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On this link, we will have bios of our original superstars as you know the real wrestlers.

Wrestler Height Weight Hometown Manager/valet History Finishing move Contract Expires
Travis Wakeman

6'4" 255 Greeley, Colorado Melina Travis Wakeman is arguably the greatest wrestler in the history of wrestling, whether it be the GSE, MFW or the TWF. He’s faced off against the greatest, and beaten them too. He has over 100 career wins, has won the Royal Rumble twice, was voted 2000 Wrestler of the Year, is a 3 time Intercontinental Champion, a former-UFC Champion… Hold on let me catch my breath. A former-Rampage Tag Team Champion with Bret Hart, the first ever Toughman Champion, a former-Universal Champion, and a 5 time TWF Champion. Now that you know all that, it’s clear to see why we call him the greatest wrestler ever. He has Main Evented two Wrestlemania's for the World Title, winning both against "High Octane" Damion West and Val Venis, their second of two meetings, respectively. At WrestleMania, he's also battled Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Rob Van Dam and Val Venis, their first meeting for the Intercontinental Championship. Wakeman married his longtime girlfriend Trish Stratus on Pay-Per-View but Melina, who had an eye for Wakeman, won a match against Trish in which she earned the managerial rights to Wakeman. With the fans pulling Wakeman in one direction and Melina in another, what will become of the man known as the Technical Magician? "The Royal Flush" January 2015

(no longer active)

6'9" 330 Unknown None Bahamut was signed to a long term contract in January 2001. He is a serious individual who nobody knows much about. His mortal enemy is Strife and their rivalry dates back many years. The two men went at it in the first ever "Elevated Fall" match at Wrestlemania 2, with Bahamut getting the win. In 2003, he was traded from RAW to PrimeTime where he started an ugly fued with Travis Wakeman. In early 2004, Bahamut became face again and had a heated fued with Batista. After being defeated in a chain match, he disappeared for a couple months until TWF Payback, where he came to the aid of his longtime friend and rival Strife to reform the greatest tag team in TWF history. He then disappeared for a long period of time until he finally came back in the 2006 Royal Rumble match. On the July 13th, 2006 episode of PrimeTime Strife came back to the aid of Bah this time and the two reunited, promising to become as dominant as they once were. "The Crusher" & "What legends are made of" Legends Deal/No expiration

7'2" 390 Unknown None Strife is an ex-bouncer and ex-military member, which shows you just what kind of man he is. He's a man who loves to fight, and will stop at nothing to succeed in his mission. Feuds with Bahamut, a man he was one of the most dominant Tag Team Champions ever with, and The Undertaker headline an illustrious career for Strife. His 7'2 390 pound stature intimidates almost all who step in the ring with him, and those who don't usually just get a reality check by facing him. In his career, Strife has won the Tag Team Titles 3 times, with Bahamut, won Tag Team of the year twice, in 2001 and 2002, is a former Hardcore Champion, and held the TWF World Title for a day short of 5 months. He and Bahamut have feuded in the past, trying to end each others careers, but now they are back together on Primetime as a Tag Team. And if there past is any sign of the future, they'll have the titles around their waste in no time, which would just add another accomplishment to the already incredible career of the one and only... Strife. "Wrong Destination"

"The Derailer"

Legends Deal/No expiration
Jessica Lopez

5'5" 125 Greeley, Colorado None Jessica Lopez is one of the original TWF Divas. She set the bar for any diva, and champion in general, to come. Starting off as Travis Wakeman’s secretary, it didn’t seem like she’d mean much from a wrestling standpoint, but she proved us all wrong. She held the Women’s Championship twice, one of the reigns was a record 7 and a half months. That was the longest reign of any champion to that point, as she proved to be one of the greatest divas of all time. Her second reign wasn’t as long, lasting a month and a half, but she proved that she wasn’t a fluke. Now, Lopez helps promote the TWF all around the world, and also has two sons in Asylum, Isaac and Jason. She doesn’t wrestle much anymore, but there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that if they were to step in the ring with her… they’d be in for a hell of a fight. Hurracanrana off the top rope May 31, 2013

6'7" 280 Parts Unknown None One word describes Nails… Hardcore. He was once convicted of murder after a town riot in Iowa left 1 man dead, but was released on parole and was let into the wrestling world. He says he’s as hardcore as it gets, and there are very few doubters. He’s been in matches such as “Hardcore Hell,” in which he came in 2nd, only to beat Nuke for the title less than a week later. He was the cornerstone of the Hardcore Revolution, and a part of the new World order. On Primetime, Nails has promised to show us all that he can win more titles than just the Hardcore, something he’s yet to do. Although he is a former Toughman Champion, he has yet to win the big one. However, tormenting his opponents and coming out on top… That’s something he’s done very often. Now, Nails is gone. He had a Buried Alive Match with Jordan Rockwell, a match he almost promised to win… Only to be buried and not seen since. Is this the last we will see of the Hardcore Legend Nails? Or is there more left in the tank of the 3 time Hardcore Champion. "The Nail Driver" Lifetime Contract
Jordan Rockwell

6'4" 24O Tampa, Florida N/A The man the people call Franchise has seen and done it all in his storied career in the TWF including becoming the second man in TWF history to win the Universal title on PrimeTime four times along with having legendary battles with some of the top stars from the past and present including Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Edge and Shane Thompson just to name a few and while many question how long he can stay atop the TWF Empire, Jordan Rockwell continues to evolve himself in order to stay on top by adding new things to his arsenal, most notably his new finisher, a cradle tombstone pile driver he calls the Eternal Flame. Rockwell added to his impressive resume by defeating Edge back at WrestleMania 10 to win his third Universal title then after losing the title back to Edge, he added number four when he defeated Shane Thompson two falls straight back at MeltDown in 2009 to claim the then vacant title, this all following a second reign as Intercontinental champion at the expense of Mark Henry on PrimeTime and a second tag team title reign with Shawn Michaels, defeating the Blood Brothers. All of these accomplishments ultimately gave Rockwell the biggest honor of all, in winning his fourth wrestler of the year award. In the end, what do you do when you have done everything there is to have been done? Well for Jordan Rockwell, you simply do it all over again because in his own words, he will never stop or be stopped until he accomplishes his one true goal and that is to be simply put, the greatest ever. "Eternal Flame" April 6, 2013

(no longer active)

7'2" 300 Paris, France Francine William Birkin was at one time an overseas experimental scientist for the United States until an experiment permanently disfigured his face, a change of not only appearance, but an emotional change as well. Although little is known about his wrestling background, or his early childhood, he has proven over the years that he is more than worthy of where he’s at. Birkin is over 7 feet tall and uses the nickname Nemesis which portrays his pure hatred for the world, while hiding his feelings and face behind a mask. However, thanks to “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Nemesis accepted America into his heart after it was revealed that the U.S. was not behind the experiment that disfigured his face. However, the happiness didn’t last long. Vince McMahon lured him to his Alliance, with promises that he'd get him in contact with his missing wife. Nemesis found out that Vince was lying to him, and went out on his own. In February 2002, Nemesis was taken out by the nWo along with his new manager, Francine, but he returned that March to wage a personal battle against the nWo. Not only was Nemesis back, but a new look was born. The look, however, proved to be something he's very protective of, as the paint covers scarring. When The Undertaker tried to take him under his wing and suggested removing the paint, Nemesis turned on him, igniting a brutal feud between the two. As Nemesis' career went on, people started to doubt his ability to win a big match. Several superstars tried to take him under their wing but to this day, only a select few have been able to reach him. In 2005, Nemesis was selected to join the SlaughterHouse division in a lottery. In Slaughterhouse, he’s been arguably the most successful superstar they could possibly dream of. Winning SlaughterHouse’s Undisputed Championship in the Elimination Chamber, pinning JD Blaze, Nemesis proved that he finally could win the big one. And since June 30th of 2005, he’s been their proud champion, making his reign over a year long. That reign, is the longest in TWF history for any title. And now that Nemesis has finally won gold, a year later it doesn’t look like he’s ever going to let go. "The Shut Down" May 27, 2012

5'9" 160 Unknown None Carney, which is believed to be his last name, was signed to a contract on the 4th of July in 2001. He calls himself a daredevil and says he became this way on the U.S. in-line pro extreme team which he was a part of for 2 years. He quit for unknown reasons and now believes he can transfer his daredevil style to the TWF and make an impact in the lightheavyweight division. By the end of 2003, Carney had definitely made a big name for himself, becoming a multiple time Lightheavyweight champ and a member of the 4 Elements, a group put together using the intracacies of wrestling. In 2004, Carney was traded to RAW where he plans to make an even bigger name for himself.

After a bitter fued with Joe Corey over the King of Cable title, Carney was sent to SMW as a result of his loss. He competed down there until he was "fired" by Corey, only to resurface at WrestleMania 6, once again part of Rampage.

"Carney Bomb" July 4, 2014
Chris Tirpak

6'8" 300 South River, New Jersey None This man came to the TWF in October 2001 with an extremely impressive resume. He is a 5 time NSFA World champ and was crowned the "King of Hardcore" there as well. He's built a reputation as a very tough individual and has been known to carry around bags full of C4 explosives. He started his career as Vlad the Impaler and Vlad soon established himself as one of the toughest guys in the TWF and to prove it, defeated Travis Wakeman inside a steel cage to become the 2nd Toughman champion in TWF history. In 2003, then going by his given name Chris Tirpak, he knocked off the powerful Batista to win the Intercontinental championship. In the same year, he and Bradshaw became one of the best tag teams in the TWF, winning the titles on PrimeTime and earning Tag Team of the Year. Taking on all comers, he defended the title regularly. Finally at War in the Winter in December 2004, he lost the title to Kid Gundam, who needed help to do so. Tirpak then took Brock Lesnar to the limit at the Royal Rumble the following month, nearly winning the Universal title. After going on a brief losing streak, Tirpak reverted to his alter ego, Vlad the Impaler in early 2005, after some convincing from Chaos Wolf. They then went on to form the stable "New Breed Reborn", along with Jordan Rockwell and Dylan Jansens. However when Chaos Wolf shocked the world and turned on the group, Vlad battled with Chaos for a long period of time and had some of the most brutal matches in TWF history including their war at Eruption 2005 in a stretcher match, their Iron Circle Match at King of the Ring, and finally their Elevated Fall match at War in the Winter which was an instant classic. Since then he formed a group led by Father James Mitchell, including Eddie Saint James, himself, and Monica Saint Claire. They have proveN to be pretty dominant as Vlad works very well with Eddie Saint James and they have shown that they can get it done on the same side of the ring. "Lights Out" October 7, 2014
"High Octane" Damion West

5'8" 145 Sayville, New York None This guy has come to the TWF with the reputation of a real risk taker. He was trained by Rob Van Dam and wrestled with an independent circuit before signing with the TWF where he compiled a 19-2 record. He has said his first goal in the TWF is to have a "damn good match with Jeff Hardy". West quickly made a name for himself as a lightheavyweight, winning the title from Justin Sane in April 2002 before dropping it 1 month later to the Hurricane. In 2003, after becoming Comeback Wrestler of the year the previous year, Octane aligned himself with Shawn Michaels, a long time idol of his. A friendly match between the two resulted in an HBK win but it is clear that Octane is the future of RAW and maybe the entire TWF.

In January 2004 at the Royal Rumble, West got the shot he'd waited a lifetime for with a World title match against The Undertaker and although he came so close to winning it, the deadman proved superior. At this point, High Octane chose to turn on the man he respected most, Shawn Michaels, leading to a long rivalry with each man picking up wins over the other. But as of Summer 2004, High Octane is one of the top contenders to the World title.

"Head on Collision

"Octane Splash"

October 31, 2014
"Taylor Made" Matt Taylor

(no longer active)

5'10" 240 Buffalo, New York None Taylor is a mysterious person who is said to have a rocky past, but no one knows about it. In the ring, he is a complete daredevil, willing to risk life and limb in any match. He came to the TWF in October 2002 along with his nickname Koo Bear, another mystery. But he intends to shed light on his skills and maybe one day, more will be known about this man. A short alliance with Sam Wilde got Taylor to open up a little more but Terri got him to leave the religious Wilde and she transformed him into "Taylor Made". In January 2004, he added another woman, Desire, to his group, claiming he needed 2 women to "keep up with him". That theory went even further when he won a mixed tag team match at TWF Evil Intentions which forced Victoria to spend 24 hours alone with him. It is still a mystery what happened in that time. Taylor then went on to start a surprising relationship with Rampage owner Stephanie McMahon. But just as things were starting to get steamy, Taylor was switched to PrimeTime in the lottery. "Tailored to Perfection"

(Top rope DDT)

October 7, 2013
Rob Storm

6'5" 260 Toronto, Ontario, Canada None From the great white north, Rob Storm is a technically sound brawler type who's father got him into the industry. He is a very charismatic superstar as well and comes to the TWF with an impressive win-loss record under his belt. His anti-American views quickly helped him form an alliance with La Resistance and William Regal. Later in 2003, Storm went out on huis own, acquiring the services of one of the industry's all time great managers, Jimmy Hart. The two men would add the talented Sylvan Grenier to form the second addition of La Resistance and in June 2004, the two won the RAW Tag Team titles from the Basham Brothers. But not too long after, the team split due to Sylvain Grenier's jealousy over the fact that Toronto created a "Rob Storm day". In going their seperate ways, Storm defeated Grenier one on one and looks to have a very big future. "Maple Leaf"


August 25, 2013
"The Show" Joe Corey

6'7" 295 Boston, Massachusetts None Joe Corey began wrestling at the early age of 16. He worked his way up the hard way and considers himself a "real man's wrestler" for doing so. By the age of 21, he was being given offers by all the major companies. He was competing in a company called the ACW when the TWF lured him away. He truly believes that all the fans are there to see him, and he has much reason to think it. Corey quickly became one of the bigger superstars on RAW after defeating former World champion Val Venis. He then went into one of the best feuds in recent TWF history with Austin Pyromania, defeating him at Code Red in February 2004. Although he didn't prevail in a four way match for the KOC title at WrestleMania, he was able to win the title from John Cena after an assist from the Network Police. Corey set the bar for King of Cable Champions to come, and he looks like he isn’t stopping there. He made an alliance with Money Mike and The Horseman, but they turned on him in what some call the Washington Screw Job. And not only did they turn on him, they cost him the TWF Championship. Now, Corey is teaming with Paul Heyman and it looks like it’s working well. He picked up arguably the biggest victory of his career when he beat Jordan Rockwell, and now is possibly aligning himself and Paul with Rob Van Dam. "The Showstopper"

Variation of the Pedigree

October 16, 2012
Axl Irvin

6'5" 275 Chicago, Illinois None Axl Irvin has wrestled in Japan and Indy feds all over the US. He was signed to a developmental deal in September 2003 and was allocated to SMW where he proved himself by winning the Future of Wrestling title. He was called up to the main roster of PrimeTime in January 2004 and big things are expected of him. He quickly fell under the money driving mind of Ted Dibiase and began to do his bidding. After getting off to a very successful start, he went into a fued with Dylan Jansens that included the very comedic Axl TV skits. At TWF Payback in June 2004, Jansens outlasted Irvin and Johnny Stamboli to win the Hardcore title. In late 2004, Axl began to create his own entourage, finding rising superstar Orlando Jordan to watch his back and gaining the services of the gorgeous Traci Brooks. "Axl Cutter"

Similar to the Vertebreaker

September 27, 2013
Dylan Jansens

(no longer active)

6'2" 230 France None Originally from France, Jansens came to the United States set on becoming a pro wrestler. In January 2002, he was noticed by the TWF and signed a developmental deal to train in SMW. After nearly 2 months of getting his quickness and timing down, he was called up to the PrimeTime division where he is credited with rejuvenanating the Lightheavyweight division, becoming it's champion and holding the title for several months. He also helped form the 4 Elements along with Chris Benoit, Carney and Rey Mysterio. This group came together after he and Benoit became a force in the tag team division, winning the titles on one occasion. In January 2004, Jansens abruptly left the TWF, citing the fact that he wanted to fulfill other life goals. But a month later, he realized his heart was in the TWF as much as ever and decided to make a full time return. In June 2004, after fueding with the Million Dollar Corporation and defeating Ted Dibiase at WrestleMania V, he outlasted Johnny Stamboli and Axl Irvin in a triple threat to become Hardcore champion against all odds. But later in the year, at the King of the Ring, Jansens reached his ultimate goal when he defeated Rhyno to become Universal champion. That put into motion one of the more memorable fueds in years between he and Shane Thompson, culminating in a classic match at WrestleMania 6. He later changed his name to Jaded Menhir in March of 2006 and raged war against all that he believed was ruining the wrestling business. On May 27th, 2006 Jaded Menhir was drafted by Jesse Steele to transfer to Slaughterhouse where he promises to flourish. He also changed his name back to Dylan Jansens. Dragon's Bane January 2014
Chaos Wolf

6'3" 200 Bronx, New York None Chaos Wolf came to the TWF through a developmental contract and worked his way up the ranks of SMW. His claim to fame is an upset win over Joe Corey on an April 2004 edition of RAW but about a month later, he was given his shot as a full time superstar on PrimeTime. Prior to the TWF, Chaos Wolf worked for NSFA, where he won the tag team titles with TWF superstar Chris Tirpak before becoming their World champ. He also won the King of the Death Match while touring Mexico in 2001. Wolf quickly joined the newly reformed New Breed and helped them attain the rights to the name at WrestleMania 6. But in that match, he was injured, shelving him for almost 2 months. But Wolf returned better than ever and with a new female, Chae, at his side. "Chaos Driver" Lifetime Contract
Drew Blood

(no longer active)

6'2" 240 Unknown None Drew Blood is another man who many consider the greatest TWF superstar of all time. He won the TWF, Universal, Intercontinental and European Championships, and had legendary feuds with men such as Jordan Rockwell, Chris Benoit and most recently, John Cena. But, his career isn’t all glory… It’s also confusion and deception. After losing a career ending match to Travis Wakeman in 2003, it seemed like it’d be the last we saw of Drew Blood. But he made his way back into the TWF and became World Champion by defeating The Undertaker, and kept himself on top with one of the more memorable stables in TWF history, The DeadPool. Now, Blood sees scarce action in the TWF, but is still remembered as one of the greatest, and definitely most controversial, wrestlers of all time. BloodBath

Double Arm impaler DDT

Paid per appearance
Jason Oliver

6'6" 245 Maple Ridge, British Columbia None It took some convincing to get Oliver into the TWF. But officials loved his great size and the fact he was trained by Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock. Oliver actually met The Rock on the set of the movie "Walking Tall" where he was a stunt man and it all went from there. Oliver wanted a Hollywood career but has always been an avid wrestling fan and now he is ready to display his talents. Oliver made some noise quickly, aligning himself with Sean O'Haire and Heidenreich to try and take away the rights to the New Breed name. Even though they were unsuccessful, Oliver teamed up with Heidenreich to defeat Strife and Bahamut at Foul Play to shock the world and become tag team champions. "Reigns of Destiny"

Variation of the Stone Cold Stunner

December 11, 2014
Matt "Madik" Cruz

6'3" 265 Denver, Colorado None Cruz is loaded with amatuer skill. But he almost never made it into the business. He grew up in the Five Points area of east Denver and at the age of 17, he was shot 4 times in a drive by shooting. He survived and graduated high school, earning a wrestling scholarship to the University of Texas where he won 2 Big 12 titles and a National Championship in the heavyweight division his senior year. Knowing the TWF is high on amatuer wrestlers, Cruz sent in a tape to talent scouts and was offered a contract in late 2004. On July 31st, 2005, Matt Cruz won the Rampage Tag Team titles along with Karam Ibrahim against Jamal and Rosey. Early 2006, Matt Cruz aligned himself with Rey Mysterio and the two became very close friends until Meltdown 2006, where out of frustration he turned on Rey after losing to him in a great match. Since then he has shown quite a mean streak and looks better than ever. "Colorado Clover Leaf"

Same as Texas Clover Leaf

December 19, 2015
M.X. Ogden

5'10" 217 Memory Lane None Despite being just 24 years of age, M.X. Ogden is as grizzled a veteran as they come in the TWF. Starting out in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, Ogden found immediate success upon winning the SMW Championship from Recon Rage at Lethal Lottery. This showing of determination and will would turn him into the longest reigning SMW Champion of all-time. Upon making it to the Main Roster, M.X. Ogden aligned himself with mentor Joe Corey. Ogden found himself in a variety of matches, from a Leather Strap match with Rob Storm to the match of a lifetime against Shawn Michaels. The true defining moment for M.X. Ogden, though, was winning the 2005 King of the Ring. Ogden's still-going rivalry with Jason Oliver was born there, as was the true power of Ogden's faction: The Hart Family. Enlisting the help of Sylvan Grenier, Snitsky, and Jimmy Hart, Ogden would find himself in one of the most memorable rivalries the TWF has ever seen, going head to head with The Horsemen. Ogden would find himself in various feuds that have left a true lasting mark on the landscape of the TWF, with superstars such as Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Jason Oliver, and Shelton Benjamin, whom he won the King of Cable Title from for his first taste of gold. His most memorable feud, though, was his feud with the late Umaga. In a feud in which blood was spilled and bones were broken, Ogden went as far as pushing Umaga off of the stage on Rampage. A House of Horrors match was all that could bring this feud to a close, and Ogden somehow found a way to win it; a common theme throughout his entire career. Matches like this were also a common theme, though, as he has been involved in everything from Cage Matches to Ladder Matches, even creating the King's Throne Match, which he faced Money Mike in. Ogden eventually grabbed the Rampage Tag Team Titles with Alex Shelley as a part of Eye Spy, only to show that he's the least trustworthy man in the TWF by turning on his best friend. Since then, Ogden has both been fired by and quit the TWF, leaving his legacy with an asterisk in some eyes. His feuds and matches with some of the best, and his wins over those same people, have made Ogden a name that no one can forget, though. Whether the asterisk exists or goes away, in 2009, M.X. Ogden was given the Lifetime Achievement Award for a very good reason. He has left his mark on the TWF, and as we progress through 2011, Ogden will aim to continue carving his name into the record books. Whether you love him or you hate him, you can't deny one fundamental truth: when M.X. Ogden is around, memories are certain to be made. The Memory Maker March 18, 2013
Money Mike

6'4"" 265 Miami, Florida None It's been over eight years now that the fans of the internet have watched Money Mike soar into greatness throughout his career with the GSE, from leading the nwo to becoming a flagship of the GSE. No matter what problems stood in his way, Money Mike always found a way. Backstage he was a leader to the younger talent, always giving advice. A true member at heart and a real athlete in the ring, Money Mike will always be remembered as a leader. Now with the new path that has been laid out in front of him, Money Mike defeated Vince McMahon in the most challenging match yet for him at Wrestlemania 6. Now Money Mike embarks on a new test of his skills as he will face the TWF as a full time superstar, but can this hall of famer do in the TWF what he accomplished in his GSE career! Those questions remain unanswered. Money Pit, Bankruptcy, Overdraft March 31, 2011
JJ "The Ram" Ramplin

(no longer active)

6'2" 248 St. Louis, Missouri None Ramplin has an extensive athletic history, including being an All American in wrestling at Seton Hall. When TWF scouts came across him, they knew he was too good to pass up and finding out he was shown the ropes by Dave Batista only helped his cause. He was signed to a developmental deal in July 2005 and spent a short stint in SMW before being called up to Rampage in December. He arrived on the December 15th edition of Rampage that year where he joined up with the Horsemen and helped Money Mike win a match against John Cena. Since then he has had some great matches including the "match of the month" winner at Royal Rumble 2006 against Joe Corey. After the Horsemen broke up at Anarchy Rulz '06, he aligned himself with William Regal who promises Ramplin a bright future and since then he hasn't disappointed. "Dead Weight" December 31, 2012
Eddie Saint James

6'8" 260 Columbus, Ohio Monica Born In Hollywood, Eddie graduated from Duke University with an Art Major, and was a champion Power lifter. Eddie worked for various magazines before wrestling, most notably for Calvin Klein. During a visit with his family in Iowa, he ran into the man known as Nails who was able to convince him to begin training for pro wrestling. After spending time learning wrestling from the Hardcore outlook, he was recognized by TWF scouts who signed him to a developmental deal. The Asylum was his home and everyone knew it. He went straight to the top, feuding with Thumbtack Kash, Eric Bishoff, even Main Event wrestlers Vlad the Impaler and his mentor Nails. While in the Asylum, he Co-Founded a stable called The Cult OF XXXTC, with members Tyrone Zorilla, Rex Redford, his wife Monica and Nails. After a successful stint in The Asylum, he was called up to PrimeTime in February 2006. He then aligned himself with Father James Mitchell, Vlad the Impaler and his wife Monica. After a string of fights with Nails, Eddie continued to live the hardcore lifestyle as he fought Johnny Hazard, ending his lifespan in the TWF. On July 28, 2008 Eddie was traded to Rampage. After a few short months there, he found himself at odds with Rampage's Money Mike. After a string of losses at the hands of Mike, he found himself in a tag team title match that Mike arranged with The Boogeyman as his partner. After winning the tag titles on 01-07-09, Eddie and The Boogeyman went on to be the longest reigning Rampage Tag Team champions up to that point. Winning the TWF Tag team of the year award twice, they also became the First tag team in TWF history to be the Unified Tag Champions. "Death to Humanity" February 27, 2016
Johnny Hazard

(no longer active)

6'7" 280 Hollywood, California The Harem Johnny Hazard surfaced in the TWF in April 2006 with a pretty boy, movie star image. Always surrounded by 4 attractive ladies he calls his Harem, it was clear he thought very highly of himself. However, he’s backed his talk up quite well. Taking part in the first ever Hazardous to Your Health Match at Meltdown '06, Hazard proved he is easily willing to put his good looks on the line. Although it was a losing effort, he proved himself against a man who many call the future of the wrestling business, Randy Orton. Has Hazard proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with? Or is this a start to a downfall in his career? Only time will tell, but knowing him… It’ll be a movie-like ending. "Toxic Drop" Lifetime

5'6" 130 pounds Columbus, Ohio None Monica joined a roller derby league right after graduating high school. But after 6 months, she made a career change and jumped into wrestling where she met her current husband, Eddie Saint James. She was signed to a TWF developmental contract and did well for herself in The Asylum before being called up to PrimeTime where she formed a dark group along with Saint James, Vlad the Impaler and James Mitchell. "The Honor Roll" (360 splash)

"The Awakening" (superkick)

October 31, 2015
PJ Cash

6'3" 237 pounds Hartford, Connecticut None PJ Cash was signed to a developmental contract in May 2006, after being noticed on the indy circuit. He worked his way up through the ranks of Asylum, he was called up to the PrimeTime division at the turn of the new year in 2007. Cash has been involved with wrestling since he was a very young kid, but at only 22 years of age, he is also a millionaire and very knowledgeable about the stock market. No one is sure quite how he obtained his fortune, and many say it has made him somewhat of a cocky, arrogant snob. Since debuting on Primetime in January of 2007, Cash has made it known that not only does he have money, but he has the in ring ability to back it up. In his rookie year he defeated numerous superstars with his patented "Cash Register", faced off against legends such as Ric Flair and "High Octane" Damion West, and showed that he has tremendous potential. The rest of the TWF recognized this as well, as Cash was named the 2007 TWF Rookie of the Year. With physical and mental accumen combined, the sky is the limit for Cash, and he is looking to make an even bigger name for himself in the very near future. . "Cash Register" January 1, 2014
Austin Pyromania

(no longer active)

6'2" 237 pounds Buffalo, New York None Austin Pyromania joined the TWF in the Summer of 2002 and officials had high hopes for him right off the bat. He quickly worked his way up the ranks of the Rampage division during an on again off again friendship with Taylor Made, a man he'd known since they were kids. At Evil Intentions in 2003, Pyro won the Toughman title and went on to have the reputation as one of the toughest guys in the locker room. But after a string of tough losses, Pyromania and then manager Stacy Kiebler decided to revert themselves, and he became the corporate "ass kisser" known as Austin Porteau while she transformed into the stunning Ms. Hancock. But Porteau experienced mild success before the TWF shockingly released him in the Summer of 2006. Pyro spent nearly a year away from the business, but on June 20, 2007 on Rampage, he made his return during the 7 year anniversary show. This time, Pyro vows to stick to who he is, and never turn his back and who and what he truly loves. Pyrotechnics June 30, 2010
Sebastian Cain

6'4" 251 pounds Sacramento, California None Sebastian Cain started out in SMW, with the ring name Sebastian X. He was introduced to TWF fans as a religious fanatic with the goal of “cleansing” the TWF of all the evil plaguing it. Cain made a big impact on SMW, before he was transferred over to Asylum due to SMW’s closing in 2007. At the beginning of 2008, Sebastian X became Sebastian Cain, and with it, his rise through the ranks of Rampage began. On Rampage, Cain became the aquaintance of Sean O’Haire, who eventually used Cain to become the King of Cable champion. O’Haire even went as low as to drag Cain’s troubled sister into the fold. By the end of 2008, Cain was on the verge of winning TWF gold, but he would need to defeat his former “mentor” to do it. Fresh off the heels of being named Rookie of the Year for 2008, he went on to defeat Sean O’Haire at the Royal Rumble to win the King of Cable Championship and seemingly free himself from his past demons. That is, until Richard Ramsley came into the picture. For the majority of 2009, Cain was embroiled in a bitter feud with Ramsley, and a deep dark secret from his past was revealed. The feud ran through Wrestlemania 10, and culminated in a brutal ladder match at Meltdown 2009. Cain was victorious both times, but not without battle scars. In his first 2 full years on Rampage, Cain has had match of the year candidates with Kurt Angle and Richard Ramsley, and has been in some of the most notable feuds in the last several years. If this is any indication of what is on the horizon, the sky truly is the limit for Sebastian Cain. "The Mark of Cain"

Three Quarter Nelson Suplex

January 31, 2014
Shane Thompson

(no longer active)

6'1" 230 pounds Los Angeles, California None Easily one of the most successful stars in TWF history, Thompson graduated from the old training ground SMW ane became a fixture on PrimeTime, winning the Universal, Intercontinental and Lightheavyweight titles. His wars with Jordan Rockwell are legendary. He went under the guise of Turrican for a couple years before taking the mask off in 2009 and reinforcing himself as one of the main stars in the company. "Total Eclipse"

Flip Piledriver

March 31, 2011
Troy Gafgen

6'1" 260 pounds New Jersey None After a long stay in Asylum as 'Terrible' Troy, Gafgen made his TWF debut as a fan of Chris Platoon on Rampage. That led to several battles with Platoon and got the career of Gafgen jumpstarted, a career officials think will be very bright. "The Sickness" (MK Ultra) June 10, 2014
Richard Ramsley

5'11" 195 pounds Chicago, Illinois None After spending the first two years of his career in The Asylum, Ramsley was assigned to the Rampage brand in 2008. Ramsley spent 2008 showcasing his brutal and sadistic nature through several matches and promos, as well as having a small feud with then TWF World Champion Mr. Kennedy. However, 2009 was a big year for Ramsley, as in January, he began to cut promos that indicated a personal vendetta against an unknown individual. The man in question turned out to be none other than the King of Cable, Sebastian Cain. This bitter, hatred fueled feud, made worse by weeks and weeks of psychological warfare, resulted in a match at WrestleMania 10 for the title, and another one at Meltdown 2009, the latter of which won Match of the Year. Ramsley came out on the losing end on both accounts, and since then seems to have begun to question himself. It's obvious that Ramsley is going through a period of intense personal change, but what this means for the Rampage locker room remains to be seen. "Flatliner" (Evenlow DDT) June 10, 2013

(no longer active)

6'0" 285 pounds Currently residing in New York City None Samaiel was born in 1980 as Samuel Muirhaven to a poor family of Norwegian farmers. He enlisted in the Brittish Military at the age of 17, defying his parents, and being shipped to training. He excelled in combat and marksmanship, not so much at diplomacy. He participated in the small conflict in Grenada as part of a support unit to US military forces and continued this role of "support" with Desert Storm, Desert Shield, several "incidents" in Macedonia, Bosnia, and Russia. He spent several years in Russia learning how to infiltrate the culture and eventually had to flee due to the shattered KGB's involvement. He returned to the US in 2000 and took up residence in New York, living at first in a well furnished apartment. His funds ran low and he was forced into the streets in August of 2001. He witnessed the attack on WTC and tried to rejoin the military at a USMC recruitment office. They denied him, but the Sgt. Major directed him somewhere he could use his talents and make quite a living. "Hell's Hammer" (Inverted DDT) September 20, 2011
Dockland Destroyer

(no longer active)

6'3" 235 pounds The Docks None Dockland Destroyer (DD) wasn’t born, he came to be. He was given to the world by the workers of the import/export business, a populace which has been manipulated and screwed over one too many times. Given with a rage ten years in the making, he roamed the docks and the surrounding area looking for trouble. After being witnessed in a street fight in Boston, his manager “The Yard Boss” took a keen interest in what his character could do for professional wrestling. After already living a life of ten years of deception and lies, Yard Boss provided nothing different for DD. All things he looked to escape were being forced on him, confining him ever further. After two years of amateur fights with literally no money ever making it past the Yard Boss and into DD’s pockets, he snapped and sent the Yard Boss to the hospital. Despite being beaten to near death, the Yard Boss saw ever more potential and sent tapes to the offices of the TWF. Immediately, the TWF saw something they liked and signed him to a developmental contract. After a brief but successful stint in The Asylum, DD was called up to the main roster. "Boston Tea Party" (Diving headbutt off top rope) November 12, 2011

(no longer active)

6'0" 200 pounds Barking, London None This overseas import was considered one of the best foreign wrestlers in the world when the TWF signed him to a developmental contract in the summer of 2007 and he didn't disappoint, faring very well in The Asylum. In late 2008, officials had decided they'd seen enough and Blade was given a chance after being called up to the main roster where he was placed on PrimeTime. "The Slicer" (Running Powerslam) November 12, 2012
Jaden Core

(no longer active)

5'9" 207 pounds Parts Unknown None Not much is known about this masked individual and he came to the TWF under some very unusual circumstances. What is known is he is said to be a third degree black belt in Kenpo karate and he is very versed in the Muay Thai fighting technique. This man is sure to make his mark on the TWF. "Retrogression" (Springboard kneedrop)

"Attention Deficit" (Roundhouse Kick)

May 31, 2012
Aniya Sky

(no longer active)

5'4" 135 pounds Toronto, Ontario, Canada None Aniya Sky grew up without a motherly figure as well as growing up in a predominantly male family wrestling business. Only one member of the family made it to the big time, however..... her. She was signed to a TWF contract after a private workout in May 2009. She has already drawn comparisons to one of her biggest role models, Trish Stratus. She plans to be a force in the Women's division for years to come. "DDG" (Down Dumb Girl- Jumping DDT) May 14, 2012
Kayla Karter

5'10" 115 pounds Seattle, Washington None Kayla was born and raised in foster care. She would often watch wrestling on television in her home to temporarily escape reality, but it wasn't until she was 18 that she decided that wrestling was her passion and was what she wanted to do with her life. Kayla struggled as she moved out of her foster home and into her car, working as a waitress to raise enough money to enroll in a local wrestling school. When she had the money raised and attempted to enroll she was denied by trainers because they didn't believe she had what it took, judging by her frail appearance. Through her hard work and determination she was eventually accepted by the school where she trained until she developed her skills enough to venture out into the independent scene, where she has worked until a TWF scout noticed her and offered her a contract on the spot in late 2009. "Kay Kick" November 30, 2015
Duke "Diamond Spider" Axe

(no longer active)

6'3" 225 pounds Colorado Springs, Colorado None Duke Axe began his career in The Asylum after being offered a developmental contract in December 2006 after winning a state wrestling championship in high school. There, he competed as the 'Bone Collector'. Nearly 3 years later, he was called up to the main roster of Rampage. Officials have high hopes for the guy who is very soft spoken and likes to let his actions speak for him. "Axe Massacre" August 24, 2012
Alba Rios

5'4" 120 pounds Valencia, Spain None No one is quite sure why Alba got into wrestling. Of course, no one is sure why she risks so much, to begin with. A free spirit, Alba Rios didn't fall in line with her well-to-do family's ideal woman. They would have preferred her to find an occupation that matched or exceeded the private schools they were paying for her to attend. Instead, Alba found a her passion in pro wrestling after her boyfriend at the time took her to a show he was in. That relationship might have ended but her love affair with the sport didn't. Now, the 24 year old Alba Rios looks to make her own name, and not the one her parents bought for her. Alba also became the first superstar to be signed to a TWF contract in the new decade of 2010-2019. Shooting Star Press January 14, 2014
Caleb Weber

6'2" 238 pounds Spokane, Washington None Caleb Weber is nothing more than a young man with a lifelong aspiration to become a professional wrestler. After working local shows for a couple years, he was finally noticed by Shane McMahon who invited him to the now infamous October 22, 2010 edition of TWF PrimeTime. Between the invite and the show, Shane was removed from power by The Empire. So when Weber arrived, no one knew who he was. Shane Thompson gave the kid a chance to not only be on the biggest show in the business, but to end his career if he could beat him. Remarkably, Weber did just that, launching his career in the TWF while at the same time ending one of the more illustrious ones. Double Underhook Brainbuster October 22, 2013
Todd Johnston

(no longer active)

5'11" 330 pounds Hardinsburg, Indiana None Johnston is a very athletic man for his size and that is what caught the eyes of TWF officials. After working the midwestern indy circuit for nearly 4 years, the TWF came calling in February 2011, offering him a contract on the spot. The hopes are high for this guy. Spear February 15, 2014
"The Chosen One" Nick Daniels

(no longer active)

6'4" 235 pounds The Land of Broken Dreams None Nick Daniels was born in Ottawa,Ontario. At a Young age he showed a passion for fighting which led him to get kicked out of school at 15 years old. At Age 16 he started to wrestle in a small wrestling promotion around the city of Ottawa and a small organization around the province of Quebec. At 18 he signed his first pro contract with the Simmed Championship Wrestling. During his 2 years in the SCW, Nick captured 4 Titles. He won his first title, the SCW Newbie Championship against Nemesis Crusher Chris. After a Year Long Rivalry with Mathew Revolver, Nick Captured the Extreme Title in a Hell in a Cell Match. SCW took a break and when it came back, Nick won the E-Division and Steel Title. Later the promotion died, leaving behind a last class of hall of famers. Nick Daniels was then Inducted into the SCW Hall Of Fame. During his time in SCW He won a Match Of the Year Award For his Match Against Deadly Legion at Monday Night Chaos, which was a First Blood Match, a match that nick lost to his mentor, Deadly Legion. With SCW dead, Nick and his mentor went to a new promotion called NWL , where the team captured the tag team gold at the first NWL show ever. Later both men vacated the belt and left the NWL. At the same time they were competing in the NWL, Nick was winning the World Heavyweight Belt in the SWA, winning the US Belt in the UWA and having an unbelievable career in the JCW, winning the World Title belt in his first match. Then later he won the JCW Championship belt. Nick unified both titles and stayed champion for 1 Year before losing the belt at the biggest event of them all. Nick was also inducted into The JCW Hall Of Fame. During Nick's more rebellious time, he joined a Hardcore Promotion called HWC and was a 12 time Hardcore champion, being the longest reigning HWC Champion in Federation History. Once this Hardcore phase was over, Nick went back to Classic Wrestling Promotion, where he joined the NIWF and made the biggest impact of his career. In his first match in the NIWF, Nick was in a Triple Threat for the World Title, a match that he lost. But the day after the weekly Monday night show, Nick faced the North American Champion for the Belt and Won the N-A Championship. The promotion then went into a Head-to-Head War with the AWO. Nick then jumped ship to the AWO but didn't find what he was looking for in that promotion so he left. He then joined TNA And NWO at the same time, winning the World Heavyweight Championship belts in both. In TNA, he defeated Monty Brown and won the NWO World Title by defeating his long time friend and mentor, Deadly Legion. When Nick Daniels Lost his NWO World Title, he then announced his retirement from pro wrestling after winning 23 title belts. During his retirement, Nick met a girl named Khrystal who now lives with him in Ottawa, Khrystal coming from the business as well. 3 Years Later Nick Daniels was sitting at home and came across a TWF Commercial. One day later Nick was in a TWF office signing a contract for his in ring return after a 3 year absence. The House of 1,000 Deaths March 31, 2012
CJ Lethal

(no longer active)

7'0" 300 pounds Houston, Texas None Upon being signed to a contract in 2006, CJ Lethal was assigned to The Asylum. He spent almost 3 years down there, becoming Asylum heavyweight champion and one of it's most recognizable names. Officials had finally seen enough to call him up to the main roster, but he didn't originally pan out as quickly as they'd hope. Aside from a bitter feud with Matt Cruz over their mutual love for Texas, he mostly toiled around the scene on Uprising or, not on the show at all. But in 2011, Lethal promised to be "reborn" and even talked Jake "The Snake" Roberts into helping him along the way. At 7 feet tall and 300 pounds, this man has the speed and athleticism to go with the size and the sky could truly be the limit for him. "Lethal Bomb" March 31, 2014
Cosa Enigmatica

6'1" 255 pounds Honduras None Enigmática was the child of a very abusive druglord, and a caring housewife. His Father, before turning to a life of crime, was a Luchador of some renown in Cuba, as was his Grand-Father, and his Great Grand-Father. It was the only part of his Father's life that he respected, and as such, when his Father retired he took up his mask. When he wasn't ringside watching his Father perform, he was dealing with a heartbreaking, and difficult childhood. His Father routinely abused both he, and his Mother, and both of his Older Brothers were killed during a drug run that went sour. Enigmática's Father, in an attempt to preserve his own sanity, blamed him for their deaths, stating that if he had come with, things would have gone fine. In the same breath, Enigmática blamed his Father for putting his Brothers into harms way. As Enigmática grew older, so did his hatred for his Father. The fact that he wore the mask of such a horrible man ate away at him, but he was driven to preserve the family honor his Father was so quickly tarnishing. He started his wrestling career by performing at small indy shows in border towns all across southern Texas. From there, he was quickly noticed by AAA, where he performed until TWF officials noticed him and offered him a contract at a show in Mexico City. He was signed to a 3 year contract in July 2011. Spinning Torcher Rack slam July 5, 2014
Rick Montel

6'4" 240 pounds Portland, Oregon None Montel was signed by the TWF after scouts went on a swing of the west coast and he competed at shows in San Francisco, Seattle and Corvallis, Oregon. He was able to jump right onto a main roster based on the rave reviews and was assigned to the PrimeTime division. A unique look and a "elitist" attitude, this guy promises to create plenty of noise in the TWF. The Aneurysm March 3, 2015
AJ Hart

5'10" 183 pounds Brooklyn, New York None AJ Hart came to the TWF in the early parts of 2012 after TWF officials noticed him at a local show in Calgary. A native of Brooklyn, he is a graduate of the famed Hart Family Dungeon and his main goal in wrestling is to do the Hart name proud. Hart started his career on the Rampage roster and the officials had very high hopes for him. "Heart Stopper" May 22, 2015