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Updated 06/22/2002


Max Snoring 1
(MP3, 263kb)

Max Snoring 1
(WAV 338KB
Max Eating
(MP3, 296kb)
Max Talking 1
(MP3, 45kb)

Max Talking 1
(WAV, 57kb)
Max Talking 2
(MP3, 157kb)

This is the main index page for our sound files. As it becomes appropriate, we will add sub-indices. As noted, files are a mix of MP3's and WAV files. The "kb" refers to the size of the file. Obviously, the larger the file, the longer it will take to download. When you click the link your browser should play the approriate sound. If not, it should give you the option of saving the file to your hard drive.

I would appreciate any technical feedback on this section, so if you have any suggestions or complaints or need any help playing these files, please e-mail me at