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FROM 7-23-01:

Although it's not on the card yet, expect Kane to defend the IC title against either Matt Hardy or Bahamut at Tidal Wave.

Look for several current TWF stars to defect to another promotion in weeks to come. Some of these could surprise you and some will make current stables a little smaller!

The rumored name for the TWF/WCW2 August ppv is Welcome to our Yard. That's if everything goes as planned and the ppv is held.

There are still no leads as to who the person following Trish Stratus and Travis Wakeman is although some suggest it's someone who's not on the current TWF roster.

The lightheavyweight division will continue to get a strong push in weeks to come.

Jordan Rockwell is rumored to be at odds with WCW2's Taz and is ready to make a huge challenge to him.

A divorce, engagement and the fall of a powerful group are 3 things to expect before the end of 2001.

FROM 7-31-01:

With a deficiency in the tag team divison, look for 3-4 new teams to sign with the fed in the coming months.

Look for a "Defectors" match and a big battle royale with a yet to be named stipulation at the August ppv.

Mariah Carey and Lil' Kim are both said to have been contacted by the TWF about possible special guest appearances.

With the Brutile Bulldog being placed on the injured list, look for Terri to start a new romance with another superstar.

1 stable is close to breaking apart while a new one is coming close to forming.

FROM 8-9-01:

With Kurt Angle defecting to WCW2, several TWF stars have volunteered to "punish" him.

After a recent poll taken on, look for a weekly TWF Report to become available on a weekly basis. This would be written based on opinions only and would include room for members to include their own thoughts on the topics in the report.

One idea being tossed around for the Welcome to our Yard facilities is to have Smoky Mountain Wrestling versus JPW matches on Free 4 All.

Many new awards will be added to this years TWF awards ceremony including best storyline, biggest fued, hottest diva and many more!

The TWF has had talks with many celebrities about appearing at Wrestlemania 3. Some of the names sources have indicated are Lil' Kim, Jennifer Lopez, Sylvester Stallone and Mr. T.

FROM 8-20-01:

It is being said that a few TWF superstars are impressed with the move Kurt Angle made and may follow in his footsteps.

Could wedding bells be ringing in the New Breed?

Contrary to a lot of internet reports, Hulk Hogan will NOT show up at Welcome to our Yard.

2 underacheivers may join forces to make a "Sudden Impact".

Even though he'd like to get back into wrestling, the TWF has no place for Brian Adams a.k.a. Crush.

There is a very good possibility that there will be a big stipulation added to the 10 VS. 10 battle royale at Welcome to our Yard.

FROM 8-31-01:

With the Hardcore Revolution and alliance combined, it adds up to 9 wrestlers. No word on who will fill the tenth spot in the big battle royale at Welcome to our Yard but word has it that Vince McMahon has a major surprise in store.

To kill any rumors, Kamala, Adam Bomb and Vader have all been turned down in their attempts to come back to the TWF and reform the Dungeon of Doom.

Expect the rest of Yuji Matasamo's Japanese group to be revealed at Welcome to our Yard.

FROM 9-12-01

Vince McMahon has been said to feel as if one member of his alliance in particular isn't pulling his weight.

With the recent release of some women in the TWF, look for a more athletic approach to the Women's division as officials want to have decent women wrestlers rather than women with nothing but looks.

Don't look for the Edge-Christian fued to end anytime soon. Officials are even considering adding another variable to this already explosive situation.

FROM 10-5-01

A former WCW and WWF champion who helped shape one of the most powerful groups in the history of wrestling has been said have been in contract talks with his good friend Vince McMahon, OR, he will in the near future.

TWF officials are still considering acquiring talent from the now offline WCW2, which still operates off the internet.

The first ever winners of Tough Enough, Maven and Nidia, may be signed and sent to SMW.

Officials are trying to pursue 2 big name tag teams to bolster the tag division.

Rumors are running rampant that a member of the McMahon family is going to heat up the current "war" angle which is expected to go through the end of the year.

A certain female may be on her way out of the TWF, due to no creative angle for her.

Look for a 4 way for the Lightheavyweight title at Doomsday with at least 1 member of Extreme Japan 2000 involved?

FROM 11-14-01

The Women's title will be brought back out of the closet at Survivor Series and several females will be given a shot at it.

Speaking of women, former ECW female grappler Jazz is very near to signing a deal with the TWF.

One of the most confident and athletic superstars in the history of pro wrestling will appear on TWF tv prior to Survivor Series.

Up to 4 SMW stars could be called up by WrestleMania 3.

The TWF does not plan to run another interfed event anytime soon, but they will still entertain the thought.

Several possible tag teams are still being considered to be brought into the tag team division but reforming the Legion of Doom, which has been widely reported, is not one of them.

Due to scheduling conflicts, the TWF will more than likely not hold Free 4 All prior to Survivor Series.

FROM 12-08-01

Lisa Marie Varon and Sharmell Sullivan, also known as Victoria and Paisley, have been in talks with management about joining the Women's division.

The Texas Rattlesnake is apparently planning a triumphant return to action but it's unclear who he will align with, if anyone.

Many tag teams are being looked at in developmental territories and talks are underway about possibly recreating a few former teams.

As reported earlier, several roster spots may become available in a "mass release". Several undercard superstars may be looking for work elsewhere come the first of the year.

As seen on RAW is WAR this week, Triple H has a huge surprise for Vince McMahon. Rumors state that he will unveil two men who want a little revenge on the owner of the TWF from a past experience.

Title unifications are being talked over by the Championship Committee.

The European event that will take place in February is being planned out extensively. Many legends of the ring have already asked about participating and one of the main names reported to have done so is Superfly Jimmy Snuka, who has done some work with the TWF before, as many know.

With the introduction of the UFC title, concern has been raised over whether or not anyone can compete with Shamrock in that realm so many TWF scouts have been sent to search for UFC type athletes and athletes who have competed in Toughman competitions and related events.

FROM 01-12-02

There are thoughts to "remake" some old teams from WWF days.

Rey Mysterio, Jr. may be offered a contract, now that his AOL deal has expired.

Tank Abbott will not be brought in to face Ken Shamrock.

A former TWF champion may soon get a new woman.

The hit and run attacker is said to reveal himself before the Royal Rumble.

We may see a Texas Death match at the TWF Outbreak in February.

Look for a few legends of the ring and maybe some developmental prospects added to the Royal Rumble match.

Terri may soon be back on tv, managing again.

There are contract talks going on currently with Tammy Lynn Sytch.

Although it is being reported widely on the internet, there are no plans to put Chris Jericho or Kurt Angle in the Royal Rumble match.

The TWF may soon meet it's greatest challenge to date.

FROM 2-09-02

Hollywood Hogan is reportedly trying to convince management to bring in some of his old friends.

It is being rumored that Tommy Rich will be involved in the TWF Outbreak event.

A.J. Styles was taken backstage after a match in which TWF scouts were present to give an audition cutting promos. A contract may be offered to this guy soon.

The TWF IS NOT concerned about the upstart promotion XWF getting a tv deal. In fact, Vince McMahon says it would be "great competiton".

Rumors are swirling that the man who purchased WCW2 is not ready to give up on the wrestling business and is trying to get together a group of investors to help him launch a new product.

The New Breed will probably get bigger and a small stable war is being planned for them.

Look for Triple H, Rob Van Dam and maybe The Rock to lead the charge against the rapidly expanding NWO. They will get some needed help , however.

Finally, look for the TWF to add one of the Godfather's "hos" to the women's division by WrestleMania.

FROM 3-16-02

One major rumor is that several members of the TWF Board of Directors have been talking about Jordan Rockwell. They have been impressed by him over his short career so far and are amazed by his growing popularity which seems to be growing more everyday.

There have also been talks about the new tag team of Spike Dudley and Perry Saturn as of late, everyone has been impressed by the way these to singles superstars have gelled as a team.

It was reported that Travis Wakeman was more upset then he let on by the decision made by Commissioner Piper over taking the UFC title from him do to threats of legal action by the UFC.

There have been several rumors over the past few months that an old TWF rival may return to do battle again.

There is alot of concern in the locker room over the reported talks of a roster split that may occur.

Although he has been in contact with the TWF, there is no truth to the rumor of the return of the Road Dogg.

There is 100% truth to the rumor that both Captain Lou Albano and Classie Freddy Blassie have contacted the TWF to express their feelings on the fact that Bahamut and Strife are without a doubt the greatest tag team either of them have seen in their years of managing.

FROM 4-5-02

It's been rumored that the well traveled Lance Storm has been in contact with the TWF about leaving the GWF and coming to the TWF and has also inquired about a job for close friend Dawn Marie also.

There is an ongoing rumor that their will be some dealings between the TWF and the GWF for a simulcast that would showcase both companies and it's rosters at the same time.

Currently behind the scenes, it is rumored that Nemesis, who's contract with the TWF will expire in the next few months, is contemplating not renegoiating his contract and leaving the business due to personal problems and that TWF officals and friends are trying to convince him to sign a new contract.

Rumors that TWF European champion Jordan Rockwell may have reinjured his surgically repaired right elbow during or leading into his Wrestlemania 3 ladder match are false. Rockwell has admitted to have a mild case of tendonitis but that he is at one hundred percent.

Rumor has it that alot of fans have actually been approaching TWF Toughman champion Travis Wakeman. It appears that they oddly feel that he is the reason Ken Shamrock jumped ship to the GWF and that they are glad that he got Shamrock out of the company.

It has also been rumored that the talks with Eddie Guerrero have been going very well.

There is a rumor circulating that the TWF may send out an invitation world wide for wanna be's to attend a tryout camp, run by SMW trainers and that at least five people will receive developemental deals.

FROM JULY 22, 2002

TWF Uprising, which recently rejoined the lineup of TWF shows is being said to make a big impact early to grab viewers attention. Along with SMW wrestlers working these shows, it is being rumored that interdivisional matches may take place on the broadcasts as well.

The TWF is close to signing a very mysterious masked man who has held titles in several promotions.

The TWF is looking at working with the cast of another upcoming movie much like they did with XXX a few months back. It is also being rumored that a few celebrities have been contacted to take part in the buildup to SummerSlam next month.

Although unconfirmed, it is being spread that a GWF superstar wants out of his contract and is meeting with a TWF scout on a daily basis by phone.

Smoky Mountain Wrestling will be getting a new owner soon and a storyline may be tied into TWF television as well. TNN and FOX are also being asked to air more SMW tapings.

Though no one knows who, backstage talk says a male/female couple may soon part ways.

The Championship Committee is looking at revamping Toughman title matches and adding more rules/stipulations to make the matches more unique as well as making the title more prestigous.

With the upcoming overseas PPV next year in Japan, the TWF is looking at working directly and perhaps forming a partnership with a major Japanese promotion.

FROM 8/21/02

To begin this edition of rumors, it seems as though there is a group of RAW superstars looking to take out the most powerful group of all time---for good.

Rumor has it that at this point, the main event for the TWF/GWF event will be a tag match.

It seems as though Jackie Gayda's interest in Jordan Rockwell is gonna get very deep in coming weeks.

X-Pac is said to be meeting with the TWF and his attorneys to try and either resolve their dispute or get himself a fair buyout so he can look for work elsewhere.

Look for many of the fueds heading into Meltdown to continue past the PPV

Look for at least 1 superstar to jump to the opposite division in September.

Not only have they caught PrimeTime owner Shane McMahon's eye, but John Cena and Dylan Jansens have caught the of many backstage who say they have some very bright careers ahead of them.

There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Gangrel will be making a return to the TWF.

FROM 10/05/02

1. Rumor has it that there has been talks about a relative of a GWF employee who has been in contact with the TWF and specifically Stephanie McMahon and that this person may be in attendance on the next RAW show in Tampa, Florida.

2. There have been a lot of talks about possible roster changes to both RAW and PrimeTime and several things will be pushed as important issues in the weeks to come in the TWF.

3. There is a lot of speculation going around in the TWF locker room and it surrounds Jordan Rockwell as far as the reasons he's missed so many TWF shows since he won the world title at MeltDown. Sources state that Rockwell may be hiding and nursing an injury to his left knee suffered during his reign as European champion but it has really gotten worse as of late. When asked, TWF officals stated "We can't confirm or deny this rumor yet, but Mr. Rockwell is one of the hardest working preformers in the TWF and an injury would be as a result of his rigorous schedule and the fact that he's still active is due to his dedication".

4. It's been said that several phone calls, emails and letters have been sent to the offices of the TWF questioning why Lita is the only TWF diva that hasn't recieved a title shot at Womens champion Akasha.

5. Officals have stated that while Nemesis is in the midst of some personal problems he has agreed and will continue to work and they feel that his association with Sam Wilde will hopefully help him in someway.

6. Speaking of Nemesis, it's been reported that there have been several issues between him and former lightheavyweight champion High Octane behind the scenes due to comments High Octane may have made.

7. Rumor has it that one TWF superstar may return to his roots in the weeks to come due to a dislike towards the direction he's been going.

8. It is being speculated that some foreign superstars will be invited to participate in this years Royal Rumble as well as a developmental talent or two.

9. Look for a TWF diva to take over interviewing duties on RAW by the end of 2002.

FROM 10/26/02

Does the man Jordan Rockwell respects the most feel the same for him?

What is Victoria hiding? Sources say she is keeping something in.

The TWF is interested in female star Crystal Carmichael and maybe a couple others.

PrimeTime and RAW will both have their own big main events at Survivor Series that will both focus on survival of the fittest. Expect Shane to go for a more traditional idea and Stephanie to come up with a never before seen match.

Ultimo Dragon may get a tryout in the weeks to come.

Expect newcomer Spawn to make a big impact upon his debut.

Look for Evolution to receive a tag team title shot soon.

Jamal and Rosey have both been asked to get into better shape before they will be used on PrimeTime in a major capacity.

FROM 12/11/02

Look for this year's Lifetime Acheivement award to go to a non-wrestler at TWF Awards III.

At the beginning of 2003, we plan to evaluate the SMW roster as there are at least 4 people that could come up. The team of Boogie Knights has been rumored to be joining SMW in 2003.

The Body Donnas are in a bitter contract dispute and that is why they've been kept off tv lately. It doesn't seem likely that we'll see them on tv again.

Hulk Hogan will probably take the rest of December to decide his future and should have answer shortly after the New Year.

When Shane McMahon's team faces Wakeman Enterprises team at War in the Winter, expect it to be the traditional WAR match.

It is being rumored that at least one Japanese superstar will compete in the Royal Rumble which will be held in Osaka and it will NOT be someone we've seen on TWF tv so far.

Even though Bam Bam Bigelow has reportedly come out of retirement, he will not come looking to the TWF for work.

On a related not, we are not interested in bringing up Nathan Jones at this time, although internet sites are reporting otherwise.

However, the return of Ken Shamrock may be in the works.

We sent some scouts to a combine to take a look at the technique of former amatuer sensation Kerry Moore. The former Penn St. Nittany Lion has expressed interest in the TWF.

On a related note, former NCAA champion Cael Sanderson turned down our invitation to the same combine.

Serena Williams, Kid Rock and Michael Vick are some of the celebrities/athletes we have contacted to work with us in 2003. Also, don't be surprised to see Vin Diesel attend some of our shows as he is a HUGE TWF fan.

FROM 12/24/02

Nails has been arrogant in the backstage area as of late, the other superstars have been complaining about this, and now he has become an outcast from the other wrestlers.

Look for some BIG trades to happen right after the new year.

Chris Michaels has broken down communication with TWF officials who are now becoming impatient with Chris.

In a related note, look for the Body Donna's to be released, right after the PPV.

Ken Shamrock has increased talks with officials, sources say the deal may be done before the Royal Rumble!

SMW is influencing officials whether or not to sign other free talent on the market, look for the GWF to pick up on this talent.

Psychosis and Ultimo Dragon are in a dispute with management, over what they're roles would be, if they were to be signed.

Ultimo looks like he will have a much better chance of coming to the TWF, once he agrees to a contract!

Kerry Moore looks more and more interested in the TWF, but he is also looking into the 2004 Olympics, which could slow down contract discussion.

The third Annual TWF awards look to be a huge event! But tensions are high in the backstage area on who deserves what. Don't be suprised to see unprofessionalism, to be displayed off camera.

FROM 1/20/03

Jordan Rockwell's knee is not getting better. The doctors have been monitioring him and he could suffer major damage if he continues.

Along with the trade from the GWF, Ken Shamrock's name has been tossed around quite a bit.

Shane Thompson (a.k.a Crazy Shane) has been backstage at TWF events. But the stars say that he shows no respect for any of them.

Nathan Jones will be brought up in about three weeks or so, so he can polish off his skills before entering the TWF.

Look for some suprise results in the Royal Rumble match. ANYTHING can happen.

Lita has been depressed over the fact she is seperated from Rockwell.

People are upset with Teddy Long's gimmick, and some of the wrestlers are a bit disturbed and are afraid the fans will get the wrong idea.

FROM 2/16/03

Jordan Rockwell and his sister Britney Haven, have been in contact. And it appears that Rockwell will try to get some leverage so she can come up.

In other Rockwell news, Jordan extremely tarnished his knee on Primetime, not only his career, but his well being is at stake.

The PPV in Singapore is already sold out, but no one knows who are the special guest legends.

Ultimo Dragon is going to sign his contract soon.

Look for Jerry Lynn to be brought up, due to his success in his first run in the TWF.

FROM MARCH 14, 2003

In breaking news, it is being rumored that Kurt Angle is hiding a serious neck injury that will eventually require career ending surgery.

The search for a performance of the National Anthem at WrestleMania 4 has been narrowed down to 2 artists.

New Heavyweight boxing champion Roy Jones, Jr. has agreed to be at WrestleMania 4 at some form.

Gail Kim will debut very soon, possibly at WrestleMania.

The deal with Ultimo Dragon is as good as done however, he has yet to sign it pending doctor's clearance that he can wrestle a full time schedule after his freak arm situation years ago.

Another deal that is about finalized is the TWF Racing team.

Raven's Enterprises definitely has some followers and these people will join them soon.

Heavy rumors are going around that the TWF is not only interested in adding a few companies to the ratings war, but buying them out as well.

FROM APRIL 16, 2003

1. Sources say that talks are still going on between Lex Luger and the TWF although the talks are close to being finalized. They are not as close as those dealings between the TWF and the Ultimo Dragon, both sides are eager to finalize things to get the Dragon into the TWF asap and the deal breaker may be a match that Ultimo Dragon requested which is versus Rey Mysterio.

2. There are several rumors going on in the backstage area that there is a serious issue between Shane McMahon and Drew Blood following Blood leaving during his PrimeTime match with Batista and problems leading into the match over the past few weeks. This has left spectators wondering about Blood's future on PrimeTime as well as the TWF.

3. Rumor has it that the newest member of PrimeTime, Sable, may have several views on a fellow PrimeTime diva.

4. It's been said that TWF officals are seriously considering bringing back a former TWF diva as part of RAW. While there is no word on whom it is, TWF officals have said if she returns she will make an impact on the TWF once again.

5. There is a lot of truth to rumors that Christopher Nowinski has petitioned TWF officials for a match with TWF world champion Strife and according to one source, look for it to happen due to Nowinski's record versus the champion.

6. Several rumors have been spread that TWF fans have written letters requesting a match between Jordan Rockwell and Rob Van Dam and that both men have recieved mail also. When asked about this rumor, Jordan Rockwell and Rob Van Dam made the following comments.

Jordan Rockwell: "I've recieved letters on that matter and I can say that I'm in the best shape I've ever been in and that I don't duck or dodge anyone in the TWF. So if they sign a match pitting Mr. Showtime versus the whole damn show, then I'll be there whether it's for a title or it's just for the sake of two guys whoopin' each others ass. I'll be there!"

RVD: "I think it would be a great match for the fans, Mr. Showtime versus the Whole Dam Show. Yeah, now that would be cool". FROM MAY 12, 2003

Insiders are reporting that Gail Kim will debut any time.

Look for The Ultimo Dragon and Guido Maritato to be the jumpstart the Lightheavyweight division needs.

Crazy Shane and Breakdown may be trying to talk a former multi-time world tag team champion into their corner.

As far as bringing in stars from the past such as The Genius and Rick Martel, rumors suggest that is just the tip of the iceberg.

The new RAW only PPV Anarchy Rulz will include a tournament similar to King of the Ring.

To downplay many rumors around the internet, Jeff Jarrett has not been in talks with TWF officials who would almost undoubtedly never bring him back.

Another columnist is needed for the TWF website and the search may get extensive.

To answer many fans' questions, Sable IS the highest paid female in the TWF.

A female joining the era of Mattitude? It might not be too far fetched.

For the first time, it has come out that Teddy Long actually asked Mike Tyson to run RAW if Malice had won at Foul Play. has been reported that the women's division maybe in for some changes, one of which is the newly signed Gail Kim.

2. Speaking of Gail Kim, TWF officals have stated that they may want to use her connections overseas to acquire talent from other countries.

3. Rumor has it that TWF officals have been contacted by several cities about the mFw recently. Apparently the mFw has grown a serious cult following and is being requested for shows.

4. Are Jordan Rockwell and Lita married? That is the biggest question as of late due to the fact that both have been spotted sporting extravagent looking rings on their fingers. Apparently the couple might of had a secret ceremony with several TWF roster members in attendance at their Tampa home.

5. Another rumor is that Jackie Gayda maybe looking to get back with her ex and the new toughman champion, Austin Pyromania! It's been learned that Gayda was heard on the phone calling someone named Austin and that Pyromania did have a lot of messages left for him in several hotels he was staying at and on his cellular phone as well.

6. Rumor has it that Jim Ross has been getting a bit of heat from the officals of the TWF as of late. Apparently a lot of them along with several RAW superstars have a problem with Nathan Jones in and out of the ring due to the fact that JR was Jones' biggest supporter.

7. A lot of TWF fans are wondering how good is the condition of the Undertaker over the past few months mainly cause he has had his elbow protected and bandaged a lot more then usual as of late.

8. Does Matt Hardy have a new follower? Apparently the sensai of Mattitude has been in talks with someone on PrimeTime that wants his help.

9. It's been said that Batista has his eyes on a certain TWF diva and that the feelings are very mutual.

10. It has been stated that Rick Martel has some issues with Jordan Rockwell due to the fact he's not getting as much positive feedback as far as his looks go and that female fans find Rockwell more attractive.

FROM JULY 7, 2003

1. Rumor has it that several members of the PrimeTime division have made requests to general manager Shane McMahon for the person that will fill the role of enforcer and the majority have all picked the same person.

2. It has been reported that the relationship between Austin Pyromania and Terri Runnels is purely business. But he is in a real life romance with an unknown diva whom is part of a rival company.

3. A lot of names have surfaced as far as who Matt Hardy will pick as his new mf'er who will replace the Hurricane.

4. Speaking of the Hurricane, rumor has it that he has found the person who he will form his dynamic duo with.

5. It has been said that the FBI's figure head Guido Maritanto has been in contact with a long time friend to once again stand at his side.

6. It's been said that several mFw superstars have been voicing their complaints about the attacks they have been under by the RAW superstars.

7. Everyone in and out of the TWF are questioning whether or not "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is truly done with wrestling and if Ron "The Truth" Killings is really safe from the rattlesnake's wrath.

FROM 8/18/03

1. Rumor has it that a former wrestler/manager maybe looking to return to the business right here in the TWF after a long absence.

2. There is talk going on in the RAW locker room that a former world champion is becoming dissatisified with his current role on the show and High Octane's increasing push.

3. Sources say there is a serious issue backstage between FBI member Frankie Kazarian and PrimeTime's mainstay Jordan Rockwell due to several disrespectful comments by Kazarian. When questioned Rockwell had this to say....

Jordan Rockwell: "I think everyone at some point knows or comes across someone that just needs or just gets hit for being, this guy Kazarian! He's one of those and trust me he will get hit.... several times."

4. It appears that an mFw wrestler may still be holding a grudge with A-Train.

5. Is there a brotherly fued on the rise? It has been reported two TWF wrestler's brothers may be on the way and will join forces to face their siblings.


1. Rumor has it that there may be a future alliance forming on PrimeTime and that the 2 man power trip of Brock Lesnar and Batista may be part of it!

2. It's been said that a wrestling legend that has been part of the TWF in the past may return for a more perminent role.

3. Word in the locker room is that Triple H may have someone else in the shadows ready to pounce on High Octane.

4. With the recent arrival to RAW of Christian York and Joey Matthews, it's been eluded to that they may have plans for a certain RAW superstar.

5. Sources say that while the TWF is going overseas, the company may do some scouting on the trip.

6. Jockey and hockey player Manute Bol will not be coming to the TWF, unless it's to get the F5.

7. Look for another group to form on PrimeTime which will include the recent call ups from SMW, Jimmy Yang and Keiji Sakoda.

8. One name almost gauranteed to be on the Hall of Fame ballots that will come out soon is that of Bobby Heenan.

FROM 12.6.03

1. Rumor has it that there may be a specific reason behind Ric Flair's decision in targeting Randy Orton on Jordan Rockwell.

2. It's been said that the Million Dollar Man is looking to add to his Corporation and that the main person he's looking at may be a major shock.

3. Sources inside the TWF have stated that a person in the world of music may be looking to get involved with the company, but not musically!

4. Reports indicate that one of the Nature Boy's greatest rivals may be looking to rekindle that old flame in the TWF.

5. There is a bit of truth to the rumor that Steven Richards is on his way back into the TWF. Officals have said while they have been impressed by him during a recent tryout match, he has a ways to go before he signs a deal.

6. It's been reported that Nathan Jones may have a friend of his on his way to RAW to help him cause some more destruction.

FROM 1.19.04

1. One name that has been thrown around is that of the "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart. While he has joined SMW recently, it has been rumored that he has been contacted by several TWF superstars.

Rumor has it that TWF officals are still very impressed by Steven Richards' preformance and may be working on a way to bring him back to the TWF.

Several people in the TWF backstage area have reported on a constant basis that there is a lot more trouble in the Four Elements camp then is being lead to believe.

A lot of sources in the mFw state that Hardcore Holly is very close to a TWF return due to his constant improvement, but as always, they will not rush things and will bring Holly along slowly.

There is talk circulating around the TWF that there will be a lot of changes in the company that may surprise most spectators.

Speaking of the Four Elements, it has been said that rookie phenom Axl Irvin may have his sights set on one member of this group.

FROM 3/4/2004

Rumor has it that there is a lot of serious issues between Joe Corey and Austin Pyromania that have yet to be settled.

2. There is a lot of talk in the backstage area that Triple H is really unhappy with the current state of his career in the TWF.

3. Sources say that something TWF officals removed from the company may return really soon.

4. Is the rivalry between Nemesis and The Undertaker over? People behind the scenes say maybe not!

5. It's been said that a lot of security has been needed to keep a safe distance between Jordan Rockwell and Christopher Daniels. While no incidents have occurred, officals say it's just a precautionary measure.

6. With the imminent return of Dylan Jansens, a lot of members of the PrimeTime brand wonder how welcome he will be by his former tag team partner Chris Benoit.

FROM 4/4/04

With WrestleMania behind us, the TWF is ready to head in a new direction. An early indication of this is a 5 for 4 trade that was made the immediately after WrestleMania during a post show party between Shane and Stephanie. My sources tell me that a wide erray of talent was swapped and at least 1 tag team will be split up.

Officials just about released Spawn with an injury settlement when he came out of WrestleMania with a broken jaw. But one anonymous official who is high on the big man talked them out of it.

Look for the tag team scene on both shows to get a major makeover and for more superstars to step into the lightheavyweight division.

How does the TWF feel about Mexican wrestling? I hear they are impressed with it and might take it a step further.

After getting Christian, Tajiri and Dawn Marie from the GWF, you'd think the TWF would be satisfied. But there is a big name on their roster we don't wanna do without.

How closely does the FCC watch our product? 3 men say VERY closely and they are ready to present their case.

FROM MAY 23, 2004

The new TWF phenom, Mordecai, has been quoted as to saying: “The Undertaker must repent.”

Crystal Carmichael is happy to be back, look for her man Rodney to get a quick push to the King of Cable contendership.

A big trade is in the works between Raw and PT. Old friends will be paired, and rookies will be given an opportunity of a lifetime.

Eddie Guerrero is due for a push to the top of the Raw ranks, expect a feud a blood feud over the title with Kurt Angle.

Many in the PT locker room are not happy about Jansen’s quick return after retirement. They have the mentality that Dylan should either, “Stay, or go home.”

Many are questioning the TWF’s decision on pushing Randy Orton when Flair is not with him to draw heat. Don’t expect Randy to remain in the top title spot.

Jordan Rockwell and Lita have brought their baby boy to Primetime each and every week, which is mostly making Lita unpopular among the women, criticizing her for her unprofessionalism backstage.

FROM 6/19/04

There are rumors circulating the internet that Taylor Made is going to be dropping one of his ladies by the next PPV due to the fact he is going to become a one Woman man.

On the subject of Taylor Made, reports indicate he is next in line for a shot at the King Of Cable title. Thus possibly the reason for going to becoming a one woman man?

On the Primetime side of Things, The Technical Magician, Travis Wakeman may be looking into a fued with of all people Batista to try and remove his New Year's Battle Royal wish. Don't be suprised to see Wakeman once again on top of the mountain where he belongs.

Who is this attacker? Pyromania is really becoming aggitated. He has said to have been very frustrated the last few weeks not getting his title shot and all. Sources say that the person behind this is non other than Tommy Dreamer! A former ally of Pyromania's.

Believe it or not, Victoria actually liked her encounter with Taylor Made during their 24 hours together. But expect Billy Gunn to play a big role in her matches in the coming weeks as he will try and get close to her.

Will arguably the best tag team ever in the TWF get back together? Sources say, Yes. Strife and Bahamut have been supposedly talking to each other about plans for a renunion now that they are together on Primetime.

It seems Shane Tompson has begun to get a bit of an ego backstage and not many on the Primetime side of things really like this. One wrestler was commented saying "I can't wait for him to step in the ring. Cause with me It's hardcore or nothing Bitch!"

In SMW, expect Recon Rage to get a giant push heading into SMW's next SuperShow. Also on the subject of SMW, interim SMW president Joe Corey has been heard saying that he has something big planned for the next SMW supershow.

In Slaughterhouse, expect Hell's Henchman to have a giant reign as Tag Champs. Right now they are the most solid Tag Team Slaughterhouse has and Management was commented saying, giveing the titles to anyone else would probably kill the division right now."

Believe it or not, "The Show" Joe Corey's ego on TV is not apart of him backstage and most of the superstars get along with him real well. All except Christian. With that in mind, will that endanger RAW's chance in the Nation's cup?

Whats the reason behind Taylor Made's removal from team RAW in the Nations Cup? Sources say he had a fit with management after he arrived late to a house show in Tennesee and from there they punished him by removing him and replacing him with "High Octane" Damion West.

Expect Chris Benoit to become Champion of Slaughterhouse within the next month or so. He has been praised with helping all the younger talent on the show. Thus explaining the good ratings Slaughterhouse has received now that he is there.

Jordan Rockwell and Lita have been heard in a bit of an argument the other day....right now that is just a rumor and take that for what it is worth.

From what I have heard, issues between Joe Corey and Austin Pyromania have cleared up and sources say they have been heard talking seriously about forming a tag team and calling themselves "The Future".

Look for Jackie Gayda to get a bug push in the womens division after defeating Victoria this past week on Uprising.

FROM 8-22-04

1. Rumor has it that there is a lot of issues between Ted Dibiase's Million Dollar Team of Rob Conway and Nick Dinsmore and Ric Flair's men Randy Orton and Batista and the TWF tag team titles seemingly are not the total reason for this.

2. Sticking with the corporation, it appears that Charlie Haas has been on the wrong end of a lot of jokes and heckling from the locker room due to the fact that not only is he an all american from Seton Hall, but could not beat Jordan Rockwell in an ultimate submission match but that Rockwell had him ready to tap out.

3. It's being said that TWF diva Victoria has been seen on ocassion with one of the members of the Slaughterhouse roster, specifically Marcus Hansen and while this can not be confirmed or denied, it can be confirmed that the two were rather close to each other more than once during the recent events leading into the TWF pay-per-view in Mexico.

4. Sources say that the trend of former TWF superstars wanting to return may continue after the return of Matt and Jeff Hardy. Several others have been in contact with the TWF about following in their footsteps.

5. Insiders on PrimeTime state that a lot of Travis Wakeman's friends and family have been making several requests to him about not putting off his need for surgery on his injured knee for too long and that his literal refusal to do so has forced Shane McMahon to order him to do it following MeltDown or that match will not happen.

6. Speaking of Shane O'Mac, a lot of people wonder why he did not just fire Raven from the PrimeTime brand. People close to McMahon have eluded to the fact that it is basically the equivalent of a man stating that "he is Vince McMahon's son, what did you expect from the son of the man that fought the U.S. government and won?"

7. A lot of people say that there is a serious backstage rivalry between Taylor Made and Joe Corey which is all over the lack of respect they have shown to each other.

8. The hottest star on PrimeTime right now is Jon Heidenreich which is a shock to several but rumor has it that he is being picked to upset Shane Thompson for his I.C. title.

9. With the growth in popularity of SlaughterHouse, officials are not totally suprised that a lot of people wanting to join the company or return want to be part of the brand and recently general manager Jesse Steele made these comments.

"It's a real honor that we have people wanting to be part of our brand. I mean, we are at the point where we need standing room only signs not just for our shows but for my filing cabinet when it comes to contracts".

FROM 11/17/04

Shane Thompson's actions against Rockwell's uncle on Primetime landed him a fifty thousand dollar fine, which was reportedly paid off by Ted Dibiase.

The rumors of more cuts backstage are demoralizing the lower card wrestlers. They know they are expendable when new talent can be brought in at anytime.

Rumor is that Mike Bucci (Nova) is being favored to win the SMW recall challenge.

The Network Police are rumored to have an eye out for a new body guard now that Nathan Jones has been released.

The sudden face turn of High Octane caught many off guard, and now it is uncertain at this point what his new role will be in the ring.

The impressive buy rates for Slaughterhouse are no lie. The brand nearly had as many buys as Doomsday. TWF feels that if Slaughterhouse stays more as a commodity, that it will continue to make even more money.

New features to the website are rumored. Including animated gifs of each superstar's finishers on!

Rumor has it that the name of the TWF Films first project will be called "Bus Stop". Nothing is set in stone yet though.

Primetime's new showcase of finishing moves have given TWF management some marketing angles for the future.

With Rhyno holding the Universal Title and Dylan Jansens challenging, many people feel it has given the belt less credibility.

FROM 2-10-05

Rumor has it that there is talk of a lot of members of PrimeTime wanting John Cena to return to the show.

It's been said this issue that keeps coming up in the Jordan Rockwell/Sean O'haire rivalry might involve of all people Shawn Michaels and several of his friends.

Speaking of HBK, talk in the back is that one certain member of Rampage wants to see if he really is still the Showstoppa.

With several things coming out of the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, sources say things might heat up for Drew Blood leading into WrestleMania.

With the continual rise of SlaughterHouse and their open door policy, several superstars have, according to rumors, been contacting TWF officals again about returning and stepping under the SlaughterHouse banner.

It's apparent that there is a new bidding war going on and this time it's for the services of rookie Chris "the master piece" Masters due to the fact that all three brands figure heads have sent him offers to come to their respective shows.

Rumor has it that celebrities have formed a line that goes around the block in order to secure a spot and/ or tickets for WrestleMania, and while no one can be confirmed or denied, officals stated that this shows how big of an event this years WrestleMania will be with the addition of inter-show matches.

Lastly, rumor has it that due to TWF offical's and specifically Vince McMahon being impressed by SlaughterHouse general manager Jesse Steele's business dealings and the fact that he has out done both of his competitors several times, have become even more impressed on something he has been rumored to be planning on doing in the weeks to come.

FROM 3/28/05: First Edition of The Informer

Ahh welcome to the first Edition of my rumors...... I am the Informer.......

To kick things off, I have heard several reports of an old rival of TWF's is coming back into business next month in April. Many superstars have shown interest to return and it could turn back into the powerhouse it once was.

On the Primetime side of things, Axl Irvin's quest to the Hardcore title looks only to be a short one. I have been told by countless sources that he is planning to job to Edge only to get his crack at the Intercontinental Title! Axl was heard talking about his push to his buddies in the back. "Ha! This is great after my Wrestlemania match, your lookin' at the next Intercontinental Champion wooohooo!"

Rampage sure has been looking like the strongest brand thus far. It is loaded with potential which is bad with the draft coming up. Many superstars have threatend to quit should they be lost in the draft. Not many are looking forward to it but one person who is, is non other than "The Show" Joe Corey. He says that he is looking forward to it so he can go and counquer the rest of the TwF not just the Rampage side of things.

Slaughterhouse is being looked at as a great area with bringing in all these old people. Look for the Draft to completely revamp their rosters and make them an even bigger player in the TwF, not just a second hand show to Rampage and PrimeTime.

It has been rumored that Vince McMahon is very sick right now, and that all the backstage is being run by both Stephanie and Shane. They are said to be very burnt out and they need a break. Take that one for what it's worth.

It has been confirmed! Wrestlemania 7 is going to be held in the HSBC arena in Buffalo! A weird place to choose but it is non-the-less the spot of next years Wrestlemania.

The Informer has spoken, until next time........... keep thinking about whats true and whats false...............


Word is that Ashley Kaiman aka “Ms. America” has been spotted backstage at the last couple of Primetime’s.

Rumor has it that The British Bulldog's son Harry Smith will debut on Rampage within the next few weeks.

Apparently there is a war breaking out between Rampage and Primetime over the signature of Dalip Singh.

Travis Wakeman’s actions against Vince McMahon on Rampage is said to have cost him a $5,000 fine.

The secret that Eddie Saint James and James Mitchell are using against Vlad the Impaler is said to be something horrific that happened during Vlad’s childhood.

There is a real buzz coming from the SMW locker room as everyone is talking about something major that is going down on the next Aggression.

The identity of The Starman that Money Mike has been obsessing over is thought to be Rex Redford currently wrestling for The Asylum.

JJ's RUMOR MILL V.2: 6/17/06

- Rumour has it that TWF officials are looking into the prospect of signing the English duo of “The Wonderkid” Jonny Storm and “Tha Pukka One” Darren Burridge.

- Many people backstage have admitted to be The Starman and have been trying to accept Money Mike’s offer of $100,000 and an invitation to join The Horsemen.

- Expect a hot prospect by the name of Austin ‘Ladykiller’ Aimes to debut in SMW very soon.

- Word is that Eric Angle, brother of Kurt has been seen backstage at both Rampage and Primetime.

- Jordan Rockwell is said to be extremely confident that he will defeat ‘The Wrestling God’ JBL at Payback.

- Jason Oliver is said to be torn in two with his feelings for Stacy Snow conflicting with his Horsemen teammates.


Rumour Mill Vol. 3 -The interest in Darren Burridge and Jonny Storm that I reported in the last edition of the rumor mill is said to have passed.

-Money Mike has said that he was very pleased with Jason Oliver’s version of The Money Pit on the last Rampage.

-The Rampage team for the Interbrand Title match at Titanmania is said to include Matt Cruz, Rex Redford and Joe Corey. Whereas The Primetime team is made up of Chaos Wolf, Johnny Hazard, Chris Platoon, Shane Thompson and Matt Taylor.

-Rumor has it that a few old faces from TWF’s past could resurface very soon.

-Word has it that there is a lot of talk within the members of Primetime asking for Test to be brought back.

JJ's RUMOR MILL Vol. 4: 11/12/06

-Shane McMahon has been rumored to be looking at calling up new talent Montel Vontavious Porter a.k.a. MVP, who is currently in The Asylum.

- A lot of the Rampage superstars have said that the addition of ‘Lethal’ Lenny Armstead is a welcome one.

- Billy Kidman has been spotted backstage at the last few Primetime's looking for work.

- Look for a new stable that may come to power before Christmas.

- Vince McMahon is looking to add a legends initiative to the TWF very soon in which he will bring back legends of the TWF to compete in the main events of Rampage and Primetime to take on some of today’s best up and comers.

- My sources tell me that Paul Birchill could be in a prominent role on Rampage very soon.

FROM 10/27/08: "NOW YOU KNOW" VOL. 1

- Rumor has it that TWF officials are in 'serious' talks with another huge star from the world of Mixed Martial Arts. It may not be who you think it is.

- Rumor has it that Lenny Armstead refused to leave the building on Monday, when he showed up and was told his contract had been terminated.

- Rumor has it that there is a lot of tension backstage between former TWF tag team champions, Jordan Rockwell and Shawn Michaels.

- Edge was said to be happy with the services of Samaiel at MeltDown and plans to use his services again.

- Rumor has it that a former TWF tag team is said to be on their way back to the company.

- I've been told that there are plans for JBL to soon have his own stable.


- The contract of Jason Oliver is set to expire December 11, rumor has it the Rampage star is asking for a large increase in his salary to keep him under contract.

- Rumor has it that Joe Corey had something to do with The Undertaker being attacked at Main Event.

- Rumor has it that Tatanka's days with the TWF are numbered. This is a result of the TWF creative team having nothing for him and with his recent loss in the King of the Ring tournament, backstage sources say his release will be sooner rather than later.

- Backstage sources say newcomer Jack Swagger could be a new addition to the GeNext stable.

- The feeling backstage is that Gina Carano's association with Tito Ortiz may benefit her early TWF career, but it could possibly hurt her long term wrestling career.


- Rumor has it that following the House of Horrors match at War in the Winter, Chaos wolf will not be cleared to compete for a few weeks due to injury.

- I've been told that Joe Corey has plans to hire a new agent in the weeks to come. However, I can not confirm who it may be.

- Rumor has it that the Rampage main event for WrestleMania 10 could involve both Travis Wakeman and Randy Orton.

- Rumor has it that the TWF's developmental territory, The Asylum is looking to sign a few young prospects to contracts in the coming weeks.

- Following, War in the Winter, I can now confirm that this years WrestleMania will take place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

- There are plans to revitalize the Lightweight division by bringing in new lightweights from around the world. Which is the reason that Evan Bourne was signed and debuted at War in the Winter.


- Rumor has it that at The Royal Rumble, The Dockland Destroyer suffered 3rd degree burns to his legs and lower back as a result of the inferno match.

- I've been told that after his loss at The Royal Rumble, Roddy Piper has chosen to stay off television in the weeks to come. So expect a new authority figure to emerge soon.

- After his loss in the Royal Rumble, I've been told that "The Show" Joe Corey has already started a campaign to get himself back into WrestleMania.

- I've been informed by a few sources that Hulk Hogan has started training for a return to the ring, possibly by WrestleMania.

- There's a lot of speculation going around about which injuries Travis Wakeman is currently suffering from, a close source tells me one or more broken ribs.

"Now You Know" Vol. 5

- Edge was said to be furious with the final decision of the Universal title match at WrestleMania, and has been telling friends he has something special in store for Rockwell.

- Word backstage is that Axl Irvin is opting to hold off on cashing in the Jackpot briefcase, possibly until WrestleMania XI.

- Rumor has it that former TWF star Dustin Kash was backstage visiting with friends at WrestleMania X. A possible return in the works?

- Rumor has it that following his loss to The Undertaker at WrestleMania, Joe Corey is looking to head in a new direction in his career.

- Rumor's are swirling that some of the biggest names in the TWF may have a new show to call home after the annual draft.

"Now you Know" Vol. 6

- Inside sources tell me that with the recent news of Tito Ortiz leaving the TWF, Joe Corey is looking to add a new member to his clique.

- Speaking of Ortiz, I've been informed that the reason for him leaving TWF has to do with the two sides being unable to agree to the terms of his new contract. Instead of continuing negotiations, he chose to head back to the world of MMA.

- Word is that Jason Oliver's first TWF heavyweight title defense will take place in his home country of Canada.

- Rumor has it that Kevin Thorn's huge win against John Cena at MeltDown was just the first of many to come as the company is looking to push him as the dominant heel force on PrimeTime.

- Rumor has it that "Superstar" Billy Graham is suffering from a few cracked ribs after the punt from PJ Cash at MeltDown.


Word backstage is that Michael Cole's release was due to him not improving during his long tenure with the company like officials had hoped he would. The start of a new decade was a perfect time for TWF to clean house on the announce position.

Rumor has it that Muhammad Hassan hasn't received a warm welcome back from his peers, many guys are said to be skeptical of his new found good guy image.

It's been said that Richard Ramsley has been extremely vulnerable as of late and has even opened up to a select few in the TWF locker room to try and help resolve his problems.

Zach Ryder's not naming any names but rumor has it that he personally has known the man behind Jaden Core's mask for much of both of their careers.

I've been informed that Nails may soon be going back to his Johnny Hazard persona. Possibly before WrestleMania 11.

Going into the tag team match at War in the Winter, many are saying that Oliver can't trust anyone, not even his own partner, Ted Dibiase.

Friends of Money Mike have said that recently the King of Kings has started to contemplate retirement.

Rumor has it that a few more within the TWF locker room are not happy with their current standing in the company and will soon join in on Rob Storm's crusade. Expect more to make it clear where they stand in the weeks to come.


--After suffering the High Cross on Rampage, Christian has reportedly suffered a concussion. No word yet on if he will miss any time or on the severity of the injury.

--Many within the TWF have discussed bringing back a former European and Tag Team Champion. Citations of old age are seemingly all that's holding back these contractual negotiations.

--Despite PJ Cash's return to the TWF leading him to the announcer's table, many still have high hopes for his future as a wrestler.

--A source close to Vance Archer has reported that the "American Psycho" has planned an attack on fellow newcomer Cayden Cole. Justin Gabriel and Tyler Reks could not be contacted for comment.

--Officials are very high on Sebastian Cain and have even been quoted as saying that they "wouldn't mind if he won the King of the Ring."


-- Jason Oliver was said to have assaulted one of the Road Agents backstage after losing his title. No word yet on who it was or whether this holds truth.

-- PJ Cash's return to the ring at the Royal Rumble is said to not be a one-time appearance. Cash has "serious plans" for the future.

-- Kayla Karter's relationship with Kharma may not be as nice as it seems; Kharma has been rumored to be planning to take Karter out for the belt.

-- M.X. Ogden's attack on Shelton Benjamin has left the "World's Greatest Athlete" with a fractured orbital bone. After his strong performance in the Rumble, it seems as if Benjamin will be able to continue wrestling through what is a very dangerous injury.

-- Many within the company are said to be high on The Kings of Wrestling, stating that regardless of the outcome of this tournament, they could see themselves on the Main Roster. --Sebastian Cain could be in line for a World Title opportunity in the very near future.

FROM MAY 19, 2012

Rumor has it that Boogeyman has quietly been released from his TWF contract. The beatdown at the hands of Eddie St. James was to write him out of the storylines.

Word backstage is that Cris Henning was not well received upon his return to the company a few months back and has left many to question TWF officials bringing him back. He is said to have friends in high places within the organization.

Much of the TWF roster have been questioning Sebastian Cain's intentions going into his Heavyweight Championship match at Deadly games. Some feel that he is trying to make sure that both he and Cruz are at 100% when the match takes place so there are no excuses, while others feel he is just trying to get in the head and gain the trust of the champ, Matt Cruz, and take advantage of that trust later on down the line.

Dolph Ziggler is said to be watching the TWF's Heavyweight Championship scene closely and is waiting for his opportunity to cash in on his Jackpot, but he insists he is in no rush.

Insiders tell me that PJ Cash's fortune has been dwindling for some time now after a couple bad investment moves, but his loss at WrestleMania is what really took him over the edge.

Rumor has it that Kevin Thorn's unprovoked attack on Sting on PrimeTime was due to his urge to force Sting into retirement instead of the wrestling legendwalking away on his own.

Sources have told me that they have big plans for the stipulations as the best of five series between Joe Corey and John Cena continues.