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I am sitting at a computer in "Segaworld" near Picadally Circus. I've had about three hours of sleep and am very seriously jet-lagged. Actually,I am at my very favorite part of the jet-lag process: the part where the surface of the earth randomly feels like a trampoline. I was starting to fall asleep and was exhausted from walking all over the place so I decided to see a film this afternoon (Happy, Texas (a funny bit of indie fluff.)) My plan was to watch the film and then come out and experience Picadally Circus at night, but I was sidetracked by an Internet cafe...

I can't write for very long write now, because of the aforementioned jet-lag and because I have to pay by the minute for internet access at SegaWorld (the lines at the youth hostel are just too long...)

I just wanted to say I am here and really excited about being here...

(I just glanced over at the guy at the next computer station and he appears to be viewing very large close-ups off the male anatomy. What kind of place am I in?)

Anyway...London is a very cool very active town. It's Monday night and the streets are absolutely packed. It's a far cry from Woodward on a Monday night. Not that I've actually been there on a Monday, or really many of the other nights of the week.

I spent a long time today trying to figure out the tube, picking up my tickets from the travel agent for Africa, and getting a room at the hostel. After those details were taken care of I went in to town. I walked out of a train station and Big Ben was across the street. Even though I had picked it as a destination, I was still somewhat surprised to see it sitting there across the street.

(Now he's looking at pictures of naked women performing unnatural acts...I'm a little confused...)

So anyway...I wandered around a bit through Westminster and Trafalgar Square and into the West End...Hold On I Get It!!!! I'm in West End and these are West End boys! That Pet Shop Boys song makes more sense (I think it was by them...Zac?)

I gotta go, I'm fading out and getting poorer by the second.

They say 'cheers!' instead of goodbye here.

P.S. I promise to tart this up a bit when I get to Kenya.