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Post WrestleMania X8 Interview
by Phil Speer
(From, 3/27/02)

(From, 9/9/02)

Rico hurt - Survivor Series table match
  by Phil Speer
(From, 11/18/02)

Interview with Billy Gunn
 by Matt Duda
(12/16/02 from

From the Ross Report 12/6/02
Billy Gunn has demonstrated some improvement in his shoulder condition and has regained some feeling in his hand. His radial   nerve, which affects the movement and feeling in his little finger, is still problematic. No timetable on when Billy will be able to return to work.

From the Ross Report 11/15/02
Billy Gunn is still suffering some numbness in his hand while regaining some strength in his shoulder. Billy returns to Dr. Andrews in early December for another examination.

From the Ross Report 11/1/02
Billy Gunn returns to Dr. Jim Andrews' office next week for more evaluation and testing for his shoulder/neck problems.

From the Rossie Report, 10/25/02
Billy Gunn continues to rehab his shoulder at home and still has not got all the feeling back in his hand and fingers. He will be going back to see Dr. Jim Andrews in early November for another examination. We miss Billy and he is a very valuable member of our team who has been around much longer than most people realize. Billy might make a great road agent some day in the future.

From the Rossie Report, 10/18/02
Billy Gunn dislocated his shoulder last Monday night in London, Ontario, and was also examined by Dr. Andrews this week. No surgery is scheduled at this time as doctors want to wait a few weeks to see if a nerve problem in his shoulder clears up. They'll reexamine Billy in early November. This is the same shoulder that the veteran had surgically repaired a few years ago. This was one of the most disturbing dislocations veteran observers could remember ever seeing.

Bad news! 10/16/02
It seems Billy re-injured his shoulder in a houseshow in London, Ontario. The extent of the damage is not known yet, but this looks like very bad news for the team of Billy & Chuck!

From the Ross Report, 9/6/02:
The largely post-produced SmackDown! show was another solid effort in my view, even though some viewers did not like the sizzle aspect of a portion of the show via the Billy and Chuck segment. Obviously, everyone can't always be happy with all the
content of any TV show but, by and large, SmackDown! was an overall enjoyable program to watch. Tuesday's SmackDown! taping in Minneapolis will be closely watched by a variety of critics due to the commitment ceremony of Billy and Chuck, and from what I have heard, SmackDown! should be a super show.

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