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The most reliable way of contacting either Kim or myself is through e-mail. Our addresses are: &

Also on-line, Kim and I have both registered with AOL IM, MSN and ICQ networks under the names TygerardLopez and KimLindblade. Our ICQ numbers are 64675104 and 64676231 respectively, although we're not really supposed to use them any more...Stop by and say "Hello" when you're on-line.

Speaking of saying hello, we do have a phone.And a NEW PHONE NUMBER:

from the States: 011-(254)-(35)-23412.

If you happen to be in Kenya 035-23412

Or you can reach our mobiles 072-772616 (Kim's) or 072-806796 (Gerard's).

I Suppose you could reach our mobile from the States but you have to add 011-254 and subtract the "0" in front of the "072"

Remember, we are 7 hours ahead.


We have received some mail, so I know that the address works (HINT HINT). Don't write my name on it, just Kim's. I think they might get a little confused if they see my name. For those that may not have it:

Kim Lindblade
P.O. Box 1578
Kisumu, Kenya


However the most reliable, cheapest, fastest way to ship things, if you are so inclined, is through A.P.O.. You only end up paying for the domestic portion of the shipping. VERY VERY CHEAP!!! As there are specific requirements for shipping, Kim doesn't want me to post that address on-line. So if you want it please e-mail me.