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Justin Credible
Hometown: Ozone, New York
Height: 6'
Weight: 225 lbs.
Year Turned Pro: 1992
Catch Phrase:
"That's Not Just the Coolest, That's Not Just the Best, That My Friends, is Justin Credible!"
Trademark Move: That's Incredible
Championships Held:

ECW World Heavyweight Championship
ECW World Tag Team Championship
WWF/WWE Hardcore Championship

Self-proclaimed ECW Hardcore Icon

Justin Credible has a mean streak in him unlike even the most grizzled veterans.
Vile, cunning, decadent, and disturbing, Credible has stopped at nothing to destroy his competition and rise to the upper echelon of Extreme Championship Wrestling.
Credible's hit list reads like a who's who of Pro Wrestling International: He broke the Great Sasuke's leg and stole his sacred mask, he decimated Mikey Whipwreck's knees, he turned away Japanese Legend Gran Hamada, He stole the Sandman's Singapore Cane and "Hardcore Icon" status in the process, he ran Shane Douglas and Sid Vicious out of Extreme Championship Wrestling, and perhaps the most disgusting of all, he spit in the face of a ceremony honoring Tommy Dreamer's dead grandfather.
Justin Credible and his partner in crime Lance Storm claim they will be the "Impact Players" in Extreme Championship Wrestling, and whoever stands in their way, will find out exactly why. When Tommy Dreamer and Raven took the Impact Players up on that challenge, they found themselves stripped of the ECW World Tag Team championships at Guilty as Charged 2000.
As the New Year continues, this very well may be looked back as the Year of the Impact Players and Justin Credible.
Managed by "The Queen of Extreme" Francine, Credible is an intense wrestler, utilizing a spinning Tombstone Piledriver, christened "That's Incredible," to take out opponent after opponent.
Credible claims he is The "Impact Player" in Extreme Championship Wrestling, and with the World Heavyweight championship strapped around his waist, no one can argue.