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There are exactly three things wrong with this cover.

One: The tagline "women. love woman." This, to me, implies lesbian orgy. Maybe that's just me and that's just off the cuff. It could just be about one promiscuous lesbian, that would make sense, as in, "all these women love this one woman". That kind of works. The real trouble spot is the first bit: "women." What's the period doing there? Doesn't throw everything into confusion? Could it be "Hey you women! You should love being a woman." or maybe "hey you women, love this one specific woman." Let's just pretend that the period is a typo and keep it at a lesbian orgy, although the women-woman thing makes it sound a lot like there is one woman on the receiving end of a bunch of women, if you want to get technical about it.

Two: That's a man. Not the one in the front that looks an awful lot like Linda Carter (a.k.a. Wonder Woman). The one behind the one that looks like Linda Carter is a man. Now I believe in transgendered persons and the right of transgendered persons to look how they want to look and call themselves what they like, but no amount of surgery and hormone therapy is going to make any woman look that much like a man. There's just too much hair, stubble and Adam's apple in evidence. Which leads me back to my original statement: That's a man. This movie was made for cable by HBO films and actually starring Sharon Stone, Ellen Degeneres, Vanessa Redgrave(, and Chloe Sevigny (in her second role as a lesbian, hmmmm.....(Boys Don't Cry)). It's about lesbian relationships in the Fifties, Seventies and Nineties.

Three: Obviously, neither of the people pictured, whoever or whatever they may be, is in the film.

A pretty good movie for what it's trying for, but no men.

Here's the real cover, which I think is quite good. Ellen Degeneres has never looked so good.