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ECW Hardcore Heaven 96'

ECW Hardcore Heaven 96

*Sandman comes in and canes ring announcer Joel Gertner several times. Sandman introduces Bob Artese back to ECW. Missy brings him out. Missy gives Artese a big kiss.

Match #1:Shane Douglas vs. Mikey Whipwreck

Arm drag by Mikey. Arm wringer and takeover by Mikey. Mikey locks an armbar on. Douglas nails an elbow smash. Shane stomps Mikey in the corner. Mikey hits a backdrop and 2 dropkicks. Douglas rolls outside. In the ring now Douglas gets a side headlock then a side headlock takeover. Douglas nails a corkscrew vertical suplex. Douglas blantantly low blows Mikey. Douglas crotches Mikey between the ropes. Douglas does a double leg takedown and locks a texas cloverleaf on. Mikey gets a rope break though. Douglas hits a chopblock. Douglas snaps Mikey's leg back. Mikey throws Douglas to the outside. Then throws him into the crowd. Mikey nails a springboard somersault plancha with a twist!! Mikey throws Douglas into the guardrail. Mikey slingshot elbow drops Douglas using the guardrail. Back in the ring Mikey nails a fresh slingshot neck snap. Mikey misses a dropkick and then low blows Douglas. Mikey locks on the figure four leglock. Douglas finally gets rope. Douglas knee collapses and Mikey gets a two count. Mikey hits a missile dropkick for a two. Mikey gets a DDT for a two. Out of nowhere Douglas hits his Belly2Belly Suplex for the pin at 11:33. ***1/4 Good technical match. Finish was a bit too sudden though.

*Joey Stlyes introduces us to Hardcore Heaven 96'. Then we have a funny segment with Baron Bon Stevie, Blue Dust, and director Patricia. Stevie tells us he has some women for Raven.

*J.T.Smith and Little Guido and introduce Sal Bellemo. The Dudleys come out. Bubba Ray finally says his name right!

Match #2:J.T.Smith & Little Guido(w/Sal Bellemo) vs. Big Dick Dudley & Bubba Ray(w/ Dudley family)

Dudleys attack the FBI. Bubba slams Guido and nails 3 splashes in a row. Bubba nails a corner splash on Guido. Big Dick is pummeling J.T. Bubba Ray hits a slingshot gourdbuster. Big Dick still is choking J.T. in the corner. Bubba Ray drops Guido on his back and stomps him. Big Dick clotheslines J.T. out of his shoes. Bubba Ray chairshots J.T. The FBI roll out of the ring. Bubba misses a flying clothesline from the apron and goes right into the guardrail. The FBI pounds on Bubba. Bubba throws Guido into the guardrail and hip tosses him over it. Bubba gives Guido a chairshot. Big Dick throws J.T. into the ringpost. Back in the ring Guido throws Bubba out. The FBI double clothesline Big Dick. Big Dick double chokeslam the FBI. Big Dick press slams Guido to the outside on to a table. Sal attacks the Dudley Family with a chair. Sal chairshots Big Dick twice, but Big Dick doesn't feel it. Big Dick takes Sal to the back. J.T. Smith nails a Flying Somersault Legdrop(!) on Bubba Ray for a two count. D-Von comes out and attacks the FBI. D-Von chairshots the FBI then the bell rings. D-Von is mad at Bubba. D-Von gives Bubba Ray a chairshot then stomps on him. D-Von chairshots D.W. Dudley, Chubby Dudley, and Bubba again. D-Von says it is his family not Big Dick's family. *

*D-Von leaves the Arena and Big Dick is in hot pursuit.

Match #3:Taz(w/Team Taz, Bill Alfonso, RVD, Shane Douglas, and Eliminators) vs. Paul Varelans in a shootfight

Taz gets a takedown. Taz does a double leg takedown and Varelans gets rope. Varelans takes Taz over, but Taz rolls through. Varelans gets some knees to the chest. Taz nails a leg drag through. Taz does a double leg takedown. Varelans uses the guard. Taz blocks the jujigatame and gets rope. Varelans nails some knees to the chest and knocks Taz down. Saturn missile dropkicks Varelans. Taz T-Bone Tazplexes Varelans then locks the Tazmission on for the win at 2:44. *1/2 Could have been way better.

*Taz does an interview and talks about always screwing the fans. He also said nobody can beat him.

*Raven, Super Nova, and Stevie Richards come out. Super Nova is dancing. Stevie announces Raven's new valet is Lori Fullington AKA Peaches. Sandman comes out and said he doesn't care about Peaches being with Raven.

Match #4:Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy vs. Raven(w/Nest) for Hea

Gordy punches Raven and throws him outside in the crowd. They brawl. Gordy hits Raven with a chair. They continue to brawl. Out of the crowd now Gordy chairshots Raven. They brawl near the stage. Gordy chairshots Raven several times. Gordy hits Raven with a frying pan. Gordy and Raven brawl back out of the crowd again. In the ring Gordy clotheslines Raven. Gordy nails 3 corner clotheslines. Stevie interrupts. Raven low blows and face smashes Gordy. Raven gets barbwire from Stevie. Gordy clotheslines Raven then locks the Oriental Spike on him. Stevie and Nova try to pull off Gordy. Dreamer comes in and Double DDTs Richards & Nova. Brian Lee comes in and primetime slams Dreamer. Gordy powerbombs Lee. Gordy puts the barbwire on Raven like a crown then puts his face in the turnbuckle several times. Gordy punches the ref. Stevie steviekicks Gordy then Raven DDTs him for the win. Dreamer comes back in and DDTs raven on a chair. Brian Lee primetime slams Dreamer on a chair!! Nest attacks Gordy and Dreamer. The Sandman comes in and canes the whole nest. Stevie brings out Lori Fullington and Sandman's son Tyler. Tyler calls Sandman a drunk and that he now worships Raven. They leave and Sandman follows. Blue Dust comes out. Kimona Wanalaya low blows him then Beulah DDTs him. **1/2 Interesting Brawl

Match #5:Eliminators vs. Gangstas for Tag

Gangstas come out, but the Somoan Gangsta Party attack them. Matty Smalls accidentally clotheslines Sweet Sammy. The Bruise Brothers come out and attack the Gangstas. Both Bruise Brothers chairshot New Jack. Somoan and Bruise Brothers attack Mustafa. Somoans are told to leave. Bruise Brothers chairshot Mustafa. New is rendered a bloody mess. The Eliminators then challenge the Bruise Brothers to a match. DUD, but a good segment

Match #6:Eliminators vs. Bruise Brothers for Tag

Saturn thrust kicks a Bruise Brother. Saturn then hits a slam then his flying elbow drop. Saturn throws the Bruise Brother outside. Kronus hits a double handspring elbow on the other Bruise Brother. A Bruise Brother throws Saturn into the guardrail. Kronus throws a Bruise Brother into the guardrail. The other Bruise Brother throws Saturn into a table. The other Bruise Brother throws Kronus through the table. A brawl erupts in the crowd. In the ring Saturn misses a Saturnsault from the top on a Bruise Brother. A Bruise Brother boots Saturn. The Bruise Brothers double boot Kronus. The Gangstas come out with the can o' weapons. New Jack hits Saturn with a trashcan. Gangstas are beaten up everybody. Mustafa hits a Bruise Brother with the title belt. 1/2*, but another good segment

Match #7:Hack Myers & Axl Rotten vs. Somoan Gangsta Party

Axl and Matty Smalls slug it out. Smalls hit a headbutt. Smalls hit a slam and kicks Axl. Smalls hit another headbutt. Axl clotheslines Smalls for a two. Hack comes in and punches Smalls several times. Sweet Sammy Silk and Hack Myers get into a fist fight. Hack punches Smalls. Hack goes for a double headbutt, but it doesn't hurt the Somoans. The Somoans hit a double headbutt on Hack. Smalls knocks Axl outside. The Somoans hit a double diving headbutt on Hack. Natural Born Killaz hits and the Gangstas come out with a can o' weapons. Mustafa hit Smalls with a trashcan. The Gangstas are tearing apart the Somoans. The Eliminators come out and start brawling. Sammy hits Saturn and Mustafa with a trashcan. The Bruise Brothers come out. It is just a war. Locker room comes out to stop it. Fans start throwing trash into the ring Oh My God! 1/4* Great segment

Match #8:Pitbull #2(w/Francine) vs. Chris Jericho

PB2 tosses Sericho. PB2 knee smashes Jericho. Jericho hits a spinkick. PB2 catches Jericho and powerbombs him. PB2 nails a slam for a 2. PB2 hit a press slam into a tombstone for a two. Jericho and PB2 slug it out. PB2 tosses Jericho up into the air, but Jericho gets a victory roll instead for a two. Jericho hits a back elbow and 2 clotheslines. Jericho blocks a press slam with a huracarana. Jericho hit a vaulted springboard dropkick on PB2 who is on the apron. PB2 comes back in the ring. Jericho spinkicks him back outside then hits a vaulted springboard moonsault press suicida!!! PB2 throws Jericho into the guardrail then hits a chairshot. Back in the ring PB2 locks on a camel clutch. PB2 punches Jericho in the corner. Jericho gets a missile dropkick for a two. They exchange chops. Jericho gets an enziguri for a 2 count. PB2 hits a hotshot. PB2 gets a snapmare for a 2. PB2 crotches Jericho up top and hits a super fallaway slam. Douglas comes out and kisses Francine. Francine slaps Douglas. PB2 accidentally clotheslines Francine. PB2 throws Douglas on the guardrail. Jericho accidentally pescadas Douglas. Back in the ring PB2 caught Jericho in a rana and powerbombed him for a two. Jericho hits a samoan drop then PB2 catches him in a lionsault attempt. They do tombstone reversals and PB2 sends Jericho to the outside. Douglas is trying to take the TV Title. PB2 catches Jericho in a powerslam for a two. They battle up top. Jericho reverses a Superbomb mid air into a huracarana to win the TV Title at 12:17. PB2 shakes Jericho's hand and Douglas is mad. ***1/4

Match #9:Brain Lee vs. Tommy Dreamer(w/Beulah and Kimona) in a weapons match

Dreamer hits Lee from behind with a pan of sorts. Dreamer hits Lee with a trashcan. Dreamer low blows Lee with a stick. Dreamer hits Lee. With a guitar then a trashcan. Dreamer throws Lee outside and hits him with a sign. Lee hit Dreamer with a plate. Back in the ring Lee used a trashcan and a pan on Dreamer. Lee hit another trashcan shot. Lee sandwiched Dreamer with Chinese symbols. They brawl outside and dreamer hits Lee with a crate. Dreamer throws Lee into the crowd. They brawl outside of the arena. Lee throws Dreamer into a truck. Lee throws Dreamer into a garage several times. They continue to brawl. Lee suplexes Dreamer on the concrete. Dreamer hits Lee with a frying pan. Dreamer throws Lee into the truck then low blows him with a cheese grater! Lee hits Dreamer with a chair. They brawl all the way back to ringside. Lee hits Dreamer with a chair again. Dreamer uses a metal object followed by a mailbox. Dreamer hits Lee with a steel mailbox. Dreamer breaks a small guitar over Lee's back. Lee hits Dreamer with the pan though. Lee nails a trashcan shot. Dreamer low blows Lee then misses a guitar shot. Lee hits the primetime slam. Lee puts a cinder block on Dreamer's groin. Beulah comes in and attacks Lee. Kimona flashes Lee to stop him! Beulah hits Lee with a frying pan then Dreamer hits him with a stop sign. Dreamer DDTs Lee on the stop sign for the win at 9:02. **1/2

*The Bruise Brothers come out and attack Dreamer. They take him to the balcony. Brian Lee primetime slams Dreamer through the three tables set up below!!!

Match #10:Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu

Sabu kneecap dropkicks RVD and stomps on his knee. Sabu hits some punches. Sabu hits a snap mare and a slingshot sidekick for a two. Sabu locks on a rear chinlock. Sabu gets a side headlock and RVD throws him against the ropes and they snap. The ropes are loose!!! Sabu stomps RVD. Sabu chairshots RVD then hits a triple jump moonsault(!0 and RVD rolls outside. They fist fight outside. Sabu crotches RVD on the guardrail then top`es him!! Sabu and RVD brawl in the crowd all the way to the bleachers. RVD lays Sabu on a bleacher. Then RVD legdrops a chair into his face! Back in the ring RVD does a flying somersault with a chair on Sabu for a two. Sabu does a kneecap dropkick then hits Air Sabu. Sabu now has a broken knuckle. RVD chairshots Sabu. RVD monkey flips Sabu on to the legs of the chair!!! RVD locks on a cross-arm breaker. RVD chairshots Sabu then hits a backflip splash for a two. Sabu kneecap dropkicks RVS. Sabu hits a slingshot bulldog for a two. Sabu knocks RVD to the outside. Sabu nails a nice Arabian Crest for a two. RVD spinkicks a chair into Sabu's ribs. Sabu rolls outside. RVD hits an awesome Air Van Dam. RVD throws Sabu into the guardrail. Sabu ducks a clothesline and vaults off the table nailing a leg lariat. Sabu bridges the table with the guardrail and apron. Sabu puts RVD on the table. RVD rolls off into the crowd. Sabu nails a extreme triple jump plancha on to him!! Sabu puts RVD on the table then triple jump DDTs him through it!!! Back in the ring Sabu gets a two. Sabu accidentally crotches himself going for a triple jump. RVD chairvaults sidekicks Sabu to the outside. RVD chairshots Sabu twice. RVD suplexes Sabu on a chair on the guardrail! Back in the ring RVD gets a two. They fight up top. Sabu throws RVD off then hits an extreme flying DDT for a one count. RVD crotches Sabu up top then hits a super fishermans buster for a two! Sabu nails a fishermans buster then eventually hits a Atomic arabian facebuster for the pin at 20:33. ***1/2 What an insane match. Both guys are taken out on stretchers.

Recommendation: Average ECW show with some good and some bad things. Get it for Sabu and RVD!