Break Away



Chapter 1




That's the only word she could describe this group of children, who were grown men, that she was forced to work with.  Jaina sighed as she sat at the table, sipping a cup of coffee and looking over the schedule for the week.  Autograph signings, promotional appearances, live events and house shows.  How the hell did she wind up with this job?  No better question, how the hell did she wind up with THEM?  Shaking her head, Jaina stood up from the table and walked into the mini kitchen, rinsing her coffee cup out, wearing a pale blue nightgown that went to her knees with a black silk robe that was tied closed.  Jaina was a beautiful woman with waist length honey blonde hair and deep ocean eyes that changed with her moods.


The men in question were a Stable known as Evolution comprising of Paul Levesque, David Bautista, Ric Flair and Randy Orton.  Ric was older than all of them and possibly the most childish in a very interesting sort of way.  Paul enjoyed his tricks and was the natural leader of the group, often recruiting David and Randy into his jokes, which they both found immensely amusing.  Currently, they were wondering just what the best way to remove the stick from Jaina's pert little ass was.


“She needs to get laid.”


“Man that is ALL you think about.” Paul snorted, rubbing his chin thoughtfully, trying not to crack up when David just shrugged his shoulders in silent agreement.


“Maybe I would remove the stick from my ass if I wasn't dealing with a bunch of insolent CHILDREN.” Jaina retorted with narrowed eyes, crossing her arms in front of her chest, lips pursed tightly together.  She was NOT happy in this group and couldn't believe what Vince McMahon, their boss, was thinking! “By the way, DAVID, I had to call down to the reception desk and told them YOU were paying for the damages to their restaurant table from last night.  It's ten grand, congratulations.” With a snort of disgust, Jaina stormed into her room and slammed the door shut with authority.


Ric found that amusing to no end, clamping a hand over his mouth to hide his smile. “ DID-”


“Ten grand?  How much is Vince paying her?”


“No idea, why?”


“Because she needs to buy a goddamn calculator, what fucking table costs TEN GRAND?” Paul and Ric were leaning against each other, both full out laughing their asses off.


It wasn't just the table that was damaged, more like the entire restaurant in general.  Evolution had an after party with women and booze, of course Jaina hadn't attended.  She preferred to spend her nights indoors on her laptop, alone, away from them.  When David stumbled in around three A.M., security was there and Jaina had to negotiate a deal so they didn't get kicked out of the hotel.  That deal was ten grand in damages caused by David Bautista.  Sighing, Jaina rolled her eyes and stepped into the shower, knowing they had to leave in an hour to catch a flight.


“I didn't even make the entire goddamn mess.” David groaned, throwing his hands up in the air before resuming his grooming, eyes narrowing when Randy snorted. “What?”


“You were the only one dumb enough to get busted.”


Ric shook his head, running his hands over his hair then accepted the bottle of water Paul passed him, toasting. “Cheers.”


“You know; I think I have an idea.” Paul announced, looking at Jaina's door, all three men's gazes following his, all of them instantly hovering in around him.


After blow drying and curling the ends of her hair, Jaina did her makeup, which was blue eyeliner with clear gloss; the outfit a dark blue jean denim skirt that went two inches above the knees with a white halter top that had dark blue lace on the hem.  She walked out of the bathroom after packing her toiletries away before going out to her room, looking around.  Something wasn't right.  Jaina narrowed her eyes and sat on the bed; pulling her two-inch black steel toed knee high boots on, zipping them up before finishing packing her things.


“Did you do it?” Paul demanded, staring at Randy.  They were all congregated in one of the suite's bathrooms, where they couldn't be overheard.


Randy nodded with a smirk on his lips. “Yep.”


“Now that's just MEAN.”


“She deserves it.” David grunted.


Ric shook his head, a smile on his lips.


Jaina walked out a few minutes later with bags in hand, not saying a single word to any of them, busy looking at the schedule before getting another cup of coffee.  Due to Evolution's antics, Jaina barely got four hours of sleep and she was running on pure adrenaline, not to mention she didn't know what the hell they were going to do next.  Vince was lucky she loved her job or else she would've told him to stick this idea up his ass.  She was Evolution's valet, but more importantly, she was Randy Orton's 'woman' on-screen.  It made her sick, even if the guy was incredibly gorgeous.


“I want the weekend off.” Ric informed her, smacking David on the back when the big man asked for what, shaking his head with a devious grin.  He got around better than most men half his age did; he was a natural charmer. “My DAUGHTER is having a get together, promised I'd be there.”


“Aww our little family man.” Paul grabbed Randy in a headlock, destroying his spiked hair. “And you're the baby brother.”


“Man, get off of me!” Randy growled, pushing away and groaned when he was pushed back, right into Jaina, dodging the coffee cup. “HUNTER!”


“You PRICKS!!” She shrieked angrily, shoving Randy off of her and kicked him in the knee, watching as he buckled as her blue eyes blazed with anger. “That's IT!!  You four are unbelievable!!  I am not your goddamn secretary so take it up with McMahon!!”


She threw the cup at Paul, barely missing his head and didn't flinch as it smashed against the wall before storming out of there with her luggage, pissed behind belief.  Her white halter top was now ruined and stained with HOT coffee!  Jaina stopped in the bathroom to change into a black halter top, deciding she wasn't wearing white anymore, and took a cab to the airport.




“Ow, stupid bitch!” Randy groaned, limping into the airport. “I am sawing every goddamn heel off her fucking shoes, see how she likes that!”


Paul was moderately amused, sharing chuckles with David, while Ric flirted with some young women who had to be in their mid-twenties. “And here I thought she WAS our secretary.”


“Nah, she wouldn't get all pissed off when we ask her to pick up our dry cleaning.”


“Thank you, I am a bitch, especially when assholes such as yourself decide to ram into me and spill HOT coffee on me.” Jaina shot back nonchalantly, studying her blue painted fingernails, not phased in the slightest.  One leg was crossed over the other as Jaina stared straight ahead, chewing a piece of gum and smiled when she got a text message, responding instantly.


“He was pushed.  You need a little ramming in your life honey; you might not be such a stuck-up bitch.” David patted the top of her head like she was a child before moving past her, Ric right behind him.


Randy shared looks with Paul, blue eyes narrowed.  Apparently Jaina forgot she worked on-screen with him because he was going to have to remind her.


“Hey David?” She called sweetly, watching him turn around and tossed a condom in his face, nailing him in the nose. “Why don't you try using one of those once in a while since you love ramming every whore on the planet?” She stood up when their flight was called, glaring back at all four of them. “Don't fuck with me, boys.  You won't win.” She smiled gently and handed over her ticket at the flight attendant and stepped in the terminal, yawning, deciding she would be sleeping on the flight.  They had an appearance at four, which was two hours after the plane landed, then a house show afterwards.


“Is she serious?”


“You know; I think she is.”


David had pocketed the condom.  He was what he was and made no apologies.


“Hmm...” Paul was thinking, hazel eyes watching her back as they followed, all four men attracting attention in their perfectly tailored suits and large builds. “I think she's challenging us.”


Slipping her IPOD headphones on, Jaina leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes, knowing it was fully charged.  The flight wasn't that long, a few hours at most.  Jaina didn't care if she was being a bitch toward this group of men, who acted like spoiled rotten children.  She was twenty-five years old and more mature than they ever thought possible.  Not to mention she was pissed off being stuck with them.  It would further her career, though Jaina couldn't stand what they represented or how they acted.  It was pathetic.


First class was awesome.  Being with Evolution, in the company of greats like Ric and Paul, had definite perks.  Though Jaina was a definite downside.  She was hot -or fuckable, as David had so eloquently put it upon first seeing her-, but she was also the type to castrate a man after sleeping with him.  Nope, Randy liked his dick right where it was.


“Hmm, I think princess has a latex allergy.” David rumbled, studying the condom packet.


“Nah, lambskin is more natural, she probably just-”


“Likes the feeling of-”


“Yeah, that.”


Jaina slept throughout the flight, looking like a peaceful angel with her music playing softly in her ears, drowning out everything else around her, just the way she liked it.  When the plane landed, Jaina was reenergized and walked off the plane, wheeling her bag behind her while the laptop was over her shoulder.  She slipped her headphones off, along with her IPOD, putting them in her purse and went through security before going out to the waiting limo.  Snorting, Jaina rolled her eyes and walked right past it, having gotten keys to her rental Escalade with a smile on her face, not caring what Evolution thought.  She would end up killing them if she had to ride in a limousine with them to the hotel.


“Oh that's real professional!” Paul shouted out, laughing when Ric muttered something under his breath. “Mind if we just replace you on-screen then?  And you can go back to wrestling in pools of pudding?”


“Mmm chocolate.”


“I prefer vanilla myself.”


“I'm a banana kind of guy myself.”


“I would LOVE it if you could replace me!  I'd rather be alone than with scumbags like YOU!” She shouted back at them, knowing fully well Vince wouldn't allow her to be replaced. 


Jaina had fire and spunk, not to mention he wanted her to 'keep them in line' as he so eloquently put it.  Jaina didn't understand why she had to be the one to do it, but if it paid her bills and whatnot, she would suffer.  Blasting country music from her IPOD, Jaina peeled out of there moments later before the limo, going to the hotel.


“You know; I think we should talk to Vince about her.  Mention how it's not good for image for her to be shouting and acting like a-”




“All of the time.”


“Good idea.”


“Sorry boys, Jaina stays.” Vince stated over the phone in the limo, a smirk on his lips. “Maybe if you would treat her with a little more respect, she wouldn't be such a bitch to you.” Vince knew the four of them had him on speakerphone. “I have to go, deal with it.” He hung up.


After arriving at the hotel, Jaina ordered room service for Evolution, along with herself, before changing into a gold tank dress.  It went two inches above the knee with black two inch open toed heels on her feet, hair remaining the same.  Her makeup was black eyeliner with gold shimmery eye shadow.  Chewing her chicken salad thoughtfully when they trudged in, Jaina continued watching television.


“Tonight, after the show, we were invited to attend a club opening to help promote it.” Paul said, including her in this since she was technically a part of Evolution. “It would be nice if you could put on a happy face and go with us.”


“We promise to behave.”


Randy threw a rolled up newspaper at the snickering David. “You too, ass clown.”


“Since it's for promotional purposes, I suppose I have no choice.” She replied resignedly, tone softer than usual, slowly moving her gaze to the four and nodded. “Paul, you have chicken breasts, David, I ordered you a steak, Randy, you have chicken breasts with honey mustard sauce and Ric I ordered you a bowl of soup with crackers.  You're coming down with a cold.” As if on cue, Ric began coughing out of nowhere followed by a sneeze, a box of Nyquil being tossed at him moments later. “Take two doses after the club tonight.” She took another bite out of her chicken salad and raised an eyebrow, laughing since Roseanne was on.


“It's only moderately frightening how well she knows us.” David said musingly, studying his steak just in case.  He didn't trust her any more than she trusted him.


“Just eat the damn thing; she's not going to do anything stupid that would fuck up work.” Paul reprimanded with a roll of his eyes, stepping away from Ric. “You get me sick, old man, and I'll hurt you.”


“Sneeze on him!”


“I didn't do anything to your steak, David.  Believe me, if I wanted to kill you, I would've turned Lorena Bobbitt on your ass a long time ago.” Jaina snorted, shaking her head and finished her meal before throwing it away, setting the plate on the tray. 


It was impossible to please these men.  Even when she did something nice, like order food before they arrived, she STILL got shit on.  Sighing, Jaina walked back over and turned the volume up, giggling at her favorite show.


Randy scratched the top of his head, looking puzzled and then just shrugged, exchanging looks with the other three.  All four men shrugged again, figuring she must be permanently on her period because being a bitch twenty-four seven just couldn't be natural.


“I'm taking a nap.  I think I have a head cold.” Ric groaned, going to lie down.


“You might want to apply a warm compress to your throat.  Do you want me to get you one?” Jaina asked, raising an eyebrow at Ric and picked the phone up when he nodded, getting one from the front desk. “It'll be here shortly.” These men didn't know how to take care of themselves and the partying was finally starting to take its toll.  Karma Jaina was chalking it up as and walked over to get a Snapple out of the mini fridge. “You three should take a shot of Nyquil before bed tonight too, just in case.”


“If I get sick, Ric, I'm going to murder you.” Randy groaned, wondering what a shot of Nyquil was going to do if they were going to get sick anyway, besides mask the symptoms.


“Let's put him in a home.”


“AFTER next year, we need him.”


“You pricks!”


Chapter 2


Jaina sighed heavily and walked over to check Ric's temperature, frowning when she read the results two minutes later. “You have a fever.  Okay, put extra socks on and take this.” She handed him some Ibuprofen, nodding at him when he looked at her skeptically. “I know you won't take tonight off, even though you should, so that'll break the fever.” When he took it, Jaina set the glass of water on the nightstand and turned the television down before walking over to draw the shades closed.


Ric only took time off when he absolutely had no choice; he was just that kind of guy.  Though he was also considerate enough to do whatever it took to make sure nobody else would catch his cold, now that he knew he had it.


Paul idly wondered what would happen if Jaina got sick.  Maybe she'd go home or something, throwing the idea around in his head before deciding trying to get her infected with whatever Ric had.


Jaina rarely got sick because she took care of herself and didn't go out partying every night.  Though taking care of four men was exhausting as Jaina sat down at the table and took her laptop out, turning it on and felt her eyes go as wide as potatoes.  Not panicking, Jaina opened her laptop another way and glared at the bug that was planted in her system, immediately removing it.  She knew one of the guys did it, but Ric needed to rest so she wasn't going to bitch them out.  Instead, she fixed her laptop and hummed softly before checking her email and websites.


Paul shot Randy a look, raising an eyebrow, rolling his eyes when Randy just smirked and waited.


Randy sincerely hoped she had gotten rid of the bug because it would immediately open an implanted file that would put a background of Evolution all wearing nothing, but grins and their hands over their lower extremities.  When he heard her curse, he pulled a pillow up over his mouth.


“Wow, I didn't realize how small you guys were!” She crowed, causing David to snort water out of his nose, while Randy and Paul just gaped at her.  The amusement shined in her blue eyes as Jaina leaned back in the chair, rubbing her chin thoughtfully. “Hmph, who knew?” She deleted the background and restarted her computer, taking the bug out, and decided to put a password lock on her laptop so they couldn't hack into it.  Jaina was highly intelligent and had a degree in computer technology.


Ric was coughing from laughing at the looks on Paul, David and Randy's faces.


Paul didn't want to even know, though he did pull his pants away from his waist and look down. “Hey, it was cold!” He shouted defensively.


David was busy holding his burning nose, shaking his head.


“Hell, she was lying. I have a huge-” Randy shut up when he received dirty looks, smirking.


“That's why your hands could cover your package.” She giggled amusedly, shutting her laptop down before sliding it back in her bag, shaking her head and went into the bathroom to fix her makeup. 


An hour later, Evolution was on their way out of the hotel as Jaina slid in the limo first, sitting on the far side away from them all, staring out the window.  She hated riding in the limos with them, crossing her ankles, making sure her dress was pulled down as far as it could go.  Sometimes playing the part of a WWE Diva wasn't rewarding.


Randy was studying her thoughtfully; he had been more than tempted to tell her he had to tuck it between his legs just to keep it hidden, but...he wasn't in the mood to have her taunt his dick anymore.  Instead he glanced at Ric, who was holding a hand against his chest, exchanging concerned looks with David and Paul, all three men looking worried.


“Maybe you should get looked at.”


“Ric, are you okay?” The concern in her voice was unmistakable as Jaina looked back at him, sighing gently. “Forget it Paul, I'm not going to the club tonight.”


“Why not?”


“Because I'm going to be at the hotel with Ric.” She held her hand up at the older man, shaking her head. “You HAVE to slow down and rest before you end up in the hospital.  You can't be partying every night, it's not healthy.” She sighed when Ric just waved her off and shook her head, deciding she would be talking to Vince before the night ended.  If anyone would force Ric to slow down, it would be the boss.


“I'm going to rest, chill out woman.” Ric grumbled, not too keen on being coddled, but then he thought about it.  A beautiful woman nursing him; things could be worse.


“Oh Christ, I know that look.”


“She's too young for you, old man.”


“I'm old, let me dream.”


“The only nursing you'll be getting is Nyquil and Benadryl and any other medication that will help you get better.  I'm not wearing one of those nurse outfits either.” She smirked when Ric groaned, giggling softly, and shook her head before looking out the window. “Don't worry, pops, I'll make sure you're well taken care of, just not the way you think.”


“You love playing hard ball don't you?”


“What was your first clue?”


“Offhand the way the temperature drops whenever you come into a room.” Paul yawned, though he was secretly glad she was putting aside her animosity to take care of Ric.


Personally, Randy always thought it got a little bit hotter, but he wasn't voicing that, not about to get anymore tiny dick jokes thrown his way.


“I would get along famously with you all if you would just abide by the rules and stop acting like five year olds.” Jaina rolled her eyes when they all grumbled at her, telling her she was no fun, and flipped them off in response with a sweet smile on her face. “And no, that's not an invitation.”


“Damn spitfire.” David grunted, not amused as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.


Rolling her eyes, Jaina went back to staring out the window, knowing in a few minutes she would have to suffer Randy's arm wrapped around her shoulders and his touch.


Secretly, Randy liked having his arm around Jaina, not that he would ever admit that to her.  He liked his balls exactly where they were and not tucked up in his body, which would likely happen if she knew.  Her kicks hurt.


“David, you can have your ring rats, leave the ladies to-” He stopped when Jaina glanced back at him and smiled sweetly. “To the gentlemen.”


“Which you are not.”


“You know, for once Paul, I agree with you.” Jaina smiled sweetly back at Randy, though it didn't reach her eyes, just as the limo came to a stop. 


She waited for them to step out of the limo and seen Randy extend his hand, reluctantly taking it since fans were outside.  She had to put on a show and stepped out, smoothing her dress out, feeling Randy's arm wrap around her shoulders.  Leaning against him, Jaina acted like he was the god and she worshipped the ground he walked on.  Honestly, Jaina liked having Randy's arm around her, though she would never admit that because of how cocky, brash and arrogant he was.


Randy didn't acknowledge the fans at all; an amused sneer on his lips as he surveyed them with disdain, knowing Paul was doing the same, while David was stoic as always, just a hulking presence in the background.  Though he did notice Ric wasn't his usual bouncy self. “I think he needs to go see a doctor.” He murmured, bending down to brush his lips against her ear.


“I know he does, I'm planning on calling a physician when we get back to the hotel.” She whispered in reply, making it look like she was whispering dirty nothings to him, biting back a shiver at the feeling of his lips.  When they were inside the arena, Jaina immediately pulled away from Randy and went over to Ric, seeing how pale he was before looping her arm through his to make sure he didn't collapse.  Screw the hotel, she was going to get Larry and looked back at Paul. “I'll be right back.” She walked off before they could stop her, knowing if Ric kept pushing himself this hard much longer the man wouldn't be around for his next birthday.


Jaina was a bit daft if she thought they would stop her, they might have all acted like jackasses, but they did care for each other in a brotherly way.  Shooting David and Randy looks, they followed her.  Paul and David moved to take her place, both on either side of Ric.


“I'm not going to fall...” Ric grumbled, sounding exhausted.


“I'll go on ahead and let Larry know we're bringing him.”


Jaina beat Randy to the punch as she walked into Larry's office, biting her bottom lip, glad the man wasn't busy. “Larry, you need to come look over Ric.  He's really sick and I'm not sure if he should go to the hospital or not.”


“What symptoms does he have?”


“Fever, runny nose, coughing, sneezing.  His cough sounds deep and heavy and he looks like he's about to keel over.  Please, I'm worried sick about him.” Jaina pleaded, not noticing Randy behind her.


“Alright, it sounds like something is wrong.” Larry’s eyebrow rose at the sight of Randy. “What's up son?”


“I'm with her.” Randy said, gesturing to Jaina, looking back as Paul and David practically carried Ric through the door.


“He tried walking away insisting he's fine.” Paul grunted, glancing down at Ric.


“I don't feel so good.”


Larry frowned as Paul and David set Ric on the table, nodding at them before beginning to look him over.


Jaina looked at him worriedly and felt Randy's hand on her shoulder, swallowing hard, hoping he was alright.  Even though she didn't like being in this group, Ric was a human being and she was genuinely concerned about him. ‘He'll be alright.’ She thought, knowing Larry was a top notch physician, all four of them waiting with bated breath to find out the results.  For once, Jaina didn't pull away when Randy's other hand planted on her shoulder, kneading them, trying to stay calm.


“You have bronchitis.” Larry concluded after a moment, looking at the rest of the group. “You been swapping spit or other bodily fluids with anyone?”




“That girl in Kansas.” David reminded him.


“Well, she'll probably have it too then.  You need to go home, Ric, you're sick.” Larry ordered evenly.


After Ric was prescribed the antibiotics to get rid of the bronchitis, Paul sent him in the limo to the airport, making him promise to go.  Vince had already given him the time off so that left Jaina with Paul, David and Randy.  How wonderful.  Jaina was in her dressing room, looking over the symptoms for bronchitis, and knew Ric would need at least a month off to fully recuperate.  Sighing, Jaina turned her laptop off before going to the autograph signing that was at the arena, right by Randy's side even though she detested it.


“Smile and look pretty.” Randy said in a soft undertone, knowing she was worried about Ric and no doubt THRILLED to pieces to be here. 


Factor in a month with him, Paul and David, without Ric there to subtly steer them away from harassing her.  She was probably wishing she was sick as well.  He draped an arm around her bracingly.


“I know how to do my job; why don't you do yours?” She retorted back quietly, flashing a smile at the fans and sat down in the chair, crossing her ankles before taking the pen. 


She was popular just from being a WWE Diva, leaning back, and watched the autograph signing proceed.  It took two hours before they finished, knowing Ric was on a plane headed back to Charlotte against his will, and Jaina hoped he was alright.  When they finished, Jaina walked back inside the arena holding Randy's hand, immediately releasing it when they were out of the fans sight.


Randy did his job quite well.  He was SUPPOSED to be an arrogant, cocky, overbearing jerk.  And as all those qualities came quite naturally to him, he was very good at it.  He raked his now free hand through his hair, spiking it absentmindedly.


“What're we doing tonight, Paul?”


“Kicking ass and taking names, of course.”


“That's code for cheating and taking advantage of people.” Jaina stated dryly, ignoring Paul's glare, and leaned back against the couch she was sitting on. “You know; I would much rather be back at the hotel instead of seeing another massacre happen.”


“Who're we massacring tonight?”


“Mick Foley.”


“Do I HAVE to go out there?” She groaned when Randy sat down beside her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, immediately shoving him away. “Don't TOUCH me.  It's bad enough you have too on camera.” She grunted, not amused in the slightest.


“Well look at it logically Jaina,” Randy began patiently, though his patented smirk was firmly plastered on his sensual lips, an amused gleam in his blue eyes. “What if a camera was to come in and catch you being so mean and hateful towards me?” He asked, looking almost innocent for the briefest of moments.


“Then this would be reality TV.”


“There isn't a camera in here and we're always informed when one is, nice try Orton.” She snorted, refusing to be baited. “It's bad enough I have to act like I actually want you on TV when, in reality, you sicken me.  So keep your filthy, disgusting hands off of me until we're in front of the camera, got it?” Jaina didn't wait for a reply and stormed into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her and gripped the sink with her hands, lowering her head.  She was worried about Ric, hoping he was alright and didn't want to see another beat down on Mick Foley, who was a true legend in this industry. “Damn it...”


“You know; I’m starting to think you're right David.”


“What about?”


“She needs to get laid.”


“And not by you, Orton.” Paul snorted, shaking his head as he flicked through a magazine, looking bored. “She hates you.”


“Eh, who needs her?”


After calming down and feeling like she could face Evolution again, Jaina walked out, sitting down on the far end of the couch.  Sighing when a camera came in, Jaina groaned inwardly.  Why her?  What did she ever do to deserve this?


“Let me guess...”

“You know the drill, Jaina.” The camera man said, causing her to nod reluctantly, and smiled. “We'll just need about a minute and a half of Randy and Jaina talking about Mick.” The fates hated her as Paul and David walked out of the room, cheeks flushing at their catcalls and whistles, wanting to lodge their balls in their throat as her eyes narrowed. “Come on Jaina, it'll be over before you know it.”


“Easy for you to say, you don't have to worry about getting a disease from being touched.”


Chapter 3


“Unless love is a disease, you're safe; I'm cleaner than a whistle.” Randy grinned, looping an arm around Jaina's shoulder with a smug smirk. “You know you enjoy these moments; it's the one time you can actually let your guard down and enjoy me touching you, Jai.”


“You have a lot of balls, Orton.”


She was going to hurt him badly if he didn't stop it. “I would rather have all of my teeth pulled without Novocain.” She said through gritted teeth, blue eyes flashing angrily, glaring at him out of the corner of her eye. “Let's just get this over with.”


“Ouch...Okay, are you two ready?” When they nodded, he began the countdown. “Five, four, three...” He waved his hand twice before the segment began.


Jaina went to her happy place.


Randy sincerely hoped her happy place was on a deserted beach with sparkling white sand, crystal clear water and him there alongside her, both of them sipping drinks, making love. “You know,” He began, acting as if the camera man wasn't there, moving so he was standing right in front of her, reaching out to run a finger down her face. “Tonight...beating down Foley is just the warm up.”


“You'll do great as always.” Jaina purred in return, a smirk forming on her lips, blue eyes shining with wicked intentions as she grabbed his shirt since it was unbuttoned.  Her hands ran up and down his chest, playing the part to perfection. “Do you have any idea how hot you looked when you spit in Mick Foley's face?  That turned me on more than anything.  Do it for me again tonight, Randy.”


Oh dear Christ on the cross, if it weren't for the fact that Randy knew she was acting and didn't mean a word she just said, he would have dragged her ass right into the bathroom and fucked her until she saw stars.  As it was, he had to keep all that to himself and force himself to NOT rape her. “You want me to do it for you?” He demanded, voice husky, strong hands settling on her hips and pulled her into him, rocking his own hips. “For you baby, I'll break him in half.”


“Mmm show me your power and why you're the Legend Killer.  Tonight, Mick Foley will bow down.” Her tongue snaked out, running along her lips while Jaina ran the pad of her thumb across his full red lips, moving with him. “I think you need a warm up.” She purred before turning around and walked over to the door, feeling him behind her as she bent over and closed the door, effectively ending the segment.






Jaina immediately put distance between her and Randy, acting as if she didn't just put on a seductive performance, and took a long swig of water before sitting on the couch.  She was playing a part; it was simple as that.  Nothing more, nothing less.


‘Poor Mick.’ She thought sadly.


Randy was in dire need of a cold shower.  Fortunately, he had learned a while ago that Jaina tended to get his blood pumping -all in one damn direction- and had started taking precautions against an erection.  Of course, that meant he was usually in some minor discomfort, but better than her verbally taunting him over it.  Teasing bitch, acting like she just hadn't given him the hard on of the damn century.


Jaina didn't pay any attention, not even noticing the discomfort Randy was in, acting like a calm cucumber.  She looked up when the door opened, seeing Paul and David, and went right back to reading her book.  Her heels were off, legs tucked beneath her as she turned the page, sipping more water and drew her eyebrows together when they both just looked down at her.


“What?” She finally demanded, placing her book to the side.


Paul had instantly noticed the glazed look in Randy's eyes, which he had subtly pointed out to David, both men curious. “How'd the segment go?” He asked politely, dropping down on the couch, keeping a comfortable distance between them.


David glanced at Randy, who was walking into the bathroom, having a feeling the younger man was about to go jerk off or something.


“It went fine.  Seductive, steamy, sexy; a typical Randy Jaina moment.” She sounded nonchalant about it, though her body was currently lit on fire; his hands had nearly seared her sides with his palms.


“Since Ric went home...”


“You're coming to the club still, right?”


Sighing resignedly, Jaina knew she had no choice and nodded, raking a hand through her honey blonde locks. “Do I have a choice?” She asked, not surprised when Paul and David emphatically shook their heads, rolling her eyes. “Then why are you even asking me?”


“To be polite.”


“And make it seem like you have one.”


“Besides, you're a part of Evolution-”


“Whether you like it or not.”


“So it only makes sense that you make appearances with us.”


“Very true.”


“You two sound like a fucking married couple.” Randy commented, raising eyebrows at his colleagues.


“I'll stay for an hour since I know how you three like to party it up.” Jaina was the opposite of Evolution, though it didn't seem that way on camera.  She enjoyed staying at the hotels while they went out gallivanting.  It gave her a sense of freedom and peace for those few hours, though that was until one or all of them broke the rules.  It was her time where she could take a hot bath and relax, to read a book, to go on her laptop and surf the net. “Or are you going to force me to stay for the whole thing?”


Randy shook his head, an action that didn't go unnoticed by a smirking David.


“I really think you should stay for the entire thing, Jaina.” He said seriously, voice a low rumble, hiding his amusement. “It's the grand opening; just making a brief appearance then booking it, doesn't send a good message about the place.  Especially on its first night open.”


“You have a point there.”


They were going to drive her into an early grave, Jaina simply knew it, and waved them off dismissively. “Fine, fine I'll go.  Now stop pestering me about it.” She took her book and flipped it back open, snuggling against the couch to read, scowling when Randy yanked it from her. “Orton, give that back to me.” She ordered gravely, blue eyes narrowed, and slowly stood up from the couch when he just flashed a cocky grin at her. “Don't make me hurt you.” She said it almost resignedly, her eyes telling him she would if he didn't.  When he just licked his lips lewdly at her, Jaina hauled off and delivered a spinning heel kick to his stomach, watching him double over as the book dropped from his hand, catching it and smirked while David and Paul just started laughing their asses off. “You will never learn, Randy.” She walked back over and sat back down on the couch, flipping to the next page.


A second later, Randy had her pinned to the couch, knee digging between her legs into her crotch, blue eyes flashing angrily. “Let's get one thing straight right now, Jai.  You don't touch me, I don't touch you, got it?” He snarled, finally sick of this shit.  She got irritated and reacted with violence; he was done with it.  When she went to slap him, he pinned her arms over her head, gripping her wrists tightly in one hand. “I'm serious.  The next time you do something to me, I'm going to do it back and it'll hurt worse than you'd ever imagine.”


“Okay, get off of her.” David ordered.


“You made your point, Randy.”


“Then stop fucking with me, Orton.” Jaina stated evenly, knowing she would probably have bruises on her wrists from how hard he was squeezing them, refusing to show even a HINT of fear.  Her heart was pounding furiously against her chest and his knee was bruising her inner thighs, but still, she wasn't going to show him any pain. “Let go of me right now.” She hissed angrily, blue eyes narrowing to slits and felt him reluctantly release her, shoving her a little against the couch. “I hope and pray to god that someone comes along and beats respect into you, Orton, because you honestly don't deserve to be in this group or company.  Quit fucking with me and my shit and I won't fuck with you.” Storming out, Jaina let the tears flow once she was away from Evolution's locker room.


Randy's eyes DARED Paul or David to say something, growling angrily.  Who the fuck was she to talk about respect?  She treated them like shit because she was too uptight, didn't approve of them going out and having a good time.  He hoped someone came along and knocked that stick out of her ass.


Paul just cleared his throat, returning to his magazine.


After taking a walk and getting her emotions out, Jaina visited Janet for new makeup, telling her what she wanted done and smiled when the woman obliged.  She thanked her and walked away, heading back to Evolution's locker room, looking as if she hadn't cried her eyes out over the past half an hour.  Taking a deep breath and squaring her shoulders, Jaina walked inside the dressing room, seeing nobody was in there, though the shower was going.  Shrugging, Jaina walked over and bent down to retrieve her book before sitting on the couch.  They were a bunch of partiers who liked getting in trouble, not Jaina's style.  She worked too long and too hard to gain her position in this company, refusing to let anyone drag her down.


Paul stepped out of the bathroom, arching an eyebrow when he seen her, a towel wrapped loosely around his waist. “Where the hell did the guys go?” He asked, watching her shrug and rolled his eyes, then smirked. “Hey Jai, the water's still hot, want to jump in with me?” He laughed, disappearing back into the bathroom, shutting the door, still laughing.


Jaina scoffed and rolled her eyes, snorting with disdain.  She wouldn't touch Paul with 100-foot pole, silently thankful she was with Randy out of them all on-screen.  David was too bulky, Paul's nose was a major turn off and Ric was too damn old for her.  Randy was the best fit, as much as she hated admitting it. 


Giving up on reading, Jaina threw it in her bag and zipped it up before beginning to walk back and forth, heels clicking against the flooring.  The bruises on her wrists were slowly fading, thanks to the salve Janet gave her.  When she asked what happened, all Jaina said was Randy's temper.  Of course, Jaina deserved it for kicking him, but he pissed her off.  Jaina knew she would have to stop attacking him as this wasn't their first go around.




“You know, one of these days, she's going to wind up rearranging your balls and you're going to take her head clean off her shoulders.” David commented, leaning against a wall in the cafeteria with Randy.  Randy had to get out of that room before he exploded and took the entire building with him; apparently just the mere sight of Jaina's things had been too much for the kid to handle.


“She's a bitch who needs to stop with the holier-than-thou attitude.”




Jaina ignored Paul when he walked out of the bathroom, not looking forward to this segment with Randy.  He was pissed.  Bad things happened in the ring when Randy was pissed and it was her fault.  Sighing, Jaina didn't know what else these behemoths wanted from her. 


They were children, who enjoyed the finer things out of life, and partied nearly every night after a show.  It was sickening how many women they brought back to the suite with them, which is why Jaina had made sure she got her OWN room attached to their suite.  She didn't care to be part of the group except in the ring and in front of fans for promotional work.  That was the ONLY reason why she was going to this club tonight.


Paul was buttoning up his shirt, studying Jaina thoughtfully.  She was a beautiful woman and, yet, he still hadn't seen her with anyone.  She wasn't HIS type though; he preferred a woman with a little more junk in the trunk as David had so eloquently put it one night.


“We won't be out late tonight, just a few hours.” He told her, knowing that should make her evening a little more bearable.


“I'm not worried about that Paul.” Jaina was twisting her wrist thoughtfully between her thumb and forefinger, chewing on her thumbnail, alternating between them and closed her eyes as she began getting into character.  Randy would be back any minute and Jaina had to be on her game. “I'm fine.” She whispered when she felt Paul behind her, taking in a slow, deep breath and felt him slowly turn her around as her eyes opened. “Really, I'm fine.  I just want to get this over with.” Randy had scared her with his temper earlier, though Jaina would never admit that; she had too much pride to do so.  The last thing she wanted was to go out in that ring with him, but knew she had no other alternative. “Are you and David running interference tonight with Mick?”


Even though he could be a bastard, Paul had his nicer moments too, worry shining in his eyes for the briefest of moments before shrugging.  If she wanted to play it cool, he would too.  No point in worrying about something she obviously wasn't going to confide in him about.


“Depends on Foley, you know how he gets.  Randy's so pissed off though that it shouldn't be too much of a problem, you know?”


Jaina nodded silently, knowing she couldn't confide in him or anyone in Evolution, not trusting them.  She sat down on the couch and put her IPOD on, listening to some music until it was time for her and Randy to go on.  David and Randy walked in a few moments later and Jaina's head was leaned back, mouthing the words, moving her head back and forth to the beat. 


This was her way of getting her mind off of things because Jaina couldn't go out to the ring with worry.  She had to go with confidence; she was with Evolution after all.  Four cocky bastards who thought they ran rough shot over the company.  When it was time to go, Jaina pulled the headphones from her ears and walked past Randy out the door, knowing he would be right behind her.


“Be NICE.”


Flipping David off, Randy followed Jaina, rearranging his facial features into a cocky, smug expression.


“So...should I be surprised if he injures her and claims it was an accident?”


“Well, no, but I don't think he will.  He's mostly calmed down.”


Randy planned on beating Mick Foley until his wife felt it and shouted for mercy.


Chapter 4


No words were spoken between them as Jaina stood beside him at gorilla position.  The tension was so thick it couldn't be cut with even the sharpest of knives, everyone noticing it.  Jaina squared her shoulders and closed her eyes when Randy's music hit, walking through the black curtain after him, shimmering gold along with his entrance as she stood beside him, hands planted on her hips. 


Taking his offered hand with a smile, Jaina was guided down the ramp way, acting as if she worshipped the ground Randy walked on.  Again, she was playing the part as she walked up the steel ring steps and stepped through the bottom rope, smoothing her dress down and stood in front of him.  She ran her hands down his shirt covered chest before unbuttoning it one by one, finally sliding it from his muscular body and torso, licking her lips hungrily, folding it over her arm.  Jaina then walked over, retrieving a microphone and stood beside him, clapping as the music was cut.


Randy had completely forgotten he had microphone time tonight; that's how pissed off and distracted she had gotten him.  Inwardly slapping the shit out of himself and then kicking her ass for good measure, Randy decided to improvise since he hadn't given any idea to what he was going to say.  Luckily for him, he was pretty smooth on the microphone to begin with.  Smirking, he bent down to brush his lips against hers before kicking off his little spiel.


It was the same bitch talk about how Randy was going to end Mick Foley's career since he was the Legend Killer.  Jaina drowned most of it out, keeping that smile on her face and clapped whenever the fans started booing, encouraging him to continue.  Though, he was cut off after five minutes straight, causing her to inwardly sigh with relief, and watched as Mick Foley stormed down to the ring for the confrontation. 


Randy immediately pushed her toward the ring ropes and Jaina slid through them, landing on the outside with ease with his shirt, watching as his muscles flexed with every movement.  Damn, why did he have to be such an asshole?  Jaina wondered what it would be like to spend one night with him, immediately pushing that thought to the back of her mind, saving it for a later time when she was alone.


Randy had a lot of pent up frustration and anger at the moment, planning on taking it out on Foley, but he wasn't stupid enough to underestimate the hardcore veteran.  Hell no.  Foley didn't even wrestle; he just attacked like some mad animal, causing a sneer to come to Randy's lips.  Deciding to school the old timer, Randy purposely started using submission holds, inwardly laughing as Jaina cheered him on; no doubt she hated her job at the moment.


This was different to witness; Randy was actually using submissive holds, though all she was able to notice, besides how the sweat beaded on his muscular body.  Jaina hid it well though and clapped when Randy finally delivered an RKO to the bloody Hardcore Legend, inwardly sighing, feeling terrible for him.  She watched as Randy opened the ropes for her, walking up the steel ring steps and slid through them, raising his arm in the air as if cementing his status as the Legend Killer. 


Jaina gasped when Randy practically crushed her to his body, those blue eyes boring into his own, and his lips captured hers hungrily, almost viciously.  Jaina wanted to pull away, but knew that wouldn't look right as her fingers delved in his hair, nails gripping it painfully.  Warning him to ease up on the kiss, Jaina felt him release her a few moments later, lips swollen while they both looked down at the fallen Mick Foley with sick smirks.


Knowing Jaina was going to hate it, Randy spit on Mick; she had also asked him to do it though during their segment so...Laughing, he wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her into his side and looked down at her, taking inventory of her swollen lips.  Damn, she was beautiful when she looked ravished, wondering just how she would look after an intense session with him.  He needed another cold shower.


A wicked laugh sounded from her lips as Jaina ran her finger across her lip, wiping the corners with a smirk before walking over to the ring ropes, the crowd booing them something fierce.  She hated being a heel, but at the same time, it was something new for her character. She raised Randy's arm once again, pointing to him as they backed up the ramp way, Paul and David joining them moments later.  All four raised their arms up, connected, before walking through the black curtain.  As soon as she was through it, Jaina immediately released Randy's arm and headed back to the dressing room, wiping her lips off.


“Breath mint?” David offered with an amused chuckle, watching as she wiped her lips clean.


“Shut the fuck up.”


“Be nice now children.” Paul admonished, knowing Jaina was probably going to go brush her teeth and tongue, twice. “Why don't you both go cool off?”


Paul and David thought they were comedians.


She brushed her teeth three times before changing into a black leather skirt with a gold halter top that showed off a bit of her lean, toned stomach.  She left her makeup, just touching it up a bit, mostly her gloss before deciding what to do about her hair.  She decided to leave it down, knowing they really didn't have time and changed out of her heels, wearing knee high boots that were black leather.  She walked out ten minutes later and gathered her things, knowing they were ready to go, Randy having just changed his shirt.


“We ready?” Paul asked, sounding bored already, and rolled his eyes when David began preening. “Your pants make your ass look fat.” He said snidely.


Even Randy was laughing when David's head whipped around to take in his backside. “Fucking moron...”




“I have no comment.” Jaina muttered when Paul looked her way, wanting her opinion and walked out after them, knowing she would have to stay by Randy's side tonight.


There were fans outside so she had to play the part and felt his arm wrap around her shoulders, inwardly shuddering.  It was amazing what a fantastic actress she was and plastered on a smile just as they stepped outside, the fans going crazy, begging for autographs.  They stopped to sign a few before heading to the limo, Randy's arm moving from her shoulders to her waist.  Jaina would hurt him if that hand moved below her waistline; she was banking on it.  As soon as they were in the limo, Jaina immediately went to the farthest side of the limo and stared out the window, looking miserable.


“Am I THAT bad?” Randy demanded then raised his arms up to sniff under his pits, being a typical male, and shrugged.  He thought he smelled good in a subtle way.  Unlike David, who tended to bathe in whatever cologne he was obsessed with that week.


“Just make sure you play the happy couple in public.” Paul cautioned, pinching the bridge of his nose with a low groan.  They were giving him a headache.


He smelled incredible, one of the reasons Jaina couldn't be around him for long periods of time.  His scent was intoxicating, though she would never admit that, not even on her deathbed.  Jaina didn't speak a single word to him, just nodded once at Paul, and rubbed her wrists absentmindedly. 


The bruises were faded and a person would have to look really close to notice they were there.  Though it probably helped that she was wearing gold bracelets to hide them too.  Crossing one leg over the other, Jaina folded her arms across her chest, wishing she could go back to the hotel and relax alone, like she was used too, hating that they had to do promotional work at a club of all places.


Randy was always aware of Jaina on some level, consciously or subconsciously.  Right now he was hyper aware of her, that scorching kiss, both of them actually, burning on the forefront of his mind.  So when Jaina rubbed her wrists, seemingly unaware she was doing it, he frowned, realizing he must have hurt her more than originally planned.  Not that he planned on doing anything major, just a tiny pinch of pain, mild compared to her damn spinning heel kicks.


Paul said just a few hours; she could handle and deal with that, though that would mean she'd have to act in front of people.  Groaning inwardly, Jaina knew she would need a few drinks when this was all said and done, taking a deep silent breath to slow her racing heart.  Her lips were still burning from that kiss earlier in the ring, the feeling of his hair still lingering on her fingertips.


‘He's an asshole, what is WRONG with you?’ She thought, mentally berating herself and looked up when the limo suddenly stopped, knowing this was it.  Paul and David were out first, followed by Randy as she took his extended hand, knowing she had no choice and was pulled out gently.  Plastering on a smile, Jaina knew she would have sore cheeks by the end of the night as Randy lead her inside with his arm firmly and securely around her waist.


Randy's first thought of the club was, ‘Cool place.’  The second came right after seeing a group of men, who seemed to recognize them and, more importantly Jaina, was, ‘Bad idea to come.’  Sighing, he lowered his head to her ear; his blue eyes fastened on the group, letting them know silently she was hands off. “You have attracted more than just my attention, Jai.”


At first Jaina didn't know what the hell he was talking about.  Then she saw the group of men, immediately feeling his grip tighten on her.  Her hand resting on his, Jaina leaned against his side, something she normally didn't do.  Randy was protecting her, which was strange, but at the same time, she was a great asset to Evolution.  She was the 'Golden Girl' as most called her, that smile never leaving her face.


“Thank you Randy.” She murmured loud enough for him to hear, heart pounding in her chest, knowing she would have to just accept the fact she was in Evolution and deal with it her own way.


“You're welcome.” Randy sounded somewhat startled and flashed a brief but genuine smile, guiding her towards the bar, Paul and David off doing their thing.  This meant there would be strange women in the suite tonight.  Lord save them all. “Want something to drink?” He asked politely, ordering himself his usual.


“Tequila Rose on the rocks.” She requested softly, knowing she would need heavy drinks to get through this. 


Just because Randy was protecting her didn't mean she still didn't loathe the man.  Her wrists were still sore as she felt his arm wrap around her shoulders, while he ordered a glass of Jack Daniels, with a chaser beer.  Jaina took a long swig of it before setting the glass down, leaning back against the booth and looked around.  The club was different, colorful and had dancing, which was something Jaina didn't do, unless it was slow.  Randy was stuck with her considering, on-screen, they were a couple.  Jaina was officially in hell.


Still keeping an eye out on potential suitors for Jaina, Randy also scoured the club, taking it in.  They would have to make rounds and be seen, spotting some photographers snapping pictures of everything that was going on, no doubt for promotional reasons. “Do you dance?” He asked before taking a shot from his glass, and then followed it up with a chase of beer, shaking his head slightly as the liquor burnt its way down his throat.


“No, not usually.” She replied and took another swig of her drink, ignoring the burning sensation, hoping she got trashed so she wouldn't remember what happened.  Then again, maybe that wasn't the best idea in the world either.  Jaina sighed heavily when Randy told her they would have to move around and reluctantly stood up from the table, slipping her hand through his as he lead her wherever he wanted.


In all honesty, Randy felt like he was at a dog show, putting her through her paces.  Where he walked, she walked.  When he flashed someone a smile, she did the same.  It was irritating.  He knew Jaina had a mind of her own; she wasn't afraid to unleash it on him.  He wished she could show a LITTLE of the same spunk in this situation.  But then again, that went against her character.


Jaina was put in Evolution with Randy as the woman that worshipped him, to make women jealous of her spot, though she would've handed it over in a heartbeat unbeknownst to them.  Jaina played the part though, knowing the promotional work was just as important as the in-ring, if not more.  She signed a few autographs, mostly for men, while Randy was busy with women left and right fawning over him.  She just stood back and watched amusedly, shaking her head, wondering when they could leave.  Jaina was dead on her feet, that Tequila Rose giving her a nice buzz.


As much as he would have usually loved the attention he was receiving from this bevy of beauties, it was impossible to bask in the adoration with Jaina looking on.  She made him feel self-conscious and that was something Randy NEVER felt.  He sighed, looking over the head of a very busty blonde to her, eyes asking for some help.  Frowning, Randy saw one of the braver men approaching her from behind, already moving towards her.


The man grabbed her, but Jaina was making her way over to Randy and shoved the busty blonde away before bringing his lips down on hers, knowing the photographers would love this, slowly pulling back. “He's taken, or have you forgotten that?” She stated, blue eyes flashing at the blonde, her hands resting on Randy's chest before resting her head against his chest, feeling his fingers running through her hair.  She looked behind her, seeing the man glaring daggers back at them, and closed her eyes as her arms tightened around him.


“You got a problem, boy?” Randy demanded, his upper lip curling into a sneer, muscular arms tightening around Jaina protectively.  The guy couldn't have been much older than him so 'boy' wasn't the right term, but degrading nonetheless.


Shaking his head, the man just backed off, shooting Jaina one last, appreciative look.


“Fucking prick.”


“I second that.” She murmured, feeling safe for the moment in Randy's arms before slowly pulling back, raking a hand through her honey blonde hair.  They helped each other out of uncomfortable situations; that's all Jaina was chalking it up too and flashed another smile when a photographer came over to them.  She hated the promotional shit, but knew it had to be done as Randy's arms wrapped around her waist, his chin resting on her shoulder, leaning her head against his as a few more pictures were taken. “I'm thirsty.” She whispered, walking away from him before going back up to their private table, wanting to leave in the worse way as she took another swig of her drink.


“Wanna dance?” He was back, having been waiting for her to move from her fancy, wrestler boyfriend.  They couldn't be up each other's ass all the time, now could they?  Her friends from her little faction were too busy enjoying themselves and it looked like her boyfriend was about to be swarmed again. “C'mon honey, I'm not a bad guy.” He laughed, dropping down beside her, and wrapped an arm around her shoulder.


“Get away from me.” She ordered gravely, glaring at the man when he went to kiss her neck and splashed her Tequila Rose in his face, receiving a backhand for her troubles.  She immediately stumbled from the booth.  The music was loud so nobody would notice this right away as he stood up, shouting at her.


“You crazy fucking bitch!!”


When he lunged at her, Jaina did a drop toehold, causing his nose to smash against the floor, busting it instantly as he stumbled up to his feet, her cheek throbbing and already turning a deep shade of blue.


“I'm gonna-”


A second later, the man was on his back seeing stars from her devastating roundhouse heel kick, glad she'd worn her steel toed boots.


Chapter 5


Paul, Randy and David seen what happened, all three men pushing their way to reach her, but a bit too late it seemed. “Randy, get her out of here.” David ordered, cracking his knuckles.


“We're going to go out back, somewhere private, and teach him some respect.” Paul growled.  They might not have liked Jaina, but she was a part of Evolution.  They protected and took care of their own.


“Come on; let's go have a look at your face.”


Jaina was trembling from head to toe against Randy, knees shaking as he guided her away, covering her face the best she could while Paul and David did as promised.  They dragged the drunk away and out of the club.  The owner guided them to a private room and Jaina could already feel the tears building in her eyes, refusing to let them fall.


“I'm fine.” She whispered before bringing her hand away from her face and seen the trickle of blood, knowing her cheek was cut. “Fuck!” She hissed, walking over to the mirror and examined it, doing everything in her power not to let the tears fall.  She had to be strong.


Sighing, Randy tugged off his shirt, wearing a white t-shirt beneath it and offered her the buttoned up one.  It hadn't been next to his actual bare skin so her aversion to it might be less.  When she didn't take it, he gently forced her into it, buttoning it up while studying her cheek, taking in the cut and swelling around the sight.


“How about we go to the hotel and call a physician to come have a look at that?” He suggested softly.


Jaina nodded and looked down at the shirt, being engulfed in his scent and that actually willed the tears away, glad none had fallen.  She felt Randy's arm wrap firmly and protectively around her shoulders before guiding her out of the room, heading out the back way where the fans weren't located, a limo waiting.  She slid inside, Randy following; knowing Paul and David would find their way back.


‘This is why I don't go out.’ She thought sadly, looking out the window while Randy sat next to her, lowering her head.  Because of her, their night was ruined and she actually felt terrible as she stared down at her nails, cheek throbbing something fierce.


Randy had two things on his mind.  First being Jaina and her cheek, hoping Paul and David broke that little bastard in half.  If he wasn't already, considering she had unleashed one of those devastating spinning heels kicks on him, with her steel toed boots nonetheless.  Second, he KNEW pictures had been snapped and sincerely hoped this got covered up.  Bad press, just what they didn't need.


She had defended herself and, if Vince didn't like it, he could kiss her ass!  They arrived at the hotel a few minutes later as Jaina stepped out of the limo, Randy guiding her inside the back way, not wanting to deal with any more fans or photographers for the evening.  Jaina actually breathed a sigh of relief when they were in the safety of their suite and immediately went into her room, having taken Randy's shirt off, closing the door behind her.  She wanted to be alone and walked into the bathroom, looking over her cheek, and sighed at the cut on it from the bastard's ring.


“Damn...” She whispered and began treating the wound.


Sighing, Randy picked up the shirt and tossed it onto his bed, glancing at the door.  No doubt she wanted to be alone, but...He went to the phone and called down to the front desk, asking for a physician to be sent up.  Jaina would probably hate him for that too.  He walked over to her door next, knocked and tried the knob, surprised it was unlocked.


“Jai, a doctor is on his way up.” He called gently.


She slowly walked out, knowing a physician wasn't necessary, but the guys wouldn't rest until she was checked over, that much was obvious. “Thanks.” She murmured, having changed into black cotton shorts with a matching tank top, hair brushed out, face clear of makeup.  She didn't want to see anyone, knowing she probably shouldn't have attacked that creep the way she had, but Jaina also wasn't about to let him touch her willingly.  Sitting on the bed, Jaina curled up as she snuggled into the pillow and stared straight ahead.


Paul and David walked in, frog marching the doctor between them.  Paul's hazel eyes narrowed when he seen Jaina through her open bedroom door, pulling off his bloodstained shirt, ignoring the physician's gawking stare.


“She alright?” David asked, looking at Randy, his own knuckles covered in blood.


“Her face looks like shit.”


“Funny, so does his.”




“Jaina, sweetheart, it's Larry.”


She sighed heavily and slowly sat up, having been lying on the uninjured part of her face as he walked in, sitting down beside her. ‘This is so humiliating.’ She thought, closing her eyes, and slumped her shoulders in defeat while Larry checked her over.


“Just a cut and deep bruising.  Your cheekbone isn't cracked, which is what I was most concerned about.  Did you take anything for the pain?” He asked softly, seeing how exhausted and saddened she looked, frowning.


“Just some Ibuprofen for the swelling and I'm applying cold compresses.”


“Good, good.” Larry stood up, patting her on the shoulder. “Get some rest honey, keep the cold compresses on it and, if you feel in dire need of pain relief, I have Vicodin I'll leave with you.”


Jaina nodded and lay back down, closing her eyes.  When Jaina knew she was fully alone, she finally let the tears spill from her eyes and down her cheeks, pulling the comforter over her, sighing shakily.  Tonight had scared her to death.  She didn't want to go out with Evolution anymore, now knowing what kind of crowds they interacted with, even though it was promotional work. 


It wasn't their fault what happened either as Jaina wiped her tears away, glad her cut was covered by a band aid.  Her entire body trembled, closing her eyes and was glad she was safe and sound thanks to those men out in the other room.  Maybe they weren't as bad as she thought.




“Well?” Randy demanded the minute Larry stepped out, ignoring the man's chuckles as he explained it was nothing major, and narrowed his eyes. “Paul, you best have broken every bone in that creep's body.”


“Well, we might have missed a few vertebrae, but other than that...”


“We fucked him up GOOD.” David assured the youngest member of Evolution with a smirk.


“I'm pretending I didn't hear any of that.” Larry said, covering his ears with his hands. “This way, when the cops come to question you all, I don't have to be a witness.”


“I don't think it's a good idea to take her out clubbing.” David said, sitting on the couch with a glass of bourbon in hand.  Paul draped in a chair with his own drink while Randy was pacing with a beer in hand. “Maybe her being a computer nerd and staying in is best for her.”


“Not to mention us.  You know what's going to happen if Vince finds out?”


“Fuck Vince, that guy had NO right laying his hands on her.”


“Fuck all that, did you see her lay him out?”


“Well you have to remember, before she came apart of Evolution, she was a full-time wrestler and she won the Women's Championship three times.” Paul reminded them, shaking his head, letting out a low whistle. “Randy, you should've seen the guy's stomach, man.”


“She broke ribs easily, especially with those heavy boots.  His nose was crushed too.”


“I agree with Randy though.  The guy had no right laying his hands on her and, if Vince finds out, we're simply gonna tell him that.”


“Sounds good to me, man.” David grunted, downing more of his bourbon. “She can stay at the hotels from now on.”


Randy nodded, knowing he was being a bit of a hypocrite because he had put his hands on her a time or two, though he had NEVER struck her.  Just a slight push or grabbing her wrists.  At the same time, he was angry that someone else had put their hands on his kayfabe woman, snorting and finished his beer.


“Yeah, she belongs here, not out with us.”




Jaina slowly opened her eyes the following morning, blinking as the sun streamed through the windows, and slowly sat up as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.  Her cheek wasn't that bad, having coated it with salve along with a cold compress.  It was just a faint bruise now, that had a brown tint to it, causing her to sigh, and the swelling went down.  Sliding from the bed, Jaina walked into the bathroom and shut the door, needing a shower in the worst way.


“GO AWAY!” Paul bellowed at the door when someone knocked, having the worst hangover imaginable.  Instead of going to bed like they should have done, the three men stayed up bad mouthing the 'creep', talking about work, about some chick with a fine ass that Randy hadn't seen, and drank.  A lot of drinking.






Randy threw a shoe at the door, groaning.


The door opened as Jaina walked out, shaking her head at all three of them with hangovers, walking over to close the shades so the sunlight didn't stream in.  She made her way through the room, wearing a black silk robe that went to her knees, and walked over to the door, quietly telling the maid to come back later and apologized for the rudeness.  She then went back to her own room and closed the door silently behind her before taking her robe off, wearing tan colored garments underneath, before pulling on a pair of blue jeans with a black tank top; a simple look.  She then proceeded to brush her hair out, knowing they had a flight to catch sometime that day.


“Is it just me or did she look fucking hot in that robe?”


“She should get one that's shorter; her legs are fucking incredible.”


Randy didn't know who to throw his other shoe at, groaning again. “You two need to step off.”




“She's not exclusively your property you know.”


“Jai, come knock these fuckers out.”


Raising an eyebrow, Jaina walked out and crossed her arms in front of her chest, the jeans clinging to her like a second skin, flaring out near the bottoms, along with the tank top. “Why should I knock them out?” She asked promptly, tilting her head slightly to the side, her cheek having a small white bandage on it.  Though, she covered up the bruise with foundation, wearing black eyeliner and clear gloss, honey blonde hair up in a clip that was big enough to hold the weight of it.


“You looked hot in that robe.”


“You need to wear a shorter one because your legs are fucking incredible.”




“THAT'S why.” Randy grumbled from his place on the floor, beside the bed, raising his head up and looked at her, then her long; lean legs. “Damn it, they're need to wear a shorter robe.”


“See?  The girl has her game on.” David smirked before closing his eyes, groaning as well. “Fuck me running.”


“I didn't need that visual, not this damn early.” Paul muttered, dragging his ass out of bed, reaching down to scratch himself, wearing nothing but a pair of black briefs.


Randy lowered his head with a roll of his eyes; he'd fallen asleep in his slacks, bare chest and feet.


“If you boys are done, I'll order breakfast.  Toast and coffee all around?” She bit back a smile when they all muttered yes, walking over to sit on Randy's bed, since he was too busy on the floor.  She dialed room service and ordered herself French toast with three orders of toast and a huge pot of coffee with aspirin.  She hung up and stood up, stopping David's hand before he could slap her ass, shaking her head. “Nice try, Animal.” Jaina muttered and walked back to her room after stepping over Randy.


“Next time, wear a skirt if you're gonna be stepping over and flashing the view.” Randy grumbled, sounding both amused and annoyed.  With a sigh, he pushed himself up off the floor and yawned into his hand.  A second later, his nose was wrinkling and he was gagging. “Oh man...Beer breath, gross.”


“I DARE you to go kiss her.”


“With tongue.”


“Five hundred if you survive.”


“Hell, I'll give you two fifty just for doing it.”


“Do it and die, Orton!” Jaina shouted, having heard that and slammed the door as his head bounced off of it, shaking her head with a smirk.  That was his own damn fault for sleeping right by her door, the fool. “I didn't touch him.” She hummed happily and turned on the television in her room.  Lying back on the bed, one knee was drawn up while Jaina brought her nail cleaner out, deciding to paint them black.  Something to pass the time, not to mention she was drowning out the bellows on the other side of that wall.


A second later the door flew open, crashing into the wall so hard it left a dent, and a heavy boot went flying at her. “You fucking cunt!” Randy bellowed, holding his head.  It had been pounding before, due to his hangover; there weren't words to describe the pain he was feeling now. “You are such a fucking bitch, Jaina!!  No wonder anybody wants a fucking thing to do with you!!  You stuck-up, frigid little-”


“Okay, okay stop yelling, you're giving me a migraine.”


The boot missed her by a few feet, bouncing off the wall; apparently Randy didn't have very good aim and Jaina just stared back at him coolly. “Well good, I don't want anything to do with Evolution either, but guess what?  I'm STUCK.  So until Vince decides to move me elsewhere, deal with it.  You told me I couldn't touch you and I didn't.  You deserved that, Randy.  Maybe you'll keep your lewd comments to yourself from now on, hmm?” She continued cleaning her nails and blew on them, not caring how much pain he was in at the moment.


“God, I wish that guy would've fucking done more than hit you; maybe you'd learn what being a fucking cunt really gets you.” Randy spat hatefully, ignoring Paul's 'now that was low' comment and whirled around, disappearing into the other bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind him. “Fucking whore, fucking stupid whore.” He muttered, holding his head in both hands.  A comment, one comment.  Paul and David both made them, but it was HIM she chose to be a bitch too.


“THE NEXT TIME A FLOCK OF WOMEN DECIDE TO TRY TEARING YOUR CLOTHES OFF, I WON'T BE THERE TO SAVE YOUR ASS EITHER, YOU STUPID PRICK!!” She shrieked at the top of her lungs, hearing both David and Paul groan as her voice pierced right through their heads. 


Jaina had enough of this shit; her things already packed up, she pulled her white tennis shoes on before stalking out of the hotel room.  She was going to the airport, not wanting to be there with Randy.  She would end up hurting him, knowing now he wasn't afraid to put his hands on or hurt her in return.


“Don't forget we got work tonight!” Paul shouted after her, laughing when she flipped him off over her shoulder and shut the door, leaning back against it. “You know something, David?”




“I think Jaina and Randy just need to fuck and get it over with.”


Chapter 6


David started laughing, even though his head was killing him. “You sense it too eh?” He was wondering if he'd been the only one.  Randy and Jaina had so much sexual frustration between them; it couldn't be cut with a knife, which is why when they were in the ring their chemistry was explosive. “I'm going to grab a shower in her room since Randy is in the other.” He grunted, walking out, while Paul received their room service Jaina ordered for them.  She was a sweet girl, but had a hell of a temper on her, and could be a downright bitch when she wanted too.


For the most part, Paul thought Jaina needed to stop being so serious and loosen up a little.  She viewed them as nothing but party animals, never seeming to realize the four were very professional when it came to work.  No matter how late or hung over they were, they were always on time with grins when it came to their jobs.  Granted, every now and then, they did something stupid.  David and the table incident came to mind.  She just needed to pull that stick from her ass and everything would be good.  Then again, Randy needed to lose his anger issues as well.


Jaina honestly didn't have a problem with Paul and David, not even Ric.  It was Randy freaking Orton that got on her damn nerves!  He was arrogant, cocky, brash, bold, sexy, delicious, gorgeous...okay she was getting way off track.  His kisses sent her heart racing and lit her body on fire, along with his simple touches. 


What the hell was wrong with her?  Jaina sighed as she walked inside the airport; finding out Vince was letting Evolution take a private jet to the next area, Jaina went to the terminal.  This just kept getting better and better…NOT!  Jaina boarded the plane, knowing it wouldn't take off for a few hours, and made herself comfortable on the couch with a book and IPOD.


Paul was more than amused when Randy's anger hadn't cooled off by the time they were ready to go catch their flight. “Face it Orton,” He began, walking into the bright sunshine, wearing a pair of sunglasses to ward it off. “Man, no more drinking, ever.”


“I second that.”


“What the fuck ever.”


“Fuck her and get it out of your system or lose the attitude; it's getting annoying.”


“Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just MAYBE, what happened was an accident?”


David suddenly furrowed his eyebrows. “I think you might have a point, Paul.  It was pitch black in the room because she was nice enough to draw the shades for us.”


“And she overheard us daring you to go kiss her with your morning beer breath.  I'll bet you anything she didn't see your head until it was too late and then you exploding on her just cemented what a dick you really are.”


David shook his head as they handed over their tickets before boarding the plane.


“Her room had light in it; she knew my head was there because she STEPPED right over it.” Randy snorted, wondering if they were both retarded or out to sweeten up Jaina, frowning at the thought.


“He has a point too.”


“Besides, I'm the one she always punishes, even if you two clowns act worse.”


Paul exchanged looks with David.  Randy and Jaina had to hook up.


Jaina was sitting up on the couch, one leg crossed over the other, reading the last of her book and looked up when the men arrived before going back to what she was doing.  She wasn't going to speak a word to Randy, seeing the knot on his forehead.  In all honesty, when she shut the door, Jaina didn't see Randy's head there.  She stepped over his body and she'd been so angry at the dare that she'd just slammed her door shut without looking.  Of course, since Randy decided to jump down her throat, Jaina wasn't going to apologize as she chomped on another carrot after dipping it in ranch sauce, flipping the page, already buckled in.


Ignoring her as well, Randy settled into a seat and placed the duffel bag on his lap.  He sorted through it for a moment before pulling out an MP3 player, sliding on the headset before letting the bag drop to the floor, leaning back and closed his eyes.  If he even looked at Jaina right now, he was liable to do one of two things.  Kill or kiss her.  Honestly, he wasn't sure which one he preferred at the moment.


The flight was made in silence with just Paul and David talking amongst themselves, Jaina falling asleep an hour after they were in the air.  They were heading to Moline for a Raw house show before traveling around.  Raw would be in Chicago that following Monday.  When the plane landed, Jaina walked off ahead of them, wheeling her bag behind her and decided to take the limo with Evolution.  She was part of them, whether she wanted to be or not, and Jaina couldn't fight it anymore.  It was emotionally and physically exhausting as she slid in the limo while the driver took care of her bags, sliding over to stare out the window, leaning her head against the glass.


This would have been amusing if not for the fact that it was so damn childish.  Paul studied both Randy and Jaina thoughtfully, ignoring David, who was busy texting one of his flings.  They were sitting as far apart from each other as possible, looking anywhere but at each other.  It was sad, really.  He smirked, beginning to get an interesting idea.  One way or another, Jaina and Randy were going to come to SOME sort of understanding.


Jaina dropped her things off at the hotel and changed into a black dress that had a gold sash around it with a plunging neckline, covering her breasts through the thin material.  It went two inches above the knee, clinging to her every curve.  She wore two-inch black Stiletto heels with a gold choker, black eyeliner with gold eye shadow and clear gloss, wearing foundation to cover up the cut on her cheek.  Her hair was left down to cover her near bare back, a strap going over the shoulder blades that kept the dress together.  She walked out of her room, Evolution waiting, and rolled her eyes when their eyes widened.


“Please stop gawking at me.” She pulled her leather jacket on, pulling her hair out, and walked ahead of them.


Ignoring that completely, David cocked his head to the side to watch as her pert little ass swayed gently from side to side with each step she took, and let out a low whistle.  He winced when Randy actually smacked him upside his head. “What the fuck was that for?”


Paul raised a slow eyebrow as Randy stormed past them, shaking his head. “I do believe our little baby is growing up.” He mockingly sniffled.


Stepping on the elevator, Jaina leaned against the wall with her arms crossed in front of her chest, sighing when Randy joined her moments later, the doors closing before Paul and David could follow suit.  It was just the two of them on the elevator.  Jaina suddenly felt nervous and was ready for anything, heart pounding furiously in her chest, keeping her eyes away from him.  Randy confused the hell out of her.  One minute he didn't want to be around her and the next he did.  These men were giving her a headache as she stared down at her nails, which were black with gold tips.


One minute Randy was ignoring Jaina, the next he was pinning her to the elevator, staring down at her. “Christ, I hate you.” He muttered with no passion in the words as if trying to make himself believe it.  His blue eyes raked over her face for a moment before bending down to kiss her, his lips both demanding and tender all rolled into one.  When the doors opened he walked out, shaking his head, expecting to be knocked the hell out from behind at any second.


Jaina blinked repeatedly as she stood there for a few seconds, trying to get over the initial shock of what happened, swallowing hard.  She stopped the elevator doors from closing before stepping off, raking a hand through her hair, not knowing what to do.  She was angry, but at the same time, also astounded.  What the hell did Randy kiss her for?  He said he hated her and then kissed her?  They did have a hate filled relationship, though on-screen nobody would EVER suspect that.  Jaina was stunned into silence as she walked out to the limo and slid inside, scooting over to stare out the window with her ankles crossed.


He was going to burn in hell.  All Randy wanted to do was pull Jaina onto his lap, lift up that dress and fuck her, not caring if Paul and David were there.  They could watch and jack off for all he cared.  Why did he kiss her is what was bothering him?  She was hot and had a sharp sense of humor -usually aimed his way sadly-, but she was also likely to cut his throat while he slept.


“Hey Jaina, mind if I touch your leg?”


“Knock yourself out.” Her voice was distant; she wasn't here in this limo right now, at least her mind wasn't, not moving her gaze from the window.


David raised a slow eyebrow at Paul, who was looking at Randy, both narrowing eyes at him, wondering what happened in that elevator.


“So you wouldn't mind if I slapped your pert ass, Jaina?”


“Sure, whatever.” Those questions weren't registering; nothing was at the moment, her mind still spinning from that kiss only moments ago.


“How about if I threw you over my knee?”


“And finger fucked you from behind?” Paul added, shaking his head again when she just said okay.


“That is ENOUGH!” Randy exploded, kicking both of them with his feet, face flushed angrily. “Fucking leave her alone, you pricks!”


Jaina slowly looked over at them, snapping out of her thoughts and daze, raising a confused eyebrow. “What's going on?” She demanded softly, seeing both Paul and David exchange looks with her, the pissed off expression on Randy's face and sighed heavily before turning to stare out the window again.  They arrived at the arena a few minutes later as she slid out after Randy, taking his hand, feeling sparks shoot up her arm and flashed a smile at the fans that were waiting, heels clicking against the pavement with every step.


If not for the fact that they were in the same stable, working together and was likely to get his ass kicked for the attempt, Randy would have happily bashed their heads in with Paul’s own sledgehammer.


“Oh this is just TOO precious.”


“How long till he cracks?”


“Twenty minutes.”


This was a house show so, after they finished with the ring, they could leave and go back to the hotel.  Jaina was going home for her two days off that were after tonight.  She already had her flight booked and everything, just wanting some peace and quiet.  Randy had given her a migraine and now she was more confused than ever with that kiss.  She needed time to think, time to breathe, just time in general.  Jaina walked over and sat on the couch, crossing one leg over the other, for once having nothing to say.


When Randy went to drop in a chair, Paul took it with a shrug and grin, ignoring his friend's muttered curse.  He watched as Randy then went for the bench, which David was suddenly sprawled out on.


“Sorry man.” David rumbled, not looking up from the miniscule cell phone in his hands.


This left Randy with the couch, unless he wanted the floor and that wasn't happening, not in these expensive dress pants.  He eased himself onto the couch.


“Oh Paul, I forgot to tell you.  I'm going home since we have two days off, my flight leaves in the morning.” She said, knowing he was the leader of Evolution so she had to tell him what was happening.


“We don't have any promotional shit to do?”


“Nope, I checked it.  We all have two days off to do whatever we want.  I'm going home.”


“I guess I have no choice but to let you go...”


“I would've gone anyway.”


“And the bitch has returned.”


“Because you were expecting her to stay all nice and sweet like most women?  No, David, there's a reason Jaina was picked to join Evolution, you know.” Paul said sagely, nodding his head like some wise old man, though the impish gleam in his eyes belied that he was enjoying himself.


“Why's that?” David drawled, well aware Randy was tensing up on the couch.


“Because they figured one more set of balls couldn't hurt.”




“No, the reason why I was forced to join Evolution is because Vince thought I could keep you all in line and I ended up being Randy's valet before he joined the group, so it made sense.” She countered with a snort, standing up from the couch and smoothed her dress out, not believing how short it was.  The material was silky and clung to every curve of her body as she took her jacket off, throwing it over the back of the couch. “He figured you needed a woman's touch and, believe me if I had a choice, I wouldn't be caught dead in this group.” She stormed into the bathroom and slammed the door shut.


“You know something, maybe Vince is right.” David said thoughtfully, loud enough for her to overhear.


“Yeah, maybe.  How do you figure though?  Just so we're on the same page.”


“Because I would LOVE her 'touch'.”


Randy picked up Jaina's leather coat and used it to beat David over the head.


“Hey now Orton, she's not REALLY your girlfriend so don't go getting all hot and bothered.”


“Enough, man!” David was laughing so hard, tears were in his eyes, not believing how angry Randy was. “Why don't you just admit you have feelings for her and get it over with?”


Paul snorted, rolling his eyes. “No better advice, why don't you fuck her and get it over with?”


Jaina wasn't listening as she paced back and forth in the bathroom, finally walking out and seeing Randy had David in a headlock, sighing heavily. “I don't want to know.” She muttered, really wishing she would've brought her IPOD. “Just don't kill each other, at least until after the show.” She sat back down on the couch.


“You heard your lady love, Rando, don't-” David's face was going purple from both laughing his ass off and Randy tightening the hold around his neck. “Can't...breathe...”


“You're still smiling; Randy, try snapping his head off, I think you can do it.”


Rolling his eyes, Randy let go of David, not believing the prick was STILL laughing and looked at Jaina, blue eyes raking over that dress she wore. “I'm in HELL!”


Paul and David both started bellowing with laughter when Randy stormed into the bathroom.


“What the hell is going on?” She demanded as soon as Randy slammed the door shut behind him, crossing her arms in front of her chest, glaring at both David and Paul's snickering forms.


“The boy has the hots for you.”


“That's putting it mildly.” David was trying so hard not to laugh.


“He wants to fuck your brains out.” Paul said bluntly and started laughing when Randy began bellowing through the door.


Jaina blinked, eyes growing wide then thought about that kiss, before feeling her cheeks turn a deep crimson red. “I-I'm going out to get some air.” She walked out before they could stop her.


Chapter 7


The second that door closed behind her, Randy was back out, this time ready to kill these jackasses. “You two are NOT funny.  I don't know what you're up too, but knock it off!  I don't want to fuck her!”


“Mind if I do?”




“Yes you do or else you wouldn't be getting defensive every time we mention something about her creamy, smooth, tanned, beautiful legs that could easily wrap around-” Paul was bellowing again when Randy attacked, putting him in a headlock and shoved him away as they began scrapping in the dressing room, David laughing too hard to stop them.


“Around a waist, ankles locked while being pounded-” Now David was being attacked again while Paul got a break, both of them loving taunting the kid.  It was too good to pass up. “Just admit you want to fuck her and we'll leave you alone!”


“I never said that!  I just don't want you two dick weeds chasing after her, trying to get up her skirt!” So he was lying through his teeth about the not wanting to fuck her, though at the same time, he didn't.  He didn't know what the hell he wanted when it came to Jaina.


“Maybe she WANTS one of us to get under her skirt.  You think she wears thongs?”


“I bet she's a no panty kinda- GODDAMN IT, THAT ONE HURT!”




Jaina was gone for an hour, having spent most of it walking around the arena, just needing some time alone to think.  That's why she was going home.  She hadn't been to Florida in over six months, sighing heavily, missing being there more than anything else.  Though her lips were also on fire from Randy's elevator kiss, knowing it was going to happen in that ring again. 


He always kissed her when they were out in the ring unless he lost, which wasn't often.  Jaina finally made her way back into Evolution's locker room, seeing David was holding an ice pack to his jaw while Paul read a magazine; Randy looked calmer than earlier.  She walked past him and sat down on the couch, knowing they were going out to the ring any minute.


Paul had an evolving mind brewing as he watched the pair over his magazine, eyes always on the pages whenever either Jaina or Randy chanced a look at him, turning the pages slowly after reading each article.  It didn't help that Jaina had sprung she was taking off on him, though...He could almost feel a light bulb going off over his head and grinned. “The entire group is going out tonight, by the way, so let's pretend we're one big happy family.” He said cheerfully.


“Wait, what?” Jaina was on her feet instantly, shaking her head. “No, I'm NOT going out again.  Did you forget what happened to me last night?” Her eyes narrowed to slits, cheeks flushing angrily, “You can TRY forcing me to go out, Paul, but the fact is it's MY decision.  I don't care if it's for promotional reasons, for the company, I don't give a DAMN!” There was NO way in HELL she was going out tonight; her cheek wasn't healed yet and she had an early flight to catch in the morning. “I'm not going.”


Paul stared at her like she had lost her mind, a scowl on his face. “Jaina, for ONCE in your life, do us ALL a favor and shut the FUCK up.” He ordered, raising a hand when Randy opened his mouth. “I meant out to the RING.  After what happened last night, we all can agree the best place for you is NOT in a club.” He snorted, raking a hand through his hair, and looked at her piercingly.


David just shook his head at her.


“Well the next time you announce something that we're doing, make sure you include WHERE.” She shot back defensively, wrapping her arms around herself. “I'm sorry Paul, okay?  Last night wasn't exactly the time I had in mind and I thought you meant after the show.  I'm sorry.” She murmured, feeling a hand on her shoulder and turned her head to see Randy, who was staring at Paul.  Jaina knew she jumped the gun and mentally cursed herself, but she couldn't help it.  She wasn't going ANYWHERE with this group after what happened, except when it came to business. “From now on, business is business.  Leave me out of whatever personal shit you do.  I know last night was promotional, but as far as going out, talking, whatever, leave me out of it.  I'll meet you at gorilla position.” She walked out, heels clicking fiercely against the floor, wanting this night to be over with so she could be back in Florida with warm weather, the ocean breeze and a bottle of wine with her own bed.


“And THAT is why I don't keep a steady girlfriend.”


“Shut up, David.” Randy sighed, shaking his head.  Jaina hated them, all of them, and he didn't help the matter by kissing her right AFTER telling her he hated her.  Not good, but he couldn't help it any more than she could help her intense dislike of them.




Jaina was a completely different woman out in the ring as opposed to backstage.  She was a submissive seductress that most referred to her as a slut.  It was a job though and she loved playing the part for some ungodly reason.  Granted, she would've much rather been with someone else, but her and Randy clicked in the ring.  They had this intense, unlimited chemistry that made even the more hateful fan actually step back and admire. 


They were the perfect WWE couple as she stood by his side, Evolution's music surrounding them, shimmering under the gold lights.  Her eyes were focused and filled with malicious intentions, as always, while Paul ran his mouth on the microphone.  This was a promo, nothing more, which was a good thing.  Whenever Evolution was together, Randy normally didn't kiss her or put the moves on her.  She kept that predatory smile on her face, her contemptuous glare patent.


Randy wasn't even listening to Paul; he was too busy trying not to inhale whatever the hell it was Jaina was wearing or feel her damn presence, which was impossible since she was RIGHT there beside him.  When Paul finally finished, he applauded, a smug smirk on his face, hoping he wasn't drilled about whatever was said because he hadn't heard a single word.  When Jaina looked up at him, he smiled down at her.


“Sorry.” David grunted as he accidentally nudged Jaina into Randy, watching as Randy automatically pulled her into his arms.


Then he kissed her.


A soft moan escaped her lips as she kissed him back, Evolution's music blaring through the arena speakers and slowly pulled back when neither of them could breathe, winking at the camera.  The ladies loathed her while the men wanted to be Randy, something only the two of them could ignite from fans.  Her heart was pounding furiously in her chest as Jaina walked over, kissing Paul and David on the cheeks, like she always did whenever they did an Evolution group promo, before raising their arms as if they owned and conquered the world.  She then slid through the bottom rope and landed on the floor, smoothing her dress down.  Somehow keeping it from going past her ass, Randy's arm wrapped around her waist, not acknowledging the fans, keeping her head held high like she was supposed to.


“Very smooth.” Paul said, walking behind the pair alongside David. “She'll probably ream you a new asshole though.”




“I got an idea, big man, and I'm going to need your help.”




“Jai and Rando.  I think they need some one on one time together.  Outside of work, if you follow me.”


Randy couldn't hear the two; obviously, the fans were too damn loud not to mention the music.  He didn't know where that kiss had come from, but very tempted to do it again.


Jaina didn't want to know what that kiss was about and immediately walked away from Randy as soon as they were backstage, knowing her lips were swollen.  Everyone knew she'd been forced into this predicament, so it wasn't like they could harass her for it.  Jaina didn't care what others thought anyway; as long as she had her job and did what she loved, that’s all that mattered.  The only thing Jaina wanted right now, however, was space from these three behemoths, not believing she was actually missing Ric and his flirtatious ways. 


He did treat her with respect and never laid a hand on her, which she more than appreciated.  Then Jaina started wondering what the hell that was about as far as David nudging her into Randy.  Men.  She didn't understand them and probably never would.


“Cold shower for you, bucko.” David said, clapping a hand on Randy's shoulder, wondering why the kid was just standing there staring after Jaina, instead of chasing her ass down and fucking her senseless.


“Come on David, we got business to attend too.”


“I'll come with.”


“Nah, why don't you just hang out with the ice queen and see if she doesn't melt?”




“Where are the others?” She asked as soon as Randy walked into the dressing room, having beaten them back there, ready to go back to the hotel for a hot shower and bed. 


Jaina had a flight at eight in the morning and couldn't wait to board it.  She was chalking that kiss up to be just part of the show, not even wanting to think about the one in the elevator.  She just didn't want to analyze anything right now and pulled her dress down before sitting on the couch, wondering where Paul and David were.  They were supposed to leave right after their segment was over with, which is what normally happened; though she had a feeling they were plotting something.


“I don't know, they said something about going out.” Randy muttered, not about to tell her what else they said, not in the mood to have his head bashed in with another door or something.  He didn't even look at Jaina, also not in the mood to jump her and, again, bashed in the skull with the door. “What time does your flight leave?”


“Eight in the morning.” She sighed wistfully, a smile crossing her lips that was genuine, eyes actually sparkling at the thought of being home again. “I might try taking an earlier flight if I can get one.” She wouldn't be sleeping tonight and finally turned around to face Randy. “Well since they're going out, I'm heading back to the hotel.”


Jaina walked past him, knowing she still had a few more things to pack up, not to mention she wanted out of this dress in the worse way.  It was a house show so if fans saw her with or without Randy, it wouldn't matter as much as live events, as weird as that sounded.  Then a thought struck her, why wasn't Randy with David and Paul?


“I'll come with you.” Randy said, following her and hesitated. “Paul and David didn't invite me.” He explained, though it wasn't true; they had told him...well, as much as he'd LIKE to take their advice, he liked breathing even more. “So...can I? “He looked down at his feet, scuffing the toe of his dress shoe along the floor.


“Sure, I don't know why you're asking me since it's Evolution's suite not just mine.” This man confused her more than any other had before as Jaina raised an eyebrow, shaking her head slowly. “Well come on then.” She urged, watching him grab his things and walked out of the dressing room with him following suit, neither saying a word, Jaina keeping her distance from him.  She wasn't surprised when a limo was waiting for them, knowing David and Paul hadn't left the arena yet and slid inside followed by Randy, telling the driver to go back to the hotel.  Jaina stared out the window, hands on her kneecaps, dying to get out of this dress and into something more comfortable, more her.


This was uncomfortable.  Randy felt like he should say something, just to break the tension.  Now that it was just them, with nowhere to run, he could finally feel how bad it really was.  It was stifling, literally suffocating him.  Of course, what was he supposed to say?  Sorry I said I hated you and then kissed you?  Somehow he knew that wouldn’t go over well with Jaina.


“Jai, about earlier,” He began, running a hand over his hair awkwardly. “In the elevator...” He almost sighed when she didn't even tense, wondering if this was a good idea or just pointless.


“Don't worry about it Randy.  Water under the bridge.” She waved him off dismissively with before rolling the window down and let the wind whip through her hair, closing her eyes as a peaceful smile crossed her face. 


In a few hours, she would be feeling the Florida breeze in her beach house and she could hardly wait.  Granted, her lips were burning from that kiss earlier in the ring, but Jaina had to push that all out of her mind for the time being.  She didn't want to talk about it and especially not the elevator incident.  She just wanted to pretend it never happened, knowing Randy had gotten carried away for whatever reason.  Saying he hated her and then kissing her…yeah, the man was emotionally unstable.


She probably thought he was chemically imbalanced or something, which annoyed him.  Now that David and Paul weren't around to bitch about it, Randy pulled a silver cigarette case from one of the side flaps of his duffel bag, flicking it open and plucked a cigarette from the case.  A menthol cigarette.  With a sigh of contentment, he lit it up and pressed a button to roll down the window, not wanting to bother her too much with the smoke.


“Want one?” He offered cordially.


“No thanks, I don't smoke.” She said, glancing over at him to acknowledge the question, before turning back to stare out the window. 


The rest of the ride was made in silence, each in their own thoughts, Randy about her and Jaina about going home.  When they arrived at the hotel, Jaina was the first one out, thanking the driver, and headed through the back door.  She didn't feel like being bombarded with fans and started up the stairs, exhausted from the day's events.  Sighing heavily, Jaina decided she wouldn't be taking an elevator anytime soon.


Why she didn't take the elevator was beyond him, but then again, after thinking about it, Randy had a sneaking suspicion he knew why.  Sighing, he did head for the elevator.  Just as he was passing by a potted plant that was almost his height, he turned and then everything went black.


Chapter 8


“Were we spotted?”


“Nope, go hide him and I'll keep an eye on her, make sure she does catch that flight to Florida.  Keep your cell on.”


“Hope Randy ain't allergic to the humidity.”




When Randy didn't show up, Jaina chalked it up to him going out somewhere, shrugging nonchalantly.  She showered and changed into a pair of blue jeans with a dark blue halter top, having gotten lucky with a flight that was leaving in three hours.  She would be dead on her feet, but at least she would be sleeping in her own bed.  Jaina finished packing quickly and left Paul a note, telling him she was taking off tonight instead of in the morning, before heading out of the room.  Humming happily, Jaina walked out of the hotel and seen her cab waiting, sliding inside and instructed the driver to go to the airport.  She couldn't wait to start her two-day vacation away from Evolution.




Paul was way too amused.  Jaina was making this so easy.  Like she WANTED it to happen.  Shaking his head, he skimmed the note for a second time.  He whipped out his cell phone, calling David.


“He still out?  Good, good.  She just left for an early flight.  So is he ready to go?”


“Yep.  Snug as...well, he's going to be stiff and sore when he's unzipped, but he'll be alright.”




Arriving at the airport, Jaina went through security and sighed when she heard her plane would be delayed an hour.  Sighing, she decided to get some snacks from the vending machine with her bag of change, pulling it out of her purse.  Her hair was up in a clip away from her face as she tapped her chin in thought, turning around when she felt a tap on her arm.


“H-Hi...are you...Jaina from Evolution?” The boy asked, standing a little below her height.  He was around fifteen with black hair and deep green eyes, looking very sheepish at the moment.


“Yes I am, honey.” She flashed him a heart stopping smile and signed his booklet he got from the house show, winking, kissing his cheek. “Keep supporting Evolution.”


He walked off in a daze.


David was the reason for the delay.  Not that anyone would ever find that out, but he needed SOME way to get Randy's heavy ass onto that plane.  If he went to jail for this, he was going to knock Paul's fucking head off.  After smooth talking an employee and mentioning how his bag was too important to just be tossed into the holding compartment, he watched as the suitcase, containing a folded up Randy Orton, was driven out to the airplane and gently loaded.  Good thing he had made a few strategic tears in that suitcase, Randy was going to be dying for fresh air.  Laughing inwardly at his joke, David vacated.


Around midnight, Jaina boarded the plane and pulled an IPOD with headphones out of her carry-on bag, leaning back against the seat with a smile on her face. ‘Florida, here I come.’ She thought, knowing Paul would be angry with her for taking off tonight, but honestly, she just needed time away. 


They drove her nuts with their antics so, for a few days, they would have to deal with the consequences.  She wouldn't be there to save their asses and grinned at the thought.  As soon as they were in the air, Jaina unfastened her seatbelt and let the music lull her to sleep.




“I really hope he doesn't die in that thing.” David commented after rejoining Paul.


“He won't.  That sedative will keep him knocked out and calm until he's unzipped, which means he can't scream and suck out the air faster than it gets to him.”


“You really are a sick bastard; you know that right?”


“Yes, I do.”




When the plane landed around five AM, Jaina slowly stepped off the plane, stretching her arms in the air with a yawn, knowing her car was at the airport.  She'd left it six months ago, paying monthly fees to keep it there for when she returned, a black Escalade.  She had it custom made with black leather seats that heated and cooled, depending on the weather.  Jaina walked over to retrieve her luggage and started heading out of the airport, when she was stopped by one of the airport security guards.


“You forgot your bag, ma'am.” He said, pointing to the large suitcase at his feet. “You are Jaina Culverson, right?” When she nodded, he smiled, looking relieved. “I'll haul this to your car.” He waited patiently for her to lead the way, puzzled when she stared at the suitcase.


“Umm sure...” Jaina wasn't going to question it right now, knowing it was probably a mistake, but she was too tired to deal with it at the moment.  She thanked the security guard as she walked out to her Escalade and opened the back hatch while she put the rest of her luggage in the backseat.  Hearing it slam shut a moment later, Jaina flashed him a smile. “Thank you, have a good morning.” She slipped in her Escalade and peeled out of there moments later, heading home.


Randy was starting to come too, slowly; groggily.  He was somewhat aware that he was in a tiny, enclosed space.  Enclosed spaces didn't really bother him so he wasn't panicking, yet.  As feeling returned to his body, he became aware that he was moving as well as in said enclosed space.  Raising his heavy feeling hands, he felt around him, frowning.  The air was stale and warm, and when he took a deep inhale, it seemed to almost suck all the air out of whatever it was he was trapped in.  NOW he was panicking.


It was an hour before Jaina arrived home, though she'd blasted the air conditioner in her car, a smile on her face.  When she pulled into the driveway and cut the ignition, Jaina stepped out and walked around as she popped the hood of her Escalade, needing to get her bags inside the house so she could unpack, then sleep.  Her eyes widened when she seen that package from the airport twist and turn, it was MOVING!  Her heart was pounding furiously as she stumbled back, letting out a scream when the bag rolled out and onto the pavement, crashing with a thump.


“Oh my god!” Jaina cried out, jaw dropped, and immediately rushed over when she heard muffled screaming coming from the bag. “Hold on!  Please hold on!” She found the zipper and yanked it down, only to stare back at Randy Orton!


Randy was literally drenched in sweat, clothes sticking to him like a second skin, hair soaked through, face flushed a brilliant shade of red.  He fell out of the suitcase; his entire body locked up from being in the same position for so long and fell onto the scorching hot pavement, letting out a curse of pain, trying to move. “GODDAMN IT!”


Jaina was beside herself, not believing this, and raked a hand through her hair as he tried to move.  The last time she saw him was in the limo... “Randy, Randy calm down!” She ordered as she got down on her knees, knowing he was probably in some major pain.  She wrapped one of his arms around her neck, lifting him, though he was using what he could of his strength to do most of it, both of them stumbling a little bit. “Jesus Christ, what the hell happened?” She was asking more herself than him, shaking her head, and knew just by the look on his face he didn't do this for a prank or something.  He looked scared out of his mind and was white as a ghost.


“No idea, I don't even remember anything...” Randy managed to get out; his throat was burning, needing a drink of water badly, and screaming hadn't helped him any. “Christ...I can't stretch...” He groaned, trying not to lean into her, but it was kind of hard considering he couldn't move. “Whoever did this is going to die...where the hell are we?”


“You're in Sarasota, Florida, where I live.” Jaina answered softly, knowing she couldn't be a bitch to him right now, holding onto him.  Her arm firmly wrapped around his waist, Jaina guided him over to sit in the Escalade. “Hold on.” She walked over and grabbed her Dasani water that she'd barely touched, returning to him a few seconds later, handing it to him.  When he couldn't take it, she unscrewed the cap and brought it to his mouth, nodding when he immediately took it with his hand, beginning downing the entire bottle. ‘Paul and David are going to have a field day with this.’ She thought, groaning; so much for a peaceful two days ALONE without the boys.


Florida, okay, he could deal with that.  Now HOW had he gotten here? “Okay, how did I wind up in your luggage?” He asked tiredly, flexing his stiff fingers with another groan.  Who in their right mind would...Randy's blue eyes narrowed, hoping his sudden thought wasn't right because, if it was, he was going to KILL somebody with his bare hands just as soon as they stopped hurting.


“I have no idea.  I was told by a security guard at the airport this bag had my name and everything on it.  I was too tired to check it out.” Now that she'd gotten the shit scared out of her, Jaina was WIDE awake and rubbed his shoulder, feeling how stiff his body was, shaking her head. “I caught an earlier flight out at midnight.” She slowly stood up from the Escalade, biting her bottom lip. “Don't you think you should call Paul and let him know where you are and what happened?” She suddenly asked, knowing they were going to be PISSED and probably kill whoever did this to Randy.


“Yeah, after I can walk without locking up like I'm the fucking Tin Man...” Randy muttered, hesitantly putting his feet on the ground, grabbing hold of the top of the Escalade just in case.  He tested one foot then the other, sighing when he didn't go toppling. “I need a shower...and a gun...” He groaned, not believing this. “Someone is going to die.”


“Sure, of course.” Jaina had no idea what else to say or even think as she shut the hood of her Escalade, grabbing her bags, and lead Randy slowly to her front door.  She couldn't believe he was here, but that wasn't going to ruin her two days off.  He would take a shower, recuperate, and be on a plane back to wherever the WWE was at the moment.  Jaina stopped and breathed in it all in, a bright smile on her face, even with just finding Randy in a bag in the back of her Escalade.  She was home and it felt wonderful as she set her bags down, feeling content and peaceful, just as Randy walked through the front door. “The bathroom is down the hall, first door on your left.  Help yourself to anything.” She was already walking in the opposite direction, opening windows and kicked her shoes off, feet bare against the carpeting and hardwood floors.


Randy halted to take in her home, arching an eyebrow.  It was actually very nice; he somehow envisioned her holed up in some penthouse, everything dark except the light coming from her laptop.  Surprise, surprise.  Holding the wall, just in case, he made his way to her bathroom, letting out a moan of longing when he seen the shower.  In seconds he was naked, under the sprays, and washing away the sweat and stench.


Her house was VERY light with white curtains and beige carpeting, black furniture.  Her penthouse was two stories and had four bedrooms; two were guest rooms, one her office, where her wrestling memorabilia was held, and the final one being her master bedroom.  It came with a full kitchen that had an island in the middle of it, a dining room with a glass table; the works. 


Jaina had worked hard for her house and loved it, never wanting to leave, the ocean breeze immediately engulfing it.  Turning music on from her very expensive stereo system, Jaina got to work in dusting her place, dancing as she went, feeling completely content when she was home.  Wearing white cotton shorts with a black and white matching tank top, black flames going up the sides, Jaina pulled her hair up in a high ponytail.


After a lengthy shower, Randy discovered he had a major problem.  He didn't have clean clothes.  Whoever had tricked him -and his guess was either Paul or David, if not both, the stupid bastards- apparently didn't think he'd want his things.  Sighing, he dried himself off and wrapped the towel around his waist, ignoring it as it slid down to settle loosely about his hips.  Knowing Jaina was probably going to spaz, he walked out to find her.


“I have a problem.” He announced once he spotted her in the living room.


“What is it?” She called over her shoulder while dusting her things, finally turning around after hopping on the couch, and swallowed hard at the sight of him.  Oh dear god...he was in NOTHING but a towel, which caused her heart to start beating rapidly in her chest.  The way the water ran down his bare chest and arms in rivulets took her breath away, but Jaina hid what she was thinking well.  Tilting her head, Jaina jumped back off, after dusting her masks, to pause her music. “Well?”


Randy wondered if she was really that retarded, blue eyes narrowing for a moment.  Then he took pity on her, she was probably still recovering from finding his ass locked up in the back of her car. “I have NO clothes, but the ones on your bathroom floor.” His tone was almost disgusted as those clothes were soaked through and reeked of body odor.


Jaina couldn't help it and started laughing her ass off, seeing the disdain clear as day on his face, trying hard to stop, but it wasn't happening. “Umm...” Her tone was filled with amusement, though her eyes couldn't stop staring at him.  Damn he had an incredible body. “Well, I could wash them for you and then we can go to Wal-Mart to see if we can't find you something more suitable?” She suggested, seeing his eyes narrow. “There's also a mall since you're a designer kind of guy.” She was already on her way to pick up the clothes, making a stop in the kitchen to grab tongs. 


There was NO way she was picking those clothes up with her hands.


Randy followed her, mildly curious about what the hell she was using the tongs for, then seen her gingerly lifting his pants.  “Hey...oh Christ, I smelled horrible...” He groaned, recoiling when she brandished at them.  Then again, he had been in an almost airless suitcase for hours, sweating enough to fill a pool. “Sorry Jaina.  Mind if I use your phone to call the guys?”


She was plugging her nose with one hand, while putting the clothes in a bag, not wanting to smell them and nodded. “Sure, go ahead.” She sounded nasally and released her nose, scrunching it a bit before going to her laundry room, which was just off the kitchen. “Phones are all over the place, pick one.”


Jaina walked away from him and went to put his clothes in the wash, adding more laundry detergent than normal, before starting it up.  Randy had to be starving so Jaina got busy on fixing them breakfast, since it was only seven o'clock, deciding on pancakes with bacon and eggs.  A few minutes later, Jaina heard Randy shouting and knew instantly who was responsible for him being here. 


Those damn fools! 


Jaina was personally going to make their lives MISERABLE when she returned to the road.  For now, she was at home; NOTHING and NOBODY was going to destroy it for her.  She kept a smile on her face, deciding to let her anger fester until she was face to face with Paul so she could sock him right in his big nose, along with David.  That thought made her smile widen as she began pouring the batter in the pan, flour on her cheek.


Chapter 9


“Oh shit, it's him, I'll bet you anything.” Paul laughed, seeing a Florida number pop up on his cell phone that he didn't know. “Hello?” He put the phone on speaker.


“You are so dead!  You son of a bitch!”




“You know why!”


“Where you at, kid?  You sound...cramped.”


David had to walk out for a minute.


“You fucking knocked me out and stuffed me into a goddamn suitcase!  Are you out of your MIND?” Randy was pissed and had every reason to be.


“Now technically, David did all of that; I'm just the mastermind behind it all.” Paul said, sounding bored and yawned loudly into the phone, winking when David walked back in. “Besides, what are YOU going to do about it?  You don't have any of your shit with you.  Including your ID, which means you're STUCK there until we are feeling generous.”


“I don't need an ID to travel.”


“Actually, yes you do moron.  You're supposed to carry either a license or state issued ID anywhere you go in the United States, enjoy boarding a plane.”


Damn Randy could yell when he was pissed off enough.  Then again, Jaina had been on the forefront of that anger before.  She rubbed her wrists, remembering that night at the arena when she kicked him in the stomach.  Sighing, Jaina shook that thought out of her mind and flipped the pancakes before going to check his wash, seeing it was almost done, and then she could pop it in the dryer.  She had state of the art advanced equipment, knowing she waited until the last minute to do things.  A load of laundry took her a half an hour as opposed to the normal hour and a half.


Randy was going to blow up and take all of Florida with him.  He hung up before he started stuttering, not needing that added as another thing for Paul to laugh at; he was that mad.  He set down the phone before he broke it in half, clenching his fists tightly and looked around, deflating.  His friends were assholes, but...if he had to be stuck somewhere, this sure was a beautiful place to be stranded.


The smell of food wafted in the air as Jaina flipped some pancakes on a plate, deciding she was making as many as she wanted, hearing the washer shut off and poured more batter in the pan before going to change it out.  She smiled at the scent and threw a fabric softener sheet in before turning it on full blast, knowing Randy needed his clothes.  She turned around and smiled upon seeing him.


“I'm making breakfast if you're hungry.  Your clothes should be done in 10 minutes’ tops.” She then turned back around and flipped the pancake over, sighing in contentment.


“Oh good.” Randy said, not too comfortable with walking around pretty much naked.


There was nothing between his dick and her but a towel.  Considering all the extremely sexual thoughts he had been entertaining about Jaina lately…that really wasn't a good thing.  A scowl marred his face, wondering what the hell Paul and David had been thinking.  That he and Jaina were going to 'work' out their problems?  They were more likely to kill each other than anything.


“No problem, not your fault they decided to be dickheads.” She replied deadpan, shaking her head with a sigh, flipping more pancakes on the plate while he sat at the island.  But damn if they couldn't read them like books, knowing they both had sexual chemistry that was peaked off the charts.  That kiss in the elevator proved it.  Jaina couldn't deny it, but she also wasn't going to act on it or show any sign of interest.  Randy might be good, great, wonderful, spectacular in the sack, but he was also an arrogant prick that only cared about his needs instead of others. “I didn't know what you liked so I decided on pancakes with eggs and bacon.” She shrugged, setting the bacon on the island along with scrambled eggs.


Something told him she wouldn't care even if she knew what he liked. “Sounds great.” He said softly, starving beyond belief, his stomach growling loudly as if to cement that fact and inhaled deeply. “Smells good.” Randy was having a hard time with believing all this.  He was sitting in Jaina's kitchen in nothing except a towel, getting ready to eat with her, and they HADN'T tried killing each other.


Her eyes closed briefly as a breeze blew through the door that lead to a beautiful in ground pool that had a patio surrounding it.  She sat at the island with him after finishing off the pancakes and helped herself, refusing to serve him, and slathered her food with syrup along with some freshly squeezed Florida orange juice.  She poured both of them a glass before taking a bite out of her food, moaning at the taste.


“Oh my god I'm in heaven.  I'm home with REAL food.” She sighed again as contentment stole over her, refusing to get upset that Randy was here.  It wasn't his fault and she honestly didn't want to spend her time at home being miserable.


Randy hadn't expected her to wait on him and it showed as he made himself semi comfortable, serving himself. “Very delish.” He said after a few bites, wondering if she could actually cook or just the breakfast foods.  But considering they lived off of hotel and fast food, he wasn't going to complain.  Randy stood up to carry his plate to the sink and instantly regretted it, a breeze whipping through, taking off the already precariously perched towel. “Damn it...”


She turned around when that happened, immediately pulling her gaze from him, even though it was probably one of the hardest things she ever had to do, clearing her throat. “Well, that was umm...unexpected.” She didn't have a clue what else to say, cheeks flaming and stood up from island, having finished her breakfast.  She rinsed them, taking Randy's plate, and put them in the dishwasher just as the dryer buzzed. ‘Thank god.’ She thought, knowing if he walked around with a towel much longer, she would end up jumping him.  She pulled his clothes out and walked over, handing them to him. “They're fresh and ready to wear again.” She then proceeded to clean up while he went to the bathroom to change, trying to simmer the fire within her down.


Randy whistled as he dressed, suddenly in a much better mood.  He told himself it was because he had fresh, clean clothes, but the reality was he had noticed Jaina's flaming cheeks.  For some reason, that cheered his day up immensely.  Of course, new clothes were a must too.  He skipped the dress shirt, just pulling on the t-shirt and tucked it into his black slacks, walking back out.


“Hi, thanks for doing my laundry.” He added as an afterthought.


“You couldn't very well walk around here naked.” Jaina said reasonably, putting the remainder of the food away before wiping the island down of any crumbs, just happy to be home.  She looked up at him and instantly regretted it.  The shirt hugged his muscular torso, chest and arms like a second skin, making her swallow hard. “I'm going to Wal-Mart so I'll drop you off at the mall so you can get some new clothes while I do some grocery shopping.” She walked past him and took a few deep, silent breaths, suddenly feeling like it was a hundred degrees.


“ problem.” Now Randy was embarrassed and it showed, mentally vowing all sorts of violence on Paul and David for this.  Oh yes, those two jackasses were going to pay indeed. “I don't have my wallet on me...David must've taken it when he...” He did not like the idea of David fumbling in his back pocket at all, his already red cheeks darkening even more.


“You are just in one big pickle aren't you?  We should leave Evolution on principle after this.” She stated, trying not to sound amused, and held her hand up when he began talking again. “Randy, I have money and you can just pay me back if you want.  I'll foot the bill.  I can't have you walking around here in those clothes for the next two days.  I already know you're staying here and there's plenty of guest rooms to choose from.  Now give me a few minutes to change and we'll go.”


What was she going to do, tell the guy to go fuck himself and not help him?  No because if he ended up walking around here WITHOUT clothes, she was going to end up doing something both of them would enjoy and regret.  Jaina walked upstairs to her room and closed the door, deciding on what to wear.


This was the most interesting, embarrassing, eventful day of his life and it wasn't even over.  If anything, it was just starting.  Randy could not fathom Jaina buying him the things he needed, already determining they'd go to Wal-Mart because she wasn't dropping a bunch of cash on designer clothes for him.  That and jeans and plain t-shirts sounded rather good at the moment.  And then there was the fact that she hated the ground he walked on and this no doubt would be fuel for her to throw against him the next time she felt like burning his ass.


Jaina walked downstairs ten minutes later, wearing a blue denim skirt with a white halter top, white flip flops on her feet with blue sunglasses on top of her head.  Her hair was still up and clipped back to make it smooth on top, a few tendrils framing her face delicately. “Ready to go?” She didn't wait for him to respond and walked out of her house, locking the door with him following, and grinned at her beautiful blue Escalade. “You're going to love the ride now that you're not trapped in a bag.” She said jokingly, smirking when Randy growled at her, deciding she was going to drive him insane for fun while he was here.  A few minutes later, she peeled out of there and headed toward Wal-Mart, Randy telling her he didn't want her going to the mall.


He could already foresee problems and knew beating the tar out of her on her turf would probably land him a jail sentence, which he didn't need, though it might be peaceful.  Vince would have his ass however.  Sighing, he vowed to just let her have her fun, already searching for a way out of this mess.  He could call Vince and tell him what was going on...of course, Vince would definitely find it funny and probably somehow use it in a line or something just for shits and giggles.  There went that option.


Jaina blasted country music on the way to Wal-Mart; not knowing Randy couldn't stand it, and hummed along to some of the songs, tapping her fingers against the steering wheel.  She didn't know what to say to Randy as the wind blew through her hair, inhaling and drinking it in as much as she possibly could.  She loved Florida and glanced over at Randy through her blue sunglasses, wondering what he was thinking.


“Look,” She began, turning the music down. “I know you didn't plan this to happen and neither did I, so if you want I'll buy you a plane ticket so you can be on your way out of here.” She knew he didn't want to be around her and was trying to help.


Randy shook his head, staring straight ahead, jaw set. “I'm gonna call Paul back in a few hours and see if he can't at least wire me money from my accounts.” Since the bastard had his damn bank card anyway.  Now that was a bad thought and Randy sincerely hoped David didn't get his hands on it.


At this point in time, David was busy calling Jaina's cell phone, looking at Paul who just nodded, inhaling with a grin.


“You two are the vilest, cruel, son of a bitches on the planet.” She stated with a smile, shaking her head when David began laughing, not able to resist. “Do you realize you could've killed Randy?  Why did you send him home with me anyway?” Jaina felt her cheeks tinge a deep red as she cleared her throat. “David Bautista that is NOT funny!!  Just wait until I get back on the road, you two are going to wish I was never put with Evolution.”


“Well honey, we usually wish that anyway, especially when you're on your period.” David said, sounding amused, and ignored her indignant screech. “The reason we DO like having you around is because you have the juiciest little ass I've ever laid eyes on and legs that were meant to go around a man's waist.  Now that we have the pleasantries out of the way, I have something to tell you.”


Paul was DYING from laughing so hard.


“If you send Randy home, we're going to murder his bank account, overcharge his credit cards, and basically kill him financially.  So...he stays with you until you come back on the road with us.”


“WHAT?!?!?!?!” Jaina slammed on the breaks, causing Randy to curse out, completely and utterly LIVID at these two with their antics. “YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCHES, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?  YOU CAN'T MURDER HIM FINANCIALLY, YOU-” Suddenly, Jaina stopped screaming and tapped her fingers on the wheel, an idea popping into her mind and looked over at Randy. “Okay fine, you two win.  He can stay with me.” She actually sounded chipper about it, though there was NOTHING chipper in her eyes as they flashed wickedly, a cruel smirk forming on her lips. “Don't worry about a thing, I'll cover for him, but YOU two will be paying me back, deal?” She smirked when David agreed, mind already turning. “Oh, and one more thing David, the only legs that are going to wrap around your waist are Paul's.” She clicked the phone shut.


David stared at the phone his jaw hanging down, brown eyes wide.  He looked at Paul, who wore an identical expression on his face. “Well that was uncalled for!”


“Just...stay away from me, alright?”


"What do you mean by 'you can't murder him financially'?” Randy demanded once she was off the phone.


Jaina slipped the phone back in her purse and cleared her throat, already knowing how they were going to get their payback. “They said if you don't stay with me until I come back on the road, they were going to drain your bank accounts, basically murder you financially.  So you're stuck.” The evil was brewing inside her mind, wicked intentions swirling in those blue orbs of hers that were cerulean at the moment. “We will get our revenge and I have the perfect way to do it.  We're leaving Evolution.” She pulled back on the road and headed to Wal-Mart.


“We're leaving Evolution...” Randy echoed, wondering if she was serious about the 'we'; well obviously she had to be.  They were an on-screen couple; though there was always the chance she could decide she didn't want that either. “And just HOW do you think that's going to happen?  We both know Vince isn't going to let us walk away from Evolution.  Unless we jump script of course, then they don't have a choice...”


Chapter 10


“It's time for you to get a title shot, Randy, to be a champion.  Vince won't have a choice.  You'll win the title and Evolution will turn on us.” She knew Paul was too greedy and would want the World Title for himself, snorting as she kept her focus straight ahead. “I won't be leaving your side for a while; we have too much chemistry on-screen to even THINK about parting ways.” Oh yes, this was all going to work out in their favor as her eyes narrowed even more, gunning it down the road. “They'll get the short end of the stick when they lose their most valuable player, you.”


Considering Jaina acted as if she hated him, the ground he walked on as well as the very air he breathed; Randy was a bit confused by this sudden turnaround, crediting to Paul and David's heinous prank.  Well, talk about backfiring. “Okay, sounds good.” He said after a moment, a slow; cruel smirk spreading across his lips.  The gold around his waist and Jaina at his side, now THAT sounded awesome!


“We help each other succeed so, unless you don't want me by your side, you have to tell me now.” Randy was going for the World Title after returning from her mini vacation; Paul had already informed her before leaving, the moron.  Snorting, she pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot and found a spot near the entrance, taking it. “I'm not easy to get along with, but then again, neither are you.  Maybe during this time alone, we can figure out a way to deal with each other a bit more professionally.” She rolled the windows up and slid out of her Escalade, locking it.


“The way I see it, Jai,” Randy said, falling into step with her, refusing to walk behind her because he wasn't her dog and she wasn’t his. “This is a business venture.  We both have a lot to gain by working together.” He could already see her with the Women's Title around her waist then froze, staring down at her. “Jai, you know how to wrestle don't you?  I know you can knock a guy on his ass with that kick of yours…”


“Yeah, I can wrestle.  I'm probably a little rusty considering Vince has decided I'm better as eye candy, but I can kick ass with the best of them.” She sounded confident as she stared back into his mystic blue eyes, seeing the gears were already turning in his head, and sighed gently. “Come on; let's not worry about work right now.  We have to get you some clothes and food for the house.” She walked side by side with him, moving when people were in a hurry, and grabbed a cart.


Considering Randy had spent the better part of half the night, and some of the morning, in a suitcase, he didn't feel like hurrying, which meant his strides matched hers instead of walking fast like he usually did. “So what are we getting again?  Food and clothes?” He didn't need her for the clothes, unless she felt like helping him pick up boxers or briefs.  Or maybe needed his opinion on some new panties.


“Why don't you go get your clothes while I shop for food?” Jaina suggested, winking before he could respond, and went off on her way. 


She wasn't going to help him pick his clothes out; he was an adult and could do it himself.  Humming, Jaina started thinking about her and Randy being alone with him as champion.  That was a heavenly thought as she smiled, nodding as if to assert what she was thinking.  It would be worth it in the end; she had to keep reminding herself of that.  Snorting, Jaina decided they were going to turn on Evolution after Randy won the World Title, not the other way around.  They were out for revenge and going to get it in more ways than one.


Randy didn't go hog crazy.  He just selected a few pair of jeans, having to sadly try them on since he wasn't the average size, glad when they didn't split or ride up his ankles.  A pack of socks, some boxers and a few t-shirts.  He would live with the dress shoes or go bare foot, providing she didn't have a problem with that.  He was a guest and would keep his temper in check.  Unless her mouth ran away with her, then he'd feed her some of the sand that was just outside her back door.


Knowing how Randy was, Jaina threw in a pair of tennis shoes and sandals for him, knowing he would need them while they were here.  During the beginning of that conversation with David, they told her she had a week, not two days, off with Randy.  Those two were going to pay and Randy didn't even realize what was going on.  Sighing, she threw more food in the cart, grabbing her tuna since she was obsessed with it and few more items before heading back toward the clothes section to find him.  The cart was packed full, though his shoes and sandals were on top.


“Trust me, you'll need them.” She knew his size too and waved him off when he began protesting her. “It's done, come on time to check out.”


Randy picked up the shoes, studying them.  Sort of his style and definitely his size. “I don't know why I'm bothering to ask this, do you know my shoe size?” He asked, knowing it was asinine but unable to stop himself, wondering just what else about him she knew, suddenly smirking.  He could fill her in on his jock size too if she wanted.


“I know you prefer honey mustard instead of ranch on your chicken breasts.  I know you love the color blue.  I know your shoe size because I've had to retrieve your wrestling boots several times and your dress shoes.” Jaina smirked when he just raised an eyebrow at her, shrugging. “We're close on-screen and travel together; we're bound to pick up a few perks about the other.” They stood in line as she leaned against the cart, trying to stifle a yawn.  It was definitely naptime when she arrived home.


“Okay, so riddle me this, why do you pay attention to those small details?” Randy asked, helping her unload the cart onto the conveyor belt, arching an eyebrow. “I know we're an on-screen couple, but those are things a real couple does, aren't they?” He knew several things about her as well, but he wasn't letting in on that fact.


“I'm very observant.” She shrugged nonchalantly, proceeding to tell him some facts about Paul and David, hell even Ric. 


Jaina would miss Ric when they left Evolution, but it would be worth it.  Not to mention she had to cover up that she secretly had been crushing on Randy for the past nearly two years they'd been an on-screen couple.  Jaina had her bases covered as he put his things on the conveyer belt and didn't even flinch when everything was rung up, simply using a credit card.  She'd pay it off when she got home and slid it back in her wallet before signing, showing her ID.


ID, what a bitch.  Randy shook his head then contented himself with a smirk as he loaded the bags back into the cart.  Very observant huh?  Well, he'd give her some things to observe since they obviously were going to be spending more time together, a lot more time together.  His eyebrow rose when a guy approached, wondering if Jaina had any idea how irresistible she was.


“Hey bitch, what the fuck do you think you're doing here?”


She spun around, ready to give whoever it was a tongue lashing, and fell short as her eyes lit up. “Scotty?” Jaina squealed and ran into his arms, laughing as he spun her around, kissing his lips before he set her down. “I may be your bitch, but you're my whore.”


“Of course darling, of course.” He giggled, blondish black hair spiked up with Tripp pants on and a black tank top, black painted fingernails. “So what is my sexy bitch doing back in Sarasota?”


“Vacation, why haven't you texted me lately, you ass?”


“Oh honey, the shop has been TOTALLY booked solid.” He fingered her hair, eyes narrowing slightly. “You need to come in for a haircut, your split ends are BAD.”


“No shit.” She muttered, though the smile never left her lips. “How's Gary doing?”


“He's good though, right now, we're fighting.” He sighed dramatically. “Apparently his ex won't leave him alone.  Too bad, he's MINE now.” He giggled again. “Listen you sexy bitch, I HAVE to go, but we should do lunch before you leave!  I've missed you!”


“You can count on it, call or text, you know the number.”


Randy immediately smoothed down his ruffled feathers.  Her friend, Scott, was gay.  Very, very gay.  Randy didn't mind gay people, usually.  He just stood there and listened to them, arching an eyebrow as they went on.  Dear God...He was going to be sick.  Sexy bitch?  And she wasn't slapping him?  Where was the Jaina he had come to know and love to hate?


Jaina laughed when Scott told her she had a hunk of meat and she'd better eat it, referring to Randy, rolling her eyes. “You are too much, Scotty!  I'll call you!”


She was laughing so hard; Scott was one of her best friends in Sarasota and her hair stylist.  He got away with calling her a sexy bitch and shook her ass when Scott slapped his, giggling more as he walked into Wal-Mart while she helped Randy put the rest of the things in the back of her Escalade, before putting the cart in the return area.  She slid into the driver's side and laughed when she got a text about Randy, shaking her head and responded with a simple 'Not happening'.


“Okay, I'm going to regret asking this, but it's been on mind since your friend said it...What did he mean by meat and eating?” Randy already gathered it was sexual, but to him it sounded an awful lot like something a straight guy would say to a woman, providing they both were drunk as hell.


“You're the meat and he told me to eat you.” Jaina answered promptly, shrugging, used to Scott's metaphors and ways.  It was one of the reasons why she liked him so much. “Don't worry, Randy, you're safe.” She smirked and backed out of the spot, putting the vehicle in drive before heading back home.  She was exhausted, yet thrilled at reuniting with one of her best friends. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, we're staying here for a week.  David told me while I was on the phone with them.”


Jaina slid sunglasses over her eyes, knowing she just lied through her teeth as far as Randy being safe.  She wanted him, in the worst way, and would really have to keep her distance until they went back on the road.  Then everything could get back to normal.


Randy shook his head, not sure if he could be around her for a week without jumping her and showing her that she wasn't safe from him. “Aww damn, and here I thought I'd LIKE to be eaten.” He snapped his fingers with a regretful sigh, smirking when she just gripped the steering wheel. “It's a JOKE, Jai.”


She flashed a smile back at him, nodding, and turned to stare back at the road.  This was going to be really hard, but she would manage.  The rest of the drive was made in silence and they arrived about a half an hour later before dragging the bags inside.  She sorted through them, giving Randy his and put the groceries away, smiling when he offered to help.  She directed him where to go with what he grabbed, getting it done ten minutes later and stretched her arms above her head, letting out another yawn.


“I know I'm being a bad hostess, but I'm exhausted.  I'm gonna go lay down for a few hours.” She walked past him and headed upstairs to her bedroom.


This left him with NOTHING to do.  But then again, it wasn't her job to entertain him.  She could very easily send him packing, which in turn would mean his apparent financial ruin.  So...he'd entertain himself.  After looking around and deciding she was a semi boring person, he headed outside, bare foot so he could enjoy the hot sand.  Oh now this was heaven, why the hell she didn't come home more often was beyond him.


Peeling her jean skirt off, along with her flip flops, Jaina collapsed in her bed and sighed in contentment, a smile lighting her face.  It was so good to be home.  Randy could help himself to whatever he wanted.  She had every gaming system known to man, if he looked, the thought making her smirk.  Leaving the door open and sleeping on top of the midnight blue sheets, Jaina fell asleep in no time, hair down curled around her shoulders and face, the ocean breeze and sounds of the waves soothing her.


Randy had no intention of looking because he was uncomfortable browsing other people's houses, unless they were close friends.  As Jaina was not a close friend...Though, if it meant he got to come see this view, he might change that.  Or buy a place in Florida, providing his wallet made it out of Paul and David's hands alive.


Jaina slept until around seven o'clock, getting a full six hours of sleep in and slowly opened her eyes, smiling as the sunset hit her vision.  It was so beautiful.  She stretched her arms up above her head and padded over to the balcony, stepping on it, wearing white panties with a white tank top she'd changed into, leaning against the ledge.  Her hair was tousled from sleeping as her eyes closed briefly before opening again, loving to watch the sun descend on the horizon.  She was home and never wanted to leave.


Randy was just now walking up the beach back to her house, shirt in his hand, having made some interesting new friends -and he used that word very lightly- down the way and had gone swimming with them.  Randy froze when he seen her, his blue eyes darkening as he took her in, wondering if he was dreaming. “Good evening.” He called up, wondering if this is what she slept in.


Jaina looked down at Randy, smiling, and nodded back at him. “Evening.” The golden rays from the sunset made her hair look more golden than it was, her tanned skin having a golden glow. 


It contrasted with the pure white she was wearing as she sighed gently, refusing to remove herself from the balcony until the sun was completely down, the sky painted with pinks, blues, oranges, yellows, indigos.  It was truly amazing and she heard Randy walk inside the house, knowing he was hungry.  She would be making dinner; she just wanted to enjoy a sunset, something she hadn't done in six months.


Randy had to walk inside so he didn't scale the building, bend her over the ledge and let her watch the sunset while he took her from behind.  Dear Lord, Jaina was going to kill him.  She dressed...well, she left things to the imagination and his was running over time.


“I'm going to burn in Hell,” Randy muttered then corrected himself. “No, I'm IN Hell...”


Chapter 11


After the sun had gone completely down, Jaina walked back inside her room and pulled a pair of white shorts on before brushing her hair out, yawning as she padded down the hallway downstairs to the kitchen.  She had no idea where Randy was and looked in the freezer, pulling out a Dijorno pizza.  They were going simple tonight; she was still beat from the day's events and preheated the oven, her back to the entrance, sliding the pizza on the cooking stone before getting a glass of water.  She was parched in the worst way after seeing Randy shirtless and, in what looked like, black boxers.


Randy came down from the guest room he took as his, remembering what she told him.  He wore a pair of the jeans she had so graciously bought for him, chest and feet bare. “Hi, sleep well?” He peeked into the oven, arching an eyebrow. “So...what're you eating?”


“You mean what are WE eating?  Pizza, pepperoni.” She was dying to cook, but her body was just not having it.  Hopping on the counter, Jaina crossed her ankles with a smile. “Tomorrow I'll cook a big dinner to celebrate coming home.  I slept better than I have in months, thanks.” She sipped the rest of her water and leaned her head back against the cabinet, raising an eyebrow when Randy walked over to stand in front of her, now at his height. “You looked like you were having fun out there on the beach.”


Was she serous?  Oh my god, she was!  Randy was going to starve!  Didn't she see how much he could pack away?  How much he always packed away?  Randy just nodded and flashed a smile.


“Yeah, I was.  Met some people and hung out.” He shrugged. “Tossed a football, normal stuff I haven't done in months.”


She suddenly was thinking the same thing and hopped down in front of him, walking over to the freezer and popped another pizza in, then added one more, the oven having three racks with a pizza stone on each. “Those will take just a smidge longer, but it should be fine.  You can have two and a half.” She giggled when relief flooded his face, shaking her head, and hopped back on the counter. “Well I'm glad you entertained yourself.  For future reference, I have a gaming room that's off of the kitchen with every gaming system known to man, a big flat screen TV with all the movies you can imagine.  It's my entertainment area.”


“Nah sounds a bit too much like what we do at the hotels, when we're not sleeping or out clubbing.” Randy shook his head, flashing a friendly smile. “But thanks though, Jai.  I'll probably spend a lot of my time outside.” He got himself a glass of water, downing it before looking her over, trying not to be too blatant about it then sighed. “Just so you know, I think you're gorgeous and, yes, I am checking you out.”


“You and every other man on the planet.” She giggled, shaking her head. “I don't get it.  I'm plain, but whatever floats your boat.” Jaina shrugged modestly, never thinking she was gorgeous, even though everyone in their mother told her she was.  Her legs were smooth, tanned along with the rest of her body; she had the perfect sized breasts, perky, but not too much.  Her body was one hundred percent natural and she was damn proud of it.  Though Jaina still didn't see what enticed men so much, besides the scandalous clothes she wore out to the ring. “I think you're gorgeous too, Randy, and don't let that go to your head either.”


“Too late, my head's already swollen, remember?” Both of them, he mentally added. “Plain?  Where the hell did you hear that?  You're anything but, Jaina.  You have got to be one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.” And the scary part of it was, she didn't dress to impress unless going ringside, wore minimal makeup, and was natural as far as he could tell.  Did girls even come that way anymore? “Unless, of course, those are fake breasts or you got calf implants...” He teased gently.


“Nope, I'm one hundred percent natural.” She smirked, knowing he was going to ask that, and rolled her eyes good-naturedly as she hopped down from the counter. “That includes my ass, even with how big it is.” She had a nice, round perky ass, though she thought it was as big as J-Lo's. “Oh and I also have a gym downstairs in the basement so you don't get out of shape.” Jaina laughed when Randy scoffed, not believing they were actually talking civilly to one another without ripping each other's throats out.


Randy didn't comment on her ass.  David had once called her ass ghetto, mentioning something about junk in her trunk, and inwardly rolled his eyes.  The fact that they were getting along was interesting, refreshing; though he had to wonder how long it would last. “Sooo...what do you do when you're home? Just lie around and pretend you don't work with a bunch of assholes?”


“I enjoy the ocean as much as I can and my bedroom.  It's heaven sleeping in my own bed.” She sighed wistfully, shrugging as far as the asshole comment went. “You guys are assholes, but you do have sweet points.  I don't talk about work while I'm home either, just letting you know.” Jaina looked over at the oven and then around her kitchen before her gaze went back to him. “You're not as bad as I thought you were, Randy.” She walked past him and outside on the patio, looking down at her pool.  The patio was two stories with steps; Jaina enjoyed coming out to soak in the night air and stare up at the stars. 


This was her paradise.


Well what the hell could they talk about?  Jaina, please, tell me your favorite color, what you like for dessert, your favorite sexual position…that's when Randy slapped the heel of his hand to his forehead, rolling his eyes.  And she just said he wasn't as bad as she had thought.


Oh how little she knew him.


The oven beeped ten minutes later as Jaina walked back inside and slipped the glove on, taking one out, knowing the others had another five minutes before they were done.  She pulled the pizza slicer out of the drawer and began cutting it up, her back to Randy, not realizing he was standing right behind her until his hand slid down her arm to the pizza, taking a pepperoni.  Her arm was on fire as she slowly turned around to face him, crossing her arms in front of her chest.


“That is rude.” She stated, watching him lick his fingertips of the sauce, and snorted before turning back around to place the pieces on a huge platter. “Go sit down before I whack you with this.” She waved the pizza cutter threateningly, smiling sweetly.


“Now if you did that it would be assault with a deadly weapon.” Randy teased, studying his fingers intently before licking one last bit of sauce, running his tongue along his lips. “Mmm, tasty.” He winked at her before going to sit down, looking way too innocent, even though his blue eyes were sparkling with mischief.


Oh he was going to get his ass beat if he didn't stop teasing her!  Jaina didn't find that one-bit amusing as she took the other pizzas out, slicing them up, and took four pieces before sitting at the island.  If he only knew what she wasn't wearing while standing at the balcony, suddenly regretting not having one with bars.


“Help yourself to however many slices you want.” She said, letting hers cool and poured herself a glass of wine, sipping it slowly.


Nodding, Randy did help himself, snagging more water before sitting back down, looking outside thoughtfully. “I think we should go swimming.” He said after a while, beginning to pick apart his pizza.  Pepperoni first, then the cheese, then he'd nibble the crust then finally the rest of it.  He was a weird one.


“Do you have any idea how COLD that water is right now?” She quipped with a smirk, shaking her head, knowing it got cooler than most thought in Florida, especially with the ocean breeze. “You can go freeze your balls off, but I'm staying in.”


She finished her first piece, noticing how he ate his pizza while she mowed hers down, pouring more wine.  She was starving and still couldn't believe what had happened today.  Randy was here with her, something she was NOT expecting, surprisingly enjoying his company.


“I live up North where everything is cold.” Randy reminded her, popping a piece of crust in his mouth, arching an eyebrow. “You starving?  That pizza is NOT going to get up and walk away, Jai.  I don't think anyway...” He smirked when she threw him a look and held up his hands. “Sorry, just don't think I've ever seen you a guy.”


“When's the last time you ate with me?” Jaina countered swiftly as she finished her second slice, wiping her mouth off, not ashamed to pack the food away.  She would work it off in the gym downstairs sometime this week, though she had high metabolism.  Not wanting to take the chance though, needing to keep in shape, Jaina sipped more of her wine as they ate in silence. “You live in Missouri, that's not exactly north, hon.  North would be like Michigan or Illinois.” She shrugged, loving the south, and smiled as she started her third piece.


“Given that you live in a state that's shaped like a key and happens to be in the warmer areas...ANYWHERE is north.” Randy countered with a playful grin, amused with this back and forth bantering. “And I've seen you eat, once.  With Naitch, you ate like a bird then.” He mimed how he had seen her eat. “It's just interesting to see you with your hair down so to speak.”


“That's when I was first with Evolution, pissed beyond belief at Vince, and I wasn't hungry.” Jaina said, finishing her third piece and wiped her mouth off again, chewing and swallowing before finishing off her second glass of wine. “When I'm home, I'm a totally different person than I am on the road.  You're seeing the real me, laid back and calm.  I can't really be that way with you and the guys.” She decided to let those pieces settle and poured a third glass of wine, which didn't affect her because she was eating with it. “I'm sure you're a different person when you're home and in familiar surroundings.”


“I don't know, nobody there to tell me if I am or not, and I don't like a lot of people at my crib.” Randy shrugged, wondering if he was as cocky and arrogant alone as when he was with people.  But then, he wasn't being that way now, was he? “Am I REALLY that bad?” He asked; glad to know her being a bitch wasn't a permanent illness.


“I used to think so, but then again, you're letting your own hair down so to speak.” Jaina slid off of the stool and threw her paper plate away, sighing in contentment as she patted her stomach. 


Jaina walked back over and slid on the stool, finishing off her third glass of wine while he polished off nearly all of the pizza, not surprised in the slightest.  This was very interesting, talking with Randy like they were people, like they were...friends.  That word just didn't sound right, but there it was.


“What hair?” He shot back, finally finishing his food, and sighed contentedly.  He stretched as he stood, reaching down to pull the jeans back up when they slid down his hips and cleaned up after himself, reaching back to itch his shoulder blade as he studied her. “Want to go for a walk or something?”


“Sure, let me go change, it's chilly at night.” She walked out of the kitchen, having cleaned up the mess, her scent wafting in the air in her trail.  She changed into a pair of blue jeans with white tennis shoes and pulled a black sweater on, zipping it up.  Randy would soon learn that Florida wasn't always the warmest state in the south and that was due to the ocean.  She walked downstairs five minutes later, seeing him waiting for her. “It’s been ages since I've went for a walk on the beach.”


Randy had pulled back on his dress shirt, though he left it unbuttoned.  He had traveled the world; he knew plenty about chilly ocean breezes.  He just didn't get cold easily.


“Why?  Oh never mind, traveling all the time.” He said, nodding his head knowingly and sighed, walking alongside her and then frowned. “Is that you?” He leaned towards her, inhaling and then groaned. “Why do you have to smell so good, Jai?”


“I don't really know.” Jaina looked at him almost incredulously while walking along the beach, the ocean waves crashing lightly against the shore, the full lit moon being their light along with trillions of glittering stars.  It was truly a moment Jaina would not soon forget as she looked back at Randy. “Would you rather I smell like garbage?” She finally countered with a smirk, blue eyes filled with amusement at his discomfort.


“I don't know…would I be less likely to jump you?” He asked then blinked, wondering if he had said that aloud.  By the expression on Jaina's face, he was guessing that was a yes. “I was joking.” He hastened to say, not out to make her uncomfortable, enjoying this uneasy truce they had too much to ruin.


Jaina wondered if he was serious, then heard his tone of voice, wondering if maybe David and Paul had a point. “No wonder...” She murmured more to herself than him as she shoved her hands in the front pockets of her sweater, a soft smile on her face. “Hey, we're fine Randy.  Don't worry about it.”


The kiss from the elevator was proof that he wanted her, though Jaina had tried her hardest to forget that as they kept walking.  If he thought she smelled good, it was nothing in comparison to him.  Whatever cologne he was wearing, if that was just his natural scent, was intoxicating as she stared up at the stars.


No wonder what...if the woman didn't realize by now how much he wanted her, she was the world's most seductive innocent.  After a moment, Randy just went with it.  Gently, he reached out to take her hand, pulling her back to him.  She would probably knock him out for this, but...Reaching his hand out to grab the back of her neck, he bent down and captured her lips in a passionate kiss.  There were no cameras around, no fans, nothing, just them.  This wasn't for show, it’s because he wanted too.


At first, Jaina didn't know what to think, too shocked that he was kissing her, but it felt so good.  It wasn't rushed and passionate like the ones in the ring he gave her.  This was filled with feeling and desire; Jaina found herself responding to the kiss, hands snaking up his arms to wrap around his neck, moaning softly as his arms encircled her waist.  Her fingers buried in his soft black hair, heart feeling like it would leap out of her chest at any given moment.  It was just them, nobody else, no lights camera action or fans.  It was just the two of them under the stars and in front of the ocean, enjoying each other's company.


Enjoying something...Randy pulled her against his body, not surprised by how perfectly they fit together.  She tasted like heaven, there was nothing sweeter.  His coaxed her lips apart, deepening the kiss, tongue brushing against hers.  His free hand slid down her spine to rest on the small of her back, fingers splayed against her.


The grip on his hair tightened as Jaina opened her mouth for access, allowing him to taste her fully.  He tasted incredible, better than she could have ever imagined and his smell was making her heady, the passion haze clouding her mind.  Jaina's moans grew a little louder, sounding with the thundering of the waves crashing against the shore, pressing further against him and slowly pulled back when she could no longer breathe.  Her chest was heaving, lips incredibly swollen and Jaina couldn't even get a word out before his lips were on hers again, lifting her up to where her feet dangled from the sand below.  She was just going with her instincts; knowing deep down this is why Paul and David forced Randy, literally and bodily, to come here with her.


It was like he could feel every little thing about her.  Her chest pressed against his, even though she wore a sweater, his chest was bare, the sensation of the material brushing against him only heightening everything even further.  His hands moved to her ass, pulling her against him, his hips gently digging into her as he kissed her over and over again.


“You know,” She murmured against his lips, breaking the kiss, moaning as his lips trailed down her cheek and jaw line, pressing herself further against him, head tilted back slightly. “For someone who claims to hate me, you sure don't act like it.” Jaina heard him growl and melted, suddenly very hot in this sweater as she slid the zipper down, shrugging it from her shoulders, gripping his strong arms as he massaged her throat with his lips.


‘There’s the pot calling the kettle black.’ Randy idly thought, strong hands moving to skim down her arms as soon as she removed the annoying sweater.  He wondered if she suddenly needed that chilly ocean breeze and smirked at the thought.  He could almost taste the salt in her skin, tongue lapping out to press against her pulse point.


Not even the Arctic could help her right now, the raging inferno making her breathless.  Randy made her breathless.  Her honey blonde hair hung down her back; the thin material of her tank top didn't hide the searing warmth from Randy's body, which lit her up even more. 


Jaina prayed she didn't regret this, but she couldn't help herself either, wanting him more than words could say.  He was arrogant, cocky, and brash; yet, he could be the biggest sweetheart when he wanted.  Jaina slowly pulled away to stare into his eyes, standing in his arms as the ocean breeze blew her hair around, hands gently pressed against his shoulders and upper chest.


Settling his arms loosely around her back, Randy was content to just stare down into her beautiful eyes and hold her.  Who would have thought only days ago that they would be here at this point?  Considering all they usually did was fight and snap at each other, hurt each other...Maybe he would have to send Paul and David a thank you card, after he had buried them alive first.


Jaina didn't know what to think or do at this point, not believing they were here.  Hell, only days ago they were nearly tearing each other's throats out, claws and all, but right now the claws were in; the desire coursing through both of their eyes unmistakable and intense. “I can’t do this.” Her voice was a soft whisper when she spoke, though Randy could hear her over the pounding waves. “I'm going back inside.” She whispered, pulling away from him, her heart thundering in her chest and walked away.  She didn't even care if she left her sweatshirt and took off back to the house, conflicting emotions rushing through her.  Half of her wanted him and the other wanted to run in the other direction, which is what she was doing right now; Jaina didn't know why.


Sighing, Randy stooped down to pick up the sweater, bringing it to his nose and inhaled, groaning.  He should have started kissing her again BEFORE she could change her mind.  She wanted him; he wanted her, what was the problem?  Knowing a cold shower was in order, he started back towards the house, half tempted to take a plunge into the ocean, but...He wanted to get rid of his erection, not freeze it into falling off.


Jaina lay in bed in white panties with a matching tank top, staring up at the ceiling, letting the cold air from the ocean assault her.  Why was she torturing herself?  Why didn't she just take the plunge with Randy? 


No, she couldn't. 


Chapter 12


They worked as an on-screen couple and mixing business with pleasure was a BAD idea, especially with a man who didn't have a problem hurting her.  Jaina rubbed her wrists, sighing heavily and turned on her side, looking out, taking deep breaths to calm down.  She was also trying to keep her lips from tingling and blazing from his kisses.


Randy skipped the shower.  Jaina didn't need to hear him in there and assume he was taking a cold shower, which she would have been right of course, but she didn't need to know that.  Groaning, he rolled onto his stomach, hissing because it hurt like a son of a bitch, but...pain was also making his problem go away.  What was she afraid of?  They had the chemistry; they would be a stellar couple, on and off screen.


Jaina was afraid of getting hurt, of having this blow up in her face, and she had every reason for her thinking.  She hadn't been with a man in a while, having broken up with her boyfriend right before becoming Randy's valet, which in turn changed to her becoming part of Evolution.  So instead of dealing with one asshole, she had four to contend with. 


Vince had a really sick sense of humor, though she also got used to them, more importantly, Randy.  Somewhere along the way she started sprouting feelings for him, but all he wanted was sex.  She was sure of it because that's who he was; that's what Evolution stood for…


Sex, money and fame.


Randy finally rolled over onto his back, problem solved.  For the moment.  Any more of those scenes and he was going to be in some serious trouble.  As far as he knew a case of blue balls wasn't a serious malady, but...he wasn't keen on testing it out either.  Jaina...lately, she was all he could think about, whether it be good or bad.  She drove him insane, to the point of wanting to seriously hurt someone, and then shoved him down the other end of the spectrum.


“Hell, I am in Hell.”




The following day, Jaina slept in, which was the first in a long time and finally woke up around ten o'clock.  The sun was out, the sky pure blue without a cloud in the sky.  Oh how she missed Florida, home.  Smiling, Jaina slid from the bed and could feel the heat, deciding a swim was definitely in order. 


A day out by the pool, maybe even a barbeque. 


She took a shower, trying to keep Randy, and their make out session the previous night, out of her mind, not wanting to think about it.  She washed her hair and body before stepping out, a black towel wrapped around her body while brushing her hair and teeth.  When she was done, Jaina walked out and back inside her room with a contented sigh.


Randy was still in bed. He had spent most of his night tossing and turning.  In a half awake, half sleep state.  When he dozed, he dreamed of Jaina, of doing things with her that would wake him up with another erection.  When he finally had fallen into a deep slumber, the sun had risen.


Jaina hummed happily as she changed into a wine colored bikini, the top tying around her neck and back, the bottoms regular, no ties.  She left her hair down and grabbed her tropical beach towel that had the ocean splayed on it before heading down the hallway, keeping quiet so she didn't wake Randy up, and headed down the stairs.  She would go for a swim, make some food, and then swim some more.  It was great being home, Randy or not, as she stepped through the sliding glass door and headed down the steps of her patio to her five-foot pool.


Randy had no idea what time it was when he woke up, just that the sun was way too bright to be considered legal, wondering why he hadn't gotten up and closed the blinds BEFORE he fell asleep.  Groaning, he rolled out of bed, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers and padded to the bathroom.  After his morning piss and brushing his teeth, he stumbled his way to the kitchen, yawning and tiredly rubbed sleep out of his eyes.


Jaina was just walking inside the house when he entered the kitchen, hair wet and clinging to her shoulders and back, a beach towel wrapped around her body. “Hi.” She greeted softly with a smile before padding around the island to open the fridge, grabbing some water and then tried deciding what she wanted to make for lunch.  She was already planning on making steaks on the grill for dinner, but she was starving after swimming for three hours straight.  Tilting her head to the side, blue eyes sifted through the fridge, chewing her bottom lip thoughtfully.


Wet, in a towel, and probably wearing a swimsuit underneath it.  Randy wondered if she had been in his room while he slept, whispering things in his ears while he tried sleeping because he was having a flashback of one of his many half lucid dreams. “Hi.” He yawned, tugging up his boxers and got himself a water as well, leaning back to study her. “Have a good swim?”


“Just taking a break actually.” She replied, finally taking a fruit cup out and closed the fridge, turning around only to bump into him, not realizing how close he was. “Sorry.” Jaina murmured, body once again lit, and walked over to the drawer to get a fork while holding the towel against her. “Did you sleep well?” She asked, trying to sound casual and friendly, sliding on a stool on the island, opening the fruit cup before taking a bite. “I'm grilling out tonight; I hope you don't mind steak, baked potatoes and cheesy veggies.”


“Nope, I slept like shit.” Randy said cheerfully, blue eyes darkening ever so slightly as he studied her, watching as she crossed one perfectly tanned, toned leg over the other and sighed, crossing his eyes and turned so his back was too her. “Yeah, steak sounds great.” He added absentmindedly.


“I'm sorry to hear that.” Jaina slept well since it was her bed, her house, her comfort zone.  Randy had lit her on fire, but the cold ocean breeze helped tremendously with that.  She finished the fruit cup and slid off of the stool, walking right past him and tossed it away before putting her spoon in the sink, fluffing her hair out a little while the towel stayed in place. “If you want, go back to sleep and I'll wake you up when dinner's ready.” She started heading back outside, needing the cold water in a very bad way.


Sleep was the last thing he wanted right now and decided to show her what he was wanting.  Reaching out to stop her before she could walk back outside, Randy met her eyes when Jaina looked back questioningly at him, not hiding the amount of desire flooding his own deep blue orbs.  Without saying a word, he pulled her into him, one arm going around her as he bent down to kiss her.


A soft whimper escaped her as Jaina responded, her body melting against him much like the night before, though it wasn't soft and tender.  This kiss was full of demand and heat, pleading need and Jaina felt breathless as her hand cupped the back of his neck, tongues dueling.  No, she couldn't do this!  She needed the cold water to put the fire out and broke the kiss, staring back into his midnight blue eyes that had desire coursing and clouding them.


“I told you I can't, Randy.” She murmured, feeling his grip on her tighten to where she couldn't walk away from him this time.  She refused to be another notch in his belt, eyes suddenly narrowing. “Let go of me right now.”


Even though he was currently a bit hazy with desire, Randy definitely noticed the change in her, the way her eyes shifted from passion to something else.  He let go, but didn't step away, keeping their bodies pressed together. “What the hell are you so damn scared of Jai?” He demanded in a husky voice. “You want me; I know you do.  What is the problem?”


“I'm not afraid of anything.” She retorted almost heatedly, voice harsh with passion and anger; the anger directed more at herself than anything because of what her body was feeling and the decisions she was making. “What makes you think I want you?  There you go again, being arrogant and cocky.  What makes you think I want anything to do with you besides having a professional relationship, Orton?” She took a step back, needing space, and tried to get her lips to stop burning. “I won't be another notch in your belt, sorry.” Jaina walked out, slamming the sliding door behind her and rushed down to her pool.  Ripping the towel from her body and jumping in, the cool water instantly gave Jaina relief.


Oh no, she wasn't getting away that easily. Randy followed, diving into the water alongside her.  He easily caught her, bringing her to the surface. “You want me as much as I want you, Jaina.” He growled huskily, water dripping down his rock hard body, boxers hanging precariously low now. “You were kissing me right back and there are no cameras out here.  What makes you think you'd be just another notch in my belt, hmmm?”


“Stop telling me what I want!” Jaina snapped, trying to shove him away from her, but it wasn't happening.  This water was heating up when it was supposed to be giving her relief from the fire he started with just a simple kiss. “That's all you're about.  That's all Evolution is about, money, fame and sex.  I don't want any part of it.  I know what you do in those clubs with Paul and David.  Do you think I'm stupid Randy?  Do you think I'm really that naive?  I may be blonde, but I'm more intelligent than people give me credit for.  I'm yours on-screen, but it's just a professional relationship, that's it.  Now knock it off and stop assuming shit!”


Randy's whole demeanor changed just as rapidly as hers had.  His blue eyes iced over, pushing her away from him and snorted, swimming for the ledge, pulling himself out, hitching his boxers back up. “You're right Jaina, who the fuck would ever want an icy bitch like you?” He shot over his shoulder. “Don't worry, I'll risk whatever Paul's threatening.  I'll be out of your hair.”


“Oh, so just because I won't fuck you, you're going to cop an attitude with me and leave?” She demanded with a snort, rolling her eyes, and dipped under the water before resurfacing. “You do what you want, Orton.” Jaina REFUSED to bow to his whims, not believing what an asshole he was being and began doing laps, completely ignoring him.  If he wanted to leave, who she was she to stop him?  This was HER house and he was LUCKY she hadn't kicked him out when she found him in that bag in the back of her Escalade. “Stupid prick.”


“No, Jaina.  I'm not leaving because you won't fuck me.  You could have simply said 'no, I'd rather not', but instead you decided to run your goddamn mouth about being another notch in my belt and what kind of man I am.  I'm leaving because I don't want to be around a cold hearted bitch who gets off on castrating men with her fucking words.”


“So the words 'I can't' weren't clear enough for you?” She shot back, suddenly getting pissed off and pulled herself out of the pool, standing face to face with him, blue eyes blazing as hot as the sun above. “I told you I can't and you STILL pursued me!!  So whose goddamn fault is THAT?” She shoved him so hard; he ended up going back into the pool, eyes flashing dangerously at him. “I castrate you with my words and yet you say you hate me and then kiss me, you make absolutely no goddamn sense!  You're an arrogant, egotistical, cocky son of a bitch!!”


He was done.  Fighting with this bitch wasn't getting him anywhere.  She always had to have the last word, always had to be right.  He climbed out of the pool, more than tempted to beat the shit out of her but restrained.  He didn't hide the fact that he wanted to hurt her; it radiated off of him.


“Whatever you say, Jaina.  Don't bother showing up for work unless it's with someone else.  Professionally or otherwise, I am done with you.” Randy stated with an even tone, deciding Jaina wasn’t worth it.


“Fine, you want to act that way just because I don't want you?  Is your ego really THAT high that you would destroy the greatest couple in WWE history?  Fine, just remember this, I'll help Evolution DESTROY you.” Jaina promised darkly, squaring her shoulders, and pursed her lips tightly together.  There was no way she was backing down from him, never had, and never would.


“You do that.” Randy yawned, obviously not worried and headed inside, ignoring her.  The banshee could keep running her mouth all she wanted.  He was being the bigger person and walking away before he knocked her head off her shoulders.


Jaina hoped David and Paul drained Randy for everything he was worth, a snarl on her lips, and jumped back in the pool.  She was NOT going to let him ruin her time at home; there was no way in hell!  Her arms sliced through the water smoothly, the sun baking down on her. 


By the time Jaina was finished, it was around five o'clock as she wrapped herself in a towel before starting the grill.  She was still cooking and walked inside the kitchen, not hearing anything, and pulled out the steaks and potatoes, refusing to make the cheesy veggies.  This was her house; she was doing what she wanted, when she wanted and how she wanted.




“Randy, we'll send a ticket for you, no problem.  But...” Paul sighed, sounding almost regretful. “Then we'll have to invest all your money in worthless stocks...strippers, the works.”


“You are fucking KIDDING me!”


“Suck it up.”




After marinating the steaks and putting them on the grill, Jaina wrapped the baked potatoes in tin foil before adding them as well.  She then went to take a quick shower, needing to get the chlorine out of her hair.  She stepped out ten minutes later, wearing black cotton shorts with a black tank top that had gold flames running up the sides.  She'd found them while on the road, getting them in every color, falling in love instantly.  Jaina stepped out, after pulling her hair up in a ponytail away from her face, before going to check the food.




Randy was now trying his luck with David, pleading with the older man and told him what had happened, hoping to garner some sort of sympathy.


“What did you expect?” David was laughing, not sympathetic in the least. “This is Jaina we're talking about.  She has to be right, has to have the last word, and can't stop running her mouth.  You should have just kissed her to shut her up.”


“Can I have my money and shit back?”


“Yeah sure, when you fly in with her.”




When the food was done, Jaina made her plate, smothering her food in butter and sour cream along with A1 sauce, a grin on her face.  She hadn't had a home cooked meal in ages it seemed, besides the breakfast she made yesterday.  Sighing and grabbing a glass of wine, Jaina walked inside her entertainment area, setting her plate down on the table, before sifting through her movies. 


She finally decided on Rapid Fire with Brandon Lee, an older yet incredible movie.  Popping it in and turning her surround sound on, Jaina dimmed the lights she had installed above her to a dark glow before settling in with her food.  If Randy wanted to eat, he could help himself; she wasn't serving him.


Randy had yet to come out, but he was going to need too soon because he was dying for a cigarette, several of them actually.  And he wasn't going to smoke in her house.  Why he cared was beyond him, but...Sighing, he ventured from the room, heading outside, trying to avoid both the harpy and the scent of food wafting to him.


Jaina was laughing at the movie and enjoying being home, snuggled on her leather couch, enjoying another glass of wine.  She'd brought the bottle with her, plate on the table completely empty.  She was full, content and happy, though part of her was miserable for the way she'd treated Randy. 


Wait a damn minute...He was the one who forced himself on her!  Granted, she enjoyed it, but she'd clearly told him she couldn't do it.  What part of that did he not understand?  Now he wanted to cut ties with her because she wouldn't give him pussy? 


He could go square to hell.


If Jaina would have left her 'I can't' and 'I'm not afraid of anything', not adding all the rest and verbally cutting off his balls, Randy would have probably walked away and came back another time to try again.  He was persistent that way, but wouldn't have forced himself on her either.  He liked his women willing.  Instead, Jaina had done what she always did; she'd gone off at the mouth with her 'I'm so much better than you' attitude.  Sighing, he dropped down into the sand and lit a cigarette.


When the movie was over, Jaina walked out of her entertainment area with her plate and wine glass, the bottle gone.  She'd had four glasses, which was enough for her.  The steak was soaking it up so she wasn't buzzing, which was probably a smart thing. 


Sighing gently, seeing he hadn't touched any food, Jaina shrugged and put it away in the fridge before doing her dishes by hand, not in the mood to let dishes sit in the dishwasher.  Jaina didn't think she was better than Randy or anyone for that matter; she just spoke her mind and didn't give a damn what others thought.  Not to mention she was protecting herself and knew once Randy got her in the sack, he wouldn't want anything more to do with her and it would cement her 'slut' status that everyone thought.


Moodily, Randy had stayed outside, really not wanting to even breathe Jaina's air.  Lord knew that might be a form of sexual harassment and she'd somehow wind up his slut or some other silly nonsense.  Damn stubborn woman.  He was going to MURDER Paul and David for this, putting him in hell.  What were they thinking?


After her dishes were done and everything was put away, Jaina decided to call it a night as she headed down the hallway and up the stairs to bed.  She still had six days left with Randy and didn't like how the second went.  She would have to find another wrestling to valet, but Jaina didn't want to worry about that right now, not while she was at home.  Leaving her bedroom door, Jaina slipped out of her shorts and slid under the sheet, a tank top and panties being her usual sleepwear or a nightgown.


Hell, he was in hell. 


There was a woman in that house that he wanted sexually first and foremost; he was honest enough to admit it. And he also would have liked to get to know her more outside the bedroom, though sleeping with her and getting it out of the way was a must.  Of course none of that would ever happen since she didn't want to be a 'notch' in his 'belt'.  Now, unless Jaina was following him around all the time, she obviously had no clue what he was really like.


Chapter 13


For the next several days, Jaina hardly saw Randy, spending her time either on the beach, pool or in her entertainment room.  She cooked and cleaned, just enjoyed being at home, being able to do normal everyday things that she couldn't while on the road.  Randy was pissed at her and he had every right to be, but Jaina was her own person and she wasn't going to admit she was wrong either.  She made very good and valid points; she wasn't a slut and wasn't going to be HIS slut both in and out of the ring. 


She might act like a slut in front of millions, but in reality, Jaina was the total opposite.  She had her lunch date with her hairdresser, who trimmed and layered her hair, fixed it up to her liking.  It was around five o'clock in the afternoon when she finally walked in her house, wearing a blue denim skirt with a wine colored halter top, sunglasses on top of her head as she kicked her sandals off and headed for the kitchen.


Randy was sitting at the island, a sandwich and glass of ice water in front of him, picking at the bread.  He didn't look up when he heard her come in; he could smell her that was enough. “When are we leaving?” He asked, sounding tired, which he was.  He couldn't sleep, not here, not with her so close with no one else around. 


Wasn't happening.


“Saturday.” She answered, walking over to the fridge and pulled out a pitcher of ice cold fresh sun kissed lemonade, a remedy her mother passed down to her. 


Today was Wednesday and Jaina was in no hurry to leave her home, knowing Randy was itching, scratching and clawing to get the hell away from her.  She still hadn't called Vince, knowing she would have to deal with it soon or later, considering Randy wanted nothing to do with her.  Shrugging, Jaina took a long gulp, new freshly cut hair bouncing and shining, hanging to the middle of her back.  Scott only took off a few inches, which is what she wanted, and put some dishwater blonde highlights in her golden hair to make it stand out more.  She wasn't bleach blonde by any means; it was honey, plain and simple.


Obviously, he was aware of her new haircut and tones, but didn't acknowledge it.  He was hyperaware of Jaina, which would have probably crept her out if she knew it.  He was a man who was observant, when he wanted to be at least.  Sighing, he rubbed the heel of his hand against his forehead, looking out towards the ocean, wondering if this was punishment or something.  They had gone from possibly becoming friends’ right back to where they started.  NO, they were worse than that now.


“I'm going to talk to Vince about switching me over to someone else.” Jaina announced, breaking the silence while sipping her lemonade.  She didn't want to leave his side, but at the same time, maybe it was for the best.  They could've been something great in the WWE too, her standing side by side with the new champion. “Maybe he can get me to be Evolution's valet so that way, when you leave the group to pursue your own path, you won't have to deal with me much.” She had reasoned and thought this out in her mind, cracking a hesitant smile at him. “Don't worry, just three more days and then you're free.  Believe me, if I could buy you a ticket, I would, but I also don't want to be responsible for you being broke either.”


“Vince isn't going to put you anywhere except with me.” Randy said, throwing his half eaten sandwich away. “I already asked him about possibly splitting us up.  He said we have too much chemistry.” He said flatly, finally looking up at her. “But you will be obtaining gold of your own.” He snorted, glad for her, though also remembering Vince's 'vision' of the 'Golden' couple.


“Damn it.” She whispered, turning her head away from him and kept the tears from stinging her eyes, sighing heavily. “Then I'm getting my own room from now on.  That way you don't have to deal with me and I don't have to deal with you, except when we're at the arenas.” She couldn't believe this and clenched her teeth tightly, nearly gritting them. “Look, I'm sorry for what I said to you okay?” Jaina wiped the tears away that started falling, unable to stop them, back turned to him so he didn't see them. “I shouldn't have said what I did.” She was swallowing her pride; he better be damn glad about it and just move the on because she was pissed.


Randy opted not to say anything; having a feeling she wasn't happy with the arrangement.  Truth be told, he had resigned himself to it even before he picked up the phone.  He didn't honestly want to part ways with Jaina, on-screen at least, or so he told himself.  They had great chemistry and complimented each other way too well.  Factor in they both would be champions; they could be nearly unstoppable together.


She wouldn't turn around until he left and gripped the sink with her hands, tears slowly subsiding, not believing Vince was doing this to her, to him, to THEM.  What the hell was going on?  Was the universe trying to deliberately make their lives miserable?  It seemed that way and, until Vince got sick of them being together, Jaina and Randy were stuck.  She cleared her throat and wiped the rest of her tears away before going to the freezer, taking out some ground beef so it would thaw for dinner.


Was she CRYING?  Randy was more than puzzled now.  He thought she wanted to stay with him on-screen?  Didn't she say something like that?  Or no, she had said if he wanted to destroy something good...oh yeah.  Sighing, he stood up, knowing his mere presence was irritating her and headed for the living room, raking a hand through his short hair.


Jaina sighed heavily and proceeded to beat the living hell out of the meat, pounding it as hard as she could on the counter, trying to break it apart.  So...she and Randy were going to remain on-screen, so much for him getting rid of her.  She would go back to the company and things would progress the way they were before.  That was fine with her as Jaina slammed it again before putting it in the microwave. 


She was going to let it thaw after the microwave went off and stormed downstairs, all of her equipment down there.  She changed into spandex black shorts with a sports black bra, hair pulled up in a ponytail with fingerless gloves on to protect herself, along with her wrestling boots.  She needed to get some aggression out and started pounding the hell out of her punching bag, eyes focused and zeroed in, those kicks lethal and deadly.


Gathering from her unladylike stomping, Jaina wasn't happy with being stuck with him.  Oh well, nothing Randy could do about that.  Short of RKOing her ass in the middle of the ring and taking the fine.  Or vice versa, though if she EVER did that spinning heel kick of hers on him in front of a live audience, he would murder her.  Deciding to vent his aggression in his own way, he hit the gaming systems.  Blowing shit up and shooting people, now THAT was fun.


By the time she was done, two hours later, Jaina was physically and emotionally drained, just wanting to go to bed.  She wasn't cooking tonight, sweat caked on her body from head to toe.  Ripping her gloves off, Jaina tossed them to the side before removing her wrestling boots, breathing heavily, chest heaving.  She turned around and grabbed a towel, dabbing her forehead with it before trudging up the stairs with heavy feet.  She could hear the video game going and knew Randy was occupying himself, not minding, heading upstairs for a shower.


This was almost like living with a roommate he never had to see.  Interesting.  Of course, Randy never forgot for one second this wasn't his house.  He cleaned up after himself, didn't let her touch his laundry, and did his own dishes.  And when he finally DID get his wallet and all that back, he was going to pay her back for everything.  He felt like he was living on charity, which, technically, he was and very grateful she hadn't thrown that in his face.


After a nice hot shower, Jaina pulled a black nightgown over her head along with panties before collapsing on the bed, her entire body sagging.  Every muscle was killing her, though she stretched, knowing she'd overworked herself, but she couldn't help it.  What the hell was going to happen now?  Just three more days and then they were back to the way things were before. 


Paul and David were going to wish they were never born when she was through with them, though at the moment, Jaina could barely move.  If Randy came in here right now and kissed her, she wouldn't be able to fight him off, not sure she wanted too.  Exotic dreams filled her mind ever since that first kiss on the beach, which followed with the second kiss in the kitchen, leading to their fight and her shoving him in the pool.  Sighing heavily, Jaina closed her eyes and let the sleep overtake her.


After he was certain she was either asleep or at least pretending too, Randy ventured upstairs and hit the shower for his nightly cold spray down, stripping to his boxers, staring down at the empty bed and sighed.  Rubbing the back of his neck, he crept quietly down the hallway, leaning gently in her open bedroom door.  Damn...He was torturing himself with this.  Was it lust or more?  That was the question he kept asking himself.  If it was lust, he'd just go out and find a woman who resembled her and get it over with it.


Her chest rose and fell with even breaths, lips parted slightly, her now dried honey locks splayed all around her, laying on her back.  She shifted slightly, the moon pooling in her room, bathing her in a glow.  Her nightgown had ridden up in her shifting, going just below the panties, showing off her creamy legs and thighs that were freshly tanned due to how much swimming she'd done.