Chapter 1


The rumors flew around for months as soon as the year 2001 rolled in about Ted Turner selling World Championship Wrestling, the global phenomenon that had went toe-to-toe with the World Wrestling Federation for several years.  They even beat WWF in the ratings throughout the year of 1998.  However, with backstage politics and everyone basically running the show, deciding what they would be paid, WCW was a mess.  Eric Bischoff had bitten off a lot more than he could chew in the war by stealing stars from WWF, flashing dollar signs at them.  It worked…for a while, until the powers that be, the higher ups, informed Bischoff WCW was hemorrhaging money.  They were losing money, not making it, even with the sold-out arenas and merchandise flying off the shelves. 


The company was hemorrhaging money because of the stars massive paydays.  Eric Bischoff had even brought in Vince Russo, who was the main writer in WWF during their Attitude Era, that competed with WCW, and he claimed his storylines are what made the WWF so successful in ratings.  It was all about the ratings and Bischoff had become so obsessed, he didn’t start building new stars the way WWF had.  He relied on the old stars like Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Hollywood Hulk Hogan…those types to carry the company into the future.  The only major star WCW made was Goldberg, who had an undefeated streak that was later broken.


In late March, one week before the WWF’s Super Bowl pay-per-view event of the year, WrestleMania, the final shot in the war had been fired and WCW fell.  Vince McMahon, the owner of the WWF, had bought WCW and won the war.  For weeks, the stars of WCW had been nervously anticipating the inevitable to happen because Eric Bischoff’s offer had been tossed out the window.  He’d put an offer down and Vince trumped it, buying out his own competition.  Alice stood backstage amongst the other WCW stars, grey eyes wide, while watching Vince McMahon address all of WCW once their program had ended.  Sting and Ric Flair had closed the show out with a final match that everyone applauded backstage in Panama City Beach, Florida.  WCW’s final resting place.


“What’s going to happen now?”


“Where will we go?”


“What will we do if we’re out of jobs?”


“We have families to feed, damn it!”


Alice heard it all, but couldn’t speak because she too had the same worries and concerns floating around her brain.  That was until another shocking moment happened.  Shane McMahon walked out from the backstage area and stepped foot inside a WCW ring, which was a surreal sight.  Her eyes widened again as he announced the contract for buying WCW read the name McMahon, but it wasn’t Vince.  It was SHANE MCMAHON!


“I now own WCW!” Shane announced proudly into a WCW microphone, grinning back at his father through the camera and enjoyed the look of sheer disbelief, shock and sickness coming over his father’s face. “And Dad, just like WCW did in the past, we’re gonna kick your ass AGAIN!”


There was a BUZZ unlike any other backstage as everyone began speculating what this meant, all eyes turning to Shane McMahon as he sauntered through the curtain.  They had a new owner now, but what did Shane plan on doing with the company?  Would the war continue?  Would they still be on television to battle against WWF?  Alice had no idea what to think or believe regarding this sudden turn of events, looking over at Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler, two of her friends and rivals.  They were the only women, virtually, in the WCW that stood out and represented the women’s division of the company.


“Boys and girls, you WILL have jobs and we WILL take the fight to my father.” Shane stated confidently, a certain edge in his voice and rubbed his hands together. “And we won’t be the only ones.  Trust me on this.  For now, go home and relax for a couple weeks, which you will be paid for.” Out of his own pocket, no less. “As a matter of fact, if any of you would like to witness me destroying my old man at WrestleMania Sunday, I have tickets.”


Shane was facing Vince in a street fight at WrestleMania that year with Mick Foley as the special guest referee.  Vince had treated his wife, Shane’s mother, Linda McMahon wrong and put the poor woman in a sanitarium…after demanding a divorce nearly a year prior.  In Madison Square Garden, of all places!  Linda had a complete mental breakdown and needed to be medicated, but not to the point of being a vegetable.  Vince flaunted his affair with Trish Stratus, who was one of the main women on the WWF’s roster, and treated HER like trash too.  Vince thought he was untouchable, but little did he know Shane had Trish AND Linda in his back pocket, ready to strike and get their revenge against the old man.


Oh, it would be a glorious night indeed!


Alice had opted to go, wanting to see her new boss and owner of WCW wipe the mat with his own father.  WrestleMania was an experience unlike any other, bigger than any Starrcade event WCW put on, which was considered the company’s Super Bowl.  It was always in December while WrestleMania was at the end of March/early April.  She wore a simple black skirt and red sleeveless top, showing just enough cleavage to be a tease, but nothing more.  She was conservative in her own way, but still enjoyed teasing men just for the sake of doing it. 


Her feet were encased in two-inch knee-high boots and she had fishnets on that clashed with her tanned skin.  She didn’t look like an orange the way Torrie sometimes did, refusing to self-tan and didn’t go to tanning salons either.  It was a natural tan, just enough to accent her beauty.  Her long fiery red hair was pulled up on top of her head, a few curls framing her face and her nails were freshly done for the event as well, sticking with red tips.


When Shane came out, she clapped alongside her fellow WCW compadres, cheering their new boss on.  Halfway through the match, Alice cringed when Vince gained the upper hand.  It was a brutal contest between father and son, but in the end Shane had prevailed.  She nearly hopped off the couch at the sight of Linda McMahon, who was supposed to be in a vegetative state, stand up from the chair Vince had set her in the corner to make her watch the demise of her son.  The woman was shaking with rage and nailed him right in the balls, sending Vince crashing to the mat on his knees holding his junk with a look of pure shock and pain on his face.  Shane had climbed the top rope and delivered a coast-to-coast jump – turnbuckle to turnbuckle – smashing a trashcan right in his father’s face to end the match and gain the victory.  The WCW guys that had been there and took Shane up on his offer cheered from the skybox they were in.  He acknowledged them from the ring and Alice along with everyone stood up to applaud him, smiling softly.  Instead of vacating, she sat back down to watch the rest of the show and felt her grey eyes lock on the man coming out on a motorcycle.


“That’s the Undertaker.” Stacy Keibler murmured in Alice’s ear, seeing the woman was intrigued with the specimen.  Not that she blamed her. “He’s been here for 10 years, apparently.”


“He doesn’t look like an undertaker.” That was a morbid wrestling name, though Alice hadn’t done her WWF history research or else she would’ve understood why he was called that. “He looks like a normal guy riding a bike to the ring.”


Stacy chuckled, nodding. “Yeah, apparently he’s changed his persona more than his underwear throughout the years.” She had no respect for any of the WWF employees.


“Hmm…” Alice tilted her head, watching him enter the ring after parking his motorcycle at ringside and had to admit, she was intrigued by him.


“Now this is Triple H.  He’s hot.” Stacy stated, appreciating the man candy walking down the aisle and crossed one long leg over the other. “Still, our guys could take both of them out instantly.”


Alice didn’t bother commenting and watched the match, enjoying the story that was told between both wrestlers.  They had played a recap video prior to the match starting on the huge screen and Alice silently rooted on Undertaker.  Once the match ended, with Undertaker busted open and winning, Alice fought the urge to clap since none of her WCW compadres did.  One by one, they began clearing it and she decided to stay even after Stacy left, wanting to witness the entire show.  Shane had mentioned something about involving them in the shows in the coming weeks, deciding to use his Daddy’s business in order to kickstart WCW’s heart again. 


It would be war all over again between the two brands. 


After watching Stone Cold Steve Austin turn heel against The Rock, with the people booing incessantly at Austin teaming up with Vince McMahon by shaking his hand, the show ended with everyone going home having a bitter taste in their mouth.  Alice was one of them.  She walked down the hallway of the astrodome and spotted Shane McMahon talking to The Big Show, also known as Paul Wight, who had left the WCW 2 years ago.


“Alice, you stayed for the entire show?” Shane asked, sounding in disbelief and watched her nod, admiring her courage since this was hostile waters right now. “I’ll take you back to the hotel.  Don’t want anything happening to my stars.”


Alice accepted his offer, not saying a word to Paul Wight and followed him down the hallway, looking around at how everything ran in WWF.  It was organized and the way a company should be ran, so many technicians and backstage people working their backsides off to ensure the program was ran smoothly.  Once Shane dropped her off, they said good night and Alice went up to her room, trying to wrap her mind around the fact she would be working on WWF programming soon.  How would that work out for the women, though?  She assumed the women in WCW would be going against the women of WWF such as Lita and Trish Stratus.  They seemed to be the top women in the rival company at the moment.


A few months after WrestleMania, WCW began to invade little by little with Lance Storm and Hugh Morris firing the first shots.  Then came the bigger guns in Booker T.  Alice sat at home for nearly 3 months, paid, before she was finally called back on the road for the full-blown invasion.  Linda McMahon had confronted her husband on an episode of Smackdown!, coercing him to allow WCW matches to be held on WWF programming.  Vince had said no at first, but with a little pushing and prodding on Linda’s part, along with baiting, the old man finally caved, and WCW was off to the races in WWF.  Linda had also told him the next pay-per-view event the WWF had would be changed to the title Invasion, where WWF stars would battle against WCW stars to see who reigned supreme.  Who ruled the roost!  It would give WCW a real chance to shine brightly and Vince once again caved to his wife, anything to make her happy.


Tonight, on Raw Is War, was the very first WCW match on WWF programming pitting Buff Bagwell against the current WCW champion, Booker T, with the championship on the line.


July 2, 2001 would be the night everything changed in the war to come.


The problem WCW had was the fact the people in charge had been the actual wrestlers, the higher ups, well known guys.  Couldn’t have wrestlers playing writer, bookie, and boss; it didn’t work well.  At all.  Too many agendas and egos, too many demands for television time, pay raises and benefits.  The fact WCW had been financially floundering was proof of that.  Shane had swept in, negotiated his way to the contract, and said, ‘Fuck You’ to his old man.  Vince ran his company with an iron fist, but he also had his own agendas and his own ego, which meant he also tended to be an asshole and abuse people: like his wife.  Shane was ready to bring all that crashing down around his old man and grinned, eyes on the monitor as he took a sip of his water.  He wasn’t the only one… surprises were still in store for Old Vinnie Mac.


“I’m sorry, repeat that again?” Alice frowned, wanting to make sure she’d heard Torrie correctly.


“Linda has talked to Shane about catching Vince in the act…and asked for my help, but I don’t think I can do it alone.” Torrie reiterated, folding her arms in front of her chest, wearing what could be considered an outfit…at a beach anyway.  It was light blue, the top a bikini and the bottom a long skirt that had obscene slits up both sides. “I need your help to trap Mr. McMahon.”


Sometimes, being a woman in the wrestling world had its perks and other times, Alice felt like shooting herself in the head. “What exactly do you want me to do?”


“Help me lure him.  We’ll approach him and ask to talk to him privately and when we’re alone with him, we can coerce him to drop his pants.  Linda will be there when the time is right.” This was all orders from Shane McMahon and they’d be stupid not to follow through with them.


“He seriously has nothing better for us to do than fuck with his old man?” At Torrie’s nod, Alice threw her hands up and conceded. “Fine, lead the way.” She had on a simple black mini dress that was strapless and clung to every curve of her body, her fiery red hair down, straightened and hugged her waist.


If Shane had bothered to take the time to explain, this was a favor to his mother.  But, he never thought about explaining himself to his new hires because… he was a bit preoccupied with everything else going on.  Linda wanted something concrete to blackmail Vince with, infidelity in their marriage, proof of it, not something easily attributed to ‘storylines’.  She was not amused anymore with his bullshit and Shane honestly loved to fuck with his dad, side bonus.


What the actual fuck were legs like that doing on women from Hell’s Toilet Bowl?


“You ready for this?”


“Sure.” No, Alice wasn’t, but she wasn’t about to let Torrie do this alone, not with how nervous the woman was.  Billy Kidman, Torrie’s husband, would not be happy about this, if she hadn’t warned him ahead of time.

She hadn’t. “Mr. McMahon, excuse me?”


Chapter 2


Vince was in the middle of talking to Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle about something when the WCW women intervened. “Well hello there, Torrie…and who is this?” The old man’s eyes went to the redheaded vixen standing beside the blonde.


Torrie beamed brightly. “This is Alice, a friend of mine from WCW.  We were hoping…well I was hoping…we could talk to you for a few minutes about possibly joining your company.  We want to work for the WWF BADLY – so BAD.”


Torrie was TERRIBLE at seduction, how the hell had the woman gotten a job in this industry?


“Is that right?” Vince grinned, ignoring Stone Cold and Angle for the moment to focus on the two beauties. “Well I think I have some time right now to talk to both of you…”


That implied only dirty talking would be involved and Alice wasn’t interested, but kept the smile on her face, nonetheless.  There was no way in HELL she was sleeping with this old bastard, even if Shane ordered it!  Torrie assured her this was all a ploy and nothing remotely sexual would happen with Vince McMahon.  If it did, she would personally rip the extensions out of her friend/rival’s hair.


Seduction did not come easily to Torrie Wilson, but she was bubbly, airheaded occasionally, had some developing skill, and looked awesome on camera.  Men seen her tits and ass, with clothes on, and assumed she was walking sex and fun.  But Vince seemed to have a fondness for redheads, or maybe he was tired of blondes because he was eyeing Alice.


Clearing their throats and trying not to smirk or shake their heads, Steve Austin and Kurt Angle left, both men eyeballing the women as well.


Debra, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s wife, promptly smacked her husband upside his bald head on the way out the door.


Why was Vince eyeballing her like a piece of meat?  This wasn’t the way the plan was supposed to go!  Unlike Torrie, she wasn’t showing her tits and ass to the world, the dress she had on was tight, but not nearly as revealing as Torrie’s beach outfit.  For some odd reason, they arrived in the laundry room, after Stone Cold Steve Austin had interrupted them in a broom closet.  Degrading…this man was disgusting, and Alice was tempted to lodge his balls in his throat for his lovely wife.


“So, how badly do you both want to be in the WWF, hmm?” Once again, Vince eyed Alice while Torrie ran her hands up and down his chest, his eyes moving back to the blonde.  Blondes were his favorite…until Trish struck him in the heart by slapping the taste out of his mouth at WrestleMania earlier that year. “Because I can see a VERY bright future for both of you…and climbing to the top…”


“Mmm that sounds so good…” Her bubbly voice crooned, nodding excitedly, and wondered why Alice was simply standing there looking awkward. “Doesn’t that sound good, Alice?”




Alice was not into this at all and it showed on her face and in her posture, refusing to touch Vince McMahon, if she could help it.  Somehow, Torrie had convinced Vince to close his eyes, claiming she had a surprise for him he’d never forget.  Torrie nodded at Alice, telling her silently to go get Linda while she continued rubbing Vince up and down, yanking his pants and underwear down around his ankles.


“Keep your eyes closed, don’t open them and you’ll get a big surprise, Mr. McMahon!”


Silently, the door opened and both Alice and Torrie vacated the room as Vince turned around with his eyes closed. “I got a BIG surprise for you, Torrie and Alice!” He crowed, bouncing up and down a little getting in the mood and slowly opened his eyes when he didn’t hear Torrie anymore.  In front of him stood Linda McMahon, his wife.  She had literally caught him with his pants down!


Alice and Torrie were roaring with laughter, leaning against each other with tears streaming down their faces at the humiliation of the WWF’s chairman. “There’s NO way he’ll be able to talk himself out of that one!”


“Not at all!” They laughed harder.


“Okay, Alice, I know being…” Torrie searched mentally for the right word and sighed, knowing there was just no easy way of sugarcoating it. “Acting like a slut doesn’t come easy for you, but sometimes, teasing is about the only weapon we have, or the only way of getting anywhere we have.  Especially in this business.” Because they were women and, until one of them got a proper leg up, they weren’t getting anywhere soon. “And… we’ll have to talk to Shane, he did say this was a personal favor.”


Rolling her eyes, Alice had heard this ‘talk’ before and didn’t believe, for a second, women couldn’t be more than eye candy in this business.  However, they had to be given the chance to showcase their talent first.  That wouldn’t happen, not unless something changed and so far, nothing had.


“I wasn’t touching the old geezer.  I was there to keep him distracted and did my job.” If Shane McMahon didn’t like it, that was his problem, not hers.  They walked into Shane’s office and Linda stood there, hugging her son thanking him for doing this favor for her.


“You girls were fantastic.  Thank you so much for helping me with this.  Shane, make sure you give them both proper roles in the company unlike your father.” Linda instructed, watching her son nod, and hugged him again before walking out.


Mom was right; it was very rare when she wasn’t since she was Mom.  Mothers were always right and knew what to do. “Torrie, you did great and you will be rewarded.” However, he had seen what Alice had done, which was nothing and that didn’t set well with him. “Leave us.” He ordered, watching Torrie walk out and shut the door behind her. “Now I don’t know how things were done in the OLD WCW, Alice, but when you are given an order, by the owner of your company, you obey.  You were supposed to seduce my father alongside Torrie, not simply stand there.  So therefore, I think you should be somewhat punished.  I WAS going to put you in the bra and panties tag team women’s match at Invasion against Lita and Trish Stratus, but…not anymore.  No, you will be valeting Diamond Dallas Page to the ring from now on.  And if I were you, I’d listen to what he says.”


“What?!  Just because I wouldn’t seduce your old man, you’re making me that psycho’s valet?!”


Diamond Dallas Page wasn’t all the way there and had several screws loose.  In WCW, he was known as a peeping Tom and got away with murder, including having nearly every woman on the roster in his bed.  Alice had come into the company in 1999 as a valet, but that partnership ended rather quickly, and found herself floating amongst the WCW stars until Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire took her under their wing.  They were the current WCW tag team champions.


“Why can’t I just stick with Sean and Chuck, Mr. McMahon?” She flinched when Shane’s eyes flashed at her, lowering her eyes. “I was with them in WCW…”


“And now you’re with DDP, now get out of my sight.” He ordered gravely, not appreciating being called the same name as his father. “And the name is SHANE – not Mr. McMahon.”


Walking out, Alice felt lower than dirt and could only imagine how this new partnership would work out since DDP was currently targeting the fucking Undertaker, of all people.


All she had to do was play ball.  Alice didn’t have to sleep with anyone, but acting like she was entertaining the idea, seducing someone into believing what she wanted, that was something Shane had expected.  If they wanted a break in his company, they’d earn it and, currently, that had been her break.  He considered it to be along the same lines of bra and panties matches; the women in those were seducing thousands of men at once, but she couldn’t just throw out a few suggestive lines to one weak old man?  Women… Shaking his head, Shane turned back to business.  He had other more pressing matters to deal with. And a memo to send off to that fruitcake Page.




“Oh my god, are you serious?” Torrie blinked, her jaw dropped along with Stacy, both of them staring at their friend/rival like she’d grown three heads. “No way…”


“Yes way, it’s my punishment for not seducing Vince McMahon.  Sorry, Mr. McMahon.” Alice snorted, not amused and slid fingers through her red hair, shaking her head still in disbelief. “Page doesn’t need a valet…he just needs someone out there to distract the fucking Undertaker so he can gain the upper hand on the monster.” She wasn’t stupid enough to do that, deciding she valued her life more than her career with WCW.  If push came to shove, Alice would save her own backside before Page’s when it came to the Undertaker.


“Good luck, Alice.”


“You’re going to need it.” Stacy added, feeling sympathy for the woman and both blondes walked off.


Why did she sign with WCW in the first place?


Upon hearing he was going to have a valet, Dallas was… amused.  He wasn’t entirely sure why he needed to have a new woman on his arm; Kimberly had been more than enough.  According to her, he had been ‘difficult’ to work with, as if.  When he learned his valet was going to be Alice, formerly affiliated with the Tag Team champions of WCW, that was even more interesting.  He read the memo, once, twice, and again before crumpling it in his hand and standing up from the bench in the room he was sharing with his company team-mates.  This would be… interesting.  He and Alice should probably properly meet.


It was the end of the night and Alice wanted to go back to the hotel, but first she had to go meet her new ‘partner’, feeling sick at the thought.  DDP was NOT someone she wanted to associate herself with and Alice had done what she could to avoid him in WCW.  Just do it and get it over with, Alice mentally coached herself, walking down the hallway toward the hallway designated for WCW stars.  Shane really was a McMahon, completely vindictive and drunk with power.  Doing this to her simply because she wouldn’t seduce his old man on television?  This would be hell on earth!  Sighing, Alice stood outside the door and went to knock on it just as none other than Diamond Dallas Page opened it, greys locked with ice blues.


“Hi.” It was a short, sweet introduction and Alice took a tentative step back. “We haven’t actually met before, but I’m Alice.  And I don’t know if anyone told you already, but…” She heaved a sigh. “I’m your new valet.  Shane’s orders.” She added, just in case DDP wasn’t happy with this arrangement.


Dallas studied her thoughtfully.  He personally preferred brunettes or black-haired women and he wondered idly how she was going to look alongside him with vibrant red hair.  Shoving that aside, he stepped out into the hallway, not about to invite her into a community locker room and held out his hand.


“I’m Dallas.” Not his real name, his real name was actually Page – Page Joseph because his parents were assholes, so he preferred Dallas. “I got the memo.” He had to wonder what the hell she had done to piss off Shane so soon.  Last he knew, she had been slated to actually do women’s work.


“Nice to meet you.”


She took his hand and gently shook it, cracking the barest hint of a smile, trying not to show him she was not happy with this turn of events.  It wasn’t his fault and, as long as he kept his hands to himself and didn’t try anything with her, they would work together famously.  Slipping her hand out of his, Alice felt a little better about this situation now that they’d met officially.


“I’m heading back to the hotel, but I’ll track you down tomorrow night at the arena before your match against Booker T., alright?” He was going for the WCW gold much like Buff Bagwell did earlier tonight.  It was time to go back to the hotel for a shower, food, and bed.


“Yeah, that’s fine, sugar.” Dallas nodded his head with a bright smile. “I’m not sure why Shane put you with me, but we’ve got this.” He was going to attend a quick meeting some of the guys had been called to and then head to his ‘home’ for the night shortly. “Now, Shane did tell ya who I’m going to be facing eventually, right?”


Eventually…no, more like he already was.  DDP had been stalking Undertaker for weeks, videotaping his private life in Texas and showing the world what he did outside of being in the WWF.  It was sickening, but Alice wouldn’t tell Dallas that.  She was smarter than the average person, contrary to how she sometimes dressed, and kept her feelings to herself.


“No, but I’ve been paying attention and I know who it is.” It was all a massive mind game Dallas was playing on the Undertaker and, if the man weren’t careful, he’d end up destroyed. “I can handle it.” There was no choice in the matter.


“Well, from the guy’s reputation… he’s got some issues.” Which was the pot calling the kettle black, not that he considered it that way.  In his mind, Dallas was pretty damn perfect, a bonified star, and he would never understand how that dorky Mean Mark Callous had become the megastar he was today. “So… we’ll just have to make sure he minds his shit around you, yeah, doll?”


And Dallas didn’t?  He had more issues of the stalking, peeping Tom variety than Undertaker ever thought about having! “Of course.”


If this man thought, for a second, she would touch the Undertaker and help him win matches against the giant, he had another thing coming.  She was out there to stand and look pretty, not get her head knocked from her shoulders.  Alice flashed another smile at him, knowing it was time to take her leave.


“Sleep well, I’ll see you tomorrow night at the arena.”


Waving, she walked off down the hallway, with purse already in hand, and blew out a long breath as soon as the night air hit her face.  Dallas was creepy, to put it mildly, and she did not like being in a partnership with him at all.  All because she hadn’t played ball and seduced his old man with Torrie…as far as she was concerned, that made Shane exactly like Vince McMahon.  He was so hell bent on not being called McMahon, but yet acted like one.


Chapter 3


“You’re the WCW broad sent to fuck with Vince, aint’cha?” Mark ‘the Undertaker’ Calaway, who did change his underwear quite frequently, was sitting just outside the back door she had come out.  He was sitting in the back of an unloading truck, enjoying the night breeze, and puffing on a cigar, grinning wickedly when Alice startled. “Or one ‘em.” He swung his leather clad legs, looking amused with her.


It was almost as if fate were out to get her tonight.  First, Alice had to deal with Diamond Dallas Page and now his arch-rival, who he’d been screwing with in recent weeks, the Undertaker.  What the hell was she supposed to say to this man?  Being a smartass right now wouldn’t bode well in her favor.  Page wouldn’t be able to protect her since he was still in the arena.


“I was supposed to, but I didn’t.  I was there for moral support, more than anything.” If he watched, she clearly didn’t get involved or touch the old man and never would. “Look, I don’t want any trouble, okay?  I’m just going to my car.”


With her hands up in surrender, Alice swallowed hard when he hopped down from the truck, his boots hitting the pavement with a thud.  Wow, he was A LOT taller in person and she suddenly felt like a shrimp.  To say he was amused was an understatement; he was downright tickled with her reaction to him and it showed in the way his emerald green eyes flashed at her words.


“Now why, Red, would there be any trouble?” Mark folded his hands behind his back as he approached her, taking his own sweet time, and bent down so he could see her more clearly in the dim lighting from the parking lot posts and security lights. “I’m curious… where does moral support come into play, when you’re fucking around with old man Vinnie?” He reached up to remove the cigar, flicking it aside carelessly and exhaled above her head. “Hmm?  Or are you one of them girls who likes to watch, hmm?”


Smoking was a disgusting habit.  Alice didn’t enjoy having cigar smoke billowed over her head, making it float down on her, and wrinkled her nose. “No, I don’t.  I was ordered by my boss to do a job and I did it…”


Just not the way Shane wanted her to.  She sounded disgusted with the entire situation and took a step back, not believing she was having a conversation with the Undertaker, of all people.  Alice wanted to tell him to give Vinnie Mac a little advice from her and that was, if he was trying to work on his marriage, it wasn’t a good idea to get nookie from other women.  When he took a step forward, she took another back and maintained her distance, keeping her hands up.


“If there’s nothing else you need from me, I’ll be on my way and leave you to…whatever it is you’re doing.” Probably waiting for Page to come out to jump him, she’d wager, not blaming the man.


She kept her hands up and he had to wonder where she had learned that move.  Mark knew, from the counseling crap they all had been made to take, that it was meant to be a gesture to show surrender, that the person wasn’t a threat.  It was a gesture meant to defuse situations.  Suddenly, Mark had grabbed her hands, flattening their palms together and intertwined their fingers, staring down at her intently.


“What is this all about, Red?  You a little worried?  Not… afraid of me, are you?” He leaned in close enough that his breath puffed against her skin, inhaling deeply. “Mmm…”


Alice did not expect him to do that and felt her eyes widen, not taking them off Undertaker’s face, even as her body trembled against his touch.  It wasn’t necessarily a bad tremble either, but…he had insulted her with those questions regarding Vince McMahon.  Now, he was putting the moves on her?  Did this man have a split personality or was he playing a mind game on her?


“I-I’m terrified right now…” Not being honest and lying to him wasn’t an option, not when he could snap her like a twig. “P-Please let me go…”


Mark observed her face and monitored her eyes, getting a pretty good read on what she was thinking. “I’m not trying to piss you off and worm my way in those panties at the same time, Red, don’t flatter yourself.” That was about as much reassurance he wasn’t out to fuck her as she was going to get.  He squeezed her hands before letting go and stepping back, out of range in case she went a bit crazy or something. “Go on, Red, scurry away.”


“M-My name is Alice, not Red.” Why the HELL did she give out her name?! “And I don’t ‘scurry away’ either.  You’re terrifying, anyone would be stupid not to fear you.” She wrapped her arms around herself, taking a few steps back and decided to put one foot in the grave, so to speak, with what she confessed next. “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but…Diamond Dallas Page,” Alice paused, seeing the venom flash in his eyes, and swallowed hard. “I’m his new valet.  So, we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other.” The disdain in her voice couldn’t be hidden for Dallas, no matter how hard she tried not to show it. “Good night, Undertaker.” Turning, she walked off toward her rental and hoped there were no more surprises in store for her tonight.


Alice… no, he liked Red.  Mark liked her fiery hair, her oddball spitfire yet scared attitude and he liked the idea of blood.  Red it was.  Was she warning him?  He knew Page by reputation and the fact that the little yoga loving bastard was now a pain in his ass, following him home… he growled at the thought, figuring he might start letting his mutts off the leash.  If they so happened upon the idiot, so be it.  He ran a finger along his bottom lip, watching Alice disappear and began laughing.  But then again… this could also be fun.




Deciding against telling Dallas about her run-in with his rival, Alice walked inside the arena the following night.  She had on a white jumpsuit that had a halter top, leaving her shoulders bare along with most of her back.  Luckily, it had a built-in bra and it was pants instead of shorts.  White seemed to suit her with the fiery red hair and it was one of Dallas’ colors.  She slid the sunglasses up on top of her head and immediately made her way to the hair and makeup station to get dolled up for Smackdown! that night.  Dallas was going after the WCW championship against Booker T. in the first-ever WCW match on the program.  Her two-inch white strappy heels clicked against the flooring with every step she took while Alice surveyed the surroundings, nodding to her fellow WCW colleagues.  Shane had their own makeup and hair stylist loyal to only WCW, so at least the women wouldn’t have to bother with having WWF make them look pretty.


“Well, don’t we look delicious?” Torrie greeted with a smile when she spotted Alice coming down the corridor that had been designated for the WCW superstars. 


She was already parked in a chair, having just had her highlights touched up at the tips and now was on her make-up.  The way these women just seemed to be able to get this shit done, as well and as fast as they did, never ceased to amaze Torrie.  Sometimes, she did wonder what they got paid; might be a career worth pursuing if she couldn’t actually get a proper foothold in this business.


Alice smiled, doing a slow twirl for Torrie; it was something they did whenever one complimented the other. “Nothing compared to you, Torr.” She winked, sitting in the other chair available and felt her hair beginning to be teased.


“Ugh, how do you keep your hair from not getting split-ends?  Or that length without wanting to strangle yourself with it?” Torrie asked curiously, enjoying the length of her own hair, but Alice had beautiful fiery red tresses and they were natural.  No dye job at all.  She was sort of jealous and wished her hair grew that length without getting split-ends.


“It’s in the genes.” Alice joked, leaning back while the hair stylist began putting a bunch of banana curls throughout her hair. “You can leave it down if you want or maybe pin half up and half down?  Up to you.”


“Yeah, I can do that for you no problem, Alice.”


When she was finished, her hair rested to the middle of her back because of the banana curls and she had white clips on either side of her head pulling her hair up slightly.  Torrie had already left to get ready for her segment that night with Stacy and Alice breathed a silent breath of relief.  The blonde got on her nerves sometimes.  Her makeup was black liner, foundation, and red lipstick that was smear and waterproof.  Gloss was put over the lipstick just to give them shine.  Thanking the stylists for their hard work, Alice knew she couldn’t hold off any longer and headed down the corridor to find Dallas.


The corridor was slammed and Dallas was not alone in thinking this was unacceptable.  Vince was treating the WCW crew like secondhand citizens, even with Shane fighting to get them anything, along with Linda’s now considerable help, since the old bastard had been caught with his pants literally down.  What few rooms they had were being used to house the wrestlers; seamstresses and make-up artists were using the hallway itself.  Shane had brought in catering, but it was cramped.  He spotted Alice making her way down the hall and watched her curiously, taking in her outfit.  Well, maybe red would be his new favorite color.


It was pandemonium backstage due to the WCW stars and WWF stars being completely separated.  Alice wasn’t surprised by how cramped it was for WCW because, honestly, Shane McMahon had encroached on his father’s territory.  Vince was making him suffer and, therefore, anyone associated with WCW would receive the same treatment.  Spotting Dallas across the room, Alice made her way towards him and plastered on a phony smile, nodding at a few colleagues on the way.


“You ready for tonight?” She greeted him with a question, seeing he was trying to finish lacing his boots up and stood off to the side to stay out of the way.


“Sure am, just a bit of a clusterfuck in here, ain’t it?”


Dallas didn’t even look up at her, bent over a bench that had been placed against the wall.  He had come dressed because trying to change in these cramped hallways just wasn’t working for him anymore, but not in his boots, he was trying not to ruin those.  He liked this pair.  Dallas also had another surprise for the Deadman, who had caught up with him long enough to send a warning to stay the fuck off his property. 


“How about you, Alice?” He had even remembered the broad’s name.


A surprise she would soon not forget, especially before the night was out.  Alice had no idea what kind of sick, twisted human being Dallas actually was, but she would soon discover that, little by little.  There was a reason Kimberly, his now ex-wife, had left him and other women steered clear of him.  Shane had literally thrown her to the wolves and Alice had to figure out how to deal with Dallas since he had a reputation in WCW for being…unhinged.


“Ready as I’ll ever be.  I’ll…try not to get in your way out there.”


Alice didn’t know what else to say to him and contemplated if she should tell him about her run-in with the Undertaker the previous night.  No, absolutely not…her hands still tingled from that man’s touch and she couldn’t figure out why.  Also, if Dallas thought she was helping him win against Booker T. that night, he would be in for a rude awakening.  Unlike Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire, who she DID help win the WCW tag team titles because Alice liked them, she didn’t like or respect Diamond Dallas Page.


“Well now, sugar,” Dallas effectively stopped her before she could take off down the hallway.  It was obvious from the way she shifted from side to side, her eyes moving away from him, she didn’t care for him. “I think we should discuss just what you are going to do for me.” He straightened upright, stretching his hands over his head as he studied her. “What exactly do you see yourself doing out there?” He had seen her in action and she was not the stand still and look pretty kind of girl.


Being called ‘sugar’ by him made her skin crawl.  His hand on her upper arm did nothing to quell the nausea she felt either. “I-I’m not sure I understand your question, Dallas.” She took a tentative step back, much like the same way she had the previous night with the Undertaker, not liking the gleam in his icy blues. “I’m your valet, I accompany you to the ring and watch your match…cheer you on…” That’s what most valets did, anyway.  However, there were others that distracted the referees, grabbed weapons for their partners and showed some of the goods to the opponent, but Alice wouldn’t be doing any of that. “I guess I should be asking you what exactly you WANT me to do out there?”


Hell, maybe he would tell Shane to forget this whole deal and she would not mind that one bit.  To Page, she was either dumber than a box of rocks and had been hired because she was a very beautiful face, the body of a porn star, and the skillset of a hardened whore or… she was smarter than he had given her credit for and wanted to be instructed.  Either way, it was probably something he could work with.


“Help me if I need it.”


He tried to sort which page she was on, just what use she was going to be out there, or if she was going to wind up being eye candy and someone who needed rescuing.  The damsel in distress routine was only tolerable if he was getting a pay-off at the end of the night. Taker was also looking to have his head served up on a silver platter and Dallas rather liked his head right where it was.  Just as she suspected, he wanted her to get involved in his matches and distract his opponents!  Alice found herself giving him a stiff nod to acknowledge she’d heard him and decided to give him some advice.


“Don’t worry about me out there, Dallas.  I don’t need rescuing.  Just focus on your matches and I’ll worry about myself.  Sound good?  Good, see you out there.”


Before he could utter another word, she was gone and shuddered in the hallway, shutting her eyes.  There really was no place to go in the arena that was safe since she was in hostile territory.  Until Invasion happened, WCW stars had to stay put in the small corridor. 


Chapter 4


She found the WCW women’s locker room where Torrie and Stacy were conversing about their upcoming match at Invasion and didn’t bother them, just walked over to sit in a nearby metal folding chair.


“Uh oh, someone pissed our Al off.”


“Who?” As usual, Stacy was clueless and only worried about herself.

“You didn’t hear?  She’s being forced to valet Diamond Dallas Page to the ring from now on.”


Stacy’s eyes widened, covering her open mouth with her hand. “Oh my god…” She did NOT envy the position Alice was in. “I’m so sorry, Al…”


Al was better than ‘sugar’, she supposed, as Alice heaved a sigh and waved them off dismissively. “It’s okay, it’ll be alright.  I just…have to get through it and hopefully Shane will appoint me to someone else sooner or later…” Or maybe even put her back with Chuck and Sean.


Since Alice seem more intent on her own inner issues, Torrie and Stacy went back to chitchatting between themselves.  Now they were gossiping about Page, about what they knew for a fact and the rumors they had heard.  Nothing good.  The man was… old, had bad knees, liked yoga, and was a total sleazebag nutcase.


“Okay, you remember before Kimberly left, right?”


“Ssshhh, that was different.  They were married, things were-”


“Still doesn’t make it right you know; she was his wife, he shouldn’t have-”


“I know, but enough, you don’t want to make Al feel worse do you?  I’m sure Shane will make sure Dallas behaves.  Right?”


“No, Shane is the one who assigned me to Page, AFTER I wouldn’t help you seduce Mr. McMahon.  I wasn’t aware I had to touch the old geezer, but apparently it was part of my job that night.” Alice enlightened, overhearing their conversation regarding Dallas and Kimberly’s history.  The things he did to that poor woman…she immediately pushed the rumors and facts she knew out of her mind.


“Really?” Torrie frowned, not knowing that bit of information and hugged her friend. “Al, there wasn’t much you could do though…” Touching Vince hadn’t been the greatest feeling in the world, but at least she’d done her job. “You were there as a distraction and you pulled it off.  The old man wanted you more than me, it was obvious.”


“I think that’s why Shane is so upset with me.” Alice murmured, her voice lowering a little and shook herself, knowing the past couldn’t be changed. “I’ll deal with this and pull through.  In the meantime, you girls have a very big match coming up at Invasion against Trish Stratus and Lita.  Did you see how small they are compared to you two?” They all laughed together, the tension lifted momentarily. “You’re going to wipe the mat with them, I’m sure of it.”


“Damn right we are!” Stacy crowed confidently with a grin. “I mean, who can compete with us?  The only thing I wish they’d do is make it a 6-woman tag team bra and panties match so you can join us, Alice.” She didn’t mean that, but wanted to make the woman feel better about her situation.


“If only.” Thank the stars she wasn’t part of that degrading match, hating them with a passion. “But you two will do great.”


“Of course, we will.  We’re WCW women, after all, and we always come out on top.”


It was interesting, he thought, as he stared down the WCW corridor.  How these idiots thought that, just because Shane McMahon was the one who owned their pathetic asses, they were going to make something of themselves in the WWE.  This Invasion thing was stupid.  All it would do would weed out those in what had been a stupid and poorly run organization, who might have a chance.  Mark was already narrowing in on those who weren’t in it for the long haul.  He smirked openly, when some people finally realized he was there, beginning to laugh outright when a few of the boys began filling the narrow hall.  Page would be among the first to go, he’d make sure of that himself.


“Yo Deadman, you make a wrong turn or something, bro?”


Hearing that voice, Alice opened the door to the locker room with Torrie and Stacy behind her, swallowing hard at the confrontation about to go down.


“Shut the door!” Torrie whispered frantically, eyes wide in fear.


“Shut up, Torrie!” Stacy hissed quietly, watching Diamond Dallas Page saunter toward the man known as the Undertaker and had to admit, the man had balls of steel.


“Looky here, boys!  The Deadman wants to make friends with us, isn’t that precious?” Dallas smirked, knowing he had a lot of backup right now and Undertaker wouldn’t make a move unless he wanted to be jumped.  Plenty time for that later tonight.


What the hell did Dallas think he was doing?!


Mark promptly hocked a long stream of chew spit -he was polite and didn’t smoke in the arenas- at Page in response, smirking when Page began cursing as it just barely splattered on his stupid wrestling boots.  His lips curved upwards into what some idiot might mistake for a smile, but there was nothing friendly about it. “Any of you wanna step up and shake, we can be friends.” He drawled, extending his hand.


Page considered it, his eyes narrowing in on the chain wrapped around that hand.


When not a single man came forward, he snorted and withdrew his hand. “That’s what I thought.  Looks like Shane-O went out and bought himself a bunch of bitches.”


“Nah man, you’re the only bitch here and I’m gonna prove that…in due time.” Dallas snarled, his eyes snapping to the side at the women standing in the doorway of their locker room, the redheaded vixen leading the charge. “Me AND my partner.” He crooked his finger at Alice, all eyes turning to her to see what she would do, what would happen.


What the HELL?!  Page just put her on the spot in front of nearly everyone in WCW and in front of the Undertaker, no less!  Luck really wasn’t on her side and she had no choice in the matter except to step forward to stand by his side.  What was the point of doing this?  She had to fight back a flinch when he took her upper arm to pull her closer to his side and didn’t dare meet Undertaker’s eyes.




“Tell him, sugar, go ahead.  Tell him how we’re gonna bring him and his WWF assholes down to size!” Dallas was full of himself, not bothering to hide it.  He always did have an ego and it’d blown up ever since Shane McMahon appointed him to go after the Undertaker…in his own way.


Now he was really asking for it! “I think…cooler heads should prevail right now.” Extracting his hand from her arm somewhat roughly, Alice had to remain calm and collected since her ‘partner’ wouldn’t. “Dallas, you have a title match tonight against Booker T. you should focus on.  Not him.” She stood in front of him, her back to Undertaker and placed a hand on his chest, keeping her voice firm and steady. “You can deal with him later, now come on.  This isn’t the time or place to fight.” This was the only way to diffuse the situation and she hoped Dallas didn’t knock her head off her shoulders for giving him smart advice.


“Well, well Red, you are full of surprises, aren’tcha?” Mark rumbled, sounding both curious and amused as he assessed the pair. Partner huh?  That suddenly explained why she had been a bit afraid of him last night.  Here he had thought he had been on his best behavior too. “Best to your woman, Page-Joseph.”


“You son of a-”


“What’s going on out here?” Shane had stepped out of his glorified broom closet / office, his eyes narrowing when he spotted ‘Taker. “You lost, Calaway?”


“Nope, just figured I’d take a trip and visit your drug fueled revenge kick.” He looped his thumbs in the waist of his leather pants, cocking his head back and staring down his nose at Boy Wonder. “Daddy didn’t give you enough hugs, Shane?”


Shane wasn’t amused, but he also wasn’t stupid enough to pick a fight in front of all these people, not about to get his ass handed to him publicly. “Whatever.  Come on, people, we got work to do.” He turned his back on the Undertaker, dismissing him.


If it hadn’t been for Shane, there was no doubt in her mind Dallas would’ve attacked Undertaker and a brawl/beatdown would’ve ensued.  Everyone obeyed their boss, going back into the respective rooms, even Torrie and Stacy, which left Alice alone in the hallway with Undertaker staring at her.  He hadn’t moved an inch and simply folded his arms in front of his chest, eyeing her shrewdly.  Opening her mouth to say something to him, Alice decided anything she said would fall on deaf ears anyway.


“Have a nice night, Undertaker.” She murmured, pushing open the door to the women’s locker room again where Torrie and Stacy were waiting.


“Girl, I thought I had guts, but that was…”


“Insane…you’re absolutely insane…” Stacy couldn’t believe she’d actually handled Dallas the way she had and in front of their boss, no less! “If you think Shane is going to take you away from Page, after what you just did, you better think again.  You handled him well.”


“Yeah, you kinda signed your own fate doing that, Al.  Sorry.”


What choice did she have?!  Dallas had called her out and she had to show her allegiance to not only him, but their WCW colleagues as well! “I did what I thought best.” Why didn’t she just tell Dallas to shove it and allow Undertaker to destroy him?


Now Red, she was interesting.  All the rest of the WCW hopefuls -those poor bastards floated around, hoping to get a grasp in the WWE, when only a handful of the entire roster would ever see the sun figuratively speaking-, he had no time for.  Not yet.  But her… well, she had piqued his interest, which was probably not a good thing for her.  She had talked down Dallas, which had been entertaining because from Dallas’ reputation, he figured no woman would even get near that creep.  She was a rare breed indeed.  Whistling, he strolled away.


Dallas wasn’t a happy man.  That much was deduced the moment Alice met up with him in the hallway an hour later.  They walked to gorilla position, where the wrestlers went to wait to do their entrances.  Was he angry at her for diffusing the situation with Undertaker?  Isn’t that what she was here for?  To stop him from making irrational stupid decisions?  Alice didn’t know anymore and heard his music hit, walking out with him, and stopped midway on the ramp for him to do his patent ‘Bang’ sign with his hands followed by pyro going off. 


She was used to the pyro and didn’t flinch, simply keeping her arms at her sides and had a soft smile on her face while the fans wondered about her.  Some would know her if they watched WCW from 1999 on, but a lot of these fans were WWF only.  Naturally, they were booed, and she expected that reaction.  Not bothering to get in the ring, she walked over to the side and stood there, waiting for Booker T. to make his entrance.  Alice had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach something big was going down tonight, especially after that confrontation with Undertaker. 


This wasn’t over.


Backstage, Mark watched the match from a monitor, arms folded across his chest, sunglasses on the tip of his nose because his chin was tilted down, staring at the screen over the tops of his shades.  Diamond Dallas Page… it was interesting, the man was not really meant for wrestling and he had started out… old.  Why people had liked this assclown was beyond him… he hadn’t evolved his character or done much besides make a name for himself as a fucking menace to women.  He took stock of Alice when the camera panned to her.  She was clapping and smiling, but there was no heart in it.  Who had she pissed off to get this job?


Shane McMahon, her boss, was the answer to that question.  This was all Shane’s idea.  When Dallas gained the upper hand on Booker T., he pointed at a steel chair outside of the ring for Alice to grab.  She stepped back from the apron and shook her head, pointing behind him, where Booker T. was waiting, having regained his footing.  Idiot, she thought, watching Dallas crash to the mat and folded her arms in front of her chest, no longer smiling and clapping. 


This was hell on earth and she didn’t care what the consequences were: Dallas either won his matches himself or he’d get his backside handed to him.  She would stand there and look pretty, Shane never gave her specific instructions on what KIND of valet to be with Dallas, after all.  It was her one, and possibly only, loophole in this deal.  Eventually, Dallas cheated and gained the upper hand again, grabbing the steel chair himself while cursing at Alice before sliding back inside the ring. 


Before he could use the chair, the Undertaker sprinted out from the back and it was enough of a distraction for Booker T. to roll up Page for the victory.  Undertaker got in the ring and Dallas ran like a coward, moving out of the way as Undertaker ran past her chasing Dallas to the backstage area.  Alice had been right; this was far from over and she had no choice except to follow, keeping her distance.  They were now in the parking lot outside of the arena.


“It don’t look too good for you now, bro.” Dallas stated, an evil smile flittering across his face as 6 WCW guys surrounded the Undertaker, including himself, all of them waiting for the big man to make the first move.


Alice cringed at the smartass remark Taker said, which followed with a beatdown by all 6 WCW guys.


The redhead had followed them out here and Dallas spotted her, malicious intent glowing in his icy blues. “Come join in the fun, sugar!  Kick him!” He ordered, dragging her over by the upper arm. “Do it!” He shoved her toward the Undertaker as the WCW guys kept kicking and stomping him.


“Are you insane?!  No!  I’m not doing that!  I’m-” A second later, Alice was knocked to the ground by a backhand from Dallas, her body crashing to the asphalt with a small thud.


“What the HELL is going on out here?!  Enough guys, ENOUGH!!” Shane McMahon ordered, looking at the carnage surrounding him with wide eyes. “Leave him alone, get back inside NOW!” This wasn’t supposed to happen or go down, even though Taker had brought it on himself from his antics earlier that night.


Dallas, along with the WCW guys, attacked their boss and left him laying along with Undertaker and Alice in the parking lot.


Chapter 5


All Mark could do was lay there on his back, knowing he was going to be feeling this one for a while.  He began laughing, shifting as a rock dug into what was likely an already bruised spot. “Shane, you bought yourself a circus of crazy.” He turned his head, spitting blood and his acidic eyes narrowed when he spotted Alice laying on the pavement as well, clutching her face.  Growling, he rolled onto all fours and pushed himself up, stumbling a bit as he tried to regain his senses, shaking his head.


“Yeah… I’m starting to get that.” Shane coughed, laying in a ball on his side, staring at Alice. “You all right?” He couldn’t see the damage because she had her hands clasped against her face.


Alice had never been struck before, so this was a new, unpleasant experience for her. “Y-Yeah…”


No, she wasn’t alright at all.  Her face was throbbing, and she’d be surprised if she didn’t have a cracked cheekbone.  Dallas had struck her because she hadn’t followed his instruction to harm Undertaker.  Feeling a hand on her arm, Alice trembled slightly and hadn’t realized she’d been crying, the makeup on her face slightly smeared.  Looking up at the owner of the hand, watery greys met concerned emerald and Alice frowned, seeing the cut on Undertaker’s lip and cheek from the brutal attack he just sustained.


“Are you okay?” Her eyes were only for Undertaker right now as he slowly helped her to her feet, wrapping an arm around her waist.


“Oh, I’m fine, Red, I like blood – like to bleed.” He grinned at her, blood staining his teeth, though his eyes did not reflect the humorous tone he was using.  Mark pulled her hand away from her face, studying the swelling and bruising. “Won’t be able to tell shit tonight; Shane, you should probably take your… employee and uh, fix her.”


Shane was pulling himself to his own feet, sporting a lovely shiner, courtesy of his own crew. “Page is fucking crazy.”


That was an understatement. “I don’t need any help.  I can fix myself.” Alice pulled away from him and stumbled a little, cursing at the shot of pain sliding up her arm from her elbow. “Damn it…”


Pulling her hand back, the red substance coating her fingertips told her not only was her face injured, but so was her elbow.  She sincerely hoped Shane put her with someone else or back with the tag champions after this incident.  Alice wanted to berate her boss for this happening, but kept her mouth shut and flexed her jaw experimentally, wincing.


“Alice, you’re not fine, your elbow is…”


“Flayed open, I bet it needs stitches.” Whereas Shane seemed willing to give her the space she was demanding, with her tone and attitude, Mark had no problems about invading and popping her bubble.  Gently but firmly, he took her arm, extending it and nodded when she hissed, but was able to move it otherwise. “You scraped it up pretty bad, needs cleaned, and the shit washed out.  You got gravel in it, Red.”


“It’s Alice…” She gritted out, pain flashing across her face and pulled her arm away from him, holding her elbow. “Why are you concerned about a lowly WCW star anyway, Deadman?  Why don’t you worry about yourself?  You just got your ass handed to you by WCW stars, so go get yourself cleaned up.” Alice tried like hell to inject some type of malice into her tone in front of Shane, but her tone was soft, nonetheless. “It’s not that bad…” Going to the emergency room wasn’t an option, not when her insurance hadn’t kicked in from Shane McMahon yet.


“Now Shane,” He was talking to Shane, but his gaze was firmly fastened on Alice. “I knew you bought yourself a cast of rejects, didn’t realize they were… stupid as well.”


“Alice, for pity’s sake, don’t lip off to the guy when he’s being…” Shane’s eyes narrowed. “Nice.  What the fuck do you want, Calaway?” Because Taker was never nice, not unless he wanted something.


“Oh…” Mark drawled, a hint of a sing-song tone in it. “I can think of a few things…” He was still staring down at her. “You paying her anything yet?  Or does she need to bill your old man?” Her arm was going to need stitches.


“Insurance takes time and I’m still trying to get the board to approve the official hiring.”


“Well none of this would’ve happened if you hadn’t put me with Page in the first damn place, McMahon!” Alice growled, done biting her tongue and the steel in her greys told him she was extremely pissed off over being abused by her new partner. “I was perfectly fine with Chuck and Sean in the old WCW, they didn’t hit me for not taking an order.  Page is insane – off the wall insane, or didn’t you know that when you bought WCW?” She snorted when he simply shook his head, rolling her eyes. “Thought so.  He wanted me to kick this man,” She gestured to Taker briefly, keeping her eyes on her boss and could see his eyes widen. “And when I refused and called him insane, he backhanded me into next week!  I’m done with him, Shane.  I will not be working with Page anymore.  Find me someone else or just put me back with the tag team champions.” Champions she helped create and make.


“Fine…” Shane had been petty towards her; he admitted it and cleared his throat, rubbing the back of his sore neck.  Page had slammed his head into the door before beating him down with the other WCW guys. “I’ll think on it.  Just…get that taken care of and I’ll pay for it.  Bill it to me.  And have someone take you to the hospital because you’re in no condition to drive.” He wasn’t leaving, having too much to handle regarding this attack.


Alice saluted, rolling her eyes and had no intention of asking anyone to take her to the hospital, watching Shane walk back into the arena. “Idiot.” She muttered, looking down at her elbow and finally noticed Undertaker still standing there. “You need to be checked out too.  They did a number on you.”


“Well gee, thanks mom.” Mark snorted, flexing his jaw experimentally. “I’m fine, Red, nothing some whiskey and painkillers aren’t going to take care of.” He already knew nothing was broken; he could inhale just fine, mostly his wounds were deep bruises and cuts, shit he could take care of himself.  Insurance in this business sucked period and his boss wouldn’t foot the bill. “Let’s go, Red.” At her eyebrow raise, Mark chuckled darkly. “Shane did say someone needed to take you to the ER.” And here he was, her knight in shining leather.


“You’re going to take me?” She sounded in disbelief, hissing at the feeling of his fingers lightly touching her bruised, cut cheek. 


Dallas didn’t pull any punches with that hit, meaning to do damage.  What choice did Alice have?  Shane wanted her to get checked out and she had a feeling if she didn’t go with Undertaker willingly, he would simply force her to go to the hospital.


“If you insist, but we need to go back inside to grab my purse.  It has everything I need in it.” Driver’s license, identification, insurance card Shane had given everyone, even though it didn’t mean a damn right now and a credit card in case the hospital forced her to pay upfront. “Or just wait here and I’ll go get it…”


“And if you go and get it, what are the odds Dally boy sees you and decides to finish what he started?” He asked in a conversational tone, wondering just what the hell had gone on backstage in WCW before Shane had bought them out.  Mark knew things got crazy backstage in the WWF; hell, he had raised his fair share of it more than once, but this… to backhand a woman and beat down their own boss unprovoked… not really a thing.


“Then come with me.  I can’t go to the damn ER without my ID and shit.” Alice grumbled, knowing he had a valid point and could feel a headache coming on.


 That was a sign of a concussion and she sincerely hoped she didn’t have one.  At his nod, they walked back inside the arena down the WCW corridor and, surprisingly, everyone had vacated to go to the hotel for the night.  Tomorrow and Thursday were their days off, some people stayed on the road and some went to their actual homes for those 2 days.  Friday, Saturday, and Sundays were house shows – with the exception of one Sunday out of the month that was designated for their pay-per-view events.  Shane had given them the rundown of how WWF’s schedule worked since they had to follow it.  Grabbing her purse, Alice checked to make sure everything was in there and sighed with relief.


“Alright, lead the way, big man…”


Making his own stop to grab his own belongings, Mark led the way to where the WWF superstars had been housed.  Much more room, designated rooms for the stars who were top names, like himself; they weren’t packed like sardines in a little tin can.  What people were lingering gave them a few curious looks, but nobody uttered a word.  Once in his dressing room, he eyed her forearm again and took stock of her face.


“He ever hit you before, Red?”


No, he hadn’t, not that Page knew what they were talking about, or even where they were.  The WCW corridor had not been as deserted as they had thought; he had been doing some stretches, some mind clearing exercises before he left.  He had also seen HIS valet with HIS enemy.


This was no man’s land and Alice found herself on sacred ground, not believing how much…better the WWF Superstars dressing rooms were.  Undertaker may have had his own dressing room, but she could tell he shared with others. “N-No…no, tonight was my first night working with him, actually.  Page and I don’t really…know each other that well.” How was she supposed to tell him she’d done everything in her power, along with the other women in WCW, to steer clear of the psycho? “Look, maybe this isn’t a good idea…” What would his WWF comrades think of the Undertaker helping the enemy? “I’ll just go…” She jumped back when he effectively slammed the door with his hand, wide greys snapping up to stare into the Undertaker’s face.


“Red, you go when I tell ya, not before, got me?” He ordered in a friendly enough tone, but the hint of a bite ran in the undercurrent. 


Mark wasn’t one to be defied, especially when he had offered his help and she needed it.  The bleeding in her forearm had stopped, but there was plenty of rocks, dirt, and gravel in it.  Looked like she was going to have a pretty neat looking scar.  His own face probably looked like a bruised mural.


“You just hold your horses and we’ll get you to the ER.” It didn’t take him long, throwing his belongings in his duffel and slung it over his shoulder, turning to stare down at her. “So, why’d you get stuck with him?”


Apparently, he didn’t care there was an actual war going on amongst the WCW and WWF because he was adamant about helping her. “When you confronted me last night about messing with your boss…I didn’t do it the way Shane wanted me to, apparently.” Alice couldn’t meet his eyes, tucking some red curls behind her ear with her non-bloody hand.  She didn’t know it, but her back had gotten scraped up from the asphalt as well since the jumpsuit was backless. “He wanted me to help Torrie seduce Vince, and I didn’t.  It was a favor to Linda.” No point in lying to the man. “The McMahon family are devious creatures, I’m figuring that out quickly.  Anyway, my ‘punishment’ was to valet Page to the ring.  I guess Shane didn’t realize what a psychopath he had on his hands until tonight.”


“So that’s what you were doing…” He mused, stroking his goatee thoughtfully before snorting, making his thoughts of her skills in seduction apparent. “Come on, you can walk and talk.” Mark did not care about this war business; he was team WWF all the way, but… this was just fun for him, most of the time. “You know, all you had to do was open your mouth and flirt and you couldn’t even do that.  You sure you know what you’re doing in this business?” Because not everyone was able to hack it and he had not seen her in ring abilities.  So far, Red seemed to be just another pretty face and banging body.


“Oh, believe me, if I wanted to be seductive, I could do it with no problems.  I just refused to do what Shane wanted because I thought it was ridiculous.  I do have SOME morals after all, even if I am a WCW star.” Hell, Alice had been solely responsible for Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire winning the WCW tag team championships.  She grabbed weapons and did everything in her power to make sure they retained the titles. “I pick and choose what I want to do.  That’s how it used to be in the company before Shane bought it out.  Now it’s all a big clusterfuck and there’s ‘orders’ being given.”


She’d always been that way from day one and, for some reason, Eric Bischoff found that quality attractive.  WCW hadn’t assigned her to Chuck and Sean, she’d taken the reigns on going out for their match one night since there wasn’t really a ‘script’ to follow in WCW.  They were STILL the tag team champions to this day and she’d been responsible for 90% of their reign being successful, possibly more.


Mark had to stop mid-step to stare down at her, one lone brow raising. “Are you serious?” He asked flatly, not surprised when she nodded and was tempted to slap himself in his own forehead. “Pick and choose, you know that’s why WCW sank, right?  Too many egos and not enough people willing to toe the line and do what needs to be done.” Now disgust was creeping into his tone. “That shit don’t fly here, everyone works together.” Like… WWF superstars were, all of them pretty much intent on razing the hell out of the WCW squad. “Maybe if less ego and ‘I wants’ and more ‘do your fucking job’ had happened in WCW, they wouldn’t… nah, that company sucked.” He snorted, opening the door to his rental truck, and hoisted her up into the seat, not overly caring if he had offended her.


“You’re right, I can’t deny any of it.  I was brought in a little over a year ago when things really started taking a dive in the company.  They were hemorrhaging money and, from my understanding, Shane still has to pay out the rest of the contracts WCW had on everyone, myself included.” Alice wasn’t offended and could tell he was a man who spoke his mind, regardless if it hurt people’s feelings for not.  He was truthful and blunt, two qualities she rather admired. “However, I don’t care if it was ‘my job’ of the night or not.  I wasn’t seducing Vince McMahon, just so Linda could catch him in the ‘act’.” Now it was her turn to sound disgusted. “WCW promised me I’d learn how to wrestle because they wanted to do more with the women’s division and it was all a bunch of bullshit.” Empty promises and broken dreams. “But it was also a paycheck and I didn’t have anything else going for me, so that’s why I stayed and now here we are.” Getting her ass beaten by a fellow psycho coworker because of a vindictive boss.


Chapter 6


“Yeah, you got screwed.  WCW didn’t know what to do with their talent, even when it was ran properly.  I’m proof of that.” A hint of arrogance seeped into Mark’s tone. “They thought I’d never make a fucking thing of myself.” And now he was one of the top superstars and pillars of the WWF. “Well, I can tell ya this, Red, you’re not going to make much of yourself here either if you don’t learn to play along.  And that’ll mean getting your hands dirty as fuck sometimes.”


“Depends on who I’m partnered up with after tonight.  You might have to find yourself a new feud because something tells me Shane is not going to take what Page did lightly.”


Alice shrugged, staring out the window and noticed blood had gotten on her pristine white jumpsuit, groaning.  How the hell was she supposed to get blood out of this?!  She really hoped Shane stopped their ‘partnership’ after what happened tonight.  It would be really stupid on the boss’s part if he didn’t.  Hell, Shane would be smart to let Diamond Dallas Page go altogether and forget he ever existed.  Then she thought back to what he said regarding his time in WCW and raised a brow, wondering how long ago that was.


“So, WCW told you, of all people, you weren’t going to amount to anything in this business?  Sorry, I’m not much of a wrestling history buff.” Maybe she would start watching older WWF stuff to get a better idea and sense of who the man in the driver’s seat was. “They really are idiots then.”


“Might be hope for you yet, Red.”


He chuckled, switching lanes as the hospital came into view.  Mark knew Shane and the McMahons and Shane wasn’t smart enough to let Dallas go simply because Dallas’ crazy ass was piquing interest with this feud between him and Page.  He groaned, wishing he could just cripple the man and then smirked evilly.  If he remembered correctly, Mick Foley had once said Dallas had some very, very weak knees.  Maybe he would cripple the idiot after all.


It had to be her hair that he kept calling her Red.  Alice would be lying if she said it wasn’t starting to grow on her.  She felt less irritated every time he used it and didn’t understand why.  This man confused her and drew her in all at the same damn time. “There is no hope when it comes to WCW.” If only she’d found WWF first, but then again Vince McMahon probably wouldn’t glance her way since she was involved in his public humiliation with his wife.  She was screwed and stuck in WCW for the foreseeable future. 


Once they arrived at the emergency room, Alice was taken in and asked if she wanted a numbing agent because her elbow did indeed have to be stitched up.  She shook her head, ignoring Taker’s surprised look and gritted her teeth as they began cleaning it, plucking the pieces of gravel out of her flesh.  Her cheekbone wasn’t fractured, just heavily bruised and the cut wasn’t deep enough to require stitches and wouldn’t leave behind a scar after it healed.  The stitches didn’t hurt nearly as bad, thankfully, and they informed her of the scrapes and bruises on her back. 


Great, no backless or sleeveless tops for a while…and it was in the middle of summer.  Terrific!  Opting not to take any pain medication, she walked out two hours later with Taker and tossed the paperwork in a nearby trashcan, already knowing how to take care of her wounds.  Her back would be an issue, but there were no cuts, just scrapes, so the most she would be able to do is wait for it to heal.


“My advice, Red, is to start playing ball and work your foot in the door.” He advised, yawning as he helped her back up into his truck.  Mark was tired; this had been a stupidly long night and he was planning on letting his mutts bury Diamond Dallas Page out in the backyard along with the rest of their junky old bones. “And keep your eyes open, because not everything is always as it seems in this company, or with the McMahons.” Ever.


He couldn’t have been more right.


Shane called the next day to inform Alice she had the rest of the week off and he would see her Monday.  He would pay her for the house shows even though she wasn’t there because of what transpired at Smackdown!.  Alice thanked him, not knowing what else to say and enjoyed her 5 days off immensely.  Monday rolled around for Raw Is War and her cheek was just slightly bruised, the cut mostly healed on her face.  Nothing makeup couldn’t cover up. 


Instead of having the makeup artist do it, she opted to do it herself and had on foundation, black liner and clear gloss, a long sleeved black mini dress on that was open in the front, showing off the insides of her breasts.  Since Alice couldn’t show her back or arms off, other assets would have to have attention drawn to them.  There were ties that were crisscrossed in the front, but it still showed off quite a bit of cleavage, just enough to be teasing and sexy.  Her hair was straightened and down, deciding to leave it that way for the night, so it hugged her waist.  Wondering what tonight would bring, Alice headed to Shane McMahon’s office and knocked on the door, entering after he called out ‘come in’.  He was currently on the phone, so she kept quiet until he was finished and smiled softly, hoping he couldn’t see the bruises and fading cut on her face.


“Hi boss, what would you like me to do tonight?”


Shane was having a hell of a time tonight and pinched the bridge of his nose. “You’re accompanying me to ringside tonight for my match against Page.  Street fight.” His eyes gave her a quick scan, nodding at the attire. “Just…stay out of the way as much as you can and I’ll come get you when it’s time.  How much do I owe you for the ER bill?”


“$1,000.” She answered in a softer voice, trying to swallow down the fact she was going to accompany her boss to ringside tonight for his match. “Are you sure you want me out there?”


“Yes.  I want you to see firsthand what happens to those who cross me.  What happened to you and me, even Taker, was unacceptable and it will be rectified tonight.”


“Okay, boss.”


Shane studied her thoughtfully, his eyes lingering on her cheek and he frowned, standing up and walking around his temporary desk.  He reached out and gently took her chin in his palm, studying her face. “He really did hit you pretty hard, didn’t he?” He mused softly, shaking his head, and stepped away.  Shane might’ve been another ‘rich boy’, but he had also put his body on the line for this company and knew how to spot an injury. “How’s the arm?”


“It’s fine.  Just a few stitches and they should be able to come out in another day or so.  That’s why I’m wearing long sleeves tonight.  Don’t want to show anything off that happened.” Shane had kept this as quiet as possible from everyone, but naturally the 6 men, along with Dallas, had been bragging about taking out the Deadman and the new boss.  She only knew this because Shane had asked her not to open her mouth about what happened and assured her everything would be taken care of tonight. “He could’ve hit me harder and cracked my cheekbone, but luckily that didn’t happen.  After tonight, who will I be accompanying to the ring?”


“Haven’t decided yet.” Shane wrote a check for the amount she told him and handed it over. “Cash that immediately and hopefully, you won’t have another hospital visit.  Now why don’t you get something to eat and relax until the beginning of the show?  We’re first up.”


He was dismissing her.  Alice felt something was off about Shane tonight, but couldn’t put her finger on it. “Alright boss, I’ll meet you at gorilla position.  Thanks again.” Slipping the check in her purse, she walked out and headed toward the room where WCW had their catering.


When Mark found out that Shane McMahon was going to get Diamond Dallas Page in a street fight, he was not amused.  That should’ve been HIS match; he owed that little bitch some payback.  He owed several people some payback and never forgot a face, so Mark had been stalking those WCW cast-offs one by one out in the parking lots of the house shows.  Then tonight, he had gotten them all again, making his displeasure known.


“I heard some of the guys were jumped outside.” Torrie said softly to Stacy, rubbing the inside of her arm and smiled when Alice walked into the catering room. “Hey sweetie, how was your week?”


“I hope it was relaxing because these house shows have sucked.”


“It was.”


For the most part minus the pain she was in from her face, elbow and back.  Alice couldn’t sleep on her back for the first 3 nights due to how sore it was.  Maybe denying pain pills wasn’t the smartest thing to do.  She was still somewhat sore, but it was a dull ache by now.  Torrie and Stacy had no idea what happened to her and she wanted to keep it that way.  Unfortunately, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire had been amongst the guys that were jumped, helping Page out with his Undertaker problem hadn’t been a smart idea.


“Hey bitch, how’s the face?” Chuck demanded irritably, spotting his ex-valet and nudged Sean to gain his attention. 


They both had black eyes and held ice packs against them currently.  Chuck and Sean had helped Page?  She hadn’t noticed who the guys were since it’d been dark in the parking lot.  Everything had happened so suddenly too.


“You two helped Dallas?” They both nodded curtly. “And helped him beat down your new boss?” Another nod.  Alice didn’t know what to think or say, ignoring Torrie and Stacy for the moment, staring down at her salad.


Torrie frowned, staring at her friend’s cheek a little harder since she’d caught it earlier on, but didn’t want to point it out in case she was hiding a zit or something. “What happened?”


“Dallas backhanded her at Smackdown!.  She wouldn’t help us beat down the Undertaker…” Sean growled, shaking his head in disappointment. “Seems she forgot he’s the enemy.”


“Assholes!” Stacy sneered, turning her attention back at a red-faced, embarrassed Alice and frowned. “Dallas hit you?  Are you okay?”


“Do you need anything?”


“Some ice or aspirin, maybe?”


“I-I need some air.” Alice left the catering room, trying not to let the tears in her eyes fall.


“Traitor!” Chuck yelled after her, laughing when Alice began scurrying faster. “No loyalty…” He shook his head. “After all we did for her, man.”


“Oh, Jesus Christ,” Torrie rolled her eyes and threw her cup of water into Chuck’s face. “More like what she did for you, asses.”


Stacy promptly did the same thing to Sean, snorting. “You fuckers wouldn’t be holding WCW gold if it weren’t for her!  Think on THAT!” The blondes stalked away, leaving everyone else in catering to laugh at the Tag champions.


Seated on a crate, Mark kicked his feet against the metal side, a baseball bat on his lap.  He was also right there at the turn that led in and out of the WCW corridor.  He was waiting on Page; eventually that dick bag would have to come this way, if he wanted to reach the ring anyway.  It was not Page who turned that corner, it was Red, and she looked like she was trying not to cry.


“What’s got you in a twist, Red?”


Alice jumped slightly at the sound of Undertaker’s deep voice and stopped in her tracks, a single tear sliding down her cheek. “Nothing, I-I’m fine…”


What the hell was he doing on this side of the arena?  Again?  The last time he’d invaded the WCW corridor, things hadn’t gone down well, and she wound up diffusing the situation with Dallas.  It wouldn’t be happening like that again if he started a fight.


“Just going out for some air…” Mumbling, she walked past him and wrapped her arms around herself, feeling lower than dirt because of Chuck and Sean.  She thought they were her friends, but obviously they only wanted what she could give them. 


Just like every other man on the planet!


“Now sweetheart,” Alice had walked into Stone Cold Steve Austin, who was without his nagging but beautifully busty wife for once.  He caught her by the arms, a bit on the firm side. “You’re in the wrong part of the building.  Whores are back that way.” He pointed in the direction she had come, turning her around and pushing her back in that direction.


When Alice stumbled, Mark -he had followed her out of curiosity- held out the bat for her to catch and keep her balance, eyeing her before raising his brow at Steve. “Now we all know you like getting handsy with your women, Austin,” He drawled, provoking the smaller man on purpose. “But she’s not your woman.”


“She’s just another whore, you seen what she did to Vince.”


“I saw her standing there not saying or doing a fuckin’ thing.”


Steve’s ice blue eyes narrowed. “I see…”


“I have every right to walk out of this building and get some fresh air, asshole!” Alice was tired of being manhandled by these men and gritted her teeth, her fiery temper nearly matching the color of her hair. “And at least I dress decently unlike your whore wife!”


“You-” Steve’s bald head was turning into a tomato; his anger surfacing and couldn’t believe the audacity of this slut to talk to him the way she had.


“Oh, I’m sorry, cat got your tongue, prick?  You know, you WWF guys are no different than WCW, at all.  All the same overbearing, testosterone-filled assholes walking around, thinking your shit doesn’t stink!  Maybe if your boss didn’t fuck everyone and everything in sight, he wouldn’t be in the position he’s in now, would he?  No, he wouldn’t!  So fuck off!” Shoving past Stone Cold Steve Austin and Taker, Alice stalked outside to get her damn air and if one more person touched her tonight, she would co-cock them in the face.


“D-Did you just hear what she said to me?!” Steve squawked, staring at the Deadman, who looked downright amused, along with some of the other WCW wrestlers that had witnessed that exchange. “SON OF A BITCH!”


That whore had just verbally castrated him!


Now by no means was he buddies with those WCW jackasses, but Steve was known to be a mean drunk and an abusive bastard.  Debra was a bit of a shrew, but… it was what it was.  He shook his head and rolled his eyes, swinging the baseball bat hard enough to make the air whistle in its wake, laughing coldly when Steve cursed and dropped to the floor to avoid having his head split open like a ripe watermelon. “Now, Austin, mind your manners.  You’re acting a fool in front of the rejects.”


Red just wasn’t having a very good night, was she?


She had also made yet another enemy.


Chapter 7


Honesty, she could care less about Stone Cold Steve Austin.  The man had shown his true colors at WrestleMania by turning his back on every man, woman and child who ever supported him throughout his career.  It was sickening to watch him beat the living hell out of The Rock, who was still on suspension from the company, with a steel chair until the man couldn’t move let alone kick out.  Austin had stolen the WWF championship, aligned himself with Vince McMahon and Alice didn’t respect him at all.  Undertaker had been the only one she did respect; his match with Triple H had been amazing, but Triple H was currently out with a devastating leg injury and wouldn’t be back for a while.  Sighing, she slipped between two WWF trucks out of sight and closed her eyes, breathing in the fresh air.  It was hotter than hell outside, but she’d rather be out here than in there being berated by men.  Signing with WCW had been the biggest mistake of her entire career.


“So she’s friendly with the Undertaker, who cares?” Dallas was a bit busy and pretending to not give a rat’s ass that his valet had, yet again, decided to be a bit to ‘friendly’ with his enemy.  Why people felt the need to come bother him… he was trying to get around, having a show to open! “She’s a whore, we all know that.” That’s all any of the women were, whores, why else would they be in this business?  How many of them actually had beauty and successful careers?  Not many.


“It just looks wrong is all, Page, watch your ass.  She’s been seen talking to him quite a bit.”


Page was no longer her concern.  As far as Alice knew, Shane was assigning her to someone else in WCW and it definitely wouldn’t be Chuck and Sean.  Not after the stunt they pulled with Page.  Instead of walking to gorilla position alone, Alice went to Shane McMahon’s office and waited for him to walk out.


“You ready for this?” Shane asked, jumping up and down with his patent jersey and pants wrestling attire on, pouring a little water over his head. “Come on, let’s get some payback.  You got my back, right?”


“Yes.” If Shane needed any kind of weapon or help to defeat Page, she was all for it and nodded with a smile.  It was the first smile she’d had all day. “By the way, I had a run-in with Stone Cold Steve Austin.  I don’t know if anyone told you, but…I said a few things to him that pissed him off.  It was self-defense.” Mostly.


“He manhandled you, right?” Shane had heard from a few of his stars what happened and how Taker had also been looming in the WCW corridor again with a baseball bat.  Hopefully, the man kept his distance tonight while he dealt with Dallas. “Don’t worry about it.  Just focus on the match tonight.”

“Okay, boss.”


Shane McMahon in a street fight was going to be a cakewalk; the fact that HIS valet was accompanying Shane was just icing on the cake.  Alice obviously needed to be taught a few lessons on who she owed her loyalty to and what was expected of her.  Obviously, Dallas hadn’t hit her hard enough if she was trying to defy him like this.  She didn’t realize that when Shane had assigned her to be Page’s valet, in Page’s mind, that meant she belonged to HIM.  He was going to have to remind her, after he dealt with business tonight.


Once again, Alice didn’t bother getting in the ring and clapped for Shane, who was swinging a kendo stick around expertly, waiting for Diamond Dallas Page to walk out to get his backside handed to him.  Instead of DDP, it was the Undertaker as Limp Bizkit blared through the speakers and the American Badass made his way down the ramp without the baseball bat he’d had earlier.  Shane looked confused and so did Alice, both of them sharing a quick glance with each other before Undertaker stepped into the ring to grab a microphone.


“All due respect, I understand you gotta get yours.  But hey, tonight it’s about mine – I got a score to settle.  Page. Is. MINE.” Undertaker declared, not backing down, and watched Shane back away with his hands in the air.


Alice blinked, not believing her boss actually handed this match over to the Undertaker and shrugged when he assured her it was the right decision.  She trusted him and nodded, smirking as Page came down the ramp NOT looking happy with this turn of events.  Good, she didn’t want him to be happy and hoped Taker beat the living hell out of him!


The fact that Shane had caved in so easily didn’t overly sit well with Mark’s gut, but that was something to dwell on another time.  Right now, he was more focused on beating the hell out of the asshole, who had been stalking him, who had led the beatdown last week, who had put hands on Red… He had been trying to get his own hands wrapped around Page’s pencil neck all week, like he had the other WCW fucks, who had beat the three down, but Page had been smart, been slick.  He had managed to avoid being caught.  Not tonight.


Undertaker looked delicious in light blue skintight jeans and a sleeveless leather buttoned down top, most of the buttons undone.  Throughout the fight, those buttons had come undone completely and showed the expanse of his muscular chest, the BSK Pride tattoo on his abdomen turning Alice’s insides to mush.  His hair was down, wet, and wild looking, the crazed gleam in his eyes sending her heart racing.  Sliding out of the ring, Page was caught between going the way Taker stood and the other side had Shane with the kendo stick. 


This was beautiful. 


This was karma biting Page on the backside for what he’d done to Alice and every other woman he’d been involved with throughout his miserable life.  Page slid back inside the ring and Taker followed suit, done with playing the cat and mouse game.  Just as Undertaker set Page up for a chokeslam, Shane slid into the ring and struck him in the back with that kendo stick!  What the HELL?!  Shane McMahon double-crossed the Undertaker!  Undertaker got the upper hand quickly and began beating the hell out of Shane, going for the Last Ride, but DDP nailed the Deadman on the back, stomach, and head with a steel chair.  Alice watched in horror as they began pounding on Undertaker with their boots in the corner and couldn’t take anymore, disgust rolling through her.  She slid into the ring and picked up the kendo stick, gripping it tightly in her hands while staring at her boss. 


The man she thought she could trust!


 Without preamble, she began beating him with it, using her full force with each blow as Shane cried out in pain.  Page whipped around to face her, his icy blues locked with defiant grey and grabbed her roughly against him, positioning her for the Diamond Cutter.  A second later, he dropped her in the middle of the ring and vacated with a laughing Shane.


That would teach the whore to know her place!


Shane hurt, she had swung that kendo stick like a pro, but what the hell?  He was laughing while rubbing the back of his head, though he was now bound and determined to see Alice broken down until she knew her place.  What was she thinking?  That was the Undertaker, the enemy, she knew better.  Well, now she did and, if she were smart, she’d learn her lesson real damn quick.


“Well what a fuckin’ pair we make…” Mark rumbled from his place on the mat, not bothering to raise his head.  He was pretty certain he was bleeding from the back of it and didn’t feel like experiencing a wave of dizziness or nausea in front of all these people.


Only because she was trained to take bumps like this in the ring -one didn’t get into this business simply on looks alone, there had to be some wrestling requirements made- the Diamond Cutter didn’t knock her out.  It hurt like hell, but didn’t knock her out.  She groaned, slowly lifting her head and could see Undertaker through blurred vision and red hair, which was splayed all around her.


“H-He lied…” She coughed out, holding her head, and managed to roll out of the ring to hit the mats below, holding onto the ring apron. 


Her legs felt like jelly as she watched Taker feel the back of his neck.  There was no blood, but that shot to his forehead would no doubt give him a massive headache.  A few minutes later, Taker moved and rolled out of the ring as well, draping an arm around Alice’s waist to keep himself balance while she held the back of her neck, her arm going around his waist for leverage.  They somehow made it to the back in his locker room and Alice didn’t bother questioning anything at the moment, knowing going back to WCW wasn’t an option right now.  Maybe tomorrow at Smackdown! when cooler heads prevailed, but definitely not right now.




She blocked out her own pain, watching him stumble and knew if he fainted, she’d be crushed under his body weight. “You need to be looked over…” First the beatdown in the parking lot and now this…Shane McMahon was out of his mind!  Then, an even more horrific thought crossed her mind and it involved Page stalking Undertaker, for months, prior to the WCW actually invading WWF.  Was that all Shane’s doing as well?  Did he send Page to do that?


“I got a concussion, Red.” Mark informed her bluntly, blinking as he tried to bring her beautiful ass into focus.  He knew the signs and those chair shots from Page had been meant to bust his head open.  Joke was on the prick, he had a hard ass head. “Don’t need no fuckin’ trainer to tell me that.” And he sure as hell didn’t trust anyone in this building right now.  He’d handle it himself; it wasn’t his first rodeo. “You go see someone.  Get looked at.”


“And what?  Have them tell me to put ice on my neck and pop some aspirin for the headache?  No thanks, I’ll pass.” If he had a concussion, that was bad because Taker couldn’t drive and there was no way they could leave the arena when the show just started. “And I basically just turned my back on Shane McMahon, so I’m staying here with you and making sure you don’t pass out.” Sleeping wasn’t an option for the Deadman, not with a concussion. “Come on, you have to sit down.”


There were steel folding chairs and a bench, but that was about it.  No couches or anything comfortable to lay on.  Maybe that was a blessing in disguise.


“I have what is probably a concussion and you want me to sit down?” Mark stared at her like she was mildly retarded and shook his head, which he instantly regretted. “I’m getting a shower, Red.” He grunted, beginning to peel off his leather top, which was soaked in sweat, his hands dropping to the fly of his jeans. Some cold water would keep him up and alert.  Then, he grinned at her, both of hers, since he was having some double vision issues. “Want to join me?  Help keep me… up?” He was a son of a bitch sometimes and, by the look on her face, he knew Alice wasn’t amused. “Just figured I’d ask, Red.” Then he got serious. “Make sure that door stays locked.” People had probably seen them come in together and he would not put it past anyone to try coming in.


Not wanting to stay out here alone, in case that did happen, Alice followed him into the bathroom and shut the door behind her while he continued undressing. “I’ll talk to you while you’re cleaning up.”


She winced at her sore neck, knowing it would get worse as the night progressed and saw his eyebrow arch.  Kicking her heels off, Alice hopped up on the sink and turned her head enough to look in the mirror partially, seeing the small cut on her cheek through her makeup.  What else would happen to her while being stuck in WCW?  Quitting wasn’t an option, she had too many bills to pay, including her house, which she’d purchased right after signing with the damn company.  Lowering her eyes from him as he started the shower spray, Alice twisted her fingers together in her lap and had to take a deep breath to slow her suddenly racing heart.


“Do you think Shane is the one who sent Page after you?  Stalking you and showing the world your private life the way he did?”


“Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.” He grunted, pleased with the temperature of the spray, which was lukewarm, and began shedding clothing, what was left of it, his boots first.  Mark smirked when both his Reds, who were starting to finally merge as the double vision receded, turned her head away.  He contemplated cracking a lewd remark, making some comment, but if she decided to deck him, it’d probably actually hurt tonight. “I warned you before.  Nothing is as it seems, especially when it comes to the McMahons.”


“I’m starting to believe that.”


Alice didn’t know what to do because, at any moment, Undertaker could abandon her.  The man was in no condition to protect her tonight anyway, but she felt safe with him.  They were supposed to be enemies, but never once had he treated her badly.  It could all change in the blink of an eye, so Alice had to keep her guard up around Undertaker as well as everyone else.  It would be a lot easier to do if she weren’t so attracted to him.  When the shower sprays turned off and he stepped out, Alice lowered her eyes again, fighting the desire to sneak a peek as Undertaker stepped out to wrap a towel around his waist.


“Now darlin,” He drawled slowly, feeling a bit better.  His head wasn’t pounding as bad; any scrapes that had been bleeding had been tended to and he had rinsed his mouth out good.  The inside of his lip was cut, which is where all the blood had come from. “If you want to have a peek, I’m not going to mind.” Mark was male after all, though Red scoffed and he shook his head, shrugging his shoulders. “Your loss.” His game plan was to pop some painkillers, he knew his limit and how many he could take without messing himself up, and get through tonight.  The concussion, well… as long as he didn’t get slapped upside the head anymore, he’d be fine, right? “Why are you still here, anyway, Red?” He asked, stepping into the main room, and glanced around for his bag, pinching the bridge of his nose.  Headache. “I doubt any of them are going to expect you to stay after what happened.” Also, Mark did not want to see Page get his hands on her, not entirely sure he could protect her and that made his eyes narrow, ears turning red.




He wanted her to leave, not that Alice blamed him.  The man had been double-crossed and lured into another trap, this time set by her boss and Page.  Alice did not want to see Page or be near him, not if she could help it.  She wouldn’t inconvenience Undertaker any longer though and knew she’d have to find a way to sneak out of the arena.  Looking around the bathroom, she saw there was a window she could climb out of.  It was high, but…she could reach it hopefully.


“I won’t take any more of your time, Undertaker.  Get some rest.”


Standing up on the sink, Alice took a deep breath and vaulted herself toward the window, managing to push it open while hanging onto the ledge alone.  She’d taken her heels off, which were securely dangling on her arm and managed to make her way through the window.  Undertaker had watched her do this and she smiled at him through the window before taking toward the parking lot, staying out of sight.  After what happened with Page at Smackdown!, Alice had a contingency plan, a backup, and pulled something out of her dress in the built-in bra the dress had.  One click later, the rental vehicle was unlocked and she slipped behind the wheel, pulling her purse and keys out of the middle counsel.  Her neck was killing her, but Alice would deal with it later once she was far away from here, deciding to drive for a little while to put some distance between her, Shane McMahon, and Diamond Dallas Page.


“What a woman…” Mark muttered under his breath.


She hadn’t been in his way or a pain in his ass.  He just couldn’t fathom why she would willingly stick around for the rest of the show after what had happened to her.  Especially when she knew exactly what Shane and Page were willing to do to her.  He finished dressing and popped those pain pills, figuring he’d need to go retrieve his chain from where he had dropped it.  If he knew Shane McMahon, and he just knew the McMahons period, Shane wasn’t finished with him, not yet.  Well, he could provide a distraction, keep their minds off his Red.


Chapter 8


Once she found a cheap motel that was a little over an hour away from the arena and halfway to the next location for Smackdown!, Alice finally stopped for the night, dragging her belongings inside.  She paid cash for the room and locked the door, shutting the curtains on the window.  Settling down on the bed, Alice rubbed her stiff neck and turned the television on, eyes widening at the sight of WWF programming on.  Whoever had stayed here previously was a wrestling fan apparently.  On the screen, Shane McMahon was in the middle of the ring with a bunch of wrestlers…both WWF and WCW stars.  What was going on now?


“I am personally responsible for the MERGER of WCW AND ECW – I’m also personally responsible for the NEW owner of ECW…Give it up for STEPHANIE MCMAHON-HELMSLEY!!”


Vince watched as his baby girl, Daddy’s little girl, sauntered out from the back with an evil smile on her face, his eyes nearly bugging out of his head.  They had just taken over all of the wrestlers that used to be in ECW a few years ago!


“Oh my god…” Alice whispered, covering her mouth with her hand and felt the shock filter throughout her system, knowing she had not only Shane McMahon to deal with, but now Stephanie. “Oh fuck…”


Mark had made himself comfortable, in front of a monitor, arms folded over his chest, bandana on to hide his lumps and chew tucked in his bottom lip.  He was feeling a lot better, thanks to the pain pills, and also more annoyed.  Just watching this bullshit unfold, Mark could only shake his head.  He got it.  He did.  The two were sick and tired of their Daddy and his antics.  Vince had not been doing himself any favors over this last year, but this… he didn’t see it ending well for any of the employees because a McMahon, no matter which side of the line they were on, was always a McMahon.


“Well… fuck…”




With a pair of jean shorts and a short sleeved white top, white sandals on her feet, Alice walked out of the motel room the following morning to make the rest of the trek to Smackdown!.  Her elbow needed some air after being confined in that dress for the duration of the night.  Alice still couldn’t believe Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley was in on this whole elaborate scheme to take over the WWF!  Dropping her key off at the front desk, Alice headed toward her rental and froze at the sight of Shane McMahon waiting for her.  It looked like she was facing the music a lot sooner than she would’ve liked.  He wasn’t alone either, guarded greys narrowing on Dallas and immediately touched her elbow as if reminding her what he’d done to her just a week ago.


“How did you find me?” She asked, slowly approaching them, and set her bag beside her.


Shane sighed, holding his hand up when Page went toward her and decided to take a different approach with the redhead. “You weren’t supposed to be hurt last week during the jump on Undertaker, Alice.  Page got carried away and he’s truly sorry for what happened, for what he did to you.  Listen, you are WCW and I’ve invested my time and effort into you.  I didn’t take everyone from WCW and you know that.” Sting, for instance, was the perfect example along with Ric Flair.  They were old geezers and he needed youth and power. “I want us to start over.  Dallas wants the same thing.”


“So, you condone beating up a man with 6 guys?  That’s the type of company you’re running, Shane?” She retorted, folding her arms in front of her chest and could feel the tension rising between them. “I am WCW, you’re right.  I wasn’t running, just needed the night to clear my head after receiving the Diamond Cutter by your…guy.  So, was that an accident too, or what’s the excuse for that happening?”


“This is war, Alice.  Casualties will be had, and you attacked me with a weapon.  Page was protecting me…” Shane didn’t appreciate her attitude when he was trying to be nice to her and took a deep breath. “Would it make you feel better if he apologized for that as well?”


“No, not really.  I don’t want to work with him, Shane.  I don’t trust him…and I don’t really trust you either.” That trust had been broken a week ago and it would take time to rebuild it.


“Please don’t make this any harder than it already is, Alice.  You WILL work with Dallas and make things right.  That’s an order.” Shane stated with finality, not backing down and could see the defiance in her greys much like the previous night. “By the way, if you EVER hit me with a weapon of any kind again, it’ll be the last thing you do.  Now get in the car.  Dallas is driving, give him your keys and you two play nice.” Shane had his limousine that brought him, deciding to give the partners some time to work things out.


Did he actually just leave Alice alone with this psychopath?!  Yes, yes he did.


Given that Alice was a little nobody and she owed a year on her contract, Shane thought he was being quite nice with her.  Especially her little hypocrisy issues, attacking a man… he rolled his eyes, sliding into his leather seats in the back of his limo and glanced out the tinted windows at the pair.  He had seen how she had handled business in WCW when she had been working with Chuck and Sean.  The woman needed a reminder that, just because she had been pulled into the big leagues, it didn’t mean she was hot shit.  She’d play along and do it nicely, with a smile, or he’d fuck her world all to hell.


“So, sugar, are we going to do this or what?” Dallas could play nice and offered Alice a very broad smile.


Alice was not pleased, and it showed clearly on her face, the fear combined with anger filling her eyes.  When he took a step forward, she took one back, contemplating how far she’d be able to run before he caught her.  Running wasn’t an option; Shane McMahon could take her to the cleaners because of the contract.  Why was he forcing her to be partners with Dallas?  Did the psycho specifically request her?  Squeezing the keys in her hand, Alice shut her eyes briefly as she tossed them to him and grabbed her bag, hissing as a sharp pain slid up the side of her neck.  Damn Diamond Cutter!  A few minutes later, they hit the road with Alice staring out the window and arms folded in front of her chest, her stitched elbow clearly visible to Dallas.


After her antics with Taker, Dallas had specifically requested Shane keep him and Alice together.  Shane was an asshole, no doubt about it, but he had also been inclined to let Alice go to ‘development hell’, just to get her out of his hair without releasing her from her contract.  She obviously didn’t want to be a WCW Superstar since she refused to go along to get along.  Dallas had said he was sorry, put on the proper face and used the correct tone, but… no, he wasn’t.  He had spent months working on Taker, knowing cementing himself in this forsaken company was taking down the one person who was deemed untouchable.  Physically, he knew he was the underdog, and that was fine, he had been that way most of his career, but it was the mental aspect he was focusing on.  Taker had a reputation for his mind games, his inability to be flapped; Dallas intended on changing all that and he was starting to see Alice as his ticket there.


“Now, sugar, I think you and I got off the wrong foot and were pages away from each other.” He said quietly, once he had gotten the car up to speed. “We have communication issues; I’m willing to work on them.  How ‘bout you?”


“No, there is no communication issues with a man who assaults me twice.  I may be forced to work with you, Page, but that’s it.  That’s where it ends.  We don’t need to talk and get to know each other.  You’re a psychopath and I see it clearly now.  So, do us both a favor and leave me alone unless you have something to talk about work-related.” Alice often spoke her mind and didn’t care what people thought. 


She’d been nice enough to keep her thoughts to herself regarding Page, because he hadn’t given her any reason to judge him.  Despite the rumors regarding Kimberly, she always believed in giving someone a chance.  Page had his and blew it sky high by assaulting her.  She hissed out, rubbing the back of her neck and couldn’t believe she was stuck in a car for the next hour or so with the same man who caused her this pain in the first place.  If Page thought she’d play ball when they were out in the ring together, he was sadly mistaken, especially when it came to Undertaker.  Alice would not hurt him, for anyone.


She was going to be a bitch about this and Dallas simply nodded, letting her have her say.  He knew the type of woman she was.  Self-righteous.  Hypocrite.  Always had to have the last word and he inwardly chortled; he bet she was the kind who would spew a ton of words and then bolt out of the room to make sure she DID have the last word.  Clichéd as fuck.  He was willing to bet money she was just as bad as any other whore out there, get her on her back and let nature do the rest.  When she cringed, rubbing her neck, he frowned and pulled over.  The one good thing out of his marriage to Kimberly, besides the banging sex, had been her lifestyle.  The yoga, specifically.


“Hold still.”


Dallas didn’t give Alice a minute, just reached over and felt her freeze.  Within seconds, he had manipulated her neck, knowing from experience that instant relief was the outcome.  He had learned how to do this from years of taking variations of his Diamond Cutter, thanks to Kimberly and her wellness crap.


“Better?” He asked softly, watching as Alice began gingerly testing her range of motion, taking note that she could move her head a lot easier than moments ago. “I’m sorry Alice, I really am.”


Dallas had been caught up in the moment and gotten a bit too involved in what was going on.  She had been in the wrong place, wrong time.  Swallowing hard at his kindness, Alice didn’t know how to respond to him and had to clench her hands tightly in her lap the entire time he massaged her neck.


“Thank you, Dallas.” She murmured quietly, slowly turning her head until their eyes met and drew her eyebrows together thoughtfully.  He could be sweet one minute and psychotic the next – did the man have a split personality or maybe he was schizophrenic?  Either way, he terrified her, and she had to learn to get along with him or else she really would lose her head the next time. “I won’t say it’s okay what you did to me, but…I’m willing to let bygones be bygones.” Those words left a nasty aftertaste in her mouth.  She still wouldn’t help him win matches when it came to Undertaker, though.  Not that he had to know that bit of information until the time came. “My neck feels better.” Then, she cracked a small smile at him to let him know she was appreciative of what he did.


“Good.” Dallas nodded, already guiding them back out onto the highway, figuring that since she had spent a bit of time in agony from his Diamond Cutter, she might’ve learned her lesson to steer clear of him when he was beating down her… friend.  Or whatever she and the Undertaker were, his eyes narrowed briefly before he flashed her a smile. “Now, you already know me and the Deadman are feuding, and it’s only going to get worse.” He wasn’t going to touch on the stuff that had happened off camera, figuring he just needed to let sleeping dogs lay. “I won’t ask you to help, I know now you don’t want to.  Just… stay clear, cheer me on, and that’s it.  Is that okay?” Dallas was a very patient person.


“Yes, I can do that.”


As much as she wanted to trust Dallas and let her guard down, it wasn’t happening.  Not this soon after being assaulted.  However, he was trying to make friends with her and had helped her with her sore neck, so she could be friendly in return.  Pushing her to do something, she didn’t want to, didn’t bode well with Alice.  Dallas had noticed that, acknowledged it and would now allow her to be his cheerleader at ringside, nothing more.


“Undertaker is very intimidating, Dallas.  He’s…helped me, but he is also the enemy and I recognize that.  If you need my help with anyone else you’re in the ring with, I’ll do it, but…just not him.” The last thing Alice wanted to do was get on the Undertaker’s bad side and she also liked him far more than she should. “Thanks for understanding and compromising with me.” Maybe this partnership would work after all. 


Hell, now who was schizophrenic?


He had not missed the way she had said the Undertaker had helped her, but importantly, he had not missed the TONE Alice’s voice had taken on when talking about that walking piece of shit with a goatee.  Gross, and upsetting, but he knew he needed to keep himself in check, so he did.  Baby steps.


“How about some music?” Dallas suggested, knowing she probably didn’t want to talk to him too much and that was fine, for now.  Baby steps, he reminded himself again.  All about baby steps.


He could take all the baby steps he wanted; Alice would never be interested in him in any manner other than professionally.  Only because she was forced into it by their boss.  The music of choice was alternative rock, which didn’t bother her.  It wasn’t her favorite genre, but she could handle rock for a little while.  Arriving at the hotel an hour and a half later, they parted ways to go to their respective rooms after getting their key cards.  Alice had to get changed for the show for the taping of the show that night and decided to be a little more conservative. 


Her elbow would need the stitches taken out by the trainer, so she decided on a black skirt that went 2 inches above the knee and a one shoulder black top with the WCW logo on the front.  It was something she’d had made prior to coming on the road.  Shane had sent her some merchandise as a way of welcoming her into the fold.  Alice had a few others she had manipulated to her liking, with some help from her seamstress friend back in Florida.  Once she finished dressing, she pulled on her strappy black heels and did her makeup, once again covering the yellow bruising as well as the healing cut on her cheek.


“You’re WCW, and you need to be a team player.” She muttered, staring back in her reflection and heaved a sigh, knowing she had to keep her distance from Undertaker. 


If Dallas knew how she really felt about the big man, well…he would use her as leverage, if he hadn’t figured it out already, and that wasn’t an option.


Chapter 9


“Did you two make nice?” Shane asked with a yawn, sounding bored. 


Taking a phone call from Dipshit Page was not something he had wanted to do, at all.  He was tired; paperwork was a headache, on top of his other physical issues.  Page was useful, sure, but he was also a bit on the insane side.  Shane just figured he’d channel it and then send the man packing when he had served his usefulness, unless Page managed to wow him.


“Sure did.” Dallas drawled, noting the bored tone, and frowned into his mirror, busy trimming his facial hair. “She seems to have a thing though, for Taker.”


This was why he was suddenly interested in Page’s call; the man was a card.  Shane didn’t bother trying to explain how his personal train of thought had been on ‘fire him’ to now ‘exploit and use’.  He was a McMahon.


“Oh, really?”




“Alright…a deal is a deal.  I gave you what you wanted tonight, okay?  I gave you EXACTLY what you wanted.  You may have Kurt Angle as your tag team partner, and maybe you didn’t ask for that, but YOU asked for Shane McMahon.  YOU asked for DDP in the ring with you tonight and you got them.  So therefore, you’re going to do ME the honors of being on Team WWF at Invasion.” Vince stated, the cameras rolling to make sure this conversation was captured and could see the annoyance building on Undertaker’s face. “Right?”


Mark was more than annoyed; he was getting pissed.  He wanted Shane, and Page, and he wanted them now, without strings.  All things considered, Vince should have jumped at the thought of his pain in the ass son getting his ass handed to him, but no… A McMahon was a McMahon.  He had no problem being on Team WWF, at all; his problem was it being ordered basically.


“A deal’s a deal, right?” He remarked finally, rolling his shoulders, and then bent down until his face was right in Vince’s, sneering when Vince paled and swallowed hard. “Whatever you say.”




Undertaker and Kurt Angle against Shane McMahon and DDP was the main event tonight?  Those were the first words out of Shane’s mouth as soon as she arrived at the arena with Dallas, who also sported a WCW logo sleeveless shirt.  Everyone in the Alliance wore their respective brands shirts.  With Shane out there, Alice didn’t know if Dallas would inform him of the truce they’d made on the ride to the hotel.  She was not getting involved in the match at all, so hopefully the boss would just let her stay backstage.


Stephanie had heard all about the redheaded black sheep of the WCW women’s division and decided to make her presence felt. “You must be Alice.” She smiled, extending her hand to the woman and yanked Alice against her as soon as the woman took her hand. “Are you WCW or not?”


Shane had informed baby slut sister what had transpired over the past week, Alice surmised, nodding her head. “Yes ma’am.”


“Good.  Because we have no room in the Alliance for traitors, Alice.  You understand that, don’t you?” Her tone implied if the woman didn’t play ball and do her job, there would be hell to pay. “So, we have no problems, right?  You are with Dallas and you will help him and Shane defeat the Undertaker and Kurt Angle tonight.  RIGHT?”


Lying was the only option. “Yes ma’am.” Over her dead body would that happen, however.


“Good, glad we understand each other.” Stephanie patted the woman’s cheek none too gently, the same one Dallas had struck, and sauntered away to make a phone call to her husband to check on him.


Stupid bitch, Alice thought hotly, rubbing her cheek while Dallas went off to talk strategy with Shane.


Dallas hadn’t missed the interaction between Stephanie and Alice; he had sort of been paying attention even as he was being beckoned to Shane.  Though it would have been rude of him to try saving her, especially since Shane was wanting to talk business.  He seen the anger flash in Alice’s eyes and knew she had been told something she didn’t like.


“Come here, Alice,” Shane beckoned her over next, frowning at the look on her face. “She’s abrasive, isn’t she?” He chuckled, not even bothering to look his sister’s way.  He had told her about what was going on.  Stephanie was more like Vince than he was… it was kind of amusing and really scary at the same time. “Now, Dallas tells me you two worked out an arrangement.” He took a deep breath and shook his head. “I don’t think it’s going to work, we need-”


“No.” Dallas interrupted, frowning. “She doesn’t need to get involved, we can handle it.” He personally thought Stephanie was a hellcat and probably had her husband’s balls in her purse.


Alice blinked at Dallas, not believing he was defending her against their boss.  Just last night, he’d delivered his finishing move to her and now he was protecting her.  She couldn’t figure him out and honestly didn’t want to, clearing her throat. “I will help…” She trailed off, watching both Dallas and Shane’s brows lift slightly. “With Kurt Angle.” The Olympic Gold Medalist would be easy pickings for a distraction.  Undertaker was off-limits, she’d made that perfectly clear to Dallas and he agreed.  If Shane didn’t, that was his problem since she wasn’t his valet.  He was her boss, sure, but bosses could only do so much to their employees.  Dallas seemed to be onboard with her one stipulation, surprisingly.


“And why not Taker?  He’s the bigger threat…” Shane pointed out, already knowing the real reason, but wanted to hear the lie come out of her mouth anyway.  She would be punished for it accordingly, just not now.


“That man could break me in half with his pinky and I’m not taking that chance.  I’ll help you with Kurt Angle and anyone else you want to take down, just not him, Shane.”


“But we’d protect you.” Shane pressed, ignoring Dallas’ warning look and kept his dark eyes on the redhead. “We need you to be a team player…Undertaker is our enemy – YOUR enemy, Alice.  Do the right thing and help us bring them BOTH down.” He had the same implied tone Stephanie did earlier. “Because tonight, they ARE going down regardless.  It’d be nice if you showed me where your loyalty truly lies.”


What exactly did Shane have up his sleeve for tonight’s match?


“We got it, Shane.” Dallas reiterated, knowing Alice would not bend and gently but firmly placed his hand against the small of Alice’s back, guiding her away from their boss. “Come on,” He muttered under his breath, making their way out of the room. “Look, Angle is fine, don’t you worry yourself about the Undertaker, okay, sugar?” He had made a deal with her, now hadn’t he?


Neither Shane nor Stephanie had missed the way Dallas had guided her out of the room, or the way Alice seemed to be a little more receptive to him.  The siblings exchanged looks, grim smiles, and went back to their respective business.


“Thank you, Dallas.”


Alice looked up at him, seeing the concern in his cool blues and tried not to let the sick feeling in the pit of her stomach form.  Something wasn’t right here.  Was Dallas really alright with her not helping him take out the Undertaker?  Or maybe he didn’t want a woman helping him because of ego.  There she went again, trying to figure him out and Alice immediately stopped herself.  Even being called sugar again didn’t seem to bother her, probably due to how much this man scared her and she knew what he was capable of.


“You’re starting off the show with Shane and Stephanie along with the boys from both brands tonight.  Do you want me out there?  I don’t think Torrie and Stacy are going, so I can just stay back here if you want during that opening segment…”


Dallas considered it, stroking his chin thoughtfully before sighing and shaking his head. “No Alice,” He said finally. “I think you need to go out there, show Shane and Stephanie that you’re on board.” As much as she could be, he mentally added, that just went without say. “You’re my valet, you go where I do.” He grinned down at her. “Just… if anything happens, get out of dodge and, if you can’t, I’ll protect you.  Sound good, sugar?”


She highly doubted he would protect her if it meant saving his own skin, but Alice didn’t say that aloud and just nodded. “Yeah, sounds good.”




The opening segment consisted of Shane, Stephanie and Paul Heyman all talking smack about the WWF and, more specifically, the owner of the company Vince McMahon.  Stephanie spouted about how her and Shane teamed up because they couldn’t wait for their father to die to hand over the WWF.  They wanted power now, not later.  Ungrateful children…Jim Ross had pinpointed it as well as Michael Cole, who were the announcers for tonight’s show.  Surprisingly, not a single WWF superstar or Vince McMahon came out to confront of the demon spawns and all was peaceful as the show began with the first match of the night. 


Alice stayed right beside Dallas, not holding hands or anything, just stood there listening and did her best to put on a smile, though it didn’t reach her eyes.  God these kids were longwinded, and he assumed it was a McMahon family trait or something because he had heard Vince drone on and on for a lot longer than necessary.  Dallas glanced down at Alice, reaching out to tap her fingertips with his own and wiggled his eyebrows when she looked up at him.


“Don’t look so bored, sugar.” He whispered in her ear, keeping a smile on his face.


Well… that was odd.  It looked like Red and Dallas had made up.  Mark snorted, shaking his head.  WCW people… what the fuck?


“Hard not to.” She whispered back, barely moving her lips and felt like her ears were bleeding at Stephanie’s shrill voice. 


Good god, who the hell would be stupid enough to marry her?  Poor Triple H had to wear earplugs when they screwed because that voice wasn’t pretty.  As long as Dallas kept being a gentleman and protected her, Alice would be his partner and help him anyway she could…minus taking out the Undertaker.  She was stuck with him and would make the best of it, already knowing Undertaker would think of her as a sellout.  Honestly, she was simply being loyal to her company and doing what her boss instructed.  Why was she worried about what Undertaker thought anyway? 


Enemy, he was the enemy…a gorgeous enemy at that. 


Once the segment ended, everyone stepped out of the ring and Dallas helped her out by taking her hand, guiding her down the steel ring steps before placing a hand on the small of her back.  By the end of the night, Dallas would do a complete 180 during the match with Undertaker and Kurt Angle.  Not that she knew of the current storm brewing and about to hit the WWF locker room like a ton of bricks.


“Yeah, you sure can pick ‘em, Deadman.” Steve said sarcastically from behind his ‘teammate’, smirking while he shook his bald head. “You done picked yourself a little WCW whore, who played your ass like a cheap fiddle.”


“What’re you on about, Austin?” Mark really wasn’t in the mood.


“Everyone knows about that bitch going into your locker room with you.  You got yourself some, but apparently, it just wasn’t good enough to compete with Page because she’s right back out there, holdin’ hands like they’re best friends.”


Steve wasn’t necessarily wrong.


Stone Cold Steve Austin was ENTIRELY wrong!  They were strictly business, there was no intimacy involved.  If Alice had it her way, she wouldn’t be working with Dallas at all.  This wasn’t her choice, however, not that people knew it besides ECW/WCW stars and everyone was keeping their mouth shut.  Nobody would discuss with her what happened or question her sanity in front of Dallas.  The man was unstable, to put it mildly, which was another reason why she decided to play nice for now.  She felt someone sit beside her and turned her head to see Shane McMahon, noticing Dallas was nowhere to be found.


“You know, if you do well tonight, I MIGHT change my mind about leaving you with Dallas.  I MIGHT be inclined to even let you choose who you want to accompany to the ring.  IF you cooperate and do exactly as I tell you for tonight.”


“Dallas and I are fine, and I don’t need to be coerced into doing something to the Undertaker that’ll get my head knocked off my shoulders, boss.” Why couldn’t Shane leave this alone?


“Then you’ll be stuck with Dallas for a LONG time to come, Alice.  The choice is yours.  I told you, you’d be protected…”


“And I told you I’m not risking it.  I’m not going against the Undertaker, WWF or not.” She folded her arms in front of her chest defiantly, refusing to meet his eyes and gasped when he gripped the back of her neck rather harshly. “Let…”


“Then you WILL witness firsthand what happens when you cross me and don’t do as you’re told, whore.” Shane promised viciously, releasing her neck, and stalked out of the room before he wound up throttling her.

Her sore neck was back, and Alice was thankful nobody else was in the room because she burst into tears.


If Dallas had known that Shane had messed with his toy, he probably would have laughed and been irritated all at the same time.  He was trying to get somewhere with Alice, knowing there was just no way she was going to fall at his feet, figuratively, right away because of what he had done.  He was trying to be nice, break her in gently and didn’t really need assistance.  Of course, if that didn’t work, Dallas was not at all concerned with restraining his crazy side because, sometimes, a woman needed smacked around to remind her of her place.




“Taker, come on, bro, man, buddy, pal?” Kurt trailed off, clearing his throat when venomous green eyes finally landed on his face, swallowing down the rest of what he had been about to say. “So… about tonight…”


Kurt Angle had talent, there was absolutely no doubt about that.  However… the man was annoying.  Gabby.  Tried to be buddies with everyone and the last time they had spoken, Kurt had begun lecturing him about chewing.  With that thought in mind, Mark spit a stream right onto Kurt’s boots.


“Yeah, pal?”


“Ugh that’s disgusting!” Kurt whined, looking down at his bright white boots that were now splattered with… “Why would you do that?!  Look tonight, Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin aren’t here, so I’m the leader and…” They had left actually halfway through the show.  He trailed off, seeing the deadly look that came over Taker’s eyes and took a step back.  They were on the same team, the same side, and the man acted like HE was the enemy! “Whoever crapped in your oatmeal, it wasn’t me.  I’m your partner, don’t forget that.  Kane and Jericho will be here in a minute, so we can have a strategy meeting for tonight.”


Jerichoke he could live without.  The man had sound wrestling abilities, but a mouth that just would not shut up.  Ever.  Kane, Glenn, his brother… his buddy, now that could be interesting and he grinned.


“You are no leader, boy.” Because no matter how old Kurt was, he looked like a fucking baby face and Mark wasn’t anyone who looked like a Cabbage Patch doll. “Oh… wait… I think I see a chin hair.”


“Really?” Kurt had been trying to grow some facial fuzz; he figured it’d get him a bit more respect since all the guys who were respected had goatees.


Mark leaned in, studying Kurt’s chin before grabbing it and yanking. “Oh yeah, sure, son.” Laughing, he left Kurt there rubbing his chin and shook his head.  They were doomed.


The minute Mark was gone, Kurt took off running to check.


Chapter 10


When the time came for the match, no matter how hard she tried, Alice couldn’t smile.  Dallas had asked several times what happened, but all she did was mumble ‘nothing’ and eventually, he stopped.  Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin had somewhat of a fight in the ring and were gone, so that left Team WWF vulnerable since Austin was on it.  Like a shark smelling blood, Shane took full advantage and didn’t pay Alice any attention, focusing on the match.  She wanted to gouge his eyes out with her nails, refusing to get in the ring with him and Dallas.  Simply standing by the announcer’s table, Alice watched Kurt Angle make his entrance and then Undertaker. 


He rolled in on his motorcycle, looking handsome as ever and she longed to be on that bike with him, longed for him to take her far away from here.  When he rolled past her, she couldn’t help giving him a very quick smile before it vanished again as he finished his entrance.  As soon as the bell rang, the fight was on and Alice merely watched, not making a single move toward the ring like she should’ve.  She had agreed to help with Kurt Angle, but not anymore.  Fuck Shane McMahon and the war, as far as she was concerned.


Dallas had noticed the smile she had flashed the Undertaker’s way and tried to squish down the rage that he felt simmering his blood, slowly warming him up in a way he did not overly appreciate.  He didn’t even wait, as soon as Taker was in that ring, he attacked, not allowing the other man a chance to even remove his stupid leather duster.  Dallas immediately went for Taker’s knees, and the back of his head, hoping to capitalize on what had likely been a concussion.


Well what a cocksucker, Mark thought, wondering where this mean streak had come from.


“Get over here!  Get over here now, Alice!” Shane shouted, pointing at the ring apron and felt his jaw drop when she shook her head at him in response. “YOU BITCH!”


Shane hadn’t been paying attention to Undertaker coming up behind him and received the Last Ride for his troubles, making Alice extremely thrilled.  Suddenly, the locker room emptied out with ECW/WCW stars as Undertaker and Kurt Angle began fighting them off, holding their ground.  What shocked and exhilarated Alice the most was when Undertaker, all 300 pounds of him, vaulted over the top rope with ease like a cruiserweight and crashed on top of all the Alliance members in one fell swoop.  It was amazing to witness, the crowd roaring in approval.  Even Alice was clapping, the camera giving a closeup of her face while she continued watching the carnage transpire. 


Eventually though, the smile deteriorated from her face as the numbers game caught up with Undertaker and Angle.  Even with Kane and Jericho coming out to help, they were all four left lying in the ring, staring up at the lights.  Alice glared up at Dallas, who leaned over the top rope screaming at her to cheer them on.  She flat out refused, feeling sick to her stomach and wasn’t surprised when Stephanie and Paul Heyman joined the fray, all three owners raising their arms in victory.  Alice felt ashamed to be wearing the WCW logo on her chest and couldn’t wait to be able to take it off.


Dallas was not amused at all.  On the huge Tron, he had seen the Undertaker flying over that rope and then it had cut to Alice, who had been smiling broadly, a fire in her eyes as she had watched that dick attack them all.  Then she had refused to cheer, at all.  Which had not been a part of the deal.  Not fuck with Taker, yes, everything else had been fair game and she wasn’t honoring her end.  While cameras focused on the trio in the ring, he slid out, walking over to grab her arm, a smile plastered on his face.  Shane caught the look Dallas gave him and gave a barely perceptible nod.  Alice was going to learn one way or another, her ass belonged to the WCW -HIM.  And now, Page, because he had done something very fun after his earlier dealing with her.


“Let go of me, you bastard!!”


Alice struggled against him up the ramp, the cameras already stopped rolling and felt him yank her to stand in front of him, the grip on her arm tightening.  She did the first thing that came to mind and boxed his ears before kicking him square in the balls, making Dallas drop to his knees in front of her.  He would not hurt her again, none of them would!  She was a valet, not a beating post and could see the fire in Shane McMahon’s eyes.  Not thinking twice about it, she ripped the WCW shirt off her body and tossed it on top of Page, backing up the rampway in just her black lace bra and skirt, touching her neck as if reminding them what Dallas did to her.  What she’d gone through since coming on the road with the rest of the WCW crew.


“Fuck you.” She mouthed directly at Shane before hightailing it to the back, hopping down to walk to the back on the side and ran straight for the exit.  Alice blinked when someone grabbed her from behind and yanked her into a dressing room, the light coming on as Torrie stared at her incredulously.


Torrie couldn’t imagine what her friend was going through and hugged her around the neck, glad she was alright. “You need to come clean about everything that’s happened with Dallas.  Now.” The man had looked downright MURDEROUS out there while he had a hold of Alice. “Are you okay?”


“No…” Alice dropped to her knees, shaking her head and gripped her red hair in her fingers. “No, I’m not…”


She was screwed once Dallas and Shane caught up to her.  Torrie knew from rumors and Kimberly, and what she had seen with her own eyes, what Dallas was capable of.  She hadn’t thought Alice had been with him long enough to really get a taste, but whatever it had been, it had been enough.


“We need to get you out of here.” She said quietly, reaching for a discarded t-shirt and smiled humorlessly.  It was a cast-off Undertaker t-shirt, probably something that hadn’t sold at the tables. “Here, come on, Alice.”


“FIND HER!” Shane was not happy at all. “Dallas, she’s all yours.” He said, walking besides the limping, near tears man. “I did the contracts before we went out.”


Looking down at the shirt, Alice wondered if this was fate telling her something she wasn’t aware of or if it was a coincidence she now had an Undertaker t-shirt on.  Her red hair would be spotted by anyone in the Alliance, but luckily, Torrie had a secret way out.  She would be the diversion while Alice made a beeline for Torrie’s rental, the keys already in hand.  Torrie really was a true friend and Alice owed her big for this, not knowing what she was going to do. 


Somehow, someway, she managed to arrive outside of the arena unscathed and figured the Alliance was still in the building.  Just as she started for the rental vehicle, a motorcycle stopped in front of her, Alice’s eyes widening at the sight of the Undertaker in front of her.  Her makeup was gone, having washed it off after her crying jag with Torrie and her heels were gone, replaced with sneakers, courtesy of her friend.  They were a lot easier to run in, in case she had to pound pavement.


“Let’s go, Red.” Mark ordered, extending a hand to her, and somehow was not surprised that she instantly took it, pulling her up. 


He felt her arms wrapping around him, followed by a squeeze and he revved the engine, peeling away from both their respective factions.  He knew tonight was just the beginning of this immense war and had a feeling he and Alice were going to be caught in the center of it.  So far, Mark was holding his own because it was just the boys starting to give him grief for dallying with a WCW bitch… he had a feeling she was getting more than grief.


“Thank you.” She whispered, knowing he wouldn’t hear her and wrapped not only her arms around his waist, but also her legs. 


It was the only way to keep her legs from being burned by the pipes below.  Honestly, Alice didn’t mind being this close to him, her red hair flying behind her in the wind.  Undertaker could take her wherever he wanted, at least she was far away from Dallas, Shane, Stephanie, and the entire Alliance.  It was wrong to fall for a WWF star and she knew it, but…something told her Undertaker felt something as well.  Why else would he keep randomly showing up, tonight being no exception.  Her trembling slowly ceased until relaxation took over, the vibration of the bike combined with his body heat doing wonders.




“A little birdie told me that your Alice just tumbled down a hole with the maddest of them all.”


Shane really had no time for his sister’s bullshit, or the wicked smirk she wore while she filed her nails.  Sighing, he grabbed a handful of her brunette locks and ripped her head back, ignoring her laughter. “Enough with your shit, use your grownup words.”


“Alice was seen taking off with the Undertaker.”


“Of course she was.”




Mark didn’t stop for a few hours, figuring the more space between them and everyone was a good thing.  They didn’t need to deal with anymore crap tonight and something had gone down with her, that was obvious.  Finally, he roared into the drive of a bed and breakfast, the last place anyone would think to look for him.


“You all right, Red?” He asked, after he had cut the ignition.


“I am now.  I wasn’t earlier.” Alice murmured, looking up at the building he’d stopped in front of and raised a slow brow, wondering why he’d taken them to a bed and breakfast of all places. 


How long had they been on the road?  Slowly, she unwound her arms from around him along with her legs, letting him dismount first.  He helped her off by taking her hand and Alice looked up into his eyes, the moonlight reflecting in them.


“You don’t look too worse for wear, so that’s a good thing.” This man could take quite a beating; she’d noticed he had a high threshold for pain.  No normal average man would be able to take the beatings he did without being hospitalized. “Are you okay?”


“Me?  Yeah.” Mark waved her off dismissively, grinning broadly. “Nothing I can’t handle.” The numbers game had been vicious, no doubt, but nothing compared to his prior concussion.  He had spent that night vomiting, only surprised that he had managed to keep it in check until she was gone. “I’m a bit worried about becomin’ a pain pill addict if this shit keeps up, though.” Because that was a lot better than an alcoholic in his book, he had done that one before. Mark gestured up at the large house. “I bet you’re wondering about this place, huh, Red?” At her nod, his grin got wider. “Who the hell is going to look for me at a place like this?”


Her assumptions had been spot-on. “I figured as much.” Alice sounded amused, trying not to let her nerves come out or show how worried she was, even though her eyes clearly held it. 


He lead the way, not releasing her hand and let him guide her inside the building, grabbing the key to their room.  He’d even said ‘their’ room too.  Alice had nowhere else to go, knowing going home wasn’t an option after what she did.  She had effectively left the Alliance, even though Shane still owned her contract.  Not wanting to think about that, Alice looked around the room and had to admit it had a comfortable homey feeling to it.  It wasn’t frilly and girly like other bed and breakfasts she’d frequented, so that was a plus.


“Thank you…for bringing me here.  I can – um…I’ll pay for half the room, if you want.” She had her wallet on her, which was stuck on the inside of her bra currently.  Her clothes Torrie would take care of and she’d grab them once they were back on the road on Friday for the house shows.




Mark shot her a puzzled look, locking the door behind them and then walked over to open up the window, inhaling the fresh air.  The room smelled like some kind of girly, flowery herb and he spotted sachets on the pillows of the king sized bed, his gaze moving to the jacuzzi in the corner.  He grinned, knowing it would hold him and her, if he was feeling puckish.


“I booked this room yesterday, didn’t figure I’d have you with me.” He kicked off his boots, using his foot to push them beneath the bed and then grabbed the bottom of the black thermal long-sleeved shirt he had put on before leaving the arena.  Mark had basically grabbed it on his way out the door, pulling it off. “Nice shirt, by the way, Red.” He tossed his own in the corner of the room, walking over to stand in front of her.


“Yeah well, when you peel your shirt off in front of thousands of people, tell your boss ‘fuck you’ and then get dragged into a dressing room by your best friend, who wants to help you escape, and this shirt is the only thing available to put on, you tend not to worry about the design on it.” Alice remarked softly, looking down at the design on the t-shirt and had to admit, she liked it. 


She liked this shirt and wasn’t giving it back to the company, deciding to use it as a nightshirt the next time she was home.  It would go with her other nightshirts and pajamas she wore.  Finally looking up at him, Alice noticed he was shirtless and felt her heart rate kick up a notch, seeing the amusement shining in his eyes.


“You’re stuck with me tonight.  I’ll figure out where to go tomorrow, but you have to deal with me until morning, Undertaker.”


“The name’s Mark, darlin’, not Undertaker.” He corrected, after a long moment, taking her in.


Truthfully, Mark had been a bit… occupied while the McMahons and Heyman had been celebrating, though he had also known she was out there with Page.  It had seemed, for a bit, that she and Page were on the same side again.  Then, during his midflight, he had glimpse the Tron and seen her smiling, watching him, and smiling.


“You really did fuck it all up for yourself, didn’t you Alice.” It wasn’t much of a question and he reached out, cupping the back of her head, and pulling her up against him.


Chapter 11


“Yeah, I did, Mark…” Alice murmured, not a single ounce of regret in her eyes or her tone of voice, her hands gently pressed against his muscular chest.  It was so easy to get lost in this man, he was dangerous and calculating…he could very well destroy her physically, mentally, and emotionally if she wasn’t careful.  Far worse than Dallas and Shane ever thought about. “They forced me – Shane did, actually.  They forced me to be with Page…and I don’t wanna be.  He scares me…and he’s hurt me twice.  And I know I’m being punished because I…I won’t help them hurt you.  I made you the only exception and Shane didn’t take kindly to it…”


“No, I’d imagine not.” Mark said slowly, letting his hands move down to rest on her hips, kneading her gently. “I bet you smilin’ pissed them off all the more…” He could only imagine the fallout from this at the next show, she would have Page and Shane both gunning for her.  If Stephanie decided to get her shrew ass involved just for giggles… Alice was looking at exile or early retirement. “Why won’t you hurt me, Red?” His voice had dropped to a husky whisper, applying pressure to guide her forward, only stopping when their bodies were firmly tucked into each other.


“At first, it was because I didn’t want to get on your bad side like he did.” Alice admitted, being truthful enough and slowly slid her hands up his chest to his shoulders and down his arms, her eyes never leaving his. “But I know it’s more than that.  I’m not sure what it is, honestly.  I just know I don’t want to hurt you, Mark.”


Why couldn’t they have met normally, like at a diner or store, some place not associated with professional wrestling?  Why did these feelings have to be so complicated?  Usually, a man liked a woman, or a woman liked a man – it was cut and dry, but the fact they were associated with separate companies caused a huge rift.  There was a matter of trusting each other too.


“Why do you keep popping up and saving me?  How did you know I’d be outside of the arena tonight?”

“I’m a mind reader, darlin’.” Mark teased, grabbing hold of her hands and began walking backwards, pulling her with him.  When he felt his legs hitting the bed, Mark let himself fall backwards, taking her with him and caught her before she could nail her face against his. “I was bailin’, before anyone could jump my ass again and I saw you come flying out that door, so I swerved to grab you.” He ran a hand up along her face, threading his fingers through her hair. “Hard to miss you, Red.”


“My hair, I know.” She rolled her eyes playfully, enjoying being this close to him and idly wondered if Torrie knew he’d be out there waiting.  She had instructed how to get out of the arena without detection. “I don’t blame you for bailing.  I would’ve too – I did actually.”


Even though it was the end of the show and everyone was on their way out of the arena.  Alice had waited just long enough, and Torrie had been the diversion.  She just hoped her friend was alright and had made it back to the hotel unscathed.


“Thank you.”


Then she did the one thing both her heart and mind were screaming at her to do and made the first move, covering his mouth with hers to softly kiss him.  Given that he had pulled her down onto a bed, on top of him no less, Mark really hadn’t been expecting much in the way of anything besides a knee to the balls.  Even then, he had been doubtful.  Something was clearly off with this woman if she liked him of all people.  Kissing him first…that was just icing on this crazy cake.  Her kiss was soft but firm and he allowed her to set the pace, one hand burying itself in her hair, the other moving to the small of her back.


The feeling of his mouth on hers, how surprisingly soft his lips were, made something surge inside of Alice she couldn’t explain.  If Mark didn’t know she liked him, before the kiss, he was out of his mind too or simply blind.  She had gone out of her way and went against her boss in order to protect him, for reasons she still didn’t understand.  All Alice knew was it hurt her to see him in pain, she didn’t like it and witnessing him being beaten down several times made her anger at the Alliance heighten.  Hell, as far as she was concerned, she was no longer in the Alliance and had shown where her loyalty truly lay…with herself.  Slowly breaking the kiss, Alice stared down at him, her hair a curtain of red around them and gently rubbed her nose against his, breathing a bit heavier than before.


Growling, Mark rolled so she was pressed with her back to the mattress and he hovered over her, his eyes feasting on the lovely vision she made.  Her red hair splayed out on the pillow, cheeks flushed and her eyes dark, her chest gently heaving beneath that Undertaker t-shirt Alice wore.  It had to be kismet.  Bending down, he caught her full bottom lip between his teeth and tugged gently, using one arm to hold the bulk of his weight off of her tiny frame and the other… his free hand was gathering the hem of that shirt, fisting it.  He shifted, feeling her legs spreading and settled himself between them, kissing her all over again.


His kiss burned, igniting an inferno inside of her and turning her blood to molten lava, the t-shirt suddenly feeling like a nuisance.  Alice couldn’t pull away from his addicting lips, enjoying the weight of him on top of her and dealt with the current heat.  The smell of him, a mixture of sandalwood, gasoline, and leather…it was intoxicating as her fingers found the band in his hair, pulling it out to unravel his delicious red auburn hair, burying her fingers in it as the kiss deepened.  This man had invaded her thoughts and dreams ever since WrestleMania, and she couldn’t explain why.  Then the night he stopped her outside of the arena, rather rudely, that just drew her further to him like a magnet to metal.


“My, you are an eager little thing, Red…” He murmured against her lips, smirking, and pulled away from her, seeing the disappointment flashing in her eyes. Oh this woman wanted him and Mark felt his lips stretching in a grin as he took her in, sitting back so he knelt above her, his palms skimming down her thighs and then up onto his own. “You sure you want to walk down this road with me, Alice?” Because if she did, she needed to be aware there was no turning back, no matter what happened next.  Hell, if nothing happened next. 


He wasn’t above a one night stand.


Alice’s heart immediately screamed ‘YES!’, but her mind reminded her of the fact they were supposed to be enemies.  Hell, she was more than likely out of the Alliance now, unless Shane wanted to keep her around just to torture her.  Would Mark protect her?  The passion haze that clouded her mind began dispersing, breaking apart and allowing her to think clearly.


“I kissed you.  I don’t kiss men I don’t want or desire.” Sitting up on her knees in front of him, they were nearly at eyelevel only because of his hunched position. “But if you’re unsure about this…if you don’t want to go down this road with me, I’ll understand.  What happens between us, stays between us though.  What we do for a living, and who we work for, have zero to do with whatever happens here.  Or anything between us in the future.” That was her only stipulation; everything else would be worked out later.


Mark studied her thoughtfully, wondering if she honestly thought they could fool around and not have their work lives mixed in, to some capacity.  He knew that was fairly impossible, especially given Alice was WCW and he was WWF.  Somehow, that would probably come into play and he really didn’t care at the moment.  He had itches he had gotten scratched, but those had been itches, not full blown desire and he made his decision.  Moving off the bed, Mark stood up, hands dropping to the waistband of his jeans, green eyes darkening as he took her in.




Instead of obeying, she only did it partially and pulled the Undertaker shirt over her head, tossing it to the floor, her own eyes turning stormy and chewed her bottom lip, slowly shaking her head.  That left her clad in the black lace bra and skirt with matching panties beneath, her sneakers already off.  She’d removed them the moment they stepped into the room.  The way his hand moved down to unsnap his jeans and the sound of his zipper gliding down, just the faintest sound, drenched her panties.  Good thing she was wearing them tonight.  Sometimes, Alice didn’t, and it just depended on what type of outfit she had on, such as her jumpsuits.  She was fond of them, had one in every color, though most were back at home in Florida currently.  At his raised brow, a devious smirk curved her lips and her mouth watered, thoroughly enjoying the view before her.


“You first.”


“Only if you promise not to faint, Red.”


Mark snickered, having absolutely no problem in shedding his jeans.  He did so and then rose, rather proud of the way her eyes zoomed in on his erect cock, the way her mouth dropped into a perfect O.  Mark was a bit on the hung side, he’d admit it, and most women had issues taking him all the way.  He was pretty sure… he was going to break her, but it would be delicious.


He could break her all he wanted, she would enjoy every second of it and slid her tongue out to wet her lips. “Not bad.” She remarked coyly, lowering her voice to a sultry tone, and stood up from the bed to unzip her skirt, pushing it down her legs. 


Alice was a fan of thongs, especially when wearing a skirt, but she also enjoyed her regular panties too.  Currently, she had a black thong on and turned teasingly to unfasten her bra, looking at him over her shoulder.  Before she could fully remove it, Mark came up behind her to cup her breasts beneath the dangling material and the sound of his groan filling her ear sent shivers down her spine.


“Now who’s eager?” It came out as a purr.


“Eager doesn’t even begin to describe it, Red.” He rumbled in her ear, pressing himself against her. 


She was quite a bit shorter than he was, he was basically humping her back and he chuckled, palming her breasts one more time before stepping away.  Mark watched as she finished slowly, teasingly shedding those underclothes of hers.  His eyes strayed to the jacuzzi, it was tempting, but so was the desire to just pick her up and power-fuck her through the mattress.  Decisions.  Decisions.  Then again… they did have all night, providing Alice wasn’t the one and done type of woman.


No, she wasn’t, not unless he didn’t know what to do with a woman’s body, how to keep her stimulated for more than one session.  Alice highly doubted there’d be a problem, not with the way he carried himself and how big he was.  She slowly turned to face him, her red hair hanging down her shoulders and back, covering her breasts as they tried to peak through the tresses.  One hand slid up his chest before gliding back down with her nails and she enjoyed the red marks they left behind. 


His strong hands gripped her upper arms to pull her up against him and his mouth lowered, his body bending, to capture her lips in a searing kiss, their naked bodies pressed together.  Somehow, they turned to where she guided him back down to lay on the bed with her on top, their mouths once again meeting.  Honestly, Alice could spend the night kissing and caressing Mark’s body from head to toe, wanting to explore every inch of him.


He had a few decades under his belt, could definitely hold his own and control himself.  So, with that in mind, Mark folded his hands beneath his head and let Alice have at it.  He somehow got the impression that she had very little control in her life right now.  Mark knew at work she was cornered and, every time she tried asserting herself, it backfired.  Spectacularly.  He was also a man; if a beautiful woman wanted to explore his body, he was inclined to let her.  However, when she kissed and caressed just under his breastbone, he chuckled.  He was a mite ticklish there.


Looking up at him, she slid her nails along the spot her mouth had occupied seconds ago and enjoyed the sound of his chuckling.  Then she blew raspberries, another experiment, and heard him chuckle harder, almost a full-blown laugh.  The sound of his laughter was erotic, low, and deep, much like his voice.  After doing a few other things like nipping, licking, and kissing that spot, she made her way lower to where his BSK Pride tattoo was, beginning to trace it with her tongue.  While she did that, her hand snaked down between them to stroke his cock, which was still hard as a rock and that pleased her immensely.  It told her Mark enjoyed what she was doing to him and loved how his body responded naturally to her.


“Mmm I do enjoy a man with ink…” She purred against his surprisingly soft skin and stroked him a little harder, sliding the pad of her thumb over the tip. “So sexy…”


Wait until she went a little lower… Mark kept himself pretty tidy and trimmed.  When he was a lot younger, he had been ballsy enough, no pun intended, to get a tattoo on the pubic bone.  It was tiny, it was a demon head, not great on detail due to size and location and had been a bad, drunk joke on his part.  It wasn’t noticeable right off the bat because most women tended to gawk at his cock, not the area around it.


“Mmm…” He propped himself on his elbows, staring down at Alice and smirked. “Do you now, darlin’?” He hadn’t seen any ink on her… maybe he hadn’t been looking hard enough.


“Uh huh…if done right, of course.”


Alice was ink free, though she’d always wanted to get a tattoo.  There just never seemed to be enough time in her hectic life, however.  Maybe that could be changed.  She did go lower, noticing the tattoo of the demon head surrounding his cock and giggled seductively, shaking her head.


“Whatever possessed you to get inked down HERE?” Alice asked almost incredulously, fingering the tattoo to the point of nearly tracing it and heard him hiss, looking up at him. “Sensitive area, hmm?  Let’s see if we can work on that a little…” Starting on the left side, she traced it with her tongue, ignoring his bulging cock for now, too enthralled with tormenting him. 


What would push Mark to his breaking point?


Chapter 12


Oh sweet baby Jesus, virgin Mary, and that other guy… Joseph!  Mark’s forest green eyes rolled into the back of his head, tempted to reach down, and bury his hands in her hair, take charge of the situation and bury himself deep in her mouth and down her throat.  When Alice looked up and murmured ‘well?’, he groaned, fucking tease!


“I was twenty…” He finally managed to get out, his voice coming out choked, low, rasping. “And drunk… and the idea of a demon head…” While he was getting head… at the time, it had been hilarious.


Laughing softly, the vibrations of her laughter also sent tingles throughout his cock, the stroking having ceased while she paid attention to the tattoo. “Such a naughty man…”


Alice had no idea just how evil and maniacal this man actually was, not that it bothered her.  She had an evil streak of her own, not the greatest background and history.  Druggie parents, foster homes and working at a strip club about summed up her childhood and earlier years.  It wasn’t until Eric Bischoff found her at said strip club and offered her a deal with WCW, Alice started turning her life around.  NOBODY knew about that though.  Eric had sworn to take that secret with him to the grave and, at the time, she trusted him since he’d reached out to her. 


Apparently, her flexibility and the way she moved on-stage had him convinced she’d be a great addition to the WCW women’s division.  However, the deal had fallen through and there was no getting out of it until her contract was up.  So, she was stuck in bra and panties matches, which didn’t happen often, and valeting, showing off her body.  Alice was proud of her body, but…she had wanted to do something other THAN showing sex appeal and making men hard in their pants. 


When Shane McMahon had bought WCW, and promised them a new beginning, Alice had gotten her hopes up and they were dashed the moment she was used to seduce her boss’s old man.  All she wanted to do was learn how to wrestle and prove that women were more than eye candy and sex appeal, but at this rate, it would never happen. 


Kissing her way back up his chest, reluctantly pulling away from torturing him, Alice began rubbing her soaking sex against his throbbing shaft, both groaning at the friction of the first touch as her mouth once again crashed on his.  Mark held her still with one hand and used the other to position himself so his cock was resting upright against her, cocking an eyebrow.  She.  Was. Tiny.  He didn’t want to explain to anyone why he had impaled the new hire, baring his teeth in a wicked grin up at her.  He held her by the hips, lifting her, giving her a second to rethink this decision if she wanted.


“Darlin’…” Mark drawled, watching as she looked down to take in the view, throbbing against her. “Don’t hurt yourself now.”


“One thing about me you will learn, Deadman, I’m not made of glass.  I’m forged out of iron and I can take anything you have to offer.”


Alice only stood at 5’6, 5’8 with heels, and yet somehow fit perfectly with Mark’s size.  Gasping the moment he began to fill her receptive body, Alice pressed her hands against his chest and dug her nails in a little, shaking her head when he asked if she wanted him to stop. “No!” She rasped, shaking her head somewhat aggressively and took him in completely. 


It hurt, she wouldn’t lie.  Alice hadn’t had sex with anyone in quite a while; despite her background, she wasn’t a whore or a slut.  In the strip joint, never once did she sleep with her clients, not even during ‘private’ shows, which consisted of lap dances.  Never any sex…she didn’t screw someone unless she felt some kind of connection with them.  With Mark, there was A LOT of connection and feeling.


“Oh god…”


Once he was fully sheathed inside of her, Mark sat still to let her fully adjust to him and she was grateful, the burning of her insides very slowly vanishing.  All the while, she breathed through it and felt his hands fondle her breasts, not minding it a bit.  With the burning subsiding, all that was left was the exquisite feeling of him inside of her and Alice rolled her hips experimentally to get a feel for what she was dealing with, both of them groaning at the friction it created.


“Oh fuck, you feel so good inside of me, Mark…”


Better than she could’ve imagined or dreamt.  The fact that she had taken him, all of him, and still felt like a tight, warm velvet glove wrapped around him told Mark that his Red either did her Kegels or she wasn’t playing it fast and loose sexually.  He liked that, meant more for him because he was not someone who shared very well.


“You feel so tight, darlin’.” He grunted, holding onto her thighs, his fingers gripping tightly as he fought the urge to flip her over and claim dominance.


Riding him was something she did not expect to happen.  Mark was full of surprises and she figured he would’ve dominated her the first chance presented to him.  He had amazing control and she showed just how much she had, both of them still feeling each other out to see what made the other tick.  After a few more grind of her hips, Alice picked up the pace a little and used his upper body as leverage, pressing against him to keep from being bucked off.  His cock drove up to meet her for every thrust, their bodies crashing together.


“Yeah…oh yeah…”


He bolted upright, startling her, but never stopped the thrusting and hooked her arm around his neck to grip the back of it, his mouth lowering to claim her nipple in his hot greedy mouth.  She moaned in satisfaction, burying her fingers in his hair and tilted her head back, both becoming lost in the moment and each other.  Sex with Alice, his beautiful Red, was kind of like doing drugs.  Mark could become easily addicted and never want to come down from the high.  He’d fuck her forever just to keep this feeling going.  He had given her plenty of control, letting her take the reins for a while, which was his way of letting her know he wasn’t going to dominate her, not just yet anyway.  If this became a multi-night affair, they would definitely be exploring other things.


Showing a little of her flexibility, Alice moved while he continued plummeting in and out of her, one leg lifting up to drape over his shoulder and then the other, lying back on the bed with his hands caressing her outer thighs and finally gripping her hips, their bodies covered in perspiration.  She could see Mark’s face contort in ecstasy and knew he thoroughly approved of this new position, meeting him for every thrust he gave her.  This position made him drive deeper inside of her and soon, he’d found her sweet spot, every thrust pounding at it, chipping away at her resolve. 


This climax would be explosive, but Alice fought it off as hard and long as she could, wanting this to last as long as possible.  Her moans turned to cries, her hands covering his to lace their fingers together on her hips.  Alice was… bendy, to put it mildly, and when Alice contorted herself into that new position, Mark had felt like he was going to pound right through her cervix.  She seemed to be enjoying it though, and he could feel her beginning to spasm around him.  He could also see an odd expression on her face, like she was fighting against her building orgasm.


“Let go, darlin’,” He urged, purposefully continuing his assault, knowing each thrust just pushed her that much closer. “Just give in.”


“Oh yeah…Ohh uhm…M-Mark!”


The hot coil formed deep in her abdomen was on its last spring and she couldn’t hold back any longer, nodding her head while squeezing her breasts.  She arched her body slightly, finally shattering into a million pieces against him and felt the warm essence of her flow over his pulsating cock, wrapping him in a tight warm wet cocoon.  She looked up at him, seeing him grit his teeth and knew he was close to his end, gliding her nails down his chest.


“Your turn, big man…cum for me…” She urged breathlessly, shivering at the growl emanating from his chest and nodded her head exigently, sucking her bottom lip between her teeth. 


This would be explosive all over again.


He’d cum, after he had pushed her back to that brink again.  Given how sensitive her body was, it wouldn’t be hard, and Mark contemplated her for a fraction of a second before pulling her off of him.  They both groaned at the loss of contact, but it was short-lived as he positioned Alice on her hands and knees, one massive hand moving to rest between her shoulders and he pushed her down, face into the mattress.  Quickly, he slid into her again, letting out a growl as the now familiar, addicting heat of her enveloped him.  This position allowed him to penetrate her even more it seemed, and when he glanced down, her toes were curling.


How the hell could her toes NOT curl?  This man had an insatiable appetite, one she hoped she could keep up with.  She had challenged him by saying she was forged out of iron and it was true, for the most part.  Sexually, however, she wasn’t THAT forged, not compared to him.  It was obvious he’d had a lot more experience sexually than her, which she didn’t mind.  Pushing herself up with her hands, Alice showed her own power and kept meeting him for every thrust, not missing one.  This position was so much better, more intense and made her world spin off its axis.


“Oh – Ohh Mark!  I-I’m there…I’m there again!”


Alice came again, the second climax rocketing through her body and dug her nails into the bedding as he continued pounding her relentlessly.  Flipping her red hair to where it pooled over her back and down her sides, her pussy quivered as his hand came down on one cheek and then the other, squeezing her flesh in his strong hands.  Mark was long enough that, when he was done turning her ass a shade of red that near matched her hair, he could reach up and gently but firmly wrap his fingers around her throat.  Alice tensed for a brief moment and then spasmed hard around him, enough that he needed to catch himself because it felt like she might suffocate his cock, not an unpleasant feeling, but one he had never experienced before, not like this.


“One. More. Time.” He managed to grunt out, sweat beading on his forehead.  He’d climax when she did, just once more.


Alice blinked, gasping for air and didn’t know if she had another orgasm left in the tank.  He was draining her, slowly but surely, and she didn’t know her limitations when it came to sex.  She’d never had a partner like him before, had never experienced multiple orgasms like this.


“I-I…” Alice couldn’t talk, coughing and pressed her forehead against the bedding, snapping her head up as a rush of adrenaline overtook her. “H-Harder…HARDER!!” She growled out and he yanked her by the throat, being as gentle as he could, given the circumstances, and felt her back press against his muscular chest.  Never once did Mark stop rocking in and out of her body, both trembling against each other. “P-Please…” If she passed out on him before he reached his climax, Alice would never forgive herself and cried out in both agony and ecstasy, forcing her body into submission. “PLEASE!”


Her begging, for what who knew, she could have been begging him to stop, or to ease her pain, or for him to cum, but it was enough.  Her screams of ‘please’ sent him over that cliff he had been walking along. “Fuck Red!” He cursed, hissing her nickname like it was both a swear and an endearment. 


Mark slammed into her one last time, every muscle in him tense, everything in him straining as he finally gave into his own release, bellowing her name loud enough to probably wake the inhabitants of the inn.  Spent.  Alice was completely spent and couldn’t move a single muscle after her sweaty body collapsed on the bed in a heap.  She turned her head enough to not suffocate herself, but that was it.  Her thighs, legs, arms…everything had a delicious ache to it, especially between her legs.  All she could do was lay there with her eyes closed, trying to learn how to breathe again and hoped her heart didn’t give out on her.  She was past the age of 30, definitely not a spring chicken like she’d been in her 20’s. 


Feeling Mark brush her red hair away from her face, emerald eyes met hers and she could only smile tiredly back at him, knowing tomorrow she would be incredibly sore.  Mark had pushed her to her breaking point, her limit and she hoped he continued to do it, having a feeling this wasn’t the only time between them.  He could tell by the way her eyes seemed hazy, her tired smile, he had worn her out.  He also knew they both were going to be aching in the morning, not only from the night in general but that intense bout they had just had.


“You stay awake now, Red.” He ordered, brushing his lips against her jawline before reluctantly pushing himself out of the bed.


Mark got the jacuzzi going quickly, adjusting the temperature to something conventionally comfortable and then turned to bend down and lift Alice up.  He already knew his leg muscles were likely to have cramping issues, he had climaxed that hard.  Maybe a soak in a hot jacuzzi would take away both their forthcoming aches.


At first, she thought Mark was insane to keep her awake after all the orgasms he forced her body to have.  Then, she turned her head to watch him get the Jacuzzi going and the smile on her face widened, feeling him lift her from the bed with ease.  The second her body sank into the hot water, with her seated sideways on his lap, Alice moaned out in sheer contentment.  The hot water felt incredible engulfing her body whole and Mark’s groans indicated this was just what the doctor ordered. “So thoughtful.” She murmured, softly brushing her lips against his and snuggled against his chest, not remembering the last time she felt this relaxed.


“I lied.” Alice looked up at him, seeing the questions in his eyes and grinned. “You have to deal with me longer than just tonight, Deadman.”


“Woman,” He growled, though there was no real bite to it, his voice low and rough, a sleepy drawl. “I think I just proved beyond all doubt that I am anything but dead.” Mark laid his head back, enjoying the jets that shot water at a steady pressure out at them, especially the one aimed directly at his lower back. “I don’t think I’ll mind having to suffer with your hellcat ass for a night more or so.” Though, he did have to wonder how that would play out for either of them if their coworkers should find out. 


Hell, they’d just have to cross that bridge when they got there.


“Mmm indeed you’re not…” Alice concurred, giggling softly, and decided not to worry about what came after this. 


They would figure it out.  She would have to return to the Alliance because of Shane McMahon, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t do things her way.  Page would not hurt her again, not if she could help it.  The stitches in her elbow had been taken out prior to the main event the previous night, but she still had a scar as a reminder of what Page did to her.


“I need to be honest with you about something, Mark.  I’ve never…had that before, that kind of intensity, in bed with a man before.  I’m nowhere near virgin status, but tonight, it kinda felt like I was.” She half-joked, sliding water up his chest with her hand and heard him purr in satisfaction.


Warning bells kind of sounded off in his head and he knew he was an asshole for it.  It sounded a bit like her confession was going to lead to some awkward, romantic shit and he honestly didn’t know how he would respond to any of it.  Their lives seemed a bit complicated without them mucking it up more.


“Yeah?” He didn’t bother opening his eyes, just let Alice continue doing what she was doing. “Sounds like you’ve been with the wrong men then, Red.” Mark was not the wrong kind of man, not in the bedroom and that wasn’t arrogance, just a fact.  He did pop open an eye to stare at her. “How’re you so damn flexible?”


It was her turn to feel awkward, her cheeks turning crimson and Alice shook her head, refusing to talk about her past. “That’s for me to know and you to find out…eventually.”


First, she had to know she could trust him and that in itself would take time.  Nobody in WCW knew about her past beside Eric Bischoff, so as long as he kept his mouth shut, which he would since he hated WWF and anything McMahon-related, everything would be fine.  Alice had no idea why she confessed that last part to him regarding the intensity of their bout and had felt his body tense against her the moment the words came out of her mouth.  Christ, it’s not like she was dropping the L bomb on him or something!


“Just so you know, I’m WAY more flexible than that, big man.” She murmured in his ear, smirking and slid some water up his tattooed sleeved arm, admiring the detailed ink.


Chapter 13


He had tensed because she had made a comment about feeling like a virgin during that romp and Mark knew from experience, women tended to talk like that when they felt something, or thought they did.  Sex itself was great, but the downside was the fact that people usually mistook it to mean more, or ‘felt’ more right afterwards as they were coming down from the high.  He liked Red, a lot, and it went up a few more notches at her last comment.  Mark groaned, grabbing her arms, and planting her opposite of him, staring at her intently.  Alice seemed to be a little on the obsessed side with the tattoos.


“Need your own, Red?” He drawled, eyeing what skin he could see over the roiling water and smirked. “I can think of a few places and designs.” His dick was attempting being hard again, it kind of felt weird.


“Yeah, I’ve wanted to get one for a while, but there never seems to be enough time to do it.” Alice admitted, reaching up to caress his face with her fingertips and shifted to where she straddled him.  The jets were forcing her off his lap sideways, but in this position, she had better balance. “What kind of designs do you think would look good on me?”


There was an innocence in her tone, but the evil glint in her eyes contradicted it.  Mark seemed to be a master at tattoo designs; she idly wondered if he designed some of them himself.  He was waking up, a bit.  Mark was more relaxed, less tired, just… comfortable.  Shifting so he could see her better, he raised a handout of the water to trace a finger along her collarbone.


“Depends.” He rumbled thoughtfully. “Tattoos are for life, Red, you gotta pick something that means something to you.  Or else…” He smirked. “You wind up with a demon head near your dick.”


Like his dumbass.  Every tattoo since had meant something to him and still did.  Giggling at the demon tattoo comment, she knew that was probably the only ink he regretted getting in his life.  She found it amusing and surprisingly sexy.


“True, very true.  I have a few ideas in mind, but nothing concrete.  I was thinking of finding a tattoo artist that free-hands designs.  I explain to them what I want, and they draw it out and I either like it and get it or don’t.” Alice figured that would be the way to go since she wasn’t an artist.  Stick figures would not look good on her and that was about the only artistic talent she had. “The demon head isn’t that bad, you know.  Nothing like your other ones, but still not bad.  It suits you…” Her eyes kept following his finger on her collarbone, his touch both relaxing and igniting her all at once.


“Like I said, I was drunk, and young… and stupid.” Very stupid. “Seemed like an idea at the time, but…” Mark grimaced, remembering the days after when he had sobered up. “Trust me, a tattoo downstairs is not a good idea, especially in this line of business.” He had been a rookie and, when the older guys had found out what he had gone and done… oh they had exploited that shit.  He had so much regret. “I know a few artists who do free hand, they’re not cheap,” Good tattoo artists never were. “But they’re damn good and they’re reputable.” Also another big thing.


“Everyone makes mistakes when they’re young.  And I will trust any tattoo artist you go to.  Simply because your artwork is stunning.” Alice had no idea when they’d have time to do it, but eventually the respective companies would have to give them more than 2 days off.  Not often, but when it came around again, Alice would be prepared and already had more than enough money saved up in her bank and savings accounts. “Money’s not a problem either.” She added as an afterthought, pressing a soft kiss against his Adam’s apple, the side of his neck and finally his ear, just enjoying being with him. 


Page and all the problems to come with the Alliance, especially Shane McMahon, was the furthest thing from her mind.  The contentment that washed through him felt alien, foreign, and Mark realized that it was probably fleeting.  But he was the type to enjoy the moment because they just didn’t come along very often.  He held her tight against him, letting his head rest on top of hers.  This wasn’t something he did often, sleazy motels near bars were more his speed simply because it meant less hassle from fans and the like; it was sort of just the lifestyle.


“Now, Red, don’t go getting spoiled on me.” He teased, hearing her snort, and laughed softly.


“I should say the same about you, Deadman.”


Alice pecked his eyebrows, nose and finally kissed him, a soft, pliant kiss, before finally extracting herself from the Jacuzzi.  She felt like a limp noodle, stretching her arms in the air and wrapped a towel around her body.  It wouldn’t be comfortable to sleep in a wet bed, after all.  After spending these days with Mark, what would happen when they returned to the road?  The house shows weren’t televised, but that also meant if Page got his hands on her, he would hurt her before Monday rolled around.  She touched her neck and then her elbow, plopping down on the bed, already knowing hell awaited her when she returned to the Alliance.  Her head snapped up when her cell phone went off and Alice grabbed it, one of the few things Torrie had for her before leaving the arena.




“Where are you?”


“I don’t think that’s any of your business, Page.” Shane must’ve given out her cell number to this lunatic.  Great. “What do you want?”


“Hmm that’s a loaded question, sugar.  You, of course.” In his bed, preferably, but they had taken a couple steps backwards tonight. “What happened to the deal we made?”


Alice scoffed, rolling her eyes. “Angle wasn’t an issue in the match, it was M-Taker.” She barely caught herself, having gotten used to calling the man by his birthname instead of his wrestling persona. “I told you I’d help if you needed it with Angle, but Shane insisted I hand him a chair to strike Taker…”


“You LAUGHED and CHEERED when that asshole leapt over the top rope onto all of us!” Page hissed out angrily, still applying ice to his balls and made a mental note to watch her feet.  They were lethal, especially in heels. “Sugar, you broke the deal and now you need to come receive your punishment.”


“No, I don’t think I will.  And punished for what exactly?  For not helping you assholes cheat your way to another lame victory?  Get over yourselves already!  I’m not coming back to the Alliance and I don’t care if Shane has my contract.  I’ll find a way to break it and you, Shane and the rest of the Alliance, including that slut sister of his, can kiss my ass!” Alice hung up the phone, tossing it to the side and buried her head in her hands, squeezing her hair between her fingers. 


What was she going to do?


See… now that was just rude.  If Alice had bothered to be nice… he might’ve informed her that he now held her contract, or at least, a good chunk of it.  Which, in his demented mind, meant that he owned HER.  But… she was a rude little girl, who needed punished.  She had broken their deal, not him.  He had done what he could and how had she repaid his courtesy?  By smiling and cheering on the Undertaker and nailing him in the balls.  He hadn’t missed the ‘M’ that came out of her mouth either, before she corrected herself.


“Oh my Alice… you’re such a naughty, naughty girl.”


“Page?” Mark was out of the jacuzzi as well, wrapping a towel around his waist and using another to towel dry his hair.  Long hair, in a jacuzzi, he had gotten a good chunk soaked.  When she simply nodded, he sighed. “What’d the witless wonder want?”


“He said…to come back and receive my punishment.”


Alice frowned, her own hair half soaked, but it didn’t bother her at the moment.  Nothing did except Page’s words.  What did he mean come back and be punished?  What would the punishment involve?  She shivered involuntarily, trying to think of a way out of this mess.  The contract could be broken, right?  They were standard contracts since Shane had only bought WCW a few months ago.  A lawyer would be able to help her with this and maybe she could even leave the company altogether to start over somewhere else.  As much as she wanted to ask Mark for his help, Alice didn’t want to put more on his plate than he already had regarding Dallas.  No, she’d find her own way and wondered if calling Eric would help any.  Probably not since the man wanted nothing to do with WCW after he was outbid by the McMahon family.


“Punishment?” Mark echoed, not overly liking that, and frowned, studying her. 


She had royally pissed off Shane and Shane was a McMahon through and through.  He’d find a way to torture Alice for her insubordination because that was just the kind of cock bite he was.  Mark had heard enough rumors about Page to be mildly concerned and stared at her.


“Red… has Page done anything to you?” Besides the obvious that he had witnessed.


“Not yet, but I know he will if I go back to the Alliance.” Alice conceded, tears filling her eyes and immediately blinked them away.  Now wasn’t the time to cry.  Now was the time to figure out a way to get her contract broken. “I don’t want to be anywhere near him.  He scares me…and I know, if I didn’t fight back tonight, he would’ve hurt me again…” Being assaulted had instilled that fear into her along with the rumors from WCW, which were all true. “His voice…the sound of it…he’s angry and he’s going to hurt me if he gets his hands on me again.  I need to call a lawyer or something…” Her background and past would be against her, however, considering how she’d gotten this job in the first place.


“Call a lawyer for what?  To get out of your contract?” Mark actually felt bad for her.  She was beautiful, and smart, but also… heartbreakingly naïve. “Red… things in the WWF are a lot different from the WCW.  McMahons run this shit, not… the talent.” He would bet money whatever contract Shane had gotten when he had bought WCW, hers, had been altered somehow. “Though, you could do what some of the other women have, sue for your early release, but those always come with a gag order.” Nicole Bass immediately came to mind.


“So what, I’m supposed to take the abuse all in the name of my job?” Alice shook her head, refusing to be someone’s beating post because of a job.  There were plenty of jobs on the planet and no bosses threatened or assaulted their employees, not without consequences. “And you seem to forget something – Shane McMahon is the owner of WCW and Stephanie is the owner of ECW.  They are three separate companies and Shane and Stephanie are just using the old man as a platform to promote the Alliance, as well as trying to drive Vince out of business.  The contracts don’t all tie together – Shane and Stephanie are doing whatever they want, including hurting people and I won’t be one of them.  I won’t be Dallas’ beating post.” Going back to stripping was an option; running away and getting a new identity was another possibility.


“All right, Red, all right.” Mark held up both hands in surrender, but his emerald green eyes were lit with concern.  She had forgotten what he had told her, one of the cardinal rules.  Nothing was ever as it seemed in this business, with the McMahons.  Alice would wind up learning the hard way and he already knew his big dumb ass was going to go along for the ride because he was already invested in her.  Damn her and her stunning looks, interesting personality, and nuclear sex!


“I know what this is about, and it pisses me off because my personal life shouldn’t interfere with my job.  It’s you.” She looked up at him, cracking the barest hint of a smile. “I won’t help them win against you and Shane is pissed at me for it.  I really don’t think Page cares, honestly.  We made a deal that, as long as I don’t have to interfere in matches that involve you, I could just stand there and cheer him on.  Well, he said I broke the deal because I cheered YOU on when you vaulted over the top rope earlier tonight and slammed into them all.  I couldn’t help it.  I’ve never seen a man your size do something like that in the ring.  It was incredible…” Mark was incredible, period, but that was beside the point.  She would not bend to what they wanted her to do, which was mess with Mark in the ring. “Maybe I can just…disappear…”


He had been a bit smug, and disappointed.  If that was the first time she had seen him fly, so to speak, then obviously she hadn’t watched WWF programming.  Mark could get up there and send himself off like the lightweights, if the occasion called for it.  When she mentioned disappearing, he grabbed her about the waist and fell down onto the bed, pulling Alice with him, a growl rumbling his chest.


“Why the fuck would you do that, Red?” He demanded, not amused with the idea. “Just how bad do you think the fallout is gonna be?”


“I-I don’t know.  I’m scared what Page is going to do to me, though.  And Shane and Stephanie, but mostly Page.  He’s psychotic, Mark.  He gave me the Diamond Cutter without a second glance, because I tried to help you…” Grey eyes lowered from his while she spoke, voicing her fears regarding Page for the first time. “He backhanded me and couldn’t done serious damage to my face.  If he’s capable of doing both of those things, I shudder to think what else he could and will do to me.  He’s not right in the head…and he’s extremely volatile and dangerous.  And now he has my personal cell phone number, which Shane probably gave him because I sure as hell didn’t.” She pressed her forehead to Mark’s, feeling safe in his arms and breathed out a shaky sigh.


Well… Mark thought, reflecting on everything she had told him, along with everything he personally knew about and had heard about Page, there was a pretty simple solution to her problem.  Idly, he wondered what kind of person Alice was.  If she would put the well-being of others, even those she didn’t like, above her.  Accidents in this business happened all the time and Page was known to have some seriously weak knees.


“I could end his career for you.” He offered finally, knowing he could make it look accidental in the ring. 


Grey eyes snapped up to meet serious emerald, his offer making her heart do a funny flip in her chest.  He meant it, he really would do it for her.  Alice had a bleeding heart though, even for a scumbag like Page and she slowly shook her head, caressing his lips with the pad of her thumb.


“That’s not the way to handle this and you’re too professional to do something like that.  I would never put that blood on your hands, Mark.” She softly kissed him, feeling his arms wrap around her to pull her closer. “I do appreciate the offer though.”


“You’re wrong about that, about me, Red.” Mark sighed, resting his cheek against the top of her head.  She was indeed a bleeding heart, and he would probably be doing a lot of the women a favor if he removed Page from the equation. “I’m not that professional, trust me on that.” Mark would be the first to admit he had done a few very unprofessional things and, given that Page had trespassed on his personal property and pulled some crazy shit, he had absolutely no problem putting professionalism aside. “He lays a hand on you again…” His tone dropped, a flat baritone, dark and cold. “And all bets are off.”


His protectiveness over her just made her feelings for Mark heighten.  It also made her feel better about the situation because Mark would protect her.  He wouldn’t let any harm come to her, especially when Page was involved.  However, until she found a way to break her contract or get out of this mess with Page, Alice was stuck with the Alliance.  That didn’t mean she would follow their orders or help Page in any way, shape or form though.


“If he touches me again, I’ll enjoy watching you end his career.” She promised, a dark tinge to her own voice and nestled against him. “I trust you, Mark.” That was a huge step for her to take since Alice didn’t trust people easily, but this man was different and she could feel it. 


He would never hurt her, not intentionally.


“Little fool.” Mark mumbled it without malice, more affectionate than anything, though he did believe the sentiment.


He moved Alice so she was on her side and lay against her, spooning, draping his arm over her side and didn’t bother with the light.  They were both fools, fucking around like this, sneaking around more like, when they were on opposites of the drama going on at work.  Mark sighed, planting a kiss to the back of her neck.


“Sleep, Red.  You’re gonna need it.” He had every intention of waking her up in a few hours.


Chapter 14


By the time Friday rolled around for the house shows, Alice felt much better about everything and also surprised she could walk without being bowlegged.  The positions Mark put her in…he had tested out her flexibility quite diligently and Alice allowed it, enjoying every second at the bed and breakfast.  They had driven here together, on his bike, making a few stops to stretch their legs and sore muscles.  Alice loved being on the back of his bike with him.  He even rode with her in front and let her steer the bike for a little while, on a backroad, much to her dismay. 


Once she got the hang of it though, Mark told her she was a natural on a bike and…well…that had prompted them to pull over with her flexibility being useful again.  Roaring into the parking lot, Alice kissed his back and unwound her legs around his waist before dismounting, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white tank top.  She’d bought the clothes on their way here and had gotten a text from Torrie letting her know she had her belongings waiting at the arena.


“I could definitely get used to riding with you like this.” They had already decided to share a room together starting tonight, Mark’s idea, because of Page’s violent tendencies and agreed to meet in the parking lot after the show was over with.


Snickering, Mark dismounted as well, stretching, and rolling his shoulders before moving so he was all up in her space. “Red, before it’s all said and done, you’re going to be more than used to ridin’.” He drawled, amused when a flush of color lit her cheeks.  After everything they had gotten up to these past few days… the fact that she still got a little flustered was… endearing.


Well, now, that was interesting.  Undertaker and the whore, who had verbally castrated him, canoodling in the parking lot.  Steve’s ice blue eyes narrowed as he stared at them, snorting before disappearing inside.  Traitors had to be punished.


“Oh really now?  You think so, huh?” Alice remarked coyly and cupped his goatee, pulling him down to be eyelevel with her. “I sincerely hope you’re right about that.” She kissed him passionately, letting him know she wasn’t bored or done with him already, not even close.  Breaking it, her eyes moved from his to the arena and groaned, knowing they had to part ways soon. “Do we have to go in?”


At his nod, she grumbled good-naturedly and took his hand, lacing their fingers together.  Mark already had his bag in hand, retrieving it from the saddlebag.  Together, they headed toward the back entrance and ignored all eyes that turned to them, both Alliance and WWF, respectively.


Considering how long he had been in this business, and how well he knew most of the people he worked with, Mark had known from the get-go when they strolled in, fingers laced, they would be stirring the pot.  He knew Alice was expecting it, but he also knew she had no idea the depths of the hell they were venturing into.  Ignoring the words tossed his way, Mark escorted her to the WCW corridor, though when one of the boys made a comment about her, calling her both a sellout and a whore in the same breath, he turned and punched the young buck.  He had to let go of her to do so, but it was worth it, seeing the bastard fall backwards onto his backside, hand at his bleeding mouth.


“Watch yourself, son.” Mark ordered gravely, tone daring anyone else to say something.


Alice shook her head, laughing softly and noticed it was none other than Chuck Palumbo who had ran off at the mouth. “He’ll never learn.” She looked up at Mark, hugging his side and the smile instantly disappeared from her face at the sight of Shane and Stephanie walking toward them.


“What the hell is this?”


“Are you two-?” Stephanie was flabbergasted, staring at the redhead like she’d lost her mind.


“Mark, don’t.” Standing in front of him, Alice highly doubted Shane would put his hands on her with the Deadman here.


She was mistaken.  Shane McMahon was not afraid of Mark ‘the Undertaker’ Calaway.  He reached out and took Alice by her upper arm, pulling her back with him and Stephanie. “We were getting worried about you.”


“You could have called us.”


“You two are so full of shit.” Mark spat, eyeballing Stephanie when she began smiling at him.  He did not trust these asshats a bit.

“No, we were.” Stephanie continued smiling. “We were worried Page got to her before we could.”


That was ominous.


Gritting her teeth, Alice shook her head at Mark and told him silently not to do anything. “The ring – settle it there.” She felt the hand tighten around her arm a little more and wondered where Page was at.  That’s who she was actually afraid of. “Thanks for giving that psychopath my cell phone number, by the way.  Real classy.” She grunted as he shoved her down the hallway, blocking her from Mark’s view until the door slammed shut.


“You stupid bitch!” Stephanie shrieked, immediately hauling off and slapping Alice as hard as she could, watching her head snap back.  She had a lethal slap on her. “What the hell were you thinking?!  Do you KNOW who he is, truly?” The goddamn Undertaker had abducted her, per Daddy and Shane’s orders, a few years ago and what happened during those 24 hours, Stephanie STILL had nightmares about.


“He can’t be any worse than your main man assaulting me!” Another slap, it was worth it though to see the look of fury on Stephanie’s face. “And YOUR BROTHER let that happen, by the way!” Another slap.  When Stephanie went to hit her a third time, Alice had enough and retaliated, driving her forearm right into Stephanie’s nose.




“I’m NOBODY’S bitch, BITCH!”


Shane was laughing at his sister’s misfortune, but… she was his sister and he retaliated by shoving Alice right into the concrete wall, hard enough to rattle her bones.  He knew she was feeling it and smiled his oh-so-charming smile. “Now,” He began quietly, adjusting his cuffs and ignoring the way Stephanie was cradling her probably broken bones. “Let’s get this straight, whore, you are indeed someone’s bitch.” When she shook her head, he backhanded her, the side Stephanie hadn’t got, just to ensure even bruising.  He was stronger than Stephanie by a great deal and he would admit, it sent a little tingle up his spine when Alice hit the floor. “You could have avoided all of this, you know that, right?  If you would’ve played the game, you could have had a promising career.” He clucked his tongue. “Too bad for you.”


“Am I late?”


Alice glared up at him, holding the side of her face and tensed at the sound of Page’s voice, tears filling her eyes. “You can’t control me, asshole!  None of you can!  This isn’t how you fucking treat your employees!  This is not how you get someone on your side and to follow you!  I’m not going to be abused by any of you any longer.  You put your hands on me again and I will be calling a lawyer.” She meant it, shakily getting to her feet and squared her shoulders, spitting blood out right at Shane’s feet.


“Shane…” Stephanie stopped him from backhanding the whore again, her blue eyes wide. “We really don’t need any legal issues right now, not with what’s going on with Mom and Dad…”


“Shut up, Stephanie!” Shane hissed, not believing she just spilled that kind of information to a traitor! “She won’t say shit or do shit…”


“Well, considering I’ve already spoken to my lawyer over the last couple days about what’s gone down around here lately, to me, and with Dallas, I assure you I WILL give you legal problems if you continue to assault me.” Alice wasn’t stupid and had come with backup, folding her arms in front of her chest.


“Wait, between you and me, sugar?” Dallas smiled in confusion, glancing between the three curiously. “We haven’t had any problems, now have we?  I thought we put that all behind us.”


“The point is,” Shane was not amused with his sister’s mouth and was tempted to backhand her next. “Bring your lawyers, dearest.” Because it would not be their first rodeo and he sighed, running his fingers down her cheek, smirking when she flinched. “What on earth do you think they’re going to do?  Defend a slut?  One who refuses to do her job?”


“Try me and watch what happens, McMahon.  I will burn your entire fucking world to the ground and piss on the ashes.  I DO my job, you just don’t like HOW and that’s not my problem.  And I’m not a slut just because I’m seeing someone you don’t like or approve of.  So, you can suck eggs for all I care.” Alice would not back down from this pathetic excuse of a human being and his wretched sister, her greys nothing more than steel. “I may be in the Alliance, but you don’t OWN me.  I’m not your property, just like every other wrestling star in the Alliance.  You don’t own anyone and without them, your companies go POOF – up in smoke!  Nobody owns me, and I hope the WWF kicks your teeth down your throats, you ungrateful assholes!” Mark would have a field day at the fresh bruises on her face when they saw each other later tonight.


Stephanie was laughing as she walked out, needing to go have her nose checked and potentially set. “You stupid bitch!” She giggled shrilly. “Stupid, stupid, Undertaker’s stupid whore!”


Shane shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose and then smiled at Dallas. “She really doesn’t know what kind of business she’s in, does she?”


“Nope.” Dallas was chewing gum loudly and folded his arms over his chest.


The quickest way for Alice to unite them all would be to proceed through with her threats.  He would probably piss himself laughing at how fast Vince went rushing to save his company’s face by burying her ass.  It wouldn’t be the first time, or the last.


“Poor Alice, down the rabbit’s hole you go.” Shane said quietly, nodding at Page.


“Come on, sugar,” Dallas took her by the arm. “Let’s go look at that face.”


“Let go of me!  LET GO OF ME!!” Alice fought with everything she had until Page lifted her over his shoulder, smacked her backside and that infuriated her. 




By the time the night ended, her face was nothing more than a gigantic bruise.  Alice had run away from Page as soon as the show ended, grabbed her belongings, and waited outside in the parking lot between two trucks.  When she heard Mark’s voice, she slowly stepped out of the shadows and not even the thickest amount of makeup could cover up the bruises on her face.  Page had helped with the bruising department, slapping her instead of backhanding, but it still left marks.


Glenn was the first to notice, his eyes widening. “Holy fuck.” What the hell did the Alliance do to their own team member?


Mark whipped around at what Glenn gawked at and Alice couldn’t look at him, wrapping her arms around herself with her bag in a rolling luggage behind her. “It’s not as bad as it looks…” It hurt though, she wouldn’t lie about that.


“Shit honey, don’t lie.  We’re not stupid.” Glenn grunted flatly, sounding a bit offended.  He glanced at Mark, who had gone deathly still and pale under his faint tan.  Though… the storm brewing in those venomous eyes, Glenn actually started to feel pity for whoever was about to have their ass whipped.


“Who did this?” Mark had known there was going to be hell to pay, for both of them, but she was a tiny ass woman!  Who the fuck beat up a woman? “Tell me, Red.” He ordered when she began shaking her head, growling. “Don’t fucking protect them!”


“I’m not!  I’m protecting you!”


It was all because she wouldn’t help Dallas against the Undertaker this happened to her.  The assault was worth it, she’d stood her ground and fought back as long as she could, but in the end, they had gotten the better of her.  If Mark went back in there to stir up trouble and destroy Shane, Stephanie, and Page, he would more than likely be suspended or fired.  At least, that’s what Page had planted in her head and she believed him.  Trembling like a leaf, Alice felt him gently but firmly lift her chin until broken grey met green venom.


“Please, please let’s just go back to the hotel and relax.  It’s been…a long night…” She was tired, in pain and wanted Mark to hold her in his arms while they lay in bed together.


“Just tell him the names, dollface.” Glenn ordered with a yawn. 


He looked all casual and relaxed, but his bright blue eyes were open and on the lookout.  Mark had gotten his own little ‘what the fuck are you doing?’ in the locker room tonight, but nothing like this.  Mark could hold his own.


“He won’t leave until you do.”


“Woman, let’s get something straight…” Mark growled, staring down at her. “I don’t WANT your fucking protection.  Worry about your damnself and tell me who did this.”


“No.” Alice was not only defiant toward Shane, Stephanie, and Page, but also the man standing in front of her.  She would give him almost anything in the world, but there were limitations. “Like you just said, let me worry about myself.”


She could be stubborn when she wanted to be; if he didn’t know that, they hadn’t spent nearly enough time together.  Mark would never strike her down like a dog, not the way Page and the McMahon hellion siblings had.  Maybe it would be best to call a cab and just spend the night apart.  Hell, Alice could hopefully find a cab service along with a motel somewhere in the city until morning.  Then she would have to get her own rental, but that could easily be taken care of as well.  Still, she stood there steadfast and waited to see what Mark would do or say.


“Yeah, you do that, Red.” He nodded viciously, his teeth gnashed.


“Now Mark…”


“I won’t have it.  I’m not going to have you getting your ass beat over me.” He said flatly. “If that means I have to send you packing, Alice, I will.  You understand me?”


Ouch. “Well, for what it’s worth, Alice, you’re brave.” Glenn said, watching as Mark stormed away, shaking his head. “But you’re both stupid.” He sighed, shifting from one foot to the other. “The fact that he’s so pissed is a good sign.  Means he cares.”


Send her packing?  Really?  She’d been assaulted because of her protection of him BEFORE they slept together and that wouldn’t change now.  The only reason she wasn’t telling him right at that moment was due to the fact they were still at the arena, where he could go hunt the McMahon siblings and Page down.  Alice would’ve told him once he was calmer and rational, but definitely not now.  Not knowing what to say to Glenn, she pulled her cell phone out just as a car stopped in front of her.  It was Torrie, her saving grace as of late.


“Get in, you’re staying with me tonight.” Torrie ignored Kane standing there talking to her friend and patted the seat. “Got a bed with your name on it, sweetie.”


The moment Alice was in the car and they drove off, she burst into tears, covering her face with her hands.


Torrie had no idea what to say, or what to do.  She wasn’t entirely sure what Alice was crying about, outside of her shitty work life and Alice did have a shitty work life.  She sighed, reaching into her purse with one hand and fumbled for tissues, holding them out.


“You’re going the wrong way.” Glenn pointed out to his friend, who was severely pissed off after seeing Alice’s wrecked face.


She was terrified of Dallas.  Mark was going to start with that son of a bitch and just work his way through the rest of the WCW crew.


Chapter 15


“Diamond Dallas Page, DDP, the Master of the Diamond Cutter, will be part of the 5 on 5 Inaugural Brawl at Invasion.”


“And we expect each and every one of you to be at your absolute BEST.  Because this is our LAST chance.  If we don’t win at Invasion, it’s over for us.” Little did everyone in that Alliance meeting know, Stephanie and Shane had a trump card up their sleeve NOBODY would see coming. “Do you ALL understand?”


“Yes.” Alice was personally hoping they lost so the WWF would be rid of this disease known as the Alliance once and for all.  Nevertheless, she answered along with the rest of the locker room as everyone cleared out to get ready for the show that night.  She wasn’t surprised to find Stephanie, Shane, and Dallas, standing in front of her.


“We need to know right now, Alice.  Are you with us or not?” Stephanie wouldn’t slap her again and had warned her brother not to touch the redhead because her face looked…horrendous, to put it mildly.  It was still bruised and, even with the heaviest makeup, the bruising shined through. “All you have to do is stand out there for Invasion and help us win.  It doesn’t have to be against the Undertaker either, he’ll probably have his sights set on Dallas, which is what we want.  Tell us you’re with us.”


For the sake of not having her head knocked from her shoulders, Alice nodded and locked eyes with Stephanie. “I’m with the Alliance through and through.” She hadn’t spoken to Mark all weekend and he hadn’t gone off his rocker on the Alliance apparently.  Or he simply didn’t care, she honestly didn’t know and couldn’t focus on him right now.


“Good, because tonight it’s on Raw Is War, it’s DDP and Rhyno against the Brothers of Destruction.  You best be on your game, Alice.”


“Or else.”


As long as she didn’t have to touch or help hurt Mark, Alice would do as she was told because she was tired of being assaulted. “I-I need to get ready for the show.” She muttered, walking past all of them out the door to the women’s locker room, fighting back tears.




“They got us facing Rhyno and Page.” Glenn announced, walking into the locker room he was sharing with Mark without bothering to knock.  He came to a halt, whistling.  Mark was in the process of changing shirts, and his back was a giant mass of bruises. “What the fuck happened to you?”


“Steve and his little posse of WWF supremacists.” Mark muttered, muscles rippling as he pulled the fresh shirt on, rolling his shoulders.  He had gone to beat some WCW ass and wound up getting his own beat down in the process.  That had been a great night all the way around. “Mind Red, don’t you touch her.”


“I don’t hit women… often.”




“Are you okay?  Did they…?”


Alice shook her head, having told Torrie everything that Shane, Stephanie, and Dallas did to her throughout the weekend.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday she stayed with Torrie, thanking her for sharing her hotel rooms.  Torrie told her something had to be done about their bosses and Page, but neither of them had a clue how to stop this freight train.  It would get a lot worse if WWF lost at Invasion, so both were hoping the Alliance lost.  Even though Torrie would more than likely be out of a job, she didn’t condone her friend being assaulted by their leaders and Dallas.


“Thanks.” She murmured softly, allowing Torrie to apply more salve to her heavily bruised face. 


Honestly, it looked a lot better than it had Friday night.  Torrie had tossed her cookies after Alice was asleep and cried for her friend, wishing there were something she could do to help her.


“I’m okay.  They said they wouldn’t hurt me anymore, as long as I do my job right.  They’re forcing me ringside at Invasion too.”


Torrie frowned thoughtfully. “What are you going to do about that?”


“Stand there and do nothing when it comes to Mark.  Other than that, I’ll help out with the others, if need-be and cheer them on, even though I really want them to lose.”


“You and me both.”




“You’re not even talking to her.” Glenn mused thoughtfully, busy lacing up his boots after gearing up, a foot propped on the seat of a metal folding chair, bent down to handle the laces.  One day, when he was old as dirt, he was switching to Velcro. “So why the fuck do you even care?  No pussy is worth getting your ass beat down.”


Mark grunted, not saying a word, sliding on his leather gloves.


“Not like you’ve known her all that long anyway.”


Coming from anyone else, Mark would’ve taken the words to mean ‘get the fuck over it’ or something.  But this was Glenn, and he knew Glenn was odd.  Glenn said things in a way that was offensive, but… Glenn was feeling him out.


“Mind your business.”




A knock on the door made both women jump; Stacy was busy doing something with Shawn Staziak, a nobody that had jumped at the chance to be part of wrestling history. “I got it.”


She wore a simple black leather skirt and a WCW sleeveless top that was tied on the side and hung off one shoulder a bit, simple black heels on her feet.  She wasn’t in the mood to wear anything more stylish, her hair simply braided over her shoulder, thanks to Torrie.  She did her own makeup, not wanting the makeup artist to see how horrible her face looked without it right now.  Opening the door, Alice looked up at Dallas and knew it was time to go to the ring, stepping out to shut the door behind her.  Silently, she followed him and Rhyno to gorilla position and felt her heart skip a beat at the sight of Mark and Glenn.


“Remember what Stephanie said, sugar.”


She nodded stiffly, stepping away when he went to wrap his arm around her shoulders and leaned against the wall, keeping her eyes lowered.


“Remember what I said.” He added, in an overly sweet tone, walking over to lean into her, forcing her to move so her back was to the wall.  Dallas filled the gap between their bodies, pressing into her. “You best behave tonight, sugar, or else… that Diamond Cutter will feel like a lover’s caress…” He whispered that last bit against her cheek, then dropped a kiss on her temple.  Dallas, knowing she was likely to nail him in the balls, sauntered away and smirked at his partner of the night.


Shuddering, Alice felt like vomiting and wiped the kiss from her forehead, shooting a deadly glare in his direction.  He was patronizing her and there was nothing she could do about it!  All she wanted to do was flip them the bird and tear the WCW shirt off, which she was being forced to wear per Shane’s orders.  When Dallas’ music hit, he pushed her none too gently through the curtain and didn’t see Glenn holding Mark back, too busy focusing on not falling flat on her face in these heels.  Refusing to smile, she walked down the ramp behind Dallas and simply walked around the ring, staying on the outside.  At his glare, she lazily clapped for him and showed her disgust for the world to see, folding her arms in front of her chest. 


After Rhyno made his entrance, the pyro on the stage exploded as Kane’s music hit and out he came, stalking to the ring with purpose.  The four posts exploded again with more fire, which went into Mark’s entrance music by Limp Bizkit.  He came out on his bike, circling the ring and Alice made sure not to be in his way, their eyes locking briefly before he parked the bike to finish his entrance.  She missed him, feeling her heart ache, and had to fight the urge not to cheer him on.  WWF is where she wanted to be – Mark is who she wanted to be with – not the Alliance and Dallas.  Never Dallas – it’d be a cold day in hell before that happened.


“Hey, Deadman,” Dallas taunted, standing toe to chin with the Undertaker.  The match hadn’t started yet, and he had been a total disrespectful cunt by not letting Kane or Taker do their poses.  He had just slid in and interrupted. “You’ve been making eyes at my woman.”


Making eyes?  Glenn cocked his head to the side, eyes narrowing behind his mask before glancing at Mark.  Mark simply stared down his nose, heaving a sigh and slowly shook his head, lips curving upwards.  Well… that wasn’t good.  Rhyno’s eyes widened when Page was lifted by his shirt and tossed back into the turnbuckle.


The steel in her eyes and the stoic look on her face told the story.  She was NOT Page’s woman and never would be!  Deciding to prove a point, even though it would more than likely cost her, Alice promptly walked around the ring until she stood in Kane and Undertaker’s corner.  Rhyno gaped while Page’s face turned a bright shade of red and she waved three fingers at him before flipping him the bird.  The crowd went berserk, cheering her on and, just like last week, she tore the WCW shirt off to reveal a Deadman Inc tank top underneath.  Alice was prepared this week, enjoying playing mind games with Page.  They were fun, especially since he royally pissed her off.  It was clear as day who Alice belonged to and she’d just basically slapped every single member of the Alliance in the face and kicked them in the proverbial balls with that move.




“That stupid BITCH!”


Torrie was laughing her ass off in the woman’s locker room, cheering her friend on.


Her little bullshit move made it hard for Dallas to concentrate.  He was supposed to be wrestling Kane, but he kept glancing over at his whore, who remained firmly in the Undertaker’s corner.  Taker wasn’t even looking at her, not giving her the time of day, but she was still there.  He didn’t get it!


Mark was well aware of what was going on; he just wasn’t about to break character at the moment.  When Kane switched out with a tag, he accepted, getting in, and approached Page, an evil grin finally breaking his stoic expression.  Page wasn’t having it.  Shaking his head, he turned and lunged for Rhyno, tagging in the other man.


What a bitch… that was fine though, he’d get his chance.  Mark went to town on the other man, noting the size of this beast, his width, and figured he was the muscle, Page the brains.  Damaged brains but brains.  Dallas began working his way towards Alice, who was moving between turnbuckles the opposite side of him, her eyes firmly fastened on the men in the ring.  No, on Taker.  She was staring at Taker.


“You fucking whore!” He snarled when he was within reach, grabbing her about the upper arm hard enough to bruise her.  Dallas began shaking her, rattling her teeth.




“Traitor!” He shoved her back into the steel steps.




He looked up in time to see Taker flying over the top ropes, swallowing hard.


Her back and head hit the steel steps with a sickening thud and Alice saw stars, holding the back of her head.  When she pulled her hand away to look down, there was a red substance.  Blood.  She was bleeding…and seeing double vision, trying to clear it.  Hopefully, that shot didn’t give her a concussion, but right now all Alice could do was sit there holding her head and trying not to pass out.


“What a despicable human being to do that to a woman!!  Even if she’s part of the Alliance, nobody deserves to be treated the way she has!”


“JR, I couldn’t agree with you more.” Michael Cole sounded disgusted as well, shaking his head.


“Can someone from the back please help this young lady?!  She’s bleeding for god sakes!!”


Before anyone could come out to help her, the locker room flooded out with ECW and WCW stars, effectively ending the match in a disqualification.  Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle quickly joined the fray, but it was no use.  There were too many of them!  Suddenly, up on the Titan Tron showed Stone Cold Steve Austin squealing his truck to a halt in the backstage area.  He’d been gone for the duration of the show at some bar, drowning his sorrows since Vince McMahon asked for the old Stone Cold back for Invasion last week on Smackdown!.  He didn’t need the current Stone Cold, he needed the TEXAS RATTLESNAKE and the Rattlesnake had arrived with a vengeance. 


Working his way through the back, Steve took out everybody in sight, holding the broken pool cue he’d brought with him from the bar he’d left Debra, his wife, at.  She wasn’t important right now, kicking ECW and WCW’s ass was!  The arena EXPLODED as Stone Cold Steve Austin made his way down the ramp and slid in the ring, beginning to stun anyone in his path.  There had to be at least 10 stunners given out and the game suddenly changed – the power shifting – as the WWF stars – all 5 of them – stood in the middle of the ring triumphant while the Alliance retreated with their tails between their legs.




Smiling, Alice fell over and passed out, blood slowly leaking out of the back of her head.


Yeah, those fucks could celebrate all they wanted.  Steve had led the charge tonight and he had led the assault on Mark’s person for ‘dallying with a WCW whore’.  Mark knew Steve held a grudge against Alice for the way she had ‘lipped off’ to the guy.  He’d fight with them, but in his book, they weren’t that much better than the Alliance.  Hopping out of the ring, Mark crouched down by Alice.  Her fiery hair was a darker shade of red and he reached out, hesitating when he seen blood on his fingertips.  He waved towards the back, wondering why no one was out here already.


That would be Stephanie.  She wasn’t amused.  She was also holding the EMTs sort of hostage.


Cursing, Mark gently lifted Alice up into his arms like she was his bride, feeling her long hair brushing against him as it hung down, blood threading through the tresses and dripping on his boots.  Well, it was an interesting visual and Glenn felt a bit bad.  This was basically a giant ‘fuck you’ to both Factions, without Mark and Alice even intending it that way.  They had some dark days and rough roads ahead of them.  He just hoped it didn’t end in a bloodbath and with his friend’s heart ripped out of his chest, courtesy of the redhead.


Chapter 16


Larry looked up when Taker came stalking through his door with a woman in his arms and gently lay her on the bedding.  He didn’t have to be told twice when the big man ordered him to look at her head and closed the door, flipping the lock on it.  Even though she was WCW, nobody deserved the type of treatment this woman had gone through lately.  Larry had seen her more than the wrestlers!  He’d been the one to give her the salve for the bruising on her face.  Sighing, he got to work and checked the back of her head, feeling the lump along with the small cut.  Head wounds tended to bleed a lot more than any other part of the body.  It was a superficial wound and would require a few staples to close it properly.


“She has a small concussion, Taker.” He informed the conscience of the WWF, something JR called him and watch the big man nod. “I’m gonna wake her up, and it’s not going to be pretty…” Having a pin stuck underneath the fingernail wasn’t a pleasant way to wake up, but…it had to be done.


A hiss sounded from her lips followed by a groan. “Oww…” She mumbled, slowly opening her eyes and saw Larry and then… “Mark?”


What was he doing here?  And why was she in the trainer’s room?  Everything was foggy, fuzzy, she couldn’t remember what happened at the moment.


“My head…”


“Uh yeah, your head.” Larry echoed flatly, planting his palm on her chest to stop her from trying to sit up. “No.  You lay there.  If you sit up, you’re going to wind up losing your balance and throwing up.” Concussions were always fun, but given how hard she had hit those steel steps… “I’m calling for a bus; I want her to have an MRI, make sure there’s no swelling or bleeds.”


Mark nodded, realizing she was going to need her belongings. “I’ll be back.” He glanced down at Alice, reaching out to gently touch her chin. “Stay put, Red, I’ll be back.”


Larry watched the big man walk out, spotting Glenn out in the hallway and made that call before returning to Alice. “He’ll probably go with you.” He reassured her, then he walked over to lock the door, just in case.


“You’re really going to walk down that hall and waltz in for her stuff?”




“Oh this is going to be fun.” He was definitely going.


Torrie was already waiting for them as soon as the knock came at the door, handing over Alice’s bag without hesitation. “Is she gonna be okay?  Can you at least tell me that much, Mr. Undertaker?” She knew better than to call him by his birth name, which Alice had during their talks over the weekend.


“She’s on her way to the hospital, blondie.” Glenn supplied, seeing the true concern and worry in the woman’s eyes and folded his arms in front of his chest just as Shane and Stephanie stalked up to them.


Torrie immediately slammed the door shut, acting like they had inconvenienced her.


“What the fuck are you doing here now, Calaway?  This isn’t your turf…and you’re really starting to piss me off…”


“Yeah, and what are you doing what that whore’s stuff?!” Stephanie’s shrill voice demanded, blue eyes narrowing.


Glenn cracked his knuckles, waiting to be given the word to tear Shane and Stephanie apart.


Whore?  They thought of her as a whore.  Mark knew she had been getting crap since she had been brought into the WWF, and the majority of it stemmed from her ‘disrespecting’ Shane, by refusing to seduce his old man.  That one incident had set her down this road with Page, and then… then apparently he had gotten his hooks into Alice and she had been unable to do anything against him, even before they had started sleeping together.  He was fed up with their antics and abuse towards Alice.


“Grabbing MY woman’s stuff, got a problem, son?”


If Glenn were the giggling type, he would have giggled in sheer delight at the expression on both Shane and Stephanie’s respective pointy faces.  As it was, he simply prepared for a fight, his eyes going to the people gathering behind the McMahon’s.  Mark hadn’t missed it either and began grinning, the grin widening when he spotted Page stumbling his way.  That bastard had taken the full force of his little flight.


“Your woman?” Stephanie scoffed indignantly, folding her arms in front of her chest. “You brainwashed her against us!”


Glenn cocked a very slow brow, no longer wearing his mask since he really wasn’t a ‘burnt freak’ like the fans thought. “Princess, I’d tread carefully if I were you.” They had to hurry.  The bus would be here for Alice any minute and, if Mark missed it, he knew his friend would be pissed.


“She’s MY woman, understand that, bro?  I own her contract, she belongs to ME!” Dallas smiled maniacally, trying to get his equilibrium back on track.


“Taker, she’s with the Alliance and she’s staying with us, whether you like it or not.  And she will learn her place sooner or later.  We just have to…break her a bit more.” Shane laughed alongside his sister, draping an arm around her neck. “So, have all the fun you want, but in the end, the Alliance will win, just like we will this Sunday.”


Stephanie really wished her brother hadn’t said broken because now Taker was staring at her and his gaze was pure evil.  A sadistic smile spread across his lips and she was transported back to when he was the Lord of Darkness.  Her insanity was genetic, sure, but Taker had been the one to shove her over that brink.




“You touch her again, and I’m going to stop playing nice.” Mark warned in a low, calm voice, his face still curled into a demonic smile. “I’ve already played with the Princess; maybe I’ll give Marissa a go, hmm?”


And on that note, Shane decided he’d relocate his own family before messing with these psychos anymore. “You can’t win.”


“Or simply break the Princess again.  I did enjoy hoisting her up over my shoulders around Mania time.  Too bad I didn’t just drop her to the floor and watch her go splat.” Glenn had a sadistic side to him too, recalling her screeching while Mark ‘negotiated’ their WrestleMania matches – his with Big Show and Mark against the Princess’s husband, Triple H. “Do tell me something Princess, how does it feel being a man-eater while hubby is away on injury?”


“M-Man – WHAT?!” Stephanie sputtered, her eyes growing wide and shuddered at the memory of what Kane did to her all those months ago. “I-I haven’t slept with anyone besides my husband!!”


“Sure you haven’t.  That’s why you got a boob job and you flaunt those things in skimpy outfits now, huh?” Glenn snorted, eyeballing her. “You’d suck anyone off that brought Jericho down, including RVD.”




Shane stepped up, eyes narrowed. “Hey!  That’s my sister you’re talking to, asshole!  Why don’t you get on outta here before I send the Calvary in to beat your asses again?”


“And send my best to my woman while you’re at it, schmucks.”


See, Glenn had given Mark time to calm down and come out of his ‘special’ place, as he liked to call Taker’s old LOD persona.  Mark’s character was just an extension of him and, during that period, the Ministry era, he had not been a very happy, nice guy.  Hence the Lord of Darkness trip.  He figured nobody really wanted a reemergence of that persona, that part of Mark, because it really just hadn’t been good for anyone.  This American Badass thing, this was truer to who Mark was.  It suited him.  And Glenn had thought, by running his mouth at the pair, Mark had calmed down, then Dallas had gone and cocked it all up.


“Well, fuck…”


Stephanie began screaming bloody murder, forgetting sometimes just how fast the Undertaker could move when he was feeling properly motivated.  Dallas had just gone flying through a door and she pressed back against the wall, staring out of fearful blue eyes as Glenn started dragging Mark away.  He was laughing, Taker was laughing about this!


“See you soon.” Mark blew her a kiss, practically howling with laughter when she actually fainted before turning and heading back to Alice.


HIS woman.


Just as Mark and Glenn arrived back at the trainer’s room, Alice was on her feet and holding onto the bedding, ignoring Larry’s warning not to move too fast. “He canceled the ambulance.” She said by way of greeting, seeing the slightly crazed look in Mark’s eyes and looked over at Glenn, who had a firm hold of the man’s shoulder.  Something bad happened, she could sense it, but Alice didn’t bother asking about it.


“Take her to the hospital, Taker.  She needs that scan to make sure there’s no internal injuries.” Larry was worried about her ribs.


She had inconvenienced them enough and frowned, not wanting to ask Mark to take her to the emergency room for the second consecutive week in a row.


He could see in her face that she didn’t want him taking her and, when he snorted, she blinked.


Glenn slapped himself in the face when she stammered out she didn’t want to be a bother again. “Then WHY would the bus be canceled?”


“She told me to.”


“And since when do you listen to stupid people?”


“I can’t drive her.” Motorcycle.


“I’ll take you guys.” Glenn had gotten a truck, because he wasn’t suicidal and didn’t like the cold whipping at him.


“I can just…” Within a second, Alice was deftly swept up Mark’s arms again, feeling another wave of dizziness hit her and could only lean her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes.


“No sleeping for at least 2 hours and make sure you get the scan done.  You could be bleeding internally and could bleed to death if you don’t get checked out.” Larry informed her, a serious edge to his tone and shook his head at the stubborn woman.


Glenn lead them out of the trainer’s room, pulling his keys out while carrying all three of their bags.  Once they were outside, Mark slid into the truck with ease, not releasing Alice, knowing it was his way of keeping her from falling asleep.  A few minutes later, they were on their way to the emergency room.


The MRI scan took 2 hours and it showed bruised ribs, but no internal bleeding, thankfully.  She would be sore for a little while, but the ribs would heal along with the back of her head, which was stapled decently.  By the time they left the emergency room, it was nearing 1 AM and Alice was dead on her feet, once again being carried to the truck in Mark’s arms.


“Thank you both for helping me tonight.” She murmured, yawning and closed her eyes, soaking in Mark’s body heat.


“Go fuck yourself.” Glenn chirped in a very friendly tone, no hint of malice in it. “Next time, take the ambulance and save me the trouble, yeah?” He liked sleeping and had no patience for stubborn fools.  Which might’ve explained why he and Mark tended to come together and then drift apart.


“Shut up, Jacobs.” Mark yawned, running his fingers down her nose. “But he’s right, stop being such a pain in the ass and do as your told for once.” The woman was way too stubborn for her own good. “Get some rest, he’s not stopping anytime soon.” Alice was able to sleep now.


“Uh no, no I am not.” Glenn muttered, shooting his friend a dark look. “Because someone had to fuckin’ threaten the McMahon family, the wifey, that was rude.”


“Effective.  I bet’cha Shane has her and their kids moved tonight.”


Neither told her what she didn’t already know.  She was stubborn and figured Torrie would take her to the hospital instead of going via ambulance.  However, that would’ve required her going down to the Alliance wing and…wow, she really wasn’t too bright when she had a mild concussion.  Alice had no idea what they were talking about regarding Shane and didn’t care, her body already shutting down on her.  She had no qualms sleeping in Mark’s arms, trusting him completely and anyone he rode with was alright in her book. Within minutes, she was fast asleep, her chest rising and falling steadily along with her breathing, her own blood still caked in her hair.  It would indeed be shower time once she woke up again.


“I’m assuming she’s a fucking wildcat in bed because she’s not the brightest crayon in the box.”


“She has a concussion.”


“Uh maybe.” Glenn clicked his tongue, glancing at the way the woman was curled up in his buddy’s chest. “Or she’s gotten really used to you saving her ass and taking care of her.”


Yeah, Mark had kind of turned into her knight in shining leather and, the idea that Alice might’ve put off what could have been potentially lifesaving care, in order to catch a ride via HIM, did not set well with him. “I’m not doing that great a job though, am I?”


“No, you’re not.” His tone was flat.  Glenn had seen what was happening to her; situations Mark couldn’t or wasn’t able to save her from. “Which makes you both dumb.”


Glenn Jacobs, ladies and gentlemen, the weirdo who laughed at inappropriate shit and said, ‘fuck you’ as a hello.


It wasn’t Mark’s fault any of this was happening to her.  Alice had made the decision not to interfere with him during matches prior to them sleeping together.  She was smart, but also hated relying on people since she’d been dependent most of her life.  Making her own meals, learning how to clean at a young age, learning how to work on her broken down beat-up cars…the wrestling business was fairly new to her.  She’d only been in it a short time and WCW had never abused their employees, to her knowledge anyway.  Everyone had been nice there besides a select few people steered clear of and one of them was Page. 


Kimberly had been part of the Nitro Girls and they’d gotten married, no kids, and Dallas had…problems.  Rumors around the locker room was Dallas had abused her physically, mentally, and emotionally, to the point where Kimberly finally turned on him on national television, not scripted, and left the company shortly after.  Dallas was possessive of what he felt was his and seeing Kimberly in skimpy outfits dancing with other women on national television did not set well with him.  He had tried to get her to stop being a Nitro Girl, but Kimberly refused, and the abuse soon followed along with drugs and alcohol.  Those were just the rumors, so Alice could only imagine what the poor woman had actually gone through at the hands of her psychotic husband.


Chapter 17


“Why the fuck would you bring us here?” Mark had fallen asleep, cradling Alice on his lap and, when he woke up, it was because sunlight was hitting him in the face.  He had shifted in his seat to find Glenn grinning at him. “Seriously?”


“Who the fuck is gonna look for you at MY house?” He was the 7-foot weirdo, who lived in a cabin in the woods.  It was like a really bad horror movie, but… locals steered clear, which was all he wanted, some peace and privacy. “Besides, it ain’t like you weren’t planning on skipping house shows anyway.”


That was true, and there was no way Alice could perform anyway.


“W-What’s going on?” Alice was awake as well and immediately regretted opening her eyes, shielding them from the sunlight.  Her head was pounding a relentless drum in her skull.


“My place.  Smackdown! is tonight, but after what happened to you last night, you two need some time off.  I could use it too before Sunday at Invasion.” They would take the rest of the week off and arrive on Sunday for the pay-per-view event. “We’re in Tennessee.”


Alice looked up at Mark, seeing him shrug and looked through the windshield at the large log cabin staring back at them. “Nice place…” She didn’t know if it was prudent or allowed to call him by his birth name like Mark.


Glenn shrugged modestly and stepped out of the truck, heading up the steps to unlock the door, sweeping up a beautiful brunette in his arms seconds later.


Even with a concussion, it didn’t take Alice long to discover the woman in Glenn’s arms was his wife, especially since she had a beautiful diamond rock on her left ring finger. “Have you been here before?” She asked, looking at Mark and hissed at how sore her back was. 


Damn steel steps – damn Page!


“Lots of times.” Mark said with a nonchalant shrug. “Glenn likes to pretend he’s a bootlegger, so I come out here to have my benders.” Glenn made some badass homemade, illegal as fuck, Tennessee Rye. “That’s his wife, Teresa.  She’s quiet.” Which was weird because Glenn was not; the two were polar opposites, but maybe that’s why they worked out so well.


“Teresa, this is Alice. She’s the one I was telling you about.”


Teresa nodded, studying the other woman thoughtfully.  “What’s wrong with her?” She flinched when Glenn began laughing his ass off while explaining. “That’s not funny.”


“I know, I know.”


“He means well, he’s just… crazy. Mark, bring her in, we’ll get a bed made up, maybe have a look at her back.”


“Please, don’t go to any trouble.  Just a bed is fine.” Alice made her way up the stairs and groaned when Mark swept her up for a third, possibly fourth, time.  She was losing track and felt helpless, shaking her head while Mark merely kissed her temple.


“Yeah, don’t mind her.  She’s a stubborn bi-woman.” Glenn caught himself, knowing better than to call a woman anything bad in front of his wife. “Sorry, muffin…”


“Mmmhmm…” Teresa glared at him playfully, accepting a soft kiss and turned her attention to Mark. “Just use the same room you always do, Mark.  Make yourself at home, both of you.  I was just getting ready to make some breakfast.” It was nearing 7 AM and she hadn’t expected to have a house full, or her husband home, until tomorrow.


“Alice, stop telling people to not go through any trouble,” Mark ordered softly, no longer amused with her independence. 


Being a survivor, relying on oneself was fine, but then there were times when one needed to cut the drivel.  He carried her down the familiar hallway, halting in front of ‘his’ room and nudged it open with his foot.  Setting her down on the feather tick mattress, Mark shook his head when she sank into it and began piling feather down pillows behind her back, gently.  These fucks were country through and through.


“Red, you keep saying you’re protecting people, or you got it, or you don’t want to make trouble… and when ya do, you tend to make trouble.” He said gently, sitting on the edge of the bed and stared down at her. “Stop fighting and let people help, okay?” Like him, for example.




Alice needed him, reaching out to take his hand in hers and leaned back against the pillows.  The feather mattress and pillows felt wonderful against her aching body, especially her back, which was heavily bruised.  Page had put his full force and most of his strength into that shove that sent her crashing against the steel ring steps.  She immediately sat upright, as much as she could and fingered her braided hair, eyeing the dry blood with a groan in both pain in her back and the fact she was dirty.  Extremely dirty – this blood had to go.


“I need a shower.  Will you help me to the bathroom please?” She could not get out of this bed without his help unless she wanted to injure herself further.


“Um no, no he will not.” Glenn said from the doorway, smirking and carried a large, old-fashioned basin of warm water, a bottle of soap, and a sponge. “Teresa sent this, says you would want that shit out of your hair.” He hadn’t really noticed it before, but he also hadn’t been paying her that much attention once they had gotten on the road. “Go see my wife, Calaway, she wants to uh, talk to you.” Actually, she wanted to rub salve on his back because Glenn had told her about Mark’s own beating. “I got Red here.”


“Be nice, man.” Mark gave Alice a reassuring look before stepping out, shaking his head.


The staples…Alice shut her eyes as the realization crashed over her.  A shower was out of the question until her head injury healed, which meant she couldn’t wash her hair the normal way.  Alice didn’t know Glenn well, so to say she was nervous was an understatement.




Carefully, she pulled the tie out of her hair and began to unravel it until the braid was completely out.  This would take some time since her hair was long and thick.  There was a reason Glenn offered to do this for her and sent Mark packing, so Alice braced herself for whatever was about to come out of the big man’s mouth.  Stay away from Mark would probably be on the top of his list along with stop being stupid.  Humming under his breath, Glenn gently but firmly pulled Alice away from the pillows and reached under the nightstand into the open cavity and pulled out a few of the guest towels.  He draped one on the bed, covering the pillows, glad he was a big boy because that meant they got the big, fluffy towels, then handed her one.


“I got it.” Glenn watched Alice curiously; she seemed to be waiting for something and he cocked a brow, working her hair loose gently.  She had undone the plait, now it was… well, her hair was as interesting as she was. “Stop being stupid.” He ordered when he realized what she was waiting on, laughing.


“Mark already told me that.” Or rather demanded it. 


She cracked a small smile at him and turned her head while he dipped her hair into the basin to start washing it.  Nobody had ever done this for her before, so it was definitely a new experience.  Once her hair was full drenched, it came time for the shampoo and Alice couldn’t take the silence between them anymore.


“So, do you mind if I call you Glenn or do you prefer Kane?” The last thing she wanted to do was piss this monster off and figured he had a preference regardless of his wife.


“My name is Glenn.” He said with a snicker, wondering why she thought she needed to ask. “Kane is a character; unlike Marky boy, I can separate the two.” Kane was a psycho monster with a fire fetish.  Glenn was just a little on the crazy side and didn’t play with matches.  Also, he was handsome. “I’m thinking, Alice,” He said slowly, his large fingers gently parting her hair near the staples, an area he would not be washing. “You should probably just quit your job.” Because she really sucked at it.  Valets were not meant to get their asses handed to them. “Or we could take out Page for you.” He repeated Mark’s offer, shrugging when she stiffened. “What?  He’s obviously a problem and Mark likes you.  I like Mark, it’s a circle jerk of favors.”


“If only I could, but it’s not that simple, Glenn.”


Page had informed her, after slapping her around a few times privately, he owned her contract.  It was still a WCW one, but his name was on it as the sole owner.  Shane had basically sold her off to a psychopath and, unless Page handed over the contract, she couldn’t quit unless she wanted to be taken to the cleaners in court.


“You and Mark can do whatever you want to Page, but that doesn’t change the fact he…he has my contract.” She finally admitted, feeling his hands stop and looked over her shoulder at him with a solemn nod. “I still have a year left on it and it can’t be broken.  It’s iron-clad.” According to Stephanie, Shane, and Page anyway. “And you’re right, I do suck at my job, but it’s not what I thought it would be either.  So, I got screwed when I first signed with the company and when Shane McMahon bought it.” Glenn resumed washing her hair. “I like Mark, too.”


“Hope so.” Glenn muttered or else he would have wrung her neck right here and now while he had the chance. “We’ll figure it out.  Always a way around shit, just gotta be patient and find it.”


Well, so much for Mark using the McMahons as that way.  He could terrorize them easily if he set his mind to it; they had families and he had already broken Stephanie once, but Page was a whole new ballgame.  How did you out-psyche a psycho?




“She worth it?” Teresa asked quietly, standing on a small stepstool in the kitchen with Mark bent over the sink, cleaning and tending to his back. “Because these are belt marks.” She had heard his little rundown; his coworkers didn’t find him dallying with an ‘enemy’ amusing and had jumped him.


“Hope so.” Because it was a bit late if it wasn’t.




“I brought some breakfast.  Go away.”


“Yes, ma’am.” Glenn bounced off the bed and skirted his wife, leaning over to drop a kiss on her head. 


“I figured you might need help cleaning up under your… clothes.” Why hadn’t those idiots changed her?  She was soaked in blood on her back, dried and probably itchy.


“Thanks.” There was no way in hell she’d allow Glenn to help her clean beneath her clothes and breathed a little easier.  Carefully, Teresa removed the Deadman Inc blood tank top and tossed it aside along with her bra, beginning to wipe the dried blood off of her back. “How long have you been married to Big Red out there?”


“Hmm…about 4 years now…” Teresa had to think about it for a minute, nodding. “Yeah, it’ll be 5 years in December this year, so 4 ½ actually.  Or close to it.”


She smiled softly, admiring both Teresa and Glenn to keep a marriage going that long considering he was on the road over 300+ days out of the year. “Do you travel with him sometimes?”


“Yeah, occasionally, but right now with Shane and Stephanie being assholes to Vince, he doesn’t want me on the road.  He doesn’t want me to be a target.” Teresa couldn’t wait until this Alliance crap was over with so she could go back on the road with her husband.  She missed him. “So why are you in the Alliance anyway?”


“I signed with WCW back in 1999 and when they closed their doors, Shane McMahon got all the contracts.  He voided them, made up new ones and didn’t show me what an asshole he was until AFTER I signed on the dotted line.” Before she’d even come on the road, Shane had faxed her the new contract along with other WCW stars. “And then he handed my contract over to Diamond Dallas Page…who is the sole owner of my contract now.  So even if I wanted to quit and leave, I can’t.”


“Oh wow…” Teresa blinked, not knowing what to say and finished up the woman’s hair along with her sponge bath, deciding to let her clean up downstairs herself.




He found Mark sitting at the table, stabbing eggs. “They that bad, huh?”


Mark grunted in response, trying to focus on eating, but every time he thought about what Dallas and the Alliance did to Alice, his blood boiled.


Silence reigned between them until Glenn couldn’t take it anymore. “She really is against you ending his career, isn’t she?” Glenn mused, on his third plate of food while Mark was being pokey and still on his second.  His wife was a damn fine cook and, the fact that she had managed to whip up eggs, ham steaks and biscuits, in vast amounts, on such notice… he’d have married her again if he could. “Why not just do it and let her deal with it afterwards?”




“So, this Diamond Dallas Page owns your contract, but…does that contract state you HAVE to accompany him to the ring?  Or is it just a standardized WCW contract?” Teresa asked curiously, helping the woman in a fresh orange tank top since it was warm in Tennessee and dark blue cotton shorts.  She’d already gone to the bathroom, with help, to wash downstairs while Teresa busied with pulling clothes out for her to change into, including fresh undergarments.


“No, it’s standardized, as far as I know.  I don’t think any clauses can be put into it without my consent.” It was HER contract after all, regardless of who had a hold of it. “What are you trying to say?” Her brain was still somewhat fuzzy from the concussion, but she could see the gears turning in Teresa’s head.  No wonder her and Glenn made the perfect couple – she was just as devious as he was. “Ohh…”


“Understand what I’m saying now?  Instead of being Page’s valet, why not just switch to Mark?  He could protect you better that way…” She held her hand up. “And don’t think for a second he wouldn’t, even if you didn’t do this because he would.  So, you can save him the hardship of chasing you down at the arenas and going into the Alliance part by simply staying with him on and off the road.  Could build your relationship too.”


“But I’d still be employed by WCW…”


“Doesn’t mean you can’t accompany a WWF superstar to ringside now, does it?” Teresa had a valid point and she knew it, grinning from ear to ear. “Now come on, you need to eat something.” She had also braided the woman’s hair again, wondering how the hell she managed to put up with it.


Alice would have to discuss this possibility with Mark, not wanting to interfere with his wrestling character or force him to do something he wasn’t comfortable with. “Okay…”



“Don’t think I’m not considering it,” Mark grunted, reaching for the mug of coffee Glenn had been nice enough to pour for him. He checked it for poison, just in case, eyeing his friend suspiciously. When Glenn simply smiled, he took a drink and swished. “Huh.”


“Don’t worry, I didn’t dunk my balls in it.”


Chapter 18


“Wait, you did what?” Mark demanded when Teresa came walking out into the kitchen, carrying a load of dirty clothes that looked like Alice’s.  He followed her to the cabin’s mudroom / laundry area, frowning.


“Just gave her some advice is all.” Teresa said serenely, flashing him a smile. “I was a lawyer you know, I do know a bit about contracts.” She hadn’t liked working in a boring law office, reviewing boring contracts, so she had quit, but… it had just come in handy. “Why don’t you go talk to her?”


“She’s interfering again, isn’t she?” Glenn sighed when Mark nodded and snatched his wife up, loving her giggles. “Go on, Mark, I’m about to bend her over the washer.”


“Oh for fuck’s sake…”


“Mmm, you better do more than that, baby…”




Sitting with a plate of food in front of her, Alice looked up when the door opened and took a bite of ham steak, trying it for the first time. “What’s wrong?” She asked softly, seeing the perturbed expression on Mark’s face, and blinked when he informed her what Glenn and his wife were doing in the laundry/mudroom. “Oh – oh geez…”


She laughed and grimaced due to her back and ribs, taking another bite of food.  He sat down beside her and pulled her back along with her plate to be closer to him.  Alice side-eyed him, wondering what was on his mind and continued eating, knowing he’d tell her when he was ready.


“She’s a really nice person; I don’t blame Glenn for marrying her.”


“She’s usually pretty quiet, soft-spoken.” Mark said, perching himself in the overstuffed corner chair and stretched his feet out to rest on the footstool, having taken his boots off in the mudroom, which he now may never walk into again.  He could only imagine what those two got up to in this place of theirs. “But she’s… a card.” Which was an understatement of mass proportions. “She was smirking when she came out, so what’d you two chit-chat about?”


“Just told her what happened, the predicament I’m in and…she gave me advice on how to handle it.  Advice I’m thinking about taking.” Alice replied nonchalantly, enjoying the delicious homecooked meal for a change instead of fast food.  Being on the road as much as they were, it wasn’t often they got homecooked meals.  Finishing up, she turned and hissed out, nearly dropping the plate and Mark was on his feet instantly to take it from her. “Damn it!” Page had done a number on her back; the salve only did so much, but nothing could be done for her bruised ribs. “Sorry…”


“Shut up.” He rolled his eyes, though there was no bite to his tone. “Why are you apologizing for something that’s not your fault?”


Mark would never understand this woman and he took the plate, popping it on the dresser.  He wasn’t venturing out of this room for a while, not unless he needed to piss.  It struck him… that Glenn really needed to add on to this cabin of his, add another bathroom because there was only the one.  Probably Glenn’s way of ensuring they didn’t get many visitors.


“He’s such an ass…” He muttered to himself.


“It’s a habit of mine.  You’re right, this isn’t my fault.  He had no right putting his hands on me and he did it anyway.” Mark sat down next to her on the bed, making her rise just a little because of his weight and Alice slid her hand up his arm, finally resting her forehead against his bicep. “You said you wanted me to stop and start letting people help me.  Well, I’m asking for your help now.  Teresa found a loophole for me with my contract.  So…and it’s okay to say no to this…I was wondering if you’d be okay with me being your valet from now on.  Just because I have a contract with WCW doesn’t mean I can’t go out there and cheer you on, which is what I really want to do anyway.” The Alliance was using WWF programming as their main platform until they figured out a way to get rid of WWF all together, which would never happen. “She said you can protect me better that way if I’m near you and you don’t have to track me down…”


Goddamn Teresa was a smart bitch, not that he would ever call her that to her face.  She might’ve come across quiet and reserved, but no woman in her right mind would marry Glenn unless she was fierce.  Teresa’s fury, especially when it came to someone screwing with her husband, or calling her bitch, was unmatched.


“Standard contract?” Mark asked, gently wrapping an arm around her, and leaned backed, letting her adjust herself into his side. “Which means as long as you’re valeting for someone…” She wouldn’t be in breach of her contract and no new amendments could be made without her approval.  Clever. “Yeah.. I suppose… I’ll take you on.” He drawled playfully, though inside he felt so much relief.  Now… it would be dealing with his own coworkers… he’d handle them.


Alice noticed him grimace a few times and frowned, wondering what kind of injuries he had.  If he were injured and carting her around, she would find a way to kick his backside.  That was the pot calling the kettle black since he’d basically told her not to be stupid, but here he was doing the same thing!


“Take off your shirt.” She ordered softly but firmly, sitting up a little ignoring her own pain.  At his raised brow, Alice plucked at the shirt he had on and drew her eyebrows together, pressing on his chest.  Another grimace. “You’re hurt, aren’t you?” It wasn’t a question and the worry seared through her when he tried denying it, pressing on his chest again, this time in another spot. “I’m not asking again, take your shirt off.” She had no idea about the beating from Austin and some of the WWF guys. “If I’m not allowed to be stupid and play the martyr game, neither are you, Deadman.”


“Oh trust me darlin’, I’m not playing any game and I’m not taking off my shirt.  I got my ass handed to me.” He informed her, rolling his eyes and shook his head when she tugged at the t-shirt. “Knock it off, Red, I’m not playing, it stays on.  I wasn’t defending you, or protecting you, when it happened.  Austin led the boys in a sneak attack and beat me down.  I’m fine, just sore is all.” He wasn’t hiding it, but wasn’t showing her his lovely bruises and welts either.


“Because of me…because we’re together, right?”


Huge tears slid down her cheeks as Alice stopped tugging at the t-shirt, not wanting to hurt him further.  Why couldn’t people just let them be happy?  Did it really matter which side they were on?  WWF or the Alliance had nothing to do with how they felt for each other.  The business isn’t what made her gravitate to Mark and she knew the same went for him.  It went deeper than that and she felt terrible he’d been beaten down like a dog because of his association with her.  Alice had mouthed off to Austin because he’d been a douchebag by manhandling her and she didn’t regret putting the bald-headed son of a bitch in his place.


“This is gonna get worse if I become your valet.  So much worse…”


“Yeah, because of you.” He conceded, not about to lie to her too much, if he could avoid it. 


Lying on this would have been stupid.  Alice would know the truth.  She had pissed off Austin, which Austin would take out on him, at least until he thought he could get his paws on her.  Then the boys thought Mark was a traitor because he was fucking her, helping her, being with her.


“And it is going to get worse, but we’ll weather it, Red.  Promise.” He dropped a kiss on her head. “Just chill out, I’ll take care of you.”


“I’m sorry that happened to you.”


It physically and emotionally hurt her to see him in pain; Alice wished she could do something for him, but he wouldn’t let her see his back or his chest.  She would take care of him the best way she could, but until this whole Alliance against WWF situation ended, they would be in for some very hard times.  Alice trusted him wholeheartedly, but he was only one man and she had a feeling Glenn would be helping them in the days to come.  Right now, they were far away from the business and in seclusion, together again, so she would embrace the moments they had like this as much as possible.


“I missed you.” She confessed in a whisper, feeling the exhaustion overtaking her again and snuggled against him without hurting each other. “And I promise I’ll be honest with you from now on.  I was planning on telling you what happened Friday night and who hurt me, but…you were so full of rage and I didn’t want you getting hurt by going to the Alliance.  I didn’t want anger blinding you, Mark.” She looked up into his eyes, grey mixing with emerald and brushed her lips against his. “Not still mad at me, are you?”


“Not right now, but if you pull that shit again, I probably will be.” He answered honestly, smirking when she pulled a face. “Darlin’, I’m not a nice person and you withholding info on me, best way to set me off.  I can be a total prick, just so you know.” She deserved to know what she was getting herself into. “And I don’t like being coddled, or protected, which by the way, I think your way of doing that shit sucks.” Mark was probably digging himself a grave here. “Now, anything you’d like to tell me off about?  Or about yourself?”


“I don’t coddle you.  Protecting you involves me not helping the Alliance win when it comes to you.  That’s it, that’s the gist of my ‘protection’ and you’re right, it sucks.  But it’s all I can do.  I’m not a burly guy like you are, I can’t knock people’s heads off or fly over the top rope to take out a coalition.  The only thing I can do is stand my ground against those fuck heads of the Alliance.  And showing I care about you and worry about you is not coddling either, so you can kiss my ass if you don’t like it.  I’m going to care about you and worry about you, even if you don’t want me to.  So, you might as well get used to it.” Alice wasn’t afraid to let her mouth run away with her when it came to Mark because, unlike Page, he wouldn’t harm her physically. “And I can be a bitch when I wanna be, so be a prick all you like.  I can handle it and more.” Now wasn’t the time or place to tell him about her past.  Maybe one day she would, but not until they had established something other than a half-baked or half-ass attempt at a relationship.


“Mmm, fair enough.” He rumbled in amusement, knowing they were both probably too damn stubborn for their own good. “But if I ever catch you trying to protect me by purposefully putting yourself in harm’s way, you’re not going to like what I do, Red.” Mark was giving her warning now, before they went any further down this road. “You’re not built to take the punishment like me, or the others, so don’t even try.  Got me?”


Meaning, if she went in the ring during one of his matches with him being beaten down, which would probably happen, she wasn’t allowed to interfere.  He wanted her to stand there and watch; that didn’t set well with her, but at the same time, it protected her.  It was his way of protecting her.


“You’re referring to the Diamond Cutter incident, aren’t you?” She mumbled quietly, watching him nod and heaved a sigh, lowering her eyes to her lap. “Okay – fine I see your point.  You win, I’ll…let you handle it.  I won’t try to save you anymore.” It had been the kendo stick shots to Shane McMahon that really ignited the hatred between her and the owner of WCW and Page.


“Good.” He nodded, satisfied and it showed in his tone. “I’m tired, Red.”


Mark felt the wear of the last week starting to come down on him.  His back hurt, moving hurt, and adrenaline wasn’t here to kick him up and get him going.  Yawning, he shifted gingerly, she knew he hurt, so he didn’t bother trying to sell her otherwise, until he was laying down, still cradling her against him.


“I am too.” Caressing his face with the back of her hand, Alice could already feel her body relaxing against him and soon sleep followed. 


If Glenn and Teresa were still going at it, neither heard a thing as they both slept in each other’s arms deeply.




By Saturday, Alice’s back felt marginally better and she could walk a straight line without losing her footing.  The concussion was more than likely gone and the staples in her head would be able to come out in another day or so.  Thank goodness because she missed taking a shower, hating sponge baths with a passion.  Currently, she sat outside in one of the lounge chairs in front of the pool, wearing a white string bikini, her hair braided, thanks to Teresa.  The woman wasn’t as quiet as Mark claimed and they had a blast together, hitting it off.  Glenn and Mark were chopping wood for a bonfire they planned on having tonight and the women enjoyed the sight of their men working their arms. 


Both were shirtless, sweaty, and looked delicious.  Most of Mark’s bruises and lacerations were healed up, though there were a few yellowish spots on his skin where the bruises had been.  Still, he was the sexiest man Alice ever seen and she thoroughly enjoyed watching him work his body, sliding her sunglasses down her nose enough to watch alongside Teresa.  When the men stopped to look at them, they pretended to talk about something and laughed together, waiting until the men went back to work before ogling them all over again.


“You got to take that broad and leave.  I don’t like her.”


“Because Teresa is all… giggly and laughing?”


“Yeah, exactly.” Glenn grunted, his curly hair pulled back into a sloppy bun at the base of his neck, sweat rolling down his bare chest and arms. “When women are like that, they’re plotting and planning.  And you know my wife…”


“Your wife is a bitch.” Mark let out a string of curses when Teresa’s empty Bud Lite bottle nailed him in the kneecap with expert precision. “THAT COULD HAVE SHATTERED, YOU BI-” And he swallowed that down because she had access to more. “I’m sorry.”


She cocked an eyebrow.




“Good boy.” Glenn snickered, knowing better and shook his head. “Man,

you know she hates that word.”


“And you better get used to Alice being around, Glennie.” Teresa informed him coolly, winking over at her newfound friend. “Because I gave her my number and, after this Alliance shit is over with, I will be coming back on the road with my sexy husband.”


“And we WILL be hanging out together and talking.” Alice added, feeling like her old self again the longer she was here and away from the wrestling business.  At the arenas, she felt like a scared little girl and hated that feeling because she was a 30-year-old grown ass woman. “I really like your wife, Glenn.”


‘Get her out of here.’ Glenn mouthed, not meaning it and couldn’t remember the last time he’d saw his wife so…open and full of life.  She really was usually quiet, but Alice had stirred something inside of her…brought out an inner fire, and Glenn would be lying if he said he didn’t like it. “You girls enjoying yourselves over there sunbathing?  Mind helping us?”


“Now why would we do that when we’re enjoying watching the two of you work up a sweat?”


Chapter 19


“Mmmhmm…” They toasted each other, having longnecks and once again began watching the man candy in front of them. “Do you think Glenn would mind if I offered him a tongue bath?” She asked Alice quietly, leaning over to where only she could hear.


“Hell, I was thinking of offering Mark the same thing.”


“You know, if they get too mouthy, we could just bury them in the backyard.  Wasn’t Teresa bitching about how dead your soil is?”

“She was.  Then she made me add amend… shit, stuff.” Glenn saw where this was going and smirked, glancing at the gorgeous women sunbathing. “Bet they would make real good fertilizer, minus that tanning oil shit.  Smells like coconut and hookers.”


“I’ll give you $100 to go ask your old lady how much.” Mark began outright laughing when Glenn started shaking his head no.  Seven foot just about and whipped to hell and back by a short little woman.


The tanning oil made them bake in the sun, but it also protected their skin from drying out as well.  Coconut oil was a beautiful thing and it smelled heavenly.  Alice raised a brow at Mark’s booming laughter while Glenn kept shaking his head repeatedly before flipping the Deadman off.  That sent both women in a fit of laughter themselves and they stood up, deciding a dip in the pool was in order.


“I gotta tell you, Resa, I never want to leave here.” Alice crooned, floating in the water on her back.


“Yeah well, you’re gonna have to eventually, Allie.” She grinned, floating alongside the redhead, and sighed in contentment. “I’m a lucky woman having a man who gives me anything I want.  I told him a log cabin was fine and all, but I wanted an inground pool and he did it, no questions asked.” It was the only NON-southern, hillbilly thing the house had. “What do you think they’re talking about over there?”


“Knowing those two, do you really wanna know?”


“Nope, I’ll pass, thanks.”


By the time the men were finished, they had cut several more cords of wood and Glenn was pretty glad for sunblock, which he had applied quite liberally and repeatedly.  He wasn’t fixing to go to work as Kane with a sunburn… no. “Well thanks man, that’ll do us when winter gets here.” He said after a moment, surveying the work he had done by himself and then what he and Mark had just added to it. “I’ll think of you whenever I’m warming my ass.”


“You do that.” Mark wiped sweat off his forehead, turning towards the inground pool and stretched, eyes on Alice.  She was healing up quite nicely. “Think your wife would get pissed if I shucked the pants and dived in?”


“Well… that or she’s gonna take pictures.” It was pretty hot out.


Both Alice and Teresa squealed out when a bare-assed naked Mark cannonballed into the pool, sending waves over them, and forcing them under water.  Alice came up sputtering, coughing a little and glared playfully at a grinning Mark, shaking her head.  Teresa, on the other hand, did not find that so amusing and proceeded to dunk Mark from behind, catching him off-guard since he’d been entranced with Alice.  She laughed, clapping her hands and covered her face when Glenn next dove into the pool.  He was also naked as a jaybird!


“Oh my god, can’t you guys go get some damn trunks on?” The last thing she wanted to see was Glenn’s lower regions, especially in front of his wife, who had joined her husband while Mark continued snorting water out of his nose. “Feel better?” She asked once she was in front of Mark, her braid floating in the water behind her.


“No, that fucking burns.” He grunted, ignoring her, and focused on the lovely sensation going on in his nose.  Coughing, he finally looked down at Alice, grinning as he wiped water off his face and pulled her up against him. “And no, we can’t get trunks on.  That takes time and we’re hot now.”


“And neither of you wear underwear?” Teresa was in the safety of Glenn’s arms, where Mark couldn’t retaliate.  She already knew her husband didn’t, not often, but Mark would.


“You’re not up for the Brothers of Destruction?” Glenn began laughing his naked ass off when Teresa started sputtering, listening to her tell him how much he needed Jesus and whatnot.


Alice laughed at Teresa’s response, however her eyes never left Mark’s, not for a second.  Being pressed against his naked body with just the thin material of her bikini separating them made her body temperature skyrocket.  She was more than hot now, she was scorching and slid her arms around his neck while they floated in the water together, his arms wrapped firmly around her waist.


“You totally ruined my plan…our plan, actually.” She side-eyed Teresa briefly, who was busy being preoccupied by her husband’s tongue down her throat and immediately looked back at Mark.  At his arched brow, Alice leaned up a little where her mouth hovered over his ear. “I was going to offer you a tongue bath.” Then she kissed the pulse point on his neck and felt his arms tighten around her.


He growled, burying his face in her neck, and inhaled.  She smelled like chlorine, sun, and that tanning oil.  It was a weird combination, it worked he guessed. “You still can, Red.” He informed her, kissing his way up her jawline. “Later.”


He wasn’t about to let her over-sexed ass pull him out of this pool, not just yet.  Having Glenn right there with his own wife was also a great deterrent for his dick.  Having Glenn there made it stay down.


“Off with you, seductress.”


“Yeah, no shit.” Glenn grunted, moving backwards before his wife could grab him by his tenders. “Evil. Evil.”


“And here I thought you offered the Brothers of Destruction.” Alice waved her finger, clicking her tongue in a chastising manner and smirked at Teresa’s giggling behind her. “All talk, no action.  All bark, no bite.”


“Hey!  The only woman I bite is my wife.” Glenn growled, folding his arms in front of his chest, and puffed it out a little.


That just made Teresa laugh harder. “Mmm he does bite rather well, I must say.” She winked and smirked at Glenn’s groan, shrugging her shoulders.


“I’ll take your word for it.” Alice had zero interest in Glenn, her attention firmly on the man with the long auburn hair and stunning emerald eyes. “I really don’t want to go back tomorrow…”


“I know, but remember what I told you.  You found your loophole and Mark is onboard with everything, including Glenn, so if Mark doesn’t have a match that night and Glenn does, you can just accompany him to the ring.  That way, you’re covered either way.  And if neither of them have matches, hide, or leave the arena.  It shouldn’t happen too often.”


“I’m seriously gonna miss you.  You’ve helped me so much these last couple days and I really appreciate it.”


Teresa could tell she meant it and smiled, hugging her briefly. “We all need help sometimes.”


“I’m worried my wife is going to turn into a lesbian and leave me for Alice.” Glenn said, sounding both annoyed and amused as he and Mark went out to the deep end of the pool. 


It went over HIS head.  There had been no point in having a pool if he couldn’t have water he had to tread in.  Teresa hadn’t been amused the first time he had tossed her in that side.


“We’re sharing a valet, remind you of anything…”


“God, what was her name…” She hadn’t been a valet and this had been back before Teresa… and before Glenn had actually made it as Kane. “Candy?  No… Mandy?”


“Fuck if I remember, but she did have a really neat mole between her shoulder blades.”


Of ALL the many things to remember about that woman, he went with the mole? “You’re fucked up.”


Besides Torrie, Alice didn’t have any friends because of her hectic traveling schedule and what she did for a living.  It was nice to have someone who actually knew a thing or two about the legal world.  Teresa was a godsend in Alice’s eyes and, if she was into women, she would’ve tried snatching her away from Glenn.  She’d never done girl on girl action besides stripping, but even then, it was all for show.  There was no kissing, just touching, and Alice quickly figured out she enjoyed men only.  There was nothing wrong with women loving women and men loving men, but it just wasn’t her cup of tea. 


She was shocked Mark had agreed to let her valet him to the ring along with Glenn.  Since he was on a slightly lighter schedule these days, Mark didn’t always wrestle, and Alice knew Shane would try to find his own loophole within her iron-clad contract.  So that’s why Teresa suggested enlisting Glenn to help and she was sure the woman had convinced her husband to do it.  Again, she owed Teresa and would never be able to fully repay her.


The only problem Glenn had with Teresa’s little plan was the fact that now he would have a giant bullseye on HIS ass.  It was one thing to walk down the WCW corridor with Mark, that was him just being with his buddy.  Letting Alice come out with him would be pushing that tentative line he was walking and he and Mark were discussing that, quietly, treading water together and speaking in hushed whispers about their game plans.


“It is so cute… they’re practically head to head, whispering sweet nothings, naked…” Teresa mused, leaning back against the edge of pool, and let her feet dangle, wondering just what those two were up to. “We could always break your leg, then you could stay here.” She offered sweetly.


“As tempting as that offer is, I’ll have to decline.  I like using both of my legs.  And I think you should watch out for Mark.  He might steal Glenn away from you.” Alice sat beside her, moving her feet back and forth in the water, looking away from the men to stare straight ahead. 


Teresa merely snorted, chuckling and didn’t bother with a response.


In truth, she didn’t want to involve Glenn in this mess, but something told her it would happen anyway because him and Mark were a current tag team, of sorts.  They had matches together lately, and it would look weird for her to come out with just Undertaker and not Kane for singles matches.  Alice had to remind herself this was for the best and she was being protected, remembering what Mark told her. 


Let people help…


“Okay, here’s the deal.”


Glenn and Mark swam over to the women, but were both considerate enough to fold their hands over their respective packages out of respect.  He was pretty sure they could still see a bit.  He would be the first to volunteer that he was hung, he had even measured it, grinning broadly before clearing his throat.


“Mark’s already told you, don’t be stupid out there, so now I’m telling ya.  Don’t be stupid.  Don’t go out of your way to provoke our opponents, and don’t think for a second that you’re going to put yourself in harm’s way to save him, or me, if you’re so inclined.  Else wise… we’re breaking your legs and benching you.”


“He’s a mind reader…”


“Well, not both your legs.” Mark was serious and wouldn’t do this again and again; he liked Alice not beaten up.


“I don’t enjoy being beaten up either, so I’ll let you guys handle the hard stuff and trust you’ll protect me.  I already know you don’t like cheating to win, so I’ll stand out there and cheer you on.” While also trying to avoid Page from making a grab at her or any of the other Alliance members.  This would prove to be very distracting to Mark and Glenn, but at this point, there were no other options. “Thank you for doing this, Glenn.  I’ll say it again, you don’t have to.  I’ll find a way to escape the Alliance when Mark doesn’t have matches…”


“No, it’s better if you’re out there with either him or me.” Glenn had come to terms with helping, which had to be his beautiful wife’s big heart and influence.  He was sure of it. “I don’t mind helping, just listen to what I say, and we won’t have any problems.  And no, I don’t like cheating.  I don’t need to cheat to win.” He snorted, arrogant to admit he could beat anyone, including Mark, on the roster.


Maybe this would work after all, Alice thought, feeling much better about the situation.


“All right.” Teresa hoisted herself out of the pool, gesturing at Alice to follow her. “We need to go get supper started.” Which meant checking the steaks she had set to marinating earlier in the day and getting the pasta salad and other things going. “You boys finish up, put on some damn clothes, and get my grill going.  We’re going to need to run to town, beer run.”


“Yes ma’am.” Mark and Glenn said together, the men grinning sweetly at her when she rolled her eyes in exasperation.


Emerald eyes followed Alice’s delicious backside as she climbed gracefully out of the pool.  Winking at Mark over her shoulder, Alice took the towel Teresa handed her and dried herself off, feeling his eyes devouring her whole.  She wrapped it around her waist and walked inside to go change out of her bikini.  There was no way she was cooking in a bikini and Teresa did the same thing.  Walking out in a black jersey dress that went to mid-thigh, Alice began cutting up vegetables for the pasta salad while the men fired up the grill as instructed and then they changed to go on the beer run.  Steaks, mashed potatoes, pasta salad and deviled eggs were on the menu.  This was their final night in Tennessee before having to leave in the morning to go to Invasion in Cleveland, Ohio.  After the pasta salad was made, Alice peeled potatoes while Teresa walked out to slap the steaks on the grill.  The men were back in record time with beer and a few other things in hand, all four wanting to enjoy their final night relaxing before chaos hit.


While the women did what they were doing, Mark and Glenn began dragging out the picnic table and stacking wood by Glenn’s ‘little’ bonfire pit. “You are fucking insane.”


“Hey… we’ll soak the area down with the hose, ain’t no trees around, and Teresa always makes me leave the hose nearby on, just in case.” Glenn liked BIG fires. “It’ll be fine.” He snorted, tipping his head back and inhaled, growling hungrily. “Time off is supposed to be relaxing… not working.” His wife had him doing chores all day long, not that he overly minded; he liked taking care of her. “You ready to get back to it, man?”


“I’ve got a list of people I’m planning on hurting, so… yeah.”


Dinner was delicious, and the sun had started setting on the horizon.  She helped out with cleaning up, refusing to let Teresa do it on her own and then they ventured outside where the rather large bonfire had begun. “Wow…”


Alice stayed back a little and sat down on one of the huge blankets that were strewn on the lawn.  She smiled, folding her legs to the side, and felt Mark settle behind her, leaning her head back against his chest.  His hand splayed on her side, caressing her through the jersey material of her dress and tilted her head back a little to look at him.  They hadn’t had sex since the bed and breakfast due to fighting, miscommunication and being injured.  He brushed his lips against hers and she smiled, moving her head back to stare at the crackling flames.  They didn’t have to get too close to feel the heat because that fire was RAGING.  Glenn and Teresa both seemed okay, like it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, so Mark was going to trust his friend’s slightly demented judgment.  Though, he did note that there was indeed a turned on hose nearby.


“Everything is going to be fine.” He whispered against Alice’s ear, nipping immediately after and smirked when he felt her shivering. 


Mark knew that was all him, it wasn’t cold out here.  He let his hands move, fingers beginning to bunch that jersey dress of hers up, well aware they couldn’t be seen.  Glenn and Teresa were on the opposite side of the large fire.  The huge bonfire wasn’t the only fire raging outside that night.  Alice was smoldering, her body begging for Mark’s attention and shut her eyes as his lips and tongue continued teasing her neck and ear.  She didn’t stop him, the jersey dress now bunched around her hips and his fingers brushed against her soaked panty covered sex.  He was purposely teasing and tormenting her, making that raging fire inside of her grow out of control.


Chapter 20


“Mmm how can you be so sure?” Alice breathed out, hissing out at the slight pressure of his fingers before they drifted back up beneath the dress, caressing her flat soft stomach. 


Chuckling, he let his fingers trace the soft lean curves of her stomach and hips, teasing her purposefully as he gave the column of her throat his attention as well. “Trust me, Red.” He whispered huskily, breath hot against her skin. “We’ve got this.” She needed to stop worrying, for tonight at least.  Mark pressed his palm flat against her abdomen, feeling her muscles tightening beneath his touch and began sliding downwards.  His fingers delved beneath the waistband of her panties to cup her sex.


“Mark…” Her voice held a sense of urgency mixed with warning, not wanting Glenn and Teresa to catch them in the act. 


She had an overwhelming need and hunger for this man, gasping as his middle finger slid up her quivering slit.  The warmth of his hand seared her body, every part of her breaking out in goose bumps and a tingling sensation rushed through her abdomen.  Pushing everything else in the back of her mind except Mark, she gave him her undivided attention and arched her neck to give him further access to her flesh.  Her hair was still in the braid from earlier, so all he had to do was move it to the other shoulder out of his way.




He wasn’t a complete asshole and kept an eye and an ear cocked at Glenn and Teresa.  Mark could hear them talking, laughing, and knew they were occupied.  If Glenn stood up, Mark would see him, the jackass was huge.  Testing the waters and seeing how she would react to a little public, outdoor indecency, Mark tilted his hand, sliding a finger into her receptive warmth.  He felt her instantly clasping around him and her fingernails digging suddenly into his wrist.  Some people got off on being outside, where they could get caught.


If they were caught, Glenn would never let them live this down, but the exhilaration she felt with him was too strong to stop.  She didn’t want him to stop.  Biting down on her bottom lip hard, she muffled her moans as much as she could while his finger went to work on her sex, curling to hit her sweet spot.  Mark wanted her to climax out here, in front of the raging fire, while they’re friends were just on the other side of it.  Alice could feel alarm bells ringing in her head, but they weren’t nearly loud enough to stop this moment.  She nodded when asked if she enjoyed this, if she enjoyed the possibility of getting caught and reached around to feel his hard cock through the confines of his tight jeans. 


What she wouldn’t give to throw caution to the wind and fuck him right here in front of this fire under the moon and stars.  Her wish came true because Glenn suddenly stood up, pulling a giggling Teresa with him.  Mark could smell the beer wafting from those two, glad he hadn’t decided to enter the drinking challenge Glenn had thrown his way.  He was no lightweight, but his friend was a master.


“If we come back within an hour, it’s because I popped my cork too soon.” Glenn’s dark laughter echoed throughout the night as he hoisted his woman up over his shoulder and carted her into the cabin.


As soon as that door shut behind them, Mark had Alice down on that blanket.


Alice laughed, and that laughter quickly turned to moaning as Mark’s head buried between her thighs, her panties long gone.  It didn’t matter if the fire raged out of control and engulfed them, she would not deny this man anything he wanted and craved from her.  While he busied himself between her thighs, she managed to pull the jersey dress up over her head, showing more of her flexibility, revealing no bra.  Mark looked up at her briefly before going back to snacking on her pussy, holding her lower half down with his large forearm while she squirmed, arching her body.  Burying her fingers in his hair, Alice didn’t care who heard her and became lost in the sensations he forced her body to feel.


“Oh Mark…”


The way Glenn had that fire going, Mark had no doubt it would burn well for a while.  He was betting the other man had thrown a few logs on before he had gone inside.  Smirking, he kept at his little snack, suddenly feeling her fingernails in his skull followed instantly by a gush of her sweet nectar coating his tongue.  He kept going, refusing to let her calm down, and rode out that orgasm; she wasn’t done, not yet.


Much like their first time together, by the end of this session, Alice was completely spent and drained of energy.  They hadn’t gone back inside, spending hours in front of the slowly dying fire pleasuring each other before ending own raging desires, fulfilling what they both craved.  Mark currently lay on top of her, resting his ear over her pounding heart and her fingers lazily glided through his hair.  They were both naked, under the stars and moon with the much smaller firelight reflecting off their glistening skin.


“Is Texas like this?” She asked randomly, watching his head lift to look up at her. “I live in Florida, in the city, so I’ve never had an experience in the middle of nowhere like this before.  It’s really nice…”


“Is Texas like Tennessee?” He repeated, shaking his head, eyes fastened on the sky above.  The view was spectacular. “No… at least not where I live, and the climates are totally different.  Florida is humid.” He sometimes liked Florida, such as in the winter, when his dry skin needed all that extra humidity. “He’s got more trees, and we don’t have mountains or valleys like he does.” Mark could not believe she hadn’t been out in the sticks before, wondering if she was a born and bred city girl; somehow, it wouldn’t surprise him. “I live in the country too.” Eventually, he’d take her there and show her his place.  It was not as… rustic, as Glenn’s.


“I’m sure it’s just as beautiful as this place, if not more.” Throughout traveling, Alice had been to every state within the country, but never had time to appreciate the beauty each one had.  She was always on the go, moving from place to place, doing her job, and going back to Florida every occasionally. “I live in Miami.” She confessed, figuring he’d want to know that information eventually and felt him roll to where he was on his back with her head on his chest now. “It’s okay, I guess…”


The humidity sucked, but it was something she’d gotten used to.  Florida was not her favorite state and, sooner or later, Alice planned on moving out of state somewhere else.  Considering Alice seemed to purposefully withhold bits of information, he had been filing them away as she revealed new tidbits.  She didn’t know him that well, he supposed she was entitled to her privacy, not that he wasn’t curious.


“Miami, huh?” Gross, he personally thought Miami was a cesspool of drugs and murder, and his hold on her tightened briefly until he realized what he was doing and let up. “Born and raised there, Red?”


“Not exactly.” Alice shook her head, resting her chin on his chest and wondered if telling him about her past would bite her on the backside. “I was originally born in…Chicago.” Talk about a cesspool…it was way worse than Miami and felt his hand stroke her back, urging her silently to continue while comforting her at the same time. “I also lived in several other states before finding myself in Miami.  Texas wasn’t one of them and neither was Tennessee, unfortunately.” Maybe it would be best if he knew the true reason why she signed with WCW.  He was protecting her, but would he think of her differently if he knew the truth and about her past? “Were you born and bred in Texas?”


So, she had moved around quite a bit, living in several different states was not a usual thing, Mark surmised.  Maybe she was an army brat, he mused. “Yep, born and bred.” He answered after a moment, pushing himself upright to take a look at the fire.  If he let it go, it’d die out in about an hour.  Mark had no intentions of leaving it alone until that point, and it was still nice out here with her.  He wasn’t in any hurry. “Pretty normal upbringing actually, seems weird, don’t it?”


“No, not really.  That’s good you had a normal upbringing.”


At least one of them did.  She watched him toss a few more logs on the fire to keep it going and smiled, knowing he didn’t want this night to end any more than she wanted it to.  Once they went back on the road, there wouldn’t be any time to be together like this except in stuffy hotel rooms, besides their days off.


“I was a foster baby.  My parents died shortly after I was born and…I was tossed around every foster home imaginable.  When I was 16, I managed to get emancipated by the state of Florida because I had a…job.” Alice swallowed hard, feeling his arm snake around her body again to pull her closer against him. “I lied to the government about what kind of job it was or else I would’ve been stuck in the foster care system until I turned 18.  I…couldn’t handle it anymore, the constant rejection of nobody wanting me and my schooling began to fail, so I dropped out.  I’m a high school dropout and I never went back for my GED or anything.”


A 30-year-old woman without a high school diploma was pathetic, but in her line of work, prior to Eric Bischoff discovering her, Alice didn’t need it.  Well, that was unexpected, and Mark was fairly sure she could see the shock on his face before he arranged his expression into something calm and neutral.  Alice seemed smart, most of the time, but he hadn’t pegged her for a foster kid.  He had to wonder what kind of job she had actually held.


“What did you do for a living at 16, Red?” He asked casually, wondering just what job a 16-year-old held, especially without being in school.  The foster system seemed royally fucked up.


Lowering her eyes from him, Alice could feel the tears building in her eyes and suddenly pushed away from him, shaking her head. “No.” She’d barely known him 2 weeks and had told him far more than she should’ve. “I’m sorry, but…I can’t talk about it.”


Stripping was not one of her finer choices in life, but for a 16-year-old there wasn’t a lot of options out there for her.  Her foster parents were strict Catholics and took the faith a little too seriously.  It wasn’t for her, nor the punishments they gave her when she didn’t obey them.  Shuddering at the memories, Alice swiped her jersey dress from the grass to slip it back on, only for Mark to stop her and pulled her back down on the blanket.


“I don’t…I’m afraid to tell you because I don’t want you to look at me any differently.  I did what I had to do to get out of the foster system…”


“Darlin’, unless you were involved in child or animal porn, there’s not much you’re gonna tell me that’s going to make me look at you different.” Mark assured her, quite serious. 


A lot of the women in this business had dabbled in porn.  Be it acting or pictures, at one point or another, or some had even done worse.  It was a hard life, wrestling, especially for the women who seemed to sell every last inch of themselves just to get a foot hold.


“You don’t have to tell me, Alice.  It’s your business, but don’t ever be afraid to tell me either.”


“It’s not porn.  Even I have higher standards than that.”


Alice slid her hands up and down his chest, which was also a soothing mechanism for her.  Life was indeed hard and hers was no exception, but the way he looked at her now…she never wanted to lose that or what they had.  The feelings stirring up inside of her for him were growing stronger and now that they’d found a loophole in her contract Page had in his grubby hands, they would be spending a great deal of time together in the coming months.


“I was a stripper.  The owner forced me to lie about my age; I was…advanced as far as my body was concerned at that age.” Big tits and nice ass with a toned body and zero brains. “He helped me get started and…I made enough money to get out of the foster home I was in.” Alice took a deep breath, enjoying Mark hovering over her because he made her feel safe and gave her the courage, somehow, to confess everything to him. “And I did that until I turned 29…when Eric Bischoff found me and offered me a contract to work for WCW.  I didn’t have any wrestling experience, I didn’t even know what wrestling was, but he said I had the body for it and…I was desperate to get out of the stripping scene.  I never…slept with any of the clients, it was all just showing my body off for money.  The owner tried getting me sleep with them, but I refused.  When I signed with WCW, I was supposed to start training with a few of the girls they had in the company, but…it was all a hoax, a fluke, a lie.  And I’d already signed my contract, so I was stuck.  Eric is the only one who knows about this, as far as I know.  He promised he wouldn’t breathe a word about it to anyone in the company and Shane and Page haven’t mentioned anything to me about it, so I’m hoping Eric kept his word and his mouth shut.”


Bischoff would hold onto that information and keep it guarded, unless there was a price he set for it and then he’d wind up bought.  Just how it worked, and Mark wasn’t surprised at all that she had been a stripper.  Alice definitely had the body for it.  Mark was, however, relieved to know she hadn’t slept around; the woman had some morals, her own weird ass moral conduct and standards and he liked that.  And her.  Quite a bit more than he probably should’ve.


“Thank you for telling me.” He rumbled softly, knowing it must’ve been a bit hard for her to confide in him and he kissed her gently. “Explains the flexibility.”


Rolling her eyes, she smacked his chest playfully and shook her head, not believing that’s the only thing he was focused on from that entire confession.  Typical man. “You are such an ass.” She brought his mouth down on hers, kissing him passionately and felt him draw her closer, only breaking the kiss when they both needed oxygen to breathe properly. “Thank you for not judging me and…accepting me for who I am.” Alice rubbed her nose against his gently. “Ass.” She giggled when he growled, smacking her backside and wiggled her backside against his hand, forcing him to do it again.


“I’M the ass because YOU’RE flexible?  Explain how that works to me.” Mark laughed, rolling her onto her back and began tickling her. 


Spanking her ass was all well and fine, but the echo was insanely loud out here.  Last thing he needed was Glenn coming out thinking something was happening, and he snorted at the thought.  After she had threatened to pee on him, Mark stopped and brushed his lips against hers, smiling at how soft and pliant she was.


“Now it’s your turn.” At his cocked brow, Alice smiled softly and caressed his face with the back of her hand. “You’ve heard a great deal about me tonight, so I want to hear about you.  How did you get into wrestling in the first place?  What was your upbringing like since you said it was normal?  All of it, I wanna know everything you’re willing to tell me about you.”


She really liked him and, since he’d heard her darkest secret, he could reciprocate the notion.  He went into a long-winded explanation about his childhood, how he grew up in Houston, Texas, where he currently resided.  His father had died at an early age and his mother followed when he was 26.  So technically, he was an orphan, like her, and had no siblings besides Glenn, who he’d adopted as his brother both on and off-screen.  As far as how he’d got into wrestling, Alice was shocked to learn he’d been 12 hours from gaining his degree, only to give it all up, a full-ride basketball scholarship overseas, to pursue the life of professional wrestling.  And he didn’t regret it one bit, enjoying his career for the most part.


“Wow, you’re very brave for doing that.  I could never do something like that.” Hell, she’d never entertained the thought of college considering she’d never gotten a high school diploma. 


College was not in the cards for her.


“I’m brave for quitting college?” Mark echoed, sounding confused and then he realized Alice didn’t have the upbringing most kids had, like he had.  So… he had to reset his assumptions and preconceptions of what was normal. “Darlin’, I worked for WCW for a bit and they told me I’d never make it.  I’m telling you, that right there was a ‘fuck me’ moment, made me wish I’d never dropped out.” He had always thought about going back, finishing off those hours, but… the last thing he wanted to do on his downtime was schoolwork.


“No, you’re brave for taking a chance at something you really love.  Even if you didn’t love it at the time, I can see you do now.  WCW didn’t know what they had in you, it’s their loss and you made yourself a star, despite them.  They can never take that away from you either.” Alice smiled at him, admiration shining in her greys and felt his forehead rest against hers, his hands sliding up her arms to lace their fingers together. “You got out before they completely fucked you over, I didn’t.  And you can always go back to college to finish those 12 hours, if that’s all you really need.” At his snort, she laughed and shrugged, knowing it was always an option for him.


“I’d rather spend my free time fucking you, Red.” Mark informed her huskily, laughing when her cheeks flushed. 


He loved that.  It was weird; she was no virgin in the bedroom; she had been a stripper, but when he said something that like out of the blue, just a hint of pink would creep into her cheeks.  Mark idly wondered how she’d feel if he asked her for a private dance, knowing now that’s where that flexibility of hers came from, and felt his cock stirring to life again at the thought.


“Mmm, same here, big man…” Reaching between them, she managed to wrap her hand around his hardened cock and smirked, knowing he was ready for another round. “Fuck me, Mark…” She wrapped her legs around his waist, gasping at the feeling of his cock brushing her and knew their talking had come to an end. 


It was time for some more action.


Chapter 21




“Easy for you to say.  Easy for you BOTH to say.” They weren’t the ones walking into the lion’s den to inform the Alliance what she planned on doing with her contractual obligations.


“Mark is going with you.  Want me to come too?”


Glenn didn’t blame her for being nervous after everything Shane McMahon and Page had put her through lately.  Hell, she still had staples in her head from Tuesday, but hopefully those would come out either tonight or tomorrow at Raw.  Alice looked up at Mark, who was driving and felt his hand squeeze hers, letting her know silently everything would be alright.  Who the hell would think to jump the Brothers of Destruction?  Shane wasn’t that stupid.


“If you don’t mind, Glenn, that would be great.”


Well, all of the Alliance versus the Brothers of Destruction… Mark could see them trying and maybe getting some licks in… no, they’d get their asses kicked if those boys got froggy enough and he knew it.  Sure, he and Glenn would do some damage, but the numbers game always caught up, no matter who it was.  But he and Glenn walked her down that hall, both of them imposing in their own rights and he had noticed their own WWF coworkers eyeing them all suspiciously.  Mark was betting Austin would try to jump him in a hallway again.  WCW boys… he was betting the fact Kane and the Undertaker, with chains around their necks, would be intimidating enough to keep them at bay.


Shane looked up when the door opened and raised a slow brow at the sight of not only the redhead pain in his ass, but the Brothers of Destruction. “Easy boys, easy.” He stood up from the bench, having a feeling he wouldn’t like what came out of Alice’s mouth. “You should be in the women’s locker room getting ready for tonight’s Inaugural Brawl, whore.”

“Watch it McMahon, that’s my woman.” Dallas ordered, sauntering over and made a grab for her, only for Undertaker to step in his way. “She’s not yours…”


“Actually, yes I am.”


Dallas scoffed, rolling his eyes. “Stop playing hard to get and come here, Alice.  NOW.”


“No, I don’t think I will.” Stepping in front of Mark, Alice folded her arms in front of her chest with a serene smile on her face. “I’ve come to inform you, all of you, that as of tonight, I will no longer be valeting for the Alliance.”


Dallas started laughing, along with the rest of the locker room. “Since when do YOU call the shots?  Do you forget who owns your ass, sugar?  I DO!”


This was going to be beautiful to pop his rancid bubble. “Yes, I do, and it’s not you, as much as you want it to be, Page.  Even though Shane handed over my contract, it’s still a WCW contract.  My contractual obligation states that I am to valet wrestlers to the ring.  It does NOT, however, state a SPECIFIC wrestler.  And since the WCW/ECW brands are using WWF as a televised platform, I can valet anyone I want to the ring that works for any of the 3 brands.  Sorry to burst your bubble there, Dallas, it’s been fun.” Not really. “But I’m tired of being assaulted and found two big guys that just happen to need my assistance.  So, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be leaving to go get ready for tonight’s main event.”


Stephanie, Shane, and Dallas had all their jaws dropped to the floor, knowing everything Alice just spouted out of her mouth was the truth. “WHAT?!”


“And what happens if I fire you?” Dallas asked when he had regained his tongue, halting them before they could leave. “You’d have no business on the road with your pimps.” Because that’s obviously what they were, pimps, and she was a whore.


“Only legal spouses are allowed to travel with superstars, on all brands.” Shane pointed out quickly.  This hadn’t always been the rule, but… problems had arisen with girlfriends, so Vince and the board had put this one into effect.  It also cut down on travel costs as the performers were allowed a daily stipend for meals, room, and travel.


“Or… maybe I’ll send her to Florida for training…”


“You are just bound and determined to make me kill you, aren’tcha Page?”


“Go right ahead then, fire me.  I won’t go to Florida and, if I do, it’ll be going home and being far away from your stupid ass.  So, the choice is yours, Page.  Either deal with the fact I’m NOT valeting you to the ring anymore, or any of the stupid Alliance, or let me finish off my contract obligations MY way and valet who I want to the ring.  The choice is really quite simple.” Alice challenged, watching his face slowly turn beat red and smirked, knowing she had Dallas, Shane and even Stephanie by the proverbial balls.


“You won’t get away with this…” Dallas couldn’t believe this was happening, knowing the contract was iron-clad and without her consent, no other changes could be made to it. “You’re MINE!”


“No, I’m not and I never was.  So, make your decision and let me know.  I’ll be happy to go home, go for it.  Fire me.”


“Page, let her do what she wants.” Shane would lose out on a lot of potential mind games with the Deadman if she were fired. “If she wants to valet Rigamortis and the Big Red Retard to the ring, instead of sticking with the Alliance, so be it.  WWF will never accept her and sooner or later, they’ll tire of her too and she’ll come crawling back to us on her hands and knees.”


“Don’t hold your breath, McMahon.” Alice muttered, seeing Page was slowly losing his temper and waited for him to utter the words ‘You’re Fired’, begging for it.  She’d rather be out of the wrestling industry than be assaulted on a weekly basis by this nut job.


Dallas took a deep breath, forcing himself to pull it together. “Fine.  Valet for whoever you like, sugar.” He then flashed her a brilliant smile. “Eventually, you’ll fuck up.  You always do.  You’re just a fucking whore, a leach.  You clung to Sean and Chuck and now you’re doing it with another tag team.” He sneered, shaking his head and then clucked his tongue. “I’m done trying to help you, Alice; a whore will be a whore.”


“Well said, and we all know she is definitely a whore.” Stephanie said, waving a hand at the three. “You’re dismissed.”


Glenn’s head was tipped to the side, blue eyes amused. “Seriously?”


“We’re not playing games with you, Jacobs.”


“You’re not?”


“They’re not?”




Alice cackled and bowed her head with her hands clasped together, greys eyes flashing wickedly. “Oh, thank you, kind master.  Your generosity means the world to me.”


Snorting, she flipped them the double bird and walked out with Mark and Glenn, all of them laughing together.  That had gone down a lot better than she hoped.  Teresa had warned her Dallas would try to threaten her, a scare tactic, by firing or sending her to developmental.  He had talked out of his backside and since when did assault help a person?  She didn’t understand that one.  That man was crocked in the head!  After stopping at wardrobe to pick up her outfit for the evening, which was from the WWF seamstress, Alice walked inside Mark and Glenn’s locker room, feeling relief coursing through her.  She would let them use the bathroom first, thankful they had their own along with private showers and sat down while they strategized for the match tonight.  Nobody else besides the Alliance knew she would be valeting the Brothers of Destruction tonight, but ultimately, it was Mark.


“Well if it ain’t our favorite boys and their slut.” Steve Austin burst through the door, flanked by a little posse, who did not approve of the Undertaker turning sides… or tricks. “So… what’s the game plan, Deadman?”


Mark rolled his eyes. “I was thinking pizza.”


“Oh yeah… remember that diner?  With the deep dish?  We could take Red and go get some after the show.”


“Hey, I like pizza.” Kurt volunteered, frowning when Steve shot him an exasperated look. “What?”


“We’re not talkin’ ‘bout fuckin’ pizza.  You goin’ to sack up and stand by your teammates or not?”


“Sure.” Mark stood up, towering over all of them, minus Glenn, but Glenn remained seated.  Smirking, he approached Steve. “I. Got. Your. Back.” Each word was accented with a poke to the chest. “You can count on that.”


Remember what they said, let them handle the business and keep quiet, Alice mentally coached, flipping through the latest WWF magazine.  She didn’t pay any of the other men any attention, already dressed in her red leather dress with black shiny knee-high boots.  The dress went to mid-thigh, enough to cover her backside and on the front, it had Deadman Inc in white and black jewels.  Her hair was left down due to the staples, which she still had to have Larry look at before the night was out.  After the show would be better to do it, even though she felt the slightest twinge whenever she moved her head.


“Hey!  You’re seriously letting HER go out there with us?” Kurt demanded, pointing at the redhead that had warped Undertaker’s mind. “She’s the enemy, what if she t