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Name: Bill Bain

Nickname: The One Man Warning

Hometown: Frederick, Maryland (face), Anywhere but here (heel)

Height: 6'2''

Weight: 218lbs

Finishing Move: "The Bain Tumor" Full Nelson DDT or "The Warning Shot" Inverted Jaw Breaker

Signature Moves: "The Suicide Solution" - Belly to back face buster, Rolling Neck Snap, Side Russian Leg Sweep

Entrance Music: Pour some sugar on me - Def Leppard (Face), I will be heard - Hatebreed(Heel)

Wrestling Debut: Feburary 17th, 2002 vs. The Doc in Neshimminy, PA for TWF

Titles Held - KCW Hardcore Title 7/3/2004 - 7/24/2004

Clinics Attended - WWE Talent Scout, Dr. Tom Pritchard camp (11/29/2003 and 4/17/2004)

Promotions worked for:

5SW - 5 Star Wrestling (PA)
ACW - Atlantic Championship Wrestling (NJ)
AWO - Atlantic Wrestling Organization (PA)
BCW - Blackburn Championship Wrestling (DE)
CWA - Championship Wrestling Alliance (WV)
CWA - Columbia Wrestling Alliance (TN)
CWF - Championship Wrestling Federation (PA)
ECPW - East Coast Pro Wrestling (MD)
IWF - Independent Wrestling Federation (NJ)
KCW - Keystone Championship Wrestling (PA)
LCW - Liberty Championship Wrestling (PA)
Madmar - Madmar Entertainment (PA)
MDW - Mason Dixon Wrestling (WV)
POW - Professional Outlaw Wrestling (PA)
PXW - Pro Xcitement Wrestling (PA)
SWF - Superstar Wrestling Federation (NJ)
SWF - Superstar Wrestling Federation (WV)
TLW - Totally Lethal Wrestling (KY)
TMPW - Total Maximum Pro Wrestling (NJ)
TWF - The Wrestling Federation (PA)
UWC - United Wrestling Coalition (NJ)
UWF - Ultimate Wrestling Federation (PA)
UWF - Universal Wrestling Federation (PA)
WWANE - World Wrestling Alliance New England (MA)
WWC - World Wrestling Council (PA)
XIW - Xtreme Impact Wrestling (VA)
XMCW - Xtreme Maximum Championship Wrestling (WV)
XWF - Xtreme Wrestling Federation (OH)