Kill the Light


Chapter 1


Violet eyes looked up at the huge building as she slowly walked toward the entrance, doing exactly what Vince McMahon wanted.  Angeni didn't question hardly anything, though she was very observant and quiet.  Vince had shown up at her front door step, explaining who he was and said he'd found her resume on some kind of career site. 


Angeni had been looking for a job since she was recently released from her secretarial position, so Vince couldn't have come at a better time.  He told her the basics of the World Wrestling Federation, which was a professional wrestling organization and she would be a valet for his group known as the Corporation.  The pay was mind-blowing and Angeni couldn't turn down the job offer if her life depended on it, hating that she had to live on unemployment for the past few months. 


So here she was about to embark on this new journey into the WWF. 


She wore a simple white sleeveless dress that had a sweetheart neckline and the bodice gathered in the front, shirring in the back for comfort.  It had a beautiful deep purple, almost a royal shade, design splashed on it that were hand printed trees.  It went to her knees, hugged her curves and Angeni decided on wearing white two inch pumps since it was winter outside, a white fur coat she'd gotten from a yard sale a few months back wrapped around her. 


Her black hair was piled up on top of her head, a few tendrils framing her face and she had black eyeliner on with a deep purple lipstick that contrasted beautifully with her pale complexion.  Walking up to the guard, Angeni flashed the special pass that Vince had given her, smiling when he immediately let her in.  Stepping inside the building, her heels clicked against the concrete floor with every step she took.


Shane McMahon was waiting for her just inside the building as per Vince's orders, knowing he was the McMahon that most people didn't pay that much attention too.  He was the Prince, but right now all eyes were fastened on the Princess.  This made him perfect for running errands that required discretion such as this.


“Angeni?” He asked when she walked in.


Remembering Vince's description of the woman, Shane knew this was her, just by her violet eyes.  Even though he technically knew that violet colored eyes were impossible and they were just that deep a blue, they were violet nevertheless and the only other woman he could ever recall seeing eyes like those were on Elizabeth Taylor.  Very rare and definitely memorable.


“I'm Shane McMahon.” He held out his hand to her, a cell phone clipped to his side, always in constant communication with the 'team', just in case they needed to move quickly, or something had happened.


“Ah yes, Vince told me all about you.  It's a pleasure to meet you, Shane.  You're his son, yes?” When Shane nodded, Angeni flashed a tentative smile, taking his hand to shake it and noticed how nervous he was. “I do apologize if I'm late, traffic was horrendous.”


She blinked when he merely waved her off, releasing her hand and began guiding her down the hallway.  Angeni looked around, taking in the surroundings and saw there were some people that looked downright...interesting.  That was the best word to describe them, especially when they passed a man who had something written on his forehead and was holding a chopped off mannequin head. 


What kind of organization was this?


Now that was surprising and he actually blinked down at her, wondering why Vince apparently hadn't told her more about the company. “The World Wrestling Federation,” Shane began automatically, his tone slipping into the one he used for business. “We're a wrestling company, but we also provide entertainment.  We're innovative, edgy and-” He cut himself off, realizing how he had been talking and flashed a tight, apologetic smile. “Sorry about that.  We deal with entertainment and sports at the same time.  That guy with the mannequin head is one of our performers.  He's Al and the head is...Head.”


“Vince did explain to me what kind of organization this was, just not in depth.” Angeni said, wondering if Shane could read minds because she hadn't said her thought aloud. “He called it professional wrestling, but didn't go into much detail.” She admitted, the smile never leaving her face and stopped when Shane did outside of a door that read 'CORPORATION' in black lettering.  Shane opened it and gestured her inside, closing the door almost in a panic behind him.


Everyone looked up from what they were doing, eyes on the woman who had stepped through the door with Shane and Vince beamed at her. “Angeni, so glad you made it safely, my dear.” He walked over, taking her hand and pressed a kiss to the back of it. “May I take your coat?”

“Of course.” She turned around and felt the fur leave her body, watching him hang it up and wondered who all of these people were. “Thank you; I'm not late am I?”


“No, of course not.” Vince reassured her, walking over to gently take her by the arm, looping it through his before turning her towards the other people. “Before we get to business, I'll introduce you.  Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson, Boss Man, Big Show, Chyna, Ken Shamrock, The Rock, Test, Triple H.”


Vince pointed each of them out as he said their names, aware that they were all staring at Angeni intently.  The only one he did not introduce was a man sitting in the corner farthest away.  A man who was taller than any of them, wearing red and black, his knees drawn up to his chest and his face buried in them.


“Everyone, this is...Angeni.”


Chyna was the first to stand up, greeting her with a smile. “Nice meeting you, honey.  Welcome to the Corporation.” Everyone was acting weird, though they had a very good reason to.


Angeni returned the smile, nodding and shook the woman's hand. “Nice to meet you.”

“Come sit over here.” Test patted the seat next to him, which was vacant and now he understood why.  It was right beside Vince.


Chyna rolled her eyes. “Don't hit on the new girl, Andy.”


He scowled. “Don't call me that, Joanie.”

“Knock it off both of you.” Triple H ordered, not even bothering to extend his welcome to the woman because he knew why she was here and what her purpose was.


Angeni was confused by the sudden name changes, but didn't say anything, sitting down beside the man known as Test/Andy.  She couldn't help letting her eyes stray to the man in the far corner, dressed in red and black and apparently had some sort of mask on, wondering who he was.  Remaining silent while Vince started the meeting, Angeni tried to listen to what he said, but something kept pulling her in the direction of the masked man.


Shane noticed almost immediately and couldn't honestly blame her.  She had obviously known nothing about the WWF before Vince found her, and now she just knew next to nothing.  To people who didn't know who Kane was, he was probably intriguing and frightening. 


For the rest of them, the man was just frightening.  Or would have been, if not for the fact that he knew Vince was playing dirty to keep the big man in line.  It was a tough break for Kane, but right now, all cards were being played and no one was exempt from being used.

“Angeni, am I going too fast for you, dear?” Vince asked, his eyes moving to her.


“No Vince, I'm fine.”


Angeni had heard everything he said about some group known as the Ministry of Darkness.  She had the uncanny ability to be able to focus on multiple things at once, though she couldn't just simply stare at the masked man without others noticing.  So Angeni just snuck quick glances at him while paying attention, wondering what exactly her role in all of this was. 


Apparently, this group known as the Ministry of Darkness had run rough shot throughout the company for quite awhile now and the Corporation wanted to knock them down several pegs.  So they had a match -Angeni assumed that was where the wrestling aspect actually came into play- tonight against the Acolytes.  What kind of names were these?  Angeni hoped she could simply stick with her name, nodding when Vince told her she would be accompanying Test and Ken Shamrock to ringside for the match.


“Forgive me if this is a stupid question, sir, but what exactly am I supposed to do out there?”

“Stand there, look pretty and interfere if we start losing.”


Ken rolled his eyes and smacked Test upside the head. “Way to be subtle, asshole.”


Angeni blinked, wondering what they meant by interfering.


“By interfering, they mean...get involved.  Distract their opponents, distract the referee.” Joanie said, taking pity on Angeni who quite obviously had no idea what she had walked into, wondering just what exactly Vince HAD told the woman.

“Joanie's idea of interference usually involves a shot to a man's genitals.” Shane said, having been on the receiving end of a low blow and was hoping he'd never have to suffer another.  He had sworn up and down he had tasted his own ball sack in his throat. “Do you have any athletic training?”


“If you mean working out and track running, then yes.  I'm a runner, have done a few marathons so I can pound pavement when the situation calls for it.” Angeni had a feeling running would definitely be a part of the job description, watching Shane nod his approval.

“What about in-ring training?” Ken asked curiously.

“To be honest, until I took this job, I did not know what a ring was.  I've heard of wrestling, but apparently it’s way different from what high schools and colleges do these days.  The only ring I've really seen is boxing, I went to a match a few years back...” Angeni had actually gone on a date, a very memorable date, because the man she'd been with at the time loved boxing. “I could learn I suppose...if I have to...”

“Just focus on being a valet for now, like we discussed.” Vince stated, glaring at both Ken and Shane for those asinine questions. “Your match is next, take care of her out there boys.”


“You got it, boss.” Andy stated, extending his hand to Angeni. “Come on, sugar.”

“I'll hit him again for you if you want.” Ken offered in a murmur.


Joanie really hoped Angeni hadn't been kidding about that pounding pavement comment because the situation was eventually going to call for it.  She felt bad for Shane, who had shut the hell up under his father's glare, knowing he had been trying to figure out just what Angeni could do out there besides simply walk out.  She was going to eventually need to know how to protect herself, though...running fast enough might save her the trouble of having to protect herself.  Emphasis on might.

“Hit me and I'll feed you to Red over there.”


Red growled, not raising his face from his knees.


His name was Red, Angeni mentally stored that away as she walked out of the dressing room with Test and Ken, finding their idle threats back and forth amusing.  She kept quiet, not really knowing what to say and suddenly heard a thunderous roar from what sounded like a crowd, her mouth going dry.  There were other people here?  Angeni hadn't researched the WWF because she didn't think it was necessary, so when she walked up a small set of stairs and through a black curtain, her eyes nearly widened at the sight of all the people surrounding the ring.


“What the-”


Andy looped her arm through his while Ken simply walked ahead of them, smirking at the fans.


Angeni didn't feel very good, but managed to plaster on a smile, hoping she didn't faint from stage fright...if she could even call this that.


Now Test genuinely felt bad for her because it was crystal clear that she hadn't been told about this aspect of the business.  About performing live in front of thousands of people, not to mention the thousands of viewers watching it live.  It could all be rather overwhelming and she had pretty much been tossed out into it.


“Just smile, breathe and you'll do fine.” Andy whispered down at her.


Vince's eyes were on the monitor, sharing a brief look with Shane.


“Thank you, Andy.” She whispered in return, releasing his arm and walked up the steel ring steps before slipping through the bottom rope that Andy held open for her. 


This was more than overwhelming...this was surreal.  There were so many people and the atmosphere was electric.  She stood in between Ken and Andy, her arms at her side and fought back jumping when the lights suddenly went out.  The tolling of bells sounded moments after and Angeni watched as a purple light suddenly shined on the ramp entrance, a lump suddenly forming in her throat.  She was immediately pushed behind Andy, almost out of sight and Angeni fought the urge to run.


The Acolytes...a brutal team and Ken had to wonder if Vince was insane for sending her out here.  She hadn't even been in the building for an hour, knew next to practically nothing and Vince was already feeding her to the wolves, which was technically the point.  He had to wonder if the boss had officially gone mad, sharing a concerned glance with Andy.

“If either of them comes at you, run.” Ken ordered, both men nodding in unison.


They did not have to tell her twice, Angeni was prepared to pound pavement right out of there if necessary, nodding silently.  The Acolytes weren't alone, being accompanied by a pudgy looking man that had a pale chubby face and huge black eyebrows that looked painted on.  Angeni followed Andy as he opened the rope for her, helping her out of the ring just as the Acolytes entered it.  She stood on the opposite side of the ring that the chubby man did, wondering what his deal was and watched as Test and Ken instantly went on the attack. 


What in the hell had Vince McMahon gotten her into?


Chapter 2


Paul Bearer was one of His aces in the holes; the man missed nothing and would no doubt be reporting the newest Corporation addition to his master, providing He wasn't watching already.  Vince was rather banking on all this, knowing this mental game he was playing could fall apart around him at any given moment and he couldn't afford that.  He was already losing, but hopefully, tonight things would start turning around.

“Looks like we got a pretty new playmate.” Bradshaw commented, letting his dark, southern voice carry to where Angeni stood after shoving Test away so hard, the man did a backwards summersault.


Angeni cringed when she both heard that and witnessed what happened to Test, trying not to let the other team get to her.  She moved away from the ring when the man with the short cropped black hair reached for her over the top rope, violet eyes slightly wide.  She remembered what she was supposed to do as far as 'interfering' went and took her heel off, clocking the man right in the face.


Andy had managed to roll the black haired man up for the victory, thanks to Angeni's heel and didn't even bother with retrieving it.  Both Andy and Ken immediately slid out of the ring just as other men came flying out from the back.  Each of them did not look happy and Angeni could only assume it was the Ministry.


It was the Ministry and they were royally screwed because there was seriously pissed off Texan behind them in the ring cursing up a blue streak from getting clocked with a high heel of all things, as well as his partner Farooq, who did not look at all happy at the moment either.  Then there was the rest of the Ministry, sans Taker, coming down.

“I really, really hope our team comes out...” Andy muttered, looking back and forth between the Ministry on the stage, along with the ones behind them before glancing down at Angeni then to Ken. “Through the audience?”

“Toss her over your shoulder and get ready to haul ass.”


Angeni wasn't waiting for that, already knowing what she'd done had royally ticked that short black haired man off, and had already taken her heel off.  She wasn't going to run yet, waiting to see if the Corporation did come out to help them.  She thought they were supposed to be a team and Vince had said something about the Ministry coming out in the meeting.  As soon as her eyes landed on the monstrous man with the long beard that looked like Satan, Angeni immediately jumped over the barricade and ducked one of the Ministry members who tried grabbing her, flying as fast as she could right through the crowd toward the back.


Andy blinked repeatedly. “Holy shit she wasn't kidding...”


“No, she was not!” Ken managed to get out before ducking a swing aimed at his head.  She had stood her ground before suddenly apparently saying 'screw this' and took off.


When Vince seen Angeni had taken off at getting one look at the leader of the Ministry, he signaled for the rest of the Corporation to go out. “You stay.” He ordered, looking at Red, who had gotten to his feet. “We need you here.”


That and he didn't need Kane trying to defect, or get his head toyed with.  His mind was racing, knowing the next move was Taker's.  Joanie had taken off the long route; steering clear of the ring, knowing Angeni was probably going to get lost or snagged up by security and figured the other woman could use a semi-friendly face.


Somehow, Angeni managed to find her way back to the Corporation locker room and tossed open the door, not even breathing heavily.  She wasn't lying when she told the Corporation she could pound pavement and proved it, bolting out of the arena away from the Ministry.  Those men were frightening, Angeni wanted no part of them and figured if she didn't want her head knocked off from the stunt she pulled; booking it was her only option.  The only person in the locker room at that moment was the masked man and, somehow, Angeni felt instantly safe.


“Hi Red...” Angeni jumped when he growled, frowning. “Sorry...”


Maybe just leaving and heading back to the hotel was her best option.  When Angeni moved to leave the room he was up and over to the door, shutting it firmly and shook his head.  Vince and Shane had gone off to locate her when Joanie had sent a message that she couldn't find the woman and left him here with instructions to 'keep her there and safe' if she managed to find her way back.


“No.” He said, his voice low, raspy and sounding rather...unused. 


He pointed to the benches, indicating she should just get comfortable.  Blinking, Angeni was surprised the masked man had actually spoken and nodded, walking past him to sit on the bench.  She had a feeling Vince had instructed him to stay back here to wait, there were a lot of Corporation members that could easily overpower the Ministry of Darkness...or so Angeni thought.


“Since your name isn't Red, do you mind me asking what it is?” She asked softly, kindly, looking up at him with violet eyes that were filled with pure curiosity, no fear in them.  She was safe; there was no reason to be scared of this huge masked man because he was part of the Corporation. “Or simply tell me what to call you.”


His head tilted to the side as he considered her.  He seen absolutely no fear in her eyes, just simple curiosity and that was...different.  It was nice, but different.  Everyone else already knew him, his history and his...issues, so they were afraid of him, and rightfully so.  If he ever got the chance, he would dismantle the entire Corporation just out of sheer principal.  And he'd tear the McMahon family apart, twice, for being the ones to trap him here.


“Kane.” He said finally.


Angeni smiled and extended her hand to him, watching as his uncovered one swallowed hers completely whole, shaking it gently but firmly. “Nice to meet you, Kane.  I'm Angeni.”


If he hadn't heard what her name was earlier, which judging by his earlier stance he probably hadn't.  She slipped her hand out of his and looked up when the door opened, seeing Vince and Shane standing there along with Chyna and Hunter, who were busy helping a beaten Andy and Ken into the room.  Angeni frowned and stood up, hoping Vince wasn't angry at her for running away, but she simply listened to what Andy said.


“Andy, how many fingers am I holding up?”

“Mommy, I don't wanna go to school today…” Andy rambled, sounding completely insane.

“Vince, he has a serious concussion and needs to be treated.”

“Fine, Chyna and Hunter go with him.  If you see the Ministry, you know what to do.” Vince looked at Angeni. “Are you alright, dear?”


“I'm fine.” She was more concerned about Andy and his mother issues.


“Ken should probably go too...he was busted open under his eye...”

“I can walk on my own, thanks.” Ken muttered, not about to be carted away talking about HIS mommy.

“Mommy, I don't want to wear the plaid jumper...”


Beneath his mask, Kane was smirking.

“Did Kane frighten you?” Shane asked Angeni, frowning. “You look pale.”

The smirk was gone.


“No, I'm worried about both of them.” She gestured to Andy and Ken, glancing over her shoulder at Kane with a small smile. “I’m not frightened, Vince, I promise.  Though, would it be alright if I headed back to the hotel now?  Or do we still have more work to do?” Angeni was naturally pale and the makeup she wore just brought it out more.

“Sure, but you will be accompanied.” Vince still couldn't believe she'd actually clocked Bradshaw in the face with her heel. “And we'll need to get you some other shoes...”

“He's lost his mind.” Ken grunted when Andy started talking about plaid shoes to go with his jumper, shaking his head as he followed them out.

“I'll escort her Dad.” Shane offered.

“Good idea, keep your cell on at all times.” Vince ordered, nodding.


Angeni wanted to ask Vince what this was all about, but decided against it.


Placing a hand on the small of her back, Shane gently nudged Angeni towards the door, halting long enough to take the fur coat Boss Man passed him and draped it over his free arm. “Ken and Andrew will be fine.” He reassured her, nodding back at his father to let him know the cell phone was on.  It was ALWAYS on.  He wasn't an idiot, not a total one at least. “We'll stop by wardrobe first and see if they have anything your size.” He said, glancing down at her bare feet, knowing they had to be freezing, the arena wasn't exactly the best heated.


“Thank you.” She whispered, taking the fur coat away from him and wrapped it around herself, her blood no longer heated from her sprinting. 


She knew she was safe with Shane, at least she hoped, and simply let him guide her toward wardrobe.  Her feet felt like two ice cubes, they hurt to walk on, but she would run if she had to, even barefoot.  She started thinking back to the man that looked like Satan and had to assume he was the leader of the ministry.  He looked downright deadly, dressed in all black, though that was pretty much all Angeni got to see before she bolted.  She stopped short when Shane froze, jolting her out of her thoughts and looked at what he was staring at.




“Now...gentlemen...” Shane held out his hands placatory, eyeballing the Acolytes.  Including Bradshaw who was holding onto the heel he had been clocked with. “We don't want any problems, the lady was simply doing her job...”


Snorting, Bradshaw set the shoe down on the table, hard enough to make Tiffany jump with a whimper. “Next time we see each other little woman, I'm going to show you how I do my job.” He informed her before turning to walk away with Farooq.


Shane let out a sigh of relief, aware his heart was trying to escape his chest and waited until they had gone before turning to Tiffany. “She needs a pair of shoes.”


Nodding shakily, Tiffany gestured Angeni to follow her into the small room she kept her extra clothes and accessories in. “Here.”


While the two women were in the room, he had silently walked up behind Shane.  A pinch to a nerve later, the McMahon Prince lay crumpled on the tile floor.  Emotionlessly, he stepped over the prone man and headed towards the room.


Angeni found a pair of simple white boots that probably didn't go with her dress, but at the moment she didn't care.  She accepted a pair of socks and sat down to slip them on, shivering slightly.  Tiffany had left her alone to pick what she wanted, thankfully, so it gave Angeni a chance to sift through things without someone looming over her shoulder.  Her back was to the door as she unzipped the boots and slipped one on, slowly looking up when she felt as though someone was watching her.


“Shane?” Angeni stood up even as his name escaped her lips and turned around, feeling her heart stop at the sight of the Satan looking man from earlier, violet eyes widening.


The upper half of his face was cast in shadow from wearing the hood of his cloak.  He hadn't minded the cold, and now he didn't mind the heat.  His body seemed to naturally acclimate itself to surroundings and temperature. 


He could see her plainly, even though the light bulb in this dingy little room was casting a sickly yellow glow, sputtering and would probably give out at any moment.  It definitely would not have been his first choice for housing these items.  His acid green eyes dropped down to the white boots she had selected before returning to her face, a hint of a cold smile appearing on his thin, sensual lips.


Her breathing increased due to how fast her heart currently pounded in her chest and Angeni could only take a step back from him.  She wasn't pleased when he took one forward, wondering what happened to Shane.  Angeni could take her chances and throw the boot at this monster, but he was literally taking up all ways for her to escape.  Vince had a lot of explaining to do or else Angeni was going back to her home collecting unemployment again.


“W-What do you want?  Where's Shane?” Angeni managed to ask, trying to keep the tremor out of her voice. 


Now this was just amusing and he knew he was sick in the head for finding it so, all things considered.  She obviously didn't recognize him, though...given his changed look, and the hood, he supposed he shouldn't be surprised.  He was hidden in the shadows and, even in full blown light; she still wouldn’t be able to see him.


“Shane is currently taking a nap.” He said in his deep dark baritone, watching as her violet eyes widened even more, looking about ready to roll right out of her sockets and flashed a small, teeth baring smile. “Are you afraid, Angeni?”


He took a slow, deliberate step towards her, watching as she promptly took a step backwards.  That sounded so familiar, where had she heard it before?  Angeni knew in order to probably get out of this situation alive and with her head still attached; she would have to cater to him.  Angeni wished he would remove the hood so she could see his face, frowning thoughtfully.


She knew him, but how? 


How the hell would she know anyone from the Federation? 


“Yes.” She whispered, though there was no more fear in her eyes because Angeni was too busy trying to place him in her mind. 


“Smart girl.” He said, his tone both patronizing and condescending at the same time. “I doubted your intelligence because of who you chose to align yourself with, it pleases me to know you do possess some small measure of brains.”


When she scowled, and her grip on the boot tightened, he snorted.  Slowly, he reached up, his pale hands reaching for the hood.  The sleeves of his robe slumped down his muscular, heavily tattooed arms and he wasn't surprised when she instantly stared. 


A moment later, the hood was down.


Her jaw instantly dropped as soon as he removed the hood, Angeni covering her mouth with her hand, gasping.  His voice had sounded familiar and for a very damn good reason.  Angeni did know him, better than probably anyone in this company and suddenly regretted her answer as far as being afraid of him.


“My god, Mark?”


Chapter 3


The last time she saw him, he had a teardrop etched in his skin under his eye, his hair was a deep dark auburn that looked almost black and he had a goatee instead of a Satan looking beard.  It'd been two long years since they last saw each other.  Angeni honestly didn't think she ever would again.


“You work here?”


“Thank you for observing the obvious.” He said flatly, openly taking her in from her sock covered feet, the white and purple seasonally inappropriate dress and then her face and hair. “And I go by Taker, for future reference.” The last person to call him Mark had been thrown through a glass window.  He would make an exception for her, this once. “Put and let's go.” He ordered gravely.


“What?” Angeni swallowed hard when he growled down at her, trying not to be intimidated, but in truth Mark had always had that factor about him.  It's one of the things that attracted her. “You don't see me for two years and now you're ordering me around?  I'm not going anywhere with you, Mark.” Angeni flat out refused to call him Taker and winced when his arm shot out, his hand wrapping around her upper arm, yanking her against his black velvet cloak. “Ouch!  You're hurting me!”


“Yes, I know.” Everything he did he was aware of.  If he hurt her, it was on purpose and this was rather...gentle for him, she'd probably only have some light fingerprint shaped bruises on her arm. “Now, you can listen and come with me of your own volition or kicking and screaming.” Either way worked for him. “I do believe we need to talk about your current associations, Angeni.”


Her reaction was to kick him in the shin, through the velvet cloak and shrieked when he lifted her over his shoulder in one swift smooth movement. “Let me go, you brute!!  PUT ME DOWN!!” She was going kicking and screaming, hitting his back with her tiny fists and jumped when he smacked her ass with authority. “Mark, this is no way to treat your wife!!”

“I didn't hear anything!!” Tiffany squeaked and ran away when her table suddenly flipped over, courtesy of the Undertaker.

“I don't care what the hell this is about, you put me down THIS INSTANT, MARK CALAWAY!!”


“I.” He slapped her ass, open handed. “Told.” Another one. “You.” And another. “That my name is Taker, wife.  Address me by it or shut the hell up.” Just for good measure, he slapped her ass again, a low rumble of approval emanating from his chest. “I am pleased to find that your ass is still as pert as ever.” He informed her callously, ignoring her shrieks of outrage.


“What the hell is a Taker?  I'm NOT calling you anything except an asshole!!  And stop touching my ass!” Angeni ordered in a growl of her own, trying to squirm out of his grasp and huffed indignantly when he just tightened his grip on her. “I hope you trip and fall on your face.  Maybe breaking that big nose of yours will knock some sense into your thick skull, MARK!” She squealed when he slapped her ass again, knowing the first opportunity she got she was kicking him square in the balls.


He simply kicked open the door to the Ministry's dressing room and deposited her right there on the floor, in the middle of his Ministry. “Someone...tape her mouth shut.”


Bradshaw retrieved a roll of duct tape, grinning wickedly, a bruise right where her high heel had clocked him.

“You realize it'll hurt her to take it off, yes?” Paul asked with a yawn.

“Since she insists on disobeying me, that was part of the point, imbecile.”


“No, stay away from me!!” Angeni scrambled away from all the men, even Mark, not believing he was doing this to her.  He was letting the man she'd clocked in the face with her heel earlier come at her full force and Angeni couldn't stop it from happening. “I'm your wife, you son of a bi-”


Her words were cut off by a slap of duct tape across her mouth, but nothing else.  They didn't touch her, just left her sitting there with her mouth taped shut.  Angeni folded her arms and leaned back against the wall, deciding it would be best not to remove the tape and keep her mouth shut.


“Ah...silence is indeed golden.” Taker sighed, closing his eyes, his face a mocking picture of peace before opening them and staring down at her.


Her being here had come as quite the surprise.  When he had seen the woman out with those idiots from the Corporation, he had been curious, wondering why Vince would be so dense to bring someone who was obviously weak into his little club.  Then when she had bolted at the sight of him, that had made him more curious.  Now...knowing who she was, he mentally applauded McMahon's balls.



Paul scratched his chins. “Why is she here?”


Why indeed, but he wasn't asking because then she'd have to remove the tape and he knew she had nothing sweet, pleasant or wifely to say to him at the moment.  No she did not, her violet eyes shooting daggers at the man she was forced to call her husband.  She couldn't believe he worked for this company. 


What else hadn't McMahon told her? 


Angeni was a highly intelligent woman and it suddenly all made sense to her.  How the rest of the Corporation members had been quiet as soon as she walked in the door, how Vince had tracked her down.  He knew she was Mark's wife and wanted to use her against him.  If Vince only knew that they hadn't seen each other in two very long years and their marriage had been a total sham, a very big mistake, he probably wouldn't have bothered with her.  Nevertheless, here she was back in Mark's clutches and Angeni was already plotting how best to make her escape, wanting no part of whatever was going on with this company.


“It seems that Vince has gone snooping around in my own personal life.” Taker drawled slowly.


Settling himself down in a chair after shedding his robe, Taker ignored Mideon as the man immediately scurried to pick it up off the floor.  His steely gaze was firmly fastened on his darling wife, who he had not given much thought too... he had had other things on his mind.  Of course, not seeing someone in a few years also tended to make one forget as well.


“Angeni, precious, I'm going to ask you one question and I want you to either nod your head for yes or shake it for no.” His acid eyes glittered when she scowled at his condescending tone. “Have you signed a contract with Vince?”


Her answer was to flip him off, defiance burning in her eyes and watched as a slow eyebrow rose at her.  He wanted an answer, she gave him one.  Angeni wasn't telling him anything, no matter what he did to her.  If he didn't watch his step, she would end up sending him to jail for domestic violence. 


This was not Mark, at least the man she married had respect for her and would never think to do something this...degrading.  When the man who had picked Mark's cloak up came over, Angeni cried out when the tape was ripped off of her mouth.  Tears stinging her eyes, she didn't say a single word.


“Angeni, don't try my patience.” He ordered, drumming his fingertips on his thigh in a bored fashion as he watched her trying to soothe her mouth from the tape being ripped off. “Because I can promise you, you won't like what I do if you provoke my temper.” Or what he'd let someone else do, he wasn't about to harm his wife.  No, he would let someone do it as a proxy for him.


“Look, I have no idea what the hell is going on here okay?  I thought this was a job offer, nothing more.  I had NO idea you worked here.  Vince tracked me down, said he found my resume on some career site and said I would be good for his company.” Her voice remained monotone, deciding it would be best to listen to her husband because he looked downright deadly and would make due on his promise. “All he told me was this was professional wrestling and I would be a valet for a group called the Corporation.  I need of a job so I took it.  He NEVER mentioned you.  If I had known, you can bet your ass, I would've never accepted his job offer.  And no, I haven't signed a contract with him.  I was supposed to do that tonight, but that's shot to shit now.  So just let me go back home.  I don't want anything to do with what's going on between you and Vince.  I don't even care.  We agreed to leave each other alone, to go our separate ways and, by the way, when the hell were you planning on sending me the divorce papers like you said you would?”

She did NOT want to be married to this asshole any longer than she had to be.  He smiled at her rather thorough answer, knowing he had indeed scared her with his threat.  Though, technically, it wasn't a threat because he never made threats.  He always made promises and he had gotten quite good on delivering on those promises.



“Yes, Taker?”

“Go see Vinnie, I want her contract brought here.” He ordered with a lazy wave of his hand.

“May I ask why?”

“Because, my darling wife is going to sign that contract.”


“W-WHAT?!” Angeni sputtered, watching as the pudgy man waddled out of the door to do as her husband instructed, violet eyes wide. “What the hell are you doing?!  Didn't you hear anything I just said?” She tossed her hands up in the air when he merely shrugged, wanting to clock him right in the face. “I'm not signing anything!  I did not come here to be intimidated and degraded by my lousy husband!”


She had no idea about Mark working here and felt like so used, blinking tears away since they would do no good.  When Angeni watched him stand up to walk over to grab his bag, she made a beeline for the door, the rest of the men having gone out to do his bidding or something, she couldn't remember.  She flew as fast as she could right out of the arena and into the falling snow, not stopping for anything.  Knowing her bare feet would pay for this later, right now all she cared about was getting as far away as possible.


Pinching the bridge of his nose, Taker merely shook his head.  She was really going to make him hunt her down?  Then again, if the woman actually knew him...she probably would have just signed the contract, just so he wouldn't hunt her.  Not bothering to change out of his ring gear, he simply tossed his bag over his shoulder and walked out of the room.  When he seen Paul coming back as fast as his rather…chubby…legs would allow him, he held out his hand and accepted the contract he was passed.


“Paul, she's decided to run.  I want you to make sure she has nowhere to run back to.”

“She is your wife…is that-” Paul shut the hell up and ducked when a heavy backhand came his way.

“Speaking of my wife...” Taker walked away, tucking the contract in his bag.


When Angeni arrived at the hotel, -she was freezing from head to toe, pretty sure her toes were about to fall off along with her fingers- she was pleased to find that Vince did indeed have a room set up for her.  She took the keycard they handed her, not even needing an ID, which confused her to no end because most hotels did need some sort of identification.  It hurt to walk, but at least Angeni was away from her husband for the moment. 


She barely made it to her room before collapsing, the door closing behind her, tears pouring down her frozen face.  Her ears felt like they might crack and break off at any given moment.  Every part of her body hurt as it unthawed slowly and all Angeni could do was curl up in a tight ball, trying to warm up again so she could move.


“You know, the second best way to warm up would be to stand under hot water.” He said from where he sat behind the bar, taking a healthy swallow of his liquor, not flinching as it burned a trail down his throat and into the pit of his gut. “The best would be to strip and let another's body heat warm you.”


The woman had run here…obviously, in bare feet and a dress that was more suitable for spring or summer.  He did not recall Angeni being daft, but...apparently times had changed.  How the hell did he get in her room?  Angeni was completely helpless at the moment, knowing running had been useless.  Had Vince given up her whereabouts?  She was going to kill that old man for putting her in this situation.


“D-Don't e-even t-think a-about i-it, M-M-Mark…” She stammered out, chattering uncontrollably and hissed out when she tried moving, the tears not stopping. 


Angeni was positive they had frozen to her face and tried stopping them, but that wasn't happening either.  What the hell was he doing here?  She wasn't signing that contract, she wanted nothing to do with this company, not after finding out exactly WHO worked for it.


“P-Please g-go away…” She whispered, closing her eyes tightly shut and tried to will this stabbing pain to go away, knowing it was simply her body unthawing and warming back up, her purple lips blue beneath the lipstick she wore.


His response was to drain the rest of his tumbler and set the glass down on the bar top before standing up from the stool he had been perched on.  The woman was going to lie there, freezing to death while she unthawed and wind up ill.  Shaking his head, he pulled off the top half, the 'shirt' of his wrestling attire, tossing it to the side before walking to the bed.


The room was dark save for the light coming in from under the doorway, but his skin was pale enough to be seen.  He lifted her up, ignoring her chattering protests before pulling down the bedcovers.  Then, with deft, nimble fingers, he divested her of her dress before laying her down and joining her.  He pulled the blankets around them before trapping her against his body.


He had to be the most overbearing prick on the planet!  What had Angeni been thinking actually agreeing to marry him?  Even though it was in a cheap chapel...and lasted for all about three seconds.  Angeni thought she'd been in love with Mark, but the marriage remorse kicked in for both of them after their lust had been sated. 


Chapter 4


Mark explained he wasn't ready for marriage and basically left her without giving her much of a chance to say anything, promising he would leave her alone.  Look how well that promise turned out!  However, the moment her freezing body touched his, Angeni instantly snuggled against him and buried her face in his chest, soaking the warmth in as much as she could, her cold hands splayed on his sides near his back.


“W-What are you d-doing here?” Her chattering was slowly diminishing, but it was still going strong, Angeni trying to get it under control. “I-I'm g-going home, M-Mark…”


Considering he had made good on his promise and left her alone for two years, Taker figured she should treat him just a little bit nicer.  Or else. “No, you're not.” Taker informed her, letting the fact that she used his given name slide, for now.  She'd eventually learn to mind her tongue and listen to him. “You're going to sign your contract and work for the Corporation, just like you wanted too, pet.”


Vince was probably shitting bricks right about now, wondering what he was going to do and a very evil grin flickered across his lips.  It didn't matter if she was still cold or not, Angeni wasn't about to tolerate this and shoved away from him, falling out of bed with the cover, immediately wrapping herself in it.  She was strong enough to do that, but not much else, knowing she would probably end up sick from running in the freezing snow.


“No I'm not.  Who the hell do you think you are telling me what I'm going to do?  I hate breaking this to you, Mark, but you don't own me.  You never have and you NEVER will.” She leaned against the wall, needing some kind of leverage and glared hatefully at him. “I'll sign that contract when I'm dead and you have to force my signature, which is illegal if you didn't know.  So get the hell out.  I'm going HOME, fuck the Corporation, fuck whatever issues you have with Vince and fuck the WWF!”


She really did not know him at all and he began laughing openly at her, the sound dark and booming, much too loud for the relative quietness of the dark room. “I don't think so, Angeni.” He said when he was done, cutting the laughter abruptly, his venom green eyes glittering coldly as he rolled off the bed. “You will sign the contract, you will work for the Corporation and you will mind,” At this point he was directly in front of her, pinning her body to the wall with his, trapping her legs. “Your tongue unless you want me to cut it out.” He traced a finger along her jaw, not surprised at how cold her skin still was. “And if I remember correctly, you were always rather...talented, with that tongue, so it would be a shame to remove it.”


Angeni looked completely disgusted by that tongue remark, but didn't comment on it, shaking her head. “Go ahead, do it then.” One thing Angeni did not appreciate was idle threats, her eyes narrowed to slits. “If you're going to hurt me, might as well get it over with because I am not, I repeat NOT, signing it.”


Her eyes closed when his finger went from tracing her jaw to his hand wrapping around her throat, though he didn't squeeze.  It didn't matter what he did to her.  Angeni was not working for this company that had reunited her with her apparently psychotic husband.


“Fine.” He said, suddenly stepping away from her, letting go of her throat. “Go home, Angeni, run away my darling little coward.” He retreated, giving her space. “Just what is it you think you're running back to though, hmm?” Taker folded his hands behind his back, studying her in the darkness. “What do you think you will have left to run back too?”


He already knew the answer to that.  Nothing.  He would take everything away from her. Bar all doors that might open.  She would have no choice but to return and then deal with his annoyance, which was steadily growing though he was a master at controlling his emotions, revealing nothing to her.


“Y-You're breaking your word, I don't understand.  Why do you want me of all people to work for this company and get involved in your issues?  Work for your apparent enemy?”


Angeni was completely confused and slid down the wall, feeling her legs giving out because the harsh reality crashed over her.  He had enough power to make her come back, even if it meant getting rid of everything she had right now, which wasn't much.  Just a small cottage in the middle of the woods away from the world that had a small waterfall for her backyard.


“Why are you doing this to me, Mark?  I haven't bothered you, I haven't done anything to you.  So why are you trying to force me to do this?” There had to be a reason and Angeni wanted to know what it was, swallowing hard when he bent down to be eye level with her.


Taker reached out to take a strand of her hair between his fingers, finally letting go and just stared at her. “All you need to worry about, my precious angel, is doing your job and never mind my reasons.” Of which he had several and none of them were her business. “Now why don't you go get in the shower while I have something warm brought up for you to sip, and then you can sign your contract and I will leave you be.” For the night at least.


“I'll sign the contract under one condition.” Angeni stated, after mulling it over for a few seconds, knowing she really didn't have a choice in the matter. “I want your word that your men won't hurt me...NONE of them.  In return, I promise not to strike any of them like I did tonight or interfere in the matches.” It was a pretty fair deal considering what she was willing to do and that was link herself to this godforsaken company that had brought her past back to bite her in the ass. “Either that or you can torture me by taking everything away from me, but I want insurance that I won't be harmed.  I'm willing to do what you want, so you have to do this one thing for me.  My safety is not a bargaining chip, Mark.”


“Of course not.” He agreed readily, already walking over to his bag, which he had left behind the bar pulling it out, setting it on top of the bar before pulling out the contract and a pen. “You have my word.” He reached for the small, generic lamp that rested to his right, flicking it on and smiled in grim amusement when she blinked. “Now come sign this.” He ordered, extending the pen towards her.


Sighing resignedly, Angeni stood up from the floor and tightened the blanket around her as she padded over, taking the pen from him.  Her black hair now hung in rivulets all around her, loosely curled and somewhat wild, though a few pins were holding some strands in place.  Angeni wasn't stupid, she wasn't signing anything without reading the fine print first and nodded.


“I want to read it first.” She murmured quietly, taking the contract from him and walked over to sit on the bed. “It's for a year, that'll work.”


The pay also more than made up for any discomfort she would feel...hopefully.  It took her around twenty minutes and Angeni finally scrawled her signature on the dotted line, closing her eyes as a few tears slid down her face.  She just signed her fate for the next solid year, it was going to be the longest three hundred and sixty five days of her life.


While she had been perusing the contract, he had cranked the heat up as high as it would go in the room as well as ordered her some broth.  It would definitely not do for her to wind up sick because she wouldn't be getting any sick leave.  Vince was a bastard about that kind of thing and probably would be rather paranoid about her now that she had signed the contract, especially after Paul had taken the contract from the man.  Which, he made a mental note to ask his mentor just how he had gone about doing that, knowing Paul wasn't exactly the world's best fighter.


“Chin up, angel, it won't be quite that bad.”


“Oh yeah sure, it's going to be peachy, especially since I was forced into doing this.” She muttered, wiping the tears away and looked down at her lap, clasping her hands together tightly. “Can't you tell my excitement, Mark?”


Angeni snorted and looked up when there was a knock on her hotel room door, wondering who it was.  Mark rolled a tray in moments later with the steaming bowl of broth.  Angeni didn't even need to guess what it was because he'd told her what he was going to do.


“I don't want to be called pet either.  If you don't want me calling you Mark, then don't use that term of endearment with me.” She looked at him as he set the bowl of broth in front of her, locking eyes with his. “Deal?”


She was definitely both amusing and annoying at the same time.  An amusing nuisance, he wondered when the novelty of that would wear off. “Deal.”


He much preferred the Christian version of her name anyway…Angel.  Though, she was anything but an angel, angels were kind and sweet, and didn't run off at the mouth.  Maybe a fallen angel; that was what she looked like at any rate.


“Angeni, if you go into this with that kind of attitude, you'll never enjoy the job satisfaction the rest of us do.” He then informed her, knowing from the look she was giving him that she thought he was a complete ass and he was.


Her opinion would soon change because she'd discover that he was just pure evil.


“Oh don't worry, I'll plaster on a smile in front of the crowds.” She assured him with a snort, taking a sip of her broth and let out a sigh “So, you want me to call you Taker?  Is that what you said?” When he nodded, Angeni knew that would take some getting used to, but as long as he didn't call her pet, she would keep her word about not using his birth name. “I like Mark better.” She added, ignoring his look of disdain and flashed him a sweet smile that did not reach her violet eyes. 


She started devouring the broth because it felt good on her stomach, not to mention sent warmth rushing through her to warm her up even faster.  Angeni just hoped she didn't get sick.  She could like whatever she wished, so long as she went by his personal preference.  Ignoring her slurping her broth, he shed the rest of his wrestling gear, not minding being stark naked. 


She had seen him nude, on many occasions, though…if she wanted to refresh her memory after a two year absence, he had no problem in her taking a peek or two.  That and the room was warm enough where it wasn't uncomfortable to be nude.  He took his time in pulling out street clothes, ignoring the sudden silence.


“Your ass is still pale white.  Some things never change.” Angeni commented after surveying him for a second or two, not devouring him or anything. 


She wanted to see if there were any changes, noticing he'd gotten a few more tattoos.  Pulling her eyes from him, Angeni finished up her broth and set the empty bowl on the tray before standing up, the room toasty warm and made her extremely tired.  She really wanted to take a shower in the morning, but knew it would help her even more if she took one now.  Walking past him, Angeni started for the bathroom and sighed when he stopped her, his arm shooting out blocking her path.


“What now?”


She sounded drained, but at the same time somewhat annoyed because she had done everything he asked of her, staring into his acid eyes that used to remind her of emerald stones.  Those emerald stones glittered down at her for a brief moment before he crushed her against him, the rest of his body just as pale as his white ass.  He bent down and captured her lips in his before she could even open her mouth to say anything. 


Though, he did not try to even attempt sliding his tongue in her mouth, not about to have her remove it.  That would be a touch to ironic for him.  His hands moved down her back, over the sheet until he was cupping her ass, pulling her against him tighter.  When she was breathless, he broke the kiss and stepped away.


“Enjoy your shower, wife.”


If she wasn't completely warm from the broth and his body heat earlier, combined with the room temperature, Angeni sure as hell was now! “Thanks hubby, I will.”


She smirked when he cringed at the term of endearment and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.  Flipping the lock on it in case he tried joining her, which wasn't happening, Angeni started the shower sprays.  No matter how hard she tried, Angeni knew she still loved him and was about to go through pure hell for the next year with the WWF. 


She hated him for what he forced her to do, but still loved him regardless.  It was good to see him again, though Angeni would've preferred it to be on different terms.  Sighing, she pulled the blanket away before removing her garments and stepped under the sprays as instant relief flowed through her.


Smirking to himself, Taker dressed, having no intention of being in the room when she emerged.  While the idea of claiming his marital rights was appealing, there were several factors to consider first.  There would be plenty of time for them to reacquaint themselves, on several levels, but...tonight, he would leave her alone.  Once fully dressed, he pressed his hand against the bathroom door, listening to her showering and closed his eyes.


“See you tomorrow night, pet.” He murmured before exiting the room.


This game had just gotten much more intriguing and he wondered if Vince was aware that whatever his little game was, it had backfired.  Angeni sighed with great relief when she stepped out of the bathroom and saw her husband was gone.  He did say he would leave her alone and Angeni was glad he kept his word.  Changing into a pair of pajama pants with a long sleeved shirt, -Angeni did pack for the weather, contrary to popular belief- Angeni slipped into bed under the comforter and fell asleep before her head hit the pillow.


Chapter 5


The following night, Angeni had reluctantly decided to go to the next area WWF was at, not surprised that Mark had set up a rental for her.  He was very confusing to say the least, but Angeni wasn't going to question it anymore.  He left her alone and she appreciated it, knowing that would soon change.  She wore a sky blue dress that was long sleeved and went to her ankles, not about to take any chances tonight in case she did have to make a run for it.  Surprisingly, she didn't wake up sick from running into the snow, knowing part of that reason was thanks to Mark.


“Asshole.” Angeni whispered, turning the radio on and decided to push him in the far recesses of her mind, not wanting to think about him.


Meanwhile at the arena, Vince was pacing a hole in the floor of the Corporation’s locker room. “I just don't get it…what's his game?” Vince demanded, pacing back and forth and threw a glaring look at his son.


Shane had absolutely no idea what was going through the Undertaker's head and really wished Vince wasn't looking to him for the answer. “How should I know?  I'm not about to ask him.”

“He actually WANTED her to sign the damn contract.  He didn't want to amend it, change it, nothing!  He wants her to work for the Corporation, what the hell is he planning?!”

“Dad, I don't know…”

“Well figure it out!”


Shane rubbed his temples and closed his eyes, doing some mental exercise to soothe his now throbbing head.  He knew just as soon as Vince's rage had passed the man would come up with something new to run with, and he sincerely hoped whatever it was, it actually worked out properly.

“Alright…this can be salvaged…it'll still work…” Vince was desperate now.


A knock sounded at the door and Angeni stepped inside, not even waiting to be told to come in.  She was part of the Corporation after all, deciding to leave her hair down for the evening.  Vince explained to her that they did three or four house shows a week, depending on the circumstances and holidays.  Not to mention he was also in the works of creating another show called Smackdown!, but that hadn't gotten off the ground yet.


“Good evening gentlemen.” She greeted softly, taking her own coat off and hung it up before walking over to sit next to Kane. 


The others hadn't arrived yet and Angeni didn't want to sit alone, hoping Kane didn't mind the company.  Kane simply stared down at her, not too surprised that she had opted to sit next to him.  Just like he wasn't surprised that Vince had thrown his little fit in front of him.  Apparently Vince tended to forget that he existed.  Someday, that was going to come back and bite the McMahon Patriarch in the ass.

“Angeni, I must apologize for last night.” Shane said, frowning as he stared down at her.


He had woken up in a snow bank, not remembering what had happened or how he had gotten there.  He had watched her disappear into the wardrobe room with Tiffany and then...nothing.  To say he was still feeling the aftershocks from being plunged in the cold snow was the understatement of the century.  Instead of wearing two long sleeved shirts under his dress shirt, Shane opted for four along with thermal underwear, not taking any chances in case it happened again.


“Yes well, it wasn't your fault Taker took you out, Shane.  So no need for an apology.” Angeni folded her arms in front of her chest, looking at Vince expectantly. “I think it's time you tell me exactly what's going on here and why you REALLY brought me here, Vince.  I don't appreciate being kept in the dark, especially when it comes to my husband.  How you found out about us is beyond me, but let me lay this out for you: I was forced into this by HIM.” It's not that she didn't appreciate the job opportunity, because under normal circumstances she would have, but after finding out that her husband worked for this company, Angeni knew she'd been used. “And I also don't appreciate being used.  So the least you can do is shoot straight with me on what's really going on.”


Vince ignored the 'well what are you going to do now, genius' look his son was shooting him and instead smiled his pleasant, everything is alright smile. “I wanted you to work with your husband.”


Shane had to turn around, his snort still very audible.


Kane's head was down but he was listening very closely.

“Or more to the point, I want you to distract him.  Does he seem anything similar to the man you married?”


“Distract him?  Have you met my husband lately, Vince?” Angeni stood up from the bench she sat on, placing her hands on her hips, the fire erupting in her violet eyes. “Let me tell you who my husband is okay?  He is the type of man who will TAPE his wife's mouth SHUT because she uses his real name.  He is the type of man who will allow OTHERS to hurt me if I DON'T do what he says.  He is the type of man who will break into my hotel room, force me to sign a contract to a job I no longer want and then leave without another word.  Do you honestly believe I would marry someone like that?  So NO, he is NOT the same man I once knew and thank you very fucking much for bringing me here under FALSE pretences!  If I wanted to work with my husband, don't you think that would've happened a long time ago, like oh say two years ago, when we first got married in a sham of a wedding?  Oh, but you were just doing it out of the KINDNESS of your heart, right?” Angeni snorted, not caring if she was giving the boss attitude.  She was pissed and had every right to be. “So tell me then, Vince, how do you want me to DISTRACT him when HE'S the one who forced me to work for this company and, more specifically, this group?”


Shane was now standing behind his father, shaking his head no at Angeni, eyes wide.  The woman apparently had bought that sugary image Vince had originally fed her and could only pinch the bridge of his nose when she paid him no mind and continued reaming Vince a new asshole.  Vince wasn't as evil as the Undertaker was, but the man was a prick when he wanted to be.

“Angeni, you're mad and that's understandable, but you need to mind your tone.” Vince said gently, though his eyes were growing cold.

Shane just bit back a groan.


She wasn't apologizing to Vince for anything she just said because he deserved it and a lot more. “Distracting him is out of the question.” Angeni said in a monotone voice, flat out refusing to use a sweet one because she was still livid that she'd been forced into this situation. “So whatever you were planning on doing with me to use against him, it won't work.  He wants me in this group for a reason and I have no idea why.  I asked him and he simply said not to worry about his reasons, just do my job.  So now I'm asking you, what exactly IS my job?  Is it valeting the Corporation to the ring?  Oh and I feel I should warn you that I made a bargain with my husband in exchange for not getting my head knocked off.” When Vince merely raised an eyebrow Angeni took that as he wanted to know what it was. “If I don't interfere in the matches the Corporation has with the Ministry or strike any of them, they will not harm me.  So I'm not interfering anymore, I nearly got my head knocked off last night by one of them after your son was incapacitated.”


Kane snorted and shook his head at that.

“Do you have something you want to add?” Shane demanded hotly.

Kane just looked at Shane and cocked his head to the side.

“Your job, is whatever I tell you to do and, right now, you will valet.” Vince said flatly, already foreseeing problems with her little deal and wondered what else she had promised her husband. “And in your deal with him, I really hope, for your sake, that you included him in your little stipulation of the Ministry not being allowed to harm you.” He added, knowing damn well how sneaky Taker could be.


“He is the leader of the Ministry of Darkness, correct?”

“Yes, but…”

“Then he IS technically apart of the Ministry.” Angeni wasn't going to do everything Vince told her, not if it included getting her head knocked from her shoulders.


Shane decided to step in, having an idea. “Dad, why not have her accompany Kane to ringside?”


“Just hear me out, she obviously gets along with him and she's not afraid.  Not to mention it'll give Red a little more personality.”


Angeni wanted to scream 'I LOVE YOU' to Shane, but refrained for several reasons, a slow smile spreading on her lips.

“Would you mind being Kane's new valet, Angeni?”

“Not at all.”


Shane really didn't like the look that came over his father's eyes, knowing that Taker and Kane hated each other.  This was Taker's wife.  He just put Angeni in quite the pickle, but it was better than doing whatever his father said, right?


Probably not, Vince was a devious man and he already had ideas in mind for Angeni.  He wasn't sharing any of them.  He did feel bad for her on the grounds that Taker made deals, and yes, he usually did stick to them, but he also managed to find ways around them, loopholes.


Of course, Kane got absolutely no say in this and could already see a lot of pain heading his way in the near future, reaching down to adjust his leather glove.  Taker would simply LOVE this one.  He eyeballed Angeni, more specifically, her dress, and hoped she was wearing her running shoes.


“You will have to change though, Angeni.” Shane stated, gesturing to her light blue dress and then pointed at Kane. “Red and black only now.”

“Right, of course.” She hoped Kane didn't mind having a woman by his side during his matches, deciding she would ask him once they were alone.  If he truly didn't want her out there with him, Angeni would find a way to valet someone else. “I suppose wardrobe then?”

“Do you need an escort?”

“Thanks, but I can handle it.” Angeni walked out, closing the door quietly behind her and headed down the hallway, feeling a little better about this situation now that she was valeting Kane.


“Think it's a smart move for her to be going alone?” Shane asked hesitantly, tilting his head.

“Hmmm...Kane, follow her, but don't let her see you.” Vince ordered, deciding Angeni would have an escort regardless if she wanted one or not.


Kane's body language clearly said 'are you kidding me?’.

“And don't get any bright ideas either.” He added as an afterthought.


No, he would leave that to Vince, the man with the plan.  Snorting, Kane stood up, his damp hair falling over his masked face and walked out of the room.


Tiffany nearly jumped at the sight of Angeni, her green eyes wide.

“I'm sorry about last night, Tiffany.” Angeni apologized softly, walking toward her almost cautiously. “I just came here to see if you had anything in red...or black.  I prefer red though.”

“Just go in there and pick whatever you want.” Tiffany squeaked out, not really wanting to associate herself with the Undertaker's wife, wondering how the hell any woman could marry HIM.


Sighing, Angeni stepped inside and found what she was looking for almost instantly.  Ten minutes later, she stepped out in a long dark red velvet cascade dress that hugged her curves, flaring at the hips.  It had a ballet neckline, long tapering sleeves with ending points over her hands and a long, right-side kick pleat design.  The material was spandex velvet, so it wasn't that heavy and the dress could be lifted if she had to pound pavement again.  Angeni chose black flats for that specific reason, deciding they would cover her feet mostly so she wouldn't freeze right away and the material would also keep her warm.


“Thanks Tiffany.” She walked away from wardrobe, deciding to just leave her hair alone, wearing simple black eyeliner with clear gloss, staying very simple.


Tiffany watched her walk away before crossing herself, just in case.

“Black is much more your color, Angel.” Taker stepped directly into her path, his Ministry flanking him and folded his arms over his chest.  He was dressed in his tights, minus the robe, his black hair cascading down around his shoulders as he hadn't pulled it back yet. He looked her up and down openly. “What do you think Paul?”

“Red brings out her eyes.”

“That it does...” Taker stroked his goatee.


“I've never been fond of black, you know that.” Angeni smiled sweetly, but it did not reach her cold eyes, folding her arms in front of her chest. “I happen to like red and actual COLOR.  Thank you...Paul?”


When he nodded, Angeni flashed him a warmer smile, her eyes turning back to her husband.  She couldn't help thinking back to what Vince said about Mark not meaning himself in harming her when it came to their agreement, wondering if he would.  Of course, she kept that well hidden and simply stood there, the rest of the Ministry keeping silent, which was probably a good thing.


He just continued to stare down at her, wondering idly what was going on behind those violet eyes.  Taker knew quite well she didn't wear black, she was very much the opposite of him.  Well, what 'they' said about opposites attracting had been very true in their case.


“So, precious...” He watched a hint of flare showing in her face, knowing she had been expecting 'pet'. “Care to enlighten your husband as to what your duties for the Corporation are?”

Viscera's pale blue-white eyes blinked slowly as a leer spread across his fat lips.


Violet eyes narrowed slightly, wishing she would've added the term of endearment ‘precious’ to their agreement because that too was getting on her nerves. “Nope, I don't think you need to know, hubby.  After all, it is MY job, not yours.  Though I will tell you this much, I am valeting still.  Make of it what you will.” She sighed almost wistfully, eyes gleaming. “Toodles. *Angeni walked away from her husband and his Ministry, heading back to the Corporation's locker room and never knew that Kane had watched the whole exchange go down.


“She's feisty.”

“That she is.”

“One day, you'll have to tell me whatever possessed you to marry her.” Paul said, sounding bored.


His voice was not quite as shrill when they were backstage.  He mostly used his stage voice for when they were out in the ring or on live TV.  Or when he wanted to irritate people.

“Enough about my darling wife, we have…plans…to attend.”


Paul smiled wickedly.


Plans Angeni was going to become part of.


Chapter 6


Later that night, Kane had a match against Viscera of the Ministry and they currently stood behind the curtain, waiting for his pyro to go off.  They each kept quiet, though there was a mutual respect somewhere between them.  She knew for a fact Kane would do everything in his power to protect her, he seemed like the type who would come to an innocent woman's aid. 


She felt terrible for him, having a feeling he didn't want to be in the Corporation and felt his pain because neither did she.  They were one in the same.  She jumped slightly when his pyro went off and followed him out, her dress flowing with every step she took, thankful for the flats she wore.  It was much easier to walk in and since the dress was so long, nobody could see her feet.


Having someone, a woman no less, coming out to the ring with him was...actually disconcerting, and it made Kane nervous, though he would never show it.  So far, Angeni was alright, much better than the other Corporation members.  She didn't gawk and stare, treat him like a mental inferior, or like a damn slave.


And she wasn't afraid of him, which were major points in her favor.  He climbed into the ring, watching her and wondered if he should have helped her through the ropes.  It was a bit late for that now and he went to stand in the center of the ring, raising his arms over his head.  A moment later, flames shot out of the four ring posts.

“Bravo McMahon…”


Taker lazily applauded his hands three times before gesturing for the volume to be turned up, his eyes turning ice cold.  Now this was just low and dirty, he was actually rather proud of Vince for sprouting a set.  A set he was going to rip off.


Angeni had managed to step through the bottom ring rope and stand beside Kane before the posts exploded with fire, not able to stop jumping slightly.  She smiled tentatively up at Kane, letting him know she was alright, hoping everything went smoothly tonight.  She doubted it as the lights went out, the Ministry of Darkness music flowing through the speakers. 


Viscera was not a small man by any means and Angeni decided to take her leave, slipping through the rope and hopping down on the ring floor in Kane's corner.  She knew he wouldn't appreciate her cheering for him or acting like his cheerleader, so she merely stood there, watching as Viscera slid through the ropes and the bell rung.  She could warn him, shout encouragement somewhat and hit the mats to rouse the crowd if she wished. 


However, if Angeni screamed like a banshee, jumped up and down like Sunny tended too, or otherwise made a spectacle of herself, Kane would be left with no choice, but to choke slam her ass to hell and back.  There was no way in hell Angeni would ever act like Sunny or any of the other WWF women, having more dignity than to flash her assets for the world to see.  Viscera was heavy and very rotund, so winding him wasn't a problem.  It was keeping the larger, waistline wise, man from squashing him that was his only concern.  Viscera was testing the waters, walking around Kane, looking down at Angeni and licked his lips, revealing his filed teeth.


Kane was not amused at all.


Nor was Taker. 


If Taker had been a woman, he would have found that incredibly disturbing.  Angeni shivered involuntarily and did find it disturbing, immediately moving away from the ring whenever Viscera came toward her.  She sincerely hoped her darling husband informed his Ministry members of their agreement and wrapped her arms around herself, feeling cold suddenly.


“Come on Kane!” Angeni shouted out, hitting the mat and ignored Viscera's glare, standing by her man wholeheartedly. 


‘Come on Kane.’ He echoed in his head nastily, though Taker did wholeheartedly approve of her covering outfit.


If she had gone ringside in something…revealing, he probably would have done something…rash.  That was his wife for all intents and purposes and regardless of the fact that they hadn't seen each other for two years until last night, she was not going to be showcasing her body.  Unless it was for him.


“Farooq…Bradshaw, give Viscera a hand…and a slight injury.”

“And the lil lady?”

“Don't touch her.” Taker ordered sternly and then added, “Unless, of course, she touches you or interferes.”


Angeni's head snapped to the side when she saw the man with the short black cropped hair and his partner come rushing down to the ring.  Oh that bastard!  Of course he wouldn't do this fairly!  Angeni scowled because she couldn't interfere or touch any of them, which meant Kane was about to get a beat down unless the Corporation came to his rescue.  She highly doubted that was going to happen.


“Damn you, Mark!” Angeni cursed under her breath, only loud enough for her to hear and rushed over to the side of the ring as Kane began fighting off the three Ministry members. “Kane, get out of there!!” She shouted, wanting to reach in and at least try to help him some way, but knew she couldn't.  Immediately backing away when the man with the cropped black hair jumped through the ropes, landing right in front of her, Angeni began backtracking. “You're not allowed to touch me; I have a deal with Taker.” Angeni stated weakly, watching the smirk spread on his lips and knew she was in trouble.


“I am well aware of that lil darlin'.” Bradshaw drawled with a wicked grin, stalking her slowly, not moving to attack or anything.


He might've wanted to knock this little bitch's head off for what she had done to him the night before, which he would never, ever live down, but he wasn't a complete fool either.  Taker would disembowel him if he laid one finger on Angeni's head, and he would do it slowly.  That didn’t mean he couldn’t taunt her though, his grin turning into a cocky smirk. “So, tell me, how're you likin' your job?  They got you workin' with Big Red, huh?  You got a thing for big men, don't you?”


“Where are YOU going?” Viscera demanded when Kane tried to go help Angeni, working with Farooq to keep the big man trapped in the ring.


Taker stood up, figuring he would make an appearance after a few moments, just to stir the pot and send Vince a message.  And Kane...Kane looked like he needed several messages.  Perhaps Angeni would learn something or two as well.


“Fuck off.” Angeni growled, really wanting to kick this man in his balls, but knew that was against the agreement. 


Where the HELL was the Corporation?  They were going to let Kane get dismantled, one of their own?!  Angeni kept backtracking and finally hopped up on the ring apron before rolling beneath the bottom rope, right in the middle of the fire.  What the hell was she going to do with these three behemoths? 


Angeni didn't know, but she wasn't about to stand by and let them hurt Kane, tossing herself on top of him when Viscera went to the rope, ready to do a splash on top of Kane.  She wasn't interfering technically because the bell had already rung and she hadn't touched any of the Ministry members.  If they touched her, the agreement would be broken and then she would have the permission to retaliate.




“Clever girl...” Farooq rumbled, all three men exchanging looks. Now this was...unexpected.  And technically, while they could touch her in the terms of being gentle and not harmful, that would still pose a problem because she was clinging to Kane.

“I could splash them both.”


Kane growled at that, gingerly reaching his arms around Angeni.  Ignoring the pain, he rolled so she was underneath him, sheltering her with his back and arms the best he could.  Agreement or not, he wouldn't put it past Viscera to do it.


All three of his flock stepped away when the lights went out.  When they flickered back on, he was towering over the pair on the canvas, eyes venomous.  Vince could barely contain himself, the entire Corporation ready to go out and help, but…he had been waiting to see what Taker would do, if anything, and held his breath.


If she was harmed, that was the deal breaker so whatever Mark was planning on doing, Angeni knew she was protecting Kane the best way she could.  She could feel Kane trembling slightly and didn't dare look up at her husband, knowing this looked incredibly wrong.  Somehow, Kane had maneuvered to where he was on his feet, with her in front of him, and Angeni refused to let him push her behind him because of the deadly flash in Mark's eyes.  She had put that agreement in stone for a reason and this was one of them.  Angeni could in her own way protect the Corporation, which was both a good and bad thing.


“You promised.” She reminded, holding her hands up breathing heavily, Kane's arm still wrapped around her waist.


“I did.  Now step away from my precious baby brother so I can-” Taker took a threatening step forward. “Remind him why he is inferior.”


Kane knew Taker would pull her away if given the chance so he could attack without violating the messed up arrangement they had.  He didn't know if Angeni knew about the relation thing, and couldn't see her face.  So he did the only thing he could think of, he scooped her up in his arms, cradling her tightly against his chest and felt her wrapping her arms around his neck.  If they attacked him, he could wind up hurting her, which would be the same thing as them hurting her.

“You are pushing your luck, Kane.”

“Go.” Vince ordered, seeing Taker's face growing steadily colder and calmer, which was never a good sign.  He let out a small breath when the Corporation literally stampeded out of the room.


“Baby brother?” She pulled back enough to stare into Kane's mismatched eyes, blinking.  Kane was technically her brother-in-law…Shane was about to get a kick to HIS balls for suggesting her to valet him. “Goddamn it Shane.” She muttered, loud enough for Mark to hear and clung to Kane, knowing it was the only way to protect him. 


He was her family, this was seriously messed up.  What ELSE hadn't Vince told her?!  Angeni was going to get answers and looked up when the crowd erupted, looking past Mark to the Corporation members finally rushing out to 'come to their aid'.  Her violet eyes moved back to Mark's face, seeing he wasn't moving and knew his Ministry members could probably handle the Corporation while he handled them.


“I-I didn't know…” Even if she did, Angeni would still be valeting Kane ringside.


“Of course you didn't.” Taker said in an acid tone. “Why would you?  He's of no consequence.” His acerbic eyes moved to Kane, back to Angeni, and then back to his 'brother'. “Put her down so I can put you down.”


Kane shook his head, knowing better.  He would face the Undertaker one on one, in a ring, but not with Angeni right there.  He knew she was shocked, and wasn't surprised in the least that she hadn't known about him. 


When he had discovered she was Taker's wife, he had kept his mouth shut wisely.  Technically, he usually kept his mouth shut anyway.  Though now Kane was wondering if Shane had realized the connection between him and Angeni when suggesting she be his valet.

“Fine.” Taker had spotted Chyna on the titantron, trying to sneak attack him and whirled around, catching her by the throat and lifting her in the air. “Your call, Angeni.”


Her eyes widened in horror when he slammed Chyna down to the mat in a one arm choke slam, trembling slightly against Kane.  What happened to her Mark?  He used to be so quiet and kind...thoughtful...this monster was not her husband. 


He was an animal.  A man hell bent on domination and it showed clearly in how he carried himself.  She couldn't look at him anymore and buried her face in Kane's neck, silent tears rolling down her cheeks, hoping he didn't mind that she was crying on him.


“Get me out of here, Kane, please.” Angeni whispered in his ear and felt him nod silently as he carefully straddled the top rope and jumped down with her still in his arms. 


She was Kane’s safety net and Angeni planned on not leaving his side for a very long time.  Growling under his breath, he stormed to the opposite side of the ring, stepping over Chyna without even bothering to give her a second look.  If she wanted to play with the men, then she would be treated like any other enemy.  He gestured for a microphone, snatching it out of the shaking official's hand with a snort.


“Vince…” He said in his dark tone, effectively stopping the brawling going on around him as all eyes turned towards him.  Not that it mattered.  His Ministry had for the most part dismantled the Corporation, which was not surprising. “It's.  Not.  Working.”


Kane kept on walking, not looking back.


Vince felt the hairs on his neck standing up.

“I haven't forgotten about your little…Princess.”


“Princess?” Angeni looked up at Kane, confusion swimming in her eyes and watched as he just shook his head back at her. 


What the hell was going on?  First Shane gets her and Kane together and now Mark was talking about a princess?  Vince's princess?  Angeni felt her head spinning as Kane carried her back to the Corporation locker room, still not releasing her.




Kane was PISSED and watched as Vince nearly pissed himself, grabbing his bags and hightailed it out of there with Angeni.  She definitely wasn't complaining and knew she could trust Kane even more now that they were technically family.  Though when they finally got to a safe environment, she planned on asking Kane a lot of questions regarding this Princess Mark mentioned.


That was probably the longest sentence Kane had actually said in awhile and he had no idea where it had come from.  Vince could very easily send him packing back to the mental hospital, which was something his sister-in-law didn't need to know about.  He wasn't…crazy.  Kane just had a temper issue sometimes.  Of course, there would probably be retaliation eventually, but…it had felt damn good to see his boss cowering like the little coward he was.


If Vince thought for ONE second that he was going to nix his plans and forget all about little Miss Stephanie, then he was wrong.  Dead wrong.  By bringing Angeni into this, and then pairing her with his mentally challenged, physically retarded brother, all he had done was piss the Deadman off.


“Find them.” Taker ordered through gritted teeth as he pushed through the curtain, sending Paul Bearer scurrying away.


Chapter 7


“Where we are going?” Angeni didn't have a room to her knowledge and knew she would have to start traveling with Kane in order to protect him.  She was his shield and Angeni still couldn't believe she had a brother-in-law. “You know, I never really asked Mark…” She ignored Kane tensing, deciding she would drive since he'd taken a beating by the Ministry before she stopped them. “About his family when we eloped.  If I would've known…” Hell things probably wouldn't be any different, so Angeni stopped herself from elaborating on that subject. “What did Mark mean about Vince's princess?  You know, I know you do and I need to know what the hell Vince has gotten me involved in.”


“Might be safer to not know.” He said after a long moment of silence, wording that in his head before saying it.


Most people assumed he couldn't talk very well.  Mostly because when he DID talk, it was one or two words at a time.  He preferred gestures.  His voice sounded…wrong.  He didn't require a voice box, Vince just made him use it on TV to 'add to the aura', and because he was a bastard.  When Angeni just shot him a look across the seat, Kane sighed, reaching up to adjust his mask.


“The princess is Vince's daughter.”


“Vince's…daughter…” Angeni echoed slowly, her eyes turning to pure ice and felt her jaw tighten.  Her hands gripped the steering wheel so hard, her knuckles turned white and Angeni was fighting back tears of pain, heartache, anger, hurt, hate…all wrapped up into one.  So Mark was going after Vince's daughter. “That's why Vince tracked me down isn't it?” When Kane just nodded, Angeni let out a bitter laugh and wiped her tears away that fell, nodding. “Right, of course I would be used to try to dissuade him away from the princess.  And it backfired because Mark is STILL going after her.”


She turned down a street that Kane directed; knowing he probably had a hideout somewhere in the city that Mark didn't know about.  Angeni was busy trying to decide how much she was willing to fork over to a lawyer to send divorce papers to Mark.  Kane didn't even know where to begin the explanation, because most of it made absolutely no sense to him. 


He had no idea what Taker wanted with Stephanie.  He hadn't even met the girl, though he had seen images of her modeling WWF gear in one of the company’s old magazines.  She looked…innocent and, considering Angeni also looked innocent, he was wondering just what the hell was up with his half-brother's taste in women.


“Park here.” Kane ordered, gesturing to the side of the street, a few other cars parked beneath the dim street lights.


Angeni did as he asked and cut the ignition on the car, stepping out with him and didn't mind when he immediately grabbed her hand, guiding her across the street into a rundown looking building.  She waited while Kane checked in with the elder woman, who handed him a rather old looking key and followed him up the stairs, having to lift her dress so she didn't trip on it.  She figured that Taker wouldn't look for Kane in grungy places like these because he was part of the Corporation. 


Apparently Kane was smarter than Mark gave him credit for.  Once they were inside the room, Kane immediately began searching and scouting it, finally relaxing when it appeared nobody was in the room besides the two of them.  Angeni just sat in a nearby chair, her bag in front of her and buried her face in her hands, wondering what other secrets were being kept from her.


After making sure nothing had been tampered with, and that the phone was unplugged, doors and windows locked, Kane finally stopped and just stood there, staring down at her.  Now this was…strange.  Hesitantly, he kneeled down so he was eye level with Angeni.  Slowly, a bit unsure of himself, he reached out to gently take her hands, prying them away from her face. 


Kane was startled to see the tears brimming in her violet eyes and let her go.  Having no idea what to say or do to make things better for her, Kane didn't even know what her exact problem was.  Did she love Taker?  Did she hate him?


What Angeni wanted more than anything was to forget Mark Calaway ever existed; to turn back the clock so she'd never agreed to marry him.  What the hell had she been thinking?  Was she really that alone and desperate to agree to a sham marriage, which never ended?  Granted, she'd dated other men, but none of them compared to Mark, which wasn't really that hard to believe.  He was six foot ten of pure muscle with a bad guy image and now he really was a bad guy. 


And now she was in here stuck with her brother-in-law because Mark would hurt him the first chance he got if she wasn't there.  The agreement had been purgatory for her and she knew Mark was regretting agreeing to the terms of it.  The first paycheck she received from this horrible company, Angeni was breaking her contract and running far away to where Mark would never be able to find her again.  She wondered idly if Kane would join her, just so he wouldn't get his ass handed to him by the Ministry and this company.


Kane had several aliases and a perk to renting from these low rent places, he could sign whatever name he wanted so long as he paid cash.






“There are no rooms…registered under her name.  Married or Maiden.”

“What about YOUR son?”

“N-nothing…” Paul squealed out when a chair came flying at him.




For the next several days, Kane and Angeni stayed out of sight, not attending the house shows.  They didn't really talk, though Angeni had gone to the store to buy a board game when she thought she might die from boredom and forced Kane to play with her.  It was Monopoly, a strategy game and he had kicked her ass to hell and back.  It didn't matter; playing the board game was a way to pass the time by and not go stir crazy from the silence that constantly ensued between them.  When Kane told her that they had to leave to go home, Angeni couldn't have been happier, knowing Mark had no idea where she lived.


“Why don't you come home with me, Kane?” Angeni suggested while driving to the airport, wearing a simple pair of blue jeans and a fleece darker blue long sleeved top with a white hooded sweatshirt over it that was also fleece. “We can play more games and I'll cook for you, a home cooked meal.  How does that sound?”


Kane looked down at her startled, wondering if she had a death wish.  When not going to work, he tended to wear black jeans, t-shirts and black hooded sweatshirts with his own hood up.  Generally to help hide the fact that he still wore the mask, minus black make-up around his eyes.


“Why?” He asked finally, tilting his head to the side.  Kane didn't mean to sound rude but she had caught him off guard with that.  She wanted him…HIM…to go home with her?


“I don't want you being alone and I honestly don't want to be alone right now, not with everything that's gone down.  I like hanging out with you, Kane.” He was her brother-in-law, though soon he was going to be an ex-brother-in-law because she planned on calling a lawyer while home, wanting to get the ball rolling with the divorce. “Come on, are you honestly telling me you didn't have a good time the last few days playing Monopoly, watching movies and having someone there who actually listens to you?  And you'll get a home cooked meal out of it, whatever you want.”


What Angeni wasn't telling him was she also wanted to protect him from Mark, knowing her husband was very angry that she defied him in order to save Kane.  Considering that they had mostly been quiet, he found the 'listens to you' thing a bit amusing.  Unless she was counting the fact that she seemed to be able to read his body language rather well, then sure, she listened great.


“Can you actually cook?” Kane finally asked, not knowing what else to say.  When she just nodded, he considered it.  Well, at least he knew she'd be protected; he did not trust Taker to not follow her home at all and finally nodded. “Alright.”


Beaming, Angeni was happy he agreed to go with her or else she would've had to convince him another way.  If food and company wasn't enough, well...Angeni had another thing in mind, but was thankful she didn't have to go that far.  They arrived at the airport and an hour later, they were on their way to the east coast where she currently resided. 


Sometime later that night, they arrived at her small cottage, which was far in the woods.  She had a small pond with a waterfall in her backyard and she knew Kane would have to duck to get through her front door, trying not to giggle when he actually did after she unlocked the door.  The ceilings were thankfully tall enough for him so he didn't have to keep ducking repeatedly.  It was a two bedroom cottage and she hoped Kane could fit in the guest bedroom, which did have a queen sized bed in it, but not a lot more besides a small dresser.


“I know it's small, but it's home...” Angeni commented, setting her bags down and headed into the living room to check her messages on the answering machine, only to find she had none.


Kane took one look at that queen sized bed and knew he was going to have to buy her new one when he broke it, which was a definite given.  Actually, he might just flip the frame against the wall and sleep with the mattress on the floor, knowing that his legs would be hanging off of it.  He was just too tall.


After setting his bag down, he followed her curiously.  Taker had basically married Snow White and he found that…on some inane level, enchanting.  Though technically, the princess was supposed to wind up with the prince, not the evil wizard from the next fairytale over.  He studied the cottage, finally nodding his approval.


“I like it.”


“Thanks, it was cheap and I enjoy the tranquility.”


It was very peaceful at her home, Angeni loved it, especially the small waterfall in her backyard that went into a pond, which she'd swam in a time or two during warmer weather.  Right now, it was winter, though spring was right around the corner.  She could tell by the buds on the trees that slowly began sprouting and the water wasn't completely frozen.


“My home is your home, Kane.  Make yourself comfortable.  There's a television in the living room.  I'll start dinner since I know we're both hungry.” Angeni gently pushed him toward the living room when he just stood there, giggling at how timid he was. “I don't know what you're into, but I do have a movie collection too.”


Kane was genuinely afraid to sit or touch anything in her cottage, worried he might break it.  His own furniture was comprised mostly of strong, reinforced oak or solid steel, he didn't take chances.  That and while she said it was his home too…there was always that awkwardness that accompanied being in a new place, doubly so for him.  He was a giant in a mask, with his newly found sister-in-law, who he hadn't known until a few days ago, and basically in hiding from his twisted and demented brother.


“I can help.” Kane offered, idly scratching the back of his for once ungloved hand.


Shrugging, Angeni wasn't about to deny that request and handed over a bowl of potatoes with a peeler. “Have at it then.” She went back to banging the chicken against the counter, trying to unthaw it a little more before popping it in the microwave to defrost. 


She'd turned the heat up as well so they both didn't freeze a small light on over her stove in the small kitchen.  When Kane finished peeling the potatoes, to the best of his ability, Angeni popped them in the pan of boiling water before handing him a cake mix next with the ingredients, explaining how to mix it together.  She went from playing Monopoly with the gentle giant to letting him help her cook.  Angeni fought back a giggle at the thought that she was probably completely ruining his 'monster' reputation.


Kane's monster reputation would have remained firmly in tact even if he had shown up for a RAW wearing a pink, flowery apron and a chef's hat with a daisy pinned to the side.  Mainly because after people got done laughing him to hell and back, he would set several of them on fire.  That seemed to shut people up right quick.  He didn't mind cooking, or learning, his idea of making dinner was either stopping somewhere and getting it to go or using a microwave for a lot of TV dinners. 


He was a big man with a big appetite.


Angeni took his size into consideration and ended up making two different casseroles -one chicken and one seafood- not sure what he would like along with mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and macaroni & cheese.  She wasn't a traditionalist by any means and also made two different cakes, one carrot and the other chocolate.  If Kane didn't like what she made, he didn't have to eat it.  Angeni took her plate and sat at the small kitchen table, shaking her head when Kane eyeballed it somewhat cautiously.


“You won't break anything, trust me.”


Angeni kicked the chair at him lightly while eating some of her seafood casserole and stared out the window in thought, letting the peacefulness wash over her.  Kane felt a bit like he was a child sitting down for tea.  The chair was sturdy, he found that out quick, but he was simply too big.  He looked at her, finding the amusement in the situation though he doubted she could tell since his face was hidden by the mask. 


The mask. 


Kane stood up and retreated from the kitchen, going back to his room.  Ignoring her concerned calls, he shut the door firmly behind him and rifled through his bag.  When he came back out, he wore a new mask, but one that exposed his mouth and chin.


“Ah okay, I was wondering what you were doing.”


Angeni smiled and continued eating, the silence wasn't again forming between them.  Surprisingly, Kane ate and Angeni found he enjoyed her cooking, even the dessert she'd made.  She missed being home in her little cottage, in her sanctuary.  She loved this place and would never get rid of it, no matter how much money the WWF gave her for putting her through miserable hell. 


When dinner and dessert finished, and the leftovers were put away, Angeni wished Kane a good night, retreating to her room.  The guest room was upstairs while hers remained downstairs, hoping he didn't mind being up there alone.  She didn't know why the cottage was set up that way, but Angeni also never thought she would use the guest room in general.  Shedding her clothes, Angeni padded to the small bathroom that was connected to her room and started the water in her white garden tub, another reason why she'd bought this place.  She absolutely loved her bathtub and sank down into the water a few minutes later, closing her eyes.


Chapter 8


She would live out in the middle of nowhere, in the enchanted woods, complete with attached pond and waterfall.  And never forget the charming little cottage.  Taker stared in disgust at the sight before him, clothed in all black, blending in with the darkness that surrounded him. 


Acid eyes moved from the light in the small second story room and then to the faint glow downstairs.  His question of 'which is which' was answered when he spotted Kane's overly large red ass in the window upstairs before the light flicked off.  Smirking, he leaned back against the tree to wait, knowing baby brother would probably take his time in falling asleep since he had paranoia issues.


An hour or so later, Angeni stepped out of the tub and wrapped a towel around her body, drying off since it was cold outside.  She then slipped into a white floor length silk nightgown that had spaghetti straps and a hoop neckline.  She brushed her teeth and hair, slipping white panties beneath the nightgown along with a white bra, not able to sleep without one. 


Shutting the light off to her bathroom, Angeni padded out to her small bedroom and slipped into bed under the comforter, reaching up to shut the lamp off on her nightstand.  Snuggled into her pillow, Angeni turned over to stare out the window into the darkness, the moonlight being the only light that shined very dimly into her room since it was mostly blocked by the trees.  This was home and Angeni never wanted to leave, curling up.


He gave it another hour after her bedroom light went off, using that time to familiarize himself with the area surrounding her cottage.  As best he could anyway.  Taker could see fairly well in the dark thanks to having been out in it for several hours, but he wasn't about to risk breaking his neck or something either.


After that hour was up, he approached the door, studying it for signs of an alarm, having already checked outside the house for fuse boxes, or anything else.  He sincerely doubted she would have one, not this far out of the way.  His theory was proved right two seconds later and he was stepping inside quietly, ducking his head, and quietly replacing his lock picking kit back inside his black, denim jacket.


Angeni wasn't asleep though, too many things on her mind, the main thing being Mark.  She remembered when she first met him at a coffee shop of all places.  She'd worked for an elderly woman named Dominique, who gave her as many hours as she wanted because she thought of Angeni as a child of her own.  It was in Vegas and he'd walked in, immediately catching her attention and captivating her. 


They started talking and for the next solid three months, once a week he would come into the coffee shop, asking for the same order.  It got to the point where he finally waited for her to get off one night from the shop and took her home on his motorcycle.  Angeni could still remember how the wind whipped through her hair, clinging to him and his smell.  Gas, leather and sandalwood, it intoxicated her. 


She asked him inside against her better judgment and they'd slept together.  When he came to visit her again, he asked her to marry him, said he couldn't live without her and she completed him...everything she wanted to hear.  They were together for exactly two weeks and Mark had left to go back to his job, which Angeni had no idea was at the time. 


Only to come back a month later, told her he couldn't do this and their marriage was a mistake.  That he'd send her divorce papers and promised to leave her alone.  She hadn't heard from him in two years and Angeni knew, without a shadow of a doubt, if Vince hadn't tracked her down she probably would've never seen Mark again.


Taking his time in surveying the house, it was tiny and he sincerely hoped that Kane was sleeping upstairs, all twisted and torqued uncomfortably because he didn't fit the bed.  He was tempted to go up and give baby brother a rude awakening, but…No.  He had a better idea.  A cruel smile gracing his thin lips, he headed for Angeni's bedroom, placing three fingers on the door and gently twisted the knob, slowly pushing it open.  He watched as she turned her head towards him and was across the floor and on her within seconds, hand clasped over her mouth.


“Quiet now, angel, don't want to wake your guest.” Taker whispered warningly.


Angeni wasn't listening to him and began thrashing against him, her screams muffled completely by his huge hand, violet eyes wide with terror.  She thought of Kane instantly, hoping he was alright and closed her eyes tightly shut when he applied more of his body weight against her.  What the hell was he doing here and how did he find her?!  She wasn't listed, as far as she knew nobody knew this place existed!  She calmed down when he wrenched back on her damp black hair, whimpering out a little and fought back tears, her heart beating faster than a jack rabbits.


“Woman…” Taker cautioned through gritted teeth, not amused by her struggling though when Angeni ceased, he relaxed his grip on her, somewhat. “Now…I'm going to uncover your mouth, and if you even think about screaming, I'll be forced to do very bad things to Kane.” Such as finishing the job he had already started, tempted to anyway. “Why is he here?” He demanded, first things first after all, slowly pulling his hand from her mouth. “Bringing your work…home with you, hmm, precious?”


Her reaction was to slap him across the face as hard as she possibly could, gritting her teeth angrily with tears burning in her eyes that she refused to let fall, breathing heavily. “None of your business, asshole.” Angeni whispered harshly, refusing to wake Kane up because she really didn't need these two behemoths completely destroying her home. “What I do outside of this job is no business of yours.  And in a few short months, hopefully, I'll be rid of you for GOOD.” Mark could take that however he wanted, but Angeni felt obligated to warn him ahead of time.


“Not likely…” Taker spat, his cheek a bit warm from her slap though…it didn't hurt.  Actually… “Do it again, honey.” He leered, smirking when she did and then bent down to brush his lips against hers, ignoring her muffled shrieks of outrage. “I fucking love it when you're rough, Ange.” He growled, nibbling on her bottom lip before kissing her again, ignoring her hands coming down on her shoulders.


Shoving against this man's shoulders wasn't doing anything except making her exert energy, which she knew he wanted.  So instead of fighting him, Angeni simply went as stiff as a board, her arms at her sides and pursed her lips tightly together, not moving a muscle.  Though her eyes remained open, simply staring at him and telling him blatantly she was not interested. 


This wasn't Mark, this wasn't the man she married, the man she fell in love with in the short span of three months.  When he finally pulled back and looked down for a split second at what she wore, Angeni took her chance.  She had reached over and grabbed her lamp, smashing it over his head as hard as she could.  Angeni watched as he roared out in pain, stumbling back out of her bed and hopped up on her feet in a flash.




Kane shot upright in bed.  He was usually a light sleeper and those screams had come right up through the damn ceiling.  Not bothering with his mask, or any additional clothing, he was in a pair of cut off sweats, minus a shirt since he was usually a pretty toasty guy all year round.

“You are going to really regret that…” Taker snarled, shaking shards of the lamp out of his hair, very much aware that some was actually embedded in his skull.  He heard Kane coming and launched himself over the bed, ignoring the throbbing in his head and wrapped an arm around her waist, dragging her against him. “Trust me, you will pay.” He promised before planting one last violent, brutal kiss on her lips, smashing out her window.


Kane skidded to a halt when he seen Taker was already outside, growling angrily and went to follow.


“Kane no, stop!”


Angeni grabbed his arm, tears flowing down her cheeks, trembling from head to toe.  Her lips were incredibly swollen and probably bruised from how vicious he kissed her.  Angeni knew she was going to pay for what she did, but there was no way in hell she was submitting to that heartless prick.  No chance in hell!


“Kane please…” She had to sit down on the bed, not even caring about the lamp shards and started sobbing violently, feeling sick to her stomach.  The agreement was null and void now, Mark had been the one to break the agreement! “Oh god…” Angeni rushed past him into the bathroom and vomited violently, her dinner and dessert, possibly even lunch, coming up.


As far as Taker was concerned, he hadn't broken the deal.  She hadn't mentioned him at all in her little plea bargain.  Her exact words had been ‘I want your word that your men won't hurt me’, emphasis on his men.  He made his way back to his waiting motorcycle, cursing fluently under his breath.


Kane almost jumped when he heard the sounds of a Harley revving, almost snarling and bent down, beginning to pick up the shards of the lamp.  He noted blood on them through the moonlight coming in and smiled viciously.  He felt a surge of admiration course through him for his sister-in-law, knowing it was her that struck Taker with the lamp.




Angeni wasn't going back on the road, not after that attack from her husband, but she knew Kane did. “Don't worry about me.  I'll be fine.”


Already taking the money from the WWF out of her bank account, Angeni closed it, so now she lived solely on cash.  She remembered Mark's threat about taking everything away from her.  Well, if he even ATTEMPTED taking her cottage, she would fight him tooth and nail for it.


“Just be careful, Kane, please.”


She reached up and hugged him around the neck, closing her eyes, hoping she was doing the right thing by not going back.  Hell, she had to escape and fast, but there was nowhere for her to go.  She had no parents, no siblings, no family of any kind, they were all deceased or long forgotten.


“Go on before you miss your flight.”


Kane shook his head, obviously very hesitant about leaving her. “He'll be back.” He cautioned softly, staring down at her. “He's not going to let you run away.”


Angeni thought she could run and didn't understand it yet.  There was nowhere to run.  Nowhere to hide.  No one who could help her, not outside of the WWF anyway.  Authorities?  Money talked and things tended to get magically explained away as 'storylines gone a little too far'.


“I know and I don't understand it.  Two years and nothing.  No contact whatsoever.  And then Vince tracks me down and brings me into the WWF without telling me the real reasoning.” It didn't make any sense and Angeni had been mulling it over in her head repeatedly. “I just…I need a few days.  I need a few days alone to reflect and figure out what I'm going to do.  You look like you don't understand him either, so…looks like I'm on my own with this one.”


Somehow, Kane's warning about Mark being back didn't surprise Angeni, but she was going to take her chances.  She watched as Kane walked out of the cottage and got in the rental, driving away out of the woods down the dirt road.  Angeni couldn't leave her cottage in the condition it was in, having called a repair guy to come replace her bedroom window that Mark had broken, along with replacing locks, making them deadbolts this time.  Kane simply shook his head, shifting from one foot to the other.  He had to go, if he no-showed, he already knew what would happen to him just as soon as the McMahon's finally tracked him down.


“Be safe.” Kane said finally, reaching out to awkwardly pat her on the top of her head.


He didn't do kisses of any sort, for obvious reasons.  Shuffling to the rental, Kane shot her a dubious glance over his shoulder before finally driving away.  This wasn't going to end well.  Angeni could only nod back at him and talked back into her cottage, the repair guy just finishing up in her bedroom. 


She made sure to install locks on all of her windows as well, deciding an alarm system was in order as well.  If she was going to be trapped in her own house, then Angeni was going to be completely comfortable.  She thanked the repairmen, paid them in cash and sent them on their way. 


Setting the alarm on her cottage, Angeni was thankful that it wasn't too old to be installed and shut some of the shades.  She had her cell phone shut off as well, having already changed her number.  She didn't know if that would help any, but Angeni took all the necessary precautions that she could think of.


Cell phones were actually fairly easy to trace numbers too.  Though when Angeni not only switched numbers but also her service provider, that would take a little time and greasing the wheel.  Taker was more than aware that she had remained behind while Kane had gone back on the road, as a good puppy and loyal employee should.  He couldn't exactly take time off himself, but could rotate with his Ministry to ensure that Angeni was watched around the clock. 


It had been Mideon who informed him that she had had servicemen out to her little cottage.  The woman hadn't even bothered moving.  Either she was smarter then she looked and realized it would be a complete waste of time, or she was really ballsy.  New window, new locks, and an alarm. 


Mideon had reported back the name of the company, he had immediately started Paul on the research for what type of systems they did.  He was always prepared and, with it being the house show portion of their work week, Taker was going to pay his dear wife a visit.


When Mark didn't show up for several days, Angeni was starting to wonder if maybe he'd given up and left her alone.  Four solid days of no contact with anyone, she'd kept the cell off just in case.  She wished it was spring so she could actually open some of her windows, but that was fine.  She currently had a nice fire going in her fireplace while reading the documents her lawyer sent her overnight.  Mark would be getting them too and if he knew what was good for him, he would simply sign the dotted line and move on with his Princess Stephanie he wanted so damn much.


However, she was never alone, ever.


Mideon, Viscera, Farooq, and Bradshaw had all been keeping tabs on her until he was ready to go pay the little woman a visit, which was today.  Bradshaw had been warned that if ANYTHING happened to Angeni, he would be a dead man.  He figured she'd be expecting him to arrive during the night, which under normal circumstances, he would.


Chapter 9


As it was…Taker pulled up to her little fairytale cottage on his black Harley, sporting black jeans that hugged him in all the right places and a black leather vest that was left open, revealing his pale, muscular chest.  His black haired was tied back at his nape and he wore black shades over his eyes, black biker gloves covering his bruised hands.  Kane had been welcomed back to work properly.


Angeni was floored to see Mark actually come to her in the daylight, wondering what the hell he was up to.  She slowly set the book down she'd been reading and stood up, wearing a lavender long sleeved shirt with a pair of matching fleece pants, her hair down.  Kane warned her he would return, but...not under these circumstances.


Maybe she could pretend not to be home and he would go away?  No that would be cowardly on her part and it was one thing Angeni refused to be was a coward.  When a deliberate knock on her front door sounded, Angeni moved slowly toward it, chewing her bottom lip.


“What do you want?” If he thought for a second she was opening the door and letting him in, after cracking him over the head with a lamp, he was out of his mind.


“Little pig, little pig, let me in.” Came his darkly amused drawl through the door, followed by another sharp rap. “Open the door, wife, we have something to discuss.  Namely your desire for a divorce.” His voice dropped an octave. “Which I'll never grant you.” When Angeni didn't come back with anything, or open the door, Taker rapped once more. “Don't make me ask again, Angeni.”


That was the only warning she was getting before he kicked the damn door in and if that didn't work, he had brought tools.  Mark was serious and she knew it, cringing at his divorce comment, knowing she would have to take drastic measures to make it happen.  He hurt her last time and he broke in.  This time he was here rapping at her door and scaring her just with words.  A person who could do that had a lot of power and it made Angeni shiver involuntarily.


“Fine.” Angeni hoped she wasn't making a mistake by doing this and unbolted the door, slowly opening it as violet locked with acid green. “Why won't you give me a divorce?”


“Because I don't want too, and smart decision.” Taker said condescendingly, walking in past her and took in the cottage for the second time, this time with the advantage of daylight. “I'd forgotten what a romantic you are.” Taker said, finally dropping his duffel bag down onto the floor after procuring the divorce papers from inside of it. “Why on earth would you want a divorce?  I am the best of husbands.  I leave you alone for years at a time, I'm incredibly rich, relatively famous…astonishing in bed.” His eyes raked over her lavender clothing.


Angeni looked at his bag on the floor and then back at him, wondering what the hell he thought he was doing. “You're also overbearing, self-centered, self-righteous, manipulative, arrogant, egotistical, cruel…do I need to go on?  And when has money EVER been a factor to me?  Hell, I didn't even know what you did for a living until a week ago.  I don't care about money, I have my own and have gotten by without you for the past two years.  I don't care about your fame, your fortune or anything you have to offer.” She took his bag and tossed it right back out the door, pointing. “This is MY cottage, hubby.  Now get the hell out.”


“You only have your own money because of Vince fronting you your first paycheck.  Without this job, you wouldn't have had a pot to piss in much longer.” Taker informed her callously. “And please, go on, extol my virtues.  You forgot narcissistic, callous, cold, devious, highly intelligent…” He smiled grimly down at her, then pointed to his bag. “Go get it, and hope you haven't ruined anything inside of it.  I was nice enough to even bring you a gift, my darling wife.”


“Don't you get it?  I don't want anything from you!  I was happy the last two years without you in my damn life!  It shows you how desperate I am because I would rather live without heat, water and electricity rather than come to my own husband for money.  And go get your bag yourself, asshole.” Angeni snorted, wondering if he actually thought she would cater to his every whim, want and need, thinking he might have a few screws loose in his head. “I'm not your servant and I meant what I said, I want you out.  You broke one of my goddamn windows, you forced me to smash an antic lamp over your head because you forced yourself on me and broke in here.  No, you are not welcome; I don't give a damn who the hell you are!”


“Which makes me want to be here all the more.  And Angeni, you threw my bag out the door, it's only right that you go retrieve it for me.” Taker pointed out, lips curving into what was a decidedly wicked smirk. “I'm not leaving until tomorrow morning, when we both go back to work.  You can suffer me for one night or…have you lost your sense of hospitality?” His voice dropped an octave. “Do you recognize the motorcycle?  It's the same one I drove you home on that night you asked me in…”


“A decision I will regret for the rest of my life.” Angeni remarked coldly and reluctantly walked out the door to grab his bag, tossing it right back in at his feet. “There, don't ask me to do anything else for you either.  The bed upstairs is the only one I have available, take it or leave it.  You're not sleeping with me in my bed.” She slammed the door shut behind her, not even bothering to lock it because Mark was here. “How's that for hospitality, precious?”


She stalked away from him toward the living room, trying to get her blood to stop boiling and sat down to resume her reading before he so rudely interrupted her.  Angeni would pretend like he didn't exist, at least she hoped she could.  That was very unlikely. 


Taker didn't even bother going upstairs, having no intention in sleeping in the room, the very bed, she had given to Kane.  It wasn't happening.  He eyeballed her furniture, wondering if it would hold him.  If not, she'd be out a chair because he sat down, cautiously and then set his bag at his feet.


“Are you not even the least bit curious about what I brought you, darlin’?” He asked, knowing full well she wished he had probably brought her a gun, to use on him.


“My name is Angeni, Ange or Geni.  Take your damn pick or I swear I will start calling you Mark again.” She promised through gritted teeth, leaning back against the couch and knew she wouldn't be getting anymore reading done, tossing it on the table. 


How was she supposed to deal with him for an entire night?  What if he tried forcing himself on her again like last time?  She missed her lamp, it couldn't be replaced because of how old it was.


“The only thing I want from you is a divorce.  If you've got that, I'll be the happiest woman in the world and we can both move on with our lives as if this marriage never happened.”


“Like I said, not happening.  We've been unhappily married for quite some time now, I see no reason to alter that…” Taker informed her without looking up from the bag. “Yet.” He added in a dark undertone, well aware she hadn't remarked on the Harley comment. 


Now that was just cold. Finally, he pulled out a small, velvet jewelry box and held it out, opening the lid to reveal a rather old-fashioned wedding ring.  Angeni caught that 'yet' and raised an eyebrow, ignoring the ring for a second.


“Why not now?  You can't be happy with this arrangement.  So what does that yet mean exactly?  That you'll eventually give me the divorce; that you'll eventually stop being an arrogant prick?” Angeni finally looked at the ring and wanted to chuck it out the window into the snow, trying not to let her temper flare again. “Why don't you focus on the princess you want and just leave me alone?  Give it to her.  Give it to anyone else.  I don't want it.  This finger has been JUST fine without a ring on it for two years, no reason to alter that either.” She promptly snuggled up against the big pillow on her couch, looking completely miserable.


“Because the ring I have for darling Stephanie is a chain that'll go around her neck.” Taker informed her darkly, really not appreciating that one being thrown at him.  She didn't need to worry about Stephanie, or mention her. That was his business. “And I'd like for you to wear this, Angeni.” He said, his voice oddly sweet, with a hint of menace behind it. “I actually went through a lot of trouble picking it out for you.”


“And I'd like for you to leave me alone while you're here, but you're not so I guess we can't get what we want.” It was exhausting being this cold to another person and Angeni hated it because, unlike Mark, she did have a heart. “So sorry you went through all the trouble to pick that gaudy looking ring out for me.  Maybe give it to your next wife because one way or another, I am going to get that divorce granted, with or without your consent.” She would have to pay her lawyer more money and inwardly sighed, knowing this was going to be a very long process since he refused to sign the damn papers.


“Your lawyer is rather expensive…” Taker commented, leaning back in the chair and stroked his beard, surveying Angeni thoughtfully. “Very expensive…” When she didn't even look at him, Taker stood up, quicker than most would have assume he could, and moved so he was sitting beside her on the couch. “I will not ask you a second time, Angeni.” He informed her, extending the ring. “You can either wear it willingly or...” Or he could consider putting it on her and then breaking her finger so it stayed on.


“Is that all you know how to do is intimidate and threaten?  What that blow to the lamp didn't teach you anything?  I'm.  Not.  Wearing.  It.” Angeni punctuated each word with a jab of her finger and stood up from the couch, heading into the kitchen for something to drink and some aspirin.  It was going to be a very long night.  Of course he followed her, but that wasn't stopping her from getting her beverage, glaring when he slammed the refrigerator door. “Go ahead, try to put that damn thing on me because I'll just yank it off and flush it down the toilet.  Or better yet, I'll drop it down the damn sink so it's lost in the sewer.  Here, put it on, show me your power oh Lord of Darkness.  Force me to do something that I don't want to do, again.  It's all you know how to do.” For a fraction of a second, hurt flashed through Angeni's eyes, but it quickly vanished and was replaced with resentment.


Slowly, he set the ring down on the counter. “Do with it what you wish.” Taker said finally, his tone flat. 


He had actually picked the ring out for her himself.  It was ancient, had what could be called a 'romantic' look to it.  It seemed like something she would appreciate.  Taker had even remembered her finger size, but that came from having a rather…interesting…habit of memorizing women's sizes for multiple reasons and purposes.


“I don't understand you.  First, I don't hear or see you in two years and then I end up being tricked into working for the same company you do all to be used as a distraction.  Then you force me to work for the company in the group you're trying to bring down with your Ministry.  And now, you won't give me a divorce like you said you would.” Tears began falling down her face as Angeni slowly picked the ring up, remembering how he'd said he'd get her one the next time he came to see her.  That was the same time he told her the marriage was a mistake and that he would leave her alone and send divorce papers. “You wanted out of this back then and now suddenly you're changing your mind?  Mark, I don't like mind games, I don't like being played with and I damn sure don't appreciate how you've treated me since our reunion.  So why not just give me the divorce and let me get on with my life so you can get on with yours?  I'm not asking for much.  Hell, I don't want anything from you except a signature on a piece of paper.”


She really wanted a divorce that damn badly…and he actually needed Vince to think he was getting one or in the process of.  A figurative light bulb flashed over his head. “You sure?” Taker demanded, arching an eyebrow down at her. “You are absolutely sure you don't want to give this-” He gestured between them, indicating an 'us'. “Another try?” When she shook her head, Taker sighed, running a hand down his face.


“Why would I want to give it another try with you when you've completely changed from the man I once loved?” Angeni wiped her tears away, hating that she showed weakness in front of him and suddenly felt completely drained. “You don't want to be married to me, you made it clear two years ago when you walked away and never looked back.  And now I know why.” Mark had put up a front with her, made her think he was good inside, but underneath all the layers he was pure evil. “I'm going to bed.”


Angeni walked past him and toward her bedroom, the pain radiating from her body from holding her emotions in.  When she was alone she would let them out, but not before then.  Taker turned to watch her walk away, folding his arms over his massive chest.  The wheels were already turning in his mind, and knew if he decided to play this game, it probably wasn't going to lead anywhere good.


Had he forgotten about Angeni?


Yes, and no.


At first, Taker had thought about her a lot and had intended on sending her the divorce papers, but there had never been time.  He had always been so busy.  Then…as time went on, he thought of her less and less, other things occupying his mind.  He had told her it was a mistake, them marrying, and he had meant it. 


Sort of.  Taker had never explained his reasons, or what he meant by mistake, and now…it was way too late to even consider it.  Not that he was considering it.  Scowling, he stormed out of the kitchen and realized she’d taken the ring with her.


Chapter 10


No sooner had Angeni shut the door and locked it -she didn't trust Mark, not after what happened when he broke in last time-, tears began flowing and she finally let her pain out.  She sat on the bed and simply clutched the ring between her two fingers, not even realizing she'd taken it…until now.  It was a beautiful piece of jewelry, not gaudy at all. 


It looked old and ancient, two qualities she really loved.  It was a deep dark silver with a swirl design going all the way around it that looked almost like a flower with an amethyst oval shaped stone right in the center.  Amethyst was her favorite and her birth stone, had she told him that all those years ago? 


For a moment, Angeni slowly slipped the ring on her left hand, crying harder when it actually fit.  The perfect fit…for the worst marriage.  She immediately took it off and set it on her nightstand before crawling into bed, staining her pillow with tears, her heart breaking all over again like it had two years ago.


Refusing point blank to use the room Kane had, Taker stretched out the best he could on her couch, folding his hands beneath his head.  He had stripped down to just his jeans, though they had been unbuttoned -it was a guy thing- and lain down.  He wasn't tired in the least, night time was his time. He came alive in the darkness, he embraced it.


He was a part of it, and that was where the mistake in their marriage had become clear.  She was his polar opposite.  Now that he had fully embraced the darkness inside of him, he knew their spectrums were never going to touch.  A purely evil smile spread across his sensual lips.  Just because their spectrums were at opposing ends didn't mean he couldn't...sample the light.


Angeni had cried herself to sleep and currently lay beneath the comforter, though her top half was completely uncovered, the ring sitting on the nightstand.  The only light in the room was from the moon outside that shined through her window, illuminating her pale skin in a soft almost white glow.  Her raven hair pooled around her in waves, one hand on her stomach and the other tossed over her head, chest rising and falling slowly, steadily.  When the bed slowly dipped, Angeni didn't move, too exhausted to awaken from her deep slumber.


His precious wife was out cold, emotionally drained most likely, and even he knew that that was the worst kind of tired.  It took everything out of a person and all one could do was close their eyes and succumb.  He lay on his side, elbow on the bed, head in his palm and simply stared down at her. 


She looked like…he didn't know, probably a character from one of those damn fairytales he remembered she was so fond of.  Taker reached out and traced a fingertip along her collarbone down her arm, finally resting his hand on top of hers.  As soon as his hand touched hers, more tears ran down her face beneath the closed lids, Angeni still very much asleep.  She was dreaming of that night Mark came to visit and told her the marriage was a mistake, how he'd shattered her without any regret or remorse in his voice.


“Mark…” Angeni whispered, trembling slightly and could see the look in his green eyes, which had been forever burned in her memory. “I love you…” Of course she waited until after he left before whispering that while staring out her bedroom window if her apartment, crying her heart out to the silence. “Don't go…”


Taker heard every whispered word that came from her trembling lips, watching as her eyes moved rapidly behind her closed eyelids.  She was sound asleep, dreaming about him and the day he had left her apparently, and she still spoke in her sleep.  Some things never changed.


Though this was something he probably could do without ever hearing.  Frowning, Taker bent down, brushing his lips against hers gently, feeling her body shudder before relaxing.  He mouthed the words 'I won't', knowing his luck if he said it aloud, she would wake up.


Her tears stopped falling almost instantly as soon as his lips brushed against hers and Angeni physically relaxed, sinking further into the bed.  Though when he kissed her again, this time a little harder, Angeni woke up but didn't pull away like she normally would have.  There was no strength left in her body and, honestly, he felt too good against her to ever think about pulling away. 


She poured everything she felt into this kiss, all the love, heartache, pain, happiness, sadness, aggression, passion...all of it, not holding anything back.  Her hand gripped the back of his neck, delving in his black thick hair, and felt his arm curl around her waist, pulling her closer against him to where he practically crushed their chests together.  It didn't matter, Angeni didn't break the kiss because she knew, as soon as she did reality would come bringing her crashing down.


Now Taker was going to be a gentleman and leave her alone.  He had every intention of going back to that miserable couch and attempting to sleep.  But then she had to wake up to the last kiss and…well now she was going to have to forcibly push him away.  Though it definitely did not feel like she wanted him to stop. 


In fact, the way she was kissing him, was as if she were telling him something and it was moving by too fast for him to fully grasp everything.  He didn't stop returning the kiss, not even when he couldn't breathe, knowing she probably couldn't either.  If this was going to be their last kiss, he wanted to make it last all night.


Angeni had to breathe or else she was going to pass out, wondering if that might be the better option at this point.  She finally, very reluctantly, broke the kiss and stared into his acid eyes that were cloudy, the desire clear as it was in her now royal blue eyes.  Not saying a word, Angeni sat up and removed her shirt, licking her swollen lips.  She loved this man and couldn't help how she felt, what she wanted. 


Deciding this one night she could give into what she wanted and pretend they actually weren't in a loveless marriage, Angeni reached behind her and took the ring, slipping it on her left ring finger before kissing him again.  She could deal with having just one night with him, Angeni hoped anyway and while kissing him reached around to remove her bra, breaking the kiss long enough before going right back in for the kill.  Mark would use this against her no doubt, but all Angeni cared about at that moment was being with him.


Taker hadn't missed her sliding the wedding ring he had presented her with only hours ago onto her finger, surmising what it symbolized and knew this was her offering him a one night only deal.  He guided her back down to the bed, deep forest green eyes roaming over her bare torso before bending down.  He traced his tongue down from between the valley of her breasts to her naval.  His large, calloused hands skimmed lightly up her ribs, feeling goose bumps breaking out over her flesh and smiled slightly, nipping at her stomach.


It felt incredible being in this position with him again, feeling devour her everywhere with his tongue, teeth, hands, any part of his body he could use, Mark did.  He was an incredible lover, Angeni would never admit that to him directly because of his already huge head.   Every kiss, touch, lick, thrust...everything he gave her reminded her of their first night together ever. 


Somehow, it had gotten better after two solid years of not seeing or speaking to each other.  By the time both were sated and satisfied, the sun barely peaked over the horizon, both of them falling asleep with Mark's arms wrapped around her, his nose buried in her hair.  Angeni lay in his arms and had a content smile on her face, knowing when she woke up later on it would vanish, especially after coming to terms with what she did.


Taker woke up sometime much later and automatically went to sit up when his eyes opened and he seen a ceiling he did not recognize right off the bat.  He felt something, someone, on his chest and it all flooded him.  He looked down at his sleeping wife, who was sprawled against him.  Her beautiful, lithe limbs splayed over him in a way he would term as graceful.  Settling back into the pillow, he adjusted his arm, which was pinioned beneath her, and ran his hand up and down her spine, contemplating the night's events and what it meant for their future.


Stirring slightly, Angeni sighed softly at the feeling of a hand running up and down her back in a gentle caress, snuggling further into the warm chest her head currently laid on.  Her violet eyes slowly fluttered open, even though she didn't want to get up and it took Angeni a few seconds to figure out not only where she was, but who she was in the arms of.  The smell of leather and sandalwood instantly surrounded her and Angeni could tell just by the feeling of their bodies pressed together that it was skin on skin.


They were completely naked.


Once the realization hit her, memories of the previous night came rushing back to her intensely.  She had completely surrendered to the one man who had broken her heart two years ago, the one man she vowed to never sleep with again.  Not only that, but Angeni had also slipped the ring on that he'd bought for her on her left ring finger, which currently laid on his chest, sparkling in the dim sunlight that managed to seep through her windows.  Angeni didn't move and just stayed there for awhile, letting him continue to caress her. 


She knew as soon as she looked up into his acid eyes, that's when the regret would set in.  That’s when she would realize she was in the arms of the devil, the personification of evil she’d heard someone call him in the WWF.  The name fit him perfectly.  Not ready to face the harsh reality yet, Angeni closed her eyes again, drinking in this moment as long as she possibly could before it was destroyed, not saying a single word.


Angeni was awake.  The way she moved against him at first followed by just a very slight tensing of her nude body informed him that she had opened those beautiful violet eyes and had the same morning realization issues he had had.  Not breaking the silence, he just continued his gentle stroking, his fingers now moving up her spine, back down and then to circle her hipbone before trailing the path all over again.


“What time do you have to leave?” She finally asked in a whisper, her heart already breaking, but Angeni couldn't pretend anymore. 


When he didn't answer her, Angeni sighed with a heavy heart and pushed herself up from him, running a hand through her haphazard black hair, not able to look him in the eye.  What the hell had she done?  She basically gave this devil all the ammunition he would need to keep her wrapped around his finger and she hated herself for it.


“Wow it's already two...” She blinked, standing up to retrieve her silk robe.


Technically, they were leaving.  He had mentioned that last night, though she had probably just attributed that to him being his usual arrogant, jackass self.  She was a new employee and already had been given some personal leave.  Not a great way to kick off her year long term with the WWF, Taker wondered idly when Vince was going to just let the entire nice guy facade slip and reveal himself for the evil bastard he was.  He smirked at the irony, she was trapped between her vindictive boss, who had brought her in to use against her very evil husband.


Angeni tied the robe tightly around her before retrieving the clothes that were tossed all over her bedroom floor, tossing his on the bed beside him before heading into the bathroom.  He could do whatever he wanted, but Angeni had to get the morning taste out of her mouth and try not to think about what she did with her husband.  Taking the ring off, Angeni stared at it for a full minute before setting it down and ran the water, splashing the cool liquid on her face before starting to brush her teeth.  Once he was gone, she would jump in the shower to scrub his prints off of her and hopefully the memory of their sexual encounter. 


That was highly unlikely though.


If she thought she was getting rid of him, she was dead wrong because Taker walked into the bathroom after her, not bothering to shut the door behind him again or minding his nudity. “We're going to have to leave soon.” He informed her, looking down over her shoulder at the ring on the bathroom counter before moving to get the shower running.


It was too late for coffee and he was not a day person,  needing cold water.


That caught her off guard and Angeni rinsed her mouth out before turning to face him, raising an eyebrow. “What do mean we?  I'm not going with you.” Angeni wasn't ready to go back to the company that had made her life miserable, not yet and definitely not with him. “What happened last night doesn't change anything between us.  I still want a divorce.” She decided that it was just sex and nothing more, a way to get each other out of their systems so they could move on.


“That's all well and fine, but your vacation time is up.” Taker informed her, hunting around for towels and set some out, after eyeballing them.  Just on the side of caution, he added two extra to the pile. “Or didn't Vince tell you?  Oh wait, that's right, he couldn't because you changed your cell phone number.  I'm sure the return-to-work order is waiting in your mailbox.” After adjusting the temperature, Taker pulled back the shower curtain and then grinned down at her, his acid eyes glittering. “Want to join me?”


“You know if you would've just let me come back here and gone on with your damn Ministry, I wouldn't be in this situation being forced to return to a job I do NOT want.  And no, I'm not joining you in the shower.” Angeni knew part if her anger was at herself for letting her guard down and having sex with Mark. “And I changed my number for a very good reason because somebody decided to break into my home and attack me in my bed.” Only for her to screw the same man in that same bed…Angeni face palmed herself and had to turn around, gripping the sink tightly with her hands. “Last night was a onetime deal, I hope you realize that.”


“Your remark on still wanting a divorce gave me a general idea.” Taker said, stepping into the shower and under the lukewarm spray.  He adjusted the shower head, but still had to stoop a bit, it was manageable.  However, he was going to go home on his next day off and revel in the open space, the loft ceilings, and generally enjoy not feeling like a giant in a dollhouse. “I didn't attack you, I kissed you. YOU assaulted ME.” With a damn lamp of all things. “What the hell is this?” He then demanded, staring down at her bottle of shampoo and opened it, sniffing its contents.


He was the Lord of Darkness; he didn't need to be smelling like flowers or something.


Chapter 11


“It’s called shampoo and conditioner.  You should try it sometime.” Angeni shot back sarcastically, rolling her eyes. “No, you broke in here.  I did not give you permission to enter my home.  So therefore, I had every right to smash that damn lamp over your head.  Which I loved, so thanks for making me ruin it.  It's not replaceable.” He would love hearing that and she knew it, scowling. “I'm not arguing with you about this anymore.  Just go away and leave me alone, please.”


“No, and for the record, I didn't make you do anything.  You chose to break your antique, irreplaceable lamp over my skull.  Which required stitches, does that make you feel any better?”


Taker ignored her comment about using shampoo and conditioner; his hair was gorgeous and he knew it.  Vanity was definitely one of his many…character traits.  Ignoring the fact that he was going to have to overdose on cologne to regain some masculinity points back, he used her shampoo and conditioner, but drew the line at the pink body wash.  He used shampoo for his body as well.


“If we're going to have more overnights, I might have to leave a bag here.” He announced while finishing up rinsing off, knowing that would irritate the hell out of her.


“No if about it, there won't be any more overnights, not with me.” Angeni stated with finality, hearing the cold amusement in his tone and wanted to punch him in the face.  She wanted to take his long black hair, wrap it around his neck and choke him with it until he turned blue. “And yes, knowing you needed stitches makes me feel tons better, though I would've preferred it to be staples.”


Snorting, Angeni vacated the bathroom and slammed the door shut before he could utter another word, needing to get dressed before he emerged.  She decided on red fleece pants with a matching long sleeved shirt, knowing the color would irritate him to no end because it was in reference to Kane.  She brushed her hair and pulled it up in a messy bun before heading out to the kitchen, starving. 


He could eat on his way to the airport because she wasn't catering to him anymore than she already had.  When Taker finally came out of her bathroom, he was dressed in black jeans and a long sleeved, black thermal shirt, his damp hair hanging down his back.  Getting a little inquisitive, Taker examined the contents of her bathroom cupboards and regretted it upon finding the feminine products, something he did not miss when it came to living with a woman.


“No late breakfast?” Taker asked pleasantly, which did not sound quite right coming from him, since his idea of pleasant was…much different from the normal persons.  He then stopped and took in her colors, not finding that as amusing as she did.


Was he seriously asking her to make him breakfast now? “You really enjoy humiliating me don't you?”


Angeni gritted her teeth when his arms suddenly circled her waist from behind, not realizing the color she'd chosen had gotten under his skin more than she thought.  She just kept pulling apart the bacon from the package and put it in the fry pan, finally turning around when she felt his hot breath on her neck.  Why couldn't his touch make her skin crawl instead of light her blood on fire?  If Mark didn't release her, she was going to haul off and smack him with her current hot skillet, sizzling bacon included.


“Let go of me right now.”


It was like that thought traveled from her mind and directly into his, because Taker's eyes dropped down to the skillet, her hand gripping the handle and decided discretion was definitely called for right about now.  He let go of her and walked around until he was out of smacking range.  There wasn't a doubt in his mind that Angeni wouldn't hit him with a hot skillet filled with bacon and bacon grease. 


The woman had clocked his with a very heavy, antique lamp.  She was…violent and he grinned maliciously, the wheels beginning to turn.  Now they just had to direct her violence away from him and everything would be alright.


Surprisingly enough, Mark didn't touch her again while she cooked and Angeni thanked him by setting down a plate of eggs, bacon and biscuits with honey butter and strawberry jam.  She didn't say a word to him and just dug into her food, looking out the window, her supposed wedding ring on her right middle finger now.  She refused to wear it on her left ring finger because they would soon be divorced anyway.  But it was hers, he bought it for her and she wasn't about to destroy it because it was a breathtaking piece of jewelry.


Taker didn't care which finger she currently wore it on.  The fact that she was actually wearing it signaled to him that he had won one of the battles many they were already fighting, knowing there would be plenty more.  Battles meant nothing in the long run however, history always remembered who had won the war.  Just so they didn't give each other indigestion by fighting, he remained silent and simply ate, knowing she was probably feeding him in hopes he would vacate.  Which he would, with her in tow.  He really hoped she remembered how to ride.


Once they were done eating, Angeni took the plates into the kitchen and set them in the sink before starting to wash, hoping and praying Mark left soon.  She just wanted to be alone, to be able to let her emotions out without him around to witness it.  She'd made a huge mistake by sleeping with him and wondered if he even cared how it made her feel.  No of course not, he was a heartless bastard after all with any conscience.  When she finished, Angeni hung her towel up on the rack and headed into the living room, sitting down on the couch.


“I fucked and fed you, now leave.” Angeni ordered, opening her book to continue reading.


“Now that was just vulgar, Ange.” Taker drawled, leaning against the door, his bag now setting against the wall near him since he had gone to retrieve it, while she did the dishes like a good little housewife should. “But yes, you did feed me and you did fuck me...rather well, I thought.” He could be vulgar and callous, too.  In fact, he was rather good at it, green eyes flashing vindictively. “But maybe you haven't heard my previous mentions of: You are coming with me.  How and in what condition are solely up to you.”


“What part of I'm not going with you did YOU not understand?” She shot back, slowly lowering her book and tossed it on the table, folding her arms in front of her chest. “You didn't hear it apparently, let me repeat it for you then: I.  Am.  Not.  Going.  Back.  With.  You.  Get it through your head, you are not going to force me to do things I don't want to do.  And if you touch me, I will fight you off like I have previously and I'll end up hurting you...AGAIN.  Just leave.  Leave my home and leave me alone.”


She was really going to make him knock her pert ass out, wasn't she?  Yes, yes she was and Taker could only pinch the bridge of his nose, letting out a mock pained sigh. “I did give you warning…” He said flatly, crouching down without breaking eye contact from her.  He reached for his bag and pulled out a small bottle and a cloth from the inside pouch.  Ignoring the fact that she was now getting to her feet, he poured some of the liquid onto the cloth and then stood up. “And no, Angeni, I promise you won't feel a thing.”


He grinned, baring his teeth at her as he advanced.  Catching her wasn't the problem, it was holding her still without seriously injuring her.  The woman fought like a hellcat and she wound up pinned with her back to his chest, one of his muscular arms around her waist and the cloth inches from her mouth and nose.


“I would offer to let you change your mind, but…I don't really trust you to behave yourself.” He informed her almost conversationally.


Tears poured down her face as she tried not to breathe in the ether, knowing that's exactly what it was.  Her violet eyes stared into his in both heartbreak and disbelief before slowing starting to fade.  She couldn't let this happen!  She couldn't let him take her forcefully like this!  With one more stitch effort, Angeni took her leg and brought it back, nailing him right between his legs. 


Mark roared out in pain and managed to release her, the cloth leaving her mouth and Angeni gagged and coughed violently, trembling from head to toe.  Oh god she felt sick to her stomach, knowing she did breathe some of that ether in.  This was the man she had slept with willingly, what the hell was she thinking?!  Her head was dizzy while he writhed in pain on the floor, scrambling as far away from him as she could


“S-Stay away from me…STAY AWAY FROM ME!!” Angeni managed to scream out, only to start coughing harder.


He was holding himself and coughing at the same time, the air driven from his lungs and pretty sure one of his balls was lodged firmly in his throat, which would explain the coughing.  His body was trying to dislodge it.  Growling, he pushed aside the pain, knowing if he didn't, she was going to get up off that floor and attack him again and he had had enough.


“That was very stupid on your part, Angeni.” Taker informed her in a tone that promised retribution.


Bending down to grab her by the hair, Taker jerking her upright, the look in his eyes pure murder.  Before she could kick him and lodge the other ball up with its twin, he slapped the cloth he had been gripping in a very tightly clenched fist against her nose and mouth, peering into her violet eyes emotionlessly.  The moment she was out, he let her drop back to the floor and then fell himself, right onto his back.






When Angeni woke up several hours later, it was in a dark room in a bed, feeling sick to her stomach.  It was the effects from the ether, she remembered exactly what happened.  She managed to push herself up halfway on the bed, coughing and collapsed back down, tears sliding down her cheeks.  Angeni had never felt this weak in her life and suddenly felt a gurgle in her stomach, barely grabbing the trashcan that was conveniently on the side of the bed before vomiting.  Her hair was a curtain around it and all Angeni could do was cling to it crying, knowing she'd been forced back to the WWF.


“That is an unfortunate side effect.” Came Paul Bearer's voice, and a moment later, a very dim light was flicked on.


She was in a hotel room and had slept for quite some time, probably not helped by the fact that the Undertaker had judiciously dosed her.  Paul had enquired why he felt the need to keep the woman around the clock sedated so to speak for a simple ride and then once back at the hotel.  He had gotten a very nasty look in return.


“You have exactly…two hours before the show.” Paul announced after glancing at the clock on the wall. “Vince has been notified of your arrival and will send a car since your husband refuses to see anyone at the moment.”


Mainly because Taker had locked himself in his own bathroom, sitting in a tub filled with ice.


“If he knows what's good for him, he'll stay the fuck away from me or I'll castrate him next time.” She growled, managing to pull herself away from the trashcan and set it back on the floor, laying back on the bed again with a spinning head. 


How the hell was she supposed to work under THESE conditions? 


Angeni felt like a mach truck ran her down going a hundred miles an hour or more. “And you can relay this message to Mark too: I'm not going to the arena tonight.”


As a matter of fact, Angeni was on the first plane ride out of here and coughed more, curling up in a tight ball as more tears fell.  He had forced her hand to sign that contract, forced her to be in the Corporation and now had forced her to come back to the WWF.  He could go straight to hell if he thought he was controlling what she did a second longer.


“Hmm, it's not Taker I would be worried about in those events but Vince.  You do realize he will drag you through the courts and you'll simply wind up back here again, where your husband will be waiting?” With open arms and a sneer, no less.  Paul had been busy while she was regaining her sense of self, finally settling down a glass of ice water and two Tylenol. “It's not drugged.” He said flatly when she stared at it. “Hydrate yourself, it'll help you recover faster.”


“One year…I have one year on my contract and then I am gone.  And he'll never see me again.” She whispered forlornly.


Reluctantly taking the glass of water and popped the two Tylenol, doing as Paul requested.  Angeni decided since Mark was going to make her life a living hell, then she would return the favor.  A second later, Paul was on the floor knocked out due to her smashing the glass over his head.  If she was going to get out of the Federation faster, then drastic times called for drastic measures.


“You can tell Mark this too: Our deal is OFF.”  Grabbing what she presumed to be her bag, Angeni stumbled out of there, making it to the elevator and sighed with relief when the doors closed.


When the elevator stopped at the third floor -she had been on the fourth-, Bradshaw basically jumped on, ignoring her as he pressed the damn button. “Come on, come ON!” He leaned back against the paneled wall when the doors closed, closing his eyes in relief and then realized who the hell was in there with him.  Frowning, he stared down at her. “You are supposed to be…in bed.” He said slowly, taking in her bare feet and disheveled state. “Oh, Taker warned us about you bein' a flight risk.” Grinning, he approached her.


When the doors opened on the first floor, a very pissed off, slightly red-faced Stone Cold Steve Austin was waiting, blood trickling from the side of his head.  Nothing serious, but he wasn't amused.  He grabbed Bradshaw, jerking him out of the elevator and away from the woman, who hadn't looked too pleased with the big moron having his hands on her, and stunned him right there on the marble floor.


“Next time ya decide to try takin' me out, jackass, you best be damn sure I'm down for the count!”


Angeni stared at the blue eyed bald man and smiled with relief, actually hugging him around the neck quickly. “Thank you.”


She hurried away from him and opened her bag, pulling her black flats out before heading out of the hotel.  She wasn't waiting for the damn car from Vince, needing fresh air to clear her head and keep her from passing out again.  Angeni heard bellowing sound behind her and groaned, knowing she would have to start running and did just that, leaving a rather disgruntled Bradshaw in the dust.  That jerk had broken the deal and all bets were off now.  She was going to make sure made the Ministry's life a living hell too, especially being in the Corporation.


Well now that was just…messed up.  Steve had actually chased after her, watching as she booked it down the street.  That woman could run.  He whirled around in time to find the rest of the Ministry coming out, having no idea what the hell he had just stunned his way into and wasn't asking questions.  He stunned Mideon right there on the icy sidewalk, rolling out of the way before Viscera could trample him.


Paul had called to alert Taker that Angeni had fled when he came too long enough to think coherently.  Then he had passed right back out again.*

She was really beginning to piss her husband off.


Chapter 12


Angeni made it to the arena unscathed and kept looking over her shoulder, making sure none of the Ministry and, more importantly, Mark were following her.  She didn't go to the Corporation locker room, deciding since she was being forced into this, she might as well make the best of it.  Tiffany just directed her to the rack of clothes and Angeni smirked when she found the perfect dress. 


It was black -Angeni never wore that color, but under these circumstances she really had no alternative- with red lining, which looked like a spider web laced design.  Only the design itself looked flowery with ribbon swirls and it went two inches above the knee, just past mid-thigh.  The hem was cut in a flower leaf design as well, gently laying against her legs, but showed them off at the same time and it was spaghetti strapped.  Angeni could run in pretty much anything and decided on black open-toed heels that strapped up her calves, the heel design matching the dress. 


Black and red - Kane's colors, it worked. 


When she emerged from the dressing room, all Tiffany could do was gape at her and Angeni kindly asked her to do her hair.  Tiffany ended up leaving it down because her black hair contrasted beautifully with the dress, though Angeni decided to do her own makeup.  She had thick black eyeliner on with deep red eye shadow that was made into a flame design on her lids and deep red lipstick, foundation to hide any blemishes. 


She also picked a red choker that had a black onyx stone dangling from it along with matching earrings that went with the dress perfectly, only they too were red.  Angeni finished with her nails, painting them pure black, finally starring into a mirror.  Mark was going to regret bringing her back on the road and tonight was just the beginning.  Walking back to the Corporation locker room, people merely stared at her and Angeni knew they didn't recognize her.


Actually one person recognized her and that was Kane.  Though recognizing her right off the bat didn't mean he didn't simply stare at her in shock.  She was wearing…his colors, not surprising, but what she wore, how she looked…that was…wow.  He had worried about her, but she looked…wow.  Kane was having a hard time thinking and it wasn't due to the concussion his brother had gave him the week prior for daring to spend the night with her.

“…Angeni?” Vince finally asked, sounding uncertain.


“Hello Vince.” She greeted softly with a ruby smile, extending her hand to him. “I want to thank you for letting me have those few days off, considering I wasn't fully prepared for everything that's happened.  But I want you to know I'm back now and I won't be taking any more time off until I leave this place once my contract is up.  Also, the deal is off.” She glanced over at Kane, wanting to make sure he heard that, before her cold violet eyes turned back to her boss. “So whatever the Corporation needs, I'll do, sir.  I apologize for the way I reacted the last time we spoke and it will not happen again.  You've given me a hell of an opportunity and I intend to see it through till the end.  So, is it alright if I still accompany Kane to the ring?”


“Wait, what deal?” Shane demanded, confusion in his tone. 


He had completely gone off whatever thought tracks he had been on when she walked in and had yet to catch back up.  Shane could not for the life of him keep himself from looking her over from head to toe.  Kane let out a soft warning growl.

“Of-of course you can.” Vince said, wondering just what had happened during those days off, but wasn't asking…not yet anyway. “And the deal if off?  So that means...” That meant she was going to be much more active in the Corporation.


“That means interfering, distracting, clocking those bastards with my heels if necessary…” Angeni smirked at the memory of dazing Bradshaw with that shot to the face, slowly looking over at Shane. “My eyes are up here, boy.” She stated, watching as his head snapped back up to stare back into her eyes, turning her full attention on Vince. “That also means we're going to need the Corporation's backup a lot more now that I won't be able to invoke my 'no touch, no harm' deal with Undertaker.” She flat out refused to call him her husband, already slipping her 'wedding band' off and put it in her bag for safe keeping. “So, who are you facing tonight, Kane?”


Joanie coughed.



Vince cleared his throat. “Think you'll be alright to go out there still?” He asked gently.

“I just want to see her throw a heel at the Deadman's face.”

“Shut up, Andy.”


“She'll be fine.” Kane said confidently.


Standing up from the bench, Kane ignored the surprised looks he received from them all.  If she didn't want to go out, he didn't blame her.  If she did, he smirked under his mask.  Taker would probably suffer some distractions and he owed big brother some payback.


“Only if you want me too, Vince, but I trust that Kane will do everything he can to protect me.” She walked over and stood beside her brother-in-law, smiling up at him. “Besides, why deprive the Deadman of seeing his usually conservative wife in an outfit like this?” Angeni gestured to the dress she'd chosen, smirking when Shane and Test could only nod in agreement. “It will be quite the distraction, which is what you're aiming for, right?  And we'll try to get his mind off of your daughter, but it is going to take a little time and effort.”


So she knew about Stephanie, of course she would, but he wondered how much.  Vince couldn't help feeling relief coursing through him at her words, reaching out to take her hands in his. “You will be protected.” He informed her. 


Knowing with her new attitude and with the apparent deal being off, -this was going to turn brutal- Vince glanced at Kane.  Kane was wondering just what exactly had made her want to dress like that to begin with.  Her comment about the Deadman seeing his wife in an outfit like that had just seemed odd to Kane, but he couldn't put a finger on why exactly.



“How what?”


He was dealing with idiots. “Distract him.”

“Just because you don't have the working parts Red doesn't mean other guys don't, ya get it now?”


He was going to kill Andy and actually went to do it.


“Andy, mind your tongue if you don't want Kane to remove it for you.” Angeni ordered gently but firmly, her eyes moving back to Kane. “And his name is Kane, not Red.  Learn it quickly.” Did they not realize he was a monster and could decapitate all of them within the blink of an eye?  Apparently not. “Now then, getting back to my darling husband, you just let me worry about the distraction.  Don't worry Vince, I'll make sure Mark doesn't get what he wants.”


Andy blinked. “Mark?”

“Yes Mark.” That deal was broken too, Mark could call her whatever he wanted as far as Angeni was concerned.



Angeni smiled sweetly.


Kane had definitely been right when he told her before leaving her at her cottage that the Undertaker would come back.  The man had and whatever had happened between them, this was apparently the result.  Kane wasn't sure if he approved or not, finding her newfound attitude both…interesting and maybe a bit reckless.  He then wondered if Taker would actually put his hands on his wife, then scratched that, yes he would.

“Mark is his given name, idiot.” Hunter said when Andy continued to blink, popping his gum noisily. “You didn't really think his mama called him the Undertaker from day one or something, did ya?”

“Gotta be honest, I can't picture him even having a mama.”


While Hunter and Andy argued back and forth about Mark's family tree, Kane excluded, Angeni walked out of the dressing room with Kane.  Vince and Shane assured her that they would be ready in case the Ministry interfered and no doubt they would.  Angeni knew Kane was curious to know what happened with her and Mark when he came to see her, but she was never speaking of that again. 


It never happened. 


It was a dream. 


When Kane's pyro exploded and his music began, Angeni took a deep breath before stepping out on the stage with Kane, following him to the ring.  He did his usual in-ring stance and exploded the flames from the four ring posts before his opponent came out.  Angeni vacated the ring right before the lights went out, already knowing Mark was about to make his presence known and felt a shiver rush down her spine.  Kane was not surprised in the least when the Undertaker came out accompanied by a very disgruntled looking Paul Bearer.  He was a bit surprised by the nasty look the fat, waddling man shot Angeni, glancing down at her.


“What'd you do to him?” Kane asked curiously, not entirely sure if he wanted to know. “Careful, he keeps ether and other things on his person to use.” He cautioned, giving her no time to answer his question as they vacated the ring, allowing the Undertaker to climb in through the ropes.


Black.  She was wearing black.  Taker was already not very happy with his wife, who had nailed him in the balls earlier in the day, then struck his associate over the head and bolted.  This was not helping his anger issues.


Angeni nodded at Kane and then proceeded to dig under the ring, pulling out the first thing she saw…a fire extinguisher of all things, smiling sweetly at her husband.  She waved three fingers at him with her black nails and held the weapon close-by, glaring daggers across the way at Paul.  If the fat man was smart, he would keep his pudgy nose out of this and away from her.  She loved the look of pure anger in her husband's eyes and grinned wickedly when Kane attacked him from behind.  He was such a fool for turning his back on his baby brother and, with the fire extinguisher next to her, Angeni started pounding on the mat shouting encouragement.


“Destroy him, Kane!!”


He hadn't even been able to remove his damn robe and already Kane was on him like a wild dog.  Of course, Taker should have been expecting it after tormenting Kane while Angeni had been on her days off.  Him taking his own little time off to go visit with the darling wife had probably allowed Kane time to recoup.  He should have left orders that the Ministry beat his big red ass around on his behalf.  As it was, he managed to get his arms out of the robe, letting it drop to the canvas in order to start exchanging blows with baby brother, his head ringing.


“Come on get him!!”


Angeni couldn't help feeling the adrenaline course through her, clapping when Kane side slammed Mark almost through the mat.  That's how hard the impact was, it literally shook the ring.  Though, when Angeni saw Paul pull something out of his jacket pocket, she reacted the only way she knew how, especially when the sick smell of ether permeated the air. 


That was NOT happening to Kane.  She took the fire extinguisher and held the hose up, turned it on and proceeded to blast Paul with it, sending the bottle of ether and rag flying into the fans due to the force of the blast.  She looked up when Mark started yelling at her and simply pointed behind him at Kane, who caught him in a choke slam.


Kane was going to laugh his ass off later, when he wasn't in the middle of the ring, or surrounded by Corporation idiots.  The image of Angeni, this tiny woman, hosing down Paul Bearer with a fire extinguisher, and the fat idiot landing on his ass, only to scramble getting up, would be seared in his mind forever.  It would definitely give his normal nightmares a run for their money and Kane mentally reminded himself to thank Angeni later on.


Dead, Angeni was dead.  Maybe she was holding a bit of a grudge after earlier, but he had warned her, and this…wait a minute, since when did she interfere in his matches?  They had a deal and she had broken it. 


When Kane bent down to grab him, Taker reached up, a hand clasping around Kane's throat and squeezed mercilessly, grinning like a lunatic.  Angeni saw what was happening and decided Kane could handle himself because the rest of the Ministry members had rushed to the ring.  She stopped them dead in their tracks though, still holding the fire extinguisher, knowing Paul was out for the count right now.


“You know Bradshaw, had you NOT laid your hands on me, as per the agreement, I wouldn't be doing this to you all right now.”


She let loose and proceeded to spray all of them down, violet eyes flashing and got Bradshaw directly in his face.  Knowing if Mark paid any attention to what she said, he would know that his minion had broken their agreement.  That’s why she was currently hosing his Ministry down, making them look like snowmen came on them.


Given all the noise surrounding them and the fact that he was now on his feet working at beating the hell out of Kane for even daring to think he could win this match, and venting his frustrations about Angeni out onto his personal beating post, he didn't hear that.  Taker was still under the mistaken impression that she had jumped the fence and broken their deal.  When Kane was done for a moment, he walked over to the ropes, leaning over and yelled at his Ministry, who looked like a bunch of morons right about now.


“Get up!” Taker bellowed, hiding the pain he was feeling at the moment.  Two choke slams never went over easily, especially from Kane, but he had a high pain tolerance level.


“What the fuck, Bradshaw?!”

“You broke the deal?”



While Mark decided to lean over the rope, Angeni decided to turn around and blasted him in the face, grinning evilly when he roared out in pain.  So not only had she lodged his balls in his throat, but now practically blinded him.  The Ministry was too busy slipping and sliding from how much froth came from the fire extinguisher.  Angeni watched as Kane choke slammed Mark for the third time and pinned him for the victory, thanks to her interference.  She then started spraying the Ministry down again, looking up when the Corporation members started running out from the back while Kane continued pounding on Mark.


“Fuck you, Mark!” She shouted in the ring, having walked around to stand on the other side of the ring so she didn't get in the way of the fighting, giggling madly.


Chapter 13


All Taker could do was lay there in the center of the ring with his eyes closed and breathing through his nose, which wasn't working out too well.  Kane had gotten the victory because Angeni had…had sprayed him down with that damn thing…total and complete humiliation.  She had just made a fool of him in front of all these people.


She had singlehandedly taken out his entire Ministry of Darkness.  He was going to murder people tonight as soon as this shit stopped burning his eyes.  Growling, Taker sat upright, wiping the foam off his face with his arm, knowing he needed to flush his eyes immediately. 


Kane appeared behind Angeni, his mismatched eyes alight with humor and placed a hand on her shoulder, squeezing gently to let her know it was just him.


“Hey Lord of Darkness?” She snorted, tossing the fire extinguisher in the ring, knowing he couldn't see her but hear her. “Next time you decide to break our agreement by having one of your goons come after me, make sure you're ready for the consequences, DICK!” Angeni shouted before vacating with Kane.


Wrapping an arm around her waist, the Corporation had taken out the Ministry of Darkness for the night.  They both turned back around to see Mark getting to his feet in the ring and Kane raised his arms up in the air, the posts exploding with fire as his theme music thundered throughout the arena.  Giggling, Angeni blew a kiss to Mark before turning right back around with Kane, both of them heading through the curtain in the back.


Taker snatched the bottle of water a ring official brought him, using it to rinse his eyes out and opened them gingerly, not surprised by how bad they burned or how watery and blurry everything was.  It took several moments for the scene to come into view and all he could think was: She's going to die.  I will strangle her with my bare hands.


“Well that was fun.”


“He let one of them come after you?” Kane demanded, not overly surprised. 


This was the Undertaker.  The man made promises and usually kept them but…there were also promises he found amusing to break.  But with Angeni, he had been expecting Taker himself to be the one to break the deal, not send someone to do the dirty work.


“Who?  Did he hurt you?”


“Bradshaw and he would have if not for Stone Cold Steve Austin stunning him into next week.” Angeni grinned at the thought of Steve inadvertently saving her. “You asked me earlier out there what I did to fatty.  Mark brought me here against my will, not a huge surprise.  He knocked me out with ether.  When I woke up, Paul was there and…he pissed me off with what he said.  So I smashed my glass of water on his head and hauled ass out of there.  That's when I ran into Bradshaw, he touched my shoulders and that was it.  My agreement with Mark was simple: NONE of the Ministry of Darkness was to lay a hand on me and they did, so they paid that price tonight.”


No doubt Mark would be hunting her down and Angeni was going to do everything she could to stay one step ahead of him. 


Kane considered that, nodding and squeezed her shoulder gently, pulling her into his side. “I think we better get you out of here before he starts to look for you.” He said after a moment, knowing this wasn't going to be left alone.


“Good idea, let me grab my bag.”


Angeni had HUMILIATED the UNDERTAKER; there was going to be a price to pay for that.  She wasn't going to argue with Kane because he knew Mark probably better than anyone in the WWF, herself included.  Kane grabbed his things along with hers before they headed out of the arena, knowing their job was done with the Corporation for the evening.


“I have to admit, watching him show weakness on national television was amazing.” Angeni commented, looking up at Kane who simply shook his head. 


Kane tossed their bags in the back before slipping behind the wheel while Angeni took the passenger seat, still a little woozy from both being knocked out and her adrenaline high.  Amazing but they had to go now or else Kane was going to wind up with another concussion and Angeni was probably going to wind up in a pine box.  There wasn't a doubt in Kane's mind that Taker would unleash hell on her, or anyone who protected her.  He was definitely going to get another concussion in the future.




“Who touched her?”


Paul was still cleaning his eyes, not believing Taker was doing this out here, at the top of the ramp, refusing to let his Ministry go backstage until he had his answers.


His eyes were swollen, red and he had just been made a fool of; the Undertaker was not a happy man by any means. “Which-” He arched an eyebrow when Bradshaw raised a hand.

“I was trying to stop her from runnin’, she was in the hotel elevator.  I didn't hurt her, just grabbed her shoulders!”

“Which is perfectly acceptable.” Taker said flatly, watching as Shaw sighed in obvious relief.  The man was doing his job, keeping Angeni from running off.


They all winced when he threw Bradshaw right over the edge of the stage. “Except you TOUCHED her!” Taker stalked to the back, leaving his Ministry to trek behind slowly, keeping their distance smartly.


No sooner had Taker stepped through the curtain, Stone Cold Steve Austin was waiting for him, a grin on his face. “Deadman, gotta admit seein' you and them jackasses cultists of yers all laid out by the little lady…made my damn night.”


He hated Steve Austin almost as much as he hated Kane.

“‘Course, the way she got you with that shit, it was like watchin' really bad porn…how'd ya like that facial?”


Nearly as much as he disliked his wife as well. “Find her.” Taker ordered Farooq, since his partner was currently on a gurney, watching through narrowed sore eyes as Steve maintained his distance astutely.




For the next several nights, Angeni attended the house shows and accompanied Kane to ringside, only interfering whenever the situation called for it.  He had faced Val Venis, The Rock and Steve Blackman, all who suffered at the hands of the Big Red Machine.  Indeed he was.  She went out in scandalous outfits, each one a little more revealing than the next. 


Whenever Taker or the Ministry went out to the ring for either matches or promos, Angeni would interfere in some capacity.  Chairs, fire extinguishers and even a baseball bat was used, knocking some of the members out enough to lose their matches.  She booked it out of the arenas every time she interfered, Vince making sure Kane's matches were always on before the Ministry's. 


It was another house show, Thursday night and Mark was currently wrestling Ken Shamrock.  She'd snuck out without him knowing during his entrance, taking advantage of not only what she was wearing, but also the darkness and slid beneath the ring out of sight before the lights came back on.  Halfway through the match, Angeni suddenly appeared and ended up handing Ken an ether soaked rag, after knocking Paul out from behind with a bat, grinning maliciously. 


A second later, Ken had knocked Mark nearly unconscious with the soaked rag and, the match being no-disqualification, Ken had won the match.  With the Corporation all on the same page, that gave Angeni a chance to escape from the arena yet again, this time without Kane.  A getaway car was already waiting for her to take her to a motel on the outskirts of town under a false identity that Mark would never know.


She was driving him fucking insane!  The wench interfered in matches she had no business in interfering with!  And each and every time, she managed to get away.  Vince was playing along with her, purposefully ensuring that she was gone before anyone could reach her and Taker was no longer amused.


When he came too, he was in the Ministry's locker room, surrounded by his men, all who looked grim and somber.  This was definitely a low-point in the Ministry's career and it had to stop.  They were being bested, humiliated, by his WIFE!  HIS WIFE!


“I don't care what it takes, find her…Angeni's little games are over.” Taker growled, sitting up and ignored the throbbing in his head. It was time his wife learned her place. “And if by chance, any of you run into members of the Corporation, in or out of the building…send them to the ER.” He was going to pop something for his head, take a quick cold shower to help clear the cobwebs and start hunting as well.


Angeni made sure to keep her shades closed and didn't leave her room, having everything she would need for the night.  She knew she was pushing her luck with Mark, but it honestly felt great to humiliate him the way he had humiliated her.  Sighing, Angeni currently wore a pair of dark pink fleece pajama pants with a long sleeved shirt, her normal wear, though she'd gone shopping for her 'WWF clothes' as she liked to call them. 


As she sifted through her bag, Angeni suddenly came across her 'wedding band' and sighed, pulling it out to examine it before slipping it on her middle finger.  She would wear it for tonight, with nobody around to see her.  Sinking down on the bed, Angeni turned the television on for background noise and pulled a book out she'd bought, beginning to read.


Finding her turned out to be a bit easier tonight then he had thought.  Apparently Vince had let dear Shane handles Angeni's car arrangements and Shane was nowhere near as careful as his old man was.  Tracing her rental was easy, obtaining the description and license number, that was handled with cash. 


Then it was a matter of locating the damn thing, which meant making phone calls to every hotel and motel within a fifty mile radius and hope she hadn't already booked a flight out or even driven herself out.  It was early AM when he finally hit pay dirt.  Early AM meaning around two-three in the morning, the perfect time.  No one else was out, the streets were mostly empty and even if they weren't…he still would have rode his Harley through them like a bat out of hell the way he was currently.


Angeni had fallen asleep with her book on her chest, snuggled against the pillow with the comforter pulled up over her, chest rising and falling evenly.  She was exhausted from all the traveling she'd done, not to mention the extensive work at making her husband's life a living hell.  It took a lot of out her.  So when her door opened, Angeni didn't wake up or even flinch. 


Her black hair was fanned out all around her, face devoid of the thick makeup she'd worn since her forceful return to the WWF.  There was no red and black anywhere, she enjoyed her colors outside of work too much to give them up.  Currently though, a dark figure loomed over Angeni's sleeping form and, if she wasn't this exhausted, she might've been a bit more alert and had heard the motorcycle roaring into the parking lot or her door opening.  But she didn't.


The very first thing he did was remove everything within reach, refusing to let her bash another damn lamp on his head.  He was quiet, moving stealthily though the way she was sleeping, she'd probably sleep through anything.  Or, just about anything.  Then, once he had done that, Taker pulled the length of black cord he had brought out from the back pocket of his jeans, staring down at her.  Smirking wickedly, he moved to her side and a moment later, was sitting astride her thighs, trapping her beneath the comforter with his body.


“WAKE UP!” He roared down at her, watching as her hands came flying up and caught them, quickly binding her wrists together.


Angeni's eyes FLEW open when she was literally screamed out of her slumber, immediately beginning to struggle. “GET OFF OF ME!!” She screamed out.


He was straddling her, putting all of his weight and nearly crushing her, panic quickly setting in.  This was not good.  She couldn't even kick at him because he'd taken a smart position to where his balls were safe.  Angeni went to say something else and immediately shut her mouth at the deadly look in her husband's eyes, her heart rate increasing.  He was going to hurt or possibly kill her, Angeni wasn't sure which one yet.  She wiggled her wrists and cried out when he yanked on them roughly, stopping her from trying to get loose.


Taker had given serious possibility to killing her.  It would save him time and money on the divorce front.  Not to mention it'd probably be less of a headache in that she would be dead and buried instead of alive, away from him and probably still fucking his nights up.  However…being the good husband that he was, he was going to give her one more chance to rectify these little…mistakes…she had been making.  She was still going to get hurt.  Nobody pulled the shit she had on him, ever.


“Now, Ange, if you start screaming like that again, I might lose my temper…and could quite possibly…harm you.” Taker informed her, raising one of his large hands, studied it and then looked pointedly at her. “Let's talk.  About you.  And just what the HELL you think you're doing with these antics of yours, shall we?” He let go of her wrists, not caring if they were rope burned or not and planted his hands on her shoulders, bending down so his face was nearly touching hers. “If I didn't know any better, wife, I'd say you were trying to piss me off.” It had worked and his voice had dropped several octaves, ending the sentence in a near hiss.


Before she could even open her mouth to respond to him, Mark hauled off and slapped her across the face, causing her head to snap to the side.  Angeni cried out and could instantly feel the tears beginning to fall, her face feeling as though it was on fire.  No doubt her cheekbone was either fractured or possibly broken. 


It would be a miracle if it wasn't.  Her bottom lip had split open too from the blow so blood currently ran down her chin in little droplets that he swiped away with his tongue.  She nearly got sick right then and there, feeling her dinner already coming up.


“You wanted me in the Corporation, what did you expect me to do?”


That got her another backhand across the opposite side of her face, though it wasn't nearly as hard of a blow as the first time, but still left a mark.  Angeni saw stars, but still managed to be defiant and spat blood right in his face, almost hyperventilating by now because of how much fear and pain coursed through her.  Taker wasn't going to hit her in the same place twice, that would definitely cause something to break and he would rather her not have to go to a hospital.  Anything he did to her here tonight, Paul would be able to take care of.  Growling, he wiped the spit and blood off his face, hardly believing she was still defying him.


Chapter 14


“I expected you to do your job of valeting Kane.” Taker spat down at her, tracing a finger along her bottom lip to catch the blood there and stared at his finger for a moment, before finally running it down her forehead, leaving a bloody streak between her wide tear-filled eyes. “This does not entail interfering in MY matches or my Ministry’s!  It does not mean popping up from beneath the ring!  Or sneaking up from behind with a goddamn chair!” He had to forcibly restrain himself from backhanding her again.  Her face was already bruising and swollen, but there was still the rest of her body however.


“You wanted me in the company.  Your little follower decided to break the agreement, so I retaliated.”


Along with getting a little much needed revenge for all the shit he'd put her through lately, including signing a contract to a company she did not want to work for and then knocked her out to bring her back against her will.  She cried out when he hit her arm and then her side, open-handed because his fists would probably kill her.  He was prolonging the agony and Angeni knew there was no way out of this as she closed her eyes.


“I'll keep doing it until you're out of my life completely and pay for what you did to me.  You wanted me in the Corporation, you got what you deserved!”


“Did I?  Is that what you think?  You think you deserve revenge because I made you sign a contract and then uphold it?” Taker sneered down at her.


That was technically what he had done.  He had made her sign it, which was probably in retrospect not the best of ideas, but rarely let a poor idea stop him.  Then he had made her actually abide by that contract when she thought she was above it and could run.  Women were rather odd creatures and he wondered why he sometimes bothered.


“If you keep provoking me, Angeni, you're going to wind up in a full body cast.” Taker informed her gravely, her shooting off at the mouth not doing anything to help his mood. “You're going to stop with your petty little revenge kick and you will be leaving the Corporation.” Green eyes were filled with cruelty when violet hesitantly met his. “You'll be joining the Ministry of Darkness.”


“NO!” She practically shrieked out, shaking her head and began struggling against him even more. “NO!  I REFUSE!”


Another slap to the face shut her up instantly.  Angeni was starting to welcome the darkness she was slowly slipping into, but apparently Mark wasn't going to let that happen either.  She was yanked up by her upper arm, his hand wrapped firmly around it and Angeni could only keep shaking her head, whimpering.


“I'll never join you willingly!” She cried out when he squeezed her arm, almost to the point of cutting off circulation and Angeni slumped against him, crying harder. “Mark...” He squeezed tighter, Angeni finally just shut her mouth, every part of her feeling as though it'd been through a war.


“You don't have a choice, Angeni.  Any freedom I gave you, was revoked the minute you started your crusade for vengeance.” Taker said harshly, ignoring the tears beating down on his t-shirt covered chest, soaking it through. “You have humiliated me and made my Ministry look like fools.  Not just to the world, but to the people we must suffer.” Their co-workers. “And I cannot, will not, allow you to continue, you will not destroy me nor what I have built.”


“Then let me go home!  Let me out of this hellhole!!” That was the whole reason why she decided to go on her revenge kick because Angeni wanted OUT.  She wanted out of the WWF. “I don't want to be here and I damn sure don't want to be around you!!”


Her cottage with the woods and waterfall…that's what Angeni wanted, her sanctuary and tranquility back.  When he just shook his head, Angeni hung hers, knowing she had no choice in the matter as he yanked her up by the same upper arm, never releasing it.  She was dragging on her knees in front of him, whimpering because it hurt so badly.  Joining the Ministry of Darkness would mean one thing: Those men were probably going to be able to exact their revenge on her and Angeni knew Mark wouldn't stop them from doing so.


“Just kill me now.  Please just put me out of my misery, Mark…”


“Oh no.” Taker said, grinning wickedly down at her, his teeth gleaming in the darkness. “I don't think I will, not just yet, Angel.  I think I'll drag you through hell first, and then consider the possibility of letting you go.” He emphasized consider, which was his way of giving her false hope. “The next time you get an idea in that beautiful little head of yours…” He moved away from her abruptly, watching as she toppled onto her side and fell halfway off the bed. “Just remember that there are consequences.” Snorting, he leaned over to place his hand on her thigh, sending her to the floor. “And the name is Undertaker, don't make me say it again.”


Up until a few weeks ago, Angeni never did anything to him and now she was about to experience a world of hurt and pain, she simply knew it.  There was no way out either, no escape.  Vince couldn't stop him, the police wouldn't be able to.  Angeni could only watch as he packed up the things she'd brought out that night after arriving, not even wanting to look at her face because she was certain it was hideous. 


And she was right.  On both sides, both of them started turning black and blue with a little purple mixed in ironically enough.  How could she sleep with this monster?  Angeni curled up in a tight ball, crying silently with her back facing him, her forehead pressed against the wall.


Once he had packed her things, Taker turned to stare down at her, not surprised in the least that she hadn't moved.  Rolling his eyes, Taker walked over to pick her up only to unceremoniously drop her on the bed.  His interest peaked upon spotting the wedding ring on her middle finger and arched an eyebrow.


“If you despise me so much, why are you wearing it?” Taker demanded, sliding the ring off her finger before replacing it on the finger it should've been on all along.


“I don't know.” Angeni whimpered when he buried his hand in her black tresses, forcing her to look up at him with a bruised swollen face, not able to meet his eyes. 


When she refused to comment further, he released her hair and Angeni just curled up on the bed like she'd done on the floor, closing her eyes tightly shut.  The first chance she got, she was removing the ring all together and possibly destroying it, not caring if it was beautiful or not.  She wanted nothing to do with this monster.


If he had known what she was thinking, he would have broken her ring finger, then immediately set it, with the ring still attached so it would heal in a way the ring would never be able to be removed.  As it was, he sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled out his cell phone.  Ignoring her, he called Paul and instructed the man to call off the hunt for her and then passed along orders that Vince was to be…apprehended, so a contract amendment could be made.


“My wife and I will be joining you in a day or so…she's going to need time to…” He glanced over his shoulder at her. “Recover.”


Angeni heard that and hoped he knocked her out with ether for those two days so she wouldn't have to deal with him.  Hell, she was about to see him every single day of every single hour until either he released her or her contract was up with the WWF.  Either way, Mark had complete control of her and Angeni knew if she didn't mind her attitude and mouth, she was going to end up seriously injured or possibly dead. 


She didn't say a word when he hung up with Paul and began trembling from head to toe, wishing she'd never agreed to this job.  Also, Angeni knew Kane wouldn't be able to help her, not from his psychotic brother who had a band of followers behind him doing his bidding.  When he pulled her up by the bounds on her wrists, Angeni could only sit there with a heartbroken dead expression, not having anymore fight in her at the moment.


He studied her face, running his fingertips over her cheeks gently and checked for breaks.  Pretty sure she was going to be just fine minus in serious pain, swollen and rather ugly for awhile.  Taker then ripped her pajama top clean off of her, ignoring her gasp of pain as the material bit into her skin before giving.  That was followed by the bottoms.  He flicked on the lamp, studying the areas of her body he had slapped, mainly her side, not surprised by the bruise there as well.


She sat there completely still and didn't say a word while he applied some kind of special salve he pulled from his bag, starting with her side and upper arm before moving up to her face.  He would have to do her wrists once he decided to undo the binds.  Angeni hoped he did soon because she could feel her hands growing numb from poor circulation. 


Angeni knew she had brought this on herself and had nobody to blame except Vince McMahon who had encouraged her to keep going with her revenge.  She didn't pull away when he gripped her chin to make sure he rubbed the salve into her skin, wanting it to soak in faster.  Though she couldn't help wincing, cold from head to toe since she was just in her white bra and panties.


Taker had every intention of telling anyone who asked that she had been attacked by a mugger.  No one would believe him.  They would all know the truth, but no one would question it either since most people seemed to instinctively know he wasn't someone to be trifled with and those who did know him, didn't usually cross him.  She was the exception and that exception had been stopped.


“I'm going to unbind your wrists.” Taker informed her, his tone low and dangerous. “Do not try anything.  Unless, of course, pain is something you enjoy.”


Nodding, Angeni watched as he cut the binds off and immediately cradled one of them to her chest because the rope had cut into her skin, making her bleed.  So the wound was very fresh and it hurt badly.  She let him take her hand that was less injured and applied the salve before handing him her other one, biting back a cry of pain as tears slid down her bruised face, which also hurt. 


Though the salve was slowly starting to numb the injured areas of her body, her face was taking longer due to how much damage she sustained.  When he finished, Angeni drew her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around herself, trying to warm up since she didn't know what Mark had planned next for her.  What he had planned for her next was sleep.  He began stripping, letting his clothes fall to the floor without a care.


“Now, here's how this is going to play out, Angeni.  You can either be tied to the bed or…I can put you to sleep.” This would involve a nerve and a quick pinch. “Either way, we're both getting some rest because tomorrow is going to be a very long day and, for obvious reasons, I can't trust you to stay in bed, not run or try to kill me.”


“I-I won't run or try a-anything.   Please…” Angeni buried her face in her hands, shaking so hard her teeth began chattering, scared to death of her husband right now. “You have my word, I promise.  J-Just let me fall asleep on my own.” Being tied down didn't sound pleasant and Angeni hoped he believed her because she meant what she said. “Y-You're getting what you want, my word is concrete.  I swear to you I won't try anything.  Just please don't hurt me anymore…” She wanted to call him Mark, but stopped herself, hoping he took some kind of pity on her because she was his wife and they did love each other at some point or else they wouldn't have gotten married.


“Yes, you give me your word.  You also gave me your word you would not interfere and yet you did.” Taker raised a finger to her lips when she opened her mouth, no doubt to protest that one with the Bradshaw incident. “Now we're not going to argue over technicalities, Ange.  All he did was grab your shoulders, he didn't harm you, but you took it all very literally and ended our original deal.  As was your right.  But…it was petty on your part, as well as cunning and sly.  Two traits I would admire if not for the fact that you hate me and would love nothing more than to permanently injure me.”


“Y-You don't understand!  He wasn't going to hurt me!  The look in his eyes…”


Mark wasn't going to listen to anything she said and Angeni knew it, looking down at her wrists that had been bound.  She lowered her head and knew he was going to do whatever he wanted, sniffling and tried to stop crying because it wouldn't do any good.  He probably wouldn't even let her get dressed again and that just made her shiver with pure dread, her bottom split lip trembling violently.  She was officially his property to do with whatever he wanted and Angeni only hoped he would eventually grant her freedom so she could be rid of him for good.


Just because he wasn't totally evil, Taker tore his bandana in two, his now freed hair cascading down around his shoulders and back.  He loosened the bindings enough to wrap her wrists individually and then retightened the cord.  He laid down and pulled her against him, her back to his chest before pulling the comforter around them and then snaked his hand around her, settling his palm on her abdomen, fingers gently caressing her silky skin.


“Go to sleep, angel.” He rumbled, kissing the back of her head.


It took her quite awhile before the trembling ceased, Mark's volatile mood changes petrifying her.  Angeni hardly slept that night, simply laying there staring straight ahead at the wall, trying to figure out how to get out of this.  There had to be a way.  What sickened her was the fact that she would've enjoyed being in this position with him if not for the fact he'd just basically beat the shit out of her.  Her bruised face was tear-streaked when she finally did manage to fall asleep and that was only due to exhaustion and the trauma her body had sustained at the hands of her husband.  She could only hope someone from Corporation came to her rescue before she was fully initiated into the Ministry of Darkness, silently sending prayers.


Chapter 15


“Is it cracked?”

“No.  She's fine, just…beaten up.”

“That much was obvious.”


Paul stepped away from the bed when Angeni began to stir.  Taker had been up much earlier then he normally was and called Paul, with a list of things to bring.  He had not been surprised that he had been followed either.  Though the Corporation was probably not happy that he had first led them to a fancy hotel and then right into a room occupied by the Ministry, leaving them there to get their asses handed to them.  He wasn't an idiot, obviously, or Taker would have never worked with him for this long.


Angeni slowly opened her eyes and looked over her shoulder, immediately regretting it at the sight of her husband and Paul Bearer standing at the foot of the bed, staring back at her.  She managed to pull the comforter up to cover her body more, her face already turning red beneath the bruising, and closed her eyes when Taker ripped it off.  He informed her Paul was checking her side and ordered her to stay still, which Angeni surprisingly did. 


She just had a bunch of bruises, which was also surprising considering how hard Mark had struck her.  Mark then proceeded to walk over and took her bound hands, slowly pulling her up.  She just waited for instructions, slowly looking up into his acid eyes and winced when he started pressing against her cheeks, wondering briefly if he was trying to hurt her on purpose.


Considering this woman had broken a water glass over his head, Paul could have been seriously vicious in his examination, but he wasn't.  Mostly because he knew if he hurt Angeni, the Undertaker would gut him while he was still conscious.  Then also, because he was a professional.


“Nothing broken.  Open handed slaps?”

“I would have killed her if I were to hit her with a closed fist, what kind of monster do you think I am?” Taker demanded, letting her drop again after unbinding her wrists. “You can get dressed by the way, Angeni.  And I've removed the bathroom door, just in case you get any bright ideas.” He threw a thumb over his shoulder, the door now leaning against the wall.


Angeni nodded and grabbed her bag, walking into the bathroom to get dressed.  She sat on the toilet, flat out refusing to look at her reflection and pulled out a pair of blue jeans with a long sleeved orange shirt.  She didn't bother brushing her hair, there was no need for it and she simply pulled her white sneakers out with some socks. 


The first chance she got, Angeni was running, hence the reasoning for picking her sneakers.  Mark didn't have to know that, but there was no way she was being part of the Ministry of Darkness.  With the abuse she'd sustained, she could sue Vince McMahon for a lot of money because of his employee. 


She was already planning on doing that anyway, once she was in a place safely away from her abusive husband.  Looking down at the ring on her left ring finger, Angeni decided to just leave it on, not wanting to piss Mark off anymore than she already had.  Zipping up her bag, Angeni walked back out with her head lowered.


Paul had watched her openly, arching an eyebrow. “If I were you, I would seriously considering binding her legs with chains.”


He stared down at his mentor then looked into the bathroom at Angeni, suddenly nodding.  The woman could run.  Angeni had demonstrated that her very first night in the company as well as several nights afterwards.  She could have been a professional sprinter if she had decided too.


“Good idea. Go get some chains, but nothing too heavy.” She wouldn't need them on the motorcycle…unless they came to a stop, but the idea of her managing to get off his Harley before he could stop her was…only slightly plausible. “And duct tape.”


Angeni heard that and didn't say a word, swallowing down any anger she felt because it would only expel more energy. She was going to save it, wait for the opportune moment and then run for her life.  Of course, she would have to lull Mark into a false sense of security first, which would take some time to accomplish in itself. 


When he came toward her with the duct tape, Angeni could only stand there while he started the process of treating her like an animal, her head lowered.  Running now would be pointless.  Angeni made a mental note to slit the fat man's throat the first chance she got for opening his mouth about her running ability.


He let Paul carry her bag, he was busy with her.  Taker kept an arm firmly wrapped around her waist, just in case she toppled, be it on accident or purpose.  He was putting nothing past this woman.  She had shown him a devious streak he had definitely not thought his wife capable of.  Rather proud of her on some level, but since it was HIM she had unleashed that streak on…the pride had been shunted to the backburner in favor of his rather damaged pride and reputation. 


Taker was going to have to maim a few people, sacrifice someone, and then probably hang Vince by the balls from the top of Titan Towers just to salvage said reputation.  He had used the duct tape on her ankles, with about six inches worth of give.  When she was on his Harley, he would separate her legs and then probably duct tape her flighty ass to the seat.  No chances at all.  He was borrowing Austin's 'DTA’ phrase and applying it solely on her.


There had to be a way out of this, someway, but Angeni couldn't come to a conclusion.  She just kept her head down and kept twisting her wrists as much as she could without Mark or pudgy noticing.  Once they were at the next arena, Angeni knew she could sneak away or else Kane would come to her rescue, either way she wouldn't be with Mark much longer or his Ministry. 


Kane…Angeni didn't want him getting hurt, but she needed help, her face incredibly sore from Mark's slaps.  She still couldn't believe he struck her, tears instantly stinging her eyes at the memory, her heart breaking with every blow he delivered.  Angeni stayed silent in the backseat, mulling things over in her head and hoped she could get away before he changed his mind and ended up killing her.


Angeni had been surprisingly well behaved for the day and that automatically made him suspicious.  He could always attribute it to the fact that she was saving her ass from getting it beaten to hell and back but he didn't.  After everything this woman had put him through, he knew she was conniving and looking for her chance to escape.  He be damned if he gave her that opportunity.


“Are you going to behave yourself tonight, precious?” Taker asked once they were parked, turning to look back at her.


“Yes Taker.” Angeni whispered softly, not looking up at him, though she had felt the car stop. 


Mark stepped out and grabbed her arm in a vise grip, causing Angeni to wince slightly as he pulled her out of the car.  They were at a hotel, though he'd chosen to park in the underground parking lot.  Smart man.  He didn't want anyone seeing her bound the way she was, her ankles taped and wrists bound like a criminal. 


He looped her arm through his and they slowly began walking, Angeni keeping her head lowered, still mulling things over in her head on ways to escape.  She would bide her time and wait it out because right now he wouldn't be letting her out of his sight for quite some time.  But the first chance she got, Angeni was running for the hills and never looking back, even if that meant breaking her contract.


“Now if I could trust you, you wouldn't have to walk in like a prisoner going to death row.” Taker said conversationally, dragging her right across a pot hole in the lot's pavement, keeping her on her feet when she stumbled. “But since I can't…”


Taker decided this was too slow and tossed her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, one hand coming down lightly on her ass.  And her using the name he preferred wasn't doing her any favors, it just made his 'bullshit' radar go off more.  He also had Kane on the mind since the man had proven to be elusive in being captured, apparently deciding Angeni either wasn't worth another concussion or biding his time.  Knowing Kane, and how he would attach himself to anyone who was kind to him like a damn dog, he was biding his time.


Angeni didn't respond to him, though her ribs felt like they would cave in from how hard he'd tossed her over his shoulder, blinking back tears.  She was doing exactly what he wanted and he was STILL being a brute!  It just proved to her that no matter what she did, he would still hurt her, breaking her heart even more. 


Hell, at this rate, she wasn't going to have much of a heart left.  She kept her eyes closed so she didn't end up dizzy from the head rush she currently suffered, finally being set down once they were inside the elevator.  Apparently, Paul wasn't coming with them and that was a good thing because Angeni didn't know if she would be able to restrain herself from trying to attack him.


Paul wasn't with them because Taker needed someone to be his eyes and ears.  Paul was a sneaky son of a bitch.  Now that Angeni was firmly…restrained and the likelihood of her destroying anything else he was working on had passed, Taker had other projects to get back to.  Or at least Paul could get back too, he had his wife to contend with.


“When we're in the room, I'll let you free.  You'll need more salve.” He said, looking down at her face critically, gauging how much longer those bruises had before she could be seen in public without looking like the poster woman for domestic violence. “Hungry?”


Her husband had to be bipolar to go from the abusive psycho from last night to actually being nice to her.  She also knew better than to say no to his question, having a feeling he would simply force her to eat if she didn't do it willingly. “Yes.” Angeni whispered, leaning against the wall of the elevator and kept her head down, not able to look at him. 


When the ding sounded and the doors opened, Mark once again lifted her up and carted her to their room.  Angeni was sure she'd have bruises on her midsection from how he was carting her around.  The door opening and closing signified they had arrived and Angeni was set down on the bed while Mark dropped their bags in the corner.  She would survey the room and search for a way to escape once Mark wasn't present, not wanting to give him any indication what she was thinking.


Ignoring her, Taker began unplugging all the lamps and stuffing them into the closet, along with anything else she might whack him upside the head with.  Furniture, not so much, he doubted she could lift one of these heavy chairs.  Then he used a small toolkit he had taken from Paul that morning to remove the bathroom door at her cheap motel, removing this bathroom door's handle so she couldn't lock it.  Windows…nothing he could do about, but if she was smart, she wouldn't even think about it.  Feeling pretty sure of himself, Taker walked over to the bed and dropped down on it, reaching out to drag Angeni towards him.


Angeni didn't flinch like she normally would have and watched as he lifted her legs up to rest on his thighs, beginning to cut away the tape on her ankles like he said he would.  Then he proceeded to start unbinding her wrists, causing her to sigh with relief and immediately rubbed them as soon as they were freed.  When he reached out to lift her face so he could examine it, all Angeni could do was let him run his thumbs across her cheeks, but kept her eyes closed.  This mother fucker could keep her captive and force her to do some things she didn't want to do, but she'd be damned if he forced her to look at him. 


That was probably the only piece of freedom she held was the ability to decide when to look at something, suddenly wishing she was blind so that option would be eliminated.  Sighing, he then gestured for her to raise her arms, reaching out to pull her shirt up over her head.  The sight of new bruises forming greeted him and Taker wasn't very thrilled with himself for that one, it meant more recovery time.  Though they didn't look to be too deep.


“Lay down.” He ordered gruffly, rolling off the bed to retrieve his bag and the salve. “You can breathe, Ange.” Taker then said, watching as she let out a slow exhale before perching on the edge of the bed. 


Instinctively, she wrapped her arms around her upper body, looking away while he applied more salve to her freshly bruised stomach, thanks to his shoulder digging in when he'd carried her none too gently in here.  Of course he didn't care, he was only doing this so she would heal faster.  She breathed in and out slowly, trying to keep the tears in, deciding it was no use showing him more weakness than what she had already. 


Angeni wasn't pleased when he let his hands linger on her body longer than necessary, but didn't push him away because she didn't want to be punished for saying 'no'.  Though if he so much as tried having sex with her, Angeni would force him to kill her.  There was no way she would ever give herself to him again willingly, not after this.


Even with the bruises, Angeni was still an incredibly beautiful woman, and Taker bent down, kissing her stomach in the places that were not blemished by the bruising.  He felt her suck her abdomen in, probably in an automatic reflex to avoid him touching her and smiled slightly.  His beard scratched gently against her skin as he kissed his way down to the waist of her pants, finally pulling back and simply looked up into her face.  Her violet eyes were still shut and her lips were a grimly compressed line.


Chapter 16


“So…what're you hungry for?” Taker drawled, pulling himself away from her for now.


Angeni felt absolutely disgusting, her stomach churning and wondered how the hell she was going to eat after being forced to endure that.  He was lovingly kissing and caressing her, acting like a husband should to his wife.  Angeni wasn't falling for it, refusing to and kept reminding herself what a monster he was every time she felt her face throb just a bit.  She was tempted to answer his question with the word food, but decided being a smartass right now wouldn't do her any favors.


“Chicken strips is fine.”


Angeni figured that was something she could force down, though it would probably come back up later.  Not moving and keeping her arms crossed to cover most of her upper torso, Angeni felt the bed rise a little and knew Mark had gotten up to retrieve the phone.  Chicken strips, something he could remember her eating before, with some kind of sauce.


It never failed to amaze him just what kind of information Taker retained, some of it useless, some surprisingly not.  Though…it was usually that attention to detail that kept him one step ahead in the game.  Usually.  He kept his back to her, showing he felt he had the upper hand and she wasn't a threat to him while he placed the order, which was rather extensive as he was rather hungry.  When asked if he wished to order dessert, he considered it.


“Strawberries…” Taker turned to study his wife. “And something sweet to dip them in…”


Angeni had turned on her side, her back facing him while he placed the order, staring straight ahead.  This was pure hell.  She had no freedom and knew if she reached for her shirt to put it on, there would be hell to pay.  Hell, she couldn't even piss in private anymore.  The more she thought about the current situation she was in, the more determined she was to get out. 


Biding her time would be hard, but Angeni was a patient woman and good things came to those who waited as the old saying went.  She didn't move an inch after he hung up the phone, wishing she could at least cover up with the blanket and closed her eyes again when the bed dipped once more.  Why couldn't he just leave her alone?


Taker wanted to take a shower while they waited on the food, knowing it would be a little bit, but there was one problem with that.  Her.  He considered it, having already reached the logical conclusion and finally shrugged one massive shoulder.  Taker kicked off his boots and then peeled off his shirt, walking around so he was standing in her line of vision, but out of punching or kicking range.


“Get up, we're going to take a shower.” Taker informed her, looking like she could use one too.  They'd been in a car all day and hot water would probably even help her a bit.


“No.” Her violet eyes flew open and looked at him the first time, scrambling away from him, shaking her head. “You can keep me captive and take away my freedom, but I'll be damned if you see any more of my body than you already have!” The fire had erupted back in her eyes and Angeni rolled over to stand on the other side, breathing heavily. “I'm not taking a shower with you.  I'll sit on the goddamn toilet if I have to.  You can keep an eye on me that way and even bind me down if that's what it takes.  But I am NOT showering with you, you'll have to kill me first.”


He stared at her out of narrowed, acid green eyes, not overly pleased with this sudden outburst.  She was worried about him seeing more of her body and he was worried about her taking a leap out of a window.  Knowing Angeni, instead of falling to the ground like a normal person who followed the laws of gravity, she would simple Road Runner her ass down the side of the building.


“Fine.” Taker said finally, retrieving the duct tape. “Have it your way.” Within ten minutes, he had duct taped her to the inside of the bathroom door, literally taped her to the door. “You hang tight, I won't be long.”


He sounded cruelly amused as he surveyed his handiwork before shedding the rest of his clothes.  No matter how much pain she was in, Angeni thought it was better than having to endure a shower with Mark.  She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, trying to wiggle her wrists free of the thick tape, her ribs throbbing. 


He'd put the tape right over her bare stomach to attach it to the door, along with her wrists, ankles, knees and neck.  It was going to hurt really bad when all of this came off, but Angeni would take this any day over her other option.  However, it didn't stop the tears from pouring down her face as she looked toward the front door, praying someone, anyone, saved her from this misery.  Deep down though, Angeni knew it wouldn't happen and lowered her head, her black hair hiding her bruised face.


Not taking a very long shower, Taker was perfectly aware of how he had strung her up, which was probably petty of him, but her little tizzy over him seeing her body had irked him.  Taker openly admitted to being a cruel bastard. Still, he kept the shower short.  Gravity had a funny way of working.


He knew that while the tape restrained her, eventually gravity and her body weight were going to loosen some parts of it and probably making her even more uncomfortable then she already was.  When he got out, he took his time in drying off, staring at his wife, the bathroom steamy since his shower had been a bit on the scorching side.  The steam would also help with the tape issue, the issue being pulling it off of her.  After pulling on his black, drawstring pajama bottoms, he walked up to her.


“This is going to hurt.”


Angeni cried out when he ripped the tape off of her neck and stomach, having left those for last.  The ankles and thighs didn't hurt because of her jeans, but her wrists had stung a bit from the rope burns.  Her neck was a crimson red and looked as though she'd got burned along with her stomach.  Angeni slid down the door and curled up into a tight ball, crying openly because that had really hurt.


“DON'T TOUCH ME!!” She screamed when his hand planted on her shoulder, feeling him immediately pull back, not caring anymore and trembled so hard her teeth started chattering again. 


Angeni could barely breathe because the searing pain of ripping that tape off had been almost more than she could bear, combined with her other injuries she'd sustained at the hands of her husband.  Her crying turned to heart wrenching sobs that tore throughout her whole body and, even though Angeni was showing weakness, she honestly didn't care.  The woman who had spent the last few weeks making his and his Ministry's life a living hell was having a serious crying jag on him and all he could do was stare at her.


She had done so many things, really inventive, twisted things to destroy him for her revenge, that he had virtually stopped looking at her as a woman.  A woman who was tiny, fragile…and now crying.  Taker finally, hesitantly reached out towards her again.


“I mean it Mark, don't fucking touch me.” Angeni ordered, not caring that she'd called him by his birth name and hoped he destroyed her so she wouldn't be in pain anymore.  She was currently on her hands and knees, one arm wrapped around her waist to try to soothe the burning pain. “You've touched me enough to last us both a lifetime.”


She would be mentioning this to her lawyer as soon as she found a way to escape, wiping her tears away with her free hand.  He could've ripped her carotid artery with how hard he'd torn the tape off, her pulse currently racing.  No matter what Angeni did to him and his Ministry, she did NOT deserve this and knew it.  She did not deserve to be beaten, battered and bloodied like an animal.


“Go ahead, hit me again for defying you.  It's what you're good at.  It's all you're good at doing and all you know how to do to make someone submit.”


Never fully submitting to him, Angeni would fight until her last dying breath, coughing while holding her abdomen even tighter.  Angeni had just inadvertently presented him with a challenge and, if the Undertaker loved anything, it was a challenge.  Her words about him only being good at beating her, using violence to make someone to submit…that was a challenge and he was going to prove her wrong.


Growling, Taker got to his feet and leaned over her to push open the door before bending down picking her up gently, carrying her back out to the bed.  He put her down, dragging the comforter up over her.  She looked…weak.  Damn it…he was going to have to call Paul to come play doctor again.


Angeni wanted a shower to scrub his prints off of her, but not tonight, not with her current burns because they would only hurt worse.  Angeni was surprised Mark hadn't hit her again after defying him, but nothing was going to change her mind about him being a monster.  She wasn't going to push him either, not yet, not until she was fully healed at least. 


Curled up tightly with the comforter, Angeni tried to block out the pain, her pale complexion looking ghostly white beneath the bruises.  Of course she was weak, she was heavily bruised and now burned all at the hands of her heartless husband.  Silent tears flow down her face and stained the pillow as Angeni shut her eyes, trying to breathe in and out evenly, but a few breaths came out in shudders.


“What on earth did you do to her?” Paul demanded when he finally arrived, not pleased at being called in when he had been several hours away handling other business of the Deadman's. “She was…relatively fine this morning!” He listened as Taker flatly recounted what he had done and face palmed himself, not caring when he got growled at. “If you want her to heal, then you have to be gentle with her!” He snapped, opening his medical bag and pulled out a syringe. “Angeni, are you allergic to any medications?” He asked, having every intention of giving her morphine, she looked like she could use some.


Slowly, she turned on her back and looked up at pudgy, the tears never stopping, shaking her head.  Her eyes moved to the needle with the syringe and knew he was going to give her something for the current pain she was in.  Maybe he wasn't so bad after all, though she was still going to get him back for pointing out to Taker that she was a runner. 


For now, she'd play nice though and slowly pulled her arm out from beneath the comforter.  She watched as Paul flicked the needle before tying a band around her arm, patting the vein in the crease of her arm, not pulling her gaze away when the needle injected into her arm.  She didn't even flinch.  After all the trauma she sustained in the past twenty four hours, this felt like a bee sting and didn't hurt nearly as bad as her other injuries.


“Thank you.” Angeni breathed out, already feeling the morphine working its way through her system, the pain diminishing as her eyes slowly closed again.


Paul simply snorted.  He felt no love for Angeni, the woman had sprayed him down with a fire extinguisher and smashed a glass over his head the first time he had tended to her, automatic animosity.  But…he wasn't overly thrilled with seeing her looking like this, being in this condition.  Women always made him feel that way and he knew it was conditioning to think that they were the weaker sex.


“Alright, let's tend to the damage now that she's not going to feel anything.” Paul was great for making him feel like an asshole and Taker promptly whipped back the comforter. “Dear Mother of God…”


Angeni could feel fingers touching her, but the pain was gone and that's all she was concerned about at the moment.  She wasn't completely out of it, Paul hadn't given her that much morphine to where it would knock her out thankfully.  Though Angeni was well on her way, not even caring where she was at the moment. 


This stuff was great and Angeni wondered if Paul had anymore, slowly opening her eyes just a fraction watching as he applied a burn cream against her abdomen.  The cream instantly cooled as soon as it was applied and felt amazing.  Angeni didn't flinch when Paul did it to her neck and wrists, everything felt numb.


He applied an antibiotic spray to her wrists before topping that with the cream, the burn having opened the newly formed scabs from her wrists having been cut open by those cords Taker had used to bind them.  Correction, the duct tape being ripped off had done that, the burn was just an added bonus.  He tried to remember the last time Taker had treated someone so brutally and the automatic answer was Kane.


The man was considered merciless to his enemies when that wasn't the actual truth.  It was his own family, those closest to him, that he showed no mercy.  Proof was right here in the form of the man's battered and bruised wife.


“Well…” Paul said when he had finished, already knowing he would be staying in the hotel just in case. “That's the best I can do, touch her again though and she'll have to go to a hospital.” He placed another syringe full of morphine in Taker's hand. “For when that wears off, right now she needs to REST so her body can recover.” He emphasized rest.


Taker nodded, fingers curling around the syringe.


Chapter 17


Not remembering falling asleep, Angeni slowly opened her eyes the following morning, knowing it was morning because of the sunshine peaking through the shades.  She felt a warm arm around her bruised burned waist and knew it was Mark, wincing when she moved even a fraction of an inch.  She remembered what he did to her and Paul giving her something for her pain, but that was it…Angeni had fallen out after that.  Very carefully, Angeni grabbed his wrist and lifted his huge arm from her waist, slowly sitting up in bed in just her bra.  She gasped when his arm suddenly slammed her back down on the bed with force, scaring the hell out of her.


“Jesus, I was just sitting up!” Angeni whimpered, trying to get her equilibrium back on track and was glad he hadn't pressed down on her injured stomach or else she might've elbowed him.


He had been laying face down on the bed, his arm over her waist and when Angeni had moved, it had been a gut reaction.  Taker's head flew up, his hair hanging wildly over his face as he stared at her, blinking sleep out of his drowsy emerald green eyes and then realized what he had done.  Cursing under his breath, Taker pulled his arm away and rolled off the bed, not bothering to hitch up the bottoms that now hung a bit too low on his hips.


“Paul said you're not supposed to move today without help.” He informed her with a yawn, reaching down to scratch his lower abdomen as he considered her.


“Well I need to piss and I really don't think I need assistance in pulling my underwear down.  That and I really need a shower, if you don't mind.” Swinging her legs over the side of the bed, Angeni carefully ran her hands around her now bandaged abdomen, sighing heavily. “I'm fine.”


She moved away from him when he went to touch her, waiting for him to yank her up by her arm.  Only he didn't.  Slowly, Angeni stood up from the bed and leaned against the nightstand, taking a deep breath.  The morphine hadn't fully worn off yet, but Angeni could do it on her own, not wanting this monster touching any part of her body.  Taker didn't touch her, but he did hover close-by, his eyes searching for any sign she was going to fall, or needed help.


“If the morphine has worn off, I could give you another dose.” Taker said, leaning against the wall when she made it into the bathroom after what seemed like an eternity, letting her close the knob less door behind her. “You don't have to take a full dose, it can be broken down to smaller doses to keep the pain at a minimum.” He had been the one to do this to her and now he was offering to drug her so she didn't have to be in pain.


It was too damn early for irony.


Of course he would have to stay there watching her every move, even though she could barely walk on her own.  Angeni didn't look at him and just shrugged at his offer while she emptied her bladder, scrubbing hands down her face carefully.  Her wrists looked awful and Angeni hoped they didn't scar because then it would look like she cut herself.  Once finished, Angeni used the counter to stand up slowly, breathing in and out evenly because she was in some pain.


“I-I don't think a shower…would be in my best interest right now, so I need to take a bath.” Angeni said quietly, walking over to the tub that was by the shower and pressed her forehead against the cool wall when a stab of pain shot through her abdomen. 


A cool bath it would have to be.  There was no way she could let hot water engulf the burns on her neck and stomach, that would just be stupid on her part.  It would have been so much easier if Paul had left a list of instructions on things to do or something instead of just saying 'don't beat her up anymore', that was helpful…NOT! 


Taker folded his arms over his chest while she rested against the wall, wondering if she was really going to be that stubborn over him helping her.  Of course, him being the person to inflict those injuries…shaking his head, Taker walked over to the tub and began drawing cool water.  Trying to at least make it somewhat room temperature so it wouldn't totally shock her freshly woken up system, Taker racked his mind, trying to figure out what he could put in the water for burns.  Baking soda…baking soda worked with burns…it was too early for this.


“Do you want to put anything in the water?” Taker then asked cordially.


She leaned down and checked the temperature, turning it just a little warmer, nodding when that would suffice. “No, I don't think we should put anything in until we talk to…Paul.”


Angeni didn't push him away when he unclasped her bra for her, though she did hold the material bunched up against her breasts, still not wanting him to see her.  Slowly, she slipped the ring off of her left hand and turned to set it on the counter.  Frowning when he stopped her by grabbing her forearm, Angeni finally looked up at him.


“I don't want to ruin it and water will do that, Taker.” Angeni explained patiently, violet eyes completely serious and truthful “It will go back on as soon as I'm out of the tub and dried off, not to mention I don't want it getting caught in my hair when I go to wash it.  It's a…strange shape.”


She trembled slightly against him, waiting for the abuse to come because she'd taken the ring off and lowered her gaze from his.  Oh dear god, she was trembling and her lower lip was actually jutting out just a little, like she was waiting for him to backhand her into next week.  Which, honestly, he probably would have without even thinking twice.  Letting go, Taker stepped back, gesturing towards the bath, wondering if she'd be able to get in and out without splitting something open.


“I'm going to go order coffee.“ Taker grunted, running his fingers through his tousled hair before storming out of the bathroom.  If she needed help, she'd…probably ignore that fact. “Damn.”


When he didn't strike her and left her alone to bathe, Angeni instantly became suspicious of what he was doing, her eyes narrowing slightly.  She would've preferred the abuse over this sudden…change in demeanor.  Sighing, Angeni set the ring on the counter and carefully stripped out of her jeans and panties, the bra dropping to the floor and slipped into the slightly warm water, biting back a cry of pain as soon as it washed over her burned stomach. 


Angeni didn't dare touch the area and simply lay back, though she did reach for her lavender bubble bath.  Mark had unpacked all of her things he'd packed for her and thankfully he'd brought that with.  Her eyes closed as the smell of lavender filled the bathroom, bubbles covering her and Angeni fought back the little stabs of pain from her stomach, wrists and neck, already feeling cleansed.


He dressed out in the main room after ordering up coffee and tea, followed by something mushy for her to eat, since chewing would probably be a bitch with her cheeks still bruised and undoubtedly sore.  He had to work tonight, and taking her wasn't looking to be the most viable option.  His temper had really put him in a dilemma and he browsed through his mental list of who could watch her without her getting away or beating the Hell out of her.


Paul, no.  Bradshaw…nope, he was still recovering from the stage incident.  He was going to have to do it himself, smirking slightly.  Vince would probably love another night Undertaker free.  He'd have to send a present to the man to remind him he was still lurking and possibly even doing horrendous things with the impromptu time away.


It took her over an hour, but Angeni finally emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a towel, her hair already towel dried.  She felt much better and had replaced the ring like she said she would, not wanting to provoke Mark's temper anymore than she already had.  She bent down and immediately regretted doing that, hissing out and squeezed the handle of her bag, breathing through the pain. 


A second later, Angeni was lifted in her husband's strong arms and deposited on the bed while he retrieved her bag for her.  She smelled food in the air and felt her stomach growl, sighing with inner relief that he'd ordered food because she was starving.  Rifling through her bag, Angeni pulled out garments and a simple long sleeved outfit.  She slipped the panties on with a little effort before clipping her bra on, doing it all with the towel managing to cover everything. 


It was a gift.


“Do you have that cream?” She asked softly, knowing she had to keep the burns saturated, not to mention it would cool them off since they were currently on fire.


Taker simply nodded, reaching into his own bag to pull that and the antiseptic spray out. “For your wrists.” He said flatly, sitting down on the bed bedside her and reached out to take her hand, gesturing for her to extend her arms.


He studied the burns and the scabs, which the water had softened up and rather hoped they didn't scar.  It'd look like she had tried to kill herself.  Which actually might be better than the truth of: my husband tried to kill me with a cord.  Then came the salve, and he looked pointedly at the towel.


“That's going to have to come off.”


Sighing resignedly, Angeni reluctantly nodded and removed the towel from her body, wearing a pair of soft light purple bra and panties. She was mindful of her wrists and didn't brush them against the bedding as she slowly laid down, her wet black hair splayed around her while he applied the cream to her stomach. His hand slowly and carefully massaged the cream into her burned skin and Angeni tried not letting his touch effect her mindset.


He was a monster, he was only being kind to her because he didn't want her going to a hospital or get authorities involved. His touch felt amazing and dripped with sin because it was wrong to make her body feel this way, especially after everything he'd done to her.  When his hand moved from her stomach to her neck, Angeni sucked in a sharp breath, her eyes closed because the cream first burned and then cooled.


Now that he was woken up a bit and had even ingested some coffee, -black, of course- Taker was more alert and aware of the way she had sucked in a breath.  He was assuming it was due to the salve he was applying, knowing firsthand how it burned and then cooled, not exactly pleasant initially when one was already on fire.  He then did her face, his fingers gentle as he rubbed the salve into her cheeks before moving back down, this time to her side, which was still somewhat bruised from his open-handed slap from yesterday.


“Did I miss anything?” Taker rumbled, his thumb caressing slow circles against her hip now.


“No, I don't think so.” She whispered, not trusting her voice at the moment because of the hot coil that formed in her stomach, fighting it back from springing. 


Slowly, Angeni opened her eyes and looked up at him, baffled at how cruel and abusive he could be one minute and completely tender and almost loving the next.  It made her very confused and Angeni hated feeling like that, slowly pushing herself up on her elbows since he was practically hovering over her right now.  She wanted to punch him or do something, anything to make him feel the same amount of pain he caused her, but knew that wouldn't be a smart decision regarding her well being.


The desire was in her eyes and he strategically retreated.  She had every right to feel the way she did, but if Angeni made an attempt on those thoughts, he was going to snap her head clean off her neck with one of his deadly backhands.  Taker pulled a hair tie off his wrist and bound his hair back, walking over to the trolley with the food on it.  Not saying a word, he simply pushed it over to her.  She could pick and choose as she wished, he was interested in just the coffee at this point.


Smart man, Angeni thought, as she slipped on a pair of tan fleece pants that hugged her curves and molded to her beautiful legs nicely.  She started putting the long sleeved shirt on, then looked down at her stomach, sighing heavily.  There was no way she could wear a top right now and figured since Mark wanted to see her so badly, he could deal with her walking around in her bra.  Not to mention he would have to stare at her injuries openly, which he deserved. 


Angeni tossed the shirt back in her bag and shoved it to the floor by the bed before reaching for the tea, pouring honey in it along with squeezing the lemon it came with.  She slowly slid from the bed with her cup of tea and walked past him over to the window, setting her tea down long enough to open the shades, the sunshine fully engulfing her.  She sighed softly and sipped her tea while staring out into the current city they were in, the skies crystal blue.


That seemed to set the tone.  Taker couldn't decide if she was trying to punish him or not by displaying her body.  It was both beautiful and distracting in a sensual, sexual way.  It was also heavily bruised and battered at the same time.  She was showing it off as if wishing to remind him of what an asshole he was.  Of course, clothing would irritate her healing, the salve, and he really hated her at the moment.


“What the hell woman?!” Taker cursed when she opened the curtains, having been quite content with the dim morning light the room had possessed moments ago.


“What?” Angeni turned her head to see him shielding his eyes and fought back a smirk, knowing he hated sunlight. “It was too dark in here, need some light to make the place at least somewhat livable.” If she was going to be stuck with her husband and the Ministry until she made her escape, Angeni refused to let him take away her way of life. “It's beautiful outside.”


She then opened the screen door with a little effort and let some of the fresh breeze inside, knowing she couldn't step outside in just her bra.  So she did the next best thing and dragged the chair, which wasn't that heavy, over to the screen to breathe in the fresh air.  Curling up in it, Angeni sipped her tea thoughtfully.


“You're insane.” Taker growled tetchily.


Tempted to walk right over and rip the curtains back closed, though in his current agitated state, he'd probably just rip them down permanently.  Cursing under his breath, Taker walked around the sunlight and back to the bed, rubbing his face as he sat down.  This was turning out to be…not what he expected.  Hell, he couldn't even go down to the gym just to escape her.


Escape her, he snorted at the irony.


A few minutes later, Angeni had taken the radio that came with the hotel room and turned it on, trying to find a station.  She actually smiled when Bryan Adams came flowing through the speakers and turned it up, setting it on the table that was beside her.  She had her own little area set up by the door with the fresh breeze and sunshine, refusing to live in secluded darkness like her husband did. 


It really was interesting how such a person who loved color and light could marry someone who was the total opposite and enjoyed the darkness.  Maybe this would work out because she would sleep mostly during the night while Mark was up and then...Angeni would keep him up during the day just to spite him, fighting back a smirk as she began moving her head gently to the music.


Hell.  He was in HELL and other than some violence, there wasn't much he could do about it since he was virtually stuck in the damn hotel room with her until nightfall.  And then he might actually go to work just to get away from this…HELL. 


Finally, he simply dragged the desk into the corner that was least tainted with her damn sunlight, trying to block out the Bryan Adams and retrieved some documents he had been reviewing.  Who listened to Bryan Adams this early in the day to begin with?  He had to focus on something besides her, before he lost his mind.


Chapter 18


After a cup of tea and the sunlight combined with great music, Angeni was feeling much better, actually eating something.  She actually ended up devouring half of the tray of food, which gave her a spurt of energy while Mark did whatever he was doing in the corner.  So, she began sorting through her bag, seeing exactly what he packed for her.


Knowing he really didn't have much of a choice when it came to her love for colors, that pleased Angeni on some level because it was out of his control.  She pulled out a pair of white socks and slipped them on, tilting her head slightly at the book she'd been reading before he came to visit her the second time.  Pulling it out, Angeni zipped the rest of her bag up and leaned back against the chair before beginning to read the day away, never turning the music down.


When Celine Dion came on, that radio went flying right through the damn screen and over the railing.  Taker ignored Angeni's sputtering as he stalked around her and right out into the sunshine just to peer down at the sidewalk.  He felt satisfaction at the sight of that radio in pieces, turning back to go inside.  Bryan Adams, fine, but that woman…he had just drawn the damn line.


Angeni shook her head sadly and frowned, simply going back to reading.  It was definitely times like these that Angeni missed the tranquility of her cottage.  She could listen and do anything she wanted without someone taking it away from her, like her brute husband.


“I would've turned it off had you simply asked.” She muttered, ignoring his glare and slowly lowered her book when he bent down to be eye level with her, both of his hands gripping the arms on the chair. “I'm just saying there's no need to be so...volatile.  You could've hurt someone with that stunt, though I'm sure you don't even care about anyone's well being except your own.  You've made that quite clear.  Now if you don't mind, I'd like to get back to my book and don't need you in my face.”


“Do you WANT me to strangle that beautiful neck of yours?” He demanded in a near whisper, reaching out to trace a single finger along her collarbone and then up along her pulse point. “Because if you do, no need to provoke me, just simply ask.”


Taker then wrapped his hand around her throat, not squeezing or anything, just held it there, green eyes flashing. When she simply stared at him with those damn violet eyes of her, he let go of her neck in order to cup her head, pulling her face forward to meet his in a harsh kiss.  Angeni cried out in pain against his lips because of how hard the kiss was, her nails digging into his bare chest, almost to the point of drawing blood, because of how much it hurt. 


With all of her strength, Angeni managed to shove him away from her and nearly toppled in the chair, breathing heavily, her lips swollen almost as much as the rest of her face.  Christ, her face was throbbing again and all Angeni could do was stare back at him with wide eyes, not expecting him to do that.  The fact he had lit her blood on fire just angered her further because she didn't WANT to feel anything for this monster.


“I-I wasn't trying to provoke you, but you've just proved my damn point by doing that!!” She shouted angrily.


Taker slowly moved his gaze down to his chest, arching a black eyebrow at the sight of the angry red.  She had damn near broke skin with those nails!  With a thoroughly wicked grin, he brought his own rather sharp fingernails up and dragged them slowly across the same place her nails had raked, finishing the job.


“I like pain, Angeni.” He rumbled, his dark baritone low and husky.


She looked at him completely appalled, especially when he took some of the blood from his chest and tasted it. “Stay away from me, you sick bastard.” Angeni whispered, deciding she would not be sharing a bed with him again. 


That was disgusting and made her stomach churn, knowing she would probably have nightmares about him doing that.  When he came at her again, Angeni ended up reacting instinctively and had her feet up, shoving him back with so much force, it actually slammed him back against the wall and forced her chair to topple backwards, making her do a somersault and hit her head on the wall.  Her legs were powerful from all the running she did and Angeni knew she was a dead woman when he looked ready to kill her. 


Angeni had two options.  Either stay and suffer more abuse or make a run for the door.  If she made it out by the time he got to her, Angeni would be free, but that chance was slim to none.  So she just stayed there against the wall and waited for the abuse to come, knowing she surprised him by how powerful her legs apparently were.


All he could do was stare at her, wondering if she had lost what was left of her damn mind.  Slowly, Taker pulled himself upright into what was definitely a more dignified position. “Are you insane, woman?” He demanded angrily, stalking over to pick her up from her turtle-like position, knowing she had just cracked her head.  She was now abusing herself! “Are YOU?!”


“No!” She cried out and swung her foot while he held her by her upper arms in mid-air. 


Not meaning to, Angeni's foot lodged right between Mark's legs and she was instantly dropped, a roar of pain echoing from him seconds later.  Angeni groaned at the pain that rushed through her body, scrambling away from him and knew this was her chance.  He was on the floor, curled up in a fetal position, cupping his lower region where she'd just lodged her foot accidentally.  Not thinking twice about it, Angeni got to her feet, grabbed her bag and didn't bother with shoes since she didn't have time before racing to the door, tossing it open. 


She managed to arrive at the elevators and then said screw it, opting for the stairs instead, running as fast as she possibly could.  She managed to pull a shirt from out of her bag and yanked it over her head, black hair flying behind her.  In so much pain, Angeni had found her chance regardless and took it without thinking twice, knowing if Mark caught her again she would be dead.  She would rather run away from him and risk having her life ended than be abused and dominated a second longer.


Taker wasn't moving, he couldn't move. 


He was afraid if he did, he'd find out that something was broken and remembered one guy actually suffering a penile fracture.  Angeni wouldn't get far, she was practically crippled, and if she was running, which she was, then she was setting her recovery back.  Not that he cared at the moment.  All he cared about was the white hot pain that was emanating from his balls.

“Angeni?” Kane wasn't entirely sure, the woman was running too damn fast.


She skidded to a halt at the sight of a masked man, tears flowing down her cheeks. “Kane!!” She practically sobbed out and ran toward him, jumping into his arms, wrapping her own tightly around his neck, trembling from head to toe. 


Angeni was terrified right now and hoped he could somehow help her, feeling his grip tighten on her even more as he hugged her back.  This was her brother-in-law, but Angeni thought of him as an actual brother and felt him beginning to walk somewhere with her clinging to him for dear life.  She was away from Mark for the time being and would have to take extra precaution to make sure she didn't wind up back in his clutches.


“G-Get me o-out of h-here please...H-He'll c-come a-after me...Please Kane, please...”


Kane scooped her up with one arm behind her back, the other under her knees, having noticed her odd state of dress and the bare feet.  He glanced down at her while walking out of the building, people naturally making way for him.  Angeni was in a bad way and looked like she’d gotten the hell beaten out of her.


“Did HE do that?” He demanded, referring to her face, not surprised when she simply nodded, closing her eyes as tears streamed down her bruised cheeks.  He didn't even want to know about the rest of her, spotting what looked like a hint of a burn on her wrist, but wasn't sure how bad it was, there wasn't time to check. “Hospital?”


“No, he'll find me there!!” She sobbed out, burying her face in his neck when he held her like this. “P-Please just get me out of here!  Please!”


They were on the road moments later in Kane's rental, Angeni flat out refusing to leave his side crying silently and clinging to his arm. 




When Kane pulled up to a hospital a few hours later, Angeni looked up at him and knew he wanted her to get checked out, merely nodding.  They were far enough away to where it would take some time for Mark to track her down.


“What is your last name?” Angeni asked, knowing his real name wasn't Kane as he helped her through the doors of the hospital.



The nurse rushed up to her as soon as she saw the battered looking woman walk in with the masked man. “Oh dear, get me a wheelchair someone!” She called over her shoulder, guiding the woman into it moments later. “What's your name sweetheart?”

“Angel Jacobs.” She lied, hoping Kane didn't say anything and sighed when he merely followed them to the back, never releasing his hand.


Kane had no idea what to do with the paperwork he had been handed as Angeni was examined, refusing to move from a chair at her side.  He knew how to fill it out, but he knew nothing about her medical history, finally just going with what seemed likely and then came the actual personal information.  Which was all false and if they questioned anything, he was paying with cash so that'd shut up administration rather quickly.

“She really should be admitted for overnight observation.”


Kane shook his head no.  They were already chancing the Ministry finding them if Taker had sent them out, overnight would be begging to be caught.  After signing a waiver that stated she was going against medical advice, Angeni was treated for her burns, the bruising they couldn't really do anything about. 


She didn't have any internal injuries, though she did ask about her wrists scarring.  The doctor told her she had a good chance of recovering with no scaring because the rope cuts and burns weren't that deep surprisingly enough.  A few hours later, Angeni was discharged from the emergency room with strict instructions to take it easy for the next week so she could heal up.


“Thank you, Kane.” Angeni whispered, leaning against him while he drove away and popped a Vicodin for her pain, her arm looped through his. “Thank you for helping me…”


“Welcome.” Kane said gruffly, having used the hospital pharmacy to get her prescriptions filled.


That had been interesting as he didn't have her ID or insurance card, finally using a thinly veiled threat and a wad of cash to cover everything.  He had also…stolen some extra medical supplies, just in case.  It was amazing how people would gawk at him because of his sheer size and the mask and then forget about him when he remained quiet and relatively still.


“Where too?” Angeni couldn't go back to her place and Kane wondered what she would say about going to his.


“Somewhere I can fully recover for the week without him finding me.” She murmured quietly, slowly looking up at him and wondered briefly if there was such a place. 


Watching Kane mull it over while he drove before finally taking an exit that lead to the highway, Angeni smiled softly.  Wherever he was headed, Angeni would gladly go, knowing her cottage was definitely out of the question.  That would've been the best place for her to recuperate, but that would be one of the first places Mark would look for her. 


Angeni ended up dozing off due to the Vicodin and slept throughout the night that Kane drove, being nudged awake sometime the next day.  Her violet eyes slowly fluttered open and Angeni shot up, breathing heavily and started crying with relief at the sight of Kane, hugging him tight around the neck again.  She was scared for her life and it clearly showed, especially since the Vicodin had basically given her a nightmare of being buried alive at the hands of Mark.


“Hold on, almost there.” Kane said quietly, turning off the dirt road they were on and shifting the rental into a gear more appropriate for the steep path they were now climbing.


He lived in Tennessee.  He had lived on the outskirts of Knoxville, but when Taker had sent people there, Kane had relocated to the mountains.  The cabin wasn't associated with him through any legal names and if anyone managed to find them, then that person would have to be a bloodhound.  Normally he would've enjoyed the view of the dark forest surrounding them, but not today.  He kept his eyes on the bumpy, rough path.


They were literally in the middle of the woods and Angeni could only look around, thinking back to her cottage and how similar her and Kane's tastes were.  It was too ironic and surreal at the same time.  When he parked the car and helped her out, Angeni grabbed her bag, smiling when Kane took it from her, guiding her inside the house.  The cabin was beautiful and big enough for a man of his size with four bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, four bathrooms - one connected to each bedroom- and a huge backyard obviously.  This was the perfect place for her to recuperate and Angeni couldn't help feeling safe for the first time in days.


“I love your home, Kane.” Angeni finally said, heading into the living room and sat down on the couch, which was much bigger than any of her furniture at the cottage combined. “I'm starting to wonder if maybe we weren't separated at birth.” She half-joked, trying to make light of this situation.


The idea of her being related to him through Paul made him shudder because there was no way in hell Paul could produce something like her.  The idea of her being related to him from his mother was another shudder because then she would be married to her brother.  He liked his things simple, but the cabin had come with all the bedrooms, three that he never planned on using since he normally didn't have guests.  The furniture was all mostly strong sturdy wood, large enough to accommodate him, with cushions that tied to the posts. 


His was the masculine version of her cottage.


“I'll take your bag.” Kane said, fidgeting slightly.


It was one thing for him to be in her home, new ballgame in the reversed roles.


“Do you mind if I lay here for awhile?”


She watched Kane shake his head before retreating to the back, the entire cabin one story, which was perfectly fine with her.  Angeni felt safe and comfortable here, two things she didn't with Mark.  Sighing, Angeni stretched out on the couch, snuggling against the pillow and closed her eyes, tranquility washing over her.  She knew Mark was going to be irate, once he dislodged his balls from his throat, but honestly Angeni hadn't meant to kick him. 


He'd picked her up, scared her nearly to death and her feet had flailed of their own accord.  She would eventually have to feel his wrath again, but in the meantime, she would enjoy what freedom and peace she had left.  Angeni fell asleep at some point and didn't feel Kane lift her up to carry her to her bedroom, where she would be more comfortable, tucking her in.  She knew Kane would have to go back on the road and leave her here, which Angeni was perfectly fine with because she had a sinking feeling Mark had no idea about his brother's cabin.


While she slept, Kane walked the length of his property.  Paranoia had caused him to rig up some old-fashioned mountain man traps and lines.  That last home visit from big brother really not doing anything to help his confidence levels about the safety of his home.  Kane knew he couldn't stay with her past a night or two because he had to get back on the road in order to keep Vince from committing him, or something else probably equally evil.  He also knew Angeni's contract was in dangerous legal waters at the moment if she didn't show up soon.


What none of them realized was, at that moment, Taker officially owned his bitch wife’s contract.


Chapter 19


Angeni paced back and forth in the cabin a week later, all of her injuries healed up for the most part.  She rested for the first few days and then became restless, deciding to clean Kane's already pristine cabin.  She knew he wouldn't mind and she even opened the windows to air the place out since it smelled a little musty. 


She knew she had to go back and Kane had called to inform her she was no longer in the Corporation, which wasn't a huge shock.  But what did shock her was the fact that Taker officially owned her contract.  Her husband owned her contract and Angeni knew she officially worked for him.  She could always stay at the cabin until her contract was up, but at the same time, she didn't want to impose on Kane either. 


Angeni lifted her shirt up and ran her fingertips over the slightly bruised area of her stomach, which was a very pale yellowish color.  Her face was also the same way, though with some foundation she hid her husband's abuse fairly well.  Then there was the option of a restraining order, which would involve the authorities and Angeni immediately cancelled that out, knowing Mark's Ministry could dismantle any authority figure.  There was also the option of just walking back to him with open arms and hoped he took mercy on her.


“I'm screwed.” She groaned, jumping slightly when her cell phone rang, having finally turned it back on after a week straight of having it turned off.  Kane called the house phone to relay the information about Mark to her.  Hesitantly, Angeni flipped her cell phone open and put it to her ear, taking a deep breath. “Hello?”


“Out of the kindness of my heart, I have refrained from hunting you down...” Came her husband's dark baritone. “I have also refrained from putting Kane in a coma.” Which would be very justified in his opinion since he had found out that Angeni apparently also had an identity under the name of Angel Jacobs.  Jacobs. “You will return to work for RAW or one of two things will happen.  You will either find yourself in a court room without a dime to your name and still under contract to me or…I'll drag you back with broken legs.” His voice had dropped an octave. “Show up Angeni, because right now, I haven't decided on which option I'd enjoy more.”


“You have no heart.” Angeni shot back, running her fingers over the burn mark on her neck, which had faded almost completely. “I know what happens if I return to you and I'd rather take my chances in court.  That way, I can show them the pictures I've taken of my battered body that you inflicted on me.” She wasn't stupid; she needed some kind of collateral against him since he now owned her contract with the WWF. “You really hurt me.  I realize what I did to you and your Ministry wasn't smart, but I did NOT deserve everything you did to me.  I did not deserve to be treated like an animal!  Don't bring the authorities into this because I will make sure you go down for battery against your wife.  So come on, break my legs and hurt me some more.  Kill me why you're at it.  Because it's the only way I'm coming back to you and, even then, I'll fight until my last dying breath, you bastard.  So you won't be seeing me on Monday or any other day because I intend on staying hidden away from you until my contract runs out and our divorce is finalized.”


“Angeni…you're not thinking clearly.” Taker said, patronizing her with his tone and actually clucked his tongue over the line. “Must be all that Vicodin they loaded you up on and that Kane stole for you.  Let me rephrase my earlier statement: If you do not come back to RAW and quit with your games, I will kill Kane and then find you, even if I have to burn down every house in Tennessee to do so.” He fell silent, listening to her breathing through the phone. “And as for your pictures, have fun with that.  Evidence you were abused, my poor darling, who did it?” He was mocking her now, not worried in the least.


“Burn down every house in Tennessee?  You really think you're invincible don't you.  And I'm not worried about Kane, he can handle himself.” She grew quiet, staring out into the woods, tears stinging her eyes. “You're going to hurt me again and tie me up like an animal.  I refuse to be treated like that.  I'm not some possession of yours that you can do with as you please.  I'm a human being, a woman, and what you did is...You crossed a line far greater than the line I crossed with you.  So you can make all the threats you want, it doesn't change the fact that I'm not coming back to you, not when I know what's waiting for me.  I'm not going to be slapped around by you.  So do what you gotta do and I'll do what I have to do, Mark.”


“If you would behave yourself, you wouldn't get -why hello, Kane.” Taker set the phone down so she could hear. “Why don't you just tell me where she's at so I don't have to hurt anyone else, hmmm?”


Kane shook his head no, restrained by a straitjacket.

“Not even if I beat it out of you?”


Another no.

“How about a trip back to the padded room, hmmm?”



Taker mockingly sighed in disappointment. “Have it your way then.  Bring me the gasoline, Shaw.”


“Kane!  You monster!  Let him go right now!”


Angeni was panicking by now, tears already falling from her eyes and sank back down on the couch.  She was going to get her ass beaten black and blue when she went back to him, but Angeni had no choice.  She had to save Kane.  She owed him after what he did for her the past week.


“ALRIGHT!” She finally shouted, already packing up her things. “Let him go and you can have me.  I-I won't fight you.  I-I'll hand over the pictures and anything else you want.  Just don't hurt him anymore please!  PUT DOWN THE DAMN CAN, BRADSHAW!!”


“You sure lil lady?  Red here is all doused and ready for a barbecue!” Came Bradshaw's laughter right back at her. “Want to say somethin' now, son?”

“I think you may have broken him, Shaw...” Taker drawled coldly.  Kane was rocking back and forth, his head looking as though it would pop right off his shoulders. “Angeni, I will see you at RAW, pet.” He chuckled darkly before hanging up. “Alright gentlemen, haul him into the shower but keep him restrained.


Kane was his new way of controlling his wife.


The entire time packing, Angeni cried her heart out, worried sick about Kane.  She wished he could call her or something to let her know he was alright.  Bradshaw's nuts were about to be lodged in his throat as well, Angeni was already planning on it. 


She looked at the ring on her right middle finger and decided to change it back to her left ring finger, knowing Mark would end up doing it for her.  Looking back at the cabin, Angeni headed out with her bag slung over her shoulders, wearing a cream colored short sleeved top with jeans, tossing her bag in the front seat.  Kane had left the keys for her to one of his trucks in case she had to go into town for anything. 


The entire drive to the airport, Angeni contemplated what this meant for her future and decided she wouldn't run from Mark again.  He would only end up hurting people and she couldn't have that on her conscience.  But if he thought he was going to beat her down like an animal again, he was deadly mistaken.  She would hurt him back and they would end up killing each other, though her death was much more believable to happen.  When the plane landed hours later, Angeni stepped off of it and walked through the terminal, seeing Paul was waiting for her at the entrance.


“Hello fat man.” She thrust her bag into his arms, smirking almost viciously, her hair pulled up in a tight bun. “My darling hubby didn't want to pick me up eh?  Whatever.  Lead the way, should you chain me up to make him happy?  Here, let me make it easy for you.” Angeni pulled out a pair of handcuffs from her back pocket and tossed them at him. “Go ahead, lock me up, I know that's what he wants.”


“While you and your husband may share similar…perversions, I do not.” Paul said flatly, depositing them in the first trash can he passed by. “I have no interest in chaining you up, Angeni.”


Providing she kept her hands to herself.  First time she touched him, Paul was going to knock her obnoxious ass out with a very high dosage of a sedative.  Just by her attitude, he could already see that she was about to make the Ministry's lives a living hell, again.  The woman really did have a death wish and he was wondering if he had enough vacation time to go to Aruba for awhile.


“I'm sure he won't condone that kind of attitude from you, since you are in the Ministry.  But I'll keep that a secret from him for you, since I do owe you one for the glass.”


She walked out of the airport ahead of him, not running and simply slipped inside the awaiting limo that would no doubt take her back to her hell.  The entire ride there was made in silence, though Angeni had decided on wearing steel toed boots in case her husband decided to try abusing her again.  She wasn't taking it line down this time, she would end up hurting him if he laid a finger on her that was brutal.  When the limo stopped, Angeni stepped out and grabbed her bag, seeing her husband waiting for her at the door.  She smiled sweetly at him and headed in his direction, breathing in the air as much as she could.


“You know, it's rather rude having your servant pick me up from the airport.  What's the matter, Mark baby?  Don't even have time to pick up your wife yourself?  Oh wait, wait!  I got it.  You only enjoy abusing your wife and forcing yourself on her.  My mistake.” Snorting, Angeni went to walk past him and slapped him across the face when he grabbed her arm, using her ring to make sure she cut his face. “I will NOT take your abuse again, mother fucker, do you hear me?  I am your WIFE, you will treat me with some SORT of respect or I swear to god I will make your life MISERABLE.  And I can do it because I've done it already.  You will not hurt me again or I will go to the cops, I will go to the fucking president if that's what it takes.  And if you think I can't do it, WATCH ME.” He wanted her back, here she was in the flesh, but Angeni wasn't about to follow any orders he gave her.


Taker reached up and traced a finger along the cut, licking the blood off his fingertip before snapping his fingers. “Hello to you too, darling.” He leered, accepting the gag he was passed.


He wouldn't use duct tape or beat the shit out of her even though he really wanted too.  But she was going to learn her damn place.  Viscera and Mideon grabbed her from behind while he adjusted it over her mouth, locking it behind her head.


“Humiliating, isn't it?  If you want to avoid being treated like a bitch, then I suggest you mind your mouth and learn your place.”


Her response was to kick him in his balls again, struggling against the Ministry members as they gagged her before she could start screaming.  She took pleasure in watching her husband writhing on the ground for the third time, dropping him like a sack of potatoes.  This time with her steel boots.  She was dragged away toward a nearby car and tossed in the backseat, after her wrists were tied together. 


Where the hell was Mark taking her now? 


Angeni slowly managed to drag herself up, only to be shoved back down and twisted her wrists against the binds, grunting through the gag.  The car took off moments later and all Angeni could do was lay there, hoping wherever Mark took her it didn't involve her death.  Angeni was sitting in the backseat, wedged between Mideon and Farooq while Paul was driving with Taker in an odd curl beside him, breathing heavily through his open mouth.


“Do you need to ah…be seen?” Paul hesitantly asked.

“Shut up and drive…” Taker managed to choke out, having a serious time breathing properly since everything was now…really blurry and he was pretty sure his dick and balls were permanently damaged.


She hoped he could never have sex again, that would do her a world of favors as she leaned her head back, closing her eyes.  He was doing it again, he was treating her like an animal and he deserved being slapped for grabbing her upper arm the way he had!  Not to mention kicked square in the balls.  Angeni saw the huge building they pulled up to and grunted when she was pulled out none too gently by a guy with a TX symbol on his forehead, having seen that before. 


It was her husband's symbol, the symbol of the Ministry of Darkness.  She glared daggers at Mark, violet eyes flashing coldly and was dragged inside by her upper arms, knowing she would more than likely have bruises.  Once they were inside, she was pushed into a corner on her ass, her hands bound in front of her, growling through the gag.


All the Ministry members took their cue from him and ignored her.  Taker was ignoring her because right now, all he could do was focus on controlling the pain between his legs.  Steel-toed boots…At this rate, he was never going to heal down there properly.  Didn't that woman know how delicate those parts were?  Of course she did, that's why she kept going after them.


“Remove her boots.” He grunted before disappearing into the bathroom, locking the door behind him.

“Someone needs to go get him some ice too.” Paul added in a whisper, watching as the boys debated on who was going to get close to Angeni to take her boots off.


Bradshaw gritted his teeth when no one would get close to her, finally deciding to man up.  If she nailed him, he'd punch her right in the face.  He wasn't going to let that shit slide like the Deadman apparently was.


Chapter 20


The moment Bradshaw bent down to try to remove her boots, he got a kick right to the face, Angeni actually sending him flying through the air landing on his back with a sickening thud.  Blood gushed from his nose as she managed to work her way up the wall, standing on her feet, snarling with deadly violet eyes.  If she was going down, she was taking someone with her and decided since Bradshaw wanted to be the one to step up, she would send him crashing.  Angeni had powerful legs for a reason and she would use them to her advantage if necessary, having put full force into that blow directly to his nose.


“You dirty little bitch!” Bradshaw snarled, climbing to his feet and gingerly touched his bloody nose, cursing when it panged with pain.


 It was most likely broken and he couldn't even breathe out of it, knowing it was not only bleeding but rapidly swelling.  Tears watered in his eyes, Bradshaw was officially pissed.  Ignoring Farooq's cautioning words, he stormed right up to her, sidestepping the next kick and pulled his fist back.



Paul whirled in time to see the fist go flying forward, his mouth dropping open.


Taker came storming out of the bathroom, feeling a bit better now that he had used some of Paul's pain killers gratuitously.


Angeni was too quick for him though, barely missing his huge fist plowing forward toward her face.  She was tiny and used that to her advantage, not believing Mark was letting this happen to her.  When Bradshaw charged her, not realizing Mark had already stepped out of the bathroom, Angeni did a kick up and kicked Bradshaw in his nose again. 


Making him fly even farther this time, Angeni knew she probably could've killed him with that blow.  It also caused her to stumble back against the wall, hearing Bradshaw bellowing out in pain as he held his crushed nose.  Her heart was hammering vigorously in her chest, breathing extremely erratic through the gag and knew it would take Bradshaw several minutes to get up from that blow.


Coming out to the sight of Bradshaw swinging at full force at his WIFE had caused Taker's blood to start boiling.  He knew damn well there was no way he could get there in time to stop the impact but then Angeni darted and…he watched as she then proceeded to take the large man DOWN.  Bradshaw then remained down while she slumped against the wall, looking like she was about to faint or maybe have a panic attack.


Looking much calmer then he felt, he walked, without doing it bowlegged since he wasn't feeling anything at the moment besides numbness and rage, straddling Bradshaw's chest.  The only one allowed to put a hand on Angeni was HIM, and even he had been rather gentle with her tonight.  Paul winced as 'Taker began pounding what was left of Shaw's face with closed fists.


Angeni stayed on her feet and just watched in sick satisfaction as her husband obliterated one of his minions, her eyes looking over the rest of them.  If ANY of them came near her, she would use her steel toed boots to do some damage, a killer look in her eyes.  She stayed against the wall though, refusing to turn her back to any of them and wished she could take this damn gag off since it was hard for her to breathe.  Angeni was probably going to be punished for that, but at the same time, Bradshaw had deserved being kicked twice in the face and she hoped his nose lodged up into his brain permanently.


“Go get the EMT's to take him to the hospital.” Paul ordered when Taker finally stepped away from the unconscious Bradshaw, taking in the bloody mess that was no longer a face, pretty sure he was seeing…flesh. “Definitely going to need x-rays…”


Taker's hand was covered in blood, his face glistening with perspiration and his long black hair disheveled about his face and shoulders.  He looked demonic at the moment, his eyes wild, glittering jades that were darting from face to face as if to take on a new challenger before finally landing on Angeni.  Deadly violet locked on those acid green and Angeni was tempted to kick Mark when he stalked toward her, but decided against it. 


Angeni didn't want to press her luck too much with him, not so soon anyway.  When he ripped the gag away from her mouth, Angeni was shocked when he yanked her roughly into his arms, coughing a little since the gag hadn't tasted that great.  He was going to hurt her, she simply knew it and would accept the abuse.  Shock flooded her when his lips suddenly crashed against hers, pressing her against the wall, her bound hands flying up to be trapped against both their chests.


Paul began ushering the boys out, making way for the EMT's that were wheeling in a gurney as well as leaving Taker and his wife to their very disturbed, violent marriage.


Taker did make sure to trap her legs to the wall with his own, not about to get those damn steel toed boots to any part of his anatomy again.  Seeing her taking out a man that size…was hot.  Plain and simple.  She was a hellcat, but she was HIS hellcat.


Angeni struggled against him as tears slowly slid down the sides of her face and managed to rip her lips from his, trying to use her bound hands to shove him away.  That was like shoving a brick wall, it wasn't happening.  She felt him trap her legs to the wall with his so she couldn't kick him, her husband was definitely a smart man.


“Get away from me.” She ordered in a harsh whisper.


Pulling away when he went to press his forehead to hers, Angeni whimpered as he buried his hand in her hair in order to press her against his rock hard body.  His bloody hands had left bloody handprints on her upper arms when he yanked her against him and now she had Bradshaw's blood in her hair.  Taker wanted to let her arms loose, wanted to feel her hands touching him, but knew the only way she was touching him of her own volition was to inflict physical injury on him.


If she was worried he was going to rape her in the actual sense of intercourse, the odds of that were very slim, below the belt needed time to recover and for the swelling to go down.  But there were other things he could do, if she'd just let him.  His mouth moved down her chin to her throat, nipping and licking at her pulse point.


Sandalwood and leather instantly surrounded her and Angeni just let more tears fall, hating that she still felt love for this monster who had abused her.  She hated how his touch made her body light on fire and craved for him to do more.  Hesitantly, Angeni reached up and ran her fingers across the cut on his cheek in a gentle caress, fighting back her building desire.


She loved him. 


She loved this heartless monster and Angeni hated herself for it because he treated her like an animal.  Why couldn't he always be this way?  Affectionate, kind and perhaps even sweet…why did he always have to show her his dominance with physicality that made her hate him.  When he moved across her throat to the other side of her neck, Angeni just rested her head back against the wall, her hands once again resting against his chest, drifting her eyes closed.


Angeni was sort of touching him, tentatively, though when she simply rested her hands on his chest, Taker's own moved down to her wrists.  Unlacing them, Taker knew the odds of him regretting this were rather high.  Not stopping his administrations on her throat, he guided her arms around his neck, then let one of his large, calloused palms gently skim her side, feeling the heat from her flesh searing through her shirt.


The memory of submitting to him the last time flashed through Angeni's mind and she couldn't let it happen again.  Nothing would ever change.  He was who he was, Angeni had accepted that the moment he laid an abusive hand on her.


“No, not again...” She whimpered out, ignoring his soothing voice for her to relax and shoved her hands against his chest. “I said NO!” Angeni managed to barely shove him back a step and that was all she needed as she ducked under his arm, putting some space between them. “I told you it would never happen again and I meant it.  I'll stay in your little Ministry and be forced to work for you, but that's where it ends.  You can force me to share all the hotel rooms with you that you want, it doesn't change how I feel and what you've done to me.”


He wasn't taking no for an answer however and stalked towards her, his stormy green eyes half-closed in an almost predatory fashion.  Bending down to catch her leg before she could nail him, his hand reached out to her hip, steadying her so she didn't topple.  Taker then lifted her up and dropped himself down on a chair, pulling her so she was straddling his lap, locking her arms at her sides.  He didn't give her time to rail at him again, just captured her lips with his again.


Angeni whimpered because this kiss was nowhere as brutal or violent as the first.  It was soft and tender, almost loving with a hint of passion mixed in.  He was so confusing, did he regret what he did to her?  Was this his way of apologizing? 


Angeni shoved her hands against his chest, but he wasn't budging.  Finally, she did the only thing she could do to make him release her and that was to box his ears, doing it as hard as she could.  She flew off his lap and to the floor as he cursed, scrambling back up to her feet.


“I SAID NO!” She shouted, picking up a chair and hurled it at him, the tears never stopping. “WHAT PART OF NO DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?” She tossed another chair, nailing him right in the arm and finally folded one up, holding it as a weapon. “Come near me and I'll knock your goddamn lights out!!”


Now who was the violent one?


His assaults totaled one for the night and Bradshaw had had it coming, hell, it had been in HER defense.  So far, she was definitely beating him and his mouth curved downwards into a grim line.  He advanced on Angeni, catching the chair tightly when she swung it, the chair now held by the both of them.


“Don't.” Taker cautioned in a whisper, his eyes warning her he didn't want to hurt her, but if she didn't back down, it was going to happen.


“I-I hate this! I've NEVER been this violent before!” She released the chair and backed up against the wall again, sliding down it, burying her face in her hands. “What have you done to me, Mark?”


She literally turned into this raging bitch and Angeni hated it because she was never one for violence.  The WWF had changed her into someone she didn't want to be, someone who had to keep fighting or else she would get stomped on.  Being beaten and battered the way she was, it made Angeni develop an animal instinct, a thirst for blood and it showed in her recent actions. 


Hell, she sent a man to a hospital with a crushed nose and he hadn't even touched her!  Granted, he tried punching her, but never physically touched her and she fought.  She felt Mark pull her into his arms and ended up burying her face in his chest, sagging.


“Let me go...”


Taker simply wrapped his arms around her and held her against him, feeling sobs wracking her body as she broke down on him, of all people.  After a moment, he began running his hand up and down her back in a soothing gesture, something he hadn't done for anyone in quite some time.  Though, even after all she had done to him, and after all he had done to her, it felt natural.


“You win, I can't fight anymore, Mark.  I can't do it.  I'm so exhausted…” Angeni murmured after what seemed like hours of silence with him just holding her, her voice sounding drained. “I just don't want to be hurt anymore.  I feel like all I can do is keep fighting and protect myself, but I can't do it anymore.  I'm not strong enough for this.”


She didn't look up at him, deciding there was no point in fighting him anymore.  Whatever Mark wanted, he got and what he wanted right now was his wife in the Ministry of Darkness.  She would behave, but if any of his men decided to try touching her the way Bradshaw had, they would be sent to the hospital.


No questions asked.


“I'm not going to…hurt you.” Taker said finally, slowly, meaning physically. “You have my word that I will not lay another hand on you.”


It went without say that he wouldn't allow his Ministry to harm her, if him finishing what she had started with Bradshaw after that incident hadn't been evident enough, he would gladly demonstrate all over again.  Taker couldn't promise her mental or emotional state, but he knew he couldn't be laying his hands on her anymore.  He would wind up killing her.


“You have my word too.  I won't run and I won't…fight you anymore.”


Angeni slowly looked up from his chest into his green eyes, so much relief washing over her face as well as his.  There was a lot of damage between them, but maybe it could be mended with time.  She slowly stood up and dusted herself off, arena floors weren't that clean, sighing when he pulled her against him, his hands on her thighs.


“So, I'm going to assume your colors are purple and black.  Dark purple I mean.”


Angeni watched him nod and decided she could deal with that, running her fingers through his black hair gently while his forehead rested against her stomach.  Why the hell she was asking about his colors at this exact moment was beyond him, but Taker wasn't about to try to fathom the inner workings of her mind right now.  The shift from breakdown to colors was mind-boggling to him in the least.  Though, he was pleased with her promise, knowing so long as they both abided by their words, things had a chance to work out.


The moment was disrupted with Paul walking back inside with a huge white box, breathing a little heavy.  She walked away from Mark and took it from him, seeing how red his face was.  He looked ready to keel over, what the hell was in this box?

“T-That is your outfit for tonight, Angeni.”


She nodded and opened the box, sifting through the paper a bit and tilted her head slightly.  Pulling out the dress, it looked like it was a corset and skirt attached together, purple and black.  The laces were black while the rest of it was purple, all velvet.


“I'm going to go change, is that alright?”


When Taker nodded, Angeni managed a small smile and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.  The outfit also matched the ring on her finger.  Angeni immediately shed her clothes before jumping in the shower, finally noticing the bloody handprints that were on her arm from Bradshaw.


“Why are you out of breath?”


Paul glared at his protégé. “If you must know, I ran.”


Taker arched an eyebrow, looking down at the dried blood on his hands and hid a smirk. “I wasn't aware you could run, Paul.”


Paul wheezed something that sounded suspiciously like 'go to hell'.


Chapter 21


Mark was out of his mind officially. 


Angeni looked in the mirror and gaped, swallowing hard, hoping he realized what exactly he just made her wear.  Or rather gave her to wear since she really didn't have anything in his colors right now.  The corset top pushed her breasts up so the top of them showed and the skirt part of the dress went two inches above the knee, everything clinging to her like a second skin.  Her wet hair hung haphazardly around her in wet waves, knowing she would need to get her makeup and hair done by the girls. 


Mark also had two inch black heels that looked like they could stab someone if provoked and strapped up her calves.  They looked dangerous, though Angeni liked them because she could use them if provoked by any of his minions.  She walked out of the bathroom, tossing the box to the side and cleared her throat, gaining her husband's attention.


“I don't mean to question your…uh judgment, but are you SURE about this?”


Green eyes started at the top of her damp head and slowly worked their way down, feasting on the visual delight that was before him.  Really regretting it that, in his current state, there was nothing he could do.  Actually, he was suddenly very glad for his pain killer attempted overdose before because if by chance there was a surge of blood flowing down there, he couldn't feel it. 


He knew if he could, it would probably be very painful due to the swelling and bruising.  Then his gaze landed on the spiked heels, not so sure about that, but…benefit of the doubt.  Taker was already cursing himself for being a fool, though she did look enticing in them.


“Does it not please you?”


“No, no of course not.  I didn't mean it like that, I like it, skirt could be a bit longer, but it's fine.” Angeni assured him with another smile, liking the heels even more as she looked them over once more, heading over to her bag to put her other clothes back in it. “Do you want me to head down to Tiffany so I can get my hair and makeup done?” The outfit alone told her she was going down to the ring with the Ministry tonight, her officially debut with the group.  Angeni saw the hesitation in her husband's eyes and sighed gently, knowing they both had to gain trust for each other. “Who is going with me then so I can get it done?”


“Don't look at me.” Paul groused when Taker shot him a look. “I just ran, from the Corporation…” Because he had delivered a lovely little packet to Vince and the man hadn't been thrilled. “You're all drugged up, you go.”


Paul really must've been in a 'mood' to actually be ordering him around like that.  He pushed himself out of the chair and nodded, looking down at Angeni.  The rest of the Ministry had yet to return, so Taker had no alternative and had to be his wife’s escort, not trusting her flighty ass.


They walked out and Angeni didn't pull away when Mark took her hand, lacing their fingers together.  She would definitely need to get used to wearing this heels, but they did go perfectly with the outfit.  She wondered who picked it out, glancing up at her husband and instantly bit her tongue from asking.  She could be mean right now if she wanted to, deciding against it.  When they arrived at the makeup/hair area, Tiffany turned three shades white, fear instantly entering her eyes.


“It's okay Tiff, I'm just here for my hair and makeup, I'm with the Ministry now.”

“W-What?” She blinked, slowly looking up at Taker and then immediately moved her gaze back to Angeni. “What do you want done then?”

“Curled, left down and just do the normal makeup, only changing it from red to purple.” She requested, leaning back in the chair, feeling Tiffany begin working her magic, tapping her black painted nails on the arms.


Taker had absolutely zero interest in this process.  He did his own hair because, quite frankly, having someone else do it tended to distract from the whole Lord of Darkness thing and he wasn't having that.  He simply leaned against one of the tables, arms folded over his massive chest as he watched Angeni settle back into the chair.


Tiffany really wanted to ask what was going on, but with the Deadman right there, no chance in hell.


“Contract switch, wanted to be with my husband instead of against him.” Angeni had read Tiffany's thoughts apparently because the woman turned red in the face, smiling sweetly, sighing. 


Of course that was a blatant lie, Mark owned her contract so Angeni was stuck with him for a year and decided to make the most of it.  She didn't know what the future held for them, but they had come to some sort of reconciliation and agreement, keeping the peace between them.  When Tiffany finished, Angeni was transformed into a gothic goddess with thick black eyeliner around her violet eyes with dark purple eye shadow that fanned out a little past her eyes in an Egyptian style. 


Her lips were painted the same color of purple as her outfit, her face covered with foundation, which still had a yellowish tint to it.  It would be gone within a day or two though.  Her hair was dry and hung around her in loose raven curls that looked soft to the touch, reaching the middle of her back.


“Ready to go?” Angeni asked her husband, extending her hand to him willingly.


Taker snapped out of his thoughts and took her in, taking in the transformation the makeup had done.  Her face was no longer yellow and sallow, but...and it was rather amazing to see the difference makeup made in a woman.  She was always beautiful, with or without, in her usual or this gothic style.  But…considering who he was, Taker was very vain.


Tiffany turned her back while the Undertaker devoured his wife with his eyes, only turning around when she heard their footsteps going in the opposite direction.


Angeni figured he approved of her appearance and headed back to the Ministry's locker room with him.  They were stopped on the way by the rest of his followers, who didn't look that pleased with Angeni.  She merely waved three fingers at them and flashed a sweet smile that did not reach her eyes, almost baring her teeth.  Bradshaw was a message to each and every one of them not to screw with her and they were not allowed to touch her.  Only Mark was and she wasn't afraid to break their noses or any parts of their anatomies if provoked.


“Excuse me gentlemen.” She walked past them and inside the Ministry locker room, the door closing behind her.



“We know she's your wife…”

“But the attitude thing…We do have to WORK with her.”

“I'll handle it.”


Taker sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.  They all needed to be on the same page.  This was his baby, he wasn't about to let the Ministry fall apart because of his wife.  She'd have to learn how to co-exist with them and vice versa.


“Word of warning, anyone even looks at her wrong and what happened to Shaw will seem very minor compared to what I'll do.”


When Taker came in and explained to her that they all had to be one unit, to get along without the attitude, Angeni nodded in understanding. “No problem.” She could play nice with them and be a team player, there really was no choice for her.  When he lifted her chin up with his hand gently and stared into her eyes, Angeni sighed softly, knowing he didn't fully trust her. “I promise I won't cause anymore tension, unless provoked.”


That was the best she could do, refusing to become the Ministry's beating post and accepted a soft brush of his lips against hers.  As long as Mark continued treating her this way, Angeni would have no problem sticking with him through the duration of her contract.  She pulled out her book from her bag after he walked away to handle business and began reading, crossing one leg over the other.


“They've been warned.” Taker informed her gravely.


He hadn't needed to verbally paint them a picture of the hell on earth he would unleash if they overstepped themselves.  They already knew.  He let the three Ministry members in, wondering if he should replace Bradshaw since lately the man had been spending more time in the hospital for his stupidity then actually doing his damn job.


She just nodded up at him and went back to reading, trying not to pay attention what they were talking about.  When Stephanie came up however, Angeni had to stop herself from getting angry, knowing it was strictly business.  Mark wasn't really marrying her, he was already taken in that aspect by her. 


Though the princess didn't know that, but her father did...this could definitely pose as a problem.  Deciding to let Mark handle it, she just continued reading her book, flipping to the next page while the Ministry strategized.  They had two matches tonight, a tag match and then Mark was facing Ken Shamrock in a one on one contest.


“Pardon the interruption boss, but Vinnie knows you're married, he's not going to-” Mideon accepted the papers he was passed by an eye-rolling Paul, whistling through his teeth. “These real?”


Taker snorted. “Do they look real?”

“Uh, yeah…”


Paul knew a very good forger. “Good.”


As far as the world was going to think, he was divorced.  Paul's connections had come in handy.  Of course, the fact that anyone thought Taker would actually marry Stephanie was just ludicrous.  He had met the girl once when their paths had crossed for a WWF photo shoot.  Him an actual subject, her a model for the clothing.  No, definitely no real marriage to that banshee, not when he already had a hot number on his arm.


Angeni was on her feet and took the papers from Mideon, looking over them with scrunched eyebrows, slowly looking up at her husband. “Sorry, didn't mean to snatch those out of your hands.  If you're going to do this, then this ring can't be on this finger, not when I'm accompanying you to ringside.” She held up her left hand as if to emphasis her point, already planning on somehow getting a copy of those divorce papers as soon as possible without Mark knowing.

“She has a point, boss...”

“Vince won't believe it if she's sporting the proof you're still married.”


Angeni promptly moved the ring from her left ring finger to the middle one on her right hand, nodding. “Thanks for the back-up, boys.” She truly meant it, winking at them, deciding playing nice would be easier now that she was technically 'single'.


Paul studied her thoughtfully, taking the papers when Taker took the papers from Angeni with a less than amused expression.  He couldn't decide if she thought these were real or not.  They did look real, that was the point.

“Angeni, you're a valet.” Taker informed her, as politely as he could. “So let's not do that again, shall we?” Considering her original reason for being hired into the company, he didn't need her in on all his current plans.


Angeni kept her mouth shut for the rest of the night, getting up silently when it was time to go out to the ring with him.  She was to accompany him only for the time being until she proved she could be fully trusted not to rush off.  She walked behind him, thankful she hadn't snapped her neck on the ramp and didn't bother getting in the ring with him. 


She just stayed on the outside looking in, wondering why he even wanted her in the Ministry of Darkness if this was all she was good for.  Angeni gave seriously thought to sabotaging her husband's plans, but decided against it, not wanting to cause friction between them again.  If he took things too far, she would step in, but not until then and watched as the match began.


If the woman honestly didn't have a clue as to why he wanted her in his Ministry, then she was dense.  Taker wanted her where she couldn't fuck with him.  He had wanted her to remain in the Corporation originally to use as a way to mess with Vince since Vince thought he was going to mess with him.


That and also, now that his lovely wife had come back on the radar, he was in no hurry to see her go.  He still wasn't.  But as far as her and the Ministry went, right now, until he knew for a fact that were on the same page -a few hours did not make it a fact-, she was nothing except eye candy.


Angeni decided the heels were killing her and walked over to sit in a chair, folding her arms in front of her chest, looking completely bored out of her mind.  She didn't cheer or him or anything the way she had with Kane, not seeing a need for it.  When Mark won his match, she merely walked over to where he flipped over the top rope, landing on his feet like a cat on the outside.  He wrapped an arm around her waist and guided her to the back, after surveying his beautiful damage done in the ring and a decimated Ken Shamrock. 


Once they were back in the Ministry's locker room, Mark packed up their things before leaving for the evening with Angeni in tow, telling Paul to take care of their plans and deliver the papers to Vince.  Paul had nodded like a good little dog and went to do Mark's bidding.  She slipped into the rental car that they came in, this time taking the passenger seat and buckled up, keeping her mouth shut.


Chapter 22


Taker was in a great mood.


Simply because his match had been against Ken and it was also Angeni's first technical night back.  The last time he had faced Shamrock, she had come up out of the canvas and ethered him into unconsciousness.  Now it was Ken who had been pounded there.


“Shoes hurt your feet?” Taker asked, glancing over at her, having noted she had removed them and when she nodded he nodded as well, in an amicable mood. “I'll order something with less heel.”


He was definitely in a good mood.  Shamrock decimated.  Vince about to piss himself.  Angeni here with him and they had called truce.


Definitely the start of a promising night.


Still not understanding why Mark wanted her here, Angeni was finished trying to figure him out and rubbed her sore feet.  She wasn't used to heels quite that high, wondering if he made her wear them on purpose just so it would be harder for her to run away.  She looked out the window and leaned back against the seat, knowing Kane was safe from harm as long as she stayed put. 


She would until her contract was up with Mark. 


There was no way she would renew it, deciding not to think about that until the time came, which wasn't for quite awhile.  They arrived back at the hotel and she walked inside bare foot, the cool ground feeling wonderful against her aching feet, Mark carrying their bags while she dangled the heels from her fingers.  She was ushered inside the room a few minutes later and Angeni instantly went to sit down in the nearby chair of the living room area of the suite.


No radio, thank god, Taker couldn't handle another round of Bryan Adams and Celine Dion.  Though…he could have went for some rock and whiskey.  His wife looked like she was tired, but he wasn't, even though he had been up since a very ungodly hour.  It was night, his time and…inwardly smiling, he kneeled down before Angeni, pulling her leg onto his knee before rubbing her foot, knowing a thing or two about how to give a proper foot massage.


“No more spiked heels.” Taker promised, though he had loved the look…they had made her already beautiful legs taut and…longer.


She nodded with a small smile, leaning back against the chair as her body melted, more importantly her foot, in his hand.  He definitely knew what he was doing and decided to enjoy it.  If he didn't want to do it, he wouldn't be over here taking the initiative and who was she to deny him the job?  Angeni didn't even mind when his hand ran up her calf and back down again, his muscular hands working all the kinks and aches out.  She slowly pulled her foot away from him when he was finished and wasn't surprised when he took the other one, beginning to work his magic.


“Mmm oh god that feels good...” She finally moaned out, lulling her head back, this foot hurting more than the other.


“This one...feels different from the other.” Taker remarked, carefully skimming his fingertips along the area that felt different. “Did you break it?”


If she had, he wouldn't of been surprised, the way she could run was bound to put some wear and tear on her feet.  Taker considered offering to rub any other aching spots for her, but she had told him no earlier.  That and there were other ways to skin a cat. “You can help with your next outfit by the way.” He added, eyes roaming over that corset top appreciatively.


“A long time ago, back in high school.  I ran track, was going too fast around a corner and ended up rolling my ankle, snapping it.” Angeni shuddered, recalling the hospital visit and how her foot had to be in a cast for eight very long grueling weeks. “So yeah it should feel weird from the other one.  Even though it was my ankle, everything is connected.  It's always been that way.  And thank you, even though whoever picked this outfit out has great taste.” This was Angeni's way of testing the waters, noticing he was practically devouring her with his eyes and slowly pulled her foot out of his grasp, standing up and stretching. “I'm gonna go change into something more comfortable, definitely not used to this…tight feeling.”


“It suits you.” Taker drawled, pleased she had acknowledged his great taste.


He had painted a very detailed image of what he wanted her to wear and Paul had placed the order with a private retailer, who specialized in fast costume design.  He would definitely be using them again.  That top was doing wonders for her breasts, Taker was seriously considering insisting they be a mandatory part of her attire.  Taking her place in the chair, watching as she walked away, Taker began removing his own top.


Angeni saw him do that and figured she owed him for the awesome foot massage, slowly heading back over to him. “Lean back.” She murmured, placing her hands on his shoulders and began kneading the knots out of them. 


She smiled when he groaned out in satisfaction and applied a little more pressure.  Looking down at him when his head leaned back far enough to stare at her, Angeni just focused on the task at hand, always loving how broad his shoulders were.  One of the many features she found attractive on this man.


“You are very tense, relax.  You are knotted up from hell to back.” Suddenly having an idea, Angeni walked around to stand in front of him and extended her hands. “You need your back done too and my feet are killing me.  So you laying on the bed is a much better idea and more comfortable for me.  Come on.”


His first thought, honestly, was did he take away all the lamps?  He got up and moved over to the bed, sitting on it in order to begin unlacing his wrestling boots, then stared at them.  Maybe they'd put her in boots like his, only tailored for a woman.  Lift for height, comfortable…and if she ever got interested in interfering, on his behalf of course, then they'd also provide protection.  Taker looked up when he felt her climbing on the bed beside him, turning so he was looking at her and bent forward, lightly brushing his lips against her jaw before laying down.


Big leap of faith here.


“I know you don't trust me right now, but I gave you my word not fight you anymore.  And I won't break it.” She said in his ear, her voice honey-filled.


Running her nose over his ear, Angeni moved his hair out of the way, beginning the massage on his shoulder blades first and moving down his muscular arms as far as she could reach.  Angeni had straddled the middle of his back, after hiking the dress up a little, knowing she would have to move down the further the massage went.  The feeling of his muscles rippling beneath her soft touch sent little sparks igniting throughout her body, but also relaxed her as well.


“Tell me if you're enjoying it or if you want me to apply more pressure.”


“No, that's perfect darlin'.” He murmured, a slight intonation seeping through, both wanting to remain tense and alert.  Then again, Taker also wanted to just melt into her touch, hissing when she came across a problem area he had been working through for awhile.  He raised his head off his now folded arms to peer back at her. “It wasn't you, it's an old, nagging injury.”


“How long have you had it?” Angeni frowned, sounding genuinely concerned and felt his shoulders shrug, moving her hands over the area gently. “Have you had it examined?”


When he shook his head, Angeni sighed heavily, not about to berate him for letting an injury go for a long period of time.  He was an adult capable of making his own decisions and why Angeni was suddenly worried about him bothered her.  She moved away from the area and continued further down, scooting in the process, her silk panties brushing against his bare back since the dress was too tight to straddle in so it was bunched around her hips.


Taker felt the change in material, along with her bare thighs hugging his lower back, groaning as he buried his face into the pillow.  The Vicodin had worn off, and he wasn't feeling overly damaged, probably thanks to copious amounts of Paul's miracle salve.  Taker still wasn't going to chance looking at the boys then smirked, wondering if he could get her to massage those for him too. 


When she seemed to finish with the massage, he rolled suddenly, hands shooting out to catch her hips so she didn't topple.  Angeni wasn't expecting that and held on because it was a rather long way down from being astride Mark.  She now straddled his lower stomach and had her hands pressed against his chest, violet eyes slightly wide.


“Umm…I think I will go change now…”


She went to move off of him, only for Mark to push her to where she hovered over him, her hands catching herself so her face didn't smash against his, staring down into his eyes.  His lips looked so red and soft.  His skin felt amazing against hers and Angeni knew she would need a change of panties from how soaked they suddenly became, his eyes captivating her like always.  Just as their lips touched, a knock sounded at the door, effectively destroying the moment and Mark growled while Angeni took the distraction for all it was worth. 


She hopped off of him, took her bag and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her that Mark hadn't taken off surprisingly.  Whoever the hell was at the door was going to get their head ripped off, Taker was not a happy man right about now.  That woman had been more than ready for him.  He had been able to tell by the way her pulse had picked up, her scent…the look in her eyes.


“WHAT?” Taker bellowed, ripping open the door without checking to see who it was first.


Kane clocked him with a can of gasoline out of sheer spite before stepping over the now out for the moment Taker. “Angeni?” Apparently the Ministry had forgotten all about him and, since he had spent more than his fair share of time in a straitjacket, he had learned how best to get the bastards off.


“Kane?” Angeni rushed out of the bathroom, holding the corset against her chest since she'd just unzipped it, eyes wide. “No!  What have you done?!  Have you lost your mind?  He was going to leave you alone!” When Kane came toward her, Angeni backed away, shaking her head. “No Kane, I'm not leaving.  I gave my word to him and I'm not breaking it.” Mark was going to be all shades of pissed off when he got up, she simply knew it and hoped he didn't take it out on her. “Get out of here.  Go right now before he wakes up!” She groaned when she heard yelling coming down the hallway, knowing it was the Ministry. “GO!!” Angeni began shoving his big red ass toward the door, panicking “Kane please go!!  I'm fine, just go please!!  They're coming!!”


Kane stared down at her like she had lost her mind, which she probably had.  That or 'Taker had somehow drugged her because, after everything that bastard had put her through, there was just no way she would willingly stay with him.  Something was keeping and forcing her to stay with his big brother, which didn’t bode well with him.


“Geni, come on!” He urged, tugging gently on her arm, the confusion crystal clear in his mismatched eyes. “Geni?” She was serious! “No!  Come!” He was panicking and in shock, reverting to using one word at a time, ignoring the Ministry that was getting closer.


“No, I can't!!” Tears instantly swelled in her eyes as she stared at the betrayal in Kane's, feeling her heart break. “Please Kane, I don't want them to hut you!  I'm here with him, you're safe!  He won't bother you anymore!  Now GO!” She shoved him harder, her heart beating rapidly in her chest, knowing he only had an ample amount of time before not only the Ministry arrived, but Mark woke up. “PLEASE GO!” She practically sobbed, tears sliding down her face. “Don't hate me.” Angeni managed to whisper out before Kane took off reluctantly out the door.


Slumping on the floor beside a knocked out Mark, Angeni trembled violently and managed to hold the dress against her just as Paul and the Ministry ran inside.  They had all seen Kane bolting down the hallway and at the sight of the passed out Undertaker, the discarded gasoline can and the sobbing Angeni, it was not hard at all to surmise what had happened.  What was hard to understand was why she hadn't taken the chance to run. 


Hell, Paul wanted to know why Kane just didn’t outright kill Taker.  He had enough reason and hatred to do so.  On that thought, he kneeled down to check for a pulse, finally nodding and gestured to the Ministry.


“Get him on the bed.” Paul ordered gravely.


Mideon let Viscera and Farooq do it, gently helping Angeni up onto her feet as well. “Did Kane hurt you?” He asked softly.


“N-No…please don't hurt him!  H-He was just trying to help me and didn't realize…” Angeni slowly walked over to Mark and sat on the bed on the opposite side, looking at Paul worriedly. “Is he going to be alright?”


Paul nodded, checking Taker's pupils. “Yes he will live.  What happened, Angeni?”


Angeni told him that she'd just finished giving Mark a massage, leaving out the part where they were close to falling in bed together again, when there was a knock. “I-I went to go change thinking it was one of you coming to see him, mainly you Paul.  Only it wasn't.  Kane was trying to get me to go with him, but…” Her eyes drifted back to Mark, heaving a sigh. “I gave my word.  I gave my word that I wouldn't run and I would stop fighting.  And I meant it.  I'm a woman of my word, so unless he sends me away then I'm here until my contract is up.”


Well that was going to go in her favor, Paul thought, knowing nothing could be done until Taker woke up, then they'd know how badly his eggs had been scrambled. “Definitely a concussion…and a lump.”