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Brooklyn Brawler Images

Posing On The Ropes
Snarling at the camera
In classic costume
Backstage with Stone Cold Steve Austin
On an episode of RAW
I am the MAN!!!
Classic trading card
Choking Al Snow
Celebrating with Kaientai
Getting whupped by HHH
Posing with his cigar
Laying the smack down
Posing again!!!
Playing up to the millions
Pointing his finger
Southpark Brawler
Another Classic Trading Card!
Brooklyn Brawler Micro Wrestler*
With the BCW Unified TV Championship
Being hip-tossed by The Blue Blazer
"Prove yourself!"
Choking Doink at the APA Barroom Brawl
Al Snow gets the fire extinguisher treatment
Brooklyn Brawlers autograph

Other Gimmicks

Abe Knuckleball Schwartz

Lombardi as Abe "Knuckleball" Schwartz
WWF Screencap
Strike! Strike! Strike!
In the ring
Kicking "dirt" at the referee


Lombardi as Doink with Dink
Doink Micro Wrestler*

Kim Chee

Lombardi as Kim Chee with Kamala
Trading Card, as Kim Chee w/Kamala
Making his way to the ring at WM 17

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