Hey, nobody’s better than the Great One after all.  Who better than to have on my side?”


“But you two…” Now Geneva was REALLY confused. “In January…”


“Oh that.” Mick waved her off dismissively, clapping Dwayne on the shoulder. “That was child’s play, Gen.”


“If you say so, Foley.” Dwayne replied, wearing one of his flashy shirts with sunglasses over his eyes, arching his infamous brow at his partner. “I still don’t understand why creative stuck us together, but the fans are eating it up.  Best to give them what they want, I suppose.”


“Damn right!  The Rock-N-Sock Connection!” Mick had come up with the name and grinned proudly, puffing his chest out a little. “And the best part is I get to steal his lines.”


Dwayne scowled good-naturedly, though he lifted his sunglasses up long enough to wink at Geneva. “The Rock is gonna shove his boot up your candy ass if you don’t knock it off.” He tried slipping into character and smiled when Geneva began laughing.


“The Rock-N-Sock Connection?” Geneva echoed, holding her side because they were making her crack up laughing and it felt amazing since she hadn’t laughed in a while. “I’m going to venture a guess and say that’s your creation, Uncle Mick.”


“You got it!” He did the thumbs up with twinkling blue eyes. “Just wait until you see everything I have in store for our team, it’ll blow you away.”


“Or sky high.” Dwayne added, a hint of disdain in his voice. “That’s AFTER your knee surgery.”


“SHHHHH not NOW, Rocky.” Mick scolded, frowning when Geneva folded her arms in front of her chest and groaned, knowing he was in for a lecture now. “Gen…”


“What knee surgery?” She demanded, not disappointing him and watched as Dwayne immediately walked away, leaving them alone. “You have to have surgery on your knee?”


Mick sighed warily, nodding. “Yeah, I just didn’t want to bring it up your first night here.”


Geneva hated it when Uncle Mick kept things from her, especially when they involved him going under the knife. “When is it?” She asked in a softer voice, taking his hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.


“I don’t know yet, haven’t scheduled it.  Had an MRI a few weeks back and they said it’s gonna have to be soon.  I’m going to set it up soon because it’s killing me.  I just want to continue with this Rock-N-Sock Connection storyline a little while longer.” Mick didn’t want to give it up and knew, if he left now, it would be squashed. “Definitely before Summerslam.” It was moving into July and the pay-per-view wasn’t until late August.


“Please get it taken care of as soon as you can because I really don’t want to see you pain.” Geneva pleaded, looking up when Larry approached them and smiled. “Enjoy your lunch, boss?”


Larry chuckled, reaching over to ruffle her curls playfully. “Stop calling me that, shorty.” He ordered, nodding at Mick as they shook hands. “How’s your knee?”


Mick smiled sheepishly, laughing at his niece’s scowl. “Larry, you shouldn’t touch her hair.  Geneva is very picky when it comes to her hair.” He chastised, stepping into the office. “And it’s throbbing, was hoping you’d take a look at it for me.”


“Sure, hop on up and let’s see what’s going on.” Larry patted the examination table, not minding Geneva being in the room and smiled as she held her Uncle’s hand. “Same spot?”


Mick nodded, grimacing a little when a twinge shot up from his kneecap to his thigh, closing his eyes. “It tickles…” He muttered, feeling his niece’s apprehension and knew she was worried about him.


Larry finished, sighing heavily. “Mick, you can’t keep wrestling on that knee.  It’ll give out on you and then you’ll really be in some shit.” He scrawled a name on a piece of paper, handing it to Mick. “If I were you, I’d call Doctor Andrews in Birmingham and book an appointment this week.  You need to get this surgery done and he’ll have you back on your feet in no time.”


“Before Summerslam?” Mick had to be back for a very important reason, one he wouldn’t share with his niece.


“If you get it taken care of now, then I don’t see why not.” Larry replied, wishing the man would retire already because he really had nothing left to prove in the squared circle. “Now get on outta here so I can continue training your niece on her new job.” He was extremely thrilled to have Geneva back as his partner again, winking in her direction.


“No flirting, Larry.” Mick ordered, wagging his finger disapprovingly. “You’re too old for her.”


Geneva promptly walked over and slammed the door in Uncle Mick’s face, shaking her head. “He’s such a jokester.” She then proceeded to listen to what Larry wanted to teach her next, soaking the knowledge up and hoped Uncle Mick followed doctor’s orders for once.


Chapter 15


Echoing throughout the arena was a sudden scream from the fans as the sounds of glass shattering permeated the building.  Several minutes later, the Undertaker's theme music rumbled, sending yet another scream through the audience.  The main event had arrived and Geneva would be getting another patient most definitely. 


Question was: who would it be?


Steve narrowed his icy eyes, staring across the ring as his on and off-screen enemy just stood there, an almost indifferent look on the Taker's face.  Well, he was fixing to change that into one of pain.


After fixing another dislocated shoulder, Geneva decided it was time to take a break as she cleaned her hands and walked out of the office.  Thankfully, it wasn’t that crowded, though she still hadn’t seen hide nor hair of her Uncle.  It wasn't that crowded now that the show was nearly over.  She walked down the hallway, peaking around corners, trying to find the cafeteria and arched an eyebrow. 


“Damn...” Geneva cursed, rounding another corner, seeing it was a darker one than the rest and immediately turned back around hoping she could find her way back to her office.  All she wanted was a damn water!


“Who the hell are you?” Demanded a deep voice from behind the petite woman. 


A tall, African-American man with strange symbols painted on his chest stepped out before her.  He stared down at her, behind him, flanking two more men, both wearing black.  One with another strange symbol appearing carved into his forehead. 


“You can't be here lady.  This is the Undertaker's corridor.”


“She's Austin's doctor.” The man with the carved forehead spoke up quietly, his eyes glinting almost feverishly as he stared at her.


“No, I am the new on-road physician for the World Wrestling Federation and I work for Vince McMahon.” Geneva corrected them, crossing her arms in front of her chest, and raised an eyebrow at their symbols. “Okay, I didn't know this was kindergarten.  Those look ridiculous on you.” She commented, shaking her head, seeing three men surrounding her and wondered briefly if they even worked for this company. “Look, I don't know who you are or what you want, but I'm looking for the cafeteria.  Can one of you help me out before I die of thirst?” There was no fear in her ocean blue eyes whatsoever, just pure curiosity and fatigue.


“I'll show her.”


Farooq arched an eyebrow, staring down at Mideon. “No.  You won't.  We need to be ready for Taker's signal.” He grunted, turning his back on the doctor altogether. “Cafeteria is down this way, keep following the red line on the floor.” He said without turning back, guiding the others in the opposite direction.


“Thank you.” Geneva replied, her eyes narrowed slightly, confusion registering on her face.


What did they mean this was Undertaker’s corridor?  A private locker room wasn’t enough for the man?  Geneva didn't care, walking away from them and looked down at the floor where the red line began.  So she wasn't that far off. 


Geneva sighed with relief when she finally found it and went straight for the water machine, pulling a dollar out of her pocket.  Slipping it into the machine, Geneva wasn’t able to get those three men out of her mind.  They sounded as though they were followers of some sort to Undertaker, which confused Geneva more.


Since when did Undertaker have followers?


Gathered around a monitor in the cafeteria was half the roster, all watching the fight between Taker and Stone Cold Steve Austin. “Shit!  Did you see that?” One of them yelled.  Then cursing followed. “The damn Ministry!  Hell, too bad for Steve…”


Steve was gesturing the Ministry on. “C'mon son, fight your own battles.” He snarled at Taker.


“This isn't a battle, Austin.” Taker rumbled evilly. “It's genocide.”


Things had changed in the WWF, that much Geneva gathered, as she headed over to the monitor to watch it with the other Superstars.  Geneva briefly wondered what she'd gotten herself into and felt her eyes widening in shock by what she saw, covering her mouth with her hand.  It was like watching a horrific car accident happening and, no matter how hard she tried, Geneva could not pull her eyes from the monitor, not even when Steve was cracked with a baseball bat upside the head.


‘Oh my god!  Someone has to help him!  He's bleeding!’ Her mind screamed, ignoring the people around her and kept her eyes focused on the monitor.


Jeff Hardy, looking much better, turned to glance at her.  Seeing the obvious concern on her face, he offered a reassuring smile. “Hey, it's okay.  They know better than to actually hurt each other seriously.” Well they knew better, but generally these two didn't follow the rules so to speak.


In the ring, Taker gestured his Ministry forward, staring down at Austin.  He held out his hand, a coarse rope being placed in his palm almost immediately.


“Oh shit...”


Geneva felt sick to her stomach and actually backed away from the monitor, her eyes widened and couldn't believe nobody was stopping this.  Granted, she remembered being on the road back in 1997 with Uncle Mick going through tables and being hit with steel chairs, but this was too much.  What the Hell was going on? 


Not able to handle seeing anymore, Geneva ran out of the cafeteria with her water, heading back to the office.  What the hell kind of company was this?  They were allowing a man to hang someone in the middle of the damn ring!  This company had gotten edgier, Geneva surmised appallingly, and looked up when Larry walked through the door.


“I know.” She whispered before he could open his mouth, trying to control her emotions. 


Larry nodded grimly. “Be ready.”


Steve snapped two seconds before the noose was placed around his throat.  He grabbed the loop and jerked, sending Taker flying head over heels.  Before anyone could stop him, he started tossing the Ministry morons out of the ring, collapsing against the ropes when they began their retreat.  He could feel a gash bleeding just over his eye and groaned, knowing a trip to the trainer’s room –Doc- was in order.


Geneva whatever she could in the office; cleaning, pacing, and just trying to keep her mind off of what she witnessed on the monitor in the cafeteria.  Her door hit the wall forcefully, causing her to jump out of her skin and whipped around with wide eyes.  Steve stood there with a bloody gash over his right eye, blood slowly gushing from it. 


“Jesus.” She whispered, rushing over to him as he stumbled into her, already snapping on a pair of gloves and laid him down on her table, shaking her head.


“Hey Doc.” Steve greeted, turning his head to spit out some blood that had seeped into his mouth. “How's your first night goin’?” He tried to smile at her and stopped, realizing the blood would have stained his teeth, making it a gruesome gesture. “Sorry ‘bout earlier, didn’t know ya were Foley’s niece, honey…”


“That's alright.” Geneva whispered soothingly, cleaning the wound over his eye and sighed heavily, shaking her head. “Just relax, Steve.  You have a concussion.” She’d checked his pupils and tossed away a huge cue tip before grabbing a needle and stitches, setting her flashlight down. “You know the drill.”


Steve already knew that, he'd been working on a concussion for a while now.  Almost every week, Taker gave him a new one.  Of course, if the Deadman ever grew a set and could face him man to man, things would be different.  As long as the bastard had his Ministry, it never would be that way though, his teeth clenching. 


“I hate needles…” He grunted, eyeballing the contraption in the Doc’s hand.


“I can’t believe nobody came out to help you…”


Growling, Geneva tossed the needle in the sink and gripped it with her hands, needing a minute to calm down.  Deep down, it bothered her to watch Taker be so…barbaric in the ring to Steve and she didn’t understand why.  What had changed him in the past two years?  She finally picked the needle back up and loaded it with numbing solution, placing her hand on his face. 


“Hold still.” She ordered, sinking the needle into his gash and pulled back, starting the stitches. 


Steve frowned, staring up at her incredulously. “Honey, this is wrestling.  Most of it is fake, but accidents happen.  It's sports entertainment, but it's still a sport.” He loved wrestling and would defend it to his dying day. “You should know since you worked here once before...”


Geneva shook her head, frowning. “Back then it was way different and less barbaric.” She muttered, continuing her work on Steve’s eyebrow, where the laceration was.


Refusing to admit this to anyone except herself, Geneva had watched the ‘I Quit’ match between Uncle Mick and Dwayne at the beginning of the year and vomited at all the chair shots he sustained.  It was possibly the most brutal, ferocious match she’d ever seen him in and that included the Hell In A Cell match he had in mid-1998 with Undertaker.  She watched that match too, immediately calling Colette as soon as Uncle Mick had been tossed off the roof of the cell.  Never had she witnessed something so horrifying and Geneva felt helpless since she was stuck in Seattle instead of in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the King of the Ring pay-per-view was held.


“You look deep in thought, honey.” Steve observed, biting back a wince when she began slipping the stitches in his skin. “You can talk to me, Doc.”


“I just…I don’t understand how you or my Uncle does this for a living…” She finally whispered, not trusting her voice at the moment and looked away to blink back tears, grabbing a different instrument.


Steve wasn't about to tell her he didn't usually get the hell knocked out of him with inanimate objects until Taker and him started feuding outside the ring as well as inside. “I'm crazy, I admit it honey, but I love my job.” He inhaled softly, beginning to get jittery. “So Doc, how ‘bout a cup of coffee or somethin' after this?  You know, to help keep me awake.” He smiled teasingly at her, changing the subject.


She frowned back at him, seeing how jittery he was, and knew he had to calm down as she checked his heart rate. “Steve, look at me.  Look at me.” Geneva ordered gently, taking his face in her hands, staring into his deep blue eyes.  Almost instantly, the jitters slowly stopped as she ran her hand up and down his arm, smiling. “That's it, relax.” She coaxed softly, quietly, knowing she had to keep him awake, but that didn't mean he couldn't relax and started the stitches again.


“Sorry, Doc.” He said apologetically. “I just really hate bein’ patched up, no offense.  Hospitals and usually doctors just aren't my thing.  You're the exception, of course.” Steve became acutely aware he was still in just his wrestling trunks, when she ran her hand down his bare arm, and mentally began thinking of every non-sexual thing that he possibly could. 


Where in the blue hell had THAT come from?


“Believe it or not, I hear that a lot.” Geneva chuckled, rolling a chair over and sat down as she continued working on him, taking her time, not wanting him to leave yet. “Steve, I know it was you who went to Mr. McMahon about me.  Why?” She asked, looking at his wound, her voice full of curiosity, no anger evident.


He chuckled, looking almost like a little boy as he shot Geneva a sheepish look. “Because I liked you.” He said simply, studying her face inquisitively. “You did such a good job, you made me feel at ease in a hospital of ALL places.  I figured you could do a great job here.  I guess what I didn't figure on was you bein’ upset by what we do.”


“It's not that I'm upset, I should be used to it given who my Uncle is.  I’ll get used to it again, it’s just been a minute since I’ve been in this type of environment.” She replied, patting his arm reassuringly and finished the stitches, tossing the bloody gloves in the garbage. “My eyes nearly fell out of my head when I got the offer over my answering machine.  Though I must admit, I didn't know you were serious when you offered it to me at the hospital before you left.” She turned back around and faced him, a small smirk on her face, remembering his vacation comment.


“Of course I was serious!  I'm a very serious man, Doc, or didn't you notice?” Steve retorted in a stern voice, though mischief twinkling in his eyes gave him away. “Yeah, Vince tends to be very generous when it comes to his employees, providing they do their job well.  So honey, how ‘bout that coffee?” He glanced at the clock. “Damn, it got late.  Never mind Doc, I'm sure you're tired.”


“Actually, I'd love to go get a cup of coffee with you, but caffeine isn't good for a concussion.  How ‘bout we both just have some water or juice?” Geneva suggested, smirking when he groaned in protest and raised a slow eyebrow. “Now you can either listen to me or get jittery again, which would cause your heart rate to skyrocket, which would send you back to the hospital…A hospital that I'm not involved with.  Now is that what you want, Steve?  Because if it is, I'll drive you to the hospital myself and save you a trip.”


Steve sighed melodramatically, shaking his head. “Damn, henpecked by a doctor.” He smirked, arching an eyebrow. “I suppose a beer would be out of the question too?” He wasn't surprised at the look she gave him. “Alright Doc, lemme get dressed.” He gestured to his bare chest. “And we'll go get a...juice.”


Geneva giggled at the disdain on Steve's face, amusement shining in her ocean blues and started cleaning up, knowing he was her last patient of the evening. “Go on, I'm not going anywhere.”


She turned her back as he walked out the door, laughing softly to herself, and turned the sink on as she washed her hands before drying them off.  A drink with Steve wouldn’t hurt anything, they were just friends after all.  Geneva felt the butterflies erupt in her stomach, hoping that’s all Steve wanted to be because her heart belonged to someone else in the WWF. 


Hearing footsteps sound behind her, Geneva smiled thinking it was Steve turned to open her mouth to speak, stiffening.  Geneva’s mouth went completely dry at the sight of the man standing in her doorway, her heart thumping powerfully against her chest, blue locked with pure acid.  She often dreamed of this moment happening, of running into his arms if she ever saw him again, but all Geneva could do was stand there completely frozen.




Chapter 16


He couldn’t believe it.


The beautiful doctor Austin had bragged about, and Taker had planned using to gain an advantage against him, was none other than Geneva.  How the hell hadn’t he noticed her at the hospital?  Those chestnut corkscrew curls should’ve been a dead giveaway, not to mention they’d been in Seattle.  Taker wanted to bang his head against the nearest wall, knowing he’d taken one too many shots to the head over the past few years.


How could he possibly forget his 1997 lover?


Taker technically didn't need her help.  His hand was just bruised from how hard he threw a punch in the ring, maybe even a fractured knuckle, and shook himself mentally. “I'd like you to look at my hand.” He said, the words polite, but his tone holding something else entirely.  It was low, sounding like a deep rumble coming from the center of his chest.


Gritting her teeth, Geneva had to maintain her temper and could not believe he acted as if he didn’t know who she was. “Okay have a seat.” She replied evenly and walked over, snapping on some gloves, the mere presence of this man sending a shiver down her spine.  For two years she’d pined over a man who didn’t even remember her.  How nice.  She suddenly thought of Steve, tempted to make Taker wait for Larry, but knew she couldn’t. ‘It'll have to wait.’ She thought, taking his hand gently in hers and looked at it.  She began pressing on it, more importantly the knuckle, definitely feeling the problem. “It's fractured.  The only thing I can recommend is a lot of ice, rest and pain killers.  So pick your poison.” She stated, taking the gloves off and threw them in the trash.


“My poison is bourbon, perhaps you'd care to join me?” Taker offered, standing to his full height, staring down at her intently with piercing acid eyes. 


Geneva was never a big drinker, so he didn't expect her to accept his invitation at all.  In fact, she acted professional towards him and that unnerved him.  This woman had given him the best two years of his life, sex and laughter…only to disappear because of an internship.  Now she was back acting as if they were complete strangers.  He heard her cell vibrating again and tilted his head to the side, his long black hair swaying with the motion.


“My friend.” She said by way of explanation, seeing his eyes drift down to her pocket, where her cell was and looked back up into her eyes. “Actually, I have other plans tonight.  Maybe some other time.” She replied politely, though her eyes remained icy.  The hell she would join this mongrel for a drink when he didn’t even remember her! “So if there's nothing else you need, I have to get going.”


Taker merely nodded, stepping out of her way, his large body moving with a feline grace that was just wrong for a man his size.


“Hey Doc, you bout ready-” Steve stopped, halting in the doorway at the sight of Taker, blue eyes narrowing to dangerous slits.


“Austin.” Taker's voice dripped with sarcasm and malice.


Steve nodded, his fists tightening at his sides, but managed to smile tensely at Geneva. “I'll walk you to your car.” He said not wanting Taker to know they were going out together.


There was no reason to be scared of Taker, Geneva thought, as she raised an eyebrow at both men, wondering what the hell was going on between them.  Wasn’t the wrestling stuff supposed to STAY in the ring? “I don't get it.” She mumbled under her breath, shaking her head, and growled when her cell phone vibrated in her pocket. “WHAT?” She shouted in the phone, sighing when she heard her friend Callie.  “I'm sorry Cal okay?  Look, I got a tattooed giant and that Steve guy I took care of to deal with right now.  Can I PLEASE call you back later?  Thanks bye.” Ending the call abruptly, Geneva picked her bag up, not caring WHO overheard her.  She was confused and pissed off all at the same time.


Steve fell in step when she walked out into the hallway. “Geneva, look,” He began, using her first name for the first time. “If he was bothering you...” He trailed off, shaking his head. “That's Taker, you might remember him from Seattle.  We don't...see eye to eye, to put it mildly.”


Of course she knew who Taker was, though nobody else knew about their two week fling back in 1997 and Geneva wanted to keep it that way. “No really?  I hadn't noticed.” She replied sarcastically, watching as Taker walked in the opposite direction, feeling even more frustrated.  She felt terrible for snapping on Callie, but honestly didn't have a choice.  It'd been a LONG night and Geneva’s mind wasn't exactly on Seattle at the moment. “I know he's the guy from Seattle.  He's also the reason why I had to stitch you up again tonight.” Playing dumb was her best bet at this point.


“Taker and me are the exception to the rule.  He don't like me and I sure as hell don't like him.” Seeing the confusion on her face, he sighed. “What you see on TV with him is what you get.  He IS into all that dark, demonic shit.”


Geneva actually stopped in her tracks on the way to her car and blinked at him, swallowing hard.  No way.  No he wasn’t, Geneva knew Taker and there was no way he could be THAT evil and sadistic! “Are you serious?” She blinked again when he nodded and shook her head, wrapping her arms around herself. “Are there...other people like that?  Do people get hurt in the back, off camera?” She had to ask, remembering those three men who surrounded her earlier.


Back in 1997, people followed the script for the most part and followed rules, but that wasn’t the case anymore.