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Still the Original!
Still The One and Only!

The Law of Wrestling Still Exist in the UWC!

Real Wrestling!
Action and Competition!
No Fake Screaming or Yelling like Bitches!
No writers, no scripts you go for what you know in the UWC!

On his way to the arena a terrible thing happened to this mysterious masked man, he was arrested and jailed for refusing to remove his mysterious mask! When this true "Mysterious Masked Man" was pulled over for a minor traffic violation, police asked him to remove his mask. He refused and was imediatly beaten, handcuffed and arrested! The mask man was arrested for resisting arrest and terrorist actions! Police claimed they had to see his face to match the picture on his drivers license. Soon after his release from a local hospital, a rise in bank robberies were repoted using a similar mask!

The Bronx Bomber the song remains the same?

The "Bronx Bomber" is not known for his wonderful personality or his tremendous size. The "Bomber" has worked and fought very hard in every aspect in becoming a technical wrestler, but most feel he needs to get the spirt of the "heel". The Bomber has earned his wrestling scars by teaming up with a couple of ham and eggers who make every mistake in the book of professional wrestling and it has worked for him. The experience in wrestling is a priceless one and it positively influenced the "Bomber" in releasing a video called "Backdrops and Body Slams"

Mysterio my ass!

Iím a die-hard UWC Real Wrestling Fan!

"Don Lastra" former UWC referee and canidate for U.S. Senator 
I love the competition!

I have nothing to hide or to be ashamed of!
Competition is the name of the real game!

UWC Real Action is what its all about!

You got to beat someone to be someone in the UWC!
"Latin Love,"
"Comes and Goe's",
"But Rosa Salvaje is Forever!"
Marv Uppman has retired as head trainer in the UWC
Again Voted Trainer of the Year!
Marv will hand the job to Karl Qayules jr. son of the famous t.v. commentator.
3 years in a row! 
UWC regulations to be available soon in mandarin chinese.
Los Vergudos de Mexico are the most search for on the internet!

UWC Tag Team Champions. 
Lucha Libre

Estilo Mexicano! 
New UWC Womens Champion
Frieda Fonseca!
Now in bookstores!

"Searching for Sargent Carter."
The true story of Buddha Khan's Father
a World. War. 2. Hero!
available on 
"I Love You Parris!"

Harry Hell
wants to be the father of Brittney Spears next baby! 
"UWC Community Service"

Look for many old timers to return to wrestling action this year! 
Check out Estudio 2 on KRCA Riverside! Our Amigo "El Machete" will get you if you don't!
2008 who do we appreciate? 
Armoured Saint to retire after 10 years as champion!

After a long losing streak!  

Check out this wild web site!
"Latin Lover" Leaves Argentina...
Written by L.S.P.!
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Breaking on threw!