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SuperStar Points

Link Added: 12-29-04

One of the best things about Smackdown vs. RAW is the ability to purchase attribute points. So from now on, on a Monthly basis, I will be rewarding those superstars who are deserving with attribute points. Obviously, this gives you a better chance to win your matches. The best way to get points is to get involved with the TWF and your character and we all know how to do this. This link will serve as an inventory of what every superstar in the TWF has as his/her attribute points. If someone is not listed below, that means they are at the standard 56 points given to all superstars.


Jordan Rockwell (+3): December Wrestler of the Month, Post on the GSE subject, Written promo for 1/22 edition of PrimeTime

Shane Thompson (+2): Post on the GSE subject, Creation of the TWF the Music CD

High Octane (+1): Post on the GSE subject (best one)

Axl Irvin (+2): Post on the GSE subject, purchase of TWF action figure

Rick Clark (+1): Use of the guestbook

Dylan Jansens (+1.5): Use of the guestbook

Chaos Wolf (+2): Use of the guestbook, purchase of TWF the Music CD

Nemesis (+1): Use of the guestbook

Joe Corey: (+2) 1 SMW show done, King of Cable champion

Matt Cruz (+1): Written promo for 1/19 edition of Rampage

Drew Blood (+1): World champion

Jamal (+1): Rampage Tag Team champion

Rosey (+1): Rampage Tag Team champion

Bahamut (+1): TWF Tag Team champion

Strife (+1): TWF Tag Team champion


Shane Thompson (+2): 2 columns, Wrestler of the Month in January

Matt Cruz (+2): 2 backstage skits

Chaos Wolf (+2): Use of the guestbook, promo, attended Board Meeting

Axl Irvin (+2): Attended Board Meeting

Chris Tirpak (+1): Attended Board Meeting

Taylor Made (+1): Attended Board Meeting

Joe Corey (+5): Producced Interview, 2 promos, Smoky Mountain show, Wrestler of the month in February, use of guestbook, Attended Board Meeting

Jordan Rockwell (+3): Rumors, use of guestbook, Attended Board Meeting

Austin Pyromania (+1) Use of guestbook, rumors

Chris Masters (+1): Win-loss record since debuting

Viscera (+1): Win over Shawn Michaels

Matt Morgan (+1): Win-loss record since last update

Mordecai (+2): Win-Loss record; helping DeadPool rule Rampage.


Matt Cruz (+1): 2 editions of the LowDown

Joe Corey (+3.5): Wrestler of the month for April, 2 SMW shows, 1 written segment, Joined WWE Fantasy League, Roleplays

Jason Oliver (+2): Joined WWE Fantasy League, Roleplays, Character ideas

Money Mike (+4): 2 Written segments (Money Pit), 3 Asylum Shows, Joined WWE Fantasy League, Roleplays

Axl Irvin (+2): 1 edition of the A-List, Joined WWE Fantasy League

Chaos Wolf (+2): 1 written interview, character ideas, roleplays

Jordan Rockwell (+3): 1 edition of Diano's 2 Cents, 1 Written segment, 2 SlaughterHouse shows, Joined WWE Fantasy league

Derek Darko (+1): Joined WWE Fantasy league

Rome (+1): Creation of WrestleMania 6 figures

Shane Thompson (+1): 1 written segment, joined WWE Fantasy league


Johnny Jeter (+1): Character advancement

Mordecai (+1): Character advancement

Carlito Cool (+2): Performance

Viscera (+1): Character advancement

Chris Masters (+1): Performance

Paul London (+3): Performance

Heidenreich (+2): Performance

Sean O'Haire (+3): Performance

Muhammad Hassan (+2): Character Advancement


Jordan Rockwell (+3): 1 column, 2 written segments, 2 shows

Matt Cruz: (+2): 3 written segments

Chaos Wolf (+2): 2 written segments, several character ideas

Vlad the Impaler (+1): Joined WWE Fantasy league

Carney (+1): Joined WWE Fantasy league

Mystical (+1): Joined WWE Fantasy league

Jessica Lopez (+1: Joined WWE Fantasy league

Money Mike (+3.5): 2 Asylum shows, Creation of Figure link, updates to TWF Mall, 1 written segment

Joe Corey (+1): Joined WWE Fantasy league, assisted with written segment

Essa Rios (+1): Character development

Psychosis (+1): Character development

Super Crazy (+1: Character development

Sean O'Haire (+1): Performance

Paul London (+1): Performance

Karam Ibrahim (+1): Performance

Max Ogden (+2): Very involved lately, plenty of character ideas


Jason Oliver (+2): 3 Superstar Corners

Drew Blood (+1): Character ideas

Chris Platoon (+1): Character ideas

Jordan Rockwell (+1.5): 2 segments, character ideas

Matt Cruz (+3): 2 Columns, 3 segments

Joe Corey (+2): 1 SMW, 1 segment, 1 column

Money Mike (+4): Wrestler of the Month (July), Roleplays, Merchandise creation, 1 Money Pit, 1 Asylum

Axl Irvin (+1.5): Character ideas, roleplays, 1 column

Max Ogden (+1): Character ideas

1 Character development and/or performance point given to.......

Joey Mercury, Johnny Blaze, Karam Ibrahim, Sylvain Grenier, Johnny Swinger, Gangrel, Muhammad Hassan and Rob Conway.


Matt Cruz (+2): 2 colums, 3 written segments

Shane Thompson (+2): 2 written segments, guest on After Hours Radio show

Jordan Rockwell (+2): 1 SlaughterHouse, 1 written segment, guest on After Hours Radio show, Wrestler of the Month in August

Mackenzie Rose (+1): 1 written vignette, character ideas

Money Mike (+2): 2 Asylums, 1 written segment, hosting the After Hours radio show

Chais Wolf (+2): 3 written segments

Joe Corey (+2): Audio promo, 1 SMW, 1 written segment

Jason Oliver (+2): Resigned with the TWF, 1 Superstar Corner

High Octane (+1): Wrestler of the Month for October

Accomplishments for Drew Blood and Vlad the Impaler will be carried over to the next handout, it just wasn't enough to warrant points this time.


Drew Blood (+1): Small segment

Vlad the Impaler (+1): 1 written promo

Max Ogden (+3): Past consideration, 1 written segment, 1 column- TWF CountDown

Jordan Rockwell (+4): 1 interview, 1 column- Diano's 2 Cents, 2 written segments, 1 show- SlaughterHouse

Nails (+2): Character ideas, use of the guestbook

Eddie Saint James (2): Character ideas, use of the guestbook

Matt Cruz (+2): 1 segment, editing of results, 1 column- The LowDown

Chaos Wolf (+1): q written segment

Joe Corey (+2): Royal Rumble video, 1 show- SMW

Stacy Snow (+1): Character ideas

Money Mike (+4): 6 shows- Asylum, updates to TWF Mall

J.J. Ramplin (+1): Character ideas

1 point was given to the following based on recent performance: Travis Wakeman, Trevor Murdoch, Bobby Lashley and Ken Kennedy


Joe Corey: (had 1 pt. in the hole) (+6) 2 shows- SMW, Wrestler of the Month for February, 1 segment, Interview for Diano's 2 Cents, Typed up video build for Main Event, Wrote SMW match for Main Event

Matt Cruz (+2): 2 result edits, 1 typed segment

Chaos Wolf (+1): small segment, character ideas

Jordan Rockwell (+5): 2 columns, 3 segments, 2 shows- SlaughterHouse

Max Ogden (+3): 4 columns

Money Mike (+5): When Worlds Collide, 3 shows, sit down interview on Main Event

Jason Oliver (+2): Character ideas, Superstar Corner

Jaded Menhir (+1): Character ideas

Mariner (+1): Character ideas

Eddie Saint James (+1): Character ideas

Rome (+2): Latest edition of TWF figures

J.J. Ramplin (+1): TWF Quiz

Shane Thompson (+1): Re-signed for 3 years

Axl Irvin (+1): Character ideas

Performance Points: Tatanka (+1)


Jason Oliver (+2): TWF Quiz 1 winner, Wrestler of the Month- May 2006

Axl Irvin (+3): 2 columns- A-List, tie for TWF Quiz 2 winner, tie for TWF Quiz 3 winner

Money Mike (+3): 6 Asylums, Spring Breakout, Clash of the Champions, New merchandise in TWF Mall

Dustin Kash (+5): 2 segments, 2 SMW shows, SMW Monthly Report, character ideas

Shane Thompson (+2): Post WrestleMania 7 roleplay, 1 segment

Jordan Rockwell (+3): 5 segments, 2 SlaughterHouses

Joe Corey (+3): Tie for TWF Quiz 2 & 3 winner, WrestleMania 7 video, TWF Board Meeting transcript, help with SMW results

J.J. Ramplin: 2 TWF quizzes, 2 sets of rumors

Chaos Wolf (+1): Tie for TWF quiz 3 winner

Rob Storm (+1): Written vignette

Bill Cutting (+1): Character ideas

Performance Points: Travis Wakeman (+1)


Jason Oliver: +2

Max Ogden: +3

Joe Corey: +1

Rex Redford: +2

Jordan Rockwell: +1

Shane Thompson: +2

Axl Irvin: +2

Dustin Kash: +5


M.X. Ogden: +4

PJ Cash: +4

J.J. Ramplin: +3

Chaos Wolf: +3

Chris Platoon: +2

Dustin Kash: +2


Wrestlers Name Points Show
Joe Corey 89 Rampage
Drew Blood 61 Rampage
High Octane 80 Rampage
Carney 65 PrimeTime
Taylor Made 69 Rampage
Kevin Thorn 84 PrimeTime
Matt Cruz 74 Rampage
Money Mike 87 Rampage
Travis Wakeman 91 Rampage
M.X. Ogden 81 Rampage
Jordan Rockwell 89 PrimeTime
Strife 62 PrimeTime
Bahamut 62 PrimeTime
Axl Irvin 74 PrimeTime
Chaos Wolf 76 PrimeTime
Ultimo Dragon 83 PrimeTime
Chris Tirpak 72 Rampage
Jason Oliver 79 Rampage
Nails 81 PrimeTime
Sean O'Haire 82 Rampage
Gangrel 77 PrimeTime
J.J. Ramplin 78 Rampage
Tatanka 84 PrimeTime
Eddie Saint James 74 PrimeTime
Kenny Doane 77 PrimeTime
Dolph Ziggler 74 Rampage
Jeff Hardy 82 Rampage
Dustin Kash 72 Rampage
Rob Storm 65 Rampage
Rory McCallister 80 PrimeTime
Robbie McCallister 80 PrimeTime
Sylvester Terkay 84 Rampage
CM Punk 83 PrimeTime
Rene Dupree 75 PrimeTime
Nemesis 78 Rampage
Deuce 80 PrimeTime
Curt Hawkins 75 Rampage
Zack Ryder 75 Rampage
PJ Cash 74 PrimeTime
Austin Pyromania 79 Rampage
Sebastian Cain 81 Rampage
Troy Gafgen 72 Rampage
Richard Ramsley 75 Rampage
Dylan Jansens 81 Rampage
Tito Ortiz 80 PrimeTime
Primo Colon 77 Rampage