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Danish Holiday Ideas

(Friday 12/17/99)

Last night we went to a Danish Christmas party. Christy, the head administrator from the CDC office, invited Sheryl, a woman who is also staying at the guesthouse and us.We were instructed to bring along three small gifts.No further instructions were given, so we went to town and shopped at the supermarket and at a couple of the street side craft stalls for trinkets.

So there were about eighteen people at the party and they were drinking Glug, a Danish hot mulled wine of some kind (it has raisins) (If I find the recipe on the web somewhere Iíll add it.)After a period of talking and drinking, we played this Christmas Game.

Here is how it goes:

1.        Everyone at the party must bring three wrapped gifts (value to be determined with invitation)

2.        Everyone gets in a circle with presents in the middle.

3.        You go around the circle with dice (actually, one die)

4.        Each person rolls once each time around, if you roll a six you get to take a present

5.        You continue to go around the circle until all of the gifts are gone.

6.        At this point you should have a fairly random distribution of gifts, some with six or more and some with non at all.

7.        Take a small break here and get something to drink or eat as the next part canít be interrupted.

8.        When the group has reassembled you are going to go around the circle again, this time with a slightly different set of rules.

9.        Everyone rolls, as before, but if you roll a six you have to take someone elseís present.

10.     If you roll a one you take a present from someone and give it to someone else in the circle (neither someone can be yourself)

11.     Set a timer for ten minutes or so and go around the circle as many times as possible before time runs out.

12.     Once time runs out you all open up your presents!

I am not sure if this sounds like fun when written out like this, but youíll have to take my word that it was a good time!

Zac, Penny, Goody, Tawny, Jen, Kelly, Becky, Bart and Co. Iím sure would really enjoy this!

Merry Danish Christmas!