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Pauli Shore in the late great Stanley Kubrick's follow-up to his 1987 Vietnam classic? Also stars John Ritter from "Three's Company"? Sounds fantastic!

Actually there are two levels of deception and lies here. The first is the name of the film. It took a little bit of misguided detective work to track it down, but I eventually found the real title of the film. There obviously was no sequel to Full Metal Jacket. But there was a movie made starring John Ritter and Olivier Gruner. It was the 1996 made for television action thriller called "The Mercenary". It's about a guy, John Ritter, whose wife is killed by terrorists so he hires a mercenary (hence the name...get it? The Mercenary...) to track down the killers, only the thing is that he has to take good old Jack Tripper with him to help do the deed.

Of course, after searching all over the Internet for the true nature of the film, I noticed that it says "Mercenary" right there on the cover...oh well.

Speaking of the cover...that's the other thing wrong with this movie. Not only is it not Full Metal Jacket 2 it is also not "In the Army Now" (1994) starring Pauli Shore, which, I suspect may actually be the better of the two films.

Here's the real cover, and title, for the film:

I suspect the guy pictured is Olivier Gruner...